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IGO, JULIA                              NY-36-55-327
ILLMAN, WALTER H.                       NY-36-60-297
INGERSOLL, STEPHEN                      NY-36-#1-396
INGERSOLL, STEPHEN                      NY-36-J-99
INGLES, GEORGE                          NY-36-E-139
INNIS, BENJAMIN                         NY-36-U-276
INNIS, BENJAMIN R.                      NY-36-72-232
INNIS, CATHARINE A.                     NY-36-65-354
INNIS, JAMES                            NY-36-F-247
INNIS, LUCINDA                          NY-36-54-50
INNIS, THOMAS D.                        NY-36-59-148
IRWIN, ALLEN                            NY-36-K-154
IRWIN, DAVID                            NY-36-P-22
IRWIN, JANE                             NY-36-44-297
IRWIN, WILLIAM D.                       NY-36-32-171
ISAAC, WILLIAM                          NY-36-29-264
ISAAC, WILLIAM                          NY-36-71-265
ISAACS, ISAAC                           NY-36-D-228
JACKSON, ABRAHAM                        NY-36-30-276
JACKSON, ALEXANDER                      NY-36-F-209
JACKSON, ANNIS                          NY-36-33-441
JACKSON, BENJAMIN                       NY-36-G-237
JACKSON, CHARLES                        NY-36-D-268
JACKSON, CHARLES                        NY-36-41-67
JACKSON, CHARLES T.                     NY-36-39-14
JACKSON, DANIEL                         NY-36-B-356
JACKSON, ELIAS                          NY-36-34-521
JACKSON, ELIZABETH                      NY-36-B-149
JACKSON, ELIZABETH                      NY-36-K-506
JACKSON, ENOCH                          NY-36-J-44
JACKSON, ENOCH                          NY-36-#1-341
JACKSON, GEORGE                         NY-36-A-25
JACKSON, HENRY                          NY-36-66-372
JACKSON, HENRY                          NY-36-C-25
JACKSON, JOHN                           NY-36-F-5
JACKSON, LUKE                           NY-36-49-164
JACKSON, MARY                           NY-36-32-477
JACKSON, MARY                           NY-36-46-184
JACKSON, MICHAEL                        NY-36-32-44
JACKSON, POLLY                          NY-36-47-247
JACKSON, ROSETTA                        NY-36-51-374
JACKSON, SARAH                          NY-36-34-396
JACKSON, SILAS                          NY-36-D-244
JACKSON, THEODORE L.                    NY-36-56-163
JACKSON, THOMAS                         NY-36-A-17
JACKSON, THOMAS                         NY-36-X-378
JACKSON, THOMAS                         NY-36-W-1
JACKSON, WILLIAM                        NY-36-32-19
JACKSON, WILLIAM                        NY-36-C-369
JACKSON, WILLIAM A.                     NY-36-30-646
JACKSON, WILLIAM T.                     NY-36-40-258
JAGGAR, JOHN                            NY-36-H-353
JAMISON, JOHN                           NY-36-S-445
JAMISON, SAMUEL                         NY-36-M-29
JAMISON, SARAH                          NY-36-44-402
JANE, JAMES S.                          NY-36-62-193
JANSEN, CLARISSA D.                     NY-36-N-530
JANSEN, JACOBUS                         NY-36-F-245
JANSEN, JOHN T.                         NY-36-M-487
JANSEN, SARAH                           NY-36-27-581
JAQUES, JOHN                            NY-36-39-4
JAQUES, OREN C.                         NY-36-48-145
JARDON, ROBERT                          NY-36-F-77
JARUS, MILTON H.                        NY-36-73-55
JARVIS, SARAH                           NY-36-41-70
JARVIS, WILLIAM B.                      NY-36-34-88
JAYGARD, SARAH F.                       NY-36-52-306
JAYNE, LEMUEL                           NY-36-D-15
JAYNE, STEPHEN                          NY-36-27-679
JEFFERS, GEORGE                         NY-36-42-201
JENKINS, BENTON                         NY-36-62-449
JENKINS, ELIZA R.                       NY-36-56-116
JENKINS, JOHN                           NY-36-46-52
JENKINS, JOHN S.                        NY-36-58-342
JENKINS, MILLICENT                      NY-36-38-145
JENKINS, WILLIAM                        NY-36-I-106
JENKINS, WILLIAM                        NY-36-#1-5
JENKINS, WILLIAM                        NY-36-F-365
JENNINGS, CLARISSA                      NY-36-51-151
JENNINGS, DAVID                         NY-36-C-408
JENNINGS, FRANCES J.                    NY-36-50-87
JENNINGS, FRANCIS C.                    NY-36-46-182
JENNINGS, JAMES                         NY-36-F-71
JENNINGS, LEWIS                         NY-36-28-611
JENNINGS, LOUISA H.                     NY-36-32-31
JENNINGS, NATHANIEL                     NY-36-30-87
JENNINGS, PHEBE L.                      NY-36-59-32
JENNINGS, THOMAS C.                     NY-36-37-441
JERVIS, ABBY JANE                       NY-36-51-386
JESSOP, JULIA                           NY-36-46-142
JESSUP, AMZI A.                         NY-36-33-567
JESSUP, ASA S.                          NY-36-L-252
JESSUP, DANIEL                          NY-36-39-121
JESSUP, DANIEL                          NY-36-M-39
JESSUP, EGBERT D.                       NY-36-G-115
JESSUP, ELIZABETH                       NY-36-U-75
JESSUP, FANNY W.                        NY-36-58-157
JESSUP, HENRY H.                        NY-36-57-234
JESSUP, JAMES                           NY-36-30-393
JESSUP, JEREMIAH                        NY-36-F-41
JESSUP, PETER C.                        NY-36-39-236
JESSUP, REBECCA                         NY-36-M-50
JESSUP, SAMUEL                          NY-36-H-356
JESSUP, SARAH A.                        NY-36-50-269
JESSUP, THOMAS                          NY-36-55-211
JESSUP, WILLIAM                         NY-36-39-190
JESSUP, WILLIAM S.                      NY-36-52-51
JESUP, CHARLOTTE                        NY-36-67-65
JESUP, JOHN                             NY-36-66-275
JEWELL, DANIEL                          NY-36-38-123
JOHNES, AARON P.                        NY-36-28-343
JOHNES, CHARLES A.                      NY-36-#1-224
JOHNES, CHARLES A.                      NY-36-I-437
JOHNES, EDWARD R.                       NY-36-39-425
JOHNES, HENRY P.                        NY-36-65-410
JOHNES, MARY A.                         NY-36-60-447
JOHNSNO, SIMON                          NY-36-66-4
JOHNSON, ABIGAIL                        NY-36-U-65
JOHNSON, ALEXANDER T.                   NY-36-65-160
JOHNSON, ANDREW                         NY-36-47-426
JOHNSON, ANN W.                         NY-36-45-352
JOHNSON, CAROLINE                       NY-36-59-381
JOHNSON, CHARLES F.                     NY-36-69-134
JOHNSON, EMERETTA                       NY-36-72-284
JOHNSON, EUNICE MARIA                   NY-36-58-272
JOHNSON, HANNAH                         NY-36-43-334
JOHNSON, JAMES                          NY-36-35-682
JOHNSON, JAMES J.                       NY-36-59-24
JOHNSON, JOHN                           NY-36-F-409
JOHNSON, JOHN                           NY-36-Z-392
JOHNSON, MARY                           NY-36-27-659
JOHNSON, MARY JANE                      NY-36-30-581
JOHNSON, MERCY D.                       NY-36-32-493
JOHNSON, NATHAN                         NY-36-I-486
JOHNSON, NATHAN                         NY-36-#1-261
JOHNSON, RICHARD                        NY-36-49-442
JOHNSON, RICHARD                        NY-36-A-188
JOHNSON, RICHARD                        NY-36-H-416
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                         NY-36-34-492
JOHNSON, SARAH                          NY-36-C-406
JOHNSON, SUSANNA                        NY-36-O-458
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NY-36-I-304
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NY-36-Q-420
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NY-36-X-516
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NY-36-#1-113
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NY-36-31-734
JOHNSON,E LIZABETH M.                   NY-36-49-73
JOHNSTON, ARTHUR                        NY-36-M-460
JOHNSTON, CATHARINE                     NY-36-51-302
JOHNSTON, DEBORAH                       NY-36-65-376
JOHNSTON, JAMES D.                      NY-36-49-240
JOHNSTON, JAMES H.                      NY-36-67-112
JOHNSTON, JOHN                          NY-36-V-35
JOHNSTON, JOHN J.                       NY-36-38-90
JOHNSTON, MARY                          NY-36-V-181
JOHNSTON, MARY W. N.                    NY-36-56-194
JOHNSTON, ROBERT                        NY-36-B-222
JONES, ANDREW                           NY-36-C-189
JONES, ANNA                             NY-36-43-60
JONES, DAVID                            NY-36-D-94
JONES, DAVID                            NY-36-I-458
JONES, DAVID                            NY-36-#1-234
JONES, DOLLY                            NY-36-57-383
JONES, EDWARD C.                        NY-36-55-342
JONES, ELIZABETH                        NY-36-G-215
JONES, FRANK                            NY-36-39-88
JONES, HAMLIN J.                        NY-36-70-244
JONES, HANNAH W.                        NY-36-48-335
JONES, HENRY                            NY-36-#1-167
JONES, HENRY                            NY-36-40-119
JONES, HENRY                            NY-36-I-370
JONES, JOSEPH                           NY-36-E-252
JONES, JOSEPH D.                        NY-36-70-355
JONES, NATHANIEL                        NY-36-30-158
JONES, PATTEN                           NY-36-27-180
JONES, REBECCAH                         NY-36-F-23
JONES, ROBERT E.                        NY-36-65-390
JONES, ROBERT W.                        NY-36-E-170
JONES, SAMUEL D.                        NY-36-38-131
JONES, SARAH E.                         NY-36-46-214
JORA, JOHN J.                           NY-36-58-76
JORDAN, ALEXANDER B.                    NY-36-56-333
JORDAN, INCREASE C.                     NY-36-43-110
JORDAN, JOHN                            NY-36-39-392
JORDAN, SAMUEL M.                       NY-36-45-344
JORDAN, SUSAN T.                        NY-36-72-200
JOST, JOHN GEORGE                       NY-36-29-66
JOST, WILLIAM                           NY-36-40-186
JOYCE, GEORGE G.                        NY-36-57-373
JOYCE, JAMES                            NY-36-30-493
JOYCE, LEWIS S.                         NY-36-56-168
JOYCE,ELINOR                            NY-36-60-12
JUDD, GIDEON N.                         NY-36-Y-454
KAIN, JOHN                              NY-36-31-679
KAIN, MARY                              NY-36-34-370
KALLMAN, LESSER W.                      NY-36-34-70
KALMBACH, FREDERICK                     NY-36-59-112
KALMBACH, JACOB                         NY-36-58-315
KANAN, MARY                             NY-36-49-137
KANE, CATHARINE E.                      NY-36-66-422
KANE, JOHN                              NY-36-38-26
KARG, ANNA MARIA                        NY-36-54-27
KEARNY, ELIZA                           NY-36-35-698
KECK, JANE C.                           NY-36-72-68
KEEFE, ANDREW                           NY-36-29-377
KEEGAN, ELIZABETH                       NY-36-70-57
KEEGAN, MICHAEL                         NY-36-62-181
KEELAN, THOMAS                          NY-36-57-97
KEELER, DAVID H. SR.                    NY-36-67-131
KEELER, EZRA                            NY-36-T-369
KEELER, SARAH JANE                      NY-36-Z-40
KEENE, FRANCIS                          NY-36-S-73
KELAHER, PATRIC                         NY-36-39-117
KELLER, JOSEPH                          NY-36-73-298
KELLEY, D. PLYMPTON                     NY-36-56-360
KELLEY, JOHN                            NY-36-J-522
KELLEY, THOMAS                          NY-36-67-94
KELLY, ALEXANDER                        NY-36-71-433
KELLY, ANNE                             NY-36-60-308
KELLY, DANIEL                           NY-36-54-325
