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ABBERT, CLARINDA             MADISON                       NY-27-33-79
ABBERT, LEONARD              MADISON                       NY-27-32-169
ABBEY, ALONZO                HAMILTON                      NY-27-W-73
ABBEY, GEORGE                HAMILTON                      NY-27-V-241
ABBEY, JOHN                  MADISON                       NY-27-E-17
ABBOTT, ADOLPHUS             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-D-104
ABBOTT, ANNA M.              LENOX                         NY-27-37-145
ABBOTT, DANIEL               STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-36-433
ABBOTT, ERASTUS              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-V-421
ABBOTT, ESTHER               NELSON                        NY-27-32-295
ABBOTT, LYDIA C.             SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-34-61
ABBOTT, PHILENA              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-Y-307
ABBOTT, SALLY ANN            EATON                         NY-27-42-55
ABBOTT, THOMAS               GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-E-147
ABBOTT, WILLARD              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-A-51
ABBOTT, WILLIAM P.           SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-27-103
ABELL, HORATIO               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-D-115
ABELL, JABEZ                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-A-150
ABELL, MARY A.               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-47-319
ABERCROMBIE, CAROLINE M.     SULLIVAN                      NY-27-31-229
ACKLEY, ARTALISSA M.         HAMILTON                      NY-27-O-151
ACKLEY, BEVERLY C.           HAMILTON                      NY-27-46-121
ACKLEY, DANIEL C.            DERUYTER                      NY-27-J-367
ACKLEY, ELI                  HAMILTON                      NY-27-C-33
ACKLEY, JOSEPH C.            LENOX                         NY-27-40-169
ACKLEY, PHILO C.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-O-415
ACTON, ELIZABETH             EATON                         NY-27-H-139
ACTON, WILLIAM               EATON                         NY-27-B-94
ADAMS, ALMIRA                STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-41-7
ADAMS, ANDREW H.             SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-T-231
ADAMS, ANN G.                DERUYTER                      NY-27-Q-445
ADAMS, CAROLINE M.           LENOX                         NY-27-36-355
ADAMS, DAVID                 DERUYTER                      NY-27-L-103
ADAMS, DAVID                 SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-BX-95
ADAMS, DENECK                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-C-313
ADAMS, EUNICE W.             LENOX                         NY-27-Q-79
ADAMS, FREDERICK M.          LENOX                         NY-27-D-441
ADAMS, HENRY W.              LINCOLN                       NY-27-44-385
ADAMS, ISAAC                 LENOX                         NY-27-G-511
ADAMS, JOHN                  SULLIVAN                      NY-27-F-27
ADAMS, JOHN                  SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-G-565
ADAMS, MARY C.               LENOX                         NY-27-39-445
ADAS, GEORGE                 LENOX                         NY-27-CX-56
ADLE, JACOB                  LENOX                         NY-27-27-379
ADLE, JOHN I.                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-I-151
ADLE, JOSEPH                 LENOX                         NY-27-M-97
ADLE, LUCINDA                LINCOLN                       NY-27-43-547
ALBE, JOHN                   EATON                         NY-27-C-137
ALBEE, DANIEL                HAMILTON                      NY-27-F-487
ALBEE, SILAS                 EATON                         NY-27-V-343
ALDEN, CHESTER               STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-V-127
ALDEN, SAMUEL                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-D-409
ALDRICH, EUNICE              EATON                         NY-27-45-37
ALEXANDER, CALVIN            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-H-307
ALGER, OLIVER                NELSON                        NY-27-C-283
ALGER, ORRIN                 NELSON                        NY-27-C-364
ALLARD, HYRUM                GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-J-31
ALLARD, MARY                 GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-44-283
ALLEN, ALFRED                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-38-109
ALLEN, ANN M.                ONEIDA                        NY-27-47-187
ALLEN, ARMINDA               DERUYTER                      NY-27-37-337
ALLEN, ARVILLA W.            LENOX                         NY-27-27-433
ALLEN, CALEB S.              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-D-354
ALLEN, CHARLES               LENOX                         NY-27-O-19
ALLEN, CHARLES E.            FENNER                        NY-27-32-277
ALLEN, DANIEL                EATON                         NY-27-B-31
ALLEN, HARRISON S.           LENOX                         NY-27-46-85
ALLEN, J. MILTON             LENOX                         NY-27-K-141
ALLEN, JOHN M.               FENNER                        NY-27-37-445
ALLEN, JOHN S.               EATON                         NY-27-N-451
ALLEN, JOHN W.               LENOX                         NY-27-O-295
ALLEN, JONATHAN              DE RUYTER                     NY-27-43-133
ALLEN, MARY A.               EATON                         NY-27-43-157
ALLEN, MARY E.               LENOX                         NY-27-34-91
ALLEN, NANCY                 LENOX                         NY-27-28-181
ALLEN, ROSELLE               GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-39-103
ALLEN, SARAH A.              LENOX                         NY-27-31-103
ALLEN, SELINDA S.            LENOX                         NY-27-33-169
ALLEN, SOPHRONIA E.          CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-47-307
ALLEN, WIL                   CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-J-565
ALLEN, WINTHROP              HAMILTON                      NY-27-38-295
ALVERSON, ARNOLD             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-J-43
ALVORD, BENJAMIN             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-AX-88
ALVORD, SUSAN                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-N-277
