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MACDONALD, JAMES H.                    SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-V-283
MACKEY, ELLIS H.                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-I-223
MACKIN, SARAH                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-Q-569
MACON, MARY                            WATERLOO                                NY-50-V-253
MAGEE, JAMES                           WATERLOO                                NY-50-C-597
MAGEE, LYDIA                           WATERLOO                                NY-50-D-235
MAGEE, THOMAS C.                       TYRE                                    NY-50-F-151
MAGES, ANNA M.                         JUNIUS                                  NY-50-R-249
MAGILL, MICHAEL                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U-548
MAHONEY, DANIEL                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-E-466
MALEY, ANN                             SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-R-73
MALONE, MICHAEL                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-Q-577
MALONEY, MARY                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-V-115
MANDEVILLE, SAMUEL                     OVID                                    NY-50-C-470
MANGER, GEORGE                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-S-185
MANGES, ABRAM                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-L-94
MANGES, CONRAD                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A3-57
MANN, ALEXANDER M.                     COVERT                                  NY-50-S-169
MANNING, FRANK                         COVERT                                  NY-50-U-596
MANNING, HENRY                         COVERT                                  NY-50-P-197
MANNING, JOHN                          COVERT                                  NY-50-P-365
MAPES, ADELIA                          LODI                                    NY-50-G-109
MARION, JOSEPH                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-139
MARK, WILLIAM N.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-C-194
MARKEL, GEORGE                         ROMULUS                                 NY-50-B-248
MARKEL, JACOB G.                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-D-319
MARKEL, JOHN                           FAYETTE                                 NY-50-C-575
MARKEL, LEVI                           VARICK                                  NY-50-N-501
MARKHAM, ESTHER                        VARICK                                  NY-50-I-445
MARKHAM, JOHN                          VARICK                                  NY-50-F-331
MARSDEN, GEORGE                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-M-557
MARSDEN, JOHN                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-N-253
MARSH, AURY                            TYRE                                    NY-50-D-309
MARSH, CHESTER L.                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-229
MARSH, DANIEL                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-B-302
MARSH, EDWARD G.                       TYRE                                    NY-50-M-509
MARSH, JOHN S.                         ROMULUS                                 NY-50-F-517
MARSH, THOMAS                          ROMULUS                                 NY-50-A3-311
MARSH, THOMAS                          ROMULUS                                 NY-50-V-25
MARSH, THOMAS                          ROMULUS                                 NY-50-G-55
MARSHALL, ANNA B.                      JUNIUS                                  NY-50-F-193
MARSHALL, FRANCES                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-Q-85
MARSHALL, JOHN W.                      JUNIUS                                  NY-50-B-426
MARSHALL, JOHN                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-Q-449
MARSHALL, JOHN                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-J-121
MARSHALL, PETER                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-T-211
MARSHALL, SAMUEL D.                    JUNIUS                                  NY-50-D-302
MARSHALL, SAMUEL                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-U2-49
MARTIN, ANNA                           SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-R-317
MARTIN, ELIZA J.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-O-349
MARTIN, HUGH                           WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-320
MARTIN, MARY                           SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-209
MARTIN, SARAH AUGUSTA                  SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U-396
MASON, ARIAN                           COVERT                                  NY-50-O-13
MASON, EDWARD                          COVERT                                  NY-50-Q-253
MASON, SARAH                           COVERT                                  NY-50-S-553
MATHER, ZACHARIAH                      *                                       NY-50-A2-177
MATHEWS, DOROTHY B.                    TYRE                                    NY-50-K-493
MATHEWS, EMALINE                       LODI                                    NY-50-S-341
MATHEWS, LEWIS                         COVERT                                  NY-50-S-373
MATTHEWS, BERNARD                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-129
MATTHEWS, GEORGE B.                    FAYETTE                                 NY-50-P-141
MATTHEWS, HANNAH S.                    FAYETTE                                 NY-50-P-145
MATTHEWS, HENRY                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-B-315
MATTHEWS, STEPHEN                      OVID                                    NY-50-J-157
MATTHEWS, WHITNEY S.                   SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-S-361
MAUGER, PHEBE                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-U2-377
MAURER, ANDREW J.                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-Q-557
MAURER, JOHN                           FAYETTE                                 NY-50-K-361
MAURER, LOUIS L.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-S-381
MAYNARD, EPHRAIM                       JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A3-417
