Oneida, New York
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SNELL, JOHN R.               SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-13-333
SNOW, AMELIA J.              VERNON                        NY-33-46-179
SNOW, MARY ELIZABETH         WILLOWVALE                    NY-33-47-388
SNOW, SETH                   AUGUSTA                       NY-33-1-336
SNYDER, ABBIE                LEE                           NY-33-34-551
SNYDER, BERNHARD B.          UTICA                         NY-33-45-142
SNYDER, ELIZABETH F.         UTICA                         NY-33-51-308
SNYDER, JACOB                UTICA                         NY-33-46-550
SNYDER, JOHN J.              LEE                           NY-33-26-183
SNYDER, MAGDALENA            FORESTPORT                    NY-33-29-69
SNYDER, MICHAEL              VERONA                        NY-33-50-307
SNYDER, RUDOLPH              UTICA                         NY-33-16-447
SNYDER, SELINA H.            UTICA                         NY-33-23-551
SOLON, THOMAS                DEERFIELD                     NY-33-23-447
SOMMERS, JOHN                WESTERN                       NY-33-34-119
SOMMERS, MARY                WESTERN                       NY-33-40-328
SOMMERS, MICHAEL             VIENNA                        NY-33-15-531
SON, SARAH A.                UTICA                         NY-33-16-535
SOPER, PHILANDER             ROME                          NY-33-9-61
SOPER, PHILANDER             VERONA                        NY-33-48-285
SOUTHWICK, BENJAMIN          SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-20-449
SOUTHWICK, CLARISSA B.       SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-23-39
SOUTHWORTH, ANN E.           PARIS                         NY-33-33-25
SOUTHWORTH, HARRIET          SANQUOIT                      NY-33-45-150
SOUTHWORTH, JAMES A.         UTICA                         NY-33-17-373
SOUTHWORTH, TERTIUS D.       BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-25-367
SOUTHWORTH, W. N.            BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-51-526
SOUTHWORTH, W. N.            SEE: SOUTHWORTH. W. N.        NY-33-51-529
SPAFFORD, JOHN C.            UTICA                         NY-33-30-473
SPARROW, ELIZABETH           CLINTON                       NY-33-50-239
SPARROW, JOSEPH              VERONA                        NY-33-23-63
SPATH, JACOB                 UTICA                         NY-33-39-38
SPAULDING, SARAH E.          MARSHALL                      NY-33-45-70
SPAVIN, THOMAS               WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-8-409
SPEELPENNING, LEONARD        UTICA                         NY-33-23-309
SPENCER, ARCHELUS            ROME                          NY-33-34-559
SPENCER, ELIAS               LEE                           NY-33-39-318
SPENCER, ELLEN               SANQUOIT                      NY-33-46-245
SPENCER, FRANKLIN A.         KIRKLAND                      NY-33-37-33
SPENCER, ISRAEL              STEUBEN                       NY-33-2-283
SPENCER, JAMES D.            VERONA                        NY-33-51-317
SPENCER, JENNY N.            UTICA                         NY-33-20-185
SPENCER, JOB                 SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-13-273
SPENCER, JULIUS A.           UTICA                         NY-33-24-70
SPENCER, MARY                CAMDEN                        NY-33-35-473
SPENCER, MILES               CAMDEN                        NY-33-5-160
SPENCER, NICHOLAS            WESTERN                       NY-33-3-63
SPENCER, PATIENCE            CAMDEN                        NY-33-37-37
SPENCER, REBECCA             UTICA                         NY-33-21-246
SPENCER, REUBEN              PARIS                         NY-33-38-613
SPENCER, THEODORE            UTICA                         NY-33-17-548
SPENCER, THOMAS              DEERFIELD                     NY-33-6-364
SPENCER, WATSON              CAMDEN                        NY-33-22-257
SPENCER, WILLIAM G.          REMSEN                        NY-33-12-466
SPERRY, JOHN                 CAMDEN                        NY-33-3-135
SPERRY, JOSIAH C.            CAMDEN                        NY-33-20-321
SPICER, ERASTUS              PARSI                         NY-33-5-363
SPILLANE, JEREMIAH           DEERFIELD                     NY-33-35-269
SPINDLER, JOHN               UTICA                         NY-33-39-388
SPINK, ELIZABETH             FLOYD                         NY-33-4-1
SPINK, GEORGE                FLOYD                         NY-33-4-9
SPINNING, LUCINA             LEE CENTRE                    NY-33-39-51
SPITZ, CHRISTIANE CATHERINE  UTICA                         NY-33-48-105
SPITZ, JACOB                 UTICA                         NY-33-42-388
SPOHN, JOSEPH J.             UTICA                         NY-33-45-108
SPORI, DAVID                 WESTERN                       NY-33-37-205
SPRAGUE, ISAAC               FLORENCE                      NY-33-27-490
SPRATTLER, ANTHONY           UTICA                         NY-33-22-501
SPRIGGS, JAMES               WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-39-399
SPRING, HIRAM                ROME                          NY-33-5-314
SPRING, HIRAM                ROME                          NY-33-6-105
SQUIER, HARRIET C.           WATERVILLE                    NY-33-44-356
SQUIRE, SARAH ANN            UTICA                         NY-33-42-226
SQUIRES, MARY                WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-8-498
SRVEY, GEORGE                ROME                          NY-33-18-531
STACK, EUGENE                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-42-18
STACY, WILLAM H.             KIRKLAND                      NY-33-31-199
STACY, WILLIAM               UTICA                         NY-33-8-386
STAFFORD, AARON              SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-36-99
STAFFORD, ALONZO             KIRKLAND                      NY-33-14-105
STAFFORD, ANNA               SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-5-229
STAFFORD, BETSEY E.          DEANVILLE                     NY-33-48-211
STAFFORD, DAVID P.           MARSHALL                      NY-33-30-561
STAFFORD, HIRAM L.           MARSHALL                      NY-33-31-111
STAFFORD, JOHN               AUGUSTA                       NY-33-5-81
STAFFORD, LUCY               NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-29-509
STAFFORD, MARY               MARSHALL                      NY-33-37-69
STAFFORD, NOAH               AUGUSTA                       NY-33-4-305
STAFFORD, WILLAM H.          KIRKLAND                      NY-33-27-360
STAFFORD, WILLIAM            AUGUSTA                       NY-33-2-273
STAHL, JOHN L.               UTICA                         NY-33-50-545
STAHL, THERESA               BOONVILLE                     NY-33-37-139
STANARD, JOHN                WESTERN                       NY-33-33-629
STANFORD, ANN                UTICA                         NY-33-40-518
STANFORD, CARRIE E.          CAMDEN                        NY-33-39-570
STANFORD, EDWARD B.          KIRKLAND                      NY-33-47-419
STANFORD, JANETTE            FLORENCE                      NY-33-51-310
STANFORD, JONATHAN           CAMDEN                        NY-33-42-214
STANTON, AMOS                HARTFORD, WASHINGTON, NY      NY-33-2-19
STANTON, ASA                 PARIS                         NY-33-44-554
STANTON, CATHERINE C.        KIRKLAND                      NY-33-39-338