ALWORTH, HANNAH              SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-A-394
AMES, TEMPERANCE             GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-P-385
AMIDON, ICHABOD              EATON                         NY-27-G-247
AMSBY, TRUMAN                GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-L-169
ANDERSON, JAMES              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-Q-451
ANDERSON, JOSEPH             SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-A-80
ANDERSON, THOMAS             EATON                         NY-27-A-353
ANDREWS, HIRAM               LENOX                         NY-27-41-109
ANDREWS, PHILANDER K.        LENOX                         NY-27-Z-133
ANDRUS, HEZEKIAH             MADISON                       NY-27-FX-11
ANGUISH, ANDREW              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-W-229
ANGUISH, HARRIET E.          SULLIVAN                      NY-27-40-235
ANGUISH, HENRY               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-N-91
ANGUISH, JANE E.             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-28-37
ANNAS, ABIJAH N.             DERUYTER                      NY-27-33-115
ANNAS, ALANSON               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-44-493
ANNIS, OLIVER                FENNER                        NY-27-A-164
ANTHONY, GEORGE              LENOX                         NY-27-F-475
ANTHONY, JOHN                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-EX-133
ANTHONY, JOSEPH              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-C-52
APPLEFORD, WILLIAM           EATON                         NY-27-U-211
ARITY, DAVID                 MADISON                       NY-27-Q-229
ARKENBURG, NICHOLAS          LENOX                         NY-27-W-439
ARMOUR, JULIA B.             SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-U-181
ARMOUR, LYMAN                SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-X-253
ARMOUR, VOLNEY               SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-D-2
ARMSTRONG, AZEL B.           MADISON                       NY-27-46-205
ARMSTRONG, JABIN             LEBANON                       NY-27-S-13
ARMSTRONG, REUBEN G.         HAMILTON                      NY-27-W-139
ARNOLD, MARTIN               LENOX                         NY-27-42-403
ARNOLD, THOMAS               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-34-337
ASHTON, SAMUEL B.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-33-379
ATKINS, ELIZA J.             STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-37-271
ATKINSON, ELIZABETH          CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-47-343
ATKINSON, WILLAIM            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-N-289
ATTRIDGE, ANDREW             LENOX                         NY-27-36-331
ATWELL, FANNY                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-I-337
ATWELL, JAMES                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-G-385
ATWELL, WILLIAM G.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-D-362
AUSTARMAN, BARNEY            LENOX                         NY-27-41-403
AUSTEN, JENNIE F.            LENOX                         NY-27-45-187
AUSTIN, ANNA MARIA           DE RUYTER                     NY-27-27-199
AUSTIN, GEORGE               GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-43-283
AUSTIN, GEORGE W.            LEBANON                       NY-27-32-331
AUSTIN, ORRIN                SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-V-43
AUSTIN, ROBERT               GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-R-243
AUSTIN, SAMUEL               DERUYTER                      NY-27-X-403
AUSTIN, SARAH                SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-44-295
AUSTIN, THOMAS               MADISON                       NY-27-27-391
AVERY, ABRAHAM               HAMILTON                      NY-27-C-210
AVERY, AUGUSTA M.            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-42-373
AVERY, CALVIN                LENOX                         NY-27-G-115
AVERY, CORNELIA B.           LENOX                         NY-27-S-379
AVERY, DE RUYTER             EATON                         NY-27-C-369
AVERY, JARED                 LENOX                         NY-27-V-1
AVERY, JOHN                  LENOX                         NY-27-E-133
AVERY, LYMAN                 LENOX                         NY-27-44-319
AVERY, MARTHA C.             LENOX                         NY-27-44-151
AVERY, RALPH H.              LENOX                         NY-27-33-259
AVERY, SLUMAN                LENOX                         NY-27-P-151
AYER, FANNY                  CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-36-115
AYER, GEORGE W.              EATON                         NY-27-D-172
AYER, LOUISA L.              EATON                         NY-27-38-55
AYER, WILLIAM W.             FENNER                        NY-27-L-151
AYERS, ANNA                  SULLIVAN                      NY-27-D-17
AYERS, HARRIET               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-45-109
AYRES, JOSHUA                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-T-165
AYRES, REUBEN D.             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-35-337
B ROWN, NELSON               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-36-85
BABCOCK, AMANDA C.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-41-73
BABCOCK, BENJAMIN W.         HAMILTON                      NY-27-G-493
BABCOCK, CAROLINE L.         BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-36-367
BABCOCK, CHARLES             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-A-175
BABCOCK, DAVID               CAZENVIA                      NY-27-D-403
BABCOCK, GEORGE H.           MADISON                       NY-27-45-79
BABCOCK, GEORGE R.           BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-G-109
BABCOCK, HEZEKIAH            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-H-325
BABCOCK, JONATHAN            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-J-205
BABCOCK, LAUREN H.           DE RUYTER                     NY-27-39-67
BABCOCK, LAURENS             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-38-37
BABCOCK, NATHAN              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-K-393
BABCOCK, OLIVER              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-T-207
BABCOCK, OLIVER              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-40-385
