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MACDONALD, DAVID F.          BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-43-415
MACHADO, EUPHEMIA M. J.      MORRIS                        NY-39-40-199
MACK, EBENEZER G.            NEW LISBON                    NY-39-18-463
MACK, JOSIAH                 BURLINGTON                    NY-39-1-65
MACK, JOSIAH                 BURLINGTON                    NY-39-1-417
MACK, SAMUEL F.              BURL                          NY-39-31-97
MACKAY, ANSON                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-31-499
MACKEY, HARVEY               ONEONTA                       NY-39-46-307
MACUMBER, EDGAR              MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-10-71
MAIN, JOSEPH                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-3-293
MAIN, MADISON                BURLINGAME                    NY-39-28-187
MAJOR, FRANCES S.            OTSEGO                        NY-39-51-607
MALLARD, JOSEPH              EXETER                        NY-39-37-517
MALLERY, CHARLES W.          ONEONTA                       NY-39-51-451
MALLERY, URIAH               UNADILLA                      NY-39-20-451
MALLETT, SALOME C.           CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-31-1
MALLORY, LUCIUS S.           EXETER                        NY-39-31-595
MALLORY, NORMAN              MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-45-517
MALLORY, SARAH               MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-45-193
MANCHESTER, HELEN M.         MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-40-43
MANCHESTER, LAFAYETTE        OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-183
MANN, ELIZA                  LAURENS                       NY-39-13-382
MANN, EPHRAIM M.             NEW LISBON                    NY-39-10-325
MANN, SAMUEL                 EDMESTON                      NY-39-10-398
MANNING, JOHN P.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-34-145
MANSFIELD, ISAAC             MORRIS                        NY-39-44-205
MAPLES, DAVID                HARTWICK                      NY-39-2-344
MAPLES, HANNAH               HARTWICK                      NY-39-39-409
MAPLES, HANNAH E.            NEW LISBON                    NY-39-52-469
MAPLES, LOIS                 HARDWICK                      NY-39-8-34
MARINUS, JEREMIAH T.         ONEONTA                       NY-39-31-349
MARITN, ANDREW               ONEONTA                       NY-39-46-421
MARKHAM, JAMES               RICHFIELD                     NY-39-11-73
MARKHAM, JAMES JR.           RICHFIELD                     NY-39-8-286
MARKS, BETSEY A.             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-30-505
MARKS, BUEONA                MIDDLFIELD                    NY-39-13-67
MARKS, DAVID                 CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-4-182
MARKS, JOHN                  CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-F-87
MARKS, MANDANA H.            BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-43-283
MARKS, MATTHEW               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-39-1
MARKS, RHODA                 BURLINGTON                    NY-39-32-637
MARLETT, RACHAEL H.          LAURENS                       NY-39-43-205
MARLETT, SILAS               LAURENS                       NY-39-23-313
MARLETTE, CLIMENA W.         LAURENS                       NY-39-44-271
MARLETTE, GEORGE W.          LAURENS                       NY-39-34-151
MARSH, BENJAMIN S.           BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-21-151
MARSH, EPHRAIM               UNADILLA                      NY-39-4-144
MARSH, HIRAM K.              HARTWICK                      NY-39-47-391
MARSH, JAMES                 MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-30-493
MARSH, JULIET C.             JERSEY CITY, HUDSON, NJ       NY-39-27-169
MARSH, MARY A.               ONEONTA                       NY-39-50-253
MARSH, SOLOMON               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-24-31
MARSHALL, ELIZABETH A.       HARTWICK                      NY-39-37-127
MARSHALL, JOHN               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-26-151
MARSHALL, THEODORE L.        UNADILLA                      NY-39-36-127
MARTIN, ALVERA               MILFORD                       NY-39-21-109
MARTIN, CHARLES W.           WORCESTER                     NY-39-32-361
MARTIN, EDWARD               WESTFORD                      NY-39-11-249
MARTIN, JOHN                 ONEONTA                       NY-39-44-595
MARTIN, NATHAN               EXETER                        NY-39-F-25
MARTIN, SAMUEL               OTSEGO                        NY-39-13-1
MARTIN, WILLIAM              NEW LISBON                    NY-39-16-469
MARTIN, WILLIAM W.           OTEGO                         NY-39-50-91
MARTINDALE, JAMES            MORRIS                        NY-39-49-242
MARVIN, ABRAHAM              OTSEGO                        NY-39-F-50
MARVIN, ARD                  ONEONTA                       NY-39-8-148
MARVIN, DAVID                OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-79
MARVIN, ELIAS B.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-10-159
MARVIN, GEORGE H.            MILFORD                       NY-39-25-481
MARVIN, HARVEY               OTSEGO                        NY-39-12-354
MARVIN, MARTIN               OTSEGO                        NY-39-14-375
MARX, HENRY                  ONEONTA                       NY-39-45-421
MASON, C. LEWIS              PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-27-541
MASON, CHARLES               PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-26-145
MASON, DANIEL                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-2-182
MASON, JAMES                 RICHFIELD                     NY-39-43-91
MASON, JESSE                 PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-14-41
MASON, LINUS S.              MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-35-523
MASON, ZURNAH V.             EDMESTON                      NY-39-30-649
MASSON, JAMES                BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-37-565
MASTERS, AMELIA              MARYLAND                      NY-39-23-193
MASTERS, LEVI                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-12-407
MATHER, EZRA                 NEW LISBON                    NY-39-19-55
MATHER, FRANCIS              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-46-463
MATHER, IVY C.               NEW LISBON                    NY-39-28-469
MATHER, JOHN F.              NEW LISBON                    NY-39-21-319
MATHER, OLIVER M.            GUILFORD                      NY-39-H-7
MATHER, SYLVANUS             NEW LISBON                    NY-39-2-416
MATHEWS, HENRIETTA E.        MORRIS                        NY-39-35-43
MATHEWSON, CHARLES           LAURENS                       NY-39-1-295
MATHEWSON, DAVID             HARTWICK                      NY-39-F-88
MATSON, LEROY                EDMESTON                      NY-39-52-145
MATTERSON, ABEL              EDMESTON                      NY-39-21-43
MATTERSON, NANCY K.          EXETER                        NY-39-38-19
MATTERSON, SALLY             BURLINGTON                    NY-39-32-379
MATTESO, MARGARET A.         SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-45-583
MATTESON, AMOS               LAURENS                       NY-39-10-43
MATTESON, BENJAMIN H.        MORRIS                        NY-39-30-499
MATTESON, CALEB              EXETER                        NY-39-H-6
MATTESON, DAVID S.           LAURENS                       NY-39-42-379
MATTESON, DEWITT J.          LAURENS                       NY-39-31-475
MATTESON, FRANKLIN S.        LAURENS                       NY-39-11-393
MATTESON, LEONARD            HARTWICK                      NY-39-19-451
MATTESON, MORAN J.           BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-25-433
MATTESON, SABRINA            OTSEGO                        NY-39-28-139
MATTHEWS, MARIETTA C.        MORRIS                        NY-39-40-211
MATTHEWSON, CHARLES          LAURENS                       NY-39-1-19
MATTICE, GEORGE              ONEONTA                       NY-39-33-451
MATTISON, ABEL               PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-12-76
MATTISON, ASA                EXETER                        NY-39-10-559
MATTISON, ASA                EXETER                        NY-39-11-71
MATTISON, IRA M.             EXETER                        NY-39-40-229
MATTISON, JOSHUA D.          MORRIS                        NY-39-25-103
MATTISON, PELEG              EXETER                        NY-39-44-553
MATTTICE, JANE               UNADILLA                      NY-39-46-301
MAURE, MARY H.               EDMESTON                      NY-39-43-589
MAXFIELD, ABRAHAM            SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-12-246
MAXFIELD, DANIEL             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-46-163
MAXIM, ELANA                 MORRIS                        NY-39-36-427
MAXSON, DAVID                EDMESTON                      NY-39-31-265
MAXSON, EPHRAIM              EDMESTON                      NY-39-19-277
MAXWELL, ALEXANDER           OTSEGO                        NY-39-7-602
MAY, BETSEY                  EXETER                        NY-39-4-49
MAY, EZRA                    EXETER                        NY-39-G-59
MAY, GEORGE                  EXETER                        NY-39-35-469
MAYHAM, CLARENCE F.          ONEONTA                       NY-39-46-331
MAYNARD, ESTHER G.           MORRIS                        NY-39-42-427
MAYNE, EUGENE                BURLINGTON                    NY-39-40-547
MAYNE, ROSIE E.              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-47-499
MCCAH, ALICE                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-33-85
MCCALL, HORACE               ONEONTA                       NY-39-29-175
MCCALL, MARTHA M.            ONEONTA                       NY-39-14-363
MCCALL, SARAH                OTSEGO                        NY-39-46-409
MCCALLEY, CATHARINE          CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-F-7
MCCANN, MARGARET ANN         WORCESTER                     NY-39-50-337
MCCARTHY, JOHN               RICHFIELD                     NY-39-47-343
MCCARTHY, MARY               ONEONTA                       NY-39-36-49
MCCARTHY, MICHAEL            DECATUR                       NY-39-D-161
MCCLAUGHRY, WILLIAM          UNADILLA                      NY-39-16-157
MCCLELAN, WILLIAM            LAURENS                       NY-39-48-175
