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EAGAN, MARGARET                         NY-36-57-447
EAGER, FANNIE M.                        NY-36-38-408
EAGER, JOSEPH C.                        NY-36-72-97
EAGER, LEWIS                            NY-36-39-271
EAGER, MARGARET                         NY-36-45-139
EAGER, PHEBE                            NY-36-30-104
EAGER, SAMUEL W.                        NY-36-Z-208
EAGER, WILLIAM                          NY-36-E-60
EAGER, WILLIAM                          NY-36-J-241
EAGER, WILLIAM                          NY-36-#1-432
EAGER, WILLIAM C.                       NY-36-40-410
EAGER, WILLIAM C.                       NY-36-73-151
EAGS, SOPHIA M.                         NY-36-32-415
EARL, BENJAMIN                          NY-36-S-50
EARL, MARTHA                            NY-36-X-354
EARL, PHEBE ANN                         NY-36-48-163
EARL, SETH                              NY-36-55-202
EARLE, JOHN B.                          NY-36-72-248
EARLE, JOHN E.                          NY-36-38-3
EARLEY, DANIEL F.                       NY-36-58-258
EARLEY, OWEN                            NY-36-34-277
EARLL, PETER                            NY-36-F-276
EARLL, SOLOMON                          NY-36-N-405
EARLL, WILLIAM                          NY-36-G-184
EATON, DANIEL H.                        NY-36-60-5
EATON, MARGARET                         NY-36-55-153
EATON, WILLIAM                          NY-36-40-140
EATON, WILLIAM T.                       NY-36-69-218
EBBITT, WILLIAM                         NY-36-54-98
ECKERSON, EDWARD                        NY-36-A-178
ECKERT, JACOB                           NY-36-71-235
ECKHART, VALENTINE                      NY-36-71-442
EDGAR, GRANT E.                         NY-36-53-450
EDGAR, MARY S.                          NY-36-38-283
EDMOND, WILLIAM G.                      NY-36-69-240
EDMONSTON, DEWITT C.                    NY-36-34-180
EDMONSTON, ELIZABETH                    NY-36-34-327
EDMONSTON, ELIZABETH                    NY-36-45-305
EDMONSTON, JOHN                         NY-36-29-206
EDMONSTON, MARY A.                      NY-36-32-1
EDMONSTON, SAMUEL S.                    NY-36-65-259
EDMONSTON, WILLIAM                      NY-36-28-78
EDMONSTON, WILLIAM                      NY-36-C-45
EDSALL, ANNIE                           NY-36-48-432
EDSALL, CATHARINE                       NY-36-27-101
EDSALL, CHARLES D.                      NY-36-P-171
EDSALL, HANNAH E.                       NY-36-73-250
EDSALL, HORACE V.                       NY-36-34-346
EDSALL, JACOBUS                         NY-36-B-283
EDSALL, RICHARD B.                      NY-36-31-543
EDSALL, WILLIAM H.                      NY-36-69-310
EDWARDS, ANNA                           NY-36-28-320
EDWARDS, CAROLINE                       NY-36-50-19
EDWARDS, DAVID M.                       NY-36-40-396
EDWARDS, FANNY                          NY-36-40-247
EDWARDS, JAMES                          NY-36-66-57
EDWARDS, LAVINIA M.                     NY-36-43-151
EDWARDS, LEMUEL W.                      NY-36-34-338
EDWARDS, LYDIA F.                       NY-36-65-195
EDWARDS, NATHANIEL S.                   NY-36-2-185
EDWARDS, NATHANIEL S.                   NY-36-J-510
EDWARDS, SARAH                          NY-36-49-436
EDWARDS, THOMAS                         NY-36-Z-483
EENEY, MARGARET                         NY-36-43-116
EGAN, CATHARINE                         NY-36-51-224
EICHENBERGH, CHARITY                    NY-36-K-311
EICHINGER, MINNIE                       NY-36-46-389
ELDER, ELIZABETH S.                     NY-36-57-292
ELDER, JOSEPH                           NY-36-I-21
ELDER, MARGARET                         NY-36-M-430
ELDERKIN, WILLIAM A.                    NY-36-38-25
ELDRED, ELISHA                          NY-36-C-192
ELLE, HANNAH                            NY-36-57-51
ELLESON, JOHN                           NY-36-E-268
ELLIOT, GEORGE A.                       NY-36-52-47
ELLIOTT, DAVID                          NY-36-V-95
ELLIOTT, HARRIET H.                     NY-36-42-102
ELLIOTT, JOSEPH                         NY-36-B-30
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM                        NY-36-J-396, 407
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM                        NY-36-Q-364
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM                        NY-36-2-73, 89
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM S.                     NY-36-L-514
ELLIS, A. VAN HORNE                     NY-36-27-702
ELLIS, ELIZABETH                        NY-36-Y-297
ELLIS, JAMES                            NY-36-C-289
ELLIS, JOSEPH                           NY-36-O-462
ELLIS, LEVI (226)                       NY-36-O-241
ELLIS, THOMAS                           NY-36-40-406
ELLISON, JOHN                           NY-36-#1-503
ELLISON, JOHN                           NY-36-J-244
ELLISON, ROBERT ROSS                    NY-36-47-435
ELLISON, WILLIAM                        NY-36-D-314
ELLISON, WILLIAM J.                     NY-36-73-319
ELLS, ELSIE                             NY-36-51-249
ELMER, CLARA                            NY-36-W-328
ELMER, EMMETT S.                        NY-36-62-224
ELMER, JULIA ANN                        NY-36-34-135
ELMER, NATHANIEL                        NY-36-47-1
ELMER, WILLIAM                          NY-36-F-45
ELSTON, ABRAHAM                         NY-36-G-147
ELSTON, AMELIA                          NY-36-55-179
ELSTON, ASA D.                          NY-36-40-293
ELSTON, CATHARINE                       NY-36-42-146
ELSTON, DAVID                           NY-36-34-237
ELSTON, ELIZA                           NY-36-58-279
ELSTON, ERASTUS                         NY-36-70-353
ELSTON, GEORGE                          NY-36-50-51
ELSTON, GEORGE T.                       NY-36-59-281
ELSTON, JOHN A.                         NY-36-73-363
ELSTON, JOSEPH                          NY-36-2-44
ELSTON, JOSEPH                          NY-36-J-367
ELSTON, JOSEPH D.                       NY-36-49-105
ELSTON, JOSEPH M.                       NY-36-40-58
ELSTON, JULIA K.                        NY-36-47-374
ELSTON, MARY                            NY-36-49-316
ELSTON, MARY J.                         NY-36-57-418
ELSTON, SARAH J.                        NY-36-47-149
ELSTON, SQUIRE                          NY-36-66-132
ELSWORTH, MARGARET                      NY-36-M-504
ELTINGE, ANNA MARIA                     NY-36-32-136
ELY, DOLLY                              NY-36-V-28
ELY, MOSES                              NY-36-47-130
ELY, MOSES                              NY-36-L-504
ELY, SMITH                              NY-36-61-57
EMBLER, GEORGE M.                       NY-36-Y-135
EMBLER, JOHN                            NY-36-Z-602
EMDE, FREDERICKE E.                     NY-36-60-258
EMMET, NATHANIEL P.                     NY-36-69-308
EMORY, ADDIE V.                         NY-36-48-78
EMSLIE, JAMES                           NY-36-57-167
ENGELSPEICHER, CHARLES                  NY-36-58-239
ENGLISH, WILLIAM                        NY-36-S-144
ENNES, DANIEL M.                        NY-36-71-373
EPPINGER, ANNA M.                       NY-36-71-245
EPPINGER, JOHN                          NY-36-53-31
ERNEST, CATHARINE                       NY-36-37-271
ERNEST, JOHN                            NY-36-55-37
ERNEST, JOHN JR.                        NY-36-49-414
ERSKINE, JOHN                           NY-36-48-295
ERWIN, WILLIAM                          NY-36-J-26
ERWIN, WILLIAM                          NY-36-51-344
ESRAY, SOLOMON W.                       NY-36-35-576
EUENOR, FREDERICK                       NY-36-J-272
EUSTACE, MARGARET                       NY-36-D-250
EVANS, ELIZABETH                        NY-36-54-42
EVANS, MARY                             NY-36-39-371
EVEETT, NOAH                            NY-36-31-248
EVENOR, FREDERICK                       NY-36-#1-472
EVERET, GEORGE                          NY-36-28-122
EVERETT, BENJAMIN                       NY-36-P-53
EVERETT, DARWIN                         NY-36-47-227
EVERETT, DAVID                          NY-36-51-31
EVERETT, DAVID                          NY-36-P-89
EVERETT, ELIZA                          NY-36-39-164
EVERETT, ELIZABETH                      NY-36-W-230
EVERETT, EPHRAIM                        NY-36-J-142
EVERETT, EPHRAIM JR.                    NY-36-H-435
EVERETT, FREELOVE                       NY-36-41-291
EVERETT, GABRIEL SMITH                  NY-36-72-23
EVERETT, GEORGE W.                      NY-36-42-204
EVERETT, HARRIET E.                     NY-36-67-127
EVERETT, HARVEY                         NY-36-66-272
EVERETT, HENRY LEWIS                    NY-36-39-96
EVERETT, JOHNATHAN M.                   NY-36-48-333
EVERETT, JULIA A.                       NY-36-58-268
EVERETT, LEAH                           NY-36-40-404
EVERETT, LOUIS H.                       NY-36-O-49
EVERETT, SARAH                          NY-36-G-188
EVERETT, WALTER                         NY-36-P-27
EVERETT, WALTER C.                      NY-36-28-347
EVERITT, MARTIN C.                      NY-36-67-384
EVERSON, HENRY F.                       NY-36-38-85
EVERSON, MARGARETT                      NY-36-D-72
EWING, CHARLS                           NY-36-72-141
FADDEN, FELIX P.                        NY-36-27-62
FADDEN, HARRIET                         NY-36-49-230
FAGAN, PATRICK                          NY-36-50-396
FAGLER, MARY P. W.                      NY-36-52-65
FAHEY, WILLIAM                          NY-36-39-307
FAHLMANN, WILHEMINA C.                  NY-36-45-166
FAIRBANKS, HENRY                        NY-36-47-2
FAIRCHILD, ANN                          NY-36-54-129
FAIRWEATHER, HENRY                      NY-36-32-383
FALCONER, CORNELIUS J.                  NY-36-56-397
FALLER, JOHN                            NY-36-38-167
FALLIS, WILLIAM                         NY-36-Y-493
FALLON, BRIDGET                         NY-36-69-337
FALLS, DEBORAH A.                       NY-36-36-410
FALLS, FANNY                            NY-36-40-363
FALLS, HIRAM                            NY-36-27-707
FALLS, ISABELLA                         NY-36-I-61
FANCHER, BARBARA MARGARET               NY-36-52-97
FANCHER, ENOCH L.                       NY-36-38-98
FANCHER, HANNA B.                       NY-36-60-121
FANCHER, HENRY                          NY-36-Y-481
FANNERY, THOMAS D.                      NY-36-P-322
FANSHER, SILVANUS                       NY-36-H-467
FARLEY, BARNEY                          NY-36-59-53
FARLEY, JOHN                            NY-36-Z-274
FARLEY, MARY                            NY-36-73-439
FARNAM, ELIAB                           NY-36-C-349
FARNAM, ELIZA                           NY-36-43-124
FARNAM, EUNICE                          NY-36-35-793
FARNAM, JOHN                            NY-36-41-170
FARNUM, ANNA C.                         NY-36-38-385
