Oneida, New York
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BRACE, BENJAMIN              NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-7-29
BRACE, RIAL                  CAMDEN                        NY-33-13-477
BRACE, SAMUEL W.             UTICA                         NY-33-27-218
BRACY, ELIHU                 KIRKLAND                      NY-33-39-160
BRADFORD, LIZZIE W.          WESTERN                       NY-33-40-482
BRADFORD, MARY               UTICA                         NY-33-47-245
BRADISH, JOHN                UTICA                         NY-33-16-559
BRADLEY, ALVAN               WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-25-107
BRADLEY, ALVIN 2ND           WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-13-113
BRADLEY, ANNA S.             VERONA                        NY-33-37-540
BRADLEY, MARY                UTICA                         NY-33-23-99
BRADNER, JOSIAH              KIRKLAND                      NY-33-7-203
BRADT, ELIZA ANN             ORME                          NY-33-40-306
BRADURY, THOMAS              UTICA                         NY-33-51-269
BRADY, CATHARINE             UTICA                         NY-33-32-25
BRADY, ELIZABETH             SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-40-222
BRADY, ELIZABETH             KIRKLAND                      NY-33-47-270
BRADY, HUGH                  SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-23-181
BRADY, JAMES                 UTICA                         NY-33-22-491
BRADY, LUCY A.               UTICA                         NY-33-48-431
BRADY, MARY                  UTICA                         NY-33-39-313
BRADY, TERANCE               SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-28-209
BRADY, THOMAS                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-44-488
BRADY, WILLIAM               UTICA                         NY-33-29-73
BRAINARD, ALBERT             WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-39-316
BRAINARD, ALEXANDER H.       ROME                          NY-33-29-429
BRAINARD, AMAZIAH            LEE                           NY-33-30-335
BRAINARD, ISRAEL             KIRKLAND                      NY-33-14-195
BRAINARD, JEPTHA             WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-4-23
BRAINARD, JEPTHA             ROME                          NY-33-40-458
BRAINARD, LOUDON             WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-18-487
BRAINARD, MORGAN L.          ROME                          NY-33-27-71
BRAITMAYER, JOHN M.          WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-30-519
BRANAGAN, THOMAS             PARIS                         NY-33-25-461
BRAND, JOHN G.               UTICA                         NY-33-23-153
BRANDEGEE, JOHN J.           UTICA                         NY-33-17-73
BRANDES, CAROLINE            UTICA                         NY-33-39-23
BRANDES, FREDERICK C.        UTICA                         NY-33-39-23
BRANDIS, HENRY WILLIAM       KIRKLAND                      NY-33-20-293
BRANT, JOHN                  UTICA                         NY-33-10-167
BRAUN, MARTIN                UTICA                         NY-33-44-41
BRAY, WILLIAM                FLORENCE                      NY-33-28-597
BRAYTON, EDMUND C.           WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-26-181
BRAYTON, EDWARD S.           UTICA                         NY-33-39-522
BRAYTON, GEORGE              WESTERN                       NY-33-5-433
BRAYTON, GEORGE              WESTERN                       NY-33-15-550
BRAYTON, GEORGE              NEWARK, ESSEX, NJ             NY-33-23-403
BRAYTON, ISAAC               DEERFIELD                     NY-33-1-250
BRAYTON, JOSEPH              DEERFIELD                     NY-33-20-245
BRAYTON, STEPHEN H.          DEERFIELD                     NY-33-44-368
BRAZIL, MICHAEL              UTICA                         NY-33-28-261
BREADS, LYDIA B.             UTICA                         NY-33-48-592
BREEN, WILLIAM               ROME                          NY-33-16-297
BREESE, ARTHUR               UTICA                         NY-33-3-58
BREESE, SAMUEL S.            VERONA                        NY-33-9-17
BREEZE, THOMAS               UTICA                         NY-33-47-36
BREITENSTEIN, ELIZABETH      UTICA                         NY-33-51-116
BREITLING, CHRISTIAN         UTICA                         NY-33-46-222
BREITLING, MARY              UTICA                         NY-33-47-226
BREITRITER, DORETHEA         UTICA                         NY-33-47-219
BREITSTADT, GERTRUDE         ROME                          NY-33-48-377
BREMER, CHRISTIAN            UTICA                         NY-33-44-539
BREMER, ELIZABETH            UTICA                         NY-33-47-345
BRENDLE, ANTON               UTICA                         NY-33-46-60
BRENENSTUHL, JOB             VERONA                        NY-33-43-60
BRENNAN, BRIDGET             ORISKANY FALLS                NY-33-48-394
BRENNAN, ELLEN               UTICA                         NY-33-51-131
BRENNAN, FRANK               WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-50-139
BRENNAN, MARY                FLORENCE                      NY-33-45-130
BRENNER, CHRISTIAN           UTICA                         NY-33-51-11
BRENNER, JOHN                UTICA                         NY-33-48-13
BRESHAUER, THEOBALD          UTICA                         NY-33-51-459
BRETT, ROBERT                WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-16-583
BREUSCH, JOHN                UTICA                         NY-33-23-207
BREUSCH, MARTIN              UTICA                         NY-33-31-397
BREWER, AUGUSTUS G.          UTICA                         NY-33-47-35
BREWER, CURTIS A.            AUGUSTA                       NY-33-42-86
BREWER, LOIS                 UTICA                         NY-33-19-257
BREWER, LYDIA                WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-20-385
BREWER, THEODORE R.          VERNON                        NY-33-46-229
BREWSTER, AARON J.           ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-50-268
BREWSTER, AMOS F.            VERONA                        NY-33-39-65
BREWSTER, ELIAS              ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-7-313
BREWSTER, JOHN C.            ROME                          NY-33-43-22
BREWSTER, JUSTIN             VERONA                        NY-33-38-179
BREWSTER, PARTHENA E.        VERONA                        NY-33-29-461
BREWSTER, SAMUEL G.          VERONA                        NY-33-44-179
BREWSTER, WILLIAM            ROME                          NY-33-2-297
BRICK, JOHN C.               VIENNA                        NY-33-45-380
BRICKNER, ANDREW             ROME                          NY-33-39-434
BRIDENBECKER, DANIEL         ROME                          NY-33-50-530
BRIDENBECKER, HATTIE COOK    VERNON                        NY-33-45-348
BRIEHN, CARL                 MARCY                         NY-33-22-137
BRIERLEY, JAMES              WHITESBORO                    NY-33-39-275
BRIGGS, ALBERT               DURHAMVILLE                   NY-33-47-126
BRIGGS, ARNOLD               PARIS                         NY-33-1-370
BRIGGS, ARVILLA              UTICA                         NY-33-48-532
BRIGGS, DANIEL M.            PARIS                         NY-33-33-539
BRIGGS, DAVID U.             FLOYD                         NY-33-13-51
BRIGGS, EBENEZER             ROME                          NY-33-2-110
BRIGGS, ELECTA               PARIS                         NY-33-33-425
