Oneida, New York
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EAGER, OLIVER                SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-4-151
EAGER, WILLIAM J.            PARIS                         NY-33-6-235
EAMES, DANIEL                LEE                           NY-33-39-428
EAMES, DANIEL W.             VERONA                        NY-33-29-391
EAMES, DAVID                 VERONA                        NY-33-26-311
EAMES, EMILY                 LEE                           NY-33-48-554
EAMES, EVELYN B.             LEE                           NY-33-43-90
EAMES, HARRIET J.            VERONA                        NY-33-46-226
EAMES, JAMES                 LEE                           NY-33-8-353
EAMES, LEWIS                 LEE                           NY-33-26-407
EAMES, LOOMIS                LEE                           NY-33-28-281
EAMES, LYMAN                 VERONA                        NY-33-21-11
EAMES, POLLY                 UTICA                         NY-33-11-157
EAMES, THADEUS               WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-3-1
EAMS, MARY                   VERNON                        NY-33-16-125
EARL, LYMAN                  KIRKLAND                      NY-33-9-126
EASTLAKE, CHARLES            UTICA                         NY-33-40-58
EASTMAN, ABRAHAM D.          MARSHALL                      NY-33-9-279
EASTMAN, EMILY               NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-42-260
EASTMAN, HARVEY              PARIS                         NY-33-3-255
EASTMAN, HEZEKIAH            MARSHALL                      NY-33-4-109
EASTMAN, HORACE H.           WATERVILLE                    NY-33-50-563
EASTMAN, JOSEPH              MARSHALL                      NY-33-7-371
EASTMAN, MARIETTA            UTICA                         NY-33-39-121
EASTMAN, ROSWELL T.          NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-34-515
EASTON, MARINUS W.           WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-45-260
EATON, CARRIE C.             VERNON                        NY-33-51-557
EATON, GAYLORD               WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-20-533
EATON, JAMES                 UTICA                         NY-33-44-146
EATON, MARY A.               UTICA                         NY-33-46-505
EBERLE, CATHARINE            UTICA                         NY-33-39-30
ECKER, CATHARINE             ORISKANY                      NY-33-51-64
ECKERT, IGNATIUS             DEERFIELD                     NY-33-13-329
ECKHARD, AUGUST              UTICA                         NY-33-46-75
EDDY, BETSEY J.              PHARSALIA, CHENANGO, NY       NY-33-48-111
EDDY, STEPHEN                VERONA                        NY-33-28-349
EDEL, MICHAEL                VERONA                        NY-33-45-452
EDER, JOHANNA F.             UTICA                         NY-33-29-271
EDES, WILLIAM                VERONA                        NY-33-6-346
EDGEBURY, FREDERICK          UTICA                         NY-33-9-188
EDGERTON, AUGUSTUS           AVA                           NY-33-39-301
EDGERTON, BERTHA             UTICA                         NY-33-45-222
EDGERTON, GUY E.             SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-22-235
EDGERTON, HENRY              ROME                          NY-33-23-521
EDGERTON, JEDEDIAH           AVA                           NY-33-39-276
EDGERTON, MARIUS             AVA                           NY-33-19-455
EDGERTON, SAMUEL             WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-2-131
EDIC, JACOB                  MARCY                         NY-33-13-421
EDICK, BENJAMIN              STEUBEN                       NY-33-44-272
EDICK, JANE                  STEUBEN                       NY-33-45-484
EDIE, HENRY                  DEERFIELD                     NY-33-3-39
EDIE, JACOB                  DEERFIELD                     NY-33-2-281
EDMONDS, HARVEY              ROME                          NY-33-28-523
EDMONDS, JOHN H.             UTICA                         NY-33-32-597
EDMUNDS, ELIZABETH           UTICA                         NY-33-42-266
EDSON, WILLIAM J.            UTICA                         NY-33-9-310
EDWARDS, ANN                 REMSEN                        NY-33-12-209
EDWARDS, ANN                 TRENTON                       NY-33-26-247
EDWARDS, DAVID               MARCY                         NY-33-47-280
EDWARDS, DAVID               WATERVILLE                    NY-33-50-135
EDWARDS, ELDRIDGE            DEERFIELD                     NY-33-5-418
EDWARDS, ELIJAH              SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-18-105
EDWARDS, EVAN                MARCY                         NY-33-30-467
EDWARDS, FIDELIA T.          NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-29-87
EDWARDS, HATTIE              UTICA                         NY-33-26-277
EDWARDS, HUGH                FLOYD                         NY-33-13-449
EDWARDS, JAMES               KIRKLAND                      NY-33-32-273
EDWARDS, JOHN                ROME                          NY-33-40-104
EDWARDS, JOHN R.             ROME                          NY-33-32-293
EDWARDS, JOSEPHINE           TRENTON                       NY-33-37-321
EDWARDS, MARY                UTICA                         NY-33-42-270
EDWARDS, ROBERT              TRENTON                       NY-33-12-284
EDWARDS, ROBERT              UTICA                         NY-33-32-433
EDWARDS, ROBERT              WATERVILLE                    NY-33-48-575
EDWARDS, SARAH               UTICA                         NY-33-34-539
EDWARDS, SUSAN H.            PARIS                         NY-33-45-102
EDWARDS, THOMAS              UTICA                         NY-33-43-242
EDWARDS, THOMAS W.           ROME                          NY-33-50-144
EDWARDS, WILLIAM             VERONA                        NY-33-14-253
EELLS, DANIEL                NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-14-93
EELLS, GEORGE K.             KIRKLAND                      NY-33-29-51
EELLS, HARRIET C.            ROME                          NY-33-28-227
EELLS, ROBERT                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-25-59
EGERT, CAROLINE              UTICA                         NY-33-25-403
EGERT, GEORGE D.             UTICA                         NY-33-42-404
EGERT, LUTHER                TRENTON                       NY-33-28-481
EGERT, ROXANA M.             DEERFIELD                     NY-33-47-114
EGGABROAD, LOVINA            NEW YORK MILLS                NY-33-47-191
EGGLESTON, ELIZABETH H.      NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-24-270
EGGLESTON, MOSES L.          NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-15-484
EHINGER, SIMON               BOONVILLE                     NY-33-26-189
EHLINGER, MARTIN             UTICA                         NY-33-28-377
EHLINGER, MARTIN             UTICA                         NY-33-44-449
EHRESMAN, HENRY              UTICA                         NY-33-30-507
EHRESMANN, JACOB             UTICA                         NY-33-20-109
EHRISMAN, HENRY              UTICA                         NY-33-34-619
