Oneida, New York
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ROACH, ANNA E.               WATERVILLE                    NY-33-45-442
ROACH, EDWARD                FLORENCE                      NY-33-44-161
ROACH, ELLEN E.              UTICA                         NY-33-48-422
ROACH, ISAAC                 UTICA                         NY-33-12-21
ROACH, MARY                  FLORENCE                      NY-33-29-123
ROACH, MICHAEL               AUGUSTA                       NY-33-40-54
ROBBINS, ALFRED              ROME                          NY-33-40-262
ROBBINS, DEMAS               UTICA                         NY-33-4-54
ROBBINS, EBENEZER            LEE                           NY-33-28-199
ROBBINS, EPHRAIM             FLOYD                         NY-33-3-136
ROBBINS, FREDERICK LUCIUS    FLOYD                         NY-33-42-434
ROBBINS, HENRY               FLOYD                         NY-33-14-109
ROBBINS, OLIVER O.           AUGUSTA                       NY-33-22-469
ROBBINS, PRUDENCE            AUGUSTA                       NY-33-29-409
ROBERTS, ANN                 TRENTON                       NY-33-10-62
ROBERTS, ANN                 UTICA                         NY-33-14-187
ROBERTS, CADWALADER          TRENTON                       NY-33-39-412
ROBERTS, CATHARINE           UTICA                         NY-33-44-455
ROBERTS, CATHARINE           REMSEN                        NY-33-32-561
ROBERTS, DAVID               STEUBEN                       NY-33-39-518
ROBERTS, DAVID               MARCY                         NY-33-18-49
ROBERTS, EBENEZER            FLOYD                         NY-33-23-527
ROBERTS, EDWARD              LEE                           NY-33-18-13
ROBERTS, EDWARD              UTICA                         NY-33-8-427
ROBERTS, EDWARD P.           HOLLAND PATENT                NY-33-51-152
ROBERTS, ELEANOR D.          UTICA                         NY-33-39-6
ROBERTS, ELHANAN W.          UTICA                         NY-33-43-6
ROBERTS, ELIZABETH           UTICA                         NY-33-32-373
ROBERTS, ELIZABETH           UTICA                         NY-33-12-199
ROBERTS, ELIZABETH           REMSEN                        NY-33-17-478
ROBERTS, ELIZABETH           ROME                          NY-33-20-561
ROBERTS, ELIZABETH ANN       UTICA                         NY-33-39-31
ROBERTS, ELLEN               BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-47-205
ROBERTS, ELLIS               MARCY                         NY-33-20-141
ROBERTS, EMMA M.             UTICA                         NY-33-38-507
ROBERTS, EVAN                UTICA                         NY-33-22-155
ROBERTS, EVAN                STEUBEN                       NY-33-22-155
ROBERTS, EVAN E.             BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-44-491
ROBERTS, EVAN M.             SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-33-43
ROBERTS, EVAN W.             BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-43-76
ROBERTS, GILES               ROME                          NY-33-9-271
ROBERTS, GRIFFITH G.         UTICA                         NY-33-29-13
ROBERTS, GRIFFITH T.         REMSEN                        NY-33-16-273
ROBERTS, GRIFFITH W.         REMSEN                        NY-33-31-67
ROBERTS, HANNAH              REMSEN                        NY-33-38-435
ROBERTS, HANNAH              REMSEN                        NY-33-38-435
ROBERTS, HECTOR W.           WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-46-565
ROBERTS, HENRY               UTICA                         NY-33-48-544
ROBERTS, HENRY               UTICA                         NY-33-33-167
ROBERTS, HUGH                REMSEN                        NY-33-32-377
ROBERTS, HUMPHREY D.         NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-19-67
ROBERTS, JAMES               UTICA                         NY-33-43-287
ROBERTS, JAMES               TRENTON                       NY-33-33-445
ROBERTS, JAMES IRVING        UTICA                         NY-33-51-344
ROBERTS, JANE                TRENTON                       NY-33-29-501
ROBERTS, JANE                REMSEN                        NY-33-3-21
ROBERTS, JANE                STEUBEN                       NY-33-6-311
ROBERTS, JOHN                CLARKS MILLS                  NY-33-46-503
ROBERTS, JOHN                STEUBEN                       NY-33-7-321
ROBERTS, JOHN                UTICA                         NY-33-19-439
ROBERTS, JOHN C.             WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-40-496
ROBERTS, JOHN E.             SAN DIEGO, SAN DIEGO, CA      NY-33-39-145
ROBERTS, JOHN G.             REMSEN                        NY-33-25-167
ROBERTS, JOHN G.             TRENTON                       NY-33-2-134
ROBERTS, JOHN O.             REMSEN                        NY-33-33-305
ROBERTS, JOHN R.             REMSEN                        NY-33-43-140
ROBERTS, JOHN R.             TRENTON                       NY-33-4-4
ROBERTS, JOHN W.             ROME                          NY-33-48-433
ROBERTS, JOHN W.             REMSEN                        NY-33-28-501
ROBERTS, JOSIAH              ROME                          NY-33-34-541
ROBERTS, LAURA               ORISKANY                      NY-33-50-284
ROBERTS, MARGARET A.         UTICA                         NY-33-47-563
ROBERTS, MARY                STEUBEN                       NY-33-29-547
ROBERTS, MARY                REMSEN                        NY-33-26-233
ROBERTS, MARY                UTICA                         NY-33-28-61
ROBERTS, MARY                TRENTON                       NY-33-42-28
ROBERTS, MARY                UTICA                         NY-33-39-44
ROBERTS, MERCY               STEUBEN                       NY-33-19-65
ROBERTS, MORRIS              REMSEN                        NY-33-27-33
ROBERTS, OWEN                MARSHALL                      NY-33-34-415
ROBERTS, OWEN                MARSHALL                      NY-33-51-407
ROBERTS, OWEN T.             MARCY                         NY-33-42-538
ROBERTS, PRISCILLA A.        BOONVILLE                     NY-33-31-525
ROBERTS, ROBERT              TRENTON                       NY-33-25-139
ROBERTS, ROBERT E.           DEERFIELD                     NY-33-25-357
ROBERTS, ROBERT G.           TRENTON                       NY-33-42-574
ROBERTS, ROBERT J.           WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-23-383
ROBERTS, ROBERT L.           ROME                          NY-33-32-457
ROBERTS, ROBERT M.           REMSEN                        NY-33-47-315
ROBERTS, ROBERT R.           FLORENCE                      NY-33-26-399
ROBERTS, ROBERT R.           MARSHALL                      NY-33-33-331
ROBERTS, ROBERT R.           STEUBEN                       NY-33-48-421
ROBERTS, ROBERT W.           REMSEN                        NY-33-16-313
ROBERTS, ROWLAND             REMSEN                        NY-33-7-143
ROBERTS, SARAH               UTICA                         NY-33-25-481
ROBERTS, SARAH               NEW YORK MILLS                NY-33-45-172
ROBERTS, SARAH W.            REMSEN                        NY-33-35-161
ROBERTS, TAMSON              WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-31-229
ROBERTS, THOMAS              UTICA                         NY-33-22-291
ROBERTS, THOMAS              ROME                          NY-33-40-230
ROBERTS, WALTER W.           FLOYD                         NY-33-45-422
ROBERTS, WILLIAM             VERONA                        NY-33-39-177
ROBERTS, WILLIAM             TRENTON                       NY-33-2-33
ROBERTS, WILLIAM             STEUBEN                       NY-33-13-89