BRIGGS, JERUSHA              PARIS                         NY-33-9-328
BRIGGS, JOSEPH               ROME                          NY-33-6-16
BRIGGS, MARY                 PARIS                         NY-33-5-4
BRIGGS, MARY                 FLOYD                         NY-33-20-227
BRIGGS, NOAH                 NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-5-373
BRIGGS, NYRUM                FLOYD                         NY-33-18-557
BRIGGS, ORVILLE              WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-12-201
BRIGGS, PHEBE                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-29-381
BRIGGS, RUTH                 KIRKLAND                      NY-33-9-52
BRIGHAM, EDWIN W.            WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-37-27
BRIGHAM, ELECTA              WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-18-309
BRIGHAM, MARY                WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-33-461
BRIGHAM, REBECCA             WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-15-594
BRIGHAM, WARD                WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-19-285
BRIGHT, WILLIAM H.           UTICA                         NY-33-48-135
BRILL, DAVID                 WESTERN                       NY-33-30-545
BRILL, WILLIAM               WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-40-82
BRIMMER, FRANCIS             UTICA                         NY-33-23-597
BRINCKERHOFF, BENJAMIN       BOONVILLE                     NY-33-20-113
BRINCKERHOFF, GEORGE         BOONVILLE                     NY-33-26-423
BRINCKERHOFF, GILBERT        BOONVILLE                     NY-33-18-397
BRISSON, CATHARINE           NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-31-141
BRISTOL, ELI                 KIRKLAND                      NY-33-7-266
BRISTOL, ELIZABETH           KIRKLAND                      NY-33-33-421
BRISTOL, FRIEND              REMSEN                        NY-33-39-20
BRISTOL, GEORGE              KIRKLAND                      NY-33-25-309
BRISTOL, JOEL                CLINTON                       NY-33-3-176
BRISTOL, POLLY               REMSEN                        NY-33-42-566
BRISTOL, WILLIAM             UTICA                         NY-33-19-25
BRISTOLL, MOSES              PARIS                         NY-33-1-130
BROADBENT, ALFRED            UTICA                         NY-33-47-222
BROADBENT, WRIGHT            UTICA                         NY-33-47-515
BROADFOOT, ELIZABETH         UTICA                         NY-33-16-619
BROADWAY, THOMAS             UTICA                         NY-33-6-224
BROADWELL, HENRY             TRENTON                       NY-33-48-529
BROCK, JOHN W.               ORISKANY FALLS                NY-33-48-78
BROCKERT, MARGARETT          BOONVILLE                     NY-33-23-393
BROCKETT, ELI                WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-22-343
BROCKETT, GILES ALBERT       WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-42-332
BROCKETT, LUCY S.            WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-47-365
BROCKETT, TIMOTHY D.         WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-25-61
BROCKWAY, ALBERT H.          BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-38-591
BROCKWAY, AMOS               VERNON                        NY-33-3-20
BROCKWAY, JAMES M.           UTICA                         NY-33-34-449
BROCKWAY, LATHROP            KIRKLAND                      NY-33-30-275
BRODHEAD, CHARLES C.         UTICA                         NY-33-10-326
BRODOCK, CHAUNCEY            ROME                          NY-33-42-364
BRODOCK, NICHOLAS            VIENNA                        NY-33-11-417
BRODOCK, WILLIAM             ROME                          NY-33-27-336
BROGAN, NICHOLAS             SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-40-224
BRONK, MARIA K.              UTICA                         NY-33-44-98
BRONSON, AMOS                VERNON                        NY-33-12-326
BRONSON, BENJAMIN P.         NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-9-205
BRONSON, LYDIA B.            CAMDEN                        NY-33-20-313
BRONSON, MARCUS              LEE                           NY-33-12-366
BRONSON, NATHANIEL D.        WESTERN                       NY-33-22-311
BRONSON, SARAH               VERNON                        NY-33-22-113
BRONSON, ZENAS               VERNON                        NY-33-8-27
BROOKER, SAMUEL C.           WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-22-425
BROOKS, ABRAHAM              STEUBEN                       NY-33-1-183
BROOKS, BARNABAS             NTL                           NY-33-2-36
BROOKS, BENJAMIN F.          UTICA                         NY-33-31-351
BROOKS, CAROLINE             UTICA                         NY-33-47-276
BROOKS, CHARLES S.           STEUBEN                       NY-33-20-309
BROOKS, DAVID                VERONA                        NY-33-24-127
BROOKS, HEZEKIAH             VERONA                        NY-33-19-303
BROOKS, MERRET               ROME                          NY-33-13-275
BROOKS, RANSOM               WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-42-396
BROOKS, ROGER                MARSHALL                      NY-33-9-174
BROOKS, SARAH                CLINTON                       NY-33-48-417
BROOKS, SARAH E.             UTICA                         NY-33-20-239
BROOKS, THOMAS               STEUBEN                       NY-33-3-178
BROUGHTON, SARAH N.          CAMDEN                        NY-33-31-231
BROWER, HARRIET              LEE                           NY-33-44-278
BROWN, ABIGAIL J.            ROME                          NY-33-27-446
BROWN, ALDEN                 KIRKLAND                      NY-33-26-79
BROWN, ALEXANDER             BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-37-327
BROWN, ANGELINE              ROME                          NY-33-45-146
BROWN, AUSTIN S.             WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-46-558
BROWN, CALVIN                VERONA                        NY-33-39-428
BROWN, CATHARINE             CHICAGO, COOK, IL             NY-33-50-36
BROWN, CHARLES B.            NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-43-126
BROWN, CHARLES C.            SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-37-546
BROWN, DANIEL                LEE                           NY-33-10-374
BROWN, DAVID                 CAMDEN                        NY-33-27-174
BROWN, EMERY                 WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-16-575
BROWN, EZRA                  BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-22-249
BROWN, FRANCES M.            UTICA                         NY-33-22-185
BROWN, GEORGE                WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-32-497
BROWN, GEORGE W.             WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-33-611
BROWN, HARRIS                TRENTON                       NY-33-32-21
BROWN, HORACE                FRANKFORT, HERKIMER, NY       NY-33-51-154
BROWN, ISAAC                 ROME                          NY-33-13-473
BROWN, JABEZ                 VERONA                        NY-33-18-757
BROWN, JAMES                 KIRKLAND                      NY-33-8-93
BROWN, JAMES                 TRENTON                       NY-33-19-617
BROWN, JAMES                 UTICA                         NY-33-37-311
BROWN, JAMES P.              UTICA                         NY-33-39-116
BROWN, JANE                  UTICA                         NY-33-39-138
BROWN, JANE                  CAMDEN                        NY-33-42-164
