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WADE, BENJAMIN                          NY-36-I-14
WADE, DANIEL M.                         NY-36-66-154
WADE, MCPHALEMY                         NY-36-K-144
WADSWORTH, MARY W.                      NY-36-58-123
WAINWRIGHT, WILLIAM                     NY-36-46-230
WAIT, MARY                              NY-36-66-163
WAIT, SAMUEL                            NY-36-U-39
WAIT, THOMAS                            NY-36-71-429
WAIT, WILLIAM C.                        NY-36-58-84
WAIZENEGGER, DOMINICK                   NY-36-69-412
WAKEFIELD, KATHARINA                    NY-36-72-239
WAKEFIELD, MARTHA                       NY-36-59-210
WAKEMAN, DAVID D.                       NY-36-39-1
WALDO, JULIA I.                         NY-36-65-275
WALDRON, PHEBE W.                       NY-36-53-78
WALKER, AMELIA                          NY-36-57-193
WALKER, ANDREW                          NY-36-C-360
WALKER, ANDREW                          NY-36-D-471
WALKER, ANNIE E.                        NY-36-70-134
WALKER, HENRY R.                        NY-36-62-163
WALKER, JANE                            NY-36-70-365
WALKER, JOHN                            NY-36-33-281
WALKING, ABIAH F.                       NY-36-67-434
WALL, SARAH M.                          NY-36-62-363
WALLACE, DAVID                          NY-36-54-245
WALLACE, HANNAH                         NY-36-38-287
WALLACE, JAMES                          NY-36-47-407
WALLACE, JOHN C.                        NY-36-57-320
WALLACE, JOHN C.                        NY-36-52-83
WALLACE, MARY ANN                       NY-36-53-143
WALLACE, MARY T.                        NY-36-38-374
WALLACE, ROBERT                         NY-36-56-388
WALLACE, ROSANNA                        NY-36-73-292
WALLACE, SAMUEL                         NY-36-34-507
WALLACE, SAMUEL                         NY-36-30-679
WALLACE, SARAH H.                       NY-36-56-182
WALLACE, THOMAS                         NY-36-27-379
WALLACE, WILLIAM                        NY-36-28-194
WALLACE, WILLIAM J.                     NY-36-49-1
WALLER, CHARLOTTE H.                    NY-36-59-236
WALLER, DANIEL S.                       NY-36-47-314
WALLING, FRANCIS                        NY-36-Y-468
WALLING, INMAN                          NY-36-B-330
WALLING, JAMES                          NY-36-G-177
WALLING, JOHN C.                        NY-36-46-273
WALLING, JOSEPH                         NY-36-49-390
WALLING, MARY                           NY-36-33-410
WALLING, WILLIAM W.                     NY-36-70-93
WALLIRB, MARY MCINNIS                   NY-36-65-49
WALSH, BENJAMIN                         NY-36-44-415
WALSH, CATHARINE                        NY-36-34-208
WALSH, ELIZABETH                        NY-36-38-242
WALSH, ELLEN                            NY-36-72-15
WALSH, HENRY                            NY-36-31-689
WALSH, HUGH                             NY-36-F-169
WALSH, HUGH                             NY-36-#1-135
WALSH, J. DEWITT                        NY-36-57-428
WALSH, JAMES                            NY-36-38-146
WALSH, JOHN H.                          NY-36-T-95
WALSH, JOHN H.                          NY-36-I-470
WALSH, MARY                             NY-36-30-28
WALSH, MEHETABEL                        NY-36-32-167
WALSH, PATRICK                          NY-36-67-229
WALSH, ROBERT                           NY-36-53-320
WALSH, SAMUEL A.                        NY-36-#1-139
WALSH, SAMUEL A.                        NY-36-I-46
WALSH, WILLIAM H.                       NY-36-K-484
WALT, ANTON                             NY-36-51-354
WALTER, CHRISTINA                       NY-36-53-91
WALTERS, CATHARINE                      NY-36-47-276
WANAMAKER, MARY JANE                    NY-36-56-381
WANDS, WILLIAM S.                       NY-36-71-398
WANZER, ANN E.                          NY-36-61-83
WANZER, JOHN J.                         NY-36-57-297
WARD, BERNARD                           NY-36-71-226
WARD, DANIEL                            NY-36-43-62
WARD, DAVID                             NY-36-L-8
WARD, DAVID H.                          NY-36-60-8
WARD, EZEKIEL                           NY-36-D-304
WARD, HARRY                             NY-36-65-317
WARD, JAMES                             NY-36-46-348
WARD, MARY                              NY-36-38-272
WARD, PETER                             NY-36-54-449
WARD, RICHARD                           NY-36-60-304
WARD, RICHARD                           NY-36-33-499
WARD, SAMUEL                            NY-36-50-180
WARD, SAMUEL                            NY-36-P-1
WARD, THOMAS                            NY-36-T-218
WARD, WILLIAM S.                        NY-36-60-78
WARD, WINEFRED                          NY-36-38-417
WARDELL, JOHN                           NY-36-48-209
WARDEN, SARAH E.                        NY-36-51-10
WARE, MARY ELLEN                        NY-36-59-57
WARING, DANIEL S.                       NY-36-61-351
WARING, DANIEL W.                       NY-36-44-5
WARING, JAMES                           NY-36-30-33
WARING, JAMES                           NY-36-N-80
WARING, MARY                            NY-36-43-190
WARING, MARY                            NY-36-41-397
WARING, PATIENCE                        NY-36-42-44
WARING, ROSABELLA                       NY-36-61-348
WARNER, AZUBAH                          NY-36-29-733
WARNER, ELIPHALET                       NY-36-#1-450
