Otsego, New York
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GADSBY, JOHN                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-22-115
GADSBY, RHODA                BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-36-109
GAGE, ALBERTUS C.            ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-41-163
GAGE, OSCAR F.               ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-51-391
GAIGE, HENRY W.              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-44-289
GAIGE, PHILLIP               NTL                           NY-39-F-31
GALLOP, JOB                  BURLINGTON                    NY-39-F-21
GALLUP, SUSANNAH S.          PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-17-139
GALPIN, WRIGHT C.            UNADILLA                      NY-39-51-223
GANO, GARRET                 RICHFIELD                     NY-39-9-164
GANO, JOHN                   RICHFIELD                     NY-39-F-35
GARDINER, WILLIAM            NEW LISBON                    NY-39-19-487
GARDNER, ALMEDA M.           BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-37-7
GARDNER, ASA                 HARDWICK                      NY-39-17-181
GARDNER, ASHER               LAURENS                       NY-39-14-321
GARDNER, CHARLES G.          BLOOMFIELD, , OH              NY-39-3-23
GARDNER, CHARLOTTE           LAWRENCE                      NY-39-3-261
GARDNER, CHAUNCEY            HARTWICK                      NY-39-20-313
GARDNER, DAVID               BURLINGTON                    NY-39-27-7
GARDNER, EDWARD              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-40-433
GARDNER, ELECTA              ONEONTA                       NY-39-45-331
GARDNER, ELIZABETH           BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-51-469
GARDNER, GEORGE              ONEONTA                       NY-39-41-391
GARDNER, HORACE              NEW LISBON                    NY-39-10-303
GARDNER, ISAAC               EAST GREENWICH, KENT, RI      NY-39-1-10
GARDNER, ISAAC               EAST GREENWICH, KENT, RI      NY-39-1-273
GARDNER, JOSIAH JUDSON       LAURENS                       NY-39-7-505
GARDNER, NATHANIEL           NEW LISBON                    NY-39-10-570
GARDNER, NICHOLAS            BURLINGTON                    NY-39-12-172
GARDNER, PHILLIP             LAURENS                       NY-39-10-572
GARDNER, RICHARD             LAURENS                       NY-39-12-321
GARDNER, SAMUEL              LAURENS                       NY-39-F-12
GARDNER, SAMUEL              HARTWICH                      NY-39-30-235
GARDNER, SETH A.             LAURENS                       NY-39-37-13
GARDNER, SUSAN               EXETER                        NY-39-44-439
GARDNER, WILLIAM             HARTWICH                      NY-39-29-631
GAREY, WILLIAM               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-17-175
GARLICK, RHODA J.            ONEONTA                       NY-39-17-187
GARLOCK, GEORGE S.           MILFORD                       NY-39-27-211
GARRATT, JOHN                BURLINGTON                    NY-39-5-119
GARRATT, PAULINA             BURLINGTON                    NY-39-16-151
GARRATT, REBECCA             UNADILLA                      NY-39-22-121
GARRATT, ROBERT              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-E-334
GASKIN, JOHN S.              EDMESTON                      NY-39-47-379
GATES, ABIEL B.              OTSEGO                        NY-39-6-235
GATES, ALANSON               OTSEGO                        NY-39-20-169
GATES, ALMON J.              ONEONTA                       NY-39-31-493
GATES, GEORGE                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-3-344
GATES, HIRAM                 EXETER                        NY-39-22-73
GATES, ISAAC P.              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-43-97
GATES, JANE                  MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-34-535
GATES, JEHIEL                UNADILLA                      NY-39-29-583
GATES, LEWIS M.              EDMESTON                      NY-39-42-139
GATES, MARGARET              OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-630
GATES, MARIA                 ONEONTA                       NY-39-40-595
GATES, MARTIN E.             MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-25-457
GATES, MARY                  SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-3-167
GATES, MARY MCCOLLOM         EDMESTON                      NY-39-36-379
GATES, NANCY M.              OTSEGO                        NY-39-14-207
GATES, THERON B.             EDMISTON                      NY-39-7-235
GAULT, THOMAS S.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-16-145
GAUS, PHILIP                 MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-36-463
GAYLER, MICHAEL              MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-26-157
GEER, DUDLEY D.              EXETER                        NY-39-27-349
GEER, ELIAS                  EXETER                        NY-39-11-45
GENTER, DELOS                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-46-601
GENTON, BETSEY M.            SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-30-427
GENUNG, ANN C.               PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-48-337
GENUNG, HANNAH M.            UNADILLA                      NY-39-14-255
GEORGE, JOHN                 NEW LISBON                    NY-39-29-181
GETMAN, WILLIAM              SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-30-157
GIBSON, GEORGE               MORRIS                        NY-39-11-159
GIBSON, JOHN W.              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-10-440
GIBSON, WILLIAM              SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-G-62
GIFFORD, DANIEL              ONEONTA                       NY-39-36-259
GIFFORD, DELIA A.            LAURENS                       NY-39-38-505
GIFFORD, ELIHU               MILFORD                       NY-39-28-13
GIFFORD, HENRY               ONEONTA                       NY-39-33-97
GILBERT, ABIGAIL             MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-12-74
GILBERT, ADELIA              HARTWICK                      NY-39-41-247
GILBERT, BENJAMIN            MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-G-78
GILBERT, BUTLER              MORRIS                        NY-39-32-517
GILBERT, CORNELIA            MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-34-590
GILBERT, EDWARD              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-52-457
GILBERT, ELIZABETH A.        BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-46-1
GILBERT, GEORGE Y.           BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-35-385
GILBERT, JOHN H.             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-51-521
GILBERT, JOSEPH F.           BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-18-241
GILBERT, JOSEPH T.           BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-15-27
GILBERT, MARY S.             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-38-145
GILBERT, MORRIS              MORRIS                        NY-39-25-451
GILBERT, SAMUEL C.           BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-49-232
GILBERT, STEPHEN             UNADILLA                      NY-39-38-121
GILBERT, WILLIAM             MORRIS                        NY-39-9-298
GILBERT, WILLIAM H.          NEW LISBON                    NY-39-24-319
GILCHRIST, DANIEL            CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-12-272
GILCHRIST, PETER             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-3-247
GILCHRIST, WILLIAM N.        ONEONTA                       NY-39-47-199
GILDAY, AMELIA C.            CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-32-415
GILDAY, ROSA                 CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-31-337
GILDERSLEEVE, PETER B.       MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-42-493
GILDERSLEVE, MAGDALENE       MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-40-457
GILE, ERASTUS                ONEONTA                       NY-39-19-253
GILE, MATILDA                ONEONTA                       NY-39-9-385
GILES, ABNER                 EXETER                        NY-39-9-396
GILES, THOMAS H.             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-37-595
GILL, HARRIET E.             OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-211
GILLET, JOHN                 NTL                           NY-39-C-42
GILLETT, CULVER              MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-16-205
GILLETT, JOHN                ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-13-73
GILLETT, LANA S.             ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-22-103
GILLETT, LESTER              MILFORD                       NY-39-27-145
GILLETT, MYRON               NEW LISBON                    NY-39-36-355
GLEDHILL, JAMES              NEW LISBON                    NY-39-26-499
GLEDHILL, LORD J.            NEW LISBON                    NY-39-32-601
GODDARD, DIANA               MARYLAND                      NY-39-29-385
GODDARD, EDWAD               MARYLAND                      NY-39-7-619
GODORICH, RUEY               EDMESTON                      NY-39-10-512
GOENY, JOHN A.               ONEONTA                       NY-39-28-79
GOES, DAVID                  SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-10-491
GOFF, JOHN                   BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-10-358
GOFF, NATHAN                 BURLINGTON                    NY-39-C-36
GOLDEN, CHARLES D.           OTSEGO                        NY-39-35-601
GOLDSMITH, BERLIN N.         UNADILLA                      NY-39-30-559
GOLDSMITH, DANIEL            LAURENS                       NY-39-D-53
GOLLT, WILLIAM               NTL                           NY-39-A-229
GOODELL, EBENEZER            CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-13-79
GOODELL, SALLY               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-37-223
GOODRICH, ALPHEUS            EDMESTON                      NY-39-9-261
GOODRICH, CHARLES F.         EDMESTON                      NY-39-51-301
GOODRICH, HARRIET            MORRIS                        NY-39-26-121
GOODRICH, SARAH M.           OTEGO                         NY-39-50-43
GOODRICH, SOLOMON N.         OTSEGO                        NY-39-51-19
GOODSELL, DAN                LAURENS                       NY-39-D-169
GOODSELL, FRANCES E.         BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-23-31
GOODSELL, SARAH A.           CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-32-391