MCCLELLAN, MATTHEW J.        NEW LISBON                    NY-39-34-463
MCCLINTOCK, EBENEZER         MORRIS                        NY-39-18-109
MCCLINTOCK, MARGARET A.      WORCESTER                     NY-39-50-103
MCCOLLOM, ALVAH              NEW LISBON                    NY-39-32-331
MCCOLLUM, DANIEL             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-10-29
MCCOLLUM, HORATIO NELSON     MORRIS                        NY-39-11-578
MCCOLLUM, HORATIO NELSON     MORRIS                        NY-39-578
MCCULLEY, JOHN T.            ONEONTA                       NY-39-45-433
MCCUMBER, GEORGE             UNADILLA                      NY-39-32-619
MCDONALD, CORNELIA           WORCESTER                     NY-39-47-505
MCDONALD, ELIZABETH          OTSEGO                        NY-39-26-517
MCDONALD, MARY               RICHFIELD                     NY-39-42-595
MCDONALD, MARY J.            OTSEGO                        NY-39-50-187
MCDOUGAL, JAMES              ONEONTA                       NY-39-39-151
MCELROY, MARGARET            OTSEGO                        NY-39-30-511
MCEWEN, THOMAS               OTSEGO                        NY-39-21-355
MCFEE, ALEXANDER             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-35-373
MCFEE, HARRIET               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-35-253
MCFEE, JAMES                 CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-31-523
MCFEE, JOHN                  CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-9-113
MCFEE, NORMAN                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-47-541
MCFEE, WILLIAM               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-6-381
MCGINNESS, PATRICK           WORCESTER                     NY-39-25-247
MCGOWN, PHEBE                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-12-111
MCGOWN, STEPHEN              CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-6-18
MCGURLEY, DANIEL             ONEONTA                       NY-39-24-91
MCINTYRE, ELISHA             PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-11-37
MCINTYRE, POLLY              PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-24-517
MCKAIN, JAMES                NEW LISBON                    NY-39-8-233
MCKARN, PATRICK              MILFORD                       NY-39-36-433
MCKEE, SUSIE G.              EDMESTON                      NY-39-36-43
MCKEEN, SAMUEL               OTSEGO                        NY-39-7-611
MCKELLIP, MARY               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-29-133
MCKOWN, JAMES                MARYLAND                      NY-39-47-97
MCKOWN, ROBERT               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-A-104
MCLAUGHLIN, SARAH A.         OTSEGO                        NY-39-41-505
MCLAURY, JOHN H.             MILFORD                       NY-39-43-307
MCLEAN, JULIA                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-47-457
MCMANUS, MARGARET J.         ONEONTA                       NY-39-43-355
MCMINN, GEORGE S.            LAURENS                       NY-39-52-523
MCMULLEN, LAWRENCE           WORCESTER                     NY-39-36-7
MCNALLEM, PETER              MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-34-529
MCNALLEN, ANDREW             MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-39-547
MCNAMEE, JOHN L.             OTSEGO                        NY-39-38-79
MCNEIL, DANIEL               MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-52-289
MCNITT, NELSON               MORRIS                        NY-39-41-301
MCRORIE, GEORGE              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-41-199
MCRORIE, MARY J.             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-48-301
MCRORIE, ROSA                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-40-607
MCROXIE, PETER               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-26-199
MEACHAM, ASA                 BURLINGTON                    NY-39-13-223
MEACHAM, HANNAH              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-24-37
MEACHAM, JEREMIAH            RICHFIELD                     NY-39-9-143
MEACHAM, JEREMIAH            BURLINGTON                    NY-39-G-100
MEAD, ALMIRA E.              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-40-13
MEAD, DAVID                  LAURENS                       NY-39-25-319
MEAD, JAMES                  LAURENS                       NY-39-18-433
MEAD, RACHAEL H.             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-33-211
MEAD, RUFUS G.               UNADILLA                      NY-39-11-192
MEARS, FRANCES J.            ONEONTA                       NY-39-34-505
MECKER, ARVESTIUS            BURLINGTON                    NY-39-37-31
MEDBURY, CHARLES             PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-27-517
MEDBURY, CHARLES H.          PITTSFIELD                    93-643
MEDBURY, WALLACE D.          EDMESTON                      NY-39-46-283
MEEKER, JOHN                 UNADILLA                      NY-39-26-307
MENDEL, ABRAHAM L.           ONEONTA                       NY-39-50-355
MERCHANT, CHLOE A.           OTSEGO                        NY-39-44-103
MERENESS, LOUISA             OTSEGO                        NY-39-39-175
MERICK, EPHRAIM              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-16-49
MERICK, MIRANDA              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-35-139
MERICK, RUFUS                BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-4-232
MERITHEW, PHILIP             OTSEGO                        NY-39-11-318
MERITHEW, WILLIAM            OTSEGO                        NY-39-35-409
MERRELL, SAMUEL              LAURENS                       NY-39-14-159
MERRICK, JAMES               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-22-361
MERRICK, LUCRETIA            BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-26-139
MERRILL, LAURA               OTSEGO                        NY-39-52-541
MERRIMAN, SAMUEL             UNADILLA                      NY-39-G-20
MERRIMAN, SCHUYLER           UNADILLA                      NY-39-45-109
MERRITHEW, ELIZA             UNADILLA                      NY-39-31-223
MERRITT, DANIEL W.           OTSEGO                        NY-39-45-139
MERRITT, GEORGE              CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-45-55
MERRITT, LUCY S.             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-34-97
MERWIN, ALMON                OTSEGO                        NY-39-G-37
METCALF, ALGERNON W.         OTSEGO                        NY-39-36-187
METCALF, ANDREW              OTSEGO                        NY-39-27-445
METCALF, ARUNAH              OTSEGO                        NY-39-8-252
METCALF, CHARLES H.          OTSEGO                        NY-39-18-211
METCALF, ELIJAH H.           COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-F-69
METCALF, LUCIAN T.           HARTWICK                      NY-39-45-505
METCALF, OLIVE               OTSEGO                        NY-39-39-379
METCALF, ZEBULON             OTSEGO                        NY-39-A-245
MEYERS, ABSALOM              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-23-121
MICHALES, CATHARINE          CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-22-301
MICHEL, CHRISTIAN            LAURENS                       NY-39-12-186
MICKEL, PHILIP               HARTWICK                      NY-39-31-181
MILLARD, JOHN R.             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-27-247
MILLARD, RUSSELL             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-12-434
MILLER, BETSEY               MORRIS                        NY-39-32-493
MILLER, CARRIE L.            ONEONTA                       NY-39-47-229
MILLER, CHARLOTTE M.         LAURENS                       NY-39-41-13
MILLER, CHESTER              NEW LISBON                    NY-39-28-301
MILLER, CLEMENT              HARTWICK                      NY-39-1-47
MILLER, CLEMENT              HARTWICK                      NY-39-1-377
MILLER, CORDELIA A.          PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-41-571
MILLER, DAVID M.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-39-463
MILLER, ELISHA               BALLSTON                      NY-39-C-159
MILLER, ELLIOTT M.           BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-32-151
MILLER, HENRY H.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-10-60
MILLER, HENRY L.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-11-468
MILLER, ISAAC JR.            PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-37-115
MILLER, JOHN                 PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-30-451
MILLER, JOHN                 ONEONTA                       NY-39-41-577
MILLER, LEVANTIA W.          ONEONTA                       NY-39-34-19
MILLER, MARY                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-27-37
MILLER, MARY MARGARET        COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-10-293
MILLER, MARY R.              ONEONTA                       NY-39-50-361
MILLER, PETER                ONEONTA                       NY-39-47-169
MILLER, WILLIAM              UNADILLA                      NY-39-42-385
MILLIKEN, JOHN L.            LAURENS                       NY-39-50-31
MILLIS, HART                 BURLINGTON                    NY-39-42-235
MILLIS, WILLIAM L.           BURLINGTON                    NY-39-48-379
MILLS, DANIEL                BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-C-26
MILLS, DANIEL                MORRIS                        NY-39-42-37
MILLS, JOHN                  HARTWICK                      NY-39-38-193
MILLS, LA FAYETTE            NEW LISBON                    NY-39-47-211
MILLS, WILSON                PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-21-229
MILLSON, CATHARINE           CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-40-469
MINER, LEWIS                 MORRIS                        NY-39-16-103
MINER, MARGARETT             OTSEGO                        NY-39-27-487
MINKLER, JOHN                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-23-1
MINOR, SARAH A.              OTSEGO                        NY-39-52-595
MITCHELL, GEORGE             EDMESTON                      NY-39-10-120
MITCHELL, SOLOMON            OTSEGO                        NY-39-G-27
MOAK, CASLER                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-42-433
MOAKLER, MARY                OTSEGO                        NY-39-35-283
MOAKLER, MICHAEL             MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-45-19