MAYNARD, EPHRAIM                       JUNIUS                                  NY-50-F-469
MAYNARD, JOHN                          JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A3-91
MCALISTER, HUGH                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-C-345
MCALISTER, JOHN                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-D-149
MCANANY, SARAH                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-125
MCARDLE, JAMES                         OVID                                    NY-50-U-296
MCCABE, CATHERINE                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-Q-125
MCCALL, SARAH                          COVERT                                  NY-50-J-425
MCCANN, WILLIAM                        OVID                                    NY-50-J-493
MCCANNON, PHILIP                       LODI                                    NY-50-M-401
MCCARTHY, JAMES                        COVERT                                  NY-50-Q-485
MCCARTIN, FRANK P.                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T-647
MCCARTY, NANCY                         JUNIUS                                  NY-50-J-197
MCCARTY, WILLIAM                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-D-395
MCCAUL, RICHARD                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-133
MCCAW, SAMUEL                          OVID                                    NY-50-E-1
MCCLASKY, CORNELIA A. R.               WATERLOO                                NY-50-M-145
MCCLUNG, JAMES                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-B-83
MCCLUNG, JOHN                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-B-401
MCCONNEL, GUIEN                        WASHINGTON                              NY-50-A-86
MCCONNELL, PATRICK                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-O-295
MCCOOL, BERNARD                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-M-393
MCCOY, BRIDGET                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-K-217
MCCOY, FRANK                           SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-V-259
MCCUE, BRIDGET                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-540
MCCULLOCH, JAMES                       VARICK                                  NY-50-P-157
MCCULLOUGH, PATRICK                    WATERLOO                                NY-50-E-73
MCCURDY, THOMAS                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-A3-523
MCDONALD, JOHN A.                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-H-19
MCDONALD, MARGARET                     WATERLOO                                NY-50-P-229
MCDONALD, OWEN                         OVID                                    NY-50-P-325
MCDUFFEE, DANIEL B.                    SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-K-85
MCDUFFIE, CLARA J.                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-S-41
MCDUFFIE, JAMES                        VARICK                                  NY-50-D-553
MCDUFFIE, JAMES                        VARICK                                  NY-50-F-103
MCDUFFIE, WILLIAM                      VARICK                                  NY-50-F-205
MCGHON, HUGH                           OVID                                    NY-50-K-465
MCGINNIS, PETER                        ROMULUS                                 NY-50-G-247
MCGOWAN, THOMAS                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-J-485
MCGRAW, ANN                            SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-Q-477
MCGRAW, MARGARET                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-S-141
MCGREGAN, THOMAS F.                    OVID                                    NY-50-T-41
MCGREGHAN, THOMAS                      OVID                                    NY-50-V-403
MCGRUGHAM, JAMES                       OVID                                    NY-50-Q-289
MCHUGH, EDWARD D.                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-L-305
MCINTIRE, PATRICK                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-H-31
MCINTYRE, EDWARD                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-J-281
MCKAY, JAMES                           LODI                                    NY-50-U-192
MCKEAN, WILLIAM                        SENECA                                  NY-50-C-436
MCKENNA, THOMAS                        OVID                                    NY-50-K-101
MCKEON, CATHARINE                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-R-293
MCKNIGHT, JOHN                         VARICK                                  NY-50-C-493
MCLAFFERTY, HENRY C.                   OVID                                    NY-50-D-98
MCLALLEN, JOHN 2ND                     COVERT                                  NY-50-A3-236
MCLAUGHLIN, MARY                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-R-465
MCLEAN, JOHN                           FAYETTE                                 NY-50-F-163
MCLEAN, WILLIAM                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-F-457
MCLOUTH, JOHN                          GALEN                                   NY-50-A2-202
MCMAHAN, MICHAEL                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-R-209
MCMASTER, HELEN A.                     COVERT                                  NY-50-U-144
MCMATH, ALLA                           ROMULUS                                 NY-50-A-13
MCMATH, ANN                            OVID                                    NY-50-A3-364
MCMATH, JOHN                           OVID                                    NY-50-A2-115
MCMATH, MABEL                          ROMULUS                                 NY-50-A3-85
MCMATH, MARGARET                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-D-76
MCMICHAEL, SAMUEL                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U-484
MCMILLEN, LORING                       TYRE                                    NY-50-O-487
MCNEIL, JANET                          LODI                                    NY-50-D-216
MCNERNY, ANN                           SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-L-352
MCNULTY, MARY A.                       COVERT                                  NY-50-U2-209
MCPARLAND, HUGH                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T-651
MCPORLAND, JOHN                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-K-497
