Oneida, New York
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MCALEY, JOHN                 UTICA                         NY-33-18-747
MCANDREW, PATRICK            TRENTON                       NY-33-32-405
MCAVOY, JERRY                UTICA                         NY-33-39-35
MCBRIDE, JAMES               WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-45-444
MCBRIDE, JON                 ROME                          NY-33-51-97
MCBRIDE, MICHAEL             KIRKLAND                      NY-33-40-110
MCCABE, BERNERD              UTICA                         NY-33-30-365
MCCABE, ELIZABETH            UTICA                         NY-33-47-238
MCCABE, MARY ANN             FLORENCE                      NY-33-38-371
MCCALL, A. JOHN              UTICA                         NY-33-17-316
MCCALL, CHASE                CAMDEN                        NY-33-22-459
MCCAMUS, LUCIA CATHARINE     WATERVILLE                    NY-33-39-260
MCCANN, HUGH                 UTICA                         NY-33-16-209
MCCANN, JOHN                 UTICA                         NY-33-39-503
MCCANNA, MARY                UTICA                         NY-33-23-287
MCCARTHY, CORNELIUS          ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-47-224
MCCARTHY, DENNIS             ROME                          NY-33-13-173
MCCARTHY, ELIZA              ROME                          NY-33-45-542
MCCARTHY, MARGARET           FLORENCE                      NY-33-25-427
MCCARTHY, WILLIAM            UTICA                         NY-33-18-637
MCCARTHY, WILLIAM            UTICA                         NY-33-18-633
MCCARTY, MARY                ROME                          NY-33-32-305
MCCARTY, MORGAN              ROME                          NY-33-26-159
MCCARTY, TERRENCE            ROME                          NY-33-30-1
MCCHESNEY, ELOSIA P.         ROME                          NY-33-34-395
MCCHESNEY, ISAAC             UTICA                         NY-33-4-51
MCCLELLAND, OJHN             UTICA                         NY-33-20-305
MCCLOSKEY, PETER             PARIS                         NY-33-45-124
MCCLURE, MARY                UTICA                         NY-33-36-183
MCCLUSKEY, BRIDGET           UTICA                         NY-33-31-559
MCCLUSKY, JAMES              BOOONVILLE                    NY-33-9-1
MCCLUSKY, JOHN               BOONVILLE                     NY-33-38-151
MCCONNEL, JOHN R.            MARSHALL                      NY-33-14-427
MCCONNELL, JOSEPH            VIENNA                        NY-33-7-239
MCCONNELL, MARTHA            MARSHALL                      NY-33-38-79
MCCORMICK, JAMES             WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-10-23
MCCORMICK, JOHN              UTICA                         NY-33-40-424
MCCORMICK, JOHN              WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-48-405
MCCORMICK, JOHN              VIENNA                        NY-33-39-273
MCCORMICK, MARIA             ORISKANY                      NY-33-51-133
MCCORMICK, MARY              UTICA                         NY-33-50-70
MCCOTTER, GARRETT            AUGUSTA                       NY-33-18-27
MCCRAITH, THOMAS M.          UTICA                         NY-33-50-6
MCCREARY, HARRISON B.        UTICA                         NY-33-39-590
MCCUDDEN, THOMAS             UTICA                         NY-33-45-294
MCCULLOUGH, CATHERINE        ROME                          NY-33-13-285
MCCULLOUGH, JOHN             UTICA                         NY-33-33-191
MCCUNE, ALEXANDER            ROME                          NY-33-20-319
MCCUNE, SARAH                ROME                          NY-33-39-64
MCCUTCHEN, ROBERT            ROME                          NY-33-37-438
MCDARBY, MICHAEL             ROME                          NY-33-18-19
MCDERMOTT, ELIZABETH         UTICA                         NY-33-23-227
MCDERMOTT, MARCELLA          UTICA                         NY-33-48-219
MCDERMOTT, THOMAS            UTICA                         NY-33-26-377
MCDERMOTT, THOMAS J.         ROME                          NY-33-42-380
MCDONALD, ELIZABETH          TRENTON                       NY-33-39-270
MCDONALD, HENRY W.           UTICA                         NY-33-28-439
MCDONALD, MARGARET           UTICA                         NY-33-50-580
MCDONOUGH, MICHAEL           ROME                          NY-33-28-1
MCECHRON, JOHN C.            ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-23-401
MCELROY, BRIDGET             CAMDEN                        NY-33-51-383
MCELROY, JAMES               NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-8-367
MCELROY, JOHN                BENSALEM, BUCKS, PA           NY-33-5-408
MCELWAINE, ADELINE           UTICA                         NY-33-51-522
MCELWAINE, JOHN              UTICA                         NY-33-8-17
MCELWAINE, ROBERT            UTICA                         NY-33-42-618
MCENTEE, PHILIP              WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-30-425
MCEVOY, THOMAS               ROME                          NY-33-45-406
MCFARLANE ELLEN M.           ROME                          NY-33-51-368
MCFARLANE, ROBERT            VIENNA                        NY-33-20-377
MCGARITY, THOMAS             WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-45-90
MCGARVEY, MARTIN             UTICA                         NY-33-48-481
MCGEE, JOHN A.               CAMDEN                        NY-33-28-249
MCGEE, MARY                  UTICA                         NY-33-51-264
MCGEE, THOMAS                WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-27-154
MCGINNIS, JAMES              UTICA                         NY-33-28-359
MCGINNIS, MARGARET           WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-51-500
MCGINTY, THOMAS              UTICA                         NY-33-16-711
MCGORY, JHN                  UTICA                         NY-33-10-16
MCGOVERN, NICHOLAS           ROME                          NY-33-42-60
MCGOVERN, PATRICK            UTICA                         NY-33-47-57
MCGRAUGH, MARY               UTICA                         NY-33-29-163
MCGUFFIE, ALEXANDER          HOLLAND PATENT                NY-33-44-413
MCGUINESS, MARY              UTICA                         NY-33-50-473
MCGUIRE, JAMES               NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-26-543
MCGUIRE, PHILIP              FORESTPORT                    NY-33-48-318
MCGUIRE, ROSE                UTICA                         NY-33-23-337
MCHARG, LUCY                 ROME                          NY-33-19-39
MCINAROW, RICHARD W.         UTICA                         NY-33-50-73
MCINCROW, MARGARET C.        UTICA                         NY-33-23-329
MCINERHENNY, THOMAS          UTICA                         NY-33-23-329
MCINTOSH, AUSTIN             TRENTON                       NY-33-47-479
MCINTOSH, CATHERINE          ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-34-275
MCINTOSH, CLARK              VERNON                        NY-33-9-55
MCINTOSH, HEZEKIAH           TRENTON                       NY-33-38-445
MCINTYRE, ALLEN              DEERFIELD                     NY-33-50-534
MCJANES, JOHN                BOSTON, SUFFOLK, MA           NY-33-27-180
MCKEAN, EDWARD               WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-48-8
MCKEE, MARTHA                CAMDEN                        NY-33-40-250
MCKELLAR, ALEXANDER          UTICA                         NY-33-45-18
MCKENZIE, EDWARD             FOREST PORT                   NY-33-34-457
MCKENZIE, JAMES              UTICA                         NY-33-43-244
MCKENZIE, THOMAS             *, RUSSELL, KS                NY-33-46-416
MCKEVITT, ANN                UTICA                         NY-33-40-390
MCKINNEY, WILLIAM            UTICA                         NY-33-6-72
MCKOWN, WILLIAM J.           SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-30-227
MCLACHLAN, DAVID M.          VIENNA                        NY-33-13-403
MCLAUGHLIN, CONLEY           UTICA                         NY-33-37-263
MCLAUGHLIN, ELLEN B.         MARSHALL                      NY-33-38-573
MCLAUGHLIN, JAMES            ROME                          NY-33-47-451
MCLAUGHLIN, JAMES            VIENNA                        NY-33-28-223
MCLAUGHLIN, MARCIA M.        WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-33-407
MCLAUGHLIN, SAMUEL           WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-43-82
