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SABIN, QUARTUS D.                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-N-441
SACKET, GARY V.                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-H-23
SACKETT, HORACE                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-I-385
SACKETT JONATHAN                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-J-317
SACKETT, MATILDA                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-L-114
SAEGER, HENRY W.                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-V-571
SAEGER, REUBEN                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-P-45
SALGER, JANE                           ROMULUS                                 NY-50-T-115
SALISBURY, PHEBE M.                    WATERLOO                                NY-50-P-293
SALKELD, ANNA CAROLINE                 WATERLOO                                NY-50-Q-573
SALSBURY, CLARINDA                     LODI                                    NY-50-T-73
SALSBURY, SAMUEL                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-K-317
SALYER, JANE                           VARICK                                  NY-50-F-451
SALZER, SIMEON S.                      OVID                                    NY-50-Q-73
SAMMEL, STEPHEN                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-U-240
SAMPLE, JOHN T.                        ROMULUS                                 NY-50-P-537
SANDFORD, FANNY M.                     ROMULUS                                 NY-50-Q-277
SANDFORD, JARED                        OVID                                    NY-50-V-337
SASCKETT, AMANDA                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-R-41
SAVAGE, MARY                           OVID                                    NY-50-R-513
SAVAGE, SOLOMON                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-K-213
SAXTON, CATHERINE                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-M-129
SAYLE, EZEKIEL                         JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A2-175
SAYRE, CHARLES A.                      ROMULUS                                 NY-50-V-175
SAYRE, DANIEL                          JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A-295
SAYRE, DAVID H.                        LODI                                    NY-50-V-265
SAYRE, EDWARD                          VARICK                                  NY-50-N-181
SAYRE, ELIZABETH                       ROMULUS                                 NY-50-G-79
SAYRE, FRANCES M.                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-M-349
SAYRE, JOHN                            ROMULUS                                 NY-50-C-119
SAYRE, TEMPERANCE                      ROMULUS                                 NY-50-I-25
SAYRES, ABNER                          OVID                                    NY-50-A3-10
SCHANKMILER, JAMES                     FAYETTE                                 NY-50-R-389
SCHANKURLER, ELIZABETH                 FAYETTE                                 NY-50-T-407
SCHENCK, JACOB J.                      OVID                                    NY-50-E-204
SCHMIDT, CHRISTIAN                     FAYETTE                                 NY-50-Q-201
SCHNECK, ADAM                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-F-157
SCHNECK, JOHN ***                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-L-191
SCHOOLEY, AZALIAH                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-D-446
SCHOOLEY, ELDA F.                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-S-201
SCHOOLEY, LUCIUS G.                    OVID                                    NY-50-T-575
SCHOOMAKER, SARA M.                    TYRE                                    NY-50-R-469
SCHOONMAKER, EPHRAIM J.                TYRE                                    NY-50-Q-529
SCHOONMAKER, JOHANNUS                  TYRE                                    NY-50-C-9
SCHOONMAKER, RACHEL                    TYRE                                    NY-50-F-343
SCHOONOVER, BENJAMIN                   ULYSSES                                 NY-50-A2-2
SCHOTT, ANDEW                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A3-68
SCHOTT, EDWIN                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-N-477
SCHOTT, FREDERICK                      FAYETTE                                 3-318
SCHOTT, VINCENT                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-N-301
SCHRIER, SUSAN M.                      COVERT                                  NY-50-R-457
SCHRYVER, LUCY                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-193
SCHUYLER, ARENT                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-E-324
SCHUYLER, LETITIA                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-C-601
SCHUYLER, MINERVA                      TYRE                                    NY-50-J-205
SCHUYLER, RENSSELAER                   SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-V-7
SCHWAB, CHARLES                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-U-620
SCOBEY, JOHN                           ROMULUS                                 NY-50-B-289
