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CADY, AARON                  HAMILTON                      NY-27-DX-87
CAHALAN, JOHN                HAMILTON                      NY-27-37-385
CALHOUN, ROBERT B.           BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-36-235
CALKINS, ABNER               HAMILTON                      NY-27-E-174
CALKINS, CALEB               SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-37-361
CAMERON, DANIEL              SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-36-211
CAMERON, JANE M.             SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-46-475
CAMERON, LUCINA              SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-V-439
CAMPBELL, ALEY               EATON                         NY-27-27-1
CAMPBELL, ALLEN              LEBANON                       NY-27-C-223
CAMPBELL, ALONZO             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-46-409
CAMPBELL, CHARLES            LEBANON                       NY-27-C-128
CAMPBELL, EUGENE             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-N-313
CAMPBELL, FRINDA             LENOX                         NY-27-31-127
CAMPBELL, HARRIET M.         HAMILTON                      NY-27-47-541
CAMPBELL, HENRY              SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-M-289
CAMPBELL, HORACE A.          HAMILTON                      NY-27-U-409
CAMPBELL, JAMES              LEBANON                       NY-27-EX-178
CAMPBELL, JOHN               LEBANON                       NY-27-DX-84
CAMPBELL, JOHN               SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-32-73
CAMPBELL, JOHN G.            LEBANON                       NY-27-F-529
CAMPBELL, MOSES              HAMILTON                      NY-27-V-463
CAMPBELL, PHEBE              LEBANON                       NY-27-I-343
CAMPBELL, PHOEBE             EATON                         NY-27-32-307
CAMPBELL, SARAH B.           LENOX                         NY-27-33-397
CAMPBELL, SUSAN N.           HAMILTON                      NY-27-J-271
CAMPBELL, WENDELL            LENOX                         NY-27-I-181
CARD, CATHARINE              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-45-205
CARD, ENOCH L.               LEBANON                       NY-27-37-1
CARD, FLORA                  LEBANON                       NY-27-41-301
CARD, MARTHA                 GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-28-355
CARD, WILLIAMS               NELSON                        NY-27-J-349
CARDER, SARAH                HAMILTON                      NY-27-J-451
CARNCROSS, JEREMIAH          LENOX                         NY-27-27-367
CARNEY, PETER                LENOX                         NY-27-34-397
CARPENTER, BEDFORD           DE RUYTER                     NY-27-C-20
CARPENTER, BENJAMIN          NELSON                        NY-27-V-427
CARPENTER, ERASMUS F.        DERUYSTER                     NY-27-B-265
CARPENTER, GEORGE S.         NELSON                        NY-27-M-379
CARPENTER, MARY              DE RUYTER                     NY-27-28-55
CARPENTER, NANCY             NELSON                        NY-27-O-121
CARPENTER, PHEDY             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-F-273
CARPENTER, ROBERT            HAMILTON                      NY-27-J-295
CARPENTER, SAMUEL            DERUYTER                      NY-27-A-35
CARPENTER, WILLIAM           NELSON                        NY-27-M-241
CARR, FLORENCE S.            ONEIDA                        NY-27-45-1
CARR, THOMAS                 DERUYTER                      NY-27-E-68
CARRUTH, MARY E.             LENOX                         NY-27-M-403
CARSKADDAN, DIANA            LENOX                         NY-27-M-121
CARSON, ELEANOR              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-H-487
CARSWELL, MARY B.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-Q-325
CARTER, E. SQUIRES           SULLIVAN                      NY-27-N-193
CARTER, HENRY                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-X-433
CARTER, HENRY E.             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-42-97
CARTER, JOHN                 SULLIVAN                      NY-27-H-163
CARTER, WILLIAM H.           LENOX                         NY-27-W-25
CARVER, AUSTIN               STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-P-445
CARVER, JOHN J.              STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-40-481
CARVER, LUCINA               STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-J-553
CARVER, SOPHRONIA H.         STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-35-349
CARY, JAMES                  SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-R-159
CASE, E. DWIGHT              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-40-289
CASE, EMILY                  LENOX                         NY-27-K-67
CASE, GEORGE A.              NELSON                        NY-27-41-103
CASE, GRANLY                 NELSON                        NY-27-P-43
CASE, HIMAN P.               HAMILTON                      NY-27-Z-349
CASE, HORRIS                 LENOX                         NY-27-G-277
CASE, J. MILTON              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-Q-367
CASE, LESTER M.              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-Q-85
CASE, MALVIN                 LENOX                         NY-27-39-109
CASE, MARY H.                NELSON                        NY-27-39-493
CASE, PHILEMON N.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-D-162
CASE, SALLY                  LENOX                         NY-27-Q-643
CASE, WILLIAM                LENOX                         NY-27-F-481
CASETY, CATHERINE            MADISON                       NY-27-Y-433
CASLER, RUTH M.              HAMILTON                      NY-27-47-433
CASTLE, ANNA H.              ONEIDA                        NY-27-46-331
CASTLE, GEORGE A.            LENOX                         NY-27-41-223
CASWELL, DANIEL E.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-27-151
CASWELL, JOHN M.             LENOX                         NY-27-42-85
CATE, SAMUEL PETER           BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-BX-156
CATES, SAMUEL RUGGLES        CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-EX-194
CAZIER, MATTHIAS             LEBANON                       NY-27-A-346
CAZIER, SARAH M.             LEBANON                       NY-27-45-415
CHADWICK, ISAAC              MADISON                       NY-27-L-431
CHAFFEE, CAROLINE            SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-28-169
CHAFFEE, EZRA                SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-H-115
CHAFFEE, POLLY J.            SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-T-321
CHAMBERLAIN, GEORGE          EATON                         NY-27-42-517
CHAMBERLAYNE, ELLEN          CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-K-219
CHAMBES, CHESTER             HAMILTON                      NY-27-39-289
CHAMPLIN, EDWARD             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-K-43
CHAMPLIN, GEORGE             LEBANON                       NY-27-J-559
CHAMPLIN, RUTH               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-O-373
CHAMPNEY, MARIA A.           LINCOLN                       NY-27-45-325
CHANDLER, LURA               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-D-280
CHAPHE, JOSEPH M.            EATON                         NY-27-L-473
CHAPHE, LUCY                 NELSON                        NY-27-Q-151
CHAPHE, MILA M.              NELSON                        NY-27-47-253
CHAPHE, STEPHEN F.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-36-295
CHAPHEE, STEPHEN V.          NELSON                        NY-27-46-217
CHAPIN, AARON                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-J-373
CHAPIN, ELIZA                HAMILTON                      NY-27-Q-571
CHAPIN, ELY                  GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-Z-61
CHAPIN, FIDELIA              NELSON                        NY-27-V-25
CHAPIN, NORMAN L.            NELSON                        NY-27-F-505
CHAPMAN, ANGELO F.           LENOX                         NY-27-42-139
CHAPMAN, B. FRANKLIN         LENOX                         NY-27-38-187