WARNER, ELIPHALET ***                   NY-36-J-205
WARNER, JOHN C.                         NY-36-54-270
WARNER, LAURA                           NY-36-S- 64
WARNER, MARIA L.                        NY-36-34-107
WARNER, ROBERT S.                       NY-36-W-392
WARNER, ROXANNA                         NY-36-38-157
WARNER, SUSAN AUGUSTA                   NY-36-61-183
WARNICK, MARGARET                       NY-36-70-349
WARRELL, ROBERT                         NY-36-V-413
WARREN, DAVID                           NY-36-42-73
WARREN, HARRIET D.                      NY-36-62-420
WARREN, LEGRAND                         NY-36-X-229
WARREN, LYDIA R.                        NY-36-39-336
WARREN, MARY C.                         NY-36-29-75
WARREN, MILES                           NY-36-28-117
WARREN, SARAH A.                        NY-36-42-350
WARREN, WILLIAM E.                      NY-36-39-333
WARREN, WILLIAM L. F.                   NY-36-42-209
WARRICK, JAMES                          NY-36-50-78
WARWICK, JAMES                          NY-36-50-78
WATER, JOHN                             NY-36-72-417
WATERBURY, ALVAH                        NY-36-46-165
WATERBURY, ANSON                        NY-36-46-163
WATERBURY, ELIPHALET P.                 NY-36-30-166
WATERBURY, NAOMI                        NY-36-45-159
WATERBURY, WILLIAM                      NY-36-28-175
WATERBURY, WILLIAM H.                   NY-36-49-445
WATERS, ARTHUR                          NY-36-38-100
WATERS, JOHN H.                         NY-36-42-255
WATERS, SARAH C.                        NY-36-71-279
WATERSTONE, MARTHA                      NY-36-41-114
WATKINS, ABEL B.                        NY-36-W-317
WATKINS, DANIEL                         NY-36-B-293
WATKINS, HEZEKIAH                       NY-36-L-246
WATKINS, JESSE                          NY-36-N-148
WATKINS, MARTHA                         NY-36-F-1
WATKINS, THOMAS                         NY-36-C-302
WATKINS, WILLIAM S.                     NY-36-47-205
WATLKINS, HARRIET                       NY-36-67-444
WATSON, GEORGE                          NY-36-71-231
WATSON, SUSANNAH                        NY-36-B-237
WATSON, WILLIAM                         NY-36-B-187
WATTS, HENRY                            NY-36-B-167
WATTS, JOHN S.                          NY-36-50-393
WATTS, RUTH                             NY-36-56-322
WATTS, SOLOMON                          NY-36-56-308
WAUGH, JAMES                            NY-36-V-363
WAUGH, MARTHA                           NY-36-61-141
WAUGH, MARY                             NY-36-Z-465
WAUGH, ROBART                           NY-36-F-102
WAUGH, ROBERT                           NY-36-41-235
WAY, PHILEMON                           NY-36-D-513
WEAR, JANE                              NY-36-29-598
WEAR, JOHN                              NY-36-K-214
WEAR, SARAH J.                          NY-36-56-336
WEAR, WILLIAM                           NY-36-H-494
WEAR, WILLIAM                           NY-36-V-416
WEAR, WILLIAM B.                        NY-36-45-30
WEBB, CHARLES                           NY-36-#1-48
WEBB, CHARLOTTE                         NY-36-55-104
WEBB, CHRALRES                          NY-36-I-207
WEBB, DAVID                             NY-36-31-21
WEBB, DAVID                             NY-36-58-82
WEBB, DAVID W.                          NY-36-38-45
WEBB, ELIZABETH                         NY-36-X-132
WEBB, FRANCES J.                        NY-36-55-109
WEBB, GILBERT                           NY-36-G-94
WEBB, HARRIET J.                        NY-36-46-303
WEBB, HEPHZIBAH                         NY-36-54-36
WEBB, HIRAM B.                          NY-36-32-426
WEBB, JAMES M.                          NY-36-45-85
WEBB, JOHNATHAN B.                      NY-36-45-157
WEBB, JONATHAN                          NY-36-B-261
WEBB, LOUISA                            NY-36-50-254
WEBB, MILES H.                          NY-36-57-225
WEBB, NATHANIEL                         NY-36-U-342
WEBB, SAMUEL                            NY-36-F-376
WEBB, SAMUEL                            NY-36-F-384
WEBB, THOMAS                            NY-36-35-756
WEBB, WILLAM H.                         NY-36-66-374
WEBB, WILLIAM S.                        NY-36-31-384
WEBER, EMELINE M.                       NY-36-42-266
WEBSTER, MICHAEL                        NY-36-51-241
WEED, BETHIAH                           NY-36-32-61
WEED, DANIEL T.                         NY-36-70-203
WEED, EDGAR VAN K.                      NY-36-58-177
WEED, ELIZABETH A.                      NY-36-67-333
WEED, HARVEY                            NY-36-42-374
WEED, JAMES                             NY-36-M-395
WEED, JANE H.                           NY-36-41-167
WEED, KITSEY                            NY-36-46-192
WEED, LINUS                             NY-36-34-239
WEED, MARY                              NY-36-X-282
WEED, PETER                             NY-36-P-203
WEED, SAMUEL K.                         NY-36-42-148
WEED, SARAH                             NY-36-46-298
WEED, SYLVANUS                          NY-36-39-199
WEED, WILLIAM R.                        NY-36-57-390
WEEKS, BENJAMIN F.                      NY-36-51-169
WEEKS, GILBERT G.                       NY-36-M-368
WEEKS, LUCY B.                          NY-36-65-94
WEEKS, MARY A.                          NY-36-73-68
WEEKS, NANCY                            NY-36-54-252