MCQUGG, HENRY                          ROMULUS                                 NY-50-E-502
MCWILLIAMS, ELIZA                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-S-1
MCWILLIAMS, SAMUEL                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-J-41
MEAD, GEORGE W.                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-O-355
MEAD, JOHN PERIGO                      JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A3-529
MEDDICK, LUCRETIA D.                   OVID                                    NY-50-U-116
MEDLOCK, JOSEPH                        COVERT                                  NY-50-U-636
MEEKER, JACOB                          LODI                                    NY-50-O-277
MEHAN, MARGARET                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T-587
MENCH, JOHN                            WATERLOO                                NY-50-D-339
MERCILE, FREDERICK M.                  SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-P-173
MERES, GEORGE                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-J-13
MERES, MARY                            SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-J-169
MERRIGAN, ELLEN                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-R-321
MERRILL, CHARLES                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-E-264
MERRILL, CHARLES                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-C-542
MERRILL, JOSEPH                        JUNIUS                                  NY-50-C-153
MERRILL, JULIA A.                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-337
MERRILL, RICHARD F.                    TYRE                                    NY-50-P-125
MERRIMAN, THOMAS H.                    ROMULUS                                 NY-50-S-305
MERRITT, JAMES                         ROMULUS                                 NY-50-A-195
MERRITT, SARAH                         TYRE                                    NY-50-K-173
MERRITT, WILLIAM                       TYRE                                    NY-50-J-249
MESSEKER, MATHEW                       ULYSSES                                 NY-50-A2-140
MESSENGER, SARAH                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-227
METCALF, JOHN                          JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A2-43
METCALF, WILLARD                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-L-3
MEYER, JOHN                            OVID                                    NY-50-I-331
MICKLEY, WILLIAM B.                    SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-O-313
MILFORD, CHARLOTTE A.                  SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-Q-329
MILLER, AARON                          LODI                                    NY-50-G-97
MILLER, ABRAHAM                        OVID                                    NY-50-A2-6
MILLER, ALBERT O.                      LODI                                    NY-50-J-237
MILLER, AMOS P.                        LODI                                    NY-50-U2-337
MILLER, ANDREW                         COVERT                                  NY-50-U-628
MILLER, CALEB                          LODI                                    NY-50-C-427
MILLER, CATHARINE                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-P-213
MILLER, CHRISTIANA                     WATERLOO                                NY-50-P-277
MILLER, CORNELIA S.                    OVID                                    NY-50-M-321
MILLER, ELISHA                         ROMULUS                                 NY-50-A3-421
MILLER, ELVIRA                         LODI                                    NY-50-D-418
MILLER, EVELINA                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-Q-565
MILLER, EZEKIEL                        COVERT                                  NY-50-A3-201
MILLER, GEORGE W.                      LODI                                    NY-50-R-269
MILLER, GEORGE V.                      LODI                                    NY-50-R-125
MILLER, GEORGE                         VARICK                                  NY-50-Q-141
MILLER, HARRISON                       LODI                                    NY-50-M-241
MILLER, HERVY D.                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-U-388
MILLER, JACOB W.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U-532
MILLER, JACOB                          COVERT                                  NY-50-K-261
MILLER, JAMES                          LODI                                    NY-50-M-153
MILLER, JAMES                          LODI                                    NY-50-J-89
MILLER, JERUSHA                        LODI                                    NY-50-K-445
MILLER, JOHN D. M.                     LODI                                    NY-50-I-91
MILLER, JOHN D.                        LODI                                    NY-50-B-380
MILLER, JOHN                           OVID                                    NY-50-A-109
MILLER, JOSIAH T.                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-P-49
MILLER, LEAH KENDIG                    SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T2-66
MILLER, LOUIS C.                       LODI                                    NY-50-Q-465
MILLER, LUCINDA                        LODI                                    NY-50-T-611
MILLER, LUCINDA                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-U-508
MILLER, LUDWICK                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-B-111
MILLER, MARY E.                        COVERT                                  NY-50-T-423
MILLER, PETER                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-D-106
MILLER, ROBERT                         ULYSSES                                 NY-50-A2-111
MILLER, SOLOMON                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-M-301
MILLER, STEPHEN                        ROMULUS                                 NY-50-G-361
MILLER, STEPHEN                        ROMULUS                                 NY-50-B-90
MILLER, SUSAN E.                       JUNIUS                                  NY-50-Q-77
MILLET, EZRA                           ROMULUS                                 NY-50-E-103
MILLET, JESSE                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-E-25