MCLEAN, ADALINE              UTICA                         NY-33-35-5
MCLEAN, CHARLES              NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-27-1
MCLEAN, ELIZBETH             UTICA                         NY-33-39-620
MCLEAN, JANNETTE             NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-45-472
MCLEAN, SARAH M.             UTICA                         NY-33-48-396
MCLELLAN, GEORGE             VIENNA                        NY-33-26-309
MCLOUGH, DANIEL F.           TRENTON                       NY-33-30-51
MCLOUGHLIN, JOSEPH           NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-45-126
MCLOUGHLIN, MARGARET         PARIS                         NY-33-34-319
MCLOUGHLIN, PATRICK          TRENTON                       NY-33-23-241
MCLOUTH, NORMAN D.           TRENTON                       NY-33-20-461
MCLUCKEY, ISABELLA           CAMDEN                        NY-33-40-160
MCMAHON, CATHARINE           UTICA                         NY-33-44-299
MCMANN, JOHN                 CLINTON                       NY-33-48-512
MCMANUS, MARY                UTICA                         NY-33-51-233
MCMASTER, MARGARET           TRENTON                       NY-33-18-507
MCMELLON, ANDREW             AUGUSTA                       NY-33-13-27
MCMERON, WILLIAM             UTICA                         NY-33-16-485
MCMEROW, JOHN                UTICA                         NY-33-37-426
MCMILLAN, ANDREW             UTICA                         NY-33-47-410
MCMILLEN, MARY               STEUBEN                       NY-33-23-567
MCMILLIN, SMITH              BOONVILLE                     NY-33-18-607
MCMULLEN, HANNAH CATHARINE   ROME                          NY-33-51-447
MCNALL, JOHN                 UTICA                         NY-33-25-573
MCNALL, MARY JANE            UTICA                         NY-33-47-392
MCNALL, WILLIAM G.           UTICA                         NY-33-50-407
MCNAMARA, PATRICK            VIENNA                        NY-33-47-376
MCNAMARA, THOMAS             FLORENCE                      NY-33-33-181
MCNEAL, JOHN H.              ROME                          NY-33-45-528
MCNEIL, MILLER               MARCY                         NY-33-22-59
MCNEILL, HANNAH H.           KIRKLAND                      NY-33-32-321
MCNIEL, HENRY                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-8-32
MCPHER, WILLIAM              ROME                          NY-33-37-394
MCPHILLIPS, MARY             NEWPORT, HERKIMER, NY         NY-33-51-33
MCQUADE, MARY E.             UTICA                         NY-33-33-283
MCQUADE, SARAH               UTICA                         NY-33-29-141
MCQUADE, THOMAS              UTICA                         NY-33-18-711
MCREGOR, ROBERT              UTICA                         NY-33-50-148
MCVEY, DENNIS                FLORENCE                      NY-33-22-585
MEACHAM, ELIZABETH           UTICA                         NY-33-39-341
MEAYS, THOMAS                VIENNA                        NY-33-40-242
MEBB, POLLY                  LEE                           NY-33-27-369
MEEGAN, MARGARET             UTICA                         NY-33-18-591
MEEHAN, JANE                 FLORENCE                      NY-33-34-503
MEEHAN, MARY                 UTICA                         NY-33-50-12
MEGHAN, JOHN                 VIENNA                        NY-33-25-421
MEHNOF, CHARLOTTE            VERONA                        NY-33-37-169
MEHRHOF, SARAH A.            VERONA                        NY-33-39-100
MEIERHOF, CHRISOSTEMUS       UTICA                         NY-33-44-38
MEINONG, JSOEPH              UTICA                         NY-33-28-253
MEISS, CATHARINE             ROME                          NY-33-47-326
MEISS, DANIEL                ROME                          NY-33-29-129
MELLON, CATHERINE            UTICA                         NY-33-39-183
MELVIN, HARMONY              MARSHALL                      NY-33-40-574
MELVIN, IRA                  MARSHALL                      NY-33-25-383
MELVIN, SALLY                UTICA                         NY-33-20-281
MENDELSON, HARRIET           UTICA                         NY-33-25-53
MENGE, JANE                  MARCY                         NY-33-48-582
MERCHAND, CHARLES F.         LEE                           NY-33-20-249
MEREDITH, GEORGE             STEUBEN                       NY-33-40-174
MEREDITH, M. H.              TRENTON                       NY-33-29-597
MEREDITH, MEREDITH           STEUBEN                       NY-33-3-173
MEREDITH, MEREDITH J.        TRENTON                       NY-33-46-291
MEREDITH, ROBERT             *                             NY-33-1-399
MEREDITH, SELDEN             BOONVILLE                     NY-33-38-595
MEREDITH, THOMAS             WESTERN                       NY-33-16-363
MERICK, HAMILTON             STEUBEN                       NY-33-40-628
MERICK, JOHN                 STEUBEN                       NY-33-19-77
MERRELL, GEORGE W.           VERNON                        NY-33-26-467
MERRICK, CHARLOTTE L.        UTICA                         NY-33-51-356
MERRICK, WILLARD             VERNON                        NY-33-10-112
MERRILL, ANDREW              UTICA                         NY-33-3-84
MERRILL, JACOB               NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-6-52
MERRILL, JAMES               ROME                          NY-33-12-111
MERRILL, JAMES               ROME                          NY-33-20-411
MERRILL, MADISON             BOONVILLE                     NY-33-18-339
MERRILL, MARY J.             VERNON                        NY-33-32-249
MERRILL, SARAH               ROME                          NY-33-23-433
MERRILL, WILLIAM             WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-3-210
MERRILL, WILLIAM O.          WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-17-324
MERRIMAN, CATHARINE B.       TRENTON                       NY-33-28-513
MERRIMAN, JAMES              CAMDEN                        NY-33-13-155
MERRIMAN, LUTHER S.          TRENTON                       NY-33-26-87
MERRIMAN, MARION L.          PROSPECT                      NY-33-48-317
MERRITT, LEVI                PARIS                         NY-33-3-90
MERRITT, LEVI                PARIS                         NY-33-4-158
MERRITT, MERCY P.            WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-27-537
MERRITT, WILSON J.           VERNON                        NY-33-23-569
MERRY, HARRIET               UTICA                         NY-33-13-465
MERRY, MINERVA               BOONVILLE                     NY-33-33-433
MERRY, SILAS                 BOONVILLE                     NY-33-18-319
MERVIN, WILLIAM              UTICA                         NY-33-17-404
MESLER, ADAM                 WESTERN                       NY-33-51-558
MESSE, JOHN NICHOLAS         UTICA                         NY-33-51-367
METCALF, ELEAZER             AUGUSTA                       NY-33-16-17
METCALF, MARY                MARSHALL                      NY-33-27-511
METCALF, NEHEMIAH F.         WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-37-510
METOTT, PETER                FLORENCE                      NY-33-25-201
METZ, SOPHIA                 ROME                          NY-33-51-593
METZLER, FIDELE              UTICA                         NY-33-34-553
METZLER, RICHARD             UTICA                         NY-33-51-446
MEYER, GEORGE                UTICA                         NY-33-46-224
MEYERS, GEORGE               UTICA                         NY-33-22-523
MEYERS, REIMER               UTICA                         NY-33-28-299
MIABACH, SAMUEL              FORESTPORT                    NY-33-24-490
MICAH, WILLIAM               LEE                           NY-33-12-65
MICHEL, FREDERICK W.         UTICA                         NY-33-30-121
MICKLE, GEORGE W.            ROME                          NY-33-40-542
MIDDEL, LOUISE               UTICA                         NY-33-40-320
MIDDLETON, ISAAC             UTICA                         NY-33-46-290
MIDLAM, FRANCIS S.           ROME                          NY-33-48-3
MIDLAM, JANE A.              UTICA                         NY-33-38-225
MIDLAM, JOHN                 ROME                          NY-33-30-165
MIDLAM, SAMUEL               WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-18-219
MIDLAM, SUSAN M.             ROME                          NY-33-40-146