EINHOLTZ, MARTINA            UTICA                         NY-33-30-243
EISENHUTH, JOSEPH            UTICA                         NY-33-42-446
EISENMANN, OSEPH             UTICA                         NY-33-48-262
EISENMENGER, HENRY AUGUST    UTICA                         NY-33-43-14
EISENMENGER, WILLIAM         UTICA                         NY-33-19-189
EISINGER, CATHARINE          ROME                          NY-33-47-400
EITAPENCE, MARGARET          UTICA                         NY-33-28-241
ELDEN, GEORGE                CAMDEN                        NY-33-39-80
ELDEN, JOEL                  CAMDEN                        NY-33-29-539
ELDERTON, ELIZABETH          WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-2-203
ELDERTON, LUCRETIA           WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-2-174
ELGAR, JAMES                 VERNON                        NY-33-6-261
ELISHA, EDGERTON             ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-16-433
ELLENWOOD, TERTIUS           NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-8-120
ELLINWOOD, ALBERT T.         NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-43-150
ELLINWOOD, ALEXANDER         KIRKLAND                      NY-33-48-159
ELLINWOOD, CAROLINE          KIRKLAND                      NY-33-40-130
ELLINWOOD, DURAS             KIRKLAND                      NY-33-31-145
ELLINWOOD, ERASMUS           KIRKLAND                      NY-33-25-533
ELLINWOOD, MARY J.           KIRKLAND                      NY-33-28-51
ELLINWOOD, REUBEN            KIRKLAND                      NY-33-18-187
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM             KIRKLAND                      NY-33-51-89
ELLIS, BENJAMIN              TRENTON                       NY-33-50-299
ELLIS, ELLIS                 UTICA                         NY-33-39-164
ELLIS, ELLIS D.              DEERFIELD                     NY-33-42-196
ELLIS, EVAN                  UTICA                         NY-33-16-299
ELLIS, JOHN                  FLOYD                         NY-33-22-77
ELLIS, JOHN                  UTICA                         NY-33-46-495
ELLIS, JOHN                  UTICA                         NY-33-47-6
ELLIS, LETETIA               UTICA                         NY-33-19-465
ELLIS, LOEISA A.             TRENTON                       NY-33-32-129
ELLIS, MAHLON M.             UTICA                         NY-33-18-613
ELLIS, MALACHI               WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-18-77
ELLIS, MALACHI               WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-50-415
ELLIS, MARY H.               WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-51-569
ELLIS, OLIVER L.             STITTVILLE                    NY-33-50-251
ELLIS, WILLIAM E.            UTICA                         NY-33-19-337
ELLISON, ELNORA J.           UTICA                         NY-33-42-82
ELLISON, GEORGE P.           UTICA                         NY-33-40-614
ELLISON, JANE E.             UTICA                         NY-33-51-339
ELMER, ELIZABETH MARION      ROME                          NY-33-34-167
ELMER, EPHRAIM               KIRKLAND                      NY-33-9-127
ELMER, HARVEY                VERONA                        NY-33-42-22
ELMER, HELLEN A.             ROME                          NY-33-39-356
ELMER, HEZEKIAH              WESTERN                       NY-33-6-345
ELMER, LEBBEUS E.            ROME                          NY-33-47-107
ELMER, WILLIAM               VERONA                        NY-33-48-297
ELPHICK, ELIZA               ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-19-31
ELWELL, JOHN F.              ROME                          NY-33-25-493
ELWELL, LARY                 ROME                          NY-33-39-150
ELY, ALVERSON                MARSHALL                      NY-33-31-523
ELY, AUGUSTIN                MARSHALL                      NY-33-28-401
ELY, BETSEY ANN              ROME                          NY-33-36-7
ELY, ELIZA T.                ROME                          NY-33-50-57
ELY, JOHN                    WESTERN                       NY-33-7-81
ELY, JOHN D.                 ROME                          NY-33-46-88
ELY, THOMAS A.               MARSHALL                      NY-33-22-463
EMARL, JAMES                 AVA                           NY-33-22-389
EMBLY, MARK                  UTICA                         NY-33-39-286
EMBODY, BETSEY A.            VERNON                        NY-33-45-166
EMENY, JAMES                 NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-48-97
EMPEY, RICHARD               CAMDEN                        NY-33-31-55
EMPHRINGHAM, MARY            ROME                          NY-33-50-92
ENEARL, JAMES A.             ROME                          NY-33-38-241
ENGEL, NICHOLAS              UTICA                         NY-33-20-399
ENGLAND, JAMES H.            UTICA                         NY-33-45-250
ENGLERT, CHRISTIAN           UTICA                         NY-33-39-134
ENNIS, MICHAEL               VERONA                        NY-33-5-336
ENNIS, THOMAS                VERONA                        NY-33-47-120
ENNIS, VARNAM REMINGTON      AUGUSTA                       NY-33-16-723
ENNIS, VARNUM                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-12-346
ENOS, HENRY C.               VERNON                        NY-33-20-45
ENOS, MARY SUSAN             VERNON                        NY-33-46-138
ENOS, NEWTON                 VERNON                        NY-33-18-413
ENOS, TRUMAN                 WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-13-217
ENSWORTH, ELIHU M.           NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-47-375
ENSWORTH, EZRA               NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-33-205
ENSWORTH, NEHEMIAH           NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-13-379
ENSWORTH, SUSAN              NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-26-213
ENTURSTLE, JOSEPH            NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-39-106
ERNST, CATHARINE             KIRKLAND                      NY-33-26-371
ERNST, MARY                  MARCY                         NY-33-42-334
ERNST, MARY ANN              KIRKLAND                      NY-33-22-189
ERWIN, JAMES                 MARCY                         NY-33-10-36
ESTES, HENRY G.              UTICA                         NY-33-51-395
ESTES, MARY ELLEN            UTICA                         NY-33-51-190
ETHRIDGE, ALFRED             ROME                          NY-33-51-510
ETNE, MARIE ELOISE           ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-48-218
EUPER, JOSEPH                ROME                          NY-33-25-339
EVANS, ALBERT                TRENTON                       NY-33-22-45
EVANS, ANN                   REMSEN                        NY-33-48-243
EVANS, DAVID                 BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-21-199
EVANS, DAVID A.              ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-29-411
EVANS, DAVID J.              UTICA                         NY-33-45-44
