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CADY, CHARLES H.                  MILTON                                  NY-46-40-252
CADY, ELIZA E.                    CORINTH                                 NY-46-31-328
CADY, HENRY C.                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-26-185
CADY, LYMAN                       GREENFIELD                              NY-46-46-23
CADY, SHULER                      BALLSTON                                NY-46-19-274
CAHIL, JAMES                      STILLWATER                              NY-46-14-404
CAHILL, EDWARD H.                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-32-420
CAHILL, JOHN                      SARATOGA                                NY-46-31-302
CAHILL, PATRICK                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-41-63
CAIN, ANDREW                      BALLSTON                                NY-46-34-53
CAIRNS, PATRICK                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-23-229
CALDWELL, ADAM J.                 CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-38-148
CALDWELL, EDWARD                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-11-18
CALDWELL, EDWARD C.               SARATOGA                                NY-46-23-126
CALDWELL, HAMBLIN                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-40-537
CALDWELL, MARK T.                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-39-418
CALDWELL, MARY A.                 GALWAY                                  NY-46-40-17
CALDWELL, MARYETT                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-28-560
CALDWELL, PETER                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-25-173
CALDWELL, SETH B.                 MALTA                                   NY-46-23-237
CALDWELL, WILLIAM C.              SARATOGA                                NY-46-25-149
CALKINS, ABRAHAM                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-9-118
CALKINS, BETSEY S.                BALLSTON                                NY-46-27-123
CALKINS, CALVIN                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-19-484
CALKINS, CALVIN P.                BALLSTON                                NY-46-25-107
CALKINS, CLARISSA M.              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-36-404
CALKINS, JOEL S.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-28-42
CALKINS, MARIA                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-26-152
CALKINS, WILLIAM F.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-159
CALL, ELECTA A.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-212
CALLAHAN, BENJAMIN                NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-33-124
CALLAHAN, JOHN                    MOREAU                                  NY-46-27-169
CALLEN, CARRIE M.                 BALLSTON                                NY-46-27-150
CALLEN, CATY                      CHARLTON                                NY-46-20-361
CALLEN, CHLOE SOPHIA              BALLSTON                                NY-46-38-268
CALLEN, EDWARD                    CHARLTON                                NY-46-16-361
CALLEN, EMMA GRACE                MILTON                                  NY-46-43-457
CALLEN, GINNET                    CHARLTON                                NY-46-20-358
CALLEN, HANNAH                    CHARLTON                                NY-46-30-3
CALLEN, JAMES                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-24-220
CALLEN, PATRICK                   MOREAU                                  NY-46-42-507
CALLEN, PEGGA                     CHARLTON                                NY-46-20-356
CAMBRIDGE, MARY                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-37-613
CAMERON, BETSEY A.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-46-575
CAMERON, MINNIE H.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-233
CAMFIELD, MARY                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-45-330
CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH               WATERFORD                               NY-46-43-91
CAMPBELL, JOHN                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-1-11
CAMPBELL, JOHN                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-38-106
CAMPBELL, MARGARET                CHARLTON                                NY-46-1-9
CAMPBELL, VALENTINE E.            SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-85
CAMPION, GRACE                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-28-99
CANIFF, MARY                      MILTON                                  NY-46-29-555
CAPEN, MARY J.                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-32-301
CAPLES, WILLIAM                   MILTON                                  NY-46-29-174
CAPLICE, CATHERINE                SARATOGA                                NY-46-41-425
CAPLICE, WILLIAM                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-44-61
CARASONE, RALPH                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-75
CARDEN, LEWIS                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-42-573
CAREY, CHARLES J.                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-16-254
CAREY, ELIZABETH W.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-46-449
CAREY, JOSEPH                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-439
CAREY, MARY                       SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-156
CARLIN, JOHN                      MILTON                                  NY-46-31-610
CARLIN, MELISSA C.                BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-40-274
CARLISLE, JOHN                    MOREAU                                  NY-46-39-586
CARLTON, JAMES                    CORINTH                                 NY-46-26-42
CARLTON, STILLMAN H.              STILLWATER                              NY-46-32-402
CARLTON, SUSAN                    HADLEY                                  NY-46-23-152
CARLTON, WILLIAM W.               CORINTH                                 NY-46-34-342
CARMAN, MARY A.                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-34-480
CARMAN, SOLOMON                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-26-243
CARON, VICTOR E.                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-42-549
CARPENTER, ALONZO B.              SARATOGA                                NY-46-36-352
CARPENTER, ALONZO B.              SARATOGA                                NY-46-38-634
CARPENTER, ALVIN R.               SARATOGA                                NY-46-45-172
CARPENTER, AMY                    CORINTH                                 NY-46-27-103
CARPENTER, BELOVED                CORINTH                                 NY-46-6-272
CARPENTER, BELOVED                CORINTH                                 NY-46-6-407
CARPENTER, CHARLES                CORINTH                                 NY-46-18-302
CARPENTER, CYRIL                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-11-164
CARPENTER, DANIEL                 CORINTH                                 NY-46-30-590
CARPENTER, EDWIN W.               WILTON                                  NY-46-31-312
CARPENTER, ELISHA                 PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-6-419
CARPENTER, ELISHA                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-6-437
CARPENTER, FRANKLIN               NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-43-289
CARPENTER, GERTRUDE               BALLSTON                                NY-46-27-166
CARPENTER, ISAAC                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-1-26
CARPENTER, JANE J.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-337
CARPENTER, JOHN                   NTL                                     NY-46-1-249
CARPENTER, JOHN                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-38-37
CARPENTER, JOSEPH                 MILTON                                  NY-46-37-64
CARPENTER, LYDIA                  HALEY                                   NY-46-5-226
CARPENTER, MARY A.                MUSKEGON, MUSKEGON, MI                  NY-46-38-541
CARPENTER, MARY JANE              GREENFIELD                              NY-46-22-370
CARPENTER, MARY L.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-190
CARPENTER, NATHAN                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-1-28
CARPENTER, PROCULE W.             SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-36-469
CARPENTER, SARAH A.               CORINTH                                 NY-46-20-402
CARPENTER, THOMAS                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-24-294
CARPENTER, WILLIAM                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-332
CARPENTER, WILLIAM P.             SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-430
CARR, DAVID                       MILTON                                  NY-46-31-98
CARR, JAMES                       STILLWATER                              NY-46-35-64
CARR, JOHN H.                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-523
CARR, JOHN T.                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-31-489
CARR, OLIVER                      BALLSTON                                NY-46-35-290
CARR, SARAH L.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-428
CARR, STAFFORD S.                 WILTON                                  NY-46-37-13
CARR, WILLIAM                     MOREAU                                  NY-46-25-39
CARRAGAN, EDWIN L.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-28-425
CARRAGAN, ELEAZER                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-20-11
CARRAGAN, JAMES                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-24-416
CARRICK, HENRY E.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-32-225
CARRIER, ZILLAH                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-24-453
CARRINGTON, PRISCILLA             SARATOGA                                NY-46-21-607
CARROLL, JAMES                    NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-21-21
CARROLL, JOHN P.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-190
CARROLL, MARGARET F.              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-185
CARROLL, OWEN                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-29-164
CARROLL, THOMAS B.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-124
CARSCADDEN, JAMES                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-41-273
CARTER, CHARLES                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-13-344
CARTER, GEORGE T.                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-39-220
CARTER, JOHN                      GALWAY                                  NY-46-27-447
CARVERT, JOHN                     CHARLTON                                NY-46-6-6
CARY, ABRAM                       BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-23-182
CARY, JAMES                       MOREAU                                  NY-46-45-274
CARY, JERVIS                      MOREAU                                  NY-46-22-383
CARY, LUCIUS                      MOREAU                                  NY-46-18-21
CARY, MARY A.                     MOREAU                                  NY-46-40-435
CARY, SARAH ANN                   MOREAU                                  NY-46-20-478
CARY, WILLIAM                     HALF MOON                               NY-46-14-23
CASE, JOHN W.                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-305
CASE, SARAH L.                    MILTON                                  NY-46-36-435
CASE, SEABURY                     PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-2-645
CASE, WILLIAM J.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-464
CASEY, JAMES                      STILLWATER                              NY-46-7-173
CASEY, MARTIN                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-28-349
CASHMAN, ANDREW                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-31-534
CASPER, LEONARD                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-46-531
CASSEDY, WILLIAM A. T.            HALF MOON                               NY-46-44-166
CASTLE, JOHN                      MILTON                                  NY-46-33-18
CAUFIELD, WILLIAM                 CORINTH                                 NY-46-23-8
CAULFIELD, HATTIE                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-509
CAULKINS, JOHN                    NTL                                     NY-46-2-384
CAVANAGH, JOHN                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-30-168
CAVANAGH, MARY F.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-23-256
CAVANAUGH, JAMES J.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-263
CAVENEY, MARY                     CHARLTON                                NY-46-42-623
CAVERLY, ROBERT                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-665
CAVERT, AGNES U.                  CHARLTON                                NY-46-40-574
CAVERT, JOHN E.                   GALWAY                                  NY-46-46-103
CAVERT, JOHN M.                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-25-525
CAVERT, LYDIA M.                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-31-473
CAVERT, MICHEL                    CHARLTON                                NY-46-20-49
CAVERT, WILLIAM                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-35-121
CAVNAUGH, JAMES                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-36-109
CECHAL, FERDINAND                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-248
CHACE, ARNOLD                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-29-203
CHACE, THOMAS                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-2-83
CHADSEY, BENJAMIN                 CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-15-129
CHADWICK, SARAH ANN               WATERFORD                               NY-46-40-114
CHALICE, JAMES                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-42-649
CHALMERS, WILLIAM                 GALWAY                                  NY-46-15-22
CHAMBERLAIN, GEORGE Q.            SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-30-268
CHAMBERLIN, JOHN G.               MILTON                                  NY-46-15-115
CHAMBERLIN, LUTHER W.             GREENFIELD                              NY-46-43-121
CHAMPION, JOEL                    MALTA                                   NY-46-18-136
CHAMPION, SARAH A.                HALF MOON                               NY-46-38-577
CHAPMAN, AMELIA                   MILTON                                  NY-46-35-337
CHAPMAN, ELIZABETH J.             SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-294
CHAPMAN, HARVEY                   BALSTON                                 NY-46-18-245
CHAPMAN, HENRY D.                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-21-281
CHAPMAN, HENRY P.                 BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-24-309
CHAPMAN, MARY R.                  MILTON                                  NY-46-34-532
CHAPMAN, NANCY                    BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-28-57
CHAPMAN, JAMES R.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-426
CHAPMAN, SAMUEL                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-8-56
CHAPMAN, SAMUEL                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-18-229
CHAPMAN, SAMUEL                   NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-24-132
CHAPMAN, STEPHEN                  CHARLTON                                NY-46-1-278
CHAPMAN, WASHINGTON               MILTON                                  NY-46-16-34
CHAPMAN, ZILPHA                   NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-9-168
CHARD, CONSIDER                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-8-39
CHARD, HANNAH                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-8-64
CHARLES, CATHERINE                GALWAY                                  NY-46-28-19
CHASE, AARON                      GREENFIELD                              NY-46-9-26
CHASE, AARON                      WILTON                                  NY-46-28-581
CHASE, ALMIRA                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-34-589
CHASE, ANN                        SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-579
CHASE, ANNA L.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-321
CHASE, HIRAM M.                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-33-195
CHASE, JOHN                       MALTA                                   NY-46-29-347
CHASE, MARIA                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-346
CHASE, MARY                       MALTA                                   NY-46-38-679