MIDLAM, THOMAS               WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-9-9
MILBANK, MARIA               UTICA                         NY-33-29-49
MILBANK, PHANUEL             UTICA                         NY-33-16-117
MILBANK, RACHEL              UTICA                         NY-33-42-52
MILES, LYDIA A.              ROME                          NY-33-50-261
MILLARD, STERLING A.         PARIS                         NY-33-34-295
MILLER, ADDISON C.           UTICA                         NY-33-48-371
MILLER, ALEXANDER            BOONVILLE                     NY-33-12-233
MILLER, ALONZO G.            KIRKLAND                      NY-33-48-488
MILLER, AMOK                 WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-1-187
MILLER, ANSON                MARSHALL                      NY-33-7-52
MILLER, ARBA                 CAMDEN                        NY-33-19-631
MILLER, BARBARA              UTICA                         NY-33-33-89
MILLER, BENJAMIN FORD        PARIS                         NY-33-51-427
MILLER, CATHARINE            VERONA                        NY-33-47-174
MILLER, CHANCY               SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-15-433
MILLER, CHARLES              LEYDEN, LEWIS, NY             NY-33-48-334
MILLER, CHARLES R.           NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-32-453
MILLER, CLARISSA             TRENTON                       NY-33-44-386
MILLER, CORNELIA P.          UTICA                         NY-33-23-303
MILLER, CYNTIA J.            UTICA                         NY-33-44-14
MILLER, DENNIS               BOONVILLE                     NY-33-30-287
MILLER, ELIZABETH            UTICA                         NY-33-40-114
MILLER, ELIZABETH            WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-28-133
MILLER, ELIZABETH            UTICA                         NY-33-33-469
MILLER, FRANCIS              AUGUSTA                       NY-33-39-266
MILLER, FRANK                UTICA                         NY-33-42-402
MILLER, GEORGE               VERONA                        NY-33-22-159
MILLER, GEORGE C.            UTICA                         NY-33-34-263
MILLER, GEORGE P.            MARSHALL                      NY-33-46-592
MILLER, GODFREY W.           PARIS                         NY-33-34-631
MILLER, HARRIET              CAMDEN                        NY-33-24-498
MILLER, HENRY                TRENTON                       NY-33-34-409
MILLER, HILDEGARD            UTICA                         NY-33-48-517
MILLER, IRENE                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-13-169
MILLER, ISAAC                MARSHALL                      NY-33-7-273
MILLER, ISAAC                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-22-563
MILLER, ISAAC C.             DEANSVILLE                    NY-33-50-283
MILLER, JACOB                EVA                           NY-33-37-558
MILLER, JACOBINA W.          UTICA                         NY-33-22-307
MILLER, JAMES                NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-32-473
MILLER, JOHN                 WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-8-440
MILLER, JOHN                 LEE                           NY-33-7-390
MILLER, JOHN                 UTICA                         NY-33-40-46
MILLER, JOHN A.              REMSEN                        NY-33-14-443
MILLER, JOHN B.              UTICA                         NY-33-16-293
MILLER, JOSEPH               UTICA                         NY-33-45-100
MILLER, JOSEPH               UTICA                         NY-33-44-275
MILLER, JOSEPH T.            NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-39-277
MILLER, JOSIAH               WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-23-511
MILLER, LEONARD              UTICA                         NY-33-37-358
MILLER, LOOMIS               SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-25-579
MILLER, LOUISA R.            SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-16-553
MILLER, LUCINDA              VERNON                        NY-33-45-514
MILLER, M. FRANK             ONEIDA CASTLE                 NY-33-48-429
MILLER, MARIA                UTICA                         NY-33-9-229
MILLER, MARILDA S.           WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-35-129
MILLER, MARTIN               LEE                           NY-33-18-261
MILLER, MARY                 WHITESBORO                    NY-33-48-583
MILLER, MARY ABIGAIL         ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-43-212
MILLER, MARY F.              UTICA                         NY-33-50-133
MILLER, MORRIS S.            UTICA                         NY-33-3-30
MILLER, MORRIS S.            UTICA                         NY-33-20-465
MILLER, MORRIS S.            VERNON                        NY-33-39-334
MILLER, MORRIS S.            ALDER CREEK                   NY-33-46-588
MILLER, OLIVE H.             TRENTON                       NY-33-40-546
MILLER, PETER R.             KIRKLAND                      NY-33-47-405
MILLER, PHINEHAS C.          KIRKLAND                      NY-33-46-82
MILLER, ROSINA               BOONVILLE                     NY-33-32-397
MILLER, RUTGAR B. JR.        UTICA                         NY-33-28-549
MILLER, SALLY                MARSHALL                      NY-33-19-327
MILLER, SALLY L.             WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-34-289
MILLER, SARAH                UTICA                         NY-33-13-457
MILLER, SARAH ANN            UTICA                         NY-33-20-73
MILLER, SETH                 WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-47-466
MILLER, WILLIAM              TRENTON                       NY-33-7-181
MILLER, WILLIAM G.           UTICA                         NY-33-20-589
MILLS, ANDREW                WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-11-321
MILLS, ANDREW                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-39-438
MILLS, CLARISSA A.           WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-39-82
MILLS, DAN CASE              NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-38-199
MILLS, DANIEL                VERONA                        NY-33-12-344
MILLS, ELIZABETH C.          NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-33-403
MILLS, GRACE DE BERARD       NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-33-4445
MILLS, HANNAH H.             LEE                           NY-33-32-389
MILLS, JOHN                  WESTERN                       NY-33-39-460
MILLS, KANAH                 KIRKLAND                      NY-33-8-314
MILLS, LAURY                 ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-45-246
MILLS, MARY                  TRENTON                       NY-33-28-431
MINCH, ELIZABETH             VERONA                        NY-33-49-353
MINER, CHRISTOPHER           MARSHALL                      NY-33-22-371
MINER, ISAAC T.              ROME                          NY-33-26-139
MINK, VALENTINE (FELDEN)     FLOYD                         NY-33-24-400
MINTER, STEPHEN              PARIS                         NY-33-39-204
MITCHELL, ANNE               REMSEN                        NY-33-30-461
MITCHELL, ASAPH              BOONVILLE                     NY-33-12-456
MITCHELL, CHARLES            UTICA                         NY-33-39-108
MITCHELL, ELI T.             AVA                           NY-33-47-8
MITCHELL, FRANCIS D.         ROME                          NY-33-51-177
MITCHELL, JOSEPH P.          UTICA                         NY-33-48-473
MITCHELL, LEVI               KIRKLAND                      NY-33-31-265
MITCHELL, LUCINDA            KIRKLAND                      NY-33-38-579
MITCHELL, MICHAEL            AUGUSTA                       NY-33-20-229
MITCHELL, MILO               REMSEN                        NY-33-20-425
MITCHELL, OLIVER M.          TRENTON                       NY-33-28-289
MITCHELL, SELDEN             ROME                          NY-33-51-124
MITCHELL, THOMAS D.          ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-13-91
MITCHELL, THOMAS S.          UTICA                         NY-33-7-275
MIX, AMOS                    CAMDEN                        NY-33-8-264
MIX, DANIEL                  MARSHALL                      NY-33-8-114
MIX, KESIAH                  MARSHALL                      NY-33-8-111
MOCHRINGER, ANDREW J.        UTICA                         NY-33-46-394