STANTON, CHRISTOPHER         UTICA                         NY-33-10-180
STANTON, DANIEL              GUILFORD, NEW HAVEN, CT       NY-33-1-311
STANTON, HENRY S.            TRENTON                       NY-33-47-524
STANTON, ISAAC               FLOYD                         NY-33-14-149
STANTON, LUCY H.             PARIS                         NY-33-39-506
STANTON, PRUDENCE            KIRKLAND                      NY-33-9-337
STANTON, RACHEL              PARIS                         NY-33-16-91
STANTON, RANDALL S.          PARIS                         NY-33-45-30
STANTON, THANKFUL            KIRKLAND                      NY-33-27-567
STANTON, WILLIAM             UTICA                         NY-33-37-309
STAPLER, JOHN                SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-33-187
STAPLES, ISAAC               STEUBEN                       NY-33-1-158
STARE, PATRICK               ROME                          NY-33-48-553
STARK, CHARLES B.            VERONA                        NY-33-31-61
STARK, SARAH A.              CAMDEN                        NY-33-50-386
STARKE, ISRAEL               LEE                           NY-33-4-35
STARKWEATHER, HENRY W.       CAMDEN                        NY-33-18-205
STARKWEATHER, LEVITT         CAMDEN                        NY-33-19-559
STARR, HELEN                 ROME                          NY-33-41-29
STARR, JOHN                  UTICA                         NY-33-40-470
STARR, MARIA                 HOLYOKE, HAMPSHIRE, MA        NY-33-37-71
STARR, SAMUEL                ROME                          NY-33-1-279
START, MARY ANN              KIRKLAND                      NY-33-42-342
STASSFORD, CATHARINE         UTICA                         NY-33-48-347
STASSFORT, JOHN              UTICA                         NY-33-23-469
STATTAR, ADAM                UTICA                         NY-33-46-78
STEADMAN, ISAAC              PARIS                         NY-33-39-122
STEADMAN, JOHN B.            PARIS                         NY-33-12-247
STEARNES, JOHN G.            KIRKLAND                      NY-33-25-103
STEARNS, SOPHRONIA A.        FLOYD                         NY-33-40-162
STEBBINS, JABEZ              AUGUSTA                       NY-33-2-1
STEBBINS, LUCY               KIRKLAND                      NY-33-17-370
STEBBINS, PETER              MARSHALL                      NY-33-38-357
STEBBINS, WILLIAM            KIRKLAND                      NY-33-8-360
STEBER, ANTOINE              UTICA                         NY-33-36-297
STEDMAN, AARON               ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-30-129
STEDMAN, ANN                 ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-31-115
STEDMAN, GEORGE H.           LEE                           NY-33-46-155
STEDMAN, JOSEPH H.           ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-48-468
STEDMAN, LYMAN               CAMDEN                        NY-33-8-417
STEDMAN, OLIVER              ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-46-342
STEDMAN, WILLIAM             WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-19-271
STEEGLER, DANIEL             UTICA                         NY-33-45-50
STEEL, ELIPHALET             PARIS                         NY-33-2-97
STEELE, MOSES                UTICA                         NY-33-8-268
STEELE, ORREN                CAMDEN                        NY-33-22-573
STEELE, PHEBE C.             KIRKLAND                      NY-33-18-201
STEELE, THEOPHILUS           KIRKLAND                      NY-33-9-20
STEERE, NOAH                 ROME                          NY-33-13-317
STEERE, SALLY                ROME                          NY-33-15-589
STEGLITZ, ANDREW             ROME                          NY-33-34-371
STEINMETZ, CASPER            ROME                          NY-33-42-354
STEPHAN, FRED JR.            BOONVILLE                     NY-33-50-457
STEPHAN, FREDERICK           ROME                          NY-33-33-47
STEPHAN, MARGARET            ROME                          NY-33-46-330
STEPHENS, ANSON G.           WESTERN                       NY-33-17-4
STEPHENS, JOHN               TRENTON                       NY-33-8-379
STEPHENS, SARAH              UTICA                         NY-33-18-281
STEPHENSON, JOHN             UTICA                         NY-33-33-55
STERLIN, JACOB               NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-6-282
STERLING, ELIZABETH          ROME                          NY-33-37-560
STERLING, MARTIN             VERONA                        NY-33-34-161
STETSON, CAROLINE M.         SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-39-545
STETTER, CHARLES             UTICA                         NY-33-28-89
STETTER, ROSA                UTICA                         NY-33-48-42
STEUBEN, JONATHAN            STEUBEN                       NY-33-6-137
STEVENS, EMELINE             SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-22-595
STEVENS, EMILY A.            WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-31-211
STEVENS, EMMA                CAMDEN                        NY-33-24-266
STEVENS, HENRY               UTICA                         NY-33-9-57
STEVENS, HENRY               CAMDEN                        NY-33-26-127
STEVENS, HORATIO             VERNON                        NY-33-8-137
STEVENS, ISRAEL              WESTERN                       NY-33-5-85
STEVENS, JAMES N.            ROME                          NY-33-48-564
STEVENS, JOHN THOMAS         UTICA                         NY-33-39-519
STEVENS, MARY                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-20-131
STEVENS, MARY                SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-26-487
STEVENS, NATHAN              UTICA                         NY-33-26-173
STEVENS, SAMUEL B.           ROME                          NY-33-35-13
STEVENS, SAMUEL P.           WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-40-240
STEWART, ALEXANDER           UTICA                         NY-33-1-251
STEWART, ALTA F.             NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-26-253
STEWART, ELIZA A.            VERONA                        NY-33-39-624
STEWART, JAMES M.            MARSHALL                      NY-33-16-521
STEWART, JANE                UTICA                         NY-33-22-455
STEWART, JARED S.            ROME                          NY-33-6-11
STEWART, JOHN A.             WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-14-139
STEWART, JOHN H.             BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-47-555
STEWART, MARY R.             UTICA                         NY-33-51-584
STEWART, SAMUEL W.           UTICA                         NY-33-12-285
STEWART, WILLIAM             TRENTON                       NY-33-6-48
STICKNEY, EUNICE             BOONVILLE                     NY-33-50-285
STICKNEY, MARY J.            UTICA                         NY-33-23-129
STICKNEY, WILLIAM            BOONVILLE                     NY-33-26-321
STIGLITZ, SOPHIA             ROME                          NY-33-50-419
STILES, DAVID                PARIS                         NY-33-17-489
STILLMAN, CHESTER            WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-5-340
STILLMAN, JOHANNA F.         KIRKLAND                      NY-33-46-468
STILLMAN, MARY J.            MARSHALL                      NY-33-29-399
STILLMAN, SARAH              KIRKLAND                      NY-33-22-195
