Saratoga, New York
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SACKER, CHARLOTTE                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-43-307
SACKER, HENRY R.                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-40-306
SACKETT, WILLIAM A.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-48
SADLER, JOEL                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-15-30
SAFFEN, THOMAS B.                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-5-428
SAFFORD, AMANDA                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-165
SAFFORD, TRUMAN                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-18-421
SAGE, WILLIAM F.                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-22-423
SAINT-JOHN, HANNAH                GREENFIELD                              NY-46-11-221
SAINTJOHN, JACOB                  WILTON                                  NY-46-12-160
SAINTJOHN, THOMAS T.              GALWAY                                  NY-46-29-317
SAINTONGE, JOHN (ST ANNGE)        WATERFORD                               NY-46-40-88
SALISBURY, CLARK W.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-21-624
SALISBURY, HIRAM                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-36-363
SALISBURY, JAMES E.               WATERFORD                               NY-46-37-277
SALISBURY, LEWIS                  STILLWATER                              NY-46-40-75
SALISBURY, PRESERVED              STILLWATER                              NY-46-9-354
SALISBURY, SARAH W. B.            SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-209
SALISBURY, THOMAS                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-2-376
SALMON, THOMAS                    DAY                                     NY-46-42-493
SAMPLE, JOHN                      SARATOGA                                NY-46-39-799
SANBORN, CHARLES H.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-687
SANBORN, FANNY                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-413
SANDERS, FREDERICK                GALWAY                                  NY-46-26-374
SANDERS, MARY J.                  CHARLTON                                NY-46-42-385
SANDERS, SHERMAN                  CHARLTON                                NY-46-19-232
SANDERSON, BENJAMIN H.            SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-33-288
SANDERSON, CHARLOTTE              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-268
SARGENT, AMELIA L.                MILTON                                  NY-46-34-61
SARGENT, SAMUEL B.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-21-137
SARGENT, SARAH M.                 MILTON                                  NY-46-37-556
SARLE, BENJAMIN                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-38-529
SARLE, EUGENE                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-39-130
SARLE, MARTHA FREEMAN             SARATOGA                                NY-46-37-631
SARLE, ROBERT                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-40-459
SARLE, SANFORD                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-44-590
SARSFIELD, CATHEIRNE              WATERFORD                               NY-46-42-669
SAUNDERS, EUNICE M.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-46-537
SAUNDERS, HENRY                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-22-123
SAUNDERS, RANDALL                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-25-55
SAVAGE, EBENEZER                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-22-313
SAVAGE, HIEL                      GREENFIELD                              NY-46-13-260
SAWYER, HORACE M.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-10
SAYER, ISAAC                      NTL                                     NY-46-4-278
SAYLES, SYLVENUS                  STILLWATER                              NY-46-6-409
SAYRE, BENJAMIN                   MILTON                                  NY-46-2-349
SAYRE, SARAH A.                   CORINTH                                 NY-46-44-252
SCANLAN, ANNIE E.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-178
SCANLON, CATHERINE                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-260
SCANNEL, HANNAH                   BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-9-42
SCHAFER, JOHN                     MILTON                                  NY-46-41-141
SCHAUBER, DAVID                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-1-256
SCHAUBER, DAVID                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-14-219
SCHAUBER, ISAAC                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-29-561
SCHAUBER, MARY                    CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-37-286
SCHEMERHORN, CORNELIUS            CHARLTON                                NY-46-8-66
SCHERMERHORN, EDWIN H.            PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-23-284
SCHERMERHORN, JAMES B.            GREENFIELD                              NY-46-20-582
SCHERMERHORN, JOHN R.             MILTON                                  NY-46-31-209
SCHERMERHORN, LAURA C. J.         SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-579
SCHERMERHORN, MARY A.             STILLWATER                              NY-46-41-185
SCHERMERHORN, MARY L.             MILTON                                  NY-46-34-519
SCHERMERHORN, MATTHEW H. V.       STILLWATER                              NY-46-43-17
SCHERMERHORN, PORTER J.           HALF MOON                               NY-46-43-85
SCHOUTEN, ISAAC                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-31-126
SCHOUTEN, SARAH                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-39-775
SCHOUTEN, SIMEON                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-28-271
SCHUMACHER, GEORGE E.             GREENFIELD                              NY-46-37-583
SCHUREMAN, ERSATUS R.             MILTON                                  NY-46-40-469
SCHUYLER, HELEN                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-25-30
SCHUYLER, ROSANNA                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-18-194
SCHUYTER, HARMANUS                STILLWATER                              NY-46-7-135
SCHWENNKER, CHRIST                CHARLTON                                NY-46-41-179
SCIDMORE, HARVEY                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-36-491
SCOFIELD, EZRA                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-21-123
SCOFIELD, FANNY                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-25-21
SCOFIELD, HENRY                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-20-546
SCOFIELD, IRA                     GREENFIELD                              NY-46-24-28
SCOFIELD, MARY M.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-23-567
SCOFIELD, RENSSELAER              GREENFIELD                              NY-46-41-582
SCOTLAND, ANDREW                  MALTA                                   NY-46-42-675
SCOTT, ANNIE B.                   BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY                     NY-46-46-199
SCOTT, CAROLINE                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-417
SCOTT, DANIEL                     GREENFIELD                              NY-46-13-104
SCOTT, DUDLEY F.                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-34-259
SCOTT, ELIJAH PORTER              WATERFORD                               NY-46-37-94
SCOTT, ESTHER                     MILTON                                  NY-46-19-101
SCOTT, GEORGE G.                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-29-451
SCOTT, GUSSIE A.                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-29-93
SCOTT, HARVEY BELDEN              WATERFORD                               NY-46-16-310
SCOTT, ISAAC                      GALWAY                                  NY-46-24-215
SCOTT, JAMES L.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-233
SCOTT, JOHN                       GREENFIELD                              NY-46-19-322
SCOTT, LAURA P.                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-26-3
SCOTT, LEWIS                      GREENFIELD                              NY-46-29-209
SCOTT, LEWIS                      GREENFIELD                              NY-46-29-416
SCOTT, MARGARET A.                MILTON                                  NY-46-26-19
SCOTT, MARY A.                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-31-459
SCOTT, MARY L.                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-27-54
SCOTT, MARY S.                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-39-796
SCOTT, MOSES                      WATERFORD                               NY-46-16-279
SCOTT, SARAH                      WATERFORD                               NY-46-18-37
SCOTT, WILLIAM                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-4-360
