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SACKET, GIDEON S.            CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-8-67
SACKETT, MARY A.             CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-19-191
SAFFORD, JOHN DR.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-B-380
SAGE, EMILY O.               CHAMPION                      NY-23-35-241
SAGE, SARAH M. D.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-17-526
SAGE, WESLEY                 WATERTOWN                     NY-23-19-41
SALISBURY, ALEXANDER         DORR, Mc HENRY, IL            NY-23-25-500
SALISBURY, EDWARD S.         ADAMS                         NY-23-19-595
SALISBURY, LODWICK           THERESA                       NY-23-23-215
SALISBURY, MARTIN            LYME                          NY-23-39-509
SALISBURY, MARY              PAMELIA                       NY-23-1-253
SALISBURY, MARY D.           PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-11-362
SALISBURY, NICHOLAS          ADAMS                         NY-23-A-109
SALISBURY, SUSAN             ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-5-43
SALISBURY, THEODOSIA         ADAMS                         NY-23-20-385
SALSBURY, CORNELIUS          PAMELIA                       NY-23-C-23
SALSBURY, MARGARET M.        CHAMPION                      NY-23-34-351
SANBY, WILLIAM               HENDERSON                     NY-23-30-5
SANDERS, JOSEPH              WILNA                         NY-23-1-307
SANDERSON, ELNATHAN          PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-3-326
SANDY, PHILIP C.             THERESA                       NY-23-18-341
SANFORD, MARK                HENDERSON                     NY-23-35-41
SARGENT, JOHN                HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-9-147
SARGENT, MARY                ORLEANS                       NY-23-19-351
SARVAY, LEVI                 WILNA                         NY-23-E-374
SARVAY, WILLIAM              WILNA                         NY-23-10-215
SARVEY, POLLY                WILNA                         NY-23-12-671
SATCHWELL, CAROLINE R.       WATERTOWN                     NY-23-35-77
SAUER, JACOB                 WATERTOWN                     NY-23-10-115
SAUMAN, CATHARINE            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-29-217
SAUNDERS, ISAAC              ADAMS                         NY-23-35-97
SAUNDERS, ISAAC              ADAMS                         NY-23-10-163
SAUNDERS, JENNIE E.          ADAMS                         NY-23-34-393
SAUNDERS, MATILDA            ADAMS                         NY-23-24-374
SAUNDERS, RICHARD            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-35-469
SAUNDERS, SUSAN A.           ADAMS                         NY-23-23-503
SAVAGE, ANDREW               RUTLAND                       NY-23-12-177
SAVAGE, ROEBRT               BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-26-597
SAWTELL, CHESTER             HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-14-106
SAWTELLE, SOPHIA             HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-38-530
SAWYER, AARON O.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-28-259
SAWYER, BENJAMI              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-12-397
SAWYER, JOB                  WATERTOWN                     NY-23-D-443
SAWYER, JOSEPH               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-15-628
SAWYER, JOSEPH               ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-1-77
SAWYER, MARIAH L.            ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-16-118
SAWYER, PETER W.             WILNA                         NY-23-29-93
SAWYER, SAMUEL               ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-39-53
SCARLETT, JOHN               ORLEANS                       NY-23-30-645
SCHABER, LUDWIG              ORLEANS                       NY-23-35-153
SCHELL, JOSEPH               CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-28-789
SCHNAUBER, JACOB W.          CLAYTON                       NY-23-12-867
SCHRAM, CHARLOTT Z.          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-29-735
SCHRAM, FREDERICK B.         WATERTOWN                     NY-23-15-142
SCHRAM, SARAH V.             ADAMS                         NY-23-39-313
SCHROTH, JACOB WILLIAM       ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-8-301
SCHUYLER, DANIEL J.          LYME                          NY-23-26-299
SCHWARZ, PETER               THERESA                       NY-23-39-493
SCOFIELD, EBENEZER           LERAY                         NY-23-33-33
SCOFIELD, ELISHA             LERAY                         NY-23-7-378
SCOFIELD, JULIA A.           BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-20-355
SCOFIELD, MARY               PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-12-213
SCOFIELD, THADDEUS           PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-9-167
SCOTT, ARCHIBALD             ANTWERP                       NY-23-20-445
SCOTT, ELIZA D.              CHAMPION                      NY-23-30-225
SCOTT, EMORY                 ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-2-99
SCOTT, HENRY                 WATERTOWN                     NY-23-8-475
SCOTT, IRENE A.              ADAMS                         NY-23-27-705
SCOTT, JAMES                 ANTWERP                       NY-23-20-253
SCOTT, LOUISA                RUTLAND                       NY-23-31-651