STILLMAN, SARAH              WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-42-494
STILLMAN, TIMOTHY            WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-20-183
STILLMAN, WILLIAM            WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-26-61
STILSON, AMADEUS             AUGUSTA                       NY-33-16-661
STILSON, J. FRANK            ROME                          NY-33-39-325
STILSON, LUCY                VERNON                        NY-33-50-286
STILWELL, CORNELIA M.        NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-30-177
STIMSON, ROSA MARY           UTICA                         NY-33-51-386
STITSON, ASAHEL              AUGUSTA                       NY-33-12-153
STOCKBRIDGE, ANNA P.         KIRKLAND                      NY-33-29-467
STOCKING, ELIZABETH H. H.    UTICA                         NY-33-47-25
STOCKING, SAMUEL             UTICA                         NY-33-13-245
STOCKS, FRANCIS              PARIS                         NY-33-26-67
STOCKWELL, ABNER             SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-25-593
STOCKWELL, ASA               SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-2-23
STOCKWELL, EUNICE            KIRKLAND                      NY-33-10-109
STOCKWELL, REUBEN            KIRKLAND                      NY-33-7-280
STODDARD, CATHARINE H.       WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-42-524
STODDARD, ELIAKIM            CAMDEN                        NY-33-16-155
STODDARD, GEORGE G.          CAMDEN                        NY-33-48-130
STODDARD, ISRAEL             CAMDEN                        NY-33-13-445
STODDARD, SAMUEL H.          CAMDEN                        NY-33-39-240
STODDARD, SARAH MARIA        UTICA                         NY-33-50-21
STOKES, FREDERICK J.         VERONA                        NY-33-12-402
STOKES, PATRICK              UTICA                         NY-33-37-406
STOLTZ, JOHN                 DURHAMVILLE                   NY-33-46-378
STOLTZ, JOHN                 LEE CENTER                    NY-33-46-361
STONE, ALFRED                WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-50-493
STONE, AMANDA                AUGUSTA                       NY-33-22-211
STONE, ANGELINE              CAMDEN                        NY-33-13-137
STONE, BRITANIA E.           CAMDEN                        NY-33-50-105
STONE, DANIEL J.             DEERFIELD                     NY-33-45-106
STONE, DAVID F.              WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-33-355
STONE, JOSEPH                VERNON                        NY-33-10-267
STONE, JOSEPH L.             VERNON                        NY-33-39-332
STONE, LAWRENCE              VERNON                        NY-33-49-66
STONE, MARK F.               VIENNA                        NY-33-25-123
STONE, POLLY                 VERNON                        NY-33-14-101
STONE, SAMUEL                AUGUSTA                       NY-33-10-231
STONE, WELLS                 AUGUSTA                       NY-33-20-375
STONE, WILLIAM               WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-3-190
STOOK, JACOB                 VERONA                        NY-33-48-323
STOOKS, CHRISTINE            ROME                          NY-33-42-156
STOOKS, JOHN                 ROME                          NY-33-48-261
STOPPENBECK, MINNA           UTICA                         NY-33-28-387
STOPPER, WILLIAM             UTICA                         NY-33-37-488
STORRS, CATHERINE            TRENTON                       NY-33-29-529
STORRS, CHLOE B.             UTICA                         NY-33-27-422
STORRS, GEORGE W.            TRENTON                       NY-33-48-496
STORRS, HUCKINS              UTICA                         NY-33-4-223
STORRS, LAURA A.             TRENTON                       NY-33-38-559
STORRS, WILLIAM H.           TRENTON                       NY-33-39-58
STORY, SARAH L.              WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-33-599
STRABERT, JOHN               UTICA                         NY-33-23-23
STRATTON, HANNAH             UTICA                         NY-33-22-351
STRAUSS, FRANCIS             UTICA                         NY-33-50-328
STREATOR, WILLIAM            ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-44-164
STREIFERT, CHARLES CHRISTIAN ROME                          NY-33-40-74
STREITZ, CATHARINE           UTICA                         NY-33-33-571
STRENN, JOHN                 LEE                           NY-33-44-143
STRENN, ROSINA               LEE                           NY-33-44-422
STRISSEL, CHRISTINE          UTICA                         NY-33-39-546
STROBEL, FRANK               UTICA                         NY-33-39-14
STROEBEL, ANNA REGINA        UTICA                         NY-33-42-622
STRONG, ANSON                CAMDEN                        NY-33-19-47
STRONG, CYNTHIA              CAMDEN                        NY-33-45-192
STRONG, LUCINDA W.           KIRKLAND                      NY-33-51-9
STRONG, NATHAN               KIRKLAND                      NY-33-18-53
STRONG, SALMON               AUGUSTA                       NY-33-24-393
STRYKER, FRANCES E.          ROME                          NY-33-44-284
STRYKER, JOHN                ROME                          NY-33-36-53
STUART, WILLIAM              CLINTON                       NY-33-38-39
STUBER, B. FRANK             UTICA                         NY-33-39-234
STUDER, MARIA                UTICA                         NY-33-47-269
STURDEVANT, CHARLES J.       AUGUSTA                       NY-33-18-753
STURDEVANT, DUDLEY           VERONA                        NY-33-19-231
STURDEVANT, HENRY            KIRKLAND                      NY-33-27-558
STURDEVANT, IRA              VERONA                        NY-33-14-347
STURDEVANT, JAMES M.         ROME                          NY-33-50-347
STURGES, ENDOLIA             UTICA                         NY-33-16-385
SUITS, BARBARA               VERONA                        NY-33-42-526
SUITS, CHRISTOPHER           VERONA                        NY-33-39-46
SUITS, JOHN                  STEUBEN                       NY-33-13-307
SUITS, WILLIAM H.            VERONA                        NY-33-50-50
SULLIVAN, JAMES              VIENNA                        NY-33-25-43
SULLIVAN, JOHN               FLORENCE                      NY-33-29-209
SULLIVAN, JOHN O.            ROME                          NY-33-31-477
SULLIVAN, MARY A.            UTICA                         NY-33-39-178
SULLIVAN, PATRICK            PARIS                         NY-33-23-397
SULLIVAN, PATRICK            UTICA                         NY-33-23-367
SUTLIFF, EDWARD G.           WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-31-273
SUTLIFF, SOPHRONIA           ORISKANY                      NY-33-47-23
SUTLIFF, THOMAS              WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-19-375
SUTPHEN, JAMES               CAMDEN                        NY-33-25-331
SUTTER, ELIZABETH            ROME                          NY-33-40-494
SUTTON, DANIEL C.            VERONA                        NY-33-25-547
SUTTON, JOHN                 NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-24-285
SUTTON, RICHARD E.           ROME                          NY-33-50-308
SUTTS, JOHN T.               STEUBEN                       NY-33-5-381
SWALLOW, WILLIAM             VERONA                        NY-33-34-529
SWAN, ADIN                   ROME                          NY-33-7-171