MILLS, DANIEL                          JUNIUS                                  NY-50-P-373
MILLS, DANIEL                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-A3-155
MILLS, ELIZABETH                       JUNIUS                                  NY-50-Q-301
MILLS, HENRY                           JUNIUS                                  NY-50-F-121
MILLS, PETER                           ROMULUS                                 NY-50-A-192
MINER, CHRISTOPHER                     LODI                                    NY-50-F-294
MINER, JOB                             TYRE                                    NY-50-F-277
MINOR, DENNIS V. C.                    LODI                                    NY-50-T-239
MINOR, RANSOM                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-137
MOLL, CHRISTIANA                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-281
MONROE, JOHN                           ROMULUS                                 NY-50-U-316
MONROE, STEPHEN                        VARICK                                  NY-50-M-133
MONTGOMERY, HUGH                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-161
MONTGOMERY, JOHN                       LODI                                    NY-50-F-67
MONTGOMERY, MARY                       LODI                                    NY-50-M-525
MOON, JOHN B.                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-315
MOONEY, ELIZA JANE                     VARICK                                  NY-50-T-435
MOONEY, JAMES                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-S-529
MOONEY, JOHN M.                        VARICK                                  NY-50-R-441
MOORE, ELLEN                           SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-345
MOORE, JOANNA                          JUNIUS                                  NY-50-C-394
MOORE, MARVIN H.                       JUNIUS                                  NY-50-D-370
MOORE, WILLIAM                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-448
MORAN, MATHEW                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-U2-9
MOREHOUSE, ALANSON                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-Q-621
MOREHOUSE, ALBERT                      COVERT                                  NY-50-P-189
MOREHOUSE, ELI                         COVERT                                  NY-50-U-480
MOREHOUSE, JAMES H.                    TYRE                                    NY-50-S-189
MOREHOUSE, JOSEPH                      TYRE                                    NY-50-Q-269
MOREY, DAVID S.                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-265
MORGAN, CHARLES D.                     WATERLOO                                NY-50-O-25
MORGAN, CHARLOTTE                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-368
MORGAN, ELISHA                         FREMONT, SANDUSKY, OH                   NY-50-D-561
MORRIS, CAROLINE                       OVID                                    NY-50-U-36
MORRIS, GEORGE A.                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T-519
MORRIS, TIMOTHY                        TYRE                                    NY-50-A3-293
MORTON, GAVIN                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T-33
MOSES, BENJAMIN                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-M-125
MOSES, HENRY                           FAYETTE                                 NY-50-L-248
MOSES, PETER                           FAYETTE                                 NY-50-P-349
MOSHER, ISAAC                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-M-497
MOUNT, RANDOLPH                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-B-219
MOYER, CHARLES                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-S-229
MOYER, ELIZABETH                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-U-468
MOYER, JACOB                           FAYETTE                                 NY-50-B-322
MUMFORD, PARDON TILLINGHAST            WATERLOO                                NY-50-B-393
MUNDY, BARRON                          LODI                                    NY-50-F-229
MUNDY, ELIZABETH                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-L-160
MUNDY, FREDERICK R.                    OMAHA, , NE                             NY-50-T-311
MUNDY, WILLIAM                         COVERT                                  NY-50-E-312
MUNSON, ABIGAIL                        ROMULUS                                 NY-50-A2-171
MUNSON, EBENEZER                       TYRE                                    NY-50-O-259
MUNSON, ELIZABETH                      TYRE                                    NY-50-K-21
MUNSON, STEPHEN                        TYRE                                    NY-50-F-199
MUNSON, WILLIAM WIRT                   TYRE                                    NY-50-Q-461
MURNAGHAN, PETER                       ROMULUS                                 NY-50-S-197
MURPHY, ANN                            COVERT                                  NY-50-C-418
MURPHY, DANIEL                         JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A2-320
MURPHY, GEORGE W.                      COVERT                                  NY-50-U-592
MURPHY, ISAAC                          COVERT                                  NY-50-J-177
MURPHY, PLLY ANN                       COVERT                                  NY-50-U-244
MURPHY, WILLIAM                        COVERT                                  NY-50-B-436
MURPHY, WILLIAM                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-F-511
MURRAY, ELLEN                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-Q-425
MURRAY, GEORGE                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-I-553
MURRAY, JOHN                           WATERLOO                                NY-50-M-489
MURRAY, MARY A. C.                     FAYETTE                                 NY-50-U-80
MYER, JOHN F.                          LODI                                    NY-50-O-331
MYER, MARY A.                          LODI                                    NY-50-U2-137
MYER, MARY A.                          LODI                                    NY-50-T2-46
MYERS, JOHN J.                         COVERT                                  NY-50-A2-288
MYLCRAIN, WILLIAM                      TYRE                                    NY-50-D-401