SCOTT, LUCRETIA              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-31-53
SCOTT, MARGARET              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-14-709
SCOTT, NELSON R.             LERAY                         NY-23-39-201
SCOTT, PHEBE E.              RUTLAND                       NY-23-19-49
SCOTT, PRIOR                 ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-E-325
SCOTT, REUBEN                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-3-234
SCOTT, REUBEN                RUTLAND                       NY-23-5-98
SCOTT, ROSS C.               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-38-186
SCOTT, RUBY C.               LERAY                         NY-23-32-29
SCOTT, WILLIAM               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-31-393
SCOTT, WILLIAM               ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-19-505
SCOVILL, ABIJAH              ADAMS                         NY-23-A-267
SCOVILL, STEPHEN             ORLEANS                       NY-23-18-619
SCRIPTURE, CALVIN            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-31-405
SCRIPTURE, MARIETTA          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-21-473
SEAMAN, AMBROSE              PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-5-313
SEARLES, BERNARD D.          ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-27-717
SEARLES, ELIZA               HENDERSON                     NY-23-20-29
SEARLES, JULIETTA            HENDERSON                     NY-23-30-257
SEARLES, MARTHA G.           ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-24-566
SEARLES, SOPHIA A.           ADAMS                         NY-23-37-619
SEARLS, LUKE                 RUTLAND                       NY-23-11-74
SEATON, LEONARD              HENDERSON                     NY-23-14-360
SEAVER, MARIA E.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-19-163
SEE, JOSEPH D.               BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-33-585
SEEBER, GEORGE H.            BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-9-187
SEEBER, HENRY W.             BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-18-133
SEELEY, CHARLES              CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-9-199
SEELEY, WEALTHY ANN          HENDERSON                     NY-23-18-517
SEIBERT, PETER               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-33-537
SELEY, ANNA                  CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-12-679
SELF, WILLIAM                WILNA                         NY-23-20-257
SELTER, JEREMIAH             LYME                          NY-23-35-581
SELTER, JONATHAN             LYME                          NY-23-6-498
SERVEY, MYRA D.              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-29-61
SEWALL, EDMUND Q.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-31-85
SEWALL, HENRY L.             PAMELIA                       NY-23-D-203
SEWALL, MARY C.              PAMELIA                       NY-23-B-59
SEYMOUR, NANCY               ADAMS                         NY-23-23-547
SHAFER, WILLIAM              CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-30-327
SHANNON, ANN                 WATERTOWN                     NY-23-33-541
SHANNON, BETSEY              ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-29-197
SHANNON, DANIEL              ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-33-421
SHANNON, WILLIAM             ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-3-103
SHARLOW, HATTIE J.           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-16-198
SHARON, LULU                 WILNA                         NY-23-28-477
SHARP, MARIA                 WATERTOWN                     NY-23-29-613
SHATTUCK, ABEL               WILNA                         NY-23-16-666
SHATTUCK, EZRA               WILNA                         NY-23-38-230
SHAVER, ABRAM                BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-24-46
SHAVER, CAROLINE             ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-10-227
SHAVER, HIRAM                BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-38-130
SHAVER, JOSIAH               LYME                          NY-23-23-435
SHAW, EDWRD                  WILNA                         NY-23-10-571
SHAW, HENRY                  LYME                          NY-23-14-673
SHAW, JOHN W.                ORLEANS                       NY-23-24-146
SHEAD, HENRY W.              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-21-637
SHED, SIMON                  ORLEANS                       NY-23-9-347
SHEEVER, WILLIAM             WILNA                         NY-23-14-448
SHELDON, ABRAM               ADAMS                         NY-23-18-457
SHELDON, BENJAMIN B.         ORLEANS                       NY-23-16-2
SHELDON, HEZEKIAH            LYME                          NY-23-18-297
SHELDON, JOSEPH              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-5-330
SHELDON, ROBERT              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-20-585
SHELEY, JAMES J.             THERESA                       NY-23-35-597
SHELL, ELIZABETH             ORLEANS                       NY-23-19-319
SHENNAN, GEORGE C.           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-10-95
SHEPARD, DAVID               CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-6-108
SHEPARD, HENRY W.            ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-30-597
