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FACKERELL, LUTHER J.         OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-33-597
FACKERELL, SARAH E.          OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-43-613
FAHY, PETER                  OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-45-361
FAICHNEY, WILLIAM            ROSSIE                        NY-45-13-321
FAIRBURN, WILLIAM            LISBON                        NY-45-30-287
FAIRCHILD, EDWIN W. JR.      OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-14-653
FALKNER, MARGARET            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-48-117
FALLON, MORRIS M.            PIERREPONT                    NY-45-34-265
FALVEY, JOHN                 ROSSIE                        NY-45-46-437
FANNING, ANDREW J.           RUSSELL                       NY-45-42-65
FANNING, CALEB               RUSSELL                       NY-45-30-343
FANNING, EZRA C.             RUSSELL                       NY-45-36-31
FANNING, WILLIAM             RUSSELL                       NY-45-1-95
FARDEN, JAMES                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-35-513
FAREWELL, JOHN B.            CANTON                        NY-45-19-121
FAREWELL, MARTHA S.          CANTON                        NY-45-27-463
FARLEY, EDWARD               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-41-9
FARMER, ANGELINE             POTSDAM                       NY-45-38-559
FARMER, CALVIN E.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-35-689
FARMER, FRANCIS              CANTON                        NY-45-30-7
FARMER, GAYLORD G.           CANTON                        NY-45-23-649
FARMER, HARRIET              CANTON                        NY-45-19-269
FARMER, ICHABOD G.           GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-36-163
FARMER, LINDEN H.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-27-623
FARMER, LOUISA M.            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-39-63
FARMER, WASHINGTON           CANTON                        NY-45-36-555
FARMER, WILLIAM H.           FOWLER                        NY-45-27-531
FARNHAM, WILLIAM             ROSSIE                        NY-45-16-797
FARNS, THOMAS                CANTON                        NY-45-23-413
FARNSWORTH, JOEL             NORFOLK                       NY-45-22-777
FARNSWORTH, TEXENIA C.       OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-37-231
FARR, ALEXANDER              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-49-197
FARR, JONAS                  MACOMB                        NY-45-37-307
FARRELL, EDWARD              WADDINGTON                    NY-45-14-305
FARRELL, ELIZABETH           OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-18-305
FARRELL, ELLEN               CANTON                        NY-45-43-249
FARRELL, HARRY               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-37-111
FARRELL, JAMES               MADRID                        NY-45-13-490
FARRELL, JOHANNAH            LAWRENCE                      NY-45-24-437
FARRELL, JOHN                MADRID                        NY-45-15-437
FARRELL, PATRICK             LAWRENCE                      NY-45-20-514
FARRER, GEORGE P.            LAWRENCE                      NY-45-1-131
FARRINGTON, SARAH J.         LAWRENCE                      NY-45-42-217
FARWELL, HENRY C.            NORFOLK                       NY-45-37-331
FARWELL, OSMUN               NORFOLK                       NY-45-15-305
FARWELL, SARAH D.            NORFOLK                       NY-45-34-697
FAULKNER, CHARLES G.         PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-34-545
FAULKNER, EDWIN H.           PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-38-339
FAULKNER, JOSEPH             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-33-585
FAY, CHRISTOPHER             LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-49-285
FAY, EMILY K.                POTSDAM                       NY-45-34-553
FAY, JAMES                   WADDINGTON                    NY-45-16-297
FAY, SILAS                   POTSDAM                       NY-45-9-321
FAY, THOMAS C.               WADDINGTON                    NY-45-33-417
FAY, WILLIAM D.              MADRID                        NY-45-41-621
FAY, WILLIAM T.              POTSDAM                       NY-45-42-397
FEARL, JAEMS                 STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-14-517
FEELY, PATRICK               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-32-641
FEFEE, MICHAEL               STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-15-653
FELL, EMMA H.                POTSDAM                       NY-45-48-597
FELL, GEORGE S.              POTSDAM                       NY-45-48-525
FELL, MARTHA                 POTSDAM                       NY-45-25-659
FELLOWS, CLARINA F.          HERMON                        NY-45-36-603
FELLOWS, HORACE E.           HERMON                        NY-45-34-425
FELT, SARAH A.               HAMMOND                       NY-45-24-49
FELTON, ELIZABETH H.         POTSDAM                       NY-45-33-625
FELTON, RHODA M.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-25-151
FELTON, SILAS A.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-24-13
FENNER, MYRON H.             STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-45-185
FENTON, ANSEL                LISBON                        NY-45-8-413
FENTON, CATHARINE            CANTON                        NY-45-27-519
FENTON, GEORGE               MADRID                        NY-45-12-469
FENTON, HEALY L.             CANTON                        NY-45-19-205
FENTON, JAMES                CANTON                        NY-45-1-406
FENTON, SARAH                WADDINGTON                    NY-45-11-233
FENTON, THOMAS               CANTON                        NY-45-8-637
FERBES, THOMAS               LISBON                        NY-45-9-693
FERGUSON, ELI                MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-31-445
FERGUSON, GEORGE             DEKALB                        NY-45-29-303
FERGUSON, JANE               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-25-623
FERGUSON, JONATHAN           MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-12-769
FERGUSON, MARY               MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-43-353
FERGUSON, MATHEW             HAMMOND                       NY-45-19-689
FERGUSON, MILO               EDWARDS                       NY-45-25-227
FERGUSON, THOMAS             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-33-509
FERRIS, ELEANOR              LAWRENCE                      NY-45-20-756
FERRIS, JAMES                LAWRENCE                      NY-45-8-187
FERRIS, JOHN                 LAWRENCE                      NY-45-15-33
