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TABER, DOROTHY                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-14-19
TABER, NELSON W.                  PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-38-682
TABER, SALLY                      PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-27-516
TABOR, JAMES R.                   PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-35-347
TABOR, MARY ANN                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-25-417
TABOR, WILLIAM J.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-20-443
TALLMAN, EMMA C.                  WILTON                                  NY-46-43-409
TALMADGE, ELIZA F.                MILTON                                  NY-46-27-225
TALMADGE, HARRIET M.              STILLWATER                              NY-46-43-199
TALMADGE, JOHN                    MALTA                                   NY-46-43-503
TALMADGE, MARTIN                  MILTON                                  NY-46-17-27
TALMADGE, WILILAM C.              HALF MOON                               NY-46-41-239
TALMAGE, ENOS SR.                 MILTON                                  NY-46-4-439
TANNER, PHOEBE                    CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-41-319
TARRANT, FREDERICK                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-581
TARRANT, JOHN                     MILTON                                  NY-46-26-177
TAYLOR, ABIGAIL B.                GREENFIELD                              NY-46-45-588
TAYLOR, ANN                       STILLWATER                              NY-46-35-228
TAYLOR, BETSEY                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-20-472
TAYLOR, CURTIS                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-21-183
TAYLOR, EDWARD LEWIS              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-30-413
TAYLOR, ELON N.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-27-247
TAYLOR, ESTHER                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-37-106
TAYLOR, FREDERICK                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-11-400
TAYLOR, GEORGE H.                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-38-604
TAYLOR, GILBERT B.                BALLSTON                                NY-46-23-600
TAYLOR, ISAAC                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-14-224
TAYLOR, JAMES                     CHARLTON                                NY-46-8-393
TAYLOR, JAMES S.                  WILTON                                  NY-46-45-170
TAYLOR, JOHN                      CHARLTON                                NY-46-8-230
TAYLOR, JOHN                      CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-39-136
TAYLOR, JOSEPH                    MILTON                                  NY-46-8-137
TAYLOR, JOSEPH                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-28-478
TAYLOR, JOSHUA                    WILTON                                  NY-46-32-230
TAYLOR, LEE                       MILTON                                  NY-46-26-84
TAYLOR, LEMUEL                    NTL                                     NY-46-1-41
TAYLOR, LUCY                      CHARLTON                                NY-46-22-48
TAYLOR, MARY E.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-209
TAYLOR, NANCY                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-22-4
TAYLOR, NICHOLAS                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-39-484
TAYLOR, SAMUEL                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-18-394
TAYLOR, SARAH                     CHARLTON                                NY-46-2-89
TAYLOR, SARAH A.                  CHARLTON                                NY-46-23-580
TAYLOR, SARAH M.                  WILTON                                  NY-46-25-199
TAYLOR, SARAH MINERVA             BALLSTON                                NY-46-40-174
TAYLOR, SHUBAEL                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-27-113
TAYLOR, THEODORE H.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-21-376
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                   MILTON                                  NY-46-16-413
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                   GALWAY                                  NY-46-20-415
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-30-325
TAYLOR, WILLIAM A.                BALLSTON                                NY-46-32-567
TAYLOR, WILLIAM B.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-514
TEACHOUT, CARRIE                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-34-473
TEACHOUT, ISAAC N.                HALF MOON                               NY-46-1-131
TEACHOUT, JAMES                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-26-193
TEARSE, PETER W.                  MOREAU                                  NY-46-39-49
TEATOR, HENRY A.                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-33-284
TEEL, SARAH A.                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-43-527
TEFFT, EMELINE                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-36-466
TEFFT, HANNAH M.                  GLENS FALL                              NY-46-44-467
TEFFT, SARAH                      SARATOGA                                NY-46-24-388
TELFORD, WILLIAM                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-22-479
TELLER, WILLIAM M.                CHARLTON                                NY-46-39-361
TEMPLETON, EMILY JANE             MALTA                                   NY-46-42-445
TEMPLETON, JOHN                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-4-311
TenBROECK, ANNA                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-2-416
TenBROECK, GEORGE W.              NTL                                     NY-46-5-94
TenBROECK, LEONARD                HALF MOON                               NY-46-5-19
TENBROECK, FRANCES A.             WATERFORD                               NY-46-46-146
TENEYCK, CHRISTINA S.             MILTON                                  NY-46-46-18
TENEYCK, DAVID H.                 BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-41-590
TENEYCK, MARY L.                  MILTON                                  NY-46-32-291
TENNEY, LAURA A.                  MILTON                                  NY-46-42-561
TENNEY, MARGARET J.               GALWAY                                  NY-46-29-296
TENNEY, MYRON B.                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-37-376
TERHUNE, JEREMIAH                 NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-21-662
TERHUNE, JOHN                     NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-11-196
TERPENNING, JOHN                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-1-152
TERPENNING, PETER                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-8-47
TERRY, CHARLES                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-249
TERRY, HENRY                      PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-23-203
TERRY, JAMES F.                   MECHANICVILLE                           NY-46-46-497
TERRY, PATRICK                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-40-128
TERRY, SARAH A.                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-31-21
TERWELLIGER, CHRISTINA            WATERFORD                               NY-46-19-419
TERWILLIGER, SIMON                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-304
TETRAULT, ALEXI                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-40-241
THOMAS, ABRAHAM                   MILTON                                  NY-46-6-459
THOMAS, DANIEL                    MILTON                                  NY-46-6-369
THOMAS, EDWIN                     MILTON                                  NY-46-23-598
THOMAS, ELEANOR L.                MALTA                                   NY-46-28-232
THOMAS, ELIZA                     MILTON                                  NY-46-34-92
THOMAS, ERVIN                     NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-1-93
THOMAS, GEORGE                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-30-344
THOMAS, HATTIE N.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-295
THOMAS, JOHN B.                   MILTON                                  NY-46-35-547
THOMAS, JOHNATHAN                 MALTA                                   NY-46-22-470
THOMAS, JULIA A.                  MILTON                                  NY-46-31-231
THOMAS, MOSES                     MILTON                                  NY-46-16-531
THOMAS, WILLIAM H.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-361
THOMPKINS, ALBERT H.              MALTA                                   NY-46-34-567
THOMPSON, AARON M.                NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-31-262
THOMPSON, ALICE                   MILTON                                  NY-46-36-39
THOMPSON, ANNA                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-21-256
THOMPSON, CHARLES                 MOREAU                                  NY-46-19-58
THOMPSON, CHARLES                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-19
THOMPSON, DAVID                   MILTON                                  NY-46-40-130
THOMPSON, ELISHA                  STILLWATER                              NY-46-3-60
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH               NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-25-280
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH               MILTON                                  NY-46-30-147
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH W.            SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-425
THOMPSON, ETHELINDA C.            SARATOGA                                NY-46-42-153
THOMPSON, GEORGE                  MILTON                                  NY-46-22-559
THOMPSON, GEORGE B.               NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-41-267
THOMPSON, GEORGE L.               BALLSTON                                NY-46-35-206
THOMPSON, IDA A.                  NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-40-116
THOMPSON, J. HOWARD               NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-37-322
THOMPSON, JACOB                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-26-128
THOMPSON, JAMES                   MILTON                                  NY-46-29-236
THOMPSON, JAMES                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-39-466
THOMPSON, JAMES                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-39-298
THOMPSON, JESSE                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-18-480
THOMPSON, JOHN                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-34-333
THOMPSON, JOHN B.                 SARATOAG SPRINGS                        NY-46-29-553
THOMPSON, JOHN W.                 MILTON                                  NY-46-33-269
THOMPSON, MARGARET                MILTON                                  NY-46-37-217
THOMPSON, MARY                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-40-443
THOMPSON, NATHAN                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-11-40
THOMPSON, PHINEAS                 MALTA                                   NY-46-18-342
THOMPSON, ROBERT                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-24-255
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                  NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-34-615
THOMPSON, SIDNEY                  NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-16-8
THOMPSON, THOMAS                  NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-6-245
THOMPSON, THOMAS B.               NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-20-485
THORN, JOHN                       SARATOGA                                NY-46-12-118
THORN, MARY M.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-26-82
THORN, MATILDA                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-682
THORN, SAMUEL B.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-24-349
THORN, SILVA                      WILTON                                  NY-46-17-100
