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GAGE, JEANNETTE                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-N-445
GAGE, JUSTUS C.                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-S-81
GALBRAITH, JOHN                        OVID                                    NY-50-Q-549
GALPIN, JOSEPH                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-J-345
GALVIN, JOHN                           SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T-303
GAMBEE, ELIZABETH                      VARICK                                  NY-50-G-25
GAMBEE, NANCY                          VARICK                                  NY-50-E-414
GAMBEE, SAMUEL                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-C-336
GAMBEE, SOLOMON C.                     VARICK                                  NY-50-J-277
GAMBER, CHRISTY ANN                    FAYETTE                                 NY-50-U-496
GAMBER, JACOB                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-T-403
GAMBER, JOHN JR.                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A2-284
GAMBER, JOHN                           VARICK                                  NY-50-B-132
GAMBER, JOHN                           VARICK                                  NY-50-F-281
GAMBER, LAVINIA F.                     WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-93
GAMBER, SUSAN L.                       VARICK                                  NY-50-R-313
GAMLICE, JACOB                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-I-79
GANGHAM, PATRICK                       ROMULUS                                 NY-50-Q-525
GARGAN, PATRICK SR.                    SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-P-161
GARLING, HENRIETTA B.                  BIG RAPIDS, MECOSTA, MI                 NY-50-T2-235
GARLING, SARAH                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-N-437
GARNETT, JOHN                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-N-333
GARRISON, CAROLINE E.                  WATERLOO                                NY-50-K-461
GARRISON, EMMA E.                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-645
GATES, JOHN C.                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-F-25
GAY, HARVEY                            SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-L-517
GAY, JOHN S.                           SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-M-381
GAY, RICHARD E.                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-L-71
GEER, CAROLNE                          TYRE                                    NY-50-N-233
GERAGHTY, PATRIC J.                    SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-R-593
GIBBONS, SARAH                         SEE: BUTLER, SARAH                      NY-50-C-114
GIBBS, CHARLES A                       OVID                                    NY-50-D-289
GIBBS, ELIZA A.                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U-200
GIBSON, DANIEL R.                      LODI                                    NY-50-I-373
GIBSON, JAMES                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-J-469
GILBERT, MORRIS J.                     ROMULUS                                 NY-50-U-588
GILES, RYNEAR                          COVERT                                  NY-50-B-244
GILLETT, ABNER C.                      JUNIUS                                  NY-50-F-181
GILLETT, HANNAH                        JUNIUS                                  NY-50-F-415
GILLILAND, JAMES M.                    FAYETTE                                 NY-50-R-121
GILLILAND, ROBERT                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-B-254
GILLILAND, WILSON                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-C-232
GILMORE, HAPPY                         OVID                                    NY-50-U2-89
GILMORE, JAMES H.                      ROMULUS                                 NY-50-S-581
GILMORE, MARY                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U-432
GIRARD, MIRANDA A.                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-L-499
GIRTON, ELIZABETH J.                   SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-17
GLAUNER, MARY E.                       VARICK                                  NY-50-E-478
GLAZIER, HENRY                         COVERT                                  NY-50-S-325
GLAZIER, PHEBE                         COVERT                                  NY-50-U-236
GLEN, CHARLES                          JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A2-196
GLOVER, PHEBE A.                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-545
GOAPF, ANDREW                          VARICK                                  NY-50-P-393
GODFREY, AURILLA                       JUNIUS                                  NY-50-P-321
GOFF, ELIZABETH                        ROMULUS                                 NY-50-F-427
GOLDEN, THORN                          TYRE                                    NY-50-K-169
GOLTUS, JOHN                           LODI                                    NY-50-E-336
GOMAR, ABBY                            SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-P-117
GOODELL, JAMES                         TYRE                                    NY-50-C-94
GOODMAN, LAMBERT                       COVERT                                  NY-50-U2-217
GOODWIN, CHARLES                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-Q-489
GOODWIN, CHARLES                       JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A2-217
GOODWIN, HEZEKIAH                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-B-196
GOODWIN, ISAAC                         OVID                                    NY-50-B-70
GOODWIN, JANE                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-J-269
GOODWIN, LUCY                          TYRE                                    NY-50-S-269
GOODWIN, SARAH                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-S-221
GOODYEAR, PHOEBE ANN                   VARICK                                  NY-50-H-501
GORE, BRIDGET                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-13
GORHAM, JABEZ                          JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A-79
GORMAN, BERNARD                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-N-245
GORTON, POLLY M.                       OVID                                    NY-50-P-181
GOTT, MARY                             SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-13
