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SABINE, HARRIET              ONEONTA                       NY-39-12-521
SAFFORD, PHOEBE              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-28-25
SAGE, ALMIRA                 ONEONTA                       NY-39-51-379
SAGE, LAURA A.               ONEONTA                       NY-39-47-121
SALISBURY, AARON             MILFORD                       NY-39-52-265
SALISBURY, BARNARD           WESTFIELD                     NY-39-31-355
SALISBURY, JOHN B.           WORCESTER                     NY-39-51-517
SALSBURY, MARY S.            WESTFORD                      NY-39-15-182
SAMMONS, CORNELIUS           SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-2-559
SANDERS, JULIA R.            RICHFIELD                     NY-39-22-169
SANDRES, DWIGHT              PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-14-53
SANDS, CLARISSA A.           UNADILLA                      NY-39-33-475
SANDS, FREDERICK A.          UNADILLA                      NY-39-33-199
SARGEANT, LEMUEL             MILFORD                       NY-39-F-103
SAULSBURY, ANDREW            MILFORD                       NY-39-17-355
SAUNDERS, BENJAMIN           UNADILLA                      NY-39-5-336
SAUNDERS, CLARK              PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-25-535
SAUNDERS, ELISHA S.          OTSEGO                        NY-39-24-163
SAUNDERS, MARY               OTSEGO                        NY-39-52-37
SAVAMLING, SARAH M.          ONEONTA                       NY-39-41-535
SAWYER, SAMUEL               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-11-39
SAXTON, RAYMOND W.           WESTFORD                      NY-39-25-505
SAXTON, SIMEON N.            WESTFORD                      NY-39-41-463
SAYLES, DRISCILLA            BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-1-8
SAYLES, PETER S.             OTSEGO                        NY-39-35-79
SAYRE, THOMAS                MILFORD                       NY-39-F-73
SCALLARD, DAVID              SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-21-25
SCHEMERHORN, PLYANA          MILFORD                       NY-39-43-13
SCHERMERHORN, JOHN           ONEONTA                       NY-39-39-523
SCHERMERHORN, MALISSA        EDMESTON                      NY-39-50-7
SCHERMERHORN, NICHOLAS       ONEONTA                       NY-39-26-451
SCHERMERHORN, SMITH          EDMESTON                      NY-39-42-355
SCHNEIDER, EVA               OTSEGO                        NY-39-46-211
SCHOFIELD, JAMES             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-1-577
SCHOFIELD, JAMES             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-1-125
SCHOFIELD, JAMES             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-24-253
SCHORLY, MAY A.              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-28-1
SCHRAMBLING, GEORGE D.       ONEONTA                       NY-39-9-244
SCHREMLING, DAVID            OTEGO                         NY-39-E-538
SCHREMLING, HENDRICK         OTEGO                         NY-39-C-18
SCHROM, JASPER A.            OTSEGO                        NY-39-51-253
SCHULTZ, MARY J.             UNADILLA                      NY-39-24-103
SCHUMANN, MARY               RICHFIELD                     NY-39-48-241
SCHUMANN, PETER              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-43-409
SCHWARTZ, WILLIAM            ONEONTA                       NY-39-8-54
SCOFFIELD, HEZEKIAH          BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-4-170
SCOFIELD, ANN                HARDWICK                      NY-39-17-271
SCOFIELD, BYRON J.           OTSEGO                        NY-39-43-499
SCOFIELD, HANNAH             LAURENS                       NY-39-11-43
SCOFIELD, HENRY M.           ONEONTA                       NY-39-12-214
SCOFIELD, NANCY              OTSEGO                        NY-39-52-403
SCOFIELD, PETER              LAURENS                       NY-39-2-257
SCOFIELD, RACHEL M.          ONEONTA                       NY-39-41-541
SCOFIELD, SAMUEL             LAURENS                       NY-39-16-397
SCOTT, ALMIRA                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-35-1
SCOTT, ANN                   SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-33-577
SCOTT, CORNELIUS             MARYLAND                      NY-39-8-7
SCOTT, ELIZABETH C.          CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-32-43
SCOTT, HENRY                 MILFORD                       NY-39-H-2
SCOTT, HENRY                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-21-67
SCOTT, HENRY A.              OTSEGO                        NY-39-33-391
SCOTT, JAMES                 CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-B-192
SCOTT, JANE                  CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-32-49
SCOTT, JOHN                  SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-27-79
SCOTT, JOSEPH                BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-4-374
SCOTT, JOSEPH                NTL                           NY-39-F-52
SCOTT, MARGARET E.           OTSEGO                        NY-39-32-565
SCOTT, WILLIAM               MILFORD                       NY-39-37-289
SCOTT, WILLIAM               MILFORD                       NY-39-11-231
SCOTT, WILLIS I.             OTEGO                         NY-39-50-613
SCRAMBLIN, GEORGE            OTSEGO                        NY-39-13-281
SCRAMBLING, ALBERT           ONEONTA                       NY-39-48-157
SCUDDER, SYDNEY              MORRIS                        NY-39-13-157
SEARLE, ORA A.               EDMESTON                      NY-39-41-85