SHEPARD, REBECCA             CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-26-469
SHEPARD, SOPHIA M.           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-27-601
SHEPARD, THOMAS G.           ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-37-381
SHEPARDSON, EUNICE           ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-C-171
SHEPARDSON, EUNICE E.        ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-27-633
SHEPHERD, AMOS               LYME                          NY-23-9-363
SHERMAN, ABIGAIL             RUTLAND                       NY-23-15-338
SHERMAN, CHARLES A.          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-21-307
SHERMAN, GEORGE H.           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-35-321
SHERMAN, JOHN A.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-21-301
SHERMAN, JOHN B.             CLAYTON                       NY-23-33-279
SHERMAN, MARY A.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-31-273
SHERMAN, RUSSEL              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-A-78
SHERMAN, SOPHRONIA           ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-28-457
SHERRY, CATHARINE            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-28-153
SHEW, GODFREY                CHAMPION                      NY-23-2-497
SHEW, SALLY                  CHAMPION                      NY-23-9-327
SHIELDS, JAMES               BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-2-34
SHILL, JOHNSON               PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-39-233
SHIMEL, MORGAN               LERAY                         NY-23-32-581
SHIMMEL, NICHOLAS            PAMELIA                       NY-23-12-321
SHIMMELL, CONRAD             PAMELIA                       NY-23-1-430
SHULER, DAVID C.             CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-28-685
SHULL, JACOB                 ANTWERP                       NY-23-18-81
SHUMWAY, ALVAH               ANTWERP                       NY-23-12-469
SHUMWAY, ANNA                RUTLAND                       NY-23-15-162
SHURTLEFF, LOUISA M.         PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-30-109
SHURTLEFF, MILO              PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-20-165
SHURTLIFF, JAMES             ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-D-450
SIDINGER, PETER              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-23-771
SIDMORE, SARAH               RODMAN                        NY-23-38-46
SIGOURNEY, ANTHONY           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-D-409
SIGOURNEY, JOHN M.           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-23-527
SIGOURNEY, JULIA H.          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-37-53
SIKES, NATHANIEL C.          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-27-663
SILL, SARAH                  RODMAN                        NY-23-23-395
SILL, WILLIAM                RODMAN                        NY-23-12-393
SIMMONS, CHARLES             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-30-177
SIMMONS, EASON L.            RODMAN                        NY-23-39-249
SIMMONS, HENRY H.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-35-89
SIMONET, MARCEL              ORLEANS                       NY-23-23-401
SIMONS, HELEN M.             THERESA                       NY-23-32-485
SIMPSON, ALBERT E.           OMAHA, DOUGLAS, NE            NY-23-25-384
SIMPSON, DAVID M.            PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-29-101
SIMPSON, SUSAN               ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-26-193
SIMPSON, WILLIAM K.          ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-28-343
SIMSER, SOLOMON              WILNA                         NY-23-15-82
SISCHO, MALONA F.            ADAMS                         NY-23-37-481
SISSON, ELLAY                RODMAN                        NY-23-10-343
SISSON, HUMPHREY             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-32-327
SIXBURY, CLEMINA             BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-21-125
SIXBURY, JACOB               LERAY                         NY-23-31-153
SKINNER, ALANSON             BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-16-476
SKINNER, HIRAM               ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-26-165
SKINNER, HORACE              BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-33-73
SKINNER, LEVI                ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-19-529
SKINNER, WILLIAM T.          BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-19-283
SLACK, ALBERT W.             RUTLAND                       NY-23-31-101
SLACK, OLIVER                LERAY                         NY-23-13-253
SLADE, PETER                 LERAY                         NY-23-24-494
SLATER, JOSEPH               HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-12-513
SLATER, SOLOMON G.           WILNA                         NY-23-24-106
SLEATH, SARAH                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-11-42
SLIDE, JOHN                  CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-23-97
SLOAN, ISAAC                 WORTH                         NY-23-24-158
SLOAN, NANCY A.              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-30-253
SLOAT, JOHN                  WATERTOWN                     NY-23-14-98
