Otsego, New York
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TABER, ALMA A.               OTSEGO                        NY-39-19-7
TABER, EUNICE B.             ONEOTA                        NY-39-39-283
TALBERT, HIRAM               EDMESTON                      NY-39-10-437
TALBOT, ABIGAIL              EDMESTON                      NY-39-18-19
TALBOT, CAROLINE             EDMESTON                      NY-39-44-547
TALBOT, JACOB                EDMESTON                      NY-39-295
TALBOT, JACOB                EDMESTON                      NY-39-11-295
TALBOT, JOSEPH               EDMESTON                      NY-39-39-289
TALBOT, LOIS                 EDMESTON                      NY-39-46-445
TALBOT, MARY L.              EDMESTON                      NY-39-42-43
TALBOT, RACHEL               EDMESTON                      NY-39-18-25
TALBOT, REUBEN               NEW LISBON                    NY-39-50-487
TALBOTT, ISAAC               EDMISTON                      NY-39-33-205
TALLMADGE, JOHN              MARYLAND                      NY-39-12-17
TALLMAN, EMMA JANE           MORRIS                        NY-39-12-594
TAMSETT, JAMES W.            ONEONTA                       NY-39-39-211
TANNER, PERRY G.             OTSEGO                        NY-39-48-85
TANNER, THOMAS               OTSEGO                        NY-39-F-20
TARBOX, BENJAMIN             LAURENS                       NY-39-H-5
TARPENING, JOHN F.           RICHFIELD                     NY-39-17-13
TAYLOR, ALEXANDER            OTSEGO                        NY-39-36-13
TAYLOR, ALLEN                OTSEGO                        NY-39-44-607
TAYLOR, CORDELIA             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-28-85
TAYLOR, DAVID                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-45-151
TAYLOR, DELIA                ONEONA                        NY-39-52-25
TAYLOR, DELIA A.             OTSEGO                        NY-39-25-373
TAYLOR, ELEAZER              EXETER                        NY-39-6-241
TAYLOR, FRANCIS              OTSEGO                        NY-39-37-337
TAYLOR, HORACE               OTSEGO                        NY-39-18-175
TAYLOR, ISRAEL               EDMESTON                      NY-39-10-77
TAYLOR, JAY EDGERTON         OTSEGO                        NY-39-51-181
TAYLOR, JEMIMA               EDMESTON                      NY-39-27-511
TAYLOR, JENNETTE             OTSEGO                        NY-39-26-505
TAYLOR, JEROME B.            BURLINGTON                    NY-39-35-475
TAYLOR, JOHN                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-4-56
TAYLOR, LESTER               OTSEGO                        NY-39-27-13
TAYLOR, MARCIA M.            OTSEGO                        NY-39-34-283
TAYLOR, MARGARET J.          PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-44-313
TAYLOR, MARY                 ONEONTA                       NY-39-8-67
TAYLOR, MARY                 ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-52-325
TAYLOR, MILTON A.            EXETER                        NY-39-37-49
TAYLOR, SAMUEL               PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-1-49
TAYLOR, SAMUEL               PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-1-385
TAYLOR, STEPHEN              PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-37-187
TAYLOR, STEPHEN              EDMISTON                      NY-39-5-264
TAYLOR, THOMAS               OTSEGO                        NY-39-18-73
TEACHOUT, CORNELIUS          HARTWICK                      NY-39-22-19
TEFFT, SAMUEL                BURLINGTON                    NY-39-43-637
TEFT, JESSE                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-9-337
TELFER, ANDREW               NEW LISBON                    NY-39-38-583
TELFER, JAMES                BURLINGTON                    NY-39-40-163
TELFER, MARY                 BURLINGTON                    NY-39-44-409
TELFER, THOMAS               BURLINGTON                    NY-39-44-25
TEMPLE, CLARISSA             MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-39-163
TEMPLE, JOSEPH               MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-G-36
TEMPLE, PHEBE                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-20-49
TEMPLE, ROZINAH              MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-43-379
TEMPLE, WILLIAM              MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-9-294
TEMPLE,SOPHIA                OTSEGO                        NY-39-15-51
TENBROECK, ANNA E.           UNADILLA                      NY-39-39-529
TENEYCK, SUSAN B.            SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-30-25
TENEYCK,LINDEL               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-19-433
TERRILL, MARY E.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-36-511
TERRY, CHARLES               OTSEGO                        NY-39-36-559
TERRY, HORACE                EDMESTON                      NY-39-19-409
TERRY, JAMES                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-37-325
TERRY, THOMAS                EDMISTON                      NY-39-5-357
THAYER, AMELIA               MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-42-397
THAYER, ARIEL                OTSEGO                        NY-39-16-1
THAYER, CALEB                OTSEGO                        NY-39-25-277
THAYER, EPHRAIM              SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-11-327
THAYER, EPHRAIM              SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-327
THAYER, JOHN T.              MILFORD                       NY-39-51-205
THAYER, JONATHAN             DECATUR                       NY-39-8-247
THAYER, SOPHIA               OTSEGO                        NY-39-45-283
THAYER, WILLIAM              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-44-457
THAYER, WILLIAM              OTSEGO                        NY-39-37-343
THAYER, WILLIAM A.           OTSEGO                        NY-39-49-54
THOMAS, ALANSON              OTSEGO                        NY-39-16-439
THOMAS, ALFRED               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-38-607
THOMAS, ANNA                 EXETER                        NY-39-39-421
THOMAS, BETSEY C.            EXETER                        NY-39-33-517
THOMAS, FREELOVE P.          ONEONTA                       NY-39-34-37
THOMAS, JAMES                MORRIS                        NY-39-23-427
THOMAS, JOHN                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-7-397
THOMAS, SYLVANIA             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-17-247
THOMPSON, AMANDA             BURLINGTON                    NY-39-18-121
THOMPSON, ARTEMAS            CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-20-331
THOMPSON, BARZILLA           UNADILLA                      NY-39-45-31
THOMPSON, CAROLINE           HARTWICK                      NY-39-37-313
THOMPSON, CHARLES N.         ONEONTA                       NY-39-30-523
THOMPSON, CLARINDA           DECATUR                       NY-39-29-13
THOMPSON, ELIJAH             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-24-283
THOMPSON, ELLA D.            ONEONTA                       NY-39-47-265
THOMPSON, JAMES              CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-F-60
THOMPSON, JASON              CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-29-283
THOMPSON, JOHN               MARYLAND                      NY-39-14-213
THOMPSON, JOHN F.            MARYLAND                      NY-39-41-133
THOMPSON, MARY A.            ONEONTA                       NY-39-41-421
THOMPSON, NAHUM              DECATUR                       NY-39-24-307
THOMPSON, SALLY              MARYLAND                      NY-39-40-115
THOMPSON, SAMUEL             DECATUR                       NY-39-G-74
THOMPSON, SAMUEL MCKEAN      OTSEGO                        NY-39-30-445
