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JACK, SARAH                       MILTON                                  NY-46-39-595
JACKSON, BRADFORD                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-21-268
JACKSON, CORNELIUS                MILTON                                  NY-46-43-269
JACKSON, MARY A.                  MILTON                                  NY-46-44-28
JACKSON, MARY L.                  CHARLTON                                NY-46-32-289
JACKSON, STEPHEN                  MILTON                                  NY-46-9-120
JACOBIE, HARRIET                  MOREAU                                  NY-46-38-646
JACOBIE, HENRY                    MOREAU                                  NY-46-39-454
JACOBIE, WILLIAM E.               MOREAU                                  NY-46-42-683
JACOBS, EMILY J.                  MALTA                                   NY-46-46-298
JACOX, JOHN                       WILTON                                  NY-46-21-142
JACOX, ROBERT                     WILTON                                  NY-46-20-234
JACQUITH, SUSAN                   SCHUYLERVILLE                           NY-46-34-604
JAMES, CORDELIA M.                MOREAU                                  NY-46-43-293
JAMES, EDWARD                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-9-91
JAMES, HENRY                      WATERFORD                               NY-46-16-405
JAMES, JESSE                      GREENFIELD                              NY-46-15-452
JAMES, JOHN                       GALWAY                                  NY-46-16-68
JAMES, LEWIS W.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-99
JANASZEWSKI, ISEDOR               CHARLTON                                NY-46-43-375
JANASZEWSKY, MARGARET             CHARLTON                                NY-46-39-4
JANSEN, ABBY J.                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-31-42
JANVRIN, MARY C.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-202
JARVIS, MARY J.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-30-278
JAYNES, HAMILTON D.               BALLSTON                                NY-46-41-275
JEFFERS, LOUISE                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-39-55
JEFFERS, MILO S.                  SAN FRANCISCO, CA                       NY-46-40-502
JENKINS, ALFRED B.                WEST ORANGE, ESSEX, NJ                  NY-46-46-375
JENKINS, CHARLES WESLEY           EDINBURGH                               NY-46-44-175
JENKINS, CLOTILDA N.              HADLEY                                  NY-46-41-429
JENKINS, MARY                     MOREAU                                  NY-46-39-70
JENKINS, VIRGINIA                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-28-74
JENNE, ELISHA                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-13-450
JENNE, GIDEON                     CHARLTON                                NY-46-5-262
JENNE, NATHAN B.                  CHARLTON                                NY-46-21-91
JENNE, OBED                       GREENFIELD                              NY-46-1-72
JENNINGS, CAROLINE C.             SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-163
JENNINGS, EDMUND                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-10-376
JENNINGS, JOSEPH                  MILTON                                  NY-46-30-500
JENNINGS, MARY A.                 BALLSTON                                NY-46-33-71
JENNINGS, MARY ANN                BALLSTN                                 NY-46-46-540
JENNINGS, MOSES L.                NEWTON, MIDDLESEX, MA                   NY-46-41-442
JENNINGS, NATHANIEL               BALLSTON                                NY-46-19-313
JENNINGS, NATHANIEL               BALLSTON                                NY-46-34-142
JENNINGS, OBADIAH P.              BALLSTON                                NY-46-21-526
JENNINGS, SABRINA                 BALLSTON                                NY-46-21-149
JENSEN, CONSTANTINE B.            CHARLTON                                NY-46-40-571
JEWETT, NATHAN                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-1-332
JOHNSON, ALFRED L.                STILLWATER                              NY-46-31-391
JOHNSON, AMANDA                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-28
JOHNSON, EDMUND                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-3-147
JOHNSON, HANNAH                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-22-582
JOHNSON, IANTHUS G.               GREENFIELD                              NY-46-45-406
JOHNSON, JOHN                     DAY                                     NY-46-20-456
JOHNSON, JOHN                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-534
JOHNSON, JOHN EDWARD              GREENFIELD                              NY-46-24-427
JOHNSON, JOHN S.                  EDINBURGH                               NY-46-40-190
JOHNSON, JOSEPH                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-487
JOHNSON, MARY                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-37-424
JOHNSON, PETER                    ORANGE                                  NY-46-5-50
JOHNSON, PETER                    NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-7-229
JOHNSON, POTTER                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-14-40
JOHNSON, PRUDIE                   DAY                                     NY-46-38-307
JOHNSON, ROBERT                   HADLEY                                  NY-46-27-181
JOHNSON, ROBERT E.                HADLEY                                  NY-46-36-36
JOHNSON, SAMUEL E.                BALLSTON                                NY-46-31-582
JOHNSON, WHEELER W.               BALLSTON                                NY-46-31-417
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                  SARATOGS SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-511
JOLLY, HUGH                       CHARLTON                                NY-46-20-580
JONES, ANER E.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-29-438
JONES, ANN ALIDA                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-46-36
JONES, CHARLES M.                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-42-491
JONES, CYNTHIA M.                 MALTA                                   NY-46-41-1
