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CADY, ALPHEUS                UNADILLA                      NY-39-11-118
CADY, FREDERICK J.           MILFORD                       NY-39-40-133
CADY, MORRIS D.              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-11-321
CADY, STEPHEN P.             PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-18-373
CAHOON, ELIZABETH            EDMESTON                      NY-39-47-103
CALL, ELEANOR                PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-16-7
CALLAHAN, ELLEN              OTSEGO                        NY-39-36-373
CALLAHAN, MARGARET           OTSEGO                        NY-39-40-49
CAMBELL, ELIZABETH           MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-9-132
CAMP, BENJAMIN               HARTWICK                      NY-39-11-303
CAMP, HENRIETTA              HARTWICK                      NY-39-37-301
CAMP, HENRY                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-11-559
CAMP, JAMES B.               ONEONTA                       NY-39-50-157
CAMP, MARIA                  ONEONTA                       NY-39-31-211
CAMP, SARAH                  BURLINGTON                    NY-39-27-589
CAMP, SIMEON                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-F-30
CAMP, SQUIRE                 HARTWICK                      NY-39-23-391
CAMPBELL, BETSEY             DECATUR                       NY-39-29-451
CAMPBELL, BRAYTON A.         CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-10-381
CAMPBELL, CATHARINE A. L.    CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-44-43
CAMPBELL, HARRIET B.         CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-44-421
CAMPBELL, JAMES S.           CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-17-379
CAMPBELL, JOHN JR.           CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-A-283
CAMPBELL, LAVINA             ONEONTA                       NY-39-39-361
CAMPBELL, LOOMIS J.          ONEONTA                       NY-39-46-97
CAMPBELL, MARY A.            CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-24-397
CAMPBELL, ROBERT             (CON'T)                       NY-39-8-236
CAMPBELL, ROBERT             COOPERTOWN                    NY-39-8-119
CAMPBELL, ROBERT P.          KEY WEST, MONROE, FL          NY-39-27-265
CAMPBELL, SAMUEL             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-18-49
CAMPBELL, SARAH M.           CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-32-235
CAMPBELL, SEYNTHIA S.        CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-42-175
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM W.         CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-28-415
CAMPBELL, ZERIAL             PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-G-43
CAMROD, HIRAM                OTSEGO                        NY-39-25-199
CANFIELD, AMASA              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-2-425
CANNON, JAMES                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-H-20
CARD, ABBY                   OTSEGO                        NY-39-25-565
CARD, BENJAMIN               BURLINGTON                    NY-39-10-364
CARD, EDMUND S.              HARTWICK                      NY-39-28-43
CARD, EMILY A.               HARTWICK                      NY-39-47-631
CARD, JOHN L.                HARTWICH                      NY-39-29-445
CARD, THOMAS                 NEW LISBON                    NY-39-17-85
CARD, WILLIAM H.             NEW LISBON                    NY-39-47-523
CARD, WILLIAM P.             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-46-265
CARNISH, AARON B.            MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-20-445
CARPENTER, AZEL              MILFORD                       NY-39-24-427
CARPENTER, BENIDICT          OTSEGO                        NY-39-B-173
CARPENTER, DANIEL            OTSEGO                        NY-39-32-553
CARPENTER, ERVIN             OTSEGO                        NY-39-41-31
CARPENTER, GARDNER           PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-F-28
CARPENTER, JAMES             OTSEGO                        NY-39-F-84
CARPENTER, MARY C.           ONEONTA                       NY-39-43-343
CARPENTER, NATHANIEL         MARYLAND                      NY-39-12-155
CARR, ALFRED                 LAURENS                       NY-39-39-259
CARR, ARNOLD                 LAURENS                       NY-39-27-403
CARR, BENJAMIN W.            HARTWICK                      NY-39-9-108
CARR, DANIEL                 HARTWICK                      NY-39-8-157
CARR, DANIEL                 HARTWICK                      NY-39-8-183
CARR, DEFOREST               HARTWICK                      NY-39-36-469
CARR, ELIZABETH              LAURENS                       NY-39-38-553
CARR, EPHRAIM                HARTWICK                      NY-39-10-144
CARR, GEORGE T.              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-11-432
CARR, ISAAC                  LAURENS                       NY-39-7-167
CARR, ISAAC                  HARTWICK                      NY-39-G-13
CARR, ISAC B.                LAURENS                       NY-39-5-111
CARR, JAMES                  NEW LISBON                    NY-39-8-259
CARR, JAMES                  HARTWICK                      NY-39-4-360
CARR, JAMES W.               OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-218
CARR, LOIS A.                OTSEGO                        NY-39-50-583
CARR, MARIA                  HARTWICK                      NY-39-40-73
CARR, PELEG                  LAURENS                       NY-39-F-67
CARR, PELEG                  LAURENS                       NY-39-11-67
CARR, RICHARD T.             PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-12-496
CARR, ROBERT                 HARTWICK                      NY-39-11-50
CARR, ROBERT                 HARTWICK                      NY-39-G-11
CARR, ROWLAND                OTSEGO                        NY-39-9-245
CARR, SAMUEL                 HARTWICK                      NY-39-42-127
CARR, SAMUEL R.              MORRIS                        NY-39-47-253
CARR, SARAH A.               HARTWICK                      NY-39-47-637
CARR, THEODORE               UNADILLA                      NY-39-46-451
CARROLL, DAVIS               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-9-391
CARROLL, FRANK               OTSEGO                        NY-39-33-505
CARSE, ANTHONY               ONEONTA                       NY-39-41-607
CARTER, JANE R. A.           OTSEGO                        NY-39-35-259
CARVER, THOMAS E.            PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-52-619
CARY, CLARISSA A.            RICHFIELD                     NY-39-48-121
CARY, CORNELIUS L.           SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-7-200
CARY, DARIUS H.              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-16-235
CARY, DAVID                  EXETER                        NY-39-36-25
CARY, ELLERY                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-21-85
CARY, EUGENE D.              EXETER                        NY-39-31-115
CARY, EZRA L.                RICHFIELD                     NY-39-31-157
CARY, GEORGE B.              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-34-43
CARY, HAWLEY R.              SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-38-139
CARY, JOSHUA                 NEW LISBON                    NY-39-50-37
CARY, LAURA ****             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-15-71
CARY, LOVISA B.              NEW LISBON                    NY-39-40-367
CARYL, JOHN                  WORCESTER                     NY-39-11-29
CASE, GREEN H.               PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-34-362
CASE, SAMUEL H.              ONEONTA                       NY-39-39-583
CASEY, MARGARET              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-38-475
CASLER, JOHN                 MORRIS                        NY-39-21-187
CASLER, JOHN                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-41-241
CASLER, MARGARET G.          SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-14-409
CASS, LEWIS                  HARTWICK                      NY-39-40-583
CASTLE, ABNER F.             OTEGO                         NY-39-50-463
CASTLE, LYMAN                OTEGO                         NY-39-48-103
CATLIN, NATHAN               RICHFIELD                     NY-39-H-22
CATLIN, RUSSELL              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-27-133
CAULKINS, HENRY              LAURENS                       NY-39-40-577
CEPERLEY, DAVID              ONEONTA                       NY-39-37-541
CHADDEN, DANIEL M.           HARTWICK                      NY-39-5-195
CHAFFEE, EZRA                COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-3-123
CHAFFIN, GEORGE R.           UNADILLA                      NY-39-27-103
CHAMBERLAIN, ALFRED          RICHFIELD                     NY-39-20-55
CHAMBERLAIN, ALZINA          ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-41-427
CHAMBERLAIN, ANSEL P.        MARYLAND                      NY-39-15-190
CHAMBERLAIN, CHARLES R.      WORCESTER                     NY-39-48-457
CHAMBERLAIN, ELISHA          MARYLAND                      NY-39-2-66
CHAMBERLAIN, ELISHA          MARYLAND                      NY-39-1-217
CHAMBERLAIN, EMILY           MARYLAND                      NY-39-45-367
CHAMBERLAIN, FREEDOM         RICHFIELD                     NY-39-G-9
CHAMBERLAIN, HARVEY          MARYLAND                      NY-39-30-553
CHAMBERLAIN, MARY L.         MARYLAND                      NY-39-42-361
CHAMBERLAIN, SARAH           OTSEGO                        NY-39-41-613
CHAMBERLAIN, SYLVIA          MARYLAND                      NY-39-12-127
CHAMBERLIN, HENRY            MARYLAND                      NY-39-13-229
CHAMBERLIN, OLCOTT C.        RICHFIELD                     NY-39-11-455
CHAMBERLIN, REBECCA J.       MARYLAND                      NY-39-48-217
CHAMPAIGNE, MARY             WORCESTER                     NY-39-33-265
CHAMPION, MARY S.            OTSEGO                        NY-39-50-475
CHAMPLIN, ADELBERT           ONEONTA                       NY-39-49-70
CHANCY, CELIA ANN            OTSEGO                        NY-39-25-325
CHAPEL, JOHN A.              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-27-439
CHAPIER, DAVID               EDMISTON                      NY-39-F-74
CHAPIN, DANIEL               EDMISTON                      NY-39-3-218
CHAPIN, ELIJAH H.            BURLINGTON                    NY-39-10-529
CHAPIN, ELIZA                DECATUR                       NY-39-29-241
CHAPIN, ELLEN ELIZABETH      PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-44-577