SCOBEY, JONATHAN                       VERRICK                                 NY-50-A3-106
SCOTNEY, HANNAH                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-105
SCOTNEY, WILLIAM                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-441
SCOTT, BENJAMIN                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-I-307
SCOTT, BENJAMIN                        VARICK                                  NY-50-A3-409
SCOTT, BETSEY                          OVID                                    NY-50-S-93
SCOTT, DANIEL SR.                      OVID                                    NY-50-J-193
SCOTT, GIDEON                          OVID                                    NY-50-A2-272
SCOTT, JOHN B.                         OVID                                    NY-50-S-497
SCOTT, KEZIA                           OVID                                    NY-50-C-131
SEAMAN, ELIZABETH                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T-247
SEARS, ALFRED                          LODI                                    NY-50-R-309
SEARS, ELI                             COVERT                                  NY-50-K-37
SEBRING, CORNELIUS                     OVID                                    NY-50-A3-8
SEBRING, FALKERD                       OVID                                    NY-50-A3-447
SEBRING, FULKERD C.                    OVID                                    NY-50-F-169
SECOR, JOHN                            FAYETTE                                 NY-50-T-443
SEEKELL, HARRIET                       TYRE                                    NY-50-E-294
SEEKERT, NELSON H.                     TYRE                                    NY-50-T-487
SEEKLEL, CHARLES W.                    WATERLOO                                NY-50-U2-225
SEELEY, ANN E.                         ROMULUS                                 NY-50-T-503
SEELEY, BETSEY                         OVID                                    NY-50-I-133
SEELEY, CARLTON W.                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-J-189
SEELEY, IZRAELLEN C.                   WATERLOO                                NY-50-R-21
SEELEY, JOHN B.                        OVID                                    NY-50-D-220
SEELEY, JOHN E.                        OVID                                    NY-50-L-50
SEELEY, JOHN                           OVID                                    NY-50-A-134
SEELY, JOHN B.                         HECTOR                                  NY-50-A-239
SEELY, JONAS                           ROMULUS                                 NY-50-C-475
SEELY, WILLIAM H.                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-E-330
SEELYE, LORINDA                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-N-113
SEIGFRED, SALLY                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-P-345
SELL, RUTH                             FAYETTE                                 NY-50-F-265
SENGER, CATHARINE                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-I-427
SERVANS, JAMES H.                      JUNIUS                                  NY-50-D-42
SEWANS, JOHN J.                        JUNIUS                                  NY-50-L-374
SEYMOUR, HENRY                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-I-559
SHANDLEY, LENA                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-V-121
SHANE, AARON                           FAYETTE                                 NY-50-G-301
SHANKWILER, HENRY                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-D-520
SHANNON, AMY                           LODI                                    NY-50-Q-405
SHANNON, MARGARET                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-663
SHAPR, THOMAS B.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-321
SHARMON, WILLIAM                       LODI                                    NY-50-I-43
SHARP, CHARLES                         ROMULUS                                 NY-50-P-185
SHARP, HANNAH M.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-S-277
SHARP, ORPHA                           VARICK                                  NY-50-U-188
SHARP, PHOEBE                          JUNIUS                                  NY-50-T-147
SHARP, WARREN S.                       VARICK                                  NY-50-S-653
SHATTUCK, DOLLY                        LODI                                    NY-50-M-285
SHEAR, ELLENA V.                       JUNIUS                                  NY-50-T2-211
SHEAR, MARY                            JUNIUS                                  NY-50-S-69
SHERADIN, MARY A.                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-O-307
SHERMAN, BENAJAH                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-G-281
SHERMAN, JOHN W.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-K-349
SHERMAN, MARTHA                        OVID                                    NY-50-C-329
SHERWOOD, A. MONTGOMERY                LODI                                    NY-50-R-425
SHERWOOD, HENRY L.                     LODI                                    NY-50-P-481
SHERWOOD, MARY C.                      COVERT                                  NY-50-T-451
