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TAFT, MICHAEL                          OVID                                    NY-50-U-608
TAYLOR, DANIEL                         HECTOR                                  NY-50-A2-91
TAYLOR, RUEL                           SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-K-177
TEAL, GEORGE                           WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-203
TEALL, ANSEL                           WATERLOO                                NY-50-F-49
TEALL, NATHAN                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-B-115
TEFFT, WIATT R.                        COVERT                                  NY-50-L-43
TELBER, HENRY                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-516
TELLER, JAMES P.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T-515
TENBUSH, BENJAMIN                      JUNIUS                                  NY-50-K-49
TENEYCK, CLARISSA                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-133
TERBUSH, SALLY                         JUNIUS                                  NY-50-Q-225
TERRILL, DOUGLASS                      LODI                                    NY-50-F-259
TERRY, JAMES                           OVID                                    NY-50-N-389
TERRY, SAMUEL                          COVERT                                  NY-50-A2-317
THMAS, ELIJAH F.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-L-320
THOMAS, GEORGE                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-C-23
THOMAS, JONATHAN                       OVID                                    NY-50-J-233
THOMAS, LUCINDA                        OVID                                    NY-50-T-17
THOMAS, MARY EMMA                      OVID                                    NY-50-T-391
THOMPSON, JARED                        ULYSSES                                 NY-50-A-280
THOMPSON, JOHN                         VARICK                                  NY-50-K-309
THORN, A. SMITH                        JUNIUS                                  NY-50-K-141
THORN, ELEANOR                         JUNIUS                                  NY-50-Q-361
THORN, HUGH D.                         JUNIUS                                  NY-50-P-237
THORN, WILLIAM L.                      JUNIUS                                  NY-50-Q-1
THORNE, ELIZA M.                       JUNIUS                                  NY-50-T2-150
THORNE, JOSEPH                         JUNIUS                                  NY-50-P-65
THORNE, SUSAN                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-Q-501
THORNTON, NEHEMIAH                     JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A3-16
TIBBETS, EUGENE D.                     OVID                                    NY-50-K-57
TIBBETTS,  BARNET D.                   OVID                                    NY-50-C-458
TILLEY, CHARLES STEHEN JR.             WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-280
TINDALL, AMOS                          COVERT                                  NY-50-E-109
TINES, JAMES                           ROMULUS                                 NY-50-Q-297
TOBIN, JAMES                           TYRE                                    NY-50-R-597
TOBY, JOSEPH                           WATERLOO                                NY-50-N-169
TONER, LAURENCE                        ROMULUS                                 NY-50-H-403
TOOMBS, DESTIMONA                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-460
TOOMBS, MARY E.                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-97
TORRY, WILLIAM                         ROMULUS                                 NY-50-D-120
TOTTEN, JAMES                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-O-397
TOWN, PETER                            ROMULUS                                 NY-50-Q-521
TOWNLEY, ELIZA                         VARICK                                  NY-50-T-167
TOWNLEY, MATTHIAS                      VARICK                                  NY-50-J-37
TOWNSEND, ALFRED                       LODI                                    NY-50-J-525
TOWNSEND, ELEANOR                      ROMULUS                                 NY-50-S-613
TOWNSEND, GILBERT                      LODI                                    NY-50-O-217
TOWNSEND, JEDEDIAH                     TOWNSENDVILLE                           NY-50-H-563
TOWNSEND, JOHN                         LODI                                    NY-50-O-55
TOWNSEND, JOSEPHINE L.                 TYRE                                    NY-50-U2-369
TRACY, HORACE C.                       OVID                                    NY-50-L-189
TRAPHAGEN, ISAAC                       LODI                                    NY-50-U-168
TRAUTWEIN, GEORGE                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-N-237
TRAVER, NICHOLAS J.                    TYRE                                    NY-50-T2-141
TRAVER, PETER                          JUNIUS                                  NY-50-N-33
TRAVER, REBECCA A.                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-205
TRAVERS, P. ELIZABETH                  TYRE                                    NY-50-F-463
TREXLER, ELIZABETH                     FAYETTE                                 NY-50-I-85
TREXLER, MARY ELIZABETH                FAYETTE                                 NY-50-S-37
TRIPP, JOSEPH F.                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-B-458
TROUTMAN, ADAM                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-E-354
TROUTMAN, HENRY F.                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U-284