CHAPIN, EZEKIEL              PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-28-289
CHAPIN, EZEKIEL              PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-7-88
CHAPIN, JOHN T.              PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-52-217
CHAPIN, JOSEPH               BURLINGTON                    NY-39-E-219
CHAPIN, WALTER H.            PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-36-565
CHAPIN, WILLIAM              UNADILLA                      NY-39-21-433
CHAPMAN, AMANDER             ONEONTA                       NY-39-45-313
CHAPMAN, DOW C.              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-30-343
CHAPMAN, LEWIS               OTSEGO                        NY-39-52-331
CHAPMAN, MARY B.             BURLINGTON                    NY-39-31-541
CHAPMAN, PENELOPE            OTSEGO                        NY-39-12-12
CHAPMAN, SUAN E.             HARTWICK                      NY-39-52-85
CHAPMAN, VIOLETTA            LAURENS                       NY-39-10-282
CHAPMAN, ZENAS               OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-142
CHAPPEL, HOSEA               OTSEGO                        NY-39-29-151
CHAPPEL, NATHAN              HARTWICK                      NY-39-10-289
CHAPPEL, WILLIAM             HARTWICK                      NY-39-9-155
CHAPPELL, JOHN               EXETER                        NY-39-24-499
CHARLES, MARY                OTSEGO                        NY-39-37-121
CHARTER, SARAH J.            ONEONTA                       NY-39-43-349
CHASE, ANNA                  WORCESTER                     NY-39-10-319
CHASE, ANSEL                 EDMESTON                      NY-39-37-331
CHASE, ASA                   PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-9-170
CHASE, BENJAMIN              EDMESTON                      NY-39-20-409
CHASE, BENJAMIN              HARTWICK                      NY-39-F-70
CHASE, CELIA                 MORRIS                        NY-39-41-25
CHASE, COMFORT               HARTWICK                      NY-39-11-437
CHASE, DANIEL                PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-46-67
CHASE, DANIEL B.             ELMESTON                      NY-39-45-523
CHASE, ELEANOR               BURLINGTON                    NY-39-9-160
CHASE, ELECTA                EDMESTON                      NY-39-22-469
CHASE, ELISABETH             HARTWICK                      NY-39-G-32
CHASE, HARRIET A.            EDMESTON                      NY-39-13-55
CHASE, HENRY                 MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-43-247
CHASE, ISAAC                 HARTWICK                      NY-39-7-445
CHASE, JANE                  MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-43-43
CHASE, JOHN                  HARTWICK                      NY-39-15-180
CHASE, JOSEPH L.             PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-42-607
CHASE, MARY                  HARTWICK                      NY-39-47-409
CHASE, MARY A.               MARYLAND                      NY-39-38-439
CHASE, MILTON U.             MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-26-163
CHASE, NATHAN                HARTWICK                      NY-39-24-313
CHASE, PHILA                 EDMESTON                      NY-39-38-151
CHASE, REBECCA               HARTWICK                      NY-39-9-304
CHASE, RUSSELL               EDMESTON                      NY-39-24-457
CHASE, SAMUEL G.             MARYLAND                      NY-39-35-421
CHASE, SWEAT                 PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-15-54
CHASE, TEMPERANCE            OTSEGO                        NY-39-34-139
CHASE, TIMOTHY               WESTFORD                      NY-39-9-241
CHAUNCEY, EDWIN              MILFORD                       NY-39-25-289
CHEESEBRO, POLLY W.          OTSEGO                        NY-39-23-157
CHENEY, JOSEPH               OTSEGO                        NY-39-9-274
CHENEY, JOSEPH A.            OTSEGO                        NY-39-31-133
CHENEY, MATILDA              OTSEGO                        NY-39-13-429
CHENEY, SAMUEL W.            OTSEGO                        NY-39-19-337
CHENEY, VINE W.              OTSEGO                        NY-39-30-331
CHENEY, WILLIAM              LAURENS                       NY-39-37-427
CHESEBOROUGH, DAVID          PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-G-71
CHESTER, CATHARINE W.        BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-31-583
CHILD, DIANTHA               OTSEGO                        NY-39-11-537
CHISHOLM, GEORGE             NEW LISBON                    NY-39-37-79
CHITTENDEN, JAMES L.         ONEONTA                       NY-39-28-355
CHITTENDEN, LINUS            UNADILLA                      NY-39-12-255
CHRISTIE, PETER D.           SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-9-59
CHRISTMAN, JOHN              MORRIS                        NY-39-12-337
CHURCH, AURILLA              EDMESTON                      NY-39-20-7
CHURCH, BENJAMIN A.          ONEONTA                       NY-39-52-499
CHURCH, EMUEL F.             NEW LISBON                    NY-39-13-353
CHURCH, HENRY C.             OTSEGO                        NY-39-48-265
CHURCH, JAMES                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-F-40
CHURCH, JEFFERSON            OTSEGO                        NY-39-33-433
CHURCH, LEVI B.              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-15-34
CHURCH, NATHAN               EDMESTON                      NY-39-17-157
CLARE, THOMAS                BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-B-78
CLARK, ABEL                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-1-703
CLARK, ABEL                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-1-186
CLARK, ADALINE               OTSEGO                        NY-39-37-433
CLARK, ALEXANDER HAMILTON    OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-552
CLARK, ALFRED CORNING ***    OTSEGO                        NY-39-45-385
CLARK, ANN                   ONEONTA                       NY-39-13-133
CLARK, ANSON                 UNADILLA                      NY-39-11-368
CLARK, CAROLINE JORDAN       OTSEGO                        NY-39-21-343
CLARK, CYRUS                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-F-80
CLARK, DENISON               MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-44-1
CLARK, EDWARD                OTSEGO                        NY-39-29-493
CLARK, ELIAS                 WORCESTER                     NY-39-7-382
CLARK, GEORGE S.             UNADILLA                      NY-39-44-7
CLARK, HARRIET C.            BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-37-439
CLARK, ISAAC P.              PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-36-283
CLARK, ISAAC P.              PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-21-289
CLARK, JAMES                 CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-37-625
CLARK, JESSE                 PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-D-142
CLARK, JOHN                  EXETER                        NY-39-29-475
CLARK, JOHN                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-20-337
CLARK, JOSEPH                PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-16-13
CLARK, JOSEPH                HARTWICK                      NY-39-1-133
CLARK, LAURA                 UNADILLA                      NY-39-38-631
CLARK, MINDAY                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-31-625
CLARK, NICHOLAS              LAURENS                       NY-39-1-433
CLARK, NICHOLAS              LAURENS                       NY-39-1-69C
CLARK, RUSSELL               PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-39-541
CLARK, SAMUEL                PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-G-77
CLARK, SARAH                 WESTFORD                      NY-39-35-445
CLARK, THOMAS                HARTWICK                      NY-39-11-97
CLARK, THOMAS                OTSEGO                        NY-39-19-13
CLARK, TITUS C.              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-45-553
CLARK, WATERS                BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-1-709
CLARK, WELCOME               PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-46-613
CLARK, WILLIAM               LAURENS                       NY-39-7-83
CLARKE, ALFRED               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-17-73
CLARKE, ANN L.               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-9-107
CLARKE, DANIEL W.            EXETER                        NY-39-37-367
CLARKE, GEORGE               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-2-452A
CLARKE, GEORGE               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-2-538A
CLARKE, JARED                PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-29-439
CLARKE, JOSHUA               EXETER                        NY-39-33-235
CLARKE, WILLIAM              EXETER                        NY-39-5-311
CLAYTON, JOHN                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-28-169
CLEGG, SAMUEL                OTSEGO                        NY-39-40-139
CLINE, PETER                 MILFORD                       NY-39-16-379
CLINTON, ELI R.              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-20-97
CLINTON, HANNAH              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-40-571
CLINTON, LUCINA              HARTWICK                      NY-39-24-265
CLINTON, MARY ANN            BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-32-301
CLINTON, SERENA              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-34-625
CLINTON, WILLIAM Y.          BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-21-145
CLOXTON, JAMES               ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-29-547
CLOXTON, LUCY R.             MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-40-463
CLYDE, BETHANY               MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-15-16
CLYDE, CATHARINE DORR        CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-41-631
CLYDE, GEORGE C.             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-16-463
CLYDE, GEROGE W.             MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-17-115
COATS, ALBERT                RICHFIELD                     NY-39-31-139
COATS, BILLINGS              SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-6-143
COATS, ELBERT                WESTFORD                      NY-39-20-79
COATS, JOSEPH                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-G-86
COATS, JOSEPH                RICHFIELD                     NY-39-G-80