GOUGER, CHARLES                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-T-259
GOULD, ASENATH                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-P-113
GOULD, EMMA S.                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-149
GOULD, HANNAH B.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-O-403
GOULD, JAMES H.                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-O-301
GOULD, PATRICK                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-V-61
GRAHAM, EUNICE                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-J-505
GRAHAM, HENRY                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-K-265
GRAVES, DIANNAH                        OVID                                    NY-50-S-433
GRAVES, HENRY                          OVID                                    NY-50-N-509
GRAVES, JAMES M.                       JUNIUS                                  NY-50-V-271
GRAVES, JOHN                           JUNIUS                                  NY-50-F-127
GRAY, ARCHIMEDES                       OVID                                    NY-50-J-185
GRAY, NANCY                            OVID                                    NY-50-D-93
GREEN, ANDREW J.                       JUNIUS                                  NY-50-Q-157
GREEN, JOHN                            JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A2-265
GREGORY, ISAAC G.                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-T2-253
GREGORY, JANE                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-92
GREGORY, MARY                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-120
GREGORY, PATRICK                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-145
GRIDLEY, SAMUEL H.                     WATERLOO                                NY-50-P-309
GRIES, MARGARET B. W.                  WATERLOO                                NY-50-K-45
GRIFFIN, MARY L. ***                   OVID                                    NY-50-T2-191
GRIGGS, MARY                           TYRE                                    NY-50-V-299
GRIGGS, MARY                           TYRE                                    NY-50-V-295
GRIGGS, WILLIAM C.                     TYRE                                    NY-50-S-649
GROAT, LEWIS                           JUNIUS                                  NY-50-M-493
GROSS, JOSEPH A.                       ROMULUS                                 NY-50-M-253
GROTZ, CATHARINE                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-R-553
GROTZ, MARIA                           SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-R-557
GROTZ, SUSAN                           SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-365
GRUNNIP, MARCELLUS                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-V-547
GRUSS, MARY                            WATERLOO                                NY-50-K-125
GUION, HETTY B. H.                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-Q-353
GULICK, ELIZABETH                      LODI                                    NY-50-E-31
GULICK, GILBERT                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-G-199
GULICK, NICHOLAS                       LODI                                    NY-50-B-460
GULICK, SAMUEL                         LODI                                    NY-50-I-493
GUNDERMAN, ANNIE                       LODI                                    NY-50-M-341
GUNDERMAN, CLARISSA                    LODI                                    NY-50-K-413
GUNDERMAN, CONRAD                      LODI                                    NY-50-T-207
GURRY, MICHAEL L.                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U-208
GUSTIN, HORACE F.                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-O-91
GUTZ, CATHERINE                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-P-469
HACKETT, LAWRENCE                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-J-405
HACKETT, MARY                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-L-297
HAGAMAN, ISAAC                         OVID                                    NY-50-A-1
HAGAMAN, JOHN                          ROMULUS                                 NY-50-B-236
HAGAR, BENEVILLE                       JUNIUS                                  NY-50-P-563
HAGER, ABIGAIL                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-K-321
HAGERMAN, JOHN                         SEE: HAGAMAN, JOHN                      NY-50-B-236
HAIGH, GEORGE                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-P-281
HAIGH, LUCY T.                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-V-325
HAIGH, MARIA                           SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-C-389
HAINES, ISRAEL B.                      TYRE                                    NY-50-F-19
HALBERT, ELISHA K.                     WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-77
HALENBECK, ANNA                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-K-457
HALEY, JOHN M.                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-Q-241
HALFORD, EDITH R.                      COVERT                                  NY-50-V-439
HALL, CYNTHIA                          *                                       NY-50-L-479
HALL, MATTHEW M.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-C-363
HALL, NATHAN                           COVERT                                  NY-50-F-37
HALL, PRISCILLA                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-R-117
HALL, SALLY                            COVERT                                  NY-50-M-17
HALLER, JACOB                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-J-449
HALLOCK, MARIA                         ROMULUS                                 NY-50-J-113
HALLSTEAD, JAMES C.                    WATERLOO                                NY-50-R-421
HALSEY, ABAGAIL                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-K-1
HALSEY, JEHIAL H.                      LODI                                    NY-50-I-73
HALSEY, LUTHER H.                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-O-127
HALSEY, SILAS                          OVID                                    NY-50-A3-207
HALSEY, SYLVESTER                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-J-289
HALSEY, VINCENT M.                     FAYETTE                                 NY-50-Q-365
HALSTED, REUBEN                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-32