CHAPMAN, CYRUS               LENOX                         NY-27-O-379
CHAPMAN, ELIPHAS             LENOX                         NY-27-Q-637
CHAPMAN, EZEKIEL J.          SULLIVAN                      NY-27-L-97
CHAPMAN, MARY J.             ONEIDA                        NY-27-44-523
CHAPMAN, STEPHEN             LENOX                         NY-27-H-187
CHAPMAN, TIMOTHY             LENOX                         NY-27-G-289
CHAPMAN, TIMOTHY             LENOX                         NY-27-44-325
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM J.          LENOX                         NY-27-39-133
CHAPPELL, CHARLES A.         CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-34-301
CHAPPELL, JOHN W.            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-T-99
CHAPPELL, LEISS              HAMILTON                      NY-27-K-375
CHARLES, WILLIAM             NELSON                        NY-27-Q-181
CHASE, DEIDAMIA              EATON                         NY-27-M-199
CHASE, ISAAC                 MADISON                       NY-27-BX-92
CHASE, JOHN V.               NELSON                        NY-27-32-247
CHASE, LYDIA                 DE RUYTER                     NY-27-W-121
CHASE, NATHANIEL             NELSON                        NY-27-F-141
CHASE, ORRINDA V.            EATON                         NY-27-U-85
CHASE, REUBEN                LENOX                         NY-27-42-337
CHASE, SOLOMON               HAMILTON                      NY-27-D-338
CHASE, TRUMAN B.             MADISON                       NY-27-46-37
CHAWGO, ANDREW               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-45-487
CHAWGO, HENRY                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-I-325
CHAWGO, JACOB                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-O-55
CHAWGO, LAURA                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-S-61
CHEESEBROUGH, HENRY          BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-B-269
CHEESEBROUGH, JOHN           BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-BX-170
CHESEBRO, JEROD              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-47-223
CHESEBRO, JOHN WESLEY        BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-R-351
CHESEBRO, ORRIN              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-42-31
CHESEBRO, SARAH              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-47-217
CHILD, PERRY G.              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-A-221
CHILDS, BENJAMIN             LENOX                         NY-27-45-61
CHILDS, EBENEZER             STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-Q-553
CHILDS, SERVILIA G.          LEBANON                       NY-27-38-229
CHILDS, THOMAS               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-44-247
CHOATE, BENJAMIN L.          EATON                         NY-27-Z-7
CHRISTIE, WILLIAM            EATON                         NY-27-44-379
CHUBBUCK, JOHN               EATON                         NY-27-A-213
CHURCH, JOSEPHINE L.         CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-31-61
CHURCH, JULIA ANN            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-28-133
CHURCH, THOMAS W.            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-W-103
CHURCH, WILLIAM C.           HAMILTON                      NY-27-Z-193
CLACK, JOHN                  *                             NY-27-CX-34
CLAKR, SAMUEL                EATON                         NY-27-31-379
CLAPHE, CAROLINE M.          EATON                         NY-27-27-289
CLAPSON, SIALS               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-35-433
CLARK, ALBERT                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-K-435
CLARK, ANN                   MADISON                       NY-27-W-235
CLARK, ASA B.                LENOX                         NY-27-28-457
CLARK, CATHERINE             HAMILTON                      NY-27-W-247
CLARK, CHARLES               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-Q-667
CLARK, CHARLES G.            EATON                         NY-27-41-499
CLARK, DANIEL                LEBANON                       NY-27-D-288
CLARK, DANIEL WARD           ONEIDA                        NY-27-44-427
CLARK, DAVID                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-P-409
CLARK, DAVID                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-X-289
CLARK, DAVID                 HAMILTON                      NY-27-P-361
CLARK, ELIAKIM               DERUYTER                      NY-27-U-13
CLARK, EMELINE A.            NELSON                        NY-27-32-175
CLARK, ETHAN                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-G-241
CLARK, FIDELIA               EATON                         NY-27-39-127
CLARK, GEORGE W.             SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-41-289
CLARK, HARRY                 LENOX                         NY-27-M-91
CLARK, HENRY                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-A-41
CLARK, HIRAM R.              STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-35-355
CLARK, J. ADELIA             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-S-337
CLARK, JAMES                 NELSON                        NY-27-BX-76
CLARK, JAMES                 STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-39-7
CLARK, JANE                  CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-38-49
CLARK, JOHN                  LENOX                         NY-27-L-181
CLARK, JOHN                  LEBANON                       NY-27-C-227
CLARK, JOHN M.               LENOX                         NY-27-Y-91
CLARK, JOSEPH                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-P-181
CLARK, JOSEPH                LENOX                         NY-27-AX-123
CLARK, JOSEPH                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-M-37
CLARK, LOUISA S.             STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-38-373
CLARK, LUCIUS P.             EATON                         NY-27-36-55
CLARK, LURANA                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-L-211
CLARK, MARTIN K.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-G-463
CLARK, MAXSON                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-H-331
CLARK, MERVIN                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-T-57
CLARK, NANCY A.              LENOX                         NY-27-27-115
CLARK, OLIVER                LENOX                         NY-27-G-367
CLARK, OLIVER C.             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-F-63
CLARK, ORLANDO C.            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-35-241
CLARK, ORRA                  LENOX                         NY-27-N-145
CLARK, OTHINEAL              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-C-11
CLARK, SARAH M.              EATON                         NY-27-41-25
CLARK, SILAS                 LEBAON                        NY-27-E-308
CLARK, SOLOMON               SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-Y-109
CLARK, THOMAS                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-C-40
CLARK, THOMAS A.             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-X-139
CLARK, WHIPPLE               LEBANON                       NY-27-32-67
CLARK, WILLIAM O.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-47-463
CLARKE, ALZINA               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-T-393
CLARKE, BARSHEBA D.          BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-X-37
CLARKE, BENJAMIN F.          CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-Q-457
CLARKE, FRANCES E.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-39-85
CLARKE, GEORGE B.            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-U-241
CLARKE, HARRIET K.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-U-295
CLARKE, JOSHUA               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-DX-50
CLARKE, MERCY G.             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-28-229
CLARKE, NORMAN               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-G-139