KELLY, DENNIS                           NY-36-61-13
KELLY, EDWARD                           NY-36-D-173
KELLY, JOHN                             NY-36-Q-201
KELLY, JOSEPH                           NY-36-44-341
KELLY, MARY                             NY-36-58-392
KELLY, OTT                              NY-36-28-216
KELLY, PATRICK                          NY-36-48-130
KELLY, RACHEL                           NY-36-34-75
KELLY, ROBERT                           NY-36-Y-421
KELLY, SARAH                            NY-36-35-233
KELLY, WILLIAM                          NY-36-H-3
KELSO, LUDICY                           NY-36-33-193
KENDALL, DIANA                          NY-36-47-244
KENNEDY, ANN                            NY-36-46-256
KENNEDY, DELIA                          NY-36-56-66
KENNEDY, EBENEZER B.                    NY-36-32-475
KENNEDY, JOHN O.                        NY-36-48-223
KENNEDY, JOSEPH                         NY-36-45-75
KENNEDY, MOSES                          NY-36-53-262
KENNEDY, ROSE                           NY-36-52-373
KENNEDY, VIRGINIA B.                    NY-36-55-86
KENNEY, MARY A.                         NY-36-56-454
KENNEY, PATRICK                         NY-36-54-342
KENNEY, SARAH                           NY-36-47-200
KER, NATHAN                             NY-36-C-213
KERNAGHAN, JAMES                        NY-36-C-81
KERNAGHAN, MARY A.                      NY-36-57-76
KERNAHAN, JOHN                          NY-36-52-337
KERNAYHAN, THOMAS M.                    NY-36-52-175
KERNOCHAN, ADELAIDE                     NY-36-58-120
KERNOCHAN, ANDREW                       NY-36-29-556
KERNOCHAN, JOHN                         NY-36-34-41
KERNOCKIN, WILLIAM                      NY-36-G-136
KERR, ANTHONY P.                        NY-36-44-65
KERR, CHARLES L. C.                     NY-36-71-13
KERR, CHAUNCEY F.                       NY-36-65-386
KERR, GEORGE W.                         NY-36-54-140
KERR, HATTIE A.                         NY-36-65-90
KERR, JAMES                             NY-36-31-525
KERR, ROBERT                            NY-36-O-164
KERR, WILLIAM                           NY-36-K-116
KERSHAW, ANNIE                          NY-36-65-315
KERSHAW, JANE                           NY-36-72-178
KERSHAW, SARAH                          NY-36-48-70
KETCHAM, AMOS                           NY-36-50-137
KETCHAM, BENJAMIN                       NY-36-I-524
KETCHAM, BENJAMIN                       NY-36-#1-296
KETCHAM, BENJAMIN S.                    NY-36-49-454
KETCHAM, CATHARINE C.                   NY-36-38-426
KETCHAM, JOANNA                         NY-36-66-71
KETCHAM, JOHN                           NY-36-D-333
KETCHAM, JOSEPH                         NY-36-G-46
KETCHAM, JOSEPH                         NY-36-T-355
KETCHAM, JOSEPH                         NY-36-F-240
KETCHAM, LEWIS A.                       NY-36-57-255
KETCHAM, SAMUEL                         NY-36-C-416
KETCHAM, WILLIAM                        NY-36-R-175
KETCHUM, AZUBAH                         NY-36-R-48
KICOX, MARY JANE                        NY-36-33-449
KIDD, ALEXANDER                         NY-36-38-380
KIDD, ALEXANDER                         NY-36-G-32
KIDD, BEVERLY                           NY-36-62-284
KIDD, CHARLES                           NY-36-70-164
KIDD, DAVID                             NY-36-60-209
KIDD, GLORYANNA                         NY-36-43-337
KIDD, HARRIET                           NY-36-Y-184
KIDD, JAMES                             NY-36-D-124
KIDD, JAMES                             NY-36-57-266
KIDD, JOHN                              NY-36-46-432
KIDD, MARY                              NY-36-R-424
KIDD, MIRYA W.                          NY-36-71-54
KIDD, NANCY J.                          NY-36-58-431
KIDD, ROBERT                            NY-36-G-1
KIDD, ROBERT JR.                        NY-36-D-397
KIDD, SIDNEY                            NY-36-51-123
KIDD, SUSAN M.                          NY-36-61-221
KIEFER, E. SUSANNA                      NY-36-46-153
KIERAN, JOHN                            NY-36-44-408
KILLICK, RICHARD                        NY-36-31-540
KIMBACK, JASON                          NY-36-G-219
KIMBALL, GEORGE                         NY-36-60-225
KIMBALL, MARGARET                       NY-36-59-64
KIMBALL, MOSES                          NY-36-31-269
KIMBALL, NANCY C.                       NY-36-X-128
KIMBALL, SAMUEL G.                      NY-36-39-441
KIMBALL, SARAH J.                       NY-36-55-297
KIMBALL, THOMAS                         NY-36-42-155
KIMBALL, WILLIAM B.                     NY-36-44-187
KIMBARK, ADAM                           NY-36-F-59
KIMBARK, SALLY ANN                      NY-36-34-441
KIMBER, GEORGE                          NY-36-Z-265
KIMBER, JOSEPH                          NY-36-C-171
KIMBER,PETER                            NY-36-58-125
KINCH, FREDERICK A.                     NY-36-56-225
KINEY, THOMAS                           NY-36-42-99
KING, ABEL                              NY-36-J-28
KING, ABEL                              NY-36-#1-332
KING, ANDREW                            NY-36-E-349
KING, CHARLOTTE                         NY-36-35-751
KING, DEWITT C.                         NY-36-R-194
KING, EZRA                              NY-36-G-135
KING, GILBERT                           NY-36-2-121
KING, GILBERT                           NY-36-J-150
KING, HARRIS G.                         NY-36-L-311
KING, JOHN                              NY-36-O-153
KING, JOHN                              NY-36-38-90
KING, JONAS                             NY-36-35-640
KING, JONATHAN                          NY-36-F-2
KING, JULIA                             NY-36-71-333
KING, MARY LEROY                        NY-36-73-258
KING, NEHEMIAH F.                       NY-36-30-384
KING, PHEBE B.                          NY-36-67-180
KING, RANSOM                            NY-36-33-246
KING, SARAH F.                          NY-36-72-341
KING, STEPHEN                           NY-36-65-247
KING, SUSAN                             NY-36-51-380
KING, THOMAS                            NY-36-C-29
KING, THOMAS                            NY-36-W-161
KING, WILLAIM S.                        NY-36-32-33
KING, WILLIAM                           NY-36-48-59
KING, WILLIAM                           NY-36-34-376
KING, WILLIAM S.                        NY-36-51-391
KINGSTON, DAVID                         NY-36-44-15
KINNAN, MARY                            NY-36-34-229
KINNER, ANNY                            NY-36-D-335
KINNER, JOHN                            NY-36-A-393
KINNER, JOHN                            NY-36-J-420
KINNER, JOHN                            NY-36-2-100
KINNER, WILLIAM                         NY-36-S-263
KINNEY, THOMAS                          NY-36-61-425
KINSELA, EDWARD                         NY-36-X-95
KINSLER, GEORGE                         NY-36-33-176
KINSLEY, ZABINA J. D.                   NY-36-P-399
KIPP, MILLIE J.                         NY-36-67-223
KIRBY, DAVID                            NY-36-28-475
KIRBY, JAMES P.                         NY-36-67-178
KIRBY, JOHN                             NY-36-R-260
KIRBY, NOAH                             NY-36-33-315
KIRBY, REBECCA                          NY-36-54-175
KIRBY, SILAS H.                         NY-36-59-139
KIRK, JOHN                              NY-36-46-67
KIRKPATRICK, EDWARD                     NY-36-G-256
KIRKPATRICK, SARAH D.                   NY-36-39-33
KIRKPATRICK, WILLIAM J.                 NY-36-38-40
KISSAM, EMMA L.                         NY-36-42-158
KISSAM, PHILIP                          NY-36-59-297
KISSAM, RICHARD V.                      NY-36-32-368
KITCHAM, JAMES                          NY-36-#1-210
KITCHAM, JAMES                          NY-36-I-424
KITCHAM, PHILIP                         NY-36-H-166
KLAPROTH, KARK                          NY-36-44-405
KLENT, SARAH IRVING                     NY-36-70-6
KNAP, CHARLES                           NY-36-A-196
KNAP, JOHN                              NY-36-I-373
KNAP, JOHN                              NY-36-D-214
KNAP, JONATHAN                          NY-36-C-164
KNAP, MARY                              NY-36-G-203
KNAP, NATHANIEL                         NY-36-C-180
KNAP, SARAH                             NY-36-D-414
KNAP, WILLIAM                           NY-36-F-146
KNAP, WILLIAM                           NY-36-K-36
KNAPP, ALANSON                          NY-36-41-418
KNAPP, DANIEL                           NY-36-38-322
KNAPP, DOLLY T.                         NY-36-72-371
KNAPP, ELIZABETH                        NY-36-49-151
KNAPP, GEORGE                           NY-36-28-354
KNAPP, HIRAM                            NY-36-56-157
KNAPP, ISRAEL                           NY-36-43-175
KNAPP, JAMES                            NY-36-38-77
KNAPP, JARVIS                           NY-36-57-53
KNAPP, JOHN                             NY-36-30-348
KNAPP, JOHN                             NY-36-#1-181
KNAPP, JOHN M.                          NY-36-65-130
KNAPP, JOHN W.                          NY-36-41-75
KNAPP, JONAH                            NY-36-O-9
KNAPP, JOSEPH                           NY-36-L-39
KNAPP, MELISSA P.                       NY-36-48-272
KNAPP, NATHANIEL                        NY-36-R-392
KNAPP, NATHANIEL                        NY-36-P-215
KNAPP, SARAH                            NY-36-60-124
KNAPP, SARAH                            NY-36-G-302
KNAPP, SARAH E.                         NY-36-38-20
KNAPP, WILLIAM H.                       NY-36-57-394
KNAPP, WILLIAM H.                       NY-36-31-617
KNAPP, WILLIAM JR.                      NY-36-G-130
KNIBBS, CHARLES E.                      NY-36-60-362
KNIFFEN, JEREMIAH                       NY-36-71-242
KNIFFIN, DANIEL                         NY-36-C-139
KNIFFIN, MARTHA                         NY-36-F-160
KNIGHT, ALBERT                          NY-36-42-128
KNIGHT, DANIEL C.                       NY-36-27-50
KNIGHT, DAVID                           NY-36-W-21
KNIGHT, JOHN H.                         NY-36-45-264
KNIGHT, SARAH ANN                       NY-36-46-351
KNIGHT, THOMAS                          NY-36-40-122
KNIGHT, WILLIAM G.                      NY-36-28-482
KNITTLE, MARGARET                       NY-36-72-154
KNITTLE, STEPHEN H.                     NY-36-43-1
KNOX, PATIA P.                          NY-36-44-271
KOCH, HENRY                             NY-36-44-155
KOCH, JOHN P.                           NY-36-56-327
KOCH, SARAH A.                          NY-36-54-61
KOCH, SARAH A.                          NY-36-53-29
KOHBERGER, FREDERICK J.                 NY-36-70-91
KOHL, VALENTINE                         NY-36-54-219
KOON, SARAH M.                          NY-36-41-204
KOONS, AUGUST                           NY-36-65-314
KOONS, JOHN                             NY-36-70-386
KOONS, MATTHEW                          NY-36-Q-157
KOONZ, JANE                             NY-36-35-205
KOPHMAN, ADOLPH                         NY-36-41-250
KOPHMAN, HENRIETTA                      NY-36-70-254
KORTRIGHT, AARON W.                     NY-36-62-47
KORTRIGHT, JAMES L.                     NY-36-67-138
KORTRIGHT, JOHN C.                      NY-36-N-297
KORTRIGHT, SOLOMON                      NY-36-J-64
KORTRIGHT, SOLOMON                      NY-36-#1-357
KRAFT, GEORGE                           NY-36-70-209
KRAPP, EVE JANE                         NY-36-55-55
KREMPF, HENRY                           NY-36-35-79
KROM, CATHARINE A.                      NY-36-37-368
KROM, LEVI T.                           NY-36-70-137
