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GADINIER, ANN JANETTE        LENOX                         NY-27-35-457
GAGE, ARZA                   DERUYTER                      NY-27-K-97
GAGE, EDWIN L.               DE RUYTER                     NY-27-47-373
GAGE, ELIJAH D.              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-C-162
GAGE, JEREMIAH               DE RUYTER                     NY-27-C-47
GAGE, SAMUEL                 EATON                         NY-27-G-355
GALLAGHER, FRANCIS           SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-A-135
GALLAGHER, JOHN              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-M-163
GALLUP, JABISH               LENOX                         NY-27-B-123
GANGER, ELIZABETH L.         EATON                         NY-27-R-447
GANT, ASA H.                 STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-34-157
GANT, WILLIAM WALLACE        STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-28-313
GARDENER, MALACHI            LENOX                         NY-27-B-181
GARDINER, CHARLES B.         HAMILTON                      NY-27-P-433
GARDINER, JULIETTE L.        LENOX                         NY-27-41-217
GARDINER, MALVINA T.         HAMILTON                      NY-27-33-283
GARDINER, PHILIP TAYLOR      MADISON                       NY-27-34-217
GARDINER, SAMUEL             DERUYTER                      NY-27-D-102
GARDNER, DWIGHT              DERUYTER                      NY-27-R-279
GARDNER, ELIZA               DE RUYTER                     NY-27-27-181
GARDNER, HENRY               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-CX-1
GARDNER, ISAAC W.            MADISON                       NY-27-B-261
GARDNER, SYNTHE              DE RUYTER                     NY-27-W-205
GARDNER, TIMOTHY             DERUYTER                      NY-27-FX-14
GARLOCK, ISAAC               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-O-427
GARRATT, SUSAN               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-L-311
GARVIN, MARY                 LENOX                         NY-27-N-187
GASKELL, ELIZABETH R.        HAMILTON                      NY-27-41-187
GASTON, HERVEY               STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-42-451
GASTON, JOHN                 STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-P-37
GATES, DANIEL                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-47-487
GATES, ELIAS                 LEBANON                       NY-27-M-49
GATES, EMILY DOCKSTADER      SULLIVAN                      NY-27-32-475
GATES, EZRA                  LEBANON                       NY-27-H-13
GATES, GEORGE W.             LENOX                         NY-27-Z-127
GATES, JEREMIAH              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-I-97
GATES, JOHN                  BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-D-337
GATES, MARION E.             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-45-223
GATES, POLLY                 LEBANO                        NY-27-K-315
GATES, SILAS A.              LEBANON                       NY-27-J-415
GAULT, WILLIAM               SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-EX-30
GAWNE, THOMAS                LENOX                         NY-27-35-421
GAY, WILLIAM L.              LENOX                         NY-27-O-361
GAYLOR, LEWIS                STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-45-385
GEE, DECATUR                 LENOX                         NY-27-42-265
GEE, HARRIET A.              LENOX                         NY-27-U-379
GEE, STEPHEN                 SULLIVAN                      NY-27-G-457
GEER, ALMIRA                 HAMILTON                      NY-27-X-313
GEER, NATHAN F.              HAMILTON                      NY-27-D-139
GEER, OSMOND W.              HAMILTON                      NY-27-R-315
GETMAN, JACOB F.             LENOX                         NY-27-33-463
GETMAN, LEWIS                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-T-363
GIBBS, WILLIAM               FENNER                        NY-27-P-337
GIBNEY, CATHERINE            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-27-271
GIBSON, ALONZO               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-N-61
GIFFLER, JOHN                LENOX                         NY-27-32-55
GIFFORD, CAINAN              MADISON                       NY-27-EX-191
GIFFORD, CAROLINE            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-Z-403
GIFFORD, JOSEPH S.           SULLIVAN                      NY-27-Q-541
GILBERT, ELIJAH              HAMILTON                      NY-27-F-523
GILBERT, JAY T.              NELSON                        NY-27-44-349
GILBERT, JOHN                MADISON                       NY-27-N-49
GILBERT, LUCY                MADISON                       NY-27-P-493
GILBERT, NATHANIEL           HAMILTON                      NY-27-A-119
GILBERT, ORREN B.            LEBANON                       NY-27-G-67
GILBERT, ORSAMUS             LEBANON                       NY-27-C-1
GILBERT, POLLY               LENOX                         NY-27-37-325
GILBERT, SALINA E.           LEBANON                       NY-27-M-271
GILBERT, THOMAS              EATON                         NY-27-32-115
GILBERT, VINE B.             LEBANON                       NY-27-P-67
GILES, JAMES                 STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-38-403
GILES, THOMAS                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-Q-433
GILLET, DANIEL M.            FENNER                        NY-27-D-371
GILLET, REBECAH              EATON                         NY-27-EX-225
GILLETT, DIANA               HAMILTON                      NY-27-42-325
GILLETT, EUNICE              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-H-409
GILLETT, OLIVER              HAMILTON                      NY-27-D-159
GILLSON, ELIZA               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-35-277
GILLSON, SAMUEL H.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-O-301
GLASS, ROSWELL               SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-AX-101
GLEASON, ABIJAH              LENOX                         NY-27-R-231
GLEASON, CLARK               LENOX                         NY-27-H-343
GLEASON, MARIA B.            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-N-109
GLEASON, SAMARIA M.          LENOX                         NY-27-N-13
GLIDDEN, NOAH P.             LENOX                         NY-27-40-409
GOFF, ELVIRA                 LENOX                         NY-27-34-283
GOFF, LYMAN                  LENOX                         NY-27-Z-301
GOFF, OLIVER                 LENOX                         NY-27-P-325
GOODALE, GEORGE W.           NELSON                        NY-27-BX-164
GOODELL, ELECTA P.           LENOX                         NY-27-S-415
GOODELL, JOHN                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-C-359
GOODELL, MARIA               LENOX                         NY-27-34-229