WEEKS, THOMAS                           NY-36-H-110
WEIDMAN, CHRISTIAN                      NY-36-54-95
WEISS, FRANCIS                          NY-36-46-276
WELCH, ELIJAH                           NY-36-K-410
WELCH, GABRIEL                          NY-36-34-532
WELLER, ALFRED A.                       NY-36-57-43
WELLER, EFFIE A.                        NY-36-66-307
WELLER, ELENOR                          NY-36-F-253
WELLER, ELIZABETH                       NY-36-39-80
WELLER, ELIZABETH A.                    NY-36-55-266
WELLER, ELMINA                          NY-36-38-397
WELLER, HENRY                           NY-36-K-380
WELLER, HENRY D.                        NY-36-#1-201
WELLER, HERONIMUS                       NY-36-D-294
WELLER, HERVEY                          NY-36-37-334
WELLER, HIERONIMUS                      NY-36-28-358
WELLER, HIERONIMUS J.                   NY-36-Z-489
WELLER, ISAAC                           NY-36-Q-153
WELLER, LEARTUS M.                      NY-36-43-420
WELLER, MILTON                          NY-36-45-376
WELLER, MOSES                           NY-36-M-200
WELLING, EDWARD L.                      NY-36-U-223
WELLING, EDWARD L.                      NY-36-U-223
WELLING, GEORGE                         NY-36-52-449
WELLING, JAMES H.                       NY-36-54-157
WELLING, JOHN                           NY-36-F-19
WELLING, JOHN                           NY-36-31-324
WELLING, JOHN L.                        NY-36-52-292
WELLING, JOHN W.                        NY-36-N-67
WELLING, MARTHA                         NY-36-50-99
WELLING, RICHARD                        NY-36-F-165
WELLING, RICHARD                        NY-36-F-304
WELLING, SAMUEL                         NY-36-48-180
WELLING, SAMUEL C.                      NY-36-42-389
WELLING, THOMAS                         NY-36-65-366
WELLING, THOMAS                         NY-36-A-334
WELLING, THOMAS                         NY-36-E-157
WELLING, THOMAS H.                      NY-36-L-14
WELLING, WILLIAM                        NY-36-46-320
WELLING, WILLIAM R.                     NY-36-46-208
WELLS, ABNER S.                         NY-36-29-302
WELLS, ALFRED                           NY-36-55-68
WELLS, CHARLOTTE                        NY-36-53-3
WELLS, FRANCES                          NY-36-61-372
WELLS, GEORGE                           NY-36-H-283
WELLS, GERSHOM                          NY-36-47-361
WELLS, JEROME                           NY-36-K-469
WELLS, JOHN                             NY-36-#1-263
WELLS, JOHN                             NY-36-I-473
WELLS, JOHN                             NY-36-O-170
WELLS, JOSHUA                           NY-36-29-535
WELLS, JOSHUA                           NY-36-F-292
WELLS, JULIA A.                         NY-36-51-206
WELLS, MARY                             NY-36-U-406
WELLS, MARY                             NY-36-48-302
WELLS, MARY ANN                         NY-36-58-352
WELLS, MARY F.                          NY-36-54-114
WELLS, NATHANIEL                        NY-36-C-19
WELLS, NATHANIEL                        NY-36-G-259
WELLS, PETER                            NY-36-58-276
WELLS, WALTER                           NY-36-55-236
WELLS, WILLIAM                          NY-36-44-309
WELLS, WILLIAM                          NY-36-K-262
WELSH, JAMES                            NY-36-71-196
WELTA, JACOB                            NY-36-D-253
WENGENROTH, JOHANNA                     NY-36-53-447
WENGENROTH, LENA                        NY-36-56-377
WENTZ, AMELIA L.                        NY-36-70-398
WENZEL, GEORGE C.                       NY-36-54-420
WERMER JOEL B.                          NY-36-44-358
WERNER, DOROTHEA                        NY-36-60-367
WERRY, DRUSILLA                         NY-36-52-365
WESCHE, WILHELM                         NY-36-Z-283
WESCOTT, SARAH A.                       NY-36-55-83
WESSELS, CATHARINE M.                   NY-36-43-259
WESTBROOK, AARON J.                     NY-36-33-46
WESTBROOK, JANE                         NY-36-51-59
WESTBROOK, MARGARET                     NY-36-Z-160
WESTBROOK, PHILIP                       NY-36-28-231
WESTCOTT, NATHAN                        NY-36-41-27
WESTCOTT, NATHAN                        NY-36-Q-28
WESTERVELT, JAMES L.                    NY-36-43-376
WESTFALL, BENJAMIN                      NY-36-51-371
WESTFALL, MARIA                         NY-36-60-213
WESTFALL, SARAH ANN                     NY-36-51-103
WESTFALL, SIMON                         NY-36-44-246
WESTFALL, SIMON                         NY-36-C-251
WESTLAKE, BENJAMIN                      NY-36-T-123
WESTLAKE, DANIEL                        NY-36-31-599
WESTLAKE, ELIZABETH                     NY-36-Q-335
WESTLAKE, JACOB                         NY-36-L-171
WESTON, WILBUR H.                       NY-36-71-292
WET, JENNIE L.                          NY-36-73-176
WETMORE, LUTHER                         NY-36-E-222
WEYANT, GEORGE W.                       NY-36-72-327
WEYANT, JOHN C.                         NY-36-35-700
WEYANT, KING                            NY-36-47-96
WEYGANT, ELIZA                          NY-36-32-192
WEYGANT, JAMES                          NY-36-39-175
WEYGANT, JAMES                          NY-36-27-525
WEYGANT, MAHALAH                        NY-36-67-253
WEYGANT, NATHANIEL K.                   NY-36-30-616
WEYGANT, RACHEL                         NY-36-R-129
WEYGANT, ROBERT F.                      NY-36-72-369