KROM, STEPHEN                           NY-36-34-84
KRUM, JOHN                              NY-36-A-231
KUNATH, EMIL                            NY-36-59-160
KUNBACK, MATTHIAS                       NY-36-E-134
KUYKENDALL, JOSIAH                      NY-36-52-122
KYRK, NELSON                            NY-36-N-332
KYRK, ROBERT                            NY-36-O-547
LADU, JESSE B.                          NY-36-30-203
LADUE, ROBERT J.                        NY-36-56-132
LAEZELER, GUSTAV                        NY-36-59-3
LAH, CATHARINE                          NY-36-66-326
LAHEY, BRIDGET                          NY-36-56-30
LAHEY, JOHN J.                          NY-36-71-260
LAHEY, MARGARET                         NY-36-67-374
LAIN, DAVID                             NY-36-33-147
LAIN, JAMES                             NY-36-N-10
LAIN, WILLIAM                           NY-36-D-375
LAIN, WILLIAM S.                        NY-36-72-136
LAIRD, AGNES                            NY-36-28-64
LAMASNEY, EDMOND                        NY-36-H-232
LAMB, ANNIE B.                          NY-36-60-182
LAMB, JOHN                              NY-36-F-181
LAMB, JOHN A.                           NY-36-47-186
LAMBERT, MARY J.                        NY-36-59-199
LAMMER, PETER                           NY-36-49-218
LAMONTE, HIRAM                          NY-36-58-317
LAMOREAUX, ELIZA                        NY-36-45-217
LAMOREAUX, LUKE                         NY-36-2-26
LAMOREUX, DANIEL M.                     NY-36-40-124
LAMOREUX, EDEN                          NY-36-41-413
LAMOREUX, JEPTHA                        NY-36-I-540
LAMOREUX, JOHN                          NY-36-D-233
LAMOREUX, LUKE                          NY-36-J-341
LAMOREUX, PETER                         NY-36-D-143
LAMOREUX, ROBERT                        NY-36-L-237
LAMOUREAURE, PETER                      NY-36-F-386
LAMOUREAUX, JEPTHA                      NY-36-#1-284
LANCASTER, JEMIMA                       NY-36-F-422
LANDER, MARGARET                        NY-36-70-372
LANDON, JOHN E.                         NY-36-53-329
LANE, DYER B.                           NY-36-28-411
LANE, EDWARD M.                         NY-36-43-278
LANG, HENRY                             NY-36-73-205
LARE, JOHN T.                           NY-36-55-26
LAROCHE, SARAH E.                       NY-36-56-262
LAROE, ADELINE                          NY-36-35-803
LAROE, CRYNUS                           NY-36-I-89
LAROE, JAMES B.                         NY-36-S-429
LAROE, JAMES C.                         NY-36-70-342
LAROE, JOHN G.                          NY-36-73-269
LARUE, EZRA H.                          NY-36-66-264
LARUE, WILLIAM H.                       NY-36-61-10
LASHEUR, JACOB                          NY-36-53-297
LATHAM, SAMUEL                          NY-36-J-235
LATHROP, DAVID                          NY-36-K-166
LATIMORE, SAMUEL                        NY-36-32-162
LATOURETTE, JACOB                       NY-36-41-366
LATTIMER, THEODORE W.                   NY-36-71-434
LAURENCE, SARAH                         NY-36-52-124
LAVERY, PETER                           NY-36-L-358
LAWRENCE, CHARLES M.                    NY-36-49-361
LAWRENCE, DAVID                         NY-36-34-162
LAWRENCE, DAVID                         NY-36-F-33
LAWRENCE, JOHN                          NY-36-H-85
LAWRENCE, JOHN                          NY-36-50-283
LAWRENCE, JOHN                          NY-36-53-414
LAWRENCE, JONATHAN                      NY-36-A-138
LAWRENCE, JONATHAN                      NY-36-32-339
LAWRENCE, JOSEPH M.                     NY-36-49-393
LAWRENCE, MARY D.                       NY-36-53-409
LAWRENCE, NATHANIEL                     NY-36-30-250
LAWRENCE, NELLIE E.                     NY-36-58-346
LAWRENCE, SAMUEL                        NY-36-45-196
LAWRENCE, THOMAS                        NY-36-O-526
LAWSON, DOROTHY                         NY-36-48-12
LAWSON, GEORGE                          NY-36-46-151
LAWSON, JAMES T.                        NY-36-61-110
LAWSON, JANE C.                         NY-36-31-572
LAWSON, JOHN D.                         NY-36-O-498
LAWSON, JOHN K.                         NY-36-Z-317
LAWSON, MARY M.                         NY-36-55-39
LAWSON, ROBERT                          NY-36-V-264
LAWSON, SOPHIA M.                       NY-36-50-34
LAYTON, DANIEL                          NY-36-F-194
LAYTON, DANIEL                          NY-36-32-288
LAYTON, GEORGE J.                       NY-36-Z-444
LAYTON, JAMES Y.                        NY-36-52-120
LAYTON, JESSE                           NY-36-T-287
LAYTON, JESSE JR.                       NY-36-T-328
LAYTON, JOHN B.                         NY-36-65-127
LAYTON, JOHN W.                         NY-36-59-252
LAYTON, MARY                            NY-36-46-197
LAYTON, MARY A.                         NY-36-48-175
LAYTON, WILMOT S.                       NY-36-34-413
LAZEAR, CORNELIUS J.                    NY-36-55-409
LAZEAR, HANNAH                          NY-36-52-221
LAZEAR, JOHN                            NY-36-41-429
LAZEAR, SAMUEL T.                       NY-36-69-154
LAZIER, CORNELIUS                       NY-36-H-188
LEA, CATHERINE T.                       NY-36-72-171
LEA, GEORGE                             NY-36-72-81
LEACOCK, ELIZA M.                       NY-36-39-274
LEAVIT, DAVID                           NY-36-I-530
LEDOUX, KATHARINE R.                    NY-36-73-429
LEDOUX, LOUIS P.                        NY-36-48-178
LEDYARD, JOHN                           NY-36-T-333
LEDYARD, SARAH                          NY-36-31-209
LEE, CHARLES S.                         NY-36-48-453
LEE, EDWARD E.                          NY-36-34-90
LEE, ELIZABETH                          NY-36-30-215
LEE, FANNIE A.                          NY-36-60-117
LEE, JEPTHA B.                          NY-36-45-179
LEE, LIMON                              NY-36-34-524
LEE, MORRIS A.                          NY-36-60-314
LEE, MORRIS W.                          NY-36-53-215
LEE, PAUL                               NY-36-E-194
LEE, PHILLIP                            NY-36-H-12
LEE, ROBERT P.                          NY-36-X-300
LEE, SARAH JANE                         NY-36-Z-219
LEE, SQUIRE                             NY-36-29-250
LEECH, JOHN                             NY-36-52-382
LEESON, JOHN                            NY-36-49-196
LEFFERTS, RUSSEL L.                     NY-36-S-389
LEFFERTS, SELAH L.                      NY-36-38-256
LEFOY, HENRY                            NY-36-L-507
LEGHORN, SAMUEL J.                      NY-36-46-64
LEGHORN, WILLIAM                        NY-36-37-324
LEITCH, ANN S.                          NY-36-Y-177
LEITCH, JOHN                            NY-36-V-162
LEMON, ELIZA C.                         NY-36-67-367
LEMON, JOSEPH                           NY-36-40-315
LEMON, WILLIAM                          NY-36-47-273
LENDRUM, ALEXANDER                      NY-36-34-212
LENDRUM, ELIZABETH E.                   NY-36-27-535
LENT, JACOB                             NY-36-X-425
LENT, JACOB A.                          NY-36-K-490
LEON, GILBERT F.                        NY-36-V-397
LEONARD, CHAUNCEY M.                    NY-36-37-277
LEONARD, DANIEL GILLIS                  NY-36-28-316
LEONARD, FELIX                          NY-36-43-243
LEONARD, GEORGE W.                      NY-36-73-348
LEONARD, HOPE                           NY-36-73-113
LEPPERT, JULIA                          NY-36-61-176
LER, ESTHER                             NY-36-66-60
LESTER, MARY W.                         NY-36-40-78
LETTS, ABIGAIL                          NY-36-T-115
LETTS, ABRAM                            NY-36-59-294
LETTS, FRANCIS                          NY-36-#1-174
LETTS, FRANCIS                          NY-36-I-376
LEVI, AARON                             NY-36-33-558
LEWIS, CHARITY                          NY-36-49-284
LEWIS, HENRY D.                         NY-36-34-30
LEWIS, ISAAC                            NY-36-K-187
LEWIS, JACOB                            NY-36-F-344
LEWIS, JAMES                            NY-36-31-456
LEWIS, MARTHA J.                        NY-36-72-449
LEWIS, MARY JANE                        NY-36-59-414
LEWIS, NATHANIEL                        NY-36-D-356
LEWIS, ROSETTA W.                       NY-36-71-105
LEWIS, SAMUEL                           NY-36-53-341
LEWIS, SAMUEL                           NY-36-G-42
LEWIS, SAMUEL I.                        NY-36-71-301
LEWIS, THEODORE                         NY-36-54-260
LEWIS, THOMAS                           NY-36-39-85
LEWIS, WALTER H.                        NY-36-69-388
LEWIS, WILLIAM I.                       NY-36-40-313
LHOMEDIEU, JOHN A.                      NY-36-44-394
LIBOLT, ABEL                            NY-36-O-37
LIBOLT, LETTY J.                        NY-36-72-189
LIBOLT, MARY                            NY-36-52-343
LIBOLT, NICHOLAS                        NY-36-O-432
LIBOLT, THERON                          NY-36-S-404
LILLEY, FREDRICK                        NY-36-71-191
LILLEY, MARY HELEN                      NY-36-71-108
LILLIE, JESSE C.                        NY-36-57-90
LINDERMAN, ABSALOM                      NY-36-P-105
LINDERMAN, CATHARINE                    NY-36-58-412
LINDERMAN, HENRY S.                     NY-36-46-179
LINDERMAN, JACOB                        NY-36-F-35
LINDERMAN, MARGARET                     NY-36-45-80
LINDERMAN, SARAH                        NY-36-67-356
LINDRUM, GEORGE                         NY-36-32-451
LINDSAY, JOHN                           NY-36-57-41
LINDSAY, MARTHA D.                      NY-36-71-211
LINDSEY, CAROLINE                       NY-36-34-304
LINDSEY, HUGH                           NY-36-J-280
LINDSEY, HUGH                           NY-36-#1-497
LINDSEY, JANE                           NY-36-59-418
LINES, ABRAHAM I.                       NY-36-M-5
LINES, DAVID                            NY-36-56-161
LINES, POLLY                            NY-36-V-59
LIPFELD, SAMUEL                         NY-36-65-438
LIPSETT, CHRISTINA                      NY-36-55-454
LIPSETT, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-36-55-282
LIPSETT, ROBERT                         NY-36-33-279
LITTELL, HANNAH P.                      NY-36-61-38
LITTELL, LUTHER                         NY-36-38-76
LITTELL, MOSES                          NY-36-50-288
LITTLE, ANN R.                          NY-36-56-399
LITTLE, ARCHIBALD                       NY-36-K-303
LITTLE, AUGUSTA M.                      NY-36-38-422
LITTLE, EDWIN                           NY-36-46-110
LITTLE, EMMA                            NY-36-38-74
LITTLE, FRANCIS                         NY-36-32-388
LITTLE, GEORGE                          NY-36-V-140
LITTLE, HANNAH                          NY-36-43-25
LITTLE, JAMES                           NY-36-S-504
LITTLE, JAMES                           NY-36-B-37
LITTLE, JOSEPH                          NY-36-35-733
LITTLE, LAVINIA B.                      NY-36-44-338
LITTLE, MARY                            NY-36-46-299
LITTLE, PHEBE                           NY-36-H-261
LITTLE, ROBERT                          NY-36-I-225
LITTLE, ROBERT                          NY-36-#1-58
LITTLE, THOMAS                          NY-36-32-16
LITTLE, WILLIAM                         NY-36-H-223
LITTLE, WILLIAM C.                      NY-36-40-106
LITTLE, WILLIAM H.                      NY-36-38-405
LIVINGSTON, JOHN L.                     NY-36-54-25
LIVINGSTON, MARY                        NY-36-35-677
LOADER, JANE                            NY-36-53-337
LOANE, JAMES                            NY-36-71-386
