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LACEY, NANCY                 MADISON                       NY-27-28-157
LADD, NANCY                  SULLIVAN                      NY-27-35-463
LADD, ORSON T.               LEBANON                       NY-27-K-115
LAKE, ELIZA                  LENOX                         NY-27-46-421
LAMANYON, THOMAS             STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-D-32
LAMB, AMOS                   HAMILTON                      NY-27-Z-109
LAMB, ASA                    BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-B-34
LAMB, DANIEL P.              LENOX                         NY-27-W-367
LAMB, FLORA                  LENOX                         NY-27-R-201
LAMB, JACOB                  MADISON                       NY-27-C-225
LAMB, JOSEPH                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-35-109
LAMB, MARTIN                 LENOX                         NY-27-C-188
LAMB, NATHAN B.              LENOX                         NY-27-D-127
LAMB, POLLY                  BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-S-139
LAMPHEAR, ESTER              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-B-146
LAMPHERE, BURR W.            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-46-19
LAMPMAN, ABRAHAM             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-L-389
LAMPMAN, ABRAHAM             LENOX                         NY-27-G-37
LAMPMAN, LORENZO D.          SULLIVAN                      NY-27-J-487
LAMUNION, PHILIP             STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-45-259
LANCEY, WARREN D.            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-Y-19
LANDPHAIR, AARON             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-B-40
LANGWORTHY, LYDIA A.         BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-34-499
LANPHERE, DANIEL             EATON                         NY-27-R-99
LANSING, ABRAM G.            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-C-247
LANSNG, ABRAM W.             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-C-94
LARKIN, MICHAEL              FENNER                        NY-27-37-25
LASELL, JOSIAH               LEBANON                       NY-27-L-455
LASHER, GEORGE P.            LENOX                         NY-27-Z-37
LASHER, PETER                ONEIDA                        NY-27-43-529
LATHROP, DANIEL              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-F-457
LATHROP, EBENEZER            SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-EX-160
LATHROP, PHILETUS            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-R-261
LAWRENCE, PITT               GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-B-113
LAWRENCE, THOMAS             LENOX                         NY-27-R-21
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM            LENOX                         NY-27-A-49
LAWTON, GEORGE               HAMILTON                      NY-27-C-336
LAWTON, JOHN                 LENOX                         NY-27-F-369
LAWTON, PELEG                HAMILTON                      NY-27-EX-229
LEACH, AUGUSTIN H.           EATON                         NY-27-T-357
LEACH, BACKUS                EATON                         NY-27-J-133
LEACH, HENRY                 HAMILTON                      NY-27-T-213
LEACH, HENRY HOWARD          EATON                         NY-27-39-19
LEACH, LUNA                  HAMILTON                      NY-27-Q-373
LEACH, MARVIN S.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-U-385
LEARNED, MARY ANN            HAMILTON                      NY-27-46-187
LEARY, JAMES                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-A-199
LEARY, JOHN                  CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-CX-141
LEDYARD, GEORGE S.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-35-295
LEDYARD, JONATHAN D.         CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-P-343
LEDYARD, RICHARD FITZHUGH    CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-38-151
LEE, ALONZO W.               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-L-461
LEE, JOSEPH M.               LENOX                         NY-27-C-237
LEE, MARTHA                  SULLIVAN                      NY-27-G-547
LEET, HARVEY H.              LEBANON                       NY-27-P-307
LEET, HENRY A.               LEBANON                       NY-27-G-481
LEGG, MARY F.                LENOX                         NY-27-33-163
LELAND, EZRA                 EATON                         NY-27-T-15
LELAND, MARIA                EATON                         NY-27-33-373
LELAND, YALE                 MADISON                       NY-27-35-79
LEONARD, HUGH                HAMILTON                      NY-27-37-259
LEWIS, ABRAM                 DERUYTER                      NY-27-J-397
LEWIS, ALBERT                MADISON                       NY-27-47-355
LEWIS, AURELIA               EATON                         NY-27-45-469
LEWIS, BENJAMIN              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-EX-59
LEWIS, BETSY                 EATON                         NY-27-27-313
LEWIS, CAROLINE A.           LENOX                         NY-27-32-37
LEWIS, DANIEL                LENOX                         NY-27-N-499
LEWIS, EDWARD                LENOX                         NY-27-C-45
LEWIS, EDWIN                 SULLIVAN                      NY-27-C-391
LEWIS, EDWIN                 LEBANON                       NY-27-43-445
LEWIS, ELEANOR               HAMILTON                      NY-27-34-97
LEWIS, ELIZABETH             LENOX                         NY-27-R-33
LEWIS, ERNEST G.             MADISON                       NY-27-39-37
LEWIS, ESTHER                LEBANON                       NY-27-K-159
LEWIS, GEORGE                MADISON                       NY-27-32-469
LEWIS, GEORGE                DERUYTER                      NY-27-35-475
LEWIS, GOULD                 LENOX                         NY-27-X-193
LEWIS, H. MARI               NELSON                        NY-27-45-397
LEWIS, HARRIET E.            MADISON                       NY-27-46-67
LEWIS, HELEN M.              EATON                         NY-27-45-493
LEWIS, HENRY                 LENOX                         NY-27-D-50
LEWIS, HENRY                 MADISON                       NY-27-41-133
LEWIS, HIRAM                 LENOX                         NY-27-37-265
LEWIS, JOHN                  EATON                         NY-27-E-140
LEWIS, JOHN J.               HAMILTON                      NY-27-31-457
LEWIS, JUDSON S.             MADISON                       NY-27-47-523
LEWIS, LUCY E.               DE RUYTER                     NY-27-41-427
LEWIS, SAMUEL                LEBAON                        NY-27-E-290
LEYDEN, MARTIN               USLLIVAN                      NY-27-Y-343
LIGHT, DANIEL A.             LENOX                         NY-27-N-97
LIGHTHALL, ABRAHAM           LENOX                         NY-27-A-217
LIGHTHALL, WILLIAM           LENOX                         NY-27-Q-235
LILLIBRIDGE, SARAH           LEBANON                       NY-27-P-487
LILLIE, LUTHER               EATON                         NY-27-K-25
LILLIE, SAMUEL               EATON                         NY-27-D-122
LIMEBOCK, GEORGE             LENOX                         NY-27-D-249
LINCHLAM, JOHN               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-DX-91
LINCKLAEN, HELEN             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-C-315
LINCKLAEN, HELEN C. S.       CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-41-343
LINCKLAEN, LEDYARD           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-I-271