WEYGANT, SMITH                          NY-36-39-364
WHEAT, ELLENOR ANN                      NY-36-73-183
WHEAT, JOHN S.                          NY-36-67-201
WHEAT, SALMON                           NY-36-M-68
WHEAT, SUSAN E.                         NY-36-54-193
WHEELER, CAROLINE A.                    NY-36-53-301
WHEELER, FRANCES C.                     NY-36-50-341
WHEELER, GILBERT                        NY-36-M-329
WHEELER, J. ANNA                        NY-36-62-275
WHEELER, JAMES                          NY-36-S-255
WHEELER, JOEL                           NY-36-O-157
WHEELER, JOHN                           NY-36-L-24
WHEELER, LEMUEL                         NY-36-35-146
WHEELER, MARY ANN                       NY-36-28-249
WHEELER, MARY J.                        NY-36-57-309
WHEELER, NATHAN                         NY-36-A-175
WHEELER, NATHAN R.                      NY-36-48-116
WHEELER, PHEBE                          NY-36-41-239
WHEELER, PHEBE A.                       NY-36-73-124
WHEELER, WARREN                         NY-36-61-264
WHEELER, WILLIAM F.                     NY-36-28-242
WHEELER, ZEBULON                        NY-36-G-284
WHELAN, JOSEPH                          NY-36-K-90
WHELAN, JOSEPH V.                       NY-36-41-374
WHERRY, PETER                           NY-36-42-17
WHIGAM, DAVID P.                        NY-36-31-727
WHIGAM, SARAH                           NY-36-52-177
WHIGHAM, ALEXANDER                      NY-36-Y-111
WHITAKER, AARON                         NY-36-G-82
WHITAKER, JOHN                          NY-36-A-221
WHITAKER, JOHN P.                       NY-36-29-541
WHITAKER, SARAH                         NY-36-37-8
WHITCHILL, MARY F.                      NY-36-62-99
WHITE, ABIGAIL                          NY-36-37-257
WHITE, ANN                              NY-36-58-444
WHITE, CATHERINE                        NY-36-56-19
WHITE, CATHERINE E.                     NY-36-72-192
WHITE, CHARLES                          NY-36-H-319
WHITE, ELEANOR                          NY-36-48-64
WHITE, ELIZA                            NY-36-69-75
WHITE, ELIZA                            NY-36-32-153
WHITE, ELIZABETH                        NY-36-E-129
WHITE, EUNICE H.                        NY-36-36-425
WHITE, HARRIET M.                       NY-36-33-251
WHITE, JAMES                            NY-36-C-9
WHITE, JAMES                            NY-36-47-421
WHITE, JOHN                             NY-36-46-314
WHITE, JOHN                             NY-36-R-232
WHITE, JOHN                             NY-36-K-416
WHITE, MARY ANN                         NY-36-62-1
WHITE, MARY JANE                        NY-36-58-49
WHITE, MAURICE                          NY-36-54-258
WHITE, NATHAN H.                        NY-36-U-317
WHITE, PRUDENCE                         NY-36-X-214
WHITE, SAMUEL                           NY-36-D-276
WHITE, SYLVANUS                         NY-36-F-222
WHITE, THOMAS                           NY-36-D-43
WHITE, THOMAS                           NY-36-52-169
WHITE, WILLIAM                          NY-36-62-314
WHITED, BENJAMIN                        NY-36-33-532
WHITED, JOHN                            NY-36-Z-192
WHITEHEAD, JOHN                         NY-36-60-201
WHITEHILL, HUGH                         NY-36-47-6
WHITEHILL, JANET                        NY-36-54-235
WHITEHILL, ROBERT                       NY-36-57-356
WHITING, JOHN                           NY-36-32-130
WHITLOCK, AARON                         NY-36-61-267
WHITLOCK, JOEL                          NY-36-P-181
WHITMAN, GEORGE                         NY-36-N-284
WHITMORE, AMOS                          NY-36-G-145
WHITNEY, CORNELIA A.                    NY-36-30-43
WHITTAKER, SARAH                        NY-36-57-99
WHITTEN, ASA                            NY-36-71-78
WHITTEN, ELCANOR                        NY-36-55-378
WHITTEN, HARRIET C.                     NY-36-65-434
WHITTEN, JOSEPH                         NY-36-G-89
WHITTIN, ORVILL R.                      NY-36-V-230
WICKHAM, ABIGAIL                        NY-36-#1-305
WICKHAM, ABIGAIL                        NY-36-I-537
WICKHAM, ABRAM                          NY-36-58-312
WICKHAM, BENJAMIN                       NY-36-30-397
WICKHAM, BETHIA                         NY-36-54-73
WICKHAM, BRIDGET                        NY-36-28-208
WICKHAM, CHAUNCEY                       NY-36-32-11
WICKHAM, ELIZABETH J.                   NY-36-62-94
WICKHAM, FRANCES                        NY-36-W-218
WICKHAM, FRANCES C.                     NY-36-35-208
WICKHAM, FRANCIS B.                     NY-36-42-216
WICKHAM, GEORGE D.                      NY-36-N-320
WICKHAM, HENRY G.                       NY-36-31-550
WICKHAM, JERUSHA                        NY-36-31-685
WICKHAM, JESSE H.                       NY-36-L-288
WICKHAM, MARGARET M.                    NY-36-65-330
WICKHAM, MARIA J.                       NY-36-71-193
WICKHAM, MARY V.                        NY-36-33-190
WICKHAM, NOYES                          NY-36-G-64
WICKHAM, NOYES                          NY-36-W-242
WICKHAM, OLIVE SMITH                    NY-36-28-415
WICKHAM, SALLY                          NY-36-31-697
WICKHAM, SAMUEL                         NY-36-B-264
WICKHAM, TEMPERANCE A.                  NY-36-W-9
WICKHAM, WILLIAM ESQ.                   NY-36-E-199
WICKHAM, WILLIAM W.                     NY-36-59-69
WICKHAM, WILLIAM W.                     NY-36-37-233