CHASE, PELEG                      PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-21-706
CHASE, RUTH H.                    WILTON                                  NY-46-28-536
CHASE, WING                       PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-14-300
CHATFIELD, ABIGAIL                GALWAY                                  NY-46-26-149
CHATFIELD, ISAAC L.               GALWAY                                  NY-46-26-62
CHATFIELD, REUBEN                 MILTON                                  NY-46-21-106
CHEEDLE, SAMUEL A.                EDINBURGH                               NY-46-20-243
CHERRY, ANN                       SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-10
CHERRY, BARBARA A.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-87
CHESEBROUGH, THOMAS               MILTON                                  NY-46-2-69
CHESTNEY, JAMES W.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-13-288
CHEVALIER, WILLIAM                NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-3-299
CHIDESTER, HELEN M.               GREENFIELD                              NY-46-38-310
CHILDS, DAVID V.                  MOREAU                                  NY-46-35-371
CHOPIN, WILLIAM S.                CORINTH                                 NY-46-14-372
CHRISTIANCE, JOHN                 NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-9-160
CHRISTIE, MARY                    MILTON                                  NY-46-19-226
CHUBB, JOHN H.                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-35-10
CHURCH, CHARLES R.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-382
CHURCH, LUTHER C.                 MOREAU                                  NY-46-42-101
CHURCH, MARY E.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-280
CHURCHILL, ELLEN E.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-448
CHURCHILL, SAMUEL                 MOREAU                                  NY-46-5-59
CINELLA, VIOVANNI                 MECHANICVILLE                           NY-46-45-536
CIPSETT, FRANCIS                  PITTSTOWN, RENSSELAER, NY               NY-46-3-456
CLANCY, THOMAS                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-41-177
CLAPP, BENJAMIN W.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-94
CLAPP, LOIS ELIZABETH             SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-36-430
CLAPP, MADELIA H.                 MILTON                                  NY-46-40-112
CLAPPER, CATHERINE                CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-38-292
CLARK, ABBY M.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-367
CLARK, AMY A.                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-46-435
CLARK, ANDREW                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-18-93
CLARK, BENEDICT                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-18-74
CLARK, BENEDICT A.                PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-15-310
CLARK, BRIDGET                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-45-530
CLARK, CAROLINE                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-42-423
CLARK, CAROLINE L.                MILTON                                  NY-46-41-23
CLARK, CHARLOTTE L.               WATERFORD                               NY-46-31-388
CLARK, CHAUNCEY M.                GREENFIELD                              NY-46-37-535
CLARK, CYRUS                      CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-26-214
CLARK, DAVID                      CHARLTON                                NY-46-3-178
CLARK, ELI C.                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-24-124
CLARK, EMEROY Z.                  MALTA                                   NY-46-35-496
CLARK, FINLAY Y.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-655
CLARK, GEORGE                     CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-37-37
CLARK, HANNAH                     CHARLTON                                NY-46-25-450
CLARK, HARRIET                    PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-32-67
CLARK, HENRIETTA                  NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-37-406
CLARK, JAMES                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-29-399
CLARK, JEPTHA D.                  CORINTH                                 NY-46-21-19
CLARK, JEREMIAH                   PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-14-340
CLARK, JOHN M.                    CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-41-387
CLARK, JOSHUA J.                  WAR OF 1812                             NY-46-4-263
CLARK, LIVY                       CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-20-407
CLARK, MARTHA                     PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-19-211
CLARK, MARY                       CHARLTON                                NY-46-10-101
CLARK, MARY                       BALLSTON                                NY-46-14-143
CLARK, MARY ELIZABETH             MILTON                                  NY-46-35-404
CLARK, MARY JANE                  EAST ORANGE, ESSEX, NJ                  NY-46-46-591
CLARK, RHODA A.                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-38-526
CLARK, RUSSELL W.                 PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-24-217
CLARK, SAMUEL                     MALTA                                   NY-46-6-17
CLARK, SAMUEL                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-35-463
CLARK, SUSANNAH                   PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-18-455
CLARK, THOMAS                     CHARLTON                                NY-46-9-84
CLARK, THOMAS                     GREENFIELD                              NY-46-2-284
CLARK, VAN BUREN                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-31-10
CLARK, WILLIAM                    BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-9-20
CLARK, WILLIAM                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-39-607
CLARK, WILLIAM V.                 PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-33-360
CLARKE, ELIZA                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-22-13
CLARKE, JULIA M.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-237
CLARKE, MARIA B.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-30-221
CLAYDON, CHARITY V.               GREENFIELD                              NY-46-24-381
CLAYDON, JAMES                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-24-383
CLAYTON, THOMAS E.                WATERFORD                               NY-46-38-631
CLEARY, PATRICK                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-42-217
CLEAVER, HERVEY                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-415
CLEMENT, AURILA                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-19-369
CLEMENT, MARY E.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-499
CLEMENT, WILLIAM H.               SALEM, WARREN, OH                       NY-46-31-245
CLEMENTS, ASA                     NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-21-178
CLEMENTS, BENJAMIN                SARATOGA                                NY-46-12-130
CLEMENTS, FREDERICK               HALF MOON                               NY-46-9-1
CLEMENTS, HENRY B.                SARATOGA                                NY-46-13-467
CLEMENTS, ISAAC                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-22-242
CLEMENTS, ISAAC S.                HALF MOON                               NY-46-21-109
CLEMENTS, JESSE                   MOREAU                                  NY-46-21-358
CLEMENTS, JOHN                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-18-377
CLEMENTS, MOSES                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-32-104
CLEMENTS, TAMMA                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-32-107
CLEMENTS, THOMAS                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-6-230
CLEMENTS, THOMAS                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-19-469
CLEMENTS, TOBIAS                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-8-265
CLEMENTS, WILLIAM                 BALLLSTON                               NY-46-42-607
CLEVELAND, CAROLINE L.            STILLWATER                              NY-46-23-417
CLEVELAND, CHARLES O.             SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-448
CLEVELAND, JAMES                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-20-39
CLIFT, MARY                       WATERFORD                               NY-46-14-261
CLIFTON, EMMA                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-45-352
CLIZBE, LUCY                      GALWAY                                  NY-46-13-423
CLIZBE, NANCY S.                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-40-367
CLOSE, BENJAMIN                   CLIFTON                                 NY-46-8-147
CLOSE, ELIPHALET W.               WATERFORD                               NY-46-3-104
CLOSE, GIDEON                     ORANGE                                  NY-46-5-240
CLOSE, JOHN                       WATERFORD                               NY-46-3-252
CLOSE, JOHN T.                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-5-233
CLOSE, PATRICK                    MILTON                                  NY-46-34-116
CLOSE, SLAWTER                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-4-465
CLOSSON, GIDEON                   PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-14-229
CLOSSON, GIDEON                   PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-28-564
CLOTHER, BENJAMIN P.              CORINTH                                 NY-46-24-96
CLOTHER, EBENEZER K.              CORINTH                                 NY-46-21-229
CLOTHER, MORGAN L.                CORINTH                                 NY-46-25-456
CLOTHIER, AMBROSE N.              CORINTH                                 NY-46-37-79
CLOTHIER, ASA                     CORINTH                                 NY-46-13-267
CLOW, JOHN                        SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-21-9
CLUTE, ADAM                       HALF MOON                               NY-46-26-206
CLUTE, ALIDA                      CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-21-39
CLUTE, CHARLES H.                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-38-520
CLUTE, ELIZA L.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-253
CLUTE, EUGENE W.                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-42-173
CLUTE, EVERT                      SARATOGA                                NY-46-5-318
CLUTE, HENRY                      PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-26-315
CLUTE, JOHN                       CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-21-210
CLUTE, JOHN                       SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-14-69
CLUTE, JOHN                       WATERFORD                               NY-46-41-223
CLUTE, LOUISA E.                  MALTA                                   NY-46-42-471
CLUTE, NICHOLAS J.                CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-34-578
CODY, CATHERINE                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-20-587
CODY, THOMAS                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-20-232
COFFIN, JARED                     BRIGHTON, MIDDLESEX, MA                 NY-46-19-243
COFFIN, LATHAM                    PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-12-343
COFFIN, MARY A.                   MOREAU                                  NY-46-40-102
COGAN, ERCELIA E.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-429
COGAN, MICHAEL                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-32-313
COGGESHALL, DAVID                 MALTA                                   NY-46-19-198
COHN, HARRIS                      MILTON                                  NY-46-27-188
COKELY, DENNIS                    MILTON                                  NY-46-45-568
COLAMER, THOMAS                   MALTA                                   NY-46-19-72
COLBURN, EMILY E.                 SPRINGFIELD                             NY-46-31-320
COLBY, DORCAS B.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-36-488
COLBY, MOSES H.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-436
COLE, AARON B.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-134
COLE, BENJAMIN                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-2-456
COLE, CELIA A.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-257
COLE, DAVID                       EDINBURGH                               NY-46-11-24
COLE, EDGAR B.                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-23-20
COLE, FLORENCE A.                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-34-477
COLE, HANNAH M.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-31-464
COLE, JOHN A.                     EDINBURGH                               NY-46-42-533
COLE, JOSEPH                      GREENFIELD                              NY-46-10-215
COLE, LAURA G.                    MILTON                                  NY-46-43-535
COLE, MARIA                       SARATOGA                                NY-46-41-65
COLE, SAMUEL                      CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-16-385
COLE, WILLIAM                     GREENFIELD                              NY-46-35-162
COLEMAN, DAVIS                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-179
COLEMAN, PATRICK                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-36-22
COLGROVE, IDA F.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-36-130
COLLAMER, ABBY                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-27-538
COLLAMER, AURELIA                 MALTA                                   NY-46-28-33
COLLAMER, BARKER                  MALTA                                   NY-46-18-132
COLLAMER, COLLINS                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-29-192
COLLAMER, JOHN                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-34-235
COLLAMER, MARGARET A.             GREENFIELD                              NY-46-28-252
COLLAMER, MARIA                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-26-562
COLLAMER, MARY                    MALTA                                   NY-46-20-224
COLLAMER, MARY S.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-249
COLLAMER, SALLY                   MALTA                                   NY-46-21-500
COLLAMER, SUSAN M.                MALTA                                   NY-46-23-187
COLLAMER, WARREN                  MALTA                                   NY-46-21-277
COLLER, GRACE                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-153
COLLEY, FREDERICK                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-40-239
COLLINS, ALWIN H.                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-42-401
COLLINS, DANIEL                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-27-513
COLLINS, HENRY D.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-55
COLLINS, JOHN                     NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-19-112
COLLINS, MARY                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-28
COLLINS, MARY DELANEY             MILTON                                  NY-46-37-166
COLLINS, SARAH                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-409
COLONY, FANNY                     MILTON                                  NY-46-37-157
COLT, JOSEPH                      GREENFIELD                              NY-46-38-571
COLWELL, SALLY                    MILTON                                  NY-46-25-136
COMAN, THOMAS                     HADLEY                                  NY-46-40-186
COMISKY, MICHAEL                  NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-41-327
COMSTOCK, ABI                     MOREAU                                  NY-46-19-303
COMSTOCK, ABIJAH                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-16-184
COMSTOCK, ADAM                    CORINTH                                 NY-46-5-171
COMSTOCK, ALONZO B.               BALLSTON                                NY-46-39-697
COMSTOCK, ELIZABETH               GREENFIELD                              NY-46-15-395
COMSTOCK, GEORGE                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-22-292
COMSTOCK, GIDEON                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-1-263
COMSTOCK, GIDEON                  CORINTH                                 NY-46-20-475
COMSTOCK, JOHN                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-16-382
COMSTOCK, JOHN                    WILTON                                  NY-46-21-666
COMSTOCK, NATHAN                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-14-164
COMSTOCK, STEPHEN                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-9-299