SWANSON, GEORGE              CAMDEN                        NY-33-45-200
SWANSON, MARGARET            CAMDEN                        NY-33-23-533
SWANSON, WILLIAM             CAMDEN                        NY-33-38-501
SWARTOUT, MARY CATHARINE     UTICA                         NY-33-39-396
SWARTWOUT, CLARAMOND         UTICA                         NY-33-44-542
SWARTWOUT, CORNELIUS         UTICA                         NY-33-20-331
SWEATMAN, AMOS               ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-40-570
SWEENEY, DANIEL              UTICA                         NY-33-28-479
SWEENEY, MARY J. F. S.       CLARKS MILLS                  NY-33-48-329
SWEENEY, PHILIP              UTICA                         NY-33-44-32
SWEENY, PHILIP               DEERFIELD                     NY-33-16-597
SWEET, ABEL                  MARCY                         NY-33-8-429
SWEET, EDWARD C.             WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-37-621
SWEET, JEREMIAH              MARCY                         NY-33-27-346
SWEET, JOEL                  WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-23-177
SWEET, JONATHAN              UTICA                         NY-33-40-422
SWEET, REUBEN                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-47-4
SWEETING, LOVINA             PARIS                         NY-33-12-207
SWEETSER, ANNIS              MARSHALL                      NY-33-18-231
SWELLING, JOHN               KIRKLAND                      NY-33-6-357
SWIFT, BETSEY                WATERVILLE                    NY-33-51-594
SYMONDS, ELLA MC CLURE       UTICA                         NY-33-46-579
SYMONDS, LOUISA S.           UTICA                         NY-33-26-327
TABER, GEORGE F.             UTICA                         NY-33-39-470
TABER, MARY                  UTICA                         NY-33-50-294
TABOLD, PHILIP               ROME                          NY-33-39-170
TABOR, ASHLEY                WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-31-127
TAFFERN, MARY C.             UTICA                         NY-33-50-479
TAFFT, JAMES S.              VERONA                        NY-33-42-356
TAFT, CHAUNCEY               ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-40-232
TAFT, JESSIE M.              ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-50-187
TAFT, JULIA A. R.            VERONA                        NY-33-50-22
TAFT, LYMAN                  ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-47-262
TAFT, MARTHA                 LEE                           NY-33-8-464
TAFT, TIMOTHY                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-20-475
TALBOTT, THOMAS              UTICA                         NY-33-30-273
TALCOTT, JANE M.             UTICA                         NY-33-45-7
TALCOTT, MARY G.             UTICA                         NY-33-39-78
TALLMAN, DAVID               LEE                           NY-33-5-185
TALLMAN, EDWARD A.           UTICA                         NY-33-51-1
TALLMAN, JEDEDIAH M.         UTICA                         NY-33-51-432
TAMLYN, ANNA M.              UTICA                         NY-33-22-567
TANCARD, PATRICK             NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-39-215
TANKARD, MARGARET            UTICA                         NY-33-12-360
TANNER, AMY                  DEERFIELD                     NY-33-44-140
TANNER, GEORGE B.            DEERFIELD                     NY-33-42-118
TANNER, HIRAM B.             UTICA                         NY-33-46-362
TANNER, LEVI G.              MARCY                         NY-33-50-536
TANNER, PERRY                TRENTON                       NY-33-6-185
TANNER, THOMAS               TRENTON                       NY-33-45-494
TANNER, WILLIAM N.           TRENTON                       NY-33-23-87
TANTON, JOHN H.              VERNON                        NY-33-18-411
TAPPING, ISAAC               UTICA                         NY-33-27-320
TAPPING, JANE                UTICA                         NY-33-44-479
TAVENDER, HARRIET            UTICA                         NY-33-48-429
TAVENDER, JOSHUA             UTICA                         NY-33-49-112
TAYLOR, HENRY                BOONVILLE                     NY-33-22-217
TAYLOR, JOHN                 BOONVILLE                     NY-33-22-109
TAYLOR, JOHN                 KIRKLAND                      NY-33-29-17
TAYLOR, JOHN                 CAMDEN                        NY-33-33-155
TAYLOR, MARIETTA             ROME                          NY-33-48-168
TAYLOR, PHILIP               PARIS                         NY-33-3-26
TAYLOR, ROSS                 UTICA                         NY-33-25-187
TAYLOR, WILLIAM B.           UTICA                         NY-33-48-462
TEACHOUT, CORDELIA           WESTERN                       NY-33-47-306
TEACHOUT, JAMES              WESTERN                       NY-33-39-44
TEACHOUT, WILLIAM            PARIS                         NY-33-45-544
TEAL, WILLIAM                WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-25-477
TEAR, MARGARET A.            WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-35-149
TEBBITS, JONATHAN            ROME                          NY-33-16-173
TEEFEY, JAMES                UTICA                         NY-33-39-57
TEFFT, ELIZABETH             SOMERSET, HILLSDALE, MI       NY-33-48-201
TEFFT, JOHN D.               REMSEN                        NY-33-19-191
TEFFT, WILLIAM               ROME                          NY-33-17-497
TELLER, WILLIAM              WESTERN                       NY-33-28-109
TENANT, ALSON R.             ROME                          NY-33-18-151
TENBROOK, SARAH              ANN ARBOR, WASHTENAW, MI      NY-33-51-370
TENNY, MOSES                 WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-30-417
TERPENING, H. RILEY          ROME                          NY-33-32-261
TERRILL, HARMEN              UTICA                         NY-33-14-229
TERRY, DYER                  SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-7-70
TERRY, E. GEORGIE            SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-39-142
TERRY, EDMUND                SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-37-127
TERRY, ELIAS H.              SANGERFIELD                   NY-33--23-487
TERRY, ERIC                  SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-5-403
TERRY, GEORGE 2ND            MARSHALL                      NY-33-4-103
TERRY, HARRIET J.            SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-36-115
TERRY, HORACE                SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-22-149
TERRY, HORACE A.             SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-21-17
TERRY, ISAAC                 SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-2-324
TERRY, PARK A.               SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-16-633
TERRY, ROSWELL               SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-5-90
TEW, ARTHUR J.               DEERFIELD                     NY-33-38-567
THALMAN, MARTIN              ROME                          NY-33-39-414
THALMAN, SAMUEL              ROME                          NY-33-51-242
THARRATT, JOSEPH R.          BOONVILLE                     NY-33-39-571
THARRATT, MARGARET J.        BOONVILLE                     NY-33-50-583
THAYER, ALMEDA               ROME                          NY-33-25-567
THAYER, CATHARINE            ROME                          NY-33-15-524