THOMPSON, THOMAS             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-6-203
THORN, STEPHEN               MILFORD                       NY-39-44-625
THORNTON, ELISHA             MORRIS                        NY-39-22-415
THORNTON, STEPHEN            RICHFIELD                     NY-39-18-289
THORP, AARON                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-C-169
THORP, EDWARD                BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-17-37
THORP, LEWIS E.              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-9-22
THORP, MARGARET              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-205
THORP, MARGARET              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-11-205
THORP, OREB A.               OTSEGO                        NY-39-22-481
THORP, ORRIN                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-34-571
THORPE, CAROLINE             OTSEGO                        NY-39-40-319
THRALL, AARON                OTEGO                         NY-39-C-124
THRALL, OLIVER P.            ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-34-403
THRALL, ROGER                HARTWICK                      NY-39-6-368
THRALL, RUFUS                NTL                           NY-39-A-137
THRASHER, WILLIAM            PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-G-17
THRESHER, NATHAN             MORRIS                        NY-39-25-145
THURBER, EZRA R.             WORCESTER                     NY-39-38-91
THURBER, MARY E.             PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-13-387
THURSTIN, IRA                NEW LISBON                    NY-39-9-335
THURSTON, ALBURTUS E.        NEW LISBON                    NY-39-43-373
THURSTON, EDWARD             OTSEGO                        NY-39-F-44
THURSTON, EDWARD JR.         OTSEGO                        NY-39-F-22
THURSTON, JOEL               NEW LISBON                    NY-39-27-295
THURSTON, SARAH A.           MORRIS                        NY-39-43-529
TIEL, LEAH L.                MARYLAND                      NY-39-31-505
TIFFANY, JONATHAN            NEW LISBON                    NY-39-9-121
TILLEPAUGH, MARTIN M.        CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-10-148
TILLEY, EMMA A.              NEW LISBON                    NY-39-39-199
TILLSON, ASA                 MORRIS                        NY-39-29-127
TILLSON, CEPHAS S.           MORRIS                        NY-39-9-52
TILTON, JOHN                 WORCESTER                     NY-39-51-571
TINNEY, SILAS                LAURENS                       NY-39-51-433
TIPPLE, ANN M.               MARYLAND                      NY-39-49-197
TIPPLE, CAROLINE             WORCESTER                     NY-39-39-469
TIPPLE, EDWARD               WORCESTER                     NY-39-46-133
TIPPLE, JOHN                 WESTPORT                      NY-39-25-163
TIPPLE, MARIA                WESTFORD                      NY-39-38-127
TIPPLE, PETER J.             WESTFORD                      NY-39-37-571
TIPPLE, SUMNER E.            WESTFORD                      NY-39-43-313
TITUS, ANN J.                BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-11-397
TOBEY, HENRY M.              ONEONTA                       NY-39-25-499
TOBEY, ZACHEUS               MORRIS                        NY-39-31-271
TOBY, TABER                  MORRIS                        NY-39-14-415
TOBY, ZACHEUS                BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-2-457
TODD, JARED                  PITSFIELD                     NY-39-11-605
TODD, LEMUEL                 HARTWICK                      NY-39-9-186
TODD, ORANGE                 HARTWICK                      NY-39-23-349
TOLES, EMILINE               EDMESTON                      NY-39-41-583
TOLLAND, MELISSA             PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-39-79
TOMPKINS, NEHEMIAH           MARYLAND                      NY-39-11-137
TOMPKINS, ROBERT F.          MARYLAND                      NY-39-23-295
TOURJCE, SARAH J.            ONEONTA                       NY-39-45-121
TOWN, ADELINE                OTSEGO                        NY-39-27-259
TOWN, SARAH                  BURLINGTON                    NY-39-52-313
TOWNSEND, CHARLOTTE          MILFORD                       NY-39-26-43
TRACY, RUFUS                 SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-5-281
TRACY, SOLOMON J.            SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-37-505
TRASK, AUSTIN                OTSEGO                        NY-39-22-289
TRAVIS, MARY                 ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-18-169
TREADWELL, BETSEY ANN        OTSEGO                        NY-39-16-115
TREADWELL, LYMAN C.          ONEONTA                       NY-39-46-481
TREAT, BARZILLAI             DECATUR                       NY-39-43-169
TREAT, ELIZABETH C.          WESTFORD                      NY-39-48-415
TREAT, JOHN                  WORCESTER                     NY-39-19-133
TREAT, SOPHIA                DECATUR                       NY-39-43-73
TRICKEY, JOHN                WORCESTER                     NY-39-29-607
TRIPP, DAVID                 DECATUR                       NY-39-G-97
TRIPP, MARY                  DECATUR                       NY-39-8-145
TRIPP, NATHAN                DECATUR                       NY-39-8-37
TRIPP, POLLY                 DECATUR                       NY-39-10-86
TRONE, WILLIAM E.            BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-44-511
TRUAX, ADAM                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-16-277
TRUMAN, HENRY L.             UNADILLA                      NY-39-23-241
TRUMAN, JOHN E.              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-2-46
TRUMAN, THOMAS               OTSEGO                        NY-39-13-335
TUBBS, SAMUEL                OTSEGO                        NY-39-B-12
TUCKER, ARMENIA              HARTWICK                      NY-39-27-343
TUCKER, DANIEL               LAURENS                       NY-39-2-447
TUCKER, ELIAS                HARTWICK                      NY-39-10-584
TUCKER, ERIC                 LAURENS                       NY-39-39-229
TUCKER, IRA                  HARTWICK                      NY-39-29-193
TUCKER, ISAAC                OTSEGO                        NY-39-11-268
TUCKER, JOSHUA J.            CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-46-517
TUCKER, RUFUS                OTSEGO                        NY-39-C-45
TUCKER, WILLIAM H.           CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-13-293
TUCKER, ZIBA                 BURLINGTON                    NY-39-9-169
TUCKERMAN, BENJAMIN          RICHFIELD                     NY-39-9-388
TUCKEY, PHILINDA C.          BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-19-91
TULLER, ANSEL                NEW LISBON                    NY-39-21-7
TULLER, HENRY                RICHFIELD                     NY-39-32-73
TUNNICLIFF, BYRON            EXETER                        NY-39-49-251
TUNNICLIFF, CHARLOTTE LOUISE OTSEGO                        NY-39-48-469
TUNNICLIFF, CORNELIA         RICHFIELD                     NY-39-48-619
TUNNICLIFF, JEMIMA           OTSEGO                        NY-39-37-181
TUNNICLIFF, JOHN             OTSEGO                        NY-39-A-252
TUNNICLIFF, JOHN D.          OTSEGO                        NY-39-37-193
TUNNICLIFF, WALTER S.        OTSEGO                        NY-39-27-529
TUNNICLIFF, WEALTHY ELIZA    RICHFIELD                     NY-39-31-421
TURNBUL, GEORGE T.           MORRIS                        NY-39-51-331
TURNER, AMOS                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-15-24
TURNER, CATHARINE            RICHFIELD                     NY-39-44-391
TURNER, JONATHAN             MORRIS                        NY-39-43-547
TURNER, JOSIAH               EXETER                        NY-39-10-18
TURNER, POLLY                WORCESTER                     NY-39-23-109
