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PACKARD, BERTHA H.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-489
PACKARD, HORACE N.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-143
PACKER, JOSEPH L. H.              HAL F MOON                              NY-46-39-88
PADDOCK, STEPHEN H.               BALLSTON                                NY-46-38-211
PAGE, EDWARD N.                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-36-195
PAGE, ELIZA B.                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-42-663
PAGE, JOHN                        GREENFIELD                              NY-46-19-132
PAGE, JULIA H.                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-43-549
PAINTER, JAMES                    MILTON                                  NY-46-42-611
PAINTER, ROBERT                   MILTON                                  NY-46-42-115
PAIRO, MARY J.                    MILTON                                  NY-46-42-103
PALMER, ALEXANDER H.              HADLEY                                  NY-46-37-154
PALMER, ALIDA F.                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-33-193
PALMER, AUGUSTUS B.               MOREAU                                  NY-46-45-370
PALMER, BERIAH                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-3-33
PALMER, BETSEY                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-21-670
PALMER, DAVID H.                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-45-306
PALMER, ELIAS                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-11-1
PALMER, ELIAS G.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-23-289
PALMER, EMMA                      WATERFORD                               NY-46-24-47
PALMER, GEORGE                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-2-304
PALMER, GEORGE                    MOREAU                                  NY-46-23-112
PALMER, GEORGE N.                 PASSAIC, PASSAIC, NJ                    NY-46-31-369
PALMER, HENRY                     CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-20-195
PALMER, IRA                       MOREAU                                  NY-46-34-175
PALMER, JARED                     HADLEY                                  NY-46-10-16
PALMER, JASON F.                  NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-32-533
PALMER, JOHN                      MOREAU                                  NY-46-32-593
PALMER, LOUISE                    MILTON                                  NY-46-35-531
PALMER, LUCIUS R.                 NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-22-534
PALMER, MAHALA                    CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-26-491
PALMER, MARY J.                   HADLEY                                  NY-46-37-400
PALMER, MATTHEW                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-5-448
PALMER, NICHOLAS                  NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-14-147
PALMER, PHILIP S.                 BALLSTON                                NY-46-22-503
PALMER, PHYLETIA                  MALTA                                   NY-46-44-319
PALMER, REUBEN                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-6-368
PALMER, WELLMAN R.                STILLWATER                              NY-46-46-464
PALMER, WILLIAM F.                WATERFORD                               NY-46-45-280
PAPCKE, JOHN                      GALWAY                                  NY-46-37-310
PARENT, JOHN A.                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-24-187
PARENT, JOHN C.                   MILTON                                  NY-46-21-5
PARIS, CHARLES H.                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-39-793
PARK, CHARLES D.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-77
PARK, ELIZA J.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-395
PARK, JOHN                        SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-32-524
PARK, MARY S.                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-454
PARKE, JANE P.                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-26-295
PARKE, RHODA                      GREENFIELD                              NY-46-10-405
PARKER, ANNIE E. STELLER          SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-323
PARKER, EMELINE                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-28-493
PARKER, JAMES                     HADLEY                                  NY-46-32-122
PARKER, JOHN B.                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-21-584
PARKER, SAMUEL                    PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-20-146
PARKER, WILLIAM                   HADLEY                                  NY-46-30-195
PARKES, BENJAMIN                  MALTA                                   NY-46-41-137
PARKINSON, ANNA                   MILTON                                  NY-46-25-317
PARKINSON, EDWARD A.              MILTON                                  NY-46-25-315
PARKINSON, JANE E.                MILTON                                  NY-46-34-301
PARKIS, MARY JANE                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-24-408
PARKIS, SARAH M.                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-45-162
PARKMAN, TRUMAN E.                MILTON                                  NY-46-40-138
PARKS, GERTRUDE A.                MOREAU                                  NY-46-34-587
PARKS, HANNAH                     MILTON                                  NY-46-41-415
PARKS, JAMES                      BALLSTON                                NY-46-33-27
PARKS, JOHN                       GREENFIELD                              NY-46-8-224
PARKS, MARVIN B.                  MOREAU                                  NY-46-31-67
PARKS, PATRICK                    MILTON                                  NY-46-23-286
PARKS, SOLOMAN                    MOREAU                                  NY-46-13-176
PARRINO, ANTONIO                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-45-52
PARRIS, ANN PHELPS                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-67
PARRY, MARY A.                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-44-119
PARSONS, JOSEPH H.                WATERFORD                               NY-46-38-127
PARSONS, SARAH S.                 GREAT BARRINGTON, BERKS., MA            NY-46-46-265
PARTRIDGE, D. WRIGHT              EDINBURGH                               NY-46-34-73
PARTRIDGE, EDWARD E.              EDINBURGH                               NY-46-39-457
PARTRIDGE, JAMES                  EDINBURGH                               NY-46-26-570
PATCHEN, ALONZO                   GALWAY                                  NY-46-16-222
PATEE, DELMANDA MARTIN            SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-131
PATRICK, ANNA L.                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-42-477
PATRICK, ESTHER A.                MALTA                                   NY-46-38-457
PATRICK, EVERETT MC MASTER        SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-187
PATRICK, ISAAC                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-20-209
PATRICK, JOHN                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-23-305
PATTEE, DAVID                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-189
PATTERSON, AGNES E.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-159
PATTERSON, ELNATHAN               SARATOGA                                NY-46-9-272
PATTERSON, ELNATHAN               GREENFIELD                              NY-46-30-539
PATTERSON, EMMET J.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-370
PATTERSON, JOHN                   MILTON                                  NY-46-28-346
PATTERSON,  JULIA A.              SARATOGA                                NY-46-35-295
PATTERSON, LOUISA A.              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-568
