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RAMBAUT, THOMAS              HAMILTON                      NY-27-35-313
RAMSAY, JOHN H.              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-E-27
RAMSDALE, RANSOM             MADISON                       NY-27-Q-265
RAMSEY, ORIS                 LENOX                         NY-27-X-49
RANDALL, ALONZO              ONEIDA                        NY-27-47-367
RANDALL, ALVIN               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-43-307
RANDALL, CHARLES H.          LENOX                         NY-27-Y-319
RANDALL, CYNTHIA M.          LENOX                         NY-27-40-253
RANDALL, EPHRAIM             LENOX                         NY-27-Q-289
RANDALL, SANDE H.            LENOX                         NY-27-31-385
RANDALL, SUSAN               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-T-375
RANDALL, SYBIL D.            LENOX                         NY-27-31-139
RANDALL, THOMAS J.           LENOX                         NY-27-39-115
RANKIN, ABAGAIL              LENOX                         NY-27-31-211
RANKIN, JAIRUS               STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-A-131
RANSOM, BYRON A.             ONEIDA                        NY-27-44-49
RANSOM, ELIZA E.             FENNER                        NY-27-47-127
RANSOM, GEORGE S.            LENOX                         NY-27-47-55
RANSOM, LOREN                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-37-91
RANSOM, REUBEN               HAMILTON                      NY-27-CX-111
RANSOM, ROBERT               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-F-321
RANSOM, RUFUS S.             FENNER                        NY-27-F-403
RANSON, BETSEY               HAMILTON                      NY-27-R-507
RATHBUN, ABIATHER            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-43-253
RATHBUN, DANIEL              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-H-241
RATHBUN, DENLENNA            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-H-247
RATHBUN, HIRAM               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-35-451
RATNOUR, GEORGE              LENOX                         NY-27-C-69
RAWSON, DAVID                STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-43-451
RAWSON, SIMON                STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-B-58
RAY, LYDIA C.                LENOX                         NY-27-40-19
RAYNOR, LEWIS                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-31-289
RAYNOR, MARY                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-31-295
READ, DANIEL                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-D-189
READ, DANIEL                 HAMILTON                      NY-27-Z-67
REALS, HENRY                 SULLIVAN                      NY-27-40-43
RECORD, KENDRICK G.          EATON                         NY-27-V-139
RECORD, SAMUEL               EATON                         NY-27-L-317
RECTOR, ELIZABETH            LENOX                         NY-27-41-451
RECTOR, ELLA A.              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-40-469
RECTOR, JOHN G.              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-39-145
REED, ABIGAIL                NELSON                        NY-27-T-411
REED, EDWIN D.               GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-32-145
REED, HAMLIN                 LENOX                         NY-27-43-127
REED, HENRY L.               LENOX                         NY-27-38-271
REED, WILLIAM                LENOX                         NY-27-D-120
REESE, SIMEON G.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-N-247
REEVE, JAMES                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-H-181
REMINGTON, BENJAMIN F.       SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-O-343
REMINGTON, FLORA A.          CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-32-199
REVERSHON, JOHN PETER        SULLIVAN                      NY-27-AX-17
REYNOLDS, ANNA               LENOX                         NY-27-33-181
REYNOLDS, BARBER             LEBANON                       NY-27-34-319
REYNOLDS, COLONEL            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-H-439
RHOADES, BENJAMIN F.         HAMILTON                      NY-27-T-279
RHOADES, F. CHRISTINA        HAMILTON                      NY-27-P-193
RHOADES, JOSEPH B.           LEBANON                       NY-27-X-397
RHOADES, MIMA                LEBANON                       NY-27-31-397
RHOADES, URI N.              HAMILTON                      NY-27-28-259
RHOADES, WILLIAM             HAMILTON                      NY-27-F-117
RHOADES, WILLIAM M.          HAMILTON                      NY-27-40-91
RHOADS, WILLIAM              DERUYSTER                     NY-27-B-223
RHOADS, WILLIAM              HAMILTON                      NY-27-AX-92
RHODES, JOSEPH P.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-35-175
RICE, FRANCIS G.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-37-301
RICE, JESSE                  SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-M-409
RICE, JOSEPH W. T.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-28-223
RICE, LYDIA A.               HAMILTON                      NY-27-44-307
RICE, MINA                   LEBANON                       NY-27-C-271
RICH, REUBEN                 SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-D-374
RICH, REUBEN                 SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-Z-415
RICH, WELLS R.               SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-39-475
RICHADSON, CHLOE H.          NELSON                        NY-27-34-67
RICHARDS, EDWARD             EATON                         NY-27-M-481
RICHARDS, ELIZABETH          NELSON                        NY-27-V-493
RICHARDS, JOHN B.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-A-388
RICHARDS, NOBLE F.           HAMILTON                      NY-27-W-211
RICHARDS, SAMUEL N.          EATON                         NY-27-G-325
RICHARDS, WILLIAM            NELSON                        NY-27-40-475
RICHARDSON, ALBERT F.        NIELSON                       NY-27-E-136