HAMILTON, ELLEN                        LODI                                    NY-50-U-640
HAMLIN, DENNIS L.                      JUNIUS                                  NY-50-P-69
HAMM, MARGARET                         VARICK                                  NY-50-Q-153
HAND, OVID E.                          COVERT                                  NY-50-Q-401
HANES, WILLIAM                         JUNIUS                                  NY-50-C-403
HANLON, ROSA                           ROMULUS                                 NY-50-S-617
HARDING, ELIZABETH E.                  LODI                                    NY-50-J-1
HARGER, EDWARD                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-J-241
HARMON, ANN                            WATERLOO                                NY-50-U2-265
HARMON, MARGARET                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-V-181
HARMON, PATRICK                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-Q-313
HARMON, PATRICK                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-J-81
HARPENDING, HARRIET                    WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-461
HARPER, JAMES                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-K-81
HARPST HARRIET                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-P-17
HARRIS, CHARLES T.                     OVID                                    NY-50-F-535
HARRIS, ELIZABETH                      OVID                                    NY-50-A2-246
HARRIS, HARRIET                        OVID                                    NY-50-R-349
HARRIS, LYMAN B.                       JUNIUS                                  NY-50-C-159
HARRIS, PETER R.                       ROMULUS                                 NY-50-D-36
HARRIS, SARAH B.                       LODI                                    NY-50-V-559
HART, ENOCH H.                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-N-517
HART, JOHN H.                          ROMULUS                                 NY-50-E-282
HART, RODMAN                           JUNIUS                                  NY-50-F-247
HART, SMITEN                           JUNIUS                                  NY-50-K-305
HARTSOFF, ALEXANDER V.                 TYRE                                    NY-50-M-21
HARTSOUGH, PETER                       OVID                                    NY-50-D-101
HARTY, MARGARET                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-U2-249
HARTY, MICHAEL                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-Q-497
HARVEY, JOSEPH                         JUNIUS                                  NY-50-E-13
HARWOOD, FRANKLIN                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-J-305
HASBROUCK, HARRIETT                    TYRE                                    NY-50-T-195
HASBROUCK, MARY D.                     JUNIUS                                  NY-50-U-216
HASBROUCK, MATTHEW D.                  JUNIUS                                  NY-50-M-433
HASELETT, MARY                         LODI                                    NY-50-N-505
HATHAWAY, ISABELLA                     VARICK                                  NY-50-S-409
HAUSE, ESTHER                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-D-186
HAUSE, JOSEPH                          OVID                                    NY-50-G-103
HAVENS, ALFRED S.                      OVID                                    NY-50-V-469
HAWKS, ELIZABETH E.                    COVERT                                  NY-50-P-105
HAWLEY, POLLY M.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-M-425
HAYES, THOMAS                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-V-31
HAZELTON, WILLIAM C.                   OVID                                    NY-50-T-527
HAZEN, MOSES                           COVERT                                  NY-50-A3-351
HEALEY, ABBY                           WATERLOO                                NY-50-L-328
HEALEY, ANDREW                         SANTIAGO, CHILE                         NY-50-L-309
HEARTWELL, CORNELIA A.                 WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-612
HEATH, JUSTINA R.                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U2-345
HECK, JACOB                            FAYETTE                                 NY-50-L-545
HELME, SUSAN                           SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-F-325
HELMER, ABRAM                          TYRE                                    NY-50-M-389
HENDRICKS, J. WARREN                   VARICK                                  NY-50-U-552
HENDRICKS, PETER Y.                    WATERLOO                                NY-50-O-211
HENION, AMANDA M.                      VARICK                                  NY-50-M-477
HENION, ANN                            WATERLOO                                NY-50-F-91
HENION, GARRET                         VARICK                                  NY-50-M-473
HENION, PETER D.                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-U-584
HENION, TUNIS                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-D-328
HENION, TUNIS                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-N-249
HENRY, GEORGE Y.                       OVID                                    NY-50-P-533
HENRY, JOHN                            WATELROO                                NY-50-J-29
HENRY, MAIRAH E.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-K-73
HENRY, MARY                            OVID                                    NY-50-M-117
HENRY, PETER Y.                        OVID                                    NY-50-R-437
HERBERT, JOHN                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A3-21
HESSLER, CHARLES                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-P-529
HETTLE, JOHN S.                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-M-217
HEWITT, HIRAM H.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-R-589
HIBBARD, MARY J.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-O-241
HICKEY, MICHAEL                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T-89
HICKS, JACOB                           FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A3-114
HICKS, JACOB                           FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A2-262
HICKS, JANE S.                         LODI                                    NY-50-S-585
HICKS, JOHN                            WATERLOO                                NY-50-C-547