ROBERTS, WILLIAM             REMSEN                        NY-33-19-51
ROBERTS, WILLIAM             UTICA                         NY-33-40-138
ROBERTS, WILLIAM             WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-48-509
ROBERTS, WILLIAM J.          REMSEN                        NY-33-16-17
ROBERTS, WILLIAM R.          REMSEN                        NY-33-18-337
ROBERTS, WILLIAM R.          FLOYD                         NY-33-22-379
ROBERTS, WILLIAM W.          STEUBEN                       NY-33-4-344
ROBERTS, WILLIAM W.          ROME                          NY-33-18-303
ROBERTS, WILLIS N.           ROME                          NY-33-38-139
ROBERTS, WINIFRED            UTICA                         NY-33-37-595
ROBERTSON, CORNELIA          WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-45-210
ROBINS, DEMAS                UTICA                         NY-33-1-288
ROBINS, OLIVE R.             ROME                          NY-33-39-494
ROBINSON, AMASA              VIENNA                        NY-33-4-347
ROBINSON, ANNA B.            WATERVILLE                    NY-33-29-153
ROBINSON, AURELIA            ROME                          NY-33-50-19
ROBINSON, E. B. M.           SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-15-493
ROBINSON, EBENEZER M.        SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-15-500
ROBINSON, FRANCES            ROME                          NY-33-25-93
ROBINSON, JANE E.            KIRKLAND                      NY-33-28-327
ROBINSON, MARY               UTICA                         NY-33-39-60
ROBINSON, NATHAN             PARIS                         NY-33-7-373
ROBINSON, REUBIN H.          LEE                           NY-33-48-102
ROBINSON, WILLIAM            LEE                           NY-33-25-203
ROBINSON, WILLIAM            CLINTON                       NY-33-44-86
ROBOTHAM, THOMAS             ROME                          NY-33-35-29
ROBSON, BENJAMIN R.          UTICA                         NY-33-49-182
ROBSON, ESTHER               WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-16-483
ROBSON, ISAAC                WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-37-107
ROBSON, MATTHEW              WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-20-555
ROBSON, WILLIAM              WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-8-287
ROCHE, EDMOND                UTICA                         NY-33-47-105
ROCK, DANIEL                 CAMDEN                        NY-33-16-409
ROCKWELL, ABBY KATE          UTICA                         NY-33-44-155
ROCKWELL, ABIGAIL            TRENTON                       NY-33-37-593
ROCKWELL, ANNA               UTICA                         NY-33-20-117
ROCKWELL, EDWIN              CAMDEN                        NY-33-25-133
ROCKWELL, MARGARET N.        UTICA                         NY-33-39-28
ROCKWELL, MARY E. M.         WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-30-63
ROCKWELL, SAMUEL             TRENTON                       NY-33-14-226
ROCKWELL, STEPHEN H.         TRENTON                       NY-33-28-91
ROCKWOOD, NATHANIEL          REMSEN                        NY-33-7-381
ROCKWOOD, WILLIAM            TRENTON                       NY-33-10-164
ROEHL, MARY                  UTICA                         NY-33-43-26
ROESCH, MARGARET             UTICA                         NY-33-39-370
ROGERS, ANDREW               WESTERN                       NY-33-16-377
ROGERS, CLARK T.             SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-33-329
ROGERS, DUDLEY               LEE                           NY-33-45-462
ROGERS, FRANCES              WESTERN                       NY-33-13-257
ROGERS, GEORGE               WESTERN                       NY-33-16-5097
ROGERS, HENRY S.             NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-49-296
ROGERS, JOHN F.              LEE                           NY-33-23-399
ROGERS, JOSIAH N.            WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-39-286
ROGERS, PUBLIUS V.           UTICA                         NY-33-48-596
ROGERS, RILEY                VERNON                        NY-33-47-295
ROGERS, SARAH ANN            STEUBEN                       NY-33-26-113
ROGERS, STEPHEN              NORTH WESTERN                 NY-33-50-254
ROGERS, STEPHEN B.           WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-25-571
ROGNON, EMMA                 ROME                          NY-33-39-287
ROGNON, FREDERICK            ROME                          NY-33-35-373
ROHM, SEBASTIAN              UTICA                         NY-33-23-453
ROHMEIER, CATHARINE          UTICA                         NY-33-45-374
ROLANDS, WILLIAM             ROME                          NY-33-19-209
ROLF, MARIA                  DEERFIELD                     NY-33-32-337
ROLLING, EDWARD              CAMDEN                        NY-33-51-316
ROLLING, JAMES               UTICA                         NY-33-30-573
ROONEY, MARGARET             UTICA                         NY-33-18-583
ROOT, ALICE                  NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-14-413
ROOT, ANDREW B.              NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-40-530
ROOT, ANDRUS P.              MARSHALL                      NY-33-47-183
ROOT, ASAHEL                 MARSHALL                      NY-33-18-73
ROOT, CATHARINE M.           VERNON                        38-48-526
ROOT, CELIA                  DEERFIELD                     NY-33-30-575
ROOT, DINAH                  KIRKLAND                      38-8-431
ROOT, ELEAZER                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-9-221
ROOT, ELI                    WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-6-298
ROOT, ELIAKIM                VERNON                        NY-33-23-509
ROOT, ELIZABETH M.           NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-46-485
ROOT, IDA C.                 COLLEGE HILL                  NY-33-39-481
ROOT, JANE L.                NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-23-231
ROOT, MEDAD                  NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-7-184
ROOT, OREN                   KIRKLAND                      NY-33-38-449
ROOT, P. SHELDON             NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-20-339
ROOT, SOLOMON                AUGUSTA                       NY-33-18-773
ROOT, TALMON                 ROME                          NY-33-7-365
ROOT, URI                    AUGUSTA                       NY-33-18-73
ROOT, WARD                   VERNON                        NY-33-35-501
ROOT, WILLIAM                VERNON                        NY-33-8-216
ROPER, SUSAN                 LEE                           NY-33-18-355
ROSE, GILES                  WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-47-347
ROSE, HARRY                  DEERFIELD                     NY-33-39-66
ROSE, HENRY                  MARCY                         NY-33-14-75
ROSE, JONATHAN               WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-45-454
ROSE, MARY                   DEERFIELD                     NY-33-39-60
ROSE, NANCY                  WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-21-260
ROSE, REUBEN                 WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-1-271
ROSE, REUBEN                 WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-17-56
ROSE, REUBEN                 WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-18-57
ROSEMOND, CATHERINE          UTICA                         NY-33-39-116
ROSENTHAL, MOSES             UTICA                         NY-33-18-547
ROSER, HENRY                 AVA                           NY-33-34-227