CLARKE, R. LE ROY            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-33-247
CLARKE, STEPHEN              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-AX-104
CLARKE, SUSAN                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-33-175
CLARKE, WAIT                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-31-361
CLEMENT, LEWIS               STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-R-483
CLEVELAND, ERASTUS           MADISON                       NY-27-F-445
CLEVELAND, GLEN E.           STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-K-363
CLEVELAND, GURDON B.         HAMILTON                      NY-27-U-487
CLEVELAND, JOHN              STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-M-253
CLEVELAND, MARY LOUISE       EATON                         NY-27-41-307
CLEVELAND, POLLY             EATON                         NY-27-Y-421
CLEVELAND, WILLIAM P.        EATON                         NY-27-C-39
CLOCK, ADAM                  LENOX                         NY-27-S-433
CLOCK, ANNA                  LENOX                         NY-27-O-229
CLOCK, APALOON               LENOX                         NY-27-A-400
CLOCK, CATHERINE             LENOX                         NY-27-Z-343
CLOCK, CHRISTOPHER           LENOX                         NY-27-28-235
CLOCK, DEWITT                ONEIDA                        NY-27-46-49
CLOCK, GEORGE                LENOX                         NY-27-I-217
CLOCK, JOHN                  SULLIVAN                      NY-27-W-259
CLOUGH, EPHRAIM              MADISON                       NY-27-EX-97
CLOW, FRANCIS                LENOX                         NY-27-N-37
CLOYES, EZRA                 EATON                         NY-27-B-69
CLOYES, HIRAM D.             EATON                         NY-27-N-205
CLOYES, LYDIA                EATON                         NY-27-C-75
CLOYES, MICAJAH              EATON                         NY-27-D-246
COBB, HENRY T.               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-31-265
COBB, MARY                   CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-D-117
COBB, NELSON                 ONEIDA                        NY-27-43-217
COBB, PETER P.               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-G-7
COBB, SYLVANUS               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-B-98
COBB, WILLIAM                HAMILTON                      NY-27-I-103
COBURN, HARRIET P.           STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-27-97
COBURN, JOHN J.              GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-27-307
COBURN, LOREN D.             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-S-313
COBURN, PERSIA E.            GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-Z-331
CODY, JAMES                  HAMILTON                      NY-27-L-259
COE, ARIETTA                 MADISON                       NY-27-46-7
COE, DAVID                   LENOX                         NY-27-E-98
COE, ELIZA                   MADISON                       NY-27-46-229
COE, FLORA S.                HAMILTON                      NY-27-45-121
COE, ISAAC                   MADISON                       NY-27-Y-427
COE, JOHN B.                 MADISON                       NY-27-W-31
COE, LEWIS E.                MADISON                       NY-27-43-409
COE, MARIA                   MADISON                       NY-27-28-187
COE, NANCY                   SON                           NY-27-V-457
COE, SALLY                   MADISON                       NY-27-V-451
COE, SAMUEL                  MADISON                       NY-27-I-55
COE, SAMUEL                  MADISON                       NY-27-A-55
COLE, ALVAH                  EATON                         NY-27-U-217
COLE, HARVEY                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-35-61
COLE, JERVIS J.              MADISON                       NY-27-W-487
COLE, JOHN W.                ONEIDA                        NY-27-45-361
COLE, NATHANIEL              LENOX                         NY-27-EX-233
COLE, SARAH A.               LENOX                         NY-27-32-7
COLE, TRUMAN                 LENOX                         NY-27-S-85
COLEMAN, EMILY OTIS          DE RUYTER                     NY-27-42-193
COLEMAN, HORATIO             DERUYTER                      NY-27-F-39
COLEMAN, NOAH T.             DERUYTER                      NY-27-32-217
COLEY, WILLIAM H.            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-V-181
COLLINS, BERIAH              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-U-139
COLLINS, CHLOTILDA           BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-B-111
COLLINS, CORNELIUS J.        CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-41-211
COLLINS, ELIZA               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-34-409
COLLINS, FRANKLIN W.         LEBANON                       NY-27-35-103
COLLINS, HOXIE               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-P-265
COLLINS, JOHN                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-C-77
COLLINS, MARY                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-27-493
COLLINS, MARY                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-A-109
COLLINS, SOLOMON             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-A-229
COLLINS, THOMAS              MADISON                       NY-27-L-247
COLLISTER, DELOS B.          MADISON                       NY-27-X-451
COLLISTER, ISAAC             MADISON                       NY-27-27-403
COLSON, LUCY                 HAMILTON                      NY-27-J-199
COLSON, MARTIN R.            EATON                         NY-27-45-499
COLVIN, DEWITT C.            LENOX                         NY-27-Y-121
COLVIN, PRISCILLA            LENOX                         NY-27-40-193
COLYER, JACOB                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-38-445
COMAN, BENJAMIN              EATON                         NY-27-D-95
COMAN, WINSOR                EATON                         NY-27-H-7
COMAN, ZIBA                  EATON                         NY-27-AX-37
COMPTON, ASHMAN              LENOX                         NY-27-K-471
COMSTOCK, BENJAMIN L.        HAMILTON                      NY-27-F-99
COMSTOCK, JULIUS C.          CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-Z-457
COMSTOCK, SAMUEL             HAMILTON                      NY-27-H-367
COMSTOCK, SARAH L.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-31-205
COMSTOCK, ZEPHANIAH          CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-T-141
CONDON, DAVID                HAMILTON                      NY-27-43-505
CONGER, ABEL                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-O-367
CONGER, HARRIET              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-27-253
CONLEY, FRANK                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-32-1
CONLEY, JAMES                LENOX                         NY-27-Y-187
CONLEY, JOSHUA O.            LENOX                         NY-27-41-277
CONLEY, PAMELIA E.           LENOX                         NY-27-39-439
CONLEY, ROSE A.              LENOX                         NY-27-39-349
CONNELL, EDWARD              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-43-403
CONNICK, ROBERT              HAMILTON                      NY-27-B-55
CONOVER, SARAH               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-34-169
CONROY, ANN                  LENOX                         NY-27-32-25
COOK, DAVID                  FENNER                        NY-27-C-331
COOK, DAVID                  MADISON                       NY-27-E-90
COOK, ISAAC A.               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-45-277
COOK, ORANGE R.              EATON                         NY-27-C-62
COOK, REUBEN S.              NELSON                        NY-27-I-247
COOLIDGE, FRANK              MADISON                       NY-27-J-103
COOLIDGE, JAMES              MADISON                       NY-27-V-403
COOLIDGE, MARY C.            MADISON                       NY-27-W-55
COOLIDGE, MARY J.            MADISON                       NY-27-44-163
COON, ALANSON G.             DERUYTER                      NY-27-35-181