SCOTT, WILLIAM                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-29-419
SCOTT, WILLIAM H.                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-25-339
SCOVIL, JEREMY                    HADLEY                                  NY-46-33-51
SCOVILLE, CATHARINE               SARATOGA                                NY-46-24-315
SCRIBNER, ISAAC                   MALTA                                   NY-46-5-115
SCRIBNER, SOPHIA P.               EDINBURGH                               NY-46-26-481
SCRIBNER, THADDEUS                BALLSTON                                NY-46-14-55
SCRIBNER, ZACHEUS                 BALLSTON                                NY-46-1-232
SCULLY, JENNIE N.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-36-111
SEABURY, ANDREW                   GALWAY                                  NY-46-29-40
SEABURY, BENJAMIN                 GALWAY                                  NY-46-2-144
SEABURY, JOHN H.                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-41-139
SEABURY, RUTH                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-3-100
SEAMAN, HIX                       BALLSTON                                NY-46-21-547
SEAMAN, JOSHUA F.                 MALTA                                   NY-46-20-47
SEAMAN, MARY J.                   MILTON                                  NY-46-37-130
SEAMAN, NANCY                     MALTA                                   NY-46-19-251
SEAMAN, REUBEN A.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-26-73
SEAMAN, REUBEN H.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-472
SEAMANS, ESTHER                   MOREAU                                  NY-46-35-401
SEAMANS, MYLA                     MOREAU                                  NY-46-22-105
SEARER, JOSEPH                    MILTON                                  NY-46-6-102
SEAREY, ARTHUR D.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-360
SEARING, SAMUEL                   NTL                                     NY-46-6-94
SEARLES, ABBIE L.                 WILTON                                  NY-46-38-100
SEARS, ALEXANDER                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-40-363
SEARS, DAVID                      MILTON                                  NY-46-13-127
SEARS, ELLEN                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-45-420
SEARS, ISAAC                      MILTON                                  NY-46-21-7
SEARS, LEWIS H.                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-30-67
SEARS, SUNDERLAND                 BALLSTON                                NY-46-8-73
SEAVEY, MARY E.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-301
SEDDON, MARY A.                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-37-88
SEDDON, ZACHARIAH                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-35-619
SEE, ANNIE E.                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-559
SEE, SARAH                        WILTON                                  NY-46-23-469
SEELEY, HENRY                     PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-44-186
SEELEY, JESSE                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-16-511
SEELEY, LUCY E.                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-45-396
SEELEY, LUCYNDA                   NTL                                     NY-46-2-361
SEELEY, NEHEMIAH                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-5-424
SEELY, JAMES                      STILLWATER                              NY-46-5-146
SEELY, SAMUEL C.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-26-281
SEELYE, ELECTA                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-37-655
SEELYE, NANCY C.                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-43-49
SEELYE, NATHAN                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-32-575
SEELYE, NATHAN A.                 BALLSTON                                NY-46-39-277
SEELYE, NATHANIEL                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-23-329
SEELYE, NELSON J.                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-43-155
SELBY, RACHEL A.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-419
SELCK, WILLIAM                    MALTA                                   NY-46-34-562
SELDEN, EDWARD D.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-363
SELDEN, THOMAS                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-24-597
SELDON, SARAH W.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-32-553
SELLECK, D. FAYETTE               MOREAU                                  NY-46-42-527
SELLEN, MOSES                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-8-336
SENNET, MINNA                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-33-165
SERVICE, BENJAMIN                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-22-273
SERVICE, JAMES                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-22-270
SESSIONS, ASENATH                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-34-95
SESSIONS, LYMAN                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-25-556
SESSIONS, PHILA W.                BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-21-304
SETTLE, ANNA M.                   MILTON                                  NY-46-27-232
SETTLE, PAUL                      MILTON                                  NY-46-23-388
SEXTON, AARON                     CORINTH                                 NY-46-24-402
SEXTON, ALFRED W.                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-29-478
SEXTON, CHARLES E.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-507
SEXTON, MARIA                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-521
SEXTON, RAPELLUS                  SARATOGA SPRINS                         NY-46-24-337
SEXTON, WILLIAM H.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-20-337
SEYMOUR, ANDREW                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-14-99
SEYMOUR, DANIEL                   MILTON                                  NY-46-24-300
SEYMOUR, ELIZABETH                STILLWATER                              NY-46-19-76
SEYMOUR, HATTIE                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-24-126
SEYMOUR, JANE                     MILTON                                  NY-46-35-341
SEYMOUR, JOEL                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-12-267
SEYMOUR, NORMAN                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-19-187
SEYMOUR, RUTH B.                  BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-26-264
SEYMOUR, SARAH JANE               BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-44-299
SEYMOUR, WILLIAM T.               WATERFORD                               NY-46-30-549
SHACKELFORD, ELIZABETH P. P.      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-28-597
SHACKLEFORD, JOHN W.              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-36-433
SHAFER, GARRET                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-26-488
SHAMPINE, BETSY M.                WATERFORD                               NY-46-43-587
SHANAHAN, JOHANNA                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-276
SHANAHAN, PATRICK                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-33-311
SHARAMAN, ANDREW                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-6-454
SHARP, HANNAH E.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-1
SHARP, JOHN H.                    CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-44-588
SHARP, LESTER L.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-32-32
SHATTUCK, CALVIN                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-16-527
SHATTUCK, FLAYEL M.               GALWAY                                  NY-46-42-679
SHAUL, ADALINE J.                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-33-147
SHAUL, NICHOLAS                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-36-277
SHAVER, JOHN H.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-185
SHAVER, MARY                      MILTON                                  NY-46-22-172
SHAW, JEREMIAH                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-28-210
SHAW, JOEPH                       WATERFORD                               NY-46-23-519
SHAW, MARIA                       EDINBURGH                               NY-46-41-329
SHAW, ORMAN                       HALF MOON                               NY-46-21-495
SHAW, PHILO                       PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-39-652
SHAW, ROBERT                      GALWAY                                  NY-46-30-445
SHAW, ROSAMOND A.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-46-144
SHAW, THOMAS                      PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-25-580
SHAW, WILLIAM                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-20-103
