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SABIN, DEXTER                PIERREPONT                    NY-45-15-69
SABINS, JOHN                 LISBON                        NY-45-4-60
SACKRIDER, HENRY L.          CANTON                        NY-45-27-787
SACKRIDER, HORACE D.         CANTON                        NY-45-23-601
SAFFORD, HAMMOND B.          CANTON                        NY-45-40-413
SAGE, WILLIAM                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-3-147
SALLS, HENRY A.              STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-9-129
SALLS, HIX                   STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-5-49
SALMON, JAMES                MADRID                        NY-45-1-109
SALMON, MARY A.              ROSSIE                        NY-45-47-449
SAMONS, GILBERT              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-41-101
SAMONS, STEPHEN              LISBON                        NY-45-15-593
SANBORN, DANIEL              MASSENA                       NY-45-31-61
SANBORN, WILLIAM H.          DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-26-759
SANDBORN, REUBEN             POTSDAM                       NY-45-15-633
SANDERS, JACOB               LAWRENCE                      NY-45-11-225
SANDERS, JAMES               DEKALB                        NY-45-11-605
SANDERS, JAMES               DEKALB                        NY-45-10-361
SANDERSON, ANNA              POTSDAM                       NY-45-30-179
SANDERSON, BETSEY H.         POTSDAM                       NY-45-21-727
SANDERSON, ELISHA            CANTON                        NY-45-12-9
SANDERSON, EMMA M.           CANTON                        NY-45-46-345
SANDERSON, HIRAM             CANTON                        NY-45-41-329
SANDERSON, JAMES             HEUVELTON                     NY-45-43-557
SANDERSON, JOHN              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-35-645
SANDERSON, MARY J.           PIERREPONT                    NY-45-39-3
SANDERSON, MOSES             CANTON                        NY-45-16-737
SANDERSON, NELSON            CANTON                        NY-45-18-325
SANDERSON, OTIS              CANTON                        NY-45-1-66
SANDERSON, WILLARD           POTSDAM                       NY-45-5-253
SANDERSON, WILLARD D.        CANTON                        NY-45-8-573
SANDFORD, ABIGAIL            MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-17-689
SANDFORD, SALLY              CANTON                        NY-45-16-45
SANDS, EDWARD                MASSENA                       NY-45-27-759
SANFORD, CARLTON E.          POTSDAM                       NY-45-49-601
SANFORD, JONAH               HOPKINTON                     NY-45-20-214
SANFORD, JOSEPH H.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-10-57
SANFORD, LINUS               CANTON                        NY-45-4-325
SANFORTH, SAMUEL S.          MASSENA                       NY-45-35-497
SANJULE, PETER               LAWRENCE                      NY-45-36-3
SANTAY, ADELINE              SEE VOUDREN, ADELINE          NY-45-42-341
SARGENT, MARGARET            POTSDAM                       NY-45-21-109
SARGENT, MARY                LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-12-253
SARGENT, ROGER               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-4-31
SARGENT, ROGER               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-3-358
SARTWELL, DANIEL G.          FOWLER                        NY-45-19-505
SARTWELL, MARY A.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-47-653
SAUNDERS, SMITH              LAWRENCE                      NY-45-25-131
SAWYER, DAVID                DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-6-579
SAWYER, GILBERT G.           COLTON                        NY-45-23-417
SAWYER, LEWIS                COLTON                        NY-45-22-717
SAYER, EDWARD                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-46-265
SAYER, FORTUNATUS            MACOMB                        NY-45-22-589
SAYER, JAMES                 OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-12-1
SAYER, JAMES                 MACOMB                        NY-45-9-689
SAYER, JAMES F.              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-48-89
SAYER, JEREMIAH              CANTON                        NY-45-27-611
SAYER, THOMAS                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-27-715
SAYER, WILLIAM               MACOMB                        NY-45-8-449
SAYER, WILLIAM               MACOMB                        NY-45-8-283
SAYERS, MARY E.              HERMON                        NY-45-33-293
SAYERS, THOMAS D.            DEKALB                        NY-45-11-245
SAYLES, LEONARD L.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-40-357
SAYLES, LEWIS P.             PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-46-301
SCARBOROUGH, JAMES M.        MASSENA                       NY-45-46-133
SCHAEFER, HENRY              CANTON                        NY-45-43-657
SCHAFER, RUDOLF              CANTON                        NY-45-36-23
SCHELLENGER, JACOB           POTSDAM                       NY-45-1-32
SCHELLENGER, JENNIE M. R.    OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-34-237
SCHELLENGER, WILLIAM         BRASHER                       NY-45-14-589
SCHERMERHORN, ABRAM          HAMMOND                       NY-45-7-65
SCHIELL, ROBERT              HAMMOND                       NY-45-17-213
SCHOFELL, NOAH               HERMON                        NY-45-17-773
SCHOFF, JEREMIAH             BRASHER                       NY-45-5-271
SCHOFF, JOSEPH P.            BRASHER                       NY-45-19-561
SCOBIE, T. E. GILMOUR        OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-47-613
SCOFIELD, ELISHA             DEKALB                        NY-45-6-387
SCOTT, ADAM                  LISBON                        NY-45-23-213
SCOTT, ALBERT                WADDINGTON                    NY-45-22-561
SCOTT, ARCHIBALD             LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-34-541
SCOTT, ELIZA                 ROSSIE                        NY-45-37-363
SCOTT, ELIZABETH             LISBON                        NY-45-38-491
SCOTT, GEORGE                ROSSIE                        NY-45-34-417
SCOTT, HENRY N.              DEKALB                        NY-45-29-111
SCOTT, JANET                 OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-26-119
SCOTT, JOHN                  LISBON                        NY-45-23-369
SCOTT, JOHN B.               LISBON                        NY-45-11-737
SCOTT, JOSEPH D.             LISBON                        NY-45-35-337
SCOTT, JOSEPH PERRY          LISBON                        NY-45-45-113
SCOTT, MARY                  CANTON                        NY-45-36-79
SCOTT, MARY L.               ROSSIE                        NY-45-33-253
SCOTT, ROBERT D.             PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-34-593
SCOUGHTON, GEORGE H.         RUSSELL                       NY-45-15-105
SCOVIL, NATHANIEL C.         PITCAIRN                      NY-45-4-633
SCRATON, WILLIAM             WADDINGTON                    NY-45-18-281
SCRIPTER, ADELIA M.          CANTON                        NY-45-49-553
SCRIPTER, DANIEL C.          CANTON                        NY-45-47-297
SCRIPTER, MARGARET A.        CANTON                        NY-45-42-157