GOODNOUGH, DAVID T.          GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-W-445
GOODRICH, ELIZA A.           LENOX                         NY-27-N-259
GOODSON, MARIETTA            LEBANON                       NY-27-37-415
GOODWILL, WILLIAM            HAMILTON                      NY-27-AX-25
GOODWIN, STEPHEN H.          LENOX                         NY-27-W-373
GORDON, FRANKLIN             FENNER                        NY-27-H-265
GORDON, REUBEN               SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-R-387
GORDON, SAMUEL               STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-K-49
GORSLIN, JOSE                LENOX                         NY-27-A-402
GORTON, HUGH L.              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-E-127
GORTON, SAMUEL               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-A-181
GORTON, SOLOMON              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-E-36
GORTON, VARNUM               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-F-297
GRAHAM, ASA                  BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-D-107
GRAHAM, SIMEON               EATON                         NY-27-N-181
GRALEY, CATHARINE            LENOX                         NY-27-39-367
GRALEY, HENRY                LENOX                         NY-27-31-475
GRANGER, OTIS P.             EATON                         NY-27-Z-49
GRAVES, NATHAN               NELSON                        NY-27-K-429
GRAY, COOLEY C.              LEBANON                       NY-27-X-67
GRAY, DAVID                  LENOX                         NY-27-R-327
GRAY, EPHRAIM                LEBANON                       NY-27-D-44
GRAY, EPHRAIM                EATON                         NY-27-31-13
GRAY, GEORGE W.              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-V-283
GRAY, HIRAM B.               LENOX                         NY-27-R-345
GRAY, JEROME M.              HAMILTON                      NY-27-38-301
GRAY, LUCY                   MADISON                       NY-27-F-547
GREELISH, WILLIAM            LENOX                         NY-27-40-313
GREEN, AMOS                  BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-B-38
GREEN, AMOS                  EATON                         NY-27-F-111
GREEN, CARL D.               HAMILTON                      NY-27-43-49
GREEN, CORNELIA A.           SULLIVAN                      NY-27-27-85
GREEN, HALL                  BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-27-583
GREEN, HIRAM H.              HAMILTON                      NY-27-F-357
GREEN, NANCY A.              LENOX                         NY-27-37-61
GREEN, RUBEN B.              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-43-265
GREEN, SALLY                 LEBANON                       NY-27-J-463
GREEN, SIBIL L.              GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-35-139
GREEN, STEPHEN E.            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-32-367
GREEN, VARNUM G.             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-D-132
GREEN, WILLIAM               LEBAON                        NY-27-E-270
GREENE, AMOS                 LEBANON                       NY-27-40-199
GREENE, FRANCIS              MADISON                       NY-27-Q-577
GREENLAND, JOHN              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-T-2
GREENLAND, WILLIAM           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-N-487
GREENLEAF, TILLY             EATON                         NY-27-D-85
GREENMAN, GARDNER            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-F-427
GREENWOOD, GILSON            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-L-55
GREENWOOD, LEVI P.           NELSON                        NY-27-39-235
GREENWOOD, SAMUEL            LENOX                         NY-27-38-337
GREENWOOD, SUSAN J.          NELSON                        NY-27-35-367
GREGG, ALMIRA                STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-37-205
GREGG, THOMAS J.             STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-L-293
GREGORY, BETTY               LEBANON                       NY-27-A-343
GRIDLEY, ASAHEL              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-BX-109
GRIDLEY, TIMOTHY             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-42-271
GRIFFIN, CORNELIUS           EATON                         NY-27-I-73
GRIFFIN, THOMAS              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-C-72
GRIFFIN, WILLIAM             GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-41-241
GRIFFITH, PAUL               NELSON                        NY-27-M-397
GRIFFITHS, MARGARET          EATON                         NY-27-46-175
GRIFFITHS, OTIS              GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-H-529
GRIFFITHS, OWEN              EATON                         NY-27-46-199
GRIGGS, BRADFORD             EATON                         NY-27-M-157
GRIMSHAW, AMY Y.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-K-103
GRITMAN, ADDISON R.          HAMILTON                      NY-27-32-97
GRITMAN, MARY E.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-44-511
GROFF, SOPHIA B.             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-41-511
GROSVENER, SIDNEY A.         LEBANON                       NY-27-D-387
GROSVENOR, AUGUSTUS L.       LEBANON                       NY-27-28-469
GROSVENOR, MARGARET E.       MADISON                       NY-27-J-457
GROVE, POLLY                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-31-427
GROVES, ELVIRA A.            MADISON                       NY-27-38-181
GROVES, JOHN                 STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-H-523
GROVES, SAMUEL E.            EATON                         NY-27-U-199
GRUMAN, SARAH                STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-J-115
GUSTIN, BENJAMIN N.          LEBANON                       NY-27-32-433
GUTHRIE, HERVEY F.           STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-L-163
GUTHRIE, MYRON               LENOX                         NY-27-F-183
GUY, JAMES                   EATON                         NY-27-K-109
HACKLEY, MARY                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-B-56
HADCOCK, NANCY A.            STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-D-324
HADDEN, ADDIE J.             NELSON                        NY-27-41-487
HAIGHT, ANDREW A.            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-34-427
HAIGHT, CLARISSA             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-W-421
HAIGHT, JAMES                FENNER                        NY-27-B-46
HAIGHT, ORRILLA B.           FENNER                        NY-27-K-399
HAIGHT, WILLIAM H.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-28-331
HAKES, NAHAN                 DERUYTER                      NY-27-S-277
HAKES, PHILANDER L.          FENNER                        NY-27-S-223