SHAW, WILLIAM F.                  PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-32-502
SHAYNE, PATRICK                   GALWAYWAY                               NY-46-27-116
SHEA, MICHAEL                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-564
SHEA, SARAH                       MILTON                                  NY-46-35-99
SHEARER, AGNES E.                 MILTON                                  NY-46-39-100
SHEARER, EZRA W.                  STILLWATER                              NY-46-45-108
SHEARER, JAMES                    MILTON                                  NY-46-23-219
SHEARER, MARTHA                   GALWAY                                  NY-46-29-43
SHEARER, ORVILLE                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-43-325
SHEARER, ROBERT                   MILTON                                  NY-46-3-409
SHEARMAN, CALEB                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-4-129
SHEARMAN, HENRY T.                STILLWATER                              NY-46-20-533
SHEEHAN, CORNELIUS                SARAOTGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-319
SHEEHAN, DANIEL                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-46-55
SHEEHAN, ELIZA                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-36
SHEEHAN, JOHN                     MILTON                                  NY-46-38-532
SHEEHAN, MARY                     MILTON                                  NY-46-45-96
SHEEHAN, WILLIAM                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-31-380
SHEEHY, JOHN                      MILTON                                  NY-46-40-15
SHEEHY, MICHAEL                   MILTON                                  NY-46-45-332
SHEEHY, PATRICK                   MILTON                                  NY-46-29-445
SHEFFER, HIRAM                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-31-571
SHEFFER, MARY                     HALF MOON                               NY-46-33-240
SHEFFER, PHILIP                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-19-455
SHEFFER, SARAH                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-97
SHEFFER, WILLIAM H.               CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-42-631
SHELDEN, GEORGE                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-8-198
SHELDON, DELILAH F.               GALWAY                                  NY-46-37-394
SHELDON, MORRIS                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-9-187
SHELL, ANNE                       GALWAY                                  NY-46-98
SHEPARD, ELISHA G.                CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-20-81
SHEPARD, HARRIET                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-21-208
SHEPARD, HARRIET A.               WATERFORD                               NY-46-26-262
SHEPARD, JOHN B.                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-25-513
SHEPARD, JOHN R.                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-45-298
SHEPARD, MARTIN                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-29-127
SHEPARD, OSGOOD H.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-46-294
SHEPARD, WILLIAM AUGUSTA          SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-481
SHEPHARD, DANIEL                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-2-286
SHEPHARD, RUTH                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-3-78
SHEPHERD, BETSEY                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-36-55
SHEPHERD, BRICE                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-4-158
SHEPHERD, CHARLES W.              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-379
SHEPHERD, DAVID                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-25-188
SHEPHERD, HANNAH M.               SARATOGA                                NY-46-21-314
SHEPHERD, JAMES                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-16-119
SHEPHERD, JOHN                    CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-16-260
SHEPHERD, JOHN C.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-226
SHEPHERD, JOHN J.                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-40-249
SHEPHERD, MARY L.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-46-446
SHEPHERD, MARY W.                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-42-473
SHEPHERD, MILTON                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-30-604
SHEPHERD, RUBY                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-25-337
SHEPHERD, THOMAS                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-19-15
SHEPHERD, WILLIAM                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-4-189
SHEPHERD, WILLIAM                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-24-497
SHEPPARD, CAROLINE P.             SARATOGA                                NY-46-35-388
SHEPPARD, NATHAN                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-30-455
SHERER, JOHN D.                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-42-427
SHERIDAN, JULIA                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-16-525
SHERIDAN, MICHAEL                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-451
SHERMAN, ABRAM                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-21-271
SHERMAN, CHAUNCEY                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-41-231
SHERMAN, EDMUND J.                HADLEY                                  NY-46-20-282
SHERMAN, ELIJAH                   WILTON                                  NY-46-31-161
SHERMAN, ELIZABETH J.             WATERFORD                               NY-46-24-592
SHERMAN, EMMA A.                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-45-242
SHERMAN, GIDEON                   WILTON                                  NY-46-16-345
SHERMAN, JAMES                    CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-19-41
SHERMAN, JAMES C.                 GALWAY                                  NY-46-23-254
SHERMAN, JAMES W.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-289
SHERMAN, JANE                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-42-199
SHERMAN, JOHN H.                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-41-37
SHERMAN, LOIS                     CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-25-181
SHERMAN, LYDIA                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-12-183
SHERMAN, MARY A.                  MOREAU                                  NY-46-32-24
SHERMAN, MICHAEL                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-14-409
SHERMAN, NORMAN B.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-420
SHERMAN, PHEBE A.                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-42-437
SHERMAN, SARAH                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-20-488
SHERMAN, STEPHEN                  NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-22-193
SHERMAN, ZEBULON                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-10-471
SHERWOOD, CATHARINE               BALLSTON                                NY-46-28-512
SHERWOOD, ELIZABETH               BALLSTON                                NY-46-43-51
SHERWOOD, HARVEY                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-18-411
SHERWOOD, LAURA                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-21-656
SHERWOOD, LYMAN D.                BALLSTON                                NY-46-39-646
SHERWOOD, MARY                    CHARLTON                                NY-46-6-262
SHERWOOD, MARY FRANCES            BALLSTON                                NY-46-39-589
SHERWOOD, SAMUEL D.               MILTON                                  NY-46-30-449
SHERWOOD, SYLVESTER               WILTON                                  NY-46-34-8
SHERWOOD, WILLIAM L.              BALLSTON                                NY-46-42-647
SHEWMAKER, WALTER                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-25-421
SHIELDS, ELECTA                   EDINBURGH                               NY-46-29-265
SHIELDS, JAMES                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-25-35
SHIELDS, JOHN W.                  EDINBURGH                               NY-46-24-509
SHIELDS, WILLIAM                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-27-527
SHINE, JOHN                       GALWAY                                  NY-46-26-394
SHIPMAN, JONATHAN                 PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-9-96
SHIPMAN, JOSEPH S.                PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-20-267
SHIPMAN, TIMOTHY                  MALTA                                   NY-46-8-165
SHIRES, SARAH A.                  BATCHELLERVILLE                         NY-46-42-355
SHIRES, SARAH ELIZA               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-272