BABCOCK, POLLY               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-C-38
BABCOCK, SAMUEL              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-D-350
BACKUS, EBENEZER             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-A-7
BACON, CURTIS                MADISON                       NY-27-X-325
BACON, EZRA                  SULLIVAN                      NY-27-C-174
BACON, LOUISA                FENNER                        NY-27-39-199
BADLEY, MARTHA               FENNER                        NY-27-40-103
BAGLEY, MARY                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-36-157
BAILEY, ASA R.               NELSON                        NY-27-37-163
BAILEY, CATHARINE D.         BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-35-151
BAILEY, ELI J.               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-J-217
BAILEY, EUNICE V.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-Q-439
BAILEY, JAMES                NELSON                        NY-27-J-265
BAILEY, PHILA A.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-33-7
BAILEY, ROXANA               EATON                         NY-27-Q-283
BAIN, PETER                  LENOX                         NY-27-I-169
BAITS, BENJAMIN H.           EATON                         NY-27-A-54
BAITS, JONATHAN              LEBANON                       NY-27-EX-156
BAKER, BETSEY M.             LENOX                         NY-27-L-269
BAKER, CHARLES               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-27-373
BAKER, CORNELIUS             LEBANON                       NY-27-R-195
BAKER, ELVIRA C.             LENOX                         NY-27-39-97
BAKER, FRANCIS N.            SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-A-149
BAKER, JAMES                 STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-Y-103
BAKER, JESSE                 HAMILTON                      NY-27-Q-487
BAKER, LYDIA                 MADISON                       NY-27-P-211
BAKER, MARY S.               HAMILTON                      NY-27-W-169
BAKER, NELSON                HAMILTON                      NY-27-M-103
BAKER, SAMUEL                LEBAON                        NY-27-L-37
BAKER, SOLOMON               HAMILTON                      NY-27-36-61
BAKER, SUSAN                 ONEIDA                        NY-27-46-415
BAKER, WALTER                LEBANON                       NY-27-A-379
BAKER, WILLIAM H.            LENOX                         NY-27-O-103
BALDWIN, ALLEN A.            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-32-283
BALDWIN, LEVERETT            LENOX                         NY-27-A-17
BALDWIN, PALMER              NELSON                        NY-27-F-231
BALL, JOSEPH                 HAMILTON                      NY-27-T-75
BALLARD, AYLMER              LEBANON                       NY-27-Y-349
BALLARD, CHANDLER            LEBANON                       NY-27-G-487
BALLOU, NANCY                FENNER                        NY-27-F-327
BALLOU, QUINCY A.            FENNER                        NY-27-F-421
BALLOU, WILLIAM              FENNER                        NY-27-C-275
BALSLEY, ALVA RODOLPHUS      SULLIVAN                      NY-27-45-13
BAMBER, ROBERT               LENOX                         NY-27-35-289
BANAGAN, MARY J.             SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-28-109
BANNING, JOSEPH              HAMILTON                      NY-27-33-433
BANNING, OZRO D.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-42-415
BARBER, ALMIRA               STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-H-61
BARBER, AMASA                DERUYTER                      NY-27-N-493
BARBER, ANNA                 STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-28-295
BARBER, BENJAMIN F.          LENOX                         NY-27-G-223
BARBER, DARLIN               FENNER                        NY-27-44-235
BARBER, EZEKIEL              STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-M-7
BARBER, HARRIET C.           HAMILTON                      NY-27-36-481
BARBER, JOHN                 FENNER                        NY-27-N-7
BARBER, MANDANA              STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-R-423
BARDIN, ELBRDIGE G.          HAMILTON                      NY-27-38-115
BARDIN, SOPHRONIA K.         HAMILTON                      NY-27-42-409
BARDUN, MARY                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-42-73
BARDWELL, ESTUS H.           NELSON                        NY-27-B-289
BARKER, ALONZO WAYNE         LENOX                         NY-27-36-451
BARKER, DANIEL               MADISON                       NY-27-J-571
BARKER, ELIZABETH            MADISON                       NY-27-C-152
BARKER, HANNAH L.            MADISON                       NY-27-S-7
BARKER, JAMES                MADISON                       NY-27-J-73
BARKER, MARYETTE             MADISON                       NY-27-M-463
BARKER, RUSSELL              MADISON                       NY-27-BX-98
BARKER, RUTHERFORD           MADISON                       NY-27-B-14
BARLOW, EMILY B.             EATON                         NY-27-34-295
BARLOW, THOMAS               LENOX                         NY-27-44-67
BARNARD, BENJAMIN            HAMILTON                      NY-27-27-73
BARNARD, PARDON              LENOX                         NY-27-B-167
BARNARD, REUBEN              DERUYTER                      NY-27-EX-76
BARNES, DAVID R.             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-36-337
BARNES, GEORGE W.            DE RUYTER                     NY-27-C-261
BARNES, SEYMOUR H.           LENOX                         NY-27-O-169
BARNETT, SAMUEL W.           HAMILTON                      NY-27-Q-157
BARR, NATHANIEL              LEBANON                       NY-27-Z-451
BARR, ROBERT S.              STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-31-349
BARR, ROBERT S.              STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-31-319
BARRETT, ANTHONY             FENNER                        NY-27-C-307
BARRETT, FANNY               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-S-295
BARRETT, PARKHURST A.        FENNER                        NY-27-D-7
BARRETT, SARAH ANN           FENNER                        NY-27-Y-139
BARRON, ALFRED               LENOX                         NY-27-39-247
BASCOM, CALEB                LENOX                         NY-27-37-421
BASCOM, EZEKIEL              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-B-295