TUTHILL, JOHN                MARYLAND                      NY-39-3-204
TUTHILL, OLIVE               MARYLAND                      NY-39-3-89
TUTTLE, ANSON                NEW LISBON                    NY-39-22-487
TUTTLE, CHARLES              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-23-385
TUTTLE, CHESTER              OTSEGO                        NY-39-51-265
TUTTLE, JARED                RICHFIELD                     NY-39-34-103
TUTTLE, JENNETTE             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-50-205
TUTTY, EMILY                 RICHFIELD                     NY-39-42-511
TYGERT, WILLIAM H.           MIDDLEFIELD (CON'T)           NY-39-3-41
TYGERT, WILLIAM H.           MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-3-33
TYLER, ELI                   WESTFORD                      NY-39-11-3
TYLER, HORACE M.             WESTFORD                      NY-39-362
TYLER, HORACE M.             WESTFORD                      NY-39-11-362
TYLER, MORRIS                BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-27-337
TYLER, OZIAS                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-7-567
TYLEY, GABRIEL               OTSEGO                        NY-39-48-205
TYLOER, SAMANTHA             WESTFORD                      NY-39-44-379
UETTER, LEWIS                WORCESTER                     NY-39-22-427
ULLMAN, BARRENT              CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-25-259
UNDERWOOD, PARKER            BURLINGTON                    NY-39-G-55
UPHAM, BYRON M.              MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-27-559
UPHAM, CATHARINE             MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-32-595
UPHAM, HANNAH                LAURENS                       NY-39-10-285
UTTER, WILLIAM               WESTFORD                      NY-39-35-571
VAIL, ABIJAH                 NEW LISBON                    NY-39-2-61
VAIL, ABIJAH                 NEW LISBON                    NY-39-1-212
VALENTINE, CLARISSA          CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-31-445
VALENTINE, JOHN G.           BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-47-469
VANALSTINE, ABRAHAM          SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-11-612
VANALSTINE, GILBERT          CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-14-279
VANALSTINE, NANCY            CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-18-133
VANALSTINE, WILLIAM          ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-31-25
VANAUKEN, JACOB              SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-38-433
VANBENSCHOTEN, CALESTA       OTSEGO                        NY-39-50-19
VANBENSCOTEN, ELIAS          OTSEGO                        NY-39-19-421
VANBENTHUYSEN, JOHN          WORCESTER                     NY-39-48-487
VANBUREN, BETSEY             MILFORD                       NY-39-41-229
VANBUREN, CORNELIUS          LAURENS                       NY-39-28-361
VANBUREN, TOBIAS             LAURENS                       NY-39-34-55
VANCOTT, JOHN                UNADILLA                      NY-39-39-31
VANCOURT, DANIEL             EXETER                        NY-39-21-277
VANCOURT, JOHN               EXETER                        NY-39-1-513
VANCOURT, JOHN               EXETER                        NY-39-1-85
VANCOURT, MARY               OTSEGO                        NY-39-15-145
VANCOURT, STEPHEN            EXETER                        NY-39-17-451
VANDEBOE, ARON               MARYLAND                      NY-39-8-293
VANDEBOE, JASPER             MARYLAND                      NY-39-9-258
VANDEBOE, SALLY ANN          WESTFORD                      NY-39-27-535
VANDERVOORT, ADDISON W.      UNADILLA                      NY-39-13-341
VANDERWERKER, JACOB B.       ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-17-391
VANDERWERKER, JAMES          ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-30-211
VANDEUSEN, ASENETH           MORRIS                        NY-39-42-307
VANDEUSEN, CYNTHIA J.        WORCESTER                     NY-39-42-499
VANDEUSEN, HENRY             MORRIS                        NY-39-47-181
VANDEUSEN, JULIA ANN         MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-26-181
VANDEUSEN, LUCY EVELINE      OTSEGO                        NY-39-52-445
VANDEUSEN, WILLIAM H.        MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-47-283
VANDEVEER, WILLIAM CROSBY    WESTFORD                      NY-39-19-67
VANDEWERKER, EDNA            RICHFIELD                     NY-39-17-295
VANDUSEN, ALMIRA             DECATUR                       NY-39-17-367
VANDUSEN, ANDREW             ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-12-347
VANDUSEN, WILLIAM            MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-29-559
VANDYCKE, CLARINDA           CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-45-565
VANETTEN, LOUISA             MILFORD                       NY-39-26-613
VANHORNE, ABRAM              OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-446
VANHORNE, ABRAM T.           OTSEGO                        NY-39-44-121
VANHORNE, ALFRED             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-21-283
VANHORNE, GEORGIANA          OTSEGO                        NY-39-51-55
VANHORNE, RICHARD            OTSEGO                        NY-39-39-235
VANHUZEN, JACOB              MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-21-163
VANNORT, MELISSA             OTSEGO                        NY-39-47-577
VANPATTEN, ANNA MARIA        WESTFORD                      NY-39-52-277
VANPATTEN, DANIEL            MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-8-262
VANPATTEN, NICHOLAS          ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-25-307
VANPATTEN, REGINA C.         MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-47-325
VANRENSSELAER, JANNA F.      MORRIS                        NY-39-44-343
VANRENSSELAER, JOANNA        MORRIS                        NY-39-23-139
VANSCHAICK, ANDREW M.        HARTWICK                      NY-39-9-240
VANSCHAICK, SAMUEL           HARTWICK                      NY-39-25-493
VANSICE, SIMON               OTSEGO                        NY-39-22-403
VANSLYKE, ADAM               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-G-25
VANSLYKE, CYPRIAN            HARTWICK                      NY-39-25-253
VANSTEENBURGH, EDWIN         HARTWICK                      NY-39-41-253
VANVALKENBURGH, JACOB        CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-6-354
VANVALKENBURGH, JOHN H.      CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-9-406
VANVOORHIS, JAMES            ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-16-79
VANWAGNER, GILBERT           BURLINGTON                    NY-39-35-121
VANWOERT, GEORGE             ONEONTA                       NY-39-52-253
VANWOERT, JACOB              ONEONTA                       NY-39-7-16
VANWOERT, JANE               ONEONTA                       NY-39-50-79
VANWOERT, SUSAN              ONEONTA                       NY-39-40-79
VANZANT, CHRISTOPHER         MARYLAND                      NY-39-16-499
VARLEY, JOHN                 HARTWICK                      NY-39-45-211
VARS, CLARISSA C.            HARTWICK                      NY-39-48-535
VAUGHN, SAMUEL               DECATUR                       NY-39-10-249
VAUGHN, SAMUEL               WORCESTER                     NY-39-11-582
VAUK, SARAH                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-21-349
VEBBER, MARY                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-51-583
VEBER, JOHN H.               EXETER                        NY-39-29-643
VEBER, JOSIAH J.             EXETER                        NY-39-10-82
VEBER, LEMUEL F.             EXETER                        NY-39-8-288
VEBER, LUCETTA               EXETER                        NY-39-28-247
VEBER, LUCY                  EXETER                        NY-39-40-121