LINCOLN, LEONARD             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-C-208
LINDSLEY, ALDEN              STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-R-405
LINDSLEY, CINDERILLA         NELSON                        NY-27-47-103
LINDSLEY, CYRUS              EATON                         NY-27-U-481
LINDSLEY, DAVID              EATON                         NY-27-B-246
LINDSLEY, FANNY              NELSON                        NY-27-I-31
LINDSLEY, SIMEON             NELSON                        NY-27-C-303
LIPE, ABRAM                  LENOX                         NY-27-J-493
LIPPITT, JOHN W.             MADISON                       NY-27-43-115
LITCHFIELD, ELISHA           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-G-541
LIVERMORE, JAMES M.          MADISON                       NY-27-42-67
LOBDELL, DANIEL              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-B-184
LOBDELL, HARRY               FENNER                        NY-27-K-381
LODER, SAMUEL                LENOX                         NY-27-A-317
LOFTIS, MICHAEL              EATON                         NY-27-S-421
LOFTUS, BARTLY               GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-46-91
LONG, JOSEPH                 HAMILTON                      NY-27-J-313
LONG, WILLIAM                LENOX                         NY-27-X-481
LONT, MATTHIAS               HAMILTON                      NY-27-35-385
LOOMIS, ADALINE              HAMILTON                      NY-27-U-193
LOOMIS, ALEXANDER            HAMILTON                      NY-27-C-383
LOOMIS, ALICE E.             LENOX                         NY-27-39-187
LOOMIS, CALVIN               HAMILTON                      NY-27-G-157
LOOMIS, CHARLES O.           LENOX                         NY-27-32-79
LOOMIS, E. DWIGHT            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-44-139
LOOMIS, EDWARD               LENOX                         NY-27-42-175
LOOMIS, GEORGE               FENNER                        NY-27-R-495
LOOMIS, GEORGE E.            FENNER                        NY-27-I-91
LOOMIS, HARRY H.             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-C-111
LOOMIS, HEZEKIAH             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-F-535
LOOMIS, JOHN                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-J-341
LOOMIS, LOREN                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-H-271
LOOMIS, NAOMI                LENOX                         NY-27-Q-559
LOOMIS, POLLY                MADISON                       NY-27-42-235
LOOMIS, REMUS C.             MADISON                       NY-27-45-343
LOOMIS, RUSSELL              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-35-25
LORD, EZEKIEL                HAMILTON                      NY-27-A-32
LORD, JOHN                   NELSON                        NY-27-A-73
LORD, LUCY D.                HAMILTON                      NY-27-36-181
LORD, ORRIN B.               HAMILTON                      NY-27-37-55
LORD, PALMYRA A.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-T-93
LORD, SAREPTA A.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-45-475
LORD, WILLIAM                HAMILTON                      NY-27-E-144
LOUB, PHILIP                 LEBANON                       NY-27-X-175
LOUCKS, ABRAHAM              LENOX                         NY-27-L-305
LOVEJOY, BETSEY              MADISON                       NY-27-38-31
LOVEJOY, LOUIS               MADISON                       NY-27-Z-85
LOVEJOY, WILLIAM             LENOX                         NY-27-C-79
LOWE, JAMES                  STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-44-457
LOWE, THOMAS                 EATON                         NY-27-O-145
LOWSNBURRY, THOMAS           SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-BX-40
LUCAS, JOHN S.               MADISON                       NY-27-U-169
LUCAS, MERCY                 SOUTHFIELD                    NY-27-B-216
LUCAS, PHINEHAS              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-AX-1
LUCAS, SAMUEL                SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-C-214
LUCAS, WILLIAM               FENNER                        NY-27-B-267
LULL, TIMOTHY W.             LEBAON                        NY-27-C-196
LUMBAD, JOHN                 LENOX                         NY-27-G-523
LUMBARD, AUGUSTUS            EATON                         NY-27-O-91
LUNN, THOMAS                 EATON                         NY-27-45-337
LUST, JACOB                  ONEIDA                        NY-27-46-235
LUTCEE, PETER                LENOX                         NY-27-J-49
LYNCH, ELLEN                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-37-499
LYNCH, JOHN K.               EATON                         NY-27-H-25
LYNCH, MARY E.               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-31-43
LYNCH, TERNS                 NTL                           NY-27-E-319
LYNK, JACOB W.               ONEIDA                        NY-27-43-421
LYON, EBENEZER               NELSON                        NY-27-FX-31
LYON, HIRAM L.               MADISON                       NY-27-P-559
LYON, MOSES                  SULLIVAN                      NY-27-33-271
LYONS, PATRICK               MADISON                       NY-27-W-97
LYONS, PATRICK               LEBANON                       NY-27-Z-271
LYTHGOE, ELIZA               LENOX                         NY-27-32-403
MABIE, DELILAH               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-U-37
MABIE, SIMON B.              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-V-289
MACK, ORVILLE                GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-46-337
MACY, ANGELINE R.            LENOX                         NY-27-38-97
MADDOCK, JAMES               SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-BX-60
MAFFITT, WILLIS              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-C-119
MAGE, TERZAH M.              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-K-333
MAHONEY, ELLEN               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-40-433
MAIN, DANIEL                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-A-210
MAIN, DANIEL                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-A-356
MAIN, NATHANIEL              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-EX-27
MAIN, PAUL                   LENOX                         NY-27-BX-31
MAIN, STEPHEN                LENOX                         NY-27-A-407
MAIN, THOMAS J.              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-Y-193
MAINE, DEBORAH               DERUYTER                      NY-27-T-425
MAINE, FRANKLIN P.           SULLIVAN                      NY-27-47-145
MAINE, PAUL R.               FENNER                        NY-27-R-105
MAINE, WASHINGTON J.         DERUYTER                      NY-27-T-103
MANCHESTER, ABBEY C.         EATON                         NY-27-M-445
MANCHESTER, DANIEL           MADISON                       NY-27-CX-143
MANCHESTER, ELIZABETH        MADISON                       NY-27-O-349
MANCHESTER, HANNAH           HAMILTON                      NY-27-G-235
MANCHESTER, JOB              MADISON                       NY-27-EX-112
MANCHESTER, JOHN A.          LENOX                         NY-27-U-229
MANCHESTER, SARAH            MADISON                       NY-27-E-120
MANCHESTER, SERREL           LENOX                         NY-27-S-355
MANCHESTER, WILLIAM          MADISON                       NY-27-F-255
MANCHESTER, WILLIAM B.       EATON                         NY-27-T-1