MYNDERSE, EDWARD                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T-299
MYNDERSE, MARGARET H.                  SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-B-24
MYNDERSE, WILHELMUS                    SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-A3-500
NEAL, ANNA                             OVID                                    NY-50-J-541
NEAL, BENJAMIN                         LODI                                    NY-50-J-141
NEAL, EDWARD H.                        OVID                                    NY-50-U-624
NEAL, GEORGE                           LODI                                    NY-50-S-109
NEAL, IRA                              LODI                                    NY-50-N-273
NEAL, ISAAC                            LODI                                    NY-50-G-307
NEAL, JOHN                             OVID                                    NY-50-I-163
NEARPASS, BENJAMIN                     TYRE                                    NY-50-T-179
NEARPASS, CORNELIA A.                  TYRE                                    NY-50-S-485
NEELEY, CHARLES A.                     LODI                                    NY-50-K-201
NEELEY, JOHN                           OVID                                    NY-50-T-347
NEVIUS, JOHN P.                        OVID                                    NY-50-B-474
NEWCOMB, ELLEN                         LODI                                    NY-50-F-307
NEWCOMB, MARY                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-R-149
NEWCOMB, ZACHEUS T.                    WATERLOO                                NY-50-R-45
NEWTON, ABRAM S.                       JUNIUS                                  NY-50-L-394
NEWTON, BENJAMIN F.                    JUNIUS                                  NY-50-R-289
NEWTON, BETSEY                         WATERLOO (COMPLETE WILL)                NY-50-L-384
NEWTON, WILLIAM H.                     JUNIUS                                  NY-50-S-597
NEWTON, WILLIAM H.                     *                                       NY-50-U2-18
NICHOLS, EZRA                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-21
NICHOLS, MARTIN A.                     TYRE                                    NY-50-S-425
NICKERSON, CATHARINE                   LODI                                    NY-50-S-237
NIEMAN, HIRAM H.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-S-29
NILE, STEPHEN S.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-F-55
NILES, ANN                             SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-O-247
NIMMONS, JOHN                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-C-126
NORRIS, JOHN                           SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-K-401
NORRIS, SILVESTER A.                   WATERLOO                                NY-50-K-253
NORTHWAY, LUTHER                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-S-273
NORTON, ELLA J.                        JUNIUS                                  NY-50-Q-161
NOTHNAGLE, GEORGE                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-U-16
NOTHNAGLE, LEWIS                       VARICK                                  NY-50-H-498
NOYES, LUCY                            FAYETTE                                 NY-50-T-375
OBERT, GEORGE W.                       OVID                                    NY-50-E-156
OBRAY, MARGARET                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-131
OBRIEN, MARY                           ROMULUS                                 NY-50-U2-361
OCONNELL, THOMAS J.                    OVID                                    NY-50-U-112
ODELL, BETSEY                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-N-413
ODELL, DAVID                           TYRE                                    NY-50-L-151
ODELL, JOHN M.                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-J-461
OFOHLAGER, AUGUST                      TYRE                                    NY-50-Q-605
OGDEN, JACOB H.                        VARICK                                  NY-50-N-449
OGDEN, SAM                             COVERT                                  NY-50-R-409
OHANLON, FELIX                         OVID                                    NY-50-V-583
OLIVER, ELIZABETH                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-G-193
OLIVER, HETTY                          JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A2-225
OLIVER, ISABELLA M.                    SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-S-309
OLIVER, JOHN                           FAYETTE                                 NY-50-F-271
OLIVER, ROBERT                         JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A-225
OPDYKE, LUTHER                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-H-391
OSBORN, THOMAS                         MACON, LENAWEE, MI                      NY-50-D-344
OSBORNE, KEZIAH J.                     OVID                                    NY-50-M-313
OSGOOD, DAVID                          LODI                                    NY-50-L-103
OSMAN, CATHARINE                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-F-391
OSTRANDER, JOHN T.                     WATERLOO                                NY-50-R-325
OSULLIVAN, THOMAS                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-E-198
OWEN, ANNING                           ULYSSES                                 NY-50-A2-54
OWEN, BENSON                           SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-K-89
OWEN, JONATHAN                         ULYSSES                                 NY-50-A2-74
OWEN, MARY H.                          OVID                                    NY-50-U-156
PACK, ELIZABETH                        OVID                                    NY-50-K-449
PACK, JOHN V.                          OVID                                    NY-50-F-139
PAINE, THOMAS J.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-J-129
PALMER, BARTLEY                        *                                       NY-50-A-282
PALMER, GURDON                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-C-524
PALMER, LUCINA M.                      COVERT                                  NY-50-Q-505
PALMER, TERESA                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-M-265
PANNI, DANIEL                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-P-549