GOODYEAR, ANN ELIZA          MILFORD                       NY-39-26-25
GOODYEAR, JARED              MILFORD                       NY-39-22-85
GORTON, BENJAMIN             BURLINGTON                    NY-39-52-31
GORTON, TIDEMAN H.           BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-11-130
GOTES, AZEL                  SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-1-144
GOTT, DANIEL T.              WORCESTER                     NY-39-34-259
GOULD, JOHN                  LAURENS                       NY-39-12-139
GOULD, LUCIUS D.             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-49-117
GRAHAM, ALANSON              MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-16-361
GRAHAM, AMANDA M.            UNADILLA                      NY-39-45-229
GRAHAM, CHARLES H.           MARYLAND                      NY-39-50-223
GRAHAM, ERASTUS              EDMESTON                      NY-39-25-73
GRAHAM, GEORGIANNA           MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-41-169
GRANGER, EBENEZER            CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-F-100
GRANT, ESTHER F.             LAURENS                       NY-39-39-553
GRANT, MARTHA E.             OTSEGO                        NY-39-45-61
GRANT, WARREN                LAURENS                       NY-39-33-523
GRANT, WILLIAM               ONEONTA                       NY-39-41-289
GRAVES, ABNER                OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-97
GRAVES, CALVIN ***           OTSEGO                        NY-39-29-289
GRAVES, JENNIE               OTSEGO                        NY-39-50-181
GRAVES, RUFUS JR.            EDMISTON                      NY-39-F-18
GRAW, BEEKMAN D.             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-6-208
GRAY, ALEXANDER P.           UNADILLA                      NY-39-34-205
GRAY, CLARK                  SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-49-13
GRAY, SIMON                  NEW LISBON                    NY-39-28-181
GREEN, ABRAHAM               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-2-368
GREEN, CATHARINE             MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-50-409
GREEN, DANIEL M.             ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-20-187
GREEN, GEORGE                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-6-191
GREEN, JOSEPH                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-3-97
GREEN, LOUISA                OTSEGO                        NY-39-17-61
GREEN, LYDIA                 ONEONTA                       NY-39-20-205
GREEN, POLLY ANN             ONEONTA                       NY-39-52-475
GREEN, RICHARD               RICHFIELD                     NY-39-E-266
GREEN, RUFUS P.              UNADILLA                      NY-39-19-319
GREEN, SAMUEL                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-A-98
GREEN, WARDWELL              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-5-317
GREEN, WARREN                OTSEGO                        NY-39-E-546
GREEN, WILLIAM               EDMESTON                      NY-39-10-502
GREENE, ALMANZO              LAURENS                       NY-39-49-183
GREENE, BENJAMIN             EXETER                        NY-39-7-129
GREENE, BENJAMIN             NEW LISBON                    NY-39-28-241
GREENE, LYMAN                HARTWICK                      NY-39-37-169
GREGORY, CHARLES Z.          OTSEGO                        NY-39-39-325
GREGORY, EBENEZER            NEW LISBON                    NY-39-2-11
GREGORY, EBENEZER            NEW LISBON                    NY-39-1-198
GREGORY, ELIAS               NEW LISBON                    NY-39-19-37
GREGORY, ESTHER              NEW LISBON                    NY-39-27-577
GREGORY, HANNAH              OTSEGO                        NY-39-30-127
GREGORY, HARRIET             NEW LISBON                    NY-39-34-277
GREGORY, HEZEKIAH            NEW LISBON                    NY-39-35-481
GREGORY, HIRAM               NEW LISBON                    NY-39-5-343
GREGORY, JANE                NEW LISBON                    NY-39-28-133
GREGORY, JOHN                NEW LISBON                    NY-39-8-40
GREGORY, JULIA ANN           LISBON                        NY-39-27-49
GREGORY, LEWIS               NEW LISBON                    NY-39-9-328
GREGORY, LYMAN B.            NEW LISBON                    NY-39-25-91
GREGORY, MATTHEW             LAURENS                       NY-39-51-109
GREGORY, NELSON B.           UNADILLA                      NY-39-43-325
GREGORY, NINETTA F.          NEW LISBON                    NY-39-23-259
GREGORY, RUTH                NEW LISBON                    NY-39-30-367
GREGORY, SMITH B.            NEW LISBON                    NY-39-33-445
GREGORY, STEPHEN             OTSEGO                        NY-39-14-399
GREGORY, WILLIAM             NEW LISBON                    NY-39-45-85
GREY, JOHN                   CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-15-37
GRIFFEN, JEHIEL              ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-25-295
GRIFFIN, ANGUS               WESTFORD                      NY-39-46-43
GRIFFIN, GEORGE              WESTFORD                      NY-39-49-28
GRIFFIN, HANNAH              PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-9-373
GRIFFIN, HELENA              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-34-313
GRIFFIN, JACOB               RICHFIELD                     NY-39-10-7
GRIFFIN, JOHN                UNADILLA                      NY-39-9-370
GRIFFIN, JOHN D.             WESTFORD                      NY-39-16-457
GRIFFIN, JONATHAN            PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-9-200
GRIFFIN, JOSEPH              WESTFORD                      NY-39-9-384
GRIFFIN, MARTIN              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-47-139
GRIFFIN, ORLANDO             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-25-337
GRIFFIN, SOPHIA              WORCESTER                     NY-39-46-619
GRIFFIN, SUSAN W.            SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-32-241
GRIFFIN, WILLIAM             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-27-331
GRIFFIN, WILLIAM D.          RICHFIELD                     NY-39-42-55
GRIFFIS, SOLOMON L.          UNADILLA                      NY-39-40-145
GRIFFITH, DANIEL             OTEGO                         NY-39-E-108
GRIFFITH, GEORGE             LAURENS                       NY-39-10-504
GRIFFITH, HARRIET            LAURENS                       NY-39-27-481
GRIGGS, ALBERT G.            OTSEGO                        NY-39-36-415
GRIGGS, ICHABOD              SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-9-266
GRIGGS, ISAAC                DECATUR                       NY-39-14-17
GRIGGS, JOHN R.              WESTFORD                      NY-39-13-187
GRIGGS, MARVIN               DECATUR                       NY-39-32-409
GRIGGS, MARY                 WESTFORD                      NY-39-15-140
GRIGGS, SUSANNAH             DECATUR                       NY-39-14-89
GRISWOLD, NANCY              SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-21-301
GRISWOLD, NORMAN             MILFORD                       NY-39-11-490
GRISWOLD, WICKHAM            MARYLAND                      NY-39-18-367
GROAT, SOLOMON               WORCESTER                     NY-39-11-255
GROAT, WILLIAM D.            WORCESTER                     NY-39-46-103
GROFF, HANNAH                WESTFORD                      NY-39-10-373
GROFF, NATHANIEL             WESTFORD                      NY-39-45-223
GROFF, NATHANIEL             WESTFORD                      NY-39-21-463
GROSS, CROWELL               NEW LISBON                    NY-39-8-273
GROSS, CROWELL               NEW LISBON                    NY-39-8-29
GROSS, DENISON               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-36-31
GROSS, JABEZ                 NEW LISBON                    NY-39-16-427
GROSS, ROBY C.               NEW LISBON                    NY-39-28-319
GROSS, SETH                  PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-30-163
GROUT, JOSIAH W.             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-11-429
GROVER, ADAM                 HARTWICK                      NY-39-10-305
GROVER, EBENEZER             MILFORD                       NY-39-12-278
GROVER, EMELINE M.           OTSEGO                        NY-39-47-319
GROVER, JOEL                 NEW LISBON                    NY-39-14-1
GUILD, ISRAEL                COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-A-237
GUILES, DANIEL               PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-46-337
GUIWITS, CAROLINE            RICHFIELD                     NY-39-51-403
GUNN, GEORGE D.              MARYLAND                      NY-39-40-289
GURNEY, BENJAMIN             MARYLAND                      NY-39-17-109
GUY, HENRY                   WESTFORD                      NY-39-28-49
GUY, ROSELTHA M.             MARYLAND                      NY-39-48-421
GUYLER, ELIZABETH            MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-39-607
HACKETT, ANN                 MILFORD                       NY-39-20-73
HACKETT, WILLIAM             ONEONTA                       NY-39-35-349
HACKLEY, AARON               HARTWICK                      NY-39-12-90
HACKLEY, IRENA               HARTWICK                      NY-39-44-19
HACKLEY, JOHN                PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-18-403
HACKLEY, SARAH L.            HARTWICK                      NY-39-49-1
HACKLEY, SIMEON              PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-F-93
HAGERTY, JOHN                ONEONTA                       NY-39-41-487
HAIGHT, HOWARD               ONEONTA                       NY-39-41-139
HAIGHT, JOHN                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-248
HAIGHT, THOMAS               LAURENS                       NY-39-F-94
HAIGHT, WILLIAM              PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-9-144
HAKES, ELIHU                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-31-253
HAKES, MARY L.               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-48-547
HAKES, THOMAS G.             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-32-223
HALBERT, ASEL A.             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-52-91
HALBERT, ENOS S.             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-27-505
HALBERT, HANNAH              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-47-463
HALBERT, THOMAS              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-10-420