PATTERSON, TOBIAS C.              SARATOGA                                NY-46-21-435
PAUL, ADELBERT H.                 DAY                                     NY-46-45-388
PAUL, ARNOLD                      DAY                                     NY-46-19-449
PAUL, CHARLES F.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-28-92
PAUL, CYNTHIA M.                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-42-67
PAUL, CYRUS                       GALWAY                                  NY-46-27-450
PAUL, ELIZA ANN                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-42-117
PAUL, JULIA A.                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-34-307
PAUL, MARGARET                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-5-135
PAUL, MARY                        GALWAY                                  NY-46-8-81
PAUL, PHILIP                      MALTA                                   NY-46-41-551
PAUL, RICHARD L.                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-37-55
PAUL, WILLIAM                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-4-141
PAULING, GEORGE                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-25-486
PAULING, LEVI                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-5-422
PAULING, LEVI JR.                 BALLSTON                                NY-46-5-371
PAULING, WILLIAM                  BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-25-483
PAYN, CHARLES H.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-27-90
PAYN, NATHAN                      NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-3-126
PAYNE, GEORGE                     HAVRE DE GRACE, HARFORD, MD             NY-46-21-432
PAYNE, LADAN                      GREENFIELD                              NY-46-5-102
PAYNE, NATHAN                     NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-3-331
PEACOCK, AUGUSTA L.               GREENFIELD                              NY-46-34-431
PEACOCK, DOLPHUS S.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-677
PEACOCK, HENRY                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-20-287
PEACOCK, ORIN                     GREENFIELD                              NY-46-25-374
PEARES, ANN                       WATERFORD                               NY-46-41-193
PEARES, EDWARD                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-37-634
PEARSALL, EDWARD S.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-191
PEARSALL, GEORGE                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-6-428
PEARSALL, HENRY                   MILTON                                  NY-46-9-76
PEARSALL, SYLVESTER W.            CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-36-334
PEARSE, ABRAHAM                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-13-142
PEARSE, ELIZABETH                 CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-25-194
PEARSE, JAMES                     CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-23-380
PEARSE, JOHN                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-6-227
PEARSE, JOHN                      CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-43-217
PEARSON, SAMUEL O.                WATERFORD                               NY-46-9-29
PEASE, JOHN                       CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-25-24
PECK, ABIJAH                      CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-15-59
PECK, AMOS                        SARATOGA                                NY-46-13-427
PECK, DEBORAH W.                  MILTON                                  NY-46-27-554
PECK, ELIZABETH A.                SARATOGA                                NY-46-29-50
PECK, ELLEN A.                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-38-664
PECK, HORATIO G.                  STILLWATER                              NY-46-37-145
PECK, JOHN                        CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-19-379
PECK, JOHN                        CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-34-551
PECK, MARIA                       SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-448
PECK, MARY T.                     CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-29-145
PECK, NATHAN E.                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-25-323
PECK, SOLOMON C.                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-29-227
PECK, SUSAN L.                    CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-31-635
PECK, WESLEY                      STILLWATER                              NY-46-39-82
PECKER, WILLIAM                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-18-356
PECKHAM, JAMES F.                 BALLSTON                                NY-46-41-49
PECKHAM, STEPHEN                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-16-233
PEEBLES, ABBY E.                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-27-381
PEEK, AARON                       GALWAY                                  NY-46-23-133
PEEK, CORNELIUS H. D. V.          MILTON                                  NY-46-21-550
PEEK, HARMONIUS                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-27-93
PELKEY, ANNA E.                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-34-104
PELLS, EVERT                      STILLWATER                              NY-46-6-96
PELLS, HENRY                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-2-394
PEMBLE, DANIEL                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-35-328
PEMBLE, WILLIAM                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-46-176
PENDERGRASS, JOHN                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-35-580
PENDLETON, ELIZABETH              CORINTH                                 NY-46-27-220
PENDRICK, ELIZABETH A.            SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-41
PENFIELD, SARAH                   SARATOGA SPRINS                         NY-46-24-261
PENNYCOOK, JAMES                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-43
PENSON, BENJAMIN                  NTL                                     NY-46-7-165
PERDUNN, ALEXANDER                GREEFIELD                               NY-46-21-224
PERINE, ISAAC                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-1-347
PERKINS, ANNA MARIA               WILTON                                  NY-46-40-96
PERKINS, CATHERINE                SARATOGA                                NY-46-18-171
PERKINS, CHRISTOPHER              SARATOGA                                NY-46-3-230
PERKINS, DELIA                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-13-317
PERKINS, ELCANA                   DAY                                     NY-46-21-579
PERKINS, GAMALIEL                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-22-89
PERKINS, GEORGE                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-13-474
PERKINS, JACOB                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-10-192
PERKINS, JAMES                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-38-469
PERKINS, JAMES G.                 MALTA                                   NY-46-44-147
PERKINS, LOUISA D.                ROUND LAKE                              NY-46-44-188
PERKINS, OLIVER                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-1-295
PERKINS, WILLIAM                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-24-423
PERRY, ADELIA ADDALINE            SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-343
PERRY, ALETTA B.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-23-553
PERRY, ANDREW J.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-438
PERRY, ARTEMAS                    WILTON                                  NY-46-14-322
PERRY, ELIZABETH                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-33-7
