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CABLES, PHEBE A.                        NY-36-46-251
CABLES, WILLIAM                         NY-36-59-423
CAHILL, DANIEL                          NY-36-C-93
CAHILL, DANIEL                          NY-36-D-237
CAIN, DANIEL                            NY-36-A-406
CAIN, PRISCILLA                         NY-36-H-143
CAIRNS, ROBERT                          NY-36-34-22
CAIRUS, WILLIAM                         NY-36-53-34
CALDWELL, ANDREW J.                     NY-36-27-8
CALDWELL, CHARLES                       NY-36-71-122
CALDWELL, JAMES                         NY-36-C-326
CALDWELL, JOHN                          NY-36-Q-177
CALDWELL, JOHN                          NY-36-C-167
CALDWELL, JOHN R.                       NY-36-48-95
CALDWELL, MARIA                         NY-36-39-376
CALDWELL, RICHARD                       NY-36-70-395
CALDWELL, RUTH                          NY-36-50-248
CALDWELL, WILLIAM                       NY-36-51-91
CALLAGHAN, JOHN                         NY-36-46-308
CALLAHAN, JAMES                         NY-36-57-439
CALLAHAN, JOHN                          NY-36-49-180
CALLAHAN, MARTIN                        NY-36-40-99
CALLAHAN, MICHAEL                       NY-36-42-143
CALLAHAN, WILLIAM H.                    NY-36-46-24
CALWELL, ABRAHAM                        NY-36-F-348
CALYER, CHARLES                         NY-36-J-156
CALYER, CHARLES                         NY-36-32-56
CALYER, MARIA                           NY-36-56-63
CALYER, PETER                           NY-36-33-173
CALYER, SARAH B.                        NY-36-41-392
CAMERON, ALEXANDER                      NY-36-57-316
CAMERON, ANN H.                         NY-36-62-144
CAMERON, THOMAS B.                      NY-36-72-56
CAMERON, WILLIAM F.                     NY-36-52-405
CAMLEY, DAVID M.                        NY-36-F-127
CAMMOTZ, JOHN                           NY-36-A-15
CAMP, OLIVER                            NY-36-35-673
CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER                     NY-36-58-1
CAMPBELL, ANN ELIZA                     NY-36-70-434
CAMPBELL, CHARLES                       NY-36-71-11
CAMPBELL, CHRISTOPHER                   NY-36-45-337
CAMPBELL, DAVID                         NY-36-V-146
CAMPBELL, EDWARD                        NY-36-D-231
CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH A.                  NY-36-69-4
CAMPBELL, FRANK H.                      NY-36-38-370
CAMPBELL, HENRY                         NY-36-66-388
CAMPBELL, JAMES                         NY-36-W-59
CAMPBELL, JANE                          NY-36-62-241
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          NY-36-M-61
CAMPBELL, JONATHAN                      NY-36-D-548
CAMPBELL, MARGARET                      NY-36-I-447
CAMPBELL, MARY STEWART                  NY-36-61-105
CAMPBELL, ROBERT                        NY-36-58-399
CAMPBELL, SARAH                         NY-36-38-238
CAMPBELL, SARAH                         NY-36-49-338
CAMPBELL, SOLOMON                       NY-36-33-116
CANFIELD, AMANDA J.                     NY-36-69-297
CANFIELD, CHARLES S.                    NY-36-43-57
CANFIELD, EMILY M.                      NY-36-46-177
CANFIELD, GEORGE W.                     NY-36-49-411
CANFIELD, JACKSON                       NY-36-34-301
CANFIELD, JAMES                         NY-36-Z-251
CANFIELD, JESSE                         NY-36-#1-32
CANFIELD, JESSY                         NY-36-I-161
CANFIELD, JULIA A.                      NY-36-34-487
CANFIELD, WILLIAM                       NY-36-30-539
CANNON, JAMES C.                        NY-36-57-351
CANNON, JAMES H.                        NY-36-M-104
CANNON, JOSEPH FRANCIS                  NY-36-71-62
CAPRON, HELEN                           NY-36-52-28
CAPRON, SETH M.                         NY-36-41-194
CAREY, BENJAMIN                         NY-36-32-470
CAREY, ELOIHU                           NY-36-N-52
CAREY, JAMES                            NY-36-57-35
CAREY, JEREMIAH                         NY-36-33-471
CAREY, MARY                             NY-36-61-134
CAREY, MATTHEW                          NY-36-58-394
CAREY, WILLIAM P.                       NY-36-50-150
CARLEY, JOHN B.                         NY-36-73-131
CARLIN, MARY                            NY-36-49-384
CARLING, GABRIEL                        NY-36-53-318
CARLISLE, OSCAR                         NY-36-W-383
CARLISLE, PHEBE J.                      NY-36-44-124
CARMACK, ADDISON                        NY-36-69-332
CARMAN, JEMIMA                          NY-36-52-101
CARMAN, SARAH D.                        NY-36-27-406
CARMICHAEL, FRANCES S.                  NY-36-71-206
CARMICHAEL, JOHN                        NY-36-H-371
CARMICHAEL, OTIS                        NY-36-S-382
CARMICHAEL, PHEBE E.                    NY-36-67-418
CARPENTER, ALBERT                       NY-36-39-311
CARPENTER, ALIDA J.                     NY-36-57-69
CARPENTER, ANN M.                       NY-36-32-344
CARPENTER, BENJAMIN                     NY-36-C-201
CARPENTER, BENJAMIN                     NY-36-33-456
CARPENTER, BENJAMIN                     NY-36-F-415
CARPENTER, CARMAN                       NY-36-D-395
CARPENTER, CATHERINE A.                 NY-36-69-260
CARPENTER, CHARLOTTE M.                 NY-36-69-173
CARPENTER, COLVIN                       NY-36-E-363
CARPENTER, DANIEL                       NY-36-A-142
CARPENTER, DANIEL                       NY-36-33-241
CARPENTER, ELIJAH                       NY-36-E-123
CARPENTER, ELIZABETH                    NY-36-G-112
CARPENTER, EMELINE                      NY-36-53-201
CARPENTER, ETHAN B.                     NY-36-29-586
CARPENTER, GEORGE                       NY-36-35-685
CARPENTER, HANNAH                       NY-36-27-516
CARPENTER, HANNAH                       NY-36-J-113
CARPENTER, INCREASE                     NY-36-K-220
CARPENTER, ISAAC                        NY-36-F-211
CARPENTER, JACOB                        NY-36-G-83
CARPENTER, JAMES                        NY-36-F-133
CARPENTER, JESSE                        NY-36-U-145
CARPENTER, JESSE L.                     NY-36-38-400
CARPENTER, JOEL A.                      NY-36-56-238
CARPENTER, JOHN                         NY-36-27-459
CARPENTER, JOHN                         NY-36-A-4
CARPENTER, JOHN C.                      NY-36-47-251
CARPENTER, JOSEPH                       NY-36-R-373
CARPENTER, JOSEPH                       NY-36-B-5
CARPENTER, LATTING                      NY-36-P-115
CARPENTER, LEONARD W.                   NY-36-32-54
CARPENTER, LEWIS                        NY-36-70-269
CARPENTER, LUFF                         NY-36-E-79
CARPENTER, MAHALA                       NY-36-53-219
CARPENTER, MARGARET                     NY-36-45-237
CARPENTER, MARY ANNA                    NY-36-50-145
CARPENTER, NEHEMIAH                     NY-36-A-111
CARPENTER, NOAH                         NY-36-O-147
CARPENTER, OLIVER R.                    NY-36-54-265
CARPENTER, OLIVER S.                    NY-36-56-110
CARPENTER, PHOEBE H.                    NY-36-52-346
CARPENTER, RUTH                         NY-36-L-4
CARPENTER, SARAH                        NY-36-N-311
CARPENTER, SARAH                        NY-36-38-11
CARPENTER, SOLOMON                      NY-36-L-128
CARPENTER, SOLOMON                      NY-36-A-240
CARPENTER, SOPHIA                       NY-36-69-452
CARPENTER, THOMAS F.                    NY-36-2-90
CARPENTER, THOMAS F.                    NY-36-J-402
CARPENTER, WILLIAM                      NY-36-E-241
CARPENTER, WILLIAM                      NY-36-38-356
CARPENTER, WILLIAM                      NY-36-A-69
CARPENTER, WILLIAM C.                   NY-36-43-315
CARR, CELINA                            NY-36-38-312
CARR, ELIZABETH R.                      NY-36-48-218
CARR, JOHN                              NY-36-56-285
CARR, JOHN A.                           NY-36-31-197
CARR, ROBERT                            NY-36-34-363
CARR, SUSANNAH H.                       NY-36-45-145
CARR, WILLIAM                           NY-36-K-318
CARRIER, THOMAS B.                      NY-36-52-71
CARRIS, RULOF                           NY-36-H-244
CARROLL, BRIDGET                        NY-36-59-14
CARROLL, EDWARD                         NY-36-43-103
CARROLL, JAMES                          NY-36-54-83
CARROLL, JAMES T.                       NY-36-51-166
CARROLL, JOSEPH                         NY-36-49-65
CARROLL, TIMOTHY                        NY-36-58-132
CARSKADAN, ROBERT                       NY-36-C-48
CARSON, JANE                            NY-36-35-664
CARSON, JOHN                            NY-36-55-182
CARSON, MARY                            NY-36-34-309
CARSON, ROBERT                          NY-36-42-288
CARSON, SARAH M.                        NY-36-73-115
CARSON, THOMAS G.                       NY-36-72-319
CARSON, WILLIAM                         NY-36-28-621
CARSON, WILLIAM W.                      NY-36-49-250
CARTER, ENOCH                           NY-36-34-182
CARTER, JONATHAN                        NY-36-F-339
CARTER, LEWIS                           NY-36-G-138
CARVEY, JOHN                            NY-36-48-414
CARVEY, MATTHIAS                        NY-36-F-407
CARVEY, SOPHIA                          NY-36-56-423
CARWITHAN, THOMAS                       NY-36-54-268
CASE, ANNA ROGERS                       NY-36-56-50
CASE, AUGUSTUS L. JR.                   NY-36-54-354
CASE, CATHARINE                         NY-36-54-387
CASE, CHARLES L.                        NY-36-W-308
CASE, DANIEL                            NY-36-D-202
CASE, DANIEL                            NY-36-W-149
CASE, DANIEL                            NY-36-A-213
CASE, DAVID                             NY-36-52-199
CASE, DAVID                             NY-36-#1-26
CASE, DAVID                             NY-36-31-71
CASE, DAVID                             NY-36-I-153
CASE, E. INMAN                          NY-36-53-161
CASE, ELIZABETH                         NY-36-31-565
CASE, ELIZABETH                         NY-36-44-254
CASE, ELIZABETH                         NY-36-32-480
CASE, FRANCES A.                        NY-36-51-138
CASE, GEORGE                            NY-36-38-310
CASE, GEORGE                            NY-36-55-305
CASE, GIDEON                            NY-36-31-92
CASE, HORATIO N.                        NY-36-60-398
CASE, JOHN                              NY-36-F-272
CASE, JOHN                              NY-36-H-107