MOFFATT, JONATHAN            PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-G-3
MOLTER, PHILIP               WORCESTER                     NY-39-E-140
MONK, DANIEL A.              EXETER                        NY-39-47-205
MONK, SUSAN                  SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-14-369
MONKHAM, QUARTUS             WORCESTER                     NY-39-21-457
MONRO, JOSIAH                BURLINGTON                    NY-39-16-91
MONROE, BENNETT W.           UNADILLA                      NY-39-36-61
MONROE, WALTER C.            EDMESTON                      NY-39-22-391
MONTFORT, AARON              WORCESTER                     NY-39-12-87
MOONEY, JAMES                WORCESTER                     NY-39-9-263
MOORE, ALBERT G.             MORRIS                        NY-39-23-421
MOORE, ANDREW                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-1-181
MOORE, ANDREW                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-1-693
MOORE, ANSEL C.              MORRIS                        NY-39-29-421
MOORE, BETSEY                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-2-556
MOORE, CHAUNCEY              MORRIS                        NY-39-13-305
MOORE, CHESTER               MORRIS                        NY-39-24-181
MOORE, ELIZABETH A.          MORRIS                        NY-39-44-451
MOORE, ESTHER                MORRIS                        NY-39-34-481
MOORE, JOHN                  CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-25-229
MOORE, JOHN                  WORCESTER                     NY-39-1-14
MOORE, JOHN                  WORCESTER                     NY-39-1-279
MOORE, JOHN I.               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-17-133
MOORE, JONATHAN              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-F-11
MOORE, MARGARET              CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-44-619
MOORE, MARGARET              CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-32-313
MOORE, REBECCA               HARTWICK                      NY-39-10-402
MOORE, SALLY                 ONEONTA                       NY-39-51-79
MOORE, SARAH                 PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-32-61
MOORE, TIMOTHY               PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-18-61
MOORE, WILLIAM               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-2-307A
MORE, WILLIAM J.             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-12-426
MOREHOUSE, BENJAMIN          HTWICK                        NY-39-10-607
MOREHOUSE, ELIZA C.          OTSEGO                        NY-39-17-409
MOREHOUSE, SARAH E. W.       NEW LISBON                    NY-39-37-163
MORELL, DAVID                ONEONTA                       NY-39-39-181
MORELL, JACOB                ONEONTA                       NY-39-37-19
MORENUS, WILLIAM             MILFORD                       NY-39-E-367
MOREY, HARCOURT              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-16-487
MORGAN, CHARLES              HARTWICK                      NY-39-7-456
MORGAN, DELIA LEACH          MADISON, MADISON, NY          NY-39-3-279
MORGAN, EDWIN J.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-41-433
MORGAN, ERVIN F.             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-34-385
MORGAN, JONATHAN             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-G-79
MORRELL, DEBORAH             ONEONTA                       NY-39-12-237
MORRELL, ISAAC               ONEONTA                       NY-39-48-391
MORRIS, ADOLPHUS G.          ONEONTA                       NY-39-48-55
MORRIS, CATHARINE S.         PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-25-523
MORRIS, DAVID E.             MILFORD                       NY-39-23-451
MORRIS, HANNAH               MORRIS                        NY-39-14-147
MORRIS, JACOB ****           BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-6-256
MORRIS, JOHN COY             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-9-10
MORRIS, LEWIS LEE            MORRIS                        NY-39-9-401
MORRIS, MARY ADELAIDE        MORRIS                        NY-39-36-577
MORRIS, RICHARD              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-14-427
MORRIS, SAMUEL               OTSEGO                        NY-39-3-283
MORRISEY, JOHN               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-44-217
MORRISON, JANE               UNADILLA                      NY-39-14-381
MORSE, ABEL                  SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-5-307
MORSE, CLARK                 LAURENS                       NY-39-8-237
MORSE, JAMES O.              CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-3-184
MORSE, LORA                  PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-27-139
MORSE, LUCY                  BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-23-229
MORSE, MARY L.               UNADILLA                      NY-39-45-103
MORSE, MELORA                NEW LISBON                    NY-39-16-229
MORSE, OLIVE RA.             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-17-307
MORSE, ROSWELL A.            UNADILLA                      NY-39-46-235
MORSE, STEPHEN               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-23-49
MORSE, TIMOTHY               BURLINGTON                    NY-39-F-61
MORSE, WAIT                  NEW LISBON                    NY-39-9-102
MORTON, UROTUS PORTER        ONEONTA                       NY-39-44-211
MORY, NAOMI                  NTL                           NY-39-2-316
MOSES, LAURA M.              EDMESTON                      NY-39-52-43
MOSHER, DIANTHA              ONEONTA                       NY-39-21-481
MOSHER, ELIZA                ONEONTA                       NY-39-48-115
MOSHER, SAMUEL               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-12-420
MOSS, TRUMAN                 BURLINGTON                    NY-39-30-145
MOTT, LOTT                   EXETER                        NY-39-11-552
MOTT, NATHANIEL              OTSEGO                        NY-39-12-60
MOTTRAM, LOUISA              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-44-151
MOUNTAIN, FRANCIS            BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-7-94
MOWERS, PHYLINDA             WORCESTER                     NY-39-51-85
MOWKS, WILLIAM               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-33-121
MUDGE, MAHALA                MORRIS                        NY-39-21-445
MUDGE, RUFUS                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-24-247
MULLER, HANNAH M.            WORCESTER                     NY-39-29-163
MULLER, MARY                 WORCESTER                     NY-39-12-44
MULLIGAN, SARAH J.           MORRIS                        NY-39-31-403
MULTER, CHRISTIAN            WORCESTER                     NY-39-10-51
MULTER, JOHN D.              WORCESTER                     NY-39-42-295
MULTER, JOSEPH               WORCESTER                     NY-39-10-621
MULVY, PHILLIP               EXETER                        NY-39-27-115
MUMFORD, ELIZA               MILFORD                       NY-39-41-397
MUMFORD, JESSIE              MILFORD                       NY-39-34-1
MUNSON, JOHN H.              ONEONTA                       NY-39-38-517
MUNSON, PETER                ONEONTA                       NY-39-30-223
MURDOCH, IRA W.              HARTWICK                      NY-39-28-121
MURDOCK, ABIGAIL             HARTWICK                      NY-39-19-295
MURDOCK, ALEXANDER           HARTWICK                      NY-39-10-45
MURDOCK, DANIEL              HARTWICK                      NY-39-11-453
MURDOCK, GEORGE              HARTWICK                      NY-39-9-23
MURDOCK, HENRY C.            HARTWICK                      NY-39-31-235
MURDOCK, HIRAM               LAURENS                       NY-39-47-49
MURDOCK, JAMES L.            ONEONTA                       NY-39-44-601
MURDOCK, JOHN                HARTWICK                      NY-39-2-172
MURDOCK, LAURA               HARTWICK                      NY-39-32-139
MURDOCK, MARGARET            DECATUR                       NY-39-34-511
MURPHY, BENJAMIN             MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-8-188
MURPHY, LYDIA                OTSEGO                        NY-39-40-487
MURPHY, SMITH                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-10-308
MURPHY, ZADA                 MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-8-162
MURRAY, ALICE                HARTWICK                      NY-39-17-127
MURRAY, ROBERT R.            MILFORD                       NY-39-10-340
MURRAY, WILLIAM              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-34-643
MURRY, MARY                  MORRIS                        NY-39-17-337
MUSSEN, ROBERT S.            BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-43-361
MUSSON, BENJAMIN B.          BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-28-373
MUSSON, RICHARD              NTL                           NY-39-3-188
MUSSON, RICHARD H.           BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-42-643
MUSSON, SALLY                BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-41-217
MUSSON, SARAH F.             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-44-229
MUSSON, WILLIAM              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-B-80
MUSSON, WILLIAM              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-47-313
MUTTER, EMERSON C.           WORCESTER                     NY-39-24-1
MYERS, JOHN                  LAURENS                       NY-39-G-81
MYERS, JOHN                  UNADILLA                      NY-39-45-487
MYERS, OLIVER                OTEGO                         NY-39-C-84
MYERS, PHOEBE                OTSEGO                        NY-39-28-211
MYERS, SABRINA               UNADILLA                      NY-39-19-463
MYRICK, ALBERT               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-34-25
MYRICK, BELINDA B.           BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-23-37
MYRICK, CHARLES              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-24-475
MYRICK, JOHN                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-24-25
NASH, ALBERT                 OTEGO                         NY-39-49-207
NASH, CORNELIA A.            CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-41-7
NASH, DANIEL                 BURLINGTON                    NY-39-3-25
NASH, EBENEZER               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-7-47