JONES, DANIEL D.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-24-425
JONES, EBENEZER                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-29-268
JONES, EBENEZER R.                BALLSTON                                NY-46-28-213
JONES, EIZABETH                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-24-94
JONES, ELIJAH B.                  NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-33-383
JONES, ELIZA                      WATERFORD                               NY-46-45-472
JONES, ENOS                       CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-9-251
JONES, FLORENCE E.                CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-31-221
JONES, FRANCIS M.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-215
JONES, HIRAM                      CHARLTON                                NY-46-23-560
JONES, HIRO                       MILTON                                  NY-46-25-551
JONES, JAMES                      CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-15-232
JONES, JOHN                       HALF MOON                               NY-46-11-244
JONES, JOHN                       CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-45-486
JONES, JOHN E.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-23-271
JONES, JOHN M.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-32-476
JONES, JOSEPH S.                  MALTA                                   NY-46-33-9
JONES, JOSHUA                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-9-79
JONES, MARY J.                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-29-362
JONES, NANCIE A.                  MILTON                                  NY-46-42-405
JONES, OSCAR                      GREENFIELD                              NY-46-40-142
JONES, PATRICK                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-31-478
JONES, PHEBE                      MILTON                                  NY-46-22-248
JONES, SAMUEL                     HALF MOON                               NY-46-3-200
JONES, WILLIAM                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-21-262
JORDAN, DAVID                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-42-221
JOSLIN, JULIA E.                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-42-577
JUDD, SHERMAN                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-10-28
KAIL, HATTIE C.                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-43-43
KAIN, ANTHONY                     MOREAU                                  NY-46-29-183
KAIN, CATHARINE                   MOREAU                                  NY-46-29-197
KALDEN, ELIZABETH                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-32-94
KANALY, BRIDGET                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-477
KANALY, DENNIS                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-229
KANE, ANNA E.                     MOREAU                                  NY-46-45-32
KANE, HUGH J.                     GREENFIELD                              NY-46-18-101
KANE, SARAH                       MOREAU                                  NY-46-40-479
KARNER, JOHN                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-34-442
KARNER, JOHN H.                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-28-194
KARNER, JULIA M.                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-42-203
KASPER, JOHN                      STILLWATER                              NY-46-39-85
KASSON, SARAH M.                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-25-51
KATHAN, JAMES                     WILTON                                  NY-46-22-408
KATHAN, JOHN M.                   HADLEY                                  NY-46-43-141
KATHAN, JULIA A.                  WILTON                                  NY-46-30-158
KATHAN, LUKE                      DAY                                     NY-46-27-42
KATHAN, RUSSELL                   DAY                                     NY-46-46-274
KATHAN, TRUMAN                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-41-261
KAVANAUGH, LUKE                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-41-505
KEACH, ISRAEL                     CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-20-254
KEANE, ANN                        WATERFORD                               NY-46-39-730
KEANE, JANE                       WATERFORD                               NY-46-43-275
KEANE, MARY                       WATERFORD                               NY-46-21-503
KEATH, DEBORAH                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-15-13
KEEFE, DAVID B.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-586
KEEFE, MARY                       SARATOGA                                NY-46-45-220
KEEFER, CHARLES W.                HALF MOON                               NY-46-40-188
KEEGAN, MICHAEL                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-37-331
KEEHAN, JEREMIAH C.               GREENFIELD                              NY-46-39-784
KEELER, DAVID                     MALTA                                   NY-46-4-50
KEELER, ISAAC                     MILTON                                  NY-46-2-182
KEELER, JAMES                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-42-403
KEELER, JOEL                      MILTON                                  NY-46-8-273
KEELER, JOHN N.                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-42-667
KEELER, MARIA V.                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-39-334
KEELER, POLLY                     GREENFIELD                              NY-46-13-201
KEELER, RUSSELL                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-39-19
KEELER, SALLY E.                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-42-619
KEENAN, ELLEN                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-23-606
KEENAN, MARY                      SARATOGA                                NY-46-26-328
KEENAN, MICHAEL                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-28-495
KEESE, EMMA B.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-537
KEESE, PETER                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-24-268