SCRIPTER, TERZAH G.          CANTON                        NY-45-49-607
SCRIPTER, WILLIAM M.         HERMON                        NY-45-30-39
SCRIPTURE, JOHN H.           OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-30-667
SCULLIN, BERNARD             BRASHER                       NY-45-25-619
SCULLIN, CATHERINE           BRASHER                       NY-45-12-97
SCULLIN, JAMES               BRASHER                       NY-45-31-409
SCULLINS, NICHOLAS           POTSDAM                       NY-45-25-231
SCULLY, JAMES                BRASHER                       NY-45-37-247
SEAMAN, CHARLES              ROSSIE                        NY-45-19-249
SEAMAN, GEORGE               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-26-459
SEAMAN, HARRIET H.           OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-44-49
SEAMAN, RICHARD L.           OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-49-161
SEARS, ANDREW J.             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-40-53
SEARS, CHARLES               MADRID                        NY-45-19-721
SEARS, THOMAS                MADRID                        NY-45-3-296
SEAVER, HENRY E.             CANTON                        NY-45-30-703
SEAVER, LAURA A.             COLTON                        NY-45-40-671
SEAVER, WILLIAM W.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-49-405
SEAVER, WINNIE               CANTON                        NY-45-45-81
SEEGER, CORNELIA S.          ADDISON, ADDISON, VT          NY-45-28-678
SEEGER, CORNELIA S.          ADDISON, ADDISON, VT          NY-45-43-682
SEELEY, ROBERT W.            MADRID                        NY-45-22-161
SEGAR, SARAH                 LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-27-259
SEGUIN, LOUIS                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-44-677
SELEE, DAVID M.              MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-23-373
SENTER, GEORGE B.            CLEVELAND, CUYAHOGA, OH       NY-45-13-25
SENTER, WILLIAM R.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-9-593
SERLS, ROBERT                LISBON                        NY-45-3-135
SERVICE, JOHN W.             NORFOLK                       NY-45-48-405
SEULLIN, FELIX               BRASHER                       NY-45-5-145
SEVER, PARLEY                STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-2-125
SEVER, ROBERT R.             STOCKHOLMA                    NY-45-13-194
SEVERANCE, ARLINA W.         RUSSELL                       NY-45-49-241
SEVERANCE, BENJAMIN F.       RUSSELL                       NY-45-48-501
SEVEY, JOHNSON J.            COLTON                        NY-45-39-511
SEYMORE, SALLY               MACOMB                        NY-45-26-675
SEYMOUR, CELIA CULLINGS      POTSDAM                       NY-45-42-245
SEYMOUR, ELBRIDGE G.         HERMON                        NY-45-25-531
SEYMOUR, GEORGE deVILLERS    OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-25-775
SEYMOUR, GEORGE DeVILLERS    OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-20-644
SEYMOUR, GEORGE N.           OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-7-74
SEYMOUR, ISAAC L.            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-28-477
SEYMOUR, MARY                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-43-609
SEYMOUR, MARY A.             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-31-549
SEYMOUR, SOPHIA M.           OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-16-669
SHAMPINE, CHARLES            BRASHER                       NY-45-33-321
SHAMPINE, ELIZABETH          STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-32-453
SHAMPINE, JOHN               BRSHER                        NY-45-25-475
SHANAHAN, ELLEN              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-46-469
SHANAHAN, SUSAN              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-27-751
SHANNAN, BENARD              MADRID                        NY-45-9-565
SHANNON, SAMUEL              DULUTH, ST LOUIS, MN          NY-45-28-69
SHARP, JOHN S.               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-31-381
SHARP, SARAH JANE            LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-34-441
SHARP, STEPHEN               LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-21-207
SHARP, WILLIAM M.            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-40-73
SHARPE, AARON K.             CANTON                        NY-45-31-5
SHARPSTINE, MELISSA          CANTON                        NY-45-19-713
SHATTUCK, AI                 DEKALB                        NY-45-19-605
SHATTUCK, CAROLINE E.        GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-20-501
SHATTUCK, MILO               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-22-725
SHATTUCK, NANCY M.           PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-40-205
SHAUGHNESSEY, NICHOLAS       BRASHER                       NY-45-31-601
SHAUGHNESSY, RICHARD         POTSDAM                       NY-45-47-325
SHAVER, ANDREW J.            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-8-445
SHAVER, JOHN                 PITCAIRN                      NY-45-40-553
SHAVER, N. JANE              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-48-661
SHAW, ALEXANDER              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-45-457
SHAW, ANDREW                 WADDINGTON                    NY-45-43-561
SHAW, DANIEL                 POTSDAM                       NY-45-26-59
SHAW, ELIJAH                 EDWARDS                       NY-45-12-381
SHAW, ENOS                   MADRID                        NY-45-13-286
SHAW, EUNICE B.              STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-22-653
SHAW, FOSTER                 PIERREPONT                    NY-45-2-392
SHAW, FREEMAN                POTSDAM                       NY-45-31-57
SHAW, HORATIO E.             COLTON                        NY-45-27-327
SHAW, LUCY                   STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-44-37
SHAW, NATHAN                 POTSDAM                       NY-45-9-717
SHAW, PHILO GILBERT          HOPKINTON                     NY-45-6-43
SHAW, SAMUEL                 RUSSELL                       NY-45-4-711
SHAW, SARAH A.               STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-41-93
SHAW, WILLIAM                POTSDAM                       NY-45-48-41
SHAW, WILLIAM C.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-12-705
SHAY, DANIEL                 GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-29-567
SHAY, MARY A.                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-31-441
SHEAD, ISABEL                WADDINGTON                    NY-45-9-597
SHEARER, CATHARINE           HAMMOND                       NY-45-8-339
SHEEHAN, BARTHOLOMEW         POTSDAM                       NY-45-39-59
SHEEHAN, JOHN                LISBON                        NY-45-14-45
SHEEN, DANIEL H.             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-42-321
SHEETS, JOHN R.              POTSDAM                       NY-45-14-101
SHELDON, AMOS C.             HOPKINTON                     NY-45-20-461
SHELDON, ANNA                NORWOOD                       NY-45-16-329
SHELDON, CAORLINE O.         HOPKINTON                     NY-45-17-369
SHELDON, ELIHU B.            LISBON                        NY-45-14-73