EVANS, DAVID W.              REMSEN                        NY-33-43-86
EVANS, EDWARD                UTICA                         NY-33-16-235
EVANS, ELENOR                SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-18-621
EVANS, ELENOR                UTICA                         NY-33-18-65
EVANS, ELISHA                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-24-407
EVANS, ELIZABETH             UTICA                         NY-33-23-573
EVANS, ELIZABETH             TRENTON                       NY-33-25-131
EVANS, ELIZABETH             UTICA                         NY-33-31-261
EVANS, ELIZABETH             UTICA                         NY-33-33-391
EVANS, ELLA S.               ROME                          NY-33-50-593
EVANS, ELLICOTT              ANN ARBOR, WASHTENAW, MI      NY-33-46-186
EVANS, EVAN                  MARCY                         NY-33-16-371
EVANS, EVAN                  VERNON                        NY-33-20-139
EVANS, EVAN                  HOLLAND PATENT                NY-33-48-427
EVANS, GRACE                 UTICA                         NY-33-27-427
EVANS, HELEN B.              ORISKANY FALLS                NY-33-51-441
EVANS, HENRY                 ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-33-359
EVANS, HUGH G.               STEUBEN                       NY-33-25-317
EVANS, HUGH T.               ROME                          NY-33-43-34
EVANS, ISAAC                 REMSEN                        NY-33-8-480
EVANS, ISAAC                 WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-38-315
EVANS, JAMES                 UTICA                         NY-33-23-279
EVANS, JAMES                 ROME                          NY-33-39-228
EVANS, JANE                  ROME                          NY-33-33-53
EVANS, JANE A.               UTICA                         NY-33-51-277
EVANS, JENKIN                UTICA                         NY-33-8-213
EVANS, JOHN                  ROME                          NY-33-6-161
EVANS, JOHN                  MARCY                         NY-33-12-63
EVANS, JOHN                  REMSEN                        NY-33-13-171
EVANS, JOHN                  ROME                          NY-33-20-317
EVANS, JOHN                  REMSEN                        NY-33-29-241
EVANS, JOHN H.               KIRKLAND                      NY-33-40-52
EVANS, JOHN R.               MARSHALL                      NY-33-39-226
EVANS, JONATHAN              WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-8-358
EVANS, LAURA                 STEUBEN                       NY-33-7-368
EVANS, LEWIS R.              UTICA                         NY-33-50-395
EVANS, LYDIA E.              BOONVILLE                     NY-33-35-433
EVANS, MARGARET              UTICA                         NY-33-18-5
EVANS, MARY                  TRENTON                       NY-33-19-359
EVANS, MARY                  ORISKANY                      NY-33-39-225
EVANS, MORGAN                NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-23-589
EVANS, MORGAN                PARIS                         NY-33-39-94
EVANS, OWEN                  UTICA                         NY-33-20-299
EVANS, PETER                 NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-23-151
EVANS, REES                  MARCY                         NY-33-13-187
EVANS, ROBERT                NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-29-143
EVANS, THOMAS                UTICA                         NY-33-47-468
EVANS, WILLIAM               WHITESBORO                    NY-33-2-215
EVANS, WILLIAM               REMSEN                        NY-33-19-161
EVANS, WILLIAM               UTICA                         NY-33-28-541
EVANS, WILLIAM A.            FLOYD                         NY-33-28-171
EVANS, WILLIAM E.            TRENTON                       NY-33-20-237
EVANS, WILLIAM M.            ROME                          NY-33-23-517
EVANS, WILLIAM M.            ROME                          NY-33-39-512
EVANS, WILLIAM R.            STEUBEN                       NY-33-8-482
EVANS, WILLIAM R.            STEUBEN                       NY-33-8-162
EVENDEN, SARAH               WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-42-178
EVENDER, WILLIAM             WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-27-542
EVERETT, CHARLES             KIRKLAND                      NY-33-8-38
EVERETT, ELIZABETH           STEUBEN                       NY-33-29-101
EVERETT, JENNIE              REMSEN                        NY-33-45-534
EVERETT, ROBERT              STEUBEN                       NY-33-25-539
EVERSON, ADAM                UTICA                         NY-33-26-91
EVERSON, EMMA JANE           UTICA                         NY-33-33-277
EVERTS, EBENEZER             CAMDEN                        NY-33-1-448
EWIG, HENRY                  UTICA                         NY-33-39-49
EWING, JOHN S.               TRENTON                       NY-33-16-421
EWINGS, MARIA                UTICA                         NY-33-45-420
EYCHANER, MARTHA             WESTERN                       NY-33-30-579
EYNAN, JOSIAH                DEERFIELD                     NY-33-20-27
EYNON, DAVID SLADE           UTICA                         NY-33-50-143
EYNON, JOHN                  UTICA                         NY-33-39-86
EYNON, MARY H.               UTICA                         NY-33-42-324
EYNON, OWEN                  UTICA                         NY-33-34-199
FAASS, JOSEPH                UTICA                         NY-33-48-46
FABER, PETER                 DEERFIELD                     NY-33-25-311
FAHY, MICHAEL                UTICA                         NY-33-31-583
FAILING, JACOB               VERNON                        NY-33-37-237
FAILING, JENNIE              UTICA                         NY-33-51-158
FAIRBANKS, SILAS H.          MARSHALL                      NY-33-30-371
FAIRCHILD, ASHER             VERNON                        NY-33-18-41
FAIRCHILD, BENJAMIN          FLOYD                         NY-33-7-337
FAIRCHILD, WILLIAM M.        KNOXBORO                      NY-33-47-321
FAIRLEY, FRANCIS             PARIS                         NY-33-39-452
FAKE, AUGUSTUS               CLINTON                       NY-33-48-516
FAKE, PETER                  KIRKLAND                      NY-33-28-117
FALEY, PETER                 PARIS                         NY-33-47-426
FALK, ANNA                   UTICA                         NY-33-45-62
FALK, GEORGE                 UTICA                         NY-33-42-476
FALLON, ELLEN                BOONVILLE                     NY-33-40-528
FALLON, JOHN                 BOONVILLE                     NY-33-43-20
FALLON, MICHAEL              UTICA                         NY-33-34-17
FALLON, PATRICK              BOONVILLE                     NY-33-33-235
FALVEY, MICHAEL              FLORENCE                      NY-33-25-439
FANNAN, HENRY                KNOXBORO                      NY-33-51-305
FANNING, STANTON             AVA                           NY-33-9-158
FARLEY, DENNIS               TRENTON                       NY-33-30-255
FARLEY, JAMES                UTICA                         NY-33-42-2