HILKERT, MARISSA A.                    WATERLOO                                NY-50-R-197
HILL, EDWIN W.                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-K-313
HILL, LEMUEL J.                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-D-463
HILL, WILLIAM                          JUNIUS                                  NY-50-I-433
HILLAKER, EE                           WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-101
HILLIKER, SILVESTER                    WATERLOO                                NY-50-P-313
HINES, JOHANNA                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-P-429
HINKLEY, ELIJAH                        ROMULUS                                 NY-50-E-396
HINMAN, LOCKWOOD                       COVERT                                  NY-50-K-165
HIXON, SARAH A.                        LODI                                    NY-50-T-111
HIXSON, JOHN S.                        LODI                                    NY-50-S-377
HOAG, SUSAN A.                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-V-289
HOAGLAN, JANE                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-J-253
HOBROW, SARAH                          JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A2-301
HODGE, PERRY                           SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-J-477
HOFFMAN, JANE                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-M-357
HOFFMAN, LAWSON W.                     JUNIUS                                  NY-50-I-355
HOFFMAN, SARAH D.                      JUNIUS                                  NY-50-M-385
HOGAN, CLARENCE                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-V-577
HOGAN, HONORA                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-12
HOGAN, JOHN                            FAYETTE                                 NY-50-B-325
HOGAN, WILLIAM                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-S-65
HOGARTH, JOHN                          OVID                                    NY-50-A2-168
HOGLAN, ABRAHAM                        VARICK                                  NY-50-A3-399
HOLLAND, CORA                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-V-367
HOLLERAN, MARGARET                     WATERLOO                                NY-50-N-297
HOLLERAN, WILLIAM                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-N-221
HOLMES, ABRAHAM                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-M-449
HOLMES, JOHN B.                        OVID                                    NY-50-I-565
HOLTON, SIMEON                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-I-253
HOOD, JOSEIAH                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-T-5
HOOD, PHOEBE A.                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-361
HOOD, ROBERT                           ROMULUS                                 NY-50-A2-98
HOOD, SAMUEL                           FAYETTE                                 NY-50-J-529
HOOPER, ROBERT S.                      JUNIUS                                  NY-50-K-385
HOOPER, STEPHEN                        JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A-168
HOPKINS, BRIDGET M.                    WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-363
HOPKINS, JAMES B.                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-639
HOPKINS, JOHN                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-25
HOPKINS, JONATHAN T.                   COVERT                                  NY-50-J-421
HOPKINS, SAMUEL D.                     COVERT                                  NY-50-T-547
HOPKINS, SARAH J.                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-T2-49
HOPKINS, SUSAN                         COVERT                                  NY-50-K-133
HOPKINS, THOMAS                        COVERT                                  NY-50-J-417
HOPKINS, TRAVIS                        COVERT                                  NY-50-U-328
HOPKINS, WADSWORTH C.                  WATERLOO                                NY-50-Q-589
HOPPER, MARY C.                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-V-463
HORTON, ABIGAIL                        COVERT                                  NY-50-P-329
HORTON, ALDEN                          OVID                                    NY-50-V-13
HORTON, ALMON                          COVERT                                  NY-50-K-257
HORTON, ANN                            ROMULUS                                 NY-50-K-153
HORTON, ELIJAH                         ROMULUS                                 NY-50-C-504
HORTON, JULIA E.                       COVERT                                  NY-50-T-579
HORTON, ZEPHANIAH                      LODI                                    NY-50-M-373
HOSACK, JANE P.                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-V-607
HOSKINS, CHARLES L.                    SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T-351
HOSKINS, EBENEZER                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-K-425
HOSSINGER, FREDERICK                   FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A3-140
HOSTER, CHRISTIAN                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A-182
HOSTER, EDWARD F.                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-U-28
HOSTER, HENRY                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-U2-41
HOSTER, MICHAEL                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T-69
HOSTER, WILLIAM                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-I-379
HOUGH, CHARLOTTE E.                    JUNIUS                                  NY-50-U2-321
HOUGH, ELIZABETH                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-K-61
HOUGH, MARTIN                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-Q-413
HOUGHTON, PARKER E.                    LODI                                    NY-50-V-601
HOUSE, CHARLES                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-P-217
HOUSE, SAMUEL                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A3-253
HOUSEMAN, GERTRUDE                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-V-211
HOWE, ANN                              JUNIUS                                  NY-50-F-541
HOWE, PEARLEY P.                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-O-49
HOWE, REBECCA A.                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-R-89