CASE, JOHN B.                           NY-36-42-369
CASE, JOHN R.                           NY-36-73-350
CASE, JOSEPH                            NY-36-M-390
CASE, JOSEPH R.                         NY-36-F-111
CASE, JULIA                             NY-36-34-189
CASE, KITTY D.                          NY-36-S-23
CASE, MARGARET B.                       NY-36-67-438
CASE, MARY ANN                          NY-36-H-221
CASE, MARY E.                           NY-36-60-457
CASE, NATHANIEL L.                      NY-36-54-318
CASE, SARAH E.                          NY-36-70-220
CASE, SYLVESTER                         NY-36-38-119
CASE, USHER H.                          NY-36-Y-385
CASE, WILLIAM                           NY-36-32-124
CASE, WILLIAM N.                        NY-36-62-347
CASE, WILMOT                            NY-36-C-394
CASEY, ADELIA T.                        NY-36-38-339
CASEY, JAMES S.                         NY-36-67-395
CASH, JAMES M.                          NY-36-K-122
CASH, JOHN M.                           NY-36-N-454
CASH, MERIT H.                          NY-36-Z-355
CASH, REUBEN                            NY-36-H-419
CASHADAY, PATRICK                       NY-36-F-24
CASHMAN, JOHN                           NY-36-Y-441
CASKEY, ALVY                            NY-36-O-581
CASKEY, GRACE E.                        NY-36-35-625
CASKEY, JOHN                            NY-36-56-442
CASKEY, JOHN                            NY-36-57-442
CASKEY, MARTIN                          NY-36-K-269
CASKEY, SAMUEL                          NY-36-I-550
CASKEY, SAMUEL                          NY-36-#1-315
CASKEY, VANDELIA                        NY-36-71-318
CASMAN, OLIVER                          NY-36-O-83
CASSEDY, ABRAM S.                       NY-36-61-244
CASSEDY, LYDIA                          NY-36-48-85
CASSELL, FRANCES D.                     NY-36-69-431
CASSELL, ISAAC L.                       NY-36-73-100
CASTELL, CHARITY                        NY-36-V-63
CASTERLIN, GEORGE H.                    NY-36-35-36
CASTERLIN, THOMAS J.                    NY-36-43-303
CATON, ROBART                           NY-36-E-306
CAUFIELD, ALICE                         NY-36-54-125
CAUGHLIN, PATRICK                       NY-36-27-13
CAULDWELL, JOSEPH                       NY-36-G-99
CAVANAUGH, BARTEL                       NY-36-59-354
CAVANAUGH, BERNARD                      NY-36-69-217
CAVANAUGH, SARAH A.                     NY-36-67-152
CAVENAGH, PETER                         NY-36-A-423
CHADBORN, JOSEPH                        NY-36-31-562
CHADEAGUE, ANN W.                       NY-36-48-123
CHADEAYNE, DANIEL                       NY-36-J-122
CHADEAYNE, DANIEL                       NY-36-#1-415
CHADEAYNE, HENRY F.                     NY-36-71-128
CHADWICK, JAMES                         NY-36-70-77
CHAINE, JOSIAH                          NY-36-G-37
CHAMBERS, CATHARINE P.                  NY-36-V-439
CHAMBERS, JOHN                          NY-36-U-69
CHAMBERS, JOHN J.                       NY-36-70-258
CHAMPION, BRADFORD R.                   NY-36-57-202
CHAMPION, MARGARET                      NY-36-54-64
CHAMPION, THOMAS                        NY-36-53-97
CHAMPLIN, CHRISTOPHER                   NY-36-61-22
CHAMPLIN, REBECCA D.                    NY-36-42-435
CHAMPLIN, THURSTON                      NY-36-39-412
CHANCELLOR, JUDITH                      NY-36-Z-314
CHANDLER, CAROLINE                      NY-36-61-361
CHANDLER, DAVID                         NY-36-Y-410
CHANDLER, ELEANOR                       NY-36-33-317
CHANDLER, ELIZABETH                     NY-36-30-546
CHANDLER, JOHN                          NY-36-E-287
CHANDLER, JOSEPH                        NY-36-32-270
CHANDLER, JOSEPH SR.                    NY-36-F-367
CHANDLER, LINUS D.                      NY-36-#1-86
CHANDLER, LOUIS D.                      NY-36-I-281
CHANDLER, MARY                          NY-36-K-325
CHANDLER, SARAH B.                      NY-36-67-170
CHANT, THOMAS                           NY-36-73-274
CHAPMAN, LETTY                          NY-36-34-195
CHAPMAN, PADDOCK                        NY-36-29-26
CHAPMAN, STEAMAN                        NY-36-2-214
CHAPMAN, STEDMAN                        NY-36-K-16
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-36-27-343
CHARTER, EMILY L.                       NY-36-49-242
CHATFIELD, MARY E.                      NY-36-69-365
CHATTERTON, STEPHEN L.                  NY-36-52-87
CHEW, MARY                              NY-36-32-199
CHRISTIE, DAVID                         NY-36-O-398
CHRISTIE, HANNAH                        NY-36-W-225
CHRISTIE, JANE                          NY-36-46-382
CHRISTIE, JOHN J.                       NY-36-N-99
CHRISTIE, SALLY                         NY-36-43-416
CHRISTIE, SAMUEL                        NY-36-37-16
CHURCH, ALBERT E.                       NY-36-40-393
CHURCH, ELIZABETH H.                    NY-36-53-454
CHURCHILL, CAROLINE H.                  NY-36-38-111
CISCO, PETER                            NY-36-56-351
CLAKR, SARAH                            NY-36-2-7
CLANCEY, MARY                           NY-36-59-340
CLAPHAM, KATE                           NY-36-43-41
CLAREY, JEREMIAH                        NY-36-39-405
CLARK, AARON                            NY-36-C-449
CLARK, ADALINE F. VAN KEUREN            NY-36-46-7
CLARK, ALFRED L.                        NY-36-70-388
CLARK, AMY (64)                         NY-36-Q-277
CLARK, ANGELINE                         NY-36-50-59
CLARK, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN                NY-36-56-142
CLARK, BENONI                           NY-36-N-244
CLARK, BETHIA                           NY-36-70-336
CLARK, CALEB                            NY-36-L-11
CLARK, CATHARINE                        NY-36-73-343
CLARK, CHARLES                          NY-36-W-193
CLARK, CHARLES B.                       NY-36-54-171
CLARK, CHARLES W.                       NY-36-58-442
CLARK, CHRISTOPHER C.                   NY-36-52-247
CLARK, CORDELIA G.                      NY-36-70-447
CLARK, CORNELIUS H.                     NY-36-Y-36
CLARK, DANIEL                           NY-36-44-38
CLARK, DANIEL R.                        NY-36-62-114
CLARK, DAVID                            NY-36-43-395
CLARK, DAVID                            NY-36-51-110
CLARK, DAVID R.                         NY-36-67-448
CLARK, DEBORAH M.                       NY-36-31-156
CLARK, DENNIS D.                        NY-36-J-23
CLARK, EBENEZER                         NY-36-O-112
CLARK, EDSON H.                         NY-36-47-431
CLARK, ELIZABETH                        NY-36-H-214
CLARK, ELLEN                            NY-36-70-105
CLARK, EMELINE                          NY-36-39-226
CLARK, FRANCES A.                       NY-36-49-310
CLARK, GEORGE                           NY-36-33-509
CLARK, GEORGE H.                        NY-36-51-227
CLARK, GEORGE T.                        NY-36-69-52
CLARK, GERSHOM                          NY-36-32-434
CLARK, HANNAH                           NY-36-54-294
CLARK, HARVEY H.                        NY-36-52-1
CLARK, HENRY                            NY-36-U-291
CLARK, HENRY N.                         NY-36-V-256
CLARK, HENRY N.                         NY-36-E-85
CLARK, HERMAN D.                        NY-36-Q-38
CLARK, IRA                              NY-36-53-82
CLARK, IRENE B.                         NY-36-56-314
CLARK, JACOB                            NY-36-32-503
CLARK, JAMES                            NY-36-E-110
CLARK, JAMES                            NY-36-U-324
CLARK, JAMES                            NY-36-31-119
CLARK, JAMES                            NY-36-C-457
CLARK, JAMES                            NY-36-34-317
CLARK, JAMES                            NY-36-49-252
CLARK, JAMES A.                         NY-36-30-667
CLARK, JAMES D.                         NY-36-H-525
CLARK, JAMES K.                         NY-36-J-159
CLARK, JAMES R.                         NY-36-#1-427
CLARK, JAMES V.                         NY-36-60-162
CLARK, JANE                             NY-36-29-89
CLARK, JEREMIAH                         NY-36-D-139
CLARK, JOHN                             NY-36-49-6
CLARK, JOHN                             NY-36-37-254
CLARK, JOHN D.                          NY-36-35-94
CLARK, JOHN W.                          NY-36-45-443
CLARK, JONATHAN                         NY-36-L-364
CLARK, JUSTUS                           NY-36-70-368
CLARK, LAURA A.                         NY-36-53-48
CLARK, LEWIS E.                         NY-36-66-245
CLARK, MARGARET S.                      NY-36-72-223
CLARK, MARY                             NY-36-38-308
CLARK, MARY ANN                         NY-36-54-320
CLARK, MARY D.                          NY-36-46-410
CLARK, MARY E.                          NY-36-48-418
CLARK, MARY H.                          NY-36-56-233
CLARK, MOSES                            NY-36-F-143
CLARK, NATHAN                           NY-36-#1-392
CLARK, NATHAN                           NY-36-J-95
CLARK, NOAH T.                          NY-36-46-21
CLARK, OWEN S.                          NY-36-57-91
CLARK, PHILIP                           NY-36-L-230
CLARK, PHILIP                           NY-36-27-716
CLARK, PRISCILLA                        NY-36-41-415
CLARK, REUBEN                           NY-36-E-162
CLARK, REUBEN                           NY-36-Y-241
CLARK, ROBERT R.                        NY-36-54-459
CLARK, ROBERT S.                        NY-36-39-314
CLARK, ROSETTA Y.                       NY-36-59-348
CLARK, RUTH ANN                         NY-36-53-411
CLARK, SAMUEL S.                        NY-36-W-82
CLARK, SAMUEL Y.                        NY-36-57-336
CLARK, SARAH                            NY-36-J-317
CLARK, STEPHEN C.                       NY-36-32-235
CLARK, SUSAN ALICE                      NY-36-69-128
CLARK, TIMOTHY                          NY-36-G-272
CLARK, TIMOTHY                          NY-36-C-208
CLARK, VINSON                           NY-36-K-351
CLARK, WILLIAM                          NY-36-L-429
CLARK, WILLIAM A.                       NY-36-M-333
CLARK, WILLIAM B.                       NY-36-47-4
CLARK, WILLIAM E.                       NY-36-45-380
CLARK, WILLIAM F.                       NY-36-45-176
CLARK, WILLIAM H.                       NY-36-30-363
CLARK, WILLIAM N.                       NY-36-57-280
CLARK, ZIPPORAH R.                      NY-36-67-239
CLASON, JOHN W.                         NY-36-61-129