TROUTMAN, LOUISA                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U-50
TROUTMAN, MARTHA                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-M-421
TRUXLER, REUBEN                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-M-57
TUBBS, ALLEN                           TYRE                                    NY-50-K-69
TUCKER, JACOB                          COVERT                                  NY-50-F-301
TULETT, JAMES                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-N-41
TUNISON, ABRAM                         COVERT                                  NY-50-T-619
TUNISON, CINTHIA A.                    COVERT                                  NY-50-P-61
TUNISON, CORNELIUS                     ROMULUS                                 NY-50-D-389
TUNISON, DENNIS                        COVERT                                  NY-50-C-79
TUNISON, EDGAR E.                      COVERT                                  NY-50-R-81
TUNISON, JAMES                         , SOMERSET, NJ                          NY-50-A-83
TUNISON, JOHN P.                       COVERT                                  NY-50-B-281
TUNISON, LOUISA R.                     COVERT                                  NY-50-U-84
TUNISON, PHILIP                        COVERT                                  NY-50-C-642
TUNISON, TUNIS C.                      COVERT                                  NY-50-U-136
TUPP, COGSWELL R.                      ROMULUS                                 NY-50-Q-217
TURNER, MARY ANN                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-S-601
TUTHILL, REBECCA H.                    FAYETTE                                 NY-50-I-599
TUTTLE, HOWARD                         OVID                                    NY-50-Q-237
TYLER, MARY                            LODI                                    NY-50-M-257
TYLER, OREN                            SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-K-345
TYMAN, EDGAR THEOPHILUS                JUNIUS                                  NY-50-T-531
UHL, DANIEL                            COVERT                                  NY-50-M-565
UNDERHILL, ELIZA B.                    WATERLOO                                NY-50-K-421
UPDIKE, SARAH C.                       ROMULUS                                 NY-50-T-307
VAIL, ALFRED                           WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-180
VAIL, PHEBE                            WATERLOO                                NY-50-G-259
VANAMBURGH, MARY E.                    WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-61
VANANTWERP, MARY                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-N-521
VANARSDALE, JACOB R.                   TYRE                                    NY-50-I-205
VANBUREN, MARY                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-M-65
VANBUSKIRK, REBECCA                    TYRE                                    NY-50-I-421
VANCLEEF, CHARLES W.                   TYRE                                    NY-50-N-513
VANCLEEF, EDWARD M.                    SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U-648
VANCLEEF, HANNAH                       TYRE                                    NY-50-E-151
VANCLEEF, HANNAH N. G.                 TYRE                                    NY-50-S-217
VANCLEEF, JAMES                        JUNIUS                                  NY-50-R-177
VANCLEEF, WILLIAM G.                   TYRE                                    NY-50-R-201
VANCLIFF, ISAAC                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A-154
VANCLUF, JOANNA W.                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-Q-101
VANCOURT, MICHAEL                      ROMULUS                                 NY-50-A2-34
VANDEBERG, MATTHIAS                    JUNIUS                                  NY-50-F-313
VANDEMARK, ANNA                        TYRE                                    NY-50-T-29
VANDEMARK, HENRY                       JUNIUS                                  NY-50-C-34
VANDEMARK, SILAS                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-I-283
VANDENBERGH, JOHN                      JUNIUS                                  NY-50-M-61
VANDEVENTER, ISAAC                     *                                       NY-50-A2-242
VANDOREN, ABRAHAM                      LODI                                    NY-50-E-43
VANDOREN, ABRAHAM                      OVID                                    NY-50-A-252
VANDOREN, GARRETT                      OVID                                    NY-50-J-377
VANDOREN, JACOB B.                     COVERT                                  NY-50-V-349
VANDORNE, ELENOR                       LODI                                    NY-50-P-405
VANDUYN, WILLIAM                       ROMULUS                                 NY-50-Q-609
VANGIESON, PAUL                        VARICK                                  NY-50-B-208
VANHAUTEN, LEWIS                       OVID                                    NY-50-E-460
VANHORN, CORNELIUS                     BRIDGEWATER, SOMERSET, NJ               NY-50-A3-62
VANHORN, MARY                          ROMULUS                                 NY-50-R-397
VANHORN, SUSANNA A.                    OVID                                    NY-50-E-526
VANHORN, WILLIAM                       ROMULUS                                 NY-50-A3-221
VANHOUTEN, PHILA ANN                   WATERLOO                                NY-50-Q-13
VANKIRK, AMOS                          TYRE                                    NY-50-P-85
VANLIEW, HARRIET                       COVERT                                  NY-50-P-57