SHELDON, EMILY               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-24-669
SHELDON, GAIUS               LAWRENCE                      NY-45-6-603
SHELDON, GEORGE W.           STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-30-199
SHELDON, GRAY B.             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-37-531
SHELDON, HENRY               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-12-397
SHELDON, HOMAN H.            HOPKINTON                     NY-45-18-489
SHELDON, ISAAC               LISBON                        NY-45-17-229
SHELDON, JOHNSON W.          LISBON                        NY-45-45-537
SHELDON, LORENZO H.          HERMON                        NY-45-16-637
SHELDON, MARION S.           LISBON                        NY-45-33-205
SHELDON, MARTHA T.           GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-16-245
SHELDON, MARY                CANTON                        NY-45-21-37
SHELDON, MARY JOSEPHINE      BRASHER                       NY-45-38-523
SHELDON, NEHEMIAH            LAWRENCE                      NY-45-26-655
SHELDON, NEHEMIAH            LISBON                        NY-45-46-465
SHELDON, PELEG               LISBON                        NY-45-15-461
SHELDON, PHEBE T.            HOPKINTON                     NY-45-12-621
SHELDON, RUSSELL             LLISBON                       NY-45-14-105
SHELDON, TIMOTHY             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-10-152
SHELDON, VERTULON            CANTON                        NY-45-26-271
SHEPARD, ALPHEUS O.          LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-31-365
SHEPARD, AMOS B.             LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-26-567
SHEPARD, CHARLOTTE           NORFOLK                       NY-45-9-1
SHEPARD, CHARLOTTE S.        OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-25-327
SHEPARD, CHAUNCY L.          NORFOLK                       NY-45-17-725
SHEPARD, CLARRISA B.         CANTON                        NY-45-34-53
SHEPARD, FRED                LAWRENCE                      NY-45-44-281
SHEPARD, HEMAN F.            LAWRENCE                      NY-45-11-337
SHEPARD, HIRAM               LAWRENCE                      NY-45-14-177
SHEPARD, HORACE W.           HERMON                        NY-45-5-283
SHEPARD, JANE A.             LAWRENCE                      NY-45-34-257
SHEPARD, JOHN                LAWRENCE                      NY-45-9-273
SHEPARD, JOHN                DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-8-279
SHEPARD, LORINDA             LAWRENCE                      NY-45-12-789
SHEPARD, ORRIN               CANTON                        NY-45-7-296
SHEPARD, OSCAR F.            LAWRENCE                      NY-45-25-355
SHEPARD, PIERCE              CANTON                        NY-45-1-22
SHEPARD, SOPHIA              LAWRENCE                      NY-45-11-229
SHEPARD, WILLIAM D.          LAWRENCE                      NY-45-11-29
SHEPHARD, HENRY W.           LAWRENCE                      NY-45-3-230
SHEPPARD, JAMES R.           DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-29-263
SHERAR, ELIZA A.             LAWRENCE                      NY-45-25-691
SHERAR, JAMES                LAWRENCE                      NY-45-16-213
SHERIDAN, JOHN               CANTON                        NY-45-21-335
SHERIDAN, THOMAS             WADDINGTON                    NY-45-8-113
SHERMAN, BENJAMIN F.         OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-30-147
SHERMAN, CHARLOTTE A.        CANTON                        NY-45-48-553
SHERMAN, CHARLOTTE C.        OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-37-311
SHERMAN, ELIZABETH A.        CANTON                        NY-45-31-617
SHERMAN, FRANK R.            HAMMOND                       NY-45-17-437
SHERMAN, GATOR               CANTON                        NY-45-2-198
SHERMAN, HARRIET F.          CANTON                        NY-45-22-5
SHERMAN, MARY DANA           CANTON                        NY-45-41-45
SHERRY, RICHARD              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-17-201
SHERWOOD, CHARLES B.         GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-21-719
SHERWOOD, PENELOPE M.        CANTON                        NY-45-13-227
SHERWOOD, WILLIAM            BROCKVILLE, ONTARIO           NY-45-32-149
SHETLER, JOHN                WADDINGTON                    NY-45-8-465
SHIELDS, ISAIAH              POTSDAM                       NY-45-26-279
SHIELDS, WILLIAM J.          OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-29-35
SHIELL, JOHN                 HAMMOND                       NY-45-14-481
SHIELS, JOHN                 HAMMOND                       NY-45-9-625
SHINNICK, JOHN               BRASHER                       NY-45-31-417
SHIPMAN, EDWARD              HERMON                        NY-45-41-589
SHIPPEE, PETER               FOWLER                        NY-45-14-621
SHIPPEE, WILLIAM F.          ROSSIE                        NY-45-45-357
SHIRKEY, ELIZA               MASSENA                       NY-45-43-461
SHIRLEY, WILLIAM             HARTFORD, HARTFORD, VT        NY-45-28-137
SHISLAND, HENRY              POTSDAM                       NY-45-3-306
SHOEN, EMMA                  BRASHER                       NY-45-44-541
SHOEN, SAMUEL                MASSENA                       NY-45-22-649
SHORE, RUSSELL               MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-31-437
SHORT, ALICE F.              WADDINGTON                    NY-45-46-113
SHORT, ANDREW L.             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-41-441
SHORT, BARBARA               WADDINGTON                    NY-45-31-241
SHORT, BETSEY                STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-1-28
SHORT, GEORGE 1ST            MADRID                        NY-45-3-426
SHORT, JAMES                 MADRID                        NY-45-2-382
SHORT, JAMES                 WADDINGTON                    NY-45-44-201
SHORT, JAMES W.              MADRID                        NY-45-44-381
SHORT, MARY                  WADDINGTON                    NY-45-21-359
SHORT, MOSES                 BRASHER                       NY-45-34-589
SHORT, THOMAS                MADRID                        NY-45-4-348
SHORT, THOMAS H.             WADDINGTON                    NY-45-47-5
SHORT, WILLIAM               MADRID                        NY-45-22-149
SHORT, WILLIAM               PHILADELPHIA, PHILA., PA      NY-45-28-445
SHULL, JOHN                  CANTON                        NY-45-4-544
SHUMWAY, LUTHER              CANTON                        NY-45-16-1
SIGOURNEY, ANTHONY W.        HAMMOND                       NY-45-11-741
SIGOURNEY, MARIETTA A.       HAMMOND                       NY-45-17-549
SILSBY, ELIPHAS              FOWLER                        NY-45-11-509
SILSBY, WALTER               MACOMB                        NY-45-24-681
SILVER, HUGH                 OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-49-181
SIMMONDS, IDA M.             FINE                          NY-45-48-273
SIMMONDS, LORAIN H.          POTSDAM                       NY-45-23-29
SIMMONS, CAIN                DEKALB                        NY-45-24-581
SIMMONS, CARLTON E.          POTSDAM                       NY-45-21-535
SIMMONS, ELIZABETH H.        POTSDAM                       NY-45-19-157
SIMMONS, EMMA P.             CANTON                        NY-45-35-649
SIMMONS, GEORGE H.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-17-353