HALBERT, THOMAS LEE          BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-20-253
HALE, ELEAZER                OTSEGO                        NY-39-9-58
HALE, EMILY                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-21-55
HALE, MAHETABEL              NEW LISBON                    NY-39-G-45
HALL, ANAN                   SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-4-415
HALL, BENJAMIN               PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-7-184
HALL, CALEB G.               PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-51-295
HALL, CHRISTIE S.            WESTFORD                      NY-39-52-439
HALL, EPHRAIM                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-1-99
HALL, EPHRAIM                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-1-537
HALL, JENNETT                BURLINGTON                    NY-39-35-277
HALL, JULIA A.               ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-33-493
HALL, LEVI                   OTSEGO                        NY-39-12-490
HALL, LEWIS H.               HARTWICH                      NY-39-30-19
HALL, MARTHA                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-4-302
HALL, NATHAN                 WORCESTER                     NY-39-28-523
HALL, PELEG G.               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-10-453
HALL, ROBERT                 WESTFORD                      NY-39-27-31
HALL, SARAH                  PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-18-253
HALL, SMITH                  HARTWICK                      NY-39-9-17
HALL, THOMAS                 HARTWICK                      NY-39-5-376
HALL, THOMAS                 HARTWICK                      NY-39-B-167
HALL, THOMAS                 CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-28-421
HALL, THOMAS                 PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-9-182
HALL, WILLIAM T.             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-40-295
HALLECK, DANIEL              WORCESTER                     NY-39-22-259
HALLIDAY, RICHARD            OTSEGO                        NY-39-35-535
HALLOCK, JANE                WORCESTER                     NY-39-52-565
HALLOCK, THOMAS              UNADILLA                      NY-39-50-607
HALLOCK, WILLIAM             WORCESTER                     NY-39-F-71
HALSEY, GAIUS LEONARD        UNADILLA                      NY-39-38-625
HAMILTON, HOSEA A.           ONEONTA                       NY-39-48-385
HAMILTON, REBECCA A.         ONEONTA                       NY-39-43-133
HAMMOND, BLACKWOOD           WESTFORD                      NY-39-11-408
HAMMOND, JABEZ D.            CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-10-189
HAMMOND, JOEL                ONEONTA                       NY-39-9-80
HAMMOND, MARIA N.            EDMESTON                      NY-39-18-277
HANCOCK, JOHN                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-37-463
HANCOCK, JULIAETTE           SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-42-625
HAND, DANIEL                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-10-265
HANES, GEORGE N.             NTL                           NY-39-C-15
HANES, JACOB                 MORRIS                        NY-39-48-151
HANFORD, BENJAMIN L.         BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-20-139
HANFORD, THEODORE            UNADILLA                      NY-39-9-174
HANNAHS, JOHN N.             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-19-193
HANNAHS, WILLIAM C.          EXETER                        NY-39-10-146
HANOR, ABIGAIL               MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-46-361
HANOR, ERASTUS               BURLINGTON                    NY-39-52-55
HANOR, GEORGE                MARYLAND                      NY-39-8-63
HANOVER, JAMES               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-33-571
HANSEN, MARIA                MORRIS                        NY-39-24-193
HANSEN, NICHOLAS             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-F-81
HANSON, CATHARINE            WORCESTER                     NY-39-30-313
HARD, ABIJAH                 UNADILLA                      NY-39-12-446
HARD, DAVID M.               NEW LISBON                    NY-39-14-77
HARD, DAVID M.               NEW LISBON                    NY-39-13-391
HARDENDORF, MARGARET         CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-21-427
HARDY, DANIEL                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-51-535
HARDY, JACOB                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-11-350
HARDY, JOHN                  SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-12-295
HARDY, LYDIA W.              DECATUR                       NY-39-12-395
HARDY, MALINE                MILFORD                       NY-39-14-71
HARDY, MARY                  SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-16-31
HARDY, MARY LILLIAN          SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-39-481
HARDY, WILLIAM               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-19-97
HARDY, WILLIAM               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-G-24
HARDY, WILLIAM               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-16-409
HARDY, WILLIAM RILEY         MILFORD                       NY-39-45-361
HARE, REBECCA                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-21-73
HARLAND, WILLIAM             WESTFORD                      NY-39-37-91
HARMAN, JOHN                 NEW LISBON                    NY-39-G-5
HARMING, RICHARD G.          CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-20-391
HARNER, DANIEL               WORCESTER                     NY-39-9-75
HARPER, HARRIET F.           OTSEGO                        NY-39-51-139
HARRAR, ALLEN                MILFORD                       NY-39-17-205
HARRINGTON, ALMA             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-51-199
HARRINGTON, AMASA            LAWRENCE                      NY-39-F-53
HARRINGTON, BENJAMIN         BURLINGTON                    NY-39-G-42
HARRINGTON, CALEB            LAURENS                       NY-39-C-243
HARRINGTON, CALEB B.         NEW LISBON                    NY-39-51-355
HARRINGTON, DANA F.          HARTWICK                      NY-39-43-583
HARRINGTON, DEWITT           RICHFIELD                     NY-39-52-13
HARRINGTON, EMILY            NEW LISBON                    NY-39-44-283
HARRINGTON, HAMILTON A.      NEW LISBON                    NY-39-32-343
HARRINGTON, HANNAH           LAURENS                       NY-39-43-25
HARRINGTON, ISAAC            WORCESTER                     NY-39-28-499
HARRINGTON, JOB              PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-23-187
HARRINGTON, JOHN             EDMESTON                      NY-39-28-409
HARRINGTON, LODOWICK L.      BURLINGTON                    NY-39-20-61
HARRINGTON, LYMAN            HARTWICK                      NY-39-9-119
HARRINGTON, MABELIA L.       HARTWICK                      NY-39-46-475
HARRINGTON, MATHEW           NEW LISBON                    NY-39-9-292
HARRINGTON, RUFUS            NEW LISBON                    NY-39-F-62
HARRINGTON, THOMAS           NEW LISBON                    NY-39-9-76
HARRINGTON,S ETH             PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-40-511
HARRIOTT, FREDERICK P.       CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-47-385
HARRIS, EDWIN M.             OTSEGO                        NY-39-44-193
HARRIS, JAMES ***            NEW LISBON                    NY-39-2-472
HARRIS, JOHN                 EXETER                        NY-39-6-377
HARRIS, LEONARD              MORRIS                        NY-39-51-325
HARRIS, LUTHER               MORRIS                        NY-39-16-259
HARRIS, REBECCA ANN          MORRIS                        NY-39-25-169
HARRIS, SALLY                NEW LISBON                    NY-39-10-188
HARRIS, SPENCER              MORRIS                        NY-39-10-524
HARRIS, THOMAS               EDMESTON                      NY-39-15-138
HARRIS, WILLIAM              MORRIS                        NY-39-40-523
HARRISON, MARY L.            LAURENS                       NY-39-50-307
HART, MARY ETTA              OTSEGO                        NY-39-19-499
HARTER, GEORGE D.            ONEONTA                       NY-39-38-31
HARTOM, CASPER               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-24-157
HARTOM, WILLIAM              ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-33-397
HARTOUN, WESLEY B.           MILFORD                       NY-39-39-343
HARTWELL, CATHARINE B.       RICHFIELD                     NY-39-39-121
HARTWELL, JOHN F.            WORCESTER                     NY-39-19-373
HARTWELL, JOSEPH             WORCESTER                     NY-39-13-43
HARTWELL, SENECA B.          WORCESTER                     NY-39-38-619
HARTY, JENNIE L.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-48-283
HASTINGS, DYER               MARYLAND                      NY-39-6-134
HASTINGS, GEORGE             MARYLAND                      NY-39-10-174
HASTINGS, HENRY              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-47-301
HASTINGS, MARY               MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-7-392
HASTINGS, SOPHRONIA          MARYLAND                      NY-39-11-253
HASWELL, BETSEY              COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-30-254
HATCH, DAVID                 EDMISTON                      NY-39-F-15
HATHAWAY, CYRUS              OTEGO                         NY-39-48-517
HATHAWAY, LE GRAND M.        LAURENS                       NY-39-35-151
HATHAWAY, LYDIA              LAURENS                       NY-39-30-385
HATHAWAY, MARIA              ONEONTA                       NY-39-48-409
HATT, GEORGE                 SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-4-249
HAUER, MARTIN                WORCESTER                     NY-39-35-451
HAWKEY, JAMES                BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-43-301
HAWKINS, ANSEL S.            PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-28-229
HAWKINS, ARTHUR              EDMISTON                      NY-39-8-194
HAWKINS, REUBEN M.           PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-44-61
HAWKS, DANIEL                RICHFIELD                     NY-39-2-193
HAWKS, HARVEY                PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-31-307
HAWVER, SUSAN                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-47-583
HAYES, CLARK J.              UNADILLA                      NY-39-41-439