PERRY, HARMON E.                  WILTON                                  NY-46-39-565
PERRY, HENRY P.                   EDINBURGH                               NY-46-29-371
PERRY, ISAAC SR.                  NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-1-43
PERRY, JOHN                       DAY                                     NY-46-13-255
PERRY, JOHN F. W.                 WILTON                                  NY-46-24-442
PERRY, JOHN L.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-23-445
PERRY, JOHN S.                    EDINBURGH                               NY-46-21-393
PERRY, KELLOGG                    WILTON                                  NY-46-24-240
PERRY, MARIA V.                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-38-490
PERRY, MARY J.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-169
PERRY, PHILLIP                    WILTON                                  NY-46-21-333
PERRY, SETH                       WILTON                                  NY-46-14-468
PERRY, SETH W.                    WILTON                                  NY-46-9-255
PERRY, VIRGINIA M.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-499
PERRY, WILLIAM                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-19-373
PERRY, WILLIAM                    WILTON                                  NY-46-27-369
PERSON, JOHN                      MILTON                                  NY-46-35-50
PERY, ABSOLOM                     WILTON                                  NY-46-15-140
PETERS, ANNIS                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-23-596
PETERS, BEMSLEE                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-12-177
PETERS, JANE                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-5-278
PETERS, MARY L.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-23-450
PETERS, PHEBE                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-38-433
PETERS, SAMUEL                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-6-467
PETERS, WILLIAM                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-18-182
PETERSON, AMANDA E.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-283
PETERSON, CHARLES W.              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-265
PETERSON, EUGENIE                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-30-410
PETERSON, L. OLAF                 MALTA                                   NY-46-45-308
PETERSON, MALINDA                 CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-10-446
PETERSON, MARY E.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-211
PETTEE, LYMAN F.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-133
PETTIGREW, AURORA                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-30-381
PETTIGREW, DELINDA                GREENFIELD                              NY-46-39-760
PETTIS, JAMES                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-22-347
PETTIS, ORVIN                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-22-61
PETTIS, SAMUEL N.                 NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-28-299
PETTIT, ANGELINA                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-27-375
PETTIT, CHARLES G.                GREENFIELD                              NY-46-23-290
PETTIT, ELISHA                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-20-400
PETTIT, JANE A.                   GALWAY                                  NY-46-33-376
PETTIT, JOHN                      GREENFIELD                              NY-46-12-53
PETTIT, JOHN                      WATERFORD                               NY-46-1-50
PETTIT, JOHN                      GALWAY                                  NY-46-14-395
PETTIT, JONATHAN                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-27-70
PETTIT, LOIS                      SARATOGA                                NY-46-27-396
PETTIT, MARGARET                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-35-415
PETTIT, MICHAEL                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-26-351
PETTIT, PHINEAS S.                MALTA                                   NY-46-39-46
PETTIT, SALLY                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-38-610
PEYTON, JULIA                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-32-513
PHALEN, EDWARD                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-33-14
PHELPS, ANNA F.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-377
PHELPS, MILES B.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-46-304
PHELPS, RACHEL                    CHARLTON                                NY-46-31-135
PHILLIPS, ABRAHAM                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-1-20
PHILLIPS, AMANDA                  MALTA                                   NY-46-26-391
PHILLIPS, CHARLES W.              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-539
PHILLIPS, EMELINE B.              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-169
PHILLIPS, GEORGE A.               BALLSTON                                NY-46-39-580
PHILLIPS, HORACE                  MALTA                                   NY-46-41-307
PHILLIPS, ISRAEL                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-6-14
PHILLIPS, JOSEPH                  MALTA                                   NY-46-35-285
PHILLIPS, JOSEPH S.               MALTA                                   NY-46-43-309
PHILLIPS, MARY E. B.              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-349
PHILLIPS, MINNIE M.               MILTON                                  NY-46-43-571
PHILLIPS, SEPHRONA                MALTA                                   NY-46-29-483
PHILLIPS, SOLOMON                 WILTON                                  NY-46-23-6
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-8-327
PHILLIPS, ZIBA                    WILTON                                  NY-46-24-11
PHILLISP, MARY                    WILTON                                  NY-46-26-528
PHILO, ASAHEL                     HALF MOON                               NY-46-14-414
PHILO, ELISHA H.                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-32-228
PHILO, ISABELLA A.                CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-38-22
PHILO, NEHEMIAH                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-34-100
PHILO, WILKIE                     MOREAU                                  NY-46-42-361
PICKET, EZRA JR                   NORWALK, CT                             NY-46-1-34
PICKETT, CHARLES E.               WATERFORD                               NY-46-20-120
PICKETT, MARY E.                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-39-622
PIER, ALIDA                       MALTA                                   NY-46-44-305
PIERCE, ALBERT H.                 EAST ST. LOUIS, ST. CLAIR, IL           NY-46-46-548
PIERCE, ANN B.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-251
PIERCE, CLONIDA L.                NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-37-403
PIERCE, MARY ANN                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-22-181
PIERCE, NANCY M.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-100
PIERCE, NEHEMIAH                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-31-310
PIERCE, THOMAS                    NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-38-226
PIERSON,CHARLES                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-584
PIERSON, CATHERINE                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-26-445
PIERSON, HOWARD M.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-425
PIERSON, JEREMIAH                 BALLSTON                                NY-46-11-94
PIKE, LEMUEL S.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-411
PINK, JACOB H.                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-38-193