SEARLE, SAMUEL S.            PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-33-49
SEAVER, DANIEL               MARYLAND                      NY-39-9-185
SEEBER, ADAM                 ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-32-265
SEEBER, ADOLPHUS             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-16-373
SEEBER, CHRISTINA            RICHFIELD                     NY-39-28-439
SEEBER, CLARISSA             MILFORD                       NY-39-26-481
SEEBER, ELIZA ANN            OTSEGO                        NY-39-36-601
SEEBER, PETER                RICHFIELD                     NY-39-32-229
SEEGAR, EDWARD               MILFORD                       NY-39-30-283
SEELEY, JOHN                 CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-9-69
SEELEY, SQUIRE               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-3-312
SERGEANT, JOHN               MORRIS                        NY-39-11-345
SEWARD, PORTER               MARYLAND                      NY-39-31-373
SHAFER, MARIA                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-47-187
SHAFER, SARAH ANN            WORCESTER                     NY-39-52-319
SHANKLAND, THOMAS            OTSEGO                        NY-39-G-1
SHANNON, LUCY                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-19-181
SHAPLEY, ALICE M.            ONEONTA                       NY-39-51-493
SHARP, JACOB                 CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-34-337
SHARP, MARY                  CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-51-409
SHARROCK, ROBERT             OTSEGO                        NY-39-33-169
SHAUB, ANDREW                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-12-67
SHAUL, ADAM                  CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-48-61
SHAUL, BETSEY L.             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-24-187
SHAUL, CHRISTIAN             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-25-79
SHAUL, EVA                   OTSEGO                        NY-39-38-445
SHAUL, JOHN D.               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-32-175
SHAUT, JACOB                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-36-301
SHAVER, ELIZA                MARYLAND                      NY-39-26-61
SHAW, ANDREW                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-12-231
SHAW, ANDREW                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-34-397
SHAW, EUNICE S.              WORCESTER                     NY-39-50-595
SHAW, JOSEPH                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-C-73
SHAW, MARY A.                BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-36-139
SHAW, SAMUEL                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-10-361
SHAW, WILLIAM                OTSEGO                        NY-39-31-205
SHAY, MICHAEL                OTSEGO                        NY-39-22-343
SHAYS, GILBERT               DECATUR                       NY-39-10-185
SHELDON, ANNA C.             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-10-526
SHELDON, ELISHA B.           SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-13-151
SHELDON, HANNAH M.           SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-35-355
SHELDON, LIONEL              WORCESTER                     NY-39-19-157
SHELDON, MIRANDA C.          MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-35-560
SHELDON, RHODA               BURLINGTON                    NY-39-11-277
SHELDON, SARAH E.            RICHFIELD                     NY-39-51-115
SHELDON, TIMOTHY             OTEGO                         NY-39-49-17
SHELL, JOHNC .               WESTFORD                      NY-39-34-343
SHELLAND, BENJAMIN E.        WORCESTER                     NY-39-49-162
SHELLAND, ELISHA             DECATUR                       NY-39-29-109
SHELLAND, ELLA B.            WORCESTER                     NY-39-48-169
SHELLAND, JOHN               WESTFORD                      NY-39-22-37
SHELLMAN, PETER              ONEONTA                       NY-39-28-61
SHEPARD, PLINY               OTSEGO                        NY-39-16-391
SHEPARD, ROSALTHA A.         NEW LISBON                    NY-39-38-367
SHEPHARD, WILLIAM            OTSEGO                        NY-39-42-409
SHEPHERD, BENJAMIN           OTSEGO                        NY-39-9-307
SHEPHERD, CAROLINE           ONEONTA                       NY-39-40-1
SHEPHERD, DELOS              ONEONTA                       NY-39-12-72
SHEPHERD, DELOSS             OTSEGO                        NY-39-31-259
SHEPHERD, ELISHA             ONEONTA                       NY-39-9-44
SHEPHERD, ELISHA             ONEONTA                       NY-39-27-91
SHEPHERD, JANE CATHARINE     MORRIS                        NY-39-39-277
SHEPHERD, MARY ANN           MORRIS                        NY-39-39-272
SHEPHERD, SALLY              ONEONTA                       NY-39-27-187
SHERMAN, BETSEY              NEW LISBON                    NY-39-47-127
SHERMAN, CONSTANT            OTSEGO                        NY-39-9-57
SHERMAN, ELIZA               OTSEGO                        NY-39-36-211
SHERMAN, GEORGE              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-10-410
SHERMAN, GEORGE H.           CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-44-115
SHERMAN, JOHN                NEW LISBON                    NY-39-45-187
SHERMAN, RUSSEL              ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-38-169
SHERMAN, RUSSELL             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-7-205