COATS, JOSEPH                EXETER                        NY-39-35-307
COATS, MEHITABLE             ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-30-97
COATS, MOSES                 ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-16-211
COATS, SALMON                ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-10-366
COATS, SALMON                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-45-253
COATS, SARAH                 ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-36-391
COATS, SILAS A.              EDMESTON                      NY-39-37-283
COATS, STEPHEN               ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-24-433
COBURN, LEVI                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-46-223
COBURN, MERCY                BURLINGTON                    NY-39-12-357
COCKETT, FLORETTA            LAURENS                       NY-39-37-61
COCKETT, JAMES               OTSEGO                        NY-39-12-365
COCKETT, SARAH               HARTWICK                      NY-39-6-127
COFFIN, ANN MARIA            EXETER                        NY-39-22-127
COFFIN, CHARLES G.           MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-38-1
COFFIN, CHARLOTTE W.         OTSEGO                        NY-39-33-343
COFFIN, EDWIN J.             OTSEGO                        NY-39-24-415
COFFIN, JONATHAN P.          COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-10-31
COFFIN, NOAH                 COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-G-31
COFFIN, PELEG                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-18-247
COLBURN, CYNTHA              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-14-9
COLBURN, ELLIS               BURLINGTON                    NY-39-12-430
COLBURN, FANNY               EDMESTON                      NY-39-40-601
COLBURN, LEONARD             BURLINGTON                    NY-39-12-211
COLBURN, LOUISA              PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-45-373
COLBURN, LOUISA W.           PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-42-325
COLE, BETHANY                MILFORD                       NY-39-D-105
COLE, CATHERINE              OTSEGO                        NY-39-20-19
COLE, DAVID B.               EDMESTON                      NY-39-37-247
COLE, DIANA                  PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-16-433
COLE, ESEK                   RICHFIELD                     NY-39-7-120
COLE, FRANKLIN               RICHFIELD                     NY-39-47-613
COLE, HEZEKIAH M.            OTSEGO                        NY-39-16-37
COLE, HOPEY                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-20-271
COLE, ISAAC L.               OTSEGO                        NY-39-9-1
COLE, JAMES H.               OTEGO                         NY-39-47-601
COLE, JOHN                   RICHFIELD                     NY-39-28-343
COLE, JOHN                   RICHFIELD                     NY-39-18-187
COLE, LYDIA                  RICHFIELD                     NY-39-48-331
COLE, MERCY                  RICHFIELD                     NY-39-37-277
COLE, PETER                  WORCESTER                     NY-39-G-16
COLE, RICHARD                BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-26-79
COLE, WILLIAM                PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-1-593
COLE, WILLIAM                PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-1-142
COLE, WILLIAM                (SKIPPED TO 142)              NY-39-1-132
COLE, WILLIAM                RICHFIELD                     NY-39-12-227
COLEGROVE, ASAPH             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-2-204
COLEGROVE, ASAPH             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-2-107
COLEGROVE, GEORGE A.         EDMESTON                      NY-39-38-13
COLEGROVE, WILLIAM           RICHFIELD                     NY-39-25-577
COLEMAN, HAMILTON            RICHFIELD                     NY-39-33-541
COLEMAN, MARY                OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-12
COLES, LURANA                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-10-500
COLGROVE, DANIEL             EDMESTON                      NY-39-46-529
COLGROVE, MAGER              EDMESTON                      NY-39-1-5
COLGROVE, MAGER              EDMESTON                      NY-39-1-251
COLLAR, AARON B.             MORRIS                        NY-39-30-517
COLLAR, CATHARINE M.         MORRIS                        NY-39-32-427
COLLAR, EDMUND               MORRIS                        NY-39-29-103
COLLAR, GEORGE               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-22-217
COLLIER, ELIZABETH           MILFORD                       NY-39-22-79
COLLIER, JANE A.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-43-121
COLLINS, LOIS E.             MORRIS                        NY-39-34-553
COLMAN, LESTER               OTSEGO                        NY-39-46-259
COLMAN, NOAH                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-A-219
COLSON, RACHEL               EXETER                        NY-39-24-7
COLVIN, GEORGE J.            MORRIS                        NY-39-33-595
COLWELL, ALICE T.            RICHFIELD                     NY-39-44-109
COLWELL, JOHN                UNADILLA                      NY-39-16-283
COMBS, ELIZA (FRANCIS)       HARTWICK                      NY-39-31-379
COMBS, JOSEPH                NEW LISBON                    NY-39-10-458
COMSTOCK, ANN D.             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-36-619
COMSTOCK, CALVIN             HARTWICK                      NY-39-F-27
COMSTOCK, JARED              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-26-349
COMSTOCK, JOHN L.            LAURENS                       NY-39-11-519
COMSTOCK, RANSFORD           EXETER                        NY-39-E-105
COMSTOCK, SAMUEL             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-7-588
COMSTOCK, SOLOMON            BURLINGTON                    NY-39-E-304
COMSTOCK, WILLIAM            LAURENS                       NY-39-2-290
COMSTOCK, WILLIAM            LAURENS                       NY-39-25-109
COMSTOCK, ZARA               EDMESTON                      NY-39-19-31
CONANT, SUSANNAH             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-23-13
CONE, DANIEL                 UNADILLA                      NY-39-7-144
CONE, GILBERT                UNADILLA                      NY-39-10-515
CONE, HARRIET                UNADILLA                      NY-39-14-357
CONE, IRA                    NEW LISBON                    NY-39-5-243
CONE, JOHN                   PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-1-235
CONE, JOHN                   PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-G-95
CONE, LYMAN                  NEW LISBON                    NY-39-28-313
CONE, SALMON G.              UNADILLA                      NY-39-37-547
CONGDON, JOHN                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-45-499
CONGER, JAMES H.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-38-373
CONKLIN, JOHN                HARTWICK                      NY-39-50-325
CONKLIN, NANCY               RICHFIELD                     NY-39-27-607
CONKLIN, ORANGE H.           RICHFIELD                     NY-39-47-421
CONKLIN, SABRINA             HARTWICK                      NY-39-33-115
CONLEY, JAMES M.             HARTWICK                      NY-39-36-505
CONNELL, ELLEN               OTSEGO                        NY-39-22-67
CONNELLY, ELLEN              OTSEGO                        NY-39-22-277
CONNER, SARAH                MARYLAND                      NY-39-30-217
CONNERS, ANN                 ONEONTA                       NY-39-50-631
CONNORS, MARY                WORCESTER                     NY-39-26-313
CONNROD, CAROLINE            RICHFIELD                     NY-39-45-511
CONNROD, GILBERT             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-47-217
CONVERS, ALVAN               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-11-502
CONVERS, ANSEL               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-7-616
CONVERSE, ALFRED             HARTWICK                      NY-39-34-601
CONVERSE, ALVAH P.           HARTWICK                      NY-39-22-133
CONVERSE, ROSANNAH           HARTWICK                      NY-39-43-487
COOK, ABNER                  SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-42-61
COOK, BEROSUS                OTEGO                         NY-39-49-140
COOK, CHARLES ***            ONEONTA                       NY-39-7-515
COOK, CORDELIA               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-41-175
COOK, DANIEL                 SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-25-1
COOK, DAVID                  HARTWICK                      NY-39-25-421
COOK, DIANTHA MARIA          HARTWICK                      NY-39-24-271
COOK, ELIZA ANN              OTEGO                         NY-39-50-511
COOK, JOHN                   WESTFORD                      NY-39-27-565
COOK, JOHN                   WORCESTER                     NY-39-25-463
COOK, JOHN                   LAURENS                       NY-39-5-15
COOK, JOSHUA                 HARTWICK                      NY-39-G-4
COOK, LEE                    ONEONTA                       NY-39-23-415
COOK, MARY                   CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-26-265
COOK, MARY ALVIRA            OTSEGO                        NY-39-11-289
COOK, MILTON                 PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-38-499
COOK, PAUL                   SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-23-409
COOK, PEABODY                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-9-50
COOK, PHEBE                  HARTWICK                      NY-39-11-561
COOK, PHINEAS                OTSEGO                        NY-39-G-44
COOK, PITMAN                 BURLINGTON                    NY-39-29-223
COOK, RICE                   ONEONTA                       NY-39-12-415
COOK, RICHARD                PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-2-229
COOK, SAMUEL                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-A-303
COOK, SAMUEL ***             HARTWICK                      NY-39-12-550
COOK, SAMUEL W.              UNADILLA                      NY-39-41-589
COOK, SETH                   COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-F-36
COOK, STEPHEN                HARTWICK                      NY-39-G-22
COOK, WILLIAM                WORCESTER                     NY-39-11-103
COOK, WILLIAM                WORCESTER                     NY-39-103