HAKES, PHYLINDA              DE RUYTER                     NY-27-V-361
HALE, CHAUNCEY H.            LENOX                         NY-27-Q-1
HALE, WILLIS                 LENOX                         NY-27-H-1
HALEY, MARGARET              LENOX                         NY-27-34-469
HALING, NICHOLAS             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-J-109
HALING, SHALER               HAMILTON                      NY-27-Y-367
HALL, ALFRED K.              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-W-145
HALL, EBENEZER               GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-G-343
HALL, HARRIET A.             LENOX                         NY-27-Z-469
HALL, HIRAM                  SULLIVAN                      NY-27-S-427
HALL, HORACE H.              LENOX                         NY-27-T-219
HALL, JESSE W.               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-P-457
HALL, JOHN P.                EATON                         NY-27-37-493
HALL, LIBERTY                SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-42-289
HALL, LOUISA G.              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-V-7
HALL, MARY B.                SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-V-433
HALL, MARY L.                GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-41-181
HALL, NATHANIEL              LENOX                         NY-27-M-325
HALL, NORTHRUP S.            STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-43-415
HALL, OLIVER                 LENOX                         NY-27-CX-115
HALL, PALMER                 EATON                         NY-27-W-403
HALL, SALMON                 LENOX                         NY-27-G-379
HALL, SAMUEL                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-B-177
HALL, SOPHIA                 EATON                         NY-27-N-169
HALLICUS, JACOB              LENOX                         NY-27-46-487
HALLIGAN, BRIDGET            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-35-169
HAMBLET, BENJAMIN            EATON                         NY-27-P-199
HAMBLET, PHINEAS             NELSON                        NY-27-F-219
HAMBLIN, EDWARD E.           NELSON                        NY-27-46-43
HAMBLIN, ORA B.              FENNER                        NY-27-41-337
HAMBLIN, PHALLY              FENNER                        NY-27-43-493
HAMBLIN, SOLOMON             FENNER                        NY-27-B-42
HAMBLIN, WILLIAM             FENNER                        NY-27-V-55
HAMILTON, DAVID              NELSON                        NY-27-G-61
HAMILTON, ELIZABETH B.       NELSON                        NY-27-40-31
HAMILTON, ERASTUS H.         LENOX                         NY-27-41-385
HAMILTON, LUCY               NELSON                        NY-27-42-1
HAMILTON, MARCIA R.          CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-33-481
HAMILTON, MARY J.            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-33-475
HAMILTON, MONIMA             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-31-283
HAMILTON, OTIS               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-N-55
HAMILTON, SAMUEL WILIS       NELSON                        NY-27-33-355
HAMLIN, WILLIAM              MADISON                       NY-27-38-247
HAND, ELIZABETH              LENOX                         NY-27-Q-91
HAND, THEODORE F.            ONEIDA                        NY-27-44-391
HANNA, WILLIAM               LENOX                         NY-27-39-163
HAPPLE, THERESA              LENOX                         NY-27-Z-397
HARDY, ALMON                 SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-Y-79
HARE, WILLIAM P.             GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-L-187
HARNS, SAMUEL J.             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-38-91
HARP, GEORGE                 LENOX                         NY-27-BX-184
HARP, GEORGE W.              LENOX                         NY-27-Q-619
HARP, PHILIP                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-A-195
HARPHENN, B. FRANKLIN        SULLIVAN                      NY-27-K-297
HARRIGAN, ALICE              ONEIDA                        NY-27-47-409
HARRINGTON, JOSHUA           STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-D-25
HARRINGTON, NATHANIEL        STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-O-421
HARRIS, IDA A.               LENOX                         NY-27-32-151
HARRIS, JOHN L.              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-27-409
HARRIS, NORMAN               HAMILTON                      NY-27-Z-421
HARRIS, THOMAS               NELSON                        NY-27-42-145
HARRIS, THOMAS L.            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-36-205
HARRIS, THOMAS SR.           NELSON                        NY-27-42-253
HARRISON, ROBERT             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-46-457
HART, ABRAHAM                DERUYTER                      NY-27-I-355
HART, CALVIN W.              LENOX                         NY-27-N-103
HART, EDWARD                 SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-D-112
HART, HENRY                  LENOX                         NY-27-T-225
HART, JANE                   LENOX                         NY-27-P-583
HART, SOLOMON                EATON                         NY-27-M-355
HART, SYLVENUS               LINCOLN                       NY-27-47-73
HARTER, PHILIP               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-X-241
HARTSHORN, CHARLOTTE         HAMILTON                      NY-27-P-529
HARTSHORN, HANNAH            LEBANON                       NY-27-C-235
HARTSHORN, JACOB             LEBANON                       NY-27-C-362
HARTSHORN, RYAL W.           HAMILTON                      NY-27-44-343
HARVEY, HEZEKIAH             HAMILTON                      NY-27-40-7
HARVEY, LUCY WAITSTILL       HAMILTON                      NY-27-40-361
HARWOOD, REUBEN              EATON                         NY-27-34-235
HASCALL, ANGELINE S.         HAMILTON                      NY-27-41-505
HASKELL, DAISON              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-V-355
HASKELL, EDWARD F.           LENOX                         NY-27-39-31
HASKELL, NATHANIEL           HAMILTON                      NY-27-B-227
HASWELL, ELIZABETH M.        HAMILTON                      NY-27-41-457
HATCH, DANIEL                EATON                         NY-27-A-269
HATCH, ELNATHAN              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-33-343
HATCH, ERASTUS T.            MADISON                       NY-27-35-31
HATCH, HARRIET S.            ONEIDA                        NY-27-45-457
HATCH, HELEN M.              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-44-313
HATCH, JOSEPH L.             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-Q-133
HATCH, LEWIS L.              FENNER                        NY-27-41-157