THORN, STEPHEN                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-38-175
THORNTON, HESTER M.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-503
THURBER, BETSEY                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-21-37
THURBER, SARAH E.                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-42-383
TIBBETTS, JAMES B.                BALLSTON                                NY-46-21-203
TIBBITS, JOHN                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-27-399
TIBBITTS, WILIAM                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-23-543
TIBBITTS, WILLIAM                 CHARLTON                                NY-46-18-288
TICE, MARY ANN                    NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-35-173
TICHENOR, HANNAH                  NTL                                     NY-46-5-27
TIFFANY, THOMAS                   CORINTH                                 NY-46-36-1
TIFFANY, WEALTHY                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-19-11
TIGHE, CECELIA                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-35-7
TIGHE, CHARLES                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-19-68
TINNEY, MARY E.                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-41-131
TIPPETT, GILBERT                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-8-126
TITCOMB, HARRIET                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-24-179
TITCOMB, JOHN                     CHICAGO, COOK, IL                       NY-46-31-276
TITCOMB, STEPHEN                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-24-223
TITCOMB, THOMAS                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-9-201
TITUS, JONAS                      STILLWATER                              NY-46-7-99
TITUS, SAMUEL                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-20-270
TOBEY, NOAH                       BALLSTON                                NY-46-3-9
TOBIN, EDWARD N.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-485
TOMASONE, GUISEPPE                STILLWATER                              NY-46-45-328
TOMPKINS, CALEB                   GALWAY                                  NY-46-29-352
TOMPKINS, ELIAS                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-11-233
TOMPKINS, ELIZA J.                STILLWATER                              NY-46-43-355
TOMPKINS, ELIZABETH               HALF MOON                               NY-46-20-426
TOMPKINS, HIRAM                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-502
TOMPKINS, LAURENTINE C.           SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-36-217
TOMPKINS, MARANDA                 GALWAY                                  NY-46-31-178
TOMPKINS, MARY C.                 MALTA                                   NY-46-39-724
TOMPKINS, MOSES                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-13-404
TOMPKINS, OBADIAH                 MECHANICSVILLE                          NY-46-40-37
TOMPKINS, SALLY                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-20-409
TOMPKINS, SUSAN B.                GREENFIELD                              NY-46-29-515
TOMPKINS, THOMAS H.               GREENFIELD                              NY-46-24-464
TOMPKINS, WRIGHT                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-45-540
TOMS, ABIGAIL S.                  STILLWATER                              NY-46-22-561
TOMS, JESSE S.                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-35-449
TOOHEY, DANIEL                    PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-30-128
TOON, JOHN                        SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-263
TOPPING, AGNES N.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-33-74
TORREY, JOB                       BALLSTON                                NY-46-4-92
TOTMAN, ASAPH B.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-26-267
TOTTEN, ANN                       SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-46-564
TOURTELLOT, FREEMAN               GREENFIELD                              NY-46-21-708
TOURTELLOT, HARRIET E.            CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-43-171
TOURTELLOT, WILLIAM C.            CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-21-691
TOURTELLOTT, ESECK                CORINTH                                 NY-46-15-338
TOURTELLOTT, LYDIA B.             GREENFIELD                              NY-46-29-313
TOURTELOT, PHEBE                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-21-86
TOURTELOT, WILLIAM                GREENFIELD                              NY-46-10-201
TOWN, AMOS                        GREENFIELD                              NY-46-20-518
TOWNE, EMMA L.                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-43-421
TOWNLEY, REUBEN                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-35-278
TOWNSEND, CHARLES H.              MOREAU                                  NY-46-38-481
TRACY, BRIDGET                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-33-78
TRACY, EDWARD                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-36-8
TRACY,HENRY STOUGHTON             WATERFORD                               NY-46-35-551
TRACY, THOMAS J.                  MILTON                                  NY-46-40-268
TRASK, SPENCER                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-5
TRAVER, JANE ANN                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-31-148
TRAVERS, MARY LYTLE               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-55
TRAVIS, GABRIEL                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-25-497
TRAVIS, MOSES W.                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-28-320
TRERETT, EDWARD S.                PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-35-34
TRIM, AUGUSTUS A.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-32-599
TRIM, HIRAM P.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-26-180
TRIM, RUHAMAH                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-30
TRIPP, ABRAHAM                    MILTON                                  NY-46-19-239
TRIPP, CLARA                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-475
TRIPP, EPHRAIM                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-27-164
TRIPP, LOVAT                      MALTA                                   NY-46-5-404
TRIPP, MARY A.                    MALTA                                   NY-46-41-9
TRIPP, PERRY                      MALTA                                   NY-46-41-281
TRIPP, SIMEON C.                  CORINTH                                 NY-46-43-193
TRIPP, WILLIAM                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-23-574
TRIPP, WILLIAM REED               MECHANICVILLE                           NY-46-44-117
TRISH, ABNER                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-6-342
TRITE, EMILY M.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-33-59
TRUE, WEBSTER                     MOREAU                                  NY-46-25-542
TRULAN, THOMAS L.                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-27-12
TRUMAN, ELIZABETH                 MILTON                                  NY-46-37-172
TRUMBLE, SAMUEL                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-5-254
TUBBS, ANDREW A.                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-29-527
TUBBS, PAMELIA                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-32-571
TUBBS, SIMON                      SARATOGA                                NY-46-32-69
TUCKER, GEORGE                    MOREAU                                  NY-46-22-41
TUCKER, HENRY K.                  CHARLTON                                NY-46-45-48
TUCKER, POLLY                     MILTON                                  NY-46-39-721
TUCKER, SARAH K.                  CHARLTON                                NY-46-37-589
TUITE, ANN                        SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-13
TUITE, JOHN W.                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-40-437
TUPPER, JAMES TILTON              STILLWATER                              NY-46-43-515
TURNBULL, JUDSON                  CHARLTON                                NY-46-41-167
TURNER, ELIZA                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-44-455
TURNER, ISAAC                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-45-246
TURNER, JARVIS                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-30-452
TURNER, JONATHAN                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-23-249
TURNER, LYDIA A.                  CORINTH                                 NY-46-20-437
TURNER, MARTHA MAIRS              GALWAY                                  NY-46-46-286
TURNER, SARAH E.                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-45-122
TURNER, SARAH M.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-591
TURNER, SARAH M.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-136
TURNEY, OZIAS                     MILTON                                  NY-46-11-79
TURNEY, RACHEL                    MILTON                                  NY-46-24-87
TURPIT, WILLIAM S.                MALTA                                   NY-46-43-33
TURRILL, ESTHER                   WILTON                                  NY-46-31-354
TURRILL, JOHN                     MILTON                                  NY-46-8-241
TURRILL, MARY                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-349
TURRILL, REBECCA                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-41-59
TUTON, WILLIAM                    MILTON                                  NY-46-20-72
TUTTLE, JANE C.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-194
TWEEDY, ELIZABETH F.              HALF MOON                               NY-46-45-292
TWICHELL, CATHARINE B.            BOSTON, SUFFOLK, MA                     NY-46-46-136
TYLER, HARRIET D.                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-29-320
TYLER, WILILAM A.                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-24-339
TYNEN, DENNIS                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-379
UNDERWOOD, MARTHA                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-38-511
UNDERWOOD, ROBERT                 SARATOGA SPRINS                         NY-46-24-105
UPTON, GEORGE A.                  GLOUCESTER, ESSEX, NJ                   NY-46-46-512
USHER, BLOOMFIELD                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-21-626
USHER, HIRAM                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-20-134
UTLEY, WILLIAM                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-16-227
VAIL, CHAUNCEY                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-22-69
VAIL, DEMAN                       SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-235
VAIL, SUSAN                       HALF MOON                               NY-46-23-195
VAIL, SUSAN L.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-46-149
VAIL, TIDDEMAN                    MILTON                                  NY-46-24-225
VAILL, JAMES                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-9-27
VALENTINE, GIDEON L.              BALLSTON                                NY-46-32-171
VALENTINE, MATTHEW L. R.          CHARLTON                                NY-46-26-407
VALENTINE, SARAH L.               BALLSTON                                NY-46-42-231
VALENTINE, WILLIAM                STILLWATER                              NY-46-16-302
VANAERNEM, ALIDA                  MALTA                                   NY-46-19-273
VANAERNEM, NICHOLAS VISCHER       MALTA                                   NY-46-45-522
VANALSTINE, ANNATIE               WATERFORD                               NY-46-6-327
VANALSTINE, DANIEL                WATERFORD                               NY-46-5-434
VANALSTINE, NANNING V.            WATERFORD                               NY-46-11-322
VANALSTYNE, DANIEL                HALF MOON                               NY-46-3-47
VANALSTYNE, LAMBERT               CHARLTON                                NY-46-7-151
VANALSTYNE, MARY ANN              WATERFORD                               NY-46-32-360