BROWN, JEREMIAH              BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-13-299
BROWN, JOHN                  LEE                           NY-33-5-172
BROWN, JOHN                  WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-7-186
BROWN, JOSEPH P.             UTICA                         NY-33-16-511
BROWN, JOSIAH K.             HOLLAND PATENT                NY-33-48-207
BROWN, LAURA L.              TRENTON                       NY-33-47-236
BROWN, LORENZO S.            BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-45-438
BROWN, LUCY A.               BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-19-543
BROWN, MARY                  UTICA                         NY-33-42-636
BROWN, MARY                  UTICA                         NY-33-50-387
BROWN, MARY E.               UTICA                         NY-33-39-218
BROWN, MELVILLE              UTICA                         NY-33-29-437
BROWN, OLIVER                BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-9-286
BROWN, RUSSELL C.            BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-12-223
BROWN, SAMUEL                UTICA                         NY-33-13-93
BROWN, SUSANNAH              ROME                          NY-33-42-220
BROWN, SYLVANUS              AUGUSTA                       NY-33-2-308
BROWNEL, CHARLES             TRENTON                       NY-33-1-300
BROWNELL, A. E.              UTICA                         NY-33-39-162
BROWNELL, ABNER              PARIS                         NY-33-25-473
BROWNELL, GEORGE             PARIS                         NY-33-18-449
BROWNELL, HENRY D.           PARIS                         NY-33-47-125
BROWNELL, SAMUEL             KIRKLAND                      NY-33-38-537
BROWNSON, LEVI               VERNON                        NY-33-2-265
BRUCKLIN, JACOB              UTICA                         NY-33-25-231
BRUEZLER, JOSEPH             UTICA                         NY-33-40-594
BRUMLEY, ALANSON             MARSHALL                      NY-33-16-219
BRUNETT, JOSEPH              UTICA                         NY-33-50-225
BRUNNER, JACOB               UTICA                         NY-33-45-46
BRUNNER, MARY                UTICA                         NY-33-26-257
BRUNS, PETER                 VERNON                        NY-33-51-531
BRUNSON, JAMES               PARIS                         NY-33-1-262
BRUNSON, MALINDA             CLINTON                       NY-33-47-14
BRUSH, ELIJAH                ROME                          NY-33-20-511
BRYAN, LEVERETT              CAMDEN                        NY-33-25-511
BRYANT, ALEISTA P.           CAMDENB                       NY-33-48-426
BRYANT, GEORGE               UTICA                         NY-33-24-418
BRYANT, JULIA F.             WATERVILLE                    NY-33-47-535
BRYANT, LYDIA                VIENNA                        NY-33-12-468
BRYANT, MARY JANE            PARIS                         NY-33-22-219
BRYDEN, JOHN                 KIRKLAND                      NY-33-25-463
BRYDEN, MARY                 KIRKLAND                      NY-33-45-412
BUCHAN, WILLIAM              ROME                          NY-33-26-443
BUCHANAN, JOHN               UTICA                         NY-33-12-67
BUCHANAN, THOMAS             NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-19-503
BUCHER, JOHN R.              UTICA                         NY-33-47-55
BUCHER, JOSEPH               UTICA                         NY-33-39-4
BUCHER, MARY L.              UTICA                         NY-33-33-641
BUCKINGHAM, EDWARD D.        UTICA                         NY-33-44-290
BUCKINGHAM, HARRIET L.       UTICA                         NY-33-46-431
BUCKINGHAM, SALLY B.         MARSHALL                      NY-33-18-405
BUCKISER, LEONARD            DEERFIELD                     NY-33-40-586
BUCKLEY, CATHARINE           UTICA                         NY-33-35-405
BUCKLEY, CORNELIUS           KIRKLAND                      NY-33-22-31
BUCKLEY, CORNELIUS           FLORENCE                      NY-33-26-17
BUCKLEY, DENNIS              ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-18-149
BUCKLEY, DENNIS              UTICA                         NY-33-28-591
BUCKLEY, ELLEN               FLORENCE                      NY-33-38-267
BUCKLEY, ELLEN R.            WATERVILLE                    NY-33-39-128
BUCKLEY, JOHN E.             UTICA                         NY-33-40-288
BUCKLEY, MARY E.             UTICA                         NY-33-48-527
BUCKLEY, WILLIAM F.          MARSHALL                      NY-33-18-533
BUCKLEY, WILLIAM W.          MARSHALL                      NY-33-40-488
BUDLONG, ABEL                PARIS                         NY-33-36-269
BUDLONG, CAROLINE A.         WHITESBORO                    NY-33-48-157
BUDLONG, EZRA L.             PARIS                         NY-33-30-281
BUDLONG, JOHN                PARIS                         NY-33-2-314
BUDLONG, JOHN                UTICA                         NY-33-14-3
BUDLONG, JOSEPH              BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-10-86
BUDLONG, MARY C.             UTICA                         NY-33-39-195
BUDLONG, PHILANDER           KIRKLAND                      NY-33-31-543
BUDLONG, REBEKAH             PARIS                         NY-33-1-123
BUEL, JULIA ANN              WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-28-397
BUEL, MINOR                  CAMDEN                        NY-33-18-29
BUELL, ABEL B.               UTICA                         NY-33-30-531
BUELL, ALEXANDER             UTICA                         NY-33-32-281
BUELL, ELIZABETH N.          UTICA                         NY-33-30-103
BUELL, HARRIET ESTHER        UTICA                         NY-33-42-254
BUELL, JOHN A.               VIENNA                        NY-33-27-440
BUETTIKER, JOHN              KIRKLAND                      NY-33-24-188
BULBY, GEORGE J.             WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-31-535
BULLARD, ELMIRA A.           DEERFIELD                     NY-33-50-85
BULLARD, MARIA               TRENTON                       NY-33-13-283
BULLIS, DORR                 UPPER NEW YORK MILLS          NY-33-47-397
BULLOCK, ABBY                ROME                          NY-33-12-297
BULLOCK, GEORGE              UTICA                         NY-33-32-265
BULLOCK, ROYAL               TRENTON                       NY-33-26-479
BUNCE, JACOB                 TRENTON                       NY-33-21-265
BUNCE, SIDNEY A.             KIRKLAND                      NY-33-26-343
BUNONS, ISAAC                NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-14-317
BUNS, CORA A.                UTICA                         NY-33-45-352
BURCH, ADALINE               ROME                          NY-33-19-295
BURCH, MERITT                SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-23-267
BURCH, WILLIAM               GREENWAY                      NY-33-39-489
BURCHARD, ELY                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-18-801
BURCHARD, JONATHAN           MARSHALL                      NY-33-6-189
BURCHARD, SARAH M.           VERNON                        NY-33-14-157
BURCKLIN, CHRISTINA          UTICA                         NY-33-25-589
BURDICK, ALONZO              PARIS                         NY-33-43-116
BURDICK, JESSE               BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-38-51
BURDICK, JOHN                VERONA                        NY-33-47-125
BURG, JOSEPH                 ROME                          NY-33-32-121