MOCKEY, JOHN G.              ROME                          NY-33-51-592
MOLLOY, THOMAS               UTICA                         NY-33-44-458
MONAGHAN, JAMES              UTICA                         NY-33-30-219
MONAGHAN, JAMES              UTICA                         NY-33-30-219
MONAGHAN, RICHARD            FORESTPORT                    NY-33-47-394
MONKS, RICHARD               UTICA                         NY-33-39-2
MONROE, ABRAHAM              BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-12-440
MONROE, HIRAM                PARIS                         NY-33-23-69
MONROE, JONAS                PARIS                         NY-33-5-342
MONROE, MARGETTE             SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-32-353
MONROE, RHODA                MARSHALL                      NY-33-10-410
MONTAGUE, CORDELIA           NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-6-169
MONTAGUE, HANNAH             PARIS                         NY-33-35-365
MONTAGUE, STILLMAN           PARIS                         NY-33-29-149
MONTGOMERY, BRADFORD C.      MARSHALL                      NY-33-17-379
MONTGOMERY, DANIEL C.        VERNON                        NY-33-47-589
MONTGOMERY, MARY             UTICA                         NY-33-51-125
MONTGOMERY, MARY ANN         WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-47-520
MONTGOMERY, RICHARD          SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-20-163
MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM H.       LOWELL                        NY-33-46-270
MONTIGUE, NATHAN             WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-3-34
MOOG, MARTIN                 UTICA                         NY-33-44-518
MOON, HENRY                  BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-18-789
MOON, JOHN                   BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-4-19
MOONEY, ANNE                 UTICA                         NY-33-26-441
MOONEY, CHRISTOPHER H.       UTICA                         NY-33-45-332
MOONEY, GEORGE               UTICA                         NY-33-51-73
MOONEY, NICHOLAS             ROME                          NY-33-51-512
MOONEY, PATRICK              LEE                           NY-33-25-121
MOONEY, PETER                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-39-430
MOONEY, PETER                UTICA                         NY-33-42-290
MOORE, AMOS                  MARSHALL                      NY-33-9-99
MOORE, ANN                   NEW YORK MILLS                NY-33-44-500
MOORE, ANN                   UTICA                         NY-33-33-29
MOORE, BENJAMIN              NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-38-71
MOORE, BETSEY                MARSHALL                      NY-33-11-424
MOORE, CATHARINE G.          WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-28-537
MOORE, CATHRINE              UTICA                         NY-33-31-285
MOORE, DANIEL N.             KIRKLAND                      NY-33-29-431
MOORE, DARBY                 WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-29-479
MOORE, EDWARD                UTICA                         NY-33-28-429
MOORE, ELIZA                 ROME                          NY-33-37-464
MOORE, GRAND                 UTICA                         NY-33-44-77
MOORE, HORATIO S.            UTICA                         NY-33-51-20
MOORE, JHN DE VILLO          UTICA                         NY-33-51-501
MOORE, JOHN                  ROME                          NY-33-25-471
MOORE, KATIE C.              KIRKLAND                      NY-33-48-152
MOORE, MARGARET              WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-38-101
MOORE, MARIA                 TRENTON                       NY-33-51-401
MOORE, MARY                  KIRKLAND                      NY-33-30-141
MOORE, MICHAEL               ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-38-303
MOORE, MICHAEL               TRENTON                       NY-33-36-257
MOORE, NATHAN                MARSHALL                      NY-33-36-279
MOORE, PATRICK               ROME                          NY-33-25-509
MOORE, SARAH MELVILLE        MARSHALL                      NY-33-46-405
MOORE, WILLIAM A.            SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-46-427
MOOREHEAD, JAMES             UTICA                         NY-33-32-493
MOREY, ADELAIDE E.           CLINTON                       NY-33-48-277
MOREY, JONATHAN              VERONA                        NY-33-7-1
MORGAN, ANNIE E.             SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-46-287
MORGAN, CATHERINE            MARCY                         NY-33-40-254
MORGAN, CLARISSA             MARSHALL                      NY-33-39-310
MORGAN, CORNING              BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-18-283
MORGAN, DANIEL               UTICA                         NY-33-48-373
MORGAN, DAVID R.             UTICA                         NY-33-27-209
MORGAN, ELIAS                NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-33-95
MORGAN, EVAN H.              MARCY                         NY-33-31-447
MORGAN, JOHN E.              DEERFIELD                     NY-33-20-445
MORGAN, LAWRENCE             UTICA                         NY-33-13-181
MORGAN, LUCY A.              TRENTON                       NY-33-23-213
MORGAN, SARAH                CLINTON                       NY-33-47-199
MORGAN, SUSAN JULIATTE       NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-50-518
MORGAN, THOMAS W.            UTICA                         NY-33-22-319
MOROE, MARYANN               FORESTPORT                    NY-33-50-406
MOROE, NAAMAN W.             PARIS                         NY-33-25-163
MORRIN, EDWARD               UTICA                         NY-33-7-60
MORRIN, MARY                 UTICA                         NY-33-20-145
MORRIS, BRIDGET              FLORENCE                      NY-33-47-460
MORRIS, CATHERINE            UTICA                         NY-33-23-237
MORRIS, CHARLES G.           UTICA                         NY-33-45-536
MORRIS, DANIEL               TRENTON                       NY-33-20-499
MORRIS, DAVID R.             WATERVILLE                    NY-33-41-97
MORRIS, EDWARD               SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-18-669
MORRIS, ELEANOR              UTICA                         NY-33-19-115
MORRIS, EVAN                 REMSEN                        NY-33-28-131
MORRIS, EVAN                 REMSEN                        NY-33-28-69
MORRIS, GEORGE W.            MARCY                         NY-33-22-443
MORRIS, GWENN                TRENTON                       NY-33-48-264
MORRIS, HELEN C.             UTICA                         NY-33-43-226
MORRIS, JENKIN               REMSEN                        NY-33-14-81
MORRIS, JOHN                 MARCY                         NY-33-18-75
MORRIS, JOHN                 MARCY                         NY-33-8-40
MORRIS, MARY R.              UTICA                         NY-33-44-395
MORRIS, MICHAEL              FLORENCE                      NY-33-22-9
MORRIS, ROWLAND              PARIS                         NY-33-22-515
MORRIS, SAMUEL H.            UTICA                         NY-33-40-430
MORRIS, THOMAS L.            UTICA                         NY-33-20-597
MORRIS, WILLIAM              UTICA                         NY-33-23-163
MORRISEY, JULIA A.           AUGUSTA                       NY-33-28-309
MORRISON, GEORGE             UTICA                         NY-33-6-233
MORRISON, MARY D.            WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-19-287
MORRISON, NORMAN             VERNON                        NY-33-28-453
MORRISON, RODERICK           WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-7-247
MORROW, WILLIAM              AUGUSTA                       NY-33-23-293
MORSE, BYRON                 ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-33-627
MORSE, JONATHAN BRADLEY      UTICA                         NY-33-51-290
MORSE, JOSEPH                SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-5-77
MORSE, JOSHUA                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-3-224
MORSE, MARIETTA              MADOC, HASTINGS, ONTARIO      NY-33-21-231
MORSE, NOBLE                 KIRKLAND                      NY-33-4-22
MORSE, ORPAH                 WESTERN                       NY-33-5-282