LOBDELL, EBENEZER                       NY-36-F-346
LOBDELL, SAMUEL                         NY-36-A-185
LOBDELL, SARAH                          NY-36-H-8
LOCKWOOD, ABBY C.                       NY-36-33-334
LOCKWOOD, ALAN                          NY-36-K-243
LOCKWOOD, ALLEN                         NY-36-54-6
LOCKWOOD, CATHARINE A.                  NY-36-69-1
LOCKWOOD, CHARLES S.                    NY-36-47-322
LOCKWOOD, CORNELIUS                     NY-36-41-294
LOCKWOOD, DAVID S.                      NY-36-54-440
LOCKWOOD, ELEANOR CLARA                 NY-36-70-451
LOCKWOOD, ELMIRA M.                     NY-36-56-203
LOCKWOOD, FRANCIS W.                    NY-36-Z-45
LOCKWOOD, GILBERT                       NY-36-K-151
LOCKWOOD, LEWIS D.                      NY-36-35-798
LOCKWOOD, MARGARET D.                   NY-36-55-230
LOCKWOOD, MARY                          NY-36-32-180
LOCKWOOD, MARY W.                       NY-36-59-229
LOCKWOOD, MARY W.                       NY-36-61-117
LOCKWOOD, SAMUEL                        NY-36-L-73
LOCKWOOD, SARAH B.                      NY-36-65-311
LOFTUS, JAMES                           NY-36-46-427
LOGES, CHARLES                          NY-36-51-261
LOMA, ESTHER M.                         NY-36-62-156
LOMAS, JOHN                             NY-36-49-82
LONGUIT, ALICE                          NY-36-65-141
LOOMIS, SILAS                           NY-36-2-230
LOOMIS, SILAS (DR)                      NY-36-K-34
LORD, JAMES BROWN                       NY-36-71-148
LORD, JOHN                              NY-36-38-410
LORE, HEZEKIAH                          NY-36-G-155
LOREE, ELIZABETH                        NY-36-H-230
LOSKAMP, CAROLINE E.                    NY-36-31-575
LOSKAMP, CONRAD                         NY-36-55-278
LOSKAMP, SUSAN R.                       NY-36-37-449
LOUDON, THEODORE A.                     NY-36-31-568
LOUGHRAN, WILLIAM A.                    NY-36-48-92
LOUGHRIDGE, WILLIAM J.                  NY-36-S-8
LOUNABURY, JAMES H.                     NY-36-67-289
LOUNSBURY, HENRY                        NY-36-K-201
LOUNSBURY, HENRY                        NY-36-R-353
LOURIE, JANNETTE S.                     NY-36-38-204
LOVELASS, JOHN                          NY-36-59-220
LOVELET, WILLIAM                        NY-36-48-404
LOW, AGNES                              NY-36-62-353
LOW, DANIEL                             NY-36-60-93
LOW, JACOB                              NY-36-H-483
LOW, JAMES                              NY-36-30-72
LOW, JOHN A.                            NY-36-73-27
LOW, JOSEPH                             NY-36-40-75
LOW, LAWRENCE                           NY-36-28-600
LOW, MARY C.                            NY-36-44-291
LOWERS, ROBERT                          NY-36-I-132
LOWERS, ROBERT                          NY-36-#1-14
LOZIER, BENJAMIN W.                     NY-36-51-99
LOZIER, CATHARINE                       NY-36-I-218
LOZIER, MALCOM                          NY-36-T-143
LOZIER, PETER J.                        NY-36-71-136
LUCIE, MARY                             NY-36-65-374
LUCKEY, DAVID B.                        NY-36-52-186
LUCKEY, SUBMIT W.                       NY-36-58-229
LUDLEY, DELIA                           NY-36-31-345
LUDLOW, JOHN                            NY-36-43-34
LUDLOW, ROBERT                          NY-36-B-49
LUDLUM, BENJAMIN                        NY-36-B-40
LUDLUM, CALVIN B.                       NY-36-R-59
LUDLUM, JAMES J.                        NY-36-45-325
LUDLUM, JOHN                            NY-36-D-118
LUDLUM, JOHN T.                         NY-36-55-440
LUMMIS, LYDIA                           NY-36-58-43
LUMS, MARY                              NY-36-38-285
LUNDY, PATRICK                          NY-36-47-33
LUPTN, MARIA                            NY-36-34-518
LUPTON, CHRISTIANA                      NY-36-T-42
LUPTON, JAMES                           NY-36-S-386
LUPTON, MARY                            NY-36-V-251
LUQUER, ABRAHAM                         NY-36-53-256
LUQUER, NICHOLAS                        NY-36-27-199
LUQUER, WILLIAM E.                      NY-36-30-225
LUSH, JOHN J.                           NY-36-N-498
LUSK, JAMES                             NY-36-N-442
LUSK, JAMES                             NY-36-41-424
LYDDLE, JOHN                            NY-36-P-58
LYNCH, BERNARD                          NY-36-70-275
LYNCH, DAVID K.                         NY-36-59-283
LYNCH, JOHN                             NY-36-30-403
LYNN, MARY JANE                         NY-36-38-355
LYNN, WILLIAM                           NY-36-71-145
LYON, CATHERINE D.                      NY-36-58-255
LYON, CHARLES T.                        NY-36-50-240
LYON, ELIZABETH B.                      NY-36-46-190
LYON, JOHN S.                           NY-36-72-251
LYON, MILES                             NY-36-K-367
LYON, ROZETTA                           NY-36-27-372
LYON, SAMUEL                            NY-36-32-117
LYON, THOMAS J.                         NY-36-53-193
LYON, WILLIAM H.                        NY-36-38-18
LYON, ZALMON                            NY-36-K-435
LYONS, BRIDGET                          NY-36-48-3
LYONS, ISAAC                            NY-36-D-485
MAASEY, MARY                            NY-36-57-353
MABEE, HANNAH                           NY-36-55-400
MABEE, JESSE                            NY-36-Y-1
MABEE, JOHN                             NY-36-E-215
MABEE, NICHOLAS D.                      NY-36-34-405
MABEE, STEPHEN                          NY-36-E-149
MABIE, JEREMIAH                         NY-36-A-90
MACCANN, GEORGE                         NY-36-69-440
MACCTONA, SARAH C.                      NY-36-69-252
MACE, BENJAMIN H.                       NY-36-52-391
MACHETT, MARY B.                        NY-36-34-9
MACKANESS, THOMAS                       NY-36-C-422
MACKAY, STEPHEN                         NY-36-39-344
MACKEY, ABIGAIL                         NY-36-60-137
MACKEY, JOHN                            NY-36-52-140
MACKIE, JOSEPH                          NY-36-28-703
MACKIN, CHARLES                         NY-36-F-126
MACOMBER, MOSES                         NY-36-57-191
MACOY, ELLEN H.                         NY-36-38-23
MADDEN, FLORENCE C.                     NY-36-71-20
MAGIE, JACOB                            NY-36-42-1
MAGIE, JAMES                            NY-36-W-167
MAGIE, JOHN                             NY-36-N-294
MAGNER, CATHARINE                       NY-36-32-194
MAGRANE, ANN                            NY-36-Z-50
MAHAN, DENNIS H.                        NY-36-34-72
MAHAR, MARY                             NY-36-50-432
MAHER, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-36-50-410
MAHER, CORNELIUS                        NY-36-32-484
MAHER, HONORA                           NY-36-31-694
MAHER, MICHAEL                          NY-36-47-36
MAHER, PATRICK                          NY-36-72-255
MAHONEY, DANIEL R.                      NY-36-72-428
MAHONEY, JAMES                          NY-36-57-121
MAHUKE, CHARLES                         NY-36-46-122
MAILLER, HANNAH P.                      NY-36-49-90
MAILLER, JAMES                          NY-36-F-94
MAINS, FRANCIS                          NY-36-D-446
MAKUEN, GEORGE                          NY-36-66-318
MALCOMSON, EVE                          NY-36-58-396
MALLEY, CORNELIUS                       NY-36-38-394
MALLEY, DANIEL                          NY-36-70-53
MALONE, HENRY                           NY-36-48-113
MALONE, PATRICK                         NY-36-65-120
MALONEY, JOHN                           NY-36-73-194
MALONEY, PETER                          NY-36-52-363
MALONY, CATHERINE                       NY-36-43-13
MALONY, CATHERINE                       NY-36-73-290
MALOY, JOHN                             NY-36-38-13
MALOY, MICHAEL                          NY-36-32-467
MANDEVILL, JACOB                        NY-36-B-235
MANDEVILLE, HANNAH                      NY-36-52-36
MANDEVILLE, JOHN                        NY-36-N-362
MANDIGO, JOHN P.                        NY-36-60-329
MANDIGO, LUKE                           NY-36-L-432
MANDIGO, PETER                          NY-36-43-267
MANEY, WILLIAM H.                       NY-36-R-166
MANN, CATHARINE E.                      NY-36-32-73
MANNA, MARY                             NY-36-38-69
MANNEY, ANN                             NY-36-40-429
MANNEY, ROBERT                          NY-36-34-205
MANNING, COE                            NY-36-57-204
MANNING, DEBORAH                        NY-36-S-287
MANNING, EFFE REED                      NY-36-34-177
MANNING, HIRAM                          NY-36-30-91
MANNING, JOHN                           NY-36-44-385
MANNING, JOSEPH                         NY-36-B-247
MANNING, WALTER                         NY-36-70-230
MANSFIELD, ALEXANDER                    NY-36-32-253
MANSFIELD, CAROLINE                     NY-36-49-377
MANTARR, PETER                          NY-36-E-126
MANY, ABBIE L.                          NY-36-73-407
MANY, BARNABAS                          NY-36-L-495
MANY, BENJAMIN                          NY-36-73-237
MANY, SELAH                             NY-36-65-272
MANY, WALTER C.                         NY-36-60-160
MAPES, ALSOP W.                         NY-36-72-174
MAPES, AMELIA                           NY-36-62-86
MAPES, AMZI                             NY-36-43-281
MAPES, CHARLES                          NY-36-71-297
MAPES, CLARISSA                         NY-36-72-225
MAPES, EDWARD                           NY-36-50-204
MAPES, ELIZA                            NY-36-46-27
MAPES, ENOS                             NY-36-M-107
MAPES, ERASTUS                          NY-36-W-323
MAPES, EUNICE                           NY-36-F-314
MAPES, FRANKLIN                         NY-36-69-184
MAPES, GARRET B.                        NY-36-60-100
MAPES, GEORGE                           NY-36-46-450
MAPES, GESILAH A.                       NY-36-54-17
MAPES, HANNAH E.                        NY-36-55-315
MAPES, HENRY                            NY-36-G-77
MAPES, HEZEKIAH H.                      NY-36-43-130
MAPES, HOWARD T.                        NY-36-58-186
MAPES, JAMES P.                         NY-36-48-258
MAPES, JOHN                             NY-36-27-225
MAPES, JOHN                             NY-36-J-265
MAPES, JOHN                             NY-36-I-243
MAPES, JOHN V.                          NY-36-27-219
MAPES, JONATHAN                         NY-36-33-339
MAPES, JOSEPH L.                        NY-36-32-157
MAPES, JOSHUA D.                        NY-36-29-509
MAPES, JOSIAH                           NY-36-45-219
MAPES, MARCY                            NY-36-30-482
MAPES, MARGARET ISABELLE                NY-36-70-62
MAPES, MARTIN L.                        NY-36-41-282
MAPES, MARY                             NY-36-41-82
MAPES, MARY                             NY-36-29-176
MAPES, MARY ANN                         NY-36-60-395
MAPES, MILTON D.                        NY-36-66-226
MAPES, MOSES                            NY-36-L-103
MAPES, NATHAN                           NY-36-H-360
MAPES, NATHANIEL                        NY-36-S-36
MAPES, NORMAN C.                        NY-36-72-349
MAPES, SAMUEL                           NY-36-J-268
MAPES, SAMUEL                           NY-36-#1-480
MAPES, SAMUEL C.                        NY-36-55-222
MAPES, SAMUEL SR.                       NY-36-F-316
MAPES, SARAH J.                         NY-36-51-364
MAPES, SELAH                            NY-36-K-22
MAPES, SETH                             NY-36-40-127
MAPES, SUSAN A.                         NY-36-55-329
MAPES, TOWNSEND                         NY-36-37-281