RICHARDSON, ESTHER           LEBANON                       NY-27-27-505
RICHARDSON, HUMPHREY SR.     LENOX                         NY-27-DX-17
RICHARDSON, ORRIN            LENOX                         NY-27-Q-391
RICHARDSON, SAMUEL           NELSON                        NY-27-A-192
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM          NELSON                        NY-27-33-13
RICHMOND, BENJAMIN           HAMILTON                      NY-27-34-139
RICHMOND, DAVID              MADISON                       NY-27-M-361
RICHMOND, DAVID              HAMILTON                      NY-27-40-349
RICHMOND, HARRIET G.         CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-47-337
RICHMOND, HENRY              MADISON                       NY-27-32-337
RICHMOND, MARY               MADISON                       NY-27-O-223
RICHMOND, MATTHEW W.         CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-46-259
RICHMOND, MERRICK            MADISON                       NY-27-S-67
RICHMOND, RUTH               MADISON                       NY-27-W-91
RICHMOND, SYLVESTER          STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-Q-139
RICKARD, ARCHIBALD           SULLIVAN                      NY-27-36-79
RICKERD, MARY                LENOX                         NY-27-42-79
RIDDELL, ROBERT D.           SULLIVAN                      NY-27-45-355
RIDDLE, ROBERT               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-H-73
RIDDLE, WILLIAM M.           SULLIVAN                      NY-27-32-43
RIDER, NATHAN G.             DE RUYTER                     NY-27-C-212
RIDER, ZENAS                 DERUYTER                      NY-27-F-565
RIGGALL, JOHN                GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-J-523
RIGGALL, MILES               GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-43-391
RIGGS, JULIA ANN             DERUYTER                      NY-27-S-301
RIGHTMYER, HENRY             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-D-284
RIGHTMYER, LOUISA            STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-45-451
RILEY, PATRICK               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-39-151
RISLEY, ALLEN                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-40-55
RISLEY, AMANDA A.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-Z-499
RISLEY, BETSEY               MADISON                       NY-27-S-445
RISLEY, CHANCEY              MADISON                       NY-27-BX-136
RISLEY, ELIZUR               MADISON                       NY-27-B-190
RISLEY, HARRIET A.           HAMILTON                      NY-27-43-91
RISLEY, HENRY                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-D-1
RISLEY, JAMES                LENOX                         NY-27-C-293
RISLEY, JAMES MONROE         BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-G-475
RISLEY, LORENZO              HAMILTON                      NY-27-40-451
RISLEY, STEPHEN              SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-A-190
RISLEY, STEPHEN              MADISON                       NY-27-H-55
RISLEY, WARD                 STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-H-49
RITCH, GEORGE                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-C-296
RITTER, JOSEPH               LENOX                         NY-27-Q-67
RIVENBURGH, JOHN             ONEIDA                        NY-27-47-13
ROBBINS, ELIJAH              LENOX                         NY-27-H-511
ROBERTS, ALVORY              FENNER                        NY-27-C-311
ROBERTS, AMASA               FENNER                        NY-27-C-321
ROBERTS, ELIAKIM             FENNER                        NY-27-A-104
ROBERTS, GEORGE              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-A-399
ROBERTS, JAMES               LENOX                         NY-27-36-31
ROBERTS, JESSE               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-AX-3
ROBERTS, JOHN H.             NELSON                        NY-27-N-271
ROBERTS, LAVINIA             LENOX                         NY-27-F-463
ROBERTS, LURANCY             FENNER                        NY-27-E-112
ROBERTS, MARGARET            NELSON                        NY-27-44-223
ROBERTS, MARY C.             ONEIDA                        NY-27-44-61
ROBERTS, NATHAN S.           LENOX                         NY-27-J-475
ROBERTS, NATHAN S.           LENOX                         NY-27-D-71
ROBERTS, SALLY               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-P-73
ROBERTS, SETH                FENNER                        NY-27-E-180
ROBERTS, SIDNEY              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-I-139
ROBERTS, THOMAS H.           EATON                         NY-27-45-265
ROBERTSON, DANIEL            SMITH                         NY-27-B-228
ROBERTSON, JOHN              LENOX                         NY-27-C-83
ROBERTSON, ROBERT            FENNER                        NY-27-F-291
ROBERTSON, SAMUEL            LENOX                         NY-27-Z-103
ROBIE, GEORGE W.             EATON                         NY-27-36-133
ROBIE, JOHN M.               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-N-235
ROBINSON, LUCY               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-31-439
ROBINSON, PETER P.           SULLIVAN                      NY-27-I-289
ROBINSON, ROXANA             HAMILTON                      NY-27-32-13
ROBINSON, SALLY M.           ONEIDA                        NY-27-47-325
ROBINSON, THEOPHILUS         HAMILTON                      NY-27-H-415
ROCKWELL, HIRAM              STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-28-283
ROCKWELL, THOMAS B.          STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-40-211
ROCKWELL, WILLIAM S.         LENOX                         NY-27-K-213
ROFMOT, AUGUSTUS             LENOX                         NY-27-Y-271
ROGERS, BARRICK              DERUYTER                      NY-27-X-427
ROGERS, DAVID                LENOX                         NY-27-L-383
ROGERS, ETHAN C.             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-J-151