BASCOM, SARAH                LENOX                         NY-27-D-452
BASS, FREELOVE I.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-35-247
BASS, HENRY E.               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-36-7
BASS, WILLIAM W.             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-31-355
BASSETT, LEWIS               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-R-153
BASSETT, MOSES               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-I-19
BASTIAN, FRANCIS Z.          LEBANON                       NY-27-R-135
BATEMAN, BENJAMIN            HAMILTON                      NY-27-N-25
BATES, HENRY A.              EATON                         NY-27-U-259
BATES, JAMES N.              ONEIDA                        NY-27-44-535
BATES, JEREMIAH              LENOX                         NY-27-N-151
BATES, JOHN                  SULLIVAN                      NY-27-47-109
BATES, LUCY                  LENOX                         NY-27-27-91
BATES, MARY M.               EATON                         NY-27-42-367
BATTER, CONRAD               SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-R-219
BATTLES, DANIEL              HAMILTON                      NY-27-EX-221
BAUER, AUGUST                LENOX                         NY-27-36-127
BAYLIS, BENJAMIN             SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-28-1
BEACH, AARON                 MADISON                       NY-27-CX-181
BEACH, AMOS                  SULLIVAN                      NY-27-EX-79
BEACH, ANDREW B.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-H-175
BEACH, CHAUNCEY              MADISON                       NY-27-L-287
BEACH, ETHAN H.              HAMILTON                      NY-27-Q-127
BEACH, JARREL J.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-D-64
BEACH, WILLIAM S.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-J-61
BECKWITH, JAMES              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-28-25
BECKWITH, MARY A.            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-39-253
BECKWITH, MARY J.            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-35-229
BECKWITH, POLLY              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-E-47
BECKWITH, ROSWELL            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-N-67
BEEBE, AMOS                  HAMILTON                      NY-27-39-373
BEEBE, DARIUS                HAMILTON                      NY-27-43-463
BEEBE, DAVID                 SULLIVAN                      NY-27-C-54
BEEBE, DAVID                 SULLIVAN                      NY-27-A-361
BEEBE, ELEAZER               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-X-115
BEEBE, FRANK D.              HAMILTON                      NY-27-39-301
BEEBE, JAMES                 SULLIVAN                      NY-27-K-135
BEEBE, JENNETT               FENNER                        NY-27-P-277
BEEBE, JUSTIN                HAMILTON                      NY-27-Q-211
BEEBE, LOIS                  HAMILTON                      NY-27-T-387
BEEBE, LYMAN J.              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-38-127
BEEBE, PHEBE                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-31-25
BEEBE, SOLOMON               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-A-2
BEEBEE, ALEXANDER M.         HAMILTON                      NY-27-44-175
BEECHER, SAMUEL              HAMILTON                      NY-27-37-475
BEECHER, SYLVESTER           LENOX                         NY-27-C-340
BEECKER, WALTER              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-FX-27
BEEKMAN, CHARLES E.          EATON                         NY-27-46-313
BEHAN, PATRICK               LENOX                         NY-27-41-391
BELL, JANE P.                LENOX                         NY-27-Q-223
BELL, ORVILLE                LENOX                         NY-27-27-241
BELL, SELINA                 LENOX                         NY-27-31-115
BELLINGER, CATHARINE         STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-37-247
BELLINGER, JOHN              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-DX-81
BELLOWS, ABIGAIL S.          EATON                         NY-27-P-577
BELLOWS, ALFRED D.           EATON                         NY-27-33-199
BELTON, JAMES                LENOX                         NY-27-27-535
BENEDICT, NATHAN             GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-K-291
BENJAMIN, ELIJAH C.          DERUYTER                      NY-27-36-37
BENJAMIN, ELIJAH E.          DERUYTER                      NY-27-V-187
BENJAMIN, SUSANNA            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-S-175
BENJAMIN, THOMAS             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-S-169
BENNETT, ANDREW J.           SULLIVAN                      NY-27-32-61
BENNETT, DAVID               EATON                         NY-27-D-343
BENNETT, DUNA                EATON                         NY-27-27-277
BENNETT, ELIJAH              NELSON                        NY-27-F-159
BENNETT, HANNAH L.           EATON                         NY-27-M-475
BENNETT, JAMES A.            LENOX                         NY-27-Q-31
BENNETT, JOHN                LEBANON                       NY-27-32-259
BENNETT, JOHN                LENOX                         NY-27-Q-469
BENTLEY, JONATHAN            DERUYSTER                     NY-27-B-225
BERRY, ELIZAETT              ONEIDA                        NY-27-44-121
BERRY, GEORGE                ONEIDA                        NY-27-44-217
BERRY, JOHN                  BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-B-175
BERTHANY, JAMES B.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-D-29
BERTHRONG, LUCIUS W.         CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-I-313
BETSINGER, HENRY             LENOX                         NY-27-C-96
BETSINGER, JOHN              LENOX                         NY-27-C-280
BETTINGER, JOHN              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-42-121
BETTINGER, LEONARD           SULLIVAN                      NY-27-H-559
BETTINGER, NICHOLAS          SULLIVAN                      NY-27-X-379
BICKNELL, MOSES              EATON                         NY-27-M-133
BIDWELL, HENRY K.            MADISON                       NY-27-35-133
BIDWELL, LOUISA              MADISON                       NY-27-42-361
BIGELOW, SARAH               STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-Y-295
BILLINGS, CALVIN M.          LEBANON                       NY-27-27-529