SHIRS, THOMAS                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-19-221
SHOEMAKER, GEORGE                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-10-350
SHOEMAKER, ROBERT H.              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-46-66
SHONTS, JOHN A.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-23-36
SHOOK, HENRY P.                   MOREAU                                  NY-46-12-324
SHOOK, JOHN                       HALF MOON                               NY-46-23-102
SHORT, JOHN L.                    MECHANICVILLE                           NY-46-44-58
SHORT, MICHAEL                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-26-24
SHORTON, ANN                      SARATOGA                                NY-46-12-367
SHOUTS, ELIZA C.                  STILLWATER                              NY-46-39-658
SHOUTS, NELSON                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-38-316
SHOWERS, JOHN                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-23-184
SHUFELT, MALINDA                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-28-109
SHULZE, FREDERICK                 GALWAY                                  NY-46-42-637
SHUMWAY, GEORGIE E.               ORANGE, FRANKLIN, MA                    NY-46-44-308
SHURTLEFF, LUCIUS E.              GALWAY                                  NY-46-20-511
SHURTLIFF, WILLIAM E.             CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-45-324
SHUTE, JEROME                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-214
SICKLER, ABRAM                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-26-399
SICKLER, ANN E.                   MALTA                                   NY-46-32-169
SICKLER, ELVIRA                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-39-496
SICKLER, GEORGE                   NTL                                     NY-46-1-126
SICKLER, LOIS                     MALTA                                   NY-46-32-306
SICKLER, PETER                    MALTA                                   NY-46-25-77
SILL, LYDIA G.                    MOREAU                                  NY-46-24-330
SILLCOCKS, JANE                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-34-109
SILLIMAN, KATE                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-21-273
SILVERTHORN, YEOMANS G.           MILTON                                  NY-46-24-21
SIMMONS, ANNA R.                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-43-445
SIMMONS, CHARLES H.               HALF MOON                               NY-46-42-367
SIMMONS, HANNAH                   MILTON                                  NY-46-45-270
SIMMONS, JACOB                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-24-107
SIMMONS, PETER J.                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-29-106
SIMMONS, WILLIAM                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-19-36
SIMONS, JUDITH MARIA              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-28-187
SIMONS, LEONARD H.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-23-137
SIMONS, PETER                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-5-327
SIMPSON, JOEL B.                  EDINBURGH                               NY-46-46-197
SIMPSON, JOSEPH                   MILTON                                  NY-46-22-19
SIMPSON, MICHAEL                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-31-271
SINCLAIR, DANIEL                  MILTON                                  NY-46-32-125
SINGLETON, BENJAMIN               WATERFORD                               NY-46-44-297
SISSON, DENNIS                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-34-491
SISSON, REBECCA                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-29-459
SITTERLY, HENRY                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-34-420
SKINNER, FRANCIS H.               CHARLTON                                NY-46-21-222
SKINNION, KATE T.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-372
SKYM, JOHN                        MOREAU                                  NY-46-33-349
SLACK, IRENA                      SARATOGA                                NY-46-21-361
SLADE, BENJAMIN                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-24-160
SLADE, BENJAMIN J.                WATERFORD                               NY-46-37-622
SLADE, GEORGE W.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-31-145
SLADE, ISAAC                      SARATOGA                                NY-46-40-379
SLADE, MARY                       BALLSTON                                NY-46-46-529
SLADE, MARY E.                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-41-291
SLARIN, ELIZABETH                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-37-328
SLASON, JAMES L.                  MALTA                                   NY-46-38-514
SLASON, MARY L.                   MALTA                                   NY-46-41-219
SLATER, RALPH                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-30-442
SLATTERLY, CATHARINE              WATERFORD                               NY-46-27-209
SLATTERY, JOHN                    MILTON                                  NY-46-29-89
SLAVIN, ELIZABETH E.              STILLWATER                              NY-46-43-357
SLAVIN, JOHN                      CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-31-453
SLAVIN, MCHAEL                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-23-371
SLEIGHT, CATHERINE                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-61
SLINEY, ELLEN                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-274
SLINEY, THOMAS                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-26-474
SLINGERLAND, CHARLES B.           MALTA                                   NY-46-38-13
SLOCUM, ALLIE S.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-85
SLOCUM, CHARLES                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-40-587
SLOCUM, CHARLES D.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-29-155
SLOCUM, CHARLES D.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-29-210
SLOCUM, GEORGE H.                 NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-45-476
SLOCUM, JAMES                     WILTON                                  NY-46-25-126
SLOCUM, SAMUEL                    NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-31-294
SLOCUM, WILLIAM R.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-362
SLOYAN, BRIDGET                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-42-699
SLYE, ICHABOD                     PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-23-88
SLYE, URETTA                      PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-22-438
SMALLEY, LYMAN                    CORINTH                                 NY-46-20-230
SMEAD, ELIZABETH                  STILLWATER                              NY-46-38-580
SMEALLIE, JOHN                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-23-221
SMEALLIE, JOHN M.                 GALWAY                                  NY-46-29-63
SMITH, ABBEY                      CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-29-74
SMITH, ABEL                       CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-19-410
SMITH, ABEL B.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-24-238
SMITH, ABIJAH                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-5-276
SMITH, AGNES EUSEBIA              BALLSTON                                NY-46-45-336
SMITH, ALVIN                      NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-21-450
SMITH, AMOS                       CHARLTON                                NY-46-14-400
SMITH, ANDREW J.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-46-398
SMITH, ANDREW W.                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-29-248
SMITH, ANNA                       STILLWATER                              NY-46-38-676
SMITH, ANNA ELIZABETH             BALLSTON                                NY-46-40-59
SMITH, ANNA MARIA                 MALTA                                   NY-46-21-540
SMITH, ARCHIBALD                  CHARLTON                                NY-46-22-140
SMITH, BERNARD                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-24-413
SMITH, BLISS                      STILLWATER                              NY-46-16-177
SMITH, BRIDGET O'BRIEN            SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-12
SMITH, CAROLINE                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-33-344
SMITH, CAROLINE                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-449
SMITH, CARY                       MALTA                                   NY-46-19-46
SMITH, CATHARINE WELCH            NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-42-223
SMITH, CATIE M.                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-43-187