PINNEY, PHILANDER                 GALWAY                                  NY-46-5-76
PINNEY, PHILANDER                 BALLSTON SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-15
PITCHER, HENRY                    PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-35-408
PITNEY, JONATHAN                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-27-508
PITNEY, LUCINDA ELIZABETH         SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-101
PITTS, ELIZA                      WILTON                                  NY-46-33-320
PITTS, SOCRATES                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-55
PLANS, CASPER P.                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-38-595
PLATT, JOSEPH C.                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-37-433
PLOWMAN, CHARLES W.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-175
PLUDE, NELLIE                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-45-92
PLUMMER, GEORGE                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-22-451
PLUMMER, MARTHA                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-39-406
POLER, ZEDEKIAH                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-28-119
POLLEY, HARRIET E.                HALF MOON                               NY-46-25-330
POLLOCK, DAVID                    CHARLTON                                NY-46-6-301
POLLS, ANN                        HALF MOON                               NY-46-15-208
POLLY, WILLIAM                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-14-62
POND, ALEXANDER                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-235
POND, LAURA D.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-531
POOL, JOSEPH H.                   MILTON                                  NY-46-19-301
POOLER, SIMEON                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-9-38
POOR, EBENEZER S.                 , ESSEX, MA                             NY-46-25-17
PORTER, ASAHEL                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-5-314
PORTER, ELIJAH                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-12-124
PORTER, EVELINE                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-41-311
PORTER, HARRIET                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-32-193
PORTER, HARRIET CRAMER            WATERFORD                               NY-46-36-173
PORTER, HEZEKIAH                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-18-150
PORTER, IRA                       BALLSTON                                NY-46-6-38
PORTER, JOHN K.                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-33-225
PORTER, JOSHUA                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-8-389
PORTER, LYDIA                     CHARLTON                                NY-46-8-79
PORTER, MALVINA H.                HALF MOON                               NY-46-43-105
PORTER, MINERVA                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-20-490
PORTER, NELSON T.                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-46-79
PORTER, SARAH                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-22-511
PORTER, THOMAS J.                 MILTON                                  NY-46-14-233
PORTER, WILLIAM                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-35-410
PORTER, WILLIAM                   MILTON                                  NY-46-42-323
PORTER, ZACHEUS B.                STILLWATER                              NY-46-25-443
POST, ABRAHAM                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-26-16
POST, DANIEL                      BALLSTON                                NY-46-36-287
POST, FANNIE W.                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-32-138
POST, FLORENCE                    MALTA                                   NY-46-42-189
POST, GEORGE                      CHARLTON                                NY-46-45-590
POST, ISRAEL                      STILWATER                               NY-46-19-49
POST, MOSES                       STILLWATER                              NY-46-32-91
POTTER, ALLEN                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-31-201
POTTER, BARBARA                   HADLEY                                  NY-46-38-403
POTTER, BENJAMIN                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-20-158
POTTER, ELIZABETH                 NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-16-533
POTTER, FRANK K.                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-45-510
POTTER, JOSEPH                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-1-174
POTTER, LAURED J.                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-33-296
POTTER, LEWIS                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-20-148
POTTER, MARY                      MOREAU                                  NY-46-45-382
POTTER, MARY A.                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-20-589
POTTER, PARDON                    PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-30-404
POTTER, STEPHEN                   GALWAY                                  NY-46-5-308
POTTS, MARGARET A.                HALF MOON                               NY-46-34-16
POTTS, PHILIP                     HALF MOON                               NY-46-28-48
POTTS, THOMAS                     HALF MOON                               NY-46-15-17
POWEL, SARAH B.                   MILTON                                  NY-46-33-215
POWELL, ELISHA                    MILTON                                  NY-46-16-23
POWELL, MORTON C.                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-37-508
POWELL, OBADIAH                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-21-331
POWERS, ANNA MARIA                WATERFORD                               NY-46-32-483
POWERS, DAVID                     BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-10-397
POWERS, GEORGE W.                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-20-405
POWERS, JAMES                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-8-158
POWERS, JOHANNAH                  MALTA                                   NY-46-45-446
POWERS, JULIA                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-32-538
POWERS, MARIA                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-16-341
POWERS, WALTER B.                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-11-61
POWERS, WILLIAM                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-6-353
PRATT, GEORGE H.                  WILTON                                  NY-46-45-362
PRATT, NATHANIEL                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-1-99
PREECE, PETER                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-30-593
PRENDERGRAST, DEBORAH             SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-21-425
PRESCOTT, BENJAMIN                WATERFORD                               NY-46-8-37
PRESTON, JOHN R.                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-37-232
PRESTON, KATE A.                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-38-256
PRESTON, SARAH J.                 GALWAY                                  NY-46-34-6
PRESTON, THOMAS                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-85
PRIME, JAMES H.                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-34-63
PRIME, SARAH                      SARATOGA                                NY-46-25-183
PRINCE, GEORGE                    CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-19-385
PRINCE, WILLIAM                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-15-53
PRINDLE, EDWIN S.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-28
PRINDLE, MARY L.                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-45-184