BILLINGS, DAVID              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-B-137
BILLINGS, JABEZ              LEBANON                       NY-27-A-167
BILLINGS, STILLMAN L.        FENNER                        NY-27-U-331
BILLINGS, TRUMAN             LEBANON                       NY-27-D-385
BILLINGTON, CHARLES          SULLIVAN                      NY-27-V-223
BILLINGTON, SAMUEL           SULLIVAN                      NY-27-C-378
BIRKIN, THOMAS W.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-F-171
BIRKLE, CASPER               LENOX                         NY-27-T-447
BISBE, REUBEN                LEBANON                       NY-27-K-195
BISHOP, ALONZO               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-28-319
BISHOP, CHARITY              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-40-97
BISHOP, HENRY N.             ONEIDA                        NY-27-46-391
BISHOP, JOHN                 MADISON                       NY-27-31-331
BISHOP, NORRIS K.            LENOX                         NY-27-39-415
BISHOP, THOMAS P.            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-P-271
BISHOPP, JOHN                MADISON                       NY-27-36-301
BISSELL, ABEL S.             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-S-385
BISSELL, AMELIA L.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-U-163
BLACK, ELIZABETH             SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-R-189
BLACK, JOSEPH C.             SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-D-56
BLAIR, HARVEY                MADISON                       NY-27-Q-115
BLAIR, HORACE J.             LEBANON                       NY-27-H-349
BLAIR, JASPER                LENOX                         NY-27-Q-661
BLAIR, JEREMIAH              NELSON                        NY-27-34-481
BLAIR, JOHN D.               LEBANON                       NY-27-L-449
BLAIR, ORIN A.               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-43-535
BLAIR, PHILO E.              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-31-259
BLAIR, SARAH A.              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-35-325
BLAIR, SETH                  MADISON                       NY-27-N-475
BLAISDELL, SILAS R.          LENOX                         NY-27-D-450
BLAKE, GEORGE                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-X-415
BLAKESLEE, ASA               FENNER                        NY-27-G-331
BLAKESLEE, CHARLES           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-Q-511
BLAKESLEE, DAVID             EATON                         NY-27-L-229
BLAKESLEE, GERRIT            FENNER                        NY-27-35-469
BLAKESLEE, MORRIS            SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-R-27
BLAKESLEE, MORRIS J.         EATON                         NY-27-33-439
BLAKSLEE, LYMAN              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-EX-124
BLAKSLEE, NOAH               FENNER                        NY-27-C-144
BLAKSLEE, SARAH JANE         HAMILTON                      NY-27-27-79
BLANDING, LAVILLE F.         BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-28-349
BLANDING, LUCY M.            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-37-97
BLANDING, WILLIAM            HAMILTON                      NY-27-A-284
BLEEKMAN, IRENA J.           ONEIDA                        NY-27-43-517
BLIGH, WILLIAM               LENOX                         NY-27-F-123
BLINN, ELISHA                EATON                         NY-27-34-25
BLISH, JOHN D.               HAMILTON                      NY-27-H-361
BLISS, AARON                 SULLIVAN                      NY-27-41-169
BLISS, CALVIN                GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-B-293
BLISS, EDWARD                SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-36-349
BLISS, LYMAN                 SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-Q-505
BLISS, SAMUEL C.             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-40-25
BLOSS, MARIA                 SULLIVAN                      NY-27-47-163
BLOWERS, TRUMAN S.           NELSON                        NY-27-46-271
BLOWN, NOAH                  BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-E-20
BLY, ASA                     EATON                         NY-27-F-279
BOARDMAN, ADRIAN V.          SULLIVAN                      NY-27-33-289
BOARDMAN, GEORGE S.          CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-S-1
BOEHM, JOHN                  ONEIDA                        NY-27-45-241
BOGAN, JOSEPH                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-S-217
BOND, ANDREW                 SULLIVAN                      NY-27-41-13
BOND, BENJAMINF .            MADISON                       NY-27-31-79
BOND, CHARLES E.             FENNER                        NY-27-44-463
BOND, DARIUS                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-K-55
BOND, MARBLE                 MADISON                       NY-27-J-55
BOND, ORRIN                  FENNER                        NY-27-44-43
BONFOY, MYRON I.             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-42-475
BONNEY, BENJAMIN F.          HAMILTON                      NY-27-47-517
BONNEY, HEMAN                HAMILTON                      NY-27-D-400
BONNEY, LEVI                 EATON                         NY-27-E-60
BONNEY, LYMAN F.             GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-U-355
BONNEY, ORRIN                EATON                         NY-27-33-223
BONNEY, SARAH                EATON                         NY-27-L-205
BONNEY, WILLIAM F.           HAMILTON                      NY-27-Q-409
BONNY, LEVI                  HAMILTON                      NY-27-EX-13
BOOTH, ABEL                  MADISON                       NY-27-BX-113
BORDEN, SPENCER E.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-O-127
BORDWELL, DOLLY N. C.        CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-46-55
BORDWELL, JOEL               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-X-211
BORDWELL, PETER              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-46-97
BORDWELL, SAMUEL             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-D-178
BORESA, ABRAHAM              LENOX                         NY-27-B-44
BORTLE, HENRY                LENOX                         NY-27-N-217
BORTLE, WILLIAM J.           ONEIDA                        NY-27-46-511
BOSTWICK, WILLIAM F.         GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-R-249