SMITH, CHARLES A.                 BOSTON, SUFFOLK, MA                     NY-46-44-342
SMITH, CHARLES E.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-46-362
SMITH, CHARLOTTE                  STILLWATER                              NY-46-15-37
SMITH, COLLIE H.                  WILTON                                  NY-46-41-37
SMITH, CORNELL J.                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-24-363
SMITH, DANIEL                     CHARLTON                                NY-46-14-471
SMITH, DANIEL                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-35-443
SMITH, DANIEL K.                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-24-513
SMITH, DAVID A.                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-26-31
SMITH, DELIA P.                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-43-487
SMITH, DODDRIDGE                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-19-93
SMITH, DUDLEY                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-16-356
SMITH, EDNA                       HALF MOON                               NY-46-20-125
SMITH, EDWIN                      GREENFIELD                              NY-46-44-228
SMITH, ELIAS                      CHARLTON                                NY-46-13-485
SMITH, ELIAS                      STILLWATER                              NY-46-24-292
SMITH, ELIAS H.                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-23-489
SMITH, ELIJAH E.                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-5-168
SMITH, ELISHA                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-7-148
SMITH, ELIZABETH A.               NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-39-493
SMITH, ELLEN                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-32-238
SMITH, EMELINE                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-33-48
SMITH, EMILY A.                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-25-113
SMITH, EPHRAIM                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-6-71
SMITH, ESTHER C.                  STILLWATER                              NY-46-37-649
SMITH, EZEKIEL                    MILTON                                  NY-46-26-120
SMITH, FANNIE                     MOREAU                                  NY-46-22-345
SMITH, GEORGE                     MILTON                                  NY-46-15-126
SMITH, HANNIBAL H.                BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-40-517
SMITH, HARRIET T.                 GALWAY                                  NY-46-43-25
SMITH, HARRY C.                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-41-277
SMITH, HARVEY R.                  CHARLTON                                NY-46-34-387
SMITH, HENRY A.                   MILTON                                  NY-46-42-463
SMITH, HEPZEBAH                   NTL                                     NY-46-5-104
SMITH, HESTER E.                  MILTON                                  NY-46-42-541
SMITH, IRA                        GREENFIELD                              NY-46-23-376
SMITH, ISAAC                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-23-59
SMITH, ISAAC                      GLENSVILLE, SCHENECTADY, NY             NY-46-6-322
SMITH, ISAAC A.                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-26-466
SMITH, ISAAC M.                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-21-641
SMITH, ISABELLA H.                GALWAY                                  NY-46-44-154
SMITH, ITHNIEL                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-15-122
SMITH, JACOB                      MILTON                                  NY-46-8-15
SMITH, JACOB                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-9-148
SMITH, JACOB                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-32-112
SMITH, JACOB W.                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-38-259
SMITH, JAMES                      MOREAYU                                 NY-46-26-95
SMITH, JAMES                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-10-436
SMITH, JAMES D.                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-34-323
SMITH, JAMES E.                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-42-247
SMITH, JAMES H.                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-32-562
SMITH, JAMES K.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-21-80
SMITH, JAMES V.                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-39-124
SMITH, JAMES W.                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-32-329
SMITH, JANE MARION                CHARLTON                                NY-46-30-131
SMITH, JEREMIAH                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-8-276
SMITH, JEREMIAH                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-8-278
SMITH, JEREMIAH G.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-32-382
SMITH, JOHN                       GREENFIELD                              NY-46-21-613
SMITH, JOHN                       HALF MOON                               NY-46-40-403
SMITH, JOHN F.                    CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-14-197
SMITH, JOHN J.                    NTL                                     NY-46-4-336
SMITH, JOHN L.                    CHARLTON                                NY-46-22-190
SMITH, JOHN N.                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-32-130
SMITH, JOHN P.                    MILTON                                  NY-46-40-487
SMITH, JOSEPH                     MALTA                                   NY-46-43-573
SMITH, JOSEPH T.                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-33-332
SMITH, JULIA A.                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-40-63
SMITH, LEONARD                    MILTON                                  NY-46-31-176
SMITH, LEVI                       MILTON                                  NY-46-16-31
SMITH, LEWIS                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-25-414
SMITH, LEWIS E.                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-29-611
SMITH, LEWIS F.                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-38-16
SMITH, LORENZO                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-41-217
SMITH, LUCIUS M.                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-34-158
SMITH, LUMAN B.                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-16-116
SMITH, LYDIA                      MALTA                                   NY-46-45-466
SMITH, LYDIA A.                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-36-398
SMITH, LYMAN                      STILLWATER                              NY-46-36-73
SMITH, MAGGIE A.                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-42-565
SMITH, MALINDA                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-26-144
SMITH, MARGARET                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-21-702
SMITH, MARGARET M.                BALLSTON                                NY-46-32-463
SMITH, MARTHA M.                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-38-673
SMITH, MARTIN H.                  CHARLTON                                NY-46-34-55
SMITH, MARVIN E.                  MILTON                                  NY-46-42-379
SMITH, MARY                       STILLWATER                              NY-46-5-348
SMITH, MARY                       MALTA                                   NY-46-42-77
SMITH, MARY                       HALF MOON                               NY-46-26-455
SMITH, MARY                       SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-31-182
SMITH, MARY A.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-31-630
SMITH, MARY ADELE                 BALLSTON                                NY-46-44-378
SMITH, MARY J.                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-34-77
SMITH, MARY J.                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-40-251
SMITH, MARY JANE                  CHARLTON                                NY-46-38-415
SMITH, MATTHEW                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-31-267
SMITH, PETER JR.                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-19-350
SMITH, PETER T.                   GALWAY                                  NY-46-41-423
SMITH, PHILIP                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-25-343
SMITH, PHILIP L.                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-42-589
SMITH, PHILLIP                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-284
SMITH, PHOEBE E.                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-43-331
SMITH, PLATT                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-19-487
SMITH, PLATT B.                   GALWAY                                  NY-46-25-573