SMILEY, BETSEY               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-19-159
SMILEY, FRANCIS              HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-16-58
SMILEY, ROBINSON E.          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-39-741
SMITH, ABEL B.               ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-27-687
SMITH, ADELAIDE C.           ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-37-601
SMITH, ALFRED                THERESA                       NY-23-14-544
SMITH, ALVA J.               ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-26-549
SMITH, ANN                   ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-35-497
SMITH, ANSON                 RUTLAND                       NY-23-E-173
SMITH, DANIEL                RODMAN                        NY-23-38-206
SMITH, DANIEL A.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-15-34
SMITH, DANIEL C.             ORLEANS                       NY-23-23-407
SMITH, DANIEL H.             ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-15-254
SMITH, DAVID                 WATERTOWN                     NY-23-10-335
SMITH, EBEN                  LYME                          NY-23-D-338
SMITH, ELIZABETH             WILNA                         NY-23-18-213
SMITH, ELIZABETH             HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-C-235
SMITH, ELY                   BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-24-486
SMITH, EPHRAIM               WILNA                         NY-23-3-362
SMITH, FANNY                 RODMAN                        NY-23-34-601
SMITH, FLORA                 ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-20-161
SMITH, FRANCES L.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-38-78
SMITH, G. HARRISON           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-39-261
SMITH, GEORGE                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-34-309
SMITH, GEORGE W.             RODMAN                        NY-23-13-57
SMITH, GIDEON                BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-2-120
SMITH, HUGH                  BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-26-707
SMITH, IRA A.                LERAY                         NY-23-9-355
SMITH, JAMES                 BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-13-61
SMITH, JOHN                  WILNA                         NY-23-11-475
SMITH, JOHNSON               HENDERSON                     NY-23-15-426
SMITH, LEWIS                 ORLEANS                       NY-23-34-517
SMITH, LEWIS                 ADAMS                         NY-23-14-166
SMITH, LUCRENA               ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-39-209
SMITH, LURA                  RUTLAND                       NY-23-30-585
SMITH, LYMAN                 RUTLAND                       NY-23-11-78
SMITH, MARCY                 RODMAN                        NY-23-39-789
SMITH, MARIA                 ADAMS                         NY-23-26-145
SMITH, MARY                  WATERTOWN                     NY-23-29-121
SMITH, MARY A.               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-34-541
SMITH, MARY A.               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-30-437
SMITH, MARY E.               LERAY                         NY-23-26-197
SMITH, MERRITT               CHAMPION                      NY-23-35-229
SMITH, NANCY MARIA           RODMAN                        NY-23-A-247
SMITH, OLIVER                ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-14-418
SMITH, ORREN W.              CLAYTON                       NY-23-30-399
SMITH, ORRIN N.              ADAMS                         NY-23-31-697
SMITH, PAMELIA               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-13-41
SMITH, PERSIS                BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-24-174
SMITH, PRISCILLA             HENDERSON                     NY-23-18-97
SMITH, RICHARD               HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-12-105
SMITH, RUFUS                 ORLEANS                       NY-23-9-566
SMITH, SABRA                 WATERTOWN                     NY-23-39-441
SMITH, SANFORD H.            ADAMS                         NY-23-15-10
SMITH, SIDNEY L.             RUTLAND                       NY-23-37-297
SMITH, STEWART               BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-16-146
SMITH, THEODORE              PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-38-798
SMITH, THOMAS                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-31-457
SMITH, TIMOTHY               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-15-466
SMITH, WILLIAM H.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-33-485
SMITH, WILLIAM S.            HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-27-181
SMYTH, THOMAS                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-29-225
SNELL, AMOS                  ORLEANS                       NY-23-33-425
SNELL, BENJAMIN              LERAY                         NY-23-13-69
SNELL, CATHARINE             CLAYTON                       NY-23-24-90
SNELL, DAVID F.              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-11-354
SNELL, DENACIOUS             THERESA                       NY-23-33-577
SNELL, ELENOR                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-21-417
SNELL, GEORGE                THERESA                       NY-23-10-543