FERRIS, LEMUEL P.            LAWRENCE                      NY-45-22-137
FIELD, HANNAH M.             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-46-17
FIELD, JOSEPH W.             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-33-281
FIELD, KATE B.               CANTON                        NY-45-38-625
FIELD, WILLIAM T.            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-33-285
FIELDING, CHARLES            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-42-257
FIELDS, DAVID                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-22-429
FIELDS, THOMAS               CANTON                        NY-45-41-429
FIELDSON, RICHARD            DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-22-201
FIFE, ANDREW                 WADDINGTON                    NY-45-43-225
FIFE, JAMES S.               WADDINGTON                    NY-45-35-341
FIFE, THOMAS                 WADDINGTON                    NY-45-13-588
FIFE, THOMAS N.              MADRID                        NY-45-45-437
FIFIELD, GERTRUDE PERRIGO    POTSDAM                       NY-45-44-477
FIFIELD, JAMES               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-12-777
FIFIELD, NATHAN              PIERREPONT                    NY-45-17-309
FIFIELD, ROBERT              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-23-401
FINE, JOHN                   OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-23-261
FINENGAN, DANIEL W.          MASSENA                       NY-45-49-413
FINLEY, GEORGE               MACOMB                        NY-45-25-1
FINNEGAN (MCDONALD), JANE    GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-25-295
FINNEGAN, EDWARD             LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-23-609
FINNEMORE, JOSHUA W.         CANTON                        NY-45-25-167
FINNEMORE, WILLIAM H. SR.    CANTON                        NY-45-34-37
FINNIMORE, DANIEL W.         POTSDAM                       NY-45-48-329
FINNIMORE, MARGARET J.       CANTON                        NY-45-43-129
FINNIMORE, RICHARD N.        CANTON                        NY-45-49-213
FIRMAN, AGNES E.             BRASHER                       NY-45-46-61
FIRTH, JOSEPH                HERMON                        NY-45-30-635
FISH, CALPHURNIA             MASSENA                       NY-45-18-721
FISH, HIRAM                  MASSENA                       NY-45-24-533
FISH, MARCUS                 MASSENA                       NY-45-15-165
FISHBECK, SMITH              DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-43-357
FISHER, ALANSON              HOPKINTON                     NY-45-8-117
FISHER, ALICE                MADRID                        NY-45-31-537
FISHER, CHARLES B.           COLTON                        NY-45-15-741
FISHER, EBENEZER             CANTON                        NY-45-17-93
FISHER, GEORGE               MADRID                        NY-45-9-521
FISHER, JAMES 1ST            MADRID                        NY-45-22-545
FISHER, JAMES H.             MADRID                        NY-45-36-355
FISHER, LYDA R.              CARR CREEK TWP, MITCHELL, KS  NY-45-28-449
FISHER, THOMAS               LISBON                        NY-45-27-123
FISHER, THOMAS M.            MADRID                        NY-45-48-165
FISHER, WILLIAM              MADRID                        NY-45-12-617
FISHER, WILLIAM W.           STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-11-13
FISK, IRENA                  POTSDAM                       NY-45-20-185
FISK, IVERS                  MADRID                        NY-45-12-721
FISK, MARY L.                PIERREPONT                    NY-45-43-373
FISK, MOSES                  LISBON                        NY-45-31-153
FISK, ORIN M.                DEKALB                        NY-45-4-671
FISK, ROXANA H.              MADRID                        NY-45-15-541
FITCH, MARY J.               MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-48-193
FITCH, PHILIP R.             HOPKINTON                     NY-45-25-703
FITZGERALD, BERNARD          OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-21-227
FITZGERALD, BESSIE A.        OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-45-417
FITZGERALD, DENNIS           PIERREPONT                    NY-45-17-205
FITZGERALD, JOHN             MASSENA                       NY-45-19-477
FITZGERALD, JOHN             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-46-633
FITZGERALD, MARY             MASSENA                       NY-45-29-535
FITZGERALD, MICHAEL          OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-38-15
FITZGIBBON, HANNAH           OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-39-19
FITZGIBBONS, BETSEY E.       POTSDAM                       NY-45-29-187
FLACK, BENJAMIN W.           LISBON                        NY-45-24-497
FLACK, DANIEL C.             LISBON                        NY-45-25-47
FLACK, GARRETT P.            LISBON                        NY-45-33-101
FLACK, JOHN                  LISBON                        NY-45-4-311
FLACK, JOHN                  LISBON                        NY-45-27-451
FLACK, PAMELIA L.            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-43-417
FLACK, THOMAS                WADDINGTON                    NY-45-22-497
FLACK, WALTER S.             LISBON                        NY-45-14-737
FLAGG, LOVISA J.             PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-26-771
FLAGG, THEOPHILUS            PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-21-41
FLAHERTY, JOSEPH M.          MASSENA                       NY-45-44-225
FLANAGAN, CATHRINE           LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-17-577
FLANAGAN, ELIZA JANE         STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-34-361
FLANDERS, ARTHUR             HOPKINTON                     NY-45-43-273
FLANDERS, ZIPPORAH T.        PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-23-541
FLANNAGHAN, MICHAEL          LISBON                        NY-45-7-151
FLANNIGAN, HUGH              LISBON                        NY-45-22-513
FLEETHAM, FREDERICK E.       GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-21-45
FLEETHAM, HARRIET            DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-4-630
FLEETHAM, JOHN               DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-4-228
FLEETHAM, JOHN               DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-18-157
FLEETHAM, WILLIAM            DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-11-413
FLEMING, JOHN                PIERREPONT                    NY-45-9-525
FLEMING, MATHEW              LISBON                        NY-45-18-589
FLETCHER, ABIA               CANTON                        NY-45-36-319
FLETCHER, ADOLPHUS           STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-4-1