SIMMONS, LYMAN               MADRID                        NY-45-6-157
SIMMONS, MARY L.             CANTON                        NY-45-32-77
SIMMONS, PHILANDER           POTSDAM                       NY-45-37-667
SIMMONS, STILLMAN            CANTON                        NY-45-34-161
SIMONDS, CHESTER C.          POTSDAM                       NY-45-42-389
SIMONDS, HELEN MARY          OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-43-429
SIMONDS, ROBINSON            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-40-221
SIMONDS, ROXILLA A.          POTSDAM                       NY-45-34-193
SIMONDS, TITUS S.            LAWRENCE                      NY-45-29-371
SIMONS, BENJAMIN             MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-7-50
SIMONS, CLARA                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-35-77
SIMONS, HEZEKIAH S.          ROSSIE                        NY-45-44-17
SIMONS, JAMES                MADRID                        NY-45-8-577
SIMONS, MARGARET M.          MADRID                        NY-45-42-101
SIMONS, PHEBE                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-18-377
SIMPSON, ANN                 OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-22-577
SIMPSON, HENRY JOSEPH        LISBON                        NY-45-41-561
SIMPSON, JAMES               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-4-105
SIMPSON, JAMES               POTSDAM                       NY-45-32-537
SIMPSON, MARY J.             LISBON                        NY-45-19-105
SINCLAIR, JAMES H.           CLARE                         NY-45-44-433
SINCLAIR, WILLIAM M.         PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-16-381
SISSON, GEORGE A.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-43-669
SKEELS, JAMES                NORFOLK                       NY-45-9-529
SKINNER, ADA S.              CANTON                        NY-45-29-115
SKINNER, EMMA M.             LAWRENCE                      NY-45-33-105
SKINNER, JOHN F.             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-37-295
SLATER, ADONIJAH             POTSDAM                       NY-45-8-605
SLATER, BETSEY A.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-36-587
SLATER, FRANCIS M.           MADRID                        NY-45-34-241
SLATER, ORRIN M.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-30-315
SLOAN, ROBERT                LISBON                        NY-45-29-47
SLOAN, WILLIAM               NORFOLK                       NY-45-27-199
SLOANE, WILLIAM H.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-12-409
SLOCOMB, SILAS L.            LAWRENCE                      NY-45-23-613
SLOCUM, ELIZA                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-25-671
SLORAH, EVALINE L.           OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-33-659
SLOSSON, GRACE S.            NORFOLK                       NY-45-14-785
SLY, JOHN                    DEKALB                        NY-45-12-661
SMALL, JACOB                 HERMON                        NY-45-39-551
SMALL, JOSEPH                MASSENA                       NY-45-40-105
SMALL, LOUIS                 NORFOLK                       NY-45-12-569
SMALL, MITCHELL              BRASHER                       NY-45-49-65
SMALL, SOPHIA C.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-33-425
SMEAD, DANIEL                PIERREPONT                    NY-45-15-185
SMEAD, OSCAR H.              MADRID                        NY-45-26-95
SMEAD, WALTER                MADRID                        NY-45-14-269
SMITH, ADDISON J.            MASSENA                       NY-45-17-173
SMITH, ADELIA                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-23-37
SMITH, ADOLPHUS              MASSENA                       NY-45-16-505
SMITH, ALBERT                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-7-270
SMITH, ALFRED                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-47-101
SMITH, ALANZO                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-27-139
SMITH, ALONZO A.             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-31-101
SMITH, ANNE                  HAMMOND                       NY-45-22-641
SMITH, ARNOLD E.             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-47-647
SMITH, BARNARD               NORFOLK                       NY-45-13-318
SMITH, BELA B.               MADRID                        NY-45-37-335
SMITH, BENJAMIN              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-1-290
SMITH, BENJAMIN              RUSSELL                       NY-45-16-201
SMITH, BENJAMIN              CHESTER, WINDSOR, VT          NY-45-20-631
SMITH, CAROLINE              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-47-201
SMITH, CATHARINE             CANTON                        NY-45-22-413
SMITH, CHARITY               BRASHER                       NY-45-22-469
SMITH, CHARLES               RUSSELL                       NY-45-17-617
SMITH, CHARLES C.            STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-11-273
SMITH, CHARLES HENRY         GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-19-781
SMITH, CHARLOTTE L.          GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-46-165
SMITH, CHAUNCEY D.           HAMMOND                       NY-45-25-323
SMITH, CHAUNCY M.            DEKALB                        NY-45-4-266
SMITH, CLARISSA              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-17-125
SMITH, CLARK B.              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-25-487
SMITH, CURTIS S.             BRASHER                       NY-45-6-297
SMITH, DANIEL                PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-22-465
SMITH, DEBORAH               STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-4-243
SMITH, DEBORAH A.            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-35-149
SMITH, E. MATOON             MASSENA                       NY-45-41-465
SMITH, EDWARD C.             CANTON                        NY-45-12-173
SMITH, EDWARD E.             LAWRENCE                      NY-45-14-793
SMITH, ELIJAH E.             MASSENA                       NY-45-18-181
SMITH, ELIZA J.              MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-45-145
SMITH, ELIZABETH             MADRID                        NY-45-46-421
SMITH, ELIZABETH M.          GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-44-233
SMITH, EMILY                 GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-29-475
SMITH, EMMA J.               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-25-171
SMITH, EUGENE                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-39-119
SMITH, EVALINE J.            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-23-477
SMITH, EZRA COBERT           NORFOLK                       NY-45-40-589
SMITH, FRANK C.              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-40-41
SMITH, GEORGE                HOPKINTON                     NY-45-29-495
SMITH, GEORGE W.             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-12-717
SMITH, GEORGE W.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-17-753
SMITH, HALSA BR.             HERMON                        NY-45-46-121
SMITH, HAMILTON L.           HAMMOND                       NY-45-48-521
SMITH, HANNAH                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-21-239