MANN, CLINTON D.             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-P-451
MANN, DANIEL                 SMYRNA                        NY-27-C-372
MANN, ERASTUS                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-N-253
MANN, JOSEPH B.              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-T-129
MARBLE, HARVEY P.            DERUYTER                      NY-27-35-223
MARIKLE, MATHIAS             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-Q-463
MARKHAM, ABIJAH              MADISON                       NY-27-CX-100
MARRIS, JOHN                 GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-36-307
MARSH, ABIGAIL               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-J-247
MARSH, ALLEN M.              EATON                         NY-27-27-415
MARSH, DAVID                 FENNER                        NY-27-DX-153
MARSH, ISAAC                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-G-529
MARSH, JANE R.               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-V-229
MARSH, SILAS                 SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-J-187
MARSHALL, ALBERT H.          MADISON                       NY-27-37-169
MARSHALL, CALEB              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-C-263
MARSHALL, CHARLES P.         FENNER                        NY-27-38-205
MARSHALL, GILBERT            FENNER                        NY-27-E-325
MARSHALL, HARRINGTON         CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-32-349
MARSHALL, JANE               EATON                         NY-27-T-441
MARSHALL, JOHN               EATON                         NY-27-D-444
MARSHALL, MARTHA E.          SULLIVAN                      NY-27-40-73
MARSHALL, SAMUEL             EATON                         NY-27-G-559
MARSHALL, SIMEON             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-EX-39
MARSHALL, SIMON              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-B-9
MARSHALL, THOMAS             FENNER                        NY-27-H-427
MARTIN, ABRAHAM              HAMILTON                      NY-27-43-337
MARTIN, ANN A.               MADISON                       NY-27-47-277
MARTIN, DARIUS               MADISON                       NY-27-M-109
MARTIN, ELUNA                EATON                         NY-27-I-133
MARVIN, DANIEL               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-Y-373
MARYOTT, DANIEL              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-S-181
MARYOTT, NATHAN              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-D-456
MASON, ALDEN                 DERUYTER                      NY-27-Z-25
MASON, ALVIN T.              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-P-1
MASON, EZRA                  BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-D-267
MASON, HENRY                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-K-351
MASON, ISAAC                 EATON                         NY-27-U-343
MASON, ISAAC                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-EX-142
MASON, LURANA                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-M-265
MASTERS, ANN                 NEW HAVEN, NEW HAVEN, CT      NY-27-F-303
MASTERSON, MARY              LENOX                         NY-27-27-109
MATHER, DORUS                SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-34-193
MATHER, ELIJAH               SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-BX-67
MATHEWS, PATRICK             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-J-361
MATHEWSON, PHILIP            HAMILTON                      NY-27-FX-1
MATHEWSON, WINCHESTER        SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-H-493
MATSON, ELIZA BAYLIS         SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-42-19
MATT, JONATHAN               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-B-144
MATTESION, GEORGE            SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-C-229
MATTESON, HARRY              NELSON                        NY-27-32-235
MATTESON, ROYAL I.           NELSON                        NY-27-C-259
MATTHEWS, CATHARINE          CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-X-319
MATTHEWS, DANIEL             HAMILTON                      NY-27-B-70
MATTISON, GEORGE H.          BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-H-385
MATTOON, TRYPHENA E.         CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-37-109
MAXON, ELON                  BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-G-133
MAXSON, ALMIRA               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-T-39
MAXSON, JOSHUA               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-C-124
MAXSON, LEWIS D.             DERUYTER                      NY-27-X-181
MAXSON, RUSSELL              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-33-445
MAXSON, WILLIAM B.           PLAINFIELD                    NY-27-I-175
MAY, AMOS                    MADISON                       NY-27-FX-34
MAY, LINUS                   SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-BX-153
MAY, LUKE                    CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-G-607
MAY, RUFUS                   FENNER                        NY-27-A-137
MAY, SYLVESTER               FENNER                        NY-27-EX-110
MAYDOLE, JAMES H.            EATON                         NY-27-L-425
MAYNARD, JOSEPH E.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-37-403
MAYNARD, MOSES               MADISON                       NY-27-D-293
MCALPIN, ARCHIBALD           FENNER                        NY-27-31-325
MCCABE, BRIDGET              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-43-379
MCCABE, JOHN                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-33-91
MCCABE, JOSEPH               HAMILTON                      NY-27-28-379
MCCARTHY, HANNAH G.          LENOX                         NY-27-42-277
MCCARTHY, PATRICK            FENNER                        NY-27-36-319
MCCLENATHAN, HENRY           MADISON                       NY-27-36-373
MCCLENATHAN, JOHN            EATON                         NY-27-31-37
MCCOON, DANIEL               LENOX                         NY-27-28-241
MCCOSKER, JOHN               LENOX                         NY-27-W-361
MCCUIN, MARY                 LENOX                         NY-27-N-427
MCCULIFF, JOHN               ONEIDA                        NY-27-45-463
MCDONALD, MARY               HAMILTON                      NY-27-39-283
MCDUFFIE, ANNA M.            LENOX                         NY-27-33-349
MCEWEN, EZRA                 LENOX                         NY-27-E-155
MCGINNIS, ALABAMA R.         CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-43-181
MCGLAZIER, JULIUS            MADISON                       NY-27-34-259
MCGREGOR, ALEXANDER          LENOX                         NY-27-R-381
MCGUINESS, PETER             FENNER                        NY-27-28-13
MCINTYRE, PETER              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-CX-169
MCKEE, SAMUEL H.             LENOX                         NY-27-36-223
MCMAHAN, JOHN                FENNER                        NY-27-W-301
MCMASTER, MARIA              HAMILTON                      NY-27-31-163
MCMASTER, NEVINS             HAMILTON                      NY-27-T-177
MCMULLEN, ELIZA              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-Y-43
MCMULLEN, JAMES              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-X-295
MCOUGH, JOHN                 MADISON                       NY-27-39-61
MCPHERSON, DANIEL K.         LENOX                         NY-27-L-347