CLAUSON, ELIAS                          NY-36-27-647
CLAUSON, GEORGE                         NY-36-35-800
CLEARMAN, JAMES                         NY-36-D-4
CLEARWATER, CATHERINE                   NY-36-56-247
CLEARWATER, MARY                        NY-36-57-253
CLEARWATER, PETER T.                    NY-36-34-482
CLEARY, HANORA                          NY-36-70-279
CLEARY, THOMAS                          NY-36-73-198
CLEGHORN, SARAH E.                      NY-36-73-79
CLELAND, GAWN                           NY-36-37-22
CLELAND, MARY E.                        NY-36-73-156
CLELLAND, WILLIAM                       NY-36-47-325
CLEMENCE, DANIEL                        NY-36-I-117
CLEMENCE, DANIEL                        NY-36-F-332
CLEMENCE, JOHN                          NY-36-31-554
CLEMENCE, THOMAS                        NY-36-35-690
CLEMENTS, ISAAC R.                      NY-36-38-67
CLEMENTS, MILTON                        NY-36-51-401
CLEMENTS, THOMAS A.                     NY-36-47-181
CLEMSON, WILLIAM                        NY-36-53-253
CLENNAN, WILLIAM                        NY-36-59-80
CLERK, GERSHAM SR.                      NY-36-E-96
CLIFT, MARY                             NY-36-73-432
CLINE, CHARLES R.                       NY-36-38-155
CLINEMAN, CATHARINE ANN                 NY-36-S-94
CLINEMAN, THOMAS                        NY-36-D-290
CLINEMAN, THOMAS                        NY-36-O-576
CLINEMAN, WILLIAM                       NY-36-O-613
CLINTON, HENRY                          NY-36-31-217
CLINTON, JAMES                          NY-36-D-551
CLINTON, LURA S.                        NY-36-66-125
CLOSS, STEPHEN                          NY-36-X-85
CLOSSON, AARON                          NY-36-F-295
CLUFFEY, MARGARET                       NY-36-66-177
CLUGSTON, ROBERT                        NY-36-M-498
CLUNIE, JOHN                            NY-36-32-5
COBB, TIPTON                            NY-36-D-300
COCHRAN, JOHN                           NY-36-61-174
COCHRAN, MARYETTE AUGUSTA               NY-36-56-150
COCHRANE, THOMAS                        NY-36-70-232
COCK, ANN                               NY-36-Q-359
COCK, CATHARINE                         NY-36-41-395
COCK, CHARLS E.                         NY-36-71-452
COCK, ELIJAH                            NY-36-30-698
COCK, JACOB T.                          NY-36-K-246
COCKROFT, THOMAS                        NY-36-60-24
COCKS, FRANCES                          NY-36-61-414
COCKS, FRANES CAROLINE                  NY-36-71-198
COCKS, WILLIAM T.                       NY-36-58-190
CODDINGTON, DANIEL C.                   NY-36-44-345
CODDINGTON, MARGARET                    NY-36-42-253
CODDINGTON, ROBERT                      NY-36-W-388
CODDINGTON, WILLIAM                     NY-36-H-202
CODY, JAMES                             NY-36-62-103
COE, DANIEL                             NY-36-H-443
COE, ELMORE FRANK                       NY-36-60-228
COE, JAMES A.                           NY-36-57-133
COE, JOHN                               NY-36-73-25
COFFEY, JOHN                            NY-36-28-222
COFFEY, JOHN                            NY-36-F-224
COFFIN, BENJAMIN                        NY-36-B-311
COGDELL, LYDIA A.                       NY-36-71-163
COHOLAN, JOHN                           NY-36-32-444
COLDEN, ALEXANDER                       NY-36-57-131
COLDEN, CADWALLADER W.                  NY-36-Z-35
COLDEN, ELIZABETH                       NY-36-E-336
COLDEN, GERTRUDE                        NY-36-N-275
COLDEN, MARGARET                        NY-36-43-312
COLDEN, THOMAS                          NY-36-H-137
COLE, ALFRED                            NY-36-39-266
COLE, CATHERINE M.                      NY-36-41-434
COLE, DAVID B.                          NY-36-40-21
COLE, ISAAC W.                          NY-36-72-443
COLE, JEREMIAH                          NY-36-O-209
COLE, JOHN                              NY-36-A-165
COLE, JOSEPH                            NY-36-X-196
COLE, MORGAN                            NY-36-J-34
COLE, PHEBE JANE                        NY-36-34-499
COLE, SAMUEL B.                         NY-36-K-259
COLE, SUSAN C.                          NY-36-67-16
COLE, WILHELMUS                         NY-36-I-37
COLEMAN, A. LOUISE                      NY-36-57-282
COLEMAN, ALFRED                         NY-36-53-129
COLEMAN, ALFRED                         NY-36-56-43
COLEMAN, ASAHEL                         NY-36-G-9
COLEMAN, BENJAMIN                       NY-36-#1-185
COLEMAN, BENJAMIN                       NY-36-I-396
COLEMAN, CATHARINE                      NY-36-37-435
COLEMAN, CHARLES                        NY-36-71-456
COLEMAN, DANIEL                         NY-36-A-124
COLEMAN, DAVID                          NY-36-28-680
COLEMAN, DAVID                          NY-36-L-108
COLEMAN, DAVID                          NY-36-51-114
COLEMAN, ELECTA A.                      NY-36-57-74
COLEMAN, ELIZABETH                      NY-36-M-47
COLEMAN, ELLIOTT A.                     NY-36-34-502
COLEMAN, FRANCIS R.                     NY-36-66-218
COLEMAN, GABRIEL                        NY-36-34-1
COLEMAN, GEORGE                         NY-36-#1-129
COLEMAN, GEORGE                         NY-36-I-268
COLEMAN, GIDEON                         NY-36-E-48
COLEMAN, HANNAH                         NY-36-N-478
COLEMAN, HANNAH E.                      NY-36-57-333
COLEMAN, JAMES O.                       NY-36-44-283
COLEMAN, JOHN                           NY-36-40-55
COLEMAN, JOHN                           NY-36-Y-325
COLEMAN, JOHN                           NY-36-#1-204
COLEMAN, JOHN                           NY-36-I-418
COLEMAN, JONATHAN                       NY-36-M-385
COLEMAN, JOSEPH                         NY-36-B-209
COLEMAN, JULIA C.                       NY-36-53-358
COLEMAN, LYDIA T.                       NY-36-50-451
COLEMAN, MARGARET A.                    NY-36-35-727
COLEMAN, MARGARET E.                    NY-36-55-331
COLEMAN, MARTHA                         NY-36-2-196
COLEMAN, MARTHA                         NY-36-J-417
COLEMAN, MARY                           NY-36-29-45
COLEMAN, MARY A.                        NY-36-70-150
COLEMAN, MATTHIA                        NY-36-28-51
COLEMAN, NATHAN H.                      NY-36-35-820
COLEMAN, NATHANIEL                      NY-36-30-442
COLEMAN, NATHANIEL C.                   NY-36-73-77
COLEMAN, NELLY                          NY-36-E-182
COLEMAN, PATRICK                        NY-36-41-19
COLEMAN, PHINEAS R.                     NY-36-28-263
COLEMAN, RUTH                           NY-36-T-343
COLEMAN, SARAH W.                       NY-36-67-27
COLEMAN, STEPHEN                        NY-36-P-385
COLEMAN, SUSAN                          NY-36-45-211
COLEMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-36-P-279
COLEMAN, WILLIAM H.                     NY-36-X-90
COLEMAN, WILLIAM J.                     NY-36-52-270
COLEMAN, WILLIAM N.                     NY-36-52-276
COLEY, SARAH                            NY-36-X-182
COLFAX, ROBERT W.                       NY-36-50-54
COLLARD, JAMES L.                       NY-36-53-72
COLLARD, LYDIA J.                       NY-36-57-32
COLLARD, TIMOTHY                        NY-36-28-134
COLLEY, SOPHIA                          NY-36-F-237
COLLIN, CRLES                           NY-36-66-434
COLLINS, CORNELIS                       NY-36-35-791
COLLINS, JOHN                           NY-36-43-154
COLLINS, JOHN                           NY-36-47-293
COLLINS, JOSEPH                         NY-36-A-88
COLLINS, JULIA                          NY-36-54-15
COLLINS, NANCY                          NY-36-53-273
COLLINS, THOMAS                         NY-36-J-108
COLLINS, THOMAS                         NY-36-#1-405
COLLINS, THOMAS                         NY-36-40-101
COLLIS, LUTHER W.                       NY-36-46-72
COLMAN, BENJAMIN                        NY-36-C-1
COLWELL, SUSANNAH                       NY-36-47-254
COMFORT, DANIEL                         NY-36-U-85
COMFORT, DANIEL H.                      NY-36-54-123
COMFORT, ESTHER                         NY-36-31-531
COMFORT, EVE ANN                        NY-36-59-171
COMFORT, FANNY                          NY-36-38-83
COMFORT, JULIA C.                       NY-36-27-539
COMFORT, NANCY JANE                     NY-36-56-89
COMFORT, RACHEL                         NY-36-66-174
COMFORT, WILLIAM                        NY-36-B-51
COMPTON, JACOB                          NY-36-I-431
COMPTON, JACOB                          NY-36-#1-218
COMPTON, STEPHEN                        NY-36-31-34
COMSTOCK, EDWARD T.                     NY-36-X-108
COMSTOCK, ELISHA                        NY-36-J-11
COMSTOCK, ORIN                          NY-36-53-39
CONCKLING, MARGARET                     NY-36-F-345
CONGER, DAVID                           NY-36-D-242
CONGER, EMILY H.                        NY-36-69-300
CONKLIN, ABRAHAM                        NY-36-29-33
CONKLIN, ABRAM A.                       NY-36-71-258
CONKLIN, DANIEL A.                      NY-36-70-405
CONKLIN, DAVID                          NY-36-G-229
CONKLIN, HANNAH                         NY-36-P-187
CONKLIN, HICKSON                        NY-36-V-77
CONKLIN, JOHN                           NY-36-56-1
CONKLIN, JOSEPH                         NY-36-72-39
CONKLIN, JOSHUA                         NY-36-R-358
CONKLIN, JOSHUA                         NY-36-N-260
CONKLIN, MARY                           NY-36-29-561
CONKLIN, MARY E.                        NY-36-58-293
CONKLIN, MORRIS G.                      NY-36-49-232
CONKLIN, RICHARD A.                     NY-36-73-107
CONKLIN, SARAH M.                       NY-36-49-44
CONKLIN, SARAH ROE ANN                  NY-36-59-432
CONKLIN, STEPHEN                        NY-36-A-97
CONKLIN, WALTER H.                      NY-36-60-216
CONKLIN, WALTER J.                      NY-36-35-693
CONKLIN, WILLIAM                        NY-36-F-26
CONKLIN, WILLIAM                        NY-36-C-346
CONKLIN, WILLIAM D.                     NY-36-V-129
CONKLIN, WILLIAM E.                     NY-36-72-112
CONKLIN, WILLIAM R.                     NY-36-55-361
CONKLING, ABRAM                         NY-36-52-68
CONKLING, BENJAMIN                      NY-36-D-98
CONKLING, BENJAMIN C.                   NY-36-38-403
CONKLING, BETHIAH                       NY-36-F-425
CONKLING, DANIEL                        NY-36-F-295
CONKLING, DANIEL S.                     NY-36-G-206
CONKLING, ENOS                          NY-36-G-86