HOWELL, ELIJAH C.                      OVID                                    NY-50-Q-389
HOWERTH, BRIDGET                       VARICK                                  NY-50-S-157
HOWSON, ELIZABETH M.                   SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U-68
HUBBARD, HIRAM W.                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-277
HUBBELL, LAURA                         CHICAGO, COOK, IL                       NY-50-T2-13
HUFF, ALBERT                           OVID                                    NY-50-J-433
HUFF, ANN                              LODI                                    NY-50-Q-261
HUFF, ANNA C.                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-V-133
HUFF, ARTHUR W.                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-R-17
HUFF, GEORGIANNA T.                    OVID                                    NY-50-T-151
HUFF, JOHN                             FAYETTE                                 NY-50-B-48
HUFF, PETER N.                         OVID                                    NY-50-N-173
HUFF, SALLY                            LODI                                    NY-50-U-344
HUFF, SARAH                            FAYETTE                                 NY-50-J-537
HUGH, JOSEPH                           SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-D-471
HULBERT, JOHN                          OVID                                    NY-50-A-218
HULBERT, MARIA                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-319
HULETT, ANNA                           FAYETTE                                 NY-50-J-77
HUMPHREY, THOMAS                       JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A-277
HUNFREY, CORNELIUS                     HECTOR                                  NY-50-A-214
HUNKA, HOLMES L.                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-M-97
HUNT, ALFRED                           VARICK                                  NY-50-M-81
HUNT, AUSTIN R.                        JUNIUS                                  NY-50-S-261
HUNT, GEORGE T.                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-I-611
HUNT, JANE C.                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-Q-585
HUNT, JOSEPH                           ROMULUS                                 NY-50-A3-181
HUNT, JOSEPH L.                        VARICK                                  NY-50-A3-289
HUNT, JOSEPH M.                        LODI                                    NY-50-G-223
HUNT, JOSEPH                           *                                       NY-50-A2-248
HUNT, JULIUS F.                        ROMULUS                                 NY-50-O-469
HUNT, LAURA J.                         ROMULUS                                 NY-50-S-525
HUNT, RICHARD P.                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-D-481
HUNT, STEPHEN                          VARICK                                  NY-50-F-433
HUNT, WILLIAM                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-Q-453
HUNTER, JAMES                          OVID                                    NY-50-A-183
HURD, SUSAN                            SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T-81
HURD, WILLIAM                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-S-121
HURLBUT, JAMES                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-F-595
HUTCHINS, JOSHUA                       JUNIUS                                  NY-50-C-381
HUTTON, JANE                           WATERLOO                                NY-50-L-459
HUWER, HENRY                           FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A-262
HYLAND, THOMAS                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-P-225
IKE, JOHN                              COVERT                                  NY-50-N-373
ILER, DAVID                            SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-G-91
ILLICK, ADAM F.                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-389
ILLICK, CHARLOTTE                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-N-393
INGALLS, HENRIETTA                     FAYETTE                                 NY-50-K-209
INGALLS, MARY                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-J-381
INGMIRE, ANN                           SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-P-453
INGMIRE, WILLIAM                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-469
INK, JOHN                              ULYSSES                                 NY-50-A2-129
IRELAND, DAVID                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-J-361
IRELAND, WILLIAM                       *                                       NY-50-A2-231
IRELAND, WILLIAM                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-R-405
IRLAND, JANE                           FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A2-259
JACACKS, AMANDA                        ROMULUS                                 NY-50-R-225
JACKSON, CHARLOTTE                     OVID                                    NY-50-R-97
JACKSON, PETER                         JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A-43
JACOBUS, ISAAC                         VARICK                                  NY-50-K-485
JACOCKS, SAMUEL                        ROMULUS                                 NY-50-I-301
JAMES, THOMAS                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-I-103
JAMESON, DAVID H.                      OVID                                    NY-50-J-101
JARVIS, EDMOND                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-456
JARVIS, HARRIET                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-V-277
JARVIS, HARRIET P.                     WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-469
JARVIS, HENRY                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-644
JEFFERY, ANNE                          ULYSSES                                 NY-50-A2-46
JENKINGS, ISAAC                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-D-460
JOHNSON, ARCHIBALD T.                  SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-J-109
JOHNSON, ARCHIBALD T.                  SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-J-165
JOHNSON, CHARLOTTE                     WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-541
JOHNSON, EBENEZER                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-I-505
JOHNSON, IRA                           WATERLOO                                NY-50-I-403