ROGERS, JAMES                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-B-4
ROGERS, JAMES                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-I-43
ROGERS, JOHN                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-H-295
ROGERS, JOSIAH               HAMILTON                      NY-27-C-183
ROGERS, LEVI M.              LENOX                         NY-27-43-439
ROGERS, MERCY                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-U-121
ROGERS, MULFORD              HAMILTON                      NY-27-O-181
ROGERS, RHODA                ONEIDA                        NY-27-47-85
ROGERS, THOMAS               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-BX-147
ROGERS, THOMAS               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-AX-97
ROLLA, ALEXANDER             DERUYTER                      NY-27-K-369
ROMNEY, EBENEZER             STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-L-395
ROOT, BEATRICE K.            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-45-31
ROOT, BETSY                  EATON                         NY-27-28-85
ROOT, CHANEY                 EATON                         NY-27-27-319
ROOT, CHARLES                FENNER                        NY-27-F-135
ROOT, EDWARD                 FENNER                        NY-27-E-83
ROOT, FRANKLIN W.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-R-111
ROOT, JOHN H.                LENOX                         NY-27-31-271
ROOT, LYMAN N.               MADISON                       NY-27-E-116
ROOT, REUBEN R.              EATON                         NY-27-L-61
ROOT, RUFUS                  CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-A-143
ROOT, RUFUS                  CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-A-135
ROOT, SALOMON                MADISON                       NY-27-G-85
ROOT, SAMUEL                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-36-289
ROSCOE, CHARLES              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-33-421
ROSE, JOHN H.                LENOX                         NY-27-K-201
ROTH, JOHONNETTA             HAMILTON                      NY-27-36-43
ROTH, WILLIAM                HAMILTON                      NY-27-43-13
ROTNOUR, JACOB               LENOX                         NY-27-W-1
ROUER, THERESA               ONEIDA                        NY-27-45-427
ROUSE, ELIJAH                LENOX                         NY-27-K-7
ROUSE, EMMA F.               DERUYTER                      NY-27-34-175
ROUSE, GEORGE L.             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-34-43
ROUSE, HARRISON              LENOX                         NY-27-33-235
ROUSE, HENRY A.              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-35-235
ROWE, ELIZA                  LENOX                         NY-27-34-187
ROWE, LUELLA L.              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-28-79
ROWE, NANCY                  MADISON                       NY-27-Z-361
ROWELL, AMASA M.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-P-121
ROWLANDS, WILLIAM O.         HAMILTON                      NY-27-36-439
ROYCE, MINERVA A.            LENOX                         NY-27-31-235
RUD, MITHEA J.               LENOX                         NY-27-Z-493
RUF, CATHERINE L.            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-43-511
RUGG, HARVEY W.              MADISON                       NY-27-B-76
RUNE, HERMAN                 NELSON                        NY-27-C-269
RUNKEL, ADAM                 EATON                         NY-27-M-427
RUNKEL, HENRY                EATON                         NY-27-37-7
RUSS, GEORGE W.              HAMILTON                      NY-27-38-139
RUSSELL, ALLEN J.            DERUYTER                      NY-27-Z-283
RUSSELL, AMANDA B.           BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-40-343
RUSSELL, BARNABAS            DERUYTER                      NY-27-H-475
RUSSELL, ENOS                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-39-391
RUSSELL, HARRIET             SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-32-379
RUSSELL, JAMES               MADISON                       NY-27-S-493
RUSSELL, JAMES JR.           HAMILTON                      NY-27-H-127
RUSSELL, SARAH F.            STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-45-517
RUSSELL, SARAH M.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-E-315
RUSSELL, WEALTHY A.          DERUYTER                      NY-27-35-361
RUSSELL, WILLIAM             LEBANON                       NY-27-B-169
RUTH, EBENEZER               MADISON                       NY-27-B-102
RYAN, JAMES                  SULLIVAN                      NY-27-33-19
SABIN, ORRIN                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-DX-77
SABINE, EZRA P.              GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-N-349
SACKETT, CALVIN P.           LENOX                         NY-27-D-263
SACKETT, CALVIN P.           LENOX                         NY-27-W-49
SADLER, GEORGE S.            LENOX                         NY-27-47-121
SAGE, HEZEKIAH               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-E-104
SAGE, ORRIN W.               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-36-415
SAGER, ELIAS                 SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-Q-649
SALISBURY, BARNART           NELSON                        NY-27-FX-48
SALISBURY, DANIEL            NIELSON                       NY-27-E-71
SALISBURY, MARY A.           MADISON                       NY-27-44-481
SALISBURY, SAMUEL            NELSON                        NY-27-A-237
SALSBURY, CROMWELL           NELSON                        NY-27-C-348
SALTSMAN, MARY               LENOX                         NY-27-27-43
SAMSON, EMOGENE L.           DE RUYTER                     NY-27-43-487
SANDERS, AARON               SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-C-108
SANDERS, WILLIAM P.          HAMILTON                      NY-27-33-139
SANFORD, BENJAMIN            EATON                         NY-27-P-481
SANFORD, ELLEN M.            EATON                         NY-27-47-151