SHERMAN, SARAH J.            CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-52-109
SHERMAN, SOLOMON             ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-10-396
SHERMAN, STEPHEN V.          CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-27-55
SHERMAN, SYLVESTER           BURLINGTON                    NY-39-29-535
SHERWOOD, GEORGE             OTSEGO                        NY-39-33-319
SHERWOOD, GILBERT            BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-9-133
SHERWOOD, MARY D.            MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-41-205
SHERWOOD, NATHANIEL          UNADILLA                      NY-39-32-103
SHILLITO, AMOS               HARTWICK                      NY-39-11-548
SHIMEL, EPHRAIM              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-34-379
SHIPMAN, SAMUEL JR.          OTSEGO                        NY-39-F-96
SHOLES, CLARISSA             HARTWICK                      NY-39-8-265
SHOLES, PATTON F. ***        HARTWICK                      NY-39-10-460
SHOLES, RODERICK             PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-47-133
SHORE, BRICE                 LAURENS                       NY-39-35-619
SHORE, JOHN W.               HARTWICK                      NY-39-39-499
SHORT, ELIZABETH             OTSEGO                        NY-39-36-553
SHORT, EMILY                 ONEONTA                       NY-39-42-301
SHORT, JOHN J.               OTSEGO                        NY-39-48-13
SHOVE, EDWARD                LAURENS                       NY-39-8-43
SHOVE, HENRY                 LAURENS                       NY-39-31-169
SHRUBSHELL, RICHARD          RICHFIELD                     NY-39-47-589
SHULTS, ELECTA               WORCESTER                     NY-39-37-241
SHUMWAY, F. DELOS            OTSEGO                        NY-39-45-157
SHUTE, ANDREW                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-8-268
SHUTE, ANDREW                MILFORD                       NY-39-12-324
SHUTTS, GEORGE A.            MARYLAND                      NY-39-38-265
SHUTTS, JOHN                 MARYLAND                      NY-39-20-289
SHUTTS, SARAH                MARYLAND                      NY-39-27-229
SIBLEY, LAURA                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-50-439
SIBLEY, ORRIN                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-25-409
SIBLEY, WARREN               OTSEGO                        NY-39-40-559
SICKNER, PHINEAS G.          RICHFIELD                     NY-39-23-319
SIDNEY, CHARLOTTE            PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-50-379
SIGSBEE, CELESTIA            OTSEGO                        NY-39-51-157
SIGSBEE, NICHOLAS            ONEONTA                       NY-39-38-55
SIKES, FRANCES               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-3-253
SILL, ANDREW                 BURLINGTON                    NY-39-3-80
SILL, JEDEDIAH P.            OTSEGO                        NY-39-23-73
SILL, LAVANTIA               OTSEGO                        NY-39-47-151
SILL, MARY                   BURLINGTON                    NY-39-F-75
SILL, MARY ANN               BURLINGTON                    NY-39-17-415
SILLIMAN, JANE               MILFORD                       NY-39-10-617
SILVERNAIL, JOHN H.          WORCESTER                     NY-39-24-205
SIMMONS, ANDREW A.           WORCESTER                     NY-39-24-19
SIMMONS, CALEB               EDMESTON                      NY-39-19-73
SIMMONS, CHARLES             WORCESTER                     NY-39-5-137
SIMMONS, DAVID               WORCESTER                     NY-39-43-427
SIMMONS, LUCY                MILFORD                       NY-39-F-59
SIMMONS, LYDIA               NEW LISBON                    NY-39-30-487
SIMMONS, OLIVE               WORCESTER                     NY-39-51-97
SIMONS, JOSEPH               PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-5-257
SIMONSON, GARRET             ONEONTA                       NY-39-14-393
SIMPSON, LAVINA A.           UNADILLA                      NY-39-38-229
SIPLE, EZRA                  ONEONTA                       NY-39-19-367
SISSOM, ELIZA ANN            ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-34-331
SISSON, AARON                UNADILLA                      NY-39-13-287
SISSON, ALANSON              UNADILLA                      NY-39-38-559
SISSON, HENRY                UNADILLA                      NY-39-47-241
SISSON, JOSHUA C.            PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-7-376
SISUM, CATHARINE             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-14-315
SISUM, JAMES E.              CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-47-397
SISUM, OLIVER B.             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-45-91
SITTS, ANSON                 RICHFIELD                     NY-39-42-481
SITTS, MARY E.               WORCESTER                     NY-39-36-343
SIVER, DAVID                 UNADILLA                      NY-39-38-85
SIVERT, JOHN                 MILFORD                       NY-39-37-589
SKATES, ERNST HENRY          ONEONTA                       NY-39-41-145
SKIDMORE, LUTHER M.          BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-6-60
SKIDMORE, MARTHA             MORRIS                        NY-39-10-112
SKINION, BRIDGET             MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-52-517
SKINNER, BRACHIE             WESTFORD                      NY-39-27-475
SKINNION, MARY               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-52-169
SLACK, HARRIETTE             MORRIS                        NY-39-47-85
SLADE, ADDISON A.            UNADILLA                      NY-39-51-439