FLETCHER, CALVINT .          BRASHER                       NY-45-38-95
FLETCHER, ELIAZBETH          LISBON                        NY-45-29-199
FLETCHER, ESTHER N.          LISBON                        NY-45-48-361
FLETCHER, HARVEY H.          HOPKINTON                     NY-45-32-169
FLETCHER, IRA J.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-49-505
FLETCHER, JOHN               LISBON                        NY-45-27-651
FLETCHER, SARAH              POTSDAM                       NY-45-49-561
FLETCHER, STUART             DEKALB                        NY-45-47-605
FLETCHER, THOMAS             LISBON                        NY-45-48-177
FLIGHT, HANNAH               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-17-433
FLING, AUGUSTUS              POTSDAM                       NY-45-8-105
FLING, CHARLES B.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-21-475
FLING, HENRY S.              POTSDAM                       NY-45-12-365
FLING, MATILDA W.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-25-783
FLINT, BELLA                 BROCKVILLE, LEEDS, ONTARIO    NY-45-4-84
FLINT, BENJAMIN F.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-38-299
FLINT, CHARLES D.            COLTON                        NY-45-20-417
FLINT, CLARA E.              POTSDAM                       NY-45-37-55
FLINT, DANIEL                BRASHER                       NY-45-11-137
FLINT, ISAAC M.              MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-24-441
FLINT, MARTIN                LAWRENCE                      NY-45-46-229
FLORA, RAYMOND               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-17-489
FLOS, CHARLES F.             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-47-441
FLOWER, GEORGE A.            PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-15-221
FLOWER, SEYMOUR              PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-13-186
FLYNN, DANIEL                RUSSELL                       NY-45-35-217
FOBARE, ANN                  WADDINGTON                    NY-45-34-245
FOBARE, MICHAEL              WADDINGTON                    NY-45-27-771
FOBES, EDGAR E.              POTSDAM                       NY-45-41-285
FOBES, JOHN                  POTSDAM                       NY-45-2-50
FOBES, ROLLA                 POTSDAM                       NY-45-29-195
FOISIA, JOSEPH               POTSDAM                       NY-45-46-593
FOLEY, CHARLES F.            FINE                          NY-45-46-81
FOLEY, JEREMIAH              BRASHER                       NY-45-12-209
FOLEY, MICHAEL E.            FINE                          NY-45-46-625
FOLEY, PATRICK               BRASHER                       NY-45-37-195
FOLSOM, DAVID L.             STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-35-377
FOLSOM, ELI                  CANTON                        NY-45-3-112
FOLSOM, ESTHER L.            STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-37-595
FOORD, SYLVESTER             NORFOLK                       NY-45-19-89
FOOT, CALEB M.               POTSDAM                       NY-45-4-38
FOOTE, ANNE W.               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-9-557
FOOTE, CORNELIUS             MADRID                        NY-45-35-33
FOOTE, HANNAH S.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-33-609
FOOTE, HEMAN                 CANTON                        NY-45-21-319
FOOTE, HENRY                 CANTON                        NY-45-4-518
FOOTE, HENRY G.              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-10-25
FOOTE, JESSE J.              POTSDAM                       NY-45-48-465
FOOTE, MARGARET              CANTON                        NY-45-31-41
FOOTE, MARGARET              CANTON                        NY-45-34-305
FOOTE, SARAH                 MADRID                        NY-45-21-703
FOOTE, STILLMAN              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-18-457
FORBES, ADDIE F.             PIERREPONT                    NY-45-42-165
FORBES, DANIEL               WADDINGTON                    NY-45-13-265
FORBES, JOHN H.              DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-22-493
FORD, ELIZABETH              LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-32-417
FORD, JACOB J.               MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-2-71
FORD, JEREMY                 HOPKINTON                     NY-45-12-701
FORD, MARY                   BRASHER                       NY-45-22-625
FORD, MARY                   WADDINGTON                    NY-45-32-433
FORD, MERRIT                 STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-6-279
FORD, NATHAN                 OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-2-79
FORRESTER, ALTHA A.          HAMMOND                       NY-45-40-65
FORRESTER, IRWIN D.          HAMMOND                       NY-45-43-473
FORRESTER, ISAAC             HAMMOND                       NY-45-4-313
FORRESTER, MICHAEL           HAMMOND                       NY-45-45-647
FORRESTER, NANCY J.          HAMMOND                       NY-45-43-165
FORSYTH, GEORGE              LISBON                        NY-45-19-177
FORSYTH, JOHN                LISBON                        NY-45-12-77
FORSYTH, WALTER              BRASHER                       NY-45-9-17
FORSYTHE, ADALINE            MASSENA                       NY-45-9-381
FORSYTHE, JANE               BRASHER                       NY-45-27-399
FORSYTHE, LUCINA             LISBON                        NY-45-25-315
FORSYTHE, ROBERT             BRASHER                       NY-45-29-103
FORT, DELANA S.              FINE                          NY-45-41-637
FORTUNE, WILLIAM J.          GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-38-531
FOSGATE, ELIZABETH ARLINA    GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-22-457
FOSGATE, SOPHRONIA           GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-12-293
FOSTER, ANDREW               LISBON                        NY-45-12-609
FOSTER, ASA R.               RUSSELL                       NY-45-23-165
FOSTER, BETSEY N.            STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-36-303
FOSTER, DANIEL F.            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-27-99
FOSTER, DARWIN M.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-26-147
FOSTER, DeGRASSE             DEKALB                        NY-45-27-51
FOSTER, DELINDA              LISBON                        NY-45-17-425
FOSTER, EDWIN                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-32-621
FOSTER, ELIANN               ROSSIE                        NY-45-19-601
FOSTER, ELIZA A.             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-19-33
FOSTER, ELIZABETH            HOPKINTON                     NY-45-21-551