HATCH, LUCRETIA              LEBANON                       NY-27-M-331
HATCH, MARY A.               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-45-43
HATCH, PETER                 EATON                         NY-27-D-175
HATCH, SALLY                 MADISON                       NY-27-I-331
HATCH, SYLVANUS              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-U-223
HATCH, ZENAS                 MADISON                       NY-27-G-373
HATHAWAY, NANCY A.           LENOX                         NY-27-41-421
HATMAKER, WILLIAM            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-W-331
HAUGHTON, AMELIA B.          EATON                         NY-27-Q-199
HAUGHTON, JOHN               HAMILTON                      NY-27-B-134
HAUN, ROBINSON               MADISON                       NY-27-B-281
HAVENS, PETER B.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-G-445
HAWKS, AUSTIN                GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-42-421
HAWKS, HORACE                GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-R-519
HAWLEY, HENRY E.             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-S-109
HAYDEN, JOHN                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-L-241
HAYES, HARLOW                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-W-37
HAYES, SAMUEL S.             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-C-254
HAYNES, HARRY                HAMILTON                      NY-27-U-19
HAYS, FRANCIS                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-38-421
HAYWARD, ALLEN               HAMILTON                      NY-27-T-477
HAYWARD, EDMUND              HAMILTON                      NY-27-H-301
HAYWARD, SINA                HAMILTON                      NY-27-45-253
HAYWARD, THOMAS              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-P-439
HAZELTON, NATHANIEL          FENNER                        NY-27-A-320
HAZZARD, CLARISSA B.         NELSON                        NY-27-T-297
HAZZARD, LUCRETIA            MADISON                       NY-27-I-25
HAZZARD, OLIVER              MADISON                       NY-27-X-97
HAZZARD, RUSSEL              MADISON                       NY-27-36-259
HEAD, ANNA C.                MADISON                       NY-27-39-241
HEAD, JOHN C.                LEBANON                       NY-27-27-157
HEAD, JOHN JR.               MADISON                       NY-27-G-73
HEAD, LUCY ANN               HAMILTON                      NY-27-P-427
HEAD, SANFORD                LEBANON                       NY-27-U-55
HEALY, NICHOLAS              HAMILTON                      NY-27-45-529
HEARD, GRACE M.              LENOX                         NY-27-41-367
HEARD, MATILDA H.            LENOX                         NY-27-Q-385
HEARD, ORPHA                 LENOX                         NY-27-27-205
HEARSEY, FANNY               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-P-127
HEARSEY, JOHN                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-F-225
HEATH, THADDEUS              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-32-487
HEFFRON, ALVIN               GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-P-421
HEFFRON, JOHN                NELSON                        NY-27-G-583
HEFFRON, JOSEPH R.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-45-175
HELFER, AUGUSTA              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-39-499
HEMINWAY, ABRAHAM            MADISON                       NY-27-BX-57
HENNESSEY, WINNIFRED         SULLIVAN                      NY-27-34-379
HENRY, FRANCIS               HAMILTON                      NY-27-C-278
HENRY, MYRON                 HAMILTON                      NY-27-36-271
HENRY, WILLIAM               HAMILTON                      NY-27-R-285
HERBENER, MARTIN             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-O-247
HERMAN, FREDERICK            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-27-565
HERRICK, ALANSON E.          LENOX                         NY-27-42-247
HERRICK, DENNISON            EATON                         NY-27-C-334
HERRICK, ESTHER              LENOX                         NY-27-Y-379
HERRICK, HENRY C.            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-43-145
HESLER, ABBIE M.             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-U-235
HESLER, ADAM                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-Q-205
HESLER, EPHRAIM B.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-X-73
HESLER, HENRY                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-38-319
HESLER, HENRY                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-N-397
HESS, DANIEL                 LENOX                         NY-27-42-223
HESS, DAVID                  FENNER                        NY-27-K-261
HESS, L'VANDER C.            FENNER                        NY-27-37-79
HESS, SARAH E.               LENOX                         NY-27-43-271
HESSLER, MARY E.             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-35-439
HEWIT, JOSIAH                LENOX                         NY-27-O-109
HEWS, MOSES                  GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-O-265
HIBBARD, ALLEN R.            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-42-157
HIBBARD, ASAHEL B.           BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-Q-55
HIBBARD, JOHN                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-S-457
HICKOK, ASAHEL               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-A-62
HICOX, JACOB                 HAMILTON                      NY-27-32-85
HIGGINS, ALDEN               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-35-499
HIGINBOTHAM, NILES           LENOX                         NY-27-34-403
HIGINBOTHAM, SANDS           LENOX                         NY-27-L-443
HIGLEY, AMELIA M.            DERUYTER                      NY-27-34-289
HILL, AMBROSE                LENOX                         NY-27-34-7
HILL, CHARLES A.             LENOX                         NY-27-41-433
HILL, CLARISSA M.            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-36-265
HILL, DANIEL P.              HAMILTON                      NY-27-33-325
HILL, GEORGE W.              LEBANON                       NY-27-37-283
HILL, HENRY E.               ERUYTER                       NY-27-35-193
HILL, ISAPHENA               FENNER                        NY-27-31-277
HILL, J. SOMERS              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-47-19
HILL, JAMES                  BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-H-541
HILL, LOUISA                 LENOX                         NY-27-38-253
HILL, LUCY                   EATON                         NY-27-32-355
HILL, MILO C.                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-U-325
HILL, SAVILLA M.             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-38-469