VANLIEW, HENRY F.                      COVERT                                  NY-50-F-241
VANLIEW, HENRY                         LODI                                    NY-50-A3-465
VANLIEW, JAMES                         COVERT                                  NY-50-M-93
VANLIEW, JAMES                         OVID                                    NY-50-A3-128
VANLIEW, MARIA                         COVERT                                  NY-50-S-241
VANORMER, AMOS                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-C-373
VANORMER, ROSANNA                      LODI                                    NY-50-G-175
VANRENSSELAER, MARY E.                 SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-H-449
VANRENSSELAER, SARAH L.                SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-S-153
VANRIPER, JOHN                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-D-251
VANRIPER, PETER                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-O-43
VANSICKLE, MOSES R.                    FAYETTE                                 NY-50-I-121
VANTUYL, JOHN                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-J-93
VANTUYL, JOHN                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A3-432
VANVLEET, ELIZABETH                    LODI                                    NY-50-R-485
VANVLEET, HATTIE A.                    OVID                                    NY-50-R-353
VANVLEET, ISAAC                        LODI                                    NY-50-S-365
VANVLEET, PETER E.                     LODI                                    NY-50-N-377
VANVLEET, ROBERT F.                    LODI                                    NY-50-J-473
VANVLIET, JARED                        ROMULUS                                 NY-50-M-121
VANVLIET, JEREMIAH                     LODI                                    NY-50-G-337
VANVOLKNER, ELIZABETH                  SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-E-508
VANZANT, PETER                         LODI                                    NY-50-D-207
VIELE, ELECTA J.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T-583
VOORHEES, ELIZA                        LODI                                    NY-50-Q-185
VOORHEES, HENRY                        OVID                                    NY-50-A-56
VOORHEES, JAMES                        ROMULUS                                 NY-50-H-463
VOORHEES, JANE                         ROMULUS                                 NY-50-H-513
VOORHEES, MARY C.                      OVID                                    NY-50-O-103
VOORHEES, PHEBE ANN                    LODI                                    NY-50-P-457
VOORHEES, STEPHEN                      LODI                                    NY-50-P-97
VOORHEIS, PETER                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-B-396
VOORHEIS, SARAH A.                     OVID                                    NY-50-V-397
VOORHESE, RULIFF                       LODI                                    NY-50-C-16
VREELAND, JOHN B. C.                   FAYETTE                                 NY-50-G-1
VREELAND, JOHN                         JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A3-23
VREELAND, MARY ANN                     WATERLOO                                NY-50-Q-117
VREELAND, MICHAEL M.                   FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A3-75
WADE, JEPTHA                           ROMULUS                                 NY-50-A-265
WADHAMS, JOSEPH                        JUNIUS                                  NY-50-K-389
WAGNER, MICHEL                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-M-161
WAKEMAN, NATHAN                        COVERT                                  NY-50-P-257
WAKEMAN, THOMAS                        LODI                                    NY-50-B-104
WALDO, AUGUSTA                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-O-205
WALDO, CAROLINE                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-O-271
WALDRON, BENJAMIN                      OVID                                    NY-50-A3-51
WALDRON, SAMUEL T.                     ROMULUS                                 NY-50-A-146
WALKER, JACOB                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-R-497
WALLEY, HANNAH                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-J-521
WALSH, ELLEN                           ROMULUS                                 NY-50-Q-337
WALTER, SARAH E.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-61
WALTERS, ANN                           WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-132
WALTERS, JOHN                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-M-29
WALTERS, SOLOMON                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-72
WANDS, ROBERT G.                       ROMULUS                                 NY-50-Q-341Y
WARD, ORSON P. ***                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T2-74
WARNE, SOPHIA                          ROMULUS                                 NY-50-P-261
WARNER, ANGELINE                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-1
WARNER, DSAVID                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-C-293
WARNER, MARY R.                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-O-253
WARNER, SIDNEY                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-113
WASON, GEORGE                          COVERT                                  NY-50-P-425
WATHERSTONE, JOHN                      COVERT                                  NY-50-U2-201