JOHNSON, JAMES T.                      ROMULUS                                 NY-50-G-229
JOHNSON, JUSTUS B.                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-O-181
JOHNSON, MARCUS S.                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-81
JOHNSON, MARGARET                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-P-357
JOHNSON, NELSON                        ROMULUS                                 NY-50-M-5
JOHNSON, NEWTON                        OVID                                    NY-50-D-314
JOHNSON, SARAH C.                      COVERT                                  NY-50-K-285
JOHNSON, STEPHEN V. R.                 BATTLE CREEK, CALHOUN, MI               NY-50-T2-28
JOHNSTON, CHARLES                      OVID                                    NY-50-J-61
JOHNSTON, EDWARD W.                    COVERT                                  NY-50-A2-330
JOHNSTON, LEWIS                        COVERT                                  NY-50-C-303
JONES, CAROLINE M.                     ROMULUS                                 NY-50-Q-41
JONES, DANIEL B.                       LODI                                    NY-50-K-161
JONES, GEORGE W.                       OVID                                    NY-50-P-501
JONES, JACOB E.                        OVID                                    NY-50-P-221
JONES, JAMES                           LODI                                    NY-50-R-481
JONES, JOHN H.                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T-343
JONES, JOHN E.                         LODI                                    NY-50-D-357
JONES, JOSEPH                          LODI                                    NY-50-C-255
JONES, SAMUEL                          ROMULUS                                 NY-50-I-541
JONES, SAMUEL                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-B-263
JONES, THOMAS                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-Q-17
JONES, WALTON                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-G-85
JONES, WILLIAM                         OVID                                    NY-50-S-89
JONSSON, CLEMENT                       OVID                                    NY-50-M-69
JOP, HANNAH                            *                                       NY-50-A2-199
JUDD, FRANCES L.                       ROMULUS                                 NY-50-D-53
JUDSON, MARY ANN                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-N-189
JUSTIN, ALVIN                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-M-189
KARR, JOHN B.                          VARICK                                  NY-50-O-31
KEAR, DANIEL                           SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-M-405
KEELER, JAMES                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-J-513
KEISTLER, JACOB                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-J-149
KELLOGG, WILLIAM A.                    COVERT                                  NY-50-U-56
KELLY, CATHARINE                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-57
KELLY, JOHN C.                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-53
KELLY, JOHN                            OVID                                    NY-50-A2-239
KENDIG, ANN ***                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-H-538
KENDIG, DANIEL S.                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-L-508
KENDIG, JACOB                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A2-333
KENDIG, RICHARD P.                     WATERLOO                                NY-50-R-5
KENNARD, LLLA E.                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-R-461
KENNARD, SOPHIA H.                     WATERLOO                                NY-50-Q-393
KENNARD, WILLIAM                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-P-445
KENNEDY, JOHN                          OVID                                    NY-50-A-257
KENYON, CRANDALL                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-M-317
KERR, ANNA                             FAYETTE                                 NY-50-J-133
KESLER, JACOB                          WASHINGTON                              NY-50-A-116
KIDD, GEORGE                           FAYETTE                                 NY-50-I-463
KILPATRICK, ELIZABETH                  ROMULUS                                 NY-50-K-409
KIME, CHRISTIAN                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-D-504
KING, ANDREW J.                        COVERT                                  NY-50-V-589
KING, ASAPH                            OVID                                    NY-50-A-48
KING, CORNELIA M.                      ROMULUS                                 NY-50-O-229
KING, DARIUS                           JUNIUS                                  NY-50-C-441
KING, EDWIN C.                         NEWARK, ESSEX, NJ                       NY-50-R-1
KING, ELIZA A.                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-V-517
KING, EMILY                            ROMULUS                                 NY-50-T-9
KING, HARVEY                           COVERT                                  NY-50-N-197
KING, JAMES P.                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-V-127
KING, JOHN D.                          OVID                                    NY-50-Q-133
KING, JOHN C.                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-R-261
KING, JOHN G.                          ROMULUS                                 NY-50-Q-29
KING, LORING G.                        VARICK                                  NY-50-U-8
KING, MARY F.                          COVERT                                  NY-50-T-431
KING, SYLVESTER                        COVERT                                  NY-50-Q-517
KING, TARTULLUS                        COVERT                                  NY-50-A3-325
KING, WILLIAM D.                       ROMULUS                                 NY-50-F-253
KING, WILLIAM  H.                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-H-17
KINNE, DAVID W.                        ROMULUS                                 NY-50-R-277
KINNE, ELEANOR A.                      ROMULUS                                 NY-50-O-133
KINNE, ELIJAH                          OVID                                    NY-50-A3-45
KINNE, ELIJAH                          ROMULUS                                 NY-50-U-604
KINNE, HESTER ***                      OVID                                    NY-50-H-41
KINNE, MARY                            ROMULUS                                 NY-50-P-73