PARKER, FREEMAN                        COVERT                                  NY-50-T-49
PARKER, JAMES                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-563
PARKER, JONATHAN                       *                                       NY-50-A2-158
PARKS, CHARLOTTE                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-312
PARKS, JAMES                           WATERLOO                                NY-50-J-117
PARKS, MARTHA                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-J-501
PARKUS, JONATHAN                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-I-31
PARRISH, WILLIAM F.                    OVID                                    NY-50-R-433
PARRISH, WILLIAM                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-R-129
PARSHALL, CALEB H.                     COVERT                                  NY-50-O-151
PARSONS, LYDIA                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-M-205
PARTRIDGE, DE LANCEY ERASTUS           SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-I-653
PARTRIDGE, ERASTUS                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-L-1
PARTRIDGE, ERASTUS                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-I-313
PARTRIDGE, LEROY C.                    SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-K-377
PATCHET, JAMES                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-G-187
PATCHET, JOHN                          LODI                                    NY-50-K-325
PATTERSON, EDGAR                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-Q-333
PATTERSON, JAMES                       VARICK                                  NY-50-Q-385
PATTERSON, JOHN                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-A3-367
PATTERSON, OLIVER L.                   WATERLOO                                NY-50-J-365
PEAK, JULIA A.                         COVERT                                  NY-50-K-277
PEARCE, NOBLE                          COVERT                                  NY-50-C-399
PEARSON, JOHN M.                       ULYSSES                                 NY-50-A-142
PEARSON, POOLE                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-B-98
PERIGO, JOHN                           GORHAM, FULTON, OH                      NY-50-K-25
PERKINS, JOHN                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-T-607
PERKINS, PHEBE J.                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T-383
PERRY, JOHN                            SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-C-209
PETERS, CORNELIUS R.                   SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-I-343
PETERS, JOHN H.                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-S-521
PETERSON, AMOS                         LODI                                    NY-50-V-487
PETERSON, CORNELIUS                    COVERT                                  NY-50-T-37
PHELPS, CLARINDA                       TYRE                                    NY-50-M-413
PHILLIPS, JOHN                         JUNIUS                                  NY-50-Q-545
PHILLIPS, SARAH S.                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U-560
PICKARD, JONAS                         OVID                                    NY-50-A-231
PICKLE, BALTUS H.                      COVERT                                  NY-50-A3-268
PICKLE, JOHN                           ROMULUS                                 NY-50-J-85
PIERSON, JEDEDIAH H.                   WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-257
PIERSON, PELEG                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-D-176
PIERSON, SMITH                         TYRE                                    NY-50-B-225
PINKERTON, CATHERINE                   WATERLOO                                NY-50-L-469
PINKERTON, CHARLES                     VARICK                                  NY-50-I-641
PINSON, SIMEON                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-M-25
PLATE, JOHN G.                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-G-277
PLATE, JOSEPH                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-F-499
POET, JULIA A.                         JUNIUS                                  NY-50-N-489
POLLAD, WILLIAM H.                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-481
POLLARD, JAMES D.                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-V-205
POLLARD, WILLIAM P.                    SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-Q-445
POMEROY, HARVEY                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-Q-9
PONTIUS, LEONARD S.                    FAYETTE                                 NY-50-U-352
PONTIUS, PETER                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-R-29
POORMAN, CATHARINE                     FAYETTE                                 NY-50-O-1
PORTER, GEORGE W.                      JUNIUS                                  NY-50-R-301
PORTER, JOSIAH B.                      JUNIUS                                  NY-50-C-287
PORTER, LEVI                           COVERT                                  NY-50-F-439
PORTER, ROZENA                         COVERT                                  NY-50-S-245
PORTER, SABILLA                        TYRE                                    NY-50-N-453
PORTER, THIRZA                         COVERT                                  NY-50-J-213
PORTER, THOMAS                         OVID                                    NY-50-R-565
POST, ANN                              LODI                                    NY-50-U2-25
POST, CHRISTINA                        LODI                                    NY-50-K-113
POST, LEWIS                            LODI                                    NY-50-I-635
POST, PETER D.                         LODI                                    NY-50-M-329
POST, SARAH                            WATERLOO                                NY-50-M-337
POST, WINFIELD S.                      LODI                                    NY-50-T2-124
POWDERLY, ELIZABETH                    WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-569
POWIS, RICHARD                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-E-426
PRATT, CHAUNCEY                        COVERT                                  NY-50-G-235
PRATZ, JOSEPH                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-Q-293
