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SMALLING, JACOB                         NY-36-39-99
SMALLING, POLLY                         NY-36-40-379
SMIDT, PETER                            NY-36-A-437
SMILEY, CATHERINE S.                    NY-36-55-79
SMILEY, JAMES                           NY-36-30-293
SMILEY, JAMES H.                        NY-36-50-337
SMITH, ABERT J.                         NY-36-45-124
SMITH, ABIGAIL                          NY-36-28-715
SMITH, ABIGAIL                          NY-36-H-219
SMITH, ABRAHAM                          NY-36-V-369
SMITH, ABRAHAM                          NY-36-J-37
SMITH, ABRAHAM M.                       NY-36-K-397
SMITH, ADAM                             NY-36-32-547
SMITH, ALEXANDER T.                     NY-36-45-142
SMITH, ALMIRA OTIS                      NY-36-72-145
SMITH, ALONZO                           NY-36-38-402
SMITH, AMALIA OR EMILIE                 NY-36-58-4
SMITH, AMUEL                            NY-36-52-195
SMITH, ARTHUR                           NY-36-E-332
SMITH, AUGUSTA                          NY-36-72-19
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         NY-36-F-88
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         NY-36-E-9
SMITH, BENJAMIN C.                      NY-36-28-528
SMITH, CALEB                            NY-36-F-235
SMITH, CATHARINE                        NY-36-28-213
SMITH, CATHARINE                        NY-36-41-142
SMITH, CATHARINE                        NY-36-29-314
SMITH, CATHARINE                        NY-36-M-274
SMITH, CATHARINE M.                     NY-36-52-384
SMITH, CHARLES                          NY-36-55-118
SMITH, CHARLES P.                       NY-36-59-101
SMITH, CHARLES P.                       NY-36-58-58
SMITH, CLARISSA                         NY-36-50-80
SMITH, CLARK                            NY-36-32-149
SMITH, CLARK                            NY-36-L-422
SMITH, CORNELIA H.                      NY-36-71-132
SMITH, DAIEL                            NY-36-46-132
SMITH, DANIEL                           NY-36-D-341
SMITH, DANIEL                           NY-36-Y-368
SMITH, DAVID                            NY-36-#1-299
SMITH, DAVID                            NY-36-41-10
SMITH, DAVID                            NY-36-I-528
SMITH, DAVID C.                         NY-36-56-417
SMITH, DAVID C.                         NY-36-56-16
SMITH, DAVID H.                         NY-36-N-462
SMITH, DOLLY                            NY-36-43-347
SMITH, EGBERT                           NY-36-47-116
SMITH, ELIJAH                           NY-36-28-491
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        NY-36-60-35
SMITH, ELIZABETH L                      NY-36-58-449
SMITH, EMELINE                          NY-36-34-544
SMITH, EMILY A.                         NY-36-70-162
SMITH, EPHRAIM                          NY-36-R-281
SMITH, EVE                              NY-36-29-95
SMITH, FRANCIS                          NY-36-J-399, 408
SMITH, FRANCIS                          NY-36-2-152
SMITH, FRANCIS                          NY-36-27-319
SMITH, FRANK S.                         NY-36-72-409
SMITH, FREDERICK                        NY-36-69-295
SMITH, GEORGE G.                        NY-36-69-445
SMITH, GEORGE K.                        NY-36-66-135
SMITH, GILBERT                          NY-36-33-321
SMITH, GILBERT T.                       NY-36-38-235
SMITH, GRANT                            NY-36-I-69
SMITH, HANNAH C.                        NY-36-32-238
SMITH, HARRIET                          NY-36-57-414
SMITH, HARRIET                          NY-36-69-121
SMITH, HARRIET                          NY-36-Q-67
SMITH, HARRIET                          NY-36-43-106
SMITH, HECTOR C.                        NY-36-33-226
SMITH, HENRY                            NY-36-S-59
SMITH, HENRY                            NY-36-E-357
SMITH, HENRY                            NY-36-G-154
SMITH, HENRY                            NY-36-59-390
SMITH, HENRY J.                         NY-36-Y-205
SMITH, HEZEKIAH                         NY-36-29-714
SMITH, HIRAM                            NY-36-30-286
SMITH, HOPHNI                           NY-36-H-103
SMITH, HOPHNI                           NY-36-Q-12
SMITH, IRA                              NY-36-41-360
SMITH, ISAAC                            NY-36-D-152
SMITH, ISAAC                            NY-36-F-53
SMITH, ISAAC                            NY-36-J-528
SMITH, ISAAC                            NY-36-2-202
SMITH, ISAAC                            NY-36-34-349
SMITH, ISAAC                            NY-36-41-229
SMITH, JACOB                            NY-36-70-157
SMITH, JACOBUS                          NY-36-N-501
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-36-#1-118
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-36-33-223
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-36-70-216
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-36-H-310
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-36-I-318
SMITH, JAMES H.                         NY-36-49-20
SMITH, JAMES W.                         NY-36-55-141
SMITH, JANE                             NY-36-50-231
SMITH, JANE ELIZABETH                   NY-36-55-268
SMITH, JESSE                            NY-36-M-9
SMITH, JESSE                            NY-36-I-91
SMITH, JOHANNES                         NY-36-D-539
SMITH, JOHANNES                         NY-36-A-346
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-36-A-452
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-36-G-17
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-36-O-413
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-36-46-113
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-36-A-72
SMITH, JOHN A.                          NY-36-Z-684
SMITH, JOHN C.                          NY-36-47-229
SMITH, JOHN D.                          NY-36-38-73
SMITH, JOHN F.                          NY-36-Z-27
SMITH, JOHN F.                          NY-36-W-178
SMITH, JOHN J.                          NY-36-43-51
SMITH, JOHN OGDEN                       NY-36-55-271
SMITH, JOHN SR.                         NY-36-D-176
SMITH, JOHN T.                          NY-36-44-61
SMITH, JONATHAN                         NY-36-F-417
SMITH, JOSEPH                           NY-36-D-542
SMITH, JOSEPH                           NY-36-D-274
SMITH, JOSEPH HOPKINSON                 NY-36-29-503
SMITH, JOSHUA                           NY-36-Y-19
SMITH, JOSHUA C.                        NY-36-F-61
SMITH, JULIA A.                         NY-36-37-332
SMITH, JULINA                           NY-36-67-4
SMITH, LEAH                             NY-36-R-1
SMITH, LEWIS B.                         NY-36-48-429
SMITH, LIANA                            NY-36-34-355
SMITH, LUCY                             NY-36-Y-374
SMITH, LUTHER                           NY-36-J-275
SMITH, LUTHER                           NY-36-#1-483
SMITH, MARIA                            NY-36-L-484
SMITH, MARIA                            NY-36-51-264
SMITH, MARIA                            NY-36-58-336
SMITH, MARIA E.                         NY-36-46-456
SMITH, MARY                             NY-36-69-326
SMITH, MARY                             NY-36-38-93
SMITH, MARY                             NY-36-L-177
SMITH, MARY                             NY-36-43-144
SMITH, MARY A.                          NY-36-59-174
SMITH, MARY A.                          NY-36-54-20
SMITH, MARY ANN                         NY-36-35-764
SMITH, MARY B.                          NY-36-58-106
SMITH, MARY JANE                        NY-36-37-27
SMITH, MARY L.                          NY-36-71-8