COON, DEWITT C.              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-42-127
COON, ELIZA M.               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-47-481
COON, HENRY J.               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-R-309
COON, HENRY W.               LENOX                         NY-27-39-181
COON, JACOB                  LENOX                         NY-27-W-379
COON, SAMUEL H.              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-B-139
COON, THANKFUL B.            DE RUYTER                     NY-27-40-133
COON, WILLIAM                DERUYTER                      NY-27-G-259
COOPER, CAROLINE M.          SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-V-295
COOPER, CATHERINE            LENOX                         NY-27-28-97
COOPER, JOHN                 LENOX                         NY-27-G-181
COOPER, WILLIAM B.           SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-T-453
CORBIN, BETSEY               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-G-601
CORBIN, HENRY                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-D-78
CORBIN, SILAS                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-AX-59
CORN, GARDNER                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-N-19
COSTIGAN, MARY               FENNER                        NY-27-40-355
COTTON, ELIZA                LENOX                         NY-27-V-169
COTTON, LOUISE L.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-42-439
COTTON, MARY A.              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-27-259
COTTON, WILLARD              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-FX-16
COTTON, WILLARD              LENOX                         NY-27-Q-37
COUCHMAN, FRANCIS C.         MADISON                       NY-27-X-475
COVEY, ABIGAIL               LENOX                         NY-27-R-357
COVEY, ABIGAIL               LENOX                         NY-27-G-211
COVEY, ALEXANDER M.          BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-E-107
COVEY, AMOS H.               FENNER                        NY-27-E-30
COVEY, ELECTA L.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-36-445
COVEY, SILAS H.              FENNER                        NY-27-32-385
COVEY, SOLOMON               FENNER                        NY-27-D-436
COVILL, MICAJAH              DERUYTER                      NY-27-A-96
COWAN, WILLIAM               HAMILTON                      NY-27-S-229
COWARDEN, CHRISTINA          LENOX                         NY-27-38-1
COWDEN, ELIZABETH            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-Z-187
COWEN, RANSOM                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-40-37
COWL, MARY ANN               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-V-481
COWLES, GILES H.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-42-505
COXIE, MARY ANN              HAMILTON                      NY-27-L-467
CRAGIN, JOHN H.              ONEIDA                        NY-27-46-247
CRAIN, EBENEZER              HAMILTON                      NY-27-L-193
CRAMER, ELLA                 EATON                         NY-27-41-235
CRAMER, WILLIAM B.           SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-T-261
CRAMPHIN, CAROLINE           HAMILTON                      NY-27-U-145
CRAMPHIN, HARRY A.           DENVER, ARAPHOE, CO           NY-27-31-499
CRAMPHIN, JOHN H.            LEBANON                       NY-27-C-146
CRAMPLIN, ALEXANDER          EATON                         NY-27-P-391
CRANDALL, FRANCES A.         BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-34-373
CRANDALL, HENRY              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-A-125
CRANDALL, HIRAM S.           BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-45-151
CRANDALL, JOSEPH             STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-G-49
CRANDALL, KENYON             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-K-327
CRANDALL, KILBURN            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-I-115
CRANDALL, LORENDA            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-44-289
CRANDALL, LOT                DERUYTER                      NY-27-E-183
CRANDALL, LYDIA              DERUYTER                      NY-27-G-295
CRANDALL, MARY               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-V-157
CRANDALL, MARY               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-I-1
CRANDALL, SARAH W.           BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-X-109
CRANDALL, THOMAS A.          BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-43-313
CRANDALL, TIMOTHY            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-F-339
CRANS, MOSES                 SULLIVAN                      NY-27-Q-595
CRANSON, ASA                 LENOX                         NY-27-H-505
CRANSON, OLIVE B.            LENOX                         NY-27-40-157
CRANSTON, PHINEAS            HAMILTON                      NY-27-O-235
CRARY, AARON                 LENOX                         NY-27-AX-161
CRARY, ROBERT                LENOX                         NY-27-FX-4
CRATOR, CONRAD               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-Q-583
CRAW, DAVID                  HAMILTON                      NY-27-C-49
CRAW, JUSTUS                 HAMILTON                      NY-27-F-249
CRAW, VINCENT                LENOX                         NY-27-O-175
CRAWE, JENETTE M.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-H-217
CRAWE, SEDELIA R.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-H-223
CRAWFORD, DENNIS             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-Z-1
CRAWFORD, JUDSON             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-33-403
CREE, CHARLES B.             ONEID                         NY-27-46-133
CROCKER, AMOS                HAMILTON                      NY-27-G-13
CROCKER, AURELIUS            HAMILTON                      NY-27-U-265
CROCKER, ORRIN               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-40-277
CRONK, CHARLES W.            LENOX                         NY-27-38-439
CRONK, ELISHA                LENOX                         NY-27-43-523
CROSS, DWIGHT                EATON                         NY-27-Z-229
CROSS, JEROME E.             EATON                         NY-27-X-463
CROSS, JULIA M.              EATON                         NY-27-44-157
CROSS, ROSEPHA R.            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-40-205
CROSS, WILLIAM T.            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-46-61
CROWELL, JAMES               HAMILTON                      NY-27-A-204
CROWELL, JAMES               HAMILTON                      NY-27-G-265
CROWELL, JOSEPH              HAMILTO                       NY-27-G-97
CROWNHART, RUTH A.           SULLIVAN                      NY-27-45-319
CRUMB, BENJAMIN W.           DERUYTER                      NY-27-35-481
CRUMB, DANIEL                BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-G-595
CRUMB, ELVIRA S.             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-41-121
CRUMB, LOUISA JANE           DERUYTER                      NY-27-O-391
CRUMB, MARTHA                DERUYTER                      NY-27-X-391
CRUMB, PHINEAS B.            DERUYTER                      NY-27-Z-223
CRUMB, WAITE                 DERUYTER                      NY-27-G-571
CRUMB, WILLIAM               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-V-13
CRYAN, MARY                  SULLIVAN                      NY-27-40-49
CULVER, ELIAS                LENOX                         NY-27-G-163
CULVER, LOYD D.              DERUYTER                      NY-27-36-361
CULVER, RICHARD              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-Q-187
CULVER, WILLIAM              LENOX                         NY-27-39-343
CUMMINGS, NICHOLS            STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-H-469
CURRIER, THOMAS J.           GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-N-121
CURTIS, ABEL                 MADISON                       NY-27-38-133
CURTIS, ALFRED L.            LENOX                         NY-27-31-187
CURTIS, ANN MARIA            LENOX                         NY-27-40-271