COOK, WILLIAM P.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-41-601
COOK, WIMAN                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-20-211
COOK, ZEBEDIAH F.            NTL                           NY-39-E-354
COOKE, ELIAS                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-9-97
COOKE, JANETTE               MILFORD                       NY-39-50-319
COOKS, SABRA                 ONEONTA                       NY-39-16-451
COOLY, MORRIS                ONEONTA                       NY-39-19-187
COON, DANIEL C.              NTL                           NY-39-3-238
COON, ELEANOR                UNADILLA                      NY-39-51-385
COON, ELIZA                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-52-361
COON, EZRA                   EDMESTON                      NY-39-21-385
COON, GEORGE                 MILFORD                       NY-39-4-407
COON, HANNAH                 CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-9-122
COON, JOHN S.                EDMESTON                      NY-39-39-139
COON, MAHALA                 EDMESTON                      NY-39-10-276
COON, MARGARET J.            MILFORD                       NY-39-21-115
COON, ROSALTHA M.            MOUNT UPTON, CHENANGO, NY     NY-39-27-163
COONRADT, JOSEPH             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-8-11
COONRADT, PETER              CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-9-247
COONROD, JONAS               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-32-583
COOPER, ANN ELIZA            MARYLAND                      NY-39-29-319
COOPER, CAROLINE             UNADILLA                      NY-39-49-93
COOPER, GEORGE               WORCESTER                     NY-39-52-19
COOPER, ISAAC                COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-F-16
COOPER, J. FENIMORE          COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-9-202
COOPER, MARIA FRANCES        COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-49-5
COOPER, MARY                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-33-619
COOPER, MARY A.              OTSEGO                        NY-39-21-13
COOPER, PETER P.             OTSEGO                        NY-39-37-499
COOPER, SAMUEL F.            MORRIS                        NY-39-30-607
COOPER, SUSAN AUGUSTA FENIMORE  OTSEGO                     NY-39-43-475
COOPER, WILLIAM              COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-B-237
COPE, EDWARD                 NEW LISBON                    NY-39-1-369
COPE, EDWARD                 (INCOMPLETE WILL RECORD)      NY-39-1-44
COPE, SOPHIA                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-28-295
COPE, SOPHIA                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-50-163
COPELY, HANNAH E.            LAURENS                       NY-39-50-625
COPLEY, HEMAN A.             UNADILLA                      NY-39-46-541
COPPERNOLL, GEORGE           SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-E-193
COPPERNOLL, PETER            OTSEGO                        NY-39-9-157
CORBIN, MASON                RICHFIELD                     NY-39-18-217
CORN, WILHELMUS              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-24-481
CORNELL, CORNELIUS V.        UNADILLA                      NY-39-52-115
CORNELL, DANIEL              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-29-337
CORNELL, DANIEL R.           BURLINGTON                    NY-39-43-481
CORNELL, ELIHU B.            BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-41-91
CORNELL, HANNAH              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-34-133
CORNELL, SUSAN               LAURENS                       NY-39-42-25
CORNELL, WALTER              LAURENS                       NY-39-45-43
CORNISH, JUDSON W.           MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-48-493
CORNISH, SALLY T.            WORCESTER                     NY-39-27-271
CORNWELL, WILLIAM D.         MARYLAND                      NY-39-9-196
CORWIN, REBECCA              LAURENS                       NY-39-52-535
CORY, WILLIAM E.             OTSEGO                        NY-39-37-523
COSS, EXTHER A.              MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-38-103
COSTIGAN, SARAH F.           ONEONTA                       NY-39-52-271
COTES, DAVIS                 SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-10-413
COTTON, RICHARD L.           EDMESTON                      NY-39-21-247
COUNTRYMAN, ADAM F.          SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-9-320
COUNTRYMAN, JOHN             ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-11-85
COUNTRYMAN, SALLY            ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-40-223
COUSE, HORETICE J.           ONEONTA                       NY-39-7-467
COUSE, JOHN J.               MORRIS                        NY-39-24-301
COUSE, WILLIAM H.            ONEONTA                       NY-39-45-469
COVEY, ABBY                  BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-23-43
COVEY, EUNICE                BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-18-475
COVEY, WEDTER                MILFORD                       NY-39-12-31
COWLISS, THOMAS              OTSEGO                        NY-39-22-253
COX, ABRAHAM B.              CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-23-361
COX, JOHN                    BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-1-229
COX, LEVANTIA W.             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-50-283
COX, RICHARD                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-28-337
CRAFTS, BETSEY               OTSEGO                        NY-39-35-517
CRAFTS, ERASTUS              LAURENS                       NY-39-9-179
CRAFTS, GRIFFIN              HARTWICK                      NY-39-3-1
CRAFTS, JOHN J.              OTSEGO                        NY-39-49-42
CRAFTS, JOSEPH               HARTWICK                      NY-39-7-30
CRAFTS, MARY W.              OTSEGO                        NY-39-19-265
CRAFTS, SAMUEL               HARTWICK                      NY-39-9-27
CRAFTS, SAMUEL S.            OTSEGO                        NY-39-35-625
CRAFTS, SARAH                OTSEGO                        NY-39-35-169
CRANDALL, AVERY C.           PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-42-505
CRANDALL, EUNICE             EDMESTON                      NY-39-45-631
CRANDALL, HENRY D.           EDMESTON                      NY-39-31-457
CRANDALL, IRA                UNADILLA                      NY-39-30-571
CRANDALL, PHEBE              EDMESTON                      NY-39-26-169
CRANDALL, POLLY              ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-14-183
CRANDALL, SAUNDERS           EDMESTON                      NY-39-27-499
CRANDALL, THOMAS B.          PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-25-193
CRANDELL, DAVID              OTSEGO                        NY-39-38-211
CRANDELL, JUSTUS             MILFORD                       NY-39-51-367
CRANSTON, JOHN               UNADILLA                      NY-39-8-257
CRAWFORD, JAMES              MILFORD                       NY-39-23-445
CRAWFORD, MARY               PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-28-157
CRESSON, CLARISSA            EXETER                        NY-39-24-289
CRIPPEN, CHARLES H.          WORCESTER                     NY-39-32-193
CRIPPEN, DANIEL              WORCESTER                     NY-39-7-484
CRIPPEN, DAVID               WORCESTER                     NY-39-36-97
CRIPPEN, PHILO               WORCESTER                     NY-39-13-263
CRIPPEN, SCHUYLER            OTSEGO                        NY-39-19-217
CRIPPEN, SCHUYLER G.         WORCESTER                     NY-39-35-433
CRIPPEN, SILAS               WORCESTER                     NY-39-1-521
CRIPPEN, SILAS               WORCESTER                     NY-39-1-91
CROAKE, MARY                 UNADILLA                      NY-39-41-283
CRONKHITE, LEWIS             MILFORD                       NY-39-12-537
CRONKHITE, SALLY             OTSEGO                        NY-39-25-49
CROPPIN, THADDUS             MARYLAND                      NY-39-F-32
CROSBY, ROXY                 PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-18-223
CROSIER, MELINDA R.          ONEONTA                       NY-39-17-313
CROSS, ALFRED G.             OTSEGO                        NY-39-18-481
CROSS, CHARLES               ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-50-589
CROSS, ESTHER                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-45-625
CROSS, WILLIAM (DR.)         MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-44-49
CROUCH, THOMAS               MILFORD                       NY-39-4-64
CRUMB, JOSEPH O.             PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-44-571
CRUMB, NATHANIEL             PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-F-95
CRUMB, NATHANIEL             PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-22-205
CRUMER, LEONARD              CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-26-295
CRUTTENDEN, HOPESTILL        MORRIS                        NY-39-22-49
CRYDENWIRE, OLIVER           LAURENS                       NY-39-36-403
CULLEN, THOMAS               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-52-199
CULLEY, MATTHEW              MILFORD                       NY-39-E-37
CULVER, FREEMAN              ONEONTA                       NY-39-46-553
CULVER, JEFFERSON H.         ONEONTA                       NY-39-46-415
CUMMINGS, ALEXANDER          MILFORD                       NY-39-5-54
CUMMINGS, ELIAS              NEW LISBON                    NY-39-10-510
CUMMINGS, GEORGE             WESTFORD                      NY-39-12-267
CUMMINGS, JAMES              MILFORD                       NY-39-39-55
CUMMINGS, MOSES D.           EDMESTON                      NY-39-44-643
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN W.          RICHFIELD                     NY-39-4-30
CURRY, JOHN                  HARTWICK                      NY-39-31-547
CURRY, JOSEPH B.             EDMESTON                      NY-39-39-193
CURRY, NELSON                MILFORD                       NY-39-38-565
CURRY, RUTH                  MILFORD                       NY-39-36-247
CURRY, THOMAS N.             HARTWICK                      NY-39-51-643
CURTIS, CHARLES S.           EXETER                        NY-39-9-314
CURTIS, DAMON C.             EXETER                        NY-39-41-271
CURTIS, DORRE R.             EXETER                        NY-39-52-211
CURTIS, EBENEZER             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-B-117
CURTIS, ERASTUS              OTSEGO                        NY-39-6-185