KEITH, BETSEY                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-6-347
KEITH, JANE                       SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-1
KELLER, NATHANIEL                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-2-57
KELLER, PATIENCE M.               GALWAY                                  NY-46-43-407
KELLER, TESTULLUS L.              MILTON                                  NY-46-32-161
KELLEY, AMELIA A.                 MILTON                                  NY-46-41-265
KELLEY, ANN F.                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-45-84
KELLEY, JOHN                      CORINTH                                 NY-46-37-454
KELLEY, MATILDA                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-43-57
KELLEY, MARTIN                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-35-293
KELLEY, MICHAEL                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-27-142
KELLEY, REUBEN                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-2-388
KELLEY, THOMAS C.                 BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-41-495
KELLOGG, ISAAC                    MALTA                                   NY-46-8-391
KELLOGG, ISAAC                    MALTA                                   NY-46-8-221
KELLOGG, JOHN C.                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-36-34
KELLOGG, SARAH                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-18-451
KELLY, ANN                        SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-31-543
KELLY, BRIDGET                    MILTON                                  NY-46-42-299
KELLY, CATHERINE                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-68
KELLY, JOHN                       MILTON                                  NY-46-16-187
KELLY, JOSEPH M.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-490
KELLY, MARY                       MILTON                                  NY-46-42-243
KELLY, MARY J.                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-38-550
KELLY, MICHAEL                    BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-44-235
KELLY, MICHAEL D.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-613
KELLY, ROBERT                     GALWAY                                  NY-46-40-423
KELLY, THOMAS                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-31-18
KELLY, THOMAS                     SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-21-161
KELLY, THOMAS                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-26-469
KELLY, WILLIAM                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-8-24
KELLY, WILLIAM                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-29-530
KELSEY, EDITH W.                  BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-46-415
KELSEY, JULIA E.                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-45-250
KELSO, AMY                        HALF MOON                               NY-46-38-328
KELSO, JOHN S.                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-40-25
KELSO, JOSEPH C.                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-36-211
KELTY, PATRICK                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-35-535
KENNEDY, CAMPBELL                 CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-11-114
KENNEDY, CAROLINE C.              GALWAY                                  NY-46-35-313
KENNEDY, JANE E.                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-38-157
KENNEDY, LAUREN                   GALWAY                                  NY-46-33-111
KENNEDY, MICHAEL J.               HALF MOON                               NY-46-42-139
KENNEDY, NANCY M.                 CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-30-600
KENNEDY, ROBERT                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-28-24
KENNEDY, YAUNCEY                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-25-350
KERLEY, WILLIAM                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-37-346
KERNAN, BRIDGET                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-41-71
KERNAN, ROBERT F.                 CHARLTON                                NY-46-38-685
KERWOOD, SARAH                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-40-399
KETCHUM, ADELAIDE                 MOREAU                                  NY-46-43-597
KETCHUM, GEORGE                   MOREAU                                  NY-46-42-1
KETCHUM, MARY A.                  BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-40-373
KETCHUM, RENSELLAER               MILTON                                  NY-46-25-241
KEYES, JAMES                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-83
KEYES, JULIETTE                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-41-123
KILDAY, TIMOTHY J.                BALLSTON                                NY-46-38-466
KILMER, CATHARINE M.              GREENFIELD                              NY-46-30-79
KILMER, CHAUNCEY                  MILTON                                  NY-46-36-368
KILMER, GEORGE                    MILTON                                  NY-46-28-236
KILNER, ELLEN                     GREENFIELD                              NY-46-24-404
KIMMEY, CORNELIA A.               MILTON                                  NY-46-21-561
KIMPLAND, JAMES                   MOREAU                                  NY-46-23-594
KING, ADALINE                     WILTON                                  NY-46-24-328
KING, ANNA V.                     BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY                     NY-46-46-157
KING, D. BRAINARD                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-20-598
KING, DANIEL B.                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-22-184
KING, ELIPHALET                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-21-134
KING, ELIZA                       LOS ANGELES, LOS ANGELES, CA            NY-46-44-553
KING, FOSTER                      WATERFORD                               NY-46-23-526
KING, GEORGE W.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-109
KING, GERTRUDE                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-24-23