WIENOLT, FREDRICK                       NY-36-39-239
WIEST, CONRADT                          NY-36-Y-400
WIGGINS, CHARLES H.                     NY-36-47-385
WIGGINS, JACOB                          NY-36-B-279
WIGGINS, JALINA E.                      NY-36-54-212
WIGGINS, LEWIS Y.                       NY-36-61-46
WIGGINS, LOUISA                         NY-36-52-132
WIGGINS, STEPHEN                        NY-36-X-325
WIGGINS, SUSIE HULSE                    NY-36-45-400
WILCOX, HANNAH C.                       NY-36-49-281
WILCOX, ISAAC                           NY-36-62-452
WILCOX, LEWIS                           NY-36-38-152
WILCOX, WILLIAM S.                      NY-36-28-113
WILCOX, WILLIAM W.                      NY-36-35-716
WILD, MARK                              NY-36-71-320
WILES, ELIZABETH                        NY-36-51-46
WILEY, FRANCIS                          NY-36-66-44
WILEY, THOMAS                           NY-36-J-377
WILKES, JAMES                           NY-36-53-443
WILKES, MARY D.                         NY-36-50-226
WILKES, THOMAS G.                       NY-36-27-236
WILKESON, ANN                           NY-36-46-459
WILKIN, ADAM                            NY-36-32-385
WILKIN, ALEXANDER                       NY-36-56-374
WILKIN, ANN MARIA                       NY-36-55-4
WILKIN, CHARLES B.                      NY-36-55-1
WILKIN, DANIEL                          NY-36-Q-464
WILKIN, DANIEL                          NY-36-K-292
WILKIN, DANIEL W.                       NY-36-33-1
WILKIN, JAMES                           NY-36-C-22
WILKIN, JAMES W.                        NY-36-N-71
WILKIN, JOHN                            NY-36-H-374
WILKIN, JOHN G.                         NY-36-52-161
WILKIN, JOSEPH                          NY-36-Z-588
WILKIN, JOSEPH                          NY-36-28-198
WILKIN, MARSHALL                        NY-36-31-148
WILKIN, MARY                            NY-36-Q-130
WILKIN, SARAH                           NY-36-F-135
WILKIN, THEODORE                        NY-36-P-274
WILKIN, WILLIAM                         NY-36-G-79
WILKIN, WILLIAM                         NY-36-72-127
WILKINS, JASON                          NY-36-E-296
WILKINS, THOMAS D.                      NY-36-K-422
WILKINS, WILLIAM S.                     NY-36-G-274
WILKINSON, JAMES                        NY-36-65-455
WILKINSON, SAMUEL                       NY-36-30-309
WILKS, RICHARD                          NY-36-D-278
WILLCOX, AMOS                           NY-36-F-396
WILLCOX, ASA                            NY-36-32-81
WILLCOX, HNNAH                          NY-36-66-430
WILLCOX, JOHN                           NY-36-46-234
WILLCOX, LEWIS M.                       NY-36-47-382
WILLERSDORFF, ISRAEL                    NY-36-40-323
WILLETS, CHARLOTTE LEVINA               NY-36-62-80
WILLETT, CATHARINE A.                   NY-36-61-345
WILLETT, HENRY B.                       NY-36-38-383
WILLIAMS, BENJAMIN                      NY-36-N-339
WILLIAMS, CATHARINE                     NY-36-55-160
WILLIAMS, CHARLES E.                    NY-36-59-369
WILLIAMS, DANIEL                        NY-36-S-101
WILLIAMS, ELISABETH                     NY-36-P-408
WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH                     NY-36-T-228
WILLIAMS, EMMA LOUISE                   NY-36-54-44
WILLIAMS, GEORGE A.                     NY-36-52-311
WILLIAMS, GILBERT                       NY-36-48-307
WILLIAMS, HENREITTA                     NY-36-55-184
WILLIAMS, JARVIS                        NY-36-53-438
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          NY-36-S-495
WILLIAMS, JOHN F.                       NY-36-J-148
WILLIAMS, JOHN F.                       NY-36-#1-414
WILLIAMS, JONAS                         NY-36-H-425
WILLIAMS, JONAS                         NY-36-49-97
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH                        NY-36-D-9
WILLIAMS, LEONARD                       NY-36-T-280
WILLIAMS, LEWIS                         NY-36-41-201
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL                        NY-36-27-312
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL P. JR.                 NY-36-37-416
WILLIAMS, SARAH J.                      NY-36-70-41
WILLIAMS, SUSANNA S.                    NY-36-27-484
WILLIS, ELEANOR                         NY-36-38-126
WILLIS, HIRAM                           NY-36-52-440
WILLIS, JOHN C.                         NY-36-41-182
WILLOCK, NATHAN                         NY-36-C-282
WILLSEY, HENRY P.                       NY-36-69-422
WILLSON, JOSEPH                         NY-36-B-259
WILLSON, PETER                          NY-36-D-85
WILSEY, OTIS J.                         NY-36-69-416
WILSEY, WILLIAM                         NY-36-D-90
WILSON, ALEXANDRIA "LEXEY"              NY-36-70-307
WILSON, ANDREW                          NY-36-C-128
WILSON, ANDREW                          NY-36-40-438
WILSON, ANN JANE                        NY-36-58-99
WILSON, CHARLES H.                      NY-36-71-463
WILSON, DANIEL                          NY-36-U-20
WILSON, DANIEL                          NY-36-J-136
WILSON, ELENNORA B.                     NY-36-54-178
WILSON, ELIZABETH                       NY-36-28-557
WILSON, EMILY C.                        NY-36-73-46
WILSON, FRANCIS                         NY-36-32-378
WILSON, FRANK R.                        NY-36-67-388