MAPES, WILLIAM                          NY-36-B-8
MAPES, WILLIAM                          NY-36-66-129
MAPES, WILLIAM E.                       NY-36-57-39
MARA, ANNIE E.                          NY-36-71-103
MARCH, THOMAS A.                        NY-36-73-314
MARKSTAHLER, MICHAEL                    NY-36-72-151
MARSH, LUTHER R.                        NY-36-71-360
MARSH, MARY                             NY-36-54-302
MARSH, PHEBE                            NY-36-41-207
MARSHALL, JAMES B.                      NY-36-50-320
MARSHALL, THOMAS                        NY-36-E-76
MARSTON, ELIZA                          NY-36-34-298
MARSTON, WILLIAM C.                     NY-36-46-281
MARTIN, AZARIAH                         NY-36-35-597
MARTIN, CATHARINE                       NY-36-57-247
MARTIN, CATHARINE                       NY-36-27-504
MARTIN, CHARLES                         NY-36-F-130
MARTIN, CHARLES W.                      NY-36-70-363
MARTIN, DANIEL S.                       NY-36-69-140
MARTIN, EDWARD SR.                      NY-36-58-376
MARTIN, EMIL                            NY-36-62-32
MARTIN, JAMES                           NY-36-Q-162
MARTIN, JANE                            NY-36-G-54
MARTIN, JOHN                            NY-36-F-284
MARTIN, JOHN J.                         NY-36-O-381
MARTIN, MARGARET                        NY-36-M-17
MARTIN, NATHAN B.                       NY-36-31-353
MARTIN, PHILIP                          NY-36-27-585
MARTIN, PHINEHAS                        NY-36-F-140
MARTIN, SARAH                           NY-36-29-309
MARTIN, WILLIAM M.                      NY-36-M-512
MARTINE, HARRISON                       NY-36-Y-390
MARTINE, JONATHAN                       NY-36-V-195
MARTINE, SARAH ELIZABETH                NY-36-69-424
MARTINELLI, ANTON                       NY-36-50-73
MARVIN, CORTLANDT S.                    NY-36-49-200
MARVIN, DANIEL                          NY-36-F-378
MARVIN, ELIHU                           NY-36-C-122
MARVIN, ELIJAH                          NY-36-#1-93
MARVIN, ELIJAH                          NY-36-I-292
MARVIN, FRANCES                         NY-36-W-189
MARVIN, JAMES                           NY-36-R-53
MARVIN, JAMIMA                          NY-36-F-278
MARVIN, JANE P. S.                      NY-36-43-164
MARVIN, JESSE                           NY-36-F-193
MARVIN, JOHN F.                         NY-36-31-361
MARVIN, NATHAN                          NY-36-D-114
MARVIN, NATHAN                          NY-36-C-217
MARVIN, SAMUEL                          NY-36-#1-302
MARVIN, SAMUEL                          NY-36-I-533
MARVIN, SETH                            NY-36-G-144
MARVIN, SETH                            NY-36-E-334
MARVIN, STEPHEN                         NY-36-2-180
MARVIN, STEPHEN                         NY-36-J-508
MARVIN, SUSAN                           NY-36-53-285
MARVIN, TEMPERANCE                      NY-36-#1-354
MARVIN, TEMPERANCE                      NY-36-J-51
MASON, ELIZABETH                        NY-36-44-181
MASON, LYMAN                            NY-36-35-192
MASTEN, GEORGE H.                       NY-36-29-101
MASTEN, JULIA E.                        NY-36-40-261
MASTENSON, HENRY                        NY-36-48-429
MASTERSON, JACOB D.                     NY-36-44-161
MASTERSON, MARY                         NY-36-34-24
MASTERSON, WILLIAM                      NY-36-29-191
MATHER, INCREASE                        NY-36-F-83
MATHER, JOHN D.                         NY-36-N-513
MATHER, JOSEPH                          NY-36-C-286
MATHER, NATHANIEL                       NY-36-C-15
MATHER, NATHANIEL                       NY-36-X-275
MATHER, SILAS H.                        NY-36-27-208
MATTERN, JOHN PHILLIP                   NY-36-44-104
MATTHEWS, GEORGE                        NY-36-66-150
MATTHEWS, HANNAH S.                     NY-36-73-9
MATTHEWS, JAMES E.                      NY-36-72-25
MATTHEWS, JARED H.                      NY-36-47-76
MATTHEWS, JONATHAN M.                   NY-36-37-227
MATTHEWS, MARY                          NY-36-F-404
MATTHEWS, MATILDA                       NY-36-55-70
MATTHEWSON, ASA JR.                     NY-36-F-264
MATTHIESESEN, ADELE                     NY-36-55-257
MATTHIESSEN, ADELE                      NY-36-56-230
MAURY, VIRGINIA DRAPER                  NY-36-48-388
MAXEY, MARGARET                         NY-36-70-55
MAXWELL, MARTHA (MISS)                  NY-36-28-595
MAXWELL, MARTHA (MRS.)                  NY-36-28-675
MAXWELL, WILLIAM                        NY-36-S-498
MAY, JACOB                              NY-36-65-3
MAYES, ELLEN                            NY-36-70-310
MCALLES, MARY                           NY-36-57-346
MCALLISTER, ENOS                        NY-36-35-741
MCALLISTER, MARY E.                     NY-36-59-356
MCALLISTER, MARY R.                     NY-36-40-267
MCALOON, CHARLES                        NY-36-70-23
MCALOON, ELIZABETH                      NY-36-59-247
MCANALLY, DANIEL                        NY-36-M-54
MCANARNY, JOHN                          NY-36-Q-63
MCANERNEY, PATRICK                      NY-36-73-53
MCAVOY, NANCY                           NY-36-72-272
MCBERNEY, WILLIAM                       NY-36-D-423
MCBRIDE, ARCHIBALD                      NY-36-51-389
MCBRIDE, HANNAH S.                      NY-36-57-364
MCBRIDE, HENRY                          NY-36-Y-362
MCBRIDE, IRAV                           NY-36-50-201
MCBRIDE, JOHN                           NY-36-56-320
MCBRIDE, JOHN                           NY-36-56-320
MCBRIDE, JOHN                           NY-36-51-49
MCBRIDE, JOHN (238)                     NY-36-36-153
MCBURNEY, DAVID                         NY-36-K-233
MCBURNEY, HUGH                          NY-36-50-93
MCBURNEY, JOHN                          NY-36-65-124
MCBURNEY, JOHN                          NY-36-57-72
MCBURNEY, JOHN C.                       NY-36-32-85
MCBURNEY, WILLIAM                       NY-36-K-314
MCCABE, MARY                            NY-36-30-148
MCCABE, THOMAS                          NY-36-43-67
MCCAIN, CHARLES T.                      NY-36-57-340
MCCAMLY, CAROLINE ADELIA                NY-36-Q-142
MCCAN, GEORGE                           NY-36-2-204
MCCANE, LUCRETIA                        NY-36-55-101
MCCANE, WILLIAM                         NY-36-D-38
MCCANN, ALEXANDER                       NY-36-33-122
MCCANN, ALEXANDER                       NY-36-35-617
MCCANN, ALEXANDER                       NY-36-#1-101
MCCANN, ALEXANDER                       NY-36-I-300
MCCANN, ELLA                            NY-36-57-381
MCCANN, FRED S.                         NY-36-59-165
MCCANN, FRED S.                         NY-36-57-453
MCCANN, GEORGE                          NY-36-J-145
MCCANN, JAMES                           NY-36-30-470
MCCANN, JOHN                            NY-36-35-125
MCCANN, MARY                            NY-36-47-367
MCCANN, MARY                            NY-36-72-419
MCCANN, PATRICK                         NY-36-28-87
MCCANN, THOMAS M.                       NY-36-57-135
MCCANNON, PATRICK                       NY-36-G-24
MCCARRY, CATHARINE                      NY-36-58-372
MCCARTEE, JESSIE B.                     NY-36-38-227
MCCARTER, ELEANOR L.                    NY-36-69-164
MCCARTER, ISABELLA G.                   NY-36-60-130
MCCARTES, MARGARETTA B.                 NY-36-69-368
MCCARTHY, CHARLES                       NY-36-72-237
MCCARTHY, ELLEN                         NY-36-60-263
MCCARTHY, MICHAEL                       NY-36-35-743
MCCARTNEY, CATHARINE                    NY-36-71-425
MCCARTNEY, JAMES                        NY-36-29-108
MCCARTNEY, MARY                         NY-36-41-339
MCCARTNEY, ROBERT W.                    NY-36-41-85
MCCARTY, PATRICK                        NY-36-2-50
MCCARTY, PATRICK                        NY-36-J-334
MCCAUGHEL, GEORGE                       NY-36-L-449
MCCAULEY, ANN                           NY-36-47-358
MCCAULEY, ANNIE                         NY-36-60-29
MCCHESNEY, GEORGE G.                    NY-36-47-316
MCCLAGHRY, MARY                         NY-36-B-59
MCCLANSY, ALEXANDER                     NY-36-H-470
MCCLAUGHERY, ELIZABETH                  NY-36-P-207
MCCLAUGHERY, JOHN                       NY-36-V-108
MCCLAUGHRY, DAVID                       NY-36-L-469
MCCLAUGHRY, SAMUEL                      NY-36-M-100
MCCLAUGHRY, THOMAS                      NY-36-M-263
MCCLAURY, JAMES                         NY-36-Z-632
MCCLEAN, ISABELLA W.                    NY-36-57-147
MCCLEAN, JOHN                           NY-36-51-219
MCCLELLAND, JOHN                        NY-36-33-200
MCCLENNAN, PHEBE A.                     NY-36-30-506
MCCLOY, MICHAEL                         NY-36-59-87
MCCLUGHAN, MARY HANNAH                  NY-36-T-277
MCCLUNG, JOHN                           NY-36-R-30
MCCLUNG, SAMUEL                         NY-36-51-197
MCCLURE, ROBERT                         NY-36-G-181
MCCOLLAM, ISAAC                         NY-36-H-294
MCCOLLAM, THOMAS                        NY-36-J-132
MCCOLLOM, ELIZABETH                     NY-36-C-196
MCCOLLOUGH, ROBERT M. P.                NY-36-K-454
MCCOLLUM, JAMES                         NY-36-59-128
MCCONNELL, ELIZABETH                    NY-36-72-21
MCCONNELL, JANE                         NY-36-K-335
MCCONNELL, JOHN                         NY-36-58-290
MCCONNELL, JOHN                         NY-36-33-549
MCCONNELL, PHILIP                       NY-36-F-218
MCCORD, ANDREW                          NY-36-D-392
MCCORD, EPHE ANN                        NY-36-67-409
MCCORD, SAMUEL                          NY-36-C-203
MCCORMACK, FRANK                        NY-36-52-148
MCCORMICK, DEWITT C.                    NY-36-41-140
MCCORMICK, HARRIET                      NY-36-42-424
MCCORMICK, HENRY                        NY-36-38-345
MCCORMICK, MATTHEW                      NY-36-33-273
MCCORMICK, WILLIAM E.                   NY-36-38-300
MCCOUGHIN, WILLIAM                      NY-36-I-358
MCCOULLOUGH, BRIDGET                    NY-36-52-14
MCCOY, ANN                              NY-36-P-42
MCCOY, CATHERINE                        NY-36-52-5
MCCOY, HENRY ANDREW                     NY-36-67-257
MCCOY, ISABELLA                         NY-36-61-75
MCCOY, JOHN                             NY-36-E-83
MCCOY, JOHN                             NY-36-30-108
MCCOY, JOHN                             NY-36-34-425
MCCOY, JOHN B.                          NY-36-60-3
MCCOY, ROBERT                           NY-36-32-94
MCCOY, THOMAS                           NY-36-V-358
MCCREA, WILLIAM                         NY-36-49-331
MCCREERY, WILLIAM                       NY-36-N-164
MCCULLOUGH, JENNIE                      NY-36-51-455
MCCULLOUGH, THOMAS                      NY-36-X-112
MCCUNE, THOMAS                          NY-36-35-795
MCCURDY, JOHN                           NY-36-X-23
MCCURDY, MARGARET                       NY-36-S-113
MCCURDY, ROBERT                         NY-36-D-54
MCCUTCHEN, DAVID                        NY-36-E-80
MCCUTCHEON, JOHN H.                     NY-36-60-324
MCCUTCHEON, MARTHA                      NY-36-K-138
MCCUTCHEON, ROBERT                      NY-36-W-172
MCDERMOTT, JAMES                        NY-36-29-150
MCDERMOTT, THOMAS                       NY-36-37-301
MCDONALD, ALEXANDER                     NY-36-I-286
MCDONALD, ALEXANDER                     NY-36-#1-88
MCDONALD, BERNARD                       NY-36-43-196
MCDONALD, DANIEL                        NY-36-62-289
MCDONALD, JAMES                         NY-36-I-503
MCDONALD, LUKE                          NY-36-55-310