COMSTOCK, THEODORE F.             WILTON                                  NY-46-23-107
COMSTOCK, WILLIAM                 WILTON                                  NY-46-21-700
COMSTOCK, WILLIAM A.              CORINTH                                 NY-46-43-115
CONAUGHTY, HUGH                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-30-585
CONDE, ADAM                       CHARLTON                                NY-46-21-94
CONDE, ALBERT                     CHARLTON                                NY-46-17-93
CONDE, JESSE                      CHARLTON                                NY-46-5-112
CONDE, JOHN T.                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-35-41
CONDE, LUCY JANE                  MILTON                                  NY-46-38-547
CONDON, MICHAEL                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-32-428
CONKLIN, DENNIS P.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-65
CONKLIN, GILBERT                  MILTON                                  NY-46-9-249
CONKLIN, HENRY                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-20-18
CONKLIN, JACOB                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-30-322
CONKLIN, JAMES                    PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-18-87
CONKLIN, MARTHA E.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-69
CONKLIN, MARY                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-294
CONKLIN, OTHENIEL                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-239
CONKLIN, PHEBE                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-28-417
CONKLIN, WILLIAM                  PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-25-300
CONKLING, CAROLINE A.             HADLEY                                  NY-46-20-155
CONKLING, HELEN M.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-97
CONKLING, JOHN P.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-29-597
CONKLING, RHODA                   GALWAY                                  NY-46-26-322
CONLEY, MARTIN                    CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-45-354
CONNELLY, JOHN                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-208
CONNER, EDWARD                    CHARLTON                                NY-46-13-374
CONNER, JAMES                     MILTON                                  NY-46-28-441
CONNERY, CATHERINE                NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-31-242
CONNERY, JOHN                     NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-31-77
CONNOLLY, CATHERINE               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-36-285
CONNOLLY, CATHERINE               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-227
CONNOLLY, MARY ANN                MILTON                                  NY-46-30-491
CONNOLLY, WILLIAM H.              BALLSTON                                NY-46-43-447
CONNOR, EDWARD                    PHILADELPHIA, PHILA., PA                NY-46-44-373
CONNOR, HANORA                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-35-29
CONNOR, THOMAS A.                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-42-447
CONNORS, EDMOND                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-31-577
CONNORS, JOHN                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-43-213
CONNORS, MARY A.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-49
CONNORS, WILLIAM                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-193
CONROY, JOHN                      GREENFIELD                              NY-46-23-466
CONSALUS, EMANUEL                 CHARLTON                                NY-46-23-104
CONSALUS, JOHN                    CHARLTON                                NY-46-6-106
CONSALUS, WILLIAM B.              WEST CHARLTON                           NY-46-40-381
CONTOIS, ALEXANDER                STILLWATER                              NY-46-43-205
CONWAY, JOHN                      BALLSTON                                NY-46-26-471
COOK, AARON                       CHARLTON                                NY-46-12-260
COOK, AARON                       MILTON                                  NY-46-25-480
COOK, ABBY H.                     GALAY                                   NY-46-23-604
COOK, ALIDA H.                    MILTON                                  NY-46-35-364
COOK, ASHER                       GALWAY                                  NY-46-22-95
COOK, ASHER                       CHARLTON                                NY-46-5-394
COOK, CAROLINE Y.                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-27-428
COOK, CHAUNCEY H.                 MILTON                                  NY-46-25-13
COOK, CHAUNCEY O.                 GALWAY                                  NY-46-34-33
COOK, DAVID                       GALWAY                                  NY-46-8-277
COOK, DAVID W.                    CHARLTON                                NY-46-27-580
COOK, EDWARD C.                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-32-584
COOK, ELANOR                      GALWAY                                  NY-46-8-141
COOK, ELI R.                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-33-337
COOK, ELIZABETH H.                WATERFORD                               NY-46-45-76
COOK, HARRIET M.                  GOSHEN, LITCHFIELD, CT                  NY-46-44-47
COOK, JAMES M.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-21-535
COOK, JANE A.                     CHICAGO, COOK, IL                       NY-46-19-492
COOK, JOHN                        CHARLTON                                NY-46-20-354
COOK, JUDITH                      WILTON                                  NY-46-27-340
COOK, LOUISA                      WATERFORD                               NY-46-43-467
COOK, LOUISA A.                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-41-439
COOK, LYMAN                       MILTON                                  NY-46-21-444
COOK, MARGARET                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-37-235
COOK, MARY                        GALWAY                                  NY-46-39-562
COOK, MILES T.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-32-245
COOK, NANCY ANN                   GALWAY                                  NY-46-27-88
COOK, PHINEAS                     HALF MOON                               NY-46-21-198
COOK, RAWSON                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-26-540
COOK, REBECCA                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-35-23
COOK, SAMUEL                      CHARLTON                                NY-46-9-191
COOK, SAMUEL                      MILTON                                  NY-46-10-337
COOK, SARAH                       GALWAY                                  NY-46-34-26
COOK, SMITH B.                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-32-65
COOK, THOMAS W.                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-18-17
COOKE, ELEUTHEROS JAY             CLINTON, CLINTON, IA                    NY-46-41-499
COOKE, TIMOTHY                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-24-82
COOL, CATHERINE A.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-462
COOL, HIRAM M.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-751
COOLEY, ROWLAND P.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-20-557
COON, CHARLOTTE H.                STILLWATER                              NY-46-43-579
COON, JAMES S.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-376
COON, JEREMIAH                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-13-455
COON, JEREMIAH                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-8-115
COON, JOHN                        HALF MOON                               NY-46-8-178
COON, JOHN                        SARATOGA                                NY-46-28-293
COON, JONAS                       MALTA                                   NY-46-27-457
COON, ORLANDO F.                  MOREAU                                  NY-46-21-227
COON, PETER                       BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-27-19
COON, SUSAN                       MILTON                                  NY-46-25-63
COONEY, MARY                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-113
COONLY, FREDERIC                  STILLWATER                              NY-46-2-378
COONS, JOHN W.                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-44-156
COOPER, AMELIA T.                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-43-211
COOPER, HENRY C.                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-30-241
COOPER, CHRISTIAN W.              CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-22-303
COOPER, ELIZA                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-27-286
COOPER, HARRIET                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-42-329
COOPER, LUCY M.                   MALTA                                   NY-46-35-283
COOPER, SOPHIA P.                 MECHANICVILLE                           NY-46-29-454
COOPER, WILLIAM                   WILTON                                  NY-46-15-76
COOPER, WILLIAM                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-2-451
COPELY, ALICE                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-28-173
CORBET, MARY E.                   MILTON                                  NY-46-17-95
CORBETT, JOHN                     MOREAU                                  NY-46-41-111
CORBETT, MARGARET                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-138
CORBETT, MYRA                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-30-377
CORBETT, PATRICK                  MOREAU                                  NY-46-41-389
CORBETT, SAMUEL                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-18-187
CORBETT, SARAH                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-26-29
CORBIN, LYDIA H.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-309
CORBIN, VIRGINIA GRANT            EAST ORANGE, ESSEX, NJ                  NY-46-44-562
CORBIT, JOHN                      MILTON                                  NY-46-20-374
CORCORAN, MARTIN                  STILLWATER                              NY-46-39-448
CORCORAN, WILLIAM                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-42-357
COREY, GIDEON                     EDINBURGH                               NY-46-18-44
COREY, JOHN                       EDINBURGH                               NY-46-8-240
COREY, JOHN A.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-23-547
CORLISS, JOHN M.                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-33-256
CORNELISON, JOHN M.               JERSEY CITY, ESSEX, NJ                  NY-46-26-417
CORNELL, BENJAMIN                 MOREAU                                  NY-46-26-476
CORNELL, CATHERINE                CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-18-121
CORNELL, DANIEL                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-35-396
CORNELL, ELISHA                   EDINBURGH                               NY-46-13-71
CORNELL, HENRY K.                 MECHANICVILLE                           NY-46-30-511
CORNELL, JAMES T.                 WILTON                                  NY-46-16-26
CORNELL, JOHN                     MILTON                                  NY-46-11-181
CORNELL, LUTHER                   MOREAU                                  NY-46-25-260
CORNELL, MILLICENT                GALWAY                                  NY-46-20-351
CORNELL, ROBERT                   PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-27-424
CORNELL, STEPHEN                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-8-408
CORNELL, URIAH                    PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-19-428
CORNELL, WANTON                   MILTON                                  NY-46-22-476
CORNING, MICHAEL                  MILTON                                  NY-46-37-538
CORP, CHARLES M.                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-37-679
CORP, SAM                         MALTA                                   NY-46-45-166
CORY, CHARLOTTE                   MILTON                                  NY-46-8-221
CORY, DAVID                       MILTON                                  NY-46-2-308
CORY, DAVID                       BALLSTON                                NY-46-21-236
COSGROVE, MARY                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-45-244
COSTELLO, JAMES                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-538
COSTELLO, MORRIS                  DAY                                     NY-46-35-231
COSTELLO, PATRICK                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-32-220
COSTELLO, THOMAS                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-24-15
COSTELLO, THOMAS                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-474
COSTIGAN, DANIEL                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-33-97
COSTIN, RICHARD                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-40-160
COTTON, LAURA A.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-474
COTTON, ORVILLE                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-22-311
COUCH, EBENEZER                   MILTON                                  NY-46-1-82
COUSE, WILLIAM A.                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-37-499
COVELL, SETH                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-590
COVEY, AMOS                       CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-19-5
COVEY, CHRISTIANA                 CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-18-447
COWEN, ELECTA B.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-22-234
COWEN, LOUISE S.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-539
COWEN, PATRICK                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-30-193
COWEN, SOLOMON S.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-21-639
COWLES, CHAUNCEY                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-20-452
COWLES, CHAUNCEY                  HADLEY                                  NY-46-38-400
COX, ABRAHAM                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-254
COX, ALVIRA                       SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-475
COX, ELIZABETH                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-28-96
COX, HARRIET E.                   GALWAY                                  NY-46-39-40
COX, JANE                         CHARLTON                                NY-46-26-220
COX, JANE HEASLIP                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-206
COX, JOHN                         JERSEY CITY, HUDSON, NJ                 NY-46-36-500
COX, JOSEPH                       HADLEY                                  NY-46-37-571
COX, MARY J.                      GALWAY                                  NY-46-35-320
COX, MERCY                        CHARLTON                                NY-46-8-71
COX, MILTON O.                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-43-431
COX, NANCY M.                     CHARLTON                                NY-46-30-141
COX, PHENICK                      CHARLTON                                NY-46-3-239
COX, RALPH                        NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-2-91
COY, ALLEN                        GREENFIELD                              NY-46-27-559
COY, DANIEL C.                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-26-228
COY, JOHN T.                      GREENFIELD                              NY-46-19-103
COY, NATHAN                       GREENFIELD                              NY-46-23-114
COY, POLLY MALINDA                GREENFIELD                              NY-46-40-197
COZZENS, JOHN H.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-104
CRACRAFT, LOUISA D.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-36-347
CRAFORD, JAMES                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-8-12
CRAGIER, CATHARINE                CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-21-205
CRAGIER, TUNIS                    CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-14-488
CRAIG, HANNAH M.                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-34-281
CRAIG, HORATIO                    MILTON                                  NY-46-45-214
CRAIG, JOHN                       NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-14-51
CRAIG, SAMUEL                     GREENFIELD                              NY-46-24-386
CRAIG, SAMUEL H.                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-26-190
CRAMER, CALISTA                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-40-352
CRAMER, CAROLINE                  NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-32-197