CURTISS, AMOS                EXETER                        NY-39-2-338
CURTISS, AMOS                EXETER                        NY-39-2-356
CURTISS, EMELINE ELIZEBETH   OTSEGO                        NY-39-7-150
CUSHMAN, ALLERTON            OTSEGO                        NY-39-A-225
CUSHMAN, ASAHEL              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-5-164
CUSHMAN, BENJAMIN            BURLINGTON                    NY-39-1-225
CUSHMAN, BENJAMIN            BURLINGTON                    NY-39-2-71
CUSHMAN, ELIZABETH           EXETER                        NY-39-8-26
CUSHMAN, JOSEPH              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-4-317
CUSHMAN, MINERVA             EXETER                        NY-39-8-152
CUTHBERT, DORASTUS           CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-C-61
CUTLER, DAVID                PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-22-493
CUTLER, ELIZABETH N.         PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-29-553
CUTLER, ISAAC W.             BURLINGTON                    NY-39-46-247
CUTLER, MARGARET S.          OTEGO                         NY-39-50-259
CUTLER, WILLARD W.           LAURENS                       NY-39-43-367
CUTLER, WILLIAM J.           UNADILLA                      NY-39-48-397
CUYLER, JACOB J.             OTEGO                         NY-39-E-155
CYPHERS, CAROLINE            MARYLAND                      NY-39-34-13
CYPHERS, JAMES               MILFORD                       NY-39-9-148
DAGER, CHRISTIAN             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-16-61
DAILEY, EBEN                 DECATUR                       NY-39-7-387
DAILEY, ELIZABETH            MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-32-55
DAILY, MARIE                 MILFORD                       NY-39-35-391
DAIN, MARY Z. B.             OTSEGO                        NY-39-32-589
DAIN, THOMAS J.              UNADILLA                      NY-39-28-541
DAKIN, GEORGE B.             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-39-109
DALEY, MARTHA A.             UNADILLA                      NY-39-51-373
DALEY, MARVIN W.             UNADILLA                      NY-39-51-73
DALEY, THOMAS                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-33-247
DALPHIN, MARGARET G.         RICHFIELD                     NY-39-48-475
DAMON, AUSTIN                HARTWICK                      NY-39-47-109
DANA, ASA J.                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-425
DANIELS, ALEXANDER E.        MORRIS                        NY-39-42-421
DANIELS, ELIZA               MORRIS                        NY-39-32-199
DANIELS, EMILY               MORRIS                        NY-39-47-415
DANIELS, THOMAS              MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-30-421
DARLING, ALLEN               WESTFORD                      NY-39-10-261
DARLING, ELIZABETH ANN       DECATUR                       NY-39-29-169
DARLING, LUTHER              WORCESTER                     NY-39-33-175
DARLING, WILLIAM             WESTFORD                      NY-39-36-85
DARLING, WILLIAM H.          MARYLAND                      NY-39-52-175
DARNING, ANN ELIZABETH       BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-41-361
DARRIN, JOSEPH               EXETER                        NY-39-C-187
DARY, HENRY A.               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-35-439
DARY, HENRY H.               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-38-523
DARY, LYDIA                  SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-39-67
DAUCHY, GEORGE D.            BURLINGTON                    NY-39-51-133
DAVEY, ABNER F.              OTSEGO                        NY-39-50-643
DAVEY, CATHARINE             MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-C-208
DAVIDSON, SABRINA J.         OTSEGO                        NY-39-44-307
DAVIS, BENAJAH               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-8-115
DAVIS, BENJAMIN              CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-11-181
DAVIS, DWIGHT                OTSEGO                        NY-39-41-625
DAVIS, EDWARD                BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-10-335
DAVIS, ELIZABETH M.          OTSEGO                        NY-39-45-355
DAVIS, GEORGE                HARTWICK                      NY-39-2-78
DAVIS, GILBERT               HARTWICK                      NY-39-47-289
DAVIS, ICHABOD               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-G-56
DAVIS, JEMIMA                DECATUR                       NY-39-38-379
DAVIS, JESSE                 DECATUR                       NY-39-7-593
DAVIS, JOHN                  MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-9-332
DAVIS, JOHN                  MORRIS                        NY-39-11-402
DAVIS, JOHN L.               PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-44-445
DAVIS, JOHN R.               MORRIS                        NY-39-23-223
DAVIS, JONAH                 MORRIS                        NY-39-19-127
DAVIS, JONATHAN              MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-12-547
DAVIS, JONATHAN              ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-12-161
DAVIS, JOSEPH W.             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-30-439
DAVIS, KEZIAH                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-26-271
DAVIS, LEONA H.              ONEONTA                       NY-39-39-355
DAVIS, LORAIN                DECATUR                       NY-39-13-193
DAVIS, PETER                 UNADILLA                      NY-39-13-109
DAVIS, RICHARD W.            PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-44-535
DAVIS, SAAH G.               OTSEGO                        NY-39-22-13
DAVIS, SARAH                 MORRIS                        NY-39-29-49
DAVIS, SARAH ANN             OTSEGO                        NY-39-17-487
DAVIS, SIMON                 EDMESTON                      NY-39-34-235
DAVIS, SOLOMON               NEW LISBON                    NY-39-D-217
DAVIS, TANNER                MORRIS                        NY-39-42-613
DAVIS, URANIA                ONEONTA                       NY-39-44-223
DAVIS, WILLIAM               RICHFIELD                     NY-39-E-274
DAVISON, AMANDA H.           OTSEGO                        NY-39-44-613
DAVISON, CLARK               HARTWICK                      NY-39-21-127
DAWAN, WILLIAM E.            RICHFIELD                     NY-39-43-109
DAY, CHARLES                 BURLINGTON                    NY-39-E-78
DAY, EMILY P.                DECATUR                       NY-39-42-13
DAY, JAMES                   UNADILLA                      NY-39-34-199
DAY, LOVINA B.               PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-51-349
DAY, MARY ANNA               OTSEGO                        NY-39-38-427
DAY, ROBERT                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-12-183
DAY, SARAH A.                UNADILLA                      NY-39-48-19
DAY, WILLIAM H.              DECATUR                       NY-39-35-19
DAYTON, HENRY                UNADILLA                      NY-39-4-255
DAYTON, POLLY                UNADILLA                      NY-39-8-283
DAYZER, IRA                  RICHFIELD                     NY-39-35-302
DEAN, CAROLINE               OTSEGO                        NY-39-41-475
DEAN, CLARISA                LAURENS                       NY-39-12-27
DEAN, ELY                    OTSEGO                        NY-39-29-523
DEAN, ERASTUS                LAURENS                       NY-39-G-7
DEAN, MARY E.                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-33-565
DEAN, ORSON                  ONEONTA                       NY-39-49-38
DEAN, POLLY                  SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-34-61
DEDERICK, HANNAH             ONEONTA                       NY-39-16-301
DEFOREST, ABEL               LAURENS                       NY-39-19-307
DEGRAW, ELIZABETH            SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-9-42
DEGRAW, JOHN                 SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-5-370
DEGROOT, ALBERT              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-31-463
DEIFENDORF, ANN ELIZA        ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-40-31
DEIFENDORF, WILLIAM          ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-38-283
DEITZ, ADAM                  MILFORD                       NY-39-2-213
DEITZ, JACOB                 ONEONTA                       NY-39-1-545
DEITZ, JACOB                 ONEONTA                       NY-39-1-102
DEITZ, JAMES                 MILFORD                       NY-39-G-26
DEITZ, JOHN                  MILFORD                       NY-39-9-70
DELANCEY, OLIVER L.          ONEONTA                       NY-39-41-481
DELANY, CATHERINE            EDMESTON                      NY-39-19-289
DELESDERNIER, MOSES F.       WORCESTER                     NY-39-7-125
DELOGN, JOHN                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-12-378
DELONG, ALANSON C.           MARYLAND                      NY-39-27-109
DELONG, AMY                  WORCESTER                     NY-39-34-433
DELONG, BENJAMIN F.          BURLINGTON                    NY-39-12-400
DELONG, ISAAC                RICHFIELD                     NY-39-33-73
DELONG, MARYETTA             OTSEGO                        NY-39-20-247
DELONG, ORANGE               NEW LISBON                    NY-39-33-1
DELONG, PAULINA              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-51-271
DEMELT, JOHN B.              WESTFORD                      NY-39-41-67
DEMING, ADIN                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-8-109
DEMING, LYMAN                EDMESTON                      NY-39-29-145
DEMING, ORRILLA              EDMESTON                      NY-39-32-643
DEMING, WILLAM N.            PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-39-145
DEMLEN, MARGARET             ONEONTA                       NY-39-40-403
DENISON, DOW A.              EDMESTON                      NY-39-30-301
DENISON, EDWIN               MILFORD                       NY-39-36-493
DENISON, MARGARET V.         CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-23-25
DENISON, NELSON              PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-30-241
DENNIS, JOANNA               RICHFIELD                     NY-39-C-103
DENNIS, ROBERT               RICHFIELD                     NY-39-B-255
DENNISON, LOUISA             MILFORD                       NY-39-25-139
DENTON, JOEL M.              ONEONTA                       NY-39-52-547
DERBYSHIRE, GEORGE H.        HARTWICK                      NY-39-12-332