VEDDER, BASSETT              SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-24-151
VEDDER, HARMANUS             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-10-348
VELEY, HANNAH                UNADILLA                      NY-39-33-601
VERMILYEA, JOHN S.           OTSEGO                        NY-39-5-8
VIBBARD, IDA                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-42-49
VIBBARD, JAMES               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-4-368
VICKERS, THOMAS              WORCESTER                     NY-39-40-25
WADE, JOHN                   WORCESTER                     NY-39-1-409
WADE, JOHN                   WORCESTER                     NY-39-1-58
WAFFLE, BENJAMIN             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-24-43
WAGER, ANZARILLA             ONEONTA                       NY-39-46-571
WAGER, JOHN                  MILFORD                       NY-39-12-502
WAGER, NANCY C.              WORCESTER                     NY-39-33-355
WAID, CALVIN L.              WORCESTER                     NY-39-46-403
WAID, LEWIS                  MARYLAND                      NY-39-12-96
WAIT, ABIGAIL                OTSEGO                        NY-39-52-451
WAIT, BELINDA W.             MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-33-67
WAIT, EBENEZER               UNADILLA                      NY-39-6-359
WAIT, JAMES                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-310
WAIT, STEPHEN                OTSEGO                        NY-39-20-373
WAITE, WILLIAM P.            MILFORD                       NY-39-16-67
WAITSKER, MELISSA J.         UNADILLA                      NY-39-51-175
WAKEFIELD, THOMAS L.         MILFORD                       NY-39-22-7
WALBY, WILLIAM               OTSEGO                        NY-39-G-38
WALCOTT, CHANDLER            CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-12-393
WALCOTT, WATSON              ONEONTA                       NY-39-51-211
WALDBY, ALMIRA               BURLINGTON                    NY-39-36-457
WALDBY, WILLIAM              OTSTEGO                       NY-39-1-327
WALDBY, WILLIAM              OTSEGO                        NY-39-H-10
WALDORF, DAVID               ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-29-325
WALDORF, HARVEY              DECATUR                       NY-39-50-619
WALDRADT, ANDREW             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-39-205
WALES, HELEN M.              ONEONTA                       NY-39-39-595
WALES, HENRY P.              PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-3-330
WALES, ISABELL               PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-40-481
WALEY, AURELIA P.            BURLINGTON                    NY-39-18-439
WALING, JAMES R. L.          ONEONTA                       NY-39-41-151
WALKER, CORNELIA P.          OTSEGO                        NY-39-41-73
WALKER, DAVID                BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-10-140
WALKER, HENRY                RICHFIELD                     NY-39-47-643
WALKER, JOHN                 MARYLAND                      NY-39-18-79
WALKER, PRISCILLA            BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-10-202
WALKER, SILAS H.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-52-247
WALKER, WILLIAM              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-37-355
WALLACE, HARRIET             OTSEGO                        NY-39-31-121
WALLACE, MARY                MORRIS                        NY-39-10-343
WALLACE, NATHANIEL           NEW LISBON                    NY-39-9-329
WALLEY, JOHN                 MILFORD                       NY-39-G-41
WALLING, JAMES               BURLINGTON                    NY-39-3-175
WALLING, RANSOM              ONEONTA                       NY-39-37-451
WALLING, STEPHEN P.          EDMESTON                      NY-39-48-607
WALLY, MARGARET              MILFORD                       NY-39-9-20
WALRADT, ALZEA               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-44-427
WALRADT, NICHOLAS            SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-B-83
WALRADT, POLLY               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-19-385
WALRADT, RUDOLPH             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-25-355
WALRATH, ALVIRA E.           OTSEGO                        NY-39-42-157
WALRATH, JACOB               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-23-7
WALRATH, OLIVER              OTSEGO                        NY-39-51-1
WALRATH, PETER J.            SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-9-46
WALROD, ROBERT G.            CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-50-535
WALTER, JACOB                RICHFIELD                     NY-39-25-152
WALTON, JOHN                 CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-C-176
WALTON, JOHNS.               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-9-190
WALWORTH, BAR S.             BURLINGTON                    NY-39-38-601
WALWORTH, JAMES C.           BURLINGTON                    NY-39-19-241
WARD, AMASA H.               LAURENS                       NY-39-45-169
WARD, ELIZABETH              HARTWICK                      NY-39-26-319
WARD, ERASTUS                HARTWELL                      NY-39-41-127
WARD, MEIGHS                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-17-235
WARD, SAMUEL R.              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-52-607
WARD, WILLIAM ***            HARTWICK                      NY-39-6-73
WARNER, ELI                  WORCESTER                     NY-39-52-151
WARNER, ELIZA C.             WORCESTER                     NY-39-52-505
WARNER, SAMUEL H.            MARYLAND                      NY-39-25-595
WARREN, CHARLES              ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-44-565
WARREN, DARIUS               OTSEGO                        NY-39-H-15
WARREN, EMILY G.             OTSEGO                        NY-39-44-529
WARREN, ERASTUS W.           OTSEGO                        NY-39-30-193
WARREN, HARRIET E.           OTSEGO                        NY-39-26-619
WARREN, JULIUS               OTSEGO                        NY-39-13-436
WARREN, RUSSELL              OTSEGO                        NY-39-27-235
WARREN, STEPHEN              MORRIS                        NY-39-37-601
WARRINER, ESTHER ANNE        ONEONTA                       NY-39-51-151
WART, ZIPPORAH               OTSEGO                        NY-39-37-199
WASHBON, ANDREW G.           MORRIS                        NY-39-13-444
WASHBURN, HENRY R.           MORRIS                        NY-39-31-277
WASHBURN, MILES              EXETER                        NY-39-3-46
WATERMAN, ARATHUSA           WORCESTER                     NY-39-37-397
WATERMAN, CLARISSA           OTSEGO                        NY-39-49-84
WATERMAN, ELISHA             WORCESTER                     NY-39-37-403
WATERMAN, OLIVER             MARYLAND                      NY-39-24-355
WATERMAN, SIMEON             OTSEGO                        NY-39-F-83
WATERMAN, TIMOTHY            OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-15
WATERS, BROOKSIE E.          MILFORD                       NY-39-47-535
WATERS, ELMIRA               WORCESTER                     NY-39-35-13
WATERS, RUSSELL              MILFORD                       NY-39-31-67
WATKINS, JOHN                EXETER                        NY-39-51-415
WATRADT, GARRAT W.           CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-8-225
WATROUS, ASAPH               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-9-192
WATROUS, HARRIET F.          CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-36-79
WATROUS, ORIN T.             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-44-187
WATSON, AUGUSTA S.           UNADILLA                      NY-39-40-19
WATSON, DANIEL               PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-B-261