 BOSWORTH, JENNIE S.         FENNER                        NY-27-42-487
BOSWORTH, LAURA              SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-Z-115
BOSWORTH, MARIA P.           LINCOLN                       NY-27-46-499
BOSWORTH, OBEDIAH            LENOX                         NY-27-S-499
BOSWORTH, WILLIAM V.         LINCOLN                       NY-27-45-271
BOWEN, MARY E.               EATON                         NY-27-40-223
BOWEN, RUTH AMELIA           LEBANON                       NY-27-47-403
BOWMAN, JACOB L.             LENOX                         NY-27-35-307
BOYER, GEOGE                 LENOX                         NY-27-39-91
BOYER, JAMES                 ONEIDA                        NY-27-45-505
BOYER, VALENTINE             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-AX-147
BOYLAN, CATHARINE            STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-45-511
BOYLAN, PATRICK              ONEIDA                        NY-27-43-541
BOYLE, SUSAN                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-37-157
BOYNE, WILLIAM               ONEIDA                        NY-27-44-253
BRADLEY, JONATHAN            EATON                         NY-27-J-343
BRADLEY, WILLIAM             NELSON                        NY-27-BX-35
BRAINARD, ANN                HAMILTON                      NY-27-37-469
BRAINARD, DIODATE            HAMILTON                      NY-27-28-409
BRAINARD, ELIJAH             HAMILTON                      NY-27-K-37
BRAINARD, EPHRAIM            HAMILTON                      NY-27-G-517
BRAINARD, EZRA               HAMILTON                      NY-27-D-59
BRAINARD, EZRA A.            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-45-421
BRAINARD, JONATHAN           DERUYTER                      NY-27-F-9
BRAINARD, MARIETTE           HAMILTON                      NY-27-38-475
BRAINARD, OLIVE              HAMILTON                      NY-27-E-122
BRAINARD, OLIVER D.          HAMILTON                      NY-27-Q-547
BRAINARD, ORRIN              HAMILTON                      NY-27-J-439
BRAINARD, SAMUEL A.          HAMILTON                      NY-27-J-403
BRAINARD, WILLIAM G.         HAMILTON                      NY-27-G-91
BRAND, SAMUEL                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-H-457
BREED, AURELIUA              DERUYTER                      NY-27-R-3
BREED, JOSHUA                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-E-130
BREESE, EVAN                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-U-253
BREESE, SAMUEL               LENOX                         NY-27-P-301
BRENNAN, THOMAS              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-46-541
BRETT, CHARLES E.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-X-217
BRIDGE, AMOS                 LENOX                         NY-27-K-321
BRIDGE, JONAS                MADISON                       NY-27-H-337
BRIDGE, JULIA A.             LENOX                         NY-27-M-421
BRIDGE, MARY A.              LENOX                         NY-27-Z-19
BRIDGE, WILLIAM              LENOX                         NY-27-H-67
BRIDGE, WILLIAM              STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-R-489
BRIDGE, WILLIAMS             STOCKBRDIGE                   NY-27-44-115
BRIGGS, ANN                  LEBANON                       NY-27-U-43
BRIGGS, AUSTIN P.            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-33-265
BRIGGS, JONATHAN M.          LEBANON                       NY-27-I-199
BRIGGS, RUFUS R.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-27-523
BRIGGS, THOMAS               LENOX                         NY-27-W-337
BRIGHAM, CHARLOTTE           EATON                         NY-27-36-487
BRIGHAM, HENRY               EATON                         NY-27-Y-199
BRIGHAM, SAMUEL              HAMILTON                      NY-27-D-278
BRIGHTMAN, HENRY             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-H-319
BRINKERHOFF, MARY E. ***     SULLIVAN                      NY-27-X-331
BRISTOL, BENJAMIN C.         HAMILTON                      NY-27-41-115
BRISTOL, DANIEL              LEBANON                       NY-27-AX-151
BRISTOL, MARY P.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-41-415
BRITT, ELLEN                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-42-343
BROCKETT, CAROLINE A.        MADISON                       NY-27-36-67
BROCKETT, CHARLES Z.         MADISON                       NY-27-42-49
BROCKETT, ELIZABETH H.       MADISON                       NY-27-28-487
BRONSON, WESTEL              HAMILTON                      NY-27-J-499
BROOKS, EMALINE              HAMILTON                      NY-27-44-13
BROOKS, JAMES W.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-Q-145
BROOKS, JOHN                 ONEIDA                        NY-27-46-355
BROOKS, MARIA H.             LENOX                         NY-27-37-127
BROOKS, ORRIN                SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-X-199
BROPHY, WILLIAM              LENOX                         NY-27-37-355
BROTHERS, FRANCIS            LENOX                         NY-27-36-1
BROVER, CORNELIUS            HAMILTON                      NY-27-M-277
BROWN, ABIGAIL               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-Y-157
BROWN, ADIN                  BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-Y-445
BROWN, ADOLPHUS              EATON                         NY-27-B-47
BROWN, ALPHA                 EATON                         NY-27-O-313
BROWN, AMANDA M.             EATON                         NY-27-47-313
BROWN, ANGELINE              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-44-361
BROWN, ANNA C.               MADISON                       NY-27-X-409
BROWN, BENJAMIN              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-T-303
BROWN, CHARLES               EATON                         NY-27-B-172
BROWN, CHARLES               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-47-493
BROWN, DANIEL                HAMILTON                      NY-27-B-279
BROWN, DARWIN                EATON                         NY-27-T-195
BROWN, ELEAZER               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-DX-2
BROWN, ELMIRA                EATON                         NY-27-P-229
BROWN, ELSENA P.             GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-41-349
BROWN, EMERSON               SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-D-109
BROWN, EMERSON               SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-C-233