SMITH, MATTHEW                          NY-36-39-217
SMITH, MAURICE                          NY-36-H-5
SMITH, MOSES                            NY-36-32-36
SMITH, MOSES                            NY-36-39-390
SMITH, NANCY                            NY-36-71-393
SMITH, NAOMA                            NY-36-45-149
SMITH, NATHAN                           NY-36-D-185
SMITH, NATHANIEL D.                     NY-36-57-142
SMITH, NEIEL T.                         NY-36-51-436
SMITH, NICHOLAS                         NY-36-43-445
SMITH, OBADIAH                          NY-36-V-190
SMITH, OBADIAH                          NY-36-H-120
SMITH, OLIVER                           NY-36-L-415
SMITH, PATIENCE                         NY-36-X-331
SMITH, PAUL F.                          NY-36-34-547
SMITH, PETER                            NY-36-31-277
SMITH, PHEBE                            NY-36-H-546
SMITH, PHILIP                           NY-36-46-39
SMITH, SAMUEL                           NY-36-44-430
SMITH, SAMUEL                           NY-36-A-321
SMITH, SAMUEL                           NY-36-D-537
SMITH, SAMUEL                           NY-36-J-487
SMITH, SAMUEL                           NY-36-2-159
SMITH, SAMUEL C.                        NY-36-43-297
SMITH, SARA A.                          NY-36-73-400
SMITH, SARAH J.                         NY-36-48-353
SMITH, SARAH JANE                       NY-36-59-61
SMITH, SEBASTIAN                        NY-36-H-351
SMITH, SELAH                            NY-36-E-37
SMITH, SIDNEY                           NY-36-70-295
SMITH, SOLOMON                          NY-36-A-12
SMITH, SOLOMON                          NY-36-D-339
SMITH, SOLOMON W.                       NY-36-H-378
SMITH, SOPHIA                           NY-36-K-338
SMITH, STEPHEN                          NY-36-55-446
SMITH, STEPHEN                          NY-36-C-56
SMITH, STEPHEN                          NY-36-G-209
SMITH, STEPHEN AUGUSTUS                 NY-36-57-431
SMITH, STEPHEN B.                       NY-36-35-778
SMITH, SUSANNAH                         NY-36-F-155
SMITH, TEMPERANCE                       NY-36-40-156
SMITH, THOMAS                           NY-36-F-154
SMITH, THOMAS C.                        NY-36-38-70
SMITH, THOMS ESQ.                       NY-36-A-303
SMITH, TIMOTHY                          NY-36-C-78
SMITH, VIRGIL V.                        NY-36-35-559
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NY-36-N-450
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NY-36-X-203
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NY-36-X-19
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NY-36-T-298
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NY-36-A-261
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NY-36-32-105
SMITH, WILLIAM C.                       NY-36-57-370
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                       NY-36-F-161
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                       NY-36-48-351
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                       NY-36-70-65
SMITH, WILLIAM K.                       NY-36-56-447
SMITH, WILLIAM L.                       NY-36-J-286
SMITH, WILLIAM L.                       NY-36-#1-508
SMITH, WILLIAM P. C.                    NY-36-X-159
SMITH, WILLIAM Y.                       NY-36-K-419
SMITH, WILLIS                           NY-36-32-143
SMITH, ZENAS                            NY-36-52-422
SMITHERS, JOHN                          NY-36-51-106
SNEDEKER, JOHANNIS                      NY-36-A-43
SNEDEN, MARY                            NY-36-P-423
SNEED, JOSEPH                           NY-36-P-293
SNEED, SARAH                            NY-36-32-318
SNEED, SARAH E.                         NY-36-62-399
SNIDER, ABRAHAM                         NY-36-35-137
SNIDER, ABRAHAM                         NY-36-69-196
SNIDER, CORNELIUS                       NY-36-27-86
SNIDER, JACOB                           NY-36-S-330
SNIDER, JOHN                            NY-36-#1-382
SNIDE,R JOHN                            NY-36-J-86
SNIDER, MICHAEL                         NY-36-34-529
SNIDER, WILLIAM                         NY-36-T-182
SNIDER, WILLIAM                         NY-36-I-74
SNODGRASS, WILLIAM D.                   NY-36-49-154
SNOOK, JACOB                            NY-36-32-307
SNOOK, JOSEPH W.                        NY-36-47-409
SNOWDEN, JONATHAN                       NY-36-G-275
SNYDER, ANDRE WE.                       NY-36-66-34
SNYDER, FRANCES                         NY-36-62-64
SNYDER, HENDRICK                        NY-36-A-27
SNYDER, JOHN                            NY-36-C-343
SNYDER, M. GEDNEY                       NY-36-60-173
SNYDER, MARY J.                         NY-36-67-41
SNYDER, WILLIAM H.                      NY-36-53-383
SODEN, JONATHAN                         NY-36-G-231
SOMMER, CAROLINE                        NY-36-58-31
SOUTHERLAND, ANDREW                     NY-36-A-286
SOUTHERLAND, CHARLES                    NY-36-W-89
SOUTHERLAND, DANIEL                     NY-36-H-515
SOUTHERLAND, DAVID                      NY-36-B-100
SOUTHERLAND, JAMES R.                   NY-36-41-97
SOUTHERLAND, JESSE                      NY-36-D-200
SOUTHERLAND, WILLIAM                    NY-36-N-519
SPACE, HARRIET E.                       NY-36-62-208
SPALDING, JOSHUA                        NY-36-H-207
SPARK, LETITIA                          NY-36-52-332
SPARKS, CHARLOTTE D.                    NY-36-44-265
SPARKS, EDMUND                          NY-36-56-120
SPARKS, J. ROMER                        NY-36-38-223
SPARKS, JOHN B.                         NY-36-44-353
SPARKS, JONATHAN                        NY-36-29-324
SPARKS, LETTY JANE                      NY-36-73-178
SPARKS, MARY E.                         NY-36-66-97
SPARKS, WILLIAM D.                      NY-36-29-382
SPAYD, LIZZIE H.                        NY-36-50-83
SPEEDLING, SAMUEL                       NY-36-O-521
SPEIR, HUGH                             NY-36-H-101
SPELLER, JOHN                           NY-36-49-238
SPELLMAN, CATHARINE                     NY-36-61-99
SPELLMAN, MARGARET                      NY-36-47-202
SPENCER, ELIZA                          NY-36-29-275
SPRING, FRANK                           NY-36-50-237
SPRINGER, ELIZA J.                      NY-36-41-36
SPRINGER, REBECCA                       NY-36-55-434
SPRINGSTEAD, JOHN R.                    NY-36-46-201
SPRINGSTEEN, ABRAHAM                    NY-36-A-154
SPROULE, THOMAS                         NY-36-N-397
SQUIRES, MARY                           NY-36-29-297
SQUIRES, POLLY                          NY-36-37-405
SSPRINGSTEEN, JAMES                     NY-36-A-130
STAATS, JOHN A.                         NY-36-54-400
STAGE, DAVID M.                         NY-36-43-49
STAGE, ISAAC                            NY-36-J-248
STAGE, JOSEPH D.                        NY-36-41-145
STAGE, RYNEAR                           NY-36-40-277
STAGE, SARAH                            NY-36-52-63
STAGG, JOHN                             NY-36-A-32
STANBROUGH, ELVIRA                      NY-36-52-112
STANBROUGH, THOMAS G.                   NY-36-27-387
STANDRING, JAMES                        NY-36-34-216
STANLEY, LUCIUS A.                      NY-36-39-367
STANSBROUGH, MARGARET H.                NY-36-38-106
STANTON, CARPENTER                      NY-36-62-83
STANTON, GEORGE                         NY-36-H-349
STANTON, JOSEPH                         NY-36-46-199
STANTON, MARGARET                       NY-36-35-573
STANTON, MARY                           NY-36-53-228
STANTON, RUFUS                          NY-36-I-336