THAYER, CLARISA              FLOYD                         NY-33-31-435
THAYER, DANIEL               BOONVILLE                     NY-33-20-463
THAYER, DAVIS D.             VERONA                        NY-33-29-321
THAYER, ELLERY               FLOYD                         NY-33-20-257
THAYER, JOHN G.              ROME                          NY-33-6-151
THAYER, SARAH W.             FLOYD                         NY-33-39-402
THEIS, HENRY                 REMSEN                        NY-33-18-213
THIEL, NICHOLAS              VERONA                        NY-33-26-237
THIROLF, ELIZABETH           UTICA                         NY-33-38-13
THOMAS, ABIGAH               UTICA                         NY-33-8-252
THOMAS, ALPHA                UTICA                         NY-33-39-182
THOMAS, ANN                  TRENTON                       NY-33-45-24
THOMAS, ANN                  UTICA                         NY-33-38-311
THOMAS, ANSON                UTICA                         NY-33-14-467
THOMAS, BENJAMIN N.          KIRKLAND                      NY-33-48-284
THOMAS, CATHARINE            STEUBEN                       NY-33-4-337
THOMAS, DANIEL L.            UTICA                         NY-33-32-141
THOMAS, DAVID R.             WESTERN                       NY-33-40-314
THOMAS, ELEANOR              DEERFIELD                     NY-33-26-191
THOMAS, ELIZA G.             REMSEN                        NY-33-34-145
THOMAS, ELIZABETH            UTICA                         NY-33-29-559
THOMAS, ELLIS                UTICA                         NY-33-29-407
THOMAS, EVAN                 STEUBEN                       NY-33-2-213
THOMAS, EVAN                 WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-18-317
THOMAS, EVAN                 FLOYD                         NY-33-7-260
THOMAS, FRANCIS H.           ROME                          NY-33-40-310
THOMAS, GEORGE HENRY         UTICA                         NY-33-22-479
THOMAS, GEORGE R.            UTICA                         NY-33-39-572
THOMAS, GILBERT              CAMDEN                        NY-33-40-608
THOMAS, GRIFFITH S.          UTICA                         NY-33-34-73
THOMAS, HENRY                LOS ANGELES, LOS ANGELES, CA  NY-33-47-239
THOMAS, HUGH D.              TRENTON                       NY-33-4-88
THOMAS, JAMES H.             AVA                           NY-33-51-553
THOMAS, JAMES J.             TRENTON                       NY-33-47-570
THOMAS, JAMES R.             ROME                          NY-33-50-304
THOMAS, JANE                 REMSEN                        NY-33-13-235
THOMAS, JANE P.              TRENTON                       NY-33-31-345
THOMAS, JOHN                 WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-37-249
THOMAS, JOHN                 UTICA                         NY-33-4-21
THOMAS, JOHN                 MARCY                         NY-33-14-291
THOMAS, JOHN                 CHICAGO, COOK, IL             NY-33-29-309
THOMAS, JOHN                 PARIS                         NY-33-31-87
THOMAS, JOHN E.              MARCY                         NY-33-49-235
THOMAS, JOHN E.              TRENTON                       NY-33-16-591
THOMAS, JOHN J.              BOONVILLE                     NY-33-26-77
THOMAS, JOHN J.              STEUBEN                       NY-33-13-179
THOMAS, KATE                 TRENTON                       NY-33-33-271
THOMAS, LUCRETIA M.          WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-13-65
THOMAS, MARY                 UTICA                         NY-33-50-442
THOMAS, MARY                 TRENTON                       NY-33-31-481
THOMAS, PHILIP               REMSEN                        NY-33-13-107
THOMAS, RICHARD              REMSEN                        NY-33-30-291
THOMAS, RICHARD              UTICA                         NY-33-23-359
THOMAS, RICHARD E.           STEUBEN                       NY-33-29-379
THOMAS, RICHARD R.           REMSEN                        NY-33-23-159
THOMAS, ROBERT               STEUBEN                       NY-33-10-203
THOMAS, ROSETTA G.           UTICA                         NY-33-49-96
THOMAS, SARAH A.             UTICA                         NY-33-38-275
THOMAS, SIMON                MARCY                         NY-33-20-537
THOMAS, T. DANIEL            STEUBEN                       NY-33-31-487
THOMAS, THOMAS               TRENTON                       NY-33-45-306
THOMAS, THOMAS               UTICA                         NY-33-14-469
THOMAS, THOMAS               REMSEN                        NY-33-22-75
THOMAS, THOMAS J.            UTICA                         NY-33-47-184
THOMAS, THOMAS  J.           TRENTON                       NY-33-28-361
THOMAS, THOMAS L.            UTICA                         NY-33-32-421
THOMAS, THOMAS M.            FLOYD                         NY-33-48-581
THOMAS, THOMAS P.            REMSEN                        NY-33-49-179
THOMAS, WILLAM R.            FLOYD                         NY-33-14-51
THOMAS, WILLIAM              REMSEN                        NY-33-1-392
THOMAS, WILLIAM A.           STEUBEN                       NY-33-30-45
THOMAS, WILLIAM R.           REMSEN                        NY-33-28-87
THOMAS, WILLIAM S.           UTICA                         NY-33-49-36
THOMAS, WILLIAM W.           WATERVILLE                    NY-33-48-150
THOMPSON, ALMIRA M.          UTICA                         NY-33-14-301
THOMPSON, CAROLINE E.        UTICA                         NY-33-32-113
THOMPSON, DARLIN             AUGUSTA                       NY-33-27-191
THOMPSON, DOLLY              NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-40-286
THOMPSON, DOROTHY            VERONA                        NY-33-39-585
THOMPSON, ESTHER             AUGUSTA                       NY-33-46-199
THOMPSON, ETHAN              NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-32-525
THOMPSON, HORACE D.          UTICA                         NY-33-50-547
THOMPSON, HULDAH             KIRKLAND                      NY-33-34-575
THOMPSON, JESSE              PARIS                         NY-33-2-250
THOMPSON, JOHN               KIRKLAND                      NY-33-34-479
THOMPSON, JOHN               UTICA                         NY-33-18-543
THOMPSON, JOHN               VIENNA                        NY-33-12-29
THOMPSON, LYMAN A.           KIRKLAND                      NY-33-23-141
THOMPSON, NAHAN              PARIS                         NY-33-3-122
THOMPSON, SARAH              UTICA                         NY-33-31-189
THOMPSON, SCHUYLER C.        BOONVILLE                     NY-33-30-105
THOMPSON, VERLONA            BOONVILLE                     NY-33-50-257
THOMSON, HELEN E.            UTICA                         NY-33-51-359
THOMSON, IRENE               UTICA                         NY-33-34-385
THOMSON, JANNETTE            NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-51-56
THOMSON, JESSE               UTICA                         NY-33-16-301
THOMSON, LEVI                TRENTON                       NY-33-8-434
THOMSON, MARK                AUGUSTA                       NY-33-15-427
THOMSON, MILTON H.           UTICA                         NY-33-47-302
THOMSON, NATHAN              KIRKLAND                      NY-33-18-439
THOMSON, SARAH               CAMDEN                        NY-33-46-111
THOMSON, SOPHIA W.           TRENTON                       NY-33-25-189
THORN, ANN M.                WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-19-419