CURTIS, BAXTER               HAMILTON                      NY-27-42-205
CURTIS, ELLURA               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-45-535
CURTIS, EVERITT H.           BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-28-337
CURTIS, HARRIET              GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-46-181
CURTIS, JAMES                MADISON                       NY-27-T-63
CURTIS, JERUSHA L.           MADISON                       NY-27-N-85
CURTIS, JOEL                 MADISON                       NY-27-A-301
CURTIS, JOHN G.              SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-D-147
CURTIS, JOSEPH               HAMILTON                      NY-27-Z-439
CURTIS, LUCY                 NELSON                        NY-27-43-163
CURTIS, MARY L.              MADISON                       NY-27-38-223
CURTIS, OLIVER               MADISON                       NY-27-P-109
CURTIS, RANSOM               MADISON                       NY-27-X-187
CURTIS, URI                  MADISON                       NY-27-X-229
CUSHING, ENOS                FENNER                        NY-27-K-441
CUSHING, GERTRUDE            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-43-235
CUSHING, HAWKS               FENNER                        NY-27-E-87
CUSHMAN, ABRAM               HAMILTON                      NY-27-Y-457
CUSHMAN, BENJAMIN            HAMILTON                      NY-27-S-55
CUSLER, ALMIRA D.            LENOX                         NY-27-32-463
CUTTIN, HILON LUMAN          NELSON                        NY-27-A-171
DALTON, ROWENA D.            EATON                         NY-27-35-379
DALY, BRIDGET                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-41-313
DAMON, EPHRAIM               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-31-193
DAMON, ORAN P.               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-27-67
DANA, ERASTUS                FENNER                        NY-27-F-213
DANA, LORENZO D.             EATON                         NY-27-W-283
DANA, LURY                   FENNER                        NY-27-T-333
DANA, SARDIS                 FENNER                        NY-27-G-427
DANFORTH, PHELOSSA M.        EATON                         NY-27-S-505
DANIELS, ALFRED              NELSON                        NY-27-AX-190
DANIELS, ELIZA G.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-38-325
DANIELS, JAMES H.            EATON                         NY-27-44-133
DARCY, CATHARIEN             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-35-427
DARLING, JOEL                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-E-23
DARLING, JOHN L.             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-43-37
DARROW, DAVID                EATON                         NY-27-N-157
DARROW, FREDERICK M.         EATON                         NY-27-42-355
DARROW, JEDEDIAH             EATON                         NY-27-A-263
DARROW, WILLIAM H.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-T-327
DART, SETH SEARS             HAMILTON                      NY-27-34-367
DAVENPORT, EBENEZER          GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-W-409
DAVENPORT, JOHN              GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-U-187
DAVIDSON, BELINDA            STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-38-61
DAVIDSON, SAMUEL             STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-J-529
DAVIDSON, SAMUEL A.          STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-37-151
DAVIS, ANN                   MADISON                       NY-27-42-283
DAVIS, DAVID                 DERUYTER                      NY-27-EX-187
DAVIS, EZRA                  FENNER                        NY-27-C-87
DAVIS, EZRA                  CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-F-451
DAVIS, HELEN E.              HAMILTON                      NY-27-47-235
DAVIS, ISAAC                 FENNER                        NY-27-EX-46
DAVIS, ISAAC D.              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-33-415
DAVIS, JABEZ                 LENOX                         NY-27-BX-142
DAVIS, JOEL                  FENNER                        NY-27-W-157
DAVIS, JONATHAN              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-A-97
DAVIS, JUDSON                EATON                         NY-27-44-7
DAVIS, MARY                  LENOX                         NY-27-31-391
DAVIS, MOSES                 FENNER                        NY-27-C-89
DAVIS, MOSES                 LENOX                         NY-27-46-403
DAVIS, RICHARD M.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-34-307
DAVIS, SUSAN                 HAMILTON                      NY-27-44-367
DAWSON, JEREMIAH             EATON                         NY-27-L-281
DAWSON, LYDIA                NELSON                        NY-27-C-186
DAY, MARVIN                  LEBANON                       NY-27-32-31
DAY, WILLIAM                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-37-427
DAYHARSH, JOHN               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-U-289
DEAN, BENJAMIN B.            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-R-87
DEAN, BENJAMIN J.            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-33-205
DEAN, ELADSIT T.             LENOX                         NY-27-40-427
DEAN, ISAIAH                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-CX-130
DEAN, ISAIAH                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-O-409
DEAN, JOSHUA                 EATON                         NY-27-A-220
DECLERCQ, CHARLES            GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-H-277
DECLERCQ, PETER              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-P-289
DECLERCQ, SARAH L.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-36-121
DECLERCQ. HENDRICK           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-D-27
DEFERRIER, POLLY             LENOX                         NY-27-D-270
DEFERRIERE, CHARLES J.       LENOX                         NY-27-35-403
DEFOREST, ABEL B.            EATON                         NY-27-28-199
DEFOREST, MARGARET G.        EATON                         NY-27-34-475
DEITZ, ELIAS                 LENOX                         NY-27-28-127
DEKEMAN, CZAR                SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-B-157
DELANCEY, MARY H.            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-47-259
DELLOW, DANIEL               EATON                         NY-27-W-391
DELONG, WILLIS               BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-T-183
DEMMON, CLARK R.             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-K-411
DEMPSEY, MICHAEL J.          LENOX                         NY-27-40-121
DENISON, EDWIN C.            MADISON                       NY-27-O-1
DENISON, GRATIA H.           BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-34-1
DENISON, JOSEPH              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-S-37
DENISON, WELCOME M.          BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-33-331
DENNETT, JAMES               MADISON                       NY-27-W-433
DENNISON, ORRIN B.           BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-46-505
DEURY, BENJAMIN B.           MARYSVILLE, CA                NY-27-E-80
DEVEREAUX, HORACE            LENOX                         NY-27-Y-223
DEVINE, ELLEN                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-35-343
DEVINE, JOHN                 SULLIVAN                      NY-27-W-7
DEVINE, WILLIAM              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-41-229
DEWEY, BRADLEY S.            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-P-25
DEWEY, CHANCEY               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-F-517
DEWEY, DAVID                 SULLIVAN                      NY-27-A-365
DEWEY, FRANKLIN J.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-D-137
DEWEY, PLEIADES A.           FENNER                        NY-27-V-61
DEXTER, SAMUEL               SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-F-351
DEXTER, SARAH                NELSON                        NY-27-L-437
DEXTER, WEITERMAN            NELSON                        NY-27-CX-76