WATHERSTONE, PETER                     COVERT                                  NY-50-U-64
WATKINS, ELEANOR                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-85
WATKINS, JOHN C.                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-M-361
WATKINS, JOHN                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-D-274
WATKINS, MARY                          MILWAUKEE, MILWAUKEE, WI                NY-50-D-577
WATRUS, JAMES                          ROMULUS                                 NY-50-B-212
WATSON, BETHIA F.                      JUNIUS                                  NY-50-T-135
WATSON, SUSAN                          ROMULUS                                 NY-50-O-67
WAYNE, WILLIAM G.                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-R-477
WEATHERLOW, CATHARINE M.               SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U-416
WEATHERLOW, ELMIRA T.                  SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-37
WEAVER, JOHN                           TYRE                                    NY-50-K-481
WEBB, LYDIA JANE                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-E-454
WEBSTER, ALEXANDER                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-R-413
WEBSTER, ANNA BRUCE                    SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U-276
WEBSTER, ELIZABETH N.                  WATERLOO                                NY-50-U2-73
WEBSTER, JAMES R.                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-108
WEBSTER, MARGARET                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-M-397
WEED, CHARLES H.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-O-145
WEED, HORACE                           ROMULUS                                 NY-50-E-490
WEED, ISRAEL                           JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A3-25
WELLES, BETSY                          JUNIUS                                  NY-50-L-59
WELLES, HENRY C.                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-J-257
WELLES, RACHEL                         JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A2-305
WELLES, SAMUEL R.                      SENECA                                  NY-50-U2-121
WELLES, SAMUEL R.                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-U2-230
WERTMAN, ELMER L.                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-V-1
WESTBROOK, ISAAC                       TYRE                                    NY-50-Q-377
WESTBROOK, JACOB S.                    TYRE                                    NY-50-G-343
WESTBROOK, JACOB S.                    TYRE                                    NY-50-J-181
WESTBROOK, MARIA S.                    TYRE                                    NY-50-U2-161
WESTBROOK, PETER M.                    TYRE                                    NY-50-O-319
WESTBROOK, PHEBE H.                    SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-S-533
WESTFALL, PERSIS P.                    JUNIUS                                  NY-50-V-241
WESTFALL, WILLARD F.                   JUNIUS                                  NY-50-T-603
WEYBURN, SAMUEL                        OVID                                    NY-50-A2-255
WHALEN, JOHN                           WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-323
WHALEN, WILLIAM WERT                   COVERT                                  NY-50-Q-357
WHARTENBY, MARY                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T-483
WHARTON, HENRY                         OVID                                    NY-50-A2-71
WHEELER, CATHARINE                     VARICK                                  NY-50-P-337
WHEELER, CHARITY                       COVERT                                  NY-50-D-467
WHEELER, CLAUDE C.                     COVERT                                  NY-50-R-105
WHEELER, LEVI                          *                                       NY-50-A3-242
WHEELER, LYMAN B.                      COVERT                                  NY-50-J-429
WHEELER, MARY D.                       COVERT                                  NY-50-U-228
WHEELOCK, CHARLES                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-R-161
WHITBY, JOHN                           OVID                                    NY-50-J-25
WHITE, ABBIE                           TYRE                                    NY-50-R-237
WHITE, ANN                             OVID                                    NY-50-R-417
WHITE, CHARLES                         JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A3-20
WHITE, EZRA                            TYRE                                    NY-50-P-149
WHITE, JOHN                            TYRE                                    NY-50-I-475
WHITE, MARY                            COVERT                                  NY-50-U-348
WHITE, ROBERT                          ROMULUS                                 NY-50-A-165
WHITEFORD, JOHN                        LODI                                    NY-50-K-197
WHITING, FRANKLIN                      MILLFORD, LASSEN, CA                    NY-50-L-288
WHORTENBY, CHARLES O.                  SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-H-466
WICKOFF, JOSEPH                        ROMULUS                                 NY-50-A-176
WICKOFF, JOSHUA                        LODI                                    NY-50-B-42
WICKOFF, PETER                         OVID                                    NY-50-G-19
WICKS, OLIVER C.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-O-481
WICKS, RUTH T.                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-P-385