FOSTER, JAMES H.             RUSSELL                       NY-45-21-555
FOSTER, LOUIS                ROSSIE                        NY-45-8-291
FOSTER, LUTETIA              CANTON                        NY-45-47-265
FOSTER, LYMAN                STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-13-140
FOSTER, MARY A.              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-14-405
FOSTER, MARY P.              POTSDAM                       NY-45-32-357
FOSTER, SAMUEL W.            ROSSIE                        NY-45-39-227
FOSTER, THOMAS               PIERREPONT                    NY-45-18-701
FOSTER, WALLACE H.           GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-23-529
FOSTER, WILLIAM H.           GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-49-369
FOUNTAIN, MARY ANN           CLARE                         NY-45-48-357
FOWLER, ALBERT               HAMMOND                       NY-45-23-565
FOWLER, CELESTIA L.          OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-37-99
FOWLER, JAMES                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-19-141
FOWLER, LOUISA               HAMMOND                       NY-45-36-135
FOWLER, LUCIUS               MASSENA                       NY-45-39-351
FOWLER, MATILDA              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-19-345
FOWLER, PHEBE                CANTON                        NY-45-36-567
FOX, GEORGE W.               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-22-677
FOX, JAMES                   MASSENA                       NY-45-46-663
FOX, JOHN                    HAMMOND                       NY-45-36-143
FOX, KATE                    MASSENA                       NY-45-15-361
FOX, MARY                    PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-49-457
FOX, SARAH E.                LISBON                        NY-45-23-481
FOY, ARCHIE                  CANTON                        NY-45-43-693
FRANK, ALMON L.              COLTON                        NY-45-45-469
FRANK, JOHN S.               POTSDAM                       NY-45-48-109
FRANKLIN, A. DANNON          MADRID                        NY-45-25-195
FRANKLIN, ALMON G.           HAMMOND                       NY-45-49-313
FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN           HAMMOND                       NY-45-14-625
FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN           HAMMOND                       NY-45-31-481
FRANTON, SARAH               POTSDAM                       NY-45-30-215
FRASER, JOHN H.              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-39-415
FRASER, MARGARET             FINE                          NY-45-45-9
FRAUTON, HENRY               CANTON                        NY-45-46-177
FRAWLEY, MARGARET C.         GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-44-405
FRAZIER, RODERICK            FINE                          NY-45-23-237
FREDENBURG, ANN E.           DEKALB                        NY-45-22-77
FREDENBURG, LUCINA A.        GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-47-417
FREDENBURGH, ABRAHAM         GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-9-309
FREEMAN, CHARLES C.          EDWARDS                       NY-45-47-105
FREEMAN, CHAUNCY             ROSSIE                        NY-45-21-303
FREEMAN, JESSE S.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-14-413
FREEMAN, JOSEPH              MADRID                        NY-45-4-44
FREEMAN, JULIA ANN           GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-26-307
FREEMAN, LOVINA              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-46-449
FREEMAN, NELSON H.           GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-38-395
FREEMAN, OREN                POTSDAM                       NY-45-16-121
FREEMAN, OREN                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-25-235
FREEMAN, RUTH                MADRID                        NY-45-4-355
FREEMAN, THOMAS              EDWARDS                       NY-45-24-365
FREEMAN, WILLIAM             ROSSIE                        NY-45-14-161
FREGO, ANTOINE               MASSENA                       NY-45-32-189
FREGO, FRANK SR.             MASSENA                       NY-45-35-21
FREGO, JOSEPH                MASSENA                       NY-45-30-243
FREGO, PHILIP                MASSENA                       NY-45-33-269
FRENCH, ADAMS FORD           POTSDAM                       NY-45-6-121
FRENCH, CHARLES T.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-46-89
FRENCH, GILBERT CRICHTON     POTSDAM                       NY-45-46-333
FRENCH, JASON J.             STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-11-725
FRENCH, LOUISE CRICHTON      POTSDAM                       NY-45-43-433
FRENCH, WILLIAM B.           CANTON                        NY-45-30-583
FRIEDBERGER, ELI B.          OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-42-681
FRY, ADAM                    GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-38-39
FULLER, AMILIA               FOWLER                        NY-45-19-473
FULLER, CHARLES              GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-40-453
FULLER, EUGENE               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-48-453
FULLER, JACOB                MADRID                        NY-45-16-113
FULLER, JOHN L.              CANTON                        NY-45-14-801
FULLER, JONAS                MADRID                        NY-45-5-289
FULLER, LUTHER               FOWLER                        NY-45-14-629
FULLER, MARIA                POTSDAM                       NY-45-33-381
FULLER, MELISSA R.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-23-489
FULLINGTON, HIRAM            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-12-281
FULTON, ADONIJAH             CANTON                        NY-45-17-129
FULTON, ALEXANDER            LISBON                        NY-45-16-345
FULTON, JAMES R.             WADDINGTON                    NY-45-8-161
FULTON, JOHN A.              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-7-1
FULTON, PHALENA              CANTON                        NY-45-38-459
FULTON, RHODA                WADDINGTON                    NY-45-27-283
FULTON, RUFUS K.             CANTON                        NY-45-35-421
FUNK, ANN BARTHOLOMEW        LISBON                        NY-45-27-663
FURGUSON, ALEXANDER          OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-4-674
FURNESS, ANTHONY             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-25-79
FURNESS, GEORGE W.           LISBON                        NY-45-43-269
FURNESS, HOMER E.            HEUVELTON                     NY-45-40-393
FURNESS, JOSEPH              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-14-461
FURNESS, WILLIAM             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-37-283