HAYES, ELIZABETH             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-33-325
HAYES, ISAAC                 UNADILLA                      NY-39-10-541
HAYNES, CHARLES              UNADILLA                      NY-39-24-109
HAYNES, LUCY                 MORRIS                        NY-39-28-109
HAYNES, SAMUEL               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-7-211
HAYNES, WILLIAM              MARYLAND                      NY-39-9-78
HAYNOR, EZRA                 WORCESTER                     NY-39-48-439
HAYWARD, ALLEN               LAURENS                       NY-39-33-43
HAYWARD, THOMAS              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-50-397
HEAD, HENRY                  HARTWICK                      NY-39-G-50
HEAD, JAMES O.               HARTWICK                      NY-39-45-73
HEAD, TRUMAN                 HARTWICK                      NY-39-15-62
HEARING, ABIGAIL M.          NEW LISBON                    NY-39-29-79
HEATH, DENNIS                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-50-331
HEATH, THOMAS                UNADILLA                      NY-39-36-361
HECOX, NATHANIEL             OTSEGO                        NY-39-11-134
HEDGES, THOMAS               EXETER                        NY-39-F-10
HELLSINGER, JACOB            BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-33-373
HELMER, PHILIP               OTSEGO                        NY-39-A-117
HEMENWAY, MARTIN             UNADILLA                      NY-39-14-201
HEMSTREET, AMY               ONEONTA                       NY-39-39-457
HENDRIX, CHARLES B.          BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-44-73
HENDRIX, IRA                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-40-301
HENDRYX, DEBORAH             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-15-57
HENRY, ELIZABETH             OTSEGO                        NY-39-4-19
HENRY, JOHN                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-A-266
HENRY, MARY                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-7-355
HERDMAN, CATHARINE           CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-34-319
HERDMAN, JOHN                WESTFORD                      NY-39-20-469
HERKIMER, GEORGE             EXETER                        NY-39-10-223
HERKIMER, TIMOTHY            EXETER                        NY-39-28-331
HERRICK, GEORGE              OTSEGO                        NY-39-32-31
HERRICK, LYDIA               COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-C-205
HERRICK, ROXIE M.            NEW LISBON                    NY-39-20-85
HERRICK, RUTH                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-E-248
HERRING, JAMES               LAURENS                       NY-39-11-140
HERRING, LOUISA              LAURENS                       NY-39-29-379
HERRING, MARY                LAURENS                       NY-39-36-199
HERRINGTON, EBER             EDMESTON                      NY-39-21-253
HERRINGTON, FRANCIS          NEW LISBON                    NY-39-9-41
HERRINGTON, JOHN             NTL                           NY-39-F-90
HESLOP, ELIZABETH            BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-7-491
HESLOP, JOHN                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-28-403
HESLOP, MATHEW               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-4-355
HESLOP, WILLIAM H.           UNADILLA                      NY-39-43-61
HESS, HANNAH M.              OTSEGO                        NY-39-32-259
HESS, MARY E.                OTEGO                         NY-39-49-173
HEWES, DANIEL                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-23-367
HEWES, PHEBE                 SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-46-25
HEWES, SQUIRE D.             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-47-277
HEWITT, SAMUEL               WESTFORD                      NY-39-8-215
HICKLING, JOSEPH             EDMESTON                      NY-39-22-235
HICKS, THOMAS                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-2-254A
HIGBY, WILLIAM               OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-220
HIGGINS, LEVI                EXETER                        NY-39-23-301
HIGGINS, PAULINA D.          EXETER                        NY-39-40-439
HILBORN, WILLIAM             UNADILLA                      NY-39-13-407
HILLARD, JULIA ANN           PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-23-91
HILLIARD, ISAIAH             PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-17-343
HILLIARD, JONATHAN           PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-17-7
HILLSINGER, SAMUEL S.        ONEONTA                       NY-39-46-535
HILSINGER, JACOB             OTSEGO                        NY-39-43-7
HINCKLY, STANTON             PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-12-307
HINDS, CHARLS C.             OTSEGO                        NY-39-45-343
HINDS, FAYETTE               OTSEGO                        NY-39-26-205
HINDS, LEWIS                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-50-133
HINDS, LUCIEN                MILFORD                       NY-39-50-469
HINDS, MARCIA M.             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-51-127
HINDS, NEHEMIAH              OTSEGO                        NY-39-17-265
HINDS, OSMER W.              EXETER                        NY-39-47-37
HINE, JACOB H.               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-36-235
HINMAN, ANNA A.              OTSEGO                        NY-39-45-577
HINMAN, BETSEY               PITTTSFIELD                   NY-39-9-159
HINMAN, DELILAH              LAURENS                       NY-39-35-55
HINMAN, EBER                 NEW LISBON                    NY-39-12-585
HINMAN, HENRY L.             OTSEGO                        NY-39-48-259
HINMAN, JOSHUA               HARTWICK                      NY-39-G-30
HINMAN, MERIBAH              NEW LISBON                    NY-39-27-223
HINMAN, MILES                NEW LISBON                    NY-39-32-385
HINMAN, POLLY MARIA          OTSEGO                        NY-39-12-345
HITCHCOCK, EMILY             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-48-313
HITCHCOCK, GEORGE E.         SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-37-157
HITCHCOCK, ITHAMER           MORRIS                        NY-39-14-243
HITCHCOCK, MARY A.           SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-20-349
HITT, GEORGE D.              ONEONTA                       NY-39-45-451
HOAG, ABIGAIL V.             NEW LISBON                    NY-39-35-205
HOAG, BENJAMIN               EDMESTON                      NY-39-9-397
HOAG, ELLEN A.               ONEONTA                       NY-39-33-271
HOAG, GEORGE D.              MILFORD                       NY-39-36-115
HOAG, ISAAC                  LAURENS                       NY-39-7-23
HOAG, JAMES                  LAURENS                       NY-39-11-335
HOAG, MARY                   ONEONTA                       NY-39-28-67
HOAG, MOSES                  EDMESTON                      NY-39-11-222
HOAG, MOSES J.               NEW LISBON                    NY-39-35-199
HOAG, PAUL                   LAURENS                       NY-39-G-66
HOAG, THOMAS                 MILFORD                       NY-39-14-333
HODGE, EPHRAIM C.            ONEONTA                       NY-39-34-559
HOKE, JACOB                  SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-38-469
HOKE, LAWRANCE               SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-12-263
HOKE, MARGO                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-43-421
HOKE, PHILIP                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-114
HOKSINS, LORETTA             MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-19-397
HOLCOMB, ASA F.              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-52-205
HOLDREDGE, HENRY M.          BURLINGTON                    NY-39-40-409
HOLDREDGE, WILLIAM M.        BURLINGTON                    NY-39-26-535
HOLDRIDGE, THOMPSON          PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-10-496
HOLIDAY, EDWARD              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-26-547
HOLLENBECK, JOHN F.          WORCESTER                     NY-39-16-217
HOLLEY, LOVINA W.            ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-36-229
HOLLIS, GEORGE M.            BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-27-19
HOLLIS, HUMPHREY             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-1-245
HOLLIS, HUMPHREY             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-1-1
HOLLIS, RICHARD G.           BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-44-79
HOLLIS, ROANA A.             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-36-319
HOLLISTER, HARVEY            OTSEGO                        NY-39-18-229
HOLLISTER, JOSIAH            BURLINGTON                    NY-39-24-241
HOLLISTER, LOUISA C.         OTSEGO                        NY-39-26-385
HOLLOWAY, WILLIAM R.         BURLINGTON                    NY-39-37-415
HOLMES, JANE S.              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-47-511
HOLMES, JOHN                 SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-31-103
HOLMES, JOHN                 WORCESTER                     NY-39-22-421
HOLMES, WILLIAM              ONEONTUS                      NY-39-3-242
HOLT, AUSTIS G.              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-26-37
HOLT, LESTER                 CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-5-61
HOMLAND, BETSY               MORRIS                        NY-39-23-19
HONE, JACOB                  CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-F-23
HONE, JACOB                  CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-14-141
HONE, MARGARET               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-26-1
HOOD, DAVID                  BURLINGTON                    NY-39-12-304
HOOD, JAMES                  SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-41-355
HOOKER, ALONZO L.            EDMESTON                      NY-39-42-373
HOOPER, SETH                 PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-18-499
HOOS, HENRY                  MARYLAND                      NY-39-1-115
HOPKINS, ABRAM C.            MORRIS                        NY-39-38-43
HOPKINS, CHARLOTTE E.        OTSEGO                        NY-39-41-295
HOPKINS, CLARK               OTSEGO                        NY-39-38-643
HOPKINS, ELIZA A.            LAURENS                       NY-39-36-421
HOPKINS, EVELINE             MORRIS                        NY-39-26-469