MORSE, REBECCA               CAMDEN                        NY-33-34-79
MORSE, SAMUEL                VIENNA                        NY-33-18-393
MORSE, SAMUEL                VIENNA                        NY-33-6-28
MORSE, SILAS                 WESTERN                       NY-33-1-364
MORSE, SILAS                 WESTERN                       NY-33-5-279
MORSE, SILAS W.              LEE                           NY-33-8-370
MORTON, DAVID D.             ROME                          NY-33-51-382
MORTON, JONATHAN             ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-14-155
MORTON, LEWIS J.             WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-47-362
MORTON, LOIS                 ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-14-155
MORTON, REUBEN               ROME                          NY-33-14-295
MOSELY, JOHN                 NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-40-418
MOSES, LENORA A.             ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-23-467
MOSES, LEWIS                 CAMDEN                        NY-33-50-490
MOSHER, CHANCEY H.           PARIS                         NY-33-9-212
MOSHER, MARY H.              UTICA                         NY-33-22-229
MOSHER, ZEBULON              WESTERN                       NY-33-2-271
MOSHIER, JACOB               TRENTON                       NY-33-51-545
MOSTIGER, JOHN               ROME                          NY-33-48-376
MOTT, AUGUSTUS W.            ROME                          NY-33-51-479
MOTT, DEBORAH                BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-19-29
MOTT, ELIAS                  LEE                           NY-33-12-270
MOTT, JOHN                   SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-25-323
MOTT, JOSEPH                 BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-2-346
MOTT, PAMELA                 BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-7-300
MOULDING, JAMES JONES        UTICA                         NY-33-47-357
MOULTON, ABEL                MARCY                         NY-33-17-437
MOULTON, DINCY               WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-22-381
MOULTON, JESSE               FLOYD                         NY-33-23-101
MOULTON, JOSHUA              FLOYD                         NY-33-13-157
MOULTON, LINUS L.            FLOYD                         NY-33-16-505
MOULTON, MARY                FLOYD                         NY-33-29-197
MOULTON, SOLOMON ***         FLOYD                         NY-33-10-300
MOULTON, STEPHEN             FLOYD                         NY-33-24-433
MOULTON, WILLIAM C.          FLOYD                         NY-33-46-346
MOWERS, HEZEKIAH             STEUBEN                       NY-33-18-459
MOWERS, LYDIA ANN            STEUBEN                       NY-33-50-18
MOWERS, SALLY                STEUBEN                       NY-33-47-119
MOXLEY, JOHN                 VIENNA                        NY-33-39-231
MOYER, DAVID                 ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-37-267
MOYER, JACOB S.              ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-23-581
MUDGE, ELIZBETH              ROME                          NY-33-31-505
MUDGE, NATHANIEL             ROME                          NY-33-39-530
MUDGE, ROSINA                ROME                          NY-33-39-574
MULCHY, MICHAEL              BOONVILLE                     NY-33-38-149
MULHOLLAND, DANIEL           VIENNA                        NY-33-26-53
MULHOLLAND, JOSEPH           VIENNA                        NY-33-37-51
MULLENNEY, ANTHONY           LEYDEN, LEWIS, NY             NY-33-39-278
MULLIGAN, MILES              UTICA                         NY-33-48-276
MULLIGNA, JAMES              UTICA                         NY-33-50-168
MULLIGNA, JAMES              UTICA                         NY-33-39-382
MULLIN, JOHN JR.             UTICA                         NY-33-16-403
MULVANY, JOHN                LEE                           NY-33-16-131
MUMFORD, LYMAN               UTICA                         NY-33-34-67
MUMMERY, ANN                 UTICA                         NY-33-28-469
MUMMERY, JAMES               UTICA                         NY-33-18-305
MUNDY, EMILY J.              UTICA                         NY-33-47-471
MUNDY, LORENZO C.            UTICA                         NY-33-39-226
MUNGER, ARIEL                SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-18-619
MUNGER, CHANCY               AUGUSTA                       NY-33-30-153
MUNGER, ERASTUS A.           SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-30-317
MUNGER, MARY E.              AUGUSTA                       NY-33-31-223
MUNGER, RUFUS E.             CMDEN                         NY-33-16-133
MUNN, JOHN                   WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-8-13
MUNN, JOHN B.                WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-37-518
MUNSON, ALFRED               UTICA                         NY-33-10-441
MUNSON, CONNTEIL             UTICA                         NY-33-50-72
MUNSON, EDMUND               UTICA                         NY-33-23-599
MUNSON, FRANCES L.           VERNON                        NY-33-16-459
MUNSON, GEORGE T.            WINFIELD, HERKIMER, NY        NY-33-46-70
MUNSON, JUSTUS               PARIS                         NY-33-16-181
MUNSON, LEVERETT             CAMDEN                        NY-33-20-3
MUNSON, LEVI                 AUGUSTA                       NY-33-19-103
MUNSON, LUCY                 DEERFIELD                     NY-33-48-316
MUNSON, SAMUEL A.            UTICA                         NY-33-31-99
MURCHALL, MICHAEL            MARSHALL                      NY-33-39-515
MURINGER, JOHN               DDERFIELD                     NY-33-34-413
MURPHY, ALLEN                ROME                          NY-33-44-401
MURPHY, BETSEY               UTICA                         NY-33-8-193
MURPHY, GEORGE               NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-23-1
MURPHY, JAMES                ROME                          NY-33-12-41
MURPHY, JOHN                 UTICA                         NY-33-47-553
MURPHY, MARY                 ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-42-372
MURPHY, MICHAEL              ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-32-617
MURPHY, MICHAEL              UTICA                         NY-33-50-497
MURPHY, MICHAEL              UTICA                         NY-33-6-57
MURPHY, MOSES                ROME                          NY-33-43-188
MURPHY, RICHARD              ROME                          NY-33-39-474
MURPHY, SAMUEL               NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-45-340
MURPHY, THOMAS               WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-42-252
MURPHY, THOMAS               WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-26-97
MURPHY, WILLIAM              NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-19-529
MURRAY, JAMES                PARIS                         NY-33-33-601
MURRAY, JOHN                 UTICA                         NY-33-9-277
MURRAY, PHILIP               UTICA                         NY-33-44-269
MURRAY, PHILIP               NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-25-417
MURRAY, THOMAS               UTICA                         NY-33-30-123
MURRAY, WILLIAM              DEERFIELD                     NY-33-13-443
MURREY, PATRICK              AVA                           NY-33-18-137
MURROW, MICHAEL JR.          AUGUSTA                       NY-33-4-61
MUSCOTT, LEVI                WESTERN                       NY-33-1-192
MUSCOTT, NEHEMIAH            LIMA, WASHTENAW, MI           NY-33-10-82
MUSPRAT, JAMES               UTICA                         NY-33-46-437
MUSTER, ISADORE              WESTERN                       NY-33-35-81
MUTSCHLER, CATHARINE         ROME                          NY-33-39-482
MUTTER, ACQUILLA             UTICA                         NY-33-46-306
MYER, HENRY J.               VIENNA                        NY-33-37-297
MYERS, FREDERICK             BOONVILLE                     NY-33-5-367
MYERS, JOHN                  UTICA                         NY-33-44-383
MYERS, JOHN F.               FLORENCE                      NY-33-18-117
MYERS, MARY                  UTICA                         NY-33-17-424
MYGATT, EMELINE              KIRKLAND                      NY-33-43-30