SMITH, POLLY ANN                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-467
SMITH, ROBERT                     MILTON                                  NY-46-25-532
SMITH, ROBERT P.                  BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-26-511
SMITH, ROSE                       STILLWATER                              NY-46-27-157
SMITH, ROXIE D.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-360
SMITH, SALLY                      BALLSTON                                NY-46-28-89
SMITH, SAMUEL                     HALF MOON                               NY-46-46-302
SMITH, SAMUEL                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-9-86
SMITH, SAMUEL                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-28-136
SMITH, SAMUEL B.                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-40-90
SMITH, SAMUEL G.                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-40-369
SMITH, SAMUEL J.                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-45-222
SMITH, SAMUEL O.                  , COWETA, GA                            NY-46-44-576
SMITH, SAMUEL R.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-17-3
SMITH, SARAH M.                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-39-379
SMITH, SELINA W.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-385
SMITH, SILAS H.                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-37-358
SMITH, STEPHEN                    MILTON                                  NY-46-14-189
SMITH, STEPHEN                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-22-428
SMITH, STEPHEN                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-32-175
SMITH, THEODORE                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-36-361
SMITH, THOMAS                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-1-121
SMITH, THOMAS                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-1-89
SMITH, THOMAS                     HALF MOON                               NY-46-2-166
SMITH, THOMAS                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-22-462
SMITH, THOMAS C.                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-5-352
SMITH, TUNIS N.                   NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY             NY-46-46-49
SMITH, WILLIAM                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-25-11
SMITH, WILLIAM                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-10-381
SMITH, WILLIAM                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-26-433
SMITH, WILLIAM C.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-262
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                 CHARLTON                                NY-46-45-142
SMITH, WILLIAM O.                 CHARLTON                                NY-46-42-343
SMITH, WILLIAM P.                 BALLSTON                                NY-46-21-239
SMITH, WILLIAM T.                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-12-137
SMITH, ZADOCK                     CHARLTON                                NY-46-20-381
SMITH, ZILPHA                     EDINBURGH                               NY-46-31-48
SMYTH, ADA H.                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-661
SMYTH, JOSEPH                     HADLEY                                  NY-46-31-212
SNELL, ROBERT                     MILTON                                  NY-46-13-391
SNELL, ROBERT                     MILTON                                  NY-46-23-323
SNELL, SARAH                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-26-125
SNOW, ELIZA S.                    MILTON                                  NY-46-43-319
SNOW, MARIA                       MILTON                                  NY-46-33-186
SNOWBALL, SAMUEL                  STILLWATER                              NY-46-11-303
SNYDER, GEORGE H.                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-22-199
SNYDER, HANNAH M.                 SCHUYLERVILLE                           NY-46-31-239
SNYDER, MARTHA J.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-314
SNYDER, PHILIP                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-27-453
SNYDER, PRISCILLA J.              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-20-459
SOMES, MARY                       SARATOGA                                NY-46-23-260
SOUTHARD, ANNA                    CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-38-130
SOUTHARD, FREELOVE                MALTA                                   NY-46-36-393
SOUTHARD, IRA                     CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-23-591
SOUTHARD, JOHN                    MALTA                                   NY-46-15-351
SOUTHARD, JOHN                    MALTA                                   NY-46-22-228
SOUTHARD, MARY                    MALTA                                   NY-46-15-341
SOUTHARD, SAMUEL L.               BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-25-488
SOUTHARD, STEPHEN                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-4-412
SOUTHWICK, SARAH B.               WATERFORD                               NY-46-10-140
SOWDEN, SAMUEL                    CORINTH                                 NY-46-10-222
SOWLE, LEMUEL                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-4-95
SPAIN, ADAM                       CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-35-68
SPARKS, JAMES                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-274
SPAULDING, CAROLINE               GREENFIELD                              NY-46-44-422
SPAULDING, CHARLES W.             GREENFIELD                              NY-46-40-264
SPAULDING, GILMAN                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-35-182
SPAULDING, MELVIN                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-34-571
SPAULDING, SARAH A.               GREENFIELD                              NY-46-18-308
SPECK, GEORGE (CRUM, GEORGE)      MALTA                                   NY-46-46-82
SPEIR, ARCHIBALD                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-11-386
SPEIR, GEORGE                     MILTON                                  NY-46-11-87
SPEIR, JAMES                      BALLSTON                                NY-46-14-157
SPEIR, JAMES H.                   BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-21-275
SPEISER, ERNEST                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-37-658
SPENCER, BRAINARD                 MIDDLETOWN, MIDDLESEX, CT               NY-46-20-342
SPENCER, GEORGE W.                MALTA                                   NY-46-40-359
SPICER, EBER                      NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-28-147
SPICER, THOMAS                    MILTON                                  NY-46-29-413
SPICER, WILLIAM                   MILTON                                  NY-46-29-511
SPICKERMAN, MARTHA A.             WATERFORD                               NY-46-34-90
SPIER, JOHN B.                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-16-109
SPIER, JOHN J.                    BALLSTON SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-391
SPIER, SARAH                      MILTON                                  NY-46-16-251
SPINNNG, JOHN                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-19-95
SPLAIN, TIMOTHY                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-22-45
SPRAGUE, REUBEN                   CHARLTO                                 NY-46-5-81
SPRINGER, JOHN                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-40-471
SPROTT, FRANCES E. FOOTE          SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-641
SPROTT, GEORGE                    MOREAU                                  NY-46-34-1
SPROTT, JAMES                     WILTON                                  NY-46-36-349
SPROTT, JOHN                      MOREAU                                  NY-46-22-399
SPROTT, MYRON W.                  MOREAU                                  NY-46-40-53
SPROTT, WILLIAM                   MOREAU                                  NY-46-14-15
SPRUITT, JAMES                    MOREAU                                  NY-46-15-305
SQUIER, WILLIAM                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-14-204
SQUIRES, ROBERT                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-439
STAATS, NANCY                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-15-415
STAATS, SARAH                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-21-396
STAATS, THOMAS                    MALTA                                   NY-46-15-365
STACK, PATRICK                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-43-581
STAFFORD, AMOS                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-3-187
STAFFORD, AMOS                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-15-283