VANARNUM, WILLIAM H.              WATERFORD                               NY-46-22-578
VANAVERY, ANANIUS                 EDINBURGH                               NY-46-44-102
VANBENTHUISEN, CHARLES H.         SARATOGA                                NY-46-19-436
VANBRUNT, RUTGERS                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-20-101
VANBUREN, CORNELIUS B.            CHARLTON                                NY-46-39-229
VANBUREN, HARMON T.               CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-27-461
VANBUREN, HENRY                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-37-148
VANBUREN, NORMAN H.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-41
VANBUREN, RUTH                    CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-26-405
VANDECAR, CORNELIUS               HALF MOON                               NY-46-43-305
VANDECAR, MARIA                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-33-323
VANDENBERGH, ADA L.               HALF MOON                               NY-46-34-221
VANDENBERGH, CORNELIUS            HALF MOON                               NY-46-12-398
VANDENBERGH, CORNELIUS            STILLWATER                              NY-46-29-403
VANDENBERGH, EVERT                STILLWATER                              NY-46-2-186
VANDENBERGH, MARTIN               STILLWATER                              NY-46-9-34
VANDENBERGH, NICHOLAS             CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-12-389
VANDENBERGH, REBECCA              MOREAU                                  NY-46-35-163
VANDENBERGH, SARAH C.             WATERFORD                               NY-46-30-536
VANDENBERGH, WYNANT JR.           MALTA                                   NY-46-8-17
VANDENBURG, HANNAH                NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-15-271
VANDENBURG, RUSSELL C.            MILTN                                   NY-46-45-506
VANDENBURGH, ELDERT V.            HALF MOON                               NY-46-30-284
VANDENBURGH, ELIZABETH            HALF MOON                               NY-46-21-111
VANDENBURGH, GARRETT C.           WILTON                                  NY-46-41-413
VANDENBURGH, JACOB L.             STILLWATER                              NY-46-30-385
VANDENBURGH, LYDIA M.             BALLSTON                                NY-46-42-351
VANDENBURGH, NICHOLAS             HALF MOON                               NY-46-28-284
VANDENBURGH, RACHEL               STILLWATER                              NY-46-27-201
VANDENBURGH, STEPHEN              HALF MOON                               NY-46-3-151
VANDENBURGH, WYNANT G.            WATERFORD                               NY-46-20-140
VANDENVERGH, EVERT                STILLWATER                              NY-46-33-134
VANDENVERKEN, CATHARINE           STILLWATER                              NY-46-30-436
VANDENWERKEN, PETER               NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-24-164
VANDENWERKEN, SIDNEY              STILLWATER                              NY-46-25-70
VANDERBERGH, JOHN                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-4-112
VANDERBERGH, MINERVA J.           SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-153
VANDERCAR, LYDIA ANN              WATERFORD                               NY-46-31-564
VANDERCOOK, GILBERT               WATERFORD                               NY-46-18-406
VANDERHEYDEN, JARRET              STILLWATER                              NY-46-15-222
VANDERKAR, BARNA                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-16-282
VANDERKAR, CHARLES                WATERFORD                               NY-46-41-9
VANDERKAR, FRANCES E.             WATERFORD                               NY-46-39-133
VANDERKAR, JARED                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-22-580
VANDERKAR, JOHN H.                WATERFORD                               NY-46-16-437
VANDERKAR, LYDIA E.               WATERFORD                               NY-46-35-358
VANDERKAR, MARY F.                WATERFORD                               NY-46-23-22
VANDERKARR, NICHOLAS              WATERFORD                               NY-46-8-384
VANDERPOOL, ALIDA M.              HALF MOON                               NY-46-35-418
VANDERPOOL, MARY OPHELIA          STILLWATER                              NY-46-37-352
VANDERVORT, ABBY A.               HALF MOON                               NY-46-21-711
VANDERWARKEN, HENDRICK            HALF MOON                               NY-46-4-471
VANDERWARKER, ISAAC               NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-6-371
VANDERWARKER, JOHN R.             NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-15-397
VANDERWERKEN, ALBERT              HALF MOON                               NY-46-1A-1
VANDERWERKEN, ALBERT              HALF MOON                               NY-46-7-123
VANDERWERKEN, ANN ELIZA           WATERFORD                               NY-46-23-174
VANDERWERKEN, CATHARINE A.        WATERFORD                               NY-46-29-213
VANDERWERKEN, CHARLES H.          WATERFORD                               NY-46-40-431
VANDERWERKEN, GEORGE              STILLWATER                              NY-46-19-257
VANDERWERKEN, JACOB               STILLWATER                              NY-46-21-78
VANDERWERKEN, JEREMIAH            HALF MOON                               NY-46-39-103
VANDERWERKEN, JOHN                HALF MOON                               NY-46-4-293
VANDERWERKEN, JOHN A.             WATERFORD                               NY-46-5-141
VANDERWERKEN, LAWRENCE            WATERFORD                               NY-46-21-253
VANDERWERKEN, MAHALA              WATERFORD                               NY-46-37-664
VANDERWERKER, JANE                WATERFORD                               NY-46-42-657
VANDERWERKER, LUCY                NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-19-160
VANDERWERKER, PAMELIA             NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-36-127
VANDERWERKER, SARAH JANE          NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-46-401
VANDEUSEN, BERNARD L.             PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-39-217
VANDEUSEN, FRANCES                GREENFIELD                              NY-46-37-175
VANDEUSEN, FREDERICK              MOREAU                                  NY-46-21-34
VANDEUSEN, GEORGE H.              NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-41-23
VANDEUSEN, TOIAS                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-18-315
VANDEWERKEN, HENRY G.             HALF MOON                               NY-46-29-368
VANEMBURGH, HANNAH T.             CHARLTON                                NY-46-14-266
VANEPS, ABRAHAM                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-3-5
VANEPS, ALEXANDE A.               MILTON                                  NY-46-20-130
VANEPS, EMMA J.                   MILTON                                  NY-46-22-542
VANERNEEKEN, MARGARET             WATERFORD                               NY-46-32-55
VANERNEM, JOHN                    MALTA                                   NY-46-21-686
VANEVERY, JOSEPH                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-13-40
VANEVREN, WILLIAM A.              BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-44-551
VANHOESEN, ELLEN B.               HALF MOON                               NY-46-43-363
VANHOVENBURGH, HENRY              CHARLTON                                NY-46-11-263
VANHYNING, ALVARO                 MALTA                                   NY-46-46-187
VANHYNING, ALVARO                 MALTA                                   NY-46-46-214
VANHYNING, ELIZA JANE             MALTA                                   NY-46-35-339
VANHYNING, HENRY                  MALTA                                   NY-46-24-593
VANHYNING, HENRY                  MALTA                                   NY-46-39-115
VANHYNING, ISAAC                  MALTA                                   NY-46-11-379
VANHYNING, LEVI                   MALTA                                   NY-46-39-712
VANHYNING, MARY                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-20-483
VANHYNING, PERMILLIA O.           CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-43-411
VANKIRK, JOSEPH                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-8-121
VANKLUCK, MOSES                   MILTON                                  NY-46-16-37
VANKURAN, ZELIA                   GALWAY                                  NY-46-41-187
VANKUREAN, CORNELIUS              GALWAY                                  NY-46-36-6
VANNAMES, DERICK                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-28-431
VANNANKEN, ADAM                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-26-161
VANNESS, CORNELIA J.              WATERFORD                               NY-46-37-541
VANNESS, GLORIANNA                MALTA                                   NY-46-37-196
VANNESS, MARTHA                   PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-17-10
VANNESS, PETER L.                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-33-140
VANNESS, WILLIAM C.               WATERFORD                               NY-46-35-197
VANNESS, ZALMON                   MALTA                                   NY-46-37-184
VANNORDEN, JAMES H.               WATERFORD                               NY-46-21-59
VANNORDER, EDWARD                 NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-21-609
VANOLINDA, ANGELINA               WATERFORD                               NY-46-43-565
VANOLINDA, DANIEL                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-12-253
VANOLINDA, HENRY                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-29-502
VANOLINDA, MARTIN                 MOREAU                                  NY-46-19-162
VANOLINDA, MARY                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-38-697
VANOLINDER, DANIEL                ORANGE                                  NY-46-5-220
VANOLINDER, JOHN                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-18-65
VANOSTRAND, CHARLES               BALLSTON                                NY-46-16-399
VANOSTRAND, HARLOW                MILTON                                  NY-46-25-547
VANOSTRAND, MARY W.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-29-60
VANPATTEN, JOHN                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-2-223
VANPITT, PETER                    PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-3-290
VANRENSSELAER, EDWARD             SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-20-339
VANRENSSELAER, EUNICE             HALF MOON                               NY-46-39-358
VANRENSSELAER, JOHN               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-31-194
VANRENSSELAER, MARY F.            SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-354
VANSANTFORD, PETER                HALF MOON                               NY-46-20-79
VANSANVOORD, CATHERINE            HALF MOON                               NY-46-9-334
VANSCHAICK, GASEN                 CHARLTON                                NY-46-4-172
VANSCHAICK, HARRIET S.            SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-172
VANSCHOONHOVEN, FRANCIS           WATERFORD                               NY-46-16-243
VANSCHOONHOVEN, GUERT             WATERFORD                               NY-46-14-274
VANSLYKE, CLARK L.                HALF MOON                               NY-46-40-491
VANVALKENBURGH, CHARLES H.        MILTON                                  NY-46-31-204
VANVALKENBURGH, PRUELLA           SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-36-267
VANVALKINGBURGH, JACOB            WATERFORD                               NY-46-41-17
VANVECHTEN, ALVIN E.              HALF MOON                               NY-46-45-234
VANVECHTEN, DERRICK J.            HALF MOON                               NY-46-25-115
VANVECHTEN, ELDORA M.             HALF MOON                               NY-46-42-201
VANVECHTEN, JANE L.               STILLWATER                              NY-46-32-19
VANVECHTEN, LEWIS                 MALTA                                   NY-46-38-574
VANVECHTEN, RACHEL A.             MALTA                                   NY-46-25-326
VANVEGHTEN, HANNAH                HALF MOON                               NY-46-35-503