BURGESS, HANNAH              ORISKANY FALLS                NY-33-39-597
BURGESS, JOHN                BOONVILLE                     NY-33-8-301
BURK, CHARLES                LEE                           NY-33-5-109
BURKE, ANN                   UTICA                         NY-33-48-7
BURKE, BRIDGET               UTICA                         NY-33-47-596
BURKE, EDMUND                FLORENCE                      NY-33-29-573
BURKE, JEREMIAH              VERNON                        NY-33-43-50
BURKE, JOHN                  UTICA                         NY-33-28-351
BURKE, JOHN                  VERNON                        NY-33-47-341
BURKHARDT, MICHAEL           UTICA                         NY-33-45-488
BURLESON, CALEB              AUGUSTA                       NY-33-14-117
BURLESON, IRA                VERNON                        NY-33-31-415
BURLESON, JAMES              AUGUSTA                       NY-33-8-297
BURLESON, WILLIAM            VERNON                        NY-33-28-291
BURLINGAME, CLARISSA S.      HOLLAND PATENT                NY-33-50-436
BURLINGAME, ISAAC            UTICA                         NY-33-19-609
BURLINGAME, JEREMIAH G.      TRENTON                       NY-33-44-329
BURLINGAME, JOHN V.          KIRKLAND                      NY-33-12-352
BURLINGAME, WALTER PALMER    TRENTON                       NY-33-13-145
BURLISON, LYDIA A.           KIRKLAND                      NY-33-29-293
BURMINGHAN, JOHN             CAMDEN                        NY-33-41-86
BURNES, ANDREW               PARIS                         NY-33-39-220
BURNS, ELIZA                 PARIS                         NY-33-35-273
BURNS, JAMES                 MARCY                         NY-33-28-419
BURNS, MARY W.               MARCY                         NY-33-39-106
BURNS, MATHEW                CLAYVILLE                     NY-33-48-87
BURNS, TERRESA               WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-14-175
BURP, JAMES                  MARSHALL                      NY-33-13-387
BURR, J. HART                MARSHALL                      NY-33-50-330
BURR, JAMES                  BOONVILLE                     NY-33-28-57
BURR, LYNDON                 BOONVILLE                     NY-33-34-43
BURR, ROBERT H.              CAMDEN                        NY-33-35-61
BURRIDGE, ROBERT             UTICA                         NY-33-24-330
BURRITT, CHARLES             PARIS                         NY-33-3-89
BURRITT, HANNAH              PARIS                         NY-33-8-72
BURRITT, WILLIAM C.          MARSHALL                      NY-33-49-216
BURROWS, ALEXANDER           BOONVILLE                     NY-33-31-295
BURROWS, AMOS                ROME                          NY-33-1-121
BURROWS, ANNA                UTICA                         NY-33-39-596
BURROWS, ASA                 ROME                          NY-33-7-191
BURROWS, ELLA LAW            WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-39-230
BURT, GEORGE W.              CLAYVILLE                     NY-33-39-71
BURT, JOSIAH                 LEE                           NY-33-14-61
BURT, WILLIAM                FORESTPORT                    NY-33-45-22
BURTH, WINNEBALD             MARCY                         NY-33-20-373
BURTON, AMY                  SCHUYLER, HERKIMER, NY        NY-33-2-101
BURTON, AUGUSTUS             VERONA                        NY-33-39-199
BURTON, ELIZUR C.            LEE                           NY-33-10-173
BURTON, HARVEY               DEERFIELD                     NY-33-35-413
BURTON, JEREMIAH             LEE                           NY-33-1-380
BURTON, JOHN W.              SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-39-274
BURTON, LEWIS J.             CAMDEN                        NY-33-18-401
BURTON, NATHAN               DEERFIELD                     NY-33-14-215
BURTON, RACHEL               UTICA                         NY-33-22-93
BURTON, WILLIAM              DEERFIELD                     NY-33-42-110
BUSBRIDGE, HENRY R.          ROME                          NY-33-36-245
BUSCHMAN, CHRISTIAN          UTICA                         NY-33-45-480
BUSH, AARON                  VERNON                        NY-33-2-180
BUSH, EDWIN B.               SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-48-576
BUSH, FRANCIS                UTICA                         NY-33-33-275
BUSH, LEE                    SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-35-453
BUSH, MOSES                  SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-21-58
BUSHMANN, CAROLINE           UTICA                         NY-33-39-161
BUSHNELL, ASA                LEE                           NY-33-11-411
BUSHNELL, EBTSEY             KIRKLAND                      NY-33-26-261
BUSHNELL, JOSHUA             LEE                           NY-33-18-61
BUSHNELL, NANCY              UTICA                         NY-33-25-479
BUSHNELL, STEPHEN            WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-2-149
BUSHNELL, STEPHEN            UTICA                         NY-33-6-366
BUSSEY, A. P.                WESTERN                       NY-33-39-198
BUSSEY, SARAH                WESTERN                       NY-33-51-322
BUTCHER, CHARLES M.          UTICA                         NY-33-40-296
BUTCHER, SAMUEL              WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-32-201
BUTLER, ALANSON A.           PARIS                         NY-33-10-135
BUTLER, ASHBEL               NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-3-243
BUTLER, AUGUSTUS M.          UTICA                         NY-33-19-157
BUTLER, CHARLES              VERONA                        NY-33-42-462
BUTLER, ELI                  WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-1-133
BUTLER, FRANCIS              NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-43-170
BUTLER, GEORGE H.            PARIS                         NY-33-39-604
BUTLER, HARRIET S.           NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-40-194
BUTLER, J. MILTON            UTICA                         NY-33-48-571
BUTLER, JOHN                 PARIS                         NY-33-10-55
BUTLER, JOHN MILTON          UTICA                         NY-33-51-185
BUTLER, LUTHER               ROME                          NY-33-3-166
BUTLER, MARTHA G.            UTICA                         NY-33-50-484
BUTLER, MARY                 SEE: BRENNAN, MARY            NY-33-45-130
BUTLER, MORGAN               NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-47-80
BUTLER, NICHOLAS             UTICA                         NY-33-20-527
BUTLER, RUFUS                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-11-328
BUTLER, SALLY                WILLOWVALE                    NY-33-47-348
BUTLER, SALMON               KIRKLAND                      NY-33-5-385
BUTLER, SIMEON F.            SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-45-414
BUTLER, SOLOMON              KIRKLAND                      NY-33-5-165
BUTLER, SOPHIA D.            UTICA                         NY-33-47-497
BUTLER, SYLVESTER E.         NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-13-149
BUTLER, TRUMAN K.            UTICA                         NY-33-42-146
BUTTERFIELD, JOHN            NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-17-448
BUTTERFIELD, MELINA H.       NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-34-241
BUTTERFIELD, SPICER R.       ROME                          NY-33-42-358
BUTTERFIELD, THEODORE F.     UTICA                         NY-33-44-257
BUTTLES, ISAAC DUANE         ROME                          NY-33-50-174