PRINTER, CAHTERINE                SARATOGA                                NY-46-34-450
PRIOR, JOHN                       GREENFIELD                              NY-46-10-37
PRIOR, THOMAS D.                  MILTON                                  NY-46-21-247
PROSSER, WILLIAM                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-21-157
PROUDFIT, ALEXANDER               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-484
PROUDFIT, DELIA A.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-439
PRUYN, FRANCIS                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-26-289
PUCKETT, JOHN WILLIAM             SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-313
PUDNEY, THORN                     HALF MOON                               NY-46-3-426
PULLING, AUGUSTUS                 GALWAY                                  NY-46-4-161
PULLING, CERINDA J.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-33-300
PULLING, GEORGE E.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-27
PULLING, JAMES R.                 GALWAY                                  NY-46-24-335
PULLING, JOSIAH                   GALWAY                                  NY-46-19-265
PULLING, MARGARET J.              GALWAY                                  NY-46-36-410
PULLING, MORDECAI                 EDINBURGH                               NY-46-16-499
PULLING, NANCY M.                 GALWAY                                  NY-46-28-62
PULLING, NELSON M.                PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-30-400
PULLING, SELDEN B.                GALWAY                                  NY-46-23-486
PULLING, STEPHEN                  EDINBURGH                               NY-46-22-237
PULLING, ZALMON                   PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-21-17
PULLMAN, ALEXANDER                MOREAU                                  NY-46-14-456
PURINTON, DAVID                   NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-34-439
PURINTON, EDWARD                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-9-369
PURINTON, EDWARD                  NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-34-436
PURINTON, HIRAM B.                NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-43-19
PUTMAN, STELLA C.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-32-241
PUTNAM, ABEL A.                   HIGHLAND PARK, LAKE, IL                 NY-46-44-503
PUTNAM, ABEL JR.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-92
PUTNAM, BENJAMIN R.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-14-185
PUTNAM, CAROLINE                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-613
PUTNAM, DAVID                     CHARLTON                                NY-46-25-169
PUTNAM, ELIZABETH H.              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-31-168
PUTNAM, EUNICE                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-20-594
PUTNAM, GEORGE R.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-19-475
PUTNAM, ISAAC                     CHARLTON                                NY-46-16-475
PUTNAM, JOHN R.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-202
PUTNAM, MARGARET F.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-23-171
PUTNAM, MARY STEINER              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-36-329
PUTNAM, ROCKWELL                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-22-147
PUTNAM, RUTH B.                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-43-67
PUTNAM, WALTER F.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-19-368
PYNES, ALLAN P.                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-34-279
PYNES, MARGARET                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-39-610
QUACKENBUSH, ADAM                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-26-326
QUACKENBUSH, MARTIN               HALF MOON                               NY-46-31-439
QUICK, JOHN                       MILTON                                  NY-46-20-441
QUICK, PETER                      GREENFIELD                              NY-46-21-459
QUICK, SMITH                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-388
QUIGLEY, JAMES                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-27-365
QUIGLEY, MARGARET                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-25-246
QUIMBY, FREDERICK H.(PENNOYER     NTL                                     NY-46-29-389
QUINLAN, DAVID                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-83
QUINLIN, JAMES                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-24-26
QUINN, ELIZABETH                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-42-127
QUINN, ELLEN                      SARATOGA                                NY-46-21-542
QUINN, HUGH                       SARATOGA                                NY-46-22-137
QUINN, MARY ANN                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-37-361
QUINN, PATRICK                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-41-129
QUINN, THOMAS                     HALF MOON                               NY-46-23-555
QUIVEY, AARON                     CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-28-454
RAHALLY, JAMES                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-33-212
RAINEY, FREDERICK G.              MALTA                                   NY-46-40-433
RALPH, JOHN                       SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-277
RAMSDALE, ELIZABETH A.            SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-223
RAMSDALE, MARY C.                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-28-197
RAMSDILL, LUCINDA M.              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-90
RAMSEY, BENJAMIN F.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-46-330
RAMSEY, LOTTIE                    CORINTH                                 NY-46-40-343
RAND, ALONZO                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-36-255
RANDALL, DAVID R.                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-23-336
RANDALL, EMILY WEST               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-27
RANDALL, JAMES                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-5-44
RANDALL, LYDIA L.                 CORINTH                                 NY-46-30-307
RANDALL, PELLEG                   CORINTH                                 NY-46-15-420
RANDLE, LUCY                      MILTON                                  NY-46-21-322
RANDLES, MARGARET E.              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-521
RANNEY, JAMES                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-24-511
RANNEY, JOHN                      WATERFORD                               NY-46-15-246
RANSOM, SMITH E. G.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-540
RATHBUN, DANIEL                   MILTON                                  NY-46-6-73
RATHBUN, VALENTIN                 MILTON                                  NY-46-13-312
RAWLING, LUCY R.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-28-305
RAYMOND, ESTHER                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-25-272
RAYMOND, JAMES R.                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-41-247
RAYMOND, JUSTUS P.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-23-147
RAYMOND, LYDIA MARIA              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-403
RAYMOND, MOSES                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-8-318
RAYMOND, NATHAN                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-6-274
RAYMOND, SAMUEL B.                BALLSTON                                NY-46-23-32
RAYMOND, SAMUEL K.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-17
RAYMOND, STEPHEN                  CORINTH                                 NY-46-19-22
RAYNOR, SARAH W.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-459