MYGATT, JANE                 KIRKLAND                      NY-33-50-520
NAEGELE, AGATHA              UTICA                         NY-33-39-536
NALTON, THOMAS               WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-13-19
NARTY, JOSEPH                WESTERN                       NY-33-6-26
NASH, CHAUNCEY               LEE                           NY-33-48-145
NASH, HANNAH                 VIENNA                        NY-33-51-513
NASH, PRUDENCE               WATERVILLE                    NY-33-45-522
NASH, THOMAS                 TRENTON                       NY-33-7-375
NEASKERN, BARNEY             PARIS                         NY-33-30-207
NEASTKERN, CATHERINE         PARIS                         NY-33-32-69
NEENAN, OLIVE                ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-32-381
NEER, JOHN                   FLORENCE                      NY-33-28-433
NEGER, MICHAEL               ROME                          NY-33-32-609
NELBACH, EMMA B.             UTICA                         NY-33-46-312
NELBACH, MATHIAS             UTICA                         NY-33-51-192
NELLIGAN, SARAH              ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-39-582
NELLIS, MARY E.              ROME                          NY-33-47-417
NELSON, ELIZABETH            BOONVILLE                     NY-33-45-318
NELSON, MARY L.              ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-24-345
NELSON, PAUL C.              BOONVILLE                     NY-33-46-27
NELSON, SIMEON               KIRKLAND                      NY-33-8-484
NESBET, ROBERT               LEE                           NY-33-6-138
NESBIT, DANIEL               LEE                           NY-33-14-359
NESTLE, MARTIN               WESTERN                       NY-33-12-243
NETTLETON, JUDSON            KIRKLAND                      NY-33-16-29
NETTLETON, NANCY             ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-42-522
NEVILLE, ABBE                ROME                          NY-33-38-381
NEWBERRY, AMASA              SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-5-332
NEWBROOK, GEORGE             WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-14-399
NEWBURY, CORNELIA P.         SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-18-771
NEWCOMB, MICHAEL             BOONVILLE                     NY-33-12-426
NEWCOMB, ORSON               BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-2-312
NEWCOMB, PHILETUS            UTICA                         NY-33-28-111
NEWCOMB, WILLIAM             UTICA                         NY-33-26-447
NEWELL, EBENEZER             SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-26-71
NEWELL, ELISHA               WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-1-89
NEWELL, HARRIET              VIENNA                        NY-33-34-595
NEWELL, JANE E.              WATERVILLE                    NY-33-48-518
NEWELL, OLIVER               AUGUSTA                       NY-33-6-269
NEWELL, WILLIAM              VIENNA                        NY-33-34-581
NEWHOUSE, BENJAMIN           ROME                          NY-33-50-220
NEWKIRK, EDWIN W.            NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-12-145
NEWKIRK, NANCY L.            NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-34-5
NEWKIRK, WILLIAM             NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-25-181
NEWLAND, JOSIAH P.           CAMDEN                        NY-33-33-203
NEWLAND, JSOIAH              WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-31-279
NEWMAN, DAVID                VERONA                        NY-33-18-785
NEWMAN, JAMES                WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-33-211
NEWTON, CHARLOTTE U.         UTICA                         NY-33-39-516
NEWTON, ELIZABETH LORANE     UTICA                         NY-33-45-486
NEWTON, FLAVEL               MARCY                         NY-33-7-326
NEWTON, JAMES                PARIS                         NY-33-26-477
NEWTON, REBECCA              MARCY                         NY-33-7-328
NEWTON, WILLIAM P.           UTICA                         NY-33-39-92
NEY, HENRY                   UTICA                         NY-33-39-92
NEY, JONATHAN                VERNON                        NY-33-9-307
NEYENHOUSE, MARY             UTICA                         NY-33-50-502
NEYER, GEORGE                MARCY                         NY-33-29-63
NICHOLAS, CARRIE E.          UTICA                         NY-33-47-455
NICHOLS, ABAGAIL             CAMDEN                        NY-33-16-317
NICHOLS, ALCE                DEERFIELD                     NY-33-1-440
NICHOLS, ALMEDA              NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-50-98
NICHOLS, ALONZO              NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-23-537
NICHOLS, AMASA               CAMDEN                        NY-33-19-55
NICHOLS, BENJAMIN G.         NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-9-35
NICHOLS, BETSEY              NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-45-240
NICHOLS, CALEB T.            REMSEN                        NY-33-14-331
NICHOLS, CATHARINE           NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-9-33
NICHOLS, CYRUS               KIRKLAND                      NY-33-8-332
NICHOLS, ELLEN               REMSEN                        NY-33-46-528
NICHOLS, EUNICE              VEINNA                        NY-33-32-181
NICHOLS, HENRY E.            PARIS                         NY-33-39-135
NICHOLS, HORACE              PARIS                         NY-33-14-381
NICHOLS, MARGARET            REMSEN                        NY-33-18-675
NICHOLS, OTIS W.             VIENNA                        NY-33-22-597
NICHOLS, SYLVESTER           PARIS                         NY-33-18-375
NICHOLS, W. E.               PARIS                         NY-33-37-25
NICHOLS, WILLIAM             UTICA                         NY-33-48-17
NICHOLS, WILLIAM             NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-19-211
NICHOLSON, MARY E.           WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-19-339
NICHOLSON, SARAH C.          WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-20-165
NICKLE, NICHOLAS             FLOYD                         NY-33-19-281
NICOLAUS, CAROLINE           UTICA                         NY-33-37-65
NICOLAUS, JOHN               UTICA                         NY-33-32-465
NICOLLS, HIRAM REV.          VERNON                        NY-33-48-403
NICOLLS, MARY E.             VERNON                        NY-33-48-349
NIEDERER, CONRAD             UTICA                         NY-33-29-341
NIEMEYER, HENRY              PARIS                         NY-33-39-308
NIEMEYER, LOUIS              PARIS                         NY-33-25-449
NIHCOLSON, SARAH A.          ROME                          NY-33-44-65
NIHEDEL, ELIZABETH           ROME                          NY-33-34-103
NILES, ADDISON M.            ORISKANY                      NY-33-51-576
NILES, ANTLE                 ROME                          NY-33-45-248
NILES, JOHN                  ROME                          NY-33-25-453
NILES, JOHN                  ROME                          NY-33-8-97
NINDE, MARY M.               ROME                          NY-33-42-122
NISBET, BENJAMIN W.          LEE                           NY-33-28-539
NISBET, JAMES                CAMDEN                        NY-33-37-225
NISBET, SAMSON M.            WESTERN                       NY-33-51-561
NISBET, WILLIAM              LEE                           NY-33-20-565
NOBLE, MARY                  VERONA                        NY-33-23-247
NOCK, THOMAS G.              ROME                          NY-33-44-68
NOLAN, CATHARINE             UTICA                         NY-33-40-22
NOLAN, ELLEN                 SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-34-247
NOLAN, GARRETT               PARIS                         NY-33-35-69
NOLAN, JAMES                 ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-26-491
NOLAN, WILLIAM               WATERVILLE                    NY-33-50-505
NOLTON, ANGELINE H.          TRENTON                       NY-33-51-560
NOLTON, ROBERT               BOONVILLE                     NY-33-12-272
NORTH, DANIEL                SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-18-127
NORTH, LUCY                  NSANGERFIELD                  NY-33-20-51