WICKS, STEPHEN W.                      JUNIUS                                  NY-50-K-365
WICKS, WILLIAM W.                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T-475
WILBUR, BUEL                           VARICK                                  NY-50-V-625
WILCOX, JOTHAM                         VARICK                                  NY-50-C-146
WILCOX, LOIS                           VARICK                                  NY-50-F-79
WILCOX, POTTER                         JUNIUS                                  NY-50-R-137
WILKINS, LEONARD                       OVID                                    NY-50-A-74
WILKINSON, ORANGE                      VARICK                                  NY-50-C-85
WILKINSON, ORANGE W.                   VARICK                                  NY-50-R-169
WILLERS, DIEDRICH                      VARICK                                  NY-50-T2-163
WILLERS, DIEDRICK                      VARICK                                  NY-50-N-425
WILLIAMS, ALVIN                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-M-537
WILLIAMS, BRADLEY                      LODI                                    NY-50-G-241
WILLIAMS, ELISHA                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-A3-238
WILLIAMS, JAMES                        VARICK                                  NY-50-J-481
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         VARICK                                  NY-50-A3-243
WILLIAMS, JUSTIN                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-M-365
WILLIAMS, REBECCA                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U2-289
WILLIAMS, WARCHAM E.                   SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-S-561
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U-24
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                      OVID                                    NY-50-D-57
WILLIAMSON, JOSEPH                     OVID                                    NY-50-A-32
WILLIAMSON, PETER W.                   FLEMING                                 NY-50-R-133
WILLIAMSON, SARAH A.                   FAYETTE                                 NY-50-F-145
WILLIS, WILLIAM                        ULYSSES                                 NY-50-R-533
WILLITS, JANE C.                       DOWNINGTON, CHESTER, PA                 NY-50-O-175
WILSON, ABRAHAM                        ROMULUS                                 NY-50-I-109
WILSON, ANN                            OVID                                    NY-50-U-524
WILSON, DANIEL                         COVERT                                  NY-50-A3-373
WILSON, EMILINE                        LODI                                    NY-50-K-53
WILSON, FRANCIS                        LODI                                    NY-50-J-517
WILSON, HELEN                          OVID                                    NY-50-U-104
WILSON, JOHN N.                        OVID                                    NY-50-R-85
WILSON, JOSEPH                         ROMULUS                                 NY-50-P-209
WILSON, JOSEPH                         OVID                                    NY-50-A-24
WILSON, JOSEPH                         OVID                                    NY-50-C-260
WILSON, MAHALA                         OVID                                    NY-50-R-529
WILSON, MARY N.                        OVID                                    NY-50-M-429
WILSON, MARY E.                        LODI                                    NY-50-Q-113
WILSON, MOSES SEELEY C.                ROMULUS                                 NY-50-U-420
WILSON, SOLOMON W.                     LODI                                    NY-50-P-521
WILSON, WILLIAM                        ROMULUS                                 NY-50-V-475
WINAN, BENJAMIN                        JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A-150
WINANCE, WILLIAM                       COVERT                                  NY-50-A2-214
WINANS, ELIZABETH                      JUNIUS                                  NY-50-P-389
WINANS, HALSY                          TYRE                                    NY-50-F-385
WINANS, LEWIS                          JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A2-252
WINANS, WILLIAM                        JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A3-533
WINCHELL, AMANDA                       COVERT                                  NY-50-R-257
WINSLOW, MARY H.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-I-367
WINTERS, JOHN H.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T2-224
WISE, CATHERINE                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-V-457
WIUKOFF, ELIZABETH W.                  OVID                                    NY-50-N-421
WIXOM, CLERMONT S.                     COVERT                                  NY-50-U-300
WIXOM, WOODWARD S.                     COVERT                                  NY-50-S-329
WODS, MARY                             OVID                                    NY-50-M-9
WOLF, CHRISTIAN                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A3-274
WOLF, JOHN                             FAYETTE                                 NY-50-B-101
WOLF, WILLIAM                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-Q-345
WOLFE, JOHN C.                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-175
WOLVERTON, ABRAM                       ROMULUS                                 NY-50-F-421
WOOD, ANN                              COVERT                                  NY-50-T-455