WATSON, MARIA                LAURENS                       NY-39-30-565
WATSON, SUSAN E.             UNADILLA                      NY-39-15-4
WATSON, THOMAS B.            NEW LISBON                    NY-39-12-1
WAY, MARTIN                  SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-52-97
WEATHERBY, CLARISSA          LAURENS                       NY-39-22-319
WEATHERBY, HENRY             LAURENS                       NY-39-29-73
WEATHERBY, JOHN              LAURENS                       NY-39-14-285
WEATHERLY, HIRAM             LAURENS                       NY-39-47-355
WEATHERLY, SAMUEL            LAURENS                       NY-39-11-325
WEATHERLY, WARREN            LAURENS                       NY-39-48-37
WEAVER, ROBERT C.            LAURENS                       NY-39-285
WEAVER, ROBERT C.            LAURENS                       NY-39-11-285
WEBB, BENJAMIN               LAURENS                       NY-39-43-445
WEBB, ELVA A.                ONEONTA                       NY-39-32-505
WEBB, JOSEPH                 MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-24-277
WEBB, RICHARD                UNADILLA                      NY-39-26-91
WEBB, WILLIAM                BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-16-265
WEBBER, CHRISTINA            MILFORD                       NY-39-9-123
WEBBER, JOSHUA               EXETER                        NY-39-3-142
WEBER, JACOB S.              ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-42-205
WEBSTER, AMANDA              WESTFORD                      NY-39-12-49
WEBSTER, DAVID               WESTFORD                      NY-39-E-453
WEBSTER, HARMON              LAURENS                       NY-39-46-13
WEBSTER, JAMES H.            SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-42-193
WEBSTER, JESSE               ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-12-370
WEBSTER, THOAMS              WESTFORD                      NY-39-31-331
WEBSTER, THOMAS D.           CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-G-10
WEDDERSPOON, GEORGE          OTSEGO                        NY-39-38-415
WEDGE, CLARISSA              HARTWICK                      NY-39-12-102
WEED, GEORGE W.              ONEONTA                       NY-39-30-337
WEEKS, ADALINE               HARTWICK                      NY-39-38-73
WEEKS, ANNA                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-28-433
WEEKS, DAVID                 HARTWICK                      NY-39-16-97
WEEKS, ELISHA                HARTWICK                      NY-39-46-349
WEEKS, JAMES B.              HARTWICK                      NY-39-13-37
WEEKS, JAMES F.              HARTWICK                      NY-39-15-117
WEEKS, JAMES N.              SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-45-559
WEEKS, JOHN D.               HARTWICK                      NY-39-22-175
WEEKS, JOHN S.               LAURENS                       NY-39-42-457
WEEKS, PARTHENA              OTSEGO                        NY-39-28-97
WEEKS, PETER                 PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-40-325
WEEKS, ROBERT H.             OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-224
WEEKS, ROBERT T.             HARTWICK                      NY-39-12-57
WEIDMAN, PETER               ONEONTA                       NY-39-47-349
WEISMER, JOHN L.             UNADILLA                      NY-39-36-337
WEKS, ANDREW                 HARTWICK                      NY-39-37-379
WELCH, ALBERT                RICHFIELD                     NY-39-39-85
WELCH, HARRIS                ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-39-415
WELCH, MARY L.               EDMESTON                      NY-39-32-487
WELDON, MARGARET             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-34-547
WELDON, MARIA J.             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-36-205
WELLMAN, CYRUS               HARTWICK                      NY-39-51-289
WELLMAN, HANNAH              LAURENS                       NY-39-28-175
WELLMAN, WILLIAM             LAURENS                       NY-39-16-385
WELLS, ERASTUS               UNADILLA                      NY-39-33-151
WELLS, GEORGE W.             OTSEGO                        NY-39-36-439
WELLS, MERCY                 HARDWICK                      NY-39-18-67
WELLS, OLNEY                 HARDWICK                      NY-39-18-319
WELLS, SALLY                 HARTWICK                      NY-39-19-481
WELLS, SARAH C. J.           CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-21-337
WELMAN, ALFRED               MILFORD                       NY-39-19-379
WELTON, ALONZO               WORCESTER                     NY-39-18-37
WENDELL, NELSON O.           RICHFIELD                     NY-39-12-327
WENMOTH, WILLIAM H.          MORRIS                        NY-39-52-631
WENTWORTH, CHARLES L.        ONEONTA                       NY-39-37-25
WENTWORTH, DAVID             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-G-68
WERT, PRINCE                 HARTWICK                      NY-39-G-96
WESCOTT, HARVEY              ONEONTA                       NY-39-50-529
WEST, EARL P.                EXETER                        NY-39-19-175
WEST, STANTON                EDMESTON                      NY-39-21-325
WESTCOTT, ADDIE EPPS         ONEONTA                       NY-39-33-283
WESTCOTT, BENJAMIN           MILFORD                       NY-39-9-176
WESTCOTT, CELIA M.           MILFORD                       NY-39-40-103
WESTCOTT, CHARLES G.         OTSEGO                        NY-39-52-163
WESTCOTT, DANIEL H.          MILFORD                       NY-39-29-271
WESTCOTT, MUNRO              ONEONTA                       NY-39-40-283
WESTCOTT, OTIS               MILFORD                       NY-39-32-211
WESTCOTT, ROBERT F.          RICHFIELD                     NY-39-51-631
WESTCOTT, SEMANTHA           MILFORD                       NY-39-52-571
WESTCOTT, THEODORE M.        EXETER                        NY-39-39-313
WESTOFF, JOHN                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-24-127
WETHERBY, NANCY              OTSEGO                        NY-39-35-109
WETMORE, ANN                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-27-43
WETMORE, JOHN                BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-22-355
WHALEN, DENIS                HARTWICH                      NY-39-30-61
WHEELER, DANIEL              OTSEGO                        NY-39-34-325
WHEELER, HARRIET             OTSEGO                        NY-39-36-277
WHEELER, HARVEY              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-35-643
WHEELER, JANE                OTSEGO                        NY-39-52-391
WHEELER, LEMUEL              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-12-448
WHEELER, LUTHER              EDMESTON                      NY-39-47-193
WHEELER, MARY C.             MORRIS                        NY-39-34-349
WHEELER, NATHAN              OTSEGO                        NY-39-11-526
WHEELER, PASCHAL P. Q.       HARDWICK                      NY-39-17-193
WHEELER, RUSSELL             OTSEGO                        NY-39-11-564
WHEELER, S. AUGUSTA          MORRIS                        NY-39-52-601
WHEELER, SUSAN               HARTWICK                      NY-39-12-33
WHIE, ADELIA                 EXETER                        NY-39-31-49
WHIPPLE, ABIGAIL S.          ONEONTA                       NY-39-46-391
WHIPPLE, ASAEL               HARTWICK                      NY-39-7-510
WHIPPLE, DAVID               ONEONTA                       NY-39-52-73
WHIPPLE, JAMES               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-2-276
WHIPPLE, JAMES               OTSEGO                        NY-39-E-88
WHIPPLE, JAMES M.            OTSEGO                        NY-39-41-265
WHIPPLE, LEWIS               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-42-211