FARNUM, ASENATH C.                      NY-36-67-305
FARNUM, DIANA                           NY-36-47-394
FARNUM, GEORGE F.                       NY-36-72-108
FARNUM, SAMUEL B.                       NY-36-55-463
FARRAND, JOHN                           NY-36-A-59
FARRELL, EDWARD                         NY-36-39-346
FARRELL, JOHN                           NY-36-73-96
FARRELL, JOHN M.                        NY-36-72-187
FARRELL, MICHAEL                        NY-36-38-266
FARRELL, THOMAS F.                      NY-36-70-327
FARRENKOPF, JOSEPH A.                   NY-36-71-307
FARREY, MARY E.                         NY-36-72-121
FARRINGTON, DANIEL                      NY-36-52-223
FARRINGTON, DANIEL                      NY-36-Z-709
FARRINGTON, THOMAS T.                   NY-36-38-50
FAUCHER, AMANDA                         NY-36-34-454
FAUCHER, ELIAS                          NY-36-32-463
FAUCHER, MARIA                          NY-36-51-211
FAULKNER, CLARISSA                      NY-36-72-286
FAULKNER, HARRIET I.                    NY-36-61-16
FAULKNER, MARY                          NY-36-Y-273
FAULKNER, SAMUEL                        NY-36-V-332
FAULKNER, WILLIAM                       NY-36-B-18
FAULKNER, WILLIAM                       NY-36-#1-456
FAUROT, CAMPBELL                        NY-36-T-338
FAUROT, ISAAC                           NY-36-43-240
FAUROT, PHILEA S.                       NY-36-46-391
FEAGLES, AUSTIN R.                      NY-36-Q-73
FEAGLES, CLARISSA                       NY-36-43-413
FEAGLES, DAVID R.                       NY-36-49-261
FEAGLES, HENRY B.                       NY-36-73-379
FEAGLES, JACOB                          NY-36-D-133
FEAGLES, JACOB H.                       NY-36-27-264
FEAGLES, JANE                           NY-36-F-184
FEAGLES, NATHANIEL R.                   NY-36-61-314
FEE, BRIDGET                            NY-36-35-214
FEELEY, CORNELIUS                       NY-36-60-27
FEENEY, JOHN                            NY-36-51-423
FEENY, WILLIAM (63)                     NY-36-38-147
FELL, JOHN                              NY-36-B-79
FELL, JOHN                              NY-36-B-206
FELLOWS, LAURA A.                       NY-36-71-268
FELTER, CATHARNE                        NY-36-43-362
FELTER, JOANNA                          NY-36-Q-198
FELTER, PHEBE                           NY-36-69-405
FELTER, THERON                          NY-36-28-548
FENN, WILLIAM                           NY-36-2-190
FERBER, MARY                            NY-36-C-266
FERGERSON, GARDNER                      NY-36-V-43
FERGERSON, JOHN                         NY-36-D-522
FERGUSON, ANNA                          NY-36-E-174
FERGUSON, ESTHER JANE                   NY-36-42-365
FERGUSON, HERMAN                        NY-36-67-330
FERGUSON, HEZEKIAH B.                   NY-36-49-250
FERGUSON, JAMES                         NY-36-#1-40
FERGUSON, JAMES F.                      NY-36-73-105
FERGUSON, JULANA                        NY-36-M-310
FERGUSON, JULIA                         NY-36-54-67
FERGUSON MARY                           NY-36-45-321
FERGUSON, MARY A.                       NY-36-61-329
FERREL, NATHANIEL                       NY-36-56-134
FERRELL, ELIZA M.                       NY-36-65-6
FERRELL, SARAH JANE                     NY-36-38-164
FERRIER, HARRIET                        NY-36-50-276
FERRIER, JOSEPH                         NY-36-33-429
FERRIN, DANIEL                          NY-36-F-408
FIELDS, ANN                             NY-36-I-254
FIELDS, ANN                             NY-36-#1-237
FINAN, BRIDGET                          NY-36-59-151
FINAN, THOMAS                           NY-36-45-327
FINCH, JAMES                            NY-36-M-314
FINCH, JOHN L.                          NY-36-65-293
FINCH, LYDIA                            NY-36-60-177
FINCH, MARIA A.                         NY-36-33-207
FINCH, MARY E.                          NY-36-51-8
FINCH, NELSON                           NY-36-51-81
FINDLAY, WILLIAM L.                     NY-36-37-279
FINELAY, GEORGE                         NY-36-40-164
FINKLE, CATHARINE E.                    NY-36-49-117
FINLEY, MARGARET C.                     NY-36-69-360
FINLEY, MARY                            NY-36-G-179
FINLEY, SAMUEL                          NY-36-H-246
FINLEY, SAMUEL                          NY-36-42-213
FINN, ANTHONY                           NY-36-A-416
FINN, DANIEL                            NY-36-28-454
FINN, HILAH A.                          NY-36-56-348
FINN, MICHAEL                           NY-36-48-196
FINN, WILLIAM                           NY-36-J-516
FINNEGAN, JOHN                          NY-36-35-140
FINNEGAN, STEPHEN                       NY-36-47-45
FINNEN, CATHERINE                       NY-36-72-131
FINNEY, MARY A.                         NY-36-34-34
FINNEY, SUSAN NELSON                    NY-36-70-314
FIRNHABER, HERMANN                      NY-36-60-60
FISCHANG, GREGOR                        NY-36-73-21
FISH, ELIZABETH                         NY-36-31-44
FISH, JONATHAN                          NY-36-I-380
FISH, THOMAS F.                         NY-36-27-165
FISHE, ANTONY                           NY-36-B-192
FISHER, FERDINAND                       NY-36-71-208
FISHER, HARMAN                          NY-36-A-427
FISHER, JAMES B.                        NY-36-52-390
FISHER, ROBERT A.                       NY-36-49-160
FISK, JONATHAN                          NY-36-#1-194
FITHIAN, LOUISA C.                      NY-36-72-105
FITZGERALD, ELLEN                       NY-36-71-134
FITZGERALD, MARY ELIZA                  NY-36-55-426
FITZGERALD, MICHAEL                     NY-36-72-388
FITZGERALD, WILLIAM                     NY-36-R-347
FITZGERALD, WILLIAM                     NY-36-E-22
FITZPATRICK, MARGARET                   NY-36-53-121
FITZPATRICK, PETER                      NY-36-K-457
FITZSIMONS, PHILIP                      NY-36-Z-172
FLAGLER, CHARLOTTE                      NY-36-34-386
FLAGLER, CORDELIA                       NY-36-44-274
FLAGLER, ENOCH D.                       NY-36-40-66
FLAGLER, HELEN                          NY-36-71-250
FLAGLER, HIRAM                          NY-36-34-527
FLAMMER, JACOB F.                       NY-36-44-28
FLANAGAN, DANEAL                        NY-36-A-310
FLANAGAN, THOMAS                        NY-36-40-72
FLANAGAN, THOMAS                        NY-36-28-743
FLANNERY, PATRICK                       NY-36-38-263
FLANNIGAN, DENNIS                       NY-36-50-361
FLEMING, DAVID                          NY-36-V-89
FLEMING, ELIZABETH                      NY-36-46-129
FLEMING, ESTHER                         NY-36-71-186
FLEMING, GEORGE                         NY-36-39-58
FLEMING, SAMUEL                         NY-36-Z-297
FLEMING, SMAUEL J.                      NY-36-57-445
FLEMING, WILLIAM                        NY-36-Z-137
FLETCHER, MARY E.                       NY-36-70-173
FLETCHER, WILLIAM                       NY-36-72-264
FLEURY, THOMAS                          NY-36-59-458
FLORANCE, JAMES                         NY-36-P-226
FLORANCE, JESSE                         NY-36-F-105
FLUREY, LAURENCE                        NY-36-40-113
FLYNN, CATHARINE                        NY-36-38-246
FLYNN, JOHANNA                          NY-36-42-445
FLYNN, THOMAS                           NY-36-38-5
FOGARTY, CORNELIUS                      NY-36-62-445
FOGARTY, JOHN                           NY-36-29-215
FOGARTY, WILLAM                         NY-36-66-80
FOLEY, CATHARINE                        NY-36-53-158
FOLEY, FRANCES                          NY-36-29-498
FOLEY, WILLIAM                          NY-36-50-168
FOLEY, WILLIAM J.                       NY-36-61-166
FONDA, ABRAHAM A.                       NY-36-44-294
FONDA, JACOB C.                         NY-36-38-302
FOOKER, REUBEN                          NY-36-2-108
FOOKER, REUBEN                          NY-36-J-430
FORCE, PHEBE                            NY-36-O-118
FORD, ANN                               NY-36-44-361
FORD, CHARLES T.                        NY-36-50-212
FORD, DAVID F.                          NY-36-28-535
FORD, DAVID F. SR.                      NY-36-27-570
FORD, EXPERIENCE                        NY-36-#1-250
FORD, JANE                              NY-36-45-371
FORD, PATRICK                           NY-36-X-209
FORGERSON, JAMES                        NY-36-I-186
FORGERSON, JOHN                         NY-36-38-48
FORGERSON, JOHN                         NY-36-27-410
FORGERSON, LAWRENCE                     NY-36-34-117
FORGERSON, URIAH                        NY-36-A-410
FORISTALL, RICHARD                      NY-36-30-558
FORMAN, BENJAMIN                        NY-36-Y-251
FORMAN, MAHALA                          NY-36-Y-149
FORSHEE, ABRAHAM                        NY-36-28-171
FORSHEE, BARNARD                        NY-36-28-522
FORSHEE, BARNARD                        NY-36-M-203
FORSHEE, ELIZABETH                      NY-36-38-141
FORSHEE, SALLY                          NY-36-57-21
FORSTER, ALICE W.                       NY-36-55-275
FORSTER, ISAAC                          NY-36-65-40
FORSYTH, ANN D.                         NY-36-51-393
FORSYTH, CHARLOTTE W.                   NY-36-57-457
FORSYTH, JOHN                           NY-36-T-348
FORSYTH, JOHN                           NY-36-49-289
FORSYTH, JOHN W.                        NY-36-59-426
FORSYTH, ROBERT A.                      NY-36-35-631
FORTUNE, WALTER                         NY-36-40-284
FOSDICK, IRENE E.                       NY-36-73-223
FOSTER, ALBERT                          NY-36-H-308
FOSTER, CELESTINE                       NY-36-62-355
FOSTER, DAVID                           NY-36-U-60
FOSTER, ELNATHAN                        NY-36-G-18
FOSTER, EMILY ADELIA                    NY-36-65-201
FOSTER, HANNAH P.                       NY-36-53-198
FOSTER, MARTHA C.                       NY-36-46-371
FOSTER, SAMUEL                          NY-36-66-403
FOSTER, SARAH                           NY-36-31-682
FOSTER, WILLIAM L.                      NY-36-X-250
FOSTER, WILLIAM P.                      NY-36-34-343
FOWL, JOSEPH                            NY-36-49-183
FOWLER, ANNA                            NY-36-45-439
FOWLER, ANNA B.                         NY-36-56-127
FOWLER, CALEB                           NY-36-H-126
FOWLER, CATHARINE                       NY-36-L-351
FOWLER, CHARLES                         NY-36-Y-163
FOWLER, CHARLES W.                      NY-36-50-408
FOWLER, DAVID                           NY-36-44-288
FOWLER, DAVID                           NY-36-J-374
FOWLER, DAVID                           NY-36-X-294
FOWLER, DAVID                           NY-36-2-63
FOWLER, DAVID E.                        NY-36-42-206
FOWLER, ELIZABETH                       NY-36-58-202
FOWLER, GEORGE                          NY-36-D-349
FOWLER, GILBERT OGDEN                   NY-36-M-344
FOWLER, GILBERT S.                      NY-36-#1-152