STAFFORD, AMOS P.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-31-527
STAFFORD, RENSLER                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-43-469
STANDISH, BENJAMIN                WILTON                                  NY-46-27-214
STANDISH, EZRA C.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-455
STANDISH, LORENA                  WILTON                                  NY-46-24-370
STANFORD, CATHARINE               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-33-315
STANGLE, JOHN                     CORINTH                                 NY-46-45-218
STANLEY, SUSANNAH                 CORINTH                                 NY-46-20-143
STANTON, RANSOM H.                MOREAU                                  NY-46-42-125
STARBUCK, BENJAMIN C.             MOREAU                                  NY-46-29-435
STARKS, EMMONS A.                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-41-339
STARKS, HENRY L.                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-27-353
STARKWEATHER, HENRY               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-24-267
STEADMAN, DAVID                   CORINTH                                 NY-46-25-521
STEARNS, HENRY W.                 CORINTH                                 NY-46-40-69
STEARNS, PRUDENCE                 CORINTH                                 NY-46-25-495
STEEL, ANN                        SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-147
STEEL, JOHN H.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-10-369
STEELE, SIMON                     EDINBURGH                               NY-46-42-65
STEENBERG, FREDERICK I.           MILTON                                  NY-46-43-235
STEENBERGH, PHEBE                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-35-117
STEENBURGH, ALICE                 NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-26-334
STEENBURGH, ELIAS                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-28-533
STEENBURGH, JAMES                 CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-18-495
STEENBURGH, NICHOLAS              HALF MOON                               NY-46-46-204
STEENBURGH, PETER                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-13-241
STEENBURGH, PHILENA               HALF MOON                               NY-46-46-245
STERRETT, GEORGE                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-26-599
STEVENS, EDWARD R.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-23-223
STEVENS, JAMES M.                 CHARLTON                                NY-46-40-213
STEVENS, JOHN B.                  MOREAU                                  NY-46-14-78
STEVENS, JOSEPH                   NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-24-127
STEVENS, MARGARET                 NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-32-110
STEVENS, MARY JANE                HALF MOON                               NY-46-24-483
STEVENS, THOMAS                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-16-506
STEVENSON, ANN                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-26-448
STEVENSON, PETER                  NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-19-158
STEVENSON, SYLVESTER W.           MALTA                                   NY-46-38-649
STEVER, DAVID                     MILTON                                  NY-46-35-201
STEVER, HENRY                     MILTON                                  NY-46-21-311
STEWART, ALEXANDER                HADLEY                                  NY-46-6-43
STEWART, ALEXANDER                BALLSTON                                NY-46-16-266
STEWART, ALEXANDER B.             BALLSTON                                NY-46-41-241
STEWART, ALEXANDER D.             BALLSTON                                NY-46-33-83
STEWART, CHARLES A.               WATERFORD                               NY-46-39-328
STEWART, CHARLES M.               HALF MOON                               NY-46-42-321
STEWART, DANIEL                   GALWAY                                  NY-46-16-60
STEWART, ELIZABETH                SARATOGA                                NY-46-4-19
STEWART, JENNET                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-34-132
STEWART, JOHN W.                  MOREAU                                  NY-46-44-64
STEWART, MARY C.                  MOREAU                                  NY-46-39-703
STEWART, WILLIAM                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-27-279
STEWART, WILLIAM BELL             MOREAU                                  NY-46-39-472
STEYER, JACOB                     MILTON                                  NY-46-14-376
STICKLAND, MARY                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-31-342
STICKLES, ANDREW                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-39-286
STILES, GEORGE I.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-446
STILES, ISAAC                     WILTON                                  NY-46-21-637
STILES, NORTHRUP D.               MILTON                                  NY-46-46-74
STILES, PETER                     WILTON                                  NY-46-23-364
STILES, REUBEN                    MILTON                                  NY-46-12-37
STILES, SAMUEL                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-1-297
STILES, SAMUEL                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-4-449
STILES, WARREN P.                 WILTON                                  NY-46-41-75
STILLWELL, HARVEY                 BALLSTON                                NY-46-22-225
STILLWELL, JAMES                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-14-367
STILLWELL, JOSEPHINE              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-357
STILLWELL, SARAH E.               BALLSTON                                NY-46-37-676
STILLWELL, THOMAS                 GALWAY                                  NY-46-7-67
STILLWELL, WILLIAM                BALLSTON                                NY-46-16-367
STILWELL, SAMUEL                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-27-315
STOCKER, ORPHA M.                 MILTON                                  NY-46-36-230
STOCKMAR, CHARLES B.              CORINTH                                 NY-46-45-276
STODDARD, JULIA A.                WILTON                                  NY-46-16-182
STODDARD, MARY R.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-291
STOETZEL, GEORGE                  MILTON                                  NY-46-45-56
STONE, AUGUSTUS L.                GALWAY                                  NY-46-29-497
STONE, EZRA T.                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-42-585
STONE, JABEZ                      WATERFORD                               NY-46-45-22
STONE, LEWIS                      GALWAY                                  NY-46-18-475
STONE, MARIA T.                   GALWAY                                  NY-46-34-120
STONE, OSIE                       GREENFIELD                              NY-46-8-365
STONE, SUSAN P.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-16-17
STONEBOWER, CORNELIA              MILTON                                  NY-46-34-57
STOVER, BARBARY                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-36-82
STOVER, DEBORAH                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-31-359
STOVER, ELIZABETH M.              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-564
STRACHAN, JOHN                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-15-237
STRANG, DAVID                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-19-389
STRANG, EDWARD H.                 MECHANICVILLE                           NY-46-46-327
STRANG, HENRY J.                  STILLWATER                              NY-46-13-419
STRANG, IRA                       STILLWATER                              NY-46-32-544
STRANG, MAHALA                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-23-294
STRANG, RUTH ELIZABETH            SARATOGA                                NY-46-39-424
STRANG, SARAH                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-14-201
STRANG, SILVANUS                  STILLWATER                              NY-46-18-363
STRANG, WILLIAM                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-8-396
STRANY,G ABRIEL                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-3-18
STRATTEN, JOHN B.                 CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-20-185
STRATTEN, LORENDA                 CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-22-473
STRATTON, FRANK W.                STILLWATER                              NY-46-43-541
STRATTON,E LIZABETH               STILLWATER                              NY-46-28-575
STREETER, SAMUEL                  CHARLTON                                NY-46-3-213
STREEVER, FREDERIC                MILTON                                  NY-46-34-468