SNELL, JACOB                 ANTWERP                       NY-23-20-573
SNELL, JOHN A.               ORLEANS                       NY-23-32-645
SNELL, LANSING               ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-29-381
SNELL, MARY A.               PAMELIA                       NY-23-35-465
SNELL, MARY A.               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-24-638
SNELL, PETER                 ORLEANS                       NY-23-33-261
SNICK, FANNY                 CLAYTON                       NY-23-9-389
SNIDE, RUANA A.              ORLEANS                       NY-23-37-265
SNITS, LEVI                  ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-28-161
SNOW, DANIEL M.              HENDERSON                     NY-23-32-303
SNOW, HARRIET A.             HENDERSON                     NY-23-31-225
SNOWDEN, SAMUEL F.           HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-D-296
SNOWDON, SUSAN B.            SACKETS HARBER                NY-23-E-245
SNYDER, PETER                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-9-375
SOLAR, FELIX                 CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-13-169
SOPER, MARY A.               THERESA                       NY-23-24-270
SOPER, SYLVESTER V.          CHAMPION                      NY-23-31-589
SORK, JOHN                   ADAMS                         NY-23-14-126
SOUTHWORTH, WILLIAM          RUTLAND                       NY-23-35-345
SOWLE, ISAIAH L.             PAMELIA                       NY-23-21-485
SOWLE, THOMAS A.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-26-569
SPALDING, BARNA              RUTLAND                       NY-23-11-210
SPALDING, CALVIN             RUTLAND                       NY-23-12-309
SPALSBURG, CAROLINE          ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-26-461
SPALSBURG, FRANCIS           ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-21-409
SPALSBURY, EDWIN D.          ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-29-661
SPALSBURY, FRANK             PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-37-29
SPALSBURY, MARGARET M.       CHAMPION                      NY-23-34-181
SPALSBURY, SARAH M.          ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-21-477
SPALSBURY, WILLIAM           ORLEANS                       NY-23-28-769
SPARTH, LEONHARD             CLAYTON                       NY-23-32-593
SPAULDING, HARRISON          ADAMS                         NY-23-1-107
SPAULDING, WARREN            JEFFERSON                     NY-23-3-382
SPAULSBURY, MARY ANN         CLAYTON                       NY-23-27-315
SPEARS, ELIZABETH            RUTLAND                       NY-23-19-107
SPENCE, REVA J.              WILNA                         NY-23-39-241
SPENCER, DANIEL              ADAMS                         NY-23-6-99
SPENCER, EDWARD G.           ADAMS                         NY-23-19-231
SPENCER, GEORGE H.           CLAYTON                       NY-23-33-121
SPENCER, GORDON P.           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-7-43
SPENCER, JEREMIAH            CLAYTON                       NY-23-A-251
SPENCER, JESSE               RODMAN                        NY-23-4-296
SPENCER, JOB                 ADAMS                         NY-23-23-753
SPENCER, RICHARD             HENDERSON                     NY-23-32-429
SPENCER, RUFUS               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-A-256
SPENCER, SAMUEL              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-A-275
SPENCER, THURZA A.           ADAMS                         NY-23-19-239
SPENCER, ZILLAH              CLAYTON                       NY-23-28-541
SPERRY, ANGELINE             WILNA                         NY-23-23-777
SPERRY, CATHARINE            HENDERSON                     NY-23-20-715
SPERRY, MERIT                CLAYTON                       NY-23-4-428
SPICER, DANIEL               HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-6-155
SPICER, ELI                  HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-B-330
SPICER, NANCY                BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-15-402
SPICER, WILLIAM              CLAYTON                       NY-23-E-48
SPINK, SARAH A.              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-31-25
SPONABLE, ALONZO             LYME                          NY-23-27-297
SPRAGUE, ALANSON G.          ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-18-53
SPRAGUE, APPLETON A.         HENDERSON                     NY-23-25-241
SPRAGUE, BENJAMIN            ANTWERP                       NY-23-3-422
SPRAGUE, DAVID               HENDERSON                     NY-23-10-175
SPRAGUE, ELIZA A.            HENDERSON                     NY-23-35-205
SPRAGUE, ORVILLE C.          HENDERSON                     NY-23-20-307
SPRAGUE, WILLIAM             ANTWERP                       NY-23-33-693
SPRAKER, CHARLES             LERAY                         NY-23-38-162
SPRATT, MARGARET             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-27-621
SPRINGSTEEN, CHARLES G.      WATERTOWN                     NY-23-29-321
SQUARES, ANTON               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-10-37
STACEY, HARVEY C.            ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-30-201
STACKHOUSE, ELIZABETH        ORLEANS                       NY-23-32-9
STACY, PHILEMON              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-19-25