WHIPPLE, LUCIA               OTSEGO                        NY-39-47-175
WHIPPLE, SETH                OTSEGO                        NY-39-7-606
WHIPPLE, STEPHEN             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-F-64
WHIPPLE, WILLIAM C.          OTSEGO                        NY-39-33-103
WHITCOMB, DAVID E.           MORRIS                        NY-39-25-445
WHITE, BENJAMIN              WESTFORD                      NY-39-3-338
WHITE, CHARLES J.            UNADILLA                      NY-39-48-577
WHITE, CHARLOTTE             MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-12-248
WHITE, DELIA A.              NEW LISBON                    NY-39-42-79
WHITE, DELOS                 CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-2-378
WHITE, ELIJAH                UNADILLA                      NY-39-35-505
WHITE, EMELINE               BURLINGTON                    NY-39-33-55
WHITE, EZRA                  ONEONTA                       NY-39-22-145
WHITE, GEORGE                WORCESTER                     NY-39-A-327
WHITE, GEORGE A.             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-48-91
WHITE, GUSTAVUS              MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-9-377
WHITE, HANNAH ESTHER         MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-12-316
WHITE, JAMES                 UNADILL                       NY-39-52-307
WHITE, JANE                  BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-12-9
WHITE, JOSEPH                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-1-673
WHITE, JOSEPH M.D.           CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-1-177
WHITE, LANA                  ONEONTA                       NY-39-45-427
WHITE, LORENZO               OTSEGO                        NY-39-44-31
WHITE, LUCY                  EXETER                        NY-39-20-265
WHITE, LYMAN                 SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-10-50
WHITE, MARY D.               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-26-331
WHITE, MORTIMER              SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-10-150
WHITE, OLIVE J.              EXETER                        NY-39-31-43
WHITE, SALLY P.              GARRATTSVILLE                 NY-39-26-283
WHITE, SARAH                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-46-271
WHITE, STATIRA               MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-32-403
WHITE, WILLIAM D.            OTSEGO                        NY-39-52-385
WHITE,ANTHONY                ONEONTA                       NY-39-32-109
WHITEMAN, MARY ANN           RICHFIELD                     NY-39-38-535
WHITEMAN, RICHARD            CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-27-157
WHITEMAN, THOMAS             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-37-37
WHITFORD, BERTHEIR D.        NEW LISBON                    NY-39-9-61
WHITFORD, GEORGE B.          NEW LISBON                    NY-39-17-253
WHITING, PHOEBE              WESTFORD                      NY-39-36-523
WHITLOCK, FANNY              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-25-427
WHITLOCK, LAURA              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-12-437
WHITMAN, GEORGE R.           ONEONTA                       NY-39-47-481
WHITNETT, FRANCES            MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-10-39
WHITNEY, EDA A. C.           MARYLAND                      NY-39-45-637
WHITNEY, HENRY               OTSEGO                        NY-39-30-475
WHITNEY, RORILLA             OTSEGO                        NY-39-43-193
WHITTIMORE, MARY             EDMESTON                      NY-39-26-415
WHITWELL, RICHARD            MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-4-111
WHITWELL, THOMAS             HARTWICK                      NY-39-30-541
WHOLEBORE, JOHN              MARYLAND                      NY-39-B-273
WICK, HENRY                  RICHFIELD                     NY-39-32-67
WICKHAM, EDITH               ONEONTA                       NY-39-51-25
WICKHAM, SALLY               BEDOIN STN, LYCOMING, PA      NY-39-28-529
WICKHAM, STEPHEN F.          MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-12-119
WICKHAM, WILLIAM M.          UNADILLA                      NY-39-40-157
WICKMIRE, AMOS F.            CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-27-199
WICKS, ENOS                  BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-51-31
WICKS, MARY J.               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-16-349
WIDGER, ROSEPHA A.           LAURENS                       NY-39-32-373
WIGHTMAN, DEXTER             BURLINGTON                    NY-39-34-181
WIKOFF, CAHARINE             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-45-589
WIKOFF, ELIZABETH            SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-11-530
WIKOFF, JAMES                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-44-541
WIKOFF, WILLIAM              SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-25-175
WILBER, BRIGGS               MILFORD                       NY-39-25-541
WILBER, DANIEL               LAURENS                       NY-39-30-355
WILBER, DAVID                ONEONTA                       NY-39-37-493
WILBER, HUMPHREY             MORRIS                        NY-39-22-499
WILBER, JOSHUA               EXETER                        NY-39-3-126
WILBER, KETURAH              MILFORD                       NY-39-35-49
WILBER, MARGARET N.          MARYLAND                      NY-39-46-355
WILBER, ROBERT J.            WORCESTER                     NY-39-22-229
WILBER, SIMEON               UNADILLA                      NY-39-F-86
WILBER, SMITH J.             MARYLAND                      NY-39-25-511
WILBUR, AURA                 ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-26-301
WILBUR, BENONA               UNADILLA                      NY-39-11-212
WILBUR, CHAUNCEY             UNADILLA                      NY-39-30-373
WILBUR, DAVID                WORCESTER                     NY-39-11-575
WILBUR, EDNA                 UNADILLA                      NY-39-36-325
WILBUR, MARIA                LAURENS                       NY-39-33-535
WILBUR, SUSANNA              UNADILLA                      NY-39-41-235
WILBUR, THOMAS               UNADILLA                      NY-39-34-229
WILCOX, CORTLAND C.          MILFORD                       NY-39-40-541
WILCOX, EPHRAIM              PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-12-51
WILCOX, GEORGE               MILFORD                       NY-39-3-36
WILCOX, GEORGE R.            MILFORD                       NY-39-3-324
WILCOX, HEMAN                PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-10-54
WILCOX, HENRY                MILFORD                       NY-39-32-307
WILCOX, JACOB P.             WORCESTER                     NY-39-42-463
WILCOX, MARTHA E.            PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-47-115
WILCOX, MARY                 PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-32-355
WILCOX, OLIVER               EDMESTON                      NY-39-26-529
WILCOX, PAMELIA              PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-32-349
WILCOX, SARAH L.             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-13-329
WILCOX, STEPHEN              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-19-475
WILCOX, WILLIAM              MILFORD                       NY-39-10-423
WILD, ALLEN                  UNADILLA                      NY-39-46-127
WILDER, GEORGE               RICHFIELD                     NY-39-50-241
WILDER, MOLUS E.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-51-565
WILES, DANIEL                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-14-267
WILES, MARY                  SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-22-55
WILEY, JANE                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-47-451