STREEVER, GEORGE                  MILTON                                  NY-46-30-261
STRINGER, JOHN                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-43-385
STRONG, AMOS                      NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-2-126
STRONG, DRAYTON                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-40-385
STRONG, ELIJAH                    NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-20-368
STRONG, EMMA LOUISE               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-324
STRONG, JULIA                     MOREAU                                  NY-46-41-33
STRONG, LEWIS                     NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-8-131
STRONG, SYLVESTER E.              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-493
STRONG, SYLVESTER S.              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-32-349
STROPE, LYDIA A.                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-35-523
STROVER, GEORGE                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-29-547
STUART, LEMUEL                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-16-418
STUERT, LEMUEL                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-5-138
STUMPF, ROSINA                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-40-395
STURDERAN, LYDIA                  CORINTH                                 NY-46-35-109
STURDEVAN, ELIZABETH              CORINTH                                 NY-46-45-118
STURGES, CHARLES H.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-256
STURGES, ELIZABETH                CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-19-286
STURGES, EMMA A.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-435
SUDDINGTON, LYDIA                 MALTA                                   NY-46-23-562
SULLIVAN, ELLEN                   MOREAU                                  NY-46-45-282
SULLIVAN, JAMES F.                MOREAU                                  NY-46-39-154
SULLIVAN, JEREMIAH                STILLWATER                              NY-46-42-659
SULLIVAN, JOHN                    MOREAU                                  NY-46-30-223
SULLIVAN, JULIA                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-267
SULLIVAN, MARY                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-99
SULLIVAN, PETER O.                MILTON                                  NY-46-31-481
SULLIVAN, WIGNARD                 NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-35-381
SULZMAN, ANN                      WATERFORD                               NY-46-34-402
SUMNER, ELSIE J.                  EDINBURGH                               NY-46-34-463
SUMNER, SOLOMON                   EDINBURG                                NY-46-41-209
SUNTLER, MARGARET                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-18
SUTFIN, ELEANOR                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-478
SUTFIN, JULIA J.                  SCHUYLERVILLE                           NY-46-46-312
SUTFIN, LUCY M.                   BACON HILL                              NY-46-41-393
SUTFIN, RANSON                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-31-382
SUTHERLAND, ELIZABETH             SARATOGA                                NY-46-23-216
SWAIN, MATTHIAS                   MALTA                                   NY-46-9-227
SWAN, AVERY                       BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-16-380
SWAN, EILSHA                      MILTON                                  NY-46-6-236
SWAN, ELISHA                      MILTON                                  NY-46-19-3
SWAN, GILBERT                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-14-257
SWAN, HENRY F.                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-14-358
SWAN, HENRY F.                    MILTON                                  NY-46-13-299
SWAN, HENRY S.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-7
SWAN, IRA P.                      LOS ANGELES, LOS ANGELES, CA            NY-46-44-570
SWAN, JOSHUA                      CHARLTON                                NY-46-1A-26
SWAN, JOSHUA                      MILTON                                  NY-46-23-423
SWAN, MARY J.                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-107
SWAN, PATTY                       MILTON                                  NY-46-15-324
SWAN, POLLY                       MILTON                                  NY-46-18-321
SWANICK, CATHERINE M.             SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-418
SWANICK, JAMES                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-310
SWART, DIRCK                      SARATOGA                                NY-46-8-354
SWART, EDWARD M.                  MILTON                                  NY-46-22-544
SWART, TEUNIS                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-14-153
SWART, TUNIS                      CHARLTON                                NY-46-8-302
SWART, WALLACE A.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-478
SWART, WILLIAM M.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-22-442
SWARTOUT, JACOBUS S.              HALF MOON                               NY-46-3-323
SWARTWOUT, HARRIET M.             CORINTH                                 NY-46-38-364
SWARTWOUT, JOHN                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-19-228
SWARTWOUT, JOHN J.                WILTON                                  NY-46-18-237
SWARTWOUT, SARAH C.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-538
SWARTZ, ROBERT B.                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-42-97
SWASEY, GEORGE                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-26-604
SWEARS, LEWIS H.                  DAY                                     NY-46-43-127
SWEENEY, BRYAN                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-37-472
SWEENEY, ELLEN                    MECHANICVILLE                           NY-46-32-89
SWEENEY, JOHN                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-28-130
SWEENEY, LOVINA W.                GREENFIELD                              NY-46-32-303
SWEENEY, MARGARET                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-283
SWEENEY, MATTHEW                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-42-551
SWEENEY, THOMAS J.                HALF MOON                               NY-46-39-481
SWEENY, JOHN T.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-329
SWEET, AMASA B.                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-30-475
SWEET, BENJAMIN A.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-405
SWEET, CALEB                      GALWAY                                  NY-46-9-116
SWEET, CARY P.                    CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-45-450
SWEET, EATHAN                     CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-8-375
SWEET, EDWIN                      CHARLTON                                NY-46-11-315
SWEET, HENRY                      MOREAU                                  NY-46-35-14
SWEET, HIRAM                      GALWAY                                  NY-46-34-554
SWEET, HIRAM                      MILTON                                  NY-46-45-592
SWEET, HOLDEN                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-21-67
SWEET, LOIS                       HALF MOON                               NY-46-2-177
SWEET, MERCY M.                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-38-208
SWEET, NATHAN                     MILTON                                  NY-46-39-547
SWEET, SAMUEL C.                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-8-145
SWEET, SYLVESTER                  MOREAU                                  NY-46-21-72
SWEETLAND, ISAAC G.               CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-16-14
SWEETMAN, JAMES T.                CHARLTON                                NY-46-46-471
SWEETMAN, JOSEPH                  CHARLTON                                NY-46-20-221
SWEETMAN, THOMAS                  CHARLTON                                NY-46-5-437
SWEETMAN, THOMAS                  CHARLTON                                NY-46-19-482
SWENEY, MELVINA C.                MILTON                                  NY-46-45-240
SWETLAND, DAVID                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-8-347
SWETLAND, NANCY                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-13-504
SWETLAND, NATHAN                  MOREAU                                  NY-46-8-247
SWETLAND, SAMUEL                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-8-349
SWETLAND, SAMUEL                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-9-410
SWIFT, ELVIRA                     MALTA                                   NY-46-28-265
SYLVESTER, BARTLETTE N.           CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-41-203

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