STANTON, SAMUEL                         NY-36-27-286
STANTON, WILLIAM                        NY-36-F-103
STANTON, WILLIAM G.                     NY-36-51-175
STAPLES, JOHN W.                        NY-36-33-477
STAPLETON, LAWRENCE                     NY-36-51-319
STAPLETON, WILLIAM                      NY-36-44-122
STAPLETON, WILLIAM                      NY-36-32-302
STAPLITON, CATHERINE                    NY-36-41-222
STARKWEATHER, MARY D.                   NY-36-59-42
STARKWEATHER, NATHANIEL B.              NY-36-54-431
STARKWEATHER, OLIVER C.                 NY-36-52-386
STARR, BENJAMIN A.                      NY-36-56-379
STARR, LEVI                             NY-36-40-345
STARR, MARY G.                          NY-36-27-607
STARR, MARY JANE                        NY-36-33-519
STAYS, SAMUEL G.                        NY-36-32-263
STEAD, JOHN                             NY-36-Y-144
STEAD, SUSAN                            NY-36-38-233
STEANE, CHARLES                         NY-36-Q-88
STEART, JESSE C.                        NY-36-35-116
STEART, JOSEPH                          NY-36-28-331
STEELE, ALEXANDER                       NY-36-Z-164
STEPHENFIELD, THEODORE                  NY-36-59-125
STEPHENS, BREWSTER K.                   NY-36-U-252
STEPHENS, EBENEZER                      NY-36-F-315
STEPHENS, HENDRICK                      NY-36-A-75
STEPHENS, JAMES                         NY-36-A-29
STEPHENS, LUCINDA B.                    NY-36-48-320
STEPHENS, MATTHIAS                      NY-36-#1-1
STEPHENS, MATTHIAS                      NY-36-I-94
STEPHENS, WILLIAM                       NY-36-O-99
STEPHENS, WILLIAM A.                    NY-36-38-343
STEPHENS, WILLIAM J.                    NY-36-55-215
STEPHENS, WILLIAM P.                    NY-36-P-317
STERLING, MARIA LOUISA                  NY-36-56-68
STERLING, ROBERT                        NY-36-32-473
STERLING, WILLIAM                       NY-36-M-34
STERRIT, JANE                           NY-36-53-233
STERRIT, ROBERT                         NY-36-E-5
STERRIT, THOMAS                         NY-36-56-451
STEVENS, ABNER W.                       NY-36-72-206
STEVENS, BENJAMIN R.                    NY-36-27-622
STEVENS, DAVID W.                       NY-36-53-395
STEVENS, ELBRIDGE G.                    NY-36-57-303
STEVENS, ELISHA                         NY-36-46-384
STEVENS, FINLEY                         NY-36-R-188
STEVENS, HANNAH                         NY-36-54-163
STEVENS, HENRY W.                       NY-36-33-160
STEVENS, JAMES T.                       NY-36-27-495
STEVENS, JONATHAN                       NY-36-K-266
STEVENS, JONATHAN                       NY-36-A-268
STEVENS, JOSEPH                         NY-36-I-389
STEVENS, JOSEPH                         NY-36-29-61
STEVENS, MARIA D.                       NY-36-69-438
STEVENS, MARY A.                        NY-36-28-108
STEVENS, MARY E. L.                     NY-36-46-244
STEVENS, MARY E.                        NY-36-65-428
STEVENSON, ROBERT                       NY-36-H-194
STEVENSON, SAMUEL                       NY-36-T-176
STEWARD, COLVILL                        NY-36-D-283
STEWARD, GABRIEL                        NY-36-Z-1
STEWARD, JAMES                          NY-36-D-465
STEWARD, JOHN                           NY-36-I-85
STEWART, ALSOP                          NY-36-Z-456
STEWART, CATHARINE                      NY-36-G-109
STEWART, CHARLES                        NY-36-35-30
STEWART, DANIEL                         NY-36-J-186
STEWART, DAVID                          NY-36-38-420
STEWART, ELIZABETH                      NY-36-27-34
STEWART, ELSIE J.                       NY-36-45-362
STEWART, JAMES                          NY-36-55-89
STEWART, JAMES W.                       NY-36-55-136
STEWART, JANE                           NY-36-42-297
STEWART, JANE                           NY-36-45-447
STEWART, JOANNA                         NY-36-S-472
STEWART, JOHN                           NY-36-45-244
STEWART, JULIA A.                       NY-36-55-405
STEWART, LAVHLAR                        NY-36-67-74
STEWART, LEWIS                          NY-36-47-266
STEWART, MARGARET ANN                   NY-36-50-111
STEWART, MARIA LOUISA                   NY-36-46-218
STEWART, MARY E.                        NY-36-61-224
STEWART, NANCY D.                       NY-36-66-197
STEWART, WALTER                         NY-36-M-286
STEWART, WILLIAM                        NY-36-57-289
STICKNEY, ABRAHAM                       NY-36-G-161
STICKNEY, ERASTUS                       NY-36-69-383
STICKNEY, JONATHAN                      NY-36-B-318
STICKNEY, SARAH                         NY-36-H-189
STIDD, BENJAMIN                         NY-36-C-28
STILES, LEWIS                           NY-36-O-237
STILL, JANE L.                          NY-36-69-277
STILL, WESLEY                           NY-36-47-107
STILLMAN, CHARLES                       NY-36-38-325
STINARD, ALFRED                         NY-36-31-422
STINES, DANIEL                          NY-36-55-248
STINNARD, JOHN                          NY-36-41-232
STINNARD, MARY J.                       NY-36-48-168
STITT, JOHEN M.                         NY-36-O-370
STITT, JOHN A.                          NY-36-47-355
STIVERS, MOSES D.                       NY-36-59-276
STJOHN, DANIEL B.                       NY-36-53-377
STJOHN, EDWARD B.                       NY-36-60-406
STJOHN, FREDERICK M.                    NY-36-70-296
STJOHN, MARIETTA                        NY-36-50-380
STJOHN, NANCY J.                        NY-36-41-12
STJOHN, STEPHEN                         NY-36-33-162
STODDARD, CHARLES                       NY-36-59-372
STODDARD, INCREASE B.                   NY-36-P-350
STOKEM, JOHN D.                         NY-36-48-23
STOLE, DAVID                            NY-36-E-273
STORCH, CASPAR D.                       NY-36-55-188
STOUTENBURGH, CAROLINE                  NY-36-59-345
STRACHAN, MARGARET                      NY-36-57-94
STRANEY, NANCY                          NY-36-72-392
STRATTON, J. WILSON                     NY-36-38-425
STRATTON, SAMUEL                        NY-36-C-268
STRAW, LENDON S.                        NY-36-67-220
STREET, GEORGE G.                       NY-36-39-91
STREET, JANE                            NY-36-40-227
STRICKLAND, GEORGE C.                   NY-36-28-652
STRIKER, MARY                           NY-36-U-14
STRINGHAM, NANCY                        NY-36-48-406
STRONG, ABIGAIL                         NY-36-Q-353
STRONG, BENJAMIN                        NY-36-H-154
STRONG, BENJAMIN                        NY-36-41-297
STRONG, BENJAMIN B.                     NY-36-44-216
STRONG, BENJAMIN H.                     NY-36-46-445
STRONG, EDWARD B.                       NY-36-R-73
STRONG, ELLIOTT                         NY-36-41-335
STRONG, FANNIE N.                       NY-36-59-211
STRONG, HEZEKIAH H.                     NY-36-Y-302
STRONG, JAMES                           NY-36-O-130
STRONG, JAMES                           NY-36-47-140
STRONG, MARGARET E. B.                  NY-36-44-88
STRONG, MARIA L.                        NY-36-73-410
STRONG, MARTHA                          NY-36-32-196
STRONG, MARY C.                         NY-36-40-3
STRONG, MARY E.                         NY-36-55-458
STRONG, MARY H. C.                      NY-36-49-167
STRONG, NATHAN                          NY-36-34-496
STRONG, PHEBE E.                        NY-36-56-367
STRONG, RENSELLAER                      NY-36-P-175
STRONG, SAMUEL                          NY-36-C-396
STRONG, SAMUEL R.                       NY-36-73-109
STRONG, SELAH                           NY-36-L-226