NASH, SAMUEL                 NEW LISBON                    NY-39-E-378
NEAL, WILLIAM                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-33-487
NEARING, ABRAM G.            NEW LISBON                    NY-39-33-553
NEARING, ADELIA              NEW LISBON                    NY-39-51-7
NEARING, CZAR                NEW LISBON                    NY-39-9-405
NEARING, EDWIN A.            ONEONTA                       NY-39-50-547
NEARING, HENRY               NEW LISBON                    NY-39-7-368
NEARING, HENRY               NEW LISBON                    NY-39-23-199
NEARING, HENRY D.            NEW LISBON                    NY-39-47-547
NEARING, MARY ANN            NEW LISBON                    NY-39-43-235
NEARING, SAMUEL J.           NEW LISBON                    NY-39-43-229
NEARING, TRUMAN              NEW LISBON                    NY-39-11-493
NEBEL, CYNTHA E.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-14-351
NEER, CHARLES J.             WORCESTER                     NY-39-10-554
NEFF, ELIZABETH              NEW LISBON                    NY-39-26-511
NELLIS, JACOB                MILFORD                       NY-39-43-115
NELLIS, JOSEPH A.            ONEONTA                       NY-39-44-319
NELSON, CATHARINE A.         OTSEGO                        NY-39-22-337
NELSON, JAMES                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-C-32
NELSON, SAMUEL               OTSEGO                        NY-39-21-61
NESKERN, GRACE               EXETER                        NY-39-46-643
NESTELL, HARRIET E.          CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-34-289
NESTLE, JOSEPH               MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-10-131
NEWCOMB, DAVID               EDMISTON                      NY-39-3-233
NEWCOMB, ISAIAH              MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-2-569
NEWELL, CHAUNCY              OTSEGO                        NY-39-G-48
NEWELL, HARRIETT             MILFORD                       NY-39-25-235
NEWELL, HIRAM                OTSEGO                        NY-39-34-391
NEWELL, KATE                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-46-193
NEWELL, NATHANIEL            MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-30-139
NEWELL, NORMAN               MORRIS                        NY-39-19-49
NEWELL, ROSELLA P.           HARTWICK                      NY-39-32-469
NEWKIRK,CHARLES H.           EDMESTON                      NY-39-32-25
NEWLAND, LESTER              OTSEGO                        NY-39-24-169
NEWLAND, RUTH                UNADILLA                      NY-39-25-343
NEWMAN, JONATHAN             HARTWICK                      NY-39-G-75
NEWMAN, JOSHUA               OTSEGO                        NY-39-41-403
NEWMAN, LUCENIA              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-51-475
NEWMAN, WILLIAM M.           BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-47-259
NEWOTN, JAMES A.             MILFORD                       NY-39-50-565
NEWTON, JAMES                HARTWICK                      NY-39-6-66
NICHOLLS, HENRY L.           WORCESTER                     NY-39-41-223
NICHOLS, DAVID               EDMESTON                      NY-39-16-193
NICHOLS, WILLIAM             OTSEGO                        NY-39-16-337
NILES, ALPHA                 ONEONTA                       NY-39-33-277
NILES, ELIZABETH             ONEONTA                       NY-39-47-25
NILES, HANNAH                ONEONTA                       NY-39-18-55
NILES, NATHANIEL             ONEONTA                       NY-39-9-315
NILES, NATHANIEL             OTSEGO                        NY-39-E-371
NILES, VAN RENSELAER         EXETER                        NY-39-30-13
NOBLE, ABIGAIL W.            UNADILLA                      NY-39-38-385
NOBLE, ANNA                  UNADILLA                      NY-39-13-369
NOBLE, CARINGTON F.          UNADILLA                      NY-39-16-127
NOBLE, CHARLES C.            UNADILLA                      NY-39-9-188
NOBLE, ELIZA B.              UNADILLA                      NY-39-28-37
NOBLE, ELNATHAN              NEW LISBON                    NY-39-G-14
NOBLE, GEORGE H.             UNADILLA                      NY-39-8-138
NOLAN, MARTIN                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-33-217
NORTH, ALBERT                OTSEGO                        NY-39-9-103
NORTH, CLARINDA S.           MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-37-373
NORTH, DANIEL                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-10-638
NORTH, ELIZA                 UNADILLA                      NY-39-39-37
NORTH, SAMUEL                UNADILLA                      NY-39-43-331
NORTHCOTT, WILLIAM           BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-25-547
NORTHRUP, EDMUND             WORCESTER                     NY-39-9-364
NORTHRUP, EMANUEL            ONEONTA                       NY-39-17-427
NORTHRUP, JOSEPH             OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-214
NORTHRUP, JOSIAH             ONEONTA                       NY-39-7-570
NORTHRUP, MARIA              WORCESTER                     NY-39-11-339
NORTHRUP, MARY ANN           OTSEGO                        NY-39-22-43
NORTHRUP, MORRIS             ONEONTA                       NY-39-46-511
NORTHRUP, NICHOLAS C.        EDMESTON                      NY-39-29-499
NORTHRUP, ROBERT             OTSEGO                        NY-39-20-421
NORTHRUP, SOPHIA             WESTFORD                      NY-39-21-79
NORTHRUP, WILLIAM G.         HARTWICK                      NY-39-15-68
NORTHUP, CAROLINE            OTEGO                         NY-39-49-226
NORTHUP, HANNAH              OTSEGO                        NY-39-11-307
NORTON, CHAUNCEY H.          BURLINGTON                    NY-39-29-343
NORTON, GRACE                WESTFORD                      NY-39-29-91
NORTON, NANCY                BURLINGTON                    NY-39-42-7
NORTON, SARAH A.             EXETER                        NY-39-37-577
NORTON, STEPHEN              WESTFORD                      NY-39-26-224
NORTON, THEODORE A.          ONEONTA                       NY-39-47-553
NORTON, WILLIAM              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-39-403
NYE, ABEL                    PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-35-319
OAKLEY, JAMES M.             OTSEGO                        NY-39-39-247
OAKS, LOCINDA                ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-33-625
OATLEY, JONATHAN             PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-40-613
OBRIEN, JONATHAN             NEW LISBON                    NY-39-10-532
OCONE, JOSEPH                PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-E-91
OCONNELL, DANIEL             OTSEGO                        NY-39-50-109
ODELL, HANNAH                OTSEGO                        NY-39-39-133
ODELL, MARY ANN              UNADILLA                      NY-39-41-409
OLDREDGE, HANNAH             BURLINGTON                    NY-39-30-175
OLENDORF, DANIEL             HARTWICK                      NY-39-8-77
OLIN, MELISSA E.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-47-361
OLIN, WILLIAM                ONEONTA                       NY-39-18-265
OLIN, WILLIAM H.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-37-349
OLINDORPH, JOHN              HARTWICK                      NY-39-25-13
OLIVER, JANE F.              SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-6-123
OLIVER, JOHN A.              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-9-161
OLIVER, WILLIAM              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-25-37
ORDERSON, DORATHY ANN        NTL                           NY-39-3-172
ORENDORF, BETSEY             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-41-61
ORMISTON, CATHERINE          SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-19-85
ORMISTON, ROBERT             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-5-386
ORR, DAVID                   ONEONTA                       NY-39-52-157
OSBORN, AMANDA               MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-29-469
OSBORN, BETSEY               WORCESTER                     NY-39-32-475
OSBORN, HELENUS              MILFORD                       NY-39-45-67
OSBORN, ISAAC                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-10-300
OSBORN, JOHN A.              WORCESTER                     NY-39-29-139
OSBORN, MARY G.              ONEONTA                       NY-39-33-457
OSGOOD, URI                  BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-46-277
OSMOND, HIRAM                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-16-25
OSMOND, JAMES                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-31-199
OSTERHOUDT, ABRAM C.         ONEONTA                       NY-39-32-295
OSTERHOUDT, AMANDA           ONEONTA                       NY-39-51-559
OSTRANDER                    PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-9-7
OSTRANDER, MOSES             COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-E-27
OSTRANDER, PETER             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-8-170
OSTRANDER, WILLIAM           SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-19-109
OTTAWAY, ROBERT              MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-36-175
OUGH, PETER                  CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-32-97
OUGH, PETER                  CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-10-384
OUSTERHOUT, HENRY            ONEONTA                       NY-39-12-360
OXNER, HENRY                 RICHFIELD                     NY-39-16-187
PACKER, NANCY                MILFORD                       NY-39-43-523
PACKER, WILLIAM              MILFORD                       NY-39-43-625
PADDOCK, EMILY A.            BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-40-553
PAGE, ESECK                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-1-259
PAGE, ESEK                   OTSEGO                        NY-39-1-31
PAGE, OLIVE                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-35-295
PAGE, SHERMAN                UNADILLA                      NY-39-10-1
PAINE, JANE                  ONEONTA                       NY-39-45-163
PAINE, JOHN S.               HARTWICK                      NY-39-26-49
PALMER, ABEL                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-D-80
PALMER, ALDEN                BURLINGTON                    NY-39-10-429
PALMER, ALMON D.             MILFORD                       NY-39-36-241