REA, ELIZABETH                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-20-249
READ, WILLIAM                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-9-223
READ, ZACHARIAH S.                CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-43-511
REAGAN, DENNIS                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-31-103
REASONER, PETER                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-38-688
REATH, KATE                       WATERFORD                               NY-46-41-195
RECORD, ABDALLAH                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-21-245
RECORD, EMERSON A.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-35
RECORD, WIGHTMAN                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-8-142
REDDING, MARY                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-33-137
REDMAN, MICHAEL                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-23-43
REDMOND, BRIDGET                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-23-343
REED, AUSTIN                      CORINTH                                 NY-46-42-455
REED, CHARLES                     GALLATIN, SUMNER, TN                    NY-46-46-59
REED, DANIEL T.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-24-274
REED, ELLA                        STILLWATER                              NY-46-43-37
REED, ELLA                        STILLWATER                              NY-46-44-177
REED, FITCH                       HALF MOON                               NY-46-37-610
REED, JABEZ                       WILTON                                  NY-46-13-97
REED, JANE H.                     MALTA                                   NY-46-45-286
REED, JOSEPH                      CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-11-31
REED, LUCINA L.                   MALTA                                   NY-46-38-205
REED, MARY                        HALF MOON                               NY-46-34-102
REED, SAMUEL                      MILTON                                  NY-46-8-216
REED, SARAH ANN                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-32-10
REED, SARAH E.                    HADLEY                                  NY-46-40-371
REED, THOMAS                      HADLEY                                  NY-46-16-99
REES, JOHN                        STILLWATER                              NY-46-2-412
REEVES, GEORGE H.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-376
REEVES, HANNAH F.                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-37-337
REEVES, MATILDA H.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-32-187
REGAN, CATHERINE                  SARAGOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-201
REGAN, MAMIE VERONICA             SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-145
REGAN, MARY                       SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-272
REID, ARCHIBALD W.                MILTON                                  NY-46-30-596
REID, JAMES                       WATERFORD                               NY-46-16-535
REIDY, MARTIN                     MOREAU                                  NY-46-34-68
REINHARD, JOHN                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-44-522
REMINGTON, CATHERINE              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-26-47
REMINGTON, FRANCIS                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-436
REMINGTON, LYDIA                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-163
RENO, LYDIA                       MILTON                                  NY-46-28-126
REXFORD, CHARLES                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-21-116
REXFORD, CYRUS W.                 CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-36-205
REXFORD, ELISHA                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-22-367
REYNOLDS, ABRAHAM                 MILTON                                  NY-46-42-499
REYNOLDS, CORA R.                 MOREAU                                  NY-46-46-44
REYNOLDS, GEORGE                  MOREAU                                  NY-46-11-143
REYNOLDS, JOHN H.                 MILTON                                  NY-46-22-231
REYNOLDS, JULIETT                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-31-585
REYNOLDS, MAY T.                  MOREAU                                  NY-46-31-119
REYNOLDS, TABOR P.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-598
REYNOLDS, THOMAS                  MOREAU                                  NY-46-39-691
REYNOLDS, WALTER                  STILLWATER                              NY-46-6-387
RHODES, CATHARINE                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-38-229
RHODES, JOSEPH H.                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-36-459
RICE, ADONIJAH                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-3-446
RICE, ELIAKIM                     HADLEY                                  NY-46-19-408
RICE, HARVEY P.                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-9-15
RICE, JAMES C.                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-32-399
RICE, JENNIE L.                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-42-693
RICE, JULIUS H.                   MOREAU                                  NY-46-19-500
RICE, MAYHEW                      NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-21-348
RICH, CYRUS F.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-163
RICH, ELDULA                      WILTON                                  NY-46-23-441
RICHARD, JOHN B.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-20-34
RICHARD, SIDNEY A.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-295
RICHARDS, GERTRUDE F.             MILTON                                  NY-46-46-39
RICHARDS, HANNAH E.               NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-29-180
RICHARDS, JACOB                   MILTON                                  NY-46-9-244
RICHARDS, JAMES A.                MILTON                                  NY-46-16-151
RICHARDS, MARY                    MILTON                                  NY-46-16-323
RICHARDS, RICHARD                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-25-6
RICHARDSON, DAVID                 LANSINGBURGH, RENSSALAER, NY            NY-46-8-271
RICHARDSON, LORENZO D.            MILTON                                  NY-46-22-240
RICHARDSON, MARY                  MILTON                                  NY-46-39-790
RICHARDSON, MARY E.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-254
RICHMOND, WILLIAM W.              SARATOGA                                NY-46-32-265
RICKS, MOLSEY W.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-485
RIDDELL, GEORGE                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-24-311
RIDER, NATHANIEL                  CLIFTON                                 NY-46-9-19
RIDER, RICHARD                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-27-350
RIDER, SAMUEL                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-6-456
RIDER, SAMUEL G.                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-30-227
RIGGS, TIMOTHY                    MALTA                                   NY-46-14-513
RIGHTMEYER, MARY E.               CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-40-203
RILEY, BETSEY                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-14-363
RILEY, CHARLES                    MALTA                                   NY-46-26-371
RILEY, ELLEN                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-32-509
RILEY, JAMES                      MALTA                                   NY-46-37-493
RILEY, JOHN D.                    CHARLTON                                NY-46-45-78
RILEY, LORENZO                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-23-404