STRONG, SUSANNA                         NY-36-S-108
STRONG, WILLIAM                         NY-36-Q-405
STUBBS, DAVID                           NY-36-M-516
STUBBS, SANDFORD H.                     NY-36-60-66
STUBLEY, WILLIAM                        NY-36-58-192
STUBS, WILLIAM                          NY-36-F-366
STURTZ, JOHN                            NY-36-57-437
SULLIVAN, JOHN                          NY-36-60-71
SUTHERLAND, AMOS W.                     NY-36-66-76
SUTHERLAND, CATHARINE L.                NY-36-71-262
SUTHERLAND, CHARLES                     NY-36-53-271
SUTHERLAND, CHARLOTTE                   NY-36-38-22
SUTHERLAND, JOHN D.                     NY-36-53-106
SUTHERLAND, LETTIE                      NY-36-61-241
SUTHERLAND, MARY                        NY-36-29-360
SUTON, JANE                             NY-36-28-351
SUTTER, AGNES                           NY-36-67-69
SUTTON, CATHARINE                       NY-36-60-37
SUTTON, LYDIA                           NY-36-45-108
SUTTON, SARAH                           NY-36-47-72
SUTTON, SARAH ANN                       NY-36-46-315
SUTTON, WILLIAM M.                      NY-36-42-223
SWALM, ADAM                             NY-36-55-62
SWALM, LEVI B.                          NY-36-29-614
SWAN, JANE                              NY-36-28-421
SWAN, RCAHEL                            NY-36-51-93
SWAN, SALLY                             NY-36-R-109
SWAN, WILLIAM                           NY-36-I-33
SWAN, WILLIAM L.                        NY-36-29-437
SWARTWOUT, GERARDUS                     NY-36-31-709
SWARTWOUT, JACOBUS                      NY-36-L-124
SWARTWOUT, JAMES D.                     NY-36-34-112
SWARTWOUT, JANE                         NY-36-O-138
SWARTWOUT, PETER                        NY-36-F-138
SWARTWOUT, PETER P.                     NY-36-48-215
SWARTWOUT, PHILIP                       NY-36-27-325
SWAYZE, GABRIEL                         NY-36-29-164
SWEENEY, ANN                            NY-36-58-146
SWEENEY, JAMES                          NY-36-57-455
SWEENEY, ROGER                          NY-36-73-23
SWEET, HALSTEAD                         NY-36-48-426
SWEET, HARRIET                          NY-36-50-333
SWEETMAN, ANNE                          NY-36-55-97
SWEEZEY, HOMER                          NY-36-32-26
SWEEZEY, LEWIS                          NY-36-45-69
SWEEZEY, MARY                           NY-36-47-26
SWEEZY, CAROLINE C.                     NY-36-65-254
SWEEZY, FANNIE                          NY-36-38-361
SWEEZY, FANNY                           NY-36-38-267
SWEEZY, ISAAC B.                        NY-36-52-184
SWEEZY, JAMES G.                        NY-36-31-635
SWEEZY, JOHN                            NY-36-62-189
SWEZEY, MARY A.                         NY-36-58-304
SWEZY, BENJAMIN L.                      NY-36-57-177
SWEZY, JONATHAN                         NY-36-E-73
SWIFT, ALEXANDER J.                     NY-36-O-228
SWIFT, ISAAC                            NY-36-54-280
SWISABAUGH, ELLEN JANE                  NY-36-60-145
TAGGART, REBECCA                        NY-36-70-205
TALCOTT, SELDEN H.                      NY-36-71-179
TALLMAN, GEORGE                         NY-36-33-256
TALMADGE, SILAS H.                      NY-36-42-334
TALMAG, JOHN M.                         NY-36-69-101
TANDY, ELIZA                            NY-36-49-93
TANNERY, CHARLES                        NY-36-F-363
TANNERY, PETER                          NY-36-G-173
TAPPAN, JULIANA A.                      NY-36-69-390
TARTISS, HARRIET                        NY-36-58-139
TARTISS, JOHN C.                        NY-36-47-437
TATE, ELIZABETH S.                      NY-36-60-322
TATE, WILLIAM S.                        NY-36-43-398
TAYLO, MARY E.                          NY-36-58-264
TAYLOR, ARTEMAS                         NY-36-66-315
TAYLOR, BENJAMIN                        NY-36-45-194
TAYLOR, BENJAMIN V.                     NY-36-45-42
TAYLOR, BETHIAH                         NY-36-40-130
TAYLOR, CALEB                           NY-36-O-67
TAYLOR, CAROLINE                        NY-36-47-197
TAYLOR, CHAUNCEY O.                     NY-36-35-252
TAYLOR, ELIAS                           NY-36-B-55
TAYLOR, ELIHU                           NY-36-28-304
TAYLOR, ISAAC                           NY-36-46-1
TAYLOR, JAMES                           NY-36-29-607
TAYLOR, JAMES                           NY-36-38-370
TAYLOR, JAMES                           NY-36-50-375
TAYLOR, JAMES W.                        NY-36-45-258
TAYLOR, JOANNA K.                       NY-36-61-372
TAYLOR, JOHN                            NY-36-M-363
TAYLOR, JOHN                            NY-36-59-208
TAYLOR, JOHN                            NY-36-N-59
TAYLOR, JOHN N.                         NY-36-31-75
TAYLOR, JOHN S.                         NY-36-66-222
TAYLOR, LYDIA A.                        NY-36-38-457
TAYLOR, MAURICE                         NY-36-69-227
TAYLOR, MORRISON                        NY-36-J-506
TAYLOR, MORRISON                        NY-36-2-175
TAYLOR, NATHANIEL                       NY-36-K-98
TAYLOR, SAMUEL B.                       NY-36-73-426
TAYLOR, SARAH                           NY-36-K-126
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                         NY-36-35-667
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                         NY-36-49-399
TAYLOR, WILLIAM E.                      NY-36-48-142
TEACHMAN, DAVID N.                      NY-36-33-210
TEACHMAN, GABRIEL L.                    NY-36-61-418
TEARS, DANIEL                           NY-36-27-19
TEARS, DANIEL SR.                       NY-36-G-192
TEARS, JACOB                            NY-36-67-377
TEARS, JOHN                             NY-36-L-50
TEARS, JOHN B.                          NY-36-46-358
TEARS, JOHN V.                          NY-36-54-206
TEARS, JULIA W.                         NY-36-69-72
TEARS, RACHEL                           NY-36-37-339
TEED, ANNA                              NY-36-G-228
TEED, BENJAMIN                          NY-36-J-39
TEED, BENJAMIN                          NY-36-#1-348
TEED, JACOBUS                           NY-36-C-388
TEED, PETER                             NY-36-D-168
TEED, PHEBE                             NY-36-F-227
TEED, ZOPHAR                            NY-36-E-151
TELFORD, AGNES H.                       NY-36-44-114
TELFORD, ESTHER                         NY-36-C-366
TELFORD, SUSAN E.                       NY-36-56-300
TELLER, CAROLINE M.                     NY-36-39-178
TENEYCK, DAVID                          NY-36-47-80
TENEYCK, JAMES B.                       NY-36-35-178
TERBELL, JOSEPHUS                       NY-36-35-180
TERHUNE, AGNES B.                       NY-36-58-184
TERHUNE, ELIZA J.                       NY-36-48-6
TERPENING, ISAAC D.                     NY-36-57-4
TERRY, ANN G.                           NY-36-71-118
TERRY, CATHARINE                        NY-36-Z-511
TERRY, GABRIEL                          NY-36-46-95
TERRY, MARGARET                         NY-36-B-288
TERRY, RACHAEL N.                       NY-36-27-543
TERRY, THOMAS P.                        NY-36-I-23
TERWILLIGER, ELIZABETH                  NY-36-T-384
TERWILLIGER, ELLEN A.                   NY-36-72-433
TERWILLIGER, EMELINE                    NY-36-V-56
TERWILLIGER, GEORGE C.                  NY-36-P-211
TERWILLIGER, GRANVILLE C.               NY-36-47-13
TERWILLIGER, HIRAM                      NY-36-49-145
TERWILLIGER, JUBAL LEE                  NY-36-N-517
TERWILLIGER, JUSTUS L.                  NY-36-58-417
TERWILLIGER, MATTHEW                    NY-36-E-177
TERWILLIGER, PETER                      NY-36-56-98
TERWILLIGER, SYLVANUS                   NY-36-47-58