PALMER, BENJAMIN             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-G-23
PALMER, CALEB                UNADILLA                      NY-39-49-74
PALMER, CHRISTOPHER          EXETER                        NY-39-10-127
PALMER, DAVID A.             MARYLAND                      NY-39-42-67
PALMER, ELIJAH               BURLINGTON                    NY-39-28-481
PALMER, ELISABETH            OTSEGO                        NY-39-B-127
PALMER, ELLEN                UNADILLA                      NY-39-43-1
PALMER, ERASTUS D.           OTSEGO                        NY-39-1-631
PALMER, HUGH E.              OTSEGO                        NY-39-35-85
PALMER, HUMPHREY             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-26-193
PALMER, ICHABOD B.           BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-B-160
PALMER, IRA                  EXETER                        NY-39-22-139
PALMER, JOSIAH               UNADILLA                      NY-39-32-523
PALMER, LEVI                 UNADILLA                      NY-39-32-217
PALMER, LYDIA                BURLINGTON                    NY-39-21-409
PALMER, MARY                 BURLINGTON                    NY-39-29-247
PALMER, MARY                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-18-43
PALMER, NATHAN               RICHFIELD                     NY-39-10-228
PALMER, PAUL                 UNADILLA                      NY-39-22-223
PALMER, REUBEN               EXETER                        NY-39-9-368
PALMER, RUTH                 MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-15-154
PALMER, SARAH A.             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-43-211
PALMER, SARAH A.             MILFORD                       NY-39-42-241
PALMER, WEALTHY M.           UNADILLA                      NY-39-35-235
PALMETER, PHEBE C.           EDMESTON                      NY-39-41-79
PALMITER, WILLIAM M.         EDMESTON                      NY-39-36-637
PANK, MATTHEW                WESTFORD                      NY-39-46-31
PANK, ROBERT                 MARYLAND                      NY-39-35-193
PARDEE, SIMS                 EDMESTON                      NY-39-28-103
PARISH, ANDREW               ONEONTA                       NY-39-15-1
PARISH, HUNTINGTON           ONEONTA                       NY-39-51-601
PARISH, PRIME                PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-38-337
PARISH, STEPHEN              ONEONTA                       NY-39-35-157
PARK, DANIEL A.              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-44-301
PARK, JOHN                   BURLINGTON                    NY-39-10-624
PARKER, ACHSAH               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-21-19
PARKER, ALEXANDER            BURLINGTON                    NY-39-7-363
PARKER, AMASA                BURLINGTON                    NY-39-10-259
PARKER, BETSEY HUBBELL       BURLINGTON                    NY-39-22-445
PARKER, CATHARINE            MILFORD                       NY-39-42-535
PARKER, ELISHA               NEW LISBON                    NY-39-26-397
PARKER, HENRY                BURLINGTON                    NY-39-37-361
PARKER, JUDIAH               BURLINGTON                    NY-39-A-207
PARKER, POLLY C.             BURLINGTON                    NY-39-38-235
PARMELEE, SOLOMON H.         SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-38-259
PARSHALL, ANN W.             MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-33-109
PARSHALL, CLARK D.           MIDDLFIELD                    NY-39-36-625
PARSHALL, DELIA              MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-26-553
PARSHALL, DELIA ANN          MIFLROD                       NY-39-21-31
PARSHALL, ELIAS              MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-17-439
PARSHALL, FANNY              MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-29-481
PARSHALL, GEORGE             MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-17-169
PARSHALL, JAMES              MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-9-117
PARSHALL, JOHN               MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-19-121
PARSHALL, LUCY               MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-9-277
PARSHALL, PHEBE ANN          MILFORD                       NY-39-50-211
PASHLEY, MARY A.             LAURENS                       NY-39-51-397
PATCHIN, DANIEL              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-7-450
PATRICK, BARLEY              MARYLAND                      NY-39-19-162
PATRICK, FREELOVE A.         EXETER                        NY-39-40-619
PATTEN, WILLIAM              MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-11-464
PATTENGILL, FITCH            NEW LISBON                    NY-39-11-216
PATTENGILL, HARRIET          ONEONTA                       NY-39-52-637
PATTINGILL, WILLIAM          NEW LISBON                    NY-39-43-265
PAUL, CALEB J.               OTSEGO                        NY-39-28-427
PAUL, CORNELIUS M.           RICHFIELD                     NY-39-2-92
PAUL, JAMES J.               OTSEGO                        NY-39-7-194
PAULK, NATHAN                BURLINGTON                    NY-39-18-331
PAYNE, CATHARINE             WORCESTER                     NY-39-45-463
PAYNE, GEORGE M.             WORCESTER                     NY-39-23-67
PAYNE, JACOB                 WORCESTER                     NY-39-10-322
PAYNE, WILLIAMF .            EDMESTON                      NY-39-48-79
PEABODY, WILLIAM P.          BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-43-175
PEACH, BENJAMIN P.           DECATUR                       NY-39-33-61
PEACH, MARGARET              ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-33-181
PEAK, JAMES M.               COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-10-152
PEARCE, JOSEPH B.            NTL                           NY-39-4-8
PEARCE, NATHAN               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-10-404
PEARCE, WALTER E.            BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-17-49
PEARSALL, ELIZABETH M.       MORRIS                        NY-39-46-433
PEARSALL, LOUIS S.           MORRIS                        NY-39-52-121
PEARSALL, NELSON B.          MORRIS                        NY-39-40-421
PEARSE, DELILAH J.           UNADILLA                      NY-39-44-331
PEARSON, FOARD               OTSEGO                        NY-39-42-73
PEARSON, JOHN                ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-38-61
PEASLEE, JOSEPH B.           CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-30-79
PEASLEE, ROBERT              ONEONTA                       NY-39-29-211
PECHTEL, JACOB               MARYLAND                      NY-39-37-511
PECHTEL, MARY                MARYLAND                      NY-39-45-181
PECK, BETSEY                 NEW LISBON                    NY-39-37-67
PECK, CHARLES R.             OTSEGO                        NY-39-26-229
PECK, ELIZA B.               MILFORD                       NY-39-45-13
PECK, HARVEY                 HARTWICK                      NY-39-33-127
PECK, JEDEDIAH               BURLINGTON                    NY-39-F-68
PECK, JOSEPH                 NEW LISBON                    NY-39-18-361
PECK, PHILENA                OTSEGO                        NY-39-38-589
PECK, TABITHA                BURLINGTON                    NY-39-9-264
PECK, TRYPHENA               LAURENS                       NY-39-35-547
PECK, WILLIAM H.             LAURENS                       NY-39-24-331
PEEBLES, HUGH                MARYLAND                      NY-39-32-37
PEEK, JACOB                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-D-19
PEESO, JOSEPH                ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-46-253
PEESO, THEODORE              ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-29-661
PEET, AMELIA                 ELMESTON                      NY-39-50-577
PEET, ISAAC                  ONEONTA                       NY-39-18-283
PEET, SILAS                  EDMISTON                      NY-39-4-212
PEGG, THOMAS                 SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-10-287
PEMBLETON, JABEZ             HARWICK                       NY-39-5-177
PENINGTON, FREDERICK G.      COOPERTOWN                    NY-39-32-421
PERKINS, ANNA L.             HARTWICK                      NY-39-52-187
PERKINS, CATE                OTSEGO                        NY-39-4-196
PERKINS, ERI                 PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-42-403
PERKINS, JAMES S.            HARTWICK                      NY-39-38-319
PERKINS, JOHN                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-10-377
PERKINS, LEROY B.            LAURENS                       NY-39-43-151
PERKINS, NAAMAN              HARTWICK                      NY-39-40-61
PERKINS, PHILO W.            OTSEGO                        NY-39-19-247
PERKINS, SEYMOUR             LAURENS                       NY-39-24-487
PERKINS, SUSAN               HARTWICK                      NY-39-40-67
PERKINS, WILLIAM             BURLINGTON                    NY-39-38-247
PERKINS, WILLIS A.           MORRIS                        NY-39-33-379
PERRY, ALBIGENCE             NEW LISBON                    NY-39-19-343
PERRY, AMOS                  NEW LISBON                    NY-39-F-17
PERRY, BENJAMIN              PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-E-72
PERRY, CYNTHIA               NEW LISBON                    NY-39-10-296
PERRY, ELIJAH                NEW LISBON                    NY-39-2-227
PERRY, HENRY                 NEW LISBON                    NY-39-3-287
PERRY, JAMES                 NEW LISBON                    NY-39-10-180
PERRY, JOANNA                HARTWICK                      NY-39-38-529
PERRY, JONAS                 HARTWICK                      NY-39-11-76
PERRY, MARK A.               MILFORD                       NY-39-40-349
PERRY, MARTHA S.             MORRIS                        NY-39-43-319
PERRY, MARY M.               HARTWICK                      NY-39-12-180
PERRY, MILTON F.             MARYLAND                      NY-39-50-385
PERRY, NOAH                  MORRIS                        NY-39-17-475
PERRY, RUSSELL               ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-22-283
PERSON, CLARINDA E.          OTSEGO                        NY-39-46-487
PERSONS, LEWIS               PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-11-375
PERSONS, PHINEAS             PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-27-325
PETERS, AMASA                HARTWICK                      NY-39-F-58