ROSS, ALMANZO F.             HOLLAND PATENT                NY-33-39-53
ROSS, ANN                    ROME                          NY-33-45-498
ROSS, DAVID                  ROME                          NY-33-50-409
ROSS, JANE G.                UTICA                         NY-33-29-247
ROSS, JOHN                   WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-3-141
ROSS, JOHN                   UTICA                         NY-33-50-506
ROSSBAUER, ALEXIS            UTICA                         NY-33-51-369
ROSTIZER, FREDERICK          ROME                          NY-33-32-177
ROTH, GEORGE                 UTICA                         NY-33-39-34
ROTH, GERTRUDE               ROME                          NY-33-50-391
ROTH, JOSEPH                 DURHAMVILLE                   NY-33-44-515
ROTH, MARTIN                 DEERFIELD                     NY-33-45-128
ROTHMUND, PETER              UTICA                         NY-33-22-451
ROUGEOT, FRANCIS             ROME                          NY-33-18-717
ROUSE, LORENZO               MARSHALL                      NY-33-40-184
ROUSE, MICHAEL               ROME                          NY-33-20-355
ROWAN, JAMES C.              CAMDEN                        NY-33-48-310
ROWAN, PATRICK               FLORENCE                      NY-33-38-369
ROWE, AMASA                  DEERFIELD                     NY-33-13-373
ROWE, HENRY                  UTICA                         NY-33-16-611
ROWE, JACOB                  UTICA                         NY-33-24-124
ROWE, JAMES F.               UTICA                         NY-33-37-251
ROWE, JANE T.                UTICA                         NY-33-30-87
ROWE, JOHN C.                UTICA                         NY-33-39-495
ROWE, THOMAS                 UTICA                         NY-33-26-57
ROWELL, ASA                  ROME                          NY-33-30-437
ROWELL, CALEB                FLORENCE                      NY-33-3-155
ROWELL, LOLA                 CAMDEN                        NY-33-23-391
ROWELL, LUCY ALEVER          SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-39-510
ROWELL, LYDIA                CAMDEN                        NY-33-44-389
ROWLAND, ANN                 UTICA                         NY-33-25-3
ROWLAND, EDWARD              NEW YORK MILLS                NY-33-47-420
ROWLAND, MICHAEL             UTICA                         NY-33-31-541
ROWLAND, OWEN                TRENTON                       NY-33-4-364
ROWLAND, SAMUEL S.           ROME                          NY-33-21-292
ROWLANDS, JOHN               UTICA                         NY-33-46-314
ROWLANDS, WILLIAM            UTICA                         NY-33-19-143
ROWLEY, EDWARD               UTICA                         NY-33-18-7
ROWLEY, JANE M.              UTICA                         NY-33-31-75
ROWLEY, JEREMIAH             ROME                          NY-33-46-443
ROY, ANTHONY                 ROME                          NY-33-28-9
ROY, LAUREN R.               BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-16-289
ROY, SARAH                   UTICA                         NY-33-46-234
ROY, TEBOY                   ROME                          NY-33-16-5
ROYCE, ABIGAIL B.            UTICA                         NY-33-48-185
ROYCE, MARTHA W.             PARIS                         NY-33-18-793
ROYCE, MARY                  KIRKLAND                      NY-33-18-313
ROYCE, NANCY                 KIRKLAND                      NY-33-14-379
ROYCE, SAMUEL                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-8-282
RUBY, JOSEPH                 ROME                          NY-33-47-316
RUDD, ELIZA E.               CLINTON                       NY-33-50-560
RUDD, JACOB                  MARCY                         NY-33-23-97
RUDD, JOSEPH                 KIRKLAND                      NY-33-33-349
RUDDOCK, GEORGE              WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-30-495
RUDDOCK, WILLIAM             WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-47-544
RUFF, CHRISTINE              WESTERN                       NY-33-48-226
RUFF, PETER                  WESTERN                       NY-33-31-579
RUGG, SAMUEL                 SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-25-27
RUGGIERS, ANTONIO            UTICA                         NY-33-48-246
RUHSTORFER, MATHIAS          UTICA                         NY-33-38-169
RUMBLE, CHARLES              BOONVILLE                     NY-33-25-497
RUNDEL, DANIEL               MARSHALL                      NY-33-12-260
RUNKLE, MARY                 UTICA                         NY-33-8-396
RUNYAN, IDA M.               SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-28-379
RUPART, DANIEL               STEUBEN                       NY-33-45-258
RUS, SOLOMON                 WESTERN                       NY-33-39-204
RUSCO, ANSON                 CAMDEN                        NY-33-12-420
RUSSELL, CATHARINE           PARIS                         NY-33-40-2
RUSSELL, DAVID               FLOYD                         NY-33-1-197
RUSSELL, JAMES               SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-13-261
RUSSELL, RICHARD             KIRKLAND                      NY-33-39-476
RUSSELL, ROBERT              FLORENCE                      NY-33-29-299
RUSSELL, ROBERT G.           BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-23-491
RUSSELL, SILAS               FLORENCE                      NY-33-30-185
RUSSELL, SIMON               KIRKLAND                      NY-33-16-217
RUSSELL, TIMOTHY             NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-3-185
RUTH, CHARLES                BOONVILLE                     NY-33-50-19
RYAN, ANN                    UTICA                         NY-33-39-280
RYAN, CATHARINE              UTICA                         NY-33-34-349
RYAN, CORNELIUS              UTICA                         NY-33-23-307
RYAN, JOHN                   CAMDEN                        NY-33-34-545
RYAN, THOMAS                 UTICA                         NY-33-33-209
RYAN, WILLIAM                FLORENCE                      NY-33-34-443
SACKETT, JAMES H.            BOONVILLE                     NY-33-50-75
SACKS, BARBARA               UTICA                         NY-33-40-366
SADLER, JOSEPH E.            WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-24-240
SAFFORD, PAULINE             ROME                          NY-33-51-208
SAGE, ROSWELL                VERONA                        NY-33-30-25
SAGER, CYNTHIA M.            VERNON                        NY-33-34-463
SAGER, WILHELMAS             VIENNA                        NY-33-18-429
SAHL, EDWARD                 UTICA                         NY-33-45-512
SAINTPERRY, JAMES            UTICA                         NY-33-20-429
SALISBURY, EBENEZER          YORK, IOWA, IA                NY-33-25-159
SALISBURY, NATHANIEL         ROME                          NY-33-28-321
SALISBURY, SARAH             DEERFIELD                     NY-33-28-373
SALISBURY, SARAH             DEERFIELD                     NY-33-48-326
SALISBURY, STEPHEN           LEE                           NY-33-22-209
SALZMAN, ROSINA              BOONVILLE                     NY-33-38-443
SAMMONS, BETSEY              ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-51-239
SAMSON, BRIDGET              FLORENCE                      NY-33-25-431
SAMSON, MARTHA               MILAN, , PA                   NY-33-27-475
SAMSON, RUBY A.              WESTERN                       NY-33-33-41
SAMUEL, ENOCH                UTICA                         NY-33-12-217
SANDERS, AMY C.              SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-19-489