THORN, CATHERINE EPPLE       ROME                          NY-33-48-574
THORN, GEORGE                UTICA                         NY-33-31-363
THORN, JOHN                  UTICA                         NY-33-48-497
THORN, MARY A.               UTICA                         NY-33-25-443
THORN, SAMUEL S.             UTICA                         NY-33-18-561
THORN, STEPHEN               UTICA                         NY-33-29-353
THORNE, CATHARINE            ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-46-543
THORNTON, DEBORAH            NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-8-255
THORNTON, ELI                BOONVILLE                     NY-33-25-271
THORNTON, THOMAS             WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-3-143
THURSTON, CHRISTOPHER C.     BRIDGEWTER                    NY-33-9-345
THURSTON, PHEBE              BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-16-675
TIBBITS, HENRY               ROME                          NY-33-16-479
TIBBITS, HULDAH              MARCY                         NY-33-30-419
TIBBITS, JOSEPH              WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-10-435
TIBBITS, STEPHEN             WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-17-154
TIBBITS, TRUMAN K.           KIRKLAND                      NY-33-33-233
TICE, JACOB                  ROME                          NY-33-26-589
TIERMAN, TERRENCE            PARIS                         NY-33-38-329
TIERNEY, PATRICK             UTICA                         NY-33-25-143
TIERNEY, PATRICK             WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-50-243
TIFFANY, ERASTUS             ROME                          NY-33-47-248
TIFFANY, LUTHER              AVA                           NY-33-26-239
TIFFANY, NATHAN R.           AVA                           NY-33-33-497
TIFFT, JONATHAN G.           UTICA                         NY-33-18-643
TILDEN, NILES                VERNON                        NY-33-50-441
TILDEN, POLLY                UTICA                         NY-33-6-181
TILLEY, ABIGAIL              NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-46-196
TILLEY, MARY ANN             AUGUSTA                       NY-33-23-41
TILLINGHAST, JOHN S.         CHICAGO, COOK, IL             NY-33-46-43
TILLOTSON, DANIEL            SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-14-269
TILLOTSON, JANE E.           WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-31-589
TILLOTSON, LEMUEL            WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-4-179
TILLSON, ANN                 NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-28-341
TIMERMAN, DAVID              UTICA                         NY-33-32-541
TIMON, MARTIN                UTICA                         NY-33-50-552
TINDALL, GEORGE A.           WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-48-236
TINDALL, MARY                WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-14-323
TINSLEY, JOHN                BOONVILLE                     NY-33-38-487
TIPPLE, CORNELIUS            VERONA                        NY-33-22-353
TIPPLE, MARY                 VERONA                        NY-33-29-453
TIRSCHING, JOHN A.           UTICA                         NY-33-47-266
TISSERANT, JOSEPH            UTICA                         NY-33-45-264
TITTERRINGTON, DAVID         ORISKANY                      NY-33-48-340
TITUS, BILLY                 MARSHALL                      NY-33-16-105
TITUS, HOSEA B.              SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-48-60
TOBIN, MARTIN                WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-33-553
TOBIN, THOMAS                WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-42-330
TODD, ASA                    PARIS                         NY-33-1-174
TODD, JARED P.               PARIS                         NY-33-20-507
TOEFF, MARGARETTA            ROME                          NY-33-47-477
TOMKINS, JOHN                VERNON                        NY-33-1-285
TOMPKINS, HERMAN W.          PARIS                         NY-33-40-536
TOMPKINS, JAMES              WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-3-198
TOMPKINS, JOHN               BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-38-251
TOMPKINS, JOHN B.            MARSHALL                      NY-33-40-100
TOMPKINS, NATHANIEL          PARIS                         NY-33-8-450
TOMPSON, ALFRED M.           UTICA                         NY-33-18-157
TONCEE, AARON                MARSHALL                      NY-33-4-41
TONER, DEBORAH T.            SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-18-513
TOOKE, MARIETTA H.           ROME                          NY-33-43-274
TOOKS, JOHN                  VERNON                        NY-33-38-529
TOOLE, FRANCIS               AUGUSTA                       NY-33-7-93
TOOLEY, JEREMIAH             MARSHALL                      NY-33-5-414
TOPPING, ISAAC PRYOR         UTICA                         NY-33-50-402
TORBERRT, LOUISA C.          CAMDEN                        NY-33-39-27
TORBERT, HORATIO G.          CAMDEN                        NY-33-17-453
TORPHY, MARGARET T.          UTICA                         NY-33-50-421
TORPLEY, ANN                 UTICA                         NY-33-46-484
TORPLY, JOHN                 UTICA                         NY-33-50-420
TOUT, JOHN                   VIENNA                        NY-33-8-289
TOWER, ELIZA                 SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-45-268
TOWER, EMMA                  CLINTON                       NY-33-46-571
TOWER, HENRY                 SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-23-123
TOWER, HORACE D.             SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-37-542
TOWER, JEDUTHAN              PARIS                         NY-33-2-90
TOWER, MARTHA L.             KIRKLAND                      NY-33-11-378
TOWER, REUBEN                SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-4-214
TOWN, CLARISSA E.            VERNON                        NY-33-48-93
TOWN, HARRIET A.             UTICA                         NY-33-46-141
TOWN, JOHN                   UTICA                         NY-33-43-166
TOWNSEND, GARDNER            TRENTON                       NY-33-20-129
TOWNSEND, HOMER              UTICA                         NY-33-35-101
TOWNSEND, JOHN               WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-16-195
TOWNSEND, JONATHAN           DEERFIELD                     NY-33-2-206
TOWNSEND, NATHAN             TRENTON                       NY-33-11-120
TOWNSEND, NATHANIEL          TRENTON                       NY-33-18-441
TOWNSEND, ROBERT             WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-42-30
TOWNSEND, SARAH A.           CASSVILLE                     NY-33-47-480
TOWNSEND, WILLIAM            ROME                          NY-33-33-227
TOWNSEND, ZACHARIAH P.       PARIS                         NY-33-24-76
TOWNSLEY, POLLY              VERNON                        NY-33-48-466
TRACY, FREDERICK             LEE                           NY-33-9-63
TRACY, RACHEL                UTICA                         NY-33-12-115
TRAFFARN, JOB                TRENTON                       NY-33-39-84
TRAFFARN, SAVILLIAN F.       FORESTPORT                    NY-33-48-559
TRASK, EDWARD                AUGUSTA                       NY-33-26-571