BROWN, ESTHER                SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-A-230
BROWN, GEORGE C.             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-N-325
BROWN, HARRIET J.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-45-403
BROWN, HARRIET S.            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-37-241
BROWN, HELEN J.              DERUYTER                      NY-27-U-421
BROWN, HELEN L.              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-47-499
BROWN, HEMAN A.              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-37-199
BROWN, HENRY                 GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-D-291
BROWN, ISAAC                 STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-J-337
BROWN, JAMES                 STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-F-541
BROWN, JAMES                 MADISON                       NY-27-P-367
BROWN, JAMES H.              EATON                         NY-27-Y-229
BROWN, JOHN                  BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-CX-137
BROWN, JOHN                  BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-I-283
BROWN, JOHN                  GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-D-439
BROWN, JOSEPH                MADISON                       NY-27-D-415
BROWN, JOSHUA                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-R-333
BROWN, JULIA ANN             HAMILTON                      NY-27-37-31
BROWN, JUSTUS R.             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-38-499
BROWN, LOREN W.              GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-34-277
BROWN, LUTHER                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-28-49
BROWN, M. NETTIE             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-46-295
BROWN, MARGARET              BARABOO, SAUK, WI             NY-27-27-301
BROWN, MARTHA                EATON                         NY-27-R-165
BROWN, MARY ANN              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-46-193
BROWN, MURRAY                STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-B-61
BROWN, MURREY                STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-D-257
BROWN, NATHAN                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-AX-27
BROWN, OLIVER                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-D-142
BROWN, OLIVER                STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-J-163
BROWN, OTHNIEL               SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-V-19
BROWN, PELEG                 EATON                         NY-27-B-118
BROWN, PHILANDER M.          STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-X-1
BROWN, PHILIP P.             MADISON                       NY-27-R-393
BROWN, POLLY                 STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-B-13
BROWN, REBECCA               SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-D-34
BROWN, ROSETTA               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-47-385
BROWN, SALLY                 STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-J-331
BROWN, SAMUEL                EATON                         NY-27-47-427
BROWN, SAMUEL H.             EATON                         NY-27-41-331
BROWN, SARAH                 STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-W-493
BROWN, SARAH                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-27-169
BROWN, SARAH F.              LENOX                         NY-27-33-487
BROWN, SIMEON                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-EX-105
BROWN, TIMOTHY               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-A-377
BROWN, TIMOTHY G.            DERUYTER                      NY-27-Z-319
BROWN, WALTER L.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-38-349
BROWNELL, ALFRED             MADISON                       NY-27-L-145
BROWNELL, FRANCES G.         MADISON                       NY-27-T-465
BROWNELL, PHEBE              MADISON                       NY-27-B-142
BROWNELL, SAMUEL             MADISON                       NY-27-J-259
BROWNELL, SAMUEL             MADISON                       NY-27-CX-64
BROWNSN, SIMEON              FENNER                        NY-27-D-191
BRUCE, BENJAMIN F.           LENOX                         NY-27-33-55
BRUCE, HENRY K. W.           LENOX                         NY-27-28-139
BRUMLEY, NANNETTE H.         CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-U-91
BRUSH, AARON B.              LENOX                         NY-27-T-147
BRUSH, JANE S.               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-32-181
BRUSH, MARY A.               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-V-49
BRUSIE, ROBERT               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-M-127
BRYANT, WILLIAM              LENOX                         NY-27-31-223
BUCHER, HAMILTON             LENOX                         NY-27-Z-211
BUCKINGHAM, REUBEN           GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-EX-223
BUEL, ELI                    HAMILTON                      NY-27-N-127
BUELL, CHAUNCEY              LEBANON                       NY-27-J-91
BUELL, ELIJAH                HAMILTON                      NY-27-D-433
BUELL, PHILANDER C.          LEBANON                       NY-27-K-91
BUELL, TIMOTHY F.            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-27-265
BUELL, WILLIAM F.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-T-27
BULGER, ELLEN                LENOX                         NY-27-N-199
BULGER, JOHN                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-35-493
BULGER, PATRICK              STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-S-469
BULL, ABSALOM                ONEIDA                        NY-27-47-469
BULL, FRANKLIN               LENOX                         NY-27-U-109
BULL, GEORGE                 SULLIVAN                      NY-27-U-403
BULLOCK, JONATHAN            HAMILTON                      NY-27-AX-127
BULZER, BRYAN                LENOX                         NY-27-M-145
BUMP, JEREMIAH               SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-36-493
BUMP, MARCUS                 DERUYTER                      NY-27-N-445
BUMPUS, AUGUSTUS H.          FENNER                        NY-27-35-487
BUMPUS, JAMES                FENNER                        NY-27-N-367
BUNKER, FRANCIS              DERUYTER                      NY-27-BX-123