SMITH, HAPPALONA A.          LAWRENCE                      NY-45-27-635
SMITH, HARRIET F.            STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-22-405
SMITH, HARRY                 STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-12-93
SMITH, HARRY F.              STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-41-221
SMITH, HARVEY D.             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-7-366
SMITH, HAY                   MASSENA                       NY-45-48-333
SMITH, HELEN M.              HOPKINTON                     NY-45-36-643
SMITH, HELLEN H.             MASSENA                       NY-45-43-85
SMITH, HENRY S.              NORFOLK                       NY-45-9-345
SMITH, ISAAC                 GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-11-41
SMITH, ISAAC                 HAMMOND                       NY-45-6-243
SMITH, ISAAC B.              HAMMOND                       NY-45-5-415
SMITH, JACOB                 POTSDAM                       NY-45-1-268
SMITH, JAMES                 LISBON                        NY-45-5-295
SMITH, JAMES                 MADRID                        NY-45-6-381
SMITH, JAMES H.              CANTON                        NY-45-46-93
SMITH, JASON                 GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-19-5
SMITH, JOAN                  CANTON                        NY-45-11-477
SMITH, JOHN                  DEKALB                        NY-45-9-173
SMITH, JOHN B.               HERMON                        NY-45-17-457
SMITH, JOHN C.               PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-18-37
SMITH, JOHN M.               NORFOLK                       NY-45-27-7
SMITH, JOHN R.               MASSENA                       NY-45-9-633
SMITH, JOHNATHAN L.          GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-12-265
SMITH, JOSEPH B.             COLTON                        NY-45-15-241
SMITH, JOSEPH E.             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-36-235
SMITH, LAURA J.              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-22-213
SMITH, LEVI N.               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-30-451
SMITH, LEVI N.               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-45-129
SMITH, LOREN                 HOPKINTON                     NY-45-34-445
SMITH, LOUISA                LAWRENCE                      NY-45-32-257
SMITH, LOUISA                STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-49-341
SMITH, LOUISA JANE           GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-39-259
SMITH, LOVINA A.             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-43-113
SMITH, LUCINDA               HAMMOND                       NY-45-5-187
SMITH, LUCY                  NORFOLK                       NY-45-33-557
SMITH, LUCY ADALINE          NORFOLK                       NY-45-23-593
SMITH, LYMAN                 POTSDAM                       NY-45-8-133
SMITH, MARIA B.              STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-44-509
SMITH, MARTHA M.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-32-421
SMITH, MARY C.               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-12-793
SMITH, MARY H.               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-20-96
SMITH, NAOMI A.              NORFOLK                       NY-45-6-31
SMITH, ORLANDO               COLTON                        NY-45-12-761
SMITH, OWEN                  CANTON                        NY-45-20-726
SMITH, PHINEAS               NORFOLK                       NY-45-14-641
SMITH, ROBERT                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-21-387
SMITH, ROBERT                HAMMOND                       NY-45-35-265
SMITH, ROLLIN G.             RUSSELL                       NY-45-48-301
SMITH, ROYAL                 LAWRENCE                      NY-45-18-597
SMITH, RUFUS                 GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-2-480
SMITH, SALMON                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-31-29
SMITH, SAMUEL                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-38-315
SMITH, SARAH A.              EDWARDS                       NY-45-31-257
SMITH, SIDNEY                CANTON                        NY-45-21-49
SMITH, SOPHIA                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-19-333
SMITH, SOPHRONIA             CANTON                        NY-45-14-41
SMITH, STEPHAN               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-5-223
SMITH, SUSAN                 POTSDAM                       NY-45-3-233
SMITH, THOMAS                DEKALB                        NY-45-31-133
SMITH, THOMAS B.             BRASHER                       NY-45-16-693
SMITH, VALARIAH              DEKALB                        NY-45-10-357
SMITH, WILLARD               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-3-450
SMITH, WILLIAM               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-5-433
SMITH, WILLIAM               POTSDAM                       NY-45-40-401
SMITH, WILLIAM E.            MACOMB                        NY-45-47-89
SMITH, WILLIAM G.            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-25-491
SMITH, WILLIAM H.            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-36-35
SMITH, WILLIAM H.            MASSENA                       NY-45-42-353
SMITH, WILLIAM HOWARD        DEKALB                        NY-45-24-369
SMITH, ZIBA L.               STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-6-303
SMITHERS, CHARLOTTE M.       OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-29-383
SMITHERS, EDWARD             LISBON                        NY-45-24-409
SMITHERS, ELISABETH MARIA    OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-37-455
SMITHERS, ELIZABETH          OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-20-616
SMITHERS, ENOS               HAMMOND                       NY-45-24-33
SMITHERS, GEORGE             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-46-669
SMITHERS, GEORGE P.          LISBON                        NY-45-31-333
SMITHERS, HARRIET            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-38-415
SMITHERS, JOHN               OSWEATCHIE                    NY-45-23-641
SMITHERS, JOHN R.            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-20-720
SMITHERS, JOSEPH             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-16-773
SMITHERS, JOSEPH             DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-31-273
SMITHERS, MARIA              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-20-435
SMITHERS, MARK               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-27-455
SMITHERS, SARAH D.           OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-19-405
SMITHERS, THOMAS             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-16-645
SMITHERS, THOMAS             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-17-285
SMITHERS, THOMAS             CANTON                        NY-45-37-375
SMITHERS, WILLIAM H.         LISBON                        NY-45-33-121
SMITHERS, ZILPHA             DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-41-393
SNELL, ADELL                 RUSSELL                       NY-45-48-377
SNELL, GEORGE W.             COLTON                        NY-45-31-269