MCPHERSON, JOHN              LENOX                         NY-27-38-481
MCPHERSON, MAHALA            LINCOLN                       NY-27-46-517
MCPHERSON, MARGERY           LENOX                         NY-27-I-127
MCPHERSON, MELINDA           LENOX                         NY-27-36-193
MCQUEEN, LACHLIN             EATON                         NY-27-27-439
MCQUIEN, JOHN                EATON                         NY-27-J-445
MEAD, LEFFE                  LENOX                         NY-27-P-247
MEAD, LIZETTA                LENOX                         NY-27-T-309
MEAD, SCHUYLER W.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-35-13
MEAD, SEBA                   LENOX                         NY-27-J-235
MEAD, SIMEON G.              NELSON                        NY-27-45-211
MEAD, SUSAN M.               LEBANON                       NY-27-46-79
MEARA, JOHN                  STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-Z-247
MEDBERRY, ALFRED             NELSON                        NY-27-O-319
MEDBERY, WILLIAM             EATON                         NY-27-B-130
MENZIE, GEORGE W.            LENOX                         NY-27-X-355
MERCHANT, HIRAM B.           DERUYTER                      NY-27-A-106
MERCHANT, MARY J.            DE RUYTER                     NY-27-28-205
MERICK, CONSTANT             LEBANON                       NY-27-A-178
MERICK, CONSTANT             LEBANON                       NY-27-EX-236
MERITT, AZEL                 GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-G-589
MERRIAM, ALVIN O.            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-R-429
MERRICK, EXPERIENCE          LEBANON                       NY-27-A-158
MERRICK, THOMAS              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-AX-185
MERRILL, HENRY A.            STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-42-385
MERRILL, JOHN                LENOX                         NY-27-Z-391
MERRIMAN, ELISHA G.          CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-39-1
MERRITT, LOUISA              FENNER                        NY-27-K-345
MERRITT, SARAH C.            GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-38-7
MESSENGER, JOHN M.           LENOX                         NY-27-K-267
MESSINGER, JAMES S.          SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-U-1
MILES, ALANSON               EATON                         NY-27-H-433
MILES, NICHOLAS              NELSON                        NY-27-C-290
MILLARD, LOUDON              LENOX                         NY-27-A-233
MILLEN, MELINDA              MADISON                       NY-27-M-61
MILLEN, SAMUEL               MADISON                       NY-27-H-199
MILLEN, THOMAS               MADISON                       NY-27-M-55
MILLER, ADELIA B.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-31-181
MILLER, AUGUSTA C.           ONEIDA                        NY-27-45-523
MILLER, BETSEY               HAMILTON                      NY-27-F-51
MILLER, CAROLINE             LINCOLN                       NY-27-47-181
MILLER, CHARLES H.           LENOX                         NY-27-38-331
MILLER, COLLINS              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-27-577
MILLER, DAVID                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-K-405
MILLER, ELIZABETH T.         LENOX                         NY-27-X-163
MILLER, FRANCIS R.           LENOX                         NY-27-28-301
MILLER, ICHABOD A.           HAMILTON                      NY-27-W-319
MILLER, JOHN R.              LENOX                         NY-27-D-446
MILLER, WILLIAM              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-32-457
MILLS, LUTHER                EATON                         NY-27-CX-38
MILLS, MARY                  STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-44-505
MINER, CHARLES M.            GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-31-31
MINER, HARRIS C.             DE RUYTER                     NY-27-40-301
MINER, MATTHEW B.            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-43-247
MINER, ROXY                  BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-46-469
MINER, SUSAN                 GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-32-391
MIRRICK, AZARIAH S.          LENOX                         NY-27-Y-235
MITCHELL, DAVID              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-U-337
MITCHELL, ELIJAH             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-K-73
MITCHELL, ELIZABETH D.       CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-X-373
MITCHELL, LYDIA              DEREYTER                      NY-27-CX-119
MITCHELL, ROBERT             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-V-265
MITCHELL, SARAH              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-28-265
MOFFETT, WILLIAM             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-38-199
MONTAGUE, OREB               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-A-101
MONTROSS, LUCIA              LENOX                         NY-27-R-117
MOOCHLER, ANDREW             FENNER                        NY-27-M-187
MOODY, LAURA                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-39-139
MOON, JOSIAH                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-C-194
MOORE, ALFRED                LENOX                         NY-27-N-337
MOORE, ANN                   GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-A-21
MOORE, ANNETTE               HAMILTON                      NY-27-39-211
MOORE, CHARLES               HAMILTON                      NY-27-H-235
MOORE, ELI                   LENOX                         NY-27-Q-13
MOORE, ELI G.                STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-38-121
MOORE, FRANCIS O.            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-U-49
MOORE, ISAAC                 LENOX                         NY-27-34-49
MOORE, JAMES                 LENOX                         NY-27-P-547
MOORE, JAMES                 LENOX                         NY-27-S-451
MOORE, JAMES                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-CX-23
MOORE, JOHANNAH              EATON                         NY-27-Y-475
MOORE, JOHN H.               STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-46-463
MOORE, LOVINA                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-40-13
MOORE, NANCY                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-45-145
MOORE, SUSIE C.              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-32-343
MOORE, THOMAS                SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-D-326
MOOT, DANIEL B.              LENOX                         NY-27-36-247
MOOT, OLIVE L.               ONEIDA                        NY-27-47-289
MOOT, WILLIAM HENRY          ONEIDA                        NY-27-45-433
MOREY, AMANDA                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-36-13
MOREY, ANN L.                NELSON                        NY-27-43-169
MOREY, LANSON C.             LEBANON                       NY-27-36-109
MOREY, PEMBROKE S.           NELSON                        NY-27-47-283
MORGAN, AUGUSTUS H.          EATON                         NY-27-Y-7
MORGAN, GRACE                HAMILTON                      NY-27-L-85
MORGAN, JOHN                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-S-103
MORGAN, JOHN                 STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-C-268
MORGAN, MARY                 STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-37-19
MORGAN, MARY                 LENOX                         NY-27-40-265