STAGE, NICHOLAS              THERESA                       NY-23-B-323
STANARD, LAFAYETTE G.        WILNA                         NY-23-35-333
STAPLIN, DANIEL              RUTLAND                       NY-23-1-324
STAPLIN, OSCAR L.            RUTLAND                       NY-23-9-179
STARBUCK, ROXANIA G.         WATERTOWN                     NY-23-32-421
STARING, HENRY N.            SCHUYLER, HERKIMER, NY        NY-23-13-530
STARKEY, OTIS P.             CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-4-437
STARKWEATHER, AMANDA         CHAMPION                      NY-23-27-101
STARKWEATHER, LUCINDA        WATERTOWN                     NY-23-19-347
STARR, DAVID                 CHAMPION                      NY-23-B-415
STARR, PURLINA               ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-B-503
STARRS, SARAH                BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-A-244
STEARNS, EZRA                ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-14-594
STEARNS, LYMAN               THERESA                       NY-23-26-701
STEARNS, MILVERN             ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-12-401
STEARS, JACOB JR.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-34-593
STEBBINS, JEAN R.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-37-577
STEBBINS, JOHN               RUTLAND                       NY-23-10-371
STEBBINS, LYMAN              RUTLAND                       NY-23-24-558
STEBLEN, JULIA               CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-38-218
STEBLIN, ALOYSE              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-29-89
STEBLIN, VIRGINIA C.         WATERTOWN                     NY-23-32-25
STEDMAN, TIMOTHY B.          CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-29-129
STEEL, JAMES I.              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-10-315
STEELE, AURELIA A.           LERAY                         NY-23-39-33
STEELE, ELIAKIM              BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-3-1
STEELE, FRANCES E.           BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-27-333
STEELE, HANNAH C.            BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-32-561
STEELE, HARRIET M.           HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-18-607
STEELE, JEDUTHAN             SACKETS HARBOR                NY-23-A-281
STEELE, LYDIA                ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-15-346
STEELE, SALLY                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-13-197
STEELE, TRUMAN               ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-7-101
STEINHILBER, BARNHARD        LERAY                         NY-23-20-41
STEINHILBER, CATHARINE       LERAY                         NY-23-28-557
STEINHILBER, EZEKIEL         LERAY                         NY-23-11-414
STEINHILBER, J. PHILLIP      LERAY                         NY-23-29-589
STEPHENS, LUCY               ANTWERP                       NY-23-25-400
STERLING, ANNIS              HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-16-158
STERLING, MICAH              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-C-214
STERLING, SAMUEL G.          PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-24-294
STERNBERG, ARCHIBALD         BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-28-529
STERNBERG, GABRIEL           ADAMS                         NY-23-10-487
STERNBERG, MARGARETH         CLAYTON                       NY-23-2-47
STEVENS, ABRAM               RUTLAND                       NY-23-D-15
STEVENS, HENRY M.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-37-49
STEVENS, JAMES A.            PAMELIA                       NY-23-31-673
STEVENS, JENNIE              CHAMPION                      NY-23-30-237
STEVENS, MATILDA             HENDERSON                     NY-23-32-387
STEVENS, OLIVE               ADAMS                         NY-23-24-2
STEVENS, OREN                HENDERSON                     NY-23-23-227
STEVENS, SHUBEL H.           HENDERSON                     NY-23-21-733
STEWART, ADALINE E.          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-30-113
STEWART, BETSEY W. C.        LORRAINE                      NY-23-18-429
STEWART, IRA                 CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-30-533
STEWART, JOHN                PAMELIA                       NY-23-E-316
STEWART, LEANDER             LERAY                         NY-23-4-170
STEWART, ORSON               CHAMPION                      NY-23-34-577
STEWART, ROENA S.            LERAY                         NY-23-5-215
STEWART, STEPHEN VAN RENSSELAER  LERAY                     NY-23-9-25
STICKLES, MONMOUTH           PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-17-240
STICKNEY, MARY A.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-27-145
STILL, CATHERINE             PAMELIA                       NY-23-11-418
STIMSON, THOMAS C.           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-33-197
STJOHN, CHARLOTT             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-26-109
STOCKWELL, ELECTA            THERESA                       NY-23-27-117
STOCKWELL, ELIZA             ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-11-410
STOEL, WILLIAM               CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-20-697
STOKES, ROBERT J.            HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-11-398