FOWLER, JACOB V. B.                     NY-36-Z-405
FOWLER, JANE ANN                        NY-36-43-439
FOWLER, JOHN                            NY-36-G-48
FOWLER, JOHN                            NY-36-48-157
FOWLER, LUCRETIA A.                     NY-36-33-237
FOWLER, MARY J. C.                      NY-36-45-278
FOWLER, PETER H.                        NY-36-27-90
FOWLER, PETER V. B.                     NY-36-38-9
FOWLER, RACHEL ANN                      NY-36-O-127
FOWLER, RACHEL ANN                      NY-36-42-117
FOWLER, ROBERT                          NY-36-#1-411
FOWLER, RROBERT                         NY-36-J-139
FOWLES, GILBERT S.                      NY-36-I-348
FOX, CHARLES A.                         NY-36-33-415
FOX, GEORGE                             NY-36-49-205
FOX, HENRY                              NY-36-I-463
FOX, HENRY                              NY-36-#1-240
FOX, JOHN                               NY-36-L-443
FOX, MADELINE                           NY-36-40-61
FOX, SARAH                              NY-36-27-75
FOX, SARAH J.                           NY-36-50-134
FRANCE, JONAH F.                        NY-36-O-121
FRANCE, JOSEPH                          NY-36-D-477
FRANCE, REUBEN                          NY-36-29-474
FRANKLIN, MARIA                         NY-36-31-162
FRANKLIN, SUSAN                         NY-36-I-455
FRANKLIN, SUSAN                         NY-36-#1-274
FRANTZ, JAMES D.                        NY-36-55-121
FRASER, NELLIE E.                       NY-36-62-75
FRASER, ORRIS                           NY-36-40-153
FRASER, REUBEN                          NY-36-66-438
FRAZER, JOHN                            NY-36-33-266
FREBEL, AUGUST                          NY-36-61-239
FRECH, ADAM                             NY-36-52-254
FREDERCKS, HENRY P.                     NY-36-30-281
FREDERIC, JACOB                         NY-36-M-401
FREDERICK, ELIZABETH                    NY-36-R-292
FREDERICK, JOHN                         NY-36-44-25
FREDERICK, MARY ANN                     NY-36-44-149
FREEMAN, JAMES                          NY-36-A-37
FREEMAN, JANE                           NY-36-70-107
FREIS, ANDRE                            NY-36-58-226
FRELIGH, MOSES                          NY-36-F-114
FRENCH, JOHN W.                         NY-36-34-27
FRENCH, JOSEPH                          NY-36-46-356
FRENCH, ROSA M.                         NY-36-57-328
FREUDENBURG, CATHARINE                  NY-36-72-37
FREW, HUGH                              NY-36-T-396
FRIEND, JOSEPH D.                       NY-36-52-314
FRIND, HENDERICK                        NY-36-B-353
FRINT, CHARLES                          NY-36-55-114
FRINT, PERMELIA                         NY-36-Z-339
FRINT, SARAH                            NY-36-46-224
FRITS, GEORGE                           NY-36-M-471
FRITTS, DEBORAH                         NY-36-27-155
FRITTS, SARAH B.                        NY-36-73-271
FROST, DANIEL                           NY-36-48-226
FRYER, BETSY                            NY-36-54-151
FRYER, GEORGE                           NY-36-54-154
FULLER, BEACH                           NY-36-40-28
FULLER, CARRIE COCKAYNE                 NY-36-48-231
FULLERTON, CORNELIA M.                  NY-36-72-274
FULLERTON, DANIEL                       NY-36-H-388
FULLERTON, SAMUEL                       NY-36-D-262
FULLERTON, STEPHEN W. JR.               NY-36-Z-539
FULLERTON, WILLIAM                      NY-36-38-150
FULLERTON, WILLIAM                      NY-36-F-117
FULTON, JAME SW.                        NY-36-59-10
FULTON, JAMES                           NY-36-A-420
FULTON, ROBERT I.                       NY-36-#1-400
FULTON, ROBERT J.                       NY-36-J-115
FULTON, THOMAS                          NY-36-E-263
FULTON, THOMAS J.                       NY-36-38-97
FURDUN, THOMAS                          NY-36-73-19
FURMAN, MARIA                           NY-36-44-382
FURMAN, NATHAN                          NY-36-#1-435
FURMAN, NATHAN                          NY-36-J-168
GADINER, ROBERT                         NY-36-#1-65
GAGAN, HENRY                            NY-36-56-173
GAHAGAN, THOMAS M.                      NY-36-Z-736
GALAHAN, JAMES                          NY-36-C-183
GALATIAN, ERWIN                         NY-36-X-239
GALATIAN, HANNAH                        NY-36-28-646
GALATIAN, JAMES                         NY-36-D-1
GALATIAN, MARGARET                      NY-36-I-553
GALATIAN, MARGARET                      NY-36-#1-329
GALATIAN, MARGARET                      NY-36-J-533
GALATIAN, NANCY                         NY-36-41-175
GALATIAN, PETER                         NY-36-36-398
GALE, ABIGAIL                           NY-36-J-259
GALE, ANDREW J.                         NY-36-51-417
GALE, BENJAMIN                          NY-36-E-17
GALE, JOHN                              NY-36-C-384
GALE, LEWIS D.                          NY-36-48-90
GALE, PETER                             NY-36-B-277
GALE, SAMUEL E.                         NY-36-50-372
GALE, THOMAS                            NY-36-F-380
GALLAWAY, MARY W.                       NY-36-59-441
GALLOW, JOHN                            NY-36-G-164
GALLOWAY, ALEXANDER                     NY-36-B-82
GALLOWAY, ALEXANDER H.                  NY-36-46-145
GALLOWAY, AMY R.                        NY-36-59-443
GALLOWAY, ELIZA A.                      NY-36-35-705
GALLOWAY, ELLEN                         NY-36-46-46
GALLOWAY, JAMES                         NY-36-D-351
GALLOWAY, REBECCA                       NY-36-H-176
GAMBLE, MARY                            NY-36-F-361
GAMBLE, ROBERT                          NY-36-T-1
GANLEY, THOMAS                          NY-36-69-114
GANNON, JOHN                            NY-36-38-40
GANNON, PATRICK                         NY-36-38-213
GARDINER, AGNES                         NY-36-71-151
GARDINER, CAROLINE H.                   NY-36-38-330
GARDINER, JAMES MCNAIR                  NY-36-X-401
GARDINER, ROBERT                        NY-36-I-239
GARDINER, WALTER SCOTT                  NY-36-30-98
GARDNER, ADALINE                        NY-36-41-350
GARDNER, ALBERT F.                      NY-36-47-257
GARDNER, ANNA ELIZA                     NY-36-60-292
GARDNER, BAILEY                         NY-36-39-111
GARDNER, CATHARINE                      NY-36-36-391
GARDNER, CHAUNCEY F.                    NY-36-57-227
GARDNER, DANIEL D.                      NY-36-27-149
GARDNER, ELIZA                          NY-36-G-27
GARDNER, ELIZA M.                       NY-36-40-210
GARDNER, ELIZABETH                      NY-36-46-353
GARDNER, ELIZABETH                      NY-36-57-58
GARDNER, JOHN                           NY-36-A-161
GARDNER, JOHN                           NY-36-37-46
GARDNER, JOHN E. S.                     NY-36-44-210
GARDNER, JOHN W.                        NY-36-58-296
GARDNER, JONATHAN N.                    NY-36-51-253
GARDNER, MATILDA M.                     NY-36-62-138
GARDNER, SAMUEL                         NY-36-D-488
GARDNER, SILAS B.                       NY-36-38-134
GARDNER, SYBIL                          NY-36-U-209
GARDNER, THOMAS                         NY-36-E-229
GARDNER, WILLIAM                        NY-36-55-395
GARDNER, WILLIAM J.                     NY-36-46-317
GARHAN, ANDREW                          NY-36-53-37
GARNER, ANN                             NY-36-69-98
GARNETT, JANE                           NY-36-73-444
GARRAHAN, BRYAN                         NY-36-H-289
GARRISON, BENJAMIN                      NY-36-34-320
GARRISON, ELLIE M.                      NY-36-50-153
GARRISON, HENRY                         NY-36-38-66
GARRISON, ISAAC                         NY-36-45-58
GARRISON, JACOB                         NY-36-45-410
GARRISON, JAMES                         NY-36-N-6
GARRISON, JOHN D.                       NY-36-54-454
GARRISON, MARY                          NY-36-V-391
GARRISON, PETER E.                      NY-36-73-15
GARRISON, STEPHEN                       NY-36-69-215
GARTZMANN, GUSTAV                       NY-36-61-19
GARVEY, BRIDGET                         NY-36-51-430
GARVEY, MATILDA                         NY-36-55-98
GATFIELD, BENJAMIN                      NY-36-V-353
GAVATT, EZEKIEL D.                      NY-36-38-195
GAVEY, ANNA M.                          NY-36-66-157
GAVIN, JOHN                             NY-36-50-215
GAVIN, MCIAEL                           NY-36-66-215
GAY, DEBORAH                            NY-36-F-395
GAY, HARRIET                            NY-36-61-456
GAY, JASON                              NY-36-F-372
GAY, SARAH                              NY-36-60-80
GAY, WILLAM A.                          NY-36-62-270
GEARN, GEORGE                           NY-36-40-307
GEARN, MARY C.                          NY-36-49-354
GEARN, WALTER W.                        NY-36-73-118
GEDDES, JOHN                            NY-36-37-357
GEDNEY, DAVID F.                        NY-36-51-281
GEDNEY, HENRIETTA D.                    NY-36-71-64
GEE, JABIS                              NY-36-29-201
GEE, MOSES                              NY-36-71-309
GEIGENMULLER, HENRY                     NY-36-38-300
GELCHARD, WILLIAM                       NY-36-73-213
GELCHNER, WILLIAM                       NY-36-73-213
GELLEY, ELIZABETH                       NY-36-T-138
GENEYCK, HANNAH W. C.                   NY-36-72-184
GENUNG, EDWARD L.                       NY-36-31-578
GENUNG, ELIZABETH                       NY-36-42-60
GENUNG, HENRY L.                        NY-36-72-176
GENUNG, ICHABOD                         NY-36-L-184
GENUNG, JAMES HARVEY                    NY-36-28-659
GENUNG, MARIA                           NY-36-30-478
GENUNG, PIERSON                         NY-36-38-38
GEORGE, GEORGE                          NY-36-49-63
GEORGE, NANCY AMELIA                    NY-36-72-208
GEORGE, SARAH A.                        NY-36-69-290
GERAGHTY, ANDREW                        NY-36-57-269
GERAGHTY, CATHARINE                     NY-36-34-274
GERAGHTY, JULIA M.                      NY-36-56-138
GERAGHTY, THOMAS J.                     NY-36-55-402
GERARD, ANN                             NY-36-62-121
GERARD, FRANKLIN                        NY-36-38-260
GERARD, WESSEL S.                       NY-36-32-3
GERE, MARGERY                           NY-36-73-441
GEROW, JUSTUS C.                        NY-36-47-99
GEROW, SARAH W. G.                      NY-36-73-450
GEROW, WILLIAM A.                       NY-36-36-419
GERRARD, NATHANIEL R.                   NY-36-J-353
GERVIN, SARAH J.                        NY-36-58-68
GETTY, NANCY                            NY-36-47-38
GIBB, DAVID                             NY-36-39-201
GIBB, LOUISA B.                         NY-36-38-64
GIBB, SAMUEL                            NY-36-35-725
GIBBS, JOHN                             NY-36-F-157
GIBBS, THEODORE W.                      NY-36-59-163
GIBBS, WILLIAM                          NY-36-69-65