KING, HARRIET                     MILTON                                  NY-46-40-393
KING, HENRY                       SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-253
KING, HENRY C.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-377
KING, HENRY H.                    WILTON                                  NY-46-16-131
KING, HORACE                      WILTON                                  NY-46-18-588
KING, JAMES D.                    WILTON                                  NY-46-21-28
KING, JEAN                        GALWAY                                  NY-46-3-415
KING, JOHN B.                     GREENFIELD                              NY-46-28-267
KING, JOSEPH                      EDINBURGH                               NY-46-42-265
KING, JOSEPH A.                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-32-357
KING, MARY                        SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-26-209
KING, MINOR B.                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-23-429
KING, PHEBE W.                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-37-647
KING, ROGER                       CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-18-222
KING, SARAH P.                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-33-179
KING, SIDNEY B.                   WILTON                                  NY-46-39-394
KING, STEPHEN                     MILTON                                  NY-46-8-163
KING, WILLIAM                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-13-90
KING, WILLIAM M.                  MILTON                                  NY-46-32-518
KINGSLEY, GARDNER                 CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-28-333
KINGSLEY, HARRIET                 CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-39-235
KINGSLEY, MARVIN H.               MILTON                                  NY-46-41-43
KINGSTON, JOHN                    MILTON                                  NY-46-24-451
KINNEY, HENRY S.                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-9-71
KINNICUT, JOHN                    EDINBURGH                               NY-46-14-354
KIPP, ABRAM                       MOREAU                                  NY-46-16-164
KIPP, CAROLINE                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-19-320
KIPP, CHARLES H.                  STILLWATER                              NY-46-45-216
KIPP, ISAAC                       STILLWATER                              NY-46-24-234
KIPP, JOANAH E.                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-23-55
KIPP, SARAH A.                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-42-315
KIRBY, MARGARET ANN               HALF MOON                               NY-46-36-401
KIRBY, PAUL                       HALF MOON                               NY-46-15-6
KIRBY, THOMAS                     CHARLTON                                NY-46-22-67
KIRKPATRICK, ANNA                 BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY                     NY-46-46-484
KIRKPATRICK, ARTHUR               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-43
KIRKPATRICK, HENRY                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-32-460
KIRKPATRICK, JOHN                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-31-509
KIRWAN, EDMUND                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-24-430
KISSAM, PETER RUTGERS             CHARLTON                                NY-46-10-89
KITCHEN, WILLIAM                  GALWAY                                  NY-46-28-543
KLOCK, JULIA A.                   CORINTH                                 NY-46-34-229
KNAPP, ABBIE L.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-32-208
KNAPP, BENJAMIN H.                CHARLTON                                NY-46-35-102
KNAPP, CATHARINE                  MALTA                                   NY-46-29-293
KNAPP, HENRY                      STILLWATER                              NY-46-18-427
KNAPP, ISAAC                      MALTA                                   NY-46-24-485
KNAPP, JOHN H.                    CHARLTON                                NY-46-44-485
KNICKERBACKER, HARRY              MOREAU                                  NY-46-33-117
KNICKERBACKER, JOHN               WATERFORD                               NY-46-20-3
KNICKERBOCKER, CAROLINE S.        WATERFORD                               NY-46-35-77
KNICKERBOCKER, CHARLES            WATERFORD                               NY-46-23-359
KNICKERBOCKER, PHILIP H.          SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-15-442
KNICKERBOCKER, WILLIAM H.         MILTON                                  NY-46-43-595
KNIGHT, ALONZO                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-32-279
KNIGHT, GEORGE J.                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-33-313
KNIGHT, JOSEPH                    HALF MOON                               NY-46-11-227
KNIGHT, NANCY                     GREENFIELD                              NY-46-23-345
KNIGHT, SARAH N.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-317
KNIGHTS, AARON                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-9-318
KNIGHTS, DANIEL                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-40-132
KNIGHTS, HARRIET                  MILTON                                  NY-46-31-540
KNIGHTS, JOHN                     HALF MOON                               NY-46-19-136
KNIGHTS, SARAH A.                 GALWAY                                  NY-46-37-151
KNISKERN, SARAH N.                HALF MOON                               NY-46-41-25
KNOWLES, JOHN POLLARD             MILTON                                  NY-46-39-640
KNOWLTON, ALEXANDER R.            CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-27-483
KNOWLTON, EPHRAIM                 CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-12-222
KNOWLTON, JOHN                    CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-11-48
KNOWLTON, LUZANA                  CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-16-446
KNOWLTON, SUSAN C.                CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-41-89
KNOX, GEORGE E.                   MILTON                                  NY-46-40-405