CONKLING, EZRA                          NY-36-G-225
CONKLING, ISAAC                         NY-36-E-197
CONKLING, JOSEPH                        NY-36-J-393
CONKLING, MARTHA                        NY-36-59-359
CONKLING, MARY                          NY-36-O-219
CONKLING, MARY                          NY-36-G-251
CONKLING, MARY E.                       NY-36-56-76
CONKLING, NANCY                         NY-36-T-245
CONKLING, NATHANIEL                     NY-36-#1-362
CONKLING, NATHANIEL                     NY-36-F-11
CONKLING, NATHANIEL                     NY-36-J-61
CONKLING, NATHANIEL JR.                 NY-36-D-524
CONKLING, PHEBE ANN                     NY-36-38-72
CONKLING, SAMUEL                        NY-36-M-267
CONKLING, SAMUEL A. J.                  NY-36-73-196
CONKLING, SOLOMON                       NY-36-L-281
CONKLING, SYLVESTER                     NY-36-L-163
CONNELL, CATHARINE                      NY-36-38-230
CONNELL, EDWARD                         NY-36-73-51
CONNELL, JOHN                           NY-36-B-183
CONNELLY, HENRY                         NY-36-32-333
CONNER, CHARLES B.                      NY-36-52-126
CONNER, OLIVIA                          NY-36-46-222
CONNER, WILLIAM                         NY-36-U-35
CONNERTY, CATHARINE                     NY-36-49-11
CONNING, GEORGE                         NY-36-40-244
CONNING, WILLIAM                        NY-36-N-270
CONNING, WILLIAM                        NY-36-42-395
CONNOLLY, JOHN                          NY-36-69-401
CONNOR, CHARITY C.                      NY-36-46-80
CONNOR, ELIZA                           NY-36-67-318
CONNOR, HEZEKIAH                        NY-36-52-322
CONNOR, MARGARET                        NY-36-48-15
CONNOR, PETER                           NY-36-50-113
CONNOR, PHEBE                           NY-36-45-181
CONNORS, MARIA                          NY-36-72-48
CONOLY, PATRICK                         NY-36-46-206
CONROY, BRIDGET                         NY-36-38-54
CONSTABLE, AARON T.                     NY-36-70-272
CONSTABLE, ABRAHAM                      NY-36-28-569
CONSTABLE, ANN E.                       NY-36-58-118
CONSTABLE, CATHARINE                    NY-36-33-218
CONSTABLE, FANNY                        NY-36-T-162
CONSTABLE, JOHN C.                      NY-36-R-5
CONTANT, ANNA M.                        NY-36-38-121
COOK, AVERY                             NY-36-54-395
COOK, CHARLES                           NY-36-G-118
COOK, ELEANOR                           NY-36-33-529
COOK, MARY T.                           NY-36-29-386
COOK, SALMON B.                         NY-36-57-187
COOK, SARAH                             NY-36-56-242
COOK, WILLIAM M.                        NY-36-34-293
COOKE, JOHN T.                          NY-36-V-286
COOKE, THOMAS                           NY-36-D-483
COOKS, CATHARINE                        NY-36-38-263
COOLEY, DANIEL                          NY-36-J-129
COOLEY, DANIEL                          NY-36-#1-408
COOLEY, DAVID                           NY-36-Q-210
COOLEY, DAVID                           NY-36-A-8
COOLEY, DAVID                           NY-36-D-509
COOLEY, ELIAS G.                        NY-36-71-25
COOLEY, FREEGIFT                        NY-36-K-114
COOLEY, GEORGE W.                       NY-36-W-280
COOLEY, JARED                           NY-36-33-330
COOLEY, JONATHAN                        NY-36-F-56
COOLEY, NATHAN                          NY-36-F-406
COOLEY, NATHANIEL                       NY-36-W-46
COOLEY, SAMUEL                          NY-36-42-249
COOLEY, SAMUEL                          NY-36-A-47
COON, MARY                              NY-36-56-23
COONEY, JOHN                            NY-36-37-430
COOPER, CHARLES                         NY-36-66-22
COOPER, CHARLES A.                      NY-36-58-382
COOPER, CHARLES G.                      NY-36-60-191
COOPER, FRANCES E.                      NY-36-61-1
COOPER, GEORGE                          NY-36-M-445
COOPER, HARRIET E.                      NY-36-39-285
COOPER, JAMES                           NY-36-27-614
COOPER, JOHN                            NY-36-M-405
COOPER, JOHN J.                         NY-36-46-126
COOPER, JOSEPH                          NY-36-M-290
COOPER, JOSEPH B.                       NY-36-43-331
COOPER, SAMUEL                          NY-36-65-321
COOPER, WILLIAM F.                      NY-36-46-17
COPLEY, ALMON                           NY-36-M-424
COPLEY, ELSEY                           NY-36-U-308
COPLEY, HARVEY D.                       NY-36-Z-91
CORCORAN, HANNORAH                      NY-36-56-9
CORCORAN, THOMAS                        NY-36-42-135
CORDIER, FREDERICK                      NY-36-60-274
COREY, CATHARINE                        NY-36-Z-350
COREY, JOHN W.                          NY-36-40-111
CORKEDALE, JOHN                         NY-36-71-447
CORKEY, REBECCA A.                      NY-36-43-22
CORKINS, MICHAEL                        NY-36-34-446
CORLEY, CHARLES G.                      NY-36-60-386
CORLEY, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-36-53-100
CORNELL, DANIEL                         NY-36-T-6
CORNELL, EGBERT                         NY-36-57-165
CORNELL, HARRISON                       NY-36-35-142
CORNELL, HENRY                          NY-36-42-61
CORNELL, MARTIN E.                      NY-36-45-298
CORNELL, MARY H.                        NY-36-56-425
CORNELL, REBECCA A.                     NY-36-58-210
CORNELL, SARAH ANN                      NY-36-48-363
CORNISH, WILLIAM E.                     NY-36-30-193
CORNWELL, GEORGE                        NY-36-31-88
CORRIGAN, JAMES                         NY-36-47-146
CORRIS, THOMAS                          NY-36-39-11
CORTRIGHT, BOWDEWINE                    NY-36-P-8
CORTRIGHT, ESTHER                       NY-36-T-130
CORTRIGHT, SAMUEL E.                    NY-36-30-419
CORWIN, ABIGAIL                         NY-36-J-457
CORWIN, ALSOP L.                        NY-36-59-155
CORWIN, BENJAMIN                        NY-36-P-62
CORWIN, CELIA                           NY-36-47-281
CORWIN, CHARLES S.                      NY-36-P-39
CORWIN, DANIEL                          NY-36-I-52
CORWIN, DANIEL                          NY-36-35-356
CORWIN, DAVID                           NY-36-G-189
CORWIN, DAVID S.                        NY-36-33-158
CORWIN, ELI                             NY-36-I-489
CORWIN, ELI                             NY-36-#1-267
CORWIN, ELI 2D                          NY-36-I-169
CORWIN, ESTHER                          NY-36-50-458
CORWIN, GABRIEL D.                      NY-36-56-185
CORWIN, GEORGE W.                       NY-36-56-412
CORWIN, GILBERT B.                      NY-36-53-63
CORWIN, HANNAH                          NY-36-43-184
CORWIN, HECTOR                          NY-36-32-218
CORWIN, HENRY R.                        NY-36-62-432
CORWIN, HORTON                          NY-36-43-97
CORWIN, ISAAC L.                        NY-36-55-416
CORWIN, JAMES                           NY-36-46-323
CORWIN, JAMES H.                        NY-36-53-398
CORWIN, JESSE                           NY-36-53-367
CORWIN, JOHN                            NY-36-62-407
CORWIN, JOHN B.                         NY-36-37-19
CORWIN, JOHN H.                         NY-36-44-237
CORWIN, JOSHUA                          NY-36-Z-132
CORWIN, MARGARET                        NY-36-38-430
CORWIN, MARGARET J.                     NY-36-53-27
CORWIN, MARTIN                          NY-36-Q-388
CORWIN, MARTIN L.                       NY-36-N-263
CORWIN, MARY                            NY-36-L-462
CORWIN, MARY ANN                        NY-36-30-68
CORWIN, MOSES H.                        NY-36-29-707
CORWIN, NABOTH D.                       NY-36-E-40
CORWIN, NAOMI                           NY-36-I-484
CORWIN, PARMELIA                        NY-36-47-311
CORWIN, PETER                           NY-36-L-315
CORWIN, PHINEHAS                        NY-36-R-240
CORWIN, RHODA COX                       NY-36-34-444
CORWIN, RICHARD                         NY-36-X-233
CORWIN, SALOME B.                       NY-36-56-41
CORWIN, SAMUEL H.                       NY-36-39-212
CORWIN, SARAH                           NY-36-U-401
CORWIN, SILAS                           NY-36-K-24
CORWIN, SILAS                           NY-36-2-223
CORWIN, WILLIAM                         NY-36-40-401
CORY, DAVID                             NY-36-F-324
COSMAN, DENTON                          NY-36-52-280
COSMAN, JOHN                            NY-36-69-84
COSMAN, OLIVER                          NY-36-F-306
COSMAN, WILLIAM                         NY-36-41-318
COSTER, CHARLES H.                      NY-36-38-176
COTNOM, PATRICK                         NY-36-59-28
COUCHMAN, MILO                          NY-36-51-160
COULTER, JAMES                          NY-36-H-70
COULTER, MARY                           NY-36-H-257
COUNELL, JOSEPH                         NY-36-45-300
COURT, JOHN P.                          NY-36-72-374
COURTENAY, JOHN M.                      NY-36-44-112
COURTRIGHT, MIRIAM                      NY-36-58-181
COUSER, JAMES                           NY-36-54-81
COUSER, MARTHA                          NY-36-39-222
COUSER, WILLIAM                         NY-36-32-380
COUTANT, MARY A.                        NY-36-71-335
COVERT, SAMUEL                          NY-36-32-110
COWDREY, HANNAH A.                      NY-36-38-215
COWDREY, JOHN                           NY-36-45-171
COX, ALEXANDER                          NY-36-35-38
COX, ELIZABETH                          NY-36-54-360
COX, EPHRAIM                            NY-36-57-306
COX, GEORGE B.                          NY-36-28-97
COX, HANNAH A.                          NY-36-35-133
COX, HENRY A.                           NY-36-48-203
COX, JOH B.                             NY-36-27-38
COX, JOHN                               NY-36-D-416
COX, JOHN                               NY-36-F-333
COX, JREEMIAH                           NY-36-X-48
COX, KEZIAH                             NY-36-G-167
COX, LOIS                               NY-36-33-343
COX, MARGARET                           NY-36-57-200
COX, MARGARET A.                        NY-36-38-423
COX, MARTIN L.                          NY-36-Y-339
COX, MARY ANN                           NY-36-49-345
COX, SARAH D.                           NY-36-38-109
COX, SARHA JANE                         NY-36-36-423
COX, TIMOTHY                            NY-36-41-273
COX, WILLIAM                            NY-36-F-109