SNOW, FRANCIS L.             EDWARDS                       NY-45-24-641
SNOW, GEORGE S.              MASSENA                       NY-45-31-561
SNOW, LOIS                   RUSSELL                       NY-45-36-359
SNOW, SUMNER                 MASSENA                       NY-45-10-343
SNYDER, JOHN                 LISBON                        NY-45-3-257
SOPER, BENJAMIN              HAMMOND                       NY-45-6-411
SOPER, HORACE                HAMMOND                       NY-45-6-417
SOPER, JOHN D.               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-17-517
SOPER, LEVI MAJOR            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-20-1
SOPER, SIDNEY                MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-13-333
SOPHIA, WILLIAM F.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-18-449
SOUTHARD, JAMES              MASSENA                       NY-45-2-28
SOUTHERLAND, ELEANOR E.      POTSDAM                       NY-45-32-513
SOVA, PAUL                   MASSENA                       NY-45-43-333
SOVIE, EMERY                 OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-36-19
SPALDING, BETSEY             LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-5-457
SPALDING, GEORGE W.          CANTON                        NY-45-43-245
SPALSBURY, DUANE             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-36-47
SPALSBURY, EMELINE           GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-40-89
SPARKS, MARY ANN             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-27-795
SPARROWHAWK, ALEXANDER       LISBON                        NY-45-24-413
SPARROWHAWK, ANDREW          LISBON                        NY-45-29-335
SPAULDING, ROXY              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-29-471
SPEAR, JAMES C.              PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-22-781
SPEAR, JOHN                  PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-8-569
SPEAR, WILLIAM W.            PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-40-113
SPEEDLING, MARTHA J.         LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-22-529
SPEER, FRANCIS               LISBON                        NY-45-18-385
SPEER, JOHN                  WADDINGTON                    NY-45-25-615
SPEER, SARAH                 LISBON                        NY-45-22-661
SPEER, WILLIAM               LISBON                        NY-45-18-333
SPENCER, CARRIE M.           GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-36-259
SPENCER, COLLINS             DEKALB                        NY-45-9-585
SPENCER, DWIGHT              CANTON                        NY-45-13-6
SPENCER, ELIZABETH           GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-6-79
SPENCER, ELIZABETH B.        GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-12-273
SPENCER, IRVING N.           DEKALB                        NY-45-9-201
SPENCER, JAMES M.            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-19-113
SPENCER, JOHN B.             DEKALB                        NY-45-30-507
SPENCER, WILLIAM C.          DEKALB                        NY-45-26-79
SPERRY, CHARLOTTE B.         POTSDAM                       NY-45-36-675
SPICER, ELLEN M.             FOWLER                        NY-45-25-7
SPOFFORD, THOMAS             LISBON                        NY-45-23-625
SPOONER, CHIRON              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-15-117
SPOONER, EDWIN J.            DEKALB                        NY-45-24-253
SPOONER, EUNICE              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-5-61
SPOONER, JOEL                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-4-323
SPOONER, MARY C.             CANTON                        NY-45-13-366
SPOONER, ZELIA               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-42-81
SPRAGUE, GIDEON              HOPKINTON                     NY-45-5-373
SPRAGUE, HIRAM B.            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-4-253
SPRAGUE, ISRAEL              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-21-559
SPRAGUE, JOHN C.             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-44-333
SPRAGUE, LOYAL T.            STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-4-369
SPRAGUE, RHODA K.            HOPKINTON                     NY-45-17-13
SPRAGUE, SAMUEL B.           FOWLER                        NY-45-4-305
SPRATT, PATRICK              ROSSIE                        NY-45-16-337
SPRING, MATHEW               CANTON                        NY-45-12-601
SPROWLES, DAVID              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-49-593
SPROWLS, WILLIAM             LISBON                        NY-45-27-271
SQUIER, ANDREW               LAWRENEC                      NY-45-2-166
SQUIRE, BENJAMIN             CANTON                        NY-45-13-66
SQUIRE, EDWARD W.            STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-9-21
SQUIRE, JEROME B.            HOPKINTON                     NY-45-46-525
SQUIRE, SALMON W.            CANTON                        NY-45-1-91
SQUIRE, WILLIAM O.           CANTON                        NY-45-33-25
SQUIRES, ELEAZER             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-17-1
SQUIRES, GERSHAM             LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-42-225
SQUIRES, LOREN M.            LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-29-55
STACKPOLE, MERCY M.          POTSDAM                       NY-45-35-449
STACKS, CATHERINE            CANTON                        NY-45-35-65
STACY, DENNIS                LAWRENCE                      NY-45-24-257
STACY, ERASTUS W.            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-29-531
STACY, HENRY                 DEKALB                        NY-45-8-367
STACY, ISAAC W.              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-31-509
STACY, JERUSHA               DEKALB                        NY-45-15-513
STACY, PELATIAH              DEKALB                        NY-45-12-37
STAFFORD, JOHN P.            BRASHER                       NY-45-32-69
STAFFORD, LETTIE ANN         CANTON                        NY-45-48-685
STAFFORD, REBECCA            POTSDAM                       NY-45-27-539
STAFFORD, ROBERT S.          STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-40-605
STAFFORD, THOMAS             PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-8-101
STAFFORD, VIOLA E.           STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-41-105
STAMMER, LOUISA M.           EDWARDS                       NY-45-44-21
STAMMER, WARDEN              DEKALB                        NY-45-34-153
STANTON, ALEXANDER B.        POTSDAM                       NY-45-46-5
STANTON, JOHN                MACOMB                        NY-45-36-63
STAPLES, LUTHER              STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-16-473
STARBUCK, ISAAC              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-25-271
STARK, ADA L.                STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-19-37
STARK, AMBROSE               LAWRENCE                      NY-45-36-511
STARK, JOHNATHAN             COLTON                        NY-45-12-289
STARKEY, JOSEPH              RUSSELL                       NY-45-16-77
STARR, LUCY ANN              POTSDAM                       NY-45-18-297
STDENNY, GEORGE JR           OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-38-275