BURCH, LOIS                  BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-D-382
BURCH, NATHAN                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-C-353
BURCHARD, HORACE S.          HAMILTON                      NY-27-28-277
BURCHARD, JABEZ              EATON                         NY-27-C-35
BURCHARD, LUCIA              HAMILTON                      NY-27-40-181
BURCHARD, SENECA B.          HAMILTON                      NY-27-G-505
BURDEN, HENRY                EATON                         NY-27-46-433
BURDEN, OLIVER               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-Y-451
BURDEN, SYLVANUS             DERUYTER                      NY-27-F-397
BURDICK, AMOS                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-C-241
BURDICK, ASA                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-EX-67
BURDICK, BENJAMIN            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-R-339
BURDICK, BENJAMIN I.         DERUYTER                      NY-27-36-91
BURDICK, CLARK               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-44-25
BURDICK, FRANCIS             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-27-19
BURDICK, HELEN C.            DERUYTER                      NY-27-Q-241
BURDICK, HENRY C.            LENOX                         NY-27-D-24
BURDICK, HENRY L.            LENOX                         NY-27-37-367
BURDICK, JAMES F.            LENOX                         NY-27-P-7
BURDICK, MARY A.             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-36-229
BURDICK, MARYETTE E.         BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-V-373
BURDICK, NANCY               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-40-499
BURDICK, PHINEAS C.          DE RUYTER                     NY-27-27-133
BURDICK, ROWLAND             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-Z-217
BURDICK, SAMUEL H.           BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-EX-131
BURDICK, THOMPSON            DERUYTER                      NY-27-D-154
BURDICK, WELCOME S.          BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-D-276
BURDICK, WILLIAM             DE RUYTER                     NY-27-C-285
BURDWIN, JOHN R.             EATON                         NY-27-O-355
BURGESS, ALBERT F.           NELSON                        NY-27-35-1
BURGESS, BENJAMIN F.         CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-E-14
BURGESS, CORMICK             MADISON                       NY-27-36-241
BURGESS, HARRISON            NELSON                        NY-27-34-493
BURLESON, EDWARD             STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-Y-277
BURLESON, MARY               ONEIDA                        NY-27-45-229
BURLINGHAM, JUSTUS B. S.     HAMILTON                      NY-27-41-361
BURNELL, LUTHER              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-B-21
BURNETT, DAVIS               SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-28-103
BURNETT, OSWALD J.           LENOX                         NY-27-42-259
BURNHAM, HENRY W.            ONEIDA                        NY-27-45-103
BURNHAM, MATTHEW R.          MADISON                       NY-27-V-319
BURNHAM, ORA                 MADISON                       NY-27-36-169
BURNHAM, SAMUEL              MADISON                       NY-27-J-391
BURR, POLLY                  CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-N-283
BURR, WILLIAM M.             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-M-19
BURROUGHS, LAURA             EATON                         NY-27-46-157
BURROWS, ALANSON             FENNER                        NY-27-T-405
BURTON, ALMA                 FENNER                        NY-27-X-205
BURTON, BATHSHEBA C.         MADISON                       NY-27-43-427
BURTON, CHARLES              NELSON                        NY-27-B-234
BURTON, DAVID                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-31-121
BURTON, MARY                 MADISON                       NY-27-L-25
BURTON, MARY                 MADISON                       NY-27-P-85
BURTON, PAUL D.              MADISON                       NY-27-S-259
BURTON, PHOEBE               NELSON                        NY-27-P-331
BURTON, SMITH M.             MADISON                       NY-27-M-451
BURYEA, JOHN                 MADISON                       NY-27-B-199
BUSH, GEORGE W.              SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-Y-487
BUSH, LOUISA C.              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-V-385
BUSHNELL, HENRY W.           LENOX                         NY-27-47-451
BUSHNELL, IRA                LENOX                         NY-27-O-43
BUSHNELL, JOSHUA             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-D-352
BUSHNELL, SIBA               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-N-133
BUSHNELL, WILLIAM C.         SULLIVAN                      NY-27-35-265
BUTCHERS, DANIEL             LENOX                         NY-27-U-319
BUTCHERS, ELIZABETH Y.       LENOX                         NY-27-38-157
BUTLER, LORENZO              SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-M-367
BUTLER, LYDIA                HAMILTON                      NY-27-O-49
BUTLER, SUSAN R.             LENOX                         NY-27-Y-145
BUTLER, WILLIAM              SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-45-349
BUTTON, EDWARD               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-27-541
BUTTON, ELIAS                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-DX-155
BUTTON, GILES H.             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-U-445
BUYEA, ABRAHAM               LENOX                         NY-27-W-127
BUYEA, ADAM                  LENOX                         NY-27-40-145
BUYEA, ELIZABETH             LENOX                         NY-27-W-223
BUYEA, JACOB                 LENOX                         NY-27-Z-427
BUYEA, JOHN                  LENOX                         NY-27-A-386
BUYEA, JONAS                 LENOX                         NY-27-U-205
BUYEA, NANCY                 SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-40-439
BYER, NICHOLAS               HAMILTON                      NY-27-H-463
BYRNE, JOHN                  CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-U-475
BYRNS, GEORGE                MADISON                       NY-27-43-229
BYRNS, GEORGE H.             EATON                         NY-27-S-79

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