SHERWOOD, REBECCA                      ROMULUS                                 NY-50-F-1
SHERWOOD, SOPHIA                       LODI                                    NY-50-P-485
SHERWOOD, WAKEMAN                      * (TWO PAGES MISSING)                   NY-50-B-65
SHETHAR, JOHN                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-A3-485
SHETTERLY, MICHAEL                     ROMULUS                                 NY-50-A3-35
SHICK, HESTER                          VARICK                                  NY-50-R-489
SHILEY, GEORGE                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-P-33
SHILEY, JOHN                           FAYETTE                                 NY-50-T2-244
SHIPP, GEORGE F.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-P-1
SHIRLEY, ANDREW J.                     WATERLOO                                NY-50-N-485
SHIRLEY, ELLA                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-K-353
SHIRLEY, LOUISA                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-M-485
SHIRLEY, MARY J.                       FAYETTE                                 NY-50-P-169
SHIRLY, PHILANDER                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-F-409
SHITZ, GEORGE H.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-Q-37
SHOEMAKER, ELIZABETH                   SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-P-437
SHOEMAKER, JACOB                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U-356
SHOLES, MARY A.                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-N-193
SHORLAND, THOMAS                       COVERT                                  NY-50-C-268
SHORT, EDWARD BAKER                    SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-S-401
SHORT, MARY ANN                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-O-409
SHOTWELL, WILLIAM                      RAHWAY, , NJ                            NY-50-D-412
SHUMAN, JAMES M.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-Q-437
SHUTT, RUTH                            TYRE                                    NY-50-J-441
SHUTTS, ELIZABETH                      COVERT                                  NY-50-F-379
SIBBALDS, NANCY                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U2-1
SIBBALDS, NANCY                        SENECA FALLS (INCOMPLETE)               NY-50-T-183
SICKELS, PHEBE ANN                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T-21
SICKLES, SUSAN B.                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-I-629
SIEGFRIED, JOSEPH H.                   FAYETTE                                 NY-50-O-7
SILSBY, HORACE                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U-444
SILVERS, JAMES                         JUNIUS                                  NY-50-A2-86
SIMON, WILLIAM                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-Q-249
SIMONSON, JULIA A.                     ROMULUS                                 NY-50-R-221
SIMONSON, JULIA A.                     (NO WILL)                               NY-50-L-549
SIMPSON, ALEXANDER                     OVID                                    NY-50-A2-142
SIMPSON, MATTHEW                       VARICK                                  NY-50-M-53
SINGER, DAVID                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A3-53
SINGER, GEORGE                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-B-271
SINGER, HENRY JR.                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-A3-395
SISSON, ARMINDA                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-N-97
SISSON, MARY A.                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T-191
SKAATS, DAVID S.                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-E-234
SKIDMORE, BEERS                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-D-62
SKINNER, JAMES                         COVERT                                  NY-50-B-146
SKINNER, JOHN R.                       COVERT                                  NY-50-V-19
SKINNER, JOSHUA G.                     LODI                                    NY-50-J-261
SKINNER, LUTHER                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-I-7
SKINNER, REUBEN                        COVERT                                  NY-50-M-85
SKRIT, HIRAM                           TYRE                                    NY-50-I-139
SLACK, JOSEPH P.                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-667
SLACK, MARIA E.                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-445
SLAGHT, ABRAM                          LODI                                    NY-50-P-137
SLAGHT, JEREMIAH                       LODI                                    NY-50-I-617
SLAGHT, JEREMIAH                       LODI                                    NY-50-J-397
SLAGHT, JOHN C.                        LODI                                    NY-50-R-109
SLAGHT, MAGDALENE V. Z.                COVERT                                  NY-50-J-325
SLAGHT, MARGARET E.                    LODI                                    NY-50-S-501
SLAGHT, MATTHIAS                       LODI                                    NY-50-B-162