THAYER, JOHN                            NY-36-Z-397
THAYER, MARY J.                         NY-36-69-369
THEAL, THOMAS                           NY-36-H-298
THEALL, HANNAH                          NY-36-S-393
THEALL, ISAAC                           NY-36-I-344
THEALL, MARY                            NY-36-X-78
THEW, ABBY                              NY-36-28-375
THEW, GARRETT                           NY-36-49-267
THEW, JOHN                              NY-36-P-361
THEW, PHEBE                             NY-36-52-431
THEW, SARAH                             NY-36-37-293
THOMAS, FREDRIKA                        NY-36-45-77
THOMAS, JOHN                            NY-36-B-233
THOMAS, JULIA A.                        NY-36-38-103
THOMAS, PHEBE                           NY-36-48-67
THOMPSON, ALEXANDER                     NY-36-E-220
THOMPSON, ALEXANDER                     NY-36-31-428
THOMPSON, ALEXANDER                     NY-36-73-202
THOMPSON, AMELIA                        NY-36-U-373
THOMPSON, AMELIA C.                     NY-36-41-15
THOMPSON, ANDREW                        NY-36-R-236
THOMPSON, ANDREW H.                     NY-36-56-372
THOMPSON, ANDREW T.                     NY-36-36-434
THOMPSON, ANN                           NY-36-38-258
THOMPSON, ANTHONY                       NY-36-B-334
THOMPSON, ARCHIBALD                     NY-36-58-457
THOMPSON, BENJAMIN                      NY-36-2-76
THOMPSON, BENJAMIN                      NY-36-J-390
THOMPSON, CATHARINE K.                  NY-36-37-359
THOMPSON, CHARLES H.                    NY-36-54-135
THOMPSON, CHARLES M.                    NY-36-59-136
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH                     NY-36-G-76
THOMPSON, ELLEN                         NY-36-55-227
THOMPSON, ELLEN M.                      NY-36-40-413
THOMPSON, ELMOR                         NY-36-52-153
THOMPSON, EZRA P.                       NY-36-41-313
THOMPSON, FRANCES A.                    NY-36-30-243
THOMPSON, FRANCIS                       NY-36-48-340
THOMPSON, FRANES H. H.                  NY-36-70-32
THOMPSON, GEORGE                        NY-36-L-19
THOMPSON, GEORGE A.                     NY-36-57-379
THOMPSON, GEORGE H.                     NY-36-43-307
THOMPSON, HANNAH                        NY-36-31-447
THOMPSON, HENRY W.                      NY-36-32-373
THOMPSON, ISAAC H.                      NY-36-73-98
THOMPSON, JAMES                         NY-36-I-216
THOMPSON, JAMES                         NY-36-41-184
THOMPSON, JAMES A.                      NY-36-34-165
THOMPSON, JAMES R.                      NY-36-32-321
THOMPSON, JOSEPH P.                     NY-36-59-177
THOMPSON, JOSHUA                        NY-36-29-8
THOMPSON, MARGARET ANN                  NY-36-34-287
THOMPSON, MARTIN L.                     NY-36-32-38
THOMPSON, MARY                          NY-36-60-42
THOMPSON, NANCY                         NY-36-35-615
THOMPSON, NATHANIEL                     NY-36-41-327
THOMPSON, OLIVER                        NY-36-27-490
THOMPSON, PHEBE ANN                     NY-36-47-263
THOMPSON, PHINEAS H.                    NY-36-Z-577
THOMPSON, PHINEAS H.                    NY-36-S-343
THOMPSON, RACHEL                        NY-36-J-504
THOMPSON, ROBERT                        NY-36-33-254
THOMPSON, ROBERT A.                     NY-36-U-414
THOMPSON, ROBERT M.                     NY-36-43-19
THOMPSON, ROBERT R.                     NY-36-R-429
THOMPSON, SAMUEL H.                     73-309
THOMPSON, SARAH                         NY-36-56-405
THOMPSON, SARAH J.                      NY-36-40-351
THOMPSON, VIRGIL                        NY-36-44-185
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       NY-36-J-411
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       NY-36-I-307
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       NY-36-2-95
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       NY-36-#1-104
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       NY-36-55-264
THOMPSON, WILLIAM H.                    NY-36-53-422
THOMPSON, WILLIAM W.                    NY-36-E-224
THOMSON, HARRIET B.                     NY-36-48-212
THOMSON, PHEBE                          NY-36-C-293
THOPSON, GARDNER G.                     NY-36-49-37
THORN, ANDREW D.                        NY-36-40-6
THORN, DAVID                            NY-36-L-334
THORN, HENRY                            NY-36-56-212
THORN, HENRY C.                         NY-36-54-410
THORN, JOATHAM                          NY-36-G-31
THORN, LANGFORD                         NY-36-D-20
THORN, NATHANIEL T.                     NY-36-30-622
THORN, WILLIAM                          NY-36-E-300
THORNE, CHARITY C.                      NY-36-34-504
THORNE, CHARLOTTE P.                    NY-36-31-676
THORNE, DANIEL B.                       NY-36-30-144
THORNE, ELIZABETH                       NY-36-27-279
THORNE, JACOB                           NY-36-J-182
THORNE, JACOB                           NY-36-2-144
THORNE, JOHN                            NY-36-F-418
THORNE, JOHN                            NY-36-70-17
THORNE, JOHN                            NY-36-38-7
THORNE, JOHN                            NY-36-C-84
THORNE, JONATHAN                        NY-36-31-51
THORNE, PHEBE                           NY-36-50-429
THORNE, SOLOMON                         NY-36-Z-118
THORNE, THOMAS                          NY-36-Z-19
THORNTON, GEORGE DE WITT                NY-36-45-280
THORNTON, HELEN                         NY-36-48-247
THORNTON, MARY                          NY-36-37-295
THORP, MATHEW                           NY-36-L-263
THURSTON, ISAAC                         NY-36-35-122
TIBBITS, MARTHA                         NY-36-67-406
TICE, CHARLOTTE                         NY-36-65-223
TICE, HENRY                             NY-36-Z-662
TICE, JAMES                             NY-36-53-385
TICE, JAMES                             NY-36-G-15
TICE, JOHN C.                           NY-36-E-298
TIDD, JESSE M.                          NY-36-O-108
TIERNAN, MARGARET F.                    NY-36-53-346
TIERNEY, THOMAS                         NY-36-71-445
TIFFANY, AMANDA CUYLER                  NY-36-58-212
TILFORD, JOHN                           NY-36-49-27
TILFORD, WILLIAM                        NY-36-C-276
TILTON, CATHARINE                       NY-36-60-132
TIMBRELL, HEZEKIAH S.                   NY-36-60-1
TIMLOW, CAROLINE E.                     NY-36-54-428
TIMLOW, GEORGE W.                       NY-36-52-348
TITSWORTH, MARY MARIA                   NY-36-33-307
TITUS, ELIZABETH                        NY-36-55-364
TITUS, HENRY                            NY-36-U-44
TITUS, ISAAC                            NY-36-A-396
TITUS, ISAAC B.                         NY-36-31-712
TITUS, LOUISA                           NY-36-65-209
TITUS, ROBERT                           NY-36-50-28
TITUS, SARAH                            NY-36-32-88
TITUS, THOMAS                           NY-36-M-434
TITUS, THOMAS                           NY-36-H-406
TITUS, WILLIAM                          NY-36-G-87
TOBIAS, CHARLES                         NY-36-43-340
TOBIAS, DANIEL                          NY-36-#1-308
TOBIAS, DANIEL                          NY-36-I-543
TOBIAS, LETITIA                         NY-36-#1-191
TOBIAS, LETITIA                         NY-36-I-412
TOBIAS, ORPAH                           NY-36-58-284
TOBIN, JOHN                             NY-36-70-139
TOBIN, WILLIAM                          NY-36-52-379
TODD, WILLIAM A.                        NY-36-O-206
TOLAND, ABNER                           NY-36-57-123
TOLAND, LEWIS A.                        NY-36-52-434