VANVEGHTEN, JOHN P.               HALF MOON                               NY-46-21-307
VANVEGHTON, JOHN                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-15-190
VANVLECK, PETER                   EDINBURGH                               NY-46-13-58
VANVOLKENBURGH, JEREMIAH J.       HALF MOON                               NY-46-21-572
VANVOORHEES, ESTHER               HALF MOON                               NY-46-30-467
VANVOORHEES, JOHN D.              WATERFORD                               NY-46-37-619
VANVOORHEES, LEWIS                HALF MOON                               NY-46-16-514
VANVORST, ANDREW Y.               CHARLTON                                NY-46-38-133
VANVRANKEN, ADAM                  NISKAYUNA, ALBANY, NY                   NY-46-7-45
VANVRANKEN, ADAM                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-10-227
VANVRANKEN, ADAM R.               CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-24-139
VANVRANKEN, ANDREW                CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-19-417
VANVRANKEN, ANDREW G.             CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-22-386
VANVRANKEN, CAROLINE K.           BALLSTON                                NY-46-19-311
VANVRANKEN, DORCAS                CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-27-576
VANVRANKEN, EVERT                 CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-12-149
VANVRANKEN, GARRET                CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-9-261
VANVRANKEN, GARRET                CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-21-381
VANVRANKEN, GARRET G.             CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-14-171
VANVRANKEN, GERRIT                CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-9-184
VANVRANKEN, GERTRUDE              CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-14-495
VANVRANKEN, GERTRUDE              CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-34-399
VANVRANKEN, JACOBUS               CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-10-96
VANVRANKEN, JOHN D.               WATERFORD                               NY-46-10-301
VANVRANKEN, JOHN G.               HALF MOON                               NY-46-2-365
VANVRANKEN, MARIA                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-8-109
VANVRANKEN, MARY                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-32-295
VANVRANKEN, MAUS                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-5-414
VANVRANKEN, MOSES                 CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-21-190
VANVRANKEN, PETER S.              CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-41-183
VANVRANKEN, REBECCA               CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-16-122
VANVRANKEN, RICHARD               CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-33-30
VANVRANKEN, RICHARD               CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-9-143
VANVRANKEN, SAMUEL                CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-29-102
VANVRANKEN, WILLIAM H.            CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-45-200
VANWAGNER, LEVI                   MILTON                                  NY-46-41-343
VANWART, ELDERT                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-8-43
VANWAYNE, EVERT                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-7-190
VANWIE, GEORGE                    CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-23-206
VANWIE, HENRY J.                  STILLWATER                              NY-46-43-223
VANWIE, JOHN                      SARATOGA                                NY-46-32-511
VANWIE, PETER A.                  STILLWATER                              NY-46-28-203
VANWIES, MARIA                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-29-341
VANWOERT, GERTRUDE ANN            VISCHERS FERRY                          NY-46-44-263
VANWOERT, GERTRUDE ANN            VISCHERS FERRY                          NY-46-46-219
VANWOORT, GITTY                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-10-270
VANWORDER, DANIEL                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-24-332
VANZILE, MARY A.                  MALTA                                   NY-46-38-502
VARNEY, DANIEL                    MOREAU                                  NY-46-38-10
VARNEY, MARY J.                   WILTON                                  NY-46-38-406
VARNEY, RUSSELL                   EDINBURGH                               NY-46-45-304
VARNEY, STEPHEN                   HADLEY                                  NY-46-31-566
VARNUM, WILLIAM                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-36-463
VASSAR, MATTHEW                   MILTON                                  NY-46-41-373
VAUGH, EMILY A.                   MILTON                                  NY-46-45-342
VAUGH, STEPHEN                    MOREAU                                  NY-46-30-578
VAUGHN, ORVILLE D.                MILTON                                  NY-46-41-285
VEDDER, JOHN C.                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-27-67
VEDDER, LYDIA                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-30-203
VEDDER, LYDIA                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-30-531
VEDDER, SIMON P.                  MILTON                                  NY-46-13-20
VEDDER, SUSAN                     CHARLTON                                NY-46-41-317
VEEDER, CATHARINE                 CHARLTON                                NY-46-28-227
VEEDER, JEMIMA F.                 BALLSTON                                NY-46-37-292
VEEDER, SIMON J.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-90
VELIE, WILLIAM W.                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-43-219
VELSEY, DELIA                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-33-389
VERBECK, SARAH ADELINE            SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-406
VERBECK, SIDNEY                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-19-359
VERBECK, WILLIAM                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-199
VERMILYEA, CELIA                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-44-294
VIALL, JOB G.                     HALF MOON                               NY-46-29-189
VIBBARD, ELIZA P.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-28-45
VIBBARD, HARRY R.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-281
VIBBARD, JOHN                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-13-292
VIBBARD, LYMAN P.                 GALWAY                                  NY-46-27-148
VICKERY, ESTHER J.                HALF MOON                               NY-46-42-543
VIELE, ABRAHAM T.                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-6-357
VIELE, HANNAH C.                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-33-339
VIELE, JOHN J.                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-35-355
VIELE, KATHALINE                  WICHITA, SALINE, KS                     NY-46-33-347
VIELE, MARY E.                    MILTON                                  NY-46-23-398
VIELE, SARAH                      SARATOGA                                NY-46-5-158
VINCENT, JEREMIAH                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-9-126
VINCENT, MARY                     HALF MOON                               NY-46-16-475
VIRTUE, ESTHER                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-42-417
VIRTUE, THOMAS                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-21-531
VISCHER, ALIDA                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-4-147
VISCHER, CATHARINE                CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-41-15
VISCHER, ELDERT                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-11-335
VISCHER, GARRIT                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-18-24
VISCHER, GRAUDIS                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-42-297
VISSCHER, ANN                     CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-25-490
VISSCHER, ANN                     CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-36-420
VISSCHER, CORNELIUS G.            CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-29-260
VISSCHER, CORNELIUS N.            CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-38-112
VISSCHER, ELIZA                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-31-170
VISSCHER, FRANCIS                 CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-15-161
VISSCHER, FRANCIS F.              CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-39-598
VISSCHER, FRANCIS N.              CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-25-341
VISSCHER, NANNING                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-3-438
VISSCHER, NANNING F.              CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-27-474
VISSCHER, NANNING H.              WATERFORD                               NY-46-2-208
VISSCHER, NICHOLAS                CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-12-299
VISSCHER, NICHOLAS F.             CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-25-545
VISSCHER, PHEBE J.                CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-38-145
VISSHER, NICHOLAS                 NISKAYUNA, ALBANY, NY                   NY-46-7-81
VOGLER, GEORGE                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-95
VollenWEYDER,                     HALF MOON                               NY-46-2-414
VOLWIDER, DERICK                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-1-172
VOLWIDER, JACOB                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-10-165
VORCE, JOSEPH                     PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-13-232
VOSBURGH, THOMAS                  CHARLTON                                NY-46-16-11
VREELAND, SARAH C.                HALF MOON                               NY-46-42-389
VROOMAN, HENRY                    CHARLTON                                NY-46-12-424
WADE, ASA                         BALLSTON                                NY-46-3-236
WADE, ASA                         BALLSTON                                NY-46-4-403
WADSWORTH, GEORGE W.              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-502
WAGAR, CATHARINE M.               MILTON                                  NY-46-44-450
WAGAR, RICHARD J.                 MILTON                                  NY-46-18-592
WAGER, EUNICE                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-15-287
WAGER, FRANKLIN                   MALTA                                   NY-46-43-181
WAGMAN, JOHN                      SARATOGA                                NY-46-23-409
WAGMAN, RACHAEL                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-259
WAGMAN, RACHEL                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-273
WAHRMAN, MARGARET                 MALTA                                   NY-46-33-385
WAIT, ANN                         MILTON                                  NY-46-39-391
WAIT, EVELINE                     CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-23-201
WAIT, GIDEON                      GALWAY                                  NY-46-18-373
WAIT, ISABEL                      PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-38-703
WAIT, JOHN                        MILTON                                  NY-46-24-264
WAIT, JOSEPH                      CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-13-494
WAIT, NATHAN                      STILLWATER                              NY-46-42-529
WAIT, OLIVER                      ORANGE                                  NY-46-5-37
WAITE, SOLOMON                    NTL                                     NY-46-5-355
WAITE, WILLIAM H.                 KALAMAZOO, KENT, MI                     NY-46-36-179
WAKEMAN, BENJAMIN                 BALLSTON                                NY-46-15-392
WAKEMAN, ELIAS L.                 MILTON                                  NY-46-34-44
WAKEMAN, ELIZA M.                 MILTON                                  NY-46-21-577
WAKEMAN, MARGARE TL.              MILTON                                  NY-46-32-413