SLAGHT, ROBERT                         LODI                                    NY-50-K-157
SLAUSON, PETER S.                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-L-486
SLEIGHT, ABRAHAM                       OVID                                    NY-50-F-7
SLIETTENROTH, CAROLINE A.              COVERT                                  NY-50-P-9
SLOAN, NORMAN                          JUNIUS                                  NY-50-S-589
SLOAN, ROBERT ***                      JUNIUS                                  NY-50-H-407
SLY, ABRAHAM                           ROMULUS                                 NY-50-B-366
SMALLEY, IDA                           COVERT                                  NY-50-L-210
SMALLEY, JAMES                         OVID                                    NY-50-L-441
SMALLEY, MINOR S.                      COVERT                                  NY-50-P-177
SMELTZER, MICHAEL                      LODI                                    NY-50-C-445
SMELZER, MATILDA                       LODI                                    NY-50-R-181
SMELZER, PHILIP                        LODI                                    NY-50-P-401
SMILEY, EDWIN G.                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-Q-65
SMITH, ANDREW L.                       LODI                                    NY-50-J-445
SMITH, ANN                             JUNIUS                                  NY-50-D-212
SMITH, ANN ELIZABETH                   WATERLOO                                NY-50-I-187
SMITH, CALEB F.                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-R-165
SMITH, CHRISTOPHER                     COVERT                                  NY-50-A3-314
SMITH, DAVID N.                        COVERT                                  NY-50-F-445
SMITH, EDNEY                           WATERLOO                                NY-50-V-223
SMITH, ELIAS                           ROMULUS                                 NY-50-A3-86
SMITH, ELIZA ANN                       LODI                                    NY-50-S-173
SMITH, ELIZABETH                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-U-652
SMITH, ELIZABETH                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-N-465
SMITH, ELIZABETH                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-V-73
SMITH, ELLEN                           WATERLOO                                NY-50-Q-617
SMITH, GARRET J.                       JUNIUS                                  NY-50-F-601
SMITH, GEORGE                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-E-174
SMITH, HALSEY                          ROMULUS                                 NY-50-R-361
SMITH, IRA T.                          COVERT                                  NY-50-J-329
SMITH, ISAAC                           FREEMONT CENTRE, LAKE, IL               NY-50-D-266
SMITH, ISAIAH                          COVERT                                  NY-50-I-229
SMITH, JACOB W.                        ROMULUS                                 NY-50-I-289
SMITH, JACOB                           WATERLOO                                NY-50-P-233
SMITH, JAMES                           OVID                                    NY-50-A3-355
SMITH, JAMES                           COVERT                                  NY-50-B-421
SMITH, JARED H.                        ROMULUS                                 NY-50-R-213
SMITH, JOHN                            VARICK                                  NY-50-N-141
SMITH, JOHN G.                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-I-247
SMITH, JOHN                            WATERLOO                                NY-50-C-566
SMITH, JOHN H.                         TYRE                                    NY-50-K-441
SMITH, JOHN T.                         LODI                                    NY-50-J-457
SMITH, JOHN                            SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-T-331
SMITH, JOSHUA C. C.                    COVERT                                  NY-50-R-373
SMITH, MARIA                           LODI                                    NY-50-Q-441
SMITH, MARION W.                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-Q-381
SMITH, MARY D.                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-S-5
SMITH, MATILDA                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-V-319
SMITH, NANCY M.                        JUNIUS                                  NY-50-R-217
SMITH, OLIVER C.                       COVERT                                  NY-50-Q-109
SMITH, PETER                           OVID                                    NY-50-A3-32
SMITH, PETER                           OVID                                    NY-50-A-228
SMITH, RUTH                            OVID                                    NY-50-A3-272
SMITH, SAMUEL                          SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-M-481
SMITH, SARAH MARIA                     LODI                                    NY-50-S-609
SMITH, STEPHEN B.                      LODI                                    NY-50-M-281
SMITH, STEPHEN S.                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-D-229
SMITH, STEPHEN                         COVERT                                  NY-50-A2-324