SANDERS, AZARIAH             MARCY                         NY-33-13-101
SANDERS, GEORGE              ROME                          NY-33-39-397
SANDERS, MARIA               MARCY                         NY-33-22-561
SANDERS, STPEHEN             ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-28-521
SANDERS, WILLIAM             KIRKLAND                      NY-33-22-397
SANDERSON, JOSEPH            SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-4-182
SANDFORD, SARAH              LEE                           NY-33-19-99
SANDS, MARGARET              ROME                          NY-33-50-527
SANFORD, ABRAHAM             VIENNA                        NY-33-23-497
SANFORD, AMOS                TRENTON (FADED)               NY-33-13-3
SANFORD, CHARLES HENRY       KIRKLAND                      NY-33-16-345
SANFORD, EDWIN G.            VERNON                        NY-33-22-203
SANFORD, FORTUNE C.          CAMDEN                        NY-33-50-102
SANFORD, GEORGE H.           VERONA                        NY-33-21-105
SANFORD, GILES               CAMDEN                        NY-33-14-435
SANFORD, HARRIET MATILDA     TRENTON                       NY-33-39-266
SANFORD, PRISCILLA           VIENNA                        NY-33-23-499
SANGER, CHRISTINE            UTICA                         NY-33-46-407
SANGER, FANNY                NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-7-108
SARGENT, ABIGAIL E.          ORISKANY FALLS                NY-33-50-169
SARGENT, ANDREW              AUGUSTA                       NY-33-32-57
SARGENT, JAMES A.            VERONA                        NY-33-30-7
SARRINGTON, SARAH            WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-47-188
SARTWELL, SAMUEL S.          CMADEN                        NY-33-40-598
SATTERLEE, NELSON H.         VERONA                        NY-33-20-583
SAUL, MARY KATHARINE         UTICA                         NY-33-25-393
SAUNDERS, HEZEKIAH           BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-16-477
SAVAGE, FRANCES A.           PARIS                         NY-33-39-206
SAVAGE, GIDEON               NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-4-321
SAVAGE, JOHN                 NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-6-207
SAVAGE, JOHN                 UTICA                         NY-33-18-197
SAVAGE, JOSEPH               TRENTON                       NY-33-29-179
SAVAGE, RICHARD              ROME                          NY-33-45-80
SAVAGE, ROCK                 PARIS                         NY-33-19-615
SAVAGE, STEPHEN              PARIS                         NY-33-9-64
SAVAGE, THOMAS               NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-48-536
SAWENS, KATE L.              UTICA                         NY-33-48-341
SAWYER, JEDEDIAH             NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-3-248
SAWYER, POLLY H.             ROME                          NY-33-17-248
SAWYER, WILLIAM              NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-20-573
SAXLES, WELCOME              VERNON                        NY-33-10-10
SAXTON, HENRY                PARIS                         NY-33-3-110
SAXTON, JEHIEL               PARIS                         NY-33-2-171
SAYRE, ANNA L.               UTICA                         NY-33-48-84
SAYRE, CHARLES H.            UTICA                         NY-33-48-88
SAYRE, JAMES                 UTICA                         NY-33-28-233
SAYRE, MOSES                 ROME                          NY-33-2-321
SCANLON, ELLEN               UTICA                         NY-33-19-525
SCANLON, MICHAEL             UTICA                         NY-33-29-387
SCHAEFER, ANNA B.            UTICA                         NY-33-47-552
SCHAFER, MARY                UTICA                         NY-33-40-344
SCHAIBLE, ADAM               UTICA                         NY-33-20-223
SCHANK, MATTIS               MARCY                         NY-33-31-337
SCHARBINGER, CRESCENTIA      UTICA                         NY-33-40-602
SCHARFE, FREDERICK           UTICA                         NY-33-35-301
SCHARNAGEL, WOLFGANG         UTICA                         NY-33-46-393
SCHATZ, FRIEDERIKA           UTICA                         NY-33-44-530
SCHAUB, HENRY                UTICA                         NY-33-51-161
SCHAUP, JACOB                UTICA                         NY-33-51-430
SCHEEBL, ANNA OTILIA         UTICA                         NY-33-50-227
SCHEIDER, JACOB              UTICA                         NY-33-48-362
SCHENCK, CATHARINE           UTICA                         NY-33-44-347
SCHENCK, ELIZABETH           UTICA                         NY-33-48-34
SCHERMERHORN, AARON W.       KIRKLAND                      NY-33-40-334
SCHERMERHORN, CATHERINE      REMSEN                        NY-33-50-102
SCHERMERHORN, J. H.          DEERFIELD                     NY-33-1-395
SCHERMERHORN, MARY           DEERFIELD                     NY-33-51-320
SCHERMERHORN, STEPHEN        LEE                           NY-33-47-201
SCHERMERHORN, WILLIAM D.     DEERFIELD                     NY-33-46-473
SCHIFFER, FRANCIS            REMSEN                        NY-33-20-403
SCHLEE, LORENZ               ROME                          NY-33-32-229
SCHLEIGER, JOHN              UTICA                         NY-33-18-43
SCHLICHER, PHILIP JOHN       AUGUSTA                       NY-33-34-437
SCHLIKER, ANTHONY            UTICA                         NY-33-28-257
SCHLIKER, CHARLES F.         UTICA                         NY-33-39-5
SCHMALENBERGER, CHARLES      MARCY                         NY-33-51-385
SCHMALZBAUER, GEORGE         UTICA                         NY-33-47-550
SCHMICH, KERSANZ             SEE: SENAY, KERRANCE          NY-33-37-350
SCHMIDT, CHARLES E. F.       UTICA                         NY-33-38-185
SCHMIDT, DANIEL              UTICA                         NY-33-43-254
SCHMIDTBAUER, MICHAEL        UTICA                         NY-33-39-254
SCHMIT, THOMAS               UTICA                         NY-33-39-34
SCHNEIDER, CHRISTINA M.      ROME                          NY-33-51-350
SCHNEIDER, MARY A.           UTICA                         NY-33-51-448
SCHNEIDER, PETER             UTICA                         NY-33-47-176
SCHNEIDER, SALONICA          UTICA                         NY-33-47-176
SCHNELL, JOHN GREGOR         UTICA                         NY-33-39-124
SCHOOLCRAFT, LEROY           WHITESBORO                    NY-33-39-342
SCHOOLCRAFT, SYLVESTER       WHITESBORO                    NY-33-48-590
SCHOOLER, ALICE              VERONA                        NY-33-22-401
SCHOOLER, JOHN               UTICA                         NY-33-46-38
SCHOOLER, WILLIAM            ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-22-423
SCHOWALTER, HENRY            VERONA                        NY-33-33-569
SCHRADER, ANNA M.            UTICA                         NY-33-48-344
SCHRADER, FREDERICK J.       UTICA                         NY-33-51-422
SCHRADER, HELEN M.           UTICA                         NY-33-40-440
SCHRADER, SOPHIA             UTICA                         NY-33-29-523
SCHRAM, ELIZABETH ANN        UTICA                         NY-33-23-253
SCHRECK, PETER               DEERFIELD                     NY-33-51-483
SCHREFFER, KATHARINE         ROME                          NY-33-30-293
SCHREIBER, JOSEPH            UTICA                         NY-33-43-108
SCHREIBER, MARY EVA          UTICA                         NY-33-48-348
SCHREMPF, JACOB              UTICA                         NY-33-26-281
SCHREMPF, MARTIN             UTICA                         NY-33-37-279
SCHRICK, FRANK               UTICA                         NY-33-39-22