DIABLE, ISAAC                STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-V-211
DIBBLE, CHARLES G.           FENNER                        NY-27-C-393
DIBBLE, THOMAS               HAMILTON                      NY-27-C-81
DIBEL, JOHN                  STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-D-87
DICK, THOMAS                 HAMILTON                      NY-27-AX-14
DICKINSON, HARRIET D.        SULLIVAN                      NY-27-34-127
DIKEMAN, CORNELIUS           SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-EX-94
DIMICK, MARY L.              NELSON                        NY-27-T-255
DINGNAN, JOHN                LENOX                         NY-27-38-43
DOANE, REUBEN                DERUYTER                      NY-27-A-324
DOCKSTADER, CATHARINE J.     ONEIDA                        NY-27-46-253
DOCKSTADER, JOHN             LENOX                         NY-27-I-229
DOCKSTADER, LEONARD          SULLIVAN                      NY-27-A-173
DODD, ELLA A.                LENOX                         NY-27-P-475
DODGE, AMASA                 NELSON                        NY-27-L-419
DODGE, ANSON                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-27-451
DODGE, EBENEZER              HAMILTON                      NY-27-34-265
DODGE, ELIZABETH U.          ONEIDA                        NY-27-44-205
DODGE, RUFUS                 SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-EX-210
DODGE, WILLIAMS              STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-43-175
DOHERTY, ANNE                FENNER                        NY-27-Z-31
DONNER, GEORGE E.            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-H-91
DONNER, N. MARION            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-H-391
DONOVAN, DANIEL              STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-Y-181
DOOLITTLE, OLIVE             LENOX                         NY-27-V-115
DORN, JOHN J.                SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-M-229
DORRANCE, JOHN               SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-45-481
DOTY, ELIZA C.               LENOX                         NY-27-33-85
DOUGLASS, ALEXANDER F.       FENNER                        NY-27-M-457
DOUGLASS, ALEXANDER P.       FENNER                        NY-27-S-283
DOUGLASS, DAVID              LENOX                         NY-27-S-487
DOUGLASS, ELLEN              LENOX                         NY-27-35-127
DOUGLASS, ELLEN E.           HAMILTON                      NY-27-40-79
DOUGLASS, FANNIE M.          STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-46-73
DOUGLASS, HORATIO GATES      SULLIVAN                      NY-27-D-69
DOUGLASS, JOHN               LENOX                         NY-27-S-91
DOUGLASS, JOHN               HAMILTON                      NY-27-27-7
DOUGLASS, LYDIA              LENOX                         NY-27-33-391
DOUGLASS, SARAH P.           HAMILTON                      NY-27-J-13
DOUGLASS, ZEBULON            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-C-354
DOWD, CATHARINE              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-38-409
DOWELL, JOHN                 HAMILTON                      NY-27-46-535
DOWNER, FLORA C.             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-43-79
DOWNER, WILLIAM B.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-41-283
DOWNING, ROSWELL             LENOX                         NY-27-R-303
DOWS, ELMINA                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-28-121
DOXTADER, LUCRETIA           LENOX                         NY-27-O-67
DOYLE, JAMES                 LENOX                         NY-27-39-463
DRAKE, THERON O.             GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-28-403
DREW, CHARLES N.             GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-35-271
DRYER, ALLEN                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-B-272
DRYER, RUFUS                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-B-273
DUFFY, HELEN M.              NELSON                        NY-27-P-91
DUNBAR, AARON D.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-41-97
DUNBAR, CALEB                EATON                         NY-27-AX-154
DUNBAR, DAVID                HAMILTON                      NY-27-F-153
DUNBAR, KATE M.              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-43-301
DUNBAR, NAOMI                FENNER                        NY-27-R-375
DUNBAR, THAXTER              EATON                         NY-27-Z-163
DUNCAN, JULIUS               LENOX                         NY-27-46-349
DUNCE, JAMES                 NELSON                        NY-27-D-367
DUNHAM, ALBERT B.            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-35-55
DUNHAM, ALPHA                HAMILTON                      NY-27-40-85
DUNHAM, DAVID                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-33-319
DUNHAM, DAVID                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-35-445
DUNHAM, ELIZABETH            LENOX                         NY-27-K-255
DUNHAM, KATE                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-33-127
DUNN, JAMES                  BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-28-463
DUNN, SUSAN F.               LENOX                         NY-27-Y-499
DUNTON, WILLIAM              LENOX                         NY-27-G-19
DURANT, JAMES                HAMILTON                      NY-27-G-229
DURFEE, GOODWIN              MADISON                       NY-27-X-79
DURFEE, JUDITH               MADISON                       NY-27-J-1
DURFEE, VERNON               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-M-295
DURRANT, WILLIAM             MADISON                       NY-27-V-121
DUTTON, SAMUEL               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-BX-187
DUTTON, WILLIAM              GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-28-175
DWAUL, MARY                  SULLIVAN                      NY-27-27-325
DWINELLE, HESTER S.          CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-43-97
DWYER, MARIA                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-27-517
DYE, CLARK R.                LEBANON                       NY-27-34-205
DYE, JAMES                   LEBANON                       NY-27-H-151
DYE, LUCY                    BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-C-121
DYE, THOMAS                  BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-EX-216
DYER, B. NICHOLS             LENOX                         NY-27-38-193
DYER, BENJAMIN W.            LENOX                         NY-27-31-403
DYER, BURTON H.              LENOX                         NY-27-37-211
DYER, MAHALA B.              LENOX                         NY-27-35-205
DYGERT, HENRY                LENOX                         NY-27-Q-517
DYGERT, JOHN                 SULLIVAN                      NY-27-Z-373
EASTERBROOK, WILLIAM         LENOX                         NY-27-O-271
EASTWOOD, JOHN               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-B-249
EATON, APHEUS                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-31-169
EATON, ELIZA H.              HAMILTON                      NY-27-39-229
EATON, JOSHUA                STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-C-115
EATON, ORVILLE D.            HAMILTON                      NY-27-I-211
EATON, SAMUEL                MADISON                       NY-27-C-59
ECTOR, GEORGE                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-31-373
EDDY, EBENEZER               HAMILTON                      NY-27-Q-307
EDDY, JOHN                   NELSON                        NY-27-D-319
EDDY, LYMAN A.               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-37-331
EDDY, ROSWELL P.             LENOX                         NY-27-S-265
EDGERTON, ISABELLA           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-38-367
EDWARDS, ELIZA ANN           EATON                         NY-27-27-61
EDWARDS, HORACE              EATON                         NY-27-R-141
EDWARDS, MORGAN              EATON                         NY-27-46-493
EGGLESTON, JEROME B.         CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-44-445
EHLE, DAVID                  CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-B-28