TOLE, FRANCIS M.                        NY-36-45-383
TOLE, HENRY                             NY-36-72-235
TOLMAN, SAMUEL                          NY-36-S-241
TOMB, CHARLES S. G.                     NY-36-46-74
TOMB, JAMES                             NY-36-D-503
TOMPKINS, ADALINE                       NY-36-53-190
TOMPKINS, ELIZABETH ANN                 NY-36-69-24
TOMPKINS, EPHRAIM                       NY-36-73-388
TOMPKINS, GILBERT                       NY-36-43-169
TONER, PETER                            NY-36-45-102
TOOHEY, ANN                             NY-36-29-660
TOOHEY, JOHN H.                         NY-36-62-397
TOOHEY, PATRICK                         NY-36-53-69
TOOHEY, PATRICK                         NY-36-72-78
TOOKER, ABIGAIL                         NY-36-O-472
TOOKER, CHARLES P.                      NY-36-28-720
TOOKER, DANIEL                          NY-36-V-221
TOOKER, DANIEL                          NY-36-G-38
TOOKER, EMELINE R.                      NY-36-54-285
TOOKER, HANNAH                          NY-36-J-5
TOOKER, HANNAH                          NY-36-35-588
TOOKER, HANNAH                          NY-36-L-242
TOOKER, JOHN                            NY-36-Y-25
TOOKER, NATHANIEL                       NY-36-R-379
TOOKER, RACHEL                          NY-36-H-460
TOOKER, REUBEN                          NY-36-D-40
TOOKER, SAMUEL                          NY-36-D-507
TOPPING, ALANSON P.                     NY-36-40-175
TOPPING, DAVID                          NY-36-35-835
TOPPING, LUCINDA                        NY-36-50-49
TOPPING, MARY JANE                      NY-36-67-247
TOPPING, MILLICENT H.                   NY-36-46-421
TORRY, GILEBRT                          NY-36-34-7
TOTTEN, JOSEPH                          NY-36-B-158
TOTTEN, PETER                           NY-36-D-337
TOTTY, WILLIAM                          NY-36-59-91
TOULON, ANDREW B.                       NY-36-39-291
TOWELL,S ARAH CONDIT                    NY-36-72-259
TOWER, HENRY A.                         NY-36-65-236
TOWER, SYLVIA H.                        NY-36-40-354
TOWLE, JANE                             NY-36-55-250
TOWLE, LUCY                             NY-36-37-29
TOWLE, STEPHEN M.                       NY-36-58-159
TOWN, KEZIAH                            NY-36-C-229
TOWNSEND, ANN                           NY-36-42-332
TOWNSEND, ANN                           NY-36-54-382
TOWNSEND, ELIZABETH                     NY-36-H-200
TOWNSEND, ELIZABETH                     NY-36-32-311
TOWNSEND, GEORGE W.                     NY-36-43-424
TOWNSEND, HALSTEAD                      NY-36-27-367
TOWNSEND, HANNAH C.                     NY-36-70-283
TOWNSEND, HANNAH E.                     NY-36-47-151
TOWNSEND, HARRIET                       NY-36-70-74
TOWNSEND, HENRY                         NY-36-E-289
TOWNSEND, HENRY                         NY-36-D-130
TOWNSEND, JAMES T.                      NY-36-43-181
TOWNSEND, LUCY C.                       NY-36-42-283
TOWNSEND, MERCY                         NY-36-37-236
TOWNSEND, NOAH                          NY-36-#1-68
TOWNSEND, NOAH                          NY-36-I-251
TOWNSEND, PETER                         NY-36-48-189
TOWNSEND, SAMUEL                        NY-36-Q-47
TOWNSEND, SYLVANUS S.                   NY-36-X-450
TOWNSEND, THOMAS                        NY-36-Q-244
TOWNSEND, TIMOTHY                       NY-36-42-192
TOWNSEND, WILLIAM                       NY-36-#1-22
TOWNSEND, WILLIAM                       NY-36-53-247
TOWNSEND, WILLIAM                       NY-36-F-90
TOWNSEND, WILLIAM H.                    NY-36-28-7
TOWNSEND, ZEBULON                       NY-36-J-530
TOWNSEND, ZEBULON                       NY-36-2-206
TOWNSLEY, ABIEL G.                      NY-36-29-170
TOWNSLEY, JOHN                          NY-36-55-209
TRACY, CHARLES EDWARD                   NY-36-61-85
TRACY, MARK                             NY-36-51-221
TRAPHAGEN, CATHARINE                    NY-36-58-13
TRAPHAGEN, CATHERINE                    NY-36-49-291
TRAPHAGEN, JAMES J.                     NY-36-R-17
TRAPHAGEN, JOHN H.                      NY-36-29-645
TRAPHAGEN, JOHN M.                      NY-36-46-440
TRAPHAGEN, JONATHAN                     NY-36-D-365
TRAPHAGEN, PETER H.                     NY-36-46-248
TRAPHAGEN, RENSSELAER D.                NY-36-45-397
TRAVER, PHILIP C.                       NY-36-U-108
TRAVIS, ANNA                            NY-36-29-328
TRAVIS, BENJAMIN S.                     NY-36-46-170
TRAVIS, EZEKIEL                         NY-36-D-533
TREACY, ANNE                            NY-36-69-335
TREACY, DNAIEL                          NY-36-72-460
TREDWELL, CHARLES                       NY-36-G-22
TREMBLE, MARY                           NY-36-R-228
TREMPE, MARY S.                         NY-36-45-295
TREMPER, ADOLPHUS B.                    NY-36-33-378
TREMPER, ELIZABETH                      NY-36-2-228
TREMPER, ELIZABETH                      NY-36-K-32
TREMPER, JACOB                          NY-36-C-120
TREMPER, JACOB                          NY-36-39-303
TREMPER, JOHN C.                        NY-36-46-442
TREMPER, JOHN GEORGE                    NY-36-H-330
TREMPER, JOHN M.                        NY-36-58-116
TREMPER, WILLIAM                        NY-36-F-402
TRIMBLE, ISAAC P.                       NY-36-54-200
TRIMBLE, ROBERT                         NY-36-M-96
TRIMBLE, WILLIAM C.                     NY-36-70-381
TRUESDELL, JOHN W.                      NY-36-48-412
TRUEX, EMMA F.                          NY-36-56-427
TRUEX, MARY JANE                        NY-36-51-457
TRUMPER, ABRAHAM M.                     NY-36-53-435
TRUMPER, MARGARET                       NY-36-44-140
TRUMPER, WILLIAM                        NY-36-G-133
TRUMPOUR, NICHOLAS                      NY-36-D-197
TRYON, ELINA                            NY-36-31-498
TRYON, ELMER                            NY-36-A-149
TRYON, FLOYD E.                         NY-36-57-115
TRYON, ISABELLA                         NY-36-60-340
TRYON, LEONARD                          NY-36-42-14
TRYON, SAMUEL W.                        NY-36-73-376
TRYON, SANFORD                          NY-36-54-146
TRYON, TIMOTHY                          NY-36-K-72
TUCKER, SELAH                           NY-36-F-201
TUE, DAVID                              NY-36-D-171
TUFTS, JANE                             NY-36-33-493
TURK, CORNELIUS                         NY-36-A-191
TURNER, ANN MARIA                       NY-36-38-374
TURNER, CHARLES                         NY-36-45-54
TURNER, DAVID B.                        NY-36-34-226
TURNER, GEORGE D.                       NY-36-50-416
TURNER, GILBERT                         NY-36-K-308
TURNER, GILBERT                         NY-36-G-262
TURNER, GILBERT                         NY-36-72-431
TURNER, LAVINIA A.                      NY-36-59-335
TURNER, MARTHA S.                       NY-36-69-59
TURNER, PETER                           NY-36-37-241
TURNER, THERON S.                       NY-36-55-12
TURNER, THOMAS                          NY-36-D-219
TURSE, SARAH V.                         NY-36-40-8
TUSTIN, BENJAMIN                        NY-36-A-364
TUTHILL, ABIGAIL                        NY-36-G-3
TUTHILL, ANN L                          NY-36-52-422
TUTHILL, BENJAMIN                       NY-36-J-84
TUTHILL, BENJAMIN                       NY-36-#1-379
TUTHILL, BENJAMIN                       NY-36-D-66
TUTHILL, C. ADALINE                     NY-36-61-392
TUTHILL, CHARLES B.                     NY-36-62-328
TUTHILL, CHARLES S.                     NY-36-Q-107
TUTHILL, DANIEL                         NY-36-B-152
TUTHILL, DANIEL H.                      NY-36-I-312