COYLE, CHARLES                          NY-36-69-263
COYLE, ELLEN J.                         NY-36-72-333
COYLE, JAMES                            NY-36-45-67
COZZENS, SUSAN A.                       NY-36-34-373
COZZENS, THEODORE                       NY-36-35-111
COZZENS WILLKIAM B.                     NY-36-28-273
CRABTREE, WILLIAM                       NY-36-72-299
CRAFTS, JOHN                            NY-36-G-217
CRAIG, DAVID                            NY-36-B-290
CRAIG, FRANCIS                          NY-36-B-201
CRAIG, HECTOR                           NY-36-70-35
CRAIG, JAMES                            NY-36-69-258
CRAIG, MARY                             NY-36-35-594
CRAIG, WILLIAM A.                       NY-36-70-277
CRAMER, H. C. F.                        NY-36-53-323
CRANE, ANN R.                           NY-36-45-94
CRANE, ANNA                             NY-36-I-59
CRANE, BENJAMIN                         NY-36-F-387
CRANE, CHARLES G.                       NY-36-47-369
CRANE, DANIEL                           NY-36-Z-333
CRANE, ELIAS                            NY-36-61-386
CRANE, FANNIE E.                        NY-36-69-77
CRANE, FANNY                            NY-36-38-30
CRANE, HARRISON H.                      NY-36-73-283
CRANE, JOHN S.                          NY-36-37-314
CRANE, JONATHAN T.                      NY-36-42-330
CRANE, JOSIAH                           NY-36-32-160
CRANE, STEPHEN                          NY-36-E-71
CRANE, WILLIAM                          NY-36-H-346
CRANS, ALBERT                           NY-36-51-251
CRANS, GEORGE H.                        NY-36-43-447
CRANS, ISAAC                            NY-36-56-106
CRANS, JAMES                            NY-36-37-32
CRANS, JOHN                             NY-36-2-42
CRANS, JOHN                             NY-36-J-364
CRANS, LAWRENCE                         NY-36-M-1
CRANS, SOPHIA                           NY-36-Q-456
CRANS, THERON                           NY-36-35-105
CRANSE, JAMES S.                        NY-36-59-110
CRANSE, PHEBE ANN                       NY-36-45-433
CRARY, HUMPHREY H.                      NY-36-32-113
CRAUS, ANN E.                           NY-36-55-205
CRAUS, CORNELIUS                        NY-36-67-181
CRAUS, MICHAEL                          NY-36-33-463
CRAUS, NANCY                            NY-36-I-28
CRAUSE, ALBET                           NY-36-44-106
CRAWFORD, ALBERT                        NY-36-T-65
CRAWFORD, ALEXANDER MCL.                NY-36-67-293
CRAWFORD, ALFRED                        NY-36-40-333
CRAWFORD, BENJAMIN D.                   NY-36-27-626
CRAWFORD, CATHARINE R. S.               NY-36-42-280
CRAWFORD, DAVID                         NY-36-C-331
CRAWFORD, DAVID                         NY-36-33-486
CRAWFORD, DAVID                         NY-36-G-52
CRAWFORD, DAVID                         NY-36-V-347
CRAWFORD, ELEANOR                       NY-36-R-183
CRAWFORD, ELIZABETH                     NY-36-K-238
CRAWFORD, EMELINE                       NY-36-55-207
CRAWFORD, ESTHER                        NY-36-45-389
CRAWFORD, FRANCIS                       NY-36-I-16
CRAWFORD, GIDNEY S.                     NY-36-61-180
CRAWFORD, HANNAH A.                     NY-36-44-433
CRAWFORD, HELEN F.                      NY-36-56-415
CRAWFORD, HENRY                         NY-36-72-456
CRAWFORD, ISABELLA                      NY-36-27-448
CRAWFORD, ISRAEL                        NY-36-34-312
CRAWFORD, JAMES                         NY-36-H-135
CRAWFORD, JAMES                         NY-36-B-315
CRAWFORD, JAMES H.                      NY-36-29-695
CRAWFORD, JAMES I.                      NY-36-28-581
CRAWFORD, JAMES W.                      NY-36-M-420
CRAWFORD, JANE T.                       NY-36-35-97
CRAWFORD, JOHN                          NY-36-X-414
CRAWFORD, JOHN                          NY-36-2-1
CRAWFORD, JOHN                          NY-36-J-314
CRAWFORD, JOHN A.                       NY-36-58-51
CRAWFORD, JOHN L.                       NY-36-43-223
CRAWFORD, JOHN W.                       NY-36-54-78
CRAWFORD, JONATHAN                      NY-36-2-236
CRAWFORD, JONATHAN                      NY-36-K-66
CRAWFORD, JONATHAN M.                   NY-36-41-309
CRAWFORD, JOSEPH                        NY-36-E-43
CRAWFORD, JOSHUA                        NY-36-E-235
CRAWFORD, LEANDER                       NY-36-46-386
CRAWFORD, LEARCHUS                      NY-36-60-149
CRAWFORD, LETTY                         NY-36-42-341
CRAWFORD, MARY E.                       NY-36-34-243
CRAWFORD, MOSES                         NY-36-J-372
CRAWFORD, NANCY                         NY-36-39-8
CRAWFORD, OLIVER                        NY-36-53-204
CRAWFORD, RACHEL C.                     NY-36-59-157
CRAWFORD, ROBERT J.                     NY-36-Z-182
CRAWFORD, ROBERT S.                     NY-36-K-197
CRAWFORD, SAMUEL J.                     NY-36-H-477
CRAWFORD, SAMUEL M.                     NY-36-48-423
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM                       NY-36-K-479
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM W.                    NY-36-H-383
CRAWSHAW, ANN                           NY-36-56-410
CRAWSHAW, MARTHA E.                     NY-36-67-90
CREATH, THOMAS                          NY-36-27-175
CREEGAN, JAMES                          NY-36-65-284
CREGAN, BEDELIA M.                      NY-36-69-56
CREGAN, THOMAS                          NY-36-29-413
CREIGHTON, ELELN                        NY-36-38-233
CREMER, DAVID                           NY-36-55-194
CRESSMAN, SAMUEL                        NY-36-40-18
CRESSY, HARRY W.                        NY-36-59-304
CREWER, DANIEL                          NY-36-J-460
CREWER, DANIEL                          NY-36-2-165
CRILLEY, MICHAEL                        NY-36-56-439
CRIM, SARAH A.                          NY-36-54-365
CRINE, THEODORE H.                      NY-36-73-3
CRISSEY, EBENEZER                       NY-36-J-57
CRISSEY, JAMES W.                       NY-36-43-149
CRISSEY, MARY E.                        NY-36-60-266
CRISSY, JOHN                            NY-36-N-447
CRISSY, WILLIAM H.                      NY-36-O-175
CRIST, ADALINE                          NY-36-38-121
CRIST, ANN ELIZA                        NY-36-Z-113
CRIST, CATHARINE ANN                    NY-36-54-375
CRIST, CHRISTIAN                        NY-36-N-252
CRIST, DAVID                            NY-36-28-395
CRIST, ELIZABETH B.                     NY-36-54-272
CRIST, HARRIET C.                       NY-36-69-261
CRIST, JASON W.                         NY-36-50-39
CRIST, JOHN J.                          NY-36-62-456
CRIST, LAVINIA                          NY-36-33-413
CRIST, LAWRENCE                         NY-36-I-546
CRIST, LAWRENCE                         NY-36-#1-310
CRIST, LAWRENCE J.                      NY-36-49-122
CRIST, LEWIS                            NY-36-44-234
CRIST, LEWIS MINARD                     NY-36-59-363
CRIST, MARTHA E.                        NY-36-56-117
CRIST, MARTINUS                         NY-36-D-183
CRIST, MARY L.                          NY-36-57-286
CRIST, NELSON                           NY-36-52-109
CRIST, NELSON                           NY-36-32-178
CRIST, PHILIP                           NY-36-30-608
CRIST, SAMUEL B.                        NY-36-47-391
CRIST, SOPHIA T.                        NY-36-53-332
CRIST, STEPHEN                          NY-36-G-245
CRIST, SUSAN C.                         NY-36-70-329
CRIST, THEODORE                         NY-36-57-117
CRIST, VIRGIL                           NY-36-53-114
CRIST, WILLIAM                          NY-36-H-184
CRIST, WILLIAM                          NY-36-70-445
CROMWELL, DAVID                         NY-36-W-396
CROMWELL, JAMES                         NY-36-31-664
CROMWELL, JOHN                          NY-36-45-422
CROMWELL, MARIA                         NY-36-39-260
CROMWELL, OLIVER                        NY-36-M-165
CROMWELL, PETER B.                      NY-36-V-168
CROMWELL, PHEBE T.                      NY-36-56-14
CROMWELL, REBECCA                       NY-36-49-111
CROMWELL, SARAH                         NY-36-P-155
CROMWELL, WILLIAM                       NY-36-34-138
CRONK, JOSHUA                           NY-36-E-328
CRONON, WILLIAM                         NY-36-67-58
CROPSEY, JULIA ANN                      NY-36-34-100
CROPSEY, MARY                           NY-36-K-331
CROSBY, INCREASE                        NY-36-T-388
CROSBY, INCREASE                        NY-36-N-381
CROSBY, JACOB W.                        NY-36-40-202
CROSLEY, CYRENIUS                       NY-36-N-17
CROSMAN, JACOB                          NY-36-G-122
CROSMAN, JONATHAN                       NY-36-G-121
CROSS, JOHN                             NY-36-D-386
CROSS, JOHN A.                          NY-36-66-454
CROSS, MARY                             NY-36-32-169
CROSS, RICHARD S.                       NY-36-38-297
CROSS, ROBERT                           NY-36-L-119
CROSS, WILLIAM                          NY-36-D-460
CROSSON, URIAH                          NY-36-66-323
CROTHERS, JOHN                          NY-36-D-289
CROWEL, JOHN                            NY-36-G-212
CROWEL, ROBERT                          NY-36-L-510
CROWELL, ANDREW                         NY-36-H-333
CROWELL, JAMES W.                       NY-36-P-413
CROWELL, JOHN                           NY-36-50-122
CROWELL, RHODA M.                       NY-36-50-387
CROWELL, ROBERT B.                      NY-36-57-239
CROWELL, S. ANNA                        NY-36-72-295
CROWETHER, JAMES                        NY-36-33-131
CRUICKSHANK, WILLIAM                    NY-36-T-308
CRUICKSHANK, WILLIAM D.                 NY-36-U-257
CRUMLEY, NETTIE G.                      NY-36-54-148
CRWFORD, JAMES B.                       NY-36-73-337
CRWFORD, MOSES                          NY-36-2-59
CUDDEBACK, ABRAHAM J.                   NY-36-44-227
CUDDEBACK, ALICE A.                     NY-36-73-120
CUDDEBACK, CORNELIUS                    NY-36-L-276
CUDDEBACK, ESTHER                       NY-36-55-123
CUDDEBACK, GEORGE                       NY-36-52-191
CUDDEBACK, HARMANUS                     NY-36-Z-439
CUDDEBACK, ISAAC                        NY-36-32-41
CUDDEBACK, JACOB                        NY-36-J-495
CUDDEBACK, JACOB                        NY-36-2-168
CUDDEBACK, JAMES                        NY-36-46-148
CUDDEBACK, LEWIS                        NY-36-53-17
CUDDEBACK, MARTHA                       NY-36-56-7