FARLEY, JANE                 UTICA                         NY-33-51-328
FARLEY, JULIA                ROME                          NY-33-22-139
FARLEY, MARY                 UTICA                         NY-33-51-586
FARLEY, ROBERT               BOONVILLE                     NY-33-21-350
FARLEY, ROSA                 DEERFIELD                     NY-33-46-537
FARNSWORTH, WRIGHT           VERONA                        NY-33-14-479
FARNSWORTH, WRIGHT           CAMDEN                        NY-33-51-245
FARQUHARSON, SARAH           ROME                          NY-33-36-387
FARR, ARCHABLE               ROME                          NY-33-48-304
FARR, DOLLY                  REMSEN                        NY-33-9-352
FARR, ESTHER ANN             WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-50-467
FARR, PEREZ                  REMSEN                        NY-33-4-80
FARRELL, JOHN                NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-20-391
FARRELL, JOHN                UTICA                         NY-33-50-325
FARRIER, SARAH               ROME                          NY-33-39-501
FARWELL, SAMUEL              UTICA                         NY-33-24-311
FASS, JOHN M.                TRENTON                       NY-33-29-419
FASSETT, AMOS S.             VIENNA                        NY-33-9-96
FAULDS, ANNA G.              ROME                          NY-33-37-131
FAULKNER, CHANDLER D.        UTICA                         NY-33-33-337
FAULKNER, THOMAS A.          VIENNA                        NY-33-39-69
FAXON, ALLEN                 MARCY                         NY-33-6-272
FAXON, MARGARET              WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-9-131
FAXTON, THEODORE S.          UTICA                         NY-33-27-226
FAY, ELIZA                   UTICA                         NY-33-26-379
FAY, ELLEN                   KIRKLAND                      NY-33-18-581
FEELEY, BARTLEY              CLINTON                       NY-33-39-175
FEENEY, ROSE ANNA            UTICA                         NY-33-39-76
FEENY, ELLEN                 NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-50-350
FEETER, EDGAR                VERONA                        NY-33-29-491
FEETER, URSULA               UTICA                         NY-33-40-442
FEHLINGS, HENRY (REV.)       UTICA                         NY-33-42-406
FEHRMANN, LUDWIG             UTICA                         NY-33-47-58
FELLOWS, ELIZA               MARSHALL                      NY-33-6-4
FELLOWS, LOIS A.             UTICA                         NY-33-47-468
FELLOWS, ROZEL               ROME                          NY-33-1-442
FELSENHEIMER, HENRY          UTICA                         NY-33-32-165
FELTON, ELAM                 LEE                           NY-33-33-113
FENEY, THOMAS                ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-42-428
FENTON, PAMELIA              LEE                           NY-33-29-319
FENTON, SAMUEL M.            FLORENCE                      NY-33-30-151
FENWICK, THOMAS              UTICA                         NY-33-34-157
FERGERSON, ELIZA A.          UTICA                         NY-33-48-166
FERGESON, ANN                HINCKLEY                      NY-33-51-547
FERGUSON, ALVIN              SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-11-127
FERGUSON, CHARLES            LEE                           NY-33-19-369
FERGUSON, COMPTON            ROME                          NY-33-51-147
FERGUSON, EMILY S.           SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-36-161
FERGUSON, JANE A.            WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-47-117
FERGUSON, JANE E.            UTICA                         NY-33-51-285
FERGUSON, MARY A.            WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-39-374
FERGUSON, ROBERT             WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-10-397
FERGUSON, SAMUEL             ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-45-326
FERGUSON, SAMUEL L.          SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-25-19
FERGUSON, WILLIAM            MARSHALL                      NY-33-11-465
FERGUSON, WILLIAM            WESTERN                       NY-33-37-609
FERGUSON, WILLIAM            MARSHALL                      NY-33-51-463
FERRELL, FRANCIS             UTICA                         NY-33-6-355
FERRIS, ANNIE H.             UTICA                         NY-33-46-206
FERRIS, GEORGE F.            UTICA                         NY-33-44-131
FERRIS, STEPHEN V. R.        UTICA                         NY-33-33-361
FERRISS, A. REBECCA          NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-44-218
FERRISS, DOLLY               UTICA                         NY-33-48-156
FERRISS, GEORGE H.           UTICA                         NY-33-38-187
FERRY, HEMAN                 UTICA                         NY-33-14-383
FETTIG, VALENTINE            UTICA                         NY-33-29-213
FIEDLER, JOHNH.              NORTH BAY                     NY-33-50-336
FIELD, THOMAS                MARSHALL                      NY-33-8-448
FIELDING, ABRAM              CAMDEN                        NY-33-22-1
FIFIELD, MARY S.             CAMDEN                        NY-33-39-421
FILER, ALANSON S.            FLORENCE                      NY-33-20-287
FILER, SARAH G.              FLORENCE                      NY-33-50-145
FILLMORE, EARL               WESTERN                       NY-33-2-35
FINCH, CATHERINE E.          FLORENCE                      NY-33-16-149
FINLEY, GARIT                UTICA                         NY-33-9-105
FINN, ELIZABETH              ROME                          NY-33-48-569
FINN, ROBERT                 UTICA                         NY-33-32-529
FINNEGAN, CATHARINE          CLINTON                       NY-33-39-164
FINNEGAN, PHILIP             ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-51-262
FIRZ, WILLIAM                PARIS                         NY-33-12-318
FISCHER, CARL LUDWIG EMANUEL ROME                          NY-33-22-247
FISCHER, SIGISMUND           UTICA                         NY-33-51-49
FISCHER, VALENTINE           UTICA                         NY-33-18-435
FISCHER, WILLIAM             ROME                          NY-33-48-492
FISH, FRANCIS D.             UTICA                         NY-33-47-106
FISH, LUCY H.                LEE                           NY-33-33-565
FISH, LYDIA A.               UTICA                         NY-33-47-428
FISH, MOSES                  ROME                          NY-33-5-370
FISHER, ANN                  KIRKLAND                      NY-33-18-93
FISHER, CATHERINE            UTICA                         NY-33-13-381
FISHER, LUCINA C.            VERONA                        NY-33-25-519
FISHER, MATHAUS              UTICA                         NY-33-35-389
FISHER, SOLOMON D.           AVA                           NY-33-31-327
FISK, ELIJAH P.              BOONVILLE                     NY-33-45-58
FISK, ISAAC                  UTICA                         NY-33-14-205
FISK, JABISH                 LEE                           NY-33-2-107