TUTHILL, DANIEL H.                      NY-36-#1-103
TUTHILL, ELIZA ANN                      NY-36-34-515
TUTHILL, ELIZABETH                      NY-36-40-320
TUTHILL, ELIZABETH S.                   NY-36-30-458
TUTHILL, GEORG                          NY-36-31-27
TUTHILL, GEORGE                         NY-36-G-201
TUTHILL, GEORGE W.                      NY-36-X-444
TUTHILL, HARRIET                        NY-36-59-407
TUTHILL, HARRISON                       NY-36-V-270
TUTHILL, HORACE                         NY-36-33-542
TUTHILL, JAMES                          NY-36-W-374
TUTHILL, JAMES H.                       NY-36-E-132
TUTHILL, JEREMIAH                       NY-36-B-123
TUTHILL, JESSE                          NY-36-40-357
TUTHILL, JOB                            NY-36-R-388
TUTHILL, JOHN                           NY-36-J-462
TUTHILL, JOHN                           NY-36-2-69, 85
TUTHILL, JOHN D.                        NY-36-55-157
TUTHILL, JOHN H.                        NY-36-37-224
TUTHILL, JOHN WOODHULL                  NY-36-F-254
TUTHILL, JONATHAN                       NY-36-T-53
TUTHILL, JONATHAN                       NY-36-B-302
TUTHILL, JOSEPH W.                      NY-36-Q-181
TUTHILL, JOSHUA                         NY-36-J-518
TUTHILL, JOSHUA                         NY-36-2-193
TUTHILL, JOSHUA                         NY-36-A-355
TUTHILL, MARTHA S.                      NY-36-W-401
TUTHILL, MARY                           NY-36-G-63
TUTHILL, MARY E.                        NY-36-34-192
TUTHILL, MELINDA L.                     NY-36-53-282
TUTHILL, MORTIMER                       NY-36-59-130
TUTHILL, NATHAN                         NY-36-C-71
TUTHILL, NATHANIEL                      NY-36-N-435
TUTHILL, NATHANIEL                      NY-36-70-430
TUTHILL, OLIVER B.                      NY-36-53-289
TUTHILL, ORPHA                          NY-36-42-70
TUTHILL, RICHARD M.                     NY-36-27-725
TUTHILL, SAMUEL                         NY-36-D-535
TUTHILL, SAMUEL                         NY-36-G-101
TUTHILL, SARAH                          NY-36-F-21
TUTHILL, SARAH                          NY-36-O-529
TUTHILL, SARAH                          NY-36-29-703
TUTHILL, SUSAN A.                       NY-36-69-63
TUTHILL, SUSANNA                        NY-36-C-100
TUTHILL, WILLIAM                        NY-36-X-366
TUTHILL, WILLIAM B.                     NY-36-47-299
TUTHILL, WILLIAM J.                     NY-36-45-122
TUTTLE, BURR                            NY-36-37-11
TUTTLE, ISAAC                           NY-36-W-302
TUTTLE, MARY B.                         NY-36-57-183
TUTTLE, WILILAM W.                      NY-36-52-316
TWEDDLY, JOHN H.                        NY-36-65-219
TWIG, HUGH                              NY-36-29-285
TYLER, BENJAMIN                         NY-36-Z-67
TYLER, CAROLINE A.                      NY-36-51-270
TYMESON, TRUMAN S.                      NY-36-65-59
TYRELL, OLIVER B.                       NY-36-65-265
UMSEY, PHINEAS                          NY-36-V-71
UNDERDUNCK, ANDREW                      NY-36-A-94
UNDERDUNK, ROELOF                       NY-36-G-110
UNDERHILL, JOHN                         NY-36-45-40
UNDERHILL, WILLIAM J.                   NY-36-42-243
UPRIGHT, BENJAMIN                       NY-36-33-137
UPRIGHT, WILLIAM                        NY-36-45-23
UPTEGROVE, EDWIN L.                     NY-36-48-305
UPTEGROVE, THEODORE H.                  NY-36-44-9
UTTER, ABIJAH                           NY-36-39-106
UTTER, ELIZABETH                        NY-36-60-483
VAIL, ABIGAIL                           NY-36-E-188
VAIL, ABRAHAM                           NY-36-R-269
VAIL, ABRAHAM                           NY-36-X-63
VAIL, ADALINE                           NY-36-35-806
VAIL, ALSOP                             NY-36-L-132
VAIL, ANN E.                            NY-36-44-364
VAIL, ANN ELIZABETH                     NY-36-73-325
VAIL, ARMINDA                           NY-36-28-41
VAIL, ASA                               NY-36-E-14
VAIL, BENJAMIN                          NY-36-Y-282
VAIL, BENJAMIN                          NY-36-56-250
VAIL, CHARLES M.                        NY-36-67-314
VAIL, CHARLES ST. J.                    NY-36-45-26
VAIL, DANIEL                            NY-36-30-627
VAIL, FRANCES A.                        NY-36-Y-414
VAIL, GEORGE W.                         NY-36-S-88
VAIL, HANNAH                            NY-36-65-65
VAIL, HARRIET                           NY-36-41-24
VAIL, ISAAC                             NY-36-F-207
VAIL, ISAIAH                            NY-36-D-256
VAIL, JAMES                             NY-36-I-497
VAIL, JAMES                             NY-36-#1-269
VAIL, JAMES D.                          NY-36-S-84
VAIL, JAMES F.                          NY-36-53-14
VAIL, JOHN                              NY-36-F-29
VAIL, JOSIAH                            NY-36-H-301
VAIL, LEBBEUS L.                        NY-36-P-261
VAIL, LEWIS B.                          NY-36-44-436
VAIL, LUTHER                            NY-36-36-431
VAIL, MARGARET                          NY-36-J-477
VAIL, MARY A.                           NY-36-46-338
VAIL, MARY EMELINE                      NY-36-73-412
VAIL, MARY H.                           NY-36-60-95
VAIL, MARY R.                           NY-36-60-218
VAIL, MOSES                             NY-36-Z-595
VAIL, NATHAN S.                         NY-36-31-185
VAIL, NATHANIEL W.                      NY-36-65-241
VAIL, OLIVER B.                         NY-36-42-272
VAIL, R. CASH                           NY-36-34-467
VAIL, REBECCA                           NY-36-37-423
VAIL, SALLY ANN                         NY-36-35-713
VAIL, SAMUEL                            NY-36-V-48
VAIL, SARAH E.                          NY-36-47-91
VAIL, SYLVIA                            NY-36-27-710
VAIL, THEOPHILIUS                       NY-36-Z-658
VAIL, WALTER                            NY-36-52-238
VAIL, WALTER S.                         NY-36-46-393
VAIL, WILLIAM                           NY-36-K-224
VAIL, WILLIAM                           NY-36-Q-374
VAIL, WILLIAM B.                        NY-36-53-11
VALENTINE, ANANIAS                      NY-36-G-269
VALENTINE, STEPHEN                      NY-36-Y-210
VALENTINE, WILLIAM                      NY-36-27-596
VALETT, EMMA A.                         NY-36-45-419
VAN BUREN, DELIA                        NY-36-61-143
VAN, SARAH E.                           NY-36-71-248
VANALST, EBENEZER                       NY-36-71-56
VANALUZER, MARY E.                      NY-36-44-201
VANAMBURGH,E LIZABETH                   NY-36-67-233
VANARSDALE, MARGARET                    NY-36-43-453
VANAUKEN, ARMINDA                       NY-36-42-427
VANAUKEN, DANIEL                        NY-36-F-185
VANAUKEN, MARY ANN                      NY-36-71-17
VANBLARCOM, JOHN A.                     NY-36-33-197
VANBOMEL, ISAAC A.                      NY-36-L-326
VANBOMEL, JAMES                         NY-36-W-290
VANBOMEL, JOSEPH K.                     NY-36-40-361
VANBRUNT, SARAH                         NY-36-H-191
VANBRUNT, WILLIAM                       NY-36-35-114
VANBUREN, JOHN D.                       NY-36-48-277
VANBUSKIRK, MARY                        NY-36-O-570
VANCE, BENJAMIN H.                      NY-36-58-103
VANCE, FRANCES A.                       NY-36-37-60
VANCE, SAMUEL                           NY-36-A-199
VANCE, THOMAS                           NY-36-58-408
VANCLEFT, KETURAH                       NY-36-30-693
VANCLEFT, LEWIS                         NY-36-32-550
VANCLIFT, BENJAMIN                      NY-36-C-368
VANCOURT, MARY                          NY-36-35-708