GIBLIN, ALICE                           NY-36-72-458
GIBLIN, MARGARET                        NY-36-55-226
GIBLIN, TIMOTHY                         NY-36-57-349
GIBLIN, WILLIAM                         NY-36-38-428
GIBSON, JOHN                            NY-36-X-146
GIDENY, FANNY                           NY-36-28-637
GIDNEY, CHARLES S.                      NY-36-Q-434
GIDNEY, DANIEL W.                       NY-36-41-136
GIDNEY, DAVID                           NY-36-34-428
GIDNEY, ELEAZER                         NY-36-E-233
GIDNEY, ELEAZER (RENOUNCED)             NY-36-I-157
GIDNEY, ELEZER                          NY-36-I-122
GIDNEY, ISAAC                           NY-36-33-564
GIDNEY, JONATHAN                        NY-36-O-223
GIDNEY, MARIA                           NY-36-35-829
GIDNEY,E LEAZER                         NY-36-42-105
GIFFORD, ARTHUR N.                      NY-36-O-559
GIGNOUX, JOHN F.                        NY-36-48-44
GILBERT, CHESTER                        NY-36-58-136
GILCHRIST, ALEXANDER                    NY-36-29-391
GILCHRIST, BRIDGET                      NY-36-45-71
GILCHRIST, PATRICK                      NY-36-48-456
GILES, ELIZABETH                        NY-36-S-13
GILES, FANNY E.                         NY-36-62-184
GILES, JAMES                            NY-36-O-379
GILES, PHEBE                            NY-36-Y-13
GILLEN, MARY                            NY-36-56-217
GILLEN, PETER                           NY-36-53-352
GILLEN, WINFIELD SCOTT                  NY-36-73-335
GILLES, CHARLES                         NY-36-K-107
GILLESPIE, ESTHER                       NY-36-H-504
GILLESPIE, JOSEPH F.                    NY-36-W-356
GILLESPIE, MARY                         NY-36-G-300
GILLESPIE, ROBERT                       NY-36-W-439
GILLESPIE, WILLIAM                      NY-36-E-213
GILLESPIE, WILLIAM                      NY-36-P-326
GILLESPY, SAMUEL                        NY-36-E-339
GILLIATT, JOHN                          NY-36-40-96
GILLIES, JANE                           NY-36-38-118
GILLIES, JESSE                          NY-36-27-215
GILLIES, PHEBE W.                       NY-36-69-41
GILLIS, MARY                            NY-36-45-169
GILLIS, STEPHEN C.                      NY-36-37-345
GILLSON, OLIVER P.                      NY-36-45-1
GILLULY, TIMOTHY I.                     NY-36-38-258
GILMARTIN, PATRICK                      NY-36-55-128
GILMORE, MARY                           NY-36-R-277
GILMORE, SAMUEL JR.                     NY-36-72-54
GILSON, SAMUEL                          NY-36-B-139
GILSTON, PATRICK                        NY-36-H-209
GILZINGER, LOUIS                        NY-36-52-8
GINNETY, BARNARD                        NY-36-32-359
GIRVEN, SARAH J.                        NY-36-58-68
GIVEANS, SYLVESTER                      NY-36-71-339
GLACKEN, ANN                            NY-36-56-91
GLACKMEYER, GEORGE                      NY-36-61-163
GLANN, JACOBUS                          NY-36-H-20
GLEESON, ELIZA                          NY-36-51-285
GLENSON, MARTIN                         NY-36-52-354
GOBLE, CHARLES W.                       NY-36-73-367
GOBLE, CLARISSA C.                      NY-36-37-446
GOBLE, ELIAS O.                         NY-36-51-278
GOBLE, GEORGE                           NY-36-J-384
GOBLE, JULIANA                          NY-36-2-21
GOBLE, NOAH                             NY-36-W-205
GOBLE, SAMUEL                           NY-36-40-416
GOBLE, WILLIAM T.                       NY-36-45-251
GODFREY, ELIZABETH                      NY-36-55-126
GODFREY, SARAH E.                       NY-36-49-3
GOETCHIUS, JOHN E.                      NY-36-35-637
GOETCHIUS, JULIA                        NY-36-45-199
GOFF, JOHN                              NY-36-43-328
GOLDSMITH, AARON                        NY-36-H-33
GOLDSMITH, ADALINE                      NY-36-56-265
GOLDSMITH, ADALINE                      NY-36-55-176
GOLDSMITH, CALEB                        NY-36-F-231
GOLDSMITH, CHARLES                      NY-36-52-104
GOLDSMITH, CHRISTIAN                    NY-36-O-63
GOLDSMITH, DANIEL                       NY-36-N-391
GOLDSMITH, ELISHA                       NY-36-H-160
GOLDSMITH, ELIZABETH                    NY-36-67-214
GOLDSMITH, HARRIET J.                   NY-36-52-265
GOLDSMITH, HILAH F.                     NY-36-43-146
GOLDSMITH, INCREASE S.                  NY-36-47-29
GOLDSMITH, JEREMIAH                     NY-36-C-111
GOLDSMITH, JOHN A.                      NY-36-60-319
GOLDSMITH, JOSHUA                       NY-36-K-438
GOLDSMITH, JULIA A.                     NY-36-46-454
GOLDSMITH, JULIA A.                     NY-36-38-189
GOLDSMITH, MARY E.                      NY-36-40-214
GOLDSMITH, MOSES                        NY-36-M-449
GOLDSMITH, NEHEMIAH C.                  NY-36-35-172
GOLDSMITH, RICHARD                      NY-36-G-280
GOLDSMITH, SALEM                        NY-36-#1-171
GOLDSMITH, SALEM                        NY-36-I-363
GOLDSMITH, SIMEON M.                    NY-36-45-427
GOLDSMITH, WILLIAM                      NY-36-39-429
GOODALE, AUGUSTUS B.                    NY-36-53-433
GOODALE, MARY E.                        NY-36-56-449
GOODALE, SILAS K.                       NY-36-42-404
GOODFELLOW, MICHAEL                     NY-36-58-20
GOODRICH, CLARINDA B.                   NY-36-32-51
GOODRICH, GILES                         NY-36-W-447
GOODRICH, SARAH                         NY-36-31-41
GOODSELL, JOHN                          NY-36-L-234
GOODSELL, LOYD E.                       NY-36-Y-257
GOODWIN, MARIA                          NY-36-34-144
GOORLEY, WILLIAM                        NY-36-H-335
GOORLEY, WILLIAM                        NY-36-D-451
GORDON, COGSWELL K.                     NY-36-62-68
GORDON, GEORGE                          NY-36-61-368
GORDON, JANE                            NY-36-40-212
GORDON, MARIA R.                        NY-36-47-110
GORDON, MARY ANNE                       NY-36-60-75
GORDON, PHEBE E.                        NY-36-67-323
GORDON, RUTH                            NY-36-69-323
GORDON, SELAH                           NY-36-35-130
GORDON, TRYPHENA M.                     NY-36-71-399
GORHAM, ADOLPHUS                        NY-36-42-305
GORHAM, WALTER H.                       NY-36-41-43
GORNEE, ISAIAH                          NY-36-A-146
GORRIE, THOMAS                          NY-36-I-198
GORSE, CHARLES                          NY-36-56-200
GORSE, ELEANOR L.                       NY-36-38-225
GOTT, JOSEPH W.                         NY-36-32-46
GOUGE, GEORGE                           NY-36-48-1
GOUGE, MATILDA                          NY-36-66-377
GOUGH, MICHAEL                          NY-36-T-102
GOULD, EDWARD A.                        NY-36-55-46
GOULD, HELEN A.                         NY-36-39-396
GOULD, SOPHIA L.                        NY-36-56-175
GOULDY, FANCIS                          NY-36-69-86
GOURLAY, ROBERT                         NY-36-F-234
GOURLAY, SARAH                          NY-36-Z-377
GOURLEY, ISABELLA                       NY-36-C-178
GOURLEY, WILLIAM                        NY-36-55-134
GOUTCHIUS, JOHN M.                      NY-36-48-36
GRADY, MICHAEL                          NY-36-53-327
GRAHAM, AGNES                           NY-36-62-91
GRAHAM, ANDREW                          NY-36-27-122
GRAHAM, ANDREW                          NY-36-E-353
GRAHAM, ANN                             NY-36-C-263
GRAHAM, CATHARINE                       NY-36-F-179
GRAHAM, CORNELIA                        NY-36-47-378
GRAHAM, CORNELIUS                       NY-36-D-544
GRAHAM, EMMA T.                         NY-36-49-335
GRAHAM, JAMES W.                        NY-36-H-296
GRAHAM, JOHN HODGES                     NY-36-41-1
GRAHAM, JOHN J.                         NY-36-G-148
GRAHAM, LAURA                           NY-36-62-376
GRAHAM, MARTIN D.                       NY-36-65-338
GRAHAM, MARY                            NY-36-2-177
GRAHAM, RICHARD                         NY-36-Z-106
GRAHAM, ROBERT                          NY-36-B-115
GRAHAM, ROBERT                          NY-36-Z-527
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                         NY-36-Z-81
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                         NY-36-A-342
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                         NY-36-69-312
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                         NY-36-34-171
GRAHAM, WILLIAM M.                      NY-36-50-31
GRAHLFS, ADELAIDE M.                    NY-36-71-402
GRAY, CATHARINE                         NY-36-58-426
GRAY, ELEZAR                            NY-36-F-172
GRAY, ELLEN                             NY-36-48-377
GRAY, JOHN                              NY-36-I-354
GRAY, JOHN                              NY-36-#1-158
GRAY, MARIA                             NY-36-54-144
GRAY, MARY                              NY-36-59-439
GRAY, WILLIAM L.                        NY-36-49-134
GRAY, WILLIAM R.                        NY-36-59-23
GREATSINGER, ELIZABETH                  NY-36-48-280
GREAVES, JOSEPH                         NY-36-53-87
GREAVES, NANNEY                         NY-36-55-74
GREEN, BENJAMIN V.                      NY-36-X-225
GREEN, CHARLES                          NY-36-40-376
GREEN, ELIAS                            NY-36-46-292
GREEN, GEORGE N.                        NY-36-32-184
GREEN, HANNAH                           NY-36-55-443
GREEN, HENRY                            NY-36-45-365
GREEN, JACOB                            NY-36-38-61
GREEN, JACOB                            NY-36-S-276
GREEN, JAMES                            NY-36-Y-60
GREEN, JAMES                            NY-36-43-82
GREEN, JOHN I.                          NY-36-I-475
GREEN, JOHN M.                          NY-36-51-33
GREEN, JOSEPH                           NY-36-I-320
GREEN, JOSEPH                           NY-36-#1-120
GREEN, MARIA                            NY-36-66-7
GREEN, MARY                             NY-36-38-273
GREEN, MARY F.                          NY-36-53-124
GREEN, MICHAEL                          NY-36-33-480
GREEN, PETER SR.                        NY-36-C-50
GREEN, WILLIAM                          NY-36-61-155
GREEN, WILLIAM R.                       NY-36-54-422
GREENE, ASAPH L.                        NY-36-49-265
GREENE, CATHARIEN                       NY-36-67-301
GREENE, ELIZA                           NY-36-71-168
GREENE, FOWLER                          NY-36-50-418
GREENE, HANNAH H.                       NY-36-Q-339
GREENE, JABEZ                           NY-36-#1-390
GREENE, JABEZ                           NY-36-J-89
GREENE, JESSE                           NY-36-33-503
GREENE, JOHN J.                         NY-36-#1-248
GREENE, JOHN OF JOHN                    NY-36-A-264
GREENE, JOHN W.                         NY-36-54-300
GREENE, MARGARET                        NY-36-54-435
GREENFIELD, ALEXANDER                   NY-36-39-438