FISK, MARSHAL H.             BOONVILLE                     NY-33-48-11
FITCH, AARON                 WESTERN                       NY-33-29-463
FITCH, ABNER                 WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-16-389
FITCH, EBENEZER R.           WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-40-394
FITCH, JESSE                 VERONA                        NY-33-18-97
FITCH, JOHN                  KIRKLAND                      NY-33-6-317
FITCH, NORMAN                VERONA                        NY-33-50-514
FITCH, OREN J.               VIENNA                        NY-33-23-539
FITCH, SHELDON               NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-44-407
FITCH, URIAH                 STEUBEN                       NY-33-14-49
FITCHER, ELIZA               UTICA                         NY-33-39-538
FITCHER, JOHN                VERNON                        NY-33-29-53
FITZGERALD, GERALD           FLORENCE                      NY-33-35-445
FITZGERALD, JAMES            UTICA                         NY-33-47-100
FITZGERALD, JOHN             FLORENCE                      NY-33-20-381
FITZGERALD, THOMAS           NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-22-207
FITZGERALD, WILLIAM          UTICA                         NY-33-10-123
FITZGERALD, WILLIAM          FLORENCE                      NY-33-32-205
FITZPATRICK, FANNY           UTICA                         NY-33-34-193
FITZPATRICK, JULIA           ROME                          NY-33-48-267
FITZPATRICK, MARY            CLINTON                       NY-33-51-270
FITZPATRICK, MATTHEW         VIENNA                        NY-33-26-529
FITZPATRICK, THOMAS          KIRKLAND                      NY-33-43-186
FIX, WILLIAM                 FLOYD                         NY-33-50-569
FLACK, AARON                 SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-2-354
FLAGG, MARY                  UTICA                         NY-33-7-251
FLAHERTY, ROBERT             ROME                          NY-33-48-289
FLAMDRAU, THOMAS M.          ROME                          NY-33-51-6
FLANAGAN, DENNIS             FLORENCE                      NY-33-20-15
FLANAGAN, MARY               UTICA                         NY-33-42-154
FLANAGAN, PATRICK            VIENNA                        NY-33-25-561
FLANAGAN, SUSAN              UTICA                         NY-33-38-417
FLANAGAN, THOMAS             VIENNA                        NY-33-16-543
FLANAGAN, WILLIAM            FLORENCE                      NY-33-39-259
FLANDEAU, THOMAS H.          WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-14-123
FLANDRAU, SUSAN H.           KIRKLAND                      NY-33-26-303
FLEMING, ELLEN               ROME                          NY-33-50-301
FLETCHER, CHARLES            WESTERN                       NY-33-6-217
FLETCHER, JAMES              WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-29-127
FLINN, MARGARET              LEE                           NY-33-45-284
FLINT, DAVID P.              VERNON                        NY-33-10-32
FLINT, ESTHER H.             ROME                          NY-33-38-543
FLINT, JOHN C.               AVA                           NY-33-16-489
FLINT, JOHN R.               AVA                           NY-33-44-332
FLINT, LYDIA                 VERNON                        NY-33-22-57
FLINT, PETER A.              AVA                           NY-33-51-222
FLOWERS, MARTHA C.           UTICA                         NY-33-39-500
FLOYD, JOANNA                WESTERN                       NY-33-3-156
FLOYD, WILLIAM               WESTERN                       NY-33-2-252
FOGARTHY, MARGARET           VERONA                        NY-33-48-169
FOLEY, ANN M.                UTICA                         NY-33-40-126
FOLEY, JOHN                  ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-27-31
FOLEY, MARY J.               UTICA                         NY-33-31-93
FOLEY, MATHEW                MARSHALL                      NY-33-31-169
FOLEY, MICHAEL               UTICA                         NY-33-39-340
FOLEY, STEPHEN               ROME                          NY-33-30-27
FOLTS, CHAUNCEY              FOREST PORT                   NY-33-34-35
FOOKE, WILLIAM H.            ROME                          NY-33-31-105
FOORD, AMOS                  WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-1-219
FOOT, FREEMAN                PARIS                         NY-33-2-319
FOOT, JAIRUS                 PARIS                         NY-33-2-286
FOOT, JOHN                   VERNON                        NY-33-5-35
FOOT, LUTHER R.              VERNON                        NY-33-14-43
FOOT, RUTH H.                ROME                          NY-33-26-587
FOOT, SUSAN                  KIRKLAND                      NY-33-16-451
FOOTE, CHRISTIANA L.         KIRKLAND                      NY-33-26-207
FOOTE, HELI                  DEERFIELD                     NY-33-3-175
FOOTE, HENRY B.              KIRKLAND                      NY-33-23-423
FOOTE, JOHN B.               WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-22-29
FOOTE, LYDIA M.              WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-36-155
FOOTE, MARY P.               WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-42-142
FOOTE, OREN F.               MARSHALL                      NY-33-51-59
FORBES, ANDREW J.            NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-50-422
FORBES, HORACE               VERNON                        NY-33-33-73
FORBES, JOHN P.              DEERFIELD                     NY-33-13-269
FORBES, WARNER               DEERFIELD                     NY-33-33-373
FORD, GILBERT E.             FORESTPORT                    NY-33-29-481
FORD, IDA                    NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-39-347
FORD, JOHN                   VERONA                        NY-33-1-211
FORD, JOHN A.                ROME                          NY-33-28-409
FORD, JOHN H.                CAMDEN                        NY-33-44-224
FORD, MARY                   BOONVILLE                     NY-33-19-567
FORD, MARYETTE E.            ROME                          NY-33-46-353
FORD, NATHANIEL              MARSHALL                      NY-33-9-201
FORD, THOMAS                 ROME                          NY-33-21-72
FORD, WILLIAM SR.            CAMDEN                        NY-33-33-367
FOREST, WILLIAM              NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-13-75
FORGHAM, JAMES               FLORENCE                      NY-33-18-177
FORSTER, RICHARD             UTICA                         NY-33-30-305
FORT, CHRISTIAN              STEUBEN                       NY-33-18-115
FORT, MARY A.                UTICA                         NY-33-47-273
FORTUNE, KATE                ROME                          NY-33-36-109
FORWARD, JAMES               AUGUSTA                       NY-33-26-383
FOSTER, AMY                  VERONA                        NY-33-16-405
FOSTER, CHARLES              VERONA                        NY-33-13-401
FOSTER, CHARLES B.           UTICA                         NY-33-33-137