SANFORD, OLIVER H.           MADISON                       NY-27-44-259
SANFORD, WILLIAM             MADISON                       NY-27-A-392
SANTRY, DANIEL               LENOX                         NY-27-X-469
SAUNDERS, AUGUSTUS L.        BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-X-127
SAUNDERS, BETSEY E.          STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-V-391
SAUNDERS, JOHN G.            SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-46-169
SAUNDERS, LUKE               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-H-397
SAUNDERS, REBECCA            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-I-301
SAVAGE, ENOCH L.             GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-R-399
SAVAGE, JOHN                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-N-163
SAVAGE, W. EVANS             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-J-283
SAVAGE, WILLIAM              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-G-337
SAWDEY, PELEG ***            HAMILTON                      NY-27-D-202
SAWDY, CALVIN W.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-Z-73
SAWDY, EUNICE                HAMILTON                      NY-27-35-373
SAYLES, MILTON L.            LENOX                         NY-27-33-253
SCARTH, FERDINANDO C.        NELSON                        NY-27-35-97
SCHAACH, JOHANNAH            LENOX                         NY-27-Z-325
SCHONONDOAH, DANIEL          LENOX                         NY-27-37-217
SCHRENK, MARY                LENOX                         NY-27-36-409
SCHUR, MICHAEL               LENOX                         NY-27-Y-493
SCHUYLER, DANIEL A.          EATON                         NY-27-44-541
SCOFIELD, NEWMAN             GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-D-429
SCOTT, GILES                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-38-289
SCOTT, HORACE                DE RUYTER                     NY-27-V-331
SCOTT, LORINDA S.            DE RUYTER                     NY-27-45-301
SCOTT, MARTHA L.             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-X-223
SCOTT, POLEXINA              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-43-481
SCOTT, SAMUEL                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-R-147
SCOTT, SAMUEL 2ND            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-G-313
SCOUTON, KATHARINE           LENOX                         NY-27-N-265
SCOVEL, JUDAH                HAMILTON                      NY-27-BX-25
SCOVILLE, ALLEN              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-36-379
SCOVILLE, SUSAN E.           SULLIVAN                      NY-27-46-397
SEAMAN, SARAH A.             LENOX                         NY-27-38-145
SEARLE, HOMER W.             JACKSONVILLE, DUVAL, FL       NY-27-R-57
SEEBER, CATHARINE            LENOX                         NY-27-M-193
SEEBER, GEORGE K.            LENOX                         NY-27-F-129
SEEBER, JOHN A.              LENOX                         NY-27-34-421
SEEBER, SYLVANUS             LENOX                         NY-27-F-33
SEEBER, SYLVANUS             LENOX                         NY-27-34-241
SEEBER, WILLIAM              LENOX                         NY-27-K-387
SEELEY, MARY A.              LENOX                         NY-27-38-451
SELLECK, WILLIAM H.          LENOX                         NY-27-35-283
SEPPERLY, GEORGE             FENNER                        NY-27-C-333
SERGENT, MARY                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-S-325
SEVERANCE, APPOLOS           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-Y-403
SEVERANCE, ELIHU             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-A-189
SEVERANCE, TRYPHENA          CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-D-421
SEWARD, SILVANUS             LEBANON                       NY-27-D-334
SEXTON, DYAR                 DERUYTER                      NY-27-H-259
SEXTON, JOSEPH               EATON                         NY-27-Q-121
SEXTON, NORMAN               HAMILTON                      NY-27-Q-49
SEYMOUR, ELEAZER             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-I-265
SEYMOUR, HARRY               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-Y-439
SEYMOUR, HENRY               LEBANON                       NY-27-45-25
SEYMOUR, REBECCA             LEBANON                       NY-27-45-217
SEYMOUR, SALLY               LEBANON                       NY-27-D-13
SEYMOUR, SILAS               LEBANON                       NY-27-C-126
SEYMOUR, SILAS W.            LEBANON                       NY-27-47-175
SHACKELTON, CHARLES          SULLIVAN                      NY-27-42-463
SHAFER, ABRAHAM              SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-K-279
SHAFER, MARY                 SULLIVAN                      NY-27-C-289A
SHAFFER, ANNA                NELSON                        NY-27-33-493
SHANKLAND, WILLIAM           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-F-147
SHAPLEY, DAVID               LEBANON                       NY-27-B-151
SHAPLEY, DUNHAM              LEBANON                       NY-27-I-241
SHAPLEY, LEWIS               LEBANON                       NY-27-Z-157
SHATTERLY, CHRISTIAN         LENOX                         NY-27-P-139
SHATTUCK, CALEB              HAMILTON                      NY-27-BX-49
SHATTUCK, JOEL               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-Q-589
SHATTUCK, SMITH              NELSON                        NY-27-M-301
SHATTUCK, VICTORY A.         NELSON                        NY-27-X-91
SHAUT, FLORINDA              HAMILTON                      NY-27-44-79
SHAVER, CHRISTIAN            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-D-251
SHAVER, FRANCES              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-46-385
SHAVER, HENRY R.             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-33-367
SHEARMAN, HENRY              EATON                         NY-27-CX-165
SHELDON, ANTHONY             NELSON                        NY-27-AX-183
SHELDON, CHARLES W.          HAMILTON                      NY-27-39-319