CUDDEBACK, PETER                        NY-36-57-26
CUDDEBACK, SAMUEL                       NY-36-M-349
CUDDEBACK, WICKHAM                      NY-36-66-10
CUEMAN, MARY E.                         NY-36-71-299
CUFF, ANDREW                            NY-36-71-419
CULBERT, WILILAM A. M.                  NY-36-54-238
CULLEN, JOHN                            NY-36-61-290
CULLINAN, BRDIGET                       NY-36-73-422
CULTER, CLARA A.                        NY-36-52-352
CULVER, WILLIAM                         NY-36-G-62
CUMINGS, JANE D.                        NY-36-55-387
CUMMINGS, PETER                         NY-36-69-318
CUNNIFF, MARGARET                       NY-36-58-224
CUNNINGHAM, ADAM                        NY-36-41-363
CUNNINGHAM, ELIZA                       NY-36-60-276
CUNNINGHAM, JOSEPH                      NY-36-L-473
CUNNINGHAM, MARGARET                    NY-36-55-81
CUNNINGHAM, MATTHEW                     NY-36-38-412
CUNNINGHAM, NANCY                       NY-36-33-561
CURRAN, GOERGE                          NY-36-C-308
CURRIE, JOHN                            NY-36-K-227
CURRIE, JOHN                            NY-36-L-408
CURRIE, MARGARET ANN                    NY-36-34-232
CURRIE, MARY                            NY-36-46-437
CURRIE, THOMAS                          NY-36-50-9
CURRY, ABIGAL                           NY-36-T-318
CURRY, ELIZABETH                        NY-36-N-336
CURRY, JAMES                            NY-36-T-271
CURRY, JOSEPH                           NY-36-34-408
CURRY, JOSEPH                           NY-36-H-174
CURRY, STEPHEN                          NY-36-54-452
CURTIS, ANNA                            NY-36-B-33
CURTIS, DANIEL                          NY-36-A-152
CURTIS, DANIEL                          NY-36-30-17
CURTIS, JOSHUA                          NY-36-30-11
CURTIS, SILAS                           NY-36-A-203
CURTIS, SYLVESTER J.                    NY-36-67-205
CUSHING, MARY E.                        NY-36-72-436
CUSHMAN, MARY                           NY-36-53-118
CUYKENDALL, SARAH                       NY-36-D-127
DACKER, JOHANNIS                        NY-36-A-210
DAGION, ANN                             NY-36-57-416
DAILEY, ABEL                            NY-36-#1-312
DAILY, PATRICK                          NY-36-42-413
DAILY, PETER                            NY-36-R-170
DAINS, JOHN                             NY-36-M-271
DALEY, BRIDGET                          NY-36-50-339
DALEY, RUTH T.                          NY-36-37-63
DALRYMPLE, DANIEL                       NY-36-59-366
DALTON, JUDY                            NY-36-61-48
DALTON, MARY                            NY-36-60-47
DAN, FREDERICK                          NY-36-V-422
DAN, HAMILTON                           NY-36-69-358
DANFORD, PRINCE                         NY-36-2-157
DANFORD, PRINCE                         NY-36-J-442
DANNALSON, ROBERT                       NY-36-J-355
DANNAT, MARY                            NY-36-54-398
DANNAT, WILLIAM E.                      NY-36-70-379
DARBEE, SARAH E.                        NY-36-47-113
DARBY, ELIZA R.                         NY-36-55-49
DARBY, ELLIS                            NY-36-Z-99
DARBY, PHEBE                            NY-36-S-370
DARBY, RICHARD                          NY-36-46-369
DARBY, WILLIAM                          NY-36-72-381
DARKER, JANE                            NY-36-58-428
DARRAGH, WILLIAM                        NY-36-45-11
DARTHEZ, NORA                           NY-36-72-162
DATOR, ANNA                             NY-36-42-339
DATOR, ELIZABETH                        NY-36-38-358
DAVENPORT, JESSE                        NY-36-I-273
DAVENPORT, RUTH                         NY-36-35-226
DAVENPORT, WILLIAM L.                   NY-36-59-38
DAVEY, JOHN S.                          NY-36-35-817
DAVEY, WILLIAM                          NY-36-36-428
DAVEY,MEHITABLE                         NY-36-37-337
DAVID, CHARITY                          NY-36-40-103
DAVIDSON, HUGH                          NY-36-54-1
DAVIDSON, HUGH                          NY-36-53-374
DAVIDSON, ISABELLA                      NY-36-45-317
DAVIDSON, JAMES H.                      NY-36-72-346
DAVIES, FREDERICK J.                    NY-36-65-181
DAVIS, ABIGAIL                          NY-36-S-225
DAVIS, ANDREW                           NY-36-U-139
DAVIS, ANN                              NY-36-P-238
DAVIS, ANTHONY                          NY-36-H-45
DAVIS, AZUBAH                           NY-36-U-184
DAVIS, CHESTER H.                       NY-36-71-325
DAVIS, EDE                              NY-36-D-222
DAVIS, GEORGE                           NY-36-44-439
DAVIS, GILLIAM                          NY-36-N-158
DAVIS, HENRY E.                         NY-36-29-648
DAVIS, JAMES                            NY-36-F-249
DAVIS, JOHN                             NY-36-G-106
DAVIS, JOHN                             NY-36-27-81
DAVIS, JOHN                             NY-36-B-239
DAVIS, JOHN J.                          NY-36-70-211
DAVIS, JOHN S.                          NY-36-50-221
DAVIS, JOHN SR.                         NY-36-B-127
DAVIS, JOSEPH                           NY-36-29-335
DAVIS, JOSEPH                           NY-36-S-293
DAVIS, JOSHUA                           NY-36-C-382
DAVIS, JULIA A.                         NY-36-67-282
DAVIS, LUELLA K.                        NY-36-60-327
DAVIS, MARY D. W.                       NY-36-50-296
DAVIS, MATILDA                          NY-36-66-160
DAVIS, SAMUEL                           NY-36-G-26
DAVIS, SARAH                            NY-36-37-385
DAVIS, SUSAN J.                         NY-36-50-424
DAVIS, WALTER                           NY-36-71-74
DAVIS, WILLIAM M.                       NY-36-59-35
DAVISON, JOHN                           NY-36-40-339
DAVISON, ROBERT                         NY-36-29-196
DAVY, B. AGNES                          NY-36-41-389
DAWSON, JOSEPH                          NY-36-66-142
DAY, EUNICE                             NY-36-K-205
DAY, JAMES                              NY-36-70-439
DAY, JONATHAN                           NY-36-H-399
DAY, THOMAS                             NY-36-43-300
DEAN, ARTEMAS                           NY-36-Y-216
DEAN, DANIEL                            NY-36-F-31
DEAN, FANNY                             NY-36-70-266
DEAN, GEORGE P.                         NY-36-29-655
DEAN, GEORGE W.                         NY-36-30-136
DEAN, GILBERT                           NY-36-#1-189
DEAN, JAMES                             NY-36-O-535
DEAN, PETER                             NY-36-E-282
DEANE, GILBERT                          NY-36-I-410
DEBENHAM, CLARENCE E.                   NY-36-72-426
DEBENHAM, JAMES R.                      NY-36-51-185
DECKER, ABNER                           NY-36-48-46
DECKER, AHIAL                           NY-36-54-85
DECKER, BATHSHEBA                       NY-36-40-309
DECKER, BRADDOCK                        NY-36-29-54
DECKER, CAROLINE C.                     NY-36-73-133
DECKER, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-36-H-234
DECKER, CONRAD                          NY-36-B-90
DECKER, CORNELIUS                       NY-36-#1-439
DECKER, CORNELIUS                       NY-36-J-188
DECKER, CORNELIUS J.                    NY-36-67-174
DECKER, DAVID                           NY-36-38-88
DECKER, DAVID                           NY-36-X-140
DECKER, DAVID A.                        NY-36-35-749
DECKER, DENSMORE W.                     NY-36-32-356
DECKER, ELEAZER                         NY-36-B-108
DECKER, ELIZABETH                       NY-36-70-281
DECKER, EVALINE                         NY-36-61-186
DECKER, FRANCIS C.                      NY-36-54-414
DECKER, FREDERIC S.                     NY-36-34-402
DECKER, FREDERICK                       NY-36-C-154
DECKER, FREDERICK                       NY-36-66-442
DECKER, GARRET                          NY-36-C-215
DECKER, GARRITT G.                      NY-36-41-386
DECKER, GEORGE H.                       NY-36-55-232
DECKER, HENRY                           NY-36-32-482
DECKER, HENRY                           NY-36-33-261
DECKER, HENRY                           NY-36-K-60
DECKER, HENRY                           NY-36-2-243
DECKER, HENRY D.                        NY-36-57-401
DECKER, ISAIAH                          NY-36-A-443
DECKER, JACOB P.                        NY-36-Y-116
DECKER, JACOBUS U.                      NY-36-28-498
DECKER, JAMES C.                        NY-36-61-215
DECKER, JAMES M.                        NY-36-67-286
DECKER, JOHANNES                        NY-36-I-71
DECKER, JOHN                            NY-36-D-388
DECKER, JOHN                            NY-36-49-403
DECKER, JOHN                            NY-36-Z-12
DECKER, JOHN                            NY-36-70-228
DECKER, JOHN J.                         NY-36-54-76
DECKER, JONAH                           NY-36-W-424
DECKER, JONATHAN                        NY-36-E-57
DECKER, JONATHAN B.                     NY-36-55-424
DECKER, JOSEPH                          NY-36-D-50
DECKER, JOSEPH                          NY-36-29-690
DECKER, JOSEPH H.                       NY-36-48-315
DECKER, JOSEPH V.                       NY-36-38-148
DECKER, LEVI                            NY-36-#1-255
DECKER, LEVI                            NY-36-30-746
DECKER, LEVI                            NY-36-I-481
DECKER, LUTHER                          NY-36-44-98
DECKER, MARGARET                        NY-36-60-147
DECKER, MARGARET E.                     NY-36-57-195
DECKER, MARGARET W.                     NY-36-51-313
DECKER, MARIA                           NY-36-45-314
DECKER, MARTHA JANE                     NY-36-70-432
DECKER, MARTINUS                        NY-36-C-53
DECKER, MARY                            NY-36-59-104
DECKER, MARY ANN                        NY-36-44-85
DECKER, PATTY M.                        NY-36-29-480
DECKER, PETER B.                        NY-36-35-579
DECKER, PHILIP                          NY-36-37-250
DECKER, RACHEL                          NY-36-27-1
DECKER, RICHARD                         NY-36-62-14
DECKER, SARAH                           NY-36-Z-667
DECKER, SARAH                           NY-36-G-40
DECKER, SARAH                           NY-36-37-68
DECKER, SARAH ANN                       NY-36-52-25
DECKER, SARAH E.                        NY-36-59-59
DECKER, TEMPERANCE ANN                  NY-36-44-165
DECKER, WILLIAM P.                      NY-36-52-309