FOSTER, DAVID                WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-18-17
FOSTER, ELIZA                UTICA                         NY-33-14-243
FOSTER, HARRIETTE M.         UTICA                         NY-33-38-97
FOSTER, HENRY A.             ROME                          NY-33-42-454
FOSTER, HOSEA                VERONA                        NY-33-14-145
FOSTER, JAMES S.             NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-37-199
FOSTER, JESSE C.             UTICA                         NY-33-32-245
FOSTER, ORSON                VERONA                        NY-33-47-323
FOSTER, RHODA S.             VERONA                        NY-33-29-167
FOSTER, SANFORD M.           NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-42-114
FOSTER, THOMAS               UTICA                         NY-33-47-310
FOUCHER, VICTOR              NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-33-46-276
FOWLER, ELISHA               AUGUSTA                       NY-33-31-499
FOWLER, GEORGE F.            UTICA                         NY-33-30-405
FOWLER, HANNAH A.            VERONA                        NY-33-50-417
FOWLER, NANCY                UTICA                         NY-33-34-215
FOWLER, PHILEMON H.          UTICA                         NY-33-30-383
FOX, ABRAHAM                 MARCY                         NY-33-33-463
FOX, ABRAM                   LEE                           NY-33-40-478
FOX, ASHBEL                  REMSEN                        NY-33-17-13
FOX, CHARLES J.              UTICA                         NY-33-24-14
FOX, CHARLOTTE               UTICA                         NY-33-51-75
FOX, ELIZABETH               NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-47-237
FOX, LANEY ANN               LEE                           NY-33-51-299
FOX, LUCINDA A.              AVA                           NY-33-51-378
FOX, PETER                   AVA                           NY-33-39-132
FOX, ROWLAND                 ROME                          NY-33-26-241
FOX, TIMOTHY                 VIENNA                        NY-33-35-325
FOX, WILLIAM                 CAMDEN                        NY-33-12-55
FRADENBURGH, CARRIE R.       FARGO, CASS, ND               NY-33-48-50
FRANCIS, ELIZABETH S.        UTICA                         NY-33-50-389
FRANCIS, FRANCIS             TRENTON                       NY-33-26-279
FRANCIS, GRIFFITH            REMSEN                        NY-33-18-81
FRANCIS, HUGH                REMSEN                        NY-33-45-426
FRANCIS, JAMES               TRENTON                       NY-33-7-271
FRANCIS, JOHN                WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-10-370
FRANCIS, JOHN                REMSEN                        NY-33-39-92
FRANCIS, JOHN                UTICA                         NY-33-38-619
FRANCIS, JOHN J.             UTICA                         NY-33-28-311
FRANCIS, LEWIS               REMSEN                        NY-33-47-233
FRANCIS, MAGGIE E.           UTICA                         NY-33-39-38
FRANCIS, WALLACE             REMSEN                        NY-33-48-548
FRANCIS, WILLIAM             REMSEN                        NY-33-20-337
FRANK, JOHN C.               TRENTON                       NY-33-45-256
FRANK, PHILIP                UTICA                         NY-33-45-510
FRANK, WILLIAM               UTICA                         NY-33-50-215
FRANK, WILLIAM               UTICA                         NY-33-50-548
FRANKLIN, HARRY              VERONA                        NY-33-34-271
FRANKLIN, JAMES              REMSEN                        NY-33-3-33
FRASER, ALLEN                WESTERN                       NY-33-14-403
FRASER, CHARLES E.           ROME                          NY-33-40-330
FRASER, SUSAN                STEUBEN                       NY-33-50-585
FRASER, WESTEL W.            WESTERN                       NY-33-28-207
FRASIER, WILLIAM             TRENTON                       NY-33-2-344
FRAZEE, HIRAM W.             UTICA                         NY-33-32-269
FRAZEE, SILAS                CAMDEN                        NY-33-47-506
FRAZER, ELIZA M.             WESTERN                       NY-33-30-9
FRAZIER, ALEXANDER           TRENTON                       NY-33-38-215
FREDERICKS, GEORGE B.        UTICA                         NY-33-18-639
FREELY, CONRADT              REMSEN                        NY-33-30-257
FREEMAN, ALTHEAR J.          VIENNA                        NY-33-34-377
FREEMAN, ANN M.              UTICA                         NY-33-15-395
FREEMAN, ELISHA              PARIS                         NY-33-8-377
FREEMAN, FRANCES M.          VERNON                        NY-33-38-345
FREEMAN, ISAAC               VERNON                        NY-33-38-323
FREEMAN, MARY                CLINTON                       NY-33-47-227
FREEMAN, MICHAEL             KIRKLAND                      NY-33-43-262
FREEMAN, NANCY               WESTERN                       NY-33-29-497
FREEMAN, PETER               UTICA                         NY-33-36-217
FREEMAN, SARAH M.            VERONA                        NY-33-22-477
FREEMAN, WILLIAM             UTICA                         NY-33-14-223
FRENCH, CAROLINE M.          WESTERN                       NY-33-40-498
FRENCH, CATHARINE D.         TRENTON                       NY-33-39-466
FRENCH, DANIEL               TRENTON                       NY-33-50-570
FRENCH, DAVID                WESTERN                       NY-33-39-101
FRENCH, EMMA E.              NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-47-515
FRENCH, GEORGE SEDGLEY       TRENTON                       NY-33-16-1
FRENCH, JONATHAN B.          FLOYD                         NY-33-39-474
FRENCH, MARY C.              LEE                           NY-33-32-33
FREY, MARGARET               UTICA                         NY-33-48-453
FRICK, FANNIE                UTICA                         NY-33-48-474
FRIESON, CATHARINE           ROME                          NY-33-24-425
FRISBEE, RUFUS               NTL                           NY-33-2-72
FRISBIE, ELIZABETH M.        KIRKLAND                      NY-33-28-137
FRISBIE, MARY FORMAN JAMES   UTICA                         NY-33-48-210
FRISBIE, MEDAD H.            VERNON                        NY-33-27-203
FRISCH, CHRISTIAN            NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-23-239
FRISON, STEPHEN              ROME                          NY-33-48-216
FROST, AMASA                 AUGUSTA                       NY-33-12-462
FROST, AMMI                  KIRKLAND                      NY-33-18-389
FROST, FRANKLIN              KIRKLAND                      NY-33-48-27
FROST, JAMES                 NTL                           NY-33-46-540
FRY, JAMES W.                UTICA                         NY-33-19-201
FULLAM, JOHN                 UTICA                         NY-33-47-493
FULLAM, THOMAS               UTICA                         NY-33-39-239
FULLER, A. IRVING            BOSTON, SUFFOLK, MA           NY-33-51-410
FULLER, ASA                  ROME                          NY-33-5-389
FULLER, EDMUND               FLOYD                         NY-33-25-99