CRAMER, CONRADE                   NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-16-509
CRAMER, CONRADE J.                SARATOGA                                NY-46-25-179
CRAMER, FRANCES ANN               SARATOGA                                NY-46-43-195
CRAMER, GEORGE                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-11-157
CRAMER, HIRAM                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-39-670
CRAMER, JAMES P.                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-23-476
CRAMER, JOHN                      WATERFORD                               NY-46-22-265
CRAMER, JOHN C.                   WATEFORD                                NY-46-29-31
CRAMER, JOHN GEORGE               HALF MOON                               NY-46-3-338
CRAMER, LAURA                     NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-16-85
CRANDALL, BETSEY                  MILTON                                  NY-46-28-86
CRANDALL, HANNAH M.               MILTON                                  NY-46-32-500
CRANDALL, KENYON                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-34-66
CRANDALL, SQUIRE                  MILTON                                  NY-46-36-519
CRANDELL, JOSEPH                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-19-387
CRANE, ALEXANDER                  CHARLTON                                NY-46-43-137
CRANE, ALMIRA                     CHARLTON                                NY-46-33-280
CRANE, CORNELIA Y.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-337
CRANE, GEORGE M.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-322
CRANE, JOHN H.                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-45-404
CRANE, JOHN W.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-301
CRANE, JONAS                      CHARLTON                                NY-46-23-530
CRANE, LAURA                      CHARLTON                                NY-46-25-105
CRANE, MARY E.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-491
CRANE, TIMOTHY                    CHARLTON                                NY-46-10-7
CRAPO, HEZEKIAH                   MILTON                                  NY-46-29-299
CRAPO, WILLIAM                    MILTON                                  NY-46-21-220
CRAPOO, SETH                      BALLSTON                                NY-46-2-330
CRAPSER, HIRAM                    CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-15-390
CRARY, JOHN                       SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-3
CRAVER, JOHN N.                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-33-302
CRAVER, MARTIN                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-27-126
CRAW, DAVID                       SARATOGA                                NY-46-35-131
CRAW, JOSEPH                      NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-3-1
CRAWFORD, CHARLES M.              BALLSTON                                NY-46-19-267
CRAWFORD, DANIEL                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-11-308
CRAWFORD, GEORGE                  CHARLTON                                NY-46-25-142
CRAWFORD, JOHN                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-28-408
CRAWFORD, LEWIS                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-11-278
CRAWFORD, MARY                    CHARLTON                                NY-46-15-328
CRAWFORD, MARY                    CHARLTON                                NY-46-32-298
CRAWLEY, JOHN                     NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-23-78
CREGAN, JAMES                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-22-102
CRILLY, ELIZA                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-30-572
CRIPPEN, ALMIRA                   BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-26-318
CRIPPEN, ALMON                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-23-300
CRIPPEN, KATE M.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-63
CRIPPEN, RILEY                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-29-272
CRISFIELD, ALBERT T.              MILTON                                  NY-46-40-339
CROCKER, CLARISSA                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-19-344
CROFF, ELIZA                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-228
CROKER, NANCY                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-15-173
CRONIN, CORNELIUS                 MOREAU                                  NY-46-26-40
CRONIN, MARY                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-580
CRONIN, TIMOTHY                   MOREAU                                  NY-46-41-245
CRONK, JEROME                     CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-43-165
CRONKHITE, ASAHEL P.              GREENFIELD                              NY-46-16-423
CRONKHITE, CAMILLA D.             GREENFIELD                              NY-46-38-286
CRONKHITE, JAMES V.               GREENFIELD                              NY-46-24-603
CROOKES, JOSHUA                   MILTON                                  NY-46-30-304
CROSBY, EUNICE G.                 CLINTON PARK                            NY-46-25-605
CROSBY, JOHNSON                   CORINTH                                 NY-46-24-290
CROSBY, LEBBEUS W.                CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-25-568
CROSBY, MARY                      GALWAY                                  NY-46-19-294
CROSS, BENJAMIN                   EDINBURGH                               NY-46-3-29
CROSS, JOEL                       MILTON                                  NY-46-38-136
CROSS, RICHARD                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-22-245
CROSS, SARAH J.                   MILTON                                  NY-46-41-33
CROSSMAN, WILLIAM B.              BALLSTON                                NY-46-34-248
CROTEAU, HEDWIGE                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-42-575
CROTHERS, ROBERT                  CHARLTON                                NY-46-4-354
CROTHERS, ROBERT                  CHARLTON                                NY-46-30-470
CROUCH, CLEMENTINA                GALWAY                                  NY-46-37-373
CROUCH, JOHN                      GALWAY                                  NY-46-18-388
CROUCH, SAMUEL                    MALTA                                   NY-46-21-163
CROUCH, THOMAS F.                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-7-145
CROUCH, WILLIAM                   GALWAY                                  NY-46-15-444
CROUCH, WILLIAM                   GALWAY                                  NY-46-38-640
CROW, WILLIAM                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-41-299
CROWS, SOLYMAN                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-32-496
CROZIER, EDWARD                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-42-277
CRUM, GEORGE (SPECK, GEORGE)      MALTA                                   NY-46-46-82
CRUTTENDEN, WILLIAM               GALWAY                                  NY-46-14-58
CUDWORTH, JOSEPH H.               WATERFORD                               NY-46-20-600
CUDWORTH, MARGERIE                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-357
CULKIN, HANNAH                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-391
CULLEN, LEVI                      CHARLTON                                NY-46-21-155
CULLEN, ROBERT                    MILTON                                  NY-46-26-376
CULLEN, SARAH                     MILTON                                  NY-46-28-594
CUMMINGS, JOHN                    CORINTH                                 NY-46-38-388
CUMMINGS, MARY                    CORINTH                                 NY-46-32-393
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES                 CHARLTON                                NY-46-4-405
CUNNINGHAM, SARAH                 CHARLTON                                NY-46-32-286
CURE, PETER                       CHARLTON                                NY-46-25-530
CURLEY, ANN                       HALF MOON                               NY-46-30-478
CURRY, JAMES                      CORINTH                                 NY-46-42-697
CURTIN, MARY E.                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-43-143
CURTIN, PATRICK                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-38-373
CURTIS, ALLISON E.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-369
CURTIS, BESSIE M. FINCH           STILLWATER                              NY-46-44-19
CURTIS, ELIJAH                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-13-28
CURTIS, ELISHA                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-26-458
CURTIS, EMOGENE A.                SARATOGA                                NY-46-40-45
CURTIS, EUGENE B.                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-43-285
CURTIS, EVELINA B.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-319
CURTIS, GEORGE G.                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-31-357
CURTIS, JOSHUA                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-32-232
CURTIS, MARY                      WATERFORD                               NY-46-23-401
CURTIS, MILFORD B.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-547
CURTIS, PIERSON C.                MALTA                                   NY-46-42-443
CURTIS, SARAH M.                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-46-170
CURTIS, WILLIAM PATRICK           STILLWATER                              NY-46-40-546
CURTIS, ZACHARIAH                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-19-164
CURTISS, ABIJAH N.                CBALLSTON                               NY-46-20-500
CURTISS, AMANDA                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-28-258
CURTISS, ANNA N.                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-35-88
CURTISS, ASA W.                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-28-302
CURTISS, FREDERICK                BALLSTON                                NY-46-31-560
CURTISS, HINMAN                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-19-412
CURTISS, ISAAC                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-19-353
CURTISS, MARTHA J.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-511
CURTISS, MARY                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-23-232
CURTISS, MARY                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-28-458
CURTISS, SHERMAN                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-16-237
CURTISS, WILLIAM                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-34-325
CURTISS, WILLIAM S.               BALLSTON                                NY-46-33-145
CUSHING, SARAH W.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-24-196
CUSICK, MARY                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-38-271
CUSSON, THERSILLE                 MOREAU                                  NY-46-43-465
CUTBUSH, CHARLES                  MILTON                                  NY-46-26-385
CUTBUSH, JAMES S.                 MILTON                                  NY-46-23-602
CUTE, NICHOLAS                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-18-607
DABELL, JOHN                      STILLWATER                              NY-46-43-583
DAGGETT, JAMES A.                 CHARLTON                                NY-46-16-45
DAIG, JOHN                        SARAGOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-188
DAKE, ALVAH                       GREENFIELD                              NY-46-25-506
DAKE, ALVAH C.                    MILTON                                  NY-46-32-267
DAKE, BENJAMIN C.                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-23-110
DAKE, CALVIN W.                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-23-75
DAKE, CHARLES                     GREENFIELD                              NY-46-13-222
DAKE, EUNICE A.                   MILTON                                  NY-46-34-404
DALECOURT, JOSEPH E.              GLASSPORT, ALLEGHENY, PA                NY-46-41-544
DALEY, NANA M.                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-42-179
DALTON, JAMES                     MILTON                                  NY-46-39-771
DALTON, PATRICK                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-43-229
DALY, MARY                        SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-19
DANIELS, JOHN T.                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-30-481
DANIELS, JOSEPH                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-20-543
DANIELS, LUCY JANE                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-652
DANIELS, NATHAN                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-19-673
DANIELS, NATHANIEL                GREENFIELD                              NY-46-8-334
DANIELS, ZIBA                     GREENFIELD                              NY-46-33-33
DARROW, AUGUSTUS                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-28-376
DARROW, EBENEZER                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-23-160
DARROW, HELEN                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-497
DARROW, JOHN                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-27-356
DARROW, JOHN H.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-29-257
DARROW, MARY A.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-20-531
DARROW, RALPH T.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-23-140
DARROW, WARREN F.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-676
DATER, ALMIRA J.                  MALTA                                   NY-46-44-435
DATER, ANNA                       HALF MOON                               NY-46-25-1
DATER, EMELINE                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-37-238
DATER, GEORGE                     CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-37-58
DATER, GEORGE                     HALF MOON                               NY-46-21-616
DATER, URIAS                      CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-37-223
DAVENPORT, AMZI                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-22-465
DAVENPORT, THIRZA                 CHARLTON                                NY-46-34-457
DAVENPORT, WILLIAM H.             EDINBURGH                               NY-46-32-177
DAVEY, WILLIAM                    MILTON                                  NY-46-37-643
DAVID, PETER                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-8-209
DAVIDSON, AGNES E.                CHARLTON                                NY-46-38-496
DAVIDSON, ALEXANDER               CHARLTON                                NY-46-31-39
DAVIDSON, DAVID                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-340
DAVIDSON, JOHN                    CHARLTON                                NY-46-24-448
DAVIDSON, JOHN                    CHARLTON                                NY-46-44-327
DAVIDSON, JOHN MCB.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-30-6
DAVIDSON, SARAH J.                CHARLTON                                NY-46-20-169
DAVIS, ALEXANDER W.               STILLWATER                              NY-46-19-196
DAVIS, ANNA                       PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-4-480
DAVIS, ANNA                       SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-368
DAVIS, ANNA                       GALWAY                                  NY-46-31-298
DAVIS, BENJAMIN                   GALWAY                                  NY-46-23-282
DAVIS, BYRON E.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-195
DAVIS, DAVID                      GREENFIELD                              NY-46-15-94
DAVIS, DEBORAH A.                 MILTON                                  NY-46-24-57
DAVIS, DELIA C.                   GALWAY                                  NY-46-36-443
DAVIS, DON CARLOS                 MOREAU                                  NY-46-41-181
DAVIS, EBENEZER                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-1-87
DAVIS, EDWARD                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-22-547
DAVIS, ELIJAH                     CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-19-151
DAVIS, ELIZA JANE                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-41-169
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-30-105
DAVIS, ENOCH                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-18-459
DAVIS, ESTHER A.                  MILTON                                  NY-46-37-298
DAVIS, EVAN                       GREENFIELD                              NY-46-8-240
DAVIS, GABRIEL E.                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-34-81
DAVIS, GEORGE                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-41-353