SHELDON, GEORGE J.           SULLIVAN                      NY-27-45-541
SHELDON, JOHN                LEBANON                       NY-27-EX-170
SHELDON, JUSTUS              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-Q-523
SHELDON, LORENZA M.          BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-36-325
SHELDON, LUCINDA             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-31-109
SHELDON, MIRIAM              LEBANON                       NY-27-A-69
SHELDON, WILLIAM L.          LEBANON                       NY-27-C-238
SHELDON, WILLIAM P.          HAMILTON                      NY-27-W-187
SHEPARD, EUNICE E.           EATON                         NY-27-38-463
SHEPARD, IRA                 LENOX                         NY-27-42-241
SHEPARD, KATHARINE           DERUYTER                      NY-27-S-193
SHEPARD, LAURA               LENOX                         NY-27-O-307
SHEPARD, SETH                DERUYTER                      NY-27-I-109
SHEPARDSON, ALONZO           HAMILTON                      NY-27-R-267
SHEPARDSON, ARISTOBULUS      HAMILTON                      NY-27-V-409
SHEPARDSON, FANNY L.         HAMILTON                      NY-27-31-1
SHEPARDSON, LORENZO A.       HAMILTON                      NY-27-K-459
SHERLOCK, PATRICK            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-W-253
SHERMAN, DANIEL D.           HAMILTON                      NY-27-43-241
SHERMAN, HARRIET V.          LENOX                         NY-27-39-193
SHERMAN, HENRY               DERUYTER                      NY-27-36-217
SHERMAN, ISAAC C.            OENIDA                        NY-27-42-445
SHERMAN, JESSE               LEBANON                       NY-27-X-25
SHERMAN, PALMER              HAMILTON                      NY-27-E-162
SHERMAN, SAMUEL              EATON                         NY-27-D-413
SHERMAN, WILLIAM             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-Q-499
SHERMAN, WILLIAM C.          CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-47-205
SHERRIDAN, ELLENOR           GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-U-67
SHERRILL, LEWIS S.           EATON                         NY-27-V-247
SHERRILL, REBECCA            EAQTON                        NY-27-V-67
SHERRILL, RUTH K.            EATON                         NY-27-Q-193
SHINDLER, WILLIAM F.         LENOX                         NY-27-C-301
SHIPMAN, SILAS S.            EATON                         NY-27-J-409
SHIPP, PETER                 SULLIVAN                      NY-27-X-43
SHOALS, RICHARD              GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-A-295
SHONE, SAMUEL                LENOX                         NY-27-40-61
SHUDY, DENNIS                LENOX                         NY-27-Z-181
SHUMWAY, LYMAN               MADISON                       NY-27-D-15
SICKLES, JOHN                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-I-235
SIKES, DANIEL                LENOX                         NY-27-C-272
SIMMONS, BENJAMIN            MADISON                       NY-27-Y-175
SIMMONS, DINA M.             GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-I-61
SIMMONS, ELIPHAZ             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-B-238
SIMMONS, FALLY               MADISON                       NY-27-27-547
SIMMONS, GEORGE              MADISON                       NY-27-I-49
SIMMONS, LEANDER             HAMILTON                      NY-27-A-384
SIMMONS, ZARAH               MADISON                       NY-27-EX-166
SIMONS, HARRY                LENOX                         NY-27-Z-385
SIMPSON, ALEXANDER           EATON                         NY-27-B-108
SIMPSON, JOHN B.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-J-535
SIMS, EDWARD                 SULLIVAN                      NY-27-U-427
SIMS, ELMIRA S.              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-P-499
SIMS, MARY P.                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-31-133
SIMS, THOMAS                 MADISON                       NY-27-N-457
SIVER, JOSEPH JR.            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-K-189
SKADDEN, JOHN C.             STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-W-325
SKELDING, RHENA              CHETTENANGO                   NY-27-D-164
SKIDMORE, CONVERSE           LEBANON                       NY-27-Y-241
SKIFF, ALMIRA                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-P-157
SKIFF, AMIN                  CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-C-384
SKIFF, CALEB                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-M-31
SKINNER, HARRIET H.          LENOX                         NY-27-40-163
SKINNER, ISAAC               HAMILTON                      NY-27-M-337
SLATTERY, MARY               ONEIDA                        NY-27-43-319
SLOAN, LYMAN G.              STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-J-145
SLOAT, JOHN D.               LENOX                         NY-27-39-379
SLOCUM, JOSEPH W.            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-43-7
SLOCUM, LEWIS R.             EATON                         NY-27-34-325
SLOCUM, LUCY A.              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-X-271
SMITH, ABIGAIL               EATON                         NY-27-43-25
SMITH, ABIJAH                EATON                         NY-27-D-67
SMITH, ANNA C.               EATON                         NY-27-T-249
SMITH, ASENATH S.            NELSON                        NY-27-K-121
SMITH, CALEB                 DERUYTER                      NY-27-F-21
SMITH, CHARLES               HAMILTON                      NY-27-C-309
SMITH, CHARLES S.            LENOX                         NY-27-44-301
SMITH, CHAUNCEY D.           HAMILTON                      NY-27-B-248
SMITH, DANIEL                HAMILTON                      NY-27-EX-101
SMITH, DAVID                 FENNER                        NY-27-Q-655
SMITH, DAVID D.              HAMILTON                      NY-27-A-146
SMITH, DEBORAH               LENOX                         NY-27-Y-289
SMITH, E. JOSEPHINE          SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-39-43