HILLS, ALBERT S.             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-C-371
HILLS, AMASA                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-28-445
HILLS, ASA H.                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-H-445
HILLS, CLARA                 LENOX                         NY-27-Y-415
HILLS, JAMES                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-27-487
HILLS, SPALDING              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-X-61
HINCKLEY, ISAAC              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-T-33
HINCKLY, DAVID               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-C-105
HINKLEY, OLIVER B.           BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-43-55
HINMAN, GROVE                STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-G-199
HITCHCOCK, ABEL              LEBANON                       NY-27-32-253
HITCHCOCK, CATHERINE         LENOX                         NY-27-W-457
HITCHCOCK, ISAAC             LEBANON                       NY-27-S-73
HITCHCOCK, LEVERITT          CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-Z-55
HITCHCOCK, LUKE              LENOX                         NY-27-G-397
HITCHCOCK, ROXANA C.         LEBANON                       NY-27-40-421
HITCHCOCK, SAMUEL            LENOX                         NY-27-J-469
HITCHCOCK, THOMAS            LEBANON                       NY-27-40-415
HITTER, JOHN C.              LENOX                         NY-27-Y-151
HOAG, MARBLE                 DERUYTER                      NY-27-S-19
HOARD, ENOS                  STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-I-205
HOARD, WILLIAM B.            STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-W-481
HOBBIE, JOHN                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-44-145
HOBBIE, LOUISA B.            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-44-277
HOBBS, ELIZABETH             HAMILTON                      NY-27-34-271
HOCKRIDGE, GEORGE W.         EATON                         NY-27-46-139
HODGE, FRED W.               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-44-55
HODGE, MERIAM                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-A-368
HODGES, ABIGAIL A.           BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-27-397
HOFFMAN, CORNELIUS           LENOX                         NY-27-J-229
HOFFMAN, FREDERICK           SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-N-229
HOLCOMB, ORLANDO             DERUYTER                      NY-27-S-187
HOLDEN, HENRY T.             ONEIDA                        NY-27-47-397
HOLLAND, HAMILTON            MADISON                       NY-27-Y-67
HOLLENBECK, ORRIN A.         LENOX                         NY-27-L-7
HOLLIDAY, SAMUEL             LENOX                         NY-27-D-254
HOLMES, ALVA                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-J-517
HOLMES, EDWARD               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-I-193
HOLMES, ELIJAH               HAMILTON                      NY-27-C-346
HOLMES, HERMMIA              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-27-247
HOLMES, ISRAEL               HAMILTON                      NY-27-J-511
HOLMES, JOSEPH               DERUYTER                      NY-27-G-253
HOLMES, LOVINA               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-X-277
HOLMES, LURENSEY             HAMILTON                      NY-27-38-265
HOLMES, NANCY A.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-27-37
HOLMES, WILLIAM B.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-C-132
HOLT, BETSEY                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-O-37
HOLT, IRA                    EATON                         NY-27-R-129
HOLT, JAMES C.               EATON                         NY-27-33-187
HOLT, MATILDA                EATON                         NY-27-38-85
HOLTON, JOSEPH               EATON                         NY-27-39-421
HONY, BRIDGET                LENOX                         NY-27-27-595
HOPCRAFT, GEORGE             LENOX                         NY-27-31-55
HOPKINS, CHILLINGWORTH       HAMILTON                      NY-27-C-130
HOPKINS, DANIEL              NELSON                        NY-27-F-15
HOPKINS, EUNICE              HAMILTON                      NY-27-G-535
HOPKINS, EUNICE S.           MADISON                       NY-27-42-499
HOPKINS, HARLOW              EATON                         NY-27-47-475
HOPKINS, ISAAC               EATON                         NY-27-32-91
HOPKINS, LEBBEUS             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-EX-152
HOPKINS, THOMAS E.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-Y-313
HOPPER, ALEXANDER MCGREGOR   LENOX                         NY-27-34-247
HOPPIN, SOPHIA M.            LEBANON                       NY-27-M-487
HOPPLE, JOSEPH               LENOX                         NY-27-T-429
HOPSON, CHARLOTTE            LENOX                         NY-27-34-463
HORAN, CATHERINE             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-28-73
HORTH, HARRIET A.            LENOX                         NY-27-Y-85
HORTON, AMANDA               STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-X-265
HORTON, CHAUNCEY             STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-C-286
HOSTLER, BENJAMIN            HAMILTON                      NY-27-38-277
HOTCHKIN, GEORGE M.          LEBANON                       NY-27-H-229
HOTCHKISS, CALVIN B.         LENOX                         NY-27-Y-247
HOTCHKISS, GEORGE C.         LENOX                         NY-27-28-163
HOTCHKISS, WAITSTILL         CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-A-140
HOUGH, ALFRED N.             LENOX                         NY-27-Q-601
HOUGHTON, MORRIS ADELBERT    STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-34-151
HOUSE, HENRY C.              STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-F-511
HOUSE, JAMES                 MADISON                       NY-27-V-415
HOUSE, PERSIS                STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-37-121
HOUSE, SARAH A.              MADISON                       NY-27-44-403
HOUSTON, THOMAS              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-C-147
HOVEY, DANIEL T.             EATON                         NY-27-P-319
HOWAD, CATHARINE             FENNER                        NY-27-T-423
HOWARD, ADIN                 MADISON                       NY-27-H-355
HOWARD, ALBERT               EATON                         NY-27-J-301
HOWARD, EBENEZER             EATON                         NY-27-D-51
HOWARD, ELIZA                MADISON                       NY-27-N-43
HOWARD, GROTON               FENNER                        NY-27-W-61
HOWARD, JOHN                 LENOX                         NY-27-O-115
HOWARD, JOHN M.              HAMILTON                      NY-27-K-1
HOWARD, MARY                 EATON                         NY-27-32-223
HOWARD, MARY P.              MADISON                       NY-27-J-25