HOPKINS, HENRY               LAURENS                       NY-39-11-355
HOPKINS, JOSEPH              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-12-69
HOPKINS, LORICA              EDMESTON                      NY-39-29-187
HOPKINS, ROXEY               OTEGO                         NY-39-49-239
HOPKINS, SELINA              ONEONTA                       NY-39-43-439
HOPKINS, SIDNEY W.           EDMESTON                      NY-39-18-271
HOPKINS, WILLIAM             LAURENS                       NY-39-E-160
HORAN, MICHAEL               OTSEGO                        NY-39-36-529
HORD, MARGARET               BURLINGTON                    NY-39-22-457
HORFORD, ANGELINE C.         RICHFIELD                     NY-39-28-307
HORNING, CATHARINE           CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-2-407
HORTH, JAMES                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-11-270
HORTON, HARRIET S.           OTSEGO                        NY-39-42-331
HORTON, JOHN                 CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-8-240
HORTON, RACHEL L. D.         RICHFIELD                     NY-39-41-193
HORTON, RUTH                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-28-277
HORTON, THOMAS               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-9-234
HORTON, WILLIAM M.           EXETER                        NY-39-26-373
HOSFORD, WILLIAM C.          OTSEGO                        NY-39-30-265
HOSKINS, WILLIAM             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-9-330
HOUCK, BELINDA               HARTWICK                      NY-39-10-110
HOUCK, DAVID                 WORCESTER                     NY-39-31-409
HOUCK, JOHN D.               HARTWICK                      NY-39-14-249
HOUGH, DAVID                 UNADILLA                      NY-39-13-411
HOUGHTAILING, SOLOMON        WORCESTER                     NY-39-33-313
HOUGHTALING, CHARLES         ONEONTA                       NY-39-20-499
HOUGHTON, CHAUNCEY           MILFORD                       NY-39-18-139
HOUGHTON, GEORGE H.          MILFORD                       NY-39-11-229
HOUGHTON, LCUINDA            ONEONTA                       NY-39-27-85
HOUSE, BETSEY                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-9-55
HOUSE, CONRAD H.             SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-6-26
HOUSE, CONRADT               OTSEGO                        NY-39-E-115
HOUSE, GEORGE W.             HARTWICK                      NY-39-34-373
HOUSE, HORACE                PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-9-127
HOUSE, JAMES                 EDMESTON                      NY-39-36-157
HOUSE, JOSEPH I.             MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-20-127
HOWARD, DAVID S.             UNADILLA                      NY-39-20-361
HOWARD, ELIZA                MARYLAND                      NY-39-36-583
HOWARD, FREDERICK H.         BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-12-530
HOWDY, JAMES                 SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-23-265
HOWE, ARTEMAS                WESTFORD                      NY-39-9-111
HOWE, ELI                    MARYLAND                      NY-39-5-301
HOWE, HAZALEEL S.            OTSEGO                        NY-39-17-289
HOWE, HENRY R.               HARTWICK                      NY-39-21-133
HOWE, JULIA ETT              HARDWICK                      NY-39-18-409
HOWES, THOMAS                RICHFIELD                     NY-39-2-393
HOWLAND, ABRAHAM             ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-12-382
HOWLAND, ELIZABETH           MORRIS                        NY-39-25-115
HOWLAND, GULIELMA            ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-24-61
HOWLAND, HARMAN              ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-35-631
HOWLAND, HENRY               MARYLAND                      NY-39-45-595
HOWLAND, IRA                 WESTFORD                      NY-39-45-541
HOWLAND, J. LAVERN           WESTFORD                      NY-39-46-199
HOWLAND, JOHN                DECATUR                       NY-39-16-85
HOWLAND, LUCRETIA            DECATUR                       NY-39-33-241
HOWLAND, MARY B.             ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-17-97
HOWLAND, WOOD                WESTFORD                      NY-39-10-488
HOWLETT, CHARLES             WORCESTER                     NY-39-52-229
HOXIE, JOHN                  PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-35-187
HOYER, HANNAH                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-24-337
HOYER, PETER                 SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-18-145
HOYT, ERASTUS B.             ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-34-79
HOYT, JANE                   ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-50-61
HOYT, JOHN                   CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-G-34
HOYT, JOHN                   DECATUR                       NY-39-E-425
HOYT, SETH                   UNADILLA                      NY-39-17-43
HUBBARD, ABIGAIL             WESTFORD                      NY-39-9-375
HUBBARD, CHAUNCEY            MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-30-1
HUBBARD, DAVID               WESTFORD                      NY-39-8-205
HUBBARD, DESDEMONA           PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-20-415
HUBBARD, ELIJAH              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-E-346
HUBBARD, EZRA                MARYLAND                      NY-39-45-439
HUBBARD, FRANCIS J.          EXETER                        NY-39-41-523
HUBBARD, HAMILTON            MILFORD                       NY-39-9-48
HUBBARD, HARRISON            MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-10-408
HUBBARD, JOHN                MARYLAND                      NY-39-35-67
HUBBARD, LEONARD             MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-34-85
HUBBARD, OLIVER R.           MARYLAND                      NY-39-36-151
HUBBARD, SETH                EXETER                        NY-39-22-61
HUBBELL, ABIGALL             MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-40-331
HUBBELL, ELIJAH              OTSEGO                        NY-39-42-577
HUBBELL, HOMER               MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-13-181
HUBBELL, JOHN A.             OTSEGO                        NY-39-4-281
HUBBELL, LEMUEL              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-12-46
HUBBELL, LEMUEL FITCH        BURLINGTON                    NY-39-34-446
HUBBELL, LURINDA             OTSEGO                        NY-39-20-277
HUBBELL, PHILO F.            MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-26-427
HUBBELL, SOLON B.            BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-12-343
HUBBY, MILTON                EDMESTON                      NY-39-29-649
HUDDLESOTN, PATRICK G.       WORCESTER                     NY-39-51-277
HUDDLESTON, GEORGE H.        CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-39-319
HUDSON, DEBORAH              CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-24-295
HUDSON, EPHRAIM              CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-B-49
HUESTIS, CLARK M.            RICHFIELD                     NY-39-35-181
HUESTIS, MARY ANN            RICHFIELD                     NY-39-37-103
HUESTIS, PETER               BURLINGTON                    NY-39-31-367
HUGHES, JOHN V.              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-25-397
HUGHES, MARY E.              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-40-241
HUGHS, CATHARINE L.          EXETER                        NY-39-21-451
HUGHSTON, WILLIAM J.         UNADILLA                      NY-39-48-355
HULBERT, HATSEL              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-9-167
HULBERT, LOUISA              MORRIS                        NY-39-52-625
HULBURT, DANIEL              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-12-253
HULL, JOSIAH B.              MORRIS                        NY-39-39-625
HULL, MARY C.                MARYLAND                      NY-39-36-163
HULL, SALLY A.               MORRIS                        NY-39-39-631
HULL, SILAS                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-29-403
HULL, STEPHEN                RICHFIELD                     NY-39-40-193
HUME, JAMES                  EDMESTON                      NY-39-37-613
HUME, JANE                   BURLINGTON                    NY-39-10-356
HUME, ROBERT B.              NEW LISBON                    NY-39-42-253
HUME, THOMAS                 NEW LISBON                    NY-39-38-253
HUMPHREY, ANNETTE            ONEONTA                       NY-39-36-265
HUNGERFORD, HANNAH           ONEONTA                       NY-39-40-151
HUNT, BENSON                 ONEONTA                       NY-39-5-350
HUNT, CYRUS A.               OTSEGO                        NY-39-41-1
HUNT, HARVEY                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-36-121
HUNT, JAMES                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-21-373
HUNT, JOHN L.                ONEONTA                       NY-39-23-331
HUNTER, ELIZABETH            MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-28-265
HUNTINGTON, SAMUEL           MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-19-427
HUNTINGTON, WILLIAM          BURLINGTON                    NY-39-3-161
HUNTLEY, ALBERT P.           PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-35-313
HUNTLEY, CHARLES             EXETER                        NY-39-35-271
HUNTLEY, JAMES               EXETER                        NY-39-9-62
HUNTLEY, JULIA               EXETER                        NY-39-38-331
HUNTLEY, PHINEAS             EXETER                        NY-39-F-55
HURD, JOHN                   HARTWICK                      NY-39-G-73
HURD, JOHN                   HARTWICK                      NY-39-1-267
HURLBERT, AMOS R.            OTSEGO                        NY-39-21-181
HURLBULT, SAMUEL             PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-39-307
HURLBURT, ELIHU L.           BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-46-583
HURLBUT, ELIAS M.            BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-26-31
HURLBUT, ELIZABETH A.        EDMESTON                      NY-39-36-217
HURLBUTT, ABRAM              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-44-517
HURLBUTT, DAVID              UNADILLA                      NY-39-26-595
HURLBUTT, EMELINE H.         BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-31-577