MCDONALD, MARY                          NY-36-49-333
MCDONALD, MARY ANN                      NY-36-W-145
MCDONALD, SARAH                         NY-36-I-257
MCDONALD, WILLIAM                       NY-36-53-237
MCDONALL, PATRICK                       NY-36-D-195
MCDONOUGH, JOHN                         NY-36-27-232
MCDOWEL, ELIZABETH                      NY-36-H-29
MCDOWELL, ALEXANDER                     NY-36-D-211
MCDOWELL, DAVID                         NY-36-38-414
MCDOWELL, JOHN                          NY-36-C-198
MCDOWELL, MATHEW                        NY-36-B-363
MCDOWELL, MATTHEW                       NY-36-30-388
MCDOWELL, OSCAR                         NY-36-49-14
MCDOWELL, PHEBE                         NY-36-36-404
MCDOWELL, THOMAS B.                     NY-36-U-362
MCELROY, ALEXANDER JR.                  NY-36-R-142
MCELROY, GILBERT D.                     NY-36-55-18
MCELROY, JAMES                          NY-36-38-133
MCELROY, JAMES E.                       NY-36-70-264
MCELROY, JANE                           NY-36-57-385
MCELROY, JOHN                           NY-36-51-63
MCELROY, JOHN                           NY-36-32-490
MCELROY, JONAS                          NY-36-32-394
MCELROY, MARGARET                       NY-36-44-423
MCELROY, PHEBE J.                       NY-36-58-141
MCELROY, SAMUEL                         NY-36-T-208
MCELROY, WILLIAM                        NY-36-51-120
MCELROY, WILLIAM J.                     NY-36-39-229
MCENANY, THOMAS                         NY-36-58-355
MCEWEN, MARGARET                        NY-36-66-314
MCEWEN, THOMAS C.                       NY-36-50-159
MCFARLAN, HUDSON                        NY-36-38-361
MCFARLAN, WALTER                        NY-36-46-195
MCGAHEY, CATHARINE                      NY-36-Q-453
MCGAHEY, CHARLES                        NY-36-O-627
MCGAHEY, MARIA                          NY-36-O-410
MCGAHEY, OWEN                           NY-36-N-482
MCGAHEY, PATRICK                        NY-36-G-169
MCGAHEY, WILLIAM                        NY-36-O-630
MCGANLEY, MARTHA                        NY-36-45-392
MCGANLEY, PATRICK                       NY-36-34-147
MCGARRAH, JOHN                          NY-36-58-27
MCGATHERN, APTRICK                      NY-36-40-269
MCGATHERN, SARAH                        NY-36-67-123
MCGATHREEN, JOHN                        NY-36-N-30
MCGAULEY, MARY                          NY-36-56-140
MCGEE, MICHAEL                          NY-36-61-236
MCGEE, WILLIAM                          NY-36-W-270
MCGIBBON, GEORGE                        NY-36-69-288
MCGILL, JAMES H.                        NY-36-66-267
MCGILL, JOHN                            NY-36-31-190
MCGILL, MAHLON                          NY-36-55-30
MCGILL, MORGAN L.                       NY-36-55-155
MCGILL, NELSON                          NY-36-49-128
MCGILL, ROBERT                          NY-36-Z-625
MCGILL, SAMUEL                          NY-36-30-298
MCGILL, SAMUEL S.                       NY-36-47-68
MCGILL, SARAH                           NY-36-55-32
MCGILL, WILLIAM L.                      NY-36-60-142
MCGINN, ARTHUR                          NY-36-73-49
MCGLONE, JAMES                          NY-36-54-208
MCGLYNN, EDWARD                         NY-36-69-22
MCGONIGAL, PATRICK                      NY-36-32-28
MCGONIGLE, MARY                         NY-36-K-414
MCGORK, JANE                            NY-36-72-168
MCGOWAN, FELIX                          NY-36-45-208
MCGOWAN, FRANCIS                        NY-36-36-437
MCGOWN, JOHN                            NY-36-41-254
MCGRATH, JOHN                           NY-36-49-365
MCGRAW, JAMES                           NY-36-55-147
MCGRAW, MARY                            NY-36-55-150
MCGREGOR, ALEXANDER                     NY-36-I-261
MCGREGOR, JOHN                          NY-36-66-279
MCGREGOR, WILLIAM D.                    NY-36-57-218
MCGUIGAN, SUSAN                         NY-36-59-48
MCGUIGAN, THOMAS                        NY-36-58-9
MCGUIRE, EDWARD                         NY-36-Y-228
MCGUIRE, JOHN                           NY-36-72-302
MCGUIRE, OWEN                           NY-36-33-302
MCHUGH, JOHN                            NY-36-I-65
MCHUGH, MATTHEW                         NY-36-G-103
MCINISTON, WILLIAM                      NY-36-54-290
MCJIMSEY, JOHN                          NY-36-U-51
MCKAGUE, JAMES                          NY-36-58-326
MCKEE, MARTHA G.                        NY-36-71-110
MCKEE, SAMUEL                           NY-36-52-170
MCKELVEY, AGNES                         NY-36-50-317
MCKELVEY, JOHN                          NY-36-46-305
MCKELVY, JOHN                           NY-36-S-386
MCKENNA, MILLICENT                      NY-36-F-131
MCKENNY, ARTHUR                         NY-36-B-319
MCKEON, MICHAEL                         NY-36-60-241
MCKIBBIN, CHARLES                       NY-36-73-127
MCKIBBIN, JOHN                          NY-36-33-179
MCKIERNAN, PATRICK                      NY-36-54-412
MCKINNEY, ANNA K.                       NY-36-72-376
MCKINNEY, ARTHUR                        NY-36-42-4
MCKINNEY, ARTHUR                        NY-36-N-1
MCKINNEY, JAMES H.                      NY-36-70-449
MCKIPACK, THOMAS                        NY-36-I-493
MCKISSOCK, HUGH                         NY-36-69-420
MCKISSOCK, HUGH                         NY-36-70-384
MCKUNE, EUNICE                          NY-36-38-413
MCLAUGHLAN, JOSEPH                      NY-36-E-218
MCLAUGHLEY, AGNUS                       NY-36-D-105
MCLAUGHLIN, CAROLINE                    NY-36-44-102
MCLAUGHLIN, CHARLOTTE                   NY-36-52-327
MCLAUGHLIN, EDWARD                      NY-36-X-337
MCLAUGHLIN, ELEAZER G.                  NY-36-46-237
MCLAUGHLIN, ELIZABETH                   NY-36-50-390
MCLAUGHLIN, JAMES                       NY-36-41-108
MCLAUGHLIN, JAMES                       NY-36-54-133
MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN                        NY-36-J-20
MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN                        NY-36-#1-326
MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN D.                     NY-36-30-436
MCLAUGHLIN, JOSEPH H.                   NY-36-31-751
MCLAUGHLIN, MERCY S.                    NY-36-40-265
MCLAUGHLIN, NEAL                        NY-36-D-323
MCLAUGHLIN, PATRICK                     NY-36-F-158
MCLAUGHLIN, PETER                       NY-36-C-148
MCLAUGHLIN, SAMUEL                      NY-36-40-85
MCLAUGHLIN, SAMUEL G.                   NY-36-62-417
MCLAUGHLIN, TIMOTHY                     NY-36-43-161
MCLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM                     NY-36-#1-165
MCLEAN, ANN                             NY-36-H-316
MCLEAN, CORNELIUS                       NY-36-35-776
MCLEOD, DAVID                           NY-36-65-52
MCLHENEY, JOHN                          NY-36-K-52
MCLHENEY, JOHN                          NY-36-2-232
MCMILLAN, CATHERINE                     NY-36-50-183
MCMILLER, ARCHIBALD                     NY-36-47-283
MCMONAGH, MARGARET A.                   NY-36-60-78
MCMONAGLE, MARGARET                     NY-36-32-533
MCMORDIE, ELIZABETH E.                  NY-36-66-363
MCMULLEN, CALVIN                        NY-36-41-78
MCMUNN, JOHN                            NY-36-M-283
MCMUNN, JOHN B.                         NY-36-32-210
MCMUNN, SARAH                           NY-36-Z-321
MCMURDY, SARAH                          NY-36-B-275
MCMURRIN, WILLIAM JR.                   NY-36-29-212
MCNAMARA, MICHAEL                       NY-36-62-423
MCNEAL, AGNES H.                        NY-36-73-219
MCNEAL, JAMES                           NY-36-E-203
MCNEAL, MARY ANN                        NY-36-53-50
MCNEAL, NANCY B.                        NY-36-38-304
MCNELA, JOHN E.                         NY-36-55-322
MCNISH, ANDEW C.                        NY-36-T-258
MCNISH, ANDREW C.                       NY-36-C-225
MCNISH, CURTIS                          NY-36-34-280
MCNISH, ELISABETH G.                    NY-36-59-312
MCNISH, GEORGE                          NY-36-F-328
MCNISH, JOSHUA                          NY-36-I-78
MCNISH, MARY                            NY-36-58-113
MCNISH, RACHAEL                         NY-36-45-62
MCNISH, WILLIAM C.                      NY-36-31-367
MCNULTY, MICHAEL                        NY-36-40-42
MCPEEK, SARAH C.                        NY-36-62-443
MCQUAID, EDWARD                         NY-36-66-330
MCQUOID, CHARLES A.                     NY-36-30-641
MCQUOID, CYNTHIA B.                     NY-36-66-457
MCQUOID, JAMES                          NY-36-X-491
MCQUOID, JANE                           NY-36-66-261
MCQUOID, JOHN                           NY-36-M-116
MCQUOID, WILLIAM M.                     NY-36-37-13
MCSHARES, FELIX                         NY-36-31-255
MCVEY, CHARITY                          NY-36-Q-205
MCVEY, FRANCES E.                       NY-36-47-101
MCVEY, JAMES                            NY-36-F-205
MCVEY, JAMES                            NY-36-72-134
MCVOY, HARRIET A.                       NY-36-59-21
MCWHORTER, GILBERT                      NY-36-J-77
MCWHORTER, JOHN                         NY-36-F-62
MCWHORTER, JOHN                         NY-36-C-42
MCWHORTER, JOHN A.                      NY-36-#1-50
MCWHORTER, JOHN A.                      NY-36-I-213
MCWHORTER, LYDIA                        NY-36-35-221
MCWHORTER, WILLIAM B.                   NY-36-61-26
MCWILLIAMS, CHARLES                     NY-36-40-426
MCWILLIAMS, ELIZABETH                   NY-36-65-279
MCWILLIAMS, JAMES SPENCER               NY-36-60-379
MCWILLIAMS, JOHN                        NY-36-Q-273
MCWILLIAMS, JOHN                        NY-36-B-358
MCWILLIAMS, JOHN HARVEY                 NY-36-56-123
MCWILLIAMS, MARTHA                      NY-36-37-328
MCWILLIAMS, NANCY                       NY-36-32-536
MEAD, ABRAHAM                           NY-36-M-156
MEAD, ABRAHAM                           NY-36-66-334
MEAD, CHARLES                           NY-36-57-207
MEAD, CHARLES B.                        NY-36-47-225
MEAD, CORNELIA D.                       NY-36-36-400
MEAD, FANNIE JACKSON                    NY-36-70-109
MEAD, HANNAH                            NY-36-31-439
MEAD, HARRIET                           NY-36-66-139
MEAD, ISAAC                             NY-36-L-112
MEAD, JUSTUS                            NY-36-S-440
MEAD, LILAH B.                          NY-36-30-119
MEAD, MARIA                             NY-36-66-304
MEAD, ROSWELL                           NY-36-Q-214
MEAD, WILLIAM H.                        NY-36-39-299
MEADE, SYLVESTER                        NY-36-60-443
MEAGHER, MARTIN                         NY-36-49-343
MEARNS, ALEXANDER                       NY-36-48-250
MEARNS, ALEXANDER JR.                   NY-36-35-90
MEDRICK, EMMA E.                        NY-36-73-357
MEE, ANN                                NY-36-32-141
MEEHAN, JOHN                            NY-36-48-318
MEEHAN, JOHN                            NY-36-33-310
MEEKER, BENJAMIN                        NY-36-A-115
MEEKER, ISAAC V.                        NY-36-42-263
MEEKER, LOIS                            NY-36-A-300
MEEKS, PETER                            NY-36-2-241
MEEKS, PETER                            NY-36-K-58
MELDON, JAMES                           NY-36-47-164
MELLOR, BENJAMIN                        NY-36-43-173
MELLOR, WILLIAM                         NY-36-43-133
MERITT, REUBEN                          NY-36-H-164
MERRIAM, HENRY                          NY-36-57-125
MERRIMAN, EMMA M.                       NY-36-47-339
MERRIMAN, SAMUEL G.                     NY-36-45-132
MERRIT, CALEB                           NY-36-52-142