FURNEY, CHRISTMAS            BRASHER                       NY-45-30-107
FURNISS, GEORGE              PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-18-497
FURNISS, WILLIAM             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-12-117
GADDIS, HENRY                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-19-189
GAFFNEY, ELIZABETH           LAWRENEC                      NY-45-33-317
GAFFNEY, WILLIAM             CANTON                        NY-45-35-93
GAFNEY, SIMON SR.            CANTON                        NY-45-47-683
GAGE, ELIJAH B.              NORFOLK                       NY-45-4-269
GAGE, HARRIET J.             STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-27-91
GAGE, JOHN C.                MADRID                        NY-45-32-121
GAGE, SAMUEL D.              MADRID                        NY-45-30-407
GAGNON, DELIA                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-40-329
GAGNON, JOSEPH L.            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-40-429
GALE, JAMES S.               CANTON                        NY-45-27-127
GALE, JANETTE H.             CANTON                        NY-45-48-1
GALE, RICHARD L.             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-4-528
GALLAGHER, ANNA              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-23-317
GALLAGHER, STEPHEN P.        OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-43-397
GALLINGER, CHRISTOPHER       MASSENA                       NY-45-18-545
GALLO, CHARLES N.            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-11-341
GALUSHA, ALLEN W.            LAWRENCE                      NY-45-43-121
GALUSHA, JAMES               LAURENCE                      NY-45-19-233
GARDNER, CLARK A.            DEKALB                        NY-45-41-541
GARDNER, DANIEL              DEKALB                        NY-45-16-417
GARDNER, ELIZABETH E.        OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-47-289
GARDNER, ELON G.             DEKALB                        NY-45-23-173
GARDNER, HARRIET E.          GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-22-13
GARDNER, LUCY J.             DEKALB                        NY-45-33-129
GARDNER, MARTHA              DEKALB                        NY-45-23-657
GARDNER, MARY                HAMMOND                       NY-45-14-509
GARDNER, MARY                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-47-305
GARDNER, NAPOLEON A.         LISBON                        NY-45-48-53
GARDNER, SARAH A.            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-46-221
GARDNER, THOMAS              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-26-367
GARDNER, WILLIAM             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-6-339
GARDNER, WILLIAM             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-8-247
GARFIELD, HORACE             POTSDAM                       NY-45-10-32
GARFIELD, MILTON             POTSDAM                       NY-45-18-577
GARLOUGH, ELLA T.            PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-36-627
GARLOUGH, JAMES P.           PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-47-221
GARRETT, JOHN                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-4-137
GARVEY, EDWARD               LAWRENCE                      NY-45-36-27
GARVIN, JAMES                MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-47-9
GARVIN, LYMAN C.             MASSENA                       NY-45-19-613
GARVIN, MARY                 MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-19-85
GARVIN, WILLIAM S. P.        MASSENA                       NY-45-47-505
GARY, MARINDA C.             STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-42-85
GATELY, NELLIE A.            POTSDAM                       NY-45-47-61
GATES, AFRICA                BROCKVILLE, LEEDS, ONTARIO    NY-45-5-476
GATES, CALEB                 GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-22-85
GATES, HENRY                 EDWARDS                       NY-45-11-213
GATES, NELSON                EDWARDS                       NY-45-15-145
GATES, SAMUEL J.             PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-18-261
GATES, VANDON R.             PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-32-237
GATES, WILLIAM               MADRID                        NY-45-4-448
GAUGHAN, MARGARET            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-31-89
GAY, LEWIS                   CANTON                        NY-45-4-396
GAY, LORENZO L.              FINE                          NY-45-32-485
GAYNOR, MARGARET             POTSDAM                       NY-45-22-365
GEANDREAU, KATE              STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-26-427
GEARY, HANNAH                LISBON                        NY-45-20-511
GEDBAW, FRANCIS              OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-37-679
GEEHAN, HUGH                 BRASHER                       NY-45-40-545
GEEHAN, MORRIS               BRASHER                       NY-45-9-285
GEER, ANGELINE               PITCAIRN                      NY-45-24-1
GEER, IANTHA C.              PITCAIRN                      NY-45-30-539
GEER, LORENZO D.             PITCAIRN                      NY-45-19-241
GEER, WILLIAM A.             PITCAIRN                      NY-45-40-565
GEERY, JAMES                 LISBON                        NY-45-4-13
GEORGE, JOSEPH               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-47-533
GERARD, OCTAVIA              CANTON                        NY-45-24-117
GETTY, WILLIAM               LISBON                        NY-45-15-465
GEVIN, FANNY                 HERMON                        NY-45-46-557
GHERING, JACOB 1ST           CANTON                        NY-45-47-205
GHERRING, CHRISTIAN          CANTON                        NY-45-18-593
GIBBONS, ANNA E.             CANTON                        NY-45-46-537
GIBBONS, CHAUNCEY C.         RUSSELL                       NY-45-24-649
GIBBONS, DRUSILLA            RUSSELL                       NY-45-36-103
GIBBONS, JAMES SEYMOUR       RUSSELL                       NY-45-43-393
GIBBONS, JANE                POTSDAM                       NY-45-46-445
GIBBONS, LOUIS G.            HERMON                        NY-45-27-339
GIBBONS, WILLIAM H.          LISBON                        NY-45-24-261
GIBBS, CALVIN W.             DETROIT, WAYNE, MI            NY-45-28-45
GIBBS, JAMES LYMAN           RUSSELL                       NY-45-42-393
GIBBS, JOSEPH                RUSSELL                       NY-45-11-573
GIBBS, THOMAS                RUSSELL                       NY-45-9-337
GIBSON, CHARLES              PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-5-133
GIBSON, GEORGE               HAMMOND                       NY-45-33-601