WILSON, FRANK WALKER                    NY-36-71-41
WILSON, GEORGE                          NY-36-43-31
WILSON, HARRIET N.                      NY-36-54-56
WILSON, ISAAC                           NY-36-46-134
WILSON, JANE                            NY-36-42-153
WILSON, JOHN                            NY-36-47-415
WILSON, MARGARET                        NY-36-60-289
WILSON, MARGARET T.                     NY-36-33-135
WILSON, MARY E.                         NY-36-62-429
WILSON, PRISCILLA                       NY-36-70-195
WILSON, ROBERT                          NY-36-36-441
WILSON, ROBERT                          NY-36-L-191
WILSON, SAMUEL                          NY-36-45-152
WILSON, SARAH E.                        NY-36-72-352
WILSON, SARAH J.                        NY-36-55-241
WILSON, TILDEN H.                       NY-36-57-211
WILSON, WILLIAM                         NY-36-38-318
WILSON, WILLIAM S.                      NY-36-51-403
WILTSIE, WILLIAM                        NY-36-47-329
WIMER, GABRIEL                          NY-36-J-433
WINDFIELD, HANNAH                       NY-36-T-213
WINFIELD, CHARLES                       NY-36-X-436
WINFIELD, CHARLES G.                    NY-36-43-405
WINFIELD, CHARLES H.                    NY-36-51-327
WINFIELD, CHAUNCEY L.                   NY-36-58-111
WINFIELD, DAVID C.                      NY-36-41-153
WINFIELD, HANNAH                        NY-36-X-27
WINFIELD, MARTHA M.                     NY-36-49-314
WINFIELD, MARY J.                       NY-36-72-29
WINFIELD, NANCY J.                      NY-36-73-321
WINFIELD, WILLIAM                       NY-36-X-34
WINK, ELIZA                             NY-36-71-1
WINTERS, ALMEDA                         NY-36-53-196
WINTERS, JOSEPH                         NY-36-29-83
WINTERS, SARAH C.                       NY-36-70-19
WINTERS, ZOPHER                         NY-36-40-93
WISE, JAMES H.                          NY-36-70-421
WISE, NATHANIEL G.                      NY-36-27-555
WISEMAN, JAMES                          NY-36-V-434
WISNER, DANIEL C.                       NY-36-33-421
WISNER, GABRIEL                         NY-36-2-126
WISNER, HENRY                           NY-36-B-219
WISNER, HENRY                           NY-36-D-494
WISNER, HENRY                           NY-36-A-117
WISNER, HENRY                           NY-36-N-523
WISNER, HENRY B.                        NY-36-M-466
WISNER, HENRY B.                        NY-36-N-423
WISNER, JANE                            NY-36-32-240
WISNER, JOHN                            NY-36-52-249
WISNER, JOHN                            NY-36-D-399
WISNER, MARIA                           NY-36-73-330
WISNER, MARTHA                          NY-36-50-442
WISNER, MARY                            NY-36-J-520
WISNER, SARAH                           NY-36-C-67
WISNER, SARAH M.                        NY-36-47-404
WISNER, WILLIAM                         NY-36-C-97
WISNER, WILLIAM                         NY-36-N-136
WISNER, WILLIAM H.                      NY-36-65-106
WISNER, WILLIAM R.                      NY-36-49-273
WISNOR, GEORGE T.                       NY-36-61-70
WIXON, CYRUS F.                         NY-36-69-279
WODORUFF, CHARLES H.                    NY-36-60-220
WODOWORTH, ORPHA                        NY-36-50-143
WOLF, BENJAMIN V.                       NY-36-65-152
WOLF, CAROLINE                          NY-36-54-183
WOLF, MARGARETHA                        NY-36-72-219
WOLFE, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-36-70-221
WOOD, ARTHUR                            NY-36-72-364
WOOD, BENJAMIN                          NY-36-E-93
WOOD, CATHARINE C. B.                   NY-36-67-198
WOOD, CHARLES D.                        NY-36-73-381
WOOD, CHARLOTTE                         NY-36-48-239
WOOD, DANIEL                            NY-36-X-497
WOOD, DANIEL                            NY-36-M-525
WOOD, DANIEL B.                         NY-36-28-165
WOOD, DANIEL S.                         NY-36-67-441
WOOD, EDWIN D.                          NY-36-42-21
WOOD, GEORGE                            NY-36-R-435
WOOD, GEORGE                            NY-36-49-49
WOOD, GEORGE J.                         NY-36-50-386
WOOD, GEORGE W.                         NY-36-34-359
WOOD, HANNAH                            NY-36-J-231
WOOD, HELEN A.                          NY-36-70-177
WOOD, HENRY D.                          NY-36-40-279
WOOD, HENRY WISNER                      NY-36-69-67
WOOD, HIRAM H.                          NY-36-69-442
WOOD, IRA                               NY-36-61-278
WOOD, ISAAC                             NY-36-K-445
WOOD, ISRAEL                            NY-36-D-473
WOOD, JAMES                             NY-36-S-514
WOOD, JAMES B.                          NY-36-40-239
WOOD, JAMES J.                          NY-36-65-155
WOOD, JESSE                             NY-36-28-103
WOOD, JESSE                             NY-36-59-134
WOOD, JESSE                             NY-36-27-617
WOOD, JESSE G.                          NY-36-56-407
WOOD, JOHN                              NY-36-31-723
WOOD, JOHN                              NY-36-A-253
WOOD, JOHN                              NY-36-28-686
WOOD, JOHN                              NY-36-70-427
WOOD, JOHN                              NY-36-D-309
WOOD, JOHN D.                           NY-36-43-229
WOOD, JOHN JR.                          NY-36-A-234