KINNE, MORRIS E.                       OVID                                    NY-50-M-353
KINNE, SILAS M.                        ROMULUS                                 NY-50-U-600
KINNE, STEPHEN D.                      ROMULUS                                 NY-50-F-73
KINNE, WILLIAM                         ROMULUS                                 NY-50-P-361
KINNEY, BENJAMIN                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-F-355
KINNEY, FRANKLIN                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-U-392
KINNEY, GEORGE                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-N-493
KINNEY, WILLIAM H.                     FAYETTE                                 NY-50-V-553
KIPP, HENRY                            WATERLOO                                NY-50-M-213
KIPP, NICHOLAS                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-B-267
KITTELL, MARY A.                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-264
KITTLE, PETER                          TYRE                                    NY-50-B-347
KITTLE, WILLIAM                        JUNIUS                                  NY-50-E-37
KLOPFER, JOHN P.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-S-233
KN IGHT, LUKE                          LODI                                    NY-50-D-405
KNAPP, ELIZABETH B.                    SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-R-505
KNIFFIN, MAGDALEN                      COVERT                                  NY-50-C-592
KNIGHT, ABRAM                          COVERT                                  NY-50-F-547
KNIGHT, JAMES C.                       COVERT                                  NY-50-O-37
KNIGHT, JOHN S.                        LODI                                    NY-50-N-337
KNIGHT, JOHN J.                        LODI                                    NY-50-G-325
KNIGHT, LAURA B.                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-V-481
KNIGHT, MARTHA                         LODI                                    NY-50-Q-457
KNIGHT, SALLY A.                       LODI                                    NY-50-S-457
KNIGHT, SAMUEL                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-I-277
KNIGHT, URIAH R.                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-O-19
KNOWLES, FRANCIS B.                    WORCESTER, WORCESTER, MA                NY-50-L-550
KNOX, ADDISON T.                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-F-337
KNOX, JOHN                             WATERLOO                                NY-50-D-170
KNOX, MARIA                            SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-Q-205
KNOX, REBECCA G.                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-384
KRUMEICH, CHARLES H.                   RUSSELL, NEZ PERCE, ID                  NY-50-V-436
KRUMEICH, MARY                         ROMULUS                                 NY-50-U2-273
KUNES, DAVID                           VARICK                                  NY-50-J-153
KUNES, SHERMAN R.                      VARICK                                  NY-50-U-520
KUNEY, ARISTA                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-M-309
KUNEY, CHRISTIANNA                     FAYETTE                                 NY-50-D-384
KUNEY, FREDERICK                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A3-287
KUNEY, JOHN                            FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A3-162
KUNZ, MARY ANN                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-M-89
LAFLEUR, JOSEPH                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U2-81
LAING, JOHN                            JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A2-206
LAIRS, HANNAH                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-O-61
LAMARCOUX, DANIEL                      LODI                                    NY-50-D-144
LAMB, WILLIAM WARREN                   SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-L-522
LAMBERT, JOHN                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-M-437
LAMBERT, MARGARET                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-N-317
LAMBERT, MARGARET                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-N-57
LAMEREAUX, JOHN                        LODI                                    NY-50-K-293
LAMOREAUX, WILLIAM                     LODI                                    NY-50-Q-137
LANE, AARON D.                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-N-93
LANE, ELIJAH                           ROMULUS                                 NY-50-K-357
LANE, ROBERT                           WATERLOO                                NY-50-P-81
LANEY, ENOS                            WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-57
LANGDON, GEORGE A.                     WATERLOO                                NY-50-F-319
LANGWORTHY, SARAH                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-S-593
LANGWORTHY, WILLIAM                    SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-S-573
LAPPIN, MARY                           OVID                                    NY-50-U-412
LARGELESE, WILLIAM L.                  SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-C-52
LARKIN, MARIA L.                       TYRE                                    NY-50-I-577
LARKIN, MARTHA                         ROMULUS                                 NY-50-T-635
LARKIN, PATRICK                        ROMULUS                                 NY-50-T-283
LARZELERE, JACOB B.                    FAYETTE                                 NY-50-R-541
LARZELESE, SUSAN W.                    VARICK                                  NY-50-E-448
LATHAM, FRANKLIN B.                    SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-J-65
LATHAM, HANNAH JANE                    SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-G-73
LATHAM, OLIVER S.                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-O-223
LATHERINGTON, HARRIET                  SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-P-245
LATSON, RICHARD                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-N-73
LAURENCE, NEHEMIAH F.                  JUNIUS                                  NY-50-V-361
LAURENCE, WILLIAM W.                   TYRE                                    NY-50-N-157
LAUTENSCHLAGER, JACOB                  VARICK                                  NY-50-E-300
LAUTENSCHLAGER, MARGARET R.            VARICK                                  NY-50-L-576