VANDALFSEN, EUDOLPHUS                   NY-36-37-347
VANDENBERG, WILLIAM                     NY-36-40-51
VANDERLENDE, MARRETYA                   NY-36-A-181
VANDERLYN, ABRAHAM R.                   NY-36-71-411
VANDEROEF, JAMES                        NY-36-65-205
VANDEROEF, ZEBULON W.                   NY-36-59-98
VANDEROLF, MARIA J.                     NY-36-69-169
VANDERVEER, JOHN R.                     NY-36-65-300
VANDERVOORT, CORNELIUS                  NY-36-U-311
VANDERVOORT, CYNTHIA Y.                 NY-36-37-36
VANDERVOORT, JOHN                       NY-36-G-10
VANDERVOORT, PETER                      NY-36-A-127
VANDERVORT, COLVIN B.                   NY-36-69-45
VANDERVORT, CORNELIUS                   NY-36-49-368
VANDERVORT, THOMAS                      NY-36-F-219
VANDERVORT, WILLIAM                     NY-36-62-5
VANDEVORT, JOHN                         NY-36-42-138
VANDEVORT, JOHN W.                      NY-36-62-222
VANDEWATER, CATHERINE B.                NY-36-46-447
VANDEWATER, WILLIAM D.                  NY-36-55-358
VANDUZAN, SHARACK                       NY-36-A-249
VANDUZEA, CHRISTIANA                    NY-36-40-133
VANDUZEN, ISAAC                         NY-36-A-168
VANDUZER, AARON                         NY-36-30-737
VANDUZER, BENJAMIN                      NY-36-M-318
VANDUZER, BENJAMIN                      NY-36-N-106
VANDUZER, CATHARINE MATHEWS             NY-36-73-414
VANDUZER, CHARLES R.                    NY-36-70-96
VANDUZER, CHRISTOPHER                   NY-36-D-517
VANDUZER, EMILY                         NY-36-56-317
VANDUZER, HENRY                         NY-36-N-345
VANDUZER, HENRY                         NY-36-S-283
VANDUZER, ISAAC                         NY-36-O-387
VANDUZER, ISAAC                         NY-36-B-111
VANDUZER, ISAAC                         NY-36-E-255
VANDUZER, ISAAC C.                      NY-36-70-459
VANDUZER, ISAAC R.                      NY-36-L-338
VANDUZER, JOHN R.                       NY-36-67-134
VANDUZER, JOSEPH B.                     NY-36-73-311
VANDUZER, SELAH R.                      NY-36-73-85
VANDUZER, SUSAN                         NY-36-46-419
VANETTEN, BELINDA                       NY-36-35-217
VANETTEN, HARRIET                       NY-36-W-248
VANETTEN, JOHN JR.                      NY-36-34-449
VANETTEN, MARGARET                      NY-36-65-369
VANETTEN, MARY ELLEN                    NY-36-69-29
VANETTEN, SALLY                         NY-36-35-562
VANETTEN, SOLOMON                       NY-36-58-433
VANETTEN,M ARY                          NY-36-42-319
VANFLEET, CATHARINE                     NY-36-X-244
VANFLEET, CHARLES                       NY-36-70-331
VANFLEET, CLARA                         NY-36-45-37
VANFLEET, CORNELIUS                     NY-36-D-444
VANFLEET, MARY                          NY-36-47-428
VANFLEET, MICHAEL                       NY-36-37-306
VANFLIET, JACOBUS                       NY-36-F-426
VANGIESON, MARCELLUS                    NY-36-J-304
VANGIESON, MARCELLUS                    NY-36-2-19
VANHOUTEN, GARRET                       NY-36-A-456
VANINWAGEN, JACOB                       NY-36-C-299
VANINWEGEN, CORNELIUS                   NY-36-H-287
VANINWEGEN, HARMAN                      NY-36-73-5
VANINWEGEN, JSOIAH                      NY-36-I-76
VANKEUREN, ALEXANDER                    NY-36-49-71
VANKEUREN, BENJAMIN                     NY-36-O-394
VANKEUREN, EUNICE W.                    NY-36-71-349
VANKEUREN, HARRIET                      NY-36-45-17
VANKEUREN, JACOBUS H.                   NY-36-30-152
VANKEUREN, JAMES                        NY-36-31-730
VANKEUREN, MARGARET                     NY-36-H-236
VANKEUREN, MORRIS                       NY-36-58-88
VANKEUREN, VIRGIL                       NY-36-50-218
VANKEUSEN, IRA                          NY-36-O-46
VANKLEECK, LEVI L.                      NY-36-51-178
VANKLEECK, MONTFORT                     NY-36-45-331
VANKUREN, GRACE WEYGANT                 NY-36-51-258
VANLEUVAN, AMELIA                       NY-36-73-247
VANNESS, ANN A.                         NY-36-73-383
VANNESS, ELIZABETH                      NY-36-31-517
VANNESS, ELIZABETH                      NY-36-41-111
VANNESS, JAMES S.                       NY-36-Y-171
VANNESS, JOHN J.                        NY-36-70-246
VANNESS, MARTIN                         NY-36-54-292
VANNESS, PETER                          NY-36-46-172
VANNESS, PETER S.                       NY-36-30-499
VANNESS, WILLIAM                        NY-36-56-148
VANNORT, JOHN                           NY-36-2-67
VANNORT, JOHN                           NY-36-J-358
VANNORT, JOSEPH S.                      NY-36-35-27
VANORDER, ANDRIES                       NY-36-A-158
VANORSDALL, JANE                        NY-36-Q-224
VANORSDELL, EDMUND                      NY-36-45-147
VANOSTRAND, CAROLINE                    NY-36-62-178
VANSALLEE, FRANS                        NY-36-A-107
VANSAUN, SAMUEL J.                      NY-36-35-32
VANSAUN, SAMUEL S.                      NY-36-73-159
VANSCOY, RACHEL                         NY-36-G-66
VANSICKLE, ARRA                         NY-36-44-138
VANSICKLE, DANIEL                       NY-36-51-86
VANSICKLE, JAMES I.                     NY-36-70-412
VANSICKLE, JANE A.                      NY-36-56-445
VANSICKLE, MARGARET                     NY-36-67-124
VANSICKLE, MARY J.                      NY-36-57-112
VANSICKLE, NATHANIEL                    NY-36-62-331
VANSICLEN, GEORGE W.                    NY-36-72-129
VANSTEENBERGH, JACOB                    NY-36-56-390
VANTSSELL, WILLIAM                      NY-36-46-219
VANTUYLE, ELIZABETH                     NY-36-28-697
VANVECHTEN, JOHN                        NY-36-54-250
VANVLIET, PETER                         NY-36-N-432
VANVLIET, PHEBE                         NY-36-30-189
VANVOORHEES, MARGARET D.                NY-36-73-146
VANVOORHES, JOHN                        NY-36-O-622
VANVOORHIS, JOHN                        NY-36-48-338
VANVOORHIS, ROSELLA                     NY-36-46-231
VANVOORHIS, SAMUEL                      NY-36-56-205
VANVOORHIS, THOMAS C.                   NY-36-43-305
VANVORHIS, MARIA J.                     NY-36-60-261
VANWORT, WILLIAM T.                     NY-36-33-195
VANWYCK, ELIZABETH                      NY-36-42-220
VANWYCK, MARY E.                        NY-36-62-203
VANZANDT, ABRAHAM B.                    NY-36-44-81
VARDY, MILES                            NY-36-J-439, 456
VARDY, MILES                            NY-36-2-118
VARNEY, FRANKLIN                        NY-36-41-6
VEITENHENNER, PHILIP J.                 NY-36-69-320
VELTMAN, ELIZABETH                      NY-36-S-522
VELTMAN, EUNICE                         NY-36-50-173
VENTRES, MARY E.                        NY-36-60-335
VERNOL, JOHN                            NY-36-28-664
VERNON, ELVIN                           NY-36-U-79
VERNOY, MORRIS B.                       NY-36-35-541
VERPLANCK, EUPHEMIA                     NY-36-28-258
VERPLANCK, PHILIP                       NY-36-34-456
VOLCKMER, AUGUSTA                       NY-36-71-175
VOLLMER, CHRISTINA                      NY-36-59-143
VONHAGEN, GEORGE                        NY-36-40-12
VOORHIS, STEPHEN                        NY-36-A-10
VOUGHT, EDWARD C.                       NY-36-58-56
VOUGHT, HENRY C.                        NY-36-33-276
VOUGHT, MARTHA                          NY-36-37-303
VOWLER, WILLIAM                         NY-36-67-102
VRADENBURGH, ABRAHAM                    NY-36-35-159
VREELAND, DAVID                         NY-36-56-21
VREELAND, DAVID G.                      NY-36-62-109

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