MERRITT, ANDREW                         NY-36-32-187
MERRITT, CALEB                          NY-36-42-230
MERRITT, DANIEL                         NY-36-30-563
MERRITT, ELLEN M.                       NY-36-32-439
MERRITT, JOSIAH                         NY-36-46-366
MERRITT, MARY ANN                       NY-36-69-268
MERRITT, SYLVANDA                       NY-36-48-101
MERRITT, THOMAS B.                      NY-36-32-460
METCALF, WILLIAM                        NY-36-42-345
METFORD, PHEBE H.                       NY-36-43-357
METRUSTRY, JENNIE M.                    NY-36-56-354
MEYER, FRIDRIG                          NY-36-65-413
MEYER, RUTH                             NY-36-71-406
MEYER, SARAH                            NY-36-54-446
MEYERS, BRDIGET                         NY-36-70-417
MEYERS, MARGARET                        NY-36-53-148
MEYERS, MARTIN                          NY-36-B-179
MICHAEL, FANTON                         NY-36-62-135
MICHIE, PETER S.                        NY-36-69-307
MIDDAUGH, MARGARET M.                   NY-36-69-70
MIDDLEBROOK, ELIZABETH                  NY-36-28-513
MIDDLEBROOK, WILLIAM                    NY-36-L-342
MIERS, MARY                             NY-36-Y-267
MIKLES, JACOB                           NY-36-H-62
MIKLES, SAMUEL                          NY-36-52-273
MILBURN, ISAIAH                         NY-36-50-109
MILBURN, JOHN                           NY-36-58-200
MILBURN, RICHARD                        NY-36-69-380
MILDDLETON, WILLIAM A.                  NY-36-28-471
MILES, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-36-45-117
MILLEPAUGH, WILLIAM SR.                 NY-36-70-68
MILLER, AARON                           NY-36-41-218
MILLER, ABRAHAM                         NY-36-O-103
MILLER, ABRAHAM                         NY-36-43-250
MILLER, ABRAHAM P.                      NY-36-27-437
MILLER, ADALINE D.                      NY-36-73-325
MILLER, ADALINE Y.                      NY-36-72-288
MILLER, AUSTIN R.                       NY-36-33-154
MILLER, BELINDA A.                      NY-36-58-148
MILLER, CAROLINE                        NY-36-56-283
MILLER, CATHARINE                       NY-36-33-284
MILLER, CHARITY A.                      NY-36-50-42
MILLER, CHARLES                         NY-36-56-32
MILLER, CHARLES                         NY-36-35-787
MILLER, CHRISTOPHER B.                  NY-36-U-297
MILLER, CYNTHIA                         NY-36-72-398
MILLER, DANIEL                          NY-36-B-71
MILLER, DANIEL ***                      NY-36-M-175
MILLER, DAVID                           NY-36-M-92
MILLER, DAVID                           NY-36-I-165
MILLER, DAVID D.                        NY-36-55-312
MILLER, EDWARD                          NY-36-D-259
MILLER, ELIZABETH A.                    NY-36-61-35
MILLER, EMILY D.                        NY-36-69-34
MILLER, ESTHER JANE                     NY-36-69-81
MILLER, FANNIE A.                       NY-36-38-247
MILLER, FANNY                           NY-36-42-55
MILLER, GEORGE                          NY-36-S-458
MILLER, GEORGE A.                       NY-36-54-230
MILLER, GEORGE C.                       NY-36-62-18
MILLER, GEORGE R.                       NY-36-38-317
MILLER, GEORGE S.                       NY-36-I-26
MILLER, GEORGIANA                       NY-36-62-35
MILLER, HARRIET                         NY-36-56-259
MILLER, HELEN Y.                        NY-36-51-305
MILLER, HENRY                           NY-36-T-73
MILLER, HENRY W.                        NY-36-33-299
MILLER, HEZEKIAH                        NY-36-50-101
MILLER, HIRAM                           NY-36-62-249
MILLER, HUDSON                          NY-36-56-433
MILLER, ISAAC F.                        NY-36-50-75
MILLER, JACOB                           NY-36-69-330
MILLER, JACOBUS                         NY-36-F-393
MILLER, JAMES                           NY-36-I-315
MILLER, JAMES                           NY-36-M-299
MILLER, JAMES                           NY-36-29-457
MILLER, JAMES                           NY-36-30-682
MILLER, JAMES S.                        NY-36-E-238
MILLER, JAMES W.                        NY-36-31-513
MILLER, JAMES W.                        NY-36-73-174
MILLER, JOHANNES                        NY-36-J-294
MILLER, JOHANNES                        NY-36-#1-490
MILLER, JOHN                            NY-36-31-743
MILLER, JOHN B.                         NY-36-G-2
MILLER, JOHN B.                         NY-36-39-52
MILLER, JOHN D.                         NY-36-55-280
MILLER, JOHN G.                         NY-36-50-155
MILLER, JOHN R.                         NY-36-47-86
MILLER, JONATHAN                        NY-36-41-441
MILLER, JONATHAN                        NY-36-J-8
MILLER, JONATHAN                        NY-36-V-291
MILLER, JOSEPH                          NY-36-U-396
MILLER, JOSIAH W.                       NY-36-K-253
MILLER, JULIA A.                        NY-36-46-400
MILLER, MARIA MASON                     NY-36-62-334
MILLER, MARY                            NY-36-30-518
MILLER, MARY A.                         NY-36-62-170
MILLER, MARY A.                         NY-36-71-295
MILLER, MARY C.                         NY-36-49-227
MILLER, MARY D.                         NY-36-53-267
MILLER, MARY ELLISON                    NY-36-49-244
MILLER, MATTHIAS G.                     NY-36-H-150
MILLER, MICHAEL                         NY-36-59-84
MILLER, MICHAEL                         NY-36-27-338
MILLER, MOSES                           NY-36-V-39
MILLER, NATHANIEL H.                    NY-36-45-203
MILLER, PHEBE                           NY-36-40-318
MILLER, PHEBE J.                        NY-36-61-307
MILLER, PHILIP                          NY-36-B-12
MILLER, PHILLIP (71)                    NY-36-N-168
MILLER, REUBEN C.                       NY-36-53-172
MILLER, RICHARD                         NY-36-38-408
MILLER, RUFUS A.                        NY-36-36-393
MILLER, RUTH                            NY-36-Z-740
MILLER, SAMUEL                          NY-36-D-70
MILLER, SAMUEL                          NY-36-35-6780
MILLER, SAMUEL H.                       NY-36-43-89
MILLER, SARAH                           NY-36-35-570
MILLER, WILLIAM                         NY-36-D-492
MILLER, WILLIAM                         NY-36-L-292
MILLER, WILLIAM                         NY-36-C-114
MILLER, WILLIAM B.                      NY-36-69-315
MILLER, WILLIAM D.                      NY-36-57-78
MILLER, WILLIAM H.                      NY-36-32-102
MILLIGAN, JOHN                          NY-36-I-393
MILLIGAN, JOHN W.                       NY-36-Y-247
MILLIKEN, ARCHIBALD                     NY-36-I-5
MILLIKEN, HUGH                          NY-36-C-157
MILLIKEN, HUGH                          NY-36-65-382
MILLIKEN, JAMES                         NY-36-47-451
MILLIKEN, JOHN S.                       NY-36-40-424
MILLIKEN, MARTHA                        NY-36-Z-433
MILLIKEN, PETER                         NY-36-R-222
MILLIKEN, SUSAN                         NY-36-40-146
MILLINGTON, PETER                       NY-36-52-150
MILLINGTON, THOMAS                      NY-36-#1-259
MILLINGTON, THOMAS                      NY-36-I-420
MILLS, ADDIE D.                         NY-36-38-206
MILLS, ALBERT                           NY-36-54-117
MILLS, ANN ELIZA                        NY-36-45-354
MILLS, CATHARINE                        NY-36-R-65
MILLS, DEBORAH                          NY-36-32-329
MILLS, EBENEZER                         NY-36-J-178
MILLS, EBENEZER                         NY-36-28-1
MILLS, EDMUND S.                        NY-36-38-448
MILLS, EDWARD                           NY-36-54-344
MILLS, EDWIN                            NY-36-61-198
MILLS, ELEANOR                          NY-36-57-159
MILLS, ELIZABETH F.                     NY-36-45-405
MILLS, ELIZABETH S.                     NY-36-44-327
MILLS, ERRILLA J.                       NY-36-69-403
MILLS, ESTHER                           NY-36-28-91
MILLS, HARRISON                         NY-36-57-67
MILLS, HEZEKIAH D.                      NY-36-47-456
MILLS, HORACE                           NY-36-31-290
MILLS, JACOB                            NY-36-L-148
MILLS, JANE H.                          NY-36-60-222
MILLS, JOHN J. S.                       NY-36-Q-167
MILLS, LETTY JANE                       NY-36-50-303
MILLS, MICAH                            NY-36-D-302
MILLS, MOSES S.                         NY-36-31-660
MILLS, PETER                            NY-36-#1-53
MILLS, PETER                            NY-36-I-210
MILLS, ROBERT EMMET                     NY-36-71-304
MILLS, SAMUEL                           NY-36-Z-198
MILLS, SAMUEL W.                        NY-36-71-377
MILLS, SARAH MCDONALD                   NY-36-72-394
MILLS, THOMAS                           NY-36-X-419
MILLS, THOMAS K.                        NY-36-43-118
MILLS, THOMAS K.                        NY-36-54-186
MILLS, THOMAS L.                        NY-36-60-16
MILLSBOUGH, NICHOLAS                    NY-36-C-17
MILLSPAUGH, ABEL                        NY-36-34-431
MILLSPAUGH, ADAM W.                     NY-36-L-266
MILLSPAUGH, AMELIA                      NY-36-54-332
MILLSPAUGH, AMOS                        NY-36-33-212
MILLSPAUGH, ANDREW A.                   NY-36-L-318
MILLSPAUGH, BUSHROD                     NY-36-38-337
MILLSPAUGH, CATHARINE                   NY-36-42-11
MILLSPAUGH, EGBERT                      NY-36-33-171
MILLSPAUGH, EMILY                       NY-36-60-454
MILLSPAUGH, GEORGE G.                   NY-36-58-423
MILLSPAUGH, HANNAH B.                   NY-36-58-72
MILLSPAUGH, HENRY                       NY-36-F-58
MILLSPAUGH, HERVEY                      NY-36-R-338
MILLSPAUGH, JEREMIAH                    NY-36-Q-442
MILLSPAUGH, JOHN H.                     NY-36-71-289
MILLSPAUGH, JOSEPH G.                   NY-36-50-89
MILLSPAUGH, LUCAS E.                    NY-36-31-483
MILLSPAUGH, LUCY C.                     NY-36-60-111
MILLSPAUGH, MARIA                       NY-36-39-37
MILLSPAUGH, MARTENAS                    NY-36-31-168
MILLSPAUGH, MARY                        NY-36-H-536
MILLSPAUGH, MARY P.                     NY-36-T-59
MILLSPAUGH, OLIVER B.                   NY-36-27-106
MILLSPAUGH, PETER A.                    NY-36-R-208
MILLSPAUGH, RACHEL                      NY-36-56-343
MILLSPAUGH, SAMUEL                      NY-36-30-532
MILLSPAUGH, SARAH                       NY-36-42-236
MILLSPAUGH, SUSAN                       NY-36-L-269
MILLSPAUGH, TOWNSEND D.                 NY-36-60-377
MILLSPAUGH, WILLIAM C.                  NY-36-37-260
MILS, OPHELIA K.                        NY-36-49-148
MILS, SAMUEL C.                         NY-36-73-233
MILSPAUGH, ADAM                         NY-36-G-197
MILSPAUGH, DANIEL                       NY-36-H-450
MILSPAUGH, EDWARD A.                    NY-36-66-47
MILSPAUGH, HANNAH                       NY-36-2-29
MILSPAUGH, HANNAH                       NY-36-J-348
MILSPAUGH, JACOB                        NY-36-C-313
MILSPAUGH, JOHN                         NY-36-C-136
MILSPAUGH, MARY E.                      NY-36-53-275
MILSPAUGH, NICHOLAS                     NY-36-E-142
MILSPAUGH, PHILLIP                      NY-36-B-213
MILSPAUGH, SUSAN                        NY-36-J-238
MILSPAUGH, SUSAN                        NY-36-#1-460
MIMFORD, ANN                            NY-36-38-315
MINNEY, MARY E.                         NY-36-55-432
MINNICK, CATHARINE                      NY-36-70-175
MINTHORN, NATHANIEL                     NY-36-G-43
MINTHORN, SARAH                         NY-36-34-38
MINTHORN, WILLIAM                       NY-36-H-152