GREENLEAF, JOHN                         NY-36-S-303
GREGG, ELIZABETH T.                     NY-36-54-58
GREGG, GEORGE                           NY-36-32-353
GREGG, HUGH                             NY-36-A-63
GREGG, JAMES                            NY-36-65-168
GREGG, JAMES B.                         NY-36-53-156
GREGG, MARY                             NY-36-F-352
GREGG, MARY                             NY-36-G-107
GREGG, ROBERT                           NY-36-E-25
GREGGE, WILLIAM                         NY-36-F-100
GREGORY, CRISSEY J.                     NY-36-53-265
GREGORY, JEHIEL                         NY-36-73-256
GREGORY, LORETTA                        NY-36-69-138
GREGORY, LYMAN                          NY-36-Z-55
GREGORY, MAGDALENE                      NY-36-V-4
GREGORY, NOAH                           NY-36-44-90
GREGORY, REBECCA                        NY-36-27-603
GREGORY, STEPHEN S.                     NY-36-52-229
GREMES, HARRIET                         NY-36-59-315
GRENE, GEORGE                           NY-36-60-281
GRIDLEY, COURT H.                       NY-36-37-443
GRIDLEY, OLIVER                         NY-36-R-134
GRIER, CHARLOTTE                        NY-36-45-213
GRIFFEN, PATRICK                        NY-36-52-159
GRIFFIN, CHARLES D.                     NY-36-32-365
GRIFFIN, HIRAM                          NY-36-56-305
GRIFFIN, JOHN                           NY-36-40-399
GRIFFIN, WARREN A.                      NY-36-61-436
GRIFFING, JANE                          NY-36-32-441
GRIFFING, SAMUEL C.                     NY-36-V-19
GRIGGS, ADALINE C.                      NY-36-59-202
GRIGGS, ANN                             NY-36-27-275
GRIGGS, ELIZA E.                        NY-36-67-392
GRIGGS, FOWLER                          NY-36-R-265
GRIGGS, HENRY C.                        NY-36-71-140
GRIGGS, JOHN                            NY-36-M-439
GRIGGS, SABRINA                         NY-36-48-72
GRIGGS, SAMUEL                          NY-36-F-374
GRIGGS, SARAH W.                        NY-36-31-596
GRIGGS, SEYMOUR                         NY-36-54-161
GRIGGS, WILLIAM J.                      NY-36-33-141
GRIGGS, WOOLSEY                         NY-36-55-234
GRIMES, BARNEY                          NY-36-59-95
GRIMES, ELIZABETH A.                    NY-36-53-389
GRIMLEY, CHARLES E.                     NY-36-73-1
GROH, JACOB                             NY-36-38-138
GROSSET, ALEXANDER S.                   NY-36-60-176
GROSSHAUS, ANNA M.                      NY-36-72-90
GROVER, CHARLES                         NY-36-O-494
GULLIFAR, ABBY                          NY-36-30-551
GUNN, JUSTINE                           NY-36-42-42
GUNSAUL, THOMAS                         NY-36-27-599
GURNEE, BENSON                          NY-36-40-116
GURNEE, HALSTEAD                        NY-36-55-7
GURNEE, THERESSA M.                     NY-36-29-270
GUTHERIE, JOHN                          NY-36-D-515
GWYER, JOHN C.                          NY-36-58-64
GWYER, MARY A.                          NY-36-69-227
GWYER, WILLIAM E.                       NY-36-71-95
GWYNN, WILLIAM                          NY-36-32-487
HAARDICK, WILLIAM                       NY-36-71-337
HACKETT, EDWARD                         NY-36-71-256
HADDEN, CATHARINE                       NY-36-39-414
HADDEN, ISABELLA                        NY-36-39-18
HADDEN, ISABELLA                        NY-36-45-155
HADDEN, JOHN ***                        NY-36-M-213
HADDEN, MARY A.                         NY-36-48-244
HADDEN, RACHEL                          NY-36-54-349
HADDEN, WILLIAM                         NY-36-27-417
HADLEY, MAGGIE SHAW                     NY-36-66-200
HAGAN, JAMES                            NY-36-46-86
HAGAN, JOHN                             NY-36-72-156
HAGERTY, JEMIMA                         NY-36-38-240
HAIGHT, AUGUSTUS H.                     NY-36-41-402
HAIGHT, LEANNA S.                       NY-36-49-432
HAIGHT, MARY                            NY-36-39-398
HAIGHT, PHEBE                           NY-36-Q-57
HAIGHT, WILLIAM                         NY-36-H-83
HAINES, CHARLES                         NY-36-H-132
HAINES, DAVID                           NY-36-N-256
HAINES, DAVID H.                        NY-36-33-182
HAINES, ELIZABETH                       NY-36-I-112
HAINES, ELLEN H.                        NY-36-42-125
HAINES, JOHN B.                         NY-36-F-238
HAINS, DAVID                            NY-36-G-221
HAINS, SAMUEL                           NY-36-K-502
HAIT, KEZIA                             NY-36-G-129
HALEY, ANDREW                           NY-36-50-453
HALL, ABIGAIL                           NY-36-G-150
HALL, ABIGAIL                           NY-36-G-182
HALL, DANIEL                            NY-36-C-185
HALL, ELIZABETH                         NY-36-71-158
HALL, ELSIE ANN                         NY-36-50-280
HALL, JOEL M.                           NY-36-69-408
HALL, JOHN                              NY-36-B-313
HALL, JOHN D.                           NY-36-Z-517
HALL, MARRION                           NY-36-I-30
HALL, RICHARD                           NY-36-48-51
HALL, ROBERT                            NY-36-G-294
HALLACK, JONATHAN                       NY-36-F-28
HALLECK, ISRAEL                         NY-36-N-26
HALLECK, MARIA                          NY-36-28-189
HALLECK, NATHAN M.                      NY-36-72-85
HALLETT, MARY E.                        NY-36-47-47
HALLETT, STEPHEN E.                     NY-36-65-187
HALLICK, ZEBULON                        NY-36-H-48
HALLOCK, DANIEL                         NY-36-M-120
HALLOCK, ELIZA HELMS                    NY-36-38-79
HALLOCK, EMMA                           NY-36-71-240
HALLOCK, FRANCES A.                     NY-36-59-394
HALLOCK, GABRIEL                        NY-36-47-158
HALLOCK, JAMES                          NY-36-31-668
HALLOCK, JOHN                           NY-36-L-498
HALLOCK, JOSIAH                         NY-36-38-302
HALLOCK, JULIA                          NY-36-S-453
HALLOCK, L. LINA                        NY-36-57-245
HALLOCK, LUTHER                         NY-36-Z-60
HALLOCK, MARTIN                         NY-36-O-178
HALLOCK, MARTIN                         NY-36-43-79
HALLOCK, MARY                           NY-36-27-139
HALLOCK, NATHAN                         NY-36-2-222
HALLOCK, NATHAN                         NY-36-K-19
HALLOCK, PARKER                         NY-36-30-423
HALLOCK, RICHARD                        NY-36-59-351
HALLOCK, RICHARD                        NY-36-H-487
HALLOCK, THOMAS B.                      NY-36-73-316
HALLOCK, WILLIAM                        NY-36-69-716
HALLOCK, WILLIAM H.                     NY-36-73-252
HALSEY, CHAPMAN                         NY-36-34-246
HALSEY, ELIZABETH                       NY-36-59-361
HALSEY, JOHN B.                         NY-36-69-460
HALSEY, MARGARET F.                     NY-36-57-186
HALSEY, MARTHA P.                       NY-36-T-392
HALSEY, TIMOTHY                         NY-36-G-291
HALSEY, WALTER                          NY-36-28-340
HALSTEAD, DANIEL C.                     NY-36-L-355
HALSTEAD, DEBORAH                       NY-36-O-564
HALSTEAD, GEORGE                        NY-36-P-200
HALSTEAD, GERSHOM                       NY-36-G-117
HALSTEAD, HARRIET M.                    NY-36-60-417
HALSTEAD, JOHN                          NY-36-I-360
HALSTEAD, JOHN                          NY-36-#1-168
HALSTEAD, JOSEPH                        NY-36-J-327
HALSTEAD, JOSEPH                        NY-36-41-55
HALSTEAD, JOSEPH                        NY-36-2-54
HALSTEAD, MARY                          NY-36-50-148
HALSTEAD, THOMAS J.                     NY-36-48-104
HALSTEAD, WILLIAM S.                    NY-36-31-736
HALSTED, CHARLES                        NY-36-46-310
HALSTED, ISAAC                          NY-36-H-228
HALSTED, JOHN                           NY-36-H-327
HALSTED, JOSEPH                         NY-36-A-435
HALSTED, MICHAEL                        NY-36-G-51
HAMES, SARAH M.                         NY-36-41-52
HAMILTON, CATHARINE                     NY-36-47-413
HAMILTON, ELIZABETH                     NY-36-43-215
HAMILTON, MARGARET                      NY-36-45-52
HAMILTON, ROBERT                        NY-36-58-74
HAMILTON, SARAH                         NY-36-D-306
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                       NY-36-42-91
HAMMER, CATHARINE E.                    NY-36-65-250
HAMMOND, HANNAH A.                      NY-36-53-55
HAMPSON, ELIZA                          NY-36-45-273
HAMPSON, JOSEPH                         NY-36-59-44
HAMPSON, MARIA H.                       NY-36-53-241
HAMPTON, JOHN                           NY-36-A-413
HANCE, JACOB P.                         NY-36-72-110
HANCOCK, ANNA GRACE                     NY-36-59-448
HAND, ELIAS                             NY-36-34-351
HANDY, RICHARD                          NY-36-J-480
HANERTTY, OWEN                          NY-36-38-112
HANFORD, ANNA D. B.                     NY-36-65-49
HANFORD, EDWIN B.                       NY-36-54-337
HANFORD, JOHN B.                        NY-36-56-37
HANFORD, MARGARET                       NY-36-42-353
HANFORD, NATHAN C.                      NY-36-38-396
HANLEN, CATHERINE                       NY-36-71-436
HANLON, JAMES A.                        NY-36-57-237
HANMER, CHARLES G.                      NY-36-L-259
HANMER, WILLIAM S.                      NY-36-71-323
HANMORE, CHARLES                        NY-36-27-429
HANMORE, FRED W.                        NY-36-60-9
HANMORE, MARY H.                        NY-36-Y-262
HANMORE, ROBERT                         NY-36-40-341
HANMORE, ROBERT H.                      NY-36-45-319
HANNA, ANN                              NY-36-X-396
HANNA, ROBERT                           NY-36-59-396
HANNAH, JAMES                           NY-36-G-46
HANNAH, SARAH                           NY-36-57-6
HANNAH, SARAH                           NY-36-56-26
HANNERS, DELIA P.                       NY-36-66-112
HANSON, MARY A.                         NY-36-54-298
HARCOURT, SARAH M.                      NY-36-57-421
HARDEN, HOSEA                           NY-36-44-72
HARDENBERGH, ABRAHAM J.                 NY-36-32-429
HARDENBERGH, ABRAM J.                   NY-36-58-331
HARDENBERGH, CHARLES                    NY-36-37-287
HARDENBERGH, FRANK H.                   NY-36-60-104
HARDENBERGH, JEREMIAH                   NY-36-I-444
HARDENBERGH, MARY A.                    NY-36-56-191
HARDING, AMOS                           NY-36-S-217
HARDING, CHARLES                        NY-36-47-62
HARDING, CHARLOTTE                      NY-36-58-219
HARDING, CLARISSA A.                    NY-36-73-200
HARDING, DANIEL L.                      NY-36-30-707
HARDING, JOHN                           NY-36-N-267
HARDING, JOHN C.                        NY-36-48-199
HARDMORE, FRANCIS                       NY-36-C-284
HARE, ELIZABETH                         NY-36-73-122