SMITH, STPEHEN                         COVERT                                  NY-50-A3-478
SMITH, WILLIAM HENRY                   COVERT                                  NY-50-D-365
SMITH, WILLIAM S.                      ROMULUS                                 NY-50-Q-481
SMITH, WILLIAM U.                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-I-409
SMITH, WILLIAM                         COVERT                                  NY-50-D-566
SNARY, ALICE J.                        JUNIUS                                  NY-50-D-598
SNIFFIN, JOSEPH H.                     COVERT                                  NY-50-U-232
SNOOK, JESSE                           WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-419
SNYDER, ADELBERT M.                    JUNIUS                                  NY-50-R-297
SNYDER, HENRY                          JUNIUS                                  NY-50-D-427
SNYDER, HENRY                          JUNIUS                                  NY-50-P-269
SNYDER, JOHN                           JUNIUS                                  NY-50-Q-309
SOULE, STEPHEN F.                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-V-79
SOUTENSCHLAGER, JOSHUA                 FAYETTE                                 NY-50-M-109
SPARKS, HANNAH M.                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-N-269
SPARKS, HARRIET E.                     WATERLOO                                NY-50-P-413
SPARLING, HENRY                        TYRE                                    NY-50-C-579
SPAULDING, CATHARINE                   VARICK                                  NY-50-S-97
SPAULDING, ELIZA D.                    COVERT                                  NY-50-M-325
SPEAR, TUNIS A.                        COVERT                                  NY-50-A2-310
SPENCE, JEMIMA T.                      LODI                                    NY-50-J-509
SPENCER, CAROLINE L.                   SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-Q-541
SPOON, DANIEL                          FAYETTE                                 NY-50-G-163
SPRAGUE, EPHRAIM W.                    SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-G-43
SQUIRES, WHITING                       COVERT                                  NY-50-I-157
STAHL, JACOB                           VARICK                                  NY-50-L-255
STAHL, JACOB                           VARICK                                  NY-50-B-190
STAHL, PETER                           FAYETTE                                 NY-50-I-547
STALEY, CORNELIUS                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-P-133
STALEY, MARGARET                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-P-129
STANLY, HENRY F.                       TYRE                                    NY-50-C-562
STANTON, PATRICK                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-R-377
STAPLES, ANNA S. P.                    WATERLOO                                NY-50-M-305
STAPLES, GRACE J.                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-A3-152
STARKEY, JOHN                          *                                       NY-50-A3-30
STARRETT, CHARLES                      OVID                                    NY-50-B-215
STEARNS, GORDIS R.                     SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-V-301
STEEL, ALEXANDER                       *                                       NY-50-A2-191
STEELE, HETTY A.                       ROMULUS                                 NY-50-J-437
STEELE, JOHN                           ROMULUS                                 NY-50-I-115
STEELE, ROBERT R.                      VARICK                                  NY-50-N-145
STEELE, STILES                         ROMULUS                                 NY-50-B-351
STERADIN, MARGARET                     FAYETTE                                 NY-50-U2-153
STEVENS, WILLIAM D.                    LODI                                    NY-50-R-573
STEVENSON, ANDREW                      HECTOR                                  NY-50-A2-149
STEVENSON, BENTON                      JUNIUS                                  NY-50-V-91
STEVENSON, ESTHER                      TYRE                                    NY-50-T-100A
STEVENSON, GARVIN                      TYRE                                    NY-50-I-265
STEVENSON, ISAIAH                      OVID                                    NY-50-A3-305
STEVENSON, JAMES                       WATERLOO                                NY-50-I-499
STEVENSON, JAMES                       TYRE                                    NY-50-E-342
STEVENSON, ROBERT L.                   TYRE                                    NY-50-S-53
STEVESON, EMERSON V.                   ROMULUS                                 NY-50-M-43
STEWART, ENOCH                         LODI                                    NY-50-I-37
STEWART, HARRIET H.                    COVERT                                  NY-50-V-139
STEWART, ISAAC                         LODI                                    NY-50-K-109
STEWART, JAMES C.                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-I-337
STEWART, JOHN                          WATERLOO                                NY-50-C-142