SCHROEDER, ERNST WILLIAM     UTICA                         NY-33-34-223
SCHUDERER, ANNA MARIA        UTICA                         NY-33-29-401
SCHUDERER, SEBASTIAN         UTICA                         NY-33-48-97
SCHUEHARDT, FREDERICK        UTICA                         NY-33-34-205
SCHULTZ, STEPHEN             UTICA                         NY-33-43-58
SCHULTZE, CHARLES            UTICA                         NY-33-50-507
SCHULZ, ELIZABETH H.         NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-27-124
SCHUYLER, CLARA F.           UTICA                         NY-33-47-63
SCHUYLER, PETER              BOONVILLE                     NY-33-7-360
SCHWAB, ELIZABETH            UTICA                         NY-33-34-49
SCHWAB, JOHN                 UTICA                         NY-33-25-329
SCHWARTZ, CAROLINE           UTICA                         NY-33-39-483
SCHWARTZ, FREDERICK WILLIAM  VIENNA                        NY-33-40-606
SCHWARZ, BARBARA             UTICA                         NY-33-28-277
SCHWEINSBERG, NICHOLAS       BOONVILLE                     NY-33-48-108
SCHWERTFEGER, JOHN E.        UTICA                         NY-33-39-205
SCOFIELD, ISAAC              PARIS                         NY-33-5-404
SCOFIL, AMOS                 ROME                          NY-33-33-635
SCOFIL, PHEBE                ROME                          NY-33-34-37
SCOFIL, SARAH                ROME                          NY-33-8-324
SCOTT, GEORGE                UTICA                         NY-33-18-631
SCOTT, HUGH                  WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-5-114
SCOTT, MARGARET ANN          VIENNA                        NY-33-22-325
SCOTT, MARVIN                BRIDGEWTER                    NY-33-8-184
SCOTT, NATHANIEL             DEERFIELD                     NY-33-8-285
SCOTT, RICHARD               WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-51-357
SCOTT, ROBERT                WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-5-118
SCOTTI, OTIS D.              ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-18-597
SCOULER, JOHN                UTICA                         NY-33-22-315
SCOVIL, ALFRED               LEE                           NY-33-14-285
SCOVIL, DARIUS               NTL                           NY-33-3-108
SCOVILL, CONET               VIENNA                        NY-33-25-173
SCOVILL, EZEKIEL             CAMDEN                        NY-33-5-100
SCOVILL, JOSEPH              CAMDEN                        NY-33-48-490
SCOVILL, JOSEPH T.           CAMDEN                        NY-33-10-378
SCOVILLE, ABBEY              MARSHALL                      NY-33-45-214
SCOVILLE, JESSE A.           UTICA                         NY-33-26-323
SCOVILLE, RILEY              CAMDEN                        NY-33-42-338
SCOVILLE, SEABURY            MARSHALL                      NY-33-28-399
SCOVILLE, SHELDON            VERNON                        NY-33-20-471
SCOVILLE, WADSOR             CAMDEN                        NY-33-31-529
SCRANTON, LYMAN              UTICA                         NY-33-20-283
SCRANTON, WILLIAM H.         UTICA                         NY-33-47-49
SCREEDER, JOHN               SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-29-541
SEABURY, AHIMAN              SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-9-275
SEAN, PATRICK                BONVILLE                      NY-33-39-505
SEARLES, ELIJAH              UTICA                         NY-33-46-557
SEARLES, HANNAH              LEE                           NY-33-51-67
SEARLES, JANE H.             UTICA                         NY-33-37-145
SEARLES, THOMAS              LEE                           NY-33-31-57
SEARS, RACHEL                UTICA                         NY-33-18-535
SEARS, ROLAND                WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-6-32
SEATON, GEORGE               ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-30-485
SEATON, JOSEPH               UTICA                         NY-33-9-72
SEATON, WILLIAM              CLAYVILLE                     NY-33-45-206
SEAVY, MARK                  MARCY                         NY-33-22-301
SECOR, CARY B.               CAMDEN                        NY-33-46-263
SEDGWICK, THERON             VERONA                        NY-33-34-149
SEEBER, ADELIA               AVA                           NY-33-51-279
SEEBER, ANN E.               VERNON                        NY-33-25-149
SEEBER, SILAS                VERONA                        NY-33-51-254
SEEBER, SOLOMON              AVA                           NY-33-51-130
SEEGER, JOHN GEORGE          ROME                          NY-33-48-92
SEELEY, DANIEL               WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-6-264
SEELYE, LYMAN                WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-22-489
SEELYE, NORMAN               WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-50-53
SEEMANN, CHRISTINA           UTICA                         NY-33-44-302
SEEMANN, JACOB               UTICA                         NY-33-42-442
SEEMANN, VALENTINE           UTICA                         NY-33-50-581
SEEVIER, JOHN A.             CAMDEN                        NY-33-12-418
SEGAR, ELIZA                 WILLOWVALE                    NY-33-45-482
SEGAR, JOHN WESLEY           UTICA                         NY-33-47-591
SEGUR, AMELIA                UTICA                         NY-33-39-184
SEGUR, ELIZABETH             ROME                          NY-33-13-425
SEHN, JOSEPH                 UTICA                         NY-33-32-605
SEHN, MARY                   UTICA                         NY-33-29-421
SEIFERT, MARGARET            ROME                          NY-33-44-47
SEIFRIED, DANIEL             TRENTON                       NY-33-48-364
SEILING, ANDREW              UTICA                         NY-33-28-259
SEIM, HENRY                  UTICA                         NY-33-44-374
SEISELMEIER, MARTIN          UTICA                         NY-33-20-173
SEIZELMEYER, MARGARET        UTICA                         NY-33-31-537
SELBACH, JOHN                UTICA                         NY-33-50-458
SELDEN, GUSTAVUS V.          ROME                          NY-33-46-518
SELDEN, PHILANDER F.         ROME                          NY-33-19-575
SELLY, LUCINDA               SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-20-83
SELMSER, MARTHA W.           UTICA                         NY-33-39-20
SELTSAM, DORTHEA             UTICA                         NY-33-30-465
SENARD, ASAHEL               UTICA                         NY-33-5-256
SENAY, KERRANCE              VERONA                        NY-33-37-350
SENOFF, VALENTYNE            UTICA                         NY-33-47-353
SERGANT, CHARLES             BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-46-570
SERGEANT, JOHN               VERNON                        NY-33-3-16
SERIN, SALOMA                UTICA                         NY-33-39-206
SERVEY, LOUISA               ROME                          NY-33-50-508
SERVEY, MARY A.              ROME                          NY-33-47-207
SERVICE, ALEXANDER           UTICA                         NY-33-44-428
SERVICE, JULIETTE D.         TRENTON                       NY-33-50-171
SESSIONS, SAMUEL             WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-8-362
SEWARD, ALEXANDER            UTICA                         NY-33-50-126
SEXTON, ANN                  WATERVILLE                    NY-33-31-399
SEXTON, AUSTIN               ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-23-593
SEXTON, HORACE               LEE                           NY-33-5-233
SEXTON, JESSE                LEE                           NY-33-4-189