DAVIS, GEORGE H.                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-43-591
DAVIS, GEORGE W.                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-42-603
DAVIS, JAMES                      SARATOGA                                NY-46-37-385
DAVIS, JANE                       WATERFORD                               NY-46-12-143
DAVIS, JANE F.                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-41-371
DAVIS, JOHN                       HALF MOON                               NY-46-10-451
DAVIS, MARY                       BALLSTON                                NY-46-17-30
DAVIS, MARY                       HALF MOON                               NY-46-13-120
DAVIS, MARY J.                    BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-46-100
DAVIS, MILLICENT                  MOREAU                                  NY-46-38-244
DAVIS, NICHOLAS                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-24-42
DAVIS, RICHARD D.                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-22-553
DAVIS, SARAH J.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-541
DAVIS, THOMAS                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-440
DAVIS, WILLIAM                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-21-649
DAVISON, ALEXANDER                BALLSTON                                NY-46-4-379
DAVISON, GIDEON M.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-22-132
DAVISON, JOHN M.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-32-16
DAVISON, PETER                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-41-99
DAVISON, PETER                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-40-315
DAY, AARON                        GALWAY                                  NY-46-1-97
DAY, AMANDA C.                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-42-453
DAY, ANDREW                       MALTA                                   NY-46-16-308
DAY, ASHBEL                       GREENFIELD                              NY-46-22-508
DAY, CATHERINE                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-40-126
DAY, LUCRETIA                     GREENFIELD                              NY-46-27-259
DAY, OSCAR A.                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-239
DAY, REBECKAH                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-4-139
DAY, ROSWELL                      MALTA                                   NY-46-14-499
DAY, WILLIAM                      MILTON                                  NY-46-26-58
DAY, WILLIAM                      GALWAY                                  NY-46-36-155
DEAKE, JOHN                       GREENFIELD                              NY-46-2-85
DEAN, JAMES                       NTL                                     NY-46-5-133
DEAN, JEHIEL                      GALWAY                                  NY-46-8-314
DEAN, SALLY JEAN                  CORINTH                                 NY-46-21-388
DeCAMP, SAMUEL G. J.              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-22-588
DECKER, FRANK W.                  WILTON                                  NY-46-46-105
DECKER, LORENZO                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-36-408
DECKER, POLLY                     MOREAU                                  NY-46-40-229
DEDRICK, GEORGE M.                CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-25-403
DEDRICK, HIRAM A.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-20-31
DEDRICK, JOHN P.                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-43-557
DEDRICK, RICHARD M.               CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-27-8
DEE, MICHAEL                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-36-117
DEFOREST, JACOB R.                HALF MOON                               NY-46-15-186
DEGAMO, MATTHEW                   NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-13-500
DEGARMO, ELEANOR                  NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-39-388
DEGARMO, JACOB                    ROUND LAKE                              NY-46-46-134
DEGARMO, JENNIE A.                SARATOGA                                NY-46-46-211
DEGARNO, JACOB                    NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-21-279
DEGAW, LAUGHLIN                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-22-219
DEGOLIA, LUCIEN                   EDINBURGH                               NY-46-38-493
DEGRAFF, ELIZABETH                CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-38-460
DEGROFF, ABRAHAM                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-19-461
DEGROFF, ABRAHAM                  ORANGE                                  NY-46-5-88
DEGROFF, CYNTHIA W.               MILTON                                  NY-46-30-564
DEGROFF, ESTHER                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-23-348
DEGROFF, GEORGE C.                HALF MOON                               NY-46-25-296
DEGROFF, HENRIETTA                CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-26-298
DEGROFF, IRA                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-13-14
DEGROFF, JAMES                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-20-176
DEGROFF, JAMES P.                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-41-537
DEGROFF, JEREMIAH                 CHARLTON                                NY-46-24-248
DEGROFF, KATHARINE                HALF MOON                               NY-46-5-379
DEGROFF, LOUISA                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-45-60
DEGROFF, MOSES                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-20-42
DEGROFF, PETER                    CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-23-515
DEGROFF, SALLY                    CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-15-401
DEGROFF, TOMPKINS                 CHARLTON                                NY-46-30-52
DELANEY, MARGARET                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-22-258
DELANO, JONATHAN                  PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-6-360
DELANY, JOHN                      BALLSTON                                NY-46-21-463
DELANY, JOHN                      MOREAU                                  NY-46-27-261
DELAVAN, HENRY W.                 ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-46-10-46
DELONG, DELOSS                    MILTON                                  NY-46-33-328
DELONG, LAURA                     DAY                                     NY-46-34-201
DELONG, JAMES                     MILTON                                  NY-46-11-127
DELONG, PARVIN                    CORINTH                                 NY-46-36-121
DELORICA, JOSEPH                  CORINTH                                 NY-46-42-601
DEMAREST, MALVINA                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-589
DEMELMAN, LEMUEL E.               BOSTON, SUFFOLK, MA                     NY-46-46-111
DEMING, ANDREW                    EDINBURGH                               NY-46-43-491
DEN, RYNEAR                       CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-10-1
DENISON, ALBERT                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-27-524
DENISON, AMOS                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-40-292
DENISON, NANCY                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-19-434
DENISON, NATHAN F.                GALWAY                                  NY-46-13-134
DENNEN, HUGH J.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-24-13
DENNIS, HENRY W.                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-22-222
DENNIS, JOHN                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-280
DENNIS, PAUL                      SARATOGA                                NY-46-31-58
DENNISON, JOSEPH H.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-16-226
DENSMORE, HENRY M.                CORINTH                                 NY-46-40-47
DENTON,MYRON                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-268
DENTON, ALFRED                    MILTON                                  NY-46-44-584
DENTON, ANN                       GALWAY                                  NY-46-11-138
DENTON, BENJAMIN                  STILLWATER                              NY-46-15-1
DENTON, ELIZA                     MILTON                                  NY-46-29-558
DENTON, PRESTON                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-8-26
DENTON, SARAH E.                  MILTON                                  NY-46-39-649
DERBY, PETER                      MALTA                                   NY-46-15-263
DEREMER, JUDITH                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-27-306
DEREMER, WILLIAM                  CHARLTON                                NY-46-33-229
DERIDDER, CATHARINE S.            SARATOGA                                NY-46-43-339
DERSEY, MARGARET                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-28-428
DESJARDINS, NOE                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-562
DESMOND, DANIEL                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-367
DEUEL, ABRAHAM                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-11-409
DEUEL, ELIZABETH                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-13-170
DEUEL, ELIZABETH                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-508
DEUEL, JULIET                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-45-196
DEUEL, PRINCE                     GREENFIELD                              NY-46-28-68
DEUEL, SARAH JANE                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-421
DEUEL, WILLIAM B.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-736
DEUELL, EDWARD VALENCOURT         SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-221
DEUELL, JULIETT                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-45-50
DEUELL, MARY HELEN                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-419
DEVALL, JOSEPH                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-8-214
DEVINE, PATRICK                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-41-47
DEVLIN, MARY                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-36-28
DEVOE, CHAUNCY                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-36-478
DEVOE, ELIAS                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-9-40
DEVOE, GITTY                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-23-521
DEVOE, ISAAC                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-11-371
DEVOE, LEWIS                      SARATOGA                                NY-46-38-505
DEVOE, MARIA                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-33-188
DEVOE, MARTIN                     HALF MOON                               NY-46-43-593
DEVOE, NANCY M.                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-33-172
DEVOE, NORMAN                     HALF MOON                               NY-46-36-244
DEVOL, ABNER                      MOREAU                                  NY-46-28-13
DEVOL, DAVID                      MOREAU                                  NY-46-23-540
DEVOLL, HANNAH M.                 MOREAU                                  NY-46-42-197
DEWANDELEAR, GERRITIE             MILTON                                  NY-46-13-511
DEWEY, MARY B.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-201
DEWITT, CORTLAND J.               GREENFIELD                              NY-46-33-130
DEWITT, LEWIS                     GREENFIELD                              NY-46-32-363
DEWOLFE, WILFRED J.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-368
DEYOE, HARVEY                     WILTON                                  NY-46-28-281
DEYOE, JACOB                      MALTA                                   NY-46-28-190
DEYOE, JAMES                      WILTON                                  NY-46-12-189
DEYOE, MARY A.                    WILTON                                  NY-46-29-53
DEYOE, MYNARD                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-23-396
DEYOE, MYNARD C.                  WILTON                                  NY-46-26-463
DEYOE, PETER C.                   WILTON                                  NY-46-21-74
DEYOE, SETH W.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-387
DEYOE, WILLIAM S.                 NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-45-182
DICKSON, CHARLES                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-42-331
DIEDRICH, WILHELMINE              CORINTH                                 NY-46-33-374
DILLINGHAM, CARRIE                MOREAU                                  NY-46-38-421
DILLINGHAM, DAVID                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-13-188
DILLINGHAM, ELIZABETH M.          SCHUYLERVILLE                           NY-46-34-592
DILLINGHAM, JAMES H.              SARATOGA                                NY-46-30-254
DILLINGHAM, JOHN                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-4-326
DILLINGHAM, JOSEPH                HALF MOON                               NY-46-15-385
DILLINGHAM, STEPHEN H.            SARATOGA                                NY-46-22-524
DILLON, ANN                       SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-766
DILLON, MAGGIE                    MILTON                                  NY-46-34-487
DIMICK, HIRAM                     WILTON                                  NY-46-36-528
DIMICK, PERCIVAL                  WILTON                                  NY-46-24-390
DINNEN, ANNA B.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-304
DINNEN, HUGH                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-18-97
DINNEN, JAMES                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-518
DIXON, ROBERT                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-35-297
DODD, ALMIRA                      SARATOGA                                NY-46-39-604
DODD, CHARLES                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-20-393
DODD, FREDERICK                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-57
DODD, FREDERICK                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-31-598
DODD, HENRY                       SARATOGA                                NY-46-26-233
DODD, JOSEPH                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-43-7
DODD, JOSEPH                      SARATOGA                                NY-46-45-6
DODD, MARY J.                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-27-171
DODD, WILLIAM H.                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-31-607
DODGE, CHARLOTTE IRENE            OXFORD, WORCESTER, MA                   NY-46-40-414
DODGE, CHESTER C.                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-37-142
DODGE, ELIZABETH S.               WATERFORD                               NY-46-35-125
DODGE, JOHN E.                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-34-510
DOE, AUGUSTUS P.                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-16-204
DOE, GERTRUDE C.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-20-261
DOE, MARTHA E.                    WILTON                                  NY-46-16-208
DOE, NICHOLAS B.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-18-157
DOHERTY, CATHERINE                MILTON                                  NY-46-33-325
DOHERTY, JOHN                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-33-198
DOLLOFF, DELILAH                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-32-408
DOLLOFF, JOHN N.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-32-589
DONALDSON, HARVEY J.              MILTON                                  NY-46-43-241
DONHAM, MORGAN                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-1-110
DONLON, PATRICK                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-32-346
DONNALLY, CLARA B.                STILLWATER                              NY-46-42-393
DONNAN, ANNA                      GALWAY                                  NY-46-26-158
DONNAN, JAMES                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-24-297
DONNAN, JOHN M.                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-41-125
DONNAN, MARY J.                   GALWAY                                  NY-46-45-254
DONNAN, WILLIAM J.                GALWAY                                  NY-46-46-561
DONNELLY, MARY FRANCES            PHILADELPHIA, PHILA., PA                NY-46-46-395
DONNON, ALEXANDER                 GALWAY                                  NY-46-13-236
DONOHOE, PHILIP                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-36-13
DONOHUE, FARRELL                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-44-397