RILEY, PHILIP                     MALTA                                   NY-46-9-48
RINALDO, DAVID M.                 HOT SPRINGS, HOT SPRINGS, AR            NY-46-44-247
RIORDAN, HANNAH                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-45-376
RIORDAN, MICHAEL                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-37-334
RISDON, MATILDA S.                STILLWATER                              NY-46-21-575
RITKIN, SAMUEL                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-16-175
ROACH, ANN                        WATERFORD                               NY-46-33-318
ROACH, DAVID                      WATERFORD                               NY-46-41-35
ROACH, JOHN                       HALF MOON                               NY-46-42-461
ROACH, MARY                       WATERFORD                               NY-46-41-103
ROACH, TOBIAS                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-37-124
ROBB, DANIEL                      MILTON                                  NY-46-18-204
ROBBINS, BETSEY C.                SARATOGA                                NY-46-25-76
ROBBINS, EUDOCIA                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-41-365
ROBBINS, GABRIEL S.               SARATOGA                                NY-46-25-59
ROBBINS, SMITH W.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-256
ROBENS, MYRON                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-39-781
ROBENS, THOMAS                    WILTON                                  NY-46-26-580
ROBENS, WILLIAM                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-10-329
ROBERT, SOPHIE GOUTHIER           WATERFORD                               NY-46-45-452
ROBERTS, DAVID                    MILTON                                  NY-46-4-5
ROBERTS, MARGARET                 NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-22-500
ROBERTSON, ALVAH                  MILTON                                  NY-46-27-597
ROBERTSON, ANN                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-40-357
ROBERTSON, EBENEZER               BALLSTON                                NY-46-19-400
ROBERTSON, ELIZABETH M.           MILTON                                  NY-46-27-23
ROBERTSON, JOSEPH                 BALLSTON                                NY-46-8-379
ROBINS, DAVID                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-21-386
ROBINS, ELIZABETH                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-15-34
ROBINS, RICHARD D.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-232
ROBINSON, ADAM                    MOREAU                                  NY-46-1A-48
ROBINSON, ADAM                    MORGAN                                  NY-46-4-392
ROBINSON, BENJAMIN                GREENFIELD                              NY-46-19-156
ROBINSON, CLARA F.                SARATOGA                                NY-46-37-316
ROBINSON, ELIZABETH A.            MALTA                                   NY-46-35-211
ROBINSON, GEORGE S.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-494
ROBINSON, HENRIETTA T.            MALTA                                   NY-46-43-79
ROBINSON, HENRY S.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-26-114
ROBINSON, JACOB N.                PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-39-727
ROBINSON, JAMES E.                WATERFORD                               NY-46-44-45
ROBINSON, JAMES H.                GREENFIELD                              NY-46-34-48
ROBINSON, JAMES M.                EDINBURGH                               NY-46-26-577
ROBINSON, LYDIA W.                CORINTH                                 NY-46-26-498
ROBINSON, MAGGIE M.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-488
ROBINSON, MARY A.                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-38-154
ROBINSON, MARY E.                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-39-106
ROBINSON, MARY M.                 PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-37-181
ROBINSON, NANCY                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-31-315
ROBINSON, PETER                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-16-4
ROBINSON, SARAH P.                HALF MOON                               NY-46-45-470
ROBINSON, THOMAS                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-38-142
ROBINSON, WILLIAM                 NTL                                     NY-46-5-388
ROBY, FRANK                       MOREAU                                  NY-46-39-478
ROCHE, MARY ANN                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-42-73
ROCKWELL, ABIGAIL                 DAY                                     NY-46-34-160
ROCKWELL, CHARLES                 HADLEY                                  NY-46-31-467
ROCKWELL, CHARLES A.              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-266
ROCKWELL, JEREMY                  HADLEY                                  NY-46-9-276
ROCKWELL, JOSEPH                  MALTA                                   NY-46-6-48
ROCKWELL, STEPHEN                 PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-2-238
ROCKWOOD, ELISHA H.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-20
RODGERS, BENJAMIN                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-15-422
RODGERS, JOHN                     CHARLTON                                NY-46-16-74
RODGERS, JOHN                     CHARLTON                                NY-46-8-322
ROE, ELIHU                        BALLSTON                                NY-46-9-44
ROE, JAMES                        WATERFORD                               NY-46-22-563
ROE, MARY ANN                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-37-529
ROE, MICHAEL                      WATERFORD                               NY-46-15-266
ROGERS, ADAM C.                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-10-182
ROGERS, BENJAMIN                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-6-63
ROGERS, BENJAMIN                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-2-33
ROGERS, BENJAMIN                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-21-448
ROGERS, COURTLAND                 MALTA                                   NY-46-34-118
ROGERS, ELEANOR M.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-440
ROGERS, ELECTA                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-34-128
ROGERS, GEORGE                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-42-347
ROGERS, HENRY                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-28-509
ROGERS, JOHN                      GREENFIELD                              NY-46-9-93
ROGERS, JOHN W. T.                EDINBURGH                               NY-46-30-543
ROGERS, JOSEPH                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-8-118
ROGERS, MARIA L.                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-36-183
ROGERS, MARTIN                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-351
ROGERS, MARY L.                   MALTA                                   NY-46-42-593
ROGERS, PLATT                     CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-18-415
ROGERS, SAMUEL                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-6-11
ROGERS, SARAH                     NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-13-217
ROGERS, SARAH J.                  STILLWATER                              NY-46-36-161
ROGERS, THOMAS                    NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-5-1
ROGES, JOHN D.                    MALTA                                   NY-46-46-283
ROGES, SYLVIA S.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-28-262
ROICE, ALVA C.                    HADLEY                                  NY-46-42-395
ROMETSCH, JULIA                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-161