PHELON, JAMES M.             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-43-601
PHELON, JOSEPH               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-28-163
PHELPS, TRAVIS               EDMESTON                      NY-39-9-25
PHILIPS, BARNABAS            CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-4-268
PHILLIPS, BARNEY H.          HARTWICK                      NY-39-44-259
PHILLIPS, HANNAH             PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-4-78
PHILLIPS, JAMES              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-20-175
PHILLIPS, JOHN               LAURENS                       NY-39-25-31
PHILLIPS, JOHN               HARTWICK                      NY-39-15-185
PHILLIPS, W. IRVING          ONEONTA                       NY-39-40-517
PHINEY, ALICIA               OTSEGO                        NY-39-23-325
PHINNEY, ANNA W.             OTSEGO                        NY-39-34-223
PHINNEY, CAROLINE M.         OTSEGO                        NY-39-40-91
PHINNEY, ELIHU               COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-12-131
PHINNEY, HENRY               COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-9-137
PHINNEY, HENRY FREDERICK     OTSEGO                        NY-39-23-115
PICKENS, ALTHEDA L.          HARTWICK                      NY-39-31-79
PICKENS, EDWIN               HARTWICK                      NY-39-19-79
PICKENS, HANNAH              MORRIS                        NY-39-34-451
PICKENS, HARLOW              OTSEGO                        NY-39-47-13
PICKENS, SARAH ANN           OTSEGO                        NY-39-38-343
PICKETT, ISABELLA            WORCESTER                     NY-39-32-625
PICKINS, MARTIN              HARTWICK                      NY-39-22-295
PIER, DELOS D.               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-36-37
PIER, OSCAR                  MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-12-359
PIERCE, ABRAHAM              MARYLAND                      NY-39-17-385
PIERCE, CHARLES              DECATUR                       NY-39-8-134
PIERCE, CORNELIA             NEW LISBON                    NY-39-43-259
PIERCE, DANIEL C.            NEW LISBON                    NY-39-31-529
PIERCE, GEORGE               HARTWICK                      NY-39-6-44
PIERCE, GORDON               HARTWICK                      NY-39-12-499
PIERCE, IRA                  ONEONTA                       NY-39-31-19
PIERCE, JOHN                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-12-152
PIERCE, SALLY                NEW LISBON                    NY-39-31-535
PIERCE, SARAH L.             HARTWICK                      NY-39-47-7
PIERCE, SHELDEN              WESTFORD                      NY-39-10-291
PIERSON, ELIZA               BURLINGTON                    NY-39-25-391
PIERSON, JAMES A.            WORCESTER                     NY-39-31-631
PIERSON, SARAH               OTSEGO                        NY-39-24-343
PINDAR, ALICE J.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-41-415
PIPER, ELIZABETH S.          RICHFIELD                     NY-39-50-277
PITCHER, JOHN                DECATUR                       NY-39-21-391
PITTS, BENJAMIN              MARYLAND                      NY-39-18-385
PITTS, CATHARINE             MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-22-271
PITTS, GEORGE M.             EDMESTON                      NY-39-43-271
PITTS, JOHN K.               EDMESTON                      NY-39-29-67
PITTSLEY, LUCIA P.           MORRIS                        NY-39-43-541
PIXLEY, JOHN J.              ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-33-511
PLACE, GILBERT C.            OTSEGO                        NY-39-37-205
PLATNER, CATHARINE           CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-41-637
PLATNER, CHRISTOPHER H.      CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-45-175
PLATNER, JOHN H.             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-48-247
PLATNER, JONAS               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-13-97
PLATNER, WILLIAM             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-37-151
PLATNER, WILLIAM H.          WESTFORD                      NY-39-41-259
PLATT, ANDREW H.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-47-79
PLATT, ANN                   ONEONTA                       NY-39-47-607
PLATT, ARILLA                BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-2-289A
PLATT, ARTHUR                ONEONTA                       NY-39-38-49
PLATT, DAVID                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-23-235
PLATT, EDWARD J.             MILFORD                       NY-39-40-307
PLATTS, JOHN                 WORCESTER                     NY-39-37-85
PLATTS, PETER                ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-31-613
PLATUM, PHILIP H.            CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-30-325
PLUMB, JAMES H.              EXETER                        NY-39-14-291
PLUMB, LEANDER               OTSEGO                        NY-39-24-145
POLLEY, JOHN                 MARYLAND                      NY-39-2-327A
POLLY, LYMAN                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-11-573
POND, JULIA                  ONEONTA                       NY-39-51-61
POND, LOUISA                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-40-625
POND, LUTHER                 UNADILLA                      NY-39-21-199
POND, RANSOM L.              UNADILLA                      NY-39-44-127
POPE, AMY                    LAURENS                       NY-39-28-19
POPE, ASA                    EDMESTON                      NY-39-18-31
POPE, CHARLES H.             EDMESTON                      NY-39-32-181
POPE, DANIEL                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-18-115
POPE, JAMES                  MORRIS                        NY-39-37-259
POPE, JULIA A.               EDMESTON                      NY-39-51-103
POPE, MARCUS                 EDMESTON                      NY-39-29-277
POPE, MERIBAH B.             EDMESTON                      NY-39-36-397
POPE, REBECCA                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-15-159
POPE, RICHARD                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-B-209
POPE, SETH                   MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-11-123
POPE, STEPHEN I.             BURLINGTON                    NY-39-49-166
POPE, STPEHEN I.             BURLINGTON                    NY-39-49-155
POPPLE, HANNAH               HARTWICK                      NY-39-10-122
PORT, AMANDA                 ONEONTA                       NY-39-35-37
PORTER, ALFRED               RICHFIELD                     NY-39-3-257
PORTER, MARY                 NEW LISBON                    NY-39-46-55
PORTER, SUSAN L.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-52-553
PORTER, WILLIAM              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-15-124
POST, JOHN                   OTSEGO                        NY-39-19-403
POTTER, ABRAHAM              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-E-230
POTTER, ALFRED T.            HARTWICK                      NY-39-46-61
POTTER, ALONZO R.            LAURENS                       NY-39-46-151
POTTER, AMANDA               HARTWICK                      NY-39-16-253
POTTER, ANN ELIZA            OTSEGO                        NY-39-12-288
POTTER, CALEB                NEW LISBON                    NY-39-7-428
POTTER, CALEB                MORRIS                        NY-39-26-577
POTTER, CATHARINE IRENE      ONEONTA                       NY-39-39-187
POTTER, DANIEL               HARTWICK                      NY-39-G-91
POTTER, DUANE C.             UNADILLA                      NY-39-48-511
POTTER, ELIZA A.             HARTWICK                      NY-39-39-7
POTTER, HARVEY               UNADILLA                      NY-39-14-119
POTTER, IRVING               HARTWICK                      NY-39-49-120
POTTER, JOB                  LAURENS                       NY-39-15-151
POTTER, MARGARET             DECATUR                       NY-39-34-217
POTTER, MARTHA               OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-258
POTTER, MARY                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-15-192
POTTER, MARY F.              NEW LISBON                    NY-39-34-265
POTTER, NATHAN               WESTFORD                      NY-39-G-69
POTTER, PHINEHAS             OTSEGO                        NY-39-A-151
POTTER, RACHAEL A.           HARTWICK                      NY-39-33-91
POTTER, ROBERT               OTEGO                         NY-39-49-169
POTTER, RUTH                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-25-187
POTTER, TABITHA              NEW LISBON                    NY-39-11-144
POTTER, VOADINA              OTSEGO                        NY-39-25-349
POTTER, WILLIAM              HARTWICK                      NY-39-12-352
POTTS, EVE                   CHERRY VALLLEY                NY-39-10-578
POTTS, GEORGE                OTSEGO                        NY-39-34-187
POWELL, ELIPHAL              LAURENS                       NY-39-11-243
POWELL, ERASTUS D.           LAURENS                       NY-39-26-379
POWERS, INGRAHAM             WORCESTER                     NY-39-43-505
POWERS, JOSEPH               WORCESTER                     NY-39-4-308
POWERS, PATRICK              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-50-481
PPORTER, JOSHUA P.           NEW LISBON                    NY-39-30-187
PRAMER, HENRY                ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-35-115
PRATT, ESTHER                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-44-67
PRATT, GARRAND               MARYLAND                      NY-39-52-79
PRATT, HANNAH D.             LAURENS                       NY-39-49-123
PRATT, HARRIS                WORCESTER                     NY-39-17-25
PRATT, JOHN                  WORCESTER                     NY-39-45-529
PRATT, RICE                  MILFORD                       NY-39-10-611
PRATT, ROLLIN D.             MILFORD                       NY-39-50-403
PRATT, SARAH E.              OTSEGO                        NY-39-22-307
PRATT, STEPHEN               WESTFORD                      NY-39-13-175
PRATT, THOMAS J.             BURLINGTON                    NY-39-20-25
PRAY, RICHARD                RICHFIELD                     NY-39-F-78
PRENTICE, HENRY              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-2-529A
PRENTISS, JOHN H.            COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-11-418