SLADE, CHARLES L.            UNADILLA                      NY-39-49-202
SLADE, ELIZABETH             ONEONTA                       NY-39-51-553
SLADE, HARRIET C.            BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-32-499
SLADE, HIRAM                 ONEONTA                       NY-39-20-133
SLADE, JAMES                 ONEONTA                       NY-39-30-409
SLADE, MARY A.               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-48-319
SLADE, SHERRILL L.           ONEONTA                       NY-39-49-246
SLEEPER, EPHRAIM H.          ONEONTA                       NY-39-19-43
SLEEPER, HUDSON              LAURENS                       NY-39-28-451
SLEEPER, JOHN                UNADELLA                      NY-39-A-45
SLEEPER, JOSEPH F.           LAURENS                       NY-39-1-37
SLEEPER, JOSEPH L.           LAURENS                       NY-39-C-171
SLEUSON, FREDERICK           UNADILLA                      NY-39-30-205
SLINGERLAND, STEPHEN R.      MARYLAND                      NY-39-26-175
SLITER, LENDEL H.            SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-19-61
SLOAN, ANDREW L.             WORCESTER                     NY-39-31-619
SLOAN, CAROLINE              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-47-331
SLOAN, JOHN                  SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-43-553
SLOAN, WILLIAM               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-10-312
SLOAT, ROBERT                WORCESTER                     NY-39-28-283
SMALL, FREDERICK             OTSEGO                        NY-39-31-241
SMALL, HERBERT               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-40-505
SMALLEN, MARTIN              MARYLAND                      NY-39-41-511
SMALLIN, ABRAHAM             MARYLAND                      NY-39-24-115
SMALLIN, JOHN D.             MARYLAND                      NY-39-19-469
SMART, THOMAS                BURLINGTON                    NY-39-26-277
SMARTOUT, NATHANIEL          MARYLAND                      NY-39-52-481
SMITH, ADELIA A.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-41-493
SMITH, ALMIRA                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-27-361
SMITH, ALMIRA                BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-38-175
SMITH, ANN                   EDMESTON                      NY-39-44-361
SMITH, ANN                   PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-10-274
SMITH, ANN                   OTSEGO                        NY-39-41-343
SMITH, ANN E.                WORCESTER                     NY-39-50-457
SMITH, ARNOLD H.             WORCESTER                     NY-39-15-172
SMITH, AUSTIN                LAURENS                       NY-39-39-613
SMITH, CALVIN P.             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-27-121
SMITH, CAROLINE A.           MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-51-481
SMITH, CHARLES               OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-246
SMITH, CHARLES W. H.         LAURENS                       NY-39-45-607
SMITH, DAN                   MORRIS                        NY-39-11-237
SMITH, DAVID                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-F-9
SMITH, DAVID S.              PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-41-307
SMITH, DEBORAH               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-12-440
SMITH, ELIZA                 NEW LISBON                    NY-39-7-140
SMITH, ELIZA                 UNADILLA                      NY-39-33-469
SMITH, ELIZA                 MILFORD                       NY-39-42-559
SMITH, ELIZA B.              MORRIS                        NY-39-16-73
SMITH, ELIZABETH             ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-12-178
SMITH, ELIZABETH             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-14-195
SMITH, EMILY L.              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-37-631
SMITH, ERASTUS               MIDDLFIELD                    NY-39-9-166
SMITH, ERASTUS               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-4-227
SMITH, EUNICE                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-45-145
SMITH, EVA                   ONEONTA                       NY-39-35-241
SMITH, EZRA                  EDMESTON                      NY-39-9-194
SMITH, GAIUS                 EDMISTON                      NY-39-F-43
SMITH, GEORGE                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-13-424
SMITH, HARRIET               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-11-265
SMITH, HARRIET               NEW LISBON                    NY-39-25-283
SMITH, HARRISON P.           WORCESTER                     NY-39-20-67
SMITH, HENRY                 WORCESTER                     NY-39-22-109
SMITH, ISAAC                 EDMESTON                      NY-39-9-238
SMITH, JACOB P.              WORCESTER                     NY-39-35-103
SMITH, JAMES                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-G-84
SMITH, JAMES                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-35-583
SMITH, JAMES                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-B-46
SMITH, JARVIS C.             UNADILLA                      NY-39-47-19
SMITH, JOHN                  WORCESTER                     NY-39-42-565
SMITH, JOHN                  NEW LISBON                    NY-39-E-129
SMITH, JOHN                  BALTIMORE                     NY-39-10-297
SMITH, JOHN                  ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-45-295