SMITH, EDWARD                DERUYTER                      NY-27-J-427
SMITH, EDWARD                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-45-193
SMITH, EDWIN F.              HAMILTON                      NY-27-L-133
SMITH, ELIZA M.              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-P-571
SMITH, ELIZABETH             FENNER                        NY-27-H-313
SMITH, EMILY L.              LENOX                         NY-27-39-295
SMITH, ERASTUS P.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-R-45
SMITH, FRANCES M.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-32-421
SMITH, GEORGE                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-44-409
SMITH, GEORGE W.             EATON                         NY-27-P-79
SMITH, GERRIT                SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-Q-163
SMITH, GREENE                SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-V-217
SMITH, GROVE A.              LENOX                         NY-27-42-217
SMITH, HULDA                 MADISON                       NY-27-X-259
SMITH, HYLEMAN               HAMILTON                      NY-27-F-439
SMITH, ISAAC                 LENOX                         NY-27-E-109
SMITH, JAMES                 NELSON                        NY-27-C-281
SMITH, JANE S.               HAMILTON                      NY-27-34-445
SMITH, JENNETTE              ONEIDA                        NY-27-42-397
SMITH, JERUSHA C.            LEBANON                       NY-27-47-115
SMITH, JOHN G.               LENOX                         NY-27-42-199
SMITH, JOHN W.               HAMILTON                      NY-27-P-295
SMITH, JONAH D. F.           HAMILTON                      NY-27-37-139
SMITH, JOSEPH                LENOX                         NY-27-Q-109
SMITH, LEWIS C.              MADISON                       NY-27-R-183
SMITH, LOUISE MCERVIN        LENOX                         NY-27-31-199
SMITH, MARGARET              LEBANON                       NY-27-AX-166
SMITH, MARTHA B.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-42-493
SMITH, MARY                  NELSON                        NY-27-41-49
SMITH, MOSES D. C.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-H-43
SMITH, NEHEMIAH              HAMILTON                      NY-27-L-79
SMITH, NEHEMIAH              NELSON                        NY-27-I-163
SMITH, NELLIE J.             ONEIDA                        NY-27-47-61
SMITH, ROBERT                HAMILTON                      NY-27-31-343
SMITH, ROBERT                NELSON                        NY-27-33-451
SMITH, S. ALLEN              NELSON                        NY-27-28-7
SMITH, S. PERRY              EATON                         NY-27-43-85
SMITH, SERENO                NELSON                        NY-27-43-139
SMITH, SOPHIA                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-P-517
SMITH, SOPHIA D.             EATON                         NY-27-V-337
SMITH, SPENCER               NELSON                        NY-27-34-355
SMITH, SUSAN A.              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-34-31
SMITH, WILLARD M.            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-40-127
SMITH, WILLIAM               HAMILTON                      NY-27-38-79
SMITH, WILLIAM A.            NELSON                        NY-27-39-55
SMITH, WILLIAM C.            FENNER                        NY-27-I-13
SMITH, WILLIAM L.            NELSON                        NY-27-M-217
SMITH, WILLIAM S.            LEBANON                       NY-27-CX-41
SMITZER, JOHN                LENOX                         NY-27-Q-607
SMITZER, MARY H.             ONEIDA                        NY-27-47-229
SNELL, NANCY                 STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-W-469
SNOW, ADALINE                LEBANON                       NY-27-46-265
SNOW, JONATHAN               CRUMBURRY, ERIE, PA           NY-27-B-203
SNOW, PERMELIA               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-S-523
SNYDER, ADAM R.              LENOX                         NY-27-C-178
SNYDER, ALICE                LENOX                         NY-27-44-415
SNYDER, CYNTHIA AMANDA       SULLIVAN                      NY-27-46-151
SNYDER, JACOB                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-47-133
SOPER, ORANGE                LENOX                         NY-27-A-267
SORRS, ASHBEL A.             CHATTANOOGA, , TN             NY-27-E-57
SOUTHRICK, GIDEON B.         LENOX                         NY-27-P-55
SOUTHWELL, PHINEAS           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-EX-239
SOWTER, CATHARINE            LENOX                         NY-27-P-241
SOWTER, LEWIS                LENOX                         NY-27-27-457
SPAULDING, CATHARINE         ONEIDA                        NY-27-45-115
SPAULDING, SILAS             LENOX                         NY-27-W-277
SPEAR, JAMES                 DE RUYTER                     NY-27-C-338
SPEAR, JANE T.               DE RUYTER                     NY-27-27-499
SPEAR, LYMAN F.              DE RUYTER                     NY-27-44-355
SPENCER, ADA                 LENOX                         NY-27-Z-265
SPENCER, ANSON W.            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-E-41
SPENCER, ELIZABETH           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-32-121
SPENCER, FREDERICK R.        LENOX                         NY-27-Q-313
SPENCER, ICHABOD             SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-F-415
SPENCER, JACOB H.            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-P-541
SPENCER, RODMAN              SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-AX-136
SPENCER, SARAH H.            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-O-211
SPERLING, LUTHER             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-35-319
SPERRY, WALTER D.            ONEIDA                        NY-27-46-31
SPICER, ELIZA E.             LEBANON                       NY-27-41-295
SPOONER, BENJAMIN F.         MADISON                       NY-27-33-295
SPOONER, JAMES A.            MADISON                       NY-27-44-19
SPOONER, LYDIA L. F.         LENOX                         NY-27-33-73