HURLBUTT, WILLIAM H.         MORRIS                        NY-39-41-211
HUSON, NATHANIEL S.          MARYLAND                      NY-39-17-403
HUTCHINS, SAMUEL H.          HARTWICK                      NY-39-15-59
HUTCHINSON, AMOS             UNADILLA                      NY-39-16-481
HUTCHINSON, ELIZABETH A.     MORRIS                        NY-39-43-139
HUTCHINSON, MILO             UNADILLA                      NY-39-44-397
HYATT, ISAAC G.              OTSEGO                        NY-39-28-145
HYATT, JOHN                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-33-529
HYDE, ELI                    OTSEGO                        NY-39-20-13
HYDE, JAMES                  RICHFIELD                     NY-39-11-594
HYDE, SYLVIA G.              LAURENS                       NY-39-12-134
HYDE, WILLIAM B.             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-18-379
HYNEY, MARY E.               ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-50-199
HYNEY, SYLVESTER             ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-52-421
IBBOTSON, FRANCIS FRITH      RICHFIELD                     NY-39-38-37
ILLSEY, HARRIET E.           MARYLAND                      NY-39-50-115
INEAL, ABAGAIL               WORCESTER                     NY-39-12-285
INGALLS, A. CELESTIA         OTSEGO                        NY-39-34-421
INGALLS, CALEB               RICHFIELD                     NY-39-8-14
INGALLS, CHARLES F.          OTSEGO                        NY-39-42-151
INGALLS, EVANDER             HARTWICK                      NY-39-27-1
INGALLS, LUCY                HARTWICK                      NY-39-33-295
INGALLS, LUDDEN              WORCESTER                     NY-39-H-23
INGALLS, SAMUEL M.           COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-12-455
INGALLS, SARAH               MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-1-393
INGALS, SARAH                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-1-54
INGALSBE, ASENETH A.         HARTWICK                      NY-39-45-205
INGALSBE, JANE               HARTWICK                      NY-39-48-97
INGALSBEE, ASENITH           LAURENS                       NY-39-38-115
INGLESBEE, LAURA             HARTWICK                      NY-39-12-312
IRONS, HENRY S.              HARTWICK                      NY-39-46-595
IRONS, REUBEN                HARTWICK                      NY-39-9-19
IRONS, SARAH A.              MILFORD                       NY-39-46-493
IRONS,CHARLES N.             MILFORD                       NY-39-36-307
ISMOND, LEVI P.              WORCESTER                     NY-39-32-13
IVES, JAMES L.               MORRIS                        NY-39-41-565
JACKSON, ADALINE S.          MARYLAND                      NY-39-38-187
JACKSON, BENJAMIN            OTSEGO                        NY-39-36-385
JACKSON, CHARLES P.          UNADILLA                      NY-39-48-589
JACKSON, DANIEL              ONEONTA                       NY-39-32-133
JACKSON, DAVID C.            WORCESTER                     NY-39-46-73
JACKSON, HIRAM               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-12-432
JACKSON, JOHN S.             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-27-25
JACKSON, MARY H.             NEW LISBON                    NY-39-22-331
JACKSON, THOMAS              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-34-67
JACKSON, URI JR.             MORRIS                        NY-39-9-290
JACOBS, DAVID                NEW LISBON                    NY-39-27-289
JACOBS, EZEKIEL              HARTWICK                      NY-39-2-319A
JACOBS, HORACE               HARTWICK                      NY-39-21-121
JACOBS, MARY A.              NEW LISBON                    NY-39-46-631
JACOBS, THOMAS               HARTWICK                      NY-39-23-397
JACOX, AMANDA                PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-16-325
JAQUES, SARAH JANE           RICHFIELD                     NY-39-31-319
JAQUISH, ERASTUS R.          MORRIS                        NY-39-34-565
JAQUITH, LAURA K.            PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-44-55
JARVIS, HENRY K.             MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-52-577
JARVIS, KENT                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-23-379
JARVIS, LORENZO T.           OTSEGO                        NY-39-33-7
JEANS, NELSON                OTSEGO                        NY-39-13-235
JENCKS, LORY                 ONEONTA                       NY-39-4-103
JENKS, DANIEL                BURLINGTON                    NY-39-10-604
JENKS, HARRISON              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-50-421
JENKS, JERE L.               OTEGO                         NY-39-49-78
JENKS, PETER                 BURLINGTON                    NY-39-36-571
JENKS, SALLIE L.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-30-619
JENKS, SYLVESTER             ONEONTA                       NY-39-47-73
JENKS, URSULA                OTSEGO                        NY-39-25-367
JENNINGS, DAVID F.           BURLINGTON                    NY-39-20-475
JENNINGS, JONATHAN C.        WORCESTER                     NY-39-28-259
JESTER, ABBARENE             UNADILLA                      NY-39-41-619
JESTER, JOHN                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-20-91
JEWELL, RACHEL A.            WESTFORD                      NY-39-46-589
JEWELL, WHITNEY              WSTFORD                       NY-39-7-408
JEWTT, DAVID C.              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-33-289
JILLSON, MOSES               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-7-112
JOHNSON, ALMON Y.            NEW LISBON                    NY-39-24-229
JOHNSON, DANIEL              LAURENS                       NY-39-2-245
JOHNSON, DAVID               EDMESTON                      NY-39-28-487
JOHNSON, DYAR C.             BURLINGTON                    NY-39-10-451
JOHNSON, ELKANAH             LAURENS                       NY-39-11-298
JOHNSON, EMELINE H.          EXETER                        NY-39-50-151
JOHNSON, ERASTUS             NTL                           NY-39-3-92
JOHNSON, ERASTUS             NTL (CON'T)                   NY-39-3-101
JOHNSON, EZEKIEL             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-2-518
JOHNSON, GEORGE              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-10-456
JOHNSON, HORATIO             MORRIS                        NY-39-10-327
JOHNSON, IRA                 EDMESTON                      NY-39-44-475
JOHNSON, IRA                 BURLINGTON                    NY-39-11-26
JOHNSON, JAMES               NEW LISBON                    NY-39-37-1
JOHNSON, JAMES               MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-9-355
JOHNSON, JAMES H.            OTSEGO                        NY-39-45-307
JOHNSON, JESSE               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-1-164
JOHNSON, JESSEE              CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-1-647
JOHNSON, JOHANNAH            OTSEGO                        NY-39-43-289
JOHNSON, JOHN                EDMESTON                      NY-39-G-29
JOHNSON, JOHN                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-7-60
JOHNSON, JONATHAN            LAURENS                       NY-39-19-313
JOHNSON, LAURA               NEW LISBON                    NY-39-44-403
JOHNSON, MARIA M.            ONEONTA                       NY-39-48-451
JOHNSON, MARY                NEW LISBON                    NY-39-11-24
JOHNSON, NANCY               ONEONTA                       NY-39-36-169
JOHNSON, NATHAN P.           NEW LISBON                    NY-39-15-170
JOHNSON, OBADIAH             EDMESTON                      NY-39-10-226
JOHNSON, PARLEY              OTSEGO                        NY-39-34-613
JOHNSON, RICHARD             MORRIS                        NY-39-11-315
JOHNSON, RICHARD             NEW LISBON                    NY-39-10-556
JOHNSON, RICHARD D.          NEW LISBON                    NY-39-24-121
JOHNSON, RUTH                PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-9-30
JOHNSON, SALMON S.           NEW LISBON                    NY-39-28-325
JOHNSON, SQUIRE              SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-9-139
JOHNSON, WILLIAM             EXETER                        NY-39-50-145
JOHNSON, WILLIAM B.          RICHFIELD                     NY-39-44-631
JOHNSON, WILLIAM J.          RICHFIELD                     NY-39-15-207
JOHNSTON, JESSE BELL         OTSEGO                        NY-39-50-73
JOICE, GEORGE                UNADILLA                      NY-39-42-517
JOICE, GEORGE S.             UNADILLA                      NY-39-23-103
JOLES, MARY A.               MORRIS                        NY-39-44-157
JOLES, SIMEON                EDMESTON                      NY-39-20-229
JONES, ABEL                  WESTFORD                      NY-39-C-254
JONES, CALEB                 MARYLAND                      NY-39-9-283
JONES, CORNELIUS             EXETER                        NY-39-11-20
JONES, ELIZABETH             ONEONTA                       NY-39-39-397
JONES, FRANCIS               WORCESTER                     NY-39-34-307
JONES, HENRY                 RICHFIELD                     NY-39-F-79
JONES, HUMPHREY D.           PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-12-544
JONES, JAMES J.              MARYLAND                      NY-39-47-247
JONES, JOHN                  SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-42-181
JONES, JOHN B.               RICHFIELD                     NY-39-29-43
JONES, JOHN C.               HARTWICK                      NY-39-39-337
JONES, JOSIAH                HARDWICK                      NY-39-17-349
JONES, JOSIAH                HARTWICK                      NY-39-F-91
JONES, OWEN                  PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-25-61
JONES, RACHAEL               HARTWICK                      NY-39-25-271
JONES, ROWLAND T.            PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-41-115
JONES, SAMUEL D.             HARTWICK                      NY-39-14-225
JONES, SAMUEL F.             NEW LISBON                    NY-39-12-405
JONES, SANDES                OTSEGO                        NY-39-38-541
JONES, SETH                  MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-6-118
JONES, WILLIAM               MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-35-211
JORDAN, DAVID M.             EDMESTON                      NY-39-48-187
JORDAN, JOHN                 CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-9-172
JORDAN, MARY                 RICHFIELD                     NY-39-41-595