HOWARD, SALMON               SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-L-329
HOWE, CYNTHIA J.             EATON                         NY-27-S-463
HOWE, ZOHAR                  SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-A-161
HOWELL, DAVID H.             SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-41-325
HOWES, ABIGAIL               MADISON                       NY-27-Z-235
HOWES, HEMAN                 MADISON                       NY-27-N-529
HOWES, MARY                  FENNER                        NY-27-O-31
HOXEY, CHARLES               LENOX                         NY-27-47-91
HOXIE, CLARK W.              MADISON                       NY-27-G-79
HOXIE, EZRA K.               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-Z-253
HOXIE, JOHN                  BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-K-303
HOXIE, LUKE                  BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-A-31
HOXIE, SOLOMON               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-J-277
HOXIE, STEPHEN               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-33-43
HOXIE, STEPHEN               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-B-78
HOXIE, THOMAS                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-27-223
HTUCHINSON, GEORGE           MADISON                       NY-27-X-235
HUBARD, FANNY                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-I-319
HUBBARD, AMANDA M.           HAMILTON                      NY-27-45-247
HUBBARD, ANNA F.             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-27-175
HUBBARD, ELIJAH              HAMILTON                      NY-27-W-415
HUBBARD, HANNAH E.           LENOX                         NY-27-37-397
HUBBARD, HIRAM               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-40-373
HUBBARD, IRA                 HAMILTON                      NY-27-C-100
HUBBARD, OLIVER              HAMILTON                      NY-27-B-274
HUBBARD, OLIVER K.           LEBANON                       NY-27-X-361
HUBBARD, SANFORD             LENOX                         NY-27-43-259
HUBBARD, SETH J.             LENOX                         NY-27-32-397
HUDSON, DENCY                EATON                         NY-27-Q-301
HUGHES, DAVID H.             NELSON                        NY-27-40-283
HUGHES, HUGH J.              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-44-199
HUGHES, WILLIAM              NELSON                        NY-27-V-145
HULBURT, JOHN A.             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-L-299
HULING, ISAAC W.             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-H-481
HULL, MINERVA                STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-27-343
HUMASTON, ASAPH              FENNER                        NY-27-D-348
HUMPHREY, ABBIE D.           GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-43-103
HUMPHREY, FANNY              NELSON                        NY-27-M-181
HUMPHRY, NORMAN              NELSON                        NY-27-E-44
HUNGERFORD, JACOB            FENNER                        NY-27-28-475
HUNT, ADELIA                 LENOX                         NY-27-47-511
HUNT, BENJAMIN F.            STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-C-324
HUNT, EUNICE O.              EATON                         NY-27-V-37
HUNT, LUTHER                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-45-157
HUNT, OTIS                   EATON                         NY-27-T-81
HUNT, WARREN                 DERUYTER                      NY-27-D-182
HUNTINGTON, NEHEMIAH         SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-E-64
HUNTLEY, ERASTUS             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-S-235
HURD, BENJAMIN               GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-K-249
HURD, BETHEL                 GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-CX-71
HURN, HATTIE E.              HAMILTON                      NY-27-41-79
HUTCHINS, LYDIA ANN          SULLIVAN                      NY-27-41-397
HUTCHINSON, CHARLES          FENNER                        NY-27-32-271
HUTCHINSON, LORING           FENNER                        NY-27-G-415
HUTCHINSON, MATTHIAS         CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-G-193
HUTCHINSON, PHILO            FENNER                        NY-27-F-93
HUTCHINSON, SAAH             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-X-307
HUYCK, JACOB P.              LENOX                         NY-27-L-401
HUYCK, MARIA                 LENOX                         NY-27-V-271
HYATT, ABIJAH                NELSON                        NY-27-F-207
HYATT, JANE S.               FENNER                        NY-27-47-67
HYATT, RACHEL                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-27-187
HYATT, STEPHEN               FENNER                        NY-27-36-145
HYDE, GEORGE W.              HAMILTON                      NY-27-A-289
HYDE, GEORGE W.              HAMILTON                      NY-27-A-303
HYDE, MARY ADELAIDE          FENNER                        NY-27-Y-337
HYLAND, JAMES                LEBANON                       NY-27-34-115
HYLAND, PATRICK              HAMILTON                      NY-27-R-321
INGALLS, ABIGAIL L.          HAMILTON                      NY-27-38-211
INGALLS, AMASA G.            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-B-17
INGALLS, CONRAD              SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-47-265
INGHAM, ALANSON              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-M-175
INGLES, ERASTUS              LENOX                         NY-27-35-163
INGRAHAM, ABEL               STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-G-421
INGRAHAM, BENJAMIN           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-M-373
INMAN, SARAH B.              FENNER                        NY-27-L-217
INSLEE, MARY WHATLEY         LENOX                         42-253
INSLEE, WILLIAM R.           LENOX                         NY-27-43-31
IRISH, CHARLOTTE C.          DERUYTER                      NY-27-G-577
ISAACS, SARAH L.             LEBANON                       NY-27-S-373
IVES, WILLIAM C.             SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-39-157
JACKMAN, WILLIAM P.          SULLIVAN                      NY-27-P-283
JACKSON, DANIEL              LENOX                         NY-27-L-127
JACKSON, HANNAH D.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-45-73
JACKSON, JAMES               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-45-181
JACKSON, WILLIAM             NELSON                        NY-27-O-199
JAKEWAY, NATHANIEL W.        STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-G-307
JAMES, ABEL                  LENOX                         NY-27-BX-128
JAMES, EDMUND                LEBANON                       NY-27-A-307
JAMES, THOMAS                LENOX                         NY-27-D-62