PRENTISS, RACHAEL            OTSEGO                        NY-39-22-373
PRENTISS, URSULA             OTSEGO                        NY-39-37-619
PRESOTN, ALSON               OTSEGO                        NY-39-24-421
PRESOTN, REUBEN              WORCESTER                     NY-39-21-217
PRESTON, EVERETT D.          OTSEGO                        NY-39-16-121
PRESTON, HENRY               WESTFORD                      NY-39-11-1
PRESTON, JAMES               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-2-443
PRESTON, JOANNA              OTSEGO                        NY-39-27-463
PRESTON, LEWIS E.            WORCESTER                     NY-39-50-313
PRESTON, MARIA A.            OTSEGO                        NY-39-36-289
PRESTON, RUFUS               OTSEGO                        NY-39-3-104
PRIDE, EUNICE ANN            NEW LISBON                    NY-39-45-277
PRIDE, HELEN L.              MILFORD                       NY-39-52-589
PRIDE, PALMER                NEW LISBON                    NY-39-31-571
PRIEST, SARAH                BURLINGTON                    NY-39-30-349
PRINDLE, JOHN HENRY          MARYLAND                      NY-39-44-265
PRINDLE, ZACKARIAH           UNADILAL                      NY-39-15-167
PROCTOR, LEONARD R.          HARTWICK                      NY-39-51-259
PROSSER, LOVISA A.           PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-36-133
PROSSER, TILLIE E.           WORCESTER                     NY-39-34-499
PROVOST, ELIN                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-12-335
PUMPELLY, MARY A.            OTSEGO                        NY-39-24-445
PURCHASE, DEWITT C.          RICHFIELD                     NY-39-31-301
PUT, ABRAHAM                 EDMISTON                      NY-39-4-296
PUTMAN, JOHND.               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-9-29
PUTMAN, LEWIS                ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-42-475
PUTMAN, PORTINA              ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-41-37
QUACKENBOSS JAMES            MILFORD                       NY-39-4-422
QUACKENBUSH, DAVID           MILFORD                       NY-39-21-235
QUACKENBUSH, ELMIRA M.       RICHFIELD                     NY-39-30-73
QUACKENBUSH, EMORY           MILFORD                       NY-39-49-160
QUACKENBUSH, GEORGE C.       ONEONTA                       NY-39-44-469
QUACKENBUSH, JACOB           OTSEGO                        NY-39-7-597
QUACKENBUSH, JAMES D.        MILFORD                       NY-39-43-157
QUACKENBUSH, MARY            MILFORD                       NY-39-32-283
QUACKENBUSH, PETER C.        SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-27-523
QUACKENBUSH, ZILLAH          MILFORD                       NY-39-43-19
QUACKING, ADRIAN             OTSEGO                        NY-39-D-2
QUARF, ROBERT                OTSEGO                        NY-39-50-13
QUEAL, MARY A.               WORCESTER                     NY-39-17-319
QUEAL, WILLIAM C.            WORCESTER                     NY-39-19-331
QUEAL, WILLIAM M.            WORCSTER                      NY-39-10-518
RACE, EVA A.                 MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-42-541
RACE, JOHN                   ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-30-319
RACE, RACHEL                 ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-34-295
RAHBUN, WILLIAM              SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-9-333
RAITT, HELEN B.              UNADILLA                      NY-39-29-571
RAMSEY, STEPHEN              LAURENS                       NY-39-50-49
RANDALL, CLARISSA            BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-46-295
RANDALL, LOVINA              EDMESTON                      NY-39-42-85
RANDALL, SAPHRONA            BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-34-367
RANDALL, SUSAN               UNADILLA                      NY-39-33-301
RANSOM, ASA                  MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-H-14
RANSOM, FLORILLA             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-28-535
RANSOM, JOSHUA               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-1-76
RANSOM, JOSHUA ***           SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-1-441
RANSOM, LEBEUS               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-9-285
RANSOM, LOUIS                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-1-401
RANSOM, LOUIS                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-1-61
RATHBUN, BENJAMIN            SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-10-22
RATHBUN, BENJAMIN            SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-F-39
RATHBUN, GEORGE              OTSEGO                        NY-39-50-139
RATHBUN, JACOB C.            SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-21-421
RATHBUN, JOHN                OTSEGO                        NY-39-33-31
RATHBUN, JOHN                OTSEGO                        NY-39-F-3
RATHBUN, JOHN A.             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-29-349
RATHBUN, LANEY M.            OTSEGO                        NY-39-44-589
RATHBUN, WILLIAM             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-8-243
RAY, LANSING H.              OTSEGO                        NY-39-39-487
RAY, WILLIAM                 MARYLAND                      NY-39-21-313
RAYMOND, NATHAN              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-27-451
RAYNER, RICHARD              UNADILLA                      NY-39-31-247
REDFIELD, THEOPHILUS         UNADILLA                      NY-39-44-145
REDMOND, JAMES               EXETER                        NY-39-15-14
REED, CALVIN                 NEW LISBON                    NY-39-46-523
REED, CHRISTOPHER            RICHFIELD                     NY-39-39-331
REED, DOUGLAS B.             EDMESTON                      NY-39-34-583
REED, JOHN                   EXETER                        NY-39-2-433
REED, MOLILTA                RICHFIELD                     NY-39-45-199
REED, SHUBAEL                BURLINGTON                    NY-39-7-40
REED, SYLVESTER              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-17-397
RELLIS, MARTHA               MARYLAND                      NY-39-42-217
RENO, CLEMENT                SEWARD, SCHOHARIE, NY         NY-39-12-319
RENOURD, ANDREW              NTL                           NY-39-A-1
RENWICH, WILLIAM             NEW LISBON                    NY-39-29-601
RESEDORFF, GEORGE            MARYLAND                      NY-39-4-94
RETTINGILL, SAMUEL           MILFORD                       NY-39-12-275
REXFORD, ANNIS               OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-350
REXFORD, JOSEPH              OTSEGO                        NY-39-E-297
REYNOLDS, ANN F.             WESTFORD                      NY-39-40-343
REYNOLDS, BENJAMIN C.        MILFORD                       NY-39-13-199
REYNOLDS, JOHN               ONEONTA                       NY-39-15-156
REYNOLDS, JOHN L.            EXETER                        NY-39-38-163
REYNOLDS, JOSEPHINE          CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-45-619
REYNOLDS, MARY N.            PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-9-374
REYNOLDS, MARY N.            PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-9-284
REYNOLDS, MIRANDA            MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-38-199
REYNOLDS, ORESMUS            OTSEGO                        NY-39-19-115
REYNOLDS, RACHEL R.          WESTFORD                      NY-39-52-511
REYNOLDS, SARAH L.           MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-19-151
REYNOLDS, SULLIVAN           BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-30-247
RHIMS, CATHARINE             MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-11-607
RHIMS, CATHARINE             MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-607
RICE, DANIEL                 MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-G-64
RICE, FELIX M.               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-32-481
RICE, JACOB                  BURLINGTON                    NY-39-30-457
RICE, JOHN                   MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-9-404
RICE, JOHN J.                BURLINGTON                    NY-39-52-409
RICE, SUSAN G.               MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-9-403
RICH, ARTEMISSA              CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-44-415
RICH, MICHAEL                HARTWICK                      NY-39-21-91
RICH, SIMEON                 CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-B-62
RICHARDS, DANIEL             NEW LISBON                    NY-39-9-271
RICHARDS, JASON              EXETER                        NY-39-F-76
RICHARDS, JOHN R.            OTSEGO                        NY-39-13-211
RICHARDS, JOHN T.            EDMESTON                      NY-39-51-619
RICHARDS, RANDALL            ONEONTA                       NY-39-45-247
RICHARDS, RICHARD O.         PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-37-253
RICHARDSON, ANN              UNADILLA                      NY-39-36-547
RICHARDSON, ELIZABETH        HARTWICK                      NY-39-39-295
RICHARDSON, JACOB            LAURENS                       NY-39-22-367
RICHARDSON, JOHN             LAURENS                       NY-39-13-163
RICHARDSON, JOHN W.          BURLINGTON                    NY-39-17-31
RICHARDSON, JUSTUS G.        LAURENS                       NY-39-48-31
RICHMOND, SETH D.            BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-20-235
RIDER, JOHN                  EXETER                        NY-39-17-19
RIDER, JOHN R.               MILFORD                       NY-39-9-387
RIFENBANK, PETER G.          UNADILLA                      NY-39-36-313
RING, JOHN                   ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-25-241
RIPLEY, GEORGE B.            CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-38-571
RIPPLE, SUSAN                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-21-361
ROBBINS, ELI                 UNADILLA                      NY-39-28-235
ROBBINS, LEVI                WORCESTER                     NY-39-16-109
ROBBINS, LEVI H.             WORCESTER                     NY-39-43-385
ROBERTS, ALFRED K.           ONEONTA                       NY-39-39-13
ROBERTS, AMIS                WESTFORD                      NY-39-11-541
ROBERTS, ANNA                ONEONTA                       NY-39-28-475
ROBERTS, GEORGE              COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-6-149