SPOONER, PRINCE              MADISON                       NY-27-C-150
SPOONER, STILLMAN            LENOX                         NY-27-U-457
SPRINGSTEAD, MARY R.         CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-Y-61
SQUIRES, CLARISSA            MADISON                       NY-27-A-115
SQUIRES, SAMUEL              MADISON                       NY-27-A-25
STALEY, AMELIA G.            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-40-295
STALL, LUCRETIA C.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-S-331
STANBRO, PELEG               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-40-175
STANBRO, WILLIAM             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-47-7
STANLEY, CHARLOTTE A.        CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-28-367
STANLEY, JAMES A.            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-44-529
STANLEY, JOSEPH H.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-28-307
STANLEY, LEWIS               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-F-333
STANLEY, NATHANIEL P.        CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-N-463
STANNARD, LUCY S.            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-Q-97
STANTON, LODWICK             STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-V-361
STANTON, MERCY               HAMILTON                      NY-27-DX-103
STARK, HENRY S.              LENOX                         NY-27-33-157
STARR, ALBERTUS              HAMILTON                      NY-27-27-589
STARR, SETH                  SULLIVAN                      NY-27-C-251
STATE, PATRICK               LENOX                         NY-27-36-103
STATON, ALVIN                DE RUYTER                     NY-27-45-289
STEADMAN, MARANDA            LENOX                         NY-27-28-499
STEARIT, JOSIAH              STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-B-1
STEARNS, EBENEZER            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-E-150
STEBBENS, WILLIAM            MADISON                       NY-27-C-16
STEBBINS, CHARLES            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-P-13
STEBBINS, CHARLES            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-44-499
STEBBINS, FANNY E.           LENOX                         NY-27-41-481
STEBBINS, JABEZ              LENOX                         NY-27-35-121
STEBBINS, JOHN               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-37-295
STEBBINS, LA FOUNT           MADISON                       NY-27-45-139
STEBBINS, S. LOUIE           LENOX                         NY-27-U-283
STEDMAN, ARNOLD W.           LENOX                         NY-27-V-379
STEDMAN, SOPHIA A.           LENOX                         NY-27-31-19
STEEL, THOMAS WATKINS        LENOX                         NY-27-47-391
STEELE, ELLEN                LENOX                         NY-27-V-73
STEELE, PATRICK              LENOX                         NY-27-28-427
STEERE, MARY                 HAMILTON                      NY-27-J-325
STEINBURG, CHANCY            MADISON                       NY-27-34-313
STEPHENS, DEWITT C.          LENOX                         NY-27-34-145
STEPHENS, RICHARD            SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-B-286
STETSON, JOHN C.             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-34-223
STEVENS, ALBERT              GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-31-7
STEVENS, HENRY J.            STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-R-9
STEVENS, LYDIA S.            DERUYTER                      NY-27-35-211
STEVENS, MARY A.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-42-391
STEVENS, OREN                SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-D-168
STEVENS, POLLY M.            FENNER                        NY-27-34-253
STEVENS, WILLIAM B.          HAMILTON                      NY-27-U-175
STEWART, ALEXANDER C.        LENOX                         NY-27-27-427
STEWART, ALMON               STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-I-121
STEWART, AMZI L.             FENNER                        NY-27-P-469
STEWART, ANNA                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-R-253
STEWART, CHARLES             STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-E-328
STEWART, CHARLOTTE J.        LENOX                         NY-27-42-307
STEWART, CORNELIUS D.        SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-A-241
STEWART, DANIEL              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-O-385
STEWART, HENRIETTA           ONEIDA                        NY-27-45-235
STEWART, HOMER C.            MADISON                       NY-27-X-283
STEWART, JAMES               LENOX                         NY-27-36-463
STEWART, JOHN G.             ONEIDA                        NY-27-44-187
STEWART, NATHAN              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-D-8
STEWART, OLIVER              STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-M-13
STEWART, ROBERT              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-O-337
STEWART, ROBERT F.           LENOX                         NY-27-34-415
STEWART, SANFORD H.          GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-38-427
STILES, SUSAN A.             ONEIDA                        NY-27-43-277
STILLMAN, ABEL               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-W-175
STILLMAN, AMARILLA           HAMILTON                      NY-27-43-67
STILLMAN, ANNA J.            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-32-373
STILLMAN, DIANA M.           DERUYTER                      NY-27-34-433
STILLMAN, EBENEZER           HAMILTON                      NY-27-O-73
STILLMAN, FRANCIS W.         HAMILTON                      NY-27-41-319
STILLMAN, NATHAN             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-EX-150
STISSER, FANNIE A.           SULLIVAN                      NY-27-35-43
STISSER, JOHN                LENOX                         NY-27-W-133
STJOHN, MILTON W.            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-R-69