PRATZ, PHILIPP                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-C-609
PREDMORE, GEORGE                       LODI                                    NY-50-U-248
PRICE, JOHN                            LODI                                    NY-50-D-281
PRICE, RACHEL                          COVERT                                  NY-50-K-65
PRODINE, PETER                         OVID                                    NY-50-B-275
PROUTT, DEGORY                         ROMULUS                                 NY-50-A3-393
PUFFER, MARY                           JUNIUS                                  NY-50-B-166
PUFFER, TIMOTHY                        JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A3-12
PULLMAN, WILLARD                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-123
PUNCHE, WILLIAM                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-C-413
PUNTIUS, JOHN                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A2-65
PURDY, ANDREW S.                       OVID                                    NY-50-N-45
PURDY, JAMES D.                        OVID                                    NY-50-T-479
PURDY, JOHN                            OVID                                    NY-50-A-102
PURDY, THOMAS                          OVID                                    NY-50-G-115
QUAIL, JOHN                            WATERLOO                                NY-50-R-357
QUICK, CHRISTOPHER                     LODI                                    NY-50-B-186
QUICK, ELIZA                           OVID                                    NY-50-Q-197
QUICK, JOHN                            OVID                                    NY-50-C-11
QUIMBY, MATILDA H.                     WATERLOO                                NY-50-G-355
QUINBY, ELIJAH P.                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-D-455
QUINN, CHARLOTTE                       TYRE                                    NY-50-N-53
QUINN, JOHN                            ROMULUS                                 NY-50-L-370
QUINN, THOMAS                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-L-543
RACE, WASHINGTON                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-Q-325
RAGON, JOHN                            SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-M-141
RAIL, HENRY                            *                                       NY-50-A3-13
RAMSEN, HARMAN                         JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A2-187
RANDALL, ELIZABETH H.                  FAYETTE                                 NY-50-R-549
RANDALL, GEORGE W.                     FAYETTE                                 NY-50-R-545
RANDALL, JAMES H.                      VARICK                                  NY-50-R-77
RANDLE, ISAAC                          ROMULUS                                 NY-50-A2-39
RANSTED, LEWIS                         COVERT                                  NY-50-J-137
RAPELYE, CORNELIUS                     OVID                                    NY-50-R-193
RAPELYE, LYDIA L.                      OVID                                    NY-50-T2-268
RAPPLEYE, ANSEL                        COVERT                                  NY-50-S-577
RAPPLEYE, JAMES M.                     COVERT                                  NY-50-S-353
RAPPLEYE, JOSHUA W.                    COVERT                                  NY-50-Q-229
RAPPLEYE, PETER                        COVERT                                  NY-50-S-285
RAPPLEYE, PETER                        COVERT                                  NY-50-E-360
RAPPLEYE, TUNIS                        COVERT                                  NY-50-A2-267
RAPPLEYE, TUNIS S.                     COVERT                                  NY-50-O-415
RAPPLEYE, WILLIAM ***                  COVERT                                  NY-50-H-517
RATHBUN, JULIA A.                      LODI                                    NY-50-O-439
RATHFAN, CHRISTIAN                     FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A2-17
RAYNER, GEORGE B.                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-U2-233
READER, CAROLINE                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-R-153
READING, DANIEL K.                     FLEMINGTON, HUNTERDON, NJ               NY-50-E-432
REANER, BENJAMIN                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-Q-305
REBSON, HENRY F.                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-R-25
REDFIELD, NATHANIEL G.                 JUNIUS                                  NY-50-C-422
REDMOND, JAMES                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-40
REED, GAVIN                            WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-453
REED, GEORGE N.                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-427
REED, LEWIS J.                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-J-409
REEDER, HENRY                          VARICK                                  NY-50-L-272
REEDER, MARY ANN                       VARICK                                  NY-50-L-25
REEVES, ELISHA                         LODI                                    NY-50-S-437
REGGLE, HENRY                          SEE: RIAL, HENRY                        NY-50-A3-13
REIGEL, GEORGE                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-M-445
REIGEL, WILLIAM                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-L-398
REIGLE, ELIZABETH                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-U-440
REMINGTON, MILTON                      COVERT                                  NY-50-P-285
REMINGTON, SALOME H.                   COVERT                                  NY-50-O-157
REYNOLDS, CHARLES R.                   JUNIUS                                  NY-50-V-247
RICH, BELDEN                           JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A3-495
RICHARD, HENRY                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-K-193
RICHARDSON, J. ALLONA                  WATERLOO                                NY-50-Q-209
RICHARDSON, JAMES K.                   WATERLOO                                NY-50-I-457
RICHARDSON, JOHN                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-G-313
RICHARDSON, POLLY SCHICK               WATERLOO                                NY-50-F-367