FULLER, ELIZA A.             DURHAMVILLE                   NY-33-46-266
FULLER, GEORGE ALFRED        FLOYD                         NY-33-34-137
FULLER, GEORGE C.            ROME                          NY-33-39-465
FULLER, HENRY                WESTERN                       NY-33-23-489
FULLER, HENRY                TRENTON                       NY-33-35-89
FULLER, JESSE                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-16-281
FULLER, LYDIA M.             TRENTON                       NY-33-33-503
FULLER, MARIETTE             UTICA                         NY-33-40-534
FULLER, SALLY B.             KIRKLAND                      NY-33-50-230
FULLER, THOMAS               TRENTON                       NY-33-29-297
FULMER, DAVID                STEUBEN                       NY-33-31-103
FULMER, HENRY                STEUBEN                       NY-33-37-269
FULMER, JACOB S.             STEUBEN                       NY-33-9-76
FURMAN, HARVEY               BOONVILLE                     NY-33-39-576
FURMAN, MATTHEW              CLINTON                       NY-33-48-528
GABEL, ANNA MARIA            UTICA                         NY-33-51-588
GABLE, HENRY                 UTICA                         NY-33-23-91
GAFFNEY, BRIDGET             UTICA                         NY-33-28-297
GAGAN, LAWRENCE              PARIS                         NY-33-47-491
GAGE, ALDEN S.               UTICA                         NY-33-39-276
GAHEEN, LAWRENCE             ROME                          NY-33-40-402
GAILLE, AUGUSTA              UTICA                         NY-33-20-147
GAINSWAY, PHILIP             REMSEN                        NY-33-39-68
GALE, EDWARD                 KIRKLAND                      NY-33-34-83
GALE, LEVI                   MARSHALL                      NY-33-22-19
GALLAGHER, CATHARINE         ROME                          NY-33-42-282
GALLAGHER, JAMES             MARSHALL                      NY-33-40-210
GALLAGHER, KATHARINE         UTICA                         NY-33-35-33
GALLAGHER, MARY              UTICA                         NY-33-38-203
GALLAGHER, MATHEW            DEERFIELD                     NY-33-12-93
GALLAGHER, PATRICK           UTICA                         NY-33-43-10
GALLAGHER, THOMAS            ORISKANY FALLS                NY-33-50-343
GALLUP, DANIEL               PARIS                         NY-33-31-291
GALLUP, JOHN C.              KIRKLAND                      NY-33-35-85
GALLUP, MARIAH               VERONA                        NY-33-33-347
GALLUP, MARILLA HOUGHTON     CLINTON                       NY-33-48-366
GALVIN, DENNIS               FLORENCE                      NY-33-16-161
GAMBLE, JAMES H.             CAMDEN                        NY-33-51-384
GAMIRE, JEAN MICHAEL         MARCY                         NY-33-14-421
GANIER, JOHN M.              MARCY                         NY-33-25-587
GARDNER, BENJAMIN H.         FLOYD                         NY-33-19-241
GARDNER, CATHARINE C.        UTICA                         NY-33-20-127
GARDNER, EMELINE M.          UTICA                         NY-33-14-255
GARDNER, FRANCES C.          KIRKLAND                      NY-33-23-563
GARDNER, GEORGE              VERONA                        NY-33-23-457
GARDNER, HORATIO N.          ONEIDA CASTLE                 NY-33-24-416
GARDNER, JAMES S.            WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-30-593
GARDNER, JOHN                UTICA                         NY-33-45-302
GARDNER, LEVI G.             WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-16-517
GARDNER, LOIS                ROME                          NY-33-31-45
GARDNER, MARCELLO M.         UTICA                         NY-33-32-217
GARDNER, MARY P. W.          UTICA                         NY-33-32-197
GARDNER, ORSON S.            NEW YORK MILLS                NY-33-48-327
GARDNER, PAMELIA P.          WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-31-117
GARDNER, PETER               UTICA                         NY-33-39-123
GARDNER, RICHARD             CAMDEN                        NY-33-18-777
GARDNER, SQUIRE D.           TRENTON                       NY-33-18-341
GARLICK, HUGH                PARIS                         NY-33-24-152
GARLIM, NICHOLAS             VERONA                        NY-33-37-432
GARLOCK, CATHARINE           TRENTON                       NY-33-19-519
GARNRYCK, ZACHARIAH          VERONA                        NY-33-8-6
GARRATT, JAMES               UTICA                         NY-33-26-413
GARRETT, CHENEY              TRENTON                       NY-33-14-319
GARRETT, ELIZBAETH           UTICA                         NY-33-40-216
GARRIPY, ELIZABETH           UTICA                         NY-33-47-407
GARRIPY, EWDARD              UTICA                         NY-33-25-151
GARTHSIDE, RICHARD           UTICA                         NY-33-29-177
GARY, GEORGE                 VERNON                        NY-33-11-139
GARY, GEORGE                 VERNON                        NY-33-44-92
GARY, SUSAN                  WESTERN                       NY-33-34-221
GASKILL, JABEZ D.            SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-26-577
GASKILL, JASON               PARIS                         NY-33-20-41
GASSER, MARTIN               LEE                           NY-33-47-478
GASTON, MARY A.              ROME                          NY-33-48-558
GATES, CAROLINE E.           WALESVILLE                    NY-33-50-289
GATES, HART                  WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-12-472
GATES, IRA                   ROME                          NY-33-18-625
GATES, JAMES                 WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-40-304
GATES, JOSEPHINE M.          UTICA                         NY-33-39-133
GATES, MATTHEW R.            MARSHALL                      NY-33-35-125
GATES, SARAH                 WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-34-469
GATES, WARREN                MARSHALL                      NY-33-29-581
GATTEN, NICHOLAS             NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-23-189
GAWNE, ELIZABETH             VERONA                        NY-33-30-479
GAY, MARY                    TRENTON                       NY-33-44-113
GAYLON, SILAS                UTICA                         NY-33-14-481
GAYLORD, CHESTER             MARSHALL                      NY-33-23-179
GAYLORD, DAVID               MARSHALL                      NY-33-6-352
GAYLORD, EDWARD B.           NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-47-519
GAYLORD, GEORGE              UTICA                         NY-33-37-281
GAYLORD, JOTHAM              WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-1-194
GAYLORD, THOMAS              NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-8-198
GAYNOR, ELIZABETH            UTICA                         NY-33-46-275
GAYNOR, JOHN                 UTICA                         NY-33-45-82
GAYNOR, MATTHEW              ROME                          NY-33-40-294
GAZIN, JOHN F.               UTICA                         NY-33-47-371
GEBHARD, PHILIP              BOONVILLE                     NY-33-18-569