HARING, CAROLINE                        NY-36-62-237
HARING, DEMAREST                        NY-36-61-32
HARING, HENRIETTA                       NY-36-58-41
HARLOW, ADDISON S.                      NY-36-27-736
HARLOW, CATHARINE JANE                  NY-36-35-654
HARLOW, DANIEL N.                       NY-36-31-747
HARLOW, ENRICO                          NY-36-37-392
HARLOW, JAMES H.                        NY-36-46-429
HARLOW, JANE                            NY-36-K-111
HARLOW, JOHN                            NY-36-E-102
HARLOW, SELAH A.                        NY-36-27-190
HARLOW, STEPHEN                         NY-36-U-97
HARLOW, STEPHEN                         NY-36-49-380
HARLOW, SUSAN C.                        NY-36-52-370
HARLOW, WILLIAM                         NY-36-39-21
HARLWO, BENJAMIN                        NY-36-G-241
HARPER, FANNIE B.                       NY-36-65-294
HARPER, FRANKLIN                        NY-36-73-286
HARRAT, CARRIE W.                       NY-36-58-233
HARRIS, CARRIE W.                       NY-36-52-134
HARRIS, DAVID                           NY-36-N-62
HARRIS, DAVID B.                        NY-36-29-364
HARRIS, ELIZABETH                       NY-36-27-292
HARRIS, EMILY P.                        NY-36-51-273
HARRIS, JEREMIAH                        NY-36-35-108
HARRIS, JOHN                            NY-36-34-186
HARRIS, JOHN                            NY-36-U-131
HARRIS, JOHN JR.                        NY-36-U-135
HARRIS, JOHN P.                         NY-36-59-168
HARRIS, LUTHER                          NY-36-X-152
HARRIS, MARGARET                        NY-36-33-187
HARRIS, MARY                            NY-36-E-19
HARRIS, N. HILL                         NY-36-50-1
HARRIS, OSCAR                           NY-36-34-421
HARRIS, SARAH E.                        NY-36-41-256
HARRIS, WILLIAM                         NY-36-72-165
HARRISON, DANIEL                        NY-36-B-142
HARRISON, ELIZABETH S.                  NY-36-61-52
HARRISON, ELLEN                         NY-36-66-36
HARRISON, JESSE                         NY-36-C-305
HARRISON, JOHN                          NY-36-71-173
HARRISON, JOSHUA                        NY-36-61-320
HARRISON, MARTHA                        NY-36-60-22
HARRISON, MARY A.                       NY-36-65-343
HARRISON, REBECCA                       NY-36-55-22
HARRISON, SARAH B.                      NY-36-55-285
HART, ANDREW                            NY-36-T-90
HART, ANDREW                            NY-36-D-358
HART, CHRISTIANA                        NY-36-29-356
HART, HANNAH                            NY-36-40-419
HART, HENRY C.                          NY-36-58-155
HART, JACOB                             NY-36-I-229
HART, JULIA                             NY-36-61-407
HART, MARIA G.                          NY-36-27-501
HART, SARAH                             NY-36-29-1
HARTIG, FREDERICK                       NY-36-66-68
HARTSHORN, ANDREW                       NY-36-62-426
HARTSHORN, DANIEL                       NY-36-58-369
HARTSHORN, DENTON G.                    NY-36-35-602
HARTSHORN, GULIELMA M.                  NY-36-L-429
HARTSHORN, MARY J.                      NY-36-44-348
HARTWELL, ALFRED                        NY-36-Z-449
HARTWELL, MARY                          NY-36-58-11
HARTWELL, PHILANDER R.                  NY-36-K-472
HASBROUCH, SARAH M.                     NY-36-71-154
HASBROUCK, CESAR                        NY-36-L-155
HASBROUCK, CHARLES H.                   NY-36-59-223
HASBROUCK, DANIEL                       NY-36-K-133
HASBROUCK, DELILAH                      NY-36-49-423
HASBROUCK, ELI                          NY-36-34-141
HASBROUCK, HELEN V.                     NY-36-72-343
HASBROUCK, ISAAC                        NY-36-C-373
HASBROUCK, JOSEPH                       NY-36-60-139
HASBROUCK, LIBBIE                       NY-36-58-360
HASBROUCK, MARY                         NY-36-33-305
HASBROUCK, RACHEL                       NY-36-O-29
HASBROUCK, ROE                          NY-36-41-355
HASBROUCK, RUTH                         NY-36-50-413
HASBROUCK, WILLIAM C.                   NY-36-33-231
HASKINS, ADAM                           NY-36-X-117
HASKINS, JOHN                           NY-36-38-244
HASSETT, MARY                           NY-36-38-279
HASSETT, PATRICK                        NY-36-61-433
HATCH, JOHN S.                          NY-36-62-267
HATCH, NANCY H.                         NY-36-73-276
HATFIELD, THOMAS T.                     NY-36-54-4
HATHORN, ANDREA                         NY-36-C-319
HATHORN, ANDREW                         NY-36-E-146
HAUGH, ANN                              NY-36-66-312
HAUS, JOHN                              NY-36-A-378
HAVEMEYER, ELIZA J.                     NY-36-54-242
HAVEMEYER, GEORGE L.                    NY-36-Z-150
HAVILAND, NELSON                        NY-36-X-16
HAWKEY, THOMAS                          NY-36-33-221
HAWKINS, ANN DILL                       NY-36-71-76
HAWKINS, BENJAMIN                       NY-36-35-754
HAWKINS, CHARLOTTE R.                   NY-36-48-269
HAWKINS, DAVID                          NY-36-H-23
HAWKINS, DAVID                          NY-36-31-332
HAWKINS, ELIAB                          NY-36-62-262
HAWKINS, ELIZABETH                      NY-36-33-513
HAWKINS, GILBERT                        NY-36-S-478
HAWKINS, IRA                            NY-36-33-468
HAWKINS, JAMES                          NY-36-50-12
HAWKINS, JONAS                          NY-36-41-48
HAWKINS, JONAS                          NY-36-47-445
HAWKINS, JONATHAN                       NY-36-X-69
HAWKINS, MARGARET                       NY-36-30-22
HAWKINS, MARGARET B.                    NY-36-50-350
HAWKINS, MICAH                          NY-36-46-91
HAWKINS, MOSES                          NY-36-O-115
HAWKINS, NATHANIEL T.                   NY-36-45-89
HAWKINS, OLIVER                         NY-36-X-42
HAWKINS, SAMUEL                         NY-36-G-60
HAWKINS, WILLIAM H.                     NY-36-Y-105
HAWKSHAW, MILES                         NY-36-50-456
HAWTER, GEORGE                          NY-36-32-541
HAWXHURST, JAMES                        NY-36-U-102
HAY, ANNIE                              NY-36-69-339
HAYES, BRYAN                            NY-36-44-375
HAYES, CAROLINE A.                      NY-36-55-259
HAYNE, CATHERINE H.                     NY-36-73-453
HAYNE, MARCUS S.                        NY-36-54-403
HAYNE, PETER                            NY-36-57-326
HAYS, ARCHIBALD                         NY-36-41-119
HAYS, GEORGE W.                         NY-36-58-86
HAYS, JANE M.                           NY-36-69-357
HAYS, MARY ANN                          NY-36-32-147
HAYS, RICHARDSON                        NY-36-41-151
HAYS, WILLIAM                           NY-36-56-338
HAZARD, GEORGIA E.                      NY-36-55-171
HAZARD, JAMES                           NY-36-31-177
HAZARD, JAMES                           NY-36-I-172
HAZARD, JAMES (RENOUNCED)               NY-36-I-182
HAZARD, JOSIAH                          NY-36-31-649
HAZEN, JAMES S.                         NY-36-53-42
HAZEN, JOHN                             NY-36-A-291
HEADLEY, ANNA A.                        NY-36-73-459
HEALEY, LAURENCE E.                     NY-36-43-252
HEALY, ANN                              NY-36-56-453
HEARD, DELIA F.                         NY-36-N-43
HEARD, JOHN J.                          NY-36-62-393
HEARD, JOSEPH                           NY-36-O-517
HEARD, SAMUEL                           NY-36-L-476
HEARD, WILLIAM                          NY-36-65-324
HEDGER, WILLIAM                         NY-36-K-80
HEDGES, ARMINDA R.                      NY-36-71-427
HEDGES, JAMES                           NY-36-54-71
HEDGES, JONATHAN                        NY-36-H-270
HEDGES, JONATHAN                        NY-36-H-434
HEDGES, MARY T.                         NY-36-49-25
HEDLEY, MARK                            NY-36-40-34
HELM, BREWSTER                          NY-36-Z-286
HELME, CAROLINE E.                      NY-36-Z-95
HELME, ELIZABETH A.                     NY-36-44-35
HELMES, JAMES                           NY-36-P-109
HELMS, ANSELM                           NY-36-G-264
HELMS, BREWSTER                         NY-36-X-348
HELMS, THOMAS                           NY-36-69-166
HEMINGWAY, CHARLES L.                   NY-36-32-465
HEMINGWAY, FRANCIS                      NY-36-28-504
HENDERSON, ANDREW                       NY-36-H-341
HENDERSON, ANN                          NY-36-39-204
HENDERSON, JANE                         NY-36-H-342
HENDERSON, SARAH                        NY-36-56-26
HENDERSON, SARAH                        NY-36-57-6
HENNESSY, WILLIAM                       NY-36-48-285
HENOULT, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-36-58-22
HENRY, JAMES                            NY-36-Y-270
HENRY, RICHARD A.                       NY-36-52-196
HERBERT, JOHN                           NY-36-34-489
HERON, ELIZABETH L.                     NY-36-43-137
HERON, ORR H.                           NY-36-28-54
HERRELL, HANNAH                         NY-36-B-85
HERRICK, JOHN                           NY-36-71-367
HETFIELD, MOSES                         NY-36-D-321
HETFIELD, PHEBE                         NY-36-F-198
HETSELL, JOHN M.                        NY-36-#1-344
HETSELL, JOHN M.                        NY-36-J-47
HETTON, BERNARD                         NY-36-41-300
HETZEL, HARRIET S.                      NY-36-53-103
HETZEL, JOSEPH SR.                      NY-36-59-324
HEWITT, ABRAM S.                        NY-36-72-115
HEWITT, DAVID                           NY-36-53-440
HEWITT, JANE                            NY-36-57-425
HEWITT, JOHN                            NY-36-62-41
HEY, AUGUST                             NY-36-58-378
HEYER, WILLIAM S.                       NY-36-29-530
HIBBARD, DAVID W.                       NY-36-35-703
HIBBITS, JOHN                           NY-36-40-216
HICOX, MARY JANE                        NY-36-33-449
HIGBY, CHARLOTTE                        NY-36-72-59
HIGBY, CONTENT                          NY-36-G-131
HIGBY, HARRIET C.                       NY-36-56-325
HIGBY, MOSES                            NY-36-G-91
HIGGINS, JAMES                          NY-36-28-468
HIGGINS, JOHN                           NY-36-C-232
HIGGINS, SALLY A. B.                    NY-36-52-145
HIGGINS, WILLIAM                        NY-36-73-393
HIGGINSON, NANCY M.                     NY-36-O-213
HIGHAM, JOHN                            NY-36-44-311
HIGHAM, WILLIAM                         NY-36-73-281
HIGHY, EMILY                            NY-36-41-60
HILDRETH, SARAH                         NY-36-Z-277
HILFERTY, DANIEL                        NY-36-29-620
HILFERTY, HESTER                        NY-36-51-362
HILL, A. MALVINA                        NY-36-40-421
HILL, GEORGE                            NY-36-K-281
HILL, GEORGE S.                         NY-36-L-145