KNOX, MARTHA C.                   MILTON                                  NY-46-42-535
KNOX, SARAH C.                    GALWAY                                  NY-46-31-364
L'AMOREAUX, JESSE                 MILTON                                  NY-46-22-1
LABRAM, JAMES                     NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-16-133
LABRUM, RACHEL                    CORINTH                                 NY-46-39-202
LACHLAN, DANIEL                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-8-256
LACY, GORSHAM                     HALF MOON                               NY-46-8-111
LADD, CATHARINE                   CHARLTON                                NY-46-42-175
LADEN, SARAH                      BALLSTON                                NY-46-31-106
LADOW, ANNA                       MILTON                                  NY-46-29-25
LADOW, DANIEL                     MILTON                                  NY-46-15-428
LADOW, J. CHARLES                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-39-259
LADOW, JAMES                      MILTON                                  NY-46-20-200
LADOW, LUCY A.                    MILTON                                  NY-46-28-584
LADOW, STEPHEN                    MILTON                                  NY-46-6-232
LAFLIN, WELLS A.                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-33-88
LAING, ANDREW S.                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-43-551
LAING, ISABELLA POND              SARATOGA                                NY-46-36-299
LAING, MARY                       NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-20-122
LAING, MARY                       NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-24-504
LAITHE, CHARLES B.                WATERFORD                               NY-46-34-18
LAJEUNESSE, MICHEL                WATERFORD                               NY-46-45-224
LAKE, AGNES                       SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-27-73
LAMAY, PETER                      WATERFORD                               NY-46-40-118
LAMB, EMELINE                     WATERFORD                               NY-46-40-258
LAMB, ISAAC V.                    MALTA                                   NY-46-45-322
LAMB, JAMES E.                    MALTA                                   NY-46-45-120
LAMB, JOSEPH                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-10-262
LAMB, MARY J.                     MALTA                                   NY-46-43-481
LAMB, SARAH G.                    MALTA                                   NY-46-43-547
LAMB, SARAH T.                    MALTA                                   NY-46-45-582
LAMB, SUSAN A.                    MALTA                                   NY-46-35-549
LAMBERT, ETIENNE                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-26-14
LAMOREAUX, ELLEN S.               MILTON                                  NY-46-45-174
LAMOREAUX, JESSE S.               BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-46-388
LANCASTER, MATILDA                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-613
LANDN, LUTHER                     MALTA                                   NY-46-23-265
LANDSBOROUGH, SAMUEL              WATERFORD                               NY-46-39-421
LANE, GILBERT                     CHARLTON                                NY-46-1-321
LANE, JOHN C.                     CHARLTON                                NY-46-27-129
LANE, MARY                        CHARLTON                                NY-46-1-346
LANE, NATHAN S.                   MILTON                                  NY-46-39-205
LANE, PATIENCE A.                 GALWAY                                  NY-46-28-524
LANE, WILLIAM H.                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-13
LANEHART, MARGARET                MILTON                                  NY-46-42-219
LANG, ROBERT                      MOREAU                                  NY-46-2-267
LANG, WALTER                      MOREAU                                  NY-46-2-265
LANNON, PATRICK                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-28-133
LANSING, ABRAHAM A.               CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-16-138
LANSING, CORNELIUS                MILTON                                  NY-46-23-419
LANSING, HELEN J.                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-22-297
LANSING, HENRY                    MALTA                                   NY-46-39-634
LANSING, JACOB L.                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-45-102
LANSING, JOHN                     MALTA                                   NY-46-18-200
LANSING, LEVINUS                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-46-566
LANSING, MARY A.                  WATERFORD                               NY-46-32-471
LANSING, PHOEBE                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-149
LANSING, SARAH M.                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-27-212
LAPE, JOHN                        HALF MOON                               NY-46-39-28
LAPE, RUFUS                       HALF MOON                               NY-46-27-276
LAPHAM, STAFFORD                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-18-360
LAPOINT, ABRAHAM                  MOREAU                                  NY-46-40-80
LAQUE, LOIS M.                    MILTON                                  NY-46-26-438
LARANCE, GIDEON                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-7-234
LARCHER, SABRINA B.               HALF MOON                               NY-46-25-140
LARD, ELISHA                      CHARLTON                                NY-46-24-344
LARING, JOHN                      SARATOGA                                NY-46-7-25
LARKIN, ALVAH                     BALLSTON                                NY-46-24-230
LARKIN, ANSON J.                  BALLSTON                                NY-46-39-742
LARKIN, LYMAN B.                  MILTON                                  NY-46-27-534
LARKIN, MARY                      BALLSTON                                NY-46-21-294
LARKIN, PERLINA                   BALLSTON                                NY-46-30-264
LARKIN, STEPHEN P.                BALLSTON                                NY-46-34-557