SMITH, JOHN                  WORCESTER                     NY-39-12-269
SMITH, JOHN                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-21-175
SMITH, JOHN                  BURLINGTON                    NY-39-25-97
SMITH, JOHN                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-268
SMITH, JOHN                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-34-31
SMITH, JOHN G.               MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-25-19
SMITH, JONAH                 MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-8-168
SMITH, JONAH                 MIDDLEFIELD (NO WILL)         NY-39-8-175
SMITH, JOSEPH                BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-10-163
SMITH, JOSEPH                MORRIS                        NY-39-19-145
SMITH, LECINA                BURLINGTON                    NY-39-41-379
SMITH, LEVI                  NEW LISBON                    NY-39-11-53
SMITH, LEWIS B.              WORCESTER                     NY-39-18-469
SMITH, LEWIS D.              LAURENS                       NY-39-46-565
SMITH, LOUISA L.             MILFORD                       NY-39-45-337
SMITH, MARGARET              MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-33-631
SMITH, MARY ANN              CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-43-451
SMITH, MARY L.               UNADILLA                      NY-39-33-463
SMITH, MENZO A.              OTSEGO                        NY-39-48-481
SMITH, MINER                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-19-391
SMITH, NAHUM                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-18-487
SMITH, NANCY ANN             OTSEGO                        NY-39-11-91
SMITH, PETER                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-8-81
SMITH, PETER G.              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-25-529
SMITH, PETER S.              HARTWICK                      NY-39-34-169
SMITH, PHILEMON              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-45-457
SMITH, RUTH                  LAURENS                       NY-39-50-349
SMITH, RUTH                  HARTWICK                      NY-39-4-348
SMITH, SAMUEL                UNADILLA                      NY-39-10-175
SMITH, SAMUEL G.             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-9-268
SMITH, SARAH                 MARYLAND                      NY-39-43-37
SMITH, SARAH                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-43-463
SMITH, SARAH                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-11-292
SMITH, SETH                  PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-47-271
SMITH, STEPHEN               HARTWICK                      NY-39-1-173
SMITH, STEPHEN               HARTWICK                      NY-39-1-681
SMITH, SYLVANUS              UNADILLA                      NY-39-24-391
SMITH, THEOBALD              WORCESTER                     NY-39-45-493
SMITH, THEODORE L.           BURLINGTON                    NY-39-14-327
SMITH, THOMAS                ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-25-475
SMITH, THOMAS B.             OTSEGO                        NY-39-23-61
SMITH, THOMAS H.             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-44-163
SMITH, THOMAS L.             MORRIS                        NY-39-40-499
SMITH, URIAH                 MORRIS                        NY-39-34-517
SMITH, WARREN C.             MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-19-283
SMITH, WARREN D.             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-11-82
SMITH, WASHINGTON G.         OTSEGO                        NY-39-42-415
SMITH, WILL J.               OTSEGO                        NY-39-52-133
SMITH, WILLIAM               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-40-475
SMITH, WILLIAM               PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-22-451
SMITHOF, SAMUEL              NEW LISBON                    NY-39-G-53
SNEDEKER, WILLIAM            RICHFIELD                     NY-39-12-380
SNIDER, GEORGE               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-11-330
SNYDER, ERASMUS              MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-45-475
SNYDER, GEORGE H.            SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-37-295
SNYDER, HENRY                ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-24-73
SNYDER, JANE M.              OTSEGO                        NY-39-48-307
SNYDER, JOHN A.              WESTFORD                      NY-39-48-625
SNYDER, JOHN L.              WORCESTER                     NY-39-18-199
SNYDER, MARY                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-E-517
SNYDER, MARY A.              WESTFORD                      NY-39-21-493
SNYDER, MICHAEL              ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-21-259
SNYDER, PHILIP               MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-20-121
SNYDER, RACHEL B.            WORCESTER                     NY-39-45-325
SNYDER, THOMAS               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-41-187
SNYDER, VANDER C.            SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-42-343
SODEN, JOHN                  LAURENS                       NY-39-44-139
SODEN, JOSEPH                BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-39-25
SOMERS, DELILAH ADALINE      ONEONTA                       NY-39-43-571
SOMERS, PETER N.             DECATUR                       NY-39-46-241
SOULE, ERASTUS               MILFORD                       NY-39-40-445
SOULE, MARY                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-29-637