WAKEMAN, THOMAS H.                GALWAY                                  NY-46-8-46
WAKEMAN, WAKEMAN                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-6-356
WAKLEY, EDNOR                     CORINTH                                 NY-46-45-62
WALBRIDGE, HENRIETTA V. V.        SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-164
WALDRON, ABRAHAM C.               WATERFORD                               NY-46-27-14
WALDRON, ABRAHAM P.               NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-13-284
WALDRON, CORNELIUS A.             SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-251
WALDRON, ELEANOR                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-33-365
WALDRON, EVERT P.                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-45-44
WALDRON, JAMES                    HALF MON                                NY-46-28-506
WALDRON, ROBERT C.                WATERFORD                               NY-46-44-513
WALDRON, WILLIAM                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-21-187
WALDSON, JOHN                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-2-352
WALKER, AUGUSTUS R.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-309
WALKER, HARRIET E.                CORINTH                                 NY-46-45-334
WALKER, JAMES                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-36-321
WALKER, JOSEPH                    STILWATER                               NY-46-16-339
WALKER, JULIA E.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-266
WALKER, ROBERT                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-16-433
WALLACE, HELENA F.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-143
WALLACE, JOHN P.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-369
WALSH, BRIDGET                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-36-275
WALSH, CHARLES P.                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-42-569
WALSH, ELIZA                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-560
WALSH, JAMES                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-31-590
WALSH, MARY                       SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-30-274
WALSH, MARY ANN                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-31-429
WALSH, MICHAEL                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-592
WALSH, ROSANNA                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-46-8
WALSH, THOMAS W.                  MECHANICVILLE                           NY-46-45-516
WALTER, ANNETTA L.                MILTON                                  NY-46-37-25
WALTER, EMILIE                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-340
WALTON, HENRY                     GREENFIELD                              NY-46-13-357
WALTON, HENRY                     CASSOPOLIS, CASS, MI                    NY-46-20-584
WALTON, HENRY CRUGER              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-26-591
WALTON, WILLIAM H.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-28-470
WALTON, WILLIAMK.                 CHARLTON                                NY-46-31-421
WALWORTH, ELLEN HARDIN            SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-484
WALWORTH, FRANK H.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-29-581
WALWORTH, REUBEN HYDE             SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-21-475
WALWORTH, SARAH E.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-23-549
WANDELEAR, GERRITIE DE            MILTON                                  NY-46-13-511
WANDELL, PURLINA                  NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-21-679
WARD, ANNA MARIA                  MOREAU                                  NY-46-22-536
WARD, JAMES                       MILTON                                  NY-46-39-184
WARD, JOHN                        SARATOGA                                NY-46-12-31
WARD, LOIS DELIA                  MOREAU                                  NY-46-39-505
WARING, GILBERT                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-15-292
WARING, GILBERT L.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-474
WARING, JOHN                      MILTON                                  NY-46-20-52
WARING, LYDIA A.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-507
WARING, WILLIAM                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-28-588
WARN, RICHARD                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-1-222
WARN, RICHARD                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-2-62
WARNER, EVA                       BALLSTON                                NY-46-32-540
WARNER, HENRY                     MILTON                                  NY-46-43-589
WARNER, JOHN W.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-365
WARNER, JOHN W.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-269
WARNER, OLIVE                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-19-260
WARNER, PHILIP                    CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-30-551
WARNER, WILLIAM M.                HALF MOON                               NY-46-27-324
WARREN, JOSEPH                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-34-378
WARREN, MAGGIE A.                 GALWAY                                  NY-46-29-356
WARREN, MARY R.                   MOREAU                                  NY-46-20-565
WARREN, WILLIAM H.                MOREAU                                  NY-46-21-242
WARREN, WILLIAM L. F.             SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-24-190
WARRING, JANE                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-18-424
WARRING, JOHN                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-10-465
WASHBURN, DANIEL                  MILTON                                  NY-46-15-153
WASHBURN, DANIEL                  EDINBURGH                               NY-46-8-161
WASHBURN, HIRAM                   MOREAU                                  NY-46-34-336
WASTE, GEORGE                     GREENFIELD                              NY-46-25-576
WATERBURY, ELIZA M.               SARATOGA                                NY-46-25-190
WATERBURY, FRANCIS W.             SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-619
WATERBURY, JOHN A.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-46-252
WATERBURY, JOHN A.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-19-143
WATERBURY, OLINA M.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-27-27
WATERBURY, WILLIAM                SARATOGA                                NY-46-13-227
WATERBURY, WILLIAM                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-375
WATERMAN, ASA                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-30-209
WATERMAN, ASA JR.                 BALLSTON                                NY-46-2-205
WATERMAN, DAVID                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-19-414
WATERMAN, JANE D.                 CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-27-407
WATERMAN, MARGARET W.             WATERFORD                               NY-46-30-175
WATKINS, DAVID M.                 CHARLTON                                NY-46-37-559
WATKINS, JOSEPH W.                CHARLTON                                NY-46-23-30
WATKINS, SUSAN L.                 CHARLTON                                NY-46-35-315
WATROUS, ANDREW                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-20-214
WATSON, CHAUNCEY R.               GREENFIELD                              NY-46-46-11
WATSON, SUSAN AUGUSTA             BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-46-109
WAUMER, ABEL                      BALLSTON                                NY-46-31-64
WAY, DAVI                         ORANGE                                  NY-46-5-322
WAYLAND, FRANCIS SR.              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-15-67
WAYLAND, MARY S.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-29-615
WAYMAN, HENRY                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-20-454
WAYMAN, NICHOLAS                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-22-254
WAYNE, SOPHIA                     MILTON                                  NY-46-42-275
WAYNE, WILLIAM                    CHARLTON                                NY-46-21-524
WEATHERHEAD, EDMOND               NTL                                     NY-46-6-114
WEATHERHEAD, EDWARD L.            SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-24-280
WEATHERLY, CHARLES E.             HALF MOON                               NY-46-42-621
WEATHERWAX, DAVID N.              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-51
WEATHERWAX, LAURA A.              HALF MOON                               NY-46-42-563
WEAVER, CATHARINE                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-28-278
WEAVER, ELIZABETH                 WATEFORD                                NY-46-16-141
WEAVER, JENNIE A.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-369
WEAVER, JOHN                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-26-596
WEAVER, MARGARET A.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-36-337
WEAVER, WILLIAM                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-21-200
WEBSTER, CATHERINE M.             HALF MOON                               NY-46-38-658
WEBSTER, CORNELIA                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-38-40
WEBSTER, JOHN M.                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-45-80
WEBSTER, M. LORETTA CROSS         MILTON                                  NY-46-39-91
WEBSTER, MARY A.                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-38-661
WEBSTER, SAMUEL                   SCHAGHTICOKE, RENSSELAER, NY            NY-46-34-423
WEED, ABRAHAM                     GREENFIELD                              NY-46-13-341
WEED, ALEXANDER                   MALTA                                   NY-46-18-329
WEED, EBER                        GREENFIELD                              NY-46-6-423
WEED, ELI                         GREENFIELD                              NY-46-18-438
WEED, EMILY B.                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-19-453
WEED, FRANKLIN B.                 CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-30-390
WEED, JACOB                       GREENFIELD                              NY-46-5-57
WEED, JARED                       GREENFIELD                              NY-46-41-488
WEED, JOHN                        GREENFIELD                              NY-46-14-436
WEED, JOHN S.                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-20-20
WEED, JOSEPH L.                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-41-411
WEED, MARY L.                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-44-410
WEED, NOAH                        GREENFIELD                              NY-46-12-213
WEED, RACHEL                      MALTA                                   NY-46-40-550
WEED, REUBEN                      GREENFIELD                              NY-46-1A-35
WEED, SENECA                      GREENFIELD                              NY-46-30-317
WEEDEN, EMMA A.                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-35-303
WEEDEN, JONATHAN                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-18-143
WEEDEN, WILLIAM C.                GREENFIELD                              NY-46-36-289
WEEKS, CATHERINE                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-28-323
WEEKS, DANIEL                     CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-19-375
WEEKS, ELIZABETH                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-21-509
WEEKS, GEORGE W.                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-22-356
WEEKS, JAMES                      MALTA                                   NY-46-14-238
WEEKS, JAMES                      CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-28-434
WEEKS, JOHN                       MALTA                                   NY-46-19-122
WEEKS, JOHN B.                    MALTA                                   NY-46-33-126
WEEKS, MELANCTON B.               MILTON                                  NY-46-22-51
WEEKS, STEPHEN                    CHARLTON                                NY-46-3-352