WILEY, JOHN                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-3-334
WILKIN, ALICE WHITE          CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-45-571
WILKINSON, HENRY J.          RICHFIELD                     NY-39-34-541
WILLARD, DAVID               COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-10-69
WILLARD, RACHEL              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-12-363
WILLCOX, EPHRAIM             NTL                           NY-39-D-14
WILLIAMS, AGNES              OTSEGO                        NY-39-21-397
WILLIAMS, ALMOND             PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-12-410
WILLIAMS, ASAHEL             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-17-463
WILLIAMS, CHARLOTTE W.       OTSEGO                        NY-39-48-133
WILLIAMS, DANIEL C.          PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-14-65
WILLIAMS, HALSEY H.          EDMESTON                      NY-39-50-553
WILLIAMS, HANNAH             PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-9-232
WILLIAMS, HARRIETT           OTSEGO                        NY-39-52-181
WILLIAMS, HARVEY             BURLINGTON                    NY-39-A-279
WILLIAMS, HENRY C.           EDMESTON                      NY-39-41-349
WILLIAMS, ISAAC              OTSEGO                        NY-39-E-208
WILLIAMS, JOHN               OTSEGO                        NY-39-36-67
WILLIAMS, JOHN               PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-37-229
WILLIAMS, JOHN B.            BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-52-613
WILLIAMS, JOHN C.            OTSEGO                        NY-39-9-280
WILLIAMS, JOHN W.            PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-29-205
WILLIAMS, KEZIA G.           OTSEGO                        NY-39-27-181
WILLIAMS, LEWIS R.           BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-17-79
WILLIAMS, LUTHER             OTSEGO                        NY-39-9-352
WILLIAMS, MARTIN             HARTWICK                      NY-39-41-277
WILLIAMS, PRINCE             OTSEGO                        NY-39-2-235A
WILLIAMS, SHERMAN            OTSEGO                        NY-39-35-331
WILLIAMS, SHERWOOD           OTSEGO                        NY-39-21-403
WILLIAMS, STEPHEN L.         OTSEGO                        NY-39-16-181
WILLIAMS, STEPHEN M.         BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-5-97
WILLIAMS, THOMAS             OTSEGO                        NY-39-E-351
WILLIAMS, W. SMITH           OTSEGO                        NY-39-20-217
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM            OTSEGO                        NY-39-25-415
WILLIS, NATHANIEL            SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-9-204
WILLIS, SIMON M.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-46-79
WILLIS, SOLOMON D.           HARTWICK                      NY-39-41-529
WILLS, JOB                   OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-271
WILLSE, JAMES G.             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-24-97
WILLSEY, JONATHAN            WESTFORD                      NY-39-50-1
WILLSEY, REZINA              WORCESTER                     NY-39-7-402
WILLSON, DANIEL C.           CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-25-43
WILLSON, JAMES               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-A-76
WILLSON, MYRA Z.             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-22-397
WILLSON, SAMUEL              MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-3-129
WILLSON, SARAH               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-26-463
WILMOT, CLARISSA J.          UNADILLA                      NY-39-45-97
WILMOT, DANIEL W.            UNADILLA                      NY-39-31-362
WILSEY, MARY A.              OTEGO                         NY-39-47-67
WILSON, AMELIA               OTSEGO                        NY-39-29-229
WILSON, ELEANOR              ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-13-432
WILSON, HARRIET M.           CEDAR RAPIDS, IA              NY-39-39-565
WILSON, JABEZ S.             ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-20-241
WILSON, JAMES                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-8-47
WILSON, JOHN                 HARTWICK                      NY-39-22-409
WILSON, JOHN                 CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-G-83
WILSON, JOSEPH               PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-37-97
WILSON, MARTHA               COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-9-299
WILSON, PARKER               ONEONTA                       NY-39-10-236
WILSON, PHEBE                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-10-25
WILSON, RICHARD C.           MARYLAND                      NY-39-42-529
WILSON, SALLY                PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-34-271
WILSON, SIMON B.             MARYLAND                      NY-39-48-223
WILSON, WILLIAM              COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-12-527
WINANS, CHARLOTTE E.         WESTFORD                      NY-39-10-91
WINCHELL, LOVINA             UNADILA                       NY-39-41-109
WINEGAD, MARIA               WORCESTER                     NY-39-46-637
WINEGAR, MARY                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-41-445
WINEGAR, OLIVER              OTSEGO                        NY-39-E-202
WINEGARD, CHARITY            WORCESTER                     NY-39-37-211
WINEGARD, JAMES N.           WORCESTER                     NY-39-22-325
WING, ASA                    LAURENS                       NY-39-32-529
WING, HARVEY                 MORRIS                        NY-39-11-171
WING, HATTELL                NEW LISBON                    NY-39-H-16
WING, JANE R.                MORRIS                        NY-39-11-59
WING, JOSIAH                 LAURENS                       NY-39-24-367
WING, LYDIA P.               LAURENS                       NY-39-41-313
WING, RHODA                  EDMESTON                      NY-39-35-457
WING, SAVORY                 NEW LISBON                    NY-39-D-208
WING, STEPHEN H.             MORRIS                        NY-39-40-379
WINGATE, MARY H.             HARTWICK                      NY-39-44-91
WINN, JOHN W.                ONEONTA                       NY-39-30-535
WINNE, CATHARINE             ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-45-301
WINNE, DANIEL C.             ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-10-92
WINNE, DANIEL W.             ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-11-478
WINNE, FRANCIS               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-10-56
WINNE, FRANCIS               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-5-226
WINNE, JOHN H.               ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-13-103
WINNE, LEONARD               ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-33-193
WINNE, PHEBE W.              OTSEGO                        NY-39-39-451
WINNE, ROSANNA               MARYLAND                      NY-39-47-163
WINNE, WILLIAM               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-10-32
WINNER, JOHN C.              CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-35-595
WINNIE, DAVID C.             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-26-457
WINNIE, HANNAH M.            MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-23-97
WINSLOW, JOHN                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-9-408
WINSLOW, RUSSEL B.           HARTWICK                      NY-39-52-193
WINSLOW, TEMPERANCE          OTSEGO                        NY-39-27-391
WINSOR, ABBY A. COTIS        SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-38-463