MORGAN, STEPHEN              LEBANON                       NY-27-M-247
MORRILL, ROXANA              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-45-295
MORRIS, GRIFFITH E.          NELSON                        NY-27-Q-565
MORRIS, HARVEY               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-B-258
MORRIS, ROBERT               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-D-49
MORRISON, AGNESS             LENOX                         NY-27-C-345
MORROW, JOHN B.              GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-46-361
MORSE, ADALINE B.            EATON                         NY-27-P-589
MORSE, B ENJAMIN             EATON                         NY-27-A-321
MORSE, CORA A.               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-32-157
MORSE, DAVID                 EATON                         NY-27-Z-433
MORSE, DAVID C.              HAMILTON                      NY-27-J-157
MORSE, DEBORAH               EATON                         NY-27-B-121
MORSE, ELIJAH                EATON                         NY-27-E-1
MORSE, ELIZA                 LENOX                         NY-27-41-475
MORSE, ELIZABETH             SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-CX-160
MORSE, GARDNER               EATON                         NY-27-44-469
MORSE, GERSHAM               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-33-133
MORSE, ISAAC                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-G-25
MORSE, JARED                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-F-87
MORSE, JENNETT               LENOX                         NY-27-S-391
MORSE, JOHN                  CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-C-277
MORSE, JOSEPH                EATON                         NY-27-CX-155
MORSE, MARIETTA              EATON                         NY-27-F-267
MORSE, SILAS ERASTUS         CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-47-349
MORSE, SOPHIA F.             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-39-259
MORSE, THEODORE              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-34-19
MORTON, ORILLA               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-W-43
MOSELEY, JONATHAN            LEBANON                       NY-27-I-79
MOSHER, ANGELINA             HAMILTON                      NY-27-N-223
MOTT, CHARLES M.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-37-289
MOTT, ESTHER JANE            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-Z-367
MOTT, JOSEPH A.              HAMILTON                      NY-27-Y-409
MOTT, SAMUEL                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-F-387
MOWRY, ALBERT W.             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-27-55
MOWRY, LUCY                  NELSON                        NY-27-A-372
MOYER, CLEMENTINE L.         LENOX                         NY-27-28-439
MOYER, DANIEL F.             LENOX                         NY-27-46-439
MOYER, JOHN                  LENOX                         NY-27-X-157
MOYER, MARY                  LENOX                         NY-27-28-421
MUIR, DAVID                  LEBANON                       NY-27-D-423
MUIR, ESTHER D.              HAMILTON                      NY-27-27-211
MUIR, JAMES                  HAMILTON                      NY-27-K-423
MULLINER, DAVID L.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-45-169
MULLIVAN, MARY               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-28-217
MULLONY, MARY                LEBANON                       NY-27-X-493
MUMFORD, THOMAS              EATON                         NY-27-38-259
MUNGER, ELIAL                SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-C-323
MUNGER, GEORGE B.            LENOX                         NY-27-43-355
MUNGER, JONATHAN             SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-AX-48
MUNGER, LORENZO D.           FENNER                        NY-27-H-421
MUNGER, SARAH JANE           FENNER                        NY-27-U-79
MUNROE, IVERS                ONEIDA                        NY-27-47-271
MUNSON, CHAUNCEY             HAMILTON                      NY-27-36-397
MUNSON, HULDAH               HAMILTON                      NY-27-28-289
MUNSON, SALMON B.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-47-1
MUNSON, SELAH                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-H-37
MURDOCK, ARIEL               HAMILTON                      NY-27-EX-120
MURDOCK, JOSHUA              HAMILTON                      NY-27-F-45
MURDOCK, MARY CLARKE         HAMILTON                      NY-27-44-271
MURDOCK, SANFORD W.          MADISON                       NY-27-40-187
MURDOCK, WILLIAM G.          LENOX                         NY-27-38-73
MURPHY, LE ROY               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-X-169
MURPHY, MICHAEL              LENOX                         NY-27-31-415
MURPHY, PATRICK              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-T-189
MURRAY, ANNA VERNON          CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-T-171
MURRAY, HARRIET              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-L-67
MURRAY, MARGARET             HAMION                        NY-27-34-385
MYERS, ELIZA                 SULLIVAN                      NY-27-35-49
MYERS, FREDERICK             SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-G-409
MYERS, JACOB                 SULLIVAN                      NY-27-V-469
MYERS, SOLOMON               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-K-147
MYES, MARTHA N.              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-28-31
NAIL, JOHN                   LENOX                         NY-27-EX-81
NARE, GEORGE                 LENOX                         NY-27-H-145
NASH, ABNER                  HAMILTON                      NY-27-A-381
NASH, BETSY                  BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-Y-463
NASH, HORACE                 HAMILTON                      NY-27-D-311
NASH, JOHN                   EATON                         NY-27-M-259
NASH, LORING                 HAMILTON                      NY-27-42-331
NASH, NANCY                  STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-P-223
NASH, NORTON                 LEBANON                       NY-27-M-151
NASH, SYLVESTER              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-Z-43
NASH, URSULA                 LEBANON                       NY-27-33-427
NASH, WARNER K.              HAMILTON                      NY-27-35-145
NEAL, RHODA A.               DERUYTER                      NY-27-37-373
NEAR, ELI                    LINCOLN                       NY-27-47-139
NEEDHAM, JOHN                FENNER                        NY-27-D-411
NEFF, HARRIET E.             LENOX                         NY-27-32-103
NEFF, MARY A.                MADISON                       NY-27-38-163
NEGES, ROBERT                EATON                         NY-27-B-11
NEGUS, ABNER                 EATON                         NY-27-Q-19
NEGUS, MARIA T.              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-T-111
NELKEL, JOHN ADAM            LENOX                         NY-27-34-55
NELLIS, JOHN D.              WHITESTOWN, ONEIDA, NY        NY-27-C-327
NEVINS, PETER                LEBANON                       NY-27-Z-307
NEW, JAMES C.                LENOX                         NY-27-44-91
NEWCOMB, EPHPHATHA           MADISON                       NY-27-T-417
NEWMAN, PETER                SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-P-373
NEWTON, ARTEMAS L.           HAMILTON                      NY-27-O-403