LARMON, BRILL                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-36-302
LARMON, LUCY A.                   SARATOGA                                NY-46-36-304
LARMOUTH, JOHN G.                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-26-134
LARRABEE, EDWARD J.               MILTON                                  NY-46-33-3
LARRINGTON, EDWARD                STILLWATER                              NY-46-44-40
LARRINGTON, WILLIAM               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-178
LARUE, JOSEPH                     CHARLTON                                NY-46-2-318
LASH, ELIZABETH                   MILTON                                  NY-46-44-515
LATHAM, CHARLES S.                GREENFIELD                              NY-46-45-574
LATHAM, SARAH ANN                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-305
LATHROP, ANNA                     HADLEY                                  NY-46-19-425
LATHROP, CHRISTINE M.             SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-362
LATTIMORE, WILLIAM T.             SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-454
LAUGHLIN, MARY E.                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-43-419
LAUGHLIN, RACHEL M.               WATERFORD                               NY-46-45-364
LAUNDRY, JOSEPH                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-40-21
LAURENCE, ANNA E.                 BALLSTON                                NY-46-40-278
LAURENCE, HENRY W.                MILTON                                  NY-46-31-196
LAWLER, JOHN                      MOREAU                                  NY-46-40-465
LAWRENCE, ABIGAIL                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-8-362
LAWRENCE, CAROLINE W.             PHILADELPHIA, PHILA., PA                NY-46-46-226
LAWRENCE, DAVID                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-9-430
LAWRENCE, DAVID P.                STILLWATER                              NY-46-21-493
LAWRENCE, EBEN S.                 MILTON                                  NY-46-41-486
LAWRENCE, ELIZA E.                STILLWATER                              NY-46-22-178
LAWRENCE, EZEKIEL                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-19-371
LAWRENCE, GEORGE B.               MILTON                                  NY-46-37-214
LAWRENCE, HARLOW                  SCHOHITCOKE, RENSSELAER, NY             NY-46-5-40
LAWRENCE, HARRIET                 NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-34-284
LAWRENCE, HENRY                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-27-241
LAWRENCE, HENRY H.                PHILADELPHIA, PHILA., PA                NY-46-46-222
LAWRENCE, JENNIE E.               MILTON                                  NY-46-36-281
LAWRENCE, JOHN                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-32-256
LAWRENCE, LYDIA                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-28-7
LAWRENCE, MARY EMMA               MILTON                                  NY-46-37-652
LAWRENCE, OLIVER                  STILLWATER                              NY-46-8-94
LAWRENCE, SARAH                   MECHANICVILLE                           NY-46-44-555
LAWRENCE, THOMAS                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-41-173
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM                 MALTA                                   NY-46-6-82
LEACH, AURELIA C.                 MILTON                                  NY-46-40-144
LEACH, MARY A.                    MILTON                                  NY-46-44-198
LEAHEY, EDWARD                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-31-470
LEAKE, FREDERICK                  WILLIAMSTON, BERKSHIRE, MA              NY-46-36-413
LEAKE, FREDERICK                  WILLIAMSTOWN, BERKSHIRE, MA             NY-46-36-446
LEAKE, JOHN S.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-33-380
LEARY, JOHN                       SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-312
LEARY, JOHN D.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-513
LEBARON, JOHN                     MOREAU                                  NY-46-16-409
LEDDY, JAMES                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-18-164
LEE, ANNA M.                      MILTON                                  NY-46-34-309
LEE, ARVILLE                      STILLWATER                              NY-46-42-617
LEE, CHARLES A.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-413
LEE, DELILAH                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-37-601
LEE, ELIAS                        BALLSTON                                NY-46-8-184
LEE, GAD H.                       WATERFORD                               NY-46-28-366
LEE, JOHN A.                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-31-51
LEE, JOHN J.                      MILTON                                  NY-46-30-294
LEE, JOSEPH W.                    WATERFORD                               NY-46-39-592
LEE, MARTIN                       MILTON                                  NY-46-38-160
LEE, REBECCA P.                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-34-107
LEE, RUSSELL                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-43-259
LEE, STEPHEN                      HALF MOON                               NY-46-45-154
LEEMAN, JACOB                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-25-244
LEFLER, MARTIN LUTHER             SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-31
LEGGETT, ABRAHAM                  STILLWATER                              NY-46-19-383
LEGGETT, CATHERINE S.             SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-430
LEGGETT, CORNELIA                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-19-142
LEGGETT, EBENEZER                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-31-367
LEGGETT, ELIZA                    MALTA                                   NY-46-32-448
LEGGETT, ELIZABETH                STILLWATER                              NY-46-18-472
LEGGETT, HARLAN ABRAM             SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-87
LEGGETT, JOSEPH W.                MILTON                                  NY-46-38-109