WOOD, CATHARINE S.                     OVID                                    NY-50-T-555
WOOD, GEORGE                           JUNIUS                                  NY-50-Q-321
WOOD, JAMES                            SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-S-225
WOOD, WILLIAM T.                       WOLCOTT                                 NY-50-A2-211
WOODEN, HENRY S.                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-T-251
WOODEN, MARGARET                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-I-67
WOODEN, MOSES C.                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-205
WOODEN, ROBERT                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-I-415
WOODEN, SARAH E.                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-T-335
WOODRUFF, LOUIS                        VARICK                                  NY-50-Q-349
WOODS, CATHARINE                       COVERT                                  NY-50-S-345
WOODS, MICHAEL                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U-472
WOODS, NANCY                           OVID                                    NY-50-T-439
WOODS, PATRICK                         OVID                                    NY-50-O-109
WOODS, THOMAS                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-R-157
WOODWORTH, ALANSON                     JUNIUS                                  NY-50-S-125
WOODWORTH, ERASTUS                     COVERT                                  NY-50-C-65
WOODWORTH, HIRA                        TYRE                                    NY-50-I-469
WOODWORTH, JONATHA P.                  COVERT                                  NY-50-F-115
WOODWORTH, LOUISA                      LODI                                    NY-50-P-205
WOODWORTH, MARY A.                     COVERT                                  NY-50-O-445
WOODWORTH, NEHEMIAH                    COVERT                                  NY-50-C-5
WOOLEDGE, WILLIAM W.                   WATERLOO                                NY-50-U2-129
WOOLSEY, HENRY                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-B-52
WOOLSEY, RICHARD                       COVERT                                  NY-50-C-59
WOOLY, ALMON                           WATERLOO                                NY-50-M-181
WORCE, ELEANOR                         TYRE                                    NY-50-F-403
WORDEN, ANDREW J.                      TYRE                                    NY-50-Q-221
WRIGHT, CELIA CONANT                   WATERLOO                                NY-50-Q-473
WRIGHT, JOSIAH                         JUNIUS                                  NY-50-J-489
WRIGHT, PETER V.                       BELLMA, YATES, NY                       NY-50-Q-169
WRIGHT, REUBEN                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-K-489
WRIGHT, REUBEN                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-B-28
WUNDERLIN, JOHN E.                     FAYETTE                                 NY-50-N-261
WUNDERLIN, MATTHIAS                    FAYETTE                                 NY-50-K-105
WYAND, MARY                            SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-L-345
WYANT, NATHANIEL                       LODI                                    NY-50-D-181
WYCKOFF, ARETAS                        LODI                                    NY-50-T-45
WYCKOFF, JAMES                         LODI                                    NY-50-C-274
WYCKOFF, JOSEPH                        VARICK                                  NY-50-P-381
WYCKOFF, MAGDALENA S.                  FAYETTE                                 NY-50-B-313
WYCKOFF, NANCY ANN                     FAYETTE                                 NY-50-E-240
WYCKOFF, PHEBE                         OVID                                    NY-50-R-525
WYCKOFF, RACHEL                        LODI                                    NY-50-U2-313
WYCKOFF, SARAH                         LODI                                    NY-50-P-53
WYCKOFF, WILLIAM M.                    LODI                                    NY-50-R-333
WYCOFF, WILLIAM                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A-246
YAKELEY, JACOB                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-I-241
YERKE, JAMES                           OVID                                    NY-50-A-5
YERKES, ELIZABETH                      ROMULUS                                 NY-50-U-616
YERKES, JOSIAH                         ROMULUS                                 NY-50-I-19
YODER, ELIZA ANN                       ROMULUS                                 NY-50-V-145
YOST, CASPER                           FAYETTE                                 NY-50-S-281
YOST, CHARLES                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-V-421
YOULE, RICHARD B.                      OVID                                    NY-50-A2-103
YOUNG, ABRAHAM                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A2-293
YOUNG, DANIEL                          OVID                                    NY-50-B-233
YOUNG, NELSON                          OVID                                    NY-50-E-472
YOUNG, STEPHEN                         VARICK                                  NY-50-J-33
YULE, DAVID P.                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-N-1
YURY, FREDRICK                         JUNIUS                                  NY-50-B-407
ZELLNER, ELIAS                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-U-400
ZIMMER, JOHN L.                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-U-292

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