DONOHUE, MICHAEL                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-42-523
DONOVAN, JOHN P.                  CORINTH                                 NY-46-42-467
DONOVAN, JULIA                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-40-282
DONOVAN, MARY                     MOREAU                                  NY-46-42-459
DOOLADY, TERRENCE                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-163
DOOLEY, TIMOTHY                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-29-475
DOOLITTLE, DELANA                 MILTON                                  NY-46-27-192
DOOLITTLE, HENRY                  MILTON                                  NY-46-22-7
DOOLITTLE, MILES B.               CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-27-270
DOORLEY, DANIEL J.                WATERFORD                               NY-46-33-366
DORE, MICHAEL                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-39-76
DORGAN, JOHN                      SARATOGA                                NY-46-41-297
DORLAND, ANDREW                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-27-499
DORLAND, PHILIP S.                SARATOGA                                NY-46-43-245
DORME, NANCY M.                   MILTON                                  NY-46-35-19
DORR, EVE E.                      WATERFORD                               NY-46-39-385
DORSEY, BRIDGET                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-253
DORSEY, MICHAEL                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-544
DOTY, ELI                         CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-36-18
DOTY, HARRIET                     CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-45-160
DOTY, JOSEPH E.                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-38-97
DOTY, PHILANDER                   NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-14-109
DOTY, THEODORA E.                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-42-293
DOUGLASS, ALMIRA M.               STILLWATER                              NY-46-42-341
DOUGLASS, DANIEL S.               STILLWATER                              NY-46-39-151
DOUNAN, ALEXANDER                 CHARLTON                                NY-46-23-535
DOWD, CHARLES F.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-148
DOWD, HARRIET M.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-203
DOWEN, ALMIRA J.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-193
DOWEN, ANDREW J.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-20-492
DOWER, MARGARET                   MILTON                                  NY-46-45-82
DOWN, REUBEN                      BALLSTON                                NY-46-30-484
DOWNING, CHARLES H.               MALTA                                   NY-46-45-72
DOWNING, SAMUEL                   EDINBURGH                               NY-46-21-340
DOWS, ALMEDA                      CHARLTON                                NY-46-18-262
DOWS, LUKE                        CHARLTON                                NY-46-21-309
DOWS, MARY L.                     HALF MOON                               NY-46-37-418
DOWS, PARTHENIA                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-31-593
DOX, ISAAC                        WATERFORD                               NY-46-5-402
DOYLE, LAWRENCE                   MILTON                                  NY-46-28-519
DRAKE, JOHN                       GREENFIELD                              NY-46-27-35
DRAKE, SMITH                      GALWAY                                  NY-46-29-15
DRAPER, LEWIS L.                  NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-32-247
DREW, MARY ISABELLA               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-34
DRISCOL, HANORA                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-36-257
DRISCOLL, FLORENCE                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-311
DROHAN, EDMOND                    MILTON                                  NY-46-42-487
DRUMMOND, JANE                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-4-200
DRUMMOND, JOHN                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-3-22
DUBOIS, CORNELIUS                 MILTON                                  NY-46-22-432
DUBOIS, GIDEON                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-4-315
DUBOIS, PETER                     HALF MOON                               NY-46-4-430
DUBOIS, RICHARD                   MALTA                                   NY-46-13-377
DUEL, JOSEPH                      GREENFIELD                              NY-46-9-156
DUFFY, MARGARET                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-39-685
DUFRESNE, RAYMOND                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-46-1
DUGAN, BERNARD                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-43-323
DUGAN, ROSE                       SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-33-46
DUMMER, ELIAS                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-26-195
DUN, HENRY                        STILLWATER                              NY-46-10-70
DUNBAR, CATELINA                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-1-199
DUNBURGH, AUGUSTUS C.             PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-37-370
DUNCAN, DAVID                     NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-32-158
DUNCAN, H. ADALINE                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-23
DUNCAN, THOMAS                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-22-482
DUNHAM, AUGUSTUS                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-30-12
DUNHAM, EMMA                      CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-37-466
DUNHAM, EPHRAIM                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-6-92
DUNHAM, HENRIETTA                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-571
DUNHAM, HEZEKIAH                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-2-325
DUNHAM, SAMUEL D.                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-26-6
DUNHAM, SOLOMON                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-3-442
DUNHAM, TYLEE                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-22-457
DUNHAM, WILLIAM J.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-628
DUNK, SARAH M.                    MILTON                                  NY-46-41-357
DUNLOP, JOHNJ.                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-36-102
DUNN, ANNIS                       MILTON                                  NY-46-26-508
DUNN, GEORGE                      MILTON                                  NY-46-26-503
DUNN, JOHN                        SARATOGA                                NY-46-39-715
DUNN, MARGARET                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-24-278
DUNN, STEPHEN S.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-26-428
DUNNIGAN, CATHERINE               WATERFORD                               NY-46-31-549
DUNNIGAN, MARY                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-43-281
DUNNIGAN, MICHAEL                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-42-425
DUNNIGAN, WILLIAM                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-136
DUNNING, ANNA M.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-289
DUNNING, BETSEY                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-30-425
DUNNING, CATHARINE                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-23-589
DUNNING, COMFORT                  MILTON                                  NY-46-14-452
DUNNING, EDWARD                   MALTA                                   NY-46-19-299
DUNNING, ELI                      MALTA                                   NY-46-21-695
DUNNING, JOHN                     MILTON                                  NY-46-15-307
DUNNING, JOHN                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-29-195
DUNNING, JOHN E.                  MALTA                                   NY-46-46-297
DUNNING, MICHAEL                  MALTA                                   NY-46-3-69
DUNNING, PERSIS                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-32-416
DUNNING, POLLY                    MALTA                                   NY-46-23-378
DUNNING, RICHARD                  MALTA                                   NY-46-18-111
DUNNING, WILLIAM                  MALTA                                   NY-46-10-276
DUNNING, ZADOCK                   MALTA                                   NY-46-18-292
DUNSMON, AGNES                    CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-26-106
DUNWOOD, CHARLES                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-34-179
DUNWOODY, THOMAS G.               WATERFORD                               NY-46-35-194
DUPUIS, ELIZABETH A.              SARATOGA                                NY-46-36-456
DUPUY, ELIZA A.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-552
DURHAM, BENJAMIN                  MOREAU                                  NY-46-23-431
DURHAM, MARY ANN                  MILTON                                  NY-46-8-293
DURHAM, STEPHEN                   MILTON                                  NY-46-14-74
DURKEE, PAOLI                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-26-90
DURKEE, TIMOTHY                   NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-21-351
DURRIN, CHAUNCEY                  MOREAU                                  NY-46-29-186
DWIGHT, ELIHU                     NTL                                     NY-46-2-26
DWIGHT, HARRIET C.                STILLWATER                              NY-46-30-546
DWIGHT, LYMAN                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-26-309
DWIGHT, SARAH A.                  WILTON                                  NY-46-33-308
DWYER, ANN                        SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-292
DWYER, EDWARD                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-36-625
DWYER, MICHAEL J.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-442
DYASON, RACHEL A.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-27-239
DYE, PHEBE                        GALWAY                                  NY-46-13-307
DYER, CLARISSA M.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-25
DYER, WILLIAM J.                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-37-262
DYKEMAN, ZIBA                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-18-11
EAGAN, MARY                       CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-30-85
EAMSHAW, GEORGE                   MILTON                                  NY-46-27-319
EARL, CALEB                       GALWAY                                  NY-46-6-111
EARL, EMERSON                     MILTON                                  NY-46-45-208
EARLE, ANNA MARIA                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-383
EARLEY, ROBERT                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-5-215
EASTWOOD, MARTIN                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-22-83
EATON, CHARLES E.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-159
EDDY, ARNOLD A.                   CORINTH                                 NY-46-34-237
EDDY, CHAUNCEY                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-20-69
EDDY, CLARISSA                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-42-457
EDDY, DANIEL                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-520
EDDY, DAVID H.                    MOREAU                                  NY-46-23-338
EDDY, GEORGE W.                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-35-616
EDDY, IDA                         SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-333
EDDY, ISAAC                       WATERFORD                               NY-46-14-317
EDDY, ISAAC F.                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-16-440
EDDY, JAMES                       CORINTH                                 NY-46-20-462
EDDY, JOHN                        SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-18-174
EDDY, JOHN W.                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-32-144
EDDY, SAMUEL G.                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-23-62
EDDY, SETH                        STILLWATER                              NY-46-14-509
EDGERTON, JAMES M.                MALTA                                   NY-46-38-70
EDMONDS, CHARLES                  STILLWATER                              NY-46-36-423
EDMONDS, FRANKLIN                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-29-200
EDMONDS, GARDINER                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-26-355
EDMONDS, JONATHAN                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-24-301
EDMONDS, LEONARD B.               MOREAU                                  NY-46-26-342
EDMONDS, MARGARET                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-33-149
EDMONDS, OLIVER                   EDINBURGH                               NY-46-13-251
EDMONDS, SAMUEL                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-23-81
EDSON, ADAM                       WATERFORD                               NY-46-9-175
EDWARDS, ALMEDA                   BATCHERVILLE                            NY-46-44-77
EDWARDS, ANGELINE                 EDINBURGH                               NY-46-43-539
EDWARDS, CHARLES                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-45-380
EDWARDS, GEORGE W.                EDINBURGH                               NY-46-32-546
EDWARDS, HENRY W.                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-44-529
EDWARDS, ISAAC                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-14-433
EDWARDS, JAMES                    CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-33-200
EDWARDS, LYMAN E.                 EDINBURGH                               NY-46-38-223
EDWARDS, LYSANDER                 EDINBURGH                               NY-46-33-12
EDWARDS, MARTHA R.                HALF MOON                               NY-46-41-127
EDWARDS, NATHANIEL                CORINTH                                 NY-46-6-345
EDWARDS, OSCAR                    EDINBURGH                               NY-46-31-214
EDWARDS, SARAH                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-9-7
EELLS, JEREMIAH                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-8-19
EFNOR, LOUISA                     CORINTH                                 NY-46-38-445
EFNOR, RICHARD L.                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-42-643
EGAN, PATRICK                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-31-72
EGAN, WILLIAM                     HALF MOON                               NY-46-39-331
EGGLESTON, JARED                  CORINTH                                 NY-46-43-261
EGGLESTON, JOHN                   DAY                                     NY-46-28-71
EGGLESTON, SILAS                  CORINTH                                 NY-46-22-349
EGLESTON, JOSEPH                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-1-45
EIGHME, JOHANIS                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-1-118
EIGHME, PHILIP                    WILTON                                  NY-46-12-350
EIGHMY, STEPHEN                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-31-400
EIGHTS, CATHERINE                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-25-175
ELDRIDGE, AMANDA                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-232
ELDRIDGE, SARAH J.                STILLWATER                              NY-46-40-61
ELIXMAN, THEODORE                 CORINTH                                 NY-46-46-87
ELIXMAN, THEODORE                 CORINTH                                 NY-46-45-444
ELLIOTT, GEORGE H.                CHARLTON                                NY-46-9-146
ELLIS, BETSEY                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-32-536
ELLIS, CHARLES                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-17-98
ELLIS, JOHN                       STILLWATER                              NY-46-5-194
ELLIS, MARY C.                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-25-302
ELLIS, ROBERT                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-2-41
ELLIS, WILILAM                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-24-212
ELLISON, WILLIAM                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-2-102
ELLITHORP, AZERIAH                EDINBURGH                               NY-46-26-574
ELLITHORP, SOLOMON                EDINBURGH                               NY-46-30-251
ELLITHORPE, ELIPHAS DAY           EDINBURGH                               NY-46-41-355