GIBSON, GEORGE W.            CANTON                        NY-45-41-77
GIBSON, JAMES R.             PALATKA, PUTNAM, FL           NY-45-4-308
GIBSON, PHILO P.             CANTON                        NY-45-6-163
GIFFEN, IDA MARIA            POTSDAM                       NY-45-43-193
GIFFEN, JOHN                 MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-9-489
GIFFIN, DAN S.               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-39-123
GIFFIN, EDWARD               DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-37-515
GIFFIN, ELLA E.              MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-22-217
GIFFIN, GEORGE               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-11-349
GIFFIN, GEORGE               CANTON                        NY-45-17-389
GIFFIN, GEORGE               OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-38-427
GIFFIN, HEMAN                POTSDAM                       NY-45-27-23
GIFFIN, JASON B.             POTSDAM                       NY-45-40-309
GIFFIN, NATHAN E.            DEPEYSTERS                    NY-45-31-25
GIFFIN, NATHAN F.            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-20-539
GIFFIN, RUFUS T.             MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-39-371
GILBERT, ALEXANDER           OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-30-515
GILBERT, DAVID B.            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-45-421
GILBERT, GEORGE              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-24-97
GILBERT, PROCTOR             PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-11-313
GILBERT, SALLY               CANTON                        NY-45-8-37
GILBRETH, WILLIAM            LAWRENCE                      NY-45-30-699
GILES, ADDISON               FOWLER                        NY-45-6-249
GILES, ALBINA C.             MASSENA                       NY-45-49-581
GILES, JANE                  GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-39-339
GILES, SAMUEL                GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-23-585
GILL, ELLEN                  OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-23-677
GILL, GILES                  CANTON                        NY-45-11-409
GILLET, FRANCIS              POTSDAM                       NY-45-13-62
GILLETT, DEVOLSON            FOWLER                        NY-45-23-269
GILLETT, REBECCA             POTSDAM                       NY-45-12-417
GILLETTE, C. MELVIN          MADRID                        NY-45-44-249
GILLETTE, SIMEON L.          POTSDAM                       NY-45-16-597
GILLIGAN, ELIAZBETH          POTSDAM                       NY-45-24-461
GILLMORE, EMILY              MASSENA                       NY-45-11-237
GILLMORE, SAMUEL L.          POTSDAM                       NY-45-3-275
GILMAN, LYDIA P.             STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-39-143
GILMAN, RICHARD              MASSENA                       NY-45-3-366
GILMORE, FRED D.             PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-35-641
GILMORE, HANNAH              RUSSELL                       NY-45-21-607
GILMORE, JAMES               LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-18-153
GILMORE, JAMES               RUSSELL                       NY-45-40-233
GILMORE, MARY E.             LAWRENCE                      NY-45-11-297
GILMOUR, ALEXANDER           HAMMOND                       NY-45-44-41
GILMOUR, ALLEN               MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-16-677
GILMOUR, ANNA E.             DEKALB                        NY-45-49-489
GILMOUR, ELIZABETH L.        MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-11-369
GILMOUR, JAMES               MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-6-73
GILMOUR, JAMES               MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-35-665
GILMOUR, JOHN F.             MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-36-75
GILMOUR, ROBERT              MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-49-301
GILMOUR, THOMAS              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-36-71
GILSON, ALMIRA E.            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-49-33
GILTZ, DESINDA MARGARET      HAMMOND                       NY-45-43-645
GILTZ, LEONARD               HAMMOND                       NY-45-34-77
GLADDEN, ALONZO A.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-41-17
GLANVILLE, JOHN              CORINTH, ORANGE, VT           NY-45-10-355
GLASS, ALLAN C.              LISBON                        NY-45-29-507
GLASS, DANIEL                CANTON                        NY-45-12-537
GLASS, ELIZABETH D.          LISBON                        NY-45-30-751
GLASS, JAMES F.              LISBON                        NY-45-19-361
GLASS, JANE                  CANTON                        NY-45-22-301
GLASS, JOHN                  LISBON                        NY-45-9-665
GLASS, MARY                  LISBON                        NY-45-11-261
GLASS, WILLIAM W.            LISBON                        NY-45-27-235
GLAZIER, DEXTER              FOWLER                        NY-45-17-693
GLEASON, EPHRAIM W.          GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-40-581
GLEASON, GEORGE M.           GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-34-9
GLEASON, GEORGE W.           PIERREPONT                    NY-45-29-351
GLEASON, SALLY               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-34-497
GLYNN, ELEANOR S.            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-33-461
GLYNN, JAMES                 MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-26-467
GLYNN, OTIS                  OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-15-565
GODARD, HARLOW               DEKALB                        NY-45-21-499
GOFF, STEPHEN B.             HOPKINTON                     NY-45-22-501
GOKEY, ANNIE                 OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-34-669
GOKEY, LEWIS                 HAMMOND                       NY-45-44-561
GOKEY, MARGARET              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-13-374
GOLDIE, GEORGE               POTSDAM                       NY-45-19-573
GOLDIE, JAMES                POTSDAM                       NY-45-35-533
GOLDIE, JENNETTE O.          POTSDAM                       NY-45-41-525
GOLDIE, WILLIAM              POTSDAM                       NY-45-18-141
GOODALE, FRANCIS C.          PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-2-153
GOODALE, JANE C.             PIERREPONT                    NY-45-26-431
GOODALE, JOHNATHAN           FOWLER                        NY-45-2-450
GOODALE, ROLLA P.            COLTON                        NY-45-33-165