STDENNY, GEORGE SR.          OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-35-461
STEARNS, ABEL H.             BRASHER                       NY-45-22-385
STEARNS, CLARK               LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-17-721
STEARNS, DANIEL E.           MASSENA                       NY-45-22-133
STEARNS, ELIJAH H.           MADRID                        NY-45-24-177
STEARNS, EMMA J.             MASSENA                       NY-45-30-415
STEARNS, ESTHER E.           STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-18-505
STEARNS, GEORGE B.           PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-8-561
STEARNS, JONATHAN W.         BRASHER                       NY-45-13-569
STEARNS, LEVI S.             MASSENA                       NY-45-16-721
STEARNS, LUCRETIA M.         MASSENA                       NY-45-27-627
STEARNS, SILAS F.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-43-281
STEARNS, SPENCER H.          OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-44-161
STEDMAN, HENRY L.            MASSENA                       NY-45-31-265
STEEL, JOHN                  DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-16-29
STEEL, JOSEPH                DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-20-781
STEEL, SAMUEL                DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-27-195
STEELE, ELIJAH               ROSSIE                        NY-45-4-119
STEELE, SAMUEL               DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-4-560
STEEN, FRANK                 LISBON                        NY-45-47-141
STEEN, JOHN                  LISBON                        NY-45-47-197
STEPHENS, ORIN W.            FINE                          NY-45-39-343
STEPHENSON, AMELIA           LISBON                        NY-45-25-35
STEPHENSON, JAMES            LISBON                        NY-45-17-313
STERLING, OCTAVIA P.         GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-17-609
STERLING, WILLIAM E.         GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-6-55
STEVENS, ADALINE             MADRID                        NY-45-42-293
STEVENS, FRANK W.            HERMON                        NY-45-38-159
STEVENS, JAMES C.            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-39-99
STEVENS, JEHIEL              BRASHER                       NY-45-19-669
STEVENS, JOHN A.             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-15-533
STEVENS, JOHN C.             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-40-625
STEVENS, JOHN L.             BRASHER                       NY-45-27-291
STEVENS, JOHN P.             DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-12-305
STEVENS, SUSAN               BRASHER                       NY-45-27-287
STEVENS, ZILPHA              HERMON                        NY-45-29-167
STEVENSON, AARON             MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-29-347
STEVENSON, CATHERINE         ROSSIE                        NY-45-29-123
STEVENSON, ELIZABETH         MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-36-479
STEVENSON, EZEKIEL W.        HERMON                        NY-45-43-49
STEVENSON, GEORGE E.         CANTON                        NY-45-45-45
STEVENSON, JAMES             ROSSIE                        NY-45-20-47
STEVENSON, MATTHEW           ROSSIE                        NY-45-46-405
STEVENSON, PHILANDER         CANTON                        NY-45-18-657
STEVENSON, SAMUEL            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-17-741
STEWART, AMY                 CANTON                        NY-45-21-411
STEWART, BENJAMIN            POTSDAM                       NY-45-3-40
STEWART, HANNAH              MASSENA                       NY-45-10-122
STEWART, JAMES S.            MASSENA                       NY-45-9-213
STEWART, JANE                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-39-167
STEWART, MICHAEL             PIERREPONT                    NY-45-35-57
STEWART, SUSAN               CANTON                        NY-45-22-409
STEWART, THOMAS JAMES        OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-30-91
STEWART, WILEY               PIERREPONT                    NY-45-29-487
STEWART, WILLIAM             RUSSELL                       NY-45-37-235
STEWART, WILLIAM A.          PIERREPONT                    NY-45-27-27
STGERMAIN, FRANK             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-34-165
STGERMAIN, LOUIS             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-33-333
STICKLES, GEORGE             CANTON                        NY-45-18-785
STICKLES, HENRY H.           CANTON                        NY-45-33-245
STICKNEY, ALLEN J.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-21-65
STICKNEY, DAVID              POTSDAM                       NY-45-16-153
STICKNEY, FRANK H.           STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-33-553
STICKNEY, JOHN D.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-31-401
STICKNEY, JULIA A.           OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-41-597
STICKNEY, LUCY E.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-29-431
STILES, AARON                POTSDAM                       NY-45-35-529
STILES, CHARLES              EDWARDS                       NY-45-5-121
STILES, DANIEL O.            DEKALB                        NY-45-20-391
STILES, EUNICE               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-6-335
STILES, EUSEBIA              DEKALB                        NY-45-44-449
STILES, JOHN C.              MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-9-153
STILES, LEVI                 DEKALB                        NY-45-38-303
STILES, NATHAN               MADRID                        NY-45-40-525
STILES, SAMUEL S.            CANTON                        NY-45-17-109
STILES, SILVANUS             HERMON                        NY-45-32-689
STILWELL, MARY A.            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-40-285
STILWELL, SMITH              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-4-491
STILWELL, SMITH              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-17-221
STILWELL, WILLIAM            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-22-329
STINSON, ARCHIBALD           GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-18-757
STINSON, FANNIE A.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-17-673
STOCKER, JOHN                NORFOLK                       NY-45-16-225
STOCKER, MARY                NORFOLK                       NY-45-18-645
STOCKING, ISAAC G.           LISBON                        NY-45-15-569
STOCKING, LANEY              LISBON                        NY-45-24-233
STOCKTON, FANNIE J.          CANTON                        NY-45-25-603
STODDARD, MARTHA L.          GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-26-415
STODDARD, MARY ANN           GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-33-85
STODDARD, REUBEN             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-12-21
STODDARD, STEPHEN            CANTON                        NY-45-14-545
STOKES, HANNAH               DEKALB                        NY-45-16-545
STOKES, JOHN L.              DEKALB                        NY-45-17-705
STONE, BETSEY C.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-41-385
STONE, CHARLES C.            PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-33-441