BUTTON, HARVEY               SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-19-473
BUTTS, CLEORA E.             ROME                          NY-33-37-452
BUTTS, DANIEL                ROME                          NY-33-16-53
BUTTS, GIDEON                ROME                          NY-33-4-15
BUTTS, JOSEPH P.             AUGUSTA                       NY-33-33-449
BUTTS, SARAH                 WESTERN                       NY-33-28-239
BUTTS, SILAS W.              ROME                          NY-33-26-47
BYINGTON, CHARLES S.         UTICA                         NY-33-34-281
BYINGTON, DANIEL             CAMDEN                        NY-33-7-293
BYINGTON, HEMAN              CAMDEN                        NY-33-4-92
BYINGTON, WILLIAM R.         CAMDEN                        NY-33-31-427
BYNE, HARRIET E.             UTICA                         NY-33-39-534
BYRNE, THOMAS                PARIS                         NY-33-33-437
CACKETT, GEORGE E.           KIRKLAND                      NY-33-51-533
CADER, PATRICK               UTICA                         NY-33-13-433
CADWELL, JAMES W.            LEE                           NY-33-6-117
CADWELL, MARY                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-9-151
CADWELL, TIMOTHY             VIENNA                        NY-33-5-316
CADY, ALANSON B.             SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-41-60
CADY, ANDREW                 TRENTON                       NY-33-16-701
CADY, CHESTER                VERNON                        NY-33-14-99
CADY, DARIUS A.              TRENTON                       NY-33-40-206
CADY, EUNICE                 TRENTON                       NY-33-28-437
CADY, NATHAN S.              ROME                          NY-33-17-124
CAE, ANDREW                  VERONA                        NY-33-19-305
CAGWIN, MARENUS              VERONA                        NY-33-19-479
CAGWIN, RHODES               VERONA                        NY-33-12-350
CAHILL, EDMUND               UTICA                         NY-33-45-526
CAHILL, FANNIE M.            UTICA                         NY-33-50-142
CAHILL, MARGARET             UTICA                         NY-33-34-11
CAHILL, THOMAS               ROME                          NY-33-29-351
CAHILL, THOMAS               UTICA                         NY-33-40-552
CAHILL, WILLIAM              UTICA                         NY-33-47-492
CAHOON, MAHALA               BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-18-55
CAIN, JOHN                   UTICA                         NY-33-39-108
CAIN, MICHAEL                ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-13-153
CAIN, SARAH                  UTICA                         NY-33-38-85
CAISORT, ESTHER              PARIS                         NY-33-47-549
CALDER, JOHN                 NEW YORK MILLS                NY-33-45-236
CALDWELL, CORNELIUS          WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-16-257
CALIFF, RHODA A.             DEERFIELD                     NY-33-48-395
CALKINS, ELEANOR             UTICA                         NY-33-45-254
CALLAHAN, EDWARD             UTICA                         NY-33-50-450
CALLAHAN, ELLEN              UTICA                         NY-33-46-599
CALLAHAN, JOHN               UTICA                         NY-33-34-625
CALLAWAY, JAMES              UTICA                         NY-33-47-359
CAMERAUX, JOHN P.            FLOYD                         NY-33-26-223
CAMERON, ALEXANDER           UTICA                         NY-33-28-183
CAMERON, BRIDGET             UTICA                         NY-33-48-181
CAMP, ABIGAIL                UTICA                         NY-33-46-136
CAMP, ANNAH S.               WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-18-129
CAMP, HARRIET                WATERVILLE                    NY-33-46-282
CAMP, HARRY                  UTICA                         NY-33-26-227
CAMP, JOHN                   UTICA                         NY-33-19-355
CAMP, PLATT                  SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-26-459
CAMPBELL, AGNES ISABELLA     SANQUOIT                      NY-33-46-531
CAMPBELL, ALANSON            VERNON                        NY-33-33-151
CAMPBELL, CYRUS H.           KIRKLAND                      NY-33-20-591
CAMPBELL, EDWARD             ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-19-557
CAMPBELL, ELIZA              KIRKLAND                      NY-33-47-55
CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH S.       WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-48-573
CAMPBELL, EXPERIENCE         PARIS                         NY-33-23-161
CAMPBELL, FRANCES            FLORENCE                      NY-33-32-189
CAMPBELL, HENRY              VERNON                        NY-33-12-434
CAMPBELL, JOHN               MARSHALL                      NY-33-40-584
CAMPBELL, JOHN               NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-19-145
CAMPBELL, JOHN D.            PARIS                         NY-33-19-545
CAMPBELL, JUSTIN             UTICA                         NY-33-3-254
CAMPBELL, MARY E.            KIRKLAND                      NY-33-48-425
CAMPBELL, MOSES              PARIS                         NY-33-3-164
CAMPBELL, MOSES JR.          PARIS                         NY-33-2-79
CAMPBELL, PATRICK            UTICA                         NY-33-6-348
CAMPBELL, SALLY              PARIS                         NY-33-6-124
CAMPBELL, SAMUEL             WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-36-71
CAMPBELL, SOPOTES            ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-18-241
CAMPBELL, WILCOX             VERNON                        NY-33-25-299
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM            PARIS                         NY-33-1-170
CANDE, JOHN                  TRENTON                       NY-33-24-493
CANDEE, IRA                  VIENNA                        NY-33-20-489
CANDEE, JULIUS               SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-32-65
CANDEE, LUCIA M.             SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-39-306
CANDEL, WILLIAM B.           SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-38-387
CANDON, PIERCE               DEERFIELD                     NY-33-28-423
CANE, HANNAH MARIA           ROME                          NY-33-51-461
CANLON, CHARLES              DEERFIELD                     NY-33-20-77
CANNAWAY, SAMUEL             UTICA                         NY-33-37-137
CANNON, JAMES                MARSHALL                      NY-33-30-447
CAPRON, JAMES H.             BOONVILLE                     NY-33-51-336
CAPRON, OLIVER               AVA                           NY-33-26-337
CAPRON, WARREN A.            ROME                          NY-33-34-239
CARAHER, JAMES               KIRKLAND                      NY-33-31-135
CARAHER, PATRICK             UTICA                         NY-33-45-392
CAREY, ANDREW M.             AUGUSTA                       NY-33-31-511
CAREY, BRIDGET               WATERVILLE                    NY-33-41-124
CAREY, GEORGE W.             KIRKLAND                      NY-33-14-453
CAREY, IDA MAY               WATERVILLE                    NY-33-44-350
CAREY, JABEZ                 MARCY                         NY-33-7-78
CAREY, JAMES A.              DEANSVILLE                    NY-33-39-237
CAREY, PATRICK               MARSHALL                      NY-33-38-175
CAREY, WILLIAM               DEERFIELD                     NY-33-20-395
CARLE, JOHN                  UTICA                         NY-33-25-467
CARLEY, MARGARET             ROME                          NY-33-40-386