DECKER, WILLIAM W.                      NY-36-27-480
DECKKER, MARY Y.                        NY-36-60-392
DECKLEY, JOHN                           NY-36-42-371
DEELY, THOMAS                           NY-36-60-243
DEGRAW, LUKE                            NY-36-P-66
DEGRAW, WILLIAM D.                      NY-36-66-189
DEGROOT, PETER F.                       NY-36-54-311
DEHART, EDWARD                          NY-36-58-101
DEKAY, CHARLES G.                       NY-36-30-488
DEKAY, JAMES W.                         NY-36-K-179
DEKAY, SARAH A.                         NY-36-59-123
DEKAY, THOMAS                           NY-36-D-382
DELAHANTY, JOHN                         NY-36-73-189
DELAMATER, BENJAMIN                     NY-36-29-291
DELAMATER, CHARLES L.                   NY-36-45-308
DELANEY, CATHARINE                      NY-36-61-7
DELANEY, JOHN J.                        NY-36-57-222
DELANY, SASRAH E.                       NY-36-50-65
DELAVAN, JAMES W.                       NY-36-28-561
DELMEGE, ROBERT                         NY-36-47-16
DEMAREST, AGNES                         NY-36-38-31
DEMAREST, ANN                           NY-36-J-262
DEMAREST, ANN                           NY-36-#1-469
DEMAREST, CORNELIUS                     NY-36-G-96
DEMAREST, CORNELIUS H.                  NY-36-53-163
DEMAREST, ELIZA JANE                    NY-36-52-99
DEMAREST, GETTY                         NY-36-K-6
DEMAREST, HARRIET E.                    NY-36-49-307
DEMAREST, JAMES                         NY-36-#1-516
DEMAREST, JAMES                         NY-36-J-301
DEMAREST, JAMES B.                      NY-36-72-46
DEMAREST, MARGARETTA                    NY-36-42-163
DEMAREST, MARY E.                       NY-36-39-44
DEMAREST, PETER D.                      NY-36-O-490
DEMAREST, PETER L.                      NY-36-Z-542
DEMAREST, SALLY                         NY-36-X-509
DEMAREST, SARAH P.                      NY-36-53-108
DEMEREST, HANNAH A.                     NY-36-39-63
DEMEREST, JACOB                         NY-36-A-207
DEMEREST, JACOBUS                       NY-36-C-5
DEMEREST, MARY                          NY-36-35-622
DEMEREST, PHILETUS W.                   NY-36-67-336
DEMING, FREDERICK                       NY-36-Z-25
DEMOREST, JOHN                          NY-36-F-354
DEMOREST, MARYANN                       NY-36-66-415
DEMOREST, SAMUEL                        NY-36-29-567
DENIKE, WILLIAM HENRY                   NY-36-50-323
DENMAN, ISAAC                           NY-36-J-229
DENN, DANIEL                            NY-36-A-368
DENN, LUCY                              NY-36-O-366
DENN, WILLIAM                           NY-36-C-106
DENNEY, ABRAHAM                         NY-36-67-217
DENNISTON, ABRAHAM                      NY-36-H-35
DENNISTON, ALEXANDER                    NY-36-F-196
DENNISTON, ALFRED                       NY-36-41-157
DENNISTON, BATHSHEBA                    NY-36-L-181
DENNISTON, DAVID                        NY-36-27-24
DENNISTON, ELIZABETH B.                 NY-36-27-562
DENNISTON, GEORGE                       NY-36-42-175
DENNISTON, GEORGE                       NY-36-C-108
DENNISTON, GEORGE J.                    NY-36-D-499
DENNISTON, HARVEY                       NY-36-I-56
DENNISTON, HARVEY A.                    NY-36-38-28
DENNISTON, ISAAC                        NY-36-W-285
DENNISTON, ISAAC                        NY-36-49-374
DENNISTON, JAMES                        NY-36-Q-228
DENNISTON, JAMES                        NY-36-H-15
DENNISTON, JAMES SR.                    NY-36-C-321
DENNISTON, JOHN                         NY-36-38-53
DENNISTON, JOHN W.                      NY-36-56-403
DENNISTON, MARGARET                     NY-36-N-471
DENNISTON, MARIA J.                     NY-36-31-643
DENNISTON, MARY E.                      NY-36-73-166
DENNISTON, PRUDENCE                     NY-36-27-193
DENNISTON, RACHEL                       NY-36-E-172
DENNISTON, ROBERT                       NY-36-31-126
DENNISTON, SAMUEL L.                    NY-36-60-389
DENNISTON, THOMAS                       NY-36-56-208
DENNY, ELIZABETH                        NY-36-38-332
DENSLOW, ETHEL H.                       NY-36-59-269
DENTON, ANN                             NY-36-38-287
DENTON, ELIZA M.                        NY-36-46-407
DENTON, ELIZABETH                       NY-36-31-639
DENTON, ELIZABETH A.                    NY-36-54-9
DENTON, ELIZABETH B.                    NY-36-42-233
DENTON, ELIZABETH T.                    NY-36-53-430
DENTON, ESTHER                          NY-36-33-437
DENTON, HANNAH                          NY-36-K-51
DENTON, HENRY                           NY-36-27-529
DENTON, HEZEKIAH                        NY-36-#1-39
DENTON, HEZEKIAH                        NY-36-I-178
DENTON, ISAAC                           NY-36-A-62
DENTON, ISAAC                           NY-36-28-18
DENTON, JACOB                           NY-36-B-285
DENTON, JAMES                           NY-36-H-507
DENTON, JAMES                           NY-36-27-334
DENTON, JOHN                            NY-36-B-249
DENTON, JOHN                            NY-36-A-280
DENTON, JOHN                            NY-36-H-178
DENTON, LEVINA                          NY-36-D-501
DENTON, LOIS                            NY-36-39-408
DENTON, PHEBE M.                        NY-36-40-183
DENTON, ROBERT                          NY-36-B-299
DENTON, SAMUEL                          NY-36-A-400
DENTON, SAMUEL                          NY-36-48-172
DENTON, SAMUEL                          NY-36-H-386
DENTON, SAMUEL                          NY-36-37-39
DENTON, THEODORUS B.                    NY-36-28-629
DENTON, THOMAS                          NY-36-D-286
DENTON, THOMAS                          NY-36-D-400
DENTON, THOMAS H.                       NY-36-O-75
DENTON, WILLIAM                         NY-36-34-539
DENTON, WILLIAM N.                      NY-36-31-463
DERBIN, JAMES                           NY-36-71-166
DERBY, ABEL                             NY-36-I-556
DERBY, DANIEL                           NY-36-47-127
DERBY, JOHN                             NY-36-62-438
DERMISTON, JOHN                         NY-36-U-203
DERNIN, ELLEN                           NY-36-67-98
DERVIN, JOHN                            NY-36-54-202
DERWIN, JAMES                           NY-36-71-166
DEURY, JEMIMA                           NY-36-59-263
DEVENPORT, JESSE                        NY-36-#1-79
DEVENPORT, OLIVER                       NY-36-B-228
DEVENS, MARGARET                        NY-36-55-139
DEVINS, MARGARET                        NY-36-54-461
DEVITT, MARY A.                         NY-36-54-457
DEVLIN, BELLE                           NY-36-69-328
DEVLIN, JOHN                            NY-36-50-178
DEVLIN, JOHN S.                         NY-36-69-49
DEWEY, MARY JANE                        NY-36-60-294
DEWINT, JOHN                            NY-36-A-371
DEWITT, ADALINE                         NY-36-49-55
DEWITT, ANTOINETTE K.                   NY-36-52-357
DEWITT, DAVID P.                        NY-36-52-251
DEWITT, EVE                             NY-36-57-156
DEWITT, EVI                             NY-36-45-228
DEWITT, FANNIE A.                       NY-36-56-87
DEWITT, LYDIA M.                        NY-36-44-178
DEWITT, MARY JANE                       NY-36-38-276
DEWITT, WILLIAM F.                      NY-36-49-52
DEYO, ANDREW P.                         NY-36-39-281
DEYO, JAMES L.                          NY-36-65-399
DEYO, JOHANNES L.                       NY-36-27-252
DEYO, NATHANIEL                         NY-36-43-322
DICKEMAN, MICAH                         NY-36-46-246
DICKERSON, ABRAHAM                      NY-36-E-260
DICKERSON, ADAM                         NY-36-I-66
DICKERSON, ADAM M.                      NY-36-65-192
DICKERSON, JACOB                        NY-36-33-258
DICKERSON, MARTINUS M.                  NY-36-34-81
DICKERSON, STEPHEN                      NY-36-32-268
DICKERSON, SUSAN                        NY-36-R-91
DICKERSON, WILLIAM                      NY-36-F-389
DICKERSON, WILLIAM W.                   NY-36-H-414
DICKEY, JAMES                           NY-36-43-381
DICKSON, ANDREW                         NY-36-F-302
DICKSON, JAMES R.                       NY-36-43-127
DICKSON, MARIA                          NY-36-27-656
DIETZ, FREDERICK A.                     NY-36-51-17
DIKEMAN, DANIEL                         NY-36-30-637
DIKEMAN, MARY                           NY-36-31-528
DIKEMAN, WILLIAM H.                     NY-36-34-103
DILL, ANN ELIZA                         NY-36-43-386
DILL, CHARLES                           NY-36-33-166
DILL, CHARLES                           NY-36-32-132
DILL, DAVID                             NY-36-G-253
DILL, GEORGE                            NY-36-D-520
DILL, JAMES E.                          NY-36-34-94
DILL, JOHN                              NY-36-H-446
DILL, MARY                              NY-36-H-423
DILLER, CATHARINE                       NY-36-42-189
DILLER, MICHAEL                         NY-36-46-188
DILLISTON, MARTHA E.                    NY-36-65-102
DIMMICK, MARIA                          NY-36-45-430
DIMMICK, MINNIE                         NY-36-42-408
DIMMICK, OLIVER S.                      NY-36-40-294
DIMMICK, SAMUEL G.                      NY-36-33-332
DISCHO, JOHN                            NY-36-29-470
DIVINE, HENRY                           NY-36-I-100
DIXON, CHARLES A.                       NY-36-69-205
DIXON, JOHN                             NY-36-28-747
DIXON, JULIA                            NY-36-45-340
DOBBIN, ANN                             NY-36-W-262
DOBBIN, ANTHONY                         NY-36-F-259
DOBBINS, HUGH                           NY-36-A-50
DOCKERY, PATRICK                        NY-36-49-209
DODGE, ANNA                             NY-36-K-250
DODGE, JOHN P.                          NY-36-I-109
DODGE, LEVI                             NY-36-I-54
DODGE, LEVI                             NY-36-H-520
DODGE, LEVI P.                          NY-36-34-452
DODGE, MARY R.                          NY-36-45-130
DODGE, NAHANIEL                         NY-36-#1-519
DODGE, NATHANIEL                        NY-36-J-311
DODGE, SUSAN J.                         NY-36-50-37
DODSON, THOMAS                          NY-36-39-206
DOLAN, ADALINE A.                       NY-36-61-334
DOLAWAY, JAMES                          NY-36-59-114
DOLE, MOSES                             NY-36-45-436
DOLSEN, ASA                             NY-36-H-362