DEUEL, GEORGE                OTSEGO                        NY-39-43-55
DEVENBCK, MICHAEL B.         DECATUR                       NY-39-12-190
DEVOL, HARRIET E.            UNADILLA                      NY-39-35-229
DEWEY, JABISH                PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-9-380
DEWEY, RALPH S.              UNADILLA                      NY-39-34-475
DEXTER, ANN MARIA            ONEONTA                       NY-39-42-97
DEYO, CATHAINE               MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-11-602
DEYO, CHAUNCEY               MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-11-600
DEYO, MERRITT                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-16-163
DIBBLE, TUSTIN               UNADILLA                      NY-39-48-163
DICKINSON, ANGELINE M.       WORCESTER                     NY-39-27-61
DICKINSON, ELEANOR           CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-7-6
DICKINSON, FRANCIS           WORCESTER                     NY-39-G-67
DICKSON, THOMAS P.           BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-H-17
DIGNAN, DAVID                BURLINGTON                    NY-39-31-601
DILLEY, RIM                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-G-98
DINGMAN, BENJAMIN            HARTWICK                      NY-39-19-223
DINGMAN, CATHARINE           SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-18-457
DINGMAN, JACOB               MILFORD                       NY-39-26-241
DINGMAN, JOHN A.             ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-45-1
DINGMAN, JOSEPH              ONEONTA                       NY-39-36-253
DINGMAN, WILLIAM             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-21-499
DINGMAN, WILLIAM H.          SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-12-298
DIXON, ANDREW J.             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-44-463
DIXSON, SAMUEL R.            BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-43-535
DOAN, RUTH F.                NEW LISBON                    NY-39-10-270
DODGE, HARRY                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-17-445
DODGE, MARY A.               MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-51-313
DOLITTLE, JOHN               EDMESTON                      NY-39-31-391
DOLLOWAY, HANNAH             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-10-41
DONAGHEE, HENRY JR           EXETER                        NY-39-18-127
DONALDSON, MARY M. S.        BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-38-217
DONNELLY, ELIZABETH          MILFORD                       NY-39-14-95
DONNELLY, JAMES              MILFORD                       NY-39-11-447
DONNELLY, MILES              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-49-10
DOOLITTLE, CAROLINE          MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-11-310
DOOLITTLE, HARRIET A.        SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-48-127
DOOLITTLE, POLLY             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-12-588
DOOLITTLE, SAMUEL            SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-E-183
DORAN, ANN                   CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-39-433
DOTY, AMELIA                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-50-265
DOUBLEDAY, ABNER             OTSEGO                        NY-39-C-256
DOUBLEDAY, RUFUS C.          ONTSEGO                       NY-39-51-613
DOUBLEDAY, WILLIAM A.        OTSEGO                        NY-39-46-49
DOUGHERTY, ANN               MARYLAND                      NY-39-37-319
DOWD, SARAH                  HARTWICK                      NY-39-32-433
DOWIS, BRADFORD              WORCESTER                     NY-39-33-13
DOWNER, ZACHEUS              NEW LISBON                    NY-39-9-250
DOWNING, ASAHEL              UNADILLA                      NY-39-2-307
DOWNS, MARY B.               EXETER                        NY-39-38-613
DOWSE, ROSWELL P.            PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-41-559
DOYLE, THOMAS                ONEONTA                       NY-39-49-98
DRAKE, AMELIA C.             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-30-31
DRAKE, JOEL B.               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-31-343
DRAPER, HAZER E.             WESTFORD                      NY-39-35-265
DRAPER, LYSANDER             MARYLAND                      NY-39-48-7
DRAPER, SAMUEL C.            MORRIS                        NY-39-29-331
DRESSER, SAMUEL              EDMESTON                      NY-39-34-457
DREW, CAROLINE A.            MORRIS                        NY-39-46-145
DREW, MARY A.                MORRIS                        NY-39-48-499
DREW, NATHAN                 MORRIS                        NY-39-33-439
DRUSE, LYMAN                 SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-22-157
DRUSE, MARY ANN              CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-42-487
DRYDEN, WILLIAM              SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-22-91
DUFFIN, BARNARD              CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-15-132
DULETTIER, JAMES             EDMESTON                      NY-39-17-259
DULL, JOHN                   CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-D-112
DULL, JOHN K.                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-38-109
DUNBAR, DANIEL               LAURENS                       NY-39-12-486
DUNBAR, ELIZABETH            MORRIS                        NY-39-40-181
DUNBAR, SAMUEL VINCENT       LAURENS                       NY-39-11-218
DUNCHET, FRANCIS G.          CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-11-588
DUNCKEL, GEORGE F.           CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-15-8
DUNHAM, GRATIS               MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-14-107
DUNLAP, JOSEPH H.            UNADILLA                      NY-39-47-439
DUNLOP, JOHN                 UNADILLA                      NY-39-41-325
DUNN, ANN                    EDMESTON                      NY-39-26-13
DUNN, MARY                   OTSEGO                        NY-39-21-469
DURFY, KATE                  EXETER                        NY-39-17-373
DURHAM, ORRIN R.             MILFORD                       NY-39-48-361
DUROE, FRANCIS               NEW LISBON                    NY-39-18-97
DUTCHER, CHRISTOPHER         SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-9-67
DUTCHER, EVE ELIZA           CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-48-253
DUTCHER, GABRIEL             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-9-34
DUTCHER, GEORGE M.           CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-44-373
DUTCHER, JENNIE E.           MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-52-283
DUTCHER, JOHN D.             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-18-295
DUTCHER, MARQUIS             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-18-325
DUTCHER, PETER               MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-33-337
DUTILLIER, REBECCA           EDMESTON                      NY-39-20-457
DUTTON, CHARLES H.           EDMESTON                      NY-39-48-271
DUTTON, JULIA ANN            EDMESTON                      NY-39-44-97
DUTTON, MARY B.              EDMESTON                      NY-39-44-637
DUTTON, WILLIAM              MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-46-319
DYE, JOB                     PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-31-553
DYE, JONATHAN                ONEONTA                       NY-39-47-31
DYE, TRYPHENA H.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-46-385
DYE, WILLIAM                 EDMESTON                      NY-39-9-9
DYER, MORRIS W.              EDMESTON                      NY-39-48-193
DYER, PHILIP                 EXETER                        NY-39-38-97
DYER, SARAH                  EXETER                        NY-39-36-103
DYER, ZIBA                   BURLINGTON                    NY-39-24-361
DYGERT, DANIEL L.            EXETER                        NY-39-26-67
DYKES, DAVID                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-16-55
EAGAN, PATRICK               DECATUR                       NY-39-7-179
EARLES, THOMAS M.            ONEONTA                       NY-39-50-427
EASON, ABBIE                 RICHFIELD                     NY-39-20-493
EASTON, LUCY ANN             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-34-631
EATON, CALVIN                OTSEGO                        NY-39-H-9
EATON, HARRIET C.            RICHFIELD                     NY-39-47-619
EATON, JAMES                 NEW LISON                     NY-39-9-125
EATON, JAMES                 MORRIS                        NY-39-50-433
ECHLEN, JACOB                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-12-234
ECKERSON, JOHN A.            ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-13-115
ECKERSON, MARY R.            LAURENS                       NY-39-37-487
ECKLER, JOHN                 SPRNGFIELD                    NY-39-10-58
ECKLER, JOHN                 SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-24-139
ECKLER, THOMAS               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-35-289
EDDY, ASA ***                MILFORD                       NY-39-8-84
EDDY, AURELIA W.             MILFORD                       NY-39-43-631
EDDY, BENJAMIN               PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-39-571
EDDY, BETSEY                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-24-451
EDDY, EDWARD                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-A-258
EDDY, LUTHER                 EDMESTON                      NY-39-15-175
EDDY, MATHEWSON              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-10-75
EDDY, SARAH C.               EDMESTON                      NY-39-18-421
EDDY, STEPHEN                OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-212
EDDY, THOMAS                 MILFORD                       NY-39-11-177
EDDY, WILLARD                RICHFIELD                     NY-39-10-44
EDDY, WILLIAM                HARTWICK                      NY-39-D-100
EDMESTON, ANDREW             COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-G-51
EDMONDS, PHEBE               EDMESTON                      NY-39-21-103
EDMUNDS, NATHANIEL           ONEONTA                       NY-39-43-31
EDSON, BRAZILLA              ONEONTA                       NY-39-26-601
EDSON, JOSEPH                MILFORD                       NY-39-F-89
EDSON, NEHEMIAH              MILFORD                       NY-39-11-511