ROOD, AMANDA L.                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-25-274
ROOD, EDWARD A.                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-27-547
ROOGERS, BERIAH P.                CORINTH                                 NY-46-15-112
ROONEY, PATRICK D.                BALLSTON                                NY-46-20-520
ROOSEVELT, HUGH McMASTER          SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-47
ROOT, CHARLES                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-383
ROOT, DAVID                       GALWAY                                  NY-46-20-246
ROOT, DAVID SR.                   GALWAY                                  NY-46-20-174
ROOT, EDWIN                       STILLWATER                              NY-46-34-286
ROOT, FREDERICK S.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-19-288
ROOTS, JAMES                      MILTON                                  NY-46-42-171
RORABACK, AMY L.                  MALTA                                   NY-46-32-189
RORABACK, ELLIS                   MALTA                                   NY-46-34-444
ROSA, LUCY                        WILTON                                  NY-46-34-314
ROSCOE, HARRIET                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-32-7
ROSE, BENJAMIN                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-10-250
ROSE, ISRAEL                      GREENFIELD                              NY-46-2-105
ROSE, LEWIS H.                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-21-99
ROSEKRANS, AUGUSTUS               MALTA                                   NY-46-23-517
ROSEKRANS, BENJAMIN               HALF MOON                               NY-46-5-108
ROSEKRANS, JOHN                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-24-141
ROSEKRANS, RICHARD                MALTA                                   NY-46-28-445
ROSEKRAUS, PHEBE A.               MALTA                                   NY-46-30-230
ROSNER, GEORGE                    MILTON                                  NY-46-42-135
ROSS, ELIZABETH J.                SARATOGA                                NY-46-41-449
ROSS, HARVEY                      NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-34-126
ROSS, REED                        SARATOGA                                NY-46-32-582
ROSSITER, CORNELIA D.             SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-24-259
ROUGIER, EDWARD E.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-498
ROUNDS, CALVIN                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-15-405
ROUNDS, JAMES B.                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-21-568
ROUSE, DAVID                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-29-335
ROUSE, GEORGE                     NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-24-439
ROUSE, JAMES M.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-46-324
ROUSE, MARY S.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-33-210
ROWE, CHARLES L.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-23-169
ROWE, EDWARD D.                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-44-144
ROWE, PAMELIA B.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-254
ROWLAND, ANNA                     MILTON                                  NY-46-8-169
ROWLAND, ARTEMUS J.               SARATOGA                                NY-46-14-492
ROWLAND, GARRADUS                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-14-1
ROWLAND, HENRY C.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-567
ROWLAND, ISAAC                    MILTON                                  NY-46-18-233
ROWLAND, JAMES L.                 MILTON                                  NY-46-33-109
ROWLAND, JONATHAN M.              GREENFIELD                              NY-46-25-61
ROWLAND, JOSEPH L.                GREENFIELD                              NY-46-30-291
ROWLAND, MARIA                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-35-484
ROWLAND, MARVIN                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-29-57
ROWLAND, MORRIS C.                GREENFIELD                              NY-46-39-529
ROWLEY,A BEL                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-2-123
ROWLEY, DANIEL                    NTL                                     NY-46-2-53
ROWLEY, DAVID                     MALTA                                   NY-46-21-170
ROWLEY, HARRIET                   MALTA                                   NY-46-32-371
ROWLEY, JAMES W.                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-38-91
ROWLEY, MARY                      GALWAY                                  NY-46-9-25
ROWLEY, MARY A.                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-41-435
ROWLEY, MARY E.                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-16-235
ROWLEY, SEYMOUR                   MILTON                                  NY-46-35-479
ROYCE, ANANIAS                    WILTON                                  NY-46-21-515
ROZELL, CAROLINE M.               MOREAU                                  NY-46-35-369
RUDE, JOHN                        GALWAY                                  NY-46-2-232
RUDES, EPHRAIM                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-11-256
RUE, SAMUEL                       BALLSTON                                NY-46-35-343
RUGG, JAMES H.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-131
RUGG, MINERVA A.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-260
RUGG, ORRIN                       SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-22-373
RUGG, PHEBE                       SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-35-608
RUGG, R. MARIA                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-393
RUGGLES, CATHARINE                WILTON                                  NY-46-22-415
RUMSEY, DAVID                     HALF MOON                               NY-46-2-310
RUNDLE, JABEZ                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-10-239
RUNDLE, JAMES                     STILLWATER                              NY-46-30-73
RUNDLE, JEREMIAH                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-20-190
RUNKLE, MARIA A.                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-37-625
RUSSELL, DIANA                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-31
RUSSELL, JARVIS W.                GREENFIELD                              NY-46-39-487
RUSSELL, JOSEPHINE                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-165
RUSSELL, LYDIA                    STILWATER                               NY-46-24-177
RUSSELL, SAMUEL                   HADLEY                                  NY-46-6-401
RUSSELL, SOLOMON W.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-23-208
RUSSELL, WALTER E.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-413
RUSSELL, WEBSTER B.               MOREAU                                  NY-46-40-78
RYALL, WILLIAM                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-532
RYAN, JANE                        WATERFORD                               NY-46-27-337
RYAN, JOHN                        SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-29-6
RYAN, JOHN                        GREENFIELD                              NY-46-26-174
RYAN, MARIA                       SARATOGA                                NY-46-45-42
RYAN, MARY T.                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-36-345
RYAN, MICHAEL                     MECHANICSVILLE                          NY-46-26-187
RYAN, PATRICK                     MILTON                                  NY-46-34-28
RYAN, WILLIAM                     MILTON                                  NY-46-42-285
RYON, MICHAEL O.                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-25-45
RYSING, JULIA A.                  MOREAU                                  NY-46-31-8

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