HILL, HARVEY                            NY-36-33-205
HILL, ISABELLA                          NY-36-H-264
HILL, JAMES                             NY-36-G-35
HILL, JOHN                              NY-36-27-680
HILL, JOHN                              NY-36-34-474
HILL, JOHN JR.                          NY-36-31-646
HILL, JULIA                             NY-36-35-710
HILL, MARIA                             NY-36-44-206
HILL, NEWTON                            NY-36-Z-23
HILL, ROBERT                            NY-36-47-286
HILL, SAMUEL L.                         NY-36-72-281
HILL, SARAH E.                          NY-36-38-294
HILL, SMAUEL B.                         NY-36-72-335
HILL, TILTON E.                         NY-36-N-151
HILL, WILLIAM                           NY-36-71-438
HILLIKER, HARMAN                        NY-36-35-761
HILTON, HANNAH                          NY-36-43-286
HILTON, ISABELLA                        NY-36-66-108
HILTON, JOHN                            NY-36-60-230
HILTON, ROBERT G.                       NY-36-72-217
HINCHMAN, JOSEPH                        NY-36-55-199
HINCKLEY, STEPHEN P.                    NY-36-52-394
HIRCHBERG, HENRY M.                     NY-36-49-175
HISTED, ELISABETH                       NY-36-35-65
HITCHCOCK, HOMER H.                     NY-36-55-27
HOASE, JOHN                             NY-36-30-208
HODANN, ANN ELIZA                       NY-36-42-133
HOECHST, VALENTINE                      NY-36-58-80
HOEY, NANCY                             NY-36-Z-74
HOEY, THOMAS                            NY-36-58-261
HOFFMAN, ELIZA R.                       NY-36-Y-139
HOFFMAN, HARMANUS                       NY-36-A-132
HOFFMAN, JACOB                          NY-36-45-255
HOFFMAN, JANE                           NY-36-65-171
HOFFMAN, JOSEPH                         NY-36-S-324
HOFFMAN, MARY F.                        NY-36-Z-501
HOFFMAN, SARAH                          NY-36-62-350
HOGAN, ANN                              NY-36-33-169
HOGAN, JOHN J.                          NY-36-62-300
HOGE, JANE                              NY-36-56-436
HOLBERT, ADRIAN                         NY-36-54-316
HOLBERT, DAVID C.                       NY-36-46-42
HOLBERT, EBENEZER                       NY-36-M-453
HOLBERT, ELEANOR                        NY-36-P-35
HOLBERT, ELIZA JANE                     NY-36-59-190
HOLBERT, ELIZABETH                      NY-36-44-190
HOLBERT, EZRA                           NY-36-34-535
HOLBERT, FRANCES W.                     NY-36-59-187
HOLBERT, HARRIET                        NY-36-32-98
HOLBERT, JAMES                          NY-36-34-52
HOLBERT, JANE                           NY-36-52-225
HOLBERT, JANE                           NY-36-28-237
HOLBERT, JESSE                          NY-36-P-230
HOLBERT, JOHN                           NY-36-N-494
HOLBERT, JOHN                           NY-36-I-2
HOLBERT, JOHN S.                        NY-36-39-71
HOLBERT, MARIA R.                       NY-36-33-423
HOLBERT, MARY E.                        NY-36-44-315
HOLBERT, MARY H.                        NY-36-58-252
HOLBERT, PETER                          NY-36-J-512
HOLBERT, PETER                          NY-36-53-167
HOLBERT, PETER                          NY-36-2-187
HOLBERT, PHEBE ANN                      NY-36-65-335
HOLBERT, ROSANNAH                       NY-36-K-358
HOLDEN, JOSEPH                          NY-36-51-450
HOLDING, SETHV                          NY-36-45-407
HOLLAND, MARY ANN                       NY-36-R-296
HOLLETT, DANIEL                         NY-36-27-549
HOLLINGER, ISABELLA M.                  NY-36-43-10
HOLLY, JOHN S.                          NY-36-F-341
HOLMAN, JAMES                           NY-36-48-242
HOLMAN, MARY ANN                        NY-36-66-31
HOLMES, BOROUGHS                        NY-36-D-344
HOLMES, CHARLES W.                      NY-36-30-725
HOLMES, DANIEL                          NY-36-K-402
HOLMES, GILBERT                         NY-36-S-349
HOLMES, MARGARET                        NY-36-56-312
HOLMES, REUBEN                          NY-36-F-268
HOLMES, SETH L.                         NY-36-72-281
HOLTHUYSEN, DIANA MARIA                 NY-36-39-23
HOLTHUYSEN, JOHN L.                     NY-36-O-485
HOLTSLANDER, NICHOLAS                   NY-36-M-21
HOMAN, BENJAMIN SR.                     NY-36-F-411
HOMAN, DAVID                            NY-36-29-70
HOMAN, MARTHA                           NY-36-X-190
HOMAN, ROBERT                           NY-36-45-275
HOMAN, SOPHIA                           NY-36-49-248
HOOK, CHARLES A.                        NY-36-57-405
HOOKER, THERZA                          NY-36-38-1
HOOKS, ELIZABETH                        NY-36-35-157
HOOKS, MATHEW D.                        NY-36-31-720
HOORNBECK, HENRY J.                     NY-36-#1-209
HOPE, JOHN                              NY-36-39-169
HOPKINS, BRYANT                         NY-36-M-457
HOPKINS, FRANCES J.                     NY-36-48-392
HORNBECK, ELIZABETH P.                  NY-36-M-112
HORNBECK, ELSIE H.                      NY-36-30-572
HORNBECK, HENRY J.                      NY-36-I-434
HORNBECK, HENRY W.                      NY-36-L-1
HORNBECK, JACB JR.                      NY-36-69-414
HORNBECK, JOSHUA                        NY-36-X-1
HORNBEEK, EVERT                         NY-36-C-338
HOROTN, WILLIAM                         NY-36-M-519
HORTEN, BARNBAS                         NY-36-G-141
HORTON, ADA A. REMER                    NY-36-72-64
HORTON, ALFRED M.                       NY-36-35-546
HORTON, ANNA P.                         NY-36-58-250
HORTON, BARNA                           NY-36-M-142
HORTON, BARNABAS                        NY-36-B-197
HORTON, BARNABAS                        NY-36-A-217
HORTON, BENJAMIN                        NY-36-29-397
HORTON, BENJAMIN G.                     NY-36-37-268
HORTON, BENJAMIN HULL                   NY-36-X-390
HORTON, CHARLES                         NY-36-62-257
HORTON, DANIEL R.                       NY-36-31-582
HORTON, EGBERT J.                       NY-36-T-223
HORTON, ELIZA                           NY-36-28-267
HORTON, ELNORA                          NY-36-48-139
HORTON, EUGENE                          NY-36-73-304
HORTON, GEORGE W.                       NY-36-48-323
HORTON, HARVEY                          NY-36-K-531
HORTON, HENRIETTA                       NY-36-46-49
HORTON, HENRY                           NY-36-D-96
HORTON, HENRY E.                        NY-36-32-206
HORTON, HIRAM                           NY-36-M-77
HORTON, IRA                             NY-36-51-187
HORTON, JEREMIAH                        NY-36-L-388
HORTON, JOHN B.                         NY-36-52-1
HORTON, JONATHAN                        NY-36-G-30
HORTON, LAWRENCE F.                     NY-36-49-224
HORTON, MAHAR W.                        NY-36-30-124
HORTON, MARIA                           NY-36-42-24
HORTON, MILLICENT                       NY-36-P-251
HORTON, PARMENAS H.                     NY-36-31-558
HORTON, PHEBE                           NY-36-R-102
HORTON, RHODA                           NY-36-32-538
HORTON, SELAH                           NY-36-G-239
HORTON, SILAS                           NY-36-F-327
HORTON, SILAS D.                        NY-36-Q-430
HORTON, SILAS JR.                       NY-36-F-13
HORTON, THOMAS                          NY-36-G-29
HOSIER, ADALINE C.                      NY-36-62-72
HOSKIN, EDWARD W.                       NY-36-O-480
HOUSE, ANDREW N.                        NY-36-71-99
HOUSE, DANIEL                           NY-36-Y-288
HOUSE, FERDINAND                        NY-36-38-376
HOUSE, MARGARET                         NY-36-#1-443
HOUSE, MARGARET                         NY-36-J-202
HOUSE, RINARD                           NY-36-F-200
HOUSTON, ANDREW                         NY-36-56-79
HOUSTON, ANDREW                         NY-36-58-157
HOUSTON, ANDREW                         NY-36-K-182
HOUSTON, ANN                            NY-36-29-491
HOUSTON, ANN E.                         NY-36-42-52
HOUSTON, ANNA                           NY-36-I-246
HOUSTON, ANNIS B.                       NY-36-69-188
HOUSTON, CAROLINE E.                    NY-36-48-98
HOUSTON, CAROLINE L. H.                 NY-36-44-388
HOUSTON, DAVID C.                       NY-36-60-63
HOUSTON, ELIZA                          NY-36-45-309
HOUSTON, GEORGE W.                      NY-36-46-262
HOUSTON, HARRIET E.                     NY-36-73-139
HOUSTON, HENRY W.                       NY-36-32-418
HOUSTON, JAMES C.                       NY-36-58-195
HOUSTON, JAMES C.                       NY-36-43-232
HOUSTON, JAMES M.                       NY-36-43-113
HOUSTON, JOHN                           NY-36-I-414
HOUSTON, JOHN                           NY-36-27-127
HOUSTON, JOHN                           NY-36-#1-206
HOUSTON, JOHN G.                        NY-36-X-287
HOUSTON, JOSEPH A.                      NY-36-35-825
HOUSTON, JOSEPH I.                      NY-36-M-65
HOUSTON, MARY                           NY-36-58-36
HOUSTON, NATHANIEL D.                   NY-36-71-312
HOUSTON, PHEBE                          NY-36-33-426
HOUSTON, PHEBE                          NY-36-P-119
HOUSTON, ROBERT H.                      NY-36-53-402
HOUSTON, SAMUEL                         NY-36-K-13
HOUSTON, SARAH                          NY-36-56-84
HOUSTON, SUSAN A.                       NY-36-50-309
HOUSTON, THEODORE                       NY-36-K-427
HOUSTON, WILLIAM                        NY-36-R-410
HOUSTON, WILLIAM W.                     NY-36-27-117
HOW, JACOB                              NY-36-Z-213
HOWARD, SARAH                           NY-36-39-69
HOWDEN, ELIZA                           NY-36-38-370
HOWE, BEZALEEL                          NY-36-X-74
HOWE, EDWARD                            NY-36-48-395
HOWE, NEWTON                            NY-36-38-51
HOWEL, ESTHER                           NY-36-I-18
HOWEL, JAMES                            NY-36-C-445
HOWEL, WILLIAM A.                       NY-36-D-448
HOWELL, ALFRED                          NY-36-53-146
HOWELL, BENJAMIN                        NY-36-L-34
HOWELL, CARPENTER                       NY-36-46-242
HOWELL, CHARLES                         NY-36-M-415
HOWELL, CHARLES                         NY-36-M-153
HOWELL, COE                             NY-36-44-350
HOWELL, COE S.                          NY-36-54-215
HOWELL, CYRENIUS                        NY-36-L-368
HOWELL, DAVID                           NY-36-O-637
HOWELL, DAVID                           NY-36-#1-3
HOWELL, DAVID                           NY-36-I-97
HOWELL, DEWITT C.                       NY-36-34-479
HOWELL, ELIAS                           NY-36-I-248
HOWELL, ELIZABETH                       NY-36-33-156
HOWELL, ELIZABETH J.                    NY-36-29-226
HOWELL, ESTHER                          NY-36-U-243
HOWELL, EZRA                            NY-36-R-199