STOCKHAM, JOHN               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-32-301
STODDARD, GEORGE             LENOX                         NY-27-37-319
STODDARD, POLLY              LENOX                         NY-27-R-363
STODDARD, PRESTON M.         LENOX                         NY-27-Q-319
STONE, ANNIE                 NELSON                        NY-27-Y-385
STONE, ASAHEL C.             EATON                         NY-27-K-225
STONE, BENJAMIN              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-B-49
STONE, DAVID                 NELSON                        NY-27-H-535
STONE, ERASMUS               LENOX                         NY-27-T-381
STONE, GEORGE H.             MADISON                       NY-27-P-463
STONE, JOSEPH                LENOX                         NY-27-J-181
STONE, LEWIS B.              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-K-273
STONE, POLLY LUCRETIA        LEBANON                       NY-27-27-481
STONE, SAMSON                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-H-133
STONE, SEWELL                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-E-12
STONE, WATSON A.             LENOX                         NY-27-32-211
STONE, WILLIAM A.            LENOX                         NY-27-32-193
STORKE, ANNA                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-O-283
STORKE, WILLIAM L.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-27-283
STORM, SYLVANUS              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-CX-177
STORRS, CLARISSA E.          EATON                         NY-27-38-175
STORRS, DAN                  EATON                         NY-27-W-427
STORRS, RHODA P.             EATON                         NY-27-46-301
STOVEL, DANIEL               MADISON                       NY-27-O-205
STOVELL, CONTENT             HAMILTON                      NY-27-I-223
STOVER, BATHERICK            LEBAON                        NY-27-P-253
STOWEL, ENOCH                LEBANON                       NY-27-G-169
STOWELL, SANFORD P.          HAMILTON                      NY-27-C-274
STOWELL, SEMANTHA C.         HAMILTON                      NY-27-I-157
STOWER, AMELIA K.            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-Y-13
STOWER, SAMUEL               HAMILTON                      NY-27-DX-40
STRADER, LOISA               LENOX                         NY-27-K-13
STRADLING, LUCY C.           LENOX                         NY-27-32-427
STREETER, JACOB F.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-F-363
STREETER, PHILINDA C.        FENNE                         NY-27-P-19
STRINGER, MARY ANN           EATON                         NY-27-M-169
STRINGER, WILLIAM            STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-40-67
STRONG, ALEXANDER            STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-V-487
STROUD, CHARLES              LENOX                         NY-27-W-475
STUART, ELIZA A.             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-37-49
STUART, JOHN A. B.           HAMILTON                      NY-27-T-339
STURDEVANT, ELIZABETH R.     ONEIDA                        NY-27-46-523
STURGES, HANNAH              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-K-129
STURM, PETER J.              LENOX                         NY-27-39-25
STURTEVANT, WILLARD          MADISON                       NY-27-31-307
SULLIVAN, WILLIAM            STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-32-445
SUMNER, HENRY T.             STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-D-317
SUTCLIFFE, JOHN              EATON                         NY-27-X-85
SUTCLIFFE, MARCUS H.         MADISON                       NY-27-X-13
SUTHERLAND, HANNAH E.        CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-43-373
SUTTON, GEORGE W.            DERUYTER                      NY-27-D-21
SUTTON, JAMES                DERUYTER                      NY-27-N-319
SUTTON, LINDLEY M.           DERUYSTER                     NY-27-B-298
SWAN, LAVINIA B.             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-33-301
SWAN, LORENZO E.             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-T-237
SWEATMAN, ABRAM              LENOX                         NY-27-F-75
SWEEETLAND, ELEAZER          DERUYTER                      NY-27-S-397
SWEET, ALEXANDER             LEBANON                       NY-27-G-31
SWEET, JEREMIAH              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-39-487
SWEET, JONATHAN              NELSON                        NY-27-J-379
SWEET, LOUISA G.             STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-G-205
SWEET, SAMUEL G.             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-K-177
SWEET, STANBURY              LEBANON                       NY-27-T-159
SWEET, TRYPHOZA              HAMILTON                      NY-27-K-465
SWEETING, LEWIS              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-41-271
SWEETLAND, JERUSHA           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-C-298
SWEETLAND, LUCY              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-M-115
SWEETLAND, MARY              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-34-331
SWIFT, ABIAH S.              HAMILTON                      NY-27-39-403
SWIFT, AMANDA C.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-O-193
SWIFT, AMASA                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-R-39
SWIFT, AMOS B.               HAMILTON                      NY-27-T-201
SWIFT, E. PORTER             HAMILTON                      NY-27-P-523
SWIFT, ELISHA                HAMILTON                      NY-27-D-53
SWIFT, EUNICE E.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-47-43
SWIFT, FREEMAN               HAMILTON                      NY-27-L-275
SWIFT, JUSTUS G.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-40-403
SWIFT, SARAH A.              HAMILTON                      NY-27-40-487
SWIFT, SHERMAN               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-EX-175
SYKES, SARAH                 LENOX                         NY-27-W-109

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