EHLE, HENRY                  SULLIVAN                      NY-27-M-469
EHLE, JOHN P.                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-B-263
EHLE, PETER J.               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-FX-24
EHLE, PETER P.               FENNER                        NY-27-C-231
EISAMAN, LUCINDA             LENOX                         NY-27-47-301
ELDRIDGE, JAMES B.           HAMILTON                      NY-27-J-121
ELDRIDGE, WILLIS             DERUYTER                      NY-27-D-379
ELLINWOOD, GEORGE W.         SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-N-409
ELLINWOOD, RALPH K.          LENOX                         NY-27-N-403
ELLIOTT, CLARA J.            SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-43-289
ELLIS, ABNER                 EATON                         NY-27-CX-103
ELLIS, EDWARD T.             GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-A-390
ELLIS, GEORGE                EATON                         NY-27-E-190
ELLIS, HARRY                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-27-337
ELLIS, JOSIAH                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-DX-99
ELLIS, RICHARD               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-47-169
ELMORE, EVERANCY C.          CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-42-427
ELMORE, HORACE               FENNER                        NY-27-R-225
ELMORE, MADISON              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-27-511
ELPHICK, CHARLES             HAMILTON                      NY-27-33-277
ELPHICK, MARY                HAMILTON                      NY-27-M-67
ENGLISH, JOHN                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-AX-117
ENOS, ANNETTE B.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-43-211
ENRIGHT, ELIZABETH           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-46-109
ENSIGN, ANN M.               SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-S-25
ENSIGN, ARVILLA              EATON                         NY-27-31-481
ENSLEY, WILLIAM              LEBANON                       NY-27-O-25
ERSKINE, AZUBA               LENOX                         NY-27-Q-169
ERWIN, ANN ELIZA             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-T-489
ESTES, JAMES                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-D-61
ESTES, JOSEPH                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-W-247
ESTES, LUCRETIA A.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-33-31
EVANS, DANIEL                EATON                         NY-27-27-349
EVANS, EVAN                  NELSON                        NY-27-T-351
EVANS, JANE                  ONEIDA                        NY-27-46-211
EVANS, JOHN F.               EATON                         NY-27-45-91
EVANS, RICHARD ***           LEBANON                       NY-27-E-223
EVANS, THOMAS                LENOX                         NY-27-31-469
EVANS, WILLIAM               EATON                         NY-27-J-541
EVANS, WINNIE                NELSON                        NY-27-33-337
EVERTS, BETSEY               NELSON                        NY-27-36-385
EVERTS, HARVEY               NELSON                        NY-27-H-19
EVERTS, ORRIN L.             NELSON                        NY-27-43-457
EVERTS, PHOEBE A.            NELSON                        NY-27-34-79
EVERTS, WARREN A.            NELSON                        NY-27-39-175
EVITS, HARRIET               EATON                         NY-27-U-415
FAIRBAIRN, MARY              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-Q-337
FAIRCHILD, HELEN C.          CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-38-361
FAIRCHILD, LEROY             HAMILTON                      NY-27-44-103
FAIRCHILD, LEWISON           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-42-163
FAIRCHILD, NEHEMIAH          MADISON                       NY-27-AX-172
FAIRCHILD, NELSON            HAMILTON                      NY-27-W-295
FAIRCHILD, NELSON J.         HAMILTON                      NY-27-37-133
FAIRCHILD, SIDNEY T.         CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-33-121
FAIRCHILD, WILLIAM           HAMILTON                      NY-27-33-229
FANCHER, RUFUS               LENOX                         NY-27-J-481
FAREBANK, JULIA A.           DERUYTER                      NY-27-O-157
FARGO, FANNY F.              EATON                         NY-27-46-163
FARLEY, PATRICK W.           CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-43-361
FARMER, ORLANDO              EATON                         NY-27-Q-295
FARMER, URIAH                HAMILTON                      NY-27-D-186
FARNAM, STEPHEN H.           ONEIDA                        NY-27-44-373
FARNHAM, CORNELIA M.         NELSON                        NY-27-45-97
FARNHAM, DANIEL              LENOX                         NY-27-M-85
FARNHAM, ELISHA              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-C-257
FARNHAM, JONATHAN            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-D-81
FARNSWORTH, JAMES JACOB      MADISON                       NY-27-A-112
FARRELL, ROSA                LENOX                         NY-27-N-139
FARRINGTON, ANNA             LENOX                         NY-27-32-415
FARRINGTON, HENRY            LENOX                         NY-27-F-315
FARRINGTON, WILLIAM P.       DERUYTER                      NY-27-35-85
FARWELL, JOHN                EATON                         NY-27-L-323
FAULKNER, CHARLES            LENOX                         NY-27-K-207
FAULKNER, MARY E.            SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-40-217
FAULKNER, PULLY              FENNER                        NY-27-31-73
FAULKNER, SAMUEL             FENNER                        NY-27-EX-50
FAULKNER, SARAH              LENOX                         NY-27-P-97
FAULKNER, SOPHIA             BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-41-85
FAUSETT, MARY ANN            EATON                         NY-27-W-385
FAY, DANIEL                  ENNER                         NY-27-EX-144
FAY, ELIJAH                  HAMILTON                      NY-27-DX-133
FAY, JAMES R.                HAMILTON                      NY-27-G-43
FAY, LUCIA                   LENOX                         NY-27-S-481
FEARON, DAVID C.             EATON                         NY-27-I-145
FEARON, ROBERT               LENOX                         NY-27-Q-529
FELT, AMBROSIA               HAMILTON                      NY-27-40-115
FELT, NORMAN                 LEBANON                       NY-27-K-339
FELT, WARREN T.              LEBANON                       NY-27-O-7
FELT, WILLIAM                HAMILTON                      NY-27-K-231
FELTS, ELAM                  LEBANON                       NY-27-C-13
FENNER, FRANCIS D.           SULLIVAN                      NY-27-39-451
FENNER, RICHARD              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-Z-199
FENNER, TIMOTHY              MADISON                       NY-27-C-216
FERGUSON, ALMIRA             ONEIDA                        NY-27-47-247
FERGUSON, AUGUSTUS B.        LENOX                         NY-27-35-259
FERGUSON, ELEANOR Y.         ONEIDA                        NY-27-44-517
FERGUSON, HANNAH M.          LENOX                         NY-27-36-199
FIELD, MELISSA A.            ONEIA                         NY-27-47-97
FIELD, NEWCOMB               ONEIDA                        NY-27-42-379
FIELD, PINDAR                HAMILTON                      NY-27-Q-613
FIELD, WILLIAM               MADISON                       NY-27-45-379
FINK, POLLY                  SULLIVAN                      NY-27-27-145
FINN, WILLIAM                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-31-97
FINNEY, CYRUS                EATON                         NY-27-B-291
FISH, FESTUS                 LENOX                         NY-27-A-121
FISHER, MARGARET W.          CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-J-547
FISHER, MELISSA              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-47-211
FISK, DANIEL                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-B-52
FISK, FIDELIS G.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-47-379