NEWTON, CHRISTOPHER          CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-47-415
NEWTON, LEWIS D.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-T-3
NEWTON, STEPHEN              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-J-67
NICHOLS, ASA C.              GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-N-373
NICHOLS, DAVID               NELSON                        NY-27-BX-177
NICHOLS, ELERY               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-Q-493
NICHOLS, EMILY B.            LENOX                         NY-27-46-25
NICHOLS, ERASTUS             EATON                         NY-27-H-373
NICHOLS, HANFORD             GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-D-365
NICHOLS, HARRIET E.          CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-37-235
NICHOLS, JONATHAN            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-B-232
NICHOLS, LOVISA              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-L-377
NICHOLS, OTIS S.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-44-31
NICHOLS, PHILANDER B.        LENOX                         NY-27-45-307
NICHOLS, PIERCE C.           GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-G-151
NICHOLS, SAMUEL              FENNER                        NY-27-Q-217
NICHOLS, SOLOMON             NELSON                        NY-27-P-403
NICKERSON, JAMES             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-E-125
NIER, GOTTHARD               LENOX                         NY-27-X-121
NILES, ALEXANDER H.          LENOX                         NY-27-28-451
NILES, ALLEN                 LEBANON                       NY-27-Y-115
NILES, CHLOE C.              LEBANON                       NY-27-O-433
NILES, HARVEY                LEBANON                       NY-27-B-126
NILES, LUTHER C.             GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-S-43
NILES, MARSHALL              NELSON                        NY-27-39-169
NILES, SAMUEL                HAMILTON                      NY-27-A-327
NIXDORF, KATHERINA C.        ONEIDA                        NY-27-46-325
NOBLE, FRANK                 LENOX                         NY-27-33-97
NODECKER, ELIZABETH          ONEIDA                        NY-27-47-157
NORTH, LUTHER                EATON                         NY-27-EX-235
NORTH, STEPHEN               EATON                         NY-27-C-329
NORTHROP, BARZILLAI          SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-DX-61
NORTHRUP, ENOCH B.           LENOX                         NY-27-33-313
NORTHRUP, PHILO              SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-Y-301
NORTHRUP, RENSSELAER         LENOX                         NY-27-P-595
NORTHRUP, SYLVESTER          FENNER                        NY-27-D-331
NORTHUP, WILLIAM T.          LENOX                         NY-27-38-307
NORTON, DAVIS                EATON                         NY-27-S-349
NORTON, EDWARD               EATON                         NY-27-39-409
NORTON, FRANCIS              NELSON                        NY-27-G-1
NORTON, LYDIA ANN            NELSON                        NY-27-40-1
NOURSE, LYSANDER             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-38-343
NOYES, HARRIET M.            LENOX                         NY-27-36-457
NYE, EBENEZER                LENOX                         NY-27-G-121
OATMAN, JAMES W.             ONEIDA                        NY-27-45-7
OBRIEN, TIMOTHY              HAMILTON                      NY-27-U-361
OCONNELL, JEREMIAH           MADISON                       NY-27-Y-211
OCONNER, JAMES               LENOX                         NY-27-X-55
OCONNER, JEREMIAH            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-42-115
ODELL, MARY F.               MADISON                       NY-27-46-115
OHERIEN, WILLIAM             LENOX                         NY-27-V-163
OLCOTT, GURDON J.            LENOX                         NY-27-Q-535
OLCOTT, HAPPALONIA           LENOX                         NY-27-32-49
OLCOTT, HARRY                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-28-391
OLCOTT, JOSEPH               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-M-1
OLDS, CHARLES                LENOX                         NY-27-36-163
OLIN, PATIENCE               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-A-84
OLMSTED, JONATHAN            HAMILTON                      NY-27-B-241
OMANS, MORRIS                EATON                         NY-27-43-205
ORR, WILLIAM                 LENOX                         NY-27-Q-7
OSGOOD, DIANA                HAMILTON                      NY-27-B-173
OSGOOD, JOSIAH               HAMILTON                      NY-27-A-370
OSGOOD, JOSIAH               HAMILTON                      NY-27-B-6
OSGOOD, LYMAN C.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-C-4
OSGOOD, MARTHA               HAMILTON                      NY-27-A-245
OSGOOD, SAMUEL               HAMILTON                      NY-27-A-1
OSGOOD, SAMUEL               VERONA                        NY-27-A-5
OSTRANDER, JOHN E.           LENOX                         NY-27-X-103
OSTROM, STEPHEN              LEBANON                       NY-27-B-165
OTIS, CHARLES                HAMILTON                      NY-27-C-139
OTIS, EPHRAIM                DERUYTER                      NY-27-D-5
OTIS, LOUISA                 SULLIVAN                      NY-27-Y-217
OTTAVAY, JOHN                STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-P-205
OURUS, OMER                  NELSON                        NY-27-Z-355
OUTNAM, DANIEL               EATON                         NY-27-N-379
OWENS, RICHARD J.            NELSON                        NY-27-43-295
OWENS, WILLIAM               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-A-298
PAGE, GEORGE                 HAMILTON                      NY-27-C-6
PAGE, IRA                    LENOX                         NY-27-31-493
PAGE, RUEL                   SULLIVAN                      NY-27-T-285
PAGE, WILLIAM                STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-F-309
PAIGE, WILLIAM K.            STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-27-217
PALMER, ABIGAIL F.           BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-U-127
PALMER, ADELIA L.            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-31-91
PALMER, AMY                  BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-33-103
PALMER, ANRIETTA             EATON                         NY-27-45-331
PALMER, BELA                 HAMILTON                      NY-27-R-123
PALMER, BENJAMIN             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-B-214
PALMER, DANIEL               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-A-60
PALMER, ELIJAH               LENOX                         NY-27-A-336
PALMER, EPHRAIM              LEBANON                       NY-27-28-385
PALMER, EZRA                 LENOX                         NY-27-S-31
PALMER, HENRY                LEBANON                       NY-27-R-213
PALMER, HORACE R.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-47-439
PALMER, HULDAH               MADISON                       NY-27-S-49
PALMER, IRA                  BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-34-85
PALMER, JOSEPH               LENOX                         NY-27-FX-41
PALMER, JOSEPH S.            LENOX                         NY-27-C-380
PALMER, JUSTUS H.            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-M-433
PALMER, MARCELLA             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-Z-205
PALMER, MARCIA               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-27-421