JORDON, ADAM                 CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-27-301
JOSLYN, EMMA A.              OTSEGO                        NY-39-44-493
JOSLYN, THOMAS               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-D-164
JUCKETT, ELIJAH              UNADILLA                      NY-39-25-469
JUDD, AMELIA                 EXETER                        NY-39-28-55
JUDD, CELINDA                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-37-529
JUDD, CHAUNCY                EXETER                        NY-39-16-415
JUDD, LUCIUS C.              EXETER                        NY-39-51-187
JUDSON, ANSON                UNADILLA                      NY-39-10-233
JUDSON, FERNANDO             ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-47-373
JUDSON, OLIVER               OTSEGO                        NY-39-6-228
JUDSON, STEPHEN              MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-48-295
KAPLE, BELA J.               WESTFORD                      NY-39-11-184
KAPLE, SALLY                 WESTFORD                      NY-39-26-325
KARNEY, JOHANNA              UNADILLA                      NY-39-42-289
KEAN, THOMAS                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-33-349
KEEGAN, ELLEN                MARYLAND                      NY-39-47-337
KEELING, ISAAC               OTSEGO                        NY-39-11-474
KEESE, GEORIGANA             OTSEGO                        NY-39-14-171
KEESE, THEODORE              OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-565
KEEYS, THOMPSON              LAURENS                       NY-39-9-359
KEITH, BETSEY                EDMESTON                      NY-39-37-109
KEITH, HORACE                MORRIS                        NY-39-36-271
KEITH, NANCY A.              EDMESTON                      NY-39-50-295
KEITH, WILLIAM               EDMESTON                      NY-39-22-463
KELLER, HULDAH A.            MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-42-571
KELLER, PAULINIA             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-31-433
KELLER, PETER H.             ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-48-637
KELLEY, ALMOND               MARYLAND                      NY-39-32-607
KELLEY, HUGH                 MARYLAND                      NY-39-45-349
KELLEY, JAMES C.             MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-21-223
KELLEY, LEVI                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-G-72
KELLEY, MARY E.              OTSEGO                        NY-39-45-289
KELLEY, MATT                 SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-43-511
KELLEY, ROGER                MARYLAND                      NY-39-11-273
KELLEY, THOMAS               OTSEGO                        NY-39-32-541
KELLOGG, AMANDA              OTSEGO                        NY-39-50-505
KELLOGG, EZEKIEL             OTSEGO                        NY-39-F-102
KELLOGG, GEORGE C.           OTSEGO                        NY-39-44-169
KELLOGG, NANCY               BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-35-403
KELLY, ASHER                 UNADILLA                      NY-39-14-125
KELSEY, ANDREW               EDMESTON                      NY-39-46-457
KELSEY, JOHN                 NEW LISBON                    NY-39-D-190
KELSEY, ROSWELL              BURLINGTON                    NY-39-27-553
KELSO, DAVID                 WESTFORD                      NY-39-18-163
KELSO, JOHN                  WESTFORD                      NY-39-10-134
KENDALL, RACHEL (WHALEY)     HARTWICK                      NY-39-8-198
KENNARD, CHARLES             COOPERSTOWN                   NY-39-15-113
KENNEDY, FREELOVE            EDMESTON                      NY-39-12-597
KENNEDY, WILLIAM             EDMISTON                      NY-39-4-398
KENNY, SARAH C.              MORRIS                        NY-39-29-511
KENYON, CATHARINE            LAURENS                       NY-39-44-253
KENYON, CELESTIA M.          OTSEGO                        NY-39-23-145
KENYON, CHESTER              HARTWICK                      NY-39-1-68
KENYON, CHESTER              HARTWICK                      NY-39-1-425
KENYON, DAVID                HARDWICK                      NY-39-18-193
KENYON, GEORGE               EDMESTON                      NY-39-13-441
KENYON, JAMES H.             LAURENS                       NY-39-50-229
KENYON, JESSE B.             LAURENS                       NY-39-15-148
KENYON, JULIA H.             PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-50-391
KENYON, SARAH H.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-40-415
KENYON, THOMAS               EDMESTON                      NY-39-10-21
KETCHUM, CORNELIA D.         RICHFIELD                     NY-39-43-403
KEYES, DANIEL                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-7-56
KEYES, HENRY                 LAURENS                       NY-39-34-493
KEYES, JOSIAH D.             LAURENS                       NY-39-48-43
KEYES, MARY                  ONEONTA                       NY-39-11-164
KEYES, NANCY                 CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-3-200
KEYES, OMAR                  LAURENS                       NY-39-37-445
KEYES, RACHEL                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-7-157
KEYES, SQUIRE W.             OTSEGO                        NY-39-49-51
KEYES, WASHINGTON T.         MARYLAND                      NY-39-52-223
KEYES, WEBSTER C.            OTSEGO                        NY-39-30-637
KIBBEY, ABILENE              OTSEGO                        NY-39-11-380
KIES, JOHN                   BURLINGTON                    NY-39-D-268
KILBORN, GILES               PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-16-475
KILEY, PHILLIP               HARTWICK                      NY-39-26-343
KILEY, WILLIAM               OTSEGO                        NY-39-15-127
KILTS, ADAM                  MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-45-217
KIMBALL, JOHN                RICHFIELD                     NY-39-14-83
KIMBALL, WOODBURY L.         ONEONTA                       NY-39-46-91
KIMBERLY, ELI                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-5-1
KING, ANNA                   HARDWICK                      NY-39-17-199
KING, BRIDGET                OTSEGO                        NY-39-27-613
KING, ELIZABETH A.           OTSEGO                        NY-39-39-43
KING, GEORGE D.              OTSEGO                        NY-39-50-55
KING, HAWLEY                 MILFORD                       NY-39-15-164
KING, MINERVA N.             HARTWICK                      NY-39-23-355
KING, ORRIN                  ONEONTA                       NY-39-20-151
KING, PATRICK                SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-25-331
KING, PHILIP                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-35-637
KING, SAMUEL                 HARTWICK                      NY-39-12-350
KINGMAN, CHESTER C.          MILFORD                       NY-39-11-203
KINGMAN, NEHEMIAH W.         MILFORD                       NY-39-35-541
KINGSBURY, CHETTIE M.        UNADILLA                      NY-39-43-145
KINGSBY, ERASTUS             UNADILLA                      NY-39-14-29
KINGSLEY, BRADFORD           UNADILLA                      NY-39-8-122
KINGSLEY, WILLIAM            WESTFORD                      NY-39-48-181
KINNE, ASENATH P. A.         WESTFORD                      NY-39-27-217
KINNE, JONATHAN              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-26-523
KINNE, ROGER                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-4-261
KINNIE, LUCY                 SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-26-409
KINSMAN, NICHOLAS            ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-20-181
KINTER, CHARLES              SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-11-34
KIPP, BENJAMIN F.            OTSEGO                        NY-39-50-247
KIRBY, EMMA JANE             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-19-205
KIRBY, SYBIL A.              CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-22-349
KIRBY, WILLIAM               CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-19-211
KITMER, GEORGE               WORCESTER                     NY-39-4-43
KNAPP, ANSON C.              MILFORD                       NY-39-39-73
KNAPP, ELIJAH F.             WORCESTER                     NY-39-48-403
KNAPP, MARY                  OTSEGO                        NY-39-23-127
KNAPP, SETH                  ONEONTA                       NY-39-30-397
KNISKERN, MARIA              MILFORD                       NY-39-25-217
KNOWLES, DORA                ONEONTA                       NY-39-48-643
KNOWLTON, ACKLEY             OTSEGO                        NY-39-38-637
KNOWLTON, ELIJAH             OTSEGO                        NY-39-38-349
KOCH, ALICE H.               HARTWICK                      NY-39-44-277
KRAIN, PETER                 RICHFIELD                     NY-39-35-7
LADD, CYRUS                  EXETER                        NY-39-39-97
LADD, LAURA                  BURLINGTON                    NY-39-20-301
LADLAM, ISAAC L.             WORCESTER                     NY-39-12-117
LAINEY, BRIDGET              OTSEGO                        NY-39-44-241
LAKE, ISAAC V.               MARYLAND                      NY-39-39-601
LAKE, JOEL                   WESTFORD                      NY-39-17-121
LAKE, LEWIS                  LAURENS                       NY-39-12-99
LAMB, ASA W.                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-21-49
LAMB, HIRAM S.               UNADILLA                      NY-39-23-181
LAMBERT, PETER               OTSEGO                        NY-39-B-90
LAMPERT, SARAH MARIA         SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-33-25
LAMPHERE, ASENATH            MARYLAND                      NY-39-40-247
LANDPHERE, ASA               PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-10-40
LANE, CORNELIUS              MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-16-19
LANE, CYNTHA                 MILFORD                       NY-39-13-31
LANE, ELIHU                  LAURENS                       NY-39-18-103
LANE, ISAAC                  DECATUR                       NY-39-10-95
LANE, JAMES H.               EXETER                        NY-39-10-586
LANE, JOHN                   LAURENS                       NY-39-16-293
LANE, LORENZO                MILFORD                       NY-39-33-223
LANE, MATHIAS                MILFORD                       NY-39-13-25
LANE, WILLIAM                MILFORD                       NY-39-37-457
LANGLEY, MARY                EXETER                        NY-39-11-258