WEIGHT, BENJAMIN                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-24-517
WEIR, HUGH K.                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-38-262
WEIR, JOHN                        SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-23-240
WEISS, JOHN                       GALWAY                                  NY-46-40-288
WELBER, GIDEON                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-3-195
WELCH,JANE                        NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-35-425
WELCH, ASA                        SARATOGA                                NY-46-16-101
WELCH, JAMES                      SARATOGA                                NY-46-43-255
WELCH, JOHN                       HALF MOON                               NY-46-45-480
WELCH, JOHN B.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-597
WELCH, JOSEPH SR.                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-8-160
WELCH, MARY EMMA                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-39-283
WELCH, WILLIAM T.                 GALWAY                                  NY-46-20-376
WELD, LUCRETIA                    CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-34-352
WELDEN, ALIDA                     CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-12-171
WELDEN, ELDERT V.                 CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-40-227
WELDEN, MARY F.                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-35-565
WELDON, ABRAHAM                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-9-110
WELDON, SAMUEL S.                 BALLSTON                                NY-46-29-486
WELLET, JOSEPH N.                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-45-434
WELLING, MELVILLE L.              HALF MOON                               NY-46-46-41
WELLS, CHARLES FIELD              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-46-276
WELLS, CORDELIA                   EDINBURGH                               NY-46-43-45
WELLS, DELIA                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-286
WELLS, EMELINE                    MOREAU                                  NY-46-39-280
WELLS, JOSEPH V. K.               CHARLTON                                NY-46-20-37
WELLS, MARTHA A.                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-27-206
WELLS, MARY L. S.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-123
WELLS, SYLVESTER                  MOREAU                                  NY-46-41-349
WELSCH, JOHN H.                   MILTON                                  NY-46-41-51
WELSH, JOHN                       SARATOGA                                NY-46-37-76
WEMPLE, MINDERT                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-13-148
WEMPLE, MYNDERT                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-5-414
WEMPLE, SIMON                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-16-1
WENDELL, EVE                      CHARLTON                                NY-46-16-65
WENDELL, MARIA                    MILTON                                  NY-46-18-197
WENDELL, MENZO EDGAR              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-193
WENDELL, PHILIP J.                HALF MOON                               NY-46-20-240
WENDELL, SARAH C.                 BALLSTON                                NY-46-40-377
WESCOTT, GLOANNA S.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-29-206
WESCOTT, JANE S.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-328
WESCOTT, JEREMIAH                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-9-210
WESCOTT, LEWIS                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-25-22
WESCOTT, MAHALAH                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-44-496
WESCOTT, MELISSA                  STILLWATER                              NY-46-39-145
WESCOTT, REUBEN                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-30-422
WESCOTT, SAMUEL S.                GREENFIELD                              NY-46-39-289
WEST, CHARLES                     MILTON                                  NY-46-19-209
WEST, DAVID                       NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-25-364
WEST, ELSIE                       MOREAU                                  NY-46-40-552
WEST, GEORGE                      MILTON                                  NY-46-36-366
WEST, GEORGE                      BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-40-520
WEST, JOSEPH                      GALWAY                                  NY-46-3-109
WEST, LETITIA L.                  MILTON                                  NY-46-24-91
WEST, MATTHEW                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-26-381
WESTCOT, HARRIET M.               MILTON                                  NY-46-43-343
WESTCOT, JOSEPH                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-16-154
WESTCOT, JOSEPH E.                MILTON                                  NY-46-39-226
WESTCOTT, CAROLINE W.             SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-46-123
WESTCOTT, ELIZABETH B. W.         SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-70
WESTCOTT, JAMES H.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-483
WESTCOTT, JAMES R.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-20-522
WESTCOTT, MARY A.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-21-265
WESTFALL, CHRISTOPHER             CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-26-245
WESTGATE, SILVENAS                EDINBURGH                               NY-46-8-311
WETSEL, DANIEL                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-30-361
WETSEL, DANIEL F.                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-44-79
WETSEL, HARRIET                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-21-128
WETSEL, JOHN F.                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-28-216
WETSEL, JOHN J.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-356
WHALEN, HANNAH                    BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-40-41
WHALEN, HELENA                    MILTON                                  NY-46-44-446
WHALEN, MARTHA                    MILTON                                  NY-46-25-352
WHALEN, PATRICK                   MILTON                                  NY-46-38-553
WHALEN, SETH                      MILTON                                  NY-46-29-576
WHALEN, WILLIAM                   MILTON                                  NY-46-45-528
WHALEY, AMANDA F.                 NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-38-667
WHALEY, GEORGE H.                 VICTORY MILLS                           NY-46-44-567
WHALEY, JAMES H.                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-41-451
WHEALEY, BENJANMIN M.             SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-457
WHEELER, ADELIA M.                BALLSTON                                NY-46-33-85
WHEELER, CALVIN                   MILTON                                  NY-46-17-5
WHEELER, CALVIN S.                BALLSTON                                NY-46-31-554
WHEELER, CURTISS                  MOREAU                                  NY-46-16-326
WHEELER, EDWARD                   MILTON                                  NY-46-12-228
WHEELER, HIRAM                    MOREAU                                  NY-46-26-137
WHEELER, HORACE L.                GREENFIELD                              NY-46-23-386
WHEELER, JANE                     MOREAU                                  NY-46-35-263
WHEELER, JOHN                     EDINBURGH                               NY-46-22-114
WHEELER, JOHN                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-43-317
WHEELER, JONAS                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-13-195
WHEELER, JOSEPH                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-33-39
WHEELER, MARGARET                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-38-241
WHEELER, PLATT                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-19-269
WHEELER, SARAH D.                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-35-584
WHEELER, SYRIL                    EDINBURGH                               NY-46-32-206
WHEELER, WILLIAM                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-22-487
WHEELER, WILLIAM H.               BALLSTON                                NY-46-32-86
WHEELER, WILLIAM S.               MILTON                                  NY-46-34-598
WHEELER, ZOPHER S.                GREENFIELD                              NY-46-5-207
WHIFORD, EARL H.                  STILLWATER                              NY-46-31-495
WHIPPLE, MARY ANN                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-27-178
WHITCOMB, AMY A.                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-38-349
WHITE, ANN                        WATERFORD                               NY-46-45-572
WHITE, ANNA M.                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-33-355
WHITE,CHARLOTTE B.                BALLSTON                                NY-46-30-27
WHITE, CELIA A.                   BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-46-462
WHITE, CHARLES                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-41-359
WHITE, CHARLES F.                 CORINTH                                 NY-46-34-171
WHITE, CLARISSA                   EDINBURGH                               NY-46-22-494
WHITE, CYNTHIA                    NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-32-450
WHITE, DANIEL                     WILTON                                  NY-46-9-314
WHITE, ELEANOR W.                 JACKSONVILLE, DUVAL, FL                 NY-46-29-489
WHITE, ELLA M.                    BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-41-585
WHITE, EMILIE                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-23-497
WHITE, EMMA                       BALLSTON                                NY-46-42-559
WHITE, EMMA J.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-27-434
WHITE, FLORA E.                   MOREAU                                  NY-46-39-556
WHITE, GEORGE H.                  DAY                                     NY-46-42-291
WHITE, HUGH T.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-26-526
WHITE, HULDAH S.                  BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-26-249
WHITE, J. SEWARD                  SOUTH GLEN FALLS                        NY-46-231
WHITE, JAMES E.                   BALLSTON SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-289
WHITE, JOHN H.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-24-432
WHITE, JONAS                      BALLSTON                                NY-46-2-99
WHITE, MARIA                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-19-126
WHITE, MARIA M.                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-32-1
WHITE, MARY A.                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-41-325
WHITE, MARY L.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-417
WHITE, RANSOM                     NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-39-574
WHITE, STEPHEN HOWE               BALLSTON                                NY-46-2-199
WHITE, STEPHEN V. R.              GALWAY                                  NY-46-30-568
WHITE, STEPHEN W.                 MILTON                                  NY-46-36-119
WHITE, WILLIAM B.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-20-385
WHITE, WILLIAM L.                 BALLSTON                                NY-46-9-362
WHITED, OLIVER                    MILTON                                  NY-46-20-193
WHITEMARSH, GIDEON                NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-14-30
WHITFORD, CALVIN                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-29-338
WHITFORD, CHARLES W.              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-24-228
WHITFORD, ELIZA                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-134
WHITFORD, FOSTER                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-9-264
WHITFORD, MELISSA                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-32-529