GOODALE, SOLOMON             POTSDAM                       NY-45-12-385
GOODALE, SPENCER J.          PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-41-165
GOODALL, JOEL                HOPKINTON                     NY-45-26-159
GOODELL, ACHSA               HOPKINTON                     NY-45-21-211
GOODELL, ELIZA M.            HOPKINTON                     NY-45-32-33
GOODELL, GEORGE              LISBON                        NY-45-18-501
GOODELL, JOEL                HOPKINTON                     NY-45-10-212
GOODELL, JOHN                HOPKINTON                     NY-45-14-69
GOODELL, MARTHA M.           STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-33-49
GOODELL, SEYMOUR C.          HOPKINTON                     NY-45-20-701
GOODENO, EZRA                POTSDAM                       NY-45-5-505
GOODENOUGH, ADEN E.          FOWLER                        NY-45-24-677
GOODENOUGH, NELLIE P.        STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-37-147
GOODENOUGH, SOPHIA           NORFOLK                       NY-45-36-175
GOODHART, JANE               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-33-113
GOODMAN, CATHERINE           CANTON                        NY-45-9-397
GOODMAN, ELIZABETH           CANTON                        NY-45-31-505
GOODMAN, HARRIET L.          CANTON                        NY-45-31-501
GOODMAN, THOMAS              CANTON                        NY-45-12-57
GOODNO, CALVIN P.            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-22-349
GOODNOUGH, AUSTIN B.         EDWARDS                       NY-45-30-395
GOODNOUGH, EMELINE           FOWLER                        NY-45-26-643
GOODNOW, CHLOE               HOPKINTON                     NY-45-18-517
GOODNOW, LURA ANN            HOPKINTON                     NY-45-22-461
GOODNOW, PLUMA               MADRID                        NY-45-21-323
GOODRICH, CHARLES            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-5-109
GOODRICH, CURTIS M.          GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-41-61
GOODRICH, JOHN               PLAINVILLE, HARTFORD, CT      NY-45-29-788
GOODRICH, JOHN C.            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-24-305
GOODRICH, PHEBE A.           MASSENA                       NY-45-41-577
GOODRICH, WHITFIELD M.       GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-6-231
GOODRIDGE, IRA               MASSENA                       NY-45-12-233
GOODWIN, AARON               RUSSELL                       NY-45-11-441
GOODWIN, ABAGAIL             PIERREPONT                    NY-45-17-181
GOODWIN, ALICE M.            MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-18-353
GOODWIN, NATHAN              MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-19-485
GOODWIN, NATHANIEL B.        STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-20-74
GOOLDEN, FARNUM M.           LISBON                        NY-45-36-151
GOOLDEN, MARTIN L.           POTSDAM                       NY-45-45-477
GORDON, BENJAMIN             HAMMOND                       NY-45-40-277
GORDON, CAROLINE             RUSSELL                       NY-45-45-381
GORDON, JOHN                 MACOMB                        NY-45-39-255
GORDON, WILLIAM A.           MADRID                        NY-45-6-13
GORHAM, AMORY H.             LISBON                        NY-45-35-429
GORHAM, MARTHA               LISBON                        NY-45-35-521
GORMAN, ELLEN                WADDINGTON                    NY-45-48-289
GORMAN, JOHN                 WADDINGTON                    NY-45-23-233
GORMAN, JOHN                 OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-41-281
GORMAN, MICHAEL              POTSDAM                       NY-45-25-483
GORMAN, WILLIAM              COYTESVILLE, BERGEN,  NJ      NY-45-28-682
GORMAN, WILLIAM              WADDINGTON                    NY-45-36-119
GORRIE, MARGARET C.          POTSDAM                       NY-45-30-83
GOSS, AARON G.               CANTON                        NY-45-17-37
GOULD, CHARLES               PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-4-232
GOULD, EUNICE M.             MASSENA                       NY-45-10-191
GOULD, JOEL                  HOPKINTON                     NY-45-11-249
GOULD, JOSEPH                LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-4-111
GOULD, NATHAN                MADRID                        NY-45-1-401
GOULDEN, FARNUM M.           HOPKINTON                     NY-45-21-251
GOULDING, CLARK              DEKALB                        NY-45-26-735
GOULT, FRANCIS               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-26-455
GOURD, THEOPHILUS            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-46-545
GOUYER, AMANDA               MASSENA                       NY-45-6-495
GRACEY, EDWARD D.            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-37-619
GRACEY, JAMES H.             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-24-489
GRAHAM, ALONZO               PITCAIRN                      NY-45-46-33
GRAHAM, HENRY                PITCAIRN                      NY-45-40-497
GRAHAM, JAMES                LISBON                        NY-45-18-805
GRAHAM, JOHN                 PITCAIRN                      NY-45-9-641
GRAHAM, JOHN                 PITCAIRN                      NY-45-22-29
GRAHAM, MARGARET             DEPEYSTER                     NY-45-33-493
GRAHAM, THOMAS S.            WADDINGTON                    NY-45-16-437
GRAHAM, WILLIAM              LISBON                        NY-45-30-359
GRANDY, FRANK E.             HERMON                        NY-45-32-625
GRANDY, JOHN                 STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-6-103
GRANT, JACOB                 NORFOLK                       NY-45-18-101
GRANT, JOHN B.               POTSDAM                       NY-45-44-473
GRANT, NIEL                  POTSDAM                       NY-45-14-97
GRANT, SARAH J.              NORFOLK                       NY-45-47-581
GRATTO, ADELINE              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-32-361
GRAVES, ALEXANDER            LAWRENCE                      NY-45-37-639
GRAVES, CATHERINE            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-19-733
GRAVES, JAMES                MACOMB                        NY-45-9-621
GRAVES, ORREN D.             NORFOLK                       NY-45-42-169
GRAVES, SAMUEL               GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-44-659
GRAVES, TRUMAN PIERCE        CHICAGO, COOK, IL             NY-45-49-613
GRAY, ANDREW M.              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-9-705
GRAY, DANIEL C.              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-32-501
GRAY, DAVID C.               LISBON                        NY-45-3-24
GRAY, EDMUND                 DEKALB                        NY-45-24-93