SEXTON, MICHAEL              SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-38-413
SEXTON, WILLIAM              ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-13-441
SEXTON, WILLIAM              LEE                           NY-33-19-185
SEYBERT, ANNIE M.            NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-5-309
SEYMOUR, ALFRED K.           UTICA                         NY-33-45-292
SEYMOUR, BENJAMIN G.         WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-30-111
SEYMOUR, BERT                WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-48-146
SEYMOUR, CATHARINE A.        BOONVILLE                     NY-33-37-181
SEYMOUR, CHARLOTTE           ROME                          NY-33-50-319
SEYMOUR, COLLINS             WESTERN                       NY-33-18-255
SEYMOUR, HELLEN L.           UTICA                         NY-33-32-77
SEYMOUR, HENRY               UTICA                         NY-33-6-1
SEYMOUR, JAMES L.            WESTERN                       NY-33-37-380
SEYMOUR, JOHN F.             UTICA                         NY-33-44-35
SEYMOUR, MARY                DEERFIELD                     NY-33-36-143
SEYMOUR, SALMON              WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-7-200
SEYMOUR, T. H.               ROME                          NY-33-50-320
SHADRACH, DANIEL M.          ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-43-276
SHAEFFER, CHRISTOPHER        REMSEN                        NY-33-25-23
SHAFER, JACOB                BOONVILLE                     NY-33-47-583
SHAFER, JOHN H.              UTICA                         NY-33-45-530
SHAFFER, CORNELIA E.         UTICA                         NY-33-31-357
SHALER, FRANCIS              FLOYD                         NY-33-48-71
SHALL, HENRY                 VERNON                        NY-33-33-229
SHALLER, ANNA                WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-34-53
SHAPLAND, TRYPHENA           UTICA                         NY-33-46-248
SHARFE, JANE                 UTICA                         NY-33-47-448
SHARP, CATHERINE             ROME                          NY-33-50-50
SHATTUCK, ASAPH              FLOYD                         NY-33-12-334
SHATTUCK, ASAPH              ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-19-351
SHATTUCK, EZRA               FLOYD                         NY-33-33-13
SHATTUCK, FRANK W.           WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-31-289
SHATTUCK, JANE A.            UTICA                         NY-33-35-261
SHATTUCK, LEWIS H.           UTICA                         NY-33-35-505
SHATTUCK, LUTHER             FLOYD                         NY-33-39-104
SHAUGHNESSEY, PATRICK J.     UTICA                         NY-33-51-216
SHAUL, GERSHOM S.            BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-51-209
SHAULEY, MARGARET            CAMDEN                        NY-33-50-598
SHAVER, PHILIP               VERONA                        NY-33-30-279
SHAW, AGNES                  NEW YORK MILLS                NY-33-48-346
SHAW, BENJAMIN F.            UTICA                         NY-33-19-265
SHAW, BETSEY                 KIRKLAND                      NY-33-25-469
SHAW, CHARLES                PARIS                         NY-33-46-497
SHAW, DANIEL                 WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-19-483
SHAW, EZRA                   TRENTON                       NY-33-34-233
SHAW, JACOB                  VIENNA                        NY-33-16-129
SHAW, JOHN                   SHAW                          NY-33-5-88
SHAW, JOHN GEORGE            UTICA                         NY-33-42-12
SHAW, MARGARET               NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-18-559
SHAW, ROBERT                 UTICA                         NY-33-8-422
SHAY, DANIEL                 KIRKLAND                      NY-33-38-15
SHAYS, HIRAM                 NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-14-251
SHEARMAN, EBENEZER B.        UTICA                         NY-33-45-158
SHEARMAN, JANE               UTICA                         NY-33-46-25
SHEARMAN, JANE               UTICA                         NY-33-46-2
SHED, DYER                   WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-9-77
SHED, ISAIAH                 WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-5-343
SHEDD, HANNAH                VERONA                        NY-33-39-46
SHEEHAN, MARY                UTICA                         NY-33-43-74
SHEEHAN, MARY A.             UTICA                         NY-33-42-228
SHEITELMAN, PHILIP           ROME                          NY-33-47-169
SHELDEN, FREEMAN             LEE                           NY-33-12-320
SHELDON, AMASA               LEE                           NY-33-13-129
SHELDON, DANIEL              TRENTON                       NY-33-30-19
SHELDON, EBENEZER            FLOYD                         NY-33-9-68
SHELDON, GAIUS S.            AUGUSTA                       NY-33-30-203
SHELDON, GEORGE              LEE                           NY-33-26-259
SHELDON, GEORGE M.           TRENTON                       NY-33-5-365
SHELDON, HENRY R.            REMSEN                        NY-33-6-196
SHELDON, MARY                TRENTON                       NY-33-3-251
SHELDON, MARYETT L.          LEE                           NY-33-48-133
SHELDON, SARAH A.            CAMDEN                        NY-33-36-121
SHELDON, THOMAS              WESTERN                       NY-33-1-367
SHELDON, WARREN D.           TRENTON                       NY-33-44-239
SHELDON, WILLIAM             AUGUSTA                       NY-33-32-445
SHELDON, WILLIAM             LEE                           NY-33-39-386
SHELLEY, EDWARD H.           ROME                          NY-33-46-318
SHELLING, JACOB              ROME                          NY-33-29-207
SHENON, JOHN                 UTICA                         NY-33-36-75
SHEPARD, GEORGE R.           CAMDEN                        NY-33-50-477
SHEPARD, JARED               WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-1-292
SHEPARD, JOSEPH              NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-6-325
SHEPARD, LUCY                PARIS                         NY-33-12-37
SHEPHARD, LUCY A.            UTICA                         NY-33-37-564
SHEPHERD, ALPHA              WESTERN                       NY-33-2-8
SHEPHERD, JOHN               WESTERN                       NY-33-31-37
SHEPHERD, LEMUEL             *                             NY-33-3-160
SHEPPARD, ANN                UTICA                         NY-33-18-39
SHEPPARD, ELIZABETH          WESTERN                       NY-33-42-20
SHEPPARD, MARGARET           UTICA                         NY-33-51-21
SHERIDAN, ANN                UTICA                         NY-33-51-358
SHERIDAN, SIMON              ROME                          NY-33-17-78
SHERMAN, ELIGAH              WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-13-33
SHERMAN, ENOCH               PARIS                         NY-33-2-316
SHERMAN, FRANCES L.          NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-34-499
SHERMAN, GEORGE L.           ROME                          NY-33-51-240
SHERMAN, ISAAC               VERONA                        NY-33-6-244
SHERMAN, JEDEDIAH            MARCY                         NY-33-5-249
SHERMAN, JOHN                TRENTON                       NY-33-3-206
SHERMAN, MARY F.             NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-49-356
SHERRILL, GERTRUDE M.        UTICA                         NY-33-29-477
SHERRILL, MARY               WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-7-356