SOULE, OSCAR M.              ONEONTA                       NY-39-52-235
SOULE, STEPHEN               MILFORD                       NY-39-12-511
SOULES, CHARLES W.           ONEONTA                       NY-39-1-109
SOUTHARD, DANIEL             WESTFORD                      NY-39-G-35
SOUTHARD, DAVID              WESTFORD                      NY-39-4-23
SOUTHWORTH, JOSEPH           EDMESTON                      NY-39-G-82
SOUTHWORTH, JULIA ANN        EDMESTON                      NY-39-29-37
SOUTHWORTH, SYLVANUS         BURLINGTON                    NY-39-F-37
SOUTHWORTH, THOMAS           EDMESTON                      NY-39-17-67
SOWLE, HENRY                 PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-24-217
SPAFFARD, RANSOM             OTSEGO                        NY-39-24-505
SPAFFORD, ADALINE L.         MILFORD                       NY-39-49-131
SPAFFORD, ELIJAH             UNADILLA                      NY-39-15-65
SPAFFORD, HANNAH             UNADILLA                      NY-39-20-439
SPAFFORD, JOHN               PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-G-76
SPALSBURY, JOHN              SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-A-289
SPANGENTHAL, SELIGMAN        ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-40-97
SPANGLER, ANNIE              MARYLAND                      NY-39-46-427
SPAULDING, HARRIET           BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-26-571
SPAULDING, NATHAN            RICHFIELD                     NY-39-15-49
SPEAR, GEORGE ROBISON        NEW LISBON                    NY-39-1-360
SPENCER, AMOS P.             LAURENS                       NY-39-4-327
SPENCER, ANDREW              MILFORD                       NY-39-11-94
SPENCER, EMELINE             MILFORD                       NY-39-30-121
SPENCER, HALSEY              EDMESTON                      NY-39-17-325
SPENCER, ISRAEL              MARYLAND                      NY-39-48-367
SPENCER, ITHAMER A.          UNADILLA                      NY-39-17-499
SPENCER, JABEZ               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-10-266
SPENCER, JOHN M.             MARYLAND                      NY-39-41-19
SPENCER, JONATHAN            UNADILLA                      NY-39-F-72
SPENCER, SAAH J.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-45-25
SPENCER, SIMEON              UNADILLA                      NY-39-26-589
SPENCER, URIAH               MARYLAND                      NY-39-20-43
SPENCER, WILLIAM C.          MARYLAND                      NY-39-47-517
SPENCER, WILLIAM D.          UNADILLA                      NY-39-22-241
SPENCER, WILLIAM F.          UNADILLA                      NY-39-51-319
SPENCER, WILLIAM M.          EDMESTON                      NY-39-26-565
SPERRY,LYMAN                 UNADILLA                      NY-39-40-427
SPICER, EDWARD               PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-19-103
SPICER, ROBERT               PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-9-230
SPOONER, MARIETTE            HARTWICK                      NY-39-11-372
SPRAGUE, DAVID               EXETER                        NY-39-9-322
SPRAGUE, FRANCIS L.          BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-38-313
SPRAGUE, JONAH               OTSEGO                        NY-39-F-51
SPRAGUE, JOSEPH              OTSEGO                        NY-39-B-195
SPRAGUE, NATHANIEL           PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-4-274
SPRAKER, ALIDA               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-4-150
SPRAKER, COONRAD             NTL                           NY-39-F-101
SPRINGER, DANIEL             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-32-271
SPRINGER, MARTIN H.          SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-25-265
SPRINGER, PHILIP             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-52-427
SPRINGSTEAD, EMELINE         HARTWICK                      NY-39-52-487
SPRINGSTEED, CATHERINE       ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-12-108
SQUIER, JOEL                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-7-11
SQUIRES, ANNA                MILFORD                       NY-39-11-568
SQUIRES, HULDA               UNADILLA                      NY-39-9-31
SQUIRES, SOLOMON             ONEONTA                       NY-39-11-415
SQUIRES, WILLIAM             MILFORD                       NY-39-51-193
STACY, SIMON                 PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-E-23
STAFFORD, BETSEY             LAURENS                       NY-39-41-103
STAN, MARY                   RICHFIELD                     NY-39-28-193
STANHOUSE, GEORGE            BURLINGTON                    NY-39-50-25
STANSEL, MAHITABLE           SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-11-496
STANSEL, MAHITABLE           SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-496
STANSEL, NANCY               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-39-577
STANTON, MARY                NEW LISBON                    NY-39-11-63
STANTON, SAMUEL W.           NEW LISBON                    NY-39-9-363
STANTON, SOLOMON E.          LAURENS                       NY-39-11-557
STARKEY, OTIS                NEW LISBON                    NY-39-8-229
STARKWATHER, GEORGE A.       OTSEGO                        NY-39-26-187
STARKWEATHER, JESSE          PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-5-270
STARKWEATHER, LOVINA E.      WORCESTER                     NY-39-34-121
STARKWEATHER, MARCIA         (CON'T)                       NY-39-10-643
STARR, FRANCES A.            MORRIS                        NY-39-35-499