GRAY, EDWARD B.              POTSDAM                       NY-45-40-301
GRAY, ELON C.                STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-18-461
GRAY, ISAAC                  OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-16-397
GRAY, JOHN C.                LISBON                        NY-45-34-217
GRAY, JOHN K.                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-16-361
GRAY, MARY E.                LISBON                        NY-45-16-649
GRAY, MILO N.                STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-24-89
GRAY, PRESTON K.             CANTON                        NY-45-8-597
GRAY, TIMOTHY M.             MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-15-617
GRAY, WALTER R.              HEUVELTON                     NY-45-45-653
GRAY, WILLIAM                WADDINGTON                    NY-45-27-55
GRAY, WILLIAM                LISBON                        NY-45-11-217
GREEN, ABBIE JANE            CANTON                        NY-45-34-301
GREEN, AMELIA                HERMON                        NY-45-39-435
GREEN, BENJAMIN              CANTON                        NY-45-44-193
GREEN, CALEB                 DEKALB                        NY-45-27-655
GREEN, CHARLES E.            MORRISTOWN                    NY-45-38-643
GREEN, CHARLOTTE             DEKALB                        NY-45-26-635
GREEN, DAVID H.              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-15-777
GREEN, EDWARD T.             LOUISVILLE                    NY-45-49-173
GREEN, HENRY                 EASTON, NORTHAMPTON, PA       NY-45-28-510
GREEN, JOHN                  LISBON                        NY-45-15-613
GREEN, JOHN                  OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-46-369
GREEN, LOREN                 DEKALB                        NY-45-27-115
GREEN, MARGARET              FOWLER                        NY-45-16-393
GREEN, MARTHA C.             RUSSEL                        NY-45-4-515
GREEN, MARY                  DEKALB                        NY-45-34-201
GREEN, MARY                  DEKALB                        NY-45-47-421
GREEN, MARY A.               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-43-465
GREEN, MARY L.               HERMON                        NY-45-21-591
GREEN, SARAH E.              SOUTHBRIDGE, WORCESTER, MA    NY-45-20-270
GREEN, THOMAS                WADDINGTON                    NY-45-31-213
GREEN, THOMAS                OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-32-525
GREEN, THOMAS H.             OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-48-445
GREEN, TIMOTHY               CANTON                        NY-45-44-553
GREEN, WILDRIDGE             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-16-365
GREEN, WILLIAM               HERMON                        NY-45-5-115
GREEN, WILLIAM               CANTON                        NY-45-38-519
GREENBUSH, FRANK W.          MASSENA                       NY-45-10-55
GREENBUSH, LEVI              BRASHER                       NY-45-41-298
GREGG, WILLIAM               POTSDAM                       NY-45-40-185
GREGOR, DAVID                HAMMOND                       NY-45-27-383
GREGOR, DAVID M.             HAMMOND                       NY-45-12-809
GREGOR, JOHN                 HAMMOND                       NY-45-8-397
GREGORY, JAMES               MASSENA                       NY-45-4-67
GRENIER, CHARLES             LISBON                        NY-45-37-43
GRENIER, ROSA                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-31-325
GRIFFIN, CASSIUS O.          COLTON                        NY-45-45-21
GRIFFIN, JOHN                HERMON                        NY-45-14-569
GRIFFIN, JOHN S.             STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-48-545
GRIFFIN, WILLIAM             POTSDAM                       NY-45-27-203
GRIFFIN, WOLCOTT             GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-3-194
GRIFFINS, ELISHA             DEKALB                        NY-45-4-531
GRIFFITH, CAROLINE           AVON                          NY-45-17-149
GRIFFITH, OSWEGATCHIE        OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-31-209
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM            GOUVERNEUR                    NY-45-23-273
GRIFFITHS, EBENEZER          DEKALB                        NY-45-21-379
GRIGOR, ALEXANDER            HAMMOND                       NY-45-15-689
GRINNELL, JULIUS S.          CHICAGO, COOK, IL             NY-45-28-624
GRISKELL, PATRICK            DEKALB                        NY-45-40-293
GRISWOLD, LUCINA GRAVES      STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-29-331
GRISWOLD, ROBERT B.          STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-32-13
GROVER, STEPHEN              POTSDAM                       NY-45-27-83
GUAY, FELIX                  OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-47-497
GUEST, FRANCES H.            OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-41-97
GUEST, GEORGE                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-8-477
GUEST, JOHN P.               ROSSIE                        NY-45-7-118
GUEST, JOHN P.               ROSSIE                        NY-45-7-108
GUEST, WILLIAM E.            OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-8-393
GUILD, AUGUSTA A.            MASSENA                       NY-45-32-373
GUILES, JOHN                 EDWARDS                       NY-45-9-701
GULLEY, ARGALUS D.           CANTON                        NY-45-27-347
GULLEY, JANE E.              CANTON                        NY-45-43-285
GULLEY, MCKENZIE C.          CANTON                        NY-45-49-409
GURLEY, JOSHUA               STOCKHOLM                     NY-45-11-613
GURLEY, PHINEAS              PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-2-371
GUSHAW, MITCHELL             NORFOLK                       NY-45-21-183
GUSTIN, AMOS H.              COLTON                        NY-45-42-93
GUSTIN, HARRIETT             COLTON                        NY-45-17-305
GUTTERSON, ABNER             LISBON                        NY-45-11-757
GUYERT, JULIUS               OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-33-373
GUYETTE, CHARLES             OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-27-551
GUYETTE, JOHN                BRASHER                       NY-45-38-43
GUYETTE, LOZIAM              OSWEGATCHIE                   NY-45-9-165
GUYETTE, MARY                OGDENSBURG                    NY-45-40-521
GUYOTT, JEREMIAH             RUSSELL                       NY-45-29-463
GYNN, HANNAH                 PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-24-245
GYNN, MATHEW                 PARISHVILLE                   NY-45-22-241

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