WINSOR, AMOS                 HARTWICK                      NY-39-F-42
WINSOR, DANIEL               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-19-349
WINSOR, ERIE                 LAURENCE                      NY-39-3-307
WINSOR, ESTHER P.            LAURENS                       NY-39-22-181
WINSOR, HARRIS               HARTWICK                      NY-39-27-175
WINSOR, JOHN                 HARTWICK                      NY-39-12-146
WINSOR, LEMUEL               LAURENS                       NY-39-50-301
WINSOR, LESTER H.            LAURENS                       NY-39-35-511
WINTON, JOHN                 MORRIS                        NY-39-20-403
WITHERHEAD, AMY A.           BURLINGTON                    NY-39-35-415
WITHERHEAD, JOHN             BURLINGTON                    NY-39-12-94
WITTER, DELOSS               PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-30-631
WOLCOTT, OLIVE               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-11-522
WOLF, CATHARINE              ONEONTA                       NY-39-30-199
WOLFE, CONRAD                ONEONTA                       NY-39-40-7
WOOD, ANTIONETT L.           BURLINGTON                    NY-39-31-229
WOOD, BETSEY                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-26 211
WOOD, HORACE                 SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-46-367
WOOD, JESSE                  MORRIS                        NY-39-15-143
WOOD, JOHN                   BURLINGTON                    NY-39-2-32
WOOD, JOHN                   BURLINGTON                    NY-39-1-202
WOOD, JOSEPH                 NTL                           NY-39-3-270
WOOD, LEONARFD               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-33-157
WOOD, LEVI                   OTSEGO                        NY-39-17-283
WOOD, MARGARET E.            OTSEGO                        NY-39-33-481
WOOD, MINERVA                HARTWICH                      NY-39-30-49
WOOD, ROBERT                 SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-4-384
WOOD, ROBERT                 SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-19-325
WOOD, RUSSELL                MORRIS                        NY-39-46-122
WOOD, RUTH                   MORRIS                        NY-39-15-11
WOOD, SAMUEL S.              SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-6-172
WOOD, WALTER                 HARTWICK                      NY-39-32-457
WOODBECK, BURTON             MILFORD                       NY-39-48-325
WOODBURN, JOHN W.            CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-9-35
WOODBURY, JOHN               RICHFIELD                     NY-39-12-122
WOODMANSEE, JOSEPH           OTSEGO                        NY-39-43-517
WOODRUFF, JOHN               MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-10-252
WOODRUFF, LEVI B.            UNADILLA                      NY-39-27-73
WOODWARD, ISAAC              SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-10-108
WORD, WILLIAM                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-25-55
WORTH, SARAH S.              MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-43-457
WORTHINGTON, JOHN R.         OTSEGO                        NY-39-25-361
WORTHINGTON, MARY ALICE      OTSEGO                        NY-39-43-217
WRIGHT, AMOS                 EDMESTON                      NY-39-13-269
WRIGHT, ANN E.               NEW LISBON                    NY-39-47-445
WRIGHT, CATHARINE            LAURENS                       NY-39-37-481
WRIGHT, CHAUNCEY             LAURENS                       NY-39-27-385
WRIGHT, CHESTER              HARTWICK                      NY-39-11-545
WRIGHT, DANIEL               MILFORD                       NY-39-9-4
WRIGHT, DANIEL               MILFORD                       NY-39-20-427
WRIGHT, ELIAS                PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-E-222
WRIGHT, ERASTUS              HARTWICK                      NY-39-2-274A
WRIGHT, HIRAM                EDMESTON                      NY-39-35-589
WRIGHT, ISAIAH D.            HARTWICK                      NY-39-44-487
WRIGHT, JOHN                 RICHFIELD                     NY-39-44-433
WRIGHT, JOHN                 WORCESTER                     NY-39-35-463
WRIGHT, MARY J.              WESTFORD                      NY-39-39-301
WRIGHT, POMEROY              WESTFORD                      NY-39-26-109
WRIGHT, PORTER               HARTWICK                      NY-39-27-547
WRIGHT, ROSWELL              UNADILLA                      NY-39-1-28
WRIGHT, ROSWELL              UNADILLA                      NY-39-1-319
WRIGHT, SELAH                UNADILLA                      NY-39-13-317
WRIGHT, SETH                 HARTWICK                      NY-39-F-85
WRIGHT, THOMAS D.            HARTWICK                      NY-39-10-534
WRIGHT, WILHELMINA           MILFORD                       NY-39-20-433
WYMAN, MARY I.               OTSEGO                        NY-39-52-295
YAGER, DAVID                 ONEONTA                       NY-39-9-197
YAGER, EMMA E.               ONEONTA                       NY-39-50-415
YAGER, JOHN S.               ONEONTA                       NY-39-17-233
YAGER, MICHAEL               ONEONTA                       NY-39-20-223
YAGER, SOLOMON               ONEONTA                       NY-39-9-203
YALE, GEORGE                 RICHFIELD                     NY-39-21-379
YATES, EVERETT E.            MORRIS                        NY-39-33-589
YATES, JOHN W.               EXETER                        NY-39-51-307
YATES, JOSEPHINE M.          MORRIS                        NY-39-42-313
YATES, SARAH J.              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-25-301
YATES, TREVOR                NEW LISBON                    NY-39-24-523
YEAW, LURANY                 EDMESTON                      NY-39-23-205
YORK, JAMES H.               UNADILLA                      NY-39-30-583
YORK, WILLIAM P.             UNADILLA                      NY-39-26-7
YOUMANS, WILLIAMS            UNADILLA                      NY-39-22-475
YOUNG, ADDIS N.              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-13-323
YOUNG, ALEXANDER             NEW LISBON                    NY-39-31-61
YOUNG, ANDREW                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-25-67
YOUNG, ANDREW                OTSEGO                        NY-39-A-85
YOUNG, CATHARINE             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-29-397
YOUNG, DANIEL F.             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-12-492
YOUNG, DAVID                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-E-103
YOUNG, ELIZABETH             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-39-127
YOUNG, ELLA                  BURLINGTON                    NY-39-52-493
YOUNG, GEORGE                WORCESTER                     NY-39-31-109
YOUNG, HENRY                 SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-28-379
YOUNG, JAMES C.              OTSEGO                        NY-39-23-433
YOUNG, JOHN J.               ONEONTA                       NY-39-43-79
YOUNG, JOHN T.               OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-278
YOUNG, JOSEPH                DECATUR                       NY-39-2-241A
YOUNG, LAVANTIA              SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-38-391
YOUNG, LOUISE M.             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-43-49
YOUNG, ROBERT                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-5-102
YOUNGMAN, JOHN               ONEONTA                       NY-39-44-235
YOUNGS, CLEMENS              UNADILLA                      NY-39-30-85
YOUNGS, JEREMIAH             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-11-148
ZEH, CLARINDA                DECATUR                       NY-39-36-487
ZELLAR, DANIEL               NEW LISBON                    NY-39-31-517

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