LANGLEY, NANCY J.            HARTWICK                      NY-39-41-319
LANGLEY, SAMUEL              EXETER                        NY-39-10-187
LAR, CEMANTHA A.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-42-133
LASHER, GEORGE V.            BURLINGTON                    NY-39-51-499
LASHER,JOHN A.               OTSEGO                        NY-39-43-565
LATHROP, EDWARD E.           UNADILLA                      NY-39-21-157
LATHROP, ELISHA              UNADILLA                      NY-39-13-377
LATHROP, ESTHER              OTSEGO                        NY-39-26-421
LATHROP, LEVI                UNADILLA                      NY-39-11-550
LATHROP, LYMAN               UNADILLA                      NY-39-19-235
LATHROP, NANCY               OTSEGO                        NY-39-24-211
LATHROP, WILLIAM             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-7-228
LATTEN, MARY                 HARTWICK                      NY-39-7-499
LATTIN, GEORGE O.            HARTWICK                      NY-39-39-589
LATTIN, JOHN L.              HARTWICK                      NY-39-15-40
LAUNT, ELEANOR D.            UNADILLA                      NY-39-44-325
LAW, ALONZO                  MILFORD                       NY-39-46-607
LAWTON, JAMES B.             BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-B-109
LAYTON, HARVEY               RICHFIELD                     NY-39-30-151
LEANING, JOHN K.             OTSEGO                        NY-39-52-337
LEANING, RICHARD             MILFORD                       NY-39-16-307
LEANING, RICHARD H.          CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-47-145
LEANING, WILLIAM             CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-15-162
LEARY, JOHN                  RICHFIELD                     NY-39-38-277
LECOUNT, FRANK J. JR.        UNADILLA                      NY-39-47-565
LEE, JOHN                    EDMESTON                      NY-39-1-122
LEE, LUCRETIA                HARTWICK                      NY-39-28-199
LEE, REBECCA H.              HARTWICK                      NY-39-5-75
LEONARD, JELANE              OTSEGO                        NY-39-44-13
LEONARD, JESSE               EDMESTON                      NY-39-11-48
LEONARD, WILLIAM H.          WORCESTER                     NY-39-51-217
LESTER, THOMAS               OTSEGO                        NY-39-12-386
LETTIS, ISAAC                ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-10-636
LEWIS, ALBERT H.             NEW LISBON                    NY-39-40-253
LEWIS, ALRED C.              ONEONTA                       NY-39-46-625
LEWIS, BETSEY ANN            NEW LISBON                    NY-39-38-511
LEWIS, CLARK                 PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-7-223
LEWIS, CYRUS                 BURLINGTON                    NY-39-F-8
LEWIS, EMILY                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-20-319
LEWIS, ESTHER                OTSEGO                        NY-39-22-265
LEWIS, HENRY W.              BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-34-523
LEWIS, JOHN                  NEW LISBON                    NY-39-G-8
LEWIS, JUSTUS                DECATUR                       NY-39-8-159
LEWIS, LEWIS T.              PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-38-301
LEWIS, LODICA                OTSEGO                        NY-39-51-427
LEWIS, MARIA                 MORRIS                        NY-39-21-37
LEWIS, MARIETT R.            OTSEGO                        NY-39-40-271
LEWIS, MARY ELIZABETH        CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-52-397
LEWIS, MORGAN                CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-12-259
LEWIS, MOSES                 CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-8-140
LEWIS, NANTHANIEL L.         SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-31-85
LEWIS, NATHANIEL             MORRIS                        NY-39-10-389
LEWIS, NATHANIEL             EXETER                        NY-39-F-47
LEWIS, NOYES                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-9-282
LEWIS, POLLY                 MORRIS                        NY-39-15-43
LEWIS, SAMANTHA W.           OTSEGO                        NY-39-44-481
LEWIS, THEADORE              CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-27-595
LEWIS, WILLIAM R.            CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-42-187
LIDALL, WILLIAM              EXETER                        NY-39-1-16
LIDALL, WILLIAM              EXETER                        NY-39-1-287
LIDELL, ALLEN                EXETER                        NY-39-24-49
LIDELL, ELIZABETH            BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-50-571
LIDELL, JONAS A.             EXETER                        NY-39-42-265
LIGHT, DANA F.               BURLINGTON                    NY-39-46-439
LIGHT, LAURA                 MORRIS                        NY-39-24-385
LINCHAN, ELLEN               OTSEGO                        NY-39-40-391
LINDSAY, ANN                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-42-601
LINDSLEY, WILLIAM            SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-F-66
LINEHAN, CORNELIUS           HARTWICK                      NY-39-19-415
LINIHAN, MARY                HARTWICK                      NY-39-33-409
LINIS, RUFUS                 BURLINGTON                    NY-39-33-19
LINK, JACOB                  CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-4-240
LIPPETT, ABRAHAM             HARTWICK                      NY-39-C-217
LITTLEWOOD, EDWARD W.        MORRIS                        NY-39-39-637
LIVIGNSTON, ANN              BROOKLIN, KINGS, NY           NY-39-G-63
LIVINGSTON, CORNELIUS        OTSEGO                        NY-39-10-20
LIVINGSTON, JACOB            CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-13-241
LIVINGSTON, JOSEPH W.        CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-18-427
LIVINGSTON, LEVANTIA         CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-37-145
LLOYD, CATHERINE             PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-47-55
LLOYD, DAVID                 PLAINFIELD                    NY-39-20-295
LOBDELL, ABRAHAM             WORCESTER                     NY-39-17-421
LOCKE, JENNIE                ONEONTA                       NY-39-42-31
LOCKWOOD, JULIA M.           MARYLAND                      NY-39-35-97
LOOMIS, ANN M.               RICHFIELD                     NY-39-26-583
LOOMIS, COLLINS              RICHFIELD                     NY-39-10-375
LOOMIS, CURTIS J.            BURLINGTON                    NY-39-12-243
LOOMIS, ISAREL               OTSEGO                        NY-39-12-591
LOOMIS, ISRAEL               OTSEGO                        NY-39-7-100
LOOMIS, LEBBEUS              CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-2-520A
LOOMIS, LYMAN B.             BURLINGTON                    NY-39-40-37
LOOMISE, THADEUS             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-4-130
LOPER, LUCY H.               LAURENS                       NY-39-38-481
LOSEE, ANDREW                HARTWICK                      NY-39-40-385
LOSEE, CORNELIUS             RICHFIELD                     NY-39-18-301
LOSEE, JOHN                  SPRINGFIELD                   NY-39-33-583
LOUGH, GEORGE                HARTWICK                      NY-39-38-271
LOUNSBERRY, ANN E.           UNADILLA                      NY-39-36-541
LOUT, KILLEON                NEW LISBON                    NY-39-29-595
LOVE, ARTHUR                 PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-1-305
LOVE, ARTHUR                 PITTSFIELD                    NY-39-1-22
LOVEJOY, MARY E.             ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-37-55
LOW, ABIGAIL                 MILFORD                       NY-39-9-318
LOW, DAVID                   ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-35-133
LOW, JOHN                    MILFORD                       NY-39-20-115
LOW, JOHN                    MILFORD                       NY-39-8-51
LOW, MATHEW                  CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-9-394
LOWELL, HYRUM                ROSEBOOM                      NY-39-14-237
LUCE, HENRY J.               HARTWICK                      NY-39-38-67
LUCE, JOHN                   EXETER                        NY-39-10-232
LUCE, NATHAN                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-F-5
LUCE, TORRY J.               HARTWICK                      NY-39-20-37
LUDLAM, HENRY                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-32-115
LULL, ABIGAL                 MORRIS                        NY-39-39-517
LULL, CAROLINE               OTSEGO                        NY-39-34-211
LULL, EZRA                   MORRIS                        NY-39-39-115
LULL, EZRA                   MORRIS                        NY-39-26-439
LULL, JOEL                   LAURENS                       NY-39-7-359
LULL, NATHAN                 MORRIS                        NY-39-36-517
LULL, NATHAN                 BUTTERNUTS                    NY-39-6-103
LULL, SEBBEL                 MORRIS                        NY-39-16-139
LULL, WILLIAM                LAWRENCE                      NY-39-4-157
LUMLEY, JOHN                 CHERRY VALLEY                 NY-39-39-157
LUMLEY, JOHN                 OTSEGO                        NY-39-11-423
LUTHER, AARON                OTSEGO                        NY-39-24-349
LUTHER, CAROLINE             ONEONTA                       NY-39-39-169
LUTHER, ELECTA               ONEONTA                       NY-39-13-169
LUTHER, HENRY L.             ONEONTA                       NY-39-45-49
LUTHER, JOSHUA               HARTWICK                      NY-39-1-34
LUTHER, JOSHUA               HARTWICK                      NY-39-1-347
LUTHER, MARTIN               EDMESTON                      NY-39-G-28
LUTHER, MOSES                MILFORD                       NY-39-12-55
LUTHER, MOSES H.             MORRIS                        NY-39-27-97
LYMAN, ELVIRA G.             OTSEGO                        NY-39-42-259
LYNCH, ANN                   MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-10-52
LYNCH, MARY GILLIS           ONEONTA                       NY-39-45-133
LYNCH, THOMAS                MIDDLEFIELD                   NY-39-2-239
LYNES, ANTHONY               OTSEGO                        NY-39-13-49
LYON, ELISHA                 MILFORD                       NY-39-2-257A
LYON, JOSEPH                 (NOT RECORDED)                NY-39-5-129
LYON, REBECCA                MILFORD                       NY-39-24-175

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