RICHENBACH, REUBEN                     FAYETTE                                 NY-50-S-33
RICHEY, DANIEL                         ULYSSES                                 NY-50-A-243
RIDER, ANN                             SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-S-505
RIDER, ISAAC                           SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-121
RIDLEY, ROBERT                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-L-156
RIEGLE, JACOB                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-E-372
RIGHTMEN, LEWIS                        COVERT                                  NY-50-A2-229
RILEY, MARY                            WATERLOO                                NY-50-R-53
RILEY, ROBERT                          TYRE                                    NY-50-A3-257
RINGER, JOHN                           FAYETTE                                 NY-50-I-439
RISING, APOLLOS                        OVID                                    NY-50-L-452
RITTER, MARGARET                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-T-591
RITTER, MARY                           VARICK                                  NY-50-J-533
RITTER, ROXANNA                        SOUTH BEND, ST JOSEPH, IN               NY-50-K-437
RITTER, SIMON                          VARICK                                  NY-50-V-409
RITTER, WILLIAM H.                     VARICK                                  NY-50-T-659
ROACH, PATRICK                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-G-271
ROAN, ELLEN                            ROMULUS                                 NY-50-T-543
ROARKE, ANNIS                          COVERT                                  NY-50-V-379
ROBERT, MARTHA J.                      NEW LONDON, HENRY, IA                   NY-50-Q-493
ROBERTS, BARBARA A.                    FAYETTE                                 NY-50-U-452
ROBERTS, STEPHEN B.                    SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-117
ROBINSON, JOHN                         VARICK                                  NY-50-C-225
ROBINSON, JOHN                         JUNIUS                                  NY-50-J-465
ROBISON, PHEBE M.                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-160
ROE, MARGARET                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-L-358
ROGERS, CLARA J.                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-411
ROGERS, HIRAM                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-C-321
ROGERS, HIRAM JR.                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-B-434
ROGERS, JAMES O.                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-I-487
ROGERS, JOHN F.                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-K-229
ROGERS, JONATHAN                       *                                       NY-50-A-260
ROGERS, WILLIAM H.                     JUNIUS                                  NY-50-E-306
ROMER, JAMES H.                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-L-148
ROONEY, BRYON                          ROMULUS                                 NY-50-M-137
ROOT, OBADIAH                          LODI                                    NY-50-G-349
RORISON, ALEXANDER                     FAYETTE                                 NY-50-F-217
RORISON, ALEXANDER                     FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A3-230
RORRISON, ALEXANDER                    SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T-263
ROSA, SARAH A. W.                      WASHINGTON, DC                          NY-50-T-359
ROSE, FREDERICK D.                     VARICK                                  NY-50-T-379
ROSS, CHARLOTTA THERESA                SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-R-493
ROSS, JOANNA                           VARICK                                  NY-50-V-307
ROSS, ROBERT S.                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A3-388
ROTH, CHARLES                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-M-553
ROTHWELL, THOMAS                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-B-355
ROUNDY, CYNTHIA ANNIS                  WATERLOO                                NY-50-Q-81
ROURKE, CHARLES                        ROMULUS                                 NY-50-T2-4
ROWE, MARGARET                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-N-433
ROYSTON, THOMAS                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-F-361
RUEL, ANTEMUTH                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-I-523
RUMSEY, JOHN                           FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A3-28
RUMSEY, JOHN A.                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-O-235
RUNYAN, ELIZABETH                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-L-564
RUNYAN, SARAH                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-O-121
RURLEY, ELIZABETH                      OVID                                    NY-50-Q-257
RUSK, JOHN                             WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-127
RUSSELL, ABIEL L.                      VARICK                                  NY-50-P-253
RUSSELL, HARRIET                       TYRE                                    NY-50-J-389
RUSSELL, HARVEY                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-K-521
RUSSELL, JOHN J.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-F-577
RUSSELL, LAURA S.                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-O-337
RUSSELL, RUTH A.                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-511
RUSSELL, STEPHEN S.                    TYRE                                    NY-50-H-509
RUSSELL, THADDEUS                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-A3-297
RUSSELL, THEODORE                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-429
RUSSELL, WILLIAM                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T-539
RUTHRAUFF, HENRY                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-K-137
RUTLANDER, AUGTUS                      VARICK                                  NY-50-T-295
RYAN, MICHAEL                          JUNIUS                                  NY-50-T-567
RYAN, THOMAS                           SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-S-605

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