SHERWOOD, JOHN P.            VERNON                        NY-33-22-267
SHERWOOD, SARA W.            ROME                          NY-33-45-548
SHERWOOD, STEPHEN A.         NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-26-493
SHERWOOD, WILLIAM H.         NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-25-597
SHERWOOD, WILLIS             UTICA                         NY-33-16-13
SHIELDS, ANN                 UTICA                         NY-33-30-591
SHIELDS, BERNARD             MARSHALL                      NY-33-46-33
SHIRLEY, JOHN                WESTERN                       NY-33-22-513
SHOALES, SARAH               BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-7-169
SHOEMAKER, EVE               ROME                          NY-33-50-558
SHOLL, POLLY ANN             LEE                           NY-33-42-362
SHONNARD, EDWARD F.          UTICA                         NY-33-26-13
SHORER, ELIZABETH KELLY      UTICA                         NY-33-44-446
SHOTT, HENRY                 BOONVILLE                     NY-33-45-11
SHOTT, MIRIAM                BOONVILLE                     NY-33-22-157
SHOVE, CHARLES               TRENTON                       NY-33-16-21
SHROEDER, JOHN               UTICA                         NY-33-18-233
SHULTZ, PHILANDER B.         BOONVILLE                     NY-33-25-303
SHUTE, CAROLINE              VIENNA                        NY-33-35-333
SHUTE, JOHN                  WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-12-39
SIBLEY, SAMUEL A.            UTICA                         NY-33-14-327
SICARD, STEPHEN              UTICA                         NY-33-45-386
SICKENBERGER, ANTHONY        UTICA                         NY-33-48-584
SIEBATH, JOSEPH              UTICA                         NY-33-38-9
SIEGMAN, FREDERICK           WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-44-434
SIEGMAN, JOHN                UTICA                         NY-33-39-622
SILLMAN, GEORGE              UTICA                         NY-33-29-27
SILVERMAN, LOUIS M.          UTICA                         NY-33-40-170
SIMMERER, EUGEN              UTICA                         NY-33-37-374
SIMMONS, ABEL                MARSHALL                      NY-33-5-243
SIMMONS, ALMY                PARIS                         NY-33-23-561
SIMMONS, BENJAMIN F.         VERNON                        NY-33-20-203
SIMMONS, CARLOS              PARIS                         NY-33-31-313
SIMMONS, DAVID               CAMDEN                        NY-33-13-483
SIMMONS, EDWARD              ROME                          NY-33-2-186
SIMMONS, ICHABOD             PARIS                         NY-33-3-112
SIMMONS, JANE T.             WATERVILLE                    NY-33-51-503
SIMMONS, JULIA A.            VERNON                        NY-33-33-289
SIMMONS, ORLANDO N.          PARIS                         NY-33-22-239
SIMMONS, REBECCA             UTICA                         NY-33-20-515
SIMON, CHARLES               UTICA                         NY-33-32-93
SIMONS, MARTHA               NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-39-238
SIMPSON, ABEL                TRENTON                       NY-33-12-412
SIMPSON, CATHERINE           PARIS                         NY-33-29-511
SIMPSON, JOHN                PARIS                         NY-33-28-599
SIMPSON, JOHN W.             UTICA                         NY-33-47-45
SIMS, JOHN                   UTICA                         NY-33-13-1
SINGLETON, ELIZA             WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-39-126
SINGLETON, JOHN              ROME                          NY-33-24-164
SINGLETON, MICHAEL           CAMDEN                        NY-33-50-321
SINGLETON, RICHARD           WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-47-209
SINK, ANDREW J.              ROME                          NY-33-30-443
SINK, CAROLINE E.            UTICA                         NY-33-50-238
SINK, JOHN                   UTICA                         NY-33-7-307
SINK, ROBERT                 UTICA                         NY-33-38-163
SINNOTT, WILLIAM             ROME                          NY-33-39-345
SIRGEL, JOSEPH               VERONA                        NY-33-42-98
SIZER, HENRY A.              TRENTON                       NY-33-32-625
SIZER, SAMUEL                STEUBEN                       NY-33-2-356
SKALLY, LOCKLIN              UTICA                         NY-33-28-467
SKALLY, WINAFORD             UTICA                         NY-33-29-571
SKANLIN, TIMOTHY             UTICA                         NY-33-10-52
SKELLY, HENRY                ORISKANY                      NY-33-51-193
SKELLY, JAMES                WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-26-267
SKIFF, ALBERT S.             TRENTON                       NY-33-48-183
SKIFF, ELIZA J.              UTICA                         NY-33-26-119
SKINNER, ABRAM               CAMDEN                        NY-33-33-353
SKINNER, CHRISTOPHER         CAMDEN                        NY-33-20-557
SKINNER, DANIEL              WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-5-356
SKINNER, DOEPHUS             UTICA                         NY-33-20-251
SKINNER, FRANCIS             CAMDEN                        NY-33-39-566
SKINNER, GERRIT L.           TRENTON                       NY-33-30-85
SKINNER, GIDEON D.           VERNON                        NY-33-15-336
SKINNER, JAMES H.            WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-25-69
SKINNER, JOHN                ROME                          NY-33-29-93
SKINNER, JOHN C.             VERONA                        NY-33-48-60
SKINNER, LEVI                VERNON                        NY-33-9-214
SKINNER, LORENZO T.          VERONA                        NY-33-34-287
SKINNER, NATHANIEL G.        WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-48-142
SKINNER, ROXSINA             MOMENCO, KAUKAKEE, IL         NY-33-34-475
SKINNER, SUSAN A.            VERNON                        NY-33-50-271
SLATER, PHILIP A.            TRENTON                       NY-33-51-153
SLATER, THOMAS               FLORENCE                      NY-33-35-121
SLEIFVATER, PRIMUS JR.       UTICA                         NY-33-45-1
SLINGERLAND, THOMAS B.       ROME                          NY-33-31-163
SLOANE, PETER                LEE                           NY-33-7-216
SLOCUM, EZRA W.              MARSHALL                      NY-33-22-99
SLOCUM, MORGAN G.            TRENTON                       NY-33-50-411
SLONE, HENRY L.              AVA                           NY-33-23-31
SLY, ADIN                    LEE                           NY-33-33-439
SMALLEY, DAVID P.            WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-16-677
SMALLEY, MARGARET            WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-18-663
SMALLWOOD, CHARLOTTE         BOONVILLE                     NY-33-28-421
SMART, THOMAS C.             NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-7-207
SMEDLEY, GIDEON              CAMDEN                        NY-33-3-152
SMITE, JONATHAN              MARCY                         NY-33-5-383
SMITH, ABEL                  VERNON                        NY-33-2-226
SMITH, ABIGAIL               CAMDEN                        NY-33-26-219
SMITH, ABIGAIL               VERONA                        NY-33-48-19
SMITH, ALVIN                 ONEIDA CASTLE                 NY-33-39-306
SMITH, AMOS                  WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-7-333
SMITH, ANDREW                VERONA                        NY-33-37-623
SMITH, ANN                   UTICA                         NY-33-37-400