STEWART, JOSEPH                        OVID                                    NY-50-A2-132
STEWART, THOMAS                        COVERT                                  NY-50-J-225
STOFLET, SUSAN                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-C-626
STONE, JOHN                            ROMULUS                                 NY-50-B-17
STONE, JOHN R.                         FAYETTE                                 NY-50-O-379
STORY, ABIGAIL M.                      JUNIUS                                  NY-50-S-641
STORY, BENJAMIN                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-B-328
STOUT, AARON A.                        LODI                                    NY-50-M-513
STOUT, SARAH                           SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-P-121
STOUT, WILLIAM                         ROMULUS                                 NY-50-A3-455
STPIERRE, MARGARET C.                  SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-Q-373
STRADDER, WILLIAM                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-S-357
STRAYER, FREDERICK                     FAYETTE                                 NY-50-R-205
STRINGHAM, SYLVESTER L.                WATERLOO                                NY-50-O-139
STRONG, EDWIN F.                       TYRE                                    NY-50-O-199
STRONG, JULIUS C.                      WATERLOO                                NY-50-E-288
STRUBLE, ELIZABETH                     OVID                                    NY-50-U-176
STUCKER, SAMUEL                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-M-533
STULL, JOSEPH                          OVID                                    NY-50-B-383
STURM, GEORGE                          VARICK                                  NY-50-Q-173
SUGBY, WILLIAM A.                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-Q-165
SUKEL, THANKFUL                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-Q-129
SULLIVAN, JOHN                         SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-Q-233
SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-Q-245
SUMNER, SAMUEL A.                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-Q-417
SUMNER, ZADY M.                        SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-P-341
SUTHERLAND, ALLEN M.                   WATERLOO                                NY-50-L-411
SUTTON, ARITTA                         ROMULUS                                 NY-50-L-182
SUTTON, ARTEMAS                        ROMULUS                                 NY-50-G-139
SUTTON, BENJAMIN B.                    ROMULUS                                 NY-50-J-145
SUTTON, CYRUS J.                       ROMULUS                                 NY-50-L-217
SUTTON, HELINE                         ROMULUS                                 NY-50-P-93
SUTTON, JOHN B.                        ROMULUS                                 NY-50-E-378
SUTTON, MARTHA                         ROMULUS                                 NY-50-E-127
SUTTON, SARAH                          OVID                                    NY-50-K-241
SWABY, FREDERICK RODIOLI               SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-K-513
SWABY, FREDERICK                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U-568
SWABY, JESSIE J.                       SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-U-572
SWABY, JOSEPH JAMES SR.                SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-V-511
SWAN, HENRY                            ROMULUS                                 NY-50-L-260
SWAN, MARGARET A.                      FAYETTE                                 NY-50-Q-421
SWAN, ROBERT J.                        FAYETTE                                 NY-50-R-13
SWARTHOUT, BARNA                       ROMULUS                                 NY-50-B-10
SWARTHOUT, BENJAMIN                    LODI                                    NY-50-B-227
SWARTHOUT, COE                         ROMULUS                                 NY-50-T-623
SWARTHOUT, HANNAH                      ROMULUS                                 NY-50-P-497
SWARTHOUT, JONATHAN                    ROMULUS                                 NY-50-G-253
SWARTHOUT, LAURA                       ROMULUS                                 NY-50-D-284
SWARTHOUT, RALPH                       OVID                                    NY-50-B-306
SWEET, JAMES                           FAYETTE                                 NY-50-C-356
SWEGLE, MATHIAS                        HECTOR                                  NY-50-A2-81
SWERSON, FRANK M.                      SENECA FALLS                            NY-50-V-613
SWICK, RACHEL                          OVID                                    NY-50-A2-161
SWICK, TUNIS J.                        COVERT                                  NY-50-M-149
SWIFT, LAURA E.                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-T-535
SWIFT, MOSES H.                        WATERLOO                                NY-50-O-85
SWIFT, THERESA                         WATERLOO                                NY-50-D-173
SWIN, OLIVE                            COVERT                                  NY-50-Q-181

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