DOLSEN, JAMES                           NY-36-G-278
DOLSEN, JAMES B.                        NY-36-S-79
DOLSEN, JAMES F.                        NY-36-51-214
DOLSEN, SAMUEL B.                       NY-36-52-236
DOLSEN, SARAH                           NY-36-B-306
DOLSON, ABRAHAM                         NY-36-B-366
DOLSON, ANNA B.                         NY-36-57-105
DOLSON, HARRIET S.                      NY-36-54-254
DOLSON, ISAAC                           NY-36-A-237
DOLSON, OSCAR H.                        NY-36-69-96
DOLTON, JAMES                           NY-36-35-620
DONLIN, JAMES                           NY-36-40-207
DONNELLY, ALICE                         NY-36-73-37
DONNELLY, JAMES                         NY-36-28-327
DONNELLY, JANE                          NY-36-R-403
DONNELLY, PETER                         NY-36-54-210
DONOHUE, MATTHIAS                       NY-36-69-36
DONOHUE, PATRICK                        NY-36-38-353
DONOVAN, LEWIS                          NY-36-B-225
DONOVAN, THOMAS                         NY-36-F-112
DORCAS, ALEXANDER                       NY-36-F-123
DORRELL, ALFRED E. W.                   NY-36-70-80
DORUM, OSCAR                            NY-36-38-253
DOTY, HARRIET A.                        NY-36-59-374
DOTY, TIMOTHY                           NY-36-O-86
DOTZERT, JOHN                           NY-36-31-339
DOUBLEDAY, JOHN E.                      NY-36-48-359
DOUGHERTY, EDWARD                       NY-36-37-65
DOUGHERTY, JANE                         NY-36-45-119
DOUGHERTY, JOHN                         NY-36-45-105
DOUGHERTY, MICHAEL                      NY-36-49-8
DOUGHERTY, PATRICK                      NY-36-72-1
DOUGHTY, CHARLES H.                     NY-36-58-323
DOUGLAS, A. STANLEY                     NY-36-38-276
DOUGLAS, MARY E.                        NY-36-45-240
DOWNEY, ANDREW                          NY-36-69-119
DOWNEY, ANNA BELLE                      NY-36-71-70
DOWNEY, CATHARINE                       NY-36-Y-380
DOWNING, ANDREW J.                      NY-36-S-157
DOWNING, CHARLES                        NY-36-47-331
DOWNING, SAMUEL                         NY-36-G-74
DOWNS, JOHN                             NY-36-33-127
DOXEY, ELIZABETH                        NY-36-73-267
DOXEY, SARAH J.                         NY-36-70-14
DOYA, MICHAEL                           NY-36-38-201
DOYE, OWEN                              NY-36-51-21
DOYLE, PETER W.                         NY-36-42-418
DRAKE, AMANDA                           NY-36-43-167
DRAKE, DAVID G.                         NY-36-L-418
DRAKE, DAVID G.                         NY-36-Q-250
DRAKE, FRANCIS                          NY-36-B-46
DRAKE, HESTER A.                        NY-36-52-262
DRAKE, JANE E.                          NY-36-72-270
DRAKE, JEREMIAH M.                      NY-36-71-177
DRAKE, JOHN H                           NY-36-62-230
DRAKE, JOSEPH                           NY-36-D-27
DRAKE, JOSHUA                           NY-36-W-369
DRAKE, LAVINIA ELIZABETH                NY-36-61-310
DRAKE, MARGARET                         NY-36-52-452
DRAKE, MARY                             NY-36-35-608
DRAKE, RICHARD                          NY-36-S-41
DRAKE, SARAH                            NY-36-T-364
DRAKE, VICTOR M.                        NY-36-58-454
DRAKE, ZEPHANIAH L.                     NY-36-53-61
DRAPER, ABIJAH                          NY-36-X-219
DREW, GILBERT                           NY-36-56-257
DREW, HANNAH M.                         NY-36-56-223
DREW, JOHN                              NY-36-34-214
DREW, PETER                             NY-36-33-244
DRISCOLL, TIMOTHY J.                    NY-36-51-145
DRURY, JOHN W.                          NY-36-O-449
DRYSDELL, ELIZABETH                     NY-36-45-225
DUANE, MARY                             NY-36-31-263
DUBOIS, CATHARINE                       NY-36-R-212
DUBOIS, DANIEL L.                       NY-36-27-348
DUBOIS, ELIZA JANE                      NY-36-70-425
DUBOIS, ELIZABETH                       NY-36-48-380
DUBOIS, ELIZABETH                       NY-36-69-61
DUBOIS, HANNAH                          NY-36-D-441
DUBOIS, ISAAC                           NY-36-N-239
DUBOIS, ISAAC L.                        NY-36-F-66
DUBOIS, JOHN E.                         NY-36-52-179
DUBOIS, L. NATHANIEL                    NY-36-57-109
DUBOIS, MARCUS D.                       NY-36-72-421
DUBOIS, MARGARET                        NY-36-U-378
DUBOIS, MATTHEW W.                      NY-36-56-430
DUBOIS, MERCY                           NY-36-70-11
DUBOIS, NATHANIEL                       NY-36-O-604
DUBOIS, ZACHARIAH                       NY-36-H-430
DUDLEY, ANNA MOTT                       NY-36-43-3
DUDLEY, HENRY                           NY-36-38-417
DUER, ALEXANDER                         NY-36-F-312
DUFFEE, DENNIS M.                       NY-36-32-223
DUFFEY, OWEN                            NY-36-45-395
DUFFY, EDWARD                           NY-36-38-64
DUFFY, JOHN                             NY-36-72-13
DUFFY, MARY A.                          NY-36-54-108
DUFFY, PATRICK                          NY-36-T-69
DUGAN, BERNARD                          NY-36-53-75
DUGAN, JOHANNA                          NY-36-56-28
DUGAN, JOHN                             NY-36-35-187
DUGAN, MICHAEL H.                       NY-36-61-192
DUGAN, SARAH                            NY-36-67-22
DUISNBERRE, ABBY                        NY-36-45-92
DUKE, JOHN                              NY-36-H-519
DUKE, JOHN                              NY-36-H-512
DUKE, MATTHEW                           NY-36-Z-563
DUKE, NANCY                             NY-36-L-30
DUMOND, SIDNEY I.                       NY-36-45-303
DUMVILLE, THOMAS                        NY-36-38-405
DUNAVILLE, BENJAMIN                     NY-36-50-185
DUNCAN, CAROLINE                        NY-36-66-292
DUNCAN, ESTHER J.                       NY-36-28-74
DUNCANSON, JAMES                        NY-36-A-135
DUNCANSON, JAMES                        NY-36-P-418
DUNHAM, LUCY A.                         NY-36-56-101
DUNLAP, JAMES                           NY-36-E-1
DUNLAVEY, BERNARD                       NY-36-72-362
DUNN, CATHARINE                         NY-36-54-120
DUNN, EDWARD                            NY-36-55-398
DUNN, ELIZA                             NY-36-35-538
DUNN, EMMA R.                           NY-36-51-147
DUNN, MARY                              NY-36-53-152
DUNN, MARY                              NY-36-71-364
DUNN, MATTHEW                           NY-36-49-425
DUNN, MILLICENT ANTOINETTE              NY-36-50-399
DUNN, MOSES                             NY-36-32-370
DUNN, PHINEHAS                          NY-36-A-57
DUNNING, ABIGAIL M.                     NY-36-53-417
DUNNING, ABIJAH                         NY-36-Z-362
DUNNING, ADDIE                          NY-36-42-39
DUNNING, ADELINE H.                     NY-36-67-211
DUNNING, BRADDOCK R.                    NY-36-44-45
DUNNING, EDWARD P.                      NY-36-57-101
DUNNING, JACOB                          NY-36-R-342
DUNNING, JAMES                          NY-36-K-217
DUNNING, MARY S.                        NY-36-50-68
DUNNING, THEODORE R.                    NY-36-71-327
DUNNING, TIMOTHY                        NY-36-G-186
DUNNING, VIRGIL W.                      NY-36-57-249
DUNNING, WILLIAM M.                     NY-36-60-33
DUNPHY, EDWARD                          NY-36-32-335
DUNPHY, MARY C.                         NY-36-55-367
DURLAN, OSCAR                           NY-36-70-292
DURLAND, BENJAMIN M.                    NY-36-62-306
DURLAND, CAHRLES B.                     NY-36-L-55
DURLAND, CHARLES                        NY-36-R-40
DURLAND, CHARLES                        NY-36-B-63
DURLAND, CHARLES A.                     NY-36-32-501
DURLAND, DANIEL                         NY-36-28-301
DURLAND, DANIEL T.                      NY-36-39-385
DURLAND, GARAT                          NY-36-J-466
DURLAND, GARAT                          NY-36-2-105
DURLAND, JAMES                          NY-36-51-40
DURLAND, JERUSHA                        NY-36-51-334
DURLAND, JOHN H.                        NY-36-32-446
DURLAND, JONA                           NY-36-29-184
DURLAND, JOSEPH                         NY-36-H-454
DURLAND, LYDIA                          NY-36-30-341
DURLAND, MOSES                          NY-36-34-331
DURLAND, SAMUEL                         NY-36-P-193
DURLAND, SARAH J.                       NY-36-51-419
DURLAND, THOMAS E.                      NY-36-54-368
DURLAND, THOMAS T.                      NY-36-65-112
DUROCHE, ELIZA                          NY-36-50-358
DURYEA, ALICE                           NY-36-60-348
DURYEA, GARRETT                         NY-36-H-67
DURYEA, GEORGE                          NY-36-#1-227
DURYEA, GEORGE                          NY-36-#1-242
DURYEA, GEORGE                          NY-36-F-251
DURYEA, GEORGE                          NY-36-I-460
DURYEA, GEORGE                          NY-36-I-451
DURYEA, HENRY                           NY-36-W-121
DURYEA, HUDSON                          NY-36-X-462
DURYEA, JAMES                           NY-36-30-463
DURYEA, JAMES H.                        NY-36-50-402
DURYEA, JOHN                            NY-36-X-503
DURYEA, KEZIA                           NY-36-70-182
DURYEA, MARIA                           NY-36-38-289
DURYEA, MARY E.                         NY-36-56-255
DURYEA, MARY E.                         NY-36-56-154
DURYEA, NANCY T.                        NY-36-28-288
DURYEA, PHINEAS                         NY-36-65-333
DURYEA, S. LIBBIE                       NY-36-60-351
DURYEA, SAMUEL C.                       NY-36-38-276
DUSENBERRE, DANIEL C.                   NY-36-W-333
DUSENBERRE, JOHN                        NY-36-34-200
DUSENBERRY, MARY E.                     NY-36-62-340
DUSENBERRY, SAMUEL A.                   NY-36-42-324
DUSENBERRY, STEPHEN                     NY-36-J-309
DUSENBERRY, STEPHEN                     NY-36-#1-524
DUSENBERRY, WILLIAM                     NY-36-51-164
DUSINBEAUNE, PETER                      NY-36-49-186
DUSINBERRE, CATHERINE                   NY-36-46-416
DUSINBERRE, WHITFIELD                   NY-36-40-205
DUSINBERRE, WILLIAM V.                  NY-36-44-169
DUSINBESSE, STEPHEN                     NY-36-O-58
DWYER, JOHN                             NY-36-40-337
DWYER, MARY                             NY-36-51-412
DYER, SARAH J.                          NY-36-42-24

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