PALMER, NATHANIEL T.         EATON                         NY-27-R-237
PALMER, PERRY G.             SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-27-121
PALMER, PHEBE D.             SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-H-31
PALMER, PHOEBE               LENOX                         NY-27-I-277
PALMER, SARAH C.             SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-35-91
PALMER, VOSE                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-CX-6
PALMETER, GEORGE             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-C-17
PALMITER, ARNOLD G.          BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-36-151
PALMITER, ASHER              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-T-243
PARDY, JOHN                  LENOX                         NY-27-V-235
PARDY, PETER                 LENOX                         NY-27-T-267
PARISON, JOSEPH              FENNER                        NY-27-41-19
PARKER, ABIGAIL A.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-Z-475
PARKER, HIRAM                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-44-211
PARKER, JOEL                 GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-D-426
PARKER, LUCINDA J.           GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-D-315
PARKER, MARTHA               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-46-13
PARKER, N. WILSON            HAMILTON                      NY-27-37-103
PARKER, ROSWELL              LENOX                         NY-27-P-115
PARKHURST, MARIA T.          LINCOLN                       NY-27-43-349
PARKHURST, UZNAL             SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-N-469
PARKIN, JOHN                 FENNER                        NY-27-E-166
PARKINSON, THEODORE J.       CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-37-457
PARKS, BELA                  SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-J-385
PARMELEE, ASAHEL             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-B-127
PARMELEE, HARRIET D.         GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-D-260
PARMELI, CHARLES             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-B-19
PARR, MARY L.                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-33-217
PARSONS, JOSEPHINE G.        CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-37-181
PARSONS, NANCY D.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-46-289
PARTRIDGE, CHANCY H.         GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-40-457
PARTRIDGE, JOSEPH            GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-D-37
PARTRIDGE, SELDEN H.         HAMILTON                      NY-27-45-445
PATTEN, SALMON               LENOX                         NY-27-R-177
PATTERSON, GEORGE L.         EATON                         NY-27-A-292
PAYNE, BETSY                 HAMILTON                      NY-27-D-84
PAYNE, CHARLES C.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-32-241
PAYNE, ELISHA                HAMILTON                      NY-27-B-282
PAYNE, MANSFIELD             HAMILTON                      NY-27-J-253
PAYNE, OLIVER                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-AX-7
PAYNE, RUGGLES               NELSON                        NY-27-F-195
PAYNE, SAMUEL                HAMILTON                      NY-27-C-21
PAYNE, STILLMAN              EATON                         NY-27-V-97
PAYNE, WILLIAM               GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-E-9
PAYSON, ELIOT H.             ONEIDA                        NY-27-47-31
PAYSON, ELIZA ANN            EATON                         NY-27-27-139
PEARCE, ALVIN                EATON                         NY-27-S-133
PEARCE, RACHEL M.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-42-319
PEARL, ERASTUS               HAMILTON                      NY-27-38-379
PEARL, RACHAEL               MADISON                       NY-27-N-307
PEASE, MARY B.               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-P-31
PECK, ALBERT D.              MADISON                       NY-27-C-240
PECK, ALONZO                 EATON                         NY-27-Y-49
PECK, JAMES                  SULLIVAN                      NY-27-B-220
PECK, JOHN                   CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-C-366
PECK, JOHN K.                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-D-152
PECK, JOSEPH                 NELSON                        NY-27-F-493
PECK, JOSIAH                 EATON                         NY-27-D-297
PECK, MATTHEW                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-28-43
PECKHAM, GEORGE              MADISON                       NY-27-BX-17
PECKHAM, GEORGE              MADISON                       NY-27-A-45
PECKHAM, IRA                 MADISON                       NY-27-P-187
PECKHAM, ISAAC               GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-K-61
PECKHAM, PRISCILLA S.        HAMILTON                      NY-27-34-37
PECKHAM, SANFORD             MADISON                       NY-27-42-229
PECKHAM, SIDNEY              MADISON                       NY-27-31-367
PEEBLES, POLLY               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-K-79
PEET, EBER                   CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-S-199
PEET, LEWIS                  MADISON                       NY-27-DX-65
PEET, LODEMA                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-V-31
PEIRCE, NANCY                LENOX                         NY-27-Q-475
PENFIELD, DAVID              LENOX                         NY-27-C-58
PENNOCK, EBENEZER            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-44-421
PENSLEY, PHOEBE              DE RUYTER                     NY-27-C-222
PERKINS, BENJAMIN            MADISON                       NY-27-36-49
PERKINS, BYRUM               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-J-175
PERKINS, CALVIN G.           SULLIVAN                      NY-27-E-33
PERKINS, ETHAN               STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-L-115
PERKINS, JANE                MADISON                       NY-27-36-97
PERKINS, LEVERETT            MADISON                       NY-27-Z-313
PERKINS, REBECCA             LENOX                         NY-27-Y-127
PERKINS, REUBEN S.           SULLIVAN                      NY-27-G-361
PERKINS, STILLMAN            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-H-517
PERKINS, WILSON L.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-42-469
PERRY, ANDREW                STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-37-343
PERRY, CLARISSA              LENOX                         NY-27-38-487
PERRY, ELIAS                 STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-C-291
PERRY, JESSE                 GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-J-433
PERRY, SAMUEL B.             LENOX                         NY-27-X-439
PERRY, WILLIAM H.            LENOX                         NY-27-Z-79
PETRIE, EMMA L.              LENOX                         NY-27-31-433
PETRIE, FRANCES H.           LENOX                         NY-27-38-457
PETRIE, THOMAS F.            SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-47-193
PETTIT, JAMES                LEBANON                       NY-27-Z-97
PHELPS, AMBROSE              MADISON                       NY-27-U-469
PHELPS, ANDREW J.            MADISON                       NY-27-41-265
PHELPS, BENJAMIN W.          EATON                         NY-27-47-241
PHELPS, ELIAS S.             MADISON                       NY-27-U-313