NORTH, SIMEON                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-34-643
NORTHROP, BEARDSLEY          UTICA                         NY-33-19-461
NORTHRUP, ALSON BENEDICT     UTICA                         NY-33-47-300
NORTHRUP, BENJAMIN           DEERFIELD                     NY-33-13-37
NORTHRUP, CHARLES            DEERFIELD                     NY-33-23-277
NORTHRUP, EVA A.             UTICA                         NY-33-39-504
NORTHRUP, ISAAC              WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-5-96
NORTHRUP, MARY               KIRKLAND                      NY-33-26-151
NORTHRUP, MILTON             PARIS                         NY-33-46-574
NORTHRUP, PHEBE ANN          DEERFIELD                     NY-33-19-505
NORTHRUP, SALLY              WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-7-105
NORTHRUP, SARAH              UTICA                         NY-33-40-590
NORTHRUP, STEPHEN            DEERFIELD                     NY-33-39-468
NORTHUP, ANNIE C.            UTICA                         NY-33-42-634
NORTHUP, JOHN B.             DEERFIELD                     NY-33-14-183
NORTHUP, REMINGTON           DEERFIELD                     NY-33-3-247
NORTHUP, STEPHEN             MARCY                         NY-33-22-177
NORTON, ASAHEL S.            KIRKLAND                      NY-33-12-231
NORTON, ASHBEL               VERNON                        NY-33-4-284
NORTON, EDWARD               UTICA                         NY-33-40-466
NORTON, ELIZABETH A.         VERNON CENTER                 NY-33-46-241
NORTON, ELIZABETH JUDD       KIRKLAND                      NY-33-43-172
NORTON, FLORIS               VERNON                        NY-33-26-357
NORTON, GEORGE P.            BOONVILLE                     NY-33-45-60
NORTON, GOULD G.             NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-39-115
NORTON, HARRIET B.           SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-34-191
NORTON, HERMAN               UTICA                         NY-33-13-221
NORTON, HUNN B.              MARSHALL                      NY-33-30-321
NORTON, JAMES A.             UTICA                         NY-33-23-557
NORTON, JOHN                 UTICA                         NY-33-26-351
NORTON, JOHN                 KIRKLAND                      NY-33-22-405
NORTON, JULIUS               NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-46-556
NORTON, OLIVER               SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-6-41
NORTON, PATRICK              UTICA                         NY-33-16-387
NORTON, SALLY                UTICA                         NY-33-18-723
NORTON, SAMUEL               VERNON                        NY-33-8-52
NORTON, WILLIAM R.           UTICA                         NY-33-26-287
NOURSE, LUCIEN T.            ROME                          NY-33-46-578
NOYES, JOSIAH                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-12-362
NUGENT, JAMES                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-45-180
NUGENT, MORGAN SR.           KIRKLAND                      NY-33-48-493
NURNEY, JAMES                UTICA                         NY-33-50-71
NURSE, BETSEY                UTICA                         NY-33-16-37
NURSE, ELISHA                UTICA                         NY-33-22-33
NURSE, MARY E.               PARIS                         NY-33-21-175
NUTT, AUSTIN                 FLOYD                         NY-33-39-486
OAKS, ABRAHAM                BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-7-377
OAKS, EMELINE A.             BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-46-573
OAKS, EPHRAIM                BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-1-276
OAKS, S. CORDELIA            BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-46-572
OASTLER, WILLIAM             UTICA                         NY-33-51-291
OATLEY, EUGENE L.            PHILADELPHIA, PHILA., PA      NY-33-45-562
OATLEY, SARAH ANN            UTICA                         NY-33-39-78
OBERMEIER, BARBARA           UTICA                         NY-33-26-507
OBRIEN, DANIEL               FLORENCE                      NY-33-25-127
OBRIEN, ELIZA                UTICA                         NY-33-39-382
OBRIEN, ELLA J.              UTICA                         NY-33-31-331
OBRIEN, JANE                 UTICA                         NY-33-46-279
OBRIEN, JEREMIAH             FLORENCE                      NY-33-30-413
OBRIEN, LUCRETIA             UTICA                         NY-33-13-353
OBRIEN, MARY ANN             UTICA                         NY-33-46-131
OBRIEN, THOMAS               UTICA                         NY-33-20-85
OBRIEN, WILLIAM              UTICA                         NY-33-28-31
OBRIEN, WILLIAM              UTICA                         NY-33-39-606
OBRYEN, DENNIS               ROME                          NY-33-16-329
OCH, DELIA                   STEUBEN                       NY-33-38-589
OCH, GEORGE                  WESTERN                       NY-33-7-71
OCH, JOHN                    STEUBEN                       NY-33-32-241
OCHRING, CASPER F.           UTICA                         NY-33-30-527
OCOCK, JOHN                  UTICA                         NY-33-7-16
OCONNELL, JOHN               KIRKLAND                      NY-33-48-41
OCONNER, HANNAH              UTICA                         NY-33-19-93
OCONNOR, EDWARD              UTICA                         NY-33-48-423
OCONNOR, EDWARD              UTICA                         NY-33-51-349
OCONNOR, EDWARD F.           PARIS                         NY-33-44-125
OCONNOR, ELIZA               UTICA                         NY-33-46-435
OCONNOR, JOHANNA             ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-43-158
OCONNOR, MICHAEL             VIENNA                        NY-33-42-306
OCONNOR, MICHAEL             BOONVILLE                     NY-33-46-438
OCONNOR, PATRICK             UTICA                         NY-33-3-230
ODELL, NATHANIEL             WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-19-367
ODONNELL, ABIGAIL            UTICA                         NY-33-51-481
ODONNELL, HUGH               UTICA                         NY-33-18-713
ODOWD, DARBY                 PARIS                         NY-33-28-247
OGRADY, JAMES                UTICA                         NY-33-42-340
OHARA, MARY W.               UTICA                         NY-33-48-474
OHARE, JOHN                  ROME                          NY-33-29-471
OHMEKE, CHARLES F.           UTICA                         NY-33-39-144
OHNMACHT, CHRISTIAN          ROME                          NY-33-18-665
OHNMACHT, DANIEL             UTICA                         NY-33-12-464
OHNMACHT, ELISABETH          UTICA                         NY-33-14-341
OLCOTT, SABRA AUSTINA        VERNON                        NY-33-51-79
OLDFIELD, SUSAN              ROME                          NY-33-28-173
OLEY, HARRIET H.             UTICA                         NY-33-13-337
OLEY, SIMON V.               UTICA                         NY-33-11-406
OLIN, LUCY ANN               WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-42-630
OLIN, MARY                   FORESTPORT                    NY-33-47-585
OLIN, WILLIAM                WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-40-486
OLIVER, RICHARD              KIRKLAND                      NY-33-20-105
OLIVER, RUTH                 SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-36-343
OLMARA, JOHN                 ROME                          NY-33-50-185
OLMSTEAD, ASA                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-25-253
OLMSTEAD, EDMUND A.          FLOYD                         NY-33-4-133
OLMSTEAD, HENRY L.           VERNON                        NY-33-51-480
OLMSTEAD, SARAH H.           CLINTON                       NY-33-39-243
OLMSTED, ALLEN               FLOYD                         NY-33-2-238
OLMSTED, JONATHAN G.         WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-3-152
OLNEY, JAMES                 WESTERN                       NY-33-17-41
OLNEY, JAMES                 WESTERN                       NY-33-17-215
OLNEY, THOMAS W. B.          WESTERN                       NY-33-18-225
OLNEY, WILLIAM R.            ROME                          NY-33-43-206
OLPETER, HENRIETTA           UTICA                         NY-33-28-391
OMARA, JOHN                  UTICA                         NY-33-44-467