ELLSON, ANSELETTA                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-42-255
ELLSWORTH, CHARLES                WILTON                                  NY-46-34-482
ELLSWORTH, EPHRAIM D.             HALF MOON                               NY-46-31-623
ELLSWORTH, PAMELIA                STILLWATER                              NY-46-43-519
ELLSWORTH, VIENNA                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-637
ELMENDORF, JOACHIM                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-241
ELMER, JOHN                       STILLWATER                              NY-46-28-401
ELMINGER, JOHN W.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-31-273
ELMINGER, KATHARINE Y.            SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-73
ELMS, PARDON                      STILLWATER                              NY-46-18-168
ELMS, SIMEON                      STILLWATER                              NY-46-24-110
ELY, JENNIE                       SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-278
ELY, POLLY                        CHARLTON                                NY-46-24-437
EMERSON, DUDLEY                   MILTON                                  NY-46-15-313
EMERSON, MARY M.                  WILTON                                  NY-46-38-670
EMIGH, JOHN                       GREENFIELD                              NY-46-5-332
EMIGH, PERRY                      WATERFORD                               NY-46-28-77
EMIGH, WALTER                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-397
EMPEROR, ELIZA                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-32-411
EMPEROR, HANNAH                   MILTON                                  NY-46-39-355
EMPEROR, THOMAS                   MILTON                                  NY-46-39-739
ENGLISH, MICHAEL                  MILTON                                  NY-46-26-443
ENGREIN, MARY A.                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-30-201
ENGREM, DAVID H.                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-26-76
ENOS, ANNA C.                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-45-410
ENOS, CORNELIA S.                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-27-569
ENOS, WARREN V.                   SOUTH GLEN FALLS                        NY-46-46-444
ENRIGH, STEPHEN                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-30-235
ENRIGHT, JOHN                     MILTON                                  NY-46-42-235
ENSIGN, ALONZO                    MOREAU                                  NY-46-31-101
ENSIGN, ELIZA A.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-526
ENSIGN, EZEKIEL                   NTL                                     NY-46-2-135
ENSIGN, JOHN W.                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-36-191
ENSIGN, WILLIAM                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-21-498
ERKENBRECK, LUCRETIA              GREENFIELD                              NY-46-27-603
ERNST, AMELIA L.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-39
ERNST, JOHANNAH                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-246
ESMOND, CHARLE SN.                SARATOGA                                NY-46-25-559
ESMOND, ISAAC                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-21-467
ESMOND, JACOB                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-17-12
ESMOND, JAMES                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-27-17
ESMOND, JAMES C.                  MALTA                                   NY-46-37-565
ESMOND, JESSE                     NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-45-496
ESMOND, JOHN F.                   WILTON                                  NY-46-28-178
ESMOND, JOSEPH M.                 MILTON                                  NY-46-21-646
ESMOND, MERRITT J.                MILTON                                  NY-46-42-105
ESMOND, MILLY H.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-5
ESMOND, PETER D.                  WILTON                                  NY-46-23-150
ESMOND, PHILIP                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-16-229
ESMOND, REUBEN                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-40-387
ESMOND, RICHARD                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-19-282
ESTABROOK, ELIZABETH              WATERFORD                               NY-46-21-408
ESTABROOK, NATHANIEL M.           BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-26-259
ESTABROOK, SARAH E.               MILTON                                  NY-46-42-517
ESTABROOK, SARAH M.               MILTON                                  NY-46-41-367
ESTES, JOSEPH                     NTL                                     NY-46-8-124
EVANS, ANDREW                     HALF MOON                               NY-46-8-50
EVANS, GEORGE E.                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-20-163
EVANS, JOANNA                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-20-65
EVANS, ORPHA                      MILTON                                  NY-46-23-460
EVERS, JOHN                       WATERFORD                               NY-46-42-245
EVERS, THOMAS                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-20-567
EVERTS, HENRY                     HALF MOON                               NY-46-16-349
EVERTS, MICHAEL                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-14-449
EVERTSEN, REBECCA                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-15-278
EVUS, BARNA                       WILTON                                  NY-46-21-520
EWALD, ELIZABETH                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-249
EWER, EUNICE M.                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-27-556
FACE, CAHTERINE                   BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-31-426
FACKLER, RACHEL H.                BALLSTON                                NY-46-21-668
FAGAN, MARIA                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-42-635
FAGAN, NICHOLAS                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-19-212
FAHEY, RICHARD                    MILTON                                  NY-46-35-528
FAIRWEATHER, DAVID                MILTON                                  NY-46-28-490
FAKE, SARAH A.                    NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-22-278
FALER, CORNELIUS                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-4-118
FALLER, ADOLPH                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-35-376
FARLEY, JOHN                      STILLWATER                              NY-46-31-347
FARLEY, PHILIP                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-42-545
FARLOW, JOHN                      WILTON                                  NY-46-41-82
FARNAN, JOHN                      STILLWATER                              NY-46-41-257
FARR, DANIEL                      CORINTH                                 NY-46-40-266
FARR, JULIA A.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-27-106
FARR, LEONARD                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-27-410
FARR, OLIVER                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-23-361
FARRAR, MINOT                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-23-479
FARRAR, SAMUEL                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-42-99
FARRELL, ANNIE                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-44-559
FARRELL, CHARLES                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-31-445
FARRELL, ELIZA                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-42-107
FARRELL, MARY                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-67
FARRELL, PETER                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-31-80
FARRIER, JOHN                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-21-3
FAY, ANNA                         MILTON                                  NY-46-34-407
FAY, JAMES                        SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-359
FAY, JOHN                         SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-523
FEATHERSTONE, WILLIAM             SARATOGA                                NY-46-16-215
FEEHEN, MATTHEW                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-40-192
FEENEY, MARY                      SARATOGA                                NY-46-39-667
FEENEY, THOMAS                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-40-134
FELLOWS, ABIRAM                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-31-350
FELLOWS, CATHARINE                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-29-86
FELLOWS, GEORGE                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-40-453
FELLOWS, JOHN                     CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-33-202
FELLOWS, LAWRENCE                 CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-19-203
FELLOWS, SARAH                    CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-25-26
FELLOWS, TISDALE E.               STILLATER                               NY-46-24-1
FELLOWS, TISDALE E.               STILLWATER, WASHINGTON, MN              NY-46-44-281
FELLOWS, WILLIAM H.               CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-26-396
FENTON, CAROLINE D.               SARATOGA                                NY-46-16-211
FENTON, HORACE                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-15-201
FENTON, MARGARET J.               MALTA                                   NY-46-39-52
FERGUSON, ALEXANDER               CHARLTON                                NY-46-16-463
FERGUSON, ELIZA S.                SARATOGA                                NY-46-41-49
FERGUSON, IDA A.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-29-114
FERGUSON, JANE                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-13-34
FERGUSON, JOHN                    CHARLTON                                NY-46-22-389
FERGUSON, LUCY A.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-180
FERRIS, CATHERINE                 NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-28-221
FERRIS, ELIZABETH                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-484
FERRIS, ELLA J. B.                BALLSTON                                NY-46-46-557
FERRIS, FILINDA                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-34-273
FERRIS, HENRY                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-19-307
FERRIS, JAMES                     MILTON                                  NY-46-34-3
FERRIS, LUTHER C.                 MOREAU                                  NY-46-29-142
FERRIS, MARK T.                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-35-204
FERRIS, SETH R.                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-39-427
FERRY, AMASA W.                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-42-519
FEWKES, WILLIAM                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-36-25
FIELD, HENRY P.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-36-222
FIELDING, MELLISSA                PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-32-504
FIERO, CAROLINE                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-42-211
FILKINS, ALMIRA                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-39-376
FILKINS, DANIEL                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-19-490
FILKINS, GILBERT H.               HALF MOON                               NY-46-33-23
FILKINS, JOHN                     CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-24-33
FILKINS, JOHN J.                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-32-443
FILKINS, LOSEE                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-37-445
FILKINS, MINARD                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-30-557
FILKINS, SALLY                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-35-137
FILKINS, STEPHEN                  MILTON                                  NY-46-13-303
FINCH, ELIPHALET R.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-392
FINCH, ELIZABETH                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-20-77
FINCH, JEREMIAH                   ORANGE                                  NY-46-6-120
FINCH, JOSEPH                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-6-40
FINCH, SAMUEL                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-6-21
FINCH, SILVANUS                   WILTON                                  NY-46-12-87
FINLAY, ELIZABETH L.              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-21-681
FINN, PATRICK                     HALF MOON                               NY-46-42-671
FINNE, JOHN                       NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-18-398
FINNE, JOSEPH                     NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-22-157
FINNE, NANCY                      NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-25-536
FINNE, REBECCA                    NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-30-25
FINNELL, JAMES                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-22-251
FISH, ABNER                       SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-15-146
FISH, CAROLINE W.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-27-588
FISH, ELIPHAZ                     MALTA                                   NY-46-1-287
FISH, ELIZA ANN                   MALTA                                   NY-46-27-421
FISH, FRANCES H.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-46-234
FISH, GEORGE B.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-21-24
FISH, GEORGE D.                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-46-434
FISH, GEORGE H.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-28-151
FISH, JULIAN                      CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-27-401
FISH, MINERVA                     MALTA                                   NY-46-33-152
FISH, ROSANNA                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-21-26
FISHER, SAMUEL D.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-23-415
FISK, HORACE                      WATERFORD                               NY-46-20-498
FISK, HOWLAND                     MOREAU                                  NY-46-39-541
FISK, JOHN                        MALTA                                   NY-46-5-200
FISK, JONATHAN                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-5-22
FITCH, AMY                        GREENFIELD                              NY-46-30-118
FITCH, EBENEZER                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-5-46
FITCH, EDWARD                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-24-203
FITCH, HANNAH                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-24-393
FITCH, HARRIET R.                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-41-53
FITCH, LYDIA                      GREENFIELD                              NY-46-1A-38
FITCH, LYDIA                      GREENFIELD                              NY-46-4-419
FITCH, NATHAN                     GREENFIELD                              NY-46-5-219
FITTS, JAMES                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-29-469
FITZGERALD, ANDREW                WATERFORD                               NY-46-25-49
FITZGERALD, EDWARD                MILTON                                  NY-46-23-310
FITZGERALD, GEORGE                HALF MOON                               NY-46-29-608
FITZGERALD, JAMES                 CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-31-191
FITZGERALD, JAMES W.              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-148
FITZGERALD, JAMES W.              GALWAY                                  NY-46-45-144
FITZGERALD, JOHN                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-19-109
FITZGERALD, MARY                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-34-512
FITZGERALD, MARY                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-43-365
FITZGERALD, MICHAEL               MILTON                                  NY-46-41-29
FITZGERALD, PATRICK               BALLSTON                                NY-46-25-328
FITZGERALD, SUSAN M.              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-335
FITZGERALD, THOMAS                HALF MOON                               NY-46-11-67
FITZGERALD, WILLIAM               NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-10-458
FITZGERALD, WILLIAM               MILTON                                  NY-46-41-433
FITZPATRICK, ANNIE M.             SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-511
FITZPATRICK, JAMES                STILLWATER                              NY-46-29-524
FITZSIMMONS, ELIZABETH            SARATOGA                                NY-46-14-345