CARLTON, JAMES               CAMDEN                        NY-33-31-463
CARMAN, MAX                  ROME                          NY-33-30-315
CARMICHAEL, ASAHEL           WESTERN                       NY-33-19-537
CARMICHAEL, CHARLES          DEERFIELD                     NY-33-12-191
CARMICHAEL, JOHN             WESTERN                       NY-33-51-567
CARMICHAEL, JOSEPH           BOONVILLE                     NY-33-19-205
CARMODY, PATRICK             ROME                          NY-33-39-88
CARMOY, HUGH                 DEERFIELD                     NY-33-21-30
CARNEY, JOHN                 BOONVILLE                     NY-33-18-139
CARNEY, MARY                 FLORENCE                      NY-33-28-301
CARPENTER, CAROLINE          VERONA                        NY-33-47-39
CARPENTER, EDWIN L.          BRIDGWATER                    NY-33-50-289
CARPENTER, ELIZABETH         WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-30-401
CARPENTER, FERDINAND N.      ROME                          NY-33-37-570
CARPENTER, GEORGE C.         WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-36-139
CARPENTER, HANNAH P.         WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-32-153
CARPENTER, HARMON            ROME                          NY-33-16-213
CARPENTER, JESSE             KIRKLAND                      NY-33-6-14
CARPENTER, JOHN              NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-20-111
CARPENTER, LETITIA S.        WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-46-376
CARPENTER, LEVI              BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-16-139
CARPENTER, LEVI D.           SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-14-475
CARPENTER, MARGARET M.       NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-47-61
CARPENTER, SAMUEL            VERONA                        NY-33-40-290
CARPENTER, WILLIAM           KIRKLAND                      NY-33-15-367
CARPENTER, WILLIAM H.        NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-28-263
CARPENTER, WILLIAM L.        SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-16-585
CARPENTER, WILLIAM P.        UTICA                         NY-33-48-540
CARR, MARY                   JERSEY CITY, HUDSON, NJ       NY-33-29-403
CARR, THOMAS                 MARCY                         NY-33-7-58
CARRIER, JEREMIAH            STEUBEN                       NY-33-5-432
CARRINGTON, JAMES E.         AUGUSTA                       NY-33-12-205
CARROLL, CATHARINE           ROME                          NY-33-45-282
CARROLL, JAMES               WESTERN                       NY-33-28-533
CARROLL, JOHANNA             UTICA                         NY-33-47-43
CARROLL, JULIA               ROME                          NY-33-33-509
CARROLL, MARY                UTICA                         NY-33-46-509
CARROLL, MATTHEW             NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-48-412
CARROLL, MICHAEL             UTICA                         NY-33-45-566
CARROLL, PATRICK             ROME                          NY-33-33-633
CARROLL, WILLIAM             UTICA                         NY-33-14-197
CARTENIUS, MARY ANN          WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-3-232
CARTER, ABEL C.              WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-23-471
CARTER, CATHERINE            UTICA                         NY-33-51-462
CARTER, FANNY E.             MARSHALL                      NY-33-46-546
CARTER, LESTER               VERNON                        NY-33-4-125
CARTER, POLLY                VERNON                        NY-33-23-349
CARTER, STEPHEN              VERNON                        NY-33-8-117
CARTER, WILLIAM              ROME                          NY-33-18-63
CARTHERS, GEORGE             KIRKLAND                      NY-33-20-11
CARTHERS, WILLIAM L.         KIRKLAND                      NY-33-20-9
CARVER, SARAH                UTICA                         NY-33-37-109
CARY, EDWIN                  PARIS                         NY-33-34-97
CARY, FRANCIS E.             MARCY                         NY-33-26-501
CARY, HANNAH                 WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-29-373
CARY, HORATIO N.             MARCY                         NY-33-17-560
CARY, IRA B.                 MARCY                         NY-33-10-415
CASE, A. PIERSON             VERNON                        NY-33-51-506
CASE, ABIGAIL                NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-19-225
CASE, CALEB                  WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-2-12
CASE, ELIZA M.               VERONA                        NY-33-39-408
CASE, ELIZABETH              NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-38-255
CASE, HENRY R.               STATE BRIDGE                  NY-33-39-436
CASE, J. HART                NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-36-381
CASE, JOSIAH                 VERNON                        NY-33-38-335
CASE, MARIA                  VERNON                        NY-33-37-388
CASE, MARTIN L.              VERONA                        NY-33-31-367
CASE, NANCY                  UTICA                         NY-33-36-449
CASE, PHILEMON               NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-18-253
CASE, PLINNY                 NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-18-45
CASE, SALMON                 VERNON                        NY-33-22-363
CASE, WILLIAM P.             UTICA                         NY-33-47-494
CASE, ZACHEUS                PARIS                         NY-33-15-389
CASEY, MARY JANE             UTICA                         NY-33-51-460
CASH, JAMES                  UTICA                         NY-33-31-187
CASH, JOHN                   CAMDEN                        NY-33-9-160
CASH, JOHN                   UTICA                         NY-33-51-439
CASH, SARAH                  UTICA                         NY-33-34-623
CASLER, JAMES                DEERFIELD                     NY-33-6-304
CASSFORD, GEORGE             UTICA                         NY-33-39-91
CASTERTON, THOMAS            VIENNA                        NY-33-21-333
CASTLE, RICHARD              AVA                           NY-33-28-497
CASWIN, WILLIAM              VERONA                        NY-33-13-67
CATLIN, MARCUS               KIRKLAND                      NY-33-9-182
CATTERIN, ROSINA             ROME                          NY-33-29-517
CAUGHLAN, HENRY              UTICA                         NY-33-21-217
CAULFIELD, ANNIE             UTICA                         NY-33-26-149
CAULFIELD, PATRICK           ROME                          NY-33-41-118
CAULFIELD, PETER             UTICA                         NY-33-22-347
CAVANA, JAMES                WHITESBORO                    NY-33-51-532
CAVANA, JANE                 WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-39-26
CAVANA, JOHN                 MARCY                         NY-33-29-47
CAVANA, MARTIN               MARCY                         NY-33-19-163
CAVANAUGH, PETER             FLORENCE                      NY-33-25-153
CAVE, RHEUBEN                REMSEN                        NY-33-47-430
CHADIER, MARY                UTICA                         NY-33-31-73
CHADWICK, GEORGE W.          NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-36-93
CHADWICK, JOHN               PARIS                         NY-33-31-171
CHAMBERLAIN, EPHRAIM         UTICA                         NY-33-39-56
CHAMBERLAIN, FREDERICK G.    UTICA                         NY-33-50-462
CHAMBERLAIN, HANNAH          MARCY                         NY-33-16-698