LAWRENCE, ELONIA                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-S-517
LAWRENCE, GEORGE W.                    WATERLOO                                NY-50-N-293
LAWRENCE, SUSANNAH                     COVERT                                  NY-50-M-157
LAY, CHARLES W.                        TYRE                                    NY-50-U-196
LAY, DARROW                            TYRE                                    NY-50-B-343
LAY, HIRAM                             TYRE                                    NY-50-O-283
LAY, PETER                             SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-241
LAY, SAMUEL                            TYRE                                    NY-50-E-192
LECONTE, MARY                          OVID                                    NY-50-P-201
LECONTE, WILLIAM                       OVID                                    NY-50-C-452
LEE, ZALINDA C.                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-L-419
LEFLER, CHRISTOPHER                    OVID                                    NY-50-K-417
LEGGETT, CORTEZ D.                     COVERT                                  NY-50-Q-53
LEGGETT, MARINDA B.                    COVERT                                  NY-50-T-13
LEHMAN, JACOB                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-493
LENT, JAMES                            VARICK                                  NY-50-R-329
LEONARD, BENJAMIN                      OVID                                    NY-50-I-235
LEONARD, DARWIN                        OVID                                    NY-50-J-357
LERCH, ANTHONY                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-I-97
LERCH, IDA T.                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-U-124
LESLIE, HANNAH                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-F-97
LESLIE, JOSEPH                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-C-431
LESLIE, LOUISA M.                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-D-65
LETTS, JOHN                            COVERT                                  NY-50-E-49
LEWIS, NATHAN                          LODI                                    NY-50-S-629
LEWIS, WILLIAM                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-K-77
LISK, CHARLES R.                       ROMULUS                                 NY-50-O-457
LITTLE, MALCOM SR.                     TYRE                                    NY-50-D-450
LITTLEJOHN, JOHN R.                    SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T2-57
LITTLEJOHN, WILLIAM                    SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-V-343
LITZENBERGER, JOHN                     VARICK                                  NY-50-O-73
LITZENBERGER, MARY                     ROMULUS                                 NY-50-R-381
LITZENBERGER, PETER                    SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T-399
LIVINGSTON, ELLEN P.                   NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY             NY-50-L-574
LIVINGSTON, WATTS CODY                 NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY             NY-50-L-568
LIVINGSTON, WILLIAM R.                 TYRE                                    NY-50-J-413
LOCKWOOD, MARY A.                      COVERT                                  NY-50-L-341
LOFFERTY, HENRY M.                     ROMULUS                                 NY-50-I-271
LONG, FRANKLIN                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-K-269
LONGFORD, GRACE                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-D-380
LORING, CALEB                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-G-217
LORING, ELIZABETH                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-M-377
LORING, HARRIET                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-O-193
LOTT, MARY                             LODI                                    NY-50-S-317
LOTT, ZEPHANIAH                        COVERT                                  NY-50-D-437
LOUNSBERY, WESTBROOK                   SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-P-297
LOUNSBURG, RACHAEL                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-G-31
LOUNSBURY, BETSEY                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-J-313
LOUNSBURY, HENRY A.                    SAN FRANCISCO, SAN FRANCISCO, CA        NY-50-T-631
LOUNSBURY, MARY E.                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-S-637
LOUNSBURY, THOMAS                      OVID                                    NY-50-J-221
LOUTH, KATE                            OVID                                    NY-50-P-301
LOVE, THOMAS                           FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A2-147
LOVELACE, ANNA C.                      OVID                                    NY-50-U-436
LOVERIDGE, LINES                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-F-583
LOWDEN, JOHN                           WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-551
LOWE, DAWN K.                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-461
LOWREY, ELIZA                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-463
LUCK, MARTIN O.                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-Q-533
LUM, CHARITY                           SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-B-59
LUM, DAVID                             JUNIUS                                  NY-50-B-55
LUM, DAVID B.                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-Q-553
LUM, ELLEN P.                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-Q-49
LUTKINS, PETER                         VARICK                                  NY-50-L-560
LUTZ, LENA                             WATERLOO                                NY-50-K-149
LYBOLT, JACOB                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-G-289
LYMAN, MARY                            ROMULUS                                 NY-50-R-445
LYNCH, SAMUEL                          OVID                                    NY-50-A3-335
LYON, SARAH M.                         COVERT                                  NY-50-V-109
LYON, SUSAN B.                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-J-341
LYTLE, DAVID                           WATERLOO                                NY-50-F-109
LYTLE, MARIA                           WATERLOO                                NY-50-I-517

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