MINTURN, LOUISA                         NY-36-47-353
MIRE, MARTIN                            NY-36-B-179
MISHEMIN, JOHN                          NY-36-67-363
MISKIMIN, KATE                          NY-36-54-378
MITCHELL, GEORGE B. J.                  NY-36-73-66
MITCHELL, JAMES                         NY-36-L-426
MITCHELL, JAMES C.                      NY-36-71-413
MITCHELL, JOHN                          NY-36-43-384
MITCHELL, JOHN                          NY-36-51-294
MITCHELL, PHILENA R.                    NY-36-70-242
MITCHELL, WILLIAM                       NY-36-38-24
MITCHELL, WILLIAM H.                    NY-36-71-143
MITINGER, LEWIS                         NY-36-50-259
MOFAT, SAMUEL                           NY-36-D-59
MOFFAT, JOHN                            NY-36-F-221
MOFFAT, JOSEPH                          NY-36-31-704
MOFFAT, SAMUEL                          NY-36-D-354
MOFFAT, SAMUEL                          NY-36-A-1
MOFFAT, THOMAS                          NY-36-C-279
MOFFATT, ALMIRA                         NY-36-W-128
MOFFATT, CHARLOTTE                      NY-36-67-50
MOFFATT, HENRY F.                       NY-36-41-285
MOFFATT, JOHN                           NY-36-27-464
MOFFATT, JOHN                           NY-36-27-663
MOFFATT, SOPHIA                         NY-36-37-432
MOFFATT, SUSAN                          NY-36-37-403
MOFFATT, TYLER B.                       NY-36-55-291
MONAGHAN, PHILIP                        NY-36-53-244
MONAHAN, ANASTACIA                      NY-36-61-281
MONAHAN, ANNIE                          NY-36-73-438
MONAHAN, MARY                           NY-36-72-261
MONDAY, CATHERINE                       NY-36-48-110
MONDON, ELEANOR                         NY-36-55-174
MONDON,NEHEMIAH L.                      NY-36-57-294
MONEGHAN, SARAH                         NY-36-49-119
MONELL, HENRY                           NY-36-42-301
MONELL, JAMES                           NY-36-G-8
MONELL, JOHN P.                         NY-36-60-374
MONELL, SAMUEL                          NY-36-L-83
MONELL, SARAH E.                        NY-36-65-420
MONELL, WILLIAM                         NY-36-Y-179
MONELL, WILLIAM                         NY-36-V-427
MONTANYE, THOMAS B.                     NY-36-41-347
MONTFORT, ROBERT V. K.                  NY-36-69-255
MONTGOEMRY, DAVID                       NY-36-51-19
MONTGOMERY, JAMES                       NY-36-47-319
MONTGOMERY, JOHN                        NY-36-55-196
MONTGOMERY, LAWRENCE                    NY-36-39-432
MONTGOMERY, MATTHEW                     NY-36-71-238
MOONEY, ANNA                            NY-36-38-173
MOONEY, MARY                            NY-36-72-92
MOOR, JOEL                              NY-36-F-233
MOORE, ALEXANDER                        NY-36-45-297
MOORE, ANGELINE J.                      NY-36-71-29
MOORE, ANN                              NY-36-45-50
MOORE, CATHARINE                        NY-36-66-391
MOORE, CHARLES                          NY-36-C-133
MOORE, CHARLES S.                       NY-36-68-365
MOORE, CLEMENTINE                       NY-36-46-311
MOORE, DANIEL                           NY-36-F-270
MOORE, DANIEL W.                        NY-36-I-476
MOORE, DANIEL W.                        NY-36-#1-265
MOORE, DAVID                            NY-36-40-180
MOORE, DAVID                            NY-36-A-65
MOORE, DAVID                            NY-36-34-289
MOORE, ELIZA JANE                       NY-36-62-320
MOORE, EMELINE                          NY-36-O-543
MOORE, GEORGE                           NY-36-53-127
MOORE, GEORGE W.                        NY-36-V-114
MOORE, GILBERT                          NY-36-32-189
MOORE, JACOB                            NY-36-H-205
MOORE, JACOB C.                         NY-36-H-280
MOORE, JAMES                            NY-36-B-146
MOORE, JANE                             NY-36-58-205
MOORE, JOHN MILTON                      NY-36-71-216
MOORE, MARY                             NY-36-F-373
MOORE, MARY J.                          NY-36-73-153
MOORE, PHEBE                            NY-36-53-111
MOORE, SARAH A.                         NY-36-38-104
MOORE, STEPHEN                          NY-36-Z-554
MOORE, THOMAS                           NY-36-71-450
MOORE, WALTER                           NY-36-48-21
MOORE, WILLIAM                          NY-36-R-253
MOORE, WILLIAM                          NY-36-K-296
MOORE, WILLIS A.                        NY-36-38-42
MOORE, WILMOT                           NY-36-H-409
MOORES, CAROLINE D.                     NY-36-41-383
MOORES, DANIEL                          NY-36-38-109
MOORES, JAMES                           NY-36-D-505
MOORES, MARY                            NY-36-J-502
MOORES, SAMUEL B.                       NY-36-42-337
MORAN, JOHN                             NY-36-66-122
MORAN, THOMAS                           NY-36-60-287
MORE, COONROD                           NY-36-D-23
MORE, DAVID                             NY-36-C-259
MORE, HARRIET                           NY-36-38-107
MORE, MATTHEW                           NY-36-57-129
MOREHOUS, MICHAEL                       NY-36-46-403
MOREHOUSE, GEORGE                       NY-36-35-195
MOREHOUSE, HANNAH M.                    NY-36-60-207
MOREHOUSE, JAMES M.                     NY-36-41-161
MOREHOUSE, JEREMIAH                     NY-36-K-528
MOREHOUSE, JULIA A.                     NY-36-56-235
MORGAN, LOUISA M.                       NY-36-73-386
MORISON, JOHN                           NY-36-30-266
MORRELL, ELIZABETH                      NY-36-28-323
MORRELL, JAMES                          NY-36-N-427
MORRELL, JOSEPH                         NY-36-K-95
MORRELL, SARAH G.                       NY-36-Q-384
MORRIS, DEBORAH A.                      NY-36-61-160
MORRIS, JOHN R.                         NY-36-48-18
MORRIS, SARAH                           NY-36-D-330
MORRIS, SARAH                           NY-36-48-447
MORRIS, SIMON B.                        NY-36-61-275
MORRISON, ESTHER                        NY-36-H-52
MORRISON, HAMILTON                      NY-36-D-178
MORRISON, HENRY S.                      NY-36-V-157
MORRISON, JAMES                         NY-36-G-58
MORRISON, JANE                          NY-36-H-238
MORRISON, JOHN                          NY-36-E-326
MORRISON, JOHN J.                       NY-36-#1-29
MORRISON, JOHN J.                       NY-36-I-158
MORRISON, MARY A.                       NY-36-73-171
MORRISON, ROBERT                        NY-36-69-363
MORRISON, WILLIAM                       NY-36-S-423
MORRISON, WILLIAM A.                    NY-36-54-322
MORRISON, WILLIAM J.                    NY-36-49-99
MORSS, ESTHER H.                        NY-36-73-455
MORTON, EDMUND                          NY-36-44-69
MORTON, GEORGE CLARKE                   NY-36-58-367
MORTON, MARY W.                         NY-36-61-126
MOSHER, EMELINE                         NY-36-67-7
MOSS, HANNAH                            NY-36-42-241
MOTT, SYLVENUS                          NY-36-A-39
MOUL, PHILLIP                           NY-36-D-209
MOULD, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-36-E-90
MOULD, CHRISTOPHER P.                   NY-36-38-372
MOULD, DAVID                            NY-36-39-322
MOULD, JOHANNES                         NY-36-C-150
MOULD, JOHANNES                         NY-36-E-53
MOULD, JOHN                             NY-36-54-363
MOULD, JONATHAN                         NY-36-V-81
MOULD, MARTIN V.                        NY-36-38-432
MOULD, PHILIP                           NY-36-30-526
MOULE, EMILY A.                         NY-36-42-261
MOULTON, EMELINE                        NY-36-55-294
MOWBRAY, ELLEN E.                       NY-36-72-41
MOWBRAY, RALPH E.                       NY-36-45-289
MRDLE, JOHN                             NY-36-38-297
MUCKE, CATHERINE L.                     NY-36-46-215
MUCKE, WILLIAM                          NY-36-43-135
MUIR, ELLEN                             NY-36-39-382
MUIR, MUNSON G.                         NY-36-72-293
MULD, CHRISTOPHER J.                    NY-36-44-1
MULDOON, JAMES                          NY-36-45-137
MULFORD, JAMES                          NY-36-S-375
MULFORD, JOHN B.                        NY-36-28-128
MULFORD, PRISCILLA                      NY-36-55-373
MULHALL, MARY A.                        NY-36-58-405
MULHOLLAND, BRIDGET                     NY-36-58-344
MULINX, DAVID                           NY-36-32-203
MULLEN, PETER                           NY-36-L-188
MULLENCOUX, MARY                        NY-36-55-413
MULLER, CAROLINE                        NY-36-47-440
MULLIGAN, CATHARINE                     NY-36-32-14
MULLIGAN, PATRICK                       NY-36-30-741
MULLINER, FRANKLIN                      NY-36-32-531
MULLINIX, ANN                           NY-36-30-83
MULLIVAN, JOHN                          NY-36-27-509
MULLOCK, AMY                            NY-36-M-479
MULLOCK, GABRIEL R.                     NY-36-O-54
MULLOCK, JOSHUA JR.                     NY-36-30-602
MULOCK, DANIEL                          NY-36-50-449
MULOCK, JESSE                           NY-36-F-67
MULOCK, JOSEPHINE MCK.                  NY-36-69-203
MULOCK, SAMUEL                          NY-36-H-381
MULOCK, WILLIAM                         NY-36-H-90
MULVEY, FANNY                           NY-36-47-23
MULVEY, JAMES                           NY-36-39-77
MUMFORD, MARGARET                       NY-36-50-96
MUNFORD, PATRICK                        NY-36-28-552
MUNNICH, FREDRICKA L.                   NY-36-38-143
MURN, JOHN                              NY-36-34-109
MURPHY, CATHARINE                       NY-36-48-382
MURPHY, CHARLES B.                      NY-36-71-277
MURPHY, JOHN                            NY-36-31-614
MURPHY, JOHN                            NY-36-30-63
MURPHY, PATRICK                         NY-36-69-271
MURPHY, PATRICK                         NY-36-57-433
MURPHY, STEPHEN                         NY-36-30-336
MURPHY, THOMAS                          NY-36-57-107
MURPHY, THOMAS                          NY-36-33-296
MURRAY, ALEXANDER                       NY-36-D-529
MURRAY, AMBROSE SPENCER                 NY-36-48-261
MURRAY, EDMUND B.                       NY-36-39-445
MURRAY, JAMES                           NY-36-60-426
MURRAY, JAMES                           NY-36-73-7
MURRAY, JANE                            NY-36-I-194
MURRAY, JANE                            NY-36-J-532
MURRAY, JOHN                            NY-36-59-50
MURRAY, MARGARET                        NY-36-52-295
MURRAY, MARY A.                         NY-36-58-333
MURRAY, OLIVE                           NY-36-69-293
MURRAY, WILLIAM G.                      NY-36-35-657
MURRAY, WISNER                          NY-36-39-119
MURRIN, MARY                            NY-36-51-195
MURTFELDT, WILLIAM                      NY-36-32-316
MUSBACK, GUSTINE D.                     NY-36-45-282
MUSGRAVE, HARRIET P.                    NY-36-71-329
MUSGRAVE, STEPHEN B.                    NY-36-47-144
MUTH, SARAH M.                          NY-36-41-210
MYERS, DANIEL                           NY-36-#1-464
MYERS, DANIEL                           NY-36-J-195
MYERS, DANIEL V.                        NY-36-66-192
MYERS, ESTHER A.                        NY-36-47-296
MYERS, GABRIEL                          NY-36-30-270
MYERS, JOHN                             NY-36-P-99
MYERS, LEWIS                            NY-36-57-62
MYERS, LIZZIE                           NY-36-59-33
MYERS, MOSES                            NY-36-29-727
MYERS, SARAH A.                         NY-36-48-25

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