WOOD, JOHN L.                           NY-36-U-1
WOOD, JONATHAN                          NY-36-B-242
WOOD, JONATHAN                          NY-36-29-256
WOOD, JOSEPH                            NY-36-B-95
WOOD, JOSEPH                            NY-36-M-303
WOOD, JOSEPH                            NY-36-H-78
WOOD, JOSHUA                            NY-36-66-258
WOOD, JOSHUA W.                         NY-36-30-114
WOOD, LUKE                              NY-36-41-99
WOOD, MARGARET E.                       NY-36-58-390
WOOD, MARY                              NY-36-30-703
WOOD, MARY E.                           NY-36-62-312
WOOD, MARY L                            NY-36-58-435
WOOD, MATILDA                           NY-36-58-217
WOOD, MELISSA A.                        NY-36-62-293
WOOD, MIRANDA W.                        NY-36-51-321
WOOD, NANCY                             NY-36-32-498
WOOD, OLIVER E.                         NY-36-49-325
WOOD, PHEBE A.                          NY-36-33-287
WOOD, REBECCA                           NY-36-H-490
WOOD, RHODA M.                          NY-36-L-405
WOOD, RICHARD                           NY-36-K-289
WOOD, ROBERT                            NY-36-D-453
WOOD, SAMUEL                            NY-36-E-190
WOOD, SARAH                             NY-36-39-183
WOOD, SILAS                             NY-36-C-73
WOOD, SOPHIA B.                         NY-36-38-430
WOOD, STEPHEN                           NY-36-J-106
WOOD, STEPHEN                           NY-36-#1-372
WOOD, STEPHEN                           NY-36-J-91
WOOD, SUSAN C.                          NY-36-38-197
WOOD, THOMAS L                          NY-36-38-394
WOOD, TIMOTHY                           NY-36-N-438
WOOD, TIMOTHY                           NY-36-J-344
WOOD, TIMOTHY                           NY-36-T-189
WOOD, TIMOTHY                           NY-36-E-45
WOOD, TIMOTHY                           NY-36-2-31
WOOD, VASHTI                            NY-36-R-24
WOOD, VINCENT                           NY-36-I-147
WOOD, WILLIAM C.                        NY-36-K-460
WOOD, WILLIAM H.                        NY-36-29-142
WOOD, WILLIAM H.                        NY-36-54-408
WOODHULL, EBENEZER                      NY-36-C-210
WOODHULL, ELIZER                        NY-36-F-370
WOODHULL, FLETCHER                      NY-36-X-6
WOODHULL, JESSE                         NY-36-44-277
WOODHULL, JESSE ESQ.                    NY-36-A-276
WOODHULL, JOHN                          NY-36-X-259
WOODHULL, NATHAN                        NY-36-B-79
WOODHULL, PHEBE                         NY-36-Y-93
WOODHULL, PHEBE J.                      NY-36-50-140
WOODHULL, RICHARD                       NY-36-C-333
WOODHULL, RUTH H.                       NY-36-L-99
WOODHULL, VICTOR T.                     NY-36-52-210
WOODHULL, WILLIAM S.                    NY-36-Y-460
WOODLOCK, PATRICK                       NY-36-51-44
WOODRUFF, BENJAMIN                      NY-36-K-147
WOODRUFF, DAVID                         NY-36-Q-370
WOODRUFF, JOSHUA                        NY-36-E-344
WOODRUFF, LYDIA A.                      NY-36-67-371
WOODRUFF, MARIA                         NY-36-Z-723
WOODRUFF, RICHARD                       NY-36-34-120
WOODRUFF, SILAS                         NY-36-T-253
WOODRUFF, WARREN                        NY-36-50-327
WOODS, JULIA J.                         NY-36-54-191
WOODWARD, AMBROSE                       NY-36-S-162, 214
WOODWARD, CHARLES S.                    NY-36-46-114
WOODWARD, HANNAH                        NY-36-N-161
WOODWARD, JULIA                         NY-36-51-125
WOODWARD, WILLIAM A.                    NY-36-46-106
WOODWWARD, ELIAS                        NY-36-38-269
WOOL, FANNY                             NY-36-34-395
WOOLEY, HENRIETTA F.                    NY-36-72-257
WOOLSEY, ALZAMERA                       NY-36-65-361
WOOLSEY, ELEAZER G.                     NY-36-L-346
WOOLSEY, ELIJAH L.                      NY-36-30-455
WORCESTER, HANNAH                       NY-36-72-407
WORDEN, JOHN                            NY-36-Z-606
WORKMAN, MATILDA                        NY-36-70-72
WORSNIP, WILLIAM                        NY-36-32-414
WORTH, ELIZABETH                        NY-36-28-36
WRIGHT, ALEXANDER                       NY-36-55-15
WRIGHT, AUGUSTUS                        NY-36-U-163
WRIGHT, BARTOW                          NY-36-53-258
WRIGHT, BENJAMIN                        NY-36-62-153
WRIGHT, BENJAMIN                        NY-36-30-429
WRIGHT, CORNELIA                        NY-36-55-25
WRIGHT, DAVID                           NY-36-J-351
WRIGHT, ELIZABETH G.                    NY-36-60-106
WRIGHT, FRANCIS                         NY-36-30-76
WRIGHT, HANNAH                          NY-36-70-118
WRIGHT, HENRY                           NY-36-48-107
WRIGHT, ISAAC J.                        NY-36-31-716
WRIGHT, JANE                            NY-36-52-297
WRIGHT, JOHN                            NY-36-K-231
WRIGHT, JULIET H.                       NY-36-66-206
WRIGHT, LUCY                            NY-36-54-180
WRIGHT, MARY                            NY-36-28-156
WRIGHT, MARY                            NY-36-65-138
WRIGHT, MATILDA                         NY-36-S-370
WRIGHT, PHEBE A.                        NY-36-59-398
WRIGHT, ROBERT                          NY-36-29-485
WRIGHT, ROBERT L.                       NY-36-43-276
WRIGHT, SARAH J.                        NY-36-52-227