CHAMBERLAIN, ISAAC W.        VERONA                        NY-33-38-321
CHAMBERLAIN, MARY J. C.      UTICA                         NY-33-47-411
CHAMBERLIN, LOEL             VERONA                        NY-33-23-347
CHAMBERS, ROBERT             AUGUSTA                       NY-33-20-59
CHAMBERS, THOMAS             MARSHALL                      NY-33-19-431
CHAMPION, JAMES              KIRKLAND                      NY-33-39-498
CHAMPION, JAMES              KIRKLAND                      NY-33-39-516
CHAMPION, SALLY              COLUMBIA, HERKIMER, NY        NY-33-47-530
CHAMPLIN, GEORGE H.          ROME                          NY-33-18-537
CHAMPLIN, SARAH              WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-36-13
CHAMPNEY, NATHAN             AUGUSTA                       NY-33-4-267
CHANDLER, CORNELIA A.        ROME                          NY-33-39-327
CHANDLER, MARY               WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-22-225
CHANDLER, ORRIL              WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-25-407
CHANDLER, SAMUEL ESQ.        AUGUSTA                       NY-33-2-235
CHANEY, WILLIAM              KIRKLAND                      NY-33-35-189
CHAPEL, ROGER                KIRLAND                       NY-33-3-220
CHAPIN, ALLEN                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-3-217
CHAPIN, ALLEN                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-4-33
CHAPMAN, ALMIRA              NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-42-202
CHAPMAN, ASA                 NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-5-411
CHAPMAN, BETSEY              PARIS                         NY-33-33-91
CHAPMAN, ELIAS               FLORENCE                      NY-33-47-131
CHAPMAN, ELIZA               WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-19-87
CHAPMAN, GEORGE W.           PARIS                         NY-33-42-382
CHAPMAN, JANE A.             KIRKLAND                      NY-33-16-97
CHAPMAN, JOHN                VIENNA                        NY-33-47-10
CHAPMAN, ROSETTA             UTICA                         NY-33-51-144
CHAPMAN, STEPHEN             PARIS                         NY-33-26-167
CHAPMAN, TAYLOR              WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-6-274
CHAPMAN, WILLARD             PARIS                         NY-33-29-591
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM             UTICA                         NY-33-51-84
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM H.          NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-24-370
CHARGO, JOHN                 VERONA                        NY-33-33-559
CHARLES, EVAN                REMSEN                        NY-33-42-602
CHARLES, JOHANNA GOTTLIEBA   UTICA                         NY-33-50-376
CHARLES, OWEN                REMSEN                        NY-33-18-477
CHARLES, WOLF                UTICA                         NY-33-20-413
CHARMOILLE, CLAUDE           ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-51-198
CHARTER, SARAH               DEERFIELD                     NY-33-45-78
CHARTER, SARAH A.            UTICA                         NY-33-27-255
CHARTON, JANETTE             UTICA                         NY-33-32-333
CHARTON, JOHN B.             UTICA                         NY-33-43-100
CHARTON, PETER SR.           UTICA                         NY-33-50-373
CHASE, ALEXANDER F.          ROME                          NY-33-50-215
CHASE, GEORGE W.             ROME                          NY-33-36-405
CHASE, IRA                   UTICA                         NY-33-26-427
CHASE, JENNIE                ROME                          NY-33-46-489
CHASE, JOSHUA W.             BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-38-269
CHASE, RACHEL E.             BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-38-299
CHASE, SQUIRE                KNOXBORO                      NY-33-39-574
CHASSELL, ELIZA              TRNETON                       NY-33-44-182
CHASSELL, J. E.              HOLLAND PATENT                NY-33-51-354
CHEATHAM, ISAAC              ROME                          NY-33-17-207
CHENEY, DEBORAH              WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-45-376
CHENEY, GEORGE               UTICA                         NY-33-46-421
CHENEY, MARTHA J.            WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-45-140
CHESEBRO, ALVA               MARSHALL                      NY-33-25-459
CHESTER, ALETHEA R.          CLINTON                       NY-33-44-476
CHILDS, J. MORRIS            UTICA                         NY-33-46-506
CHILDS, JESSE                ROME                          NY-33-8-20
CHILDS, ROXANA               UTICA                         NY-33-17-537
CHILDS, SILAS D.             UTICA                         NY-33-17-224
CHIPMAN, ANNE                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-40-36
CHIPMAN, CYNTHIA P.          CLINTON                       NY-33-46-456
CHIPMAN, MARY B.             KIRKLAND                      NY-33-26-107
CHISEL, PATRICK              FLORENCE                      NY-33-22-483
CHISSEL, JOHN                CAMDEN                        NY-33-29-457
CHITTENDEN, JARED            WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-3-181
CHRISMAN, WILLIAM            WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-24-339
CHRISTIEN, MARTIN            VIENNA                        NY-33-39-371
CHRISTMAN, ADAM              FLOYD                         NY-33-16-67
CHRISTMAN, JOHN              UTICA                         NY-33-20-23
CHRISTMAN, SARAH A.          WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-39-599
CHRISTOPHER, ELIZABETH       UTICA                         NY-33-28-417
CHUBBUCK, A. S.              UTICA                         NY-33-29-257
CHUBBUCK, MARGARET H.        UTICA                         NY-33-47-450
CHUBBUCK, SAMUEL W.          UTICA                         NY-33-26-33
CHURCH, DANIEL               VERNON                        NY-33-11-486
CHURCH, ELIZA M.             VERNON                        NY-33-19-15
CHURCH, HULDAH S.            VERNON                        NY-33-27-312
CHURCH, IRA B. K.            VERNON CENTER                 NY-33-39-537
CHURCH, REBECCA              VERNON                        NY-33-23-79
CHURCH, REBECCA E.           VERNON                        NY-33-26-51
CHURCH, RUSSELL              VERNON                        NY-33-8-371
CHURCH, SAMUEL H.            VERNON CENTRE                 NY-33-44-410
CHURCH, SETH                 WESTERN                       NY-33-10-348
CHURCHILL, ALFRED            UTICA                         NY-33-18-489
CHURCHILL, ALONZO            UTICA                         NY-33-39-575
CHURCHILL, BENJAMIN          NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-6-206
CHURCHILL, JOSEPH H.         KIRKLAND                      NY-33-32-37
CHURCHILL, LOIS B.           UTICA                         NY-33-15-528
CLAFLIN, BETSEY              BOONVILLE                     NY-33-16-529
CLAPP, ELISHA                DEERFIELD                     NY-33-12-47
CLARK, AARON                 WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-1-150
CLARK, AARON J.              UTICA                         NY-33-23-313
CLARK, ADNA                  VERNON                        NY-33-30-359
CLARK, ALFRED S.             UTICA                         NY-33-38-57
CLARK, ALICE S.              UTICA                         NY-33-42-292
CLARK, ALLEN                 STEUBEN                       NY-33-47-588