STARR, JESSE                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-42-439
STARR, JOSHUA                COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-3-265
STARR, RUGGLES               MORRIS                        NY-39-29-613
STARR, SALMON                MORRIS                        NY-39-11-109
STEBBINS, GILBERT            BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-26-73
STEBBINS, JESSE M.           BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-26-541
STEELE, FREDERICK R.         RICHFIELD                     NY-39-24-259
STEELE, NANCY                RICHFIELD                     NY-39-30-547
STEELE, WILLIAM H.           RICHFIELD                     NY-39-39-241
STEEN, RUFUS                 LAURENS                       NY-39-9-128
STEENE, WILLARD              CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-3-302
STEERE, AMASA                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-26-85
STEERE, AUGUSTUS JR.         LAURENS                       NY-39-13-205
STEERE, IRA                  HARTWICK                      NY-39-12-6
STEERE, JAMES                HARTWICK                      NY-39-13-253
STEERE, JAMES H.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-48-289
STEERE, NICHOLAS             OTSEGO                        NY-39-7-109
STEERE, RUFUS                HARTWICK                      NY-39-9-136
STEERE, SALLY W.             HARTWICK                      NY-39-36-295
STEERE, THERESA S.           MILFORD                       NY-39-52-67
STEERS, SCHUYLER B.          MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-37-235
STENSON, WILLIAM             LAURENS                       NY-39-18-343
STEPHENS, DARLING            EDMESTON                      NY-39-24-67
STEPHENS, EZRA               MARYLAND                      NY-39-25-589
STEPHENS, JAMES              SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-12-158
STERLING, HENRY JR.          PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-8-179
STERNBURGH, JOHN             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-15-177
STERNS, BARNABAS             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-11-100
STEVENS, GILBERT             LAURENS                       NY-39-30-55
STEVENS, OLIVER              OTSEGO                        NY-39-G-49
STEVENS, WILLIAM             MILFORD                       NY-39-11-154
STEVENS, WILLIAM D.          NEW LISBON                    NY-39-43-391
STEVER, JACOB                WORCESTER                     NY-39-3-274
STEWARD,LEVI                 MILFORD                       NY-39-16-175
STEWART, ANN M.              SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-12-62
STEWART, CAHRLES SAMUEL      OTSEGO                        NY-39-18-157
STEWART, CATHARINE B.        ONEONTA                       NY-39-28-31
STEWART, JOHN B.             HARTWICK                      NY-39-49-189
STEWART, JOHN N.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-36-145
STEWART, JOSEPH L.           COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-F-97
STEWART, WILLIAM J.          MORRIS                        NY-39-35-553
STICKNEY, WILLIAM            EDMESTON                      NY-39-10-27
STILES, SIDNEY N.            SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-49-34
STILLMAN, EUNICE E.          EDMESTON                      NY-39-36-643
STILSON, EZRA                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-3-180
STITTS, ISABELL              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-37-307
STJOHN, AARON                OTSEGO                        NY-39-E-216
STJOHN, DAVID B.             EDMESTON                      NY-39-31-55
STJOHN, LOUISA               OTSEGO                        NY-39-16-421
STJOHN, PLATT                OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-379
STJOHN, REBECCA              OTSEGO                        NY-39-31-415
STJOHN, SAMUEL B.            RICHFIELD                     NY-39-23-169
STJOHN, SARAH ANN            RICHFIELD                     NY-39-35-529
STOCKER, BENJAMIN            SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-13-19
STOCKER, MAGDELAIN           SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-8-124
STOCKER, WILLIAM             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-3-76
STOCKLEY, JOHN               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-10-614
STOCKLEY, SUSANNA S.         SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-36-91
STOCKWELL, HIRAM             MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-5-276
STODDARD, FRANCES P.         BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-52-373
STONE, ADONIRAM              ONEONTA                       NY-39-23-253
STONE, CARDER                MILFORD                       NY-39-10-315
STONER, GEORGE               RICHFIELD                     NY-39-25-181
STORMS, HENRY J.             UNADILLA                      NY-39-24-469
STORRS, NATHANIEL E.         WORCESTER                     NY-39-33-547
STORY, BENJAMIN              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-B-71
STORY, BURRELL L.            EXETER                        NY-39-29-61
STORY, ELIZABETH             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-18-391
STORY, GEORGE                OTSEGO                        NY-39-25-385
STORY, GEORGE                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-17-151
STORY, JOSHUA H.             OTSEGO                        NY-39-18-337
STORY, LAURA                 EXETER                        NY-39-29-55
STORY, ROBERT                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-10-216