TRASK, JOHN                  AUGUSTA                       NY-33-4-257
TRAXEL, JACOB                VERNONA                       NY-33-34-341
TRAXELL, DOROTHY             AVA                           NY-33-28-517
TREAT, CYRUS                 VIENNA                        NY-33-22-279
TREAT, HOSEA                 TRENTON                       NY-33-2-129
TREAT, JOHN                  MARCY                         NY-33-42-390
TREEN, STEPHEN               UTICA                         NY-33-50-599
TREMAIN, HORACE              ROME                          NY-33-28-287
TREMBLEY, ELIZA              UTICA                         NY-33-23-9
TREMBLEY, JONATHAN           UTICA                         NY-33-8-459
TREMBLEY, SARAH W.           UTICA                         NY-33-45-154
TRIPP, ISAAC                 FLOYD                         NY-33-17-298
TRIPP, LEWIS J.              BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-45-34
TRIPP, SARAH                 ROME                          NY-33-47-305
TRITSCH, SOPHIA              CAMDEN                        NY-33-37-522
TROSS, EMMA                  KIRKLAND                      NY-33-50-241
TROSSET, FRANCIS             UTICA                         NY-33-47-354
TROUP, THOMAS C.             TRENTON                       NY-33-9-112
TROWBRIDGE, ELIHU            PARIS                         NY-33-2-42
TRUAX, HENRY                 VERNON                        NY-33-26-409
TRUMAN, MARGARET             SANQUOIT                      NY-33-50-14
TRUMBULL, ANNA               KIRKLAND                      NY-33-12-388
TRUSTIN, MARTIN              UTICA                         NY-33-38-437
TRUSTON, HELEN               UTICA                         NY-33-50-11
TRYON, NORMAN                ROME                          NY-33-29-79
TUBBS, ICHABOD               VERNON                        NY-33-30-209
TUBBS, RUSSELL               BOONVILLE                     NY-33-9-227
TUCHY, JOHN                  BROTHERTOWN                   NY-33-1-256
TUCKER, DAVID                WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-18-501
TUCKERMAN, GEORGE            BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-30-127
TUDMAN, EDWARD               WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-42-26
TUFTS, JOHN M.               VERNON                        NY-33-36-201
TULLER, SARAH ELIZABETH      WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-15-265
TULLOT, JAMES                ROME                          NY-33-38-511
TUNBRIDGE, JOHN              UTICA                         NY-33-25-213
TUPPER, MARIE B.             ROME                          NY-33-40-360
TURENR, JAMES                VERNON                        NY-33-14-279
TURENZO, JOHN                PARIS                         NY-33-10-72
TURK, ANNA MARIA             SEE: TURK, MARY               NY-33-40-378
TURK, MARY                   UTICA                         NY-33-40-378
TURNER, ALTHIS               CAMDEN                        NY-33-48-90
TURNER, GURDON               BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-13-297
TURNER, HANNAH               UTICA                         NY-33-12-143
TURNER, HARRIET L.           VERONA                        NY-33-33-623
TURNER, HENRY W.             UTICA                         NY-33-6-97
TURNER, HORACE               CAMDEN                        NY-33-46-466
TURNER, HORACE               NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-18-267
TURNER, J. ELIZAEBTH         BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-28-389
TURNER, JANE                 BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-31-445
TURNER, JOSEPHINE J.         UTICA                         NY-33-40-218
TURNER, LORENZO              BRIDGEWTAER                   NY-33-37-257
TURNER, MARINDA              PARIS                         NY-33-34-461
TURNER, NATHANIEL            WESTERN                       NY-33-4-40
TURNER, SUSAN                CAMDEN                        NY-33-38-517
TURNER, WILLIAM              CAMDEN                        NY-33-18-87
TURNER, WILLIAM              UTICA                         NY-33-39-7
TUTHILL, ABRAM G. D.         UTICA                         NY-33-50-466
TUTHILL, ELIZA A.            CAMDEN                        NY-33-50-272
TUTHILL, ELIZABETH B.        EVA                           NY-33-37-213
TUTHILL, HANNAH              CAMDEN                        NY-33-22-391
TUTTLE, ABIGAIL              UTICA                         NY-33-25-543
TUTTLE, ANSON D.             KIRKLAND                      NY-33-45-320
TUTTLE, ARCHIBALD            WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-12-313
TUTTLE, CAROLINE             CAMDEN                        NY-33-16-647
TUTTLE, CLARISSA W.          BOONVILLE                     NY-33-28-271
TUTTLE, HIRAM DAYTON         VERNON                        NY-33-27-580
TUTTLE, JEHIEL               WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-18-85
TUTTLE, LYMAN                CAMDEN                        NY-33-18-749
TUTTLE, NOYSE                UTICA                         NY-33-37-522
TUTTLE, OLIVER               NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-19-259
TUTTLE, ORANSAN              VIENNA                        NY-33-16-441
TUTTLE, RANSEL               WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-39-404
TUTTLE, SARAH A.             VERONA                        NY-33-38-237
TUTTLE, VINCENT              TRENTON                       NY-33-34-71
TUTTLE, WHITNEY              BOONVILLE                     NY-33-14-391
TUTTLE, WILLAM               CAMDEN                        NY-33-18-463
TUTTON, HANNAH M.            UTICA                         NY-33-22-429
TUTTON, JANE                 UTICA                         NY-33-32-557
TUTTON, LENA E.              UTICA                         NY-33-38-109
TUTTON, WILLIAM H.           UTICA                         NY-33-34-379
TWIGG, JULIA                 UTICA                         NY-33-39-300
TYGERT, BETSEY               NEW YORK MILLS                NY-33-46-337
TYGERT, SALLY                NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-46-577
TYLER, AMOS                  BOONVILLE                     NY-33-29-41
TYLER, ASA                   TRENTON                       NY-33-8-83
TYLER, ASA P.                ROME                          NY-33-9-299
TYLER, CHARLES H.            TRENTON                       NY-33-16-525
TYLER, JAMES                 WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-18-617
TYLER, JAMES                 VERNON                        NY-33-28-43
TYLER, LYMAN                 ROME                          NY-33-23-167
TYLER, NAT                   TRENTON                       NY-33-26-417
TYLER, SYLVESTER             WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-44-377
TYRREL, ELIJAH               UTICA                         NY-33-22-591
UFFORD, CHARLES              LEE                           NY-33-17-1
ULLRICH, MATHILDA            UTICA                         NY-33-51-4
ULMER, CURTLIFF              UTICA                         NY-33-28-13
ULMER, GEORGE A.             UTICA                         NY-33-38-423
ULRICH, FRANK                MARCY                         NY-33-46-544
ULRICH, JOSEPH H.            UTICA                         NY-33-45-156
ULRICH, MARGARET             VERONA                        NY-33-51-135
ULRICH, SIMON                FLOYD                         NY-33-45-378