FITZSIMONS, GEORGE                WATERFORD                               NY-46-34-275
FLAGLER, DAVID P.                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-20-97
FLAGLER, DAVID P.                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-39-310
FLAGLER, PHILEMON                 CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-45-566
FLAGLER, RICHARD                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-6-238
FLAGLER, SIMEON B.                CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-23-354
FLAGLER, THOMAS                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-28-591
FLAMMER, ELIZABETH                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-317
FLANAGAN, DENNIS                  STILLWATER                              NY-46-45-500
FLANAGAN, JANE                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-27-308
FLANAGAN, JANE                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-39-346
FLANAGAN, JOHN                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-30-76
FLANAGAN, JULIA                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-36-47
FLANIGAN, SIMON                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-23-157
FLANSBURGH, ELI                   DAY                                     NY-46-45-424
FLANSBURGH, ISAAC J.              DAY                                     NY-46-36-237
FLANSBURGH, LOVISA                DAY                                     NY-46-44-218
FLATLY, ELLEN                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-43-139
FLAUSBURGH, PETER F.              EDINBURGH                               NY-46-27-1
FLEGLER, SARAH J.                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-42-325
FLINT, JOHN                       BALLSTON                                NY-46-5-236
FLOOD, JOHN                       SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-18-225
FLORIENT, FRANK                   MOREAU                                  NY-46-42-449
FLOYD, CONRAD                     DAY                                     NY-46-29-380
FLYNN, BARNEY                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-22-281
FLYNN, DAVID                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-19-130
FLYNN, EDWARD                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-34-80
FLYNN, GEORGE                     HALF MOON                               NY-46-16-402
FLYNN, JAMES                      STILLWATER                              NY-46-45-458
FLYNN, JOHN                       ORANGE                                  NY-46-5-86
FLYNN, JOHN                       HALF MOON                               NY-46-20-538
FLYNN, JOHN                       HALF MOON                               NY-46-31-618
FLYNN, MARY                       HADLEY                                  NY-46-41-215
FLYNN, PATRICK                    CHARLTON                                NY-46-38-238
FLYNN, WILLIAM                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-21-566
FOLEY, BRIDGET                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-31-128
FOLEY, ELLEN                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-32-433
FOLEY, FRANK                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-520
FOLEY, JOHN                       STILLWATER                              NY-46-39-673
FOLEY, JOHN                       SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-205
FOLEY, JOHN                       SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-333
FOLGER, THOMAS                    CHARLTON                                NY-46-10-417
FOLLECK, NANCY                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-39-127
FOLLETT, FRANCES B.               GALWAY                                  NY-46-39-514
FOLMIE, MARY M.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-29-221
FONDA, ARABELLA                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-21-611
FONDA, BARTON                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-29-275
FONDA, CORNELIA                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-19-284
FONDA, CORNELIA                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-31-524
FONDA, ELDERT                     EDINBURGH                               NY-46-25-412
FONDA, ELIZABETH                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-30-461
FONDA, GERTRUDE                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-46-367
FONDA, ISAAC D.                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-6-314
FONDA, MARIA                      CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-23-64
FOOT, BETSY                       BALLSTON                                NY-46-14-286
FOOT, RHODA                       SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-22-35
FOOTE, CHESTER                    CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-24-201
FOOTE, REBECCA                    CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-37-202
FORBES, CATHERINE E.              WATERFORD                               NY-46-40-243
FORBES, DANIEL                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-26-362
FORBES, WILLIAM                   WILTON                                  NY-46-15-72
FORCE, ELIZABETH                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-19-262
FORCE, ESTHER M.                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-42-409
FORD, ANNIE E.                    MOREAU                                  NY-46-43-89
FORD, CHARLES                     CORINTH                                 NY-46-16-225
FORD, HANNAH                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-22-111
FORD, JOHN                        STILLWATER                              NY-46-20-535
FORD, JOHN                        STILLWATER                              NY-46-42-625
FORD, JULIA A.                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-13-477
FORD, LUCY                        MILTON                                  NY-46-23-119
FORD, MARTIN                      STILLWATER                              NY-46-24-471
FORD, MATIE A.                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-46-152
FORD, MERRITT                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-29-78
FORD, SPENCER                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-43-35
FORDHAM, JEMIMA                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-44-400
FORGESON, DUNCAN                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-8-360
FORGUSON, PETER                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-3-262
FORMAN, MARY                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-30-612
FORT, ABBY R.                     MOREAU                                  NY-46-23-316
FORT, ALIDA                       CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-18-54
FORT, EDGAR                       MILTON                                  NY-46-43-39
FORT, ESTHER                      CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-19-395
FORT, GEORGIANA                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-44-207
FORT, HELEN                       CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-43-427
FORT, HULDAH                      CORINTH                                 NY-46-45-94
FORT, JOANNA M.                   GALWAY                                  NY-46-39-316
FORT, JOHN E.                     MALTA                                   NY-46-39-10
FORT, NANNING V.                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-29-397
FORT, NICHOLAS                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-5-376
FORT, NICHOLAS J.                 CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-30-300
FORT, PHEBE G.                    MILTON                                  NY-46-22-426
FOSTER, EUNCIE                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-32-456
FOSTER, HACKALIAH                 GALWAY                                  NY-46-5-267
FOSTER, JOHN E.                   MALTA                                   NY-46-37-31
FOSTER, JONAH                     MILTON                                  NY-46-8-31
FOSTER, JOSEPH W.                 MILTON                                  NY-46-26-440
FOSTER, PATTY                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-5-338
FOSTER, WILLIAM                   GALWAY                                  NY-46-5-55
FOSTER, WILLIAM W.                MALTA                                   NY-46-38-295
FOUNTAIN, AZILDA                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-44-472
FOUNTAIN, OLIVER                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-34-612
FOUNTAIN, PETER                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-41-259
FOURNIER, NAZARE J.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-598
FOWLER, ADALINE                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-24-406
FOWLER, DAVID                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-7-86
FOWLER, ELIZABETH                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-35-455
FOWLER, FREEMAN                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-27-393
FOWLER, HENRY                     HALF MOON                               NY-46-21-118
FOWLER, JOHN                      CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-25-434
FOWLER, JOSEPH                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-1-242
FOWLER, MARY                      CHARLTON                                NY-46-22-539
FOWLER, MARY                      STILLWATER                              NY-46-30-107
FOWLER, MARY                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-40-296
FOWLER, UNDERHILL T.              STILLWATER                              NY-46-38-196
FOWLER, WILLIAM                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-21-342
FOX, JOHN                         HALF MOON                               NY-46-32-526
FOX, ROSE ANNA                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-38-487
FOY, BARNABAS M.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-29-81
FOY, MICHAEL J.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-355
FRADENBURGH, ANTHA                MOREAU                                  NY-46-43-109
FRANCISCO, MARY E.                CRESCENT                                NY-46-39-523
FRANKLIN, DANIEL                  MILTON                                  NY-46-31-475
FRANKLIN, DANIEL                  MILTON                                  NY-46-32-318
FRANKLIN, DAVID                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-407
FRASER, HARRIET L.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-524
FRASER, RICHARD M.                HADLEY                                  NY-46-43-207
FREEBERN, JOHN                    WILTON                                  NY-46-38-124
FREEMAN, AARON S.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-23-585
FREEMAN, ALICE M.                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-33-102
FREEMAN, AMOS                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-5-407
FREEMAN, ANNE                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-23-299
FREEMAN, ELIZABETH                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-243
FREEMAN, HENRY                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-43-73
FREEMAN, ISAAC                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-13-64
FREEMAN, JAMES                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-5-282
FREEMAN, JANE                     MILTON                                  NY-46-41-45
FREEMAN, JOHN P.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-689
FREEMAN, JOSEPH                   GALWAY                                  NY-46-1-5
FREEMAN, LORING F.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-27
FREEMAN, MARGARET L.              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-97
FREEMAN, PATTISON                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-28-422
FREEMAN, SAMUEL                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-22-404
FREEMAN, SUSAN M.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-30-62
FREIOT, JOHN J.                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-23-351
FRENCH, BETSEY                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-628
FRENCH, EBENEZER                  MILTON                                  NY-46-6-98
FRENCH, ELLEN                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-31-423
FRENCH, JOHN                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-14-390
FRENCH, LYDIA A.                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-26-500
FRENCH, MARIETTA                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-37-412
FRENCH, MOSES M.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-21-416
FRENCH, RACHEL                    MILTON                                  NY-46-6-421
FRENCH, WINGER F.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-109
FRENCH, WINSOR B.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-68
FRIDENBERG, VICTOR E.             SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-581
FRIDGE, ISAAC                     MOREAU                                  NY-46-33-34
FRIEDRICHSOHN, JOHN               WATERFORD                               NY-46-39-22
FRIEDRICHSOHN, MARY               WATERFORD                               NY-46-42-271
FRINK, EDWARD                     MILTON                                  NY-46-13-470
FRINK, HENRY                      MILTON                                  NY-46-2-328
FRINK, ISAAC                      MILTON                                  NY-46-25-85
FRINK, JOSHUA                     MOREAU                                  NY-46-19-345
FRISBIE, PHOEBE M.                CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-45-432
FROELICK, MORRIS                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-45-318
FRY, MICHAEL                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-1A-28
FRYER, ANN ALOUISE                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-121
FRYER, SARAH                      MILTON                                  NY-46-27-176
FULLER, AUSTIN                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-22-419
FULLER, BENONI                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-22-556
FULLER, CHARLOTTE                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-41-233
FULLER, CLARK W.                  BOSTON, SUFFOLK, MA                     NY-46-44-385
FULLER, HARRY B.                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-27-551
FULLER, HENRY V. S.               MILTON                                  NY-46-30-358
FULLER, ISAIAH                    PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-9-81
FULLER, JANE M.                   MOREAU                                  NY-46-35-353
FULLER, JOHN C.                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-43-167
FULLER, JOHN H.                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-41-199
FULLER, LOUISA                    MOREAU                                  NY-46-35-325
FULLER, MARY C.                   WILTON                                  NY-46-37-349
FULLER, ORRIN R.                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-30-464
FULLER, OSCAR EUGENE              MOREAU                                  NY-46-43-563
FULLER, PATTY B.                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-28-337
FULLER, SYLVANUS H.               BALLSTON                                NY-46-34-396
FULLER, THOMAS H.                 BOSTON, SUFFOLK, MA                     NY-46-44-347
FULLERTON, MARTHA                 MILTON                                  NY-46-5-42
FULMER, JOHN                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-5-52
FULMER, JOHN                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-1A-7
FULMER, JOHN                      HALF MON                                NY-46-1-181
FULTON, BETSEY                    DAY                                     NY-46-25-311
FULTON, LUCY E.                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-19-114
FUREY, JOHN                       SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-187
FUREY, MICHAEL                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-445
FURLONG, JAMES                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-41-280
FURNARD, ROBERT                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-28-317
FURRILL, PHILEMON                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-28-486

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