HOWELL, FANNY                           NY-36-43-442
HOWELL, GILBERT                         NY-36-I-63
HOWELL, HEPZIBAH                        NY-36-W-361
HOWELL, HESTER ANN                      NY-36-43-157
HOWELL, HEZAKIAH                        NY-36-38-115
HOWELL, HEZEKIAH                        NY-36-E-313
HOWELL, HIRAM                           NY-36-L-167
HOWELL, ISABEL E.                       NY-36-48-236
HOWELL, JAMES                           NY-36-G-199
HOWELL, JAMES                           NY-36-Q-393
HOWELL, JANE R.                         NY-36-69-341
HOWELL, JEMIMA                          NY-36-43-427
HOWELL, JOHN                            NY-36-A-82
HOWELL, JOHN                            NY-36-F-366
HOWELL, JOHN W. T.                      NY-36-32-407
HOWELL, JOSIAH                          NY-36-#1-319
HOWELL, JOSIAH                          NY-36-J-1
HOWELL, LEWIS                           NY-36-K-387
HOWELL, LEWIS                           NY-36-38-160
HOWELL, MARY                            NY-36-G-267
HOWELL, MARY                            NY-36-M-376
HOWELL, MARY                            NY-36-37-425
HOWELL, MARY ANN                        NY-36-62-44
HOWELL, MATTHEW H.                      NY-36-50-234
HOWELL, NOBLE                           NY-36-I-7
HOWELL, PETER                           NY-36-33-495
HOWELL, PRUDENCE                        NY-36-F-92
HOWELL, RENSSELAER                      NY-36-45-99
HOWELL, ROGER                           NY-36-Y-75
HOWELL, SAMUEL C.                       NY-36-61-64
HOWELL, SARAH B.                        NY-36-41-316
HOWELL, SILAS                           NY-36-I-401
HOWELL, SILAS                           NY-36-#1-183
HOWELL, SIMEON                          NY-36-52-118
HOWELL, SUSAN                           NY-36-M-380
HOWELL, SUSAN                           NY-36-Y-348
HOWELL, SUSANNAH                        NY-36-M-500
HOWELL, THEOPHILUS                      NY-36-I-87
HOWELL, THOMAS C.                       NY-36-54-437
HOWELL, WILLIAM S.                      NY-36-71-252
HOWROYD, SAMUEL                         NY-36-44-302
HOWSER, CHARLES G.                      NY-36-44-231
HOWSER, OLIVER B.                       NY-36-Z-653
HOY, ELIZA                              NY-36-52-60
HOYT, ALBERT                            NY-36-H-517
HOYT, ALBERT M.                         NY-36-47-279
HOYT, ARCHIBALD                         NY-36-32-349
HOYT, BENJAMIN S.                       NY-36-H-112
HOYT, CALVIN                            NY-36-42-130
HOYT, CHARLES                           NY-36-62-217
HOYT, DAVID                             NY-36-42-120
HOYT, FREDERICK                         NY-36-Y-50
HOYT, FREDERICK A.                      NY-36-39-82
HOYT, HARRIET A.                        NY-36-69-426
HOYT, HEZEKIAH                          NY-36-46-138
HOYT, ISAAC                             NY-36-49-170
HOYT, JOEL                              NY-36-Z-326
HOYT, JOEL                              NY-36-E-12
HOYT, JOEL L.                           NY-36-Q-410
HOYT, JOSEPH                            NY-36-E-29
HOYT, LEVERETT C.                       NY-36-69-373
HOYT, LORRETTA A.                       NY-36-61-207
HOYT, MARTINA P.                        NY-36-38-237
HOYT, MARY A.                           NY-36-57-300
HOYT, MAURICE                           NY-36-39-435
HOYT, PETER                             NY-36-M-256
HOYT, SAMUEL D.                         NY-36-59-421
HOZIER, WILLIAM H.                      NY-36-47-21
HUBAN, JOHN                             NY-36-65-403
HUDSON, CATHARINE                       NY-36-38-17
HUDSON, DANIEL R.                       NY-36-53-207
HUDSON, ELIZABETH J.                    NY-36-73-245
HUDSON, HORACE                          NY-36-34-390
HUDSON, NANCY                           NY-36-27-667
HUDSON, PHINEAS R.                      NY-36-52-107
HUDSON, WILLIAM                         NY-36-B-1
HUEBNER, CATHARINE                      NY-36-73-211
HUFF, ABRAHAM                           NY-36-H-170
HUGHES, ADAM                            NY-36-66-62
HUGHES, HENRY                           NY-36-61-422
HUGHES, HENRY C.                        NY-36-57-264
HUGHES, MARY FRANCIS                    NY-36-61-152
HUGHES, MATILDA                         NY-36-32-120
HUHN, RACHEL                            NY-36-51-25
HULL, JAMES S.                          NY-36-40-250
HULL, JAMES S.                          NY-36-46-345
HULL, JENNIE                            NY-36-60-45
HULL, RACHEL                            NY-36-40-254
HULSAPPLE, ELISHA D.                    NY-36-48-49
HULSE, ABIGAL                           NY-36-53-181
HULSE, ANSELM H.                        NY-36-U-122
HULSE, BENJAMIN                         NY-36-H-497
HULSE, BENJAMIN F.                      NY-36-33-526
HULSE, CHANCEY                          NY-36-60-12
HULSE, CHARLES M.                       NY-36-55-325
HULSE, EBENEZER E.                      NY-36-31-375
HULSE, EDWARD                           NY-36-P-285
HULSE, EFFA                             NY-36-Z-617
HULSE, ELEANOR                          NY-36-38-43
HULSE, ELISHA                           NY-36-A-357
HULSE, ELIZA B.                         NY-36-48-126
HULSE, ELSIE                            NY-36-29-157
HULSE, EMMA                             NY-36-61-272
HULSE, ESTHER                           NY-36-Q-425
HULSE, GABRIEL                          NY-36-49-103
HULSE, GILBERT                          NY-36-F-99
HULSE, GILBERT                          NY-36-W-99
HULSE, HENRY B.                         NY-36-57-311
HULSE, HEZEKIAH                         NY-36-U-56
HULSE, HIRAM                            NY-36-39-263
HULSE, I. SMITH                         NY-36-54-226
HULSE, ISAIAH                           NY-36-I-407
HULSE, JAMES                            NY-36-2-225
HULSE, JAMES                            NY-36-K-27
HULSE, JAMES S.                         NY-36-O-15
HULSE, JESSE S.                         NY-36-M-463
HULSE, JOHN                             NY-36-O-586
HULSE, JOHN                             NY-36-M-249
HULSE, JOHN B.                          NY-36-46-331
HULSE, JONAS                            NY-36-N-140
HULSE, JUSTUS                           NY-36-F-86
HULSE, LEWIS E.                         NY-36-32-391
HULSE, LEWIS W.                         NY-36-73-361
HULSE, LORENZO                          NY-36-44-53
HULSE, MARTIN                           NY-36-28-310
HULSE, MARY                             NY-36-30-651
HULSE, MARY JANE                        NY-36-27-721
HULSE, MEEDS T.                         NY-36-32-409
HULSE, NATHAN                           NY-36-L-137
HULSE, OLIVER                           NY-36-L-216
HULSE, OLIVER                           NY-36-33-544
HULSE, PERMELIA A.                      NY-36-51-1
HULSE, PHEBE                            NY-36-Y-463
HULSE, RACHEL                           NY-36-G-176
HULSE, RICHARD                          NY-36-L-59
HULSE, SAMUEL                           NY-36-F-266
HULSE, SAMUEL L.                        NY-36-#1-24
HULSE, SAMUEL L.                        NY-36-I-151
HULSE, SARAH E.                         NY-36-38-45
HULSE, SARAH M.                         NY-36-54-195
HULSE, SILAS                            NY-36-B-135
HULSE, SILAS                            NY-36-44-306
HULSE, SQUIRE                           NY-36-W-94
HULSE, SUSAN                            NY-36-U-214
HULSE, THOMAS                           NY-36-Q-187
HULSE, THOMAS                           NY-36-D-439
HULSE, THOMAS E.                        NY-36-Q-81
HULSE, THOMAS E.                        NY-36-44-331
HULSE, THOMAS H.                        NY-36-38-372
HULSE, THOMAS N.                        NY-36-61-113
HULSE, WILLIAM T.                       NY-36-49-405
HULTSLUANDER, LAURENCE T.               NY-36-66-169
HUMPHREY, EDWARD                        NY-36-42-326
HUMPHREY, HARRIETT                      NY-36-48-288
HUMPHREY, MARY J.                       NY-36-48-291
HUMPHREYS, HUMPHREY                     NY-36-S-300
HUN, ANN M. H.                          NY-36-37-317
HUNT, AMANDA A.                         NY-36-41-122
HUNT, ELIZA J.                          NY-36-62-243
HUNT, FRANCIS W.                        NY-36-61-157
HUNT, HANNAH F.                         NY-36-60-343
HUNT, HILAND H.                         NY-36-71-219
HUNT, JAMES H.                          NY-36-57-17
HUNT, JOSEPH                            NY-36-D-11
HUNT, MARGARET T. L.                    NY-36-39-252
HUNT, SARA A.                           NY-36-38-95
HUNT, SARAH JANE                        NY-36-51-267
HUNT, WILLIAM D.                        NY-36-62-195
HUNT, WILLIAM S.                        NY-36-47-260
HUNTER, ALBERT                          NY-36-50-366
HUNTER, ANN                             NY-36-39-16
HUNTER, ARCHIBALD                       NY-36-C-40
HUNTER, BENJAMIN C.                     NY-36-U-167
HUNTER, DAVID                           NY-36-E-166
HUNTER, EDWARD                          NY-36-28-401
HUNTER, JAMES                           NY-36-S-314
HUNTER, JOHN                            NY-36-D-362
HUNTER, JOHN                            NY-36-46-267
HUNTER, MATHEW                          NY-36-C-103
HUNTER, PHEBE                           NY-36-33-419
HUNTER, PHEBE                           NY-36-38-209
HUNTER, ROBART                          NY-36-E-318
HUNTER, ROBERT D.                       NY-36-S-489
HUNTER, SAMUEL                          NY-36-O-444
HUNTER, SARAH                           NY-36-41-288
HUNTER, SARAH E.                        NY-36-55-35
HUNTER, WILLIAM                         NY-36-D-34
HUNTER, WILLIAM B.                      NY-36-43-289
HUNTINGTON, BENJAMIN S.                 NY-36-43-344
HURD, SETH                              NY-36-T-48
HURLEY, MICHAL                          NY-36-45-174
HURTIN, CAROLINE M.                     NY-36-41-63
HURTIN, CATHERINE B.                    NY-36-52-341
HURTIN, CATHERINE B.                    NY-36-51-84
HURTIN, CHRISTIAN                       NY-36-I-175
HURTIN, WILLIAM                         NY-36-Y-87
HUSSEY, MICHAEL                         NY-36-60-134
HUSSEY, NICHOLAS                        NY-36-42-198
HUSTED, WALTER J.                       NY-36-50-285
HUSTEN, CHRISTIAN                       NY-36-#1-37
HUSTON, JOHN                            NY-36-45-287
HUTCHINS, ELEANOR                       NY-36-N-34
HUTCHINS, WILLIAM H.                    NY-36-N-414
HWSEN, HORACE                           NY-36-J-415
HYATT, GEORGE A.                        NY-36-55-218
HYATT, MARY AMELIA                      NY-36-66-83
HYATT, REBECCA                          NY-36-44-152
HYATT, THOMAS                           NY-36-O-231
HYNARD, ALBERT D.                       NY-36-32-135

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