ULRICH, WILLIAM              UTICA                         NY-33-39-586
UNBEKNOWN, GEORGE            ROME                          NY-33-39-578
UNDERWOOD, ANDREW L.         UTICA                         NY-33-27-461
UNDERWOOD, ELIZA A.          UTICA                         NY-33-31-507
UNDERWOOD, ESTELLA C.        VERONA                        NY-33-42-140
UNDERWOOD, JANE B.           WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-39-388
UNSER, ANDREW L.             TRENTON                       NY-33-44-101
UPDIKE, MARY P.              NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-34-217
UPHAM, MOSES                 WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-7-101
UPSON, CYNTHIA               CAMDEN                        NY-33-17-91
UPSON, LINT M.               CAMDEN                        NY-33-20-509
UTLEY, CATHARINE M.          ROME                          NY-33-26-293
UTLEY, CHARLES A.            ROME                          NY-33-48-414
UTLEY, DAVID                 ROME                          NY-33-33-79
UTLEY, DAVID                 WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-6-68
UTLEY, DAVID                 WESTERN                       NY-33-1-222
UTLEY, EMILY                 WESTERN                       NY-33-36-207
UTLEY, HARMON G.             ROME                          NY-33-51-449
UTLEY, ISAAC H.              BOONVILLE                     NY-33-36-365
UTLEY, SQUIRE                WESTERN                       NY-33-33-319
UTTER, ELIZA ANN             WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-34-425
UTTER, GEORGE B.             WESTERLY, WASHINGTON, RI      NY-33-48-292
UTTER, IRA W.                BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-26-273
VACHE, NICHOLAS              VERONA                        NY-33-12-299
VAIL, NATHANIEL              VIENNA                        NY-33-9-341
VALENTINE, ANN SARAH         UTICA                         NY-33-40-610
VANAWAKER, JOHN C.           FLOYD                         NY-33-29-469
VANAWAUKER, CHAUNCY          NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-35-73
VANAWAUKER, GEORGE           WESTERN                       NY-33-35-109
VANBLECK, BETSEY             VERONA                        NY-33-18-615
VANBUSKIRK, ABRAM            WESTERN                       NY-33-32-85
VANBUSKIRK, MARENUS          LEE                           NY-33-19-169
VANBUSKIRK, MARY ESTELLA     CLINTON                       NY-33-50-312
VANBUSKIRK, PETER            LEE                           NY-33-18-373
VANDERHEYDEN, HARRIET M.     UTICA                         NY-33-40-256
VANDERHEYDEN, JACOB          UTICA                         NY-33-18-645
VANDERHEYDEN, OLIVE          YREKA, SISKIYOU, CA           NY-33-30-509
VANDERKEMP, FRANCIS ADRIAN   TRENTON                       NY-33-47-309
VANDERWAKER, BENJAMIN F.     FLOYD                         NY-33-47-309
VANDERWALKER, LEWIS B.       ROME                          NY-33-38-429
VANDERWALKER, MARY           ROME                          NY-33-48-556
VANDERWARKER, ABRAM          WESTERN                       NY-33-37-536
VANDEWERKER, JAMES M.        FLOYD                         NY-33-25-29
VANDEWERKER, JOHN W.         WESTERN                       NY-33-6-254
VANDIKE, FREEMAN             VIENNA                        NY-33-25-31
VANDIKE, RHODA               VIENNA                        NY-33-33-625
VANDRESOR, JANE              WESTERN                       NY-33-50-151
VANDYKE, ANN                 CAMDEN                        NY-33-39-146
VANEMARK, SYLVESTER          ROME                          NY-33-22-419
VANEPS, ABRAM                VERNON                        NY-33-7-347
VANEUSBERGH, SARAH J.        UTICA                         NY-33-47-85
VANHOESEN, JOHN              AUGUSTA                       NY-33-14-65
VANHORN, LOUISE S.           UTICA                         NY-33-47-90
VANNIER, JOSEPH H.           ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-12-215
VANNIER, MARY                CAMDEN                        NY-33-23-171
VANSIZE, EBENEZER HIBBARD    UTICA                         NY-33-47-327
VANSMALL, LUCINDA            MARSHALL                      NY-33-42-74
VANSQUIT, OLIVE              LEE                           NY-33-47-533
VANSWALL, JOHN               MARSHALL                      NY-33-19-547
VANVALKENBURG, HENRY G.      MARSHALL                      NY-33-29-427
VANVALKENBURG, LAMBERT       WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-7-162
VANVOORHIS, JOHN H.          UTICA                         NY-33-8-91
VARY, SUSAN H.               ROME                          NY-33-48-438
VAUGHAN, JAMES               UTICA                         NY-33-25-537
VAUGHN, ANN                  UTICA                         NY-33-22-471
VAUGHN, GARDENER             AUGUSTA                       NY-33-40-30
VAUGHN, JOHN                 VERNON                        NY-33-6-60
VAUGHN, JOHN                 REMSEN                        NY-33-10-430
VAUGHN, JOHN                 WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-2-195
VAUGHN, PHYLURA              AUGUSTA                       NY-33-35-141
VEBBER, MARTIN L.            UTICA                         NY-33-24-446
VEDDER, LUCY ANN             UTICA                         NY-33-36-195
VEDDER, NICHOLAS T.          UTICA                         NY-33-21-315
VEDDER, SUSAN HAWLEY         UTICA                         NY-33-50-138
VICTOR, GERTRUDE             FLORENCE                      NY-33-8-215
VICTORY, SAMUEL              WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-14-219
VICTORY, WESLEY              WHITESBORO                    NY-33-51-136
VIDMAN, JACOB F.             AVA                           NY-33-33-311
VIDRARD, PETER               UTICA                         NY-33-37-504
VIDVARD, CATHARINE           UTICA                         NY-33-39-357
VIDVARD, CATHARINE           UTICA                         NY-33-39-357
VIGNOS, DENNIS               UTICA                         NY-33-23-149
VIGOR, WILLIAM               UTICA                         NY-33-13-209
VINCENT, ELLEN               UTICA                         NY-33-28-41
VINCENT, PARDON              DEERFIELD                     NY-33-6-339
VINCENT, WILLIAM             UTICA                         NY-33-16-121
VINN, THOMAS                 UTICA                         NY-33-6-252
VIOGAN, JANE                 UTICA                         NY-33-46-390
VIOGAN, TAMSON E.            UTICA                         NY-33-46-349
VIRGINIA, ANDREW J.          ROME                          NY-33-45-502
VIZOR, WILLIAM               LEE                           NY-33-4-286
VOGT, AMBROSE (DR)           ROME                          NY-33-23-477
VOLL, FREDERICK              UTICA                         NY-33-51-364
VOLLMAR, PHILIP              WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-38-155
VOLLMER, PHILIP              BOONVILLE                     NY-33-33-101
VOORHEES, ABRAHAM            CAMDEN                        NY-33-42-412
VOORHEES, HENRY              CAMDEN                        NY-33-45-98
VREDENBURG, ANDREW           ROME                          NY-33-24-244
VROMAN, ADAM                 VERONA                        NY-33-15-519
VROMAN, MARY ANN             VERONA                        NY-33-22-13
VROMAN, RUDOLPH              LEE                           NY-33-23-57

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