WHITFORD, OSCAR F.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-172
WHITFORD, SARAH M.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-29-605
WHITFORD, WILLIAM                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-11-108
WHITING, ALBERT                   KINGDOM OF CHINA                        NY-46-25-395
WHITING, HARRIET                  MILTON                                  NY-46-28-15
WHITING, LEWIS E.                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-27-268
WHITLOCK, JOHN                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-39-313
WHITMAN, WILLIAM                  MILTON                                  NY-46-12-362
WHITNEY, EZEKIEL H.               WATERFORD                               NY-46-11-365
WHITNEY, ZENAS                    EDINBURGH                               NY-46-39-550
WHITTIG, JOHN                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-41-67
WHITTLESEY, WALTER B.             SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-23-263
WIBERT, JOHN                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-15-42
WICKAM, WILLIAM W.                WILTON                                  NY-46-25-120
WICKEN, GEORGE                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-42-501
WICKS, DAVI                       CHARLTON                                NY-46-4-197
WICKS, EMERSON G.                 MILTON                                  NY-46-43-501
WIGGINS, AUGUSTA PORTER           SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-5
WIGGINS, CLARK L.                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-42-71
WIGGINS, DAVID                    MALTA                                   NY-46-23-180
WIGGINS, GEORGE                   MALTA                                   NY-46-19-326
WIGGINS, JAMES B.                 MALTA                                   NY-46-27-47
WIGGINS, JAMES H.                 MALTA                                   NY-46-45-212
WIGGINS, JOHN                     MALTA                                   NY-46-27-413
WIGGINS, PAULINA                  MALTA                                   NY-46-27-417
WIGGINS, PETER V.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-19-445
WILBER, DELIA G.                  STILLWATER                              NY-46-42-63
WILBER, HENRY                     NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-42-239
WILBER, SAMUEL                    CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-24-324
WILBER, SUSANNAH                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-20-92
WILBUR, ISAAC S.                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-24-245
WILBUR, JEPTHA R.                 EDINBURGH                               NY-46-29-533
WILBUR, JOANNA                    EDINBURGH                               NY-46-19-234
WILBUR, JOHN                      STILLWATER                              NY-46-27-390
WILBUR, OWEN                      SARATOGA                                NY-46-21-335
WILCOX, CHARLES W.                HALF MOON                               NY-46-43-303
WILCOX, CYNTHIA                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-45-258
WILCOX, JAMES E.                  CORINTH                                 NY-46-28-224
WILCOX, JENNIE V.                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-41-468
WILCOX, JOSEPH                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-14-313
WILCOX, LEMUEL                    CORINTH                                 NY-46-19-70
WILCOX, TRUMAN                    MOREAU                                  NY-46-23-258
WILCOX, WILLIAM                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-22-379
WILDE, JOHN                       ORANGE                                  NY-46-5-303
WILDE, JOHN                       ORANGE                                  NY-46-5-122
WILEY, ALFRED N.                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-42-411
WILEY, CALVIN F.                  MILTON                                  NY-46-29-385
WILEY, DELIA N.                   MILTON                                  NY-46-37-133
WILEY, JOHN W.                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-39-214
WILIAMS, STEPHEN D.               GREENFIELD                              NY-46-23-545
WILKIE, JOHN                      GALWAY                                  NY-46-19-176
WILKINS, HIRAMA                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-602
WILKINSON, JOHN                   GALWAY                                  NY-46-12-155
WILKINSON, JOHN                   GALWAY                                  NY-46-9-158
WILLARD, FRANCES L.               PLAINWELL, ALLEGAN, MI                  NY-46-46-89
WILLARD, JOHN                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-19-678
WILLARD, MARIA L.                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-12-106
WILLARD, MARY R.                  NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY             NY-46-46-46
WILLARD, REUBEN                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-12-373
WILLCOX, ABNER                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-20-290
WILLCOX, ALBERT O.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-211
WILLCOX, MICAJAH                  EASTON                                  NY-46-5-223
WILLIAMS, ADELLA D.               CORINTH                                 NY-46-45-550
WILLIAMS, CATHARINE               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-457
WILLIAMS, CHARLOTTE               MILTON                                  NY-46-40-27
WILLIAMS, CLARA                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-23-145
WILLIAMS, DANIEL                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-21-704
WILLIAMS, DAVID                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-9-99
WILLIAMS, ELLEN                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-204
WILLIAMS, ELMIRA A.               GREENFIELD                              NY-46-34-215
WILLIAMS, EUNICE P.               BALLSTON                                NY-46-26-217
WILLIAMS, FREDERICK S.            SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-20-236
WILLIAMS, GEORE H.                MILTON                                  NY-46-27-119
WILLIAMS, HENRY W.                CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-24-243
WILLIAMS, ISRAEL                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-8-62
WILLIAMS, JANE                    CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-29-239
WILLIAMS, JOHN                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-9-331
WILLIAMS, JOHN                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-9-396
WILLIAMS, JOHN                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-20-434
WILLIAMS, JULIA A.                MILTON                                  NY-46-32-453
WILLIAMS, M'LERNET                MILTON                                  NY-46-22-163
WILLIAMS, MALINDA                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-29-253
WILLIAMS, MARTHA NOYES            SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-592
WILLIAMS, MARY                    WILTON                                  NY-46-37-160
WILLIAMS, MARY McCREA             MILTON                                  NY-46-35-471
WILLIAMS, MEHITABLE M.            GREENFIELD                              NY-46-34-173
WILLIAMS, MEHITABLE R.            GREENFIELD                              NY-46-16-103
WILLIAMS, MINERVA                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-21-47
WILLIAMS, PETER                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-9-153
WILLIAMS, PHOEBE JANE             SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-504
WILLIAMS, SARAH ELIZABETH         SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-233
WILLIAMS, SARAH J.                MILTON                                  NY-46-43-29
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                  NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-8-134
WILLIAMS, URIAS                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-20-13
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                 MOREAU                                  NY-46-21-506
WILLIAMSON, CHARLES W.            SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-485
WILLIS, DELIA E.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-441
WILLIS, ROBERT                    CHARLTON                                NY-46-20-84
WILLOUGHBY, SAMUEL AUGUSTUS       SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-27-290
WILSDON, JULIA                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-39-79
WILSEY, DELILA E.                 MILTON                                  NY-46-43-311
WILSEY, HENRY                     MILTON                                  NY-46-20-529
WILSEY, LOTTIE R.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-596
WILSEY, NATHAN G.                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-18-385
WILSEY, STEPHEN H.                GREENFIELD                              NY-46-29-462
WILSON, AARON                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-15-218
WILSON, ABNER                     GREENFIELD                              NY-46-6-292
WILSON, CATHERINE S.              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-32-223
WILSON, CURRENCE A.               GREENFIELD                              NY-46-18-444
WILSON, DANIEL K.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-349
WILSON, ELISHA                    CORINTH                                 NY-46-22-97
WILSON, EZRA                      GREENFIELD                              NY-46-24-37
WILSON, JACOB                     CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-22-574
WILSON, JOHN                      BALLSTON                                NY-46-11-249
WILSON, MARIA DOWDELL             MALTA                                   NY-46-39-370
WILSON,CURTIS P.                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-32-99
WILSON, SARAH                     MILTON                                  NY-46-22-566
WILSON, THOMAS                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-20-418
WILSON, WILLIAM                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-12-287
WILSON, WILLIAM                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-27-203
WILSON, WILLIAM                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-655
WILTSEY, GEORGE J.                HALF MOON                               NY-46-32-27
WIMSEY, CORNELIUS B.              SARATOGA                                NY-46-30-351
WIMSEY, VALORIS                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-34-617
WINANS, DAVID                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-33-121
WINANS, SARAH L.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-441
WING, CHARLES                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-15-289
WING, EMMA                        GREENFIELD                              NY-46-35-225
WING, JOHN O.                     GREENFIELD                              NY-46-39-553
WING, PRINCE                      MILTON                                  NY-46-33-334
WING, SENNETT A.                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-24-113
WINNE, DAVID H.                   MILTON                                  NY-46-35-474
WINNE, FRANCIS D.                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-23-368
WINNE, JANE ANN                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-24-129
WINNE, LILLIE D.                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-39-535
WINNE, MIRIAM                     MILTON                                  NY-46-42-629
WINNE, STEPHEN                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-21-337
WINNEY, A. JENNETT                SARATOGA                                NY-46-29-472
WINNEY, JOHN B.                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-18-50
WINNEY, MARIA                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-29-543
WINNEY, MARY C.                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-30-397