WRIGHT, SELINA C. S.                    NY-36-41-400
WRIGHT, SETH                            NY-36-56-221
WRIGHT, SUSAN                           NY-36-62-318
WRIGHT, SUSAN                           NY-36-T-237
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         NY-36-29-407
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         NY-36-43-221
WRIGHT, WILLIAM R.                      NY-36-41-444
WRIGHT, WILLIAM WORTH                   NY-36-72-101
WRITER, AARON                           NY-36-V-8
WRITER, AARON K.                        NY-36-34-44
WRITER, JOHN F.                         NY-36-54-405
WYATT, CHARLES W.                       NY-36-57-46
WYATT, DAVID                            NY-36-29-417
WYATT, JOSHUA                           NY-36-U-127
WYATT, MARY J.                          NY-36-58-16
WYATT, SAMUEL                           NY-36-D-330
WYCKOFF, ELIZA A.                       NY-36-31-203
WYCKOFF, HENRY                          NY-36-29-525
WYCKOFF, WILLIAM                        NY-36-41-189
WYGANT, CORNELIUS                       NY-36-54-351
WYGANT, ELIZA                           NY-36-57-344
WYGANT, JAMES O.                        NY-36-59-71
WYGANT, JOHN                            NY-36-I-103
WYGANT, JOHN W.                         NY-36-Z-86
WYGANT, KELSEY                          NY-36-44-325
WYGANT, LYDIA M.                        NY-36-70-249
WYGANT, MARY                            NY-36-36-447
WYNANS, WILLIAM B.                      NY-36-33-431
YELVERTON, ANTHONY                      NY-36-Q-113
YELVERTON, RACHEL                       NY-36-28-32
YELVERTON, THOMAS                       NY-36-Z-745
YERKES, MATILDA                         NY-36-60-246
YERKES, NATHAN L.                       NY-36-45-383
YERKS, ANDREW                           NY-36-52-204
YERKS, CATHARINE                        NY-36-S-364
YERKS, JANE                             NY-36-32-221
YOUMANS, MARRION                        NY-36-I-30
YOUMANS, SAMUEL                         NY-36-K-278
YOUNG, ADALINE                          NY-36-55-65
YOUNG, ALEXANDER                        NY-36-72-411
YOUNG, ANDREW W.                        NY-36-40-326
YOUNG, CATHARINE                        NY-36-55-44
YOUNG, CHARLES                          NY-36-D-248
YOUNG, CHARLES                          NY-36-52-136
YOUNG, CHARLES S.                       NY-36-S-246
YOUNG, ELIZABETH                        NY-36-44-426
YOUNG, ELIZABETH                        NY-36-47-88
YOUNG, EMELINE I.                       NY-36-65-315
YOUNG, EVELINE                          NY-36-48-299
YOUNG, FRANCES A.                       NY-36-Z-549
YOUNG, HANNAH                           NY-36-30-662
YOUNG, HIRAM                            NY-36-34-283
YOUNG, JACOB                            NY-36-W-407
YOUNG, JANE                             NY-36-37-266
YOUNG, JOHANNES                         NY-36-E-356
YOUNG, JOHN S.                          NY-36-F-203
YOUNG, JOSIAH S.                        NY-36-32-324
YOUNG, LEVI S.                          NY-36-K-465
YOUNG, LEWIS W.                         NY-36-Z-571
YOUNG, LYDIA J.                         NY-36-71-4
YOUNG, MARGARET A.                      NY-36-38-320
YOUNG, MARGARET R.                      NY-36-53-334
YOUNG, MARY                             NY-36-34-541
YOUNG, MOSES                            NY-36-K-256
YOUNG, OLIVER                           NY-36-34-47
YOUNG, RACHAEL                          NY-36-G-233
YOUNG, ROBERT                           NY-36-60-156
YOUNG, SARAH                            NY-36-C-34
YOUNG, THOMAS H.                        NY-36-57-189
YOUNG, THOMAS P.                        NY-36-F-274
YOUNGBLOOD, ALANSON                     NY-36-46-168
YOUNGBLOOD, DANIEL                      NY-36-E-342
YOUNGBLOOD, DANIEL C.                   NY-36-28-442
YOUNGBLOOD, EVE                         NY-36-Z-382
YOUNGBLOOD, HANNAH                      NY-36-28-336
YOUNGBLOOD, JACOB                       NY-36-G-81
YOUNGBLOOD, JOHN                        NY-36-S-1
YOUNGBLOOD, JOHN H.                     NY-36-33-312
YOUNGBLOOD, JOSEPHINE                   NY-36-58-144
YOUNGBLOOD, MARIA                       NY-36-34-307
YOUNGBLOOD, MARIAN                      NY-36-J-67
YOUNGBLOOD, MARRION                     NY-36-#1-359
YOUNGBLOOD, MARY J.                     NY-36-59-196
YOUNGS, ABIMEL                          NY-36-H-501
YOUNGS, BIRDSEY                         NY-36-L-255
YOUNGS, ELIJAH                          NY-36-Z-533
YOUNGS, ELIZABETH                       NY-36-44-129
YOUNGS, FRANCES                         NY-36-71-315
YOUNGS, FRANCES                         NY-36-P-138
YOUNGS, HENRY                           NY-36-C-117
YOUNGS, ISRAEL                          NY-36-O-95
YOUNGS, JAMES                           NY-36-W-429
YOUNGS, JOSEPH                          NY-36-O-421
YOUNGS, MARY                            NY-36-I-48
YOUNGS, NATHAN                          NY-36-X-57
YOUNGS, REUBEN                          NY-36-C-295
YOUNGS, SILAS                           NY-36-F-322
YOUNGS, SILAS                           NY-36-A-316
YOUNGS, SILAS                           NY-36-H-542
YURY, JOHANNIS JOOST                    NY-36-A-228
ZAHN, ELIZABETH                         NY-36-70-83
ZINDLE, ABRAM                           NY-36-32-509

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