LEGGETT, JULIA A.                 NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-45-430
LEGGETT, MARGARET                 STILLWATER                              NY-46-19-63
LEGGETT, RUBY C.                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-45-14
LEGGETT, SARAH                    SARATOGA                                NY-46-32-73
LEGNARD, EDWARD                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-39-139
LEGWARD, SOPHIA                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-32-423
LEJEUNESSE, MICHEL                WATERFORD                               NY-46-41-469
LELAND, ABBY E.                   HALF MOON                               NY-46-18-40
LEMAY, WILLIAM H.                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-40-439
LENAHAN, TIMOTHY                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-36-485
LENARDSON, HEZEKIAH               BALLSTON                                NY-46-32-473
LENNON, MARGARET                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-33-94
LENNOX, CHRISTANA                 MOREAU                                  NY-46-28-601
LENOX, ANDREW                     MOREAU                                  NY-46-27-600
LENTE, MARY E.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-36-52
LEONARD, CATHARINE                MILTON                                  NY-46-40-120
LEONARD, CATHERINE                HALF MOON                               NY-46-40-389
LEONARD, JANE ANN                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-28-363
LEONARD, THOMAS                   BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-27-65
LEONARD, WILLIAM                  STILLWATER                              NY-46-35-433
LEONARD, WILLIAM G.               SARATOGA                                NY-46-21-315
LEROY, WILLIAM                    DAY                                     NY-46-27-480
LESCHKE, ELIZABETH                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-38-88
LESTER, ALICE G.                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-39-532
LESTER, CHARLES S.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-166
LESTER, DAVID                     CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-27-37
LEUTE, MARGARET A.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-30-213
LEVENGSTON, HARRY M. JR.          SARATOGA                                NY-46-44-371
LEVENGSTON, HENRY M.              SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-175
LEVERSEE, CORNELIUS W.            MILTON                                  NY-46-35-323
LEVERSEE, LEVENUS C.              HALF MOON                               NY-46-3-165
LEWIS, DAVID N.                   MALTA                                   NY-46-38-103
LEWIS, EDWARD                     MILTON                                  NY-46-35-362
LEWIS, ELIAS                      GREENFIELD                              NY-46-37-460
LEWIS, GIDEON                     GREENFIELD                              NY-46-18-259
LEWIS, JOSEPH H.                  GREENFIELD                              NY-46-30-171
LEWIS, JUDSON ADONIRAM            SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-444
LEWIS, LILLIAN W.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-157
LEWIS, MORGAN                     NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-32-63
LEWIS, OPHELIA D.                 MALTA                                   NY-46-45-130
LEWIS, REBECCA D.                 SARATOGA                                NY-46-45-548
LEWIS, REED                       NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-9-344
LEWIS, SAMUEL                     NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-5-440
LEWIS, SAMUEL                     NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-24-456
LHOMMEDIEU, GEORGE                WATERFORD                               NY-46-37-355
LIASON, BARTHOLOMEW               HALF MOON                               NY-46-25-401
LIDDLE, MARY                      MILTON                                  NY-46-8-186
LIFRIME, ALVINZA                  NORTHUMBERLAND                          NY-46-31-568
LIGHTHALL, MARTHA                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-30-190
LILIENTHAL, MEIER                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-27-57
LINCOLN, DEXTER A.                GREENFIELD                              NY-46-27-223
LINCOLN, HENRY                    GREENFIELD                              NY-46-23-384
LINCOLN, JOHN H.                  CORINTH                                 NY-46-22-531
LINCOLN, PHEBE A.                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-29-131
LINDSEY, MALVINA D.               CORINTH                                 NY-46-34-162
LINEHAN, CATHARINE                WATERFORD                               NY-46-31-627
LINEHAN, EUGENE                   MOREAU                                  NY-46-45-186
LINGMAN, CHARLES F.               SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-33-81
LINK, ELIZA                       CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-33-67
LITCH, SUSANNA                    BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-18-154
LIVINGSTON, JAMES ESQ.            SARATOGA                                NY-46-9-65
LIVINGSTON, MARIA J.              STILLWATER                              NY-46-11-286
LLOYD, ISAAC                      SARATOGA                                NY-46-38-64
LOBEY, PATRICK                    CHARLTON                                NY-46-34-428
LOCK, FREDERICK A.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-26-523
LOCKROW, ANTHONY                  SARATOGA                                NY-46-28-437
LOCKROW, SAMUEL N.                CLINTON PARK                            NY-46-34-239
LOCKWOOD, ABBIE L.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-84
LOCKWOOD, ANNA E.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-1
LOCKWOOD, BETSEY                  CHARLTON                                NY-46-16-364
LOCKWOOD, DELIA                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-43-463
LOCKWOOD, EPHRAIM                 HALF MOON                               NY-46-25-53
LOCKWOOD, EZRA P.                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-41-213