SMITH, ANN                   UTICA                         NY-33-46-402
SMITH, BILL                  REMSEN                        NY-33-5-162
SMITH, BRIDGET               UTICA                         NY-33-35-409
SMITH, CARMICHAEL            FLORENCE                      NY-33-47-178
SMITH, CASTELLO C.           TRENTON                       NY-33-34-509
SMITH, CATHARINE             CAMDEN                        NY-33-18-353
SMITH, CATHERINE             ROME                          NY-33-30-135
SMITH, CHARLES               KIRKLAND                      NY-33-13-267
SMITH, CHARLOTTE             LEE                           NY-33-26-433
SMITH, CHARLOTTE L.          KIRKLAND                      NY-33-37-629
SMITH, CHARLOTTE M.          SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-39-154
SMITH, CHAUNCEY              KIRKLAND                      NY-33-19-527
SMITH, CHRISTOPHER           ROME                          NY-33-51-74
SMITH, CLARINDA B.           CASSVILLE                     NY-33-39-59
SMITH, CORDELIA              VERNON                        NY-33-40-456
SMITH, DANIEL                WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-4-197
SMITH, DAVID                 ROME                          NY-33-8-211
SMITH, EDWARD                MARCY                         NY-33-25-21
SMITH, EBENEZER              MARSHALL                      NY-33-7-91
SMITH, ELIJAH                TRENTON                       NY-33-2-38
SMITH, ELIZA                 UTICA                         NY-33-28-217
SMITH, ELIZA P.              KIRKLAND                      NY-33-39-305
SMITH, ELLEN                 UTICA                         NY-33-22-193
SMITH, ELLEN                 PARIS                         NY-33-44-512
SMITH, EUGENE                AUGUSTA                       NY-33-32-117
SMITH, FRANCIS B.            LEE                           NY-33-26-579
SMITH, FREDERICK             FLOYD                         NY-33-35-165
SMITH, FREDERICK A.          WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-47-203
SMITH, GARRIT                CAMDEN                        NY-33-34-125
SMITH, GENELLA A.            VIENNA                        NY-33-29-417
SMITH, GEORGE                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-29-587
SMITH, GEORGE                WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-33-335
SMITH, GEORGE R.             WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-50-492
SMITH, GILBERT L.            PARIS                         NY-33-40-560
SMITH, HARRIET E.            WATERVILLE                    NY-33-48-98
SMITH, HARRIOT               WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-25-457
SMITH, HARVEY                VERNON                        NY-33-23-319
SMITH, HENRY                 ROME                          NY-33-6-30
SMITH, HENRY                 UTICA                         NY-33-29-169
SMITH, HENRY W.              WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-13-195
SMITH, HIRAM                 CAMDEN                        NY-33-15-504
SMITH, JACOB                 AVA                           NY-33-19-9
SMITH, JAMES                 REMSEN                        NY-33-1-338
SMITH, JAMES                 NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-20-263
SMITH, JAMES                 LEE                           NY-33-26-473
SMITH, JAMES                 WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-28-413
SMITH, JOHN                  KIRKLAND                      NY-33-18-103
SMITH, JOHN                  CAMDEN                        NY-33-16-89
SMITH, JOHN                  WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-20-265
SMITH, JOHN                  PARIS                         NY-33-50-8
SMITH, JOHN H.               LEE                           NY-33-25-247
SMITH, JOHN JR.              FLOYD                         NY-33-16-605
SMITH, JOSEPH K.             UTICA                         NY-33-27-377
SMITH, JOSIAH                WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-8-336
SMITH, JULIUS                ROME                          NY-33-50-478
SMITH, KATIE                 ROME                          NY-33-42-426
SMITH, LOREN                 KIRKLAND                      NY-33-42-190
SMITH, LUCY C.               VERNON                        NY-33-51-181
SMITH, LYDIA P.              PROSPECT                      NY-33-50-341
SMITH, MARK H.               WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-32-133
SMITH, MARY                  CAMDEN                        NY-33-18-761
SMITH, MARY                  WHITESBORO                    NY-33-39-188
SMITH, MARY E.               UTICA                         NY-33-18-751
SMITH, MARY E.               REMSEN                        NY-33-45-310
SMITH, MARY J.               CAMDEN                        NY-33-45-496
SMITH, MATHEW                VERNON                        NY-33-16-667
SMITH, MICHAEL               UTICA                         NY-33-42-58
SMITH, MICHAEL               UTICA                         NY-33-39-52
SMITH, NEWELL T.             CAMDEN                        NY-33-44-311
SMITH, NEWELL T.             CAMDEN                        NY-33-45-478
SMITH, NEWTON                AUGUSTA                       NY-33-7-319
SMITH, NICHOLAS              UTICA                         NY-33-18-541
SMITH, OLIVER                REMSEN                        NY-33-3-118
SMITH, ORRIN                 WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-36-31
SMITH, PETER                 UTICA                         NY-33-34-563
SMITH, PETER                 WHITESBORO                    NY-33-46-395
SMITH, PETER H.              AUGUSTA                       NY-33-21-111
SMITH, PHILIP P.             WESTERN                       NY-33-6-73
SMITH, REUBEN                CAMDEN                        NY-33-18-465
SMITH, REUBEN                WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-23-431
SMITH, ROENA R.              FLORENCE                      NY-33-42-438
SMITH, RUTH A.               CAMDEN                        NY-33-43-268
SMITH, SAMUEL                WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-7-226
SMITH, SAMUEL                WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-20-269
SMITH, SAMUEL                LEE                           NY-33-29-583
SMITH, SARAH                 AUGUSTA                       NY-33-33-401
SMITH, SARAH                 PARIS                         NY-33-44-5
SMITH, SARAH                 UTICA                         NY-33-44-461
SMITH, SARAH P.              PARIS                         NY-33-51-508
SMITH, SETH                  PARIS                         NY-33-3-120
SMITH, SIMEON                NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-4-340
SMITH, SUSAN M.              ROME                          NY-33-42-308
SMITH, THERESA H.            CAMDEN                        NY-33-39-304
SMITH, THOMAS A.             WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-51-505
SMITH, WANTON                LEE                           NY-33-34-521
SMITH, WILLIAM               WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-23-107
SMITH, WILLIAM               ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-36-353
SMITH, WILLIAM D.            UTICA                         NY-33-18-553
SMITH, WILLIAM H.            AUGUSTA                       NY-33-5-258
SMITHSON, HANNAH             PARIS                         NY-33-31-453
SMITHSON, JAMES              PARIS                         NY-33-32-221
SMYTH, PATRICK               UTICA                         NY-33-46-569

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