ONEIL, JOHN                  ROME                          NY-33-50-474
ONEIL, JOHN                  ROME                          NY-33-8-235
ONEIL, MARIANNE              UTICA                         NY-33-29-261
ONEIL, MICHAEL               PARIS                         NY-33-48-65
ONEIL, OWEN                  UTICA                         NY-33-26-83
ORBIAN, MATHEW               PARIS                         NY-33-39-118
ORCUTT, FRANCIS              ROME                          NY-33-25-251
OREILLY, MICHAEL             POMPEY, ONONDAGA, NY          NY-33-39-176
ORENDORF, CHLOE              LEE                           NY-33-31-571
OROURKE, CATHARINE           UTICA                         NY-33-32-469
OROURKE, MARY                CAMDEN                        NY-33-39-424
OROURKE, MICHAEL             UTICA                         NY-33-47-546
OROURKE, PATRICK             UTICA                         NY-33-32-253
ORTH, JOHN M.                CAMDEN                        NY-33-39-564
ORTH, PHILLIP JR.            ROME                          NY-33-50-204
ORTH, PHILLIP SR.            ROME                          NY-33-48-228
ORTON, JAMES M.              ROME                          NY-33-44-443
OSBGOOD, DAVID L.            VERONA                        NY-33-25-141
OSBORN, HARRIET MOSS         SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-16-379
OSBORN, JEDEDIAH             FLORENCE                      NY-33-20-579
OSBORN, JOHN                 ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-45-162
OSBORN, JONATHAN             MARCY                         NY-33-10-25
OSBORN, JOSEPH               KIRKLAND                      NY-33-10-12
OSBORN, MARY E.              CLINTON                       NY-33-47-469
OSBORN, PHEBE                PARIS                         NY-33-50-589
OSBORN, SARAH F.             UTICA                         NY-33-44-170
OSBORN, WILLIAM              PARIS                         NY-33-12-279
OSBORNE, AMOS                SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-8-487
OSBORNE, AMOS O.             WATERVILLE                    NY-33-39-476
OSBORNE, ASSENATH            MARSHALL                      NY-33-19-275
OSBORNE, HEZEKIAH            VERONA                        NY-33-8-147
OSBORNE, WAKEMAN             VERONA                        NY-33-7-26
OSGOOD, CALVIN               WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-6-101
OSGOOD, DAVID                VERONA                        NY-33-7-42
OSGOOD, JOHN W.              WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-50-440
OSGOOD, LUTHER               VERNON                        NY-33-9-228
OSGOOD, MARY U.              WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-29-593
OSGOOD, O. BEMAN             VERONA                        NY-33-48-418
OSTER, JOSEPH                DEERFIELD                     NY-33-22-199
OSTER, PETER                 UTICA                         NY-33-20-401
OSTERMANN, JOSEPH            UTICA                         NY-33-51-150
OSTRONE, JOHN H.             UTICA                         NY-33-8-94
OTIS, ALBERT                 UTICA                         NY-33-50-483
OTOOLE, JAMES                UTICA                         NY-33-51-300
OTOOLE, MARY                 WATERVILLE                    NY-33-50-509
OTT, JOSEPH                  VERNON                        NY-33-50-13
OTTAWAY, SARAH A.            AUGUSTA                       NY-33-44-149
OTTLESHIRT, CHRISTIAN        ROME                          NY-33-40-382
OTTMAN, GEORGE               VERNON                        NY-33-40-48
OUDENAARDE, MARINUS          UTICA                         NY-33-3-76
OVERLOCK, ANNA C.            NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-40-34
OVERROCKER, JEROME           VERNON                        NY-33-39-170
OVERTON, JOHN                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-20-491
OWEN, DAVID                  STEUBEN                       NY-33-4-138
OWEN, EDWARD                 UTICA                         NY-33-16-211
OWEN, EPENETUS               UTICA                         NY-33-45-26
OWEN, EPHRAIM                BOONVILLE                     NY-33-28-593
OWEN, EVAN                   VERNON                        NY-33-16-265
OWEN, GRIFFITH               MARCY                         NY-33-29-487
OWEN, JOHN                   FLOYD                         NY-33-32-481
OWEN, JOHN                   BOONVILLE                     NY-33-35-173
OWEN, JOHN D.                STEUBEN                       NY-33-3-129
OWEN, JOHN W.                CAMDEN                        NY-33-23-519
OWEN, NANCY J.               STEUBEN                       NY-33-28-559
OWEN, RICHARD                WESTERN                       NY-33-16-75
OWEN, ROBERT                 UTICA                         NY-33-26-93
OWEN, SARAH E.               REMSEN                        NY-33-39-3
OWEN, SARAH M.               UTICA                         NY-33-27-160
OWEN, WILLIAM                STEUBEN                       NY-33-3-52
OWEN, WILLIAM J.             REMSEN                        NY-33-33-251
OWEN, WILLIAM M.             UTICA                         NY-33-46-237
OWENS, ABRAHAM               ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-18-681
OWENS, ALBY M.               SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-14-351
OWENS, ANN                   REMSEN                        NY-33-48-393
OWENS, CATHARINE             FLOYD                         NY-33-47-580
OWENS, EDWARD                UTICA                         NY-33-34-331
OWENS, ELIZABETH             REMSEN                        NY-33-45-196
OWENS, ELLEN                 UTICA                         NY-33-51-147
OWENS, ELLEN                 REMSEN                        NY-33-16-637
OWENS, ELLENOR               STEUBEN                       NY-33-2-369
OWENS, EVAN                  REMSEN                        NY-33-35-9
OWENS, EVAN                  TRENTON                       NY-33-20-177
OWENS, EVAN P.               BOONVILLE                     NY-33-19-61
OWENS, GWEN                  TRENTON                       NY-33-19-135
OWENS, HENRY                 VERNON                        NY-33-48-122
OWENS, HUGH                  TRENTON                       NY-33-8-224
OWENS, HUGH                  TRENTON                       NY-33-33-149
OWENS, HUGH H.               REMSEN                        NY-33-12-398
OWENS, HUMPHREY              NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-48-495
OWENS, JAMES                 TRENTON                       NY-33-12-324
OWENS, JANE                  UTICA                         NY-33-26-419
OWENS, JANE                  UTICA                         NY-33-48-209
OWENS, JENETT                TRENTON                       NY-33-37-398
OWENS, JOHN J.               REMSEN                        NY-33-44-473
OWENS, JOHN T.               MARCY                         NY-33-33-265
OWENS, MARGARET              REMSEN                        NY-33-26-69
OWENS, MARY E.               UTICA                         NY-33-50-452
OWENS, MARY J.               UTICA                         NY-33-40-398
OWENS, OWEN                  TRENTON                       NY-33-3-92
OWENS, OWEN                  REMSEN                        NY-33-13-203
OWENS, OWEN                  REMSEN                        NY-33-26-37
OWENS, OWEN                  DEERFIELD                     NY-33-24-120
OWENS, OWEN                  AVA                           NY-33-45-300
OWENS, OWEN O.               REMSEN                        NY-33-31-69
OWENS, OWEN T.               TRENTON                       NY-33-48-85
OWENS, RICHARD D.            TRENTON                       NY-33-39-262
OWENS, RICHARD O.            FLOYD                         NY-33-29-499
OWENS, ROBERT                UTICA                         NY-33-47-132
OWENS, ROBERT                DEERFIELD                     NY-33-42-70
OWENS, THOMAS                UTICA                         NY-33-45-15
OWENS, THOMAS                UTICA                         NY-33-45-144
OWENS, WILLIAM               NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-48-591
OWENS, WILLIAM H.            DEERFIELD                     NY-33-44-128
OWENS, WILLIAM R.            ROME                          NY-33-23-77

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