LOCKWOOD, GEORGE E.               GREENFIELD                              NY-46-42-595
LOCKWOOD, GEORGE E.               STILLWATER                              NY-46-42-489
LOCKWOOD, JANE A.                 MECHANICVILLE                           NY-46-27-51
LOCKWOOD, JOHN R.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-37-364
LOCKWOOD, JOHN W.                 ORLANDO, ORANGE, FL                     NY-46-44-190
LOCKWOOD, LYDIA JANE              HALF MOON                               NY-46-20-227
LOCKWOOD, MALINDA                 MILTON                                  NY-46-24-295
LOCKWOOD, OSCAR F.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-157
LOCKWOOD, ZEPHANIAH               MILTON                                  NY-46-6-89
LODEWICK, JEREMIAH                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-34-206
LOFTUS, ELIZABETH                 WATERFORD                               NY-46-31-224
LOGAN, MARY                       GALWAY                                  NY-46-35-438
LOHNES, NETTIE                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-33-351
LONG, GEORGE                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-27-274
LONSBERRY, HESTER                 BALLSTON                                NY-46-43-71
LOOMIS, GEORGE H.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-19-38
LOOMIS, MARTHA                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-43-377
LOONEY, CATHARINE                 MILTON                                  NY-46-32-214
LOOP, JENNETTE S.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-41-534
LORD, BENJAMIN                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-19-292
LORD, EBENEZER                    BALLSTON                                NY-46-4-395
LORD, HEZEKIAH                    MALTA                                   NY-46-19-30
LORD, LYNES                       PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-43-95
LORD, RUTH                        BALLSTON                                NY-46-6-53
LOSEE, ABRAHAM G.                 CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-19-98
LOSEE, BENJAMIN S.                SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-42-207
LOSEE, CAROLINE                   CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-27-573
LOSEE, CHARLES A.                 CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-20-206
LOSEE, GEORGE                     CLIFTON PARK                            NY-46-45-436
LOSEE, HERVEY                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-25-80
LOSEE, MARIA S.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-44-481
LOSEE, ROBERT                     SARATOGA                                NY-46-21-419
LOSEE, SARAH ANN                  SCHUYLERVILLE                           NY-46-21-383
LOTHROP, MELATIAH                 MALTA                                   NY-46-8-9
LOUK, ESTHER                      SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-28-474
LOVE, MARY                        MILTON                                  NY-46-38-655
LOVELESS, DANIEL D.               HADLEY                                  NY-46-21-145
LOVETT, MARY ANN                  SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-25-202
LOVETT, SADIE J.                  NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY             NY-46-44-488
LOW, JAMES                        CHARLTON                                NY-46-8-59
LOW, JOHN                         CHARLTON                                NY-46-21-181
LOW, THOMAS                       CHARLTON                                NY-46-19-194
LOWENSTEIN, ANNA                  MILTON                                  NY-46-31-109
LOWENSTEIN, HANNAH                MILTON                                  NY-46-31-336
LOWREY, LUCINDA                   GREENFIELD                              NY-46-21-534
LOWRY, BERNARD J.                 BALLSTON                                NY-46-45-252
LUCE, BENJAMIN M.                 GREENFIELD                              NY-46-39-199
LUDLUM, ABRAHAM                   MOREAU                                  NY-46-2-251
LUND, NELSON P.                   WATERFORD                               NY-46-43-373
LUTHER, EBENEZER                  MILTON                                  NY-46-21-88
LUTHER, ELIDAH                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-40-534
LUTHER, GIDEON                    BALLSTON SPA                            NY-46-4-67
LUTHER, JOHN J.                   MILTON                                  NY-46-32-557
LUTHER, JOHN P.                   GALWAY                                  NY-46-22-468
LUTHER, MARTIN                    STILLWATER                              NY-46-26-212
LUTHER, MARY C.                   STILLWATER                              NY-46-44-183
LUTHER, SAMUEL H.                 SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-33-90
LYMAN, THERESA L.                 MILTON                                  NY-46-35-43
LYMAN, TRUMAN                     GREENFIELD                              NY-46-28-528
LYNCH, CORNELIUS                  MOREAU                                  NY-46-43-119
LYNCH, JOHANNA                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-24-361
LYNOTT, PAULINA                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-24-117
LYON, HIRAM S.                    PROVIDENCE                              NY-46-29-564
LYON, LEONARD                     EDINBURGH                               NY-46-28-80
LYON, LODISIA A.                  HALF MOON                               NY-46-44-254
LYON, WILLIAM P.                  CORINTH                                 NY-46-43-103
LYONS, JAMES                      MOREAU                                  NY-46-30-115
LYONS, MARY                       MOREAU                                  NY-46-37-244
LYONS, MICHAEL                    MOREAU                                  NY-46-37-241
LYSETT, JOHANNA                   SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-45-264
LYTLE, DAVID                      MILTON                                  NY-46-22-160
LYTLE, EDNA M.                    SARATOGA SPRINGS                        NY-46-27-471
LYTTLE, NICHOLAS E.               HALF MOON                               NY-46-38-691

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