JAQUAY, JONATHAN             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-H-205
JAQUAY, JONATHAN             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-34-181
JARVIS, EMILY B.             LENOX                         NY-27-39-121
JARVIS, HELEN M.             LENOX                         NY-27-41-445
JARVIS, HENRY C.             LENOX                         NY-27-W-463
JARVIS, LANCELOT             LENOX                         NY-27-D-356
JARVIS, RICHARD              SCOTKBRIDGE                   NY-27-40-337
JARVIS, THOMAS N.            LENOX                         NY-27-32-187
JENCKS, ELMER D.             DERUYTER                      NY-27-S-151
JENKINS, ABIGAIL             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-28-193
JENKINS, FRANCES L.          SULLIVAN                      NY-27-32-493
JENKINS, GILBERT T.          CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-C-157
JENNINGS, CLINTON H.         NELSON                        NY-27-N-31
JENNINGS, URIAH              EATON                         NY-27-A-87
JEROME, BETHIAH              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-44-241
JEWELL, OLIVER               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-F-165
JEWELL, OLIVER               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-S-253
JEWETT, EDMOND               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-46-451
JOHNSON, AARON               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-31-487
JOHNSON, AMOS S.             LENOX                         NY-27-27-361
JOHNSON, ANSIL L.            LENOX                         NY-27-36-343
JOHNSON, BENJAMIN            HAMILTON                      NY-27-L-359
JOHNSON, CELINDA             HAMILTON                      NY-27-U-97
JOHNSON, DAVIS P.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-R-51
JOHNSON, ISAAC H.            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-T-9
JOHNSON, JAMES               EATON                         NY-27-41-151
JOHNSON, JOHN H.             LENOX                         NY-27-33-193
JOHNSON, JULIA ANN           LENOX                         NY-27-S-361
JOHNSON, MARY J.             LENOX                         NY-27-39-427
JOHNSON, NABBY               LENOX                         NY-27-L-371
JOHNSON, NATHANIEL           MADISON                       NY-27-B-96
JOHNSON, SILAS B.            LENOX                         NY-27-M-235
JOHNSON, WILLIAM             FENNER                        NY-27-R-453
JOHNSON, WILLIAM             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-BX-70
JOHNSTON, JAMES              SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-N-421
JOHNSTON, SCOTT W.           STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-34-121
JONES, ANNA                  HAMILTON                      NY-27-41-31
JONES, BARKER                FENNER                        NY-27-C-166
JONES, CAROLINE M.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-31-67
JONES, DAVID W.              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-M-391
JONES, EDWARD                EATON                         NY-27-J-169
JONES, EDWARD W.             LENOX                         NY-27-R-465
JONES, EVAN                  MADISON                       NY-27-39-223
JONES, HUGH                  CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-R-81
JONES, ITHAMER               EATON                         NY-27-S-439
JONES, ITHAMER               EATON                         NY-27-DX-34
JONES, JEREMIAH S.           EATON                         NY-27-43-367
JONES, JOHN JR.              HAMILTON                      NY-27-E-53
JONES, LYDIA                 HAMILTON                      NY-27-Z-241
JONES, MATHEW                MADISON                       NY-27-40-445
JONES, MORRIS                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-I-259
JONES, RICHARD               HAMILTON                      NY-27-41-61
JONES, SAMUEL B.             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-O-187
JONES, SAMUEL L.             NELSON                        NY-27-W-451
JONES, THOMAS                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-Z-481
JONES, TIMOTHY               MADISON                       NY-27-45-367
JONES, TIRZY M.              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-F-105
JONES, WARREN A.             DERUYTER                      NY-27-T-153
JONES, WILLIAM R.            EATON                         NY-27-U-451
JOSLIN, CHARLES              HAMILTON                      NY-27-C-306
JOSLIN, LESTER               EATON                         NY-27-Q-25
JUDD, MARSHALL               FENNER                        NY-27-J-211
JUDGE, DAVID                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-40-109
JUDSON, EMILY                HAMILTON                      NY-27-D-418
JUEL, THOMAS                 LEBANON                       NY-27-D-18
KASSON, WILLIAM              LENOX                         NY-27-C-68
KEARN, JOHN                  EATON                         NY-27-B-187
KEECH, EPHRAIM               EATON                         NY-27-39-307
KEECH, SAMUEL                STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-Y-253
KEELER, DAVID G.             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-40-307
KEELER, ESTELLA C.           FENNER                        NY-27-V-205
KEELER, HARLEY S.            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-U-397
KEELER, HORACE B.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-43-121
KEELER, LEWIS                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-Q-631
KEELER, NATHANIEL            FENNER                        NY-27-D-341
KEEN, ORPHA C.               LENOX                         NY-27-41-43
KEHOE, JOHN                  BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-45-49
KEITH, ABIGAIL               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-44-433
KEITH, ELBRIDGE              NELSON                        NY-27-R-93
KEITH, EUGENE                NELSON                        NY-27-46-481
KEITH, FANNY W.              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-W-289
KEITH, ISAAC NEWTON          BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-38-391
KEITH, JOHN                  BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-33-241
KEITH, LEVI                  NELSON                        NY-27-42-7
KEITH, PAMELIA               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-41-127
KELLER, MARY                 SULLIVAN                      NY-27-F-69
KELLEY, JAMES A.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-J-319
KELLOGG, AARON               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-L-121
KELLOGG, EMILY               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-X-31
KELLOGG, LYMAN B.            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-Z-487
KELLOGG, MARY                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-34-343