STONE, CHARLES G.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-29-579
STONE, DANIEL                POTSDAM                       NY-45-9-177
STONE, DANIEL                MADRID                        NY-45-5-73
STONE, DORR                  DEKALB                        NY-45-49-205
STONE, ISRAEL G.             LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-14-701
STONE, JANE                  HOPKINTON                     NY-45-43-711
STONE, JOHN G.               LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-47-461
STONE, JOHN W.               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-24-241
STONE, MITCHELL              BRASHER                       NY-45-21-53
STONE, NATHAN                LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-4-158
STONE, NATHAN L.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-39-495
STONE, RUBEN                 HINESBURGH, CHITTENDEN, VT    NY-45-1-303
STONE, SARAH                 PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-41-1
STONE, SOLOMON               MADRID                        NY-45-2-1
STONE, THOMAS                PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-19-641
STONE, WILLIAM               PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-17-133
STORAH, CATHERIN             EDWARDSBURGH                  NY-45-6-501
STOREE, JANET A.             ROSSIE                        NY-45-11-321
STORER, SAMUEL               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-15-109
STORIE, DAVID K.             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-39-643
STORIE, ISABELLA             ROSSIE                        NY-45-17-65
STORRIN, MARY                SEE: MCGILL, MARY             NY-45-46-141
STORY, BETSEY L.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-15-197
STORY, JANE                  OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-46-609
STORY, JOANNA                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-35-373
STORY, SAMUEL H.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-32-125
STOUT, DAVID                 MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-2-33
STOUT, GILBERT J.            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-35-325
STOVE, CHRISTOPHER G.        NORFOLK                       NY-45-5-379
STOW, ROBERT                 MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-16-485
STOW, SARAH                  LISBON                        NY-45-22-597
STOWE, THOMAS                MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-46-453
STOWELL, CECIL F.            HERMON                        NY-45-41-265
STOWELL, JESSE               MADRID                        NY-45-1-86
STOWELL, WILLARD             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-22-321
STOWELL, WILLIAM K.          POTSDAM                       NY-45-35-193
STOWERS, LEWIS               WADDINGTON                    NY-45-13-116
STRAIT, LYDIA L.             STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-14-249
STRAIT, MARTIN               POTSDAM                       NY-45-18-25
STRAIT, SAMUEL S.            STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-19-281
STRATTON, WARREN L.          OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-40-381
STREETER, EDGAR E.           STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-44-85
STREETER, ERASMUS E.         GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-18-581
STREETER, LILIAS M.          CANTON                        NY-45-21-69
STREETER, LURA L.            MADRID                        NY-45-35-445
STREETER, MARIAH             CANTON                        NY-45-29-751
STREETER, PHEBE              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-21-623
STREETER, SIMEON S.          STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-14-525
STRONG, MARY ANN             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-25-791
STRONG, THOMAS FINE          OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-39-739
STROUGH, SOPHRONIA S.        MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-41-245
STUART, HAMILTON             DEKALB                        NY-45-39-251
STUBS, JOSEPH                LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-11-549
SUCEASE, MARGARET            MASSENA                       NY-45-21-187
SUDDS, WILLIAM               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-17-533
SULLIVAN, ANDREW O.          LAWRENCE                      NY-45-40-593
SULLIVAN, BRIDGET            BRASHER                       NY-45-17-585
SULLIVAN, DANIEL D.          BRASHER                       NY-45-44-425
SULLIVAN, DENNIS             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-24-577
SULLIVAN, ELLEN              CANTON                        NY-45-15-433
SULLIVAN, JERRY              COLTON                        NY-45-39-443
SULLIVAN, JOHN               CANTON                        NY-45-19-41
SULLIVAN, LAWRENCE           ROSSIE                        NY-45-39-395
SULLIVAN, MARGARET           CANTON                        NY-45-38-311
SULLIVAN, MARY               PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-27-187
SULLIVAN, PATRICK            POTSDAM                       NY-45-49-49
SULLIVAN, PATRICK            POTSDAM                       NY-45-49-61
SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY H.         BRASHER                       NY-45-27-143
SUSESE, JOSEPH               MASSENA                       NY-45-11-317
SUTHERLAND, GERMAN           HERMON                        NY-45-11-5
SUTHERLAND, PHOEBE A.        STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-32-493
SUTTON, CLARISSA             LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-41-349
SUTTON, ELIZABETH E. R.      MASSENA                       NY-45-42-699
SUTTON, HIRAM P.             LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-42-425
SUTTON, WILLIAM F.           MASSENA                       NY-45-47-521
SWAN, ABEL                   GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-10-41
SWAN, ADAM                   OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-30-519
SWAN, ISABELLA               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-37-431
SWEET, EZEKIEL               MADRID                        NY-45-3-219
SWEET, MDDAMARIS             POTSDAM                       NY-45-5-157
SWEET, MULFORD J.            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-24-465
SWEET, OREN                  FOWLER                        NY-45-9-613
SWEETLAND, RICHARD           MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-24-617
SWEM, LAURA G.               FOWLER                        NY-45-32-633
SWEM, WILLIAM                FOWLER                        NY-45-30-679
SWIFT, JARRED                CANTON                        NY-45-7-389
SWIFT, MARY                  CANTON                        NY-45-12-549
SWIFT, SILAS                 CANTON                        NY-45-12-553
SWINNING, MARGARET           MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-12-69
SYKES, ELIZABETH             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-18-145
SYLVIAN, PETER               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-37-423
SYMONDS, JAMES               POTSDAM                       NY-45-6-393

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