ROBERTS, JONATHAN P.         OTSEGO                        NY-39-40-337
ROBERTS, LOVINA A.           OTSEGO                        NY-39-38-157
ROBERTS, MARY CHARLOTTE      OTSEGO                        NY-39-48-229
ROBERTS, RACHEL              LAURENS                       NY-39-30-613
ROBERTS, ROBERT              PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-13-347
ROBERTSON, JOHN              WORCESTER                     NY-39-14-177
ROBINSON, ANN ELIZA          HARTWICK                      NY-39-32-157
ROBINSON, BARZILLA           EXETER                        NY-39-28-217
ROBINSON, CHARLES            HARTWICK                      NY-39-30-601
ROBINSON, CYRUS              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-9-312
ROBINSON, DANIEL             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-11-591
ROBINSON, DAVID              NEW LISBON                    NY-39-9-354
ROBINSON, DELANA             LAURENS                       NY-39-35-163
ROBINSON, DENZIL             EDMESTON                      NY-39-38-133
ROBINSON, EMILY M.           MILFORD                       NY-39-20-31
ROBINSON, EMMA               HARTWICK                      NY-39-33-415
ROBINSON, ERASTUS            HARTWICK                      NY-39-40-493
ROBINSON, ESTHER             HARTWICK                      NY-39-47-1
ROBINSON, FANNY              NEW LISBON                    NY-39-17-493
ROBINSON, GEORGE F.          HARTWICK                      NY-39-40-55
ROBINSON, HANNAH             HARTWICK                      NY-39-10-68
ROBINSON, HANNAH B.          UNADILLA                      NY-39-29-265
ROBINSON, JAMES W.           WORCESTER                     NY-39-6-248
ROBINSON, JARED              HARTWICK                      NY-39-35-25
ROBINSON, JESSE              HARTWICK                      NY-39-8-185
ROBINSON, JOHN               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-9-163
ROBINSON, JOSEPH             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-46-289
ROBINSON, JOSEPH B.          WORCESTER                     NY-39-39-223
ROBINSON, MICAIAH            HARTWICK                      NY-39-H-19
ROBINSON, REBECCA            HARTWICK                      NY-39-31-439
ROBINSON, REBECCA            EXETER                        NY-39-34-91
ROBINSON, RENSSELAER W.      MARYLAND                      NY-39-23-337
ROBINSON, ROBERT             WORCESTER                     NY-39-11-585
ROBINSON, SILAS              HARTWICK                      NY-39-11-508
ROBINSON, SILAS              LAURENS                       NY-39-51-541
ROBINSON, SOLOMON            HARTWICK                      NY-39-14-47
ROBINSON, THOMAS             NEW LISBON                    NY-39-19-445
ROBINSON, WILLIAM W.         LAURENS                       NY-39-29-313
ROBISON, REUBIN              HARTWICK                      NY-39-G-85
ROBSON, WILLIAM              CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-7-68
ROCKWELL, AMOS               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-18-313
ROCKWELL, BETSEY             HARTWICK                      NY-39-31-37
ROCKWELL, CHESTER            HARTWICK                      NY-39-13-275
ROCKWELL, EDWARD B.          BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-30-379
ROCKWELL, EMILY F.           NEW LISBON                    NY-39-36-595
ROCKWELL, GEORGE A.          BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-28-115
ROCKWELL, WILLIAM R.         NEW LISBON                    NY-39-39-103
ROE, BETHIAH                 WESTFORD                      NY-39-10-298
ROE, JEDUTHAN                UNADILLA                      NY-39-27-205
ROGERS, BARTLETT             MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-44-559
ROGERS, ELIZA                OTSEGO                        NY-39-23-277
ROGERS, ELIZA                UNADILLA                      NY-39-35-493
ROGERS, PHEBE E.             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-39-475
ROLAND, RICHARD              ONEONTA                       NY-39-46-85
ROOD, ALICE                  NEW LISBON                    NY-39-24-55
ROOD, CHARLES                ONEONTA                       NY-39-30-289
ROOD, ELIAS                  MORRIS                        NY-39-13-311
ROOD, FRANCES                NEW LISBON                    NY-39-566
ROOD, FRANCES                NEW LISBON                    NY-39-11-566
ROOD, JAMES                  MORRIS                        NY-39-14-23
ROOT, CHANDLER               COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-10-63
ROOT, HARRIET N.             UNADILLA                      NY-39-52-559
ROOT, JOSIAH                 SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-E-244
ROOT, LAFAYETTE              OTSEGO                        NY-39-39-367
RORD, MARTHA                 MORRIS                        NY-39-31-565
ROSE, ADAM                   MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-10-17
ROSE, BENAJAH                EXETER                        NY-39-33-163
ROSE, BENONI                 CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-7-623
ROSE, DESIRE                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-9-273
ROSE, ELI                    MILFORD                       NY-39-9-270
ROSE, EUGENE                 ONEONTA                       NY-39-42-223
ROSE, JOHN                   UNADILLA                      NY-39-10-581
ROSE, JOHN                   CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-18-415
ROSE, JOSIAH                 EXETER                        NY-39-9-38
ROSE, MARIA                  CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-13-373
ROSE, MOSES                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-G-15
ROSE, S. TAYLOR              OTSEGO                        NY-39-33-385
ROSE, TIMOTHY                OTSEGO                        NY-39-A-127
ROSE, WILLIAM JR.            EXETER                        NY-39-F-45
ROSEBOO, JOHN J.             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-G-102
ROSEBOOM, ABRAHAM            ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-13-415
ROSEBOOM, ANNA               WESTFORD                      NY-39-15-197
ROSEBOOM, GARRET             WESTFIELD                     NY-39-17-211
ROSEBOOM, HENRY              ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-30-415
ROSEBOOM, WILLIAM            CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-G-19
ROTCH, FRANCIS               MORRIS                        NY-39-21-139
ROUNDS, JOHN                 HARTWICH                      NY-39-29-589
ROUNDS, SARAH                HARTWICK                      NY-39-34-469
ROUSE, BETSEY E.             BURLINGTON                    NY-39-16-199
ROUSE, GEORGE W.             LAURENS                       NY-39-2-528
ROUSE, MARGARET S.           PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-43-277
ROWE, GEORGE M.              ONEONTA                       NY-39-27-457
ROWE, HARVEY N.              ONEONTA                       NY-39-29-505
ROWE, JAMES                  ONEONTA                       NY-39-52-61
ROWE, JAMES B.               WESTFORD                      NY-39-2-446A
ROWE, THOMAS                 LAURENS                       NY-39-42-91
ROWLAND, DELOSS              MILFORD                       NY-39-38-7
ROWLAND, JOEL                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-34-595
ROWLAND, SETH                MILFORD                       NY-39-42-523
ROWLEY, ANNA                 CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-26-493
ROWLEY, LORETTA              OTSEGO                        NY-39-32-613
ROWLEY, MARY B.              WORCESTER                     NY-39-32-439
ROWLEY, PHINEAS              CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-10-416
RUDD, JOSEPH                 EDMESTON                      NY-39-9-366
RUDD, RALPH                  CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-51-511
RUGGLES, ELI                 BROOKFIELD, FAIRFIELD, CT     NY-39-8-128
RULAND, JOHN                 ONEONTA                       NY-39-38-223
RUNYAN, C. HENRY             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-8-193
RUPELL, REBECCA              OTSEGO                        NY-39-F-14
RURG, LAURA P.               WORCESTER                     NY-39-43-67
RURY, HENRY                  DECATUR                       NY-39-11-610
RURY, MARY                   MARYLAND                      NY-39-48-73
RUSSELL, CAROLINE A. C.      OTSEGO                        NY-39-52-415
RUSSELL, DAVID               HARTWICK                      NY-39-43-181
RUSSELL, EDGAR               HARTWICK                      NY-39-12-251
RUSSELL, ISAAC               OTSEGO                        NY-39-7-419
RUSSELL, JOHN                OTSEGO                        NY-39-1-639
RUSSELL, JOHN                OTSEGO                        NY-39-1-158
RUSSELL, LUCY G.             MIDDLFIELD                    NY-39-36-331
RUSSELL, MARY A.             OTSEGO                        NY-39-35-325
RUSSELL, NELSON              OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-84
RUSSELL, PARDON H.           OTSEGO                        NY-39-22-247
RUSSELL, ROBERT JR.          OTSEGO                        NY-39-24-325
RUSSELL, SAMUEL              MILFORD                       NY-39-14-345
RUSSELL, THANKFUL C.         OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-498
RUSSELL, WILLIAM             OTSEGO                        NY-39-11-6
RUTHERFORD, ARCHIBALD        BURLINGTON                    NY-39-7-578
RUTHERFORD, CAROLINE         EDMESTON                      NY-39-32-247
RUTHERFORD, ELSPETH          BURLINGTON                    NY-39-48-427
RUTHERFORD, GEORGE           EDMESTON                      NY-39-19-457
RUTHERFORD, GEORGE A.        BURLINGTON                    NY-39-18-7
RUTHERFORD, GEORGE T.        NEW LISBON                    NY-39-43-86
RUTHERFORD, JAMES            NEW LISBON                    NY-39-11-360
RUTHERFORD, JOHN             BURLINGTON                    NY-39-31-589
RUTHERFORD, MARGARET         BURLINGTON                    NY-39-39-619
RUTHERFORD, SARAH            BURLINGTON                    NY-39-29-31
RUTT, POLLY                  CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-17-163
RYAN, CATHARINE              OTSEGO                        NY-39-29-463
RYAN, PHILP                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-32-205
RYAN, WILLIAM                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-45-7

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