WINNEY, STEPHEN H.                SARATOGA                                NY-46-27-441
WINSHIP, DANIEL W.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-2
WINSHIP, MARY A.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-22
WINSOR, ZENAS                     GREENFIELD                              NY-46-7-200
WINSTON, ANNA                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-1-283
WINTERS, ELIZABETH                BALLSTON                                NY-46-41-381
WINTERS, LUCY                     MILTON                                  NY-46-37-451
WINTERS, WILLIAM                  MILTON                                  NY-46-29-431
WISWALL, EUGENE                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-405
WISWALL, EUNICE A.                MILTON                                  NY-46-41-269
WITBECK, JOHN P.                  MILTON                                  NY-46-14-43
WOLF, HARRIET                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-45-86
WOLFF, SAMUEL S.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-31
WONDISFORD, THOMAS                HALF MOON                               NY-46-37-205
WOOD, ABBY                        SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-21-259
WOOD, ADRIET                      CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-22-445
WOOD, ALPHEUS J.                  POPLAR GROVE, BOONE, IL                 NY-46-30-328
WOOD, ANN ELIZABETH               WILTON                                  NY-46-43-287
WOOD, ANNIE                       SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-583
WOOD, ARETHUSA                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-18-84
WOOD, CYRUS                       MILTON                                  NY-46-25-130
WOOD, DAVID                       MILTON                                  NY-46-15-229
WOOD, DAVID L.                    MILTON                                  NY-46-43-21
WOOD, EDWARD I.                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-41-497
WOOD, ELIZA H.                    MILTON                                  NY-46-46-167
WOOD, ELIZABETH                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-43-301
WOOD, EMMA                        MILTON                                  NY-46-37-136
WOOD, EPHRAIM                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-40-526
WOOD, ESTHER                      STILLWATER                              NY-46-20-388
WOOD, GEORGE                      MOREAU                                  NY-46-22-275
WOOD, GRACE                       ASHBY, MIDDLESEX, MA                    NY-46-44-151
WOOD, HENRY                       WILTON                                  NY-46-13-330
WOOD, HIRAM                       MILTON                                  NY-46-28-245
WOOD, HIRAM W.                    MILTON                                  NY-46-32-435
WOOD, HULDA                       NTL                                     NY-46-3-296
WOOD, JANE                        CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-34-607
WOOD, JOHN                        CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-38-79
WOOD, JOHN                        NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-6-394
WOOD, JOHN                        NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-18-501
WOOD, JOHN B.                     CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-32-40
WOOD, JOHN G.                     CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-31-14
WOOD, JONAH                       BALLSTON                                NY-46-5-229
WOOD, JONATHAN                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-6-270
WOOD, JOSEPH                      GREENFIELD                              NY-46-8-315
WOOD, JOSEPH                      MILTON                                  NY-46-31-385
WOOD, MARY                        NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-41-575
WOOD, MICHAEL B.                  NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-43-173
WOOD, NATHAN                      MOREAU                                  NY-46-15-48
WOOD, NORTON                      GREENFIELD                              NY-46-20-141
WOOD, RUBY J.                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-41-97
WOOD, SAMUEL                      GREENFIELD                              NY-46-18-208
WOOD, SARAH E.                    MILTON                                  NY-46-39-7
WOOD, STEPHEN                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-36-59
WOOD, TAMMY M.                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-44-313
WOOD, WESTON S.                   SCHAGHTICOKE, RENSSELAER, NY            NY-46-5-259
WOOD, WHEATON                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-9-4
WOOD, WILLIAM H.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-448
WOODARD, PHINEAS                  MOREAU                                  NY-46-21-471
WOODARD, SEYMOUR                  HADLEY                                  NY-46-37-16
WOODBRIDGE, MARY                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-11
WOODCOCK, RICHARDSON              HADLEY                                  NY-46-34-46
WOODEN, REUBEN                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-5-390
WOODEN, TIMOTHY                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-4-346
WOODIN, MANLEY A.                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-35-199
WOODIN, PETER                     HALF MOON                               NY-46-46-248
WOODIN, REUBEN                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-13-183
WOODLAND, HARVEY                  HADLEY                                  NY-46-38-601
WOODROE, ROSANNA                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-497
WOODROW, HENRY                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-32-120
WOODRUFF, ALTIE A.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-20
WOODRUFF, ROGER                   NTL                                     NY-46-8-239
WOODRUFF, SIMEON                  CHARLTON                                NY-46-12-16
WOODWARD, EDWIN T.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-146
WOODWARD, HENRY                   WILTON                                  NY-46-39-163
WOODWARD, JONATHAN                WILTON                                  NY-46-14-442
WOODWARD, SAMUEL W.               WILTON                                  NY-46-45-64
WOODWORTH, EPHRAIM                STILLWATER                              NY-46-10-322
WOODWORTH, EPHRAIM                NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-6-396
WOODWORTH, PATRICK                STILLWATER                              NY-46-16-41
WOOL, PETER G.                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-30-488
WOOLCOTT, ESTHER JANE             WATERFORD                               NY-46-33-223
WOOLCOTT, ISRAEL STEBBINS         WATERFORD                               NY-46-33-221
WOOLSEY, FRANCIS E.               PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-39-763
WORDEN, GEORGE                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-45-98
WORDEN, WILLIAM W.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-426
WRAY, CATHARINE                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-2-28
WRIGHT, ALICE                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-31-325
WRIGHT, DEBORAH                   CORINTH                                 NY-46-14-91
WRIGHT, DEBORAH                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-23-116
WRIGHT, ELIZA                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-31-529
WRIGHT, ELIZA JANE                STILLWATER                              NY-46-35-17
WRIGHT, GEORGE                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-23-357
WRIGHT, GEORGE B.                 MILTON                                  NY-46-43-185
WRIGHT, GEORGE T.                 CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-22-262
WRIGHT, GILBERT                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-18-281
WRIGHT, HARRIET B.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-28-448
WRIGHT, JOHN B.                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-24-184
WRIGHT, JOHN MILTON               STILLWATER                              NY-46-45-428
WRIGHT, JOSEPH                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-8-356
WRIGHT, LOUISA K.                 EDINBURGH                               NY-46-18-352
WRIGHT, MARY ANN                  STILLWATER                              NY-46-34-64
WRIGHT, MELVIN M.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-31-484
WRIGHT, REUBEN                    STILLATER                               NY-46-7-126
WRIGHT, REUBEN                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-16-450
WRIGHT, REUBEN G.                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-21-453
WRIGHT, SALLY                     EDINBURGH                               NY-46-34-296
WRIGHT, SILAS H.                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-26-340
WRIGHT, WILLIAM R.                MILTON                                  NY-46-38-607
WYLIE, JAMES                      PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-20-509
WYLIE, PHEBE M.                   PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-26-203
WYLIE, THOMPSON                   PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-22-549
YAGER, ANN                        STILLWATER                              NY-46-44-469
YAGER, PHILIP                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-42-89
YATES, GEORGE U.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-26-536
YATES, LUTHER                     HALF MOON                               NY-46-26-26
YOREHOUSE, JAMES                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-23-86
YORK, OLIVER                      GALWAY                                  NY-46-9-400
YOUMANS, MARGARET F.              WATERFORD                               NY-46-39-148
YOUNG, ABRAHAM M.                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-22-300
YOUNG, BETSEY R.                  MILTON                                  NY-46-32-58
YOUNG, CAROLINE A.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-28-353
YOUNG, CORNELIA                   MALTA                                   NY-46-32-141
YOUNG, EMMA                       MILTON                                  NY-46-24-396
YOUNG, HERVEY                     GREENFIELD                              NY-46-21-43
YOUNG, ISAAC                      GREENFIELD                              NY-46-9-239
YOUNG, JESSE                      MILTON                                  NY-46-37-409
YOUNG, JOHN                       CHARLTON                                NY-46-33-371
YOUNG, JOHN H.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-28-502
YOUNG, JOHN T.                    CORINTH                                 NY-46-19-349
YOUNG, MARTHA E.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-27-372
YOUNG, MARTHA O.                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-36-148
YOUNG, MARY                       GREENFIELD                              NY-46-37-463
YOUNG, MELISSA R.                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-34-459
YOUNG, NOAH S.                    MILTON                                  NY-46-19-398
YOUNG, SAMUEL                     BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-17-20
YOUNG, SARAH                      MILTON                                  NY-46-18-277
YOUNG, SOLOMON                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-15-118
YOUNG, WILLIAM                    MILTON                                  NY-46-20-127
YOUNG, WILLIAM J.                 GALWAY                                  NY-46-41-271
YOUNGS, SOLOMON                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-24-154
YOUT, FANNY                       BALLSTON                                NY-46-34-188
ZINSTINE, WILLIAM H.              EDINBURGH                               NY-46-43-161
ZUPKO, JOSEPH                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-42-75

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