GEBHARD, WILLIAM             BOONVILLE                     NY-33-29-31
GEBHARDT, ANNA B.            UTICA                         NY-33-48-494
GEBHARDT, EDWARD             UTICA                         NY-33-48-49
GEBHARDT, JACOB              UTICA                         NY-33-39-340
GEELIN, WILLIAM              VIENNA                        NY-33-29-393
GEER, ELIZA                  PARIS                         NY-33-25-281
GEER, MARY                   SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-32-365
GEERER, CHARLES F.           UTICA                         NY-33-30-347
GEHRING, ANDREW              UTICA                         NY-33-27-90
GEHRING, JOH                 NUTICA                        NY-33-47-192
GEISENHOFF, MARY ANN         DURHAMVILLE                   NY-33-44-503
GEORG, JOSEPH                UTICA                         NY-33-46-581
GEORG, JOSEPH L.             UTICA                         NY-33-48-516
GEORGE, HENRY                STEUBEN                       NY-33-1-333
GEORGE, JEREMIAH             TRENTON                       NY-33-42-182
GEORGE, MICHAEL              UTICA                         NY-33-47-11
GEORGE, THOMAS               TRENTON                       NY-33-9-218
GEORGE, WILLIAM T.           ROME                          NY-33-47-275
GEORGES, CHRISTINA S.        UTICA                         NY-33-19-511
GERHART, GEORGE              ROME                          NY-33-51-471
GERLICK, JOSEPH              PARIS                         NY-33-21-153
GERLING, NICHOLAS            DEERFIELD                     NY-33-40-168
GERMAN, JANE                 NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-39-577
GERMAN, NICHOLAS             ROME                          NY-33-34-325
GEROW, SOLOMAN               ROME                          NY-33-13-35
GGRIDLEY, ASAHEL             VERNON                        NY-33-4-376
GIBBONS, GEORGE              ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-39-443
GIBBONS, KATE ADELLAH        UTICA                         NY-33-40-472
GIBBONS, MARY A.             UTICA                         NY-33-42-556
GIBBONS, SABINA              UTICA                         NY-33-26-179
GIBBS, WILLIAM W. L.         PASSIAC, PASSAIC, NJ          NY-33-24-51
GIBNEY, JULIA                TRENTON                       NY-33-37-315
GIBSON, BETSEY H.            AUGUSTA                       NY-33-32-485
GIBSON, CHARLES              WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-11-151
GIBSON, ELIZABETH C.         UTICA                         NY-33-51-118
GIBSON, GEORGE W.            UTICA                         NY-33-29-277
GIBSON, MATTHEW              VERNON                        NY-33-9-358
GIBSON, ROBERT               WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-46-529
GIBSON, WILLIAM T.           UTICA                         NY-33-39-541
GIFFORD, ASA                 VERNON                        NY-33-6-5
GIFFORD, ASA                 VIENNA                        NY-33-17-345
GIFFORD, GILBERT M.          SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-20-593
GIFFORD, JOHN                MARSHALL                      NY-33-22-165
GIFFORD, PAUL                VERNON                        NY-33-37-516
GIFFORD, PELEG               NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-6-45
GIFFORD, SALLY               VIENNA                        NY-33-12-450
GIFFORD, SENECA              SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-19-521
GILBERT, ADELAIDE THORN      UTICA                         NY-33-31-423
GILBERT, ANDREW              ROME                          NY-33-12-221
GILBERT, BILLY               NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-4-120
GILBERT, CHAUNCEY A.         ROME                          NY-33-51-8
GILBERT, EDWARD              UTICA                         NY-33-19-153
GILBERT, ESTHER P.           VIENNA                        NY-33-25-341
GILBERT, FREDERICK H.        UTICA                         NY-33-33-365
GILBERT, ISAAC               BOONVILLE                     NY-33-22-283
GILBERT, MARY                ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-50-157
GILBERT, SARAH               UTICA                         NY-33-15-353
GILBERT, SARAH A.            UTICA                         NY-33-39-54
GILBERT, SIMON               UTICA                         NY-33-46-464
GILBERT, THEODORE SR.        PARIS                         NY-33-3-150
GILBERT, THOMAS              ROME                          NY-33-2-123
GILBOY, MARGARET             BOONVILLE                     NY-33-39-196
GILCHRIST, POLLY             VERONA                        NY-33-23-37
GILES, MARY                  PARIS                         NY-33-45-13
GILL, ELLEN                  LYONSDALE, LEWIS, NY          NY-33-50-418
GILL, WILLIAM K.             UTICA                         NY-33-3-245
GILLET, ABEL                 VERONA                        NY-33-7-167
GILLETT, MOSES               ROME                          NY-33-9-356
GILLETTE, ALFRED             STEUBEN                       NY-33-24-81
GILLETTE, SAVINIE            TIOGA, TIOGA, PA              NY-33-30-483
GILLMORE, ADELINE            UTICA                         NY-33-20-409
GILLMORE, JAMES H.           UTICA                         NY-33-9-178
GILLOREN, PATRICK            PARIS                         NY-33-18-445
GILLORMCY, JAMES             NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-51-489
GILROY, THOMAS               DEERFIELD                     NY-33-8-170
GILSON, MARTHA ANN           WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-47-60
GILSON, RICHARD              ROME                          NY-33-50-116
GINITY, FANNY                WATERVILLE                    NY-33-39-349
GINSTER, JOHN                NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-47-395
GIRVAN, JOHN                 UTICA                         NY-33-19-591
GISLER, JOHN                 ROME                          NY-33-50-555
GLADDING, BENJAMIN           SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-8-364
GLADDING, CHARLES G.         SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-12-127
GLADWIN, BETSEY E.           NEW YORK MILLS                NY-33-48-39
GLASS, ALEXANDER             ROME                          NY-33-17-444
GLATTUS, JOHN                MARCY                         NY-33-39-326
GLAVIN, JOHN                 ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-26-597
GLEASMAN, DAVID S.           AVA                           NY-33-47-53
GLEASON, EMMA                SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-37-103
GLEASON, JOSEPH              KIRKLAND                      NY-33-25-349
GLEASON, LUCY                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-16-503
GLENNAN, JAMES               PARIS                         NY-33-30-147
GLEOYE, JASON                UTICA                         NY-33-22-581
GLEZEN, OREN                 VIENNA                        NY-33-19-477
GLIFFE, FREDERICK            DEERFIELD                     NY-33-45-32

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