KELLOGG, WARREN              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-R-471
KELLOWAY, ANN MARIA          HAMILTON                      NY-27-X-19
KELLOWAY, EUNICE M.          HAMILTON                      NY-27-31-151
KELLOWAY, ISAAC              HAMILTON                      NY-27-Y-55
KELLY, CHRISTOPHER           LENOX                         NY-27-S-367
KELLY, DENNIS                FENNER                        NY-27-46-103
KELSEY, CHLOE                LENOX                         NY-27-28-361
KELSEY, MERRITT              LENOX                         NY-27-D-461
KELTY, ELIZABETH H.          SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-V-313
KENDRICK, NATHANIEL          HAMILTON                      NY-27-C-288
KENNEDY, ALFRED D.           EATON                         NY-27-47-199
KENNEDY, ANNA                DE RUYTER                     NY-27-W-313
KENNEDY, CHARLES L.          EATON                         NY-27-Y-97
KENNEDY, DANIEL              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-C-387
KENNEDY, JOHN                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-A-65
KENNEDY, MARY J.             EATON                         NY-27-45-283
KENNEDY, RICHARD             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-V-85
KENNEDY, ROBERT              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-39-361
KENNEDY, SARAH               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-40-463
KENNEY, CORA E.              GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-28-145
KENNY, MICHAEL               ONEIDA                        NY-27-45-85
KENT, JAMES D.               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-32-325
KENYON, ABBEY S.             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-X-7
KENYON, ELIJAH               LENOX                         NY-27-Z-259
KENYON, GAYLORD              HAMILTON                      NY-27-O-217
KENYON, GIDEON               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-C-319
KENYON, LUCINDA J.           STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-F-189
KENYON, SIMEON               LENOX                         NY-27-Z-463
KERN, GEORGE                 EATON                         NY-27-T-369
KERN, JOHN                   EATON                         NY-27-P-49
KERN, LAMBERT B.             DE RUYTER                     NY-27-44-109
KERN, MICHAEL                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-N-175
KERN, NANCY                  EATON                         NY-27-E-285
KERSHAW, MARSDEN             MADISON                       NY-27-31-85
KERSHAW, THOMAS              SHERBURNE, CHENANGO, NY       NY-27-A-280
KEST, LORINDA                HAMILTON                      NY-27-EX-126
KEYES, JOSIAH                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-B-300
KEYES, SHUBAEL               STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-L-263
KIBLER, PHILIP               MADISON                       NY-27-A-359
KILBORN, JANE                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-B-232
KILBORN, REBECCA             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-C-56
KILKIN, ESTHER M.            LENOX                         NY-27-33-25
KILTS, ABRAM                 LINCOLN                       NY-27-44-397
KILTS, CHRISTIAN             LENOX                         NY-27-K-453
KILTS, ELIZABETH             LENOX                         NY-27-M-313
KILTS, MARY                  SULLIVAN                      NY-27-S-163
KILTS, MOSES                 SULLIVAN                      NY-27-40-319
KILTS, NICHOLAS              LENOX                         NY-27-J-127
KILTS, NICHOLAS              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-S-289
KILTS, PHILIP A.             LENOX                         NY-27-P-145
KIMBALL, JAMES               LEBANON                       NY-27-32-289
KIMBALL, MARGARET            LENOX                         NY-27-R-417
KIMBALL, MARY ANN            HAMILTON                      NY-27-27-469
KIMBALL, NORMAN              LENOX                         NY-27-44-439
KIMBALL, PAUL D.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-27-475
KIMBERLY, SHERMAN            HAMILTON                      NY-27-27-445
KING, DANFORTH               MADISON                       NY-27-33-109
KING, NATHANIEL              HAMILTON                      NY-27-C-294
KING, UNITY M.               MADISON                       NY-27-V-133
KINGSBURY, ALLEN             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-D-329
KINGSLEY, AMOS               LEBANON                       NY-27-C-249
KINGSLEY, AVERY Z.           HAMILTON                      NY-27-41-163
KINGSLEY, DELOSS D.          BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-45-133
KINGSLEY, MARY J.            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-35-331
KINNEY, AZUBAH B.            EATON                         NY-27-H-403
KINNEY, MICHAEL W.           FENNER                        NY-27-32-451
KINSLEY, JANE F.             LENOX                         NY-27-Z-169
KINYON, ANGELIA              LENOX                         NY-27-36-469
KINYON, JOHN S.              LEBANON                       NY-27-35-301
KIRKLAND, ANN                LENOX                         NY-27-37-187
KITCHAM, ELIZA               STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-X-457
KLOCK, CONRADT               LENOX                         NY-27-CX-14
KLOCK, SOLOMON               LENOX                         NY-27-40-493
KNAPP, ISAAC                 MADISON                       NY-27-I-187
KNICKERBOCKER, HARLEY        EATON                         NY-27-W-499
KNIGHT, EARL                 STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-44-73
KNIGHT, OLIVIA               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-G-391
KNIGHT, PHEBE A.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-31-337
KNISKERN, HALAN P.           LENOX                         NY-27-39-355
KNOWLES, ELIZABETH           SULLIVAN                      NY-27-S-241
KNOWLES, JAMES               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-N-295
KNOWLTON, FIDELIA            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-38-493
KNOWLTON, GEORGE W.          DERUYTER                      NY-27-I-67
KNOX, ALVIN W.               NIELSON                       NY-27-E-77
KNOX, HANNAH                 NELSON                        NY-27-G-271
KNOX, JOHN                   NELSON                        NY-27-K-85
KNOX, LOUISA                 NELSON                        NY-27-N-433
KNOX, LUCIUS D.              NELSON                        NY-27-Z-145
KNOX, MILA                   NELSON                        NY-27-N-211
KNOX, WILLIAM                NELSON                        NY-27-C-374
KRUMBHAAR, HELEN L.          CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-O-331

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