EDSON, STEPHEN F.            RICHFIELD                     NY-39-10-205
EDSON, WILLIS F.             UNADILLA                      NY-39-18-307
EDWARDS, DANIEL              OTSEGO                        NY-39-30-169
EDWARDS, RUFUS               ONEONTA                       NY-39-35-397
EELLS, HORACE B.             UNADILLA                      NY-39-48-25
EGGABROAT, DAVID             EXETER                        NY-39-32-253
EGGLESTON, ELIZA             OTSEGO                        NY-39-42-619
EGGLESTON, JAMES             MILFORD                       NY-39-43-607
EGGLESTON, RUFUS             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-39-217
EGLESTON, HARVEY             MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-H-4
EGLESTON, RAYMOND W.         MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-22-151
ELDERKIN, MARY               OTSEGO                        NY-39-50-517
ELDRED, AARON P.             LAURENS                       NY-39-35-337
ELDRED, ANDREW               MORRIS                        NY-39-49-105
ELDRED, CHARLES              NEW LISBON                    NY-39-36-193
ELDRED, CLARISSA             OTSEGO                        NY-39-33-403
ELDRED, CORNEL               OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-548
ELDRED, FRANCIS              BUTTERNUTTS                   NY-39-1-311
ELDRED, FRANCIS              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-1-25
ELDRED, HANNAH               ONEONTA                       NY-39-40-205
ELDRED, HANNAH               LAURENS                       NY-39-20-481
ELDRED, HARVEY               LAURENS                       NY-39-19-271
ELDRED, JAMES M.             LAURENS                       NY-39-37-553
ELDRED, JOB                  NEW LISBON                    NY-39-11-226
ELDRED, JULINA M.            LAURENS                       NY-39-15-187
ELDRED, SALLY                LAURENS                       NY-39-22-433
ELDRED, SOLOMON              LAURENS                       NY-39-6-7
ELLIOT, ANDREW               DECATUR                       NY-39-D-66
ELLIOTT, CHESTER             DECATUR                       NY-39-9-326
ELLIOTT, JANE                NEW LISBON                    NY-39-25-379
ELLIOTT, JOHN                PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-30-481
ELLIOTT, MARGARET            RICHFIELD                     NY-39-48-553
ELLIOTT, WALTER              PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-28-397
ELLIS, CHRISTOPHER           MILFORD                       NY-39-10-103
ELLIS, JEREMIAH              MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-2-329
ELLISON, OZIAS               ONEONTA                       NY-39-40-187
ELMER, MARY                  ONEONTA                       NY-39-28-7
ELSTER, CASPER               BURLNGTON                     NY-39-F-13
ELSWORTH, STUKELY            HARTWICK                      NY-39-3-114
ELWELL, WALTER J.            ONEONTA                       NY-39-45-319
ELWOOD, BENJAMIN R.          RICHFIELD                     NY-39-10-66
ELY, JANE L.                 CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-43-253
ELY, LUCIA                   RICHFIELD                     NY-39-26-433
ELY, WARREN                  SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-35-247
EMERSON, LYDIA A.            ONEONTA                       NY-39-46-577
EMMERSON, RICHARD            NEW LISBON                    NY-39-21-367
EMMERSON, SAMUEL L.          OTSEGO                        NY-39-26-403
EMMONS, DESIRE               OTSEGO                        NY-39-29-259
EMORY, WILLIAM H.            UNADILLA                      NY-39-29-25
EMPIE, DANIEL                MILFORD                       NY-39-44-175
ENGELL, JOSHUA               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-23-133
ENUH, CATHARINE              OTSEGO                        NY-39-29-199
ERNST, JOHN F.               COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-10-87
ESTES, STEPHEN               MILFORD                       NY-39-17-217
EVANS, LEVI                  UNADILLA                      NY-39-11-16
EVERY, RICHARD               MILFORD                       NY-39-20-1
FAHEY, CATHARINE             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-42-451
FAIRCHILD, JOHN F.           OTSEGO                        NY-39-12-388
FAIRCHILD, REBECCA           LAURENS                       NY-39-31-193
FAIRCHILD, SARAH             OTSEGO                        NY-39-32-121
FAIRCHILD, SETH              NTL                           NY-39-E-282
FAIRMAN, AMASA               RICHFIELD                     NY-39-6-216
FAIRMAN, JUSTIN              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-5-155
FAIRMAN, SAMUEL              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-4-36
FAKE, JOSEPH                 SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-25-157
FALKENBURG, FRANK N.         ONEONTA                       NY-39-37-559
FALLS, DANIEL                ONEONTA                       NY-39-41-97
FALLS, JOHN                  OTEGO                         NY-39-47-559
FALLS, RICHARD               MORRIS                        NY-39-28-253
FANCHER, SETH                WORCESTER                     NY-39-19-229
FARGO, POLLY                 SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-10-200
FARLIN, GEORGE R.            SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-37-469
FARMAN, LAURA A.             BURLINGTON                    NY-39-28-517
FARQUHARSON, ROBERT          CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-20-157
FARQUHARSON, WILLIAM         CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-10-48
FARRELL, ROBERT              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-6-158
FARRER, PHEBE                EDMESTON                      NY-39-31-295
FARRINGTON, LOUISA           RICHFIELD                     NY-39-27-193
FARWELL, LOUISA              ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-42-349
FAULKNER, HANNAH             BURLINGTON                    NY-39-48-613
FAY, HIRAM                   EXETER                        NY-39-43-163
FAY, JOHN                    EXETER                        NY-39-32-85
FAY, TIMOTHY                 EXETER                        NY-39-32-463
FEASLEE, JAMES O.            CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-14-387
FECH, LUTHER S.              ONEONTA                       NY-39-29-529
FELDMAN, FREDERICK           RICHFIELD                     NY-39-50-559
FELLOWS, BETSY               MARYLAND                      NY-39-28-445
FELLOWS, WILLIAM             MARYLAND                      NY-39-22-163
FELLOWS, WILLIAM             MARYLAND                      NY-39-7-133
FELTON, GILBERT R.           EDMESTON                      NY-39-23-283
FENNO, EMILY CATHERINE       BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-47-625
FENTON, HARRIET A.           BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-11-535
FENTON, HARRIET A.           BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-535
FENTON, SAMUEL               MORRIS                        NY-39-12-224
FENTON, STEPHEN              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-18-1
FERGERSON, THORNTON          SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-21-307
FERGUSON, BETSEY             ONEONTA                       NY-39-10-431
FERGUSON, JAMES R.           SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-30-103
FERGUSON, JOHN               WORCESTER                     NY-39-38-595
FERGUSON, LOVINIA            SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-31-427
FERGUSON, SAMUEL             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-B-170
FERGUSON, SILAS              SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-11-412
FERGUSON, WILLIAM            LAURENS                       NY-39-45-241
FERGUSON, WILLIAM            EDMESTON                      NY-39-9-115
FERGUSON, WILLIAM            LAURENS                       NY-39-1-355
FERN, EDMUND                 DECATUR                       NY-39-32-145
FERN, JOHN                   DECATUR                       NY-39-31-325
FERN, WILLIAM                WORCESTER                     NY-39-43-337
FERNS, HANNAH                OTSEGO                        NY-39-32-535
FERNS, JOHN                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-26-559
FERRIS, JUSTIS               DECATUR                       NY-39-4-1
FERRY, LESLIE B.             OTSEGO                        NY-39-42-445
FIELD, ADAH                  HARTWICK                      NY-39-30-625
FIELD, ELISHA                HARTWICK                      NY-39-32-163
FIELD, HENRY                 HARTWICK                      NY-39-9-66
FIELD, IRA                   HARTWICH                      NY-39-30-295
FIELD, MARCUS                OTSEGO                        NY-39-36-607
FIELD, RILEY                 HARTWICK                      NY-39-22-439
FIELD, SPENCER               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-10-47
FIELD, WILLIAM               OTSEGO                        NY-39-6-164
FIELDEN, WILLIAM             PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-38-577
FIELDS, IRA                  HARTWICK                      NY-39-12-240
FIELDS, WILLIAM C.           LAURENS                       92-565
FILBURN, BRIDGET             BURLINGTON                    NY-39-48-139
FILER, ELVIRA                LAURENS                       NY-39-43-295
FILKIN, ISAAC                RICHFIELD                     NY-39-G-92
FILKINS, GARRISON            RICHFIELD                     NY-39-17-91
FILKINS, TIMOTHY             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-7-173
FINCH, DAVID                 UNADILLA                      NY-39-5-249
FINCH, ISRAEL                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-8-176
FINCH, SARAH A.              OTSEGO                        NY-39-46-469
FINCH, TERRY G.              OTSEGO                        NY-39-45-601
FINK, JANE                   MARYLAND                      NY-39-48-541
FINK, RICHARD                MILFORD                       NY-39-24-13
FINLEY, CATHERINE            OTSEGO                        NY-39-46-170
FINN, EMELINE                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-38-181
FIRMAN, ALFRED               BURLINGTON                    NY-39-18-13
FIRMAN, HORACE               PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-32-445
FIRMAN, JOHN                 RICHFIELD                     NY-39-36-631
FIRMAN, RHODA ANN            RICHFIELD                     NY-39-36-613
FISH, HORACE C.              OTSEGO                        NY-39-25-403