FISK, JOHN                   LEBANON                       NY-27-K-165
FISKE, ELIZA M.              LENOX                         NY-27-S-127
FISKE, WILLIAM E.            LENOX                         NY-27-P-313
FITCH, ADALINE               LENOX                         NY-27-42-43
FITCH, ERASTUS S.            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-M-283
FITCH, JARED WARNER          LENOX                         NY-27-W-397
FITCH, STEPHEN               EATON                         NY-27-C-376
FITSZAMOYER, LUDAWICK        SULLIVAN                      NY-27-AX-45
FITZGERALD, JENNIE E.        LENOX                         NY-27-37-13
FITZGERALD, MICHAEL          LENOX                         NY-27-42-349
FITZHUGH, ANNA CARROLL       SMITHFIELD                    NY-27-M-307
FITZHUGH, MARY A.            CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-X-499
FITZHUGH, WILLIAM A.         CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-Q-175
FITZSIMMONS, MARY            FENNER                        NY-27-42-169
FITZSIMMONS, MICHAEL         FENNER                        NY-27-37-175
FLAHERTY, BRIDGET            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-45-55
FLAHERTY, PATRICK J.         SULLIVAN                      NY-27-V-301
FLANAGAN, JOHN               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-31-49
FLEMING, IRA H.              EATON                         NY-27-43-1
FLEMING, MARY H.             EATON                         NY-27-34-109
FLEMMING, THOMAS             MADISON                       NY-27-E-177
FLETCHER, BENJAMIN           GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-27-571
FLETCHER, ISAAC              GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-Y-205
FLETCHER, LEVI L.            GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-37-229
FLYNN, CHARLES A.            DERUYTER                      NY-27-J-421
FOLAND, JACOB                LENOX                         NY-27-36-283
FOLLETT, CHRISTINA           HAMILTON                      NY-27-43-187
FOLTS, JOACOB P.             LENOX                         NY-27-27-25
FOOKE, FRANCIS               EATON                         NY-27-H-169
FOORD, ALVIN                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-S-115
FOORD, HENRY                 CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-Y-325
FOOT, ELIHU                  HAMILTON                      NY-27-D-58
FOOT, EPAPHRADITUS           BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-C-155
FOOT, HURON                  HAMILTON                      NY-27-R-369
FOOTE, BETSEY                CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-R-435
FOOTE, EDWARD W.             HAMILTON                      NY-27-33-385
FOOTE, JOHN                  HAMILTON                      NY-27-27-229
FOOTE, JOSEPH                LENOX                         NY-27-E-275
FOOTE, JOSEPH H.             STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-42-103
FOOTE, MARY P.               HAMILTON                      NY-27-39-265
FOOTE, SARAH K.              HAMILTON                      NY-27-Y-331
FORBES, BARTHOLOMEW          LENOX                         NY-27-G-349
FORBES, JOHN                 LENOX                         NY-27-G-469
FORBES, LAURA K.             LENOX                         NY-27-V-79
FORBES, MABELLE H.           LENOX                         NY-27-47-457
FORBES, SARAH                SULLIVAN                      NY-27-C-63
FORBES, SARAH E. B.          HAMILTON                      NY-27-U-61
FORD, ALPHONSO               LINCOLN                       NY-27-47-25
FORD, JOSEPH                 LEBANON                       NY-27-C-159
FORRESTER, EMMA L.           LENOX                         NY-27-37-391
FORWARD, JONATHAN            MADISON                       NY-27-J-97
FOSDICK, EDWARD              FENNER                        NY-27-D-199
FOSTER, ABBEY                HAMILTON                      NY-27-X-487
FOSTER, CHARLES              BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-U-433
FOSTER, CHARLES              STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-F-559
FOSTER, CHARLES MAY          LENOX                         NY-27-27-31
FOSTER, GEORGE H.            EATON                         NY-27-Y-469
FOSTER, HINSDALE             LENOX                         NY-27-Q-355
FOSTER, RACHEL               STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-O-259
FOSTER, WILLIAM              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-O-325
FOTTS, WARREN                FENNER                        NY-27-H-379
FOWLER, DAVID                LENOX                         NY-27-F-285
FOWLER, LAURA JANE           NELSON                        NY-27-Z-289
FOWLER, PHILISSA             LENOX                         NY-27-K-243
FOWLER, THOMAS               EATON                         NY-27-C-3
FOX, EHLE                    CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-43-397
FOX, ELIZA J.                LENOX                         NY-27-38-397
FOX, HENRY W.                LENOX                         NY-27-R-171
FOX, HIRAM                   EATON                         NY-27-32-133
FOX, WILLIAM                 GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-L-139
FRANCIS, JAMES               GEORGETOWN                    NY-27-R-291
FRANCIS, ROWLAND             NELSON                        NY-27-39-217
FRANK, ALMIRA                LENOX                         NY-27-47-505
FRANKLIN, WILLIAM            BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-B-109
FREEBORN, STEPHEN            NELSON                        NY-27-D-130
FREEMAN, CHARLES             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-DX-53
FREEMAN, CHARLES             SULLIVAN                      NY-27-Q-43
FREEMAN, JULIA A.            STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-W-79
FREEMAN, RICHARD             CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-35-199
FREEMAN, WILLIAM C.          STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-F-81
FRENCH, ELIJAH               DE RUYTER                     NY-27-W-115
FRENCH, EPHRAIM              SULLIVAN                      NY-27-O-85
FRENCH, HENRY                EATON                         NY-27-C-67
FRENCH, JOSEPH               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-38-385
FRENCH, SAMUEL               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-L-335
FRENCH, THOMAS               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-T-483
FRENCH, THOMAS H.            SULLIVAN                      NY-27-39-205
FRINK, ASA                   BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-A-206
FRINK, ENOCH                 EATON                         NY-27-O-253
FRINK, LEWIS                 BROOKFIELD                    NY-27-K-309
FRIZELL, SAMUEL              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-D-458
FRIZELL, SARAH               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-T-291
FROST, ASA                   LENOX                         NY-27-D-31
FROST, HARRIET               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-E-6
FROST, JACOB G.              STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-Q-103
FROST, JOSIAH A.             LENOX                         NY-27-35-37
FROST, MARTHA A.             LENOX                         NY-27-O-133
FRY, JOSEPH                  EATON                         NY-27-B-36
FRYER, HUGH D.               STOCKBRIDGE                   NY-27-I-307
FTUKE, FRANCIS B.            EATON                         NY-27-B-257
FULLER, DANIEL               EATON                         NY-27-N-343
FULLER, EDWARD               SULLIVAN                      NY-27-R-513
FULLER, ELISHA               HAMILTON                      NY-27-C-103
FULLER, EMILY C.             EATON                         NY-27-32-205
FULLER, HARRIET              HAMILTON                      NY-27-Q-73
FULLER, JOHN H.              CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-35-115
FULLER, JOSEPH               HAMILTON                      NY-27-F-553
FULLER, SPARROW              HAMILTON                      NY-27-C-299
FURLONG, JAMES               CAZENOVIA                     NY-27-47-331

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