STOUGHTON, EDWARD            MARYLAND                      NY-39-39-385
STOVER, CHARLES              MARYLAND                      NY-39-40-313
STOWEL, JACOB                RICHFIELD                     NY-39-1-553
STOWEL, JACOB                RICHFIELD                     NY-39-1-106
STOWEL, JAMES                COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-10-124
STOWEL, JONAS                OTSEGO                        NY-39-F-6
STOWELL, MARY                OTSEGO                        NY-39-26-127
STOWELL, WILLIAM             OTSEGO                        NY-39-F-77
STOWELL, WINFIELD S.         MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-33-187
STRAIGHT, JOB                LAURENS                       NY-39-17-361
STRAIL, MARY ANN             WESTFORD                      NY-39-30-643
STRAIN, JAMES                WORCESTER                     NY-39-E-310
STRAIT, ALVINZA              ONEONTA                       NY-39-40-373
STRAIT, DANIEL P.            ONEONTA                       NY-39-10-171
STRAIT, ELIZABETH JANE       ONEONTA                       NY-39-9-53
STRAIT, GEORGE W.            ONEONTA                       NY-39-17-241
STRAIT, WILLIAM              LAURENS                       NY-39-25-439
STRICKLAND, ROGER            CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-A-144
STRIKER, JOSEPH              SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-A-175
STRINGER, MARY               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-44-247
STRINGER, WILLIAM            CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-16-319
STRONG, ADDISON P.           LAURENS                       NY-39-40-631
STRONG, CHAUNCY              LAURENS                       NY-39-29-577
STRONG, DWIGHT S.            ONEONTA                       NY-39-29-373
STRONG, HORATIO G.           ONEONTA                       NY-39-33-499
STRONG, SARAH C.             LAURENS                       NY-39-48-559
STRONGITHARM, JAMES          BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-G-40
STRONGITHARM, THOMAS         BURLINGTON                    NY-39-9-371
STRYKER, PETER               RICHFIELD                     NY-39-6-221
STUART, HARRIET C.           UNADILLA                      NY-39-44-199
STUART, ROBERT               DECATUR                       NY-39-29-235
STUART, THOMAS               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-23-79
STUART, WILLIAM              OTSEGO                        NY-39-38-307
SULL, JACOB K.               MORRIS                        NY-39-30-115
SULLIVAN, HANNAH             WORCESTER                     NY-39-36-55
SULLIVAN, MARTIN             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-H-3
SULLIVAN, ROBERT F.          UNADILLA                      NY-39-50-193
SULLIVAN, SILAS              ONEONTA                       NY-39-38-421
SUMMERS, NATHAN              PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-E-225
SUMNER, CHARLES              EXETER                        NY-39-20-199
SUTHERLAND, IRENE            EDMESTON                      NY-39-21-487
SUTHERLAND, JANE E.          ONEONTA                       NY-39-27-373
SUTHERLAND, MAHALA           ONEONTA                       NY-39-43-469
SUTHERLAND, SMITH            WESTFORD                      NY-39-10-61
SUTHERLAND, VINNIE           WESTFORD                      NY-39-25-205
SUTLIFF, CORNELIA P.         CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-37-409
SUTLIFF, HENRY               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-7-562
SUTLIN, JOSEPH B.            HARTWICK                      NY-39-10-89
SUTPHEN, JOHN                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-B-269
SUTPHEN, JOHN P.             ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-12-398
SUTTON, MERRITT              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-46-7
SWACKHAMER, JANET            HARTWICK                      NY-39-49-88
SWAIN, DARIUS                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-F-54
SWAIN, JOHN                  CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-G-90
SWART, ELKANAH               ONEONTA                       NY-39-37-175
SWART, GEORGE                ONEONTA                       NY-39-10-177
SWART, MARGARET              MILFORD                       NY-39-12-516
SWART, PETER W.              ONEONTA                       NY-39-18-91
SWARTHOUT, RICHARD           MILFORD                       NY-39-17-145
SWARTOUT, ANDREW             PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-26-19
SWARTOUT, POLLY              PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-28-205
SWAZEY, JOSEPH               WESTFORD                      NY-39-C-97
SWEET, ABEL                  BURLINGTON                    NY-39-9-278
SWEET, AMOS                  MILFORD                       NY-39-12-198
SWEET, DAVID                 PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-C-149
SWEET, GEORGE F.             EXETER                        NY-39-18-85
SWEET, GEORGE W.             MILFORD                       NY-39-51-589
SWEET, JANE E.               LAURENS                       NY-39-26-247
SWICKHAMER, STEPHEN          HARTWICK                      NY-39-13-91
SWIFT, LYDIA                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-5-26
SYEOMANS, STARLIN            RICHFIELD                     NY-39-383
SYEOMANS, STARLIN            RICHFIELD                     NY-39-11-383
SYKES, LUCY                  SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-28-127

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