CLARK, ALMON H.              WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-48-311
CLARK, ARCHIBALD             STEUBEN                       NY-33-5-60
CLARK, ASA                   TRENTON                       NY-33-17-555
CLARK, CALEB                 VERONA                        NY-33-19-499
CLARK, CAROLINE B.           WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-40-480
CLARK, CATHARINE             UTICA                         NY-33-42-598
CLARK, CHARLES               ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-45-440
CLARK, CHARLES               WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-14-237
CLARK, CHARLES               WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-43-278
CLARK, CHESTER               FLOYD                         NY-33-39-314
CLARK, CORNELIA A.           ROME                          NY-33-46-359
CLARK, DANIEL                TRENTON                       NY-33-17-218
CLARK, DAVID                 FLOYD                         NY-33-15-599
CLARK, EDWARD                PARIS                         NY-33-45-28
CLARK, ELIJAH                BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-27-414
CLARK, ELIZA ANN             TRENTON                       NY-33-35-49
CLARK, ELLEN                 ROME                          NY-33-39-532
CLARK, ENEAS P.              KIRKLAND                      NY-33-23-143
CLARK, ERASTUS               UTICA                         NY-33-3-78
CLARK, ERASTUS W.            WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-29-363
CLARK, EZEKIEL 2ND           WESTERN                       NY-33-15-143
CLARK, EZRA                  WESTERN                       NY-33-17-304
CLARK, EZRA                  KIRKLAND                      NY-33-33-547
CLARK, FRANKLIN              VERNON                        NY-33-50-166
CLARK, GEORGE                WESTERN                       NY-33-18-453
CLARK, HARRIET E.            ROME                          NY-33-51-48
CLARK, ISAAC                 DEERFIELD                     NY-33-16-81
CLARK, JAMES M.              WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-50-274
CLARK, JOHN                  TRENTON                       NY-33-9-90
CLARK, JOHN                  BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-26-59
CLARK, JOHN S.               TRENTON                       NY-33-40-136
CLARK, JOHN T.               UTICA                         NY-33-16-653
CLARK, JOHNATHAN B.          ROME                          NY-33-10-191
CLARK, JONATHAN              DEERFIELD                     NY-33-28-451
CLARK, LOWELL                WESTMORELAND                  NY-33-16-99
CLARK, LUCINDA W.            ROME                          NY-33-25-89
CLARK, LYDIA E.              CLINTON                       NY-33-46-447
CLARK, MARGARET              BOONVILLE                     NY-33-47-216
CLARK, MARTIN                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-20-571
CLARK, MARY M.               UTICA                         NY-33-29-259
CLARK, MATTHEW               WESTERN                       NY-33-6-220
CLARK, MATTHEW               WHITESTOWN                    NY-33-34-635
CLARK, MICHAEL               ROME                          NY-33-33-545
CLARK, NOBLE                 BRIDGEWATER                   NY-33-32-573
CLARK, PAULINE               UTICA                         NY-33-48-445
CLARK, ROBERT                KIRKLAND                      NY-33-19-593
CLARK, SAMUEL                SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-8-279
CLARK, SELAH                 TRENTON                       NY-33-5-164
CLARK, SOPHIA                UTICA                         NY-33-14-163
CLARK, SPENCER J.            VERNON                        NY-33-26-549
CLARK, THOMAS E.             UTICA                         NY-33-13-109
CLARK, WELTHY                SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-15-572
CLARK, WILLARD               TRENTON                       NY-33-16-147
CLARK, WILLIAM J.            ROME                          NY-33-47-437
CLARKE, ABNER P.             AUGUSTA                       NY-33-5-264
CLARKE, FREDERICK T.         BOONVILLE                     NY-33-39-188
CLARKE, JOSHUA REV.          ALFRED, ALLEGANY, NY          NY-33-48-450
CLARKE, MARY E.              SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-37-615
CLARKE, MARY T.              BOONVILLE                     NY-33-50-245
CLARKE, SARAH S.             UTICA                         NY-33-10-126
CLARKE, WILLIAM              SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-22-153
CLAUS, ANDREW                DEERFIELD                     NY-33-32-209
CLAUS, GIDEON                VERONA                        NY-33-48-459
CLAUS, WILLIAM               VERONA                        NY-33-39-278
CLEARY, ELLEN                UTICA                         NY-33-47-92
CLEARY, JAMES                UTICA                         NY-33-20-67
CLEARY, PATRICK              UTICA                         NY-33-45-338
CLEAVER, AMOS                MARCY                         NY-33-25-581
CLEMENS, ERASTUS J. REV.     CLAYVILLE                     NY-33-39-163
CLEVELAND, ALMEDA            UTICA                         NY-33-47-422
CLEVELAND, GROVE             ROME                          NY-33-13-461
CLEVELAND, JAMES S.          VIENNA                        NY-33-7-297
CLEVELAND, JEMIMA            ROME                          NY-33-28-21
CLEVELAND, LEWIS F.          TRENTON                       NY-33-23-203
CLEVELAND, SAMUEL R.         CAMDEN                        NY-33-8-437
CLEVELAND, SARISSA           NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-39-25
CLEVELAND, SMITH A.          NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-39-100
CLEVELAND, WILLIAM           VERONA                        NY-33-39-418
CLEVELAND, WILLIAM P.        SANGERFIELD                   NY-33-40-410
CLIFFORD, CHRISTOPHER        VIENNA                        NY-33-16-655
CLIFFORD, JOSEPH             AUGUSTA                       NY-33-34-391
CLIFFORD, PETER C.           VIENNA                        NY-33-48-14
CLIFFORD, WATY               VIENNA                        NY-33-19-451
CLIFFORD, WILLIAM            CAMDEN                        NY-33-23-547
CLIFTON, MARY ANN            UTICA                         NY-33-47-402
CLINCH, JOHN                 ROME                          NY-33-39-395
CLINTON, CHRISTOPHER         UTICA                         NY-33-39-190
CLOGHER, ELIZABETH           NEW HARTFORD                  NY-33-30-15
CLOVER, EDWARD               UTICA                         NY-33-22-95
CLOVER, ORIS                 ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-20-259
CLOVER, WILLIAM              ANNSVILLE                     NY-33-19-57
CLOYES, ANSON                PARIS                         NY-33-30-191
CLOYES, DANIEL               PARIS                         NY-33-12-161
CLOYES, EMELINE              AUGUSTA                       NY-33-30-145
CLOYES, EMILY                PARIS                         NY-33-29-269
CLOYES, MARY A.              PARIS                         NY-33-31-561
CLOYES, ORIN                 PARIS                         NY-33-29-137
CLUTE, JANE                  VERONA                        NY-33-37-101
CLUTE, JOHN V.               UTICA                         NY-33-23-427
CLUTE, RUTH G.               UTICA                         NY-33-51-260
CLYNCH, PATRICK              ROME                          NY-33-13-305

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