PHELPS, GEORGE B.            MADISON                       NY-27-44-451
PHELPS, HENRY S.             EATON                         NY-27-36-175
PHELPS, SAMUEL               FENNER                        NY-27-EX-137
PHELPS, SAMUEL JR.           SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-EX-20
PHILIPP, JOHN G.             LENOX                         NY-27-28-253
PHILLIPS, MARTIN             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-M-415
PHILLIPS, MELINDA            LENOX                         NY-27-N-1
PHILLIPS, RALPH              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-P-163
PHILLIPS, SALLY              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-P-103
PHILPOT, GEORGE              EATON                         NY-27-G-283
PHINNEY, SALMON              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-M-25
PHIPPS, ABI A.               LINCOLN                       NY-27-43-331
PHIPPS, DAVID H.             ONEIDA                        NY-27-46-307
PHIPPS, DIANA H.             LENOX                         NY-27-W-163
PICKETT, ANDREW              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-44-37
PIERCE, ALVAH                HAMILTON                      NY-27-37-115
PIERCE, AMANDA               EATON                         NY-27-27-385
PIERCE, BENJAMIN             HAMILTON                      NY-27-CX-81
PIERCE, CHANCELLOR L.        LEBANON                       NY-27-Y-391
PIERCE, JOSEPHINE O.         HAMILTON                      NY-27-42-511
PIERCE, JULINE               HAMILTON                      NY-27-U-151
PIERCE, LEONARD              HAMILTON                      NY-27-34-199
PIERCE, LEVI                 LEBANON                       NY-27-DX-37
PIERCE, LUCINDA              HAMILTON                      NY-27-K-19
PIERCE, LURANCY              EATON                         NY-27-Z-277
PIERCE, MARY M.              LENOX                         NY-27-40-229
PIERCE, PARNEL R.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-45-373
PIERCE, PHILANDER            HAMILTON                      NY-27-C-326
PIERCE, THEOPHILUS           HAMILTON                      NY-27-B-192
PIERCE, WILLIAM              HAMILTON                      NY-27-EX-199
PINDER, WILLIAM              LENOX                         NY-27-W-271
PINDLE, WALBURGA             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-31-463
PITTS,  RUFUS                EATON                         NY-27-DX-45
PLANK, CATHARINE             LENOX                         NY-27-R-297
PLANK, MARGARET              LENOX                         NY-27-35-7
PLATT, LOUISA H.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-39-79
PLUMB, BEULAH L.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-34-451
POMEROY, JAMES               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-M-349
POND, ELI                    HAMILTON                      NY-27-V-277
POND, MARGARET               HAMILTON                      NY-27-34-457
POOL, JOSEPH                 LEBANON                       NY-27-28-211
POOL, JULIETT                NELSON                        NY-27-F-499
POOLE, BETSEY H.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-42-301
POPE, ARNOLD                 HAMILTON                      NY-27-G-103
POPE, ASA                    HAMILTON                      NY-27-N-415
POPE, HANNAH                 HAMILTON                      NY-27-L-407
POPE, HORACE H.              HAMILTON                      NY-27-Y-265
POPE, LEVI                   CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-X-445
POPE, LOUISA                 SULLIVAN                      NY-27-S-271
POPPLE, STEPHEN              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-33-1
PORTER, GARDNER              HAMILTON                      NY-27-V-253
PORTER, JERUSHA              LEBANON                       NY-27-R-63
POST, CYRUS H.               STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-K-447
POTTER, BENJAMIN             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-D-184
POTTER, CAROLINE W.          MADISON                       NY-27-39-433
POTTER, JOHN                 STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-28-247
POTTER, JOHN FOSTER          STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-43-151
POTTER, JOHN FRANCIS         POMPTON, PASSIAC, NJ          NY-27-39-325
POTTER, MARY ANN             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-27-463
POTTER, TACY                 GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-34-13
POWELL, ANN                  MADISON                       NY-27-37-37
POWELL, EDWARD A.            EATON                         NY-27-X-367
POWELL, ELIZABETH            LEBANON                       NY-27-E-302
POWELL, JOHN                 LEBANON                       NY-27-A-75
POWELL, JOHN                 LEBANON                       NY-27-33-145
POWELL, LEWIS                HAMILTON                      NY-27-39-13
POWELL, THEODORUS C.         CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-N-361
POWERS, ABEL E.              EATON                         NY-27-D-22
POWERS, HENRY                EATON                         NY-27-38-25
POWERS, MOSES                LENOX                         NY-27-G-319
PRATT, BARDIN                EATON                         NY-27-J-85
PRATT, DANIEL                FENNER                        NY-27-J-223
PRATT, HANNAH                MADISON                       NY-27-C-135
PRATT, JAMES                 MADISON                       NY-27-A-293
PRATT, JAMES                 MADISON                       NY-27-A-308
PRATT, JONATHAN              MADISON                       NY-27-B-66
PRESTON, EPHRAIM A.          CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-37-43
PRESTON, LUCY                HAMILTON                      NY-27-42-433
PRESTON, RUFUS               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-36-73
PRESTON, WILLIAM             HAMILTON                      NY-27-Y-133
PRICE, EDWARD W.             LEBANON                       NY-27-M-319
PRICE, RICHARD L.            LEBANON                       NY-27-S-343
PRICE, THOMAS                LEBANON                       NY-27-35-217
PRIDMORE, CATHARINE E.       LENOX                         NY-27-L-109
PRIME, PHILINDA              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-T-273
PRITCHARD, ASA               GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-P-535
PROCTOR, CHARLES W.          LENOX                         NY-27-42-25
PROSSER, ANNA MARIA          SULLIVAN                      NY-27-U-277
PROSSER, CALVIN              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-28-397
PROUT, CORNELIA              LENOX                         NY-27-38-67
PROUT, JOHN H.               LENOX                         NY-27-D-169
PRYNE, CORA A.               LENOX                         NY-27-34-439
PURDY, ALBERT G.             LENOX                         NY-27-Q-349
PURDY, SUSANNAH              HAMILTON                      NY-27-R-441
PUTMAN, JAMES N.             LENOX                         NY-27-40-259
PUTMAN, JOHN E.              NELSON                        NY-27-37-277
PUTMAN, JOSIAH               NELSON                        NY-27-37-193
PUTNAM, BENJAMIN             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-31-409
PUTNAM, ELIJAH               MADISON                       NY-27-D-135
PUTNAM, JOHN                 MADISON                       NY-27-U-103
PYNE, JOHN                   HAMILTON                      NY-27-42-109
QUINN, PETER                 LENOX                         NY-27-27-13

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