FISH, MARY J.                OTSEGO                        NY-39-37-73
FISH, PATIENCE               PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-13-61
FISH, WILLIAM M.             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-45-481
FISHER, ENOS B.              UNADILLA                      NY-39-42-583
FISHER, ORRIN                UNADILLA                      NY-39-20-463
FISHER, SALLY M.             BURLINGTON                    NY-39-12-540
FISK, DAVID                  BURLINGTON                    NY-39-38-325
FISK, HOWARD                 UNADILLA                      NY-39-42-553
FITCH, AARON                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-G-57
FITCH, BUCKINGHAM            LAURENS                       NY-39-43-127
FITCH, ELLEN P.              HARTWICK                      NY-39-43-643
FITCH, HARVEY B.             UNADILLA                      NY-39-52-529
FITCH, HENRY                 BURLINGTON                    NY-39-10-35
FITCH, JOSEPH                BURLINGTON                    NY-39-50-175
FITCH, LEMUEL                RICHFIELD                     NY-39-G-46
FITCH, MELINDA C.            MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-51-337
FITCH, NATHAN                EXETER                        NY-39-45-271
FITCH, ORSON                 PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-38-289
FITCH, ZADOCH                OTSEGO                        NY-39-29-391
FITTS, ABRAM                 BURLINGTON                    NY-39-22-199
FLAESCH, JULIA               MARYLAND                      NY-39-40-277
FLAGG, JAMES H.              MORRIS                        NY-39-23-175
FLAISCH, CHARLES             MARYLAND                      NY-39-29-409
FLEMING, DELOS B.            MORRIS                        NY-39-42-637
FLEMING, MARGARET E.         UNADILLA                      NY-39-40-589
FLEMING, WILLIAM H.          MORRIS                        NY-39-26-133
FLETCHER, ALICE J.           ONEONTA                       NY-39-36-181
FLETCHER, TIMOTHY            LAURENS                       NY-39-10-34
FLINCH, MOSES H.             WESTFORD                      NY-39-29-415
FLING, ABRAM                 MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-25-25
FLINT, ANN ELIZA             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-32-367
FLINT, ANSEL O.              OTEGO                         NY-39-47-61
FLINT, ELIJAH                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-G-87
FLINT, HANNAH E.             OTEGO                         NY-39-50-445
FLINT, HENRY                 UNADILLA                      NY-39-11-480
FLINT, HENRY                 CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-20-145
FLINT, HORATIO               WORCESTER                     NY-39-34-637
FLINT, JACOB                 DECATUR                       NY-39-9-181
FLINT, JACOB                 CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-G-89
FLINT, JULIA A.              WORCESTER                     NY-39-49-193
FLINT, LUTHER                WORCESTER                     NY-39-4-392
FLINT, VALORIS               DECATUR                       NY-39-32-1
FLYNN, PATRICK               BURLINGTON                    NY-39-34-241
FOLES, HENRY P.              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-31-511
FOLEY, MARY                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-49-67
FOLLAUER, FRANKLN            MILFORD                       NY-39-10-251
FOLLET, JAMES                OTSEGO                        NY-39-12-25
FOLLETT, DWIGHT              NEW LISBON                    NY-39-26-367
FOLLETT, J. HENRY            MARYLAND                      NY-39-44-505
FOLLETT, JORDAN C.           MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-42-145
FOLLETT, MARTHA L.           MARYLAND                      NY-39-23-343
FOLTS, JACOB C.              MORRIS                        NY-39-26-55
FOLTS, THURLOW W.            MORRIS                        NY-39-39-265
FONDA, JAMES J.              CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-50-601
FOOTE, AUGUSTUS              MORRIS                        NY-39-16-343
FOOTE, MARY C.               ASHLAND, MA                   NY-39-32-577
FORBEY, ELISHA               MORRIS                        NY-39-25-133
FORD, ALBERT H.              MORRIS                        NY-39-32-511
FORD, ELIAKIM R.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-20-343
FORD, ISAAC S.               RICHFIELD                     NY-39-22-25
FORD, JOHN                   OTSEGO                        NY-39-25-121
FORD, SYLVESTER              ONEONTA                       NY-39-7-461
FOREMAN, RUBY M.             OTSEGO                        NY-39-42-391
FORSYTHE, CLARRISSA          MORRIS                        NY-39-51-163
FORT, JOHN A.                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-20-307
FOSTER, ANN                  MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-23-403
FOSTER, CAROLINE R.          UNADILLA                      NY-39-44-337
FOSTER, DAVID C.             UNADILLA                      NY-39-17-331
FOSTER, DOROTHY              UNADILLA                      NY-39-33-145
FOSTER, MOSES                UNADILLA                      NY-39-14-133
FOSTER, NORMAN D.            UNADILLA                      NY-39-50-499
FOSTER, PHILIP               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-12-217
FOULSTAD, WILLIAM            LAURENS                       NY-39-13-259
FOULSTON, LYDIA              NEW LISBON                    NY-39-29-85
FOWLER, NANCY                NEW LISBON                    NY-39-10-9
FOWLES, CHARLES A.           LAURENS                       NY-39-42-1
FOWLSTON, GEORGE             LAURENS                       NY-39-5-49
FOWLSTON, GEORGE             LAURENS                       NY-39-47-235
FOWLSTON, PHEBE ANN          LAURENS                       NY-39-18-151
FOWLSTON, THOMAS             LAWRENCE                      NY-39-3-224
FOX, CHARLES W.              MORRIS                        NY-39-35-613
FOX, GEORGE I.               WESTFORD                      NY-39-10-155
FOX, HENRY                   WORCESTER                     NY-39-43-619
FOX, JAMES L.                COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-10-345
FOX, JANE E.                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-48-433
FOX, PERNAL M.               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-31-7
FOX, REBECCA                 WESTFORD                      NY-39-51-487
FRAATS, MARY                 ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-30-577
FRANCHOT, LEWIS              BUTTERUTTS                    NY-39-A-157
FRANCHOT, PASCHAL            BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-10-165
FRANCHOTT, JULIA A.          MORRIS                        NY-39-27-319
FRANCIS, SARAH L.            CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-45-415
FRANCIS, WILLIAM W.          CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-35-73
FRANK, MARY H.               OTSEGO                        NY-39-30-595
FRATER, JAMES                BURLINGTON                    NY-39-10-627
FRATER, JOHN                 BURLINGTON                    NY-39-29-541
FRATER, RICHARD              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-21-475
FREDENDALL, BARNEY           WORCESTER                     NY-39-42-337
FREEMAN, CORA E.             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-39-427
FREEMAN, EDWARD              UNADILLA                      NY-39-9-131
FREEMAN, JOHN E.             NTL                           NY-39-1-206
FREEMAN, NICHOLAS V.         WORCESTER                     NY-39-10-157
FREER, JOHN A.               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-47-307
FREEVAW, PETER               RICHFIELD                     NY-39-C-165
FRENCH, MILTON               MARYLAND                      NY-39-13-217
FRINK, JOHN                  RICHFIELD                     NY-39-52-103
FRINK, PETER                 SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-11-543
FRINK, SUSAN                 ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-41-553
FRITTS, HIRAM                ONEONTA                       NY-39-34-439
FRITTS, JOHN                 ONEONTA                       NY-39-11-483
FRITTS, WILLIAM S.           ONEONTA                       NY-39-35-343
FRONE, JOHN                  BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-17-301
FRONE, JOHN                  BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-33-37
FRONE, JOSHUA                BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-16-493
FRONE, WILLIAM C.            BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-11-260
FROST, GILBERT               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-30-91
FROST, JEREMIAH              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-12-330
FRY, RHODES                  HARTWICK                      NY-39-H-13
FULLER, BENJAMIN             OTSEGO                        NY-39-A-123
FULLER, CORNELIUS W.         UNADILLA                      NY-39-38-295
FULLER, DANIEL M.            MORRIS                        NY-39-37-271
FULLER, EBENEZER             WORCESTER                     NY-39-25-223
FULLER, EMMA                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-21-169
FULLER, ERASTUS              WORCESTER                     NY-39-16-331
FULLER, JONATHAN             LAURENS                       NY-39-31-151
FULLER, MARY                 COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-9-259
FULLER, MARY ANN             OTEGO                         NY-39-49-150
FULLER, PETER                WORCESTER                     NY-39-3-156
FULLER, THOMAS               COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-3-147
FULLER, WAITSTILL            PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-13-127
FULLER, WILLIAM              NEW LISBON                    NY-39-4-379
FULLER, WILLIAM A.           OTSEGO                        NY-39-44-499
FULTY, JOSEPH                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-35-379
FUNK, ALMIRA C.              SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-20-355
FUNK, HIRAM                  SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-20-397
FURGERSON, THOMAS            LAURENS                       NY-39-12-422
FURGESON, ALIDA W.           LAURENS                       NY-39-12-533
FURMAN, WILLIAM              LAURENS                       NY-39-17-1
FURNISS, JACOB               ONEONTA                       NY-39-4-190
FURRY, GEORGE                ONEONTA                       NY-39-10-8

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