STOKES, SELINA               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-22-629
STOKES, WILLIAM              HOUSNFIELD                    NY-23-13-93
STONE, ANNIS A.              HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-27-45
STONE, ARNOLD                RODMAN                        NY-23-8-115
STONE, CYRUS H.              SACKETS HARBOR                NY-23-A-312
STONE, GEORGE M.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-32-261
STONE, HORATIO               HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-12-373
STONE, JAMES                 WATERTOWN                     NY-23-A-85
STONE, JAMES A.              ANTWERP                       NY-23-33-357
STONE, JESSE                 BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-19-499
STONE, MELVIN                WILNA                         NY-23-31-703
STONE, NATHANIEL N.          BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-19-69
STONE, RICHARD               ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-35-493
STOPLIN, ALVAH               RUTLAND                       NY-23-23-163
STORES, JANE                 HENDERSON                     NY-23-23-57
STORING, ADELAIDE            RUTLAND                       NY-23-34-433
STORING, JOHN                LERAY                         NY-23-9-259
STORRS, WILLIAM L.           HARTFORD, HARTFORD, CT        NY-23-9-561
STORY, FREDERICK T.          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-35-509
STOTT, EBENEZER              BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-C-278
STPETER, JULIA               WILNA                         NY-23-35-201
STRATTON, CHLOE A.           LERAY                         NY-23-39-413
STRATTON, JONATHAN           LERAY                         NY-23-32-125
STREETER, AMOS               ANTWERP                       NY-23-9-299
STREETER, EUNICE H.          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-30-303
STREETER, NELSON W.          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-18-577
STRICKLAND, DEWITT           ADAMS                         NY-23-35-533
STRICKLAND, DEWITT           ADAMS                         NY-23-37-177
STRICKLAND, JOHN             PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-6-489
STRICKLAND, MAHLON           PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-13-281
STRICKLAND, MARY             PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-20-621
STRICKLAND, MILES            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-25-619
STRICKLAND, MORGAN           ADAMS                         NY-23-38-322
STRONG, ARBA                 BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-1-209
STRONG, EPHRAIM              LERAY                         NY-23-9-71
STRONG, HENRY C.             RODMAN                        NY-23-E-124
STRONG, HERMAN               PAMELIA                       NY-23-16-436
STRONG, NATHAN               RODMAN                        NY-23-B-146
STRONG, PATRICK              LERAY                         NY-23-33-701
STRONG, ROXANA T.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-23-419
STRONG, SARAH A.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-24-54
STUMPF, JOHN                 CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-23-591
SUELL, ANNA E.               ANTWERP                       NY-23-28-461
SULLIVAN, THOMAS             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-37-697
SUTHERLAND, THOMAS           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-19-5
SUTS, BENJAMIN               ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-10-75
SUTS, PETER                  ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-11-222
SUTTON, ELLA                 ELKHORN, WALWORTH, WI         NY-23-36-130
SWALIA, XAVIER               CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-39-417
SWAN, EMORANCY C.            LORRAINE                      NY-23-16-384
SWAN, ORPHY J.               ANTWERP                       NY-23-15-286
SWANTON, GEORGE              ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-30-13
SWARTOUT, ELIZA              ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-32-245
SWAYZE, NANCY H.             BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-14-242
SWEENY, JAMES R.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-28-453
SWEET, EDWIN                 WILNA                         NY-23-38-86
SWEET, HANNAH HOSNER         ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-28-589
SWEET, LIBBIE W.             ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-38-138
SWIFT, DAVID B.              SACKETS HARBOR                NY-23-6-32
SWIFT, NANCY                 HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-20-105
SWIFT, RICHARD SR.           PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-20-113
SYLVESTER, HARRIET ISABELLA  WATERTOWN                     NY-23-25-162
SYMONDS, FREDERICK O.        WILNA                         NY-23-29-687
SYMONDS, RALPH               ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-8-583
SYMONDS, SETH                WILNA                         NY-23-12-317
TAFT, ADELIA M.              LERAY                         NY-23-33-173
TAGGART, BYRON B.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-35-669
TAGGART, NATHAN              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-3-25
TAIT, THOMAS                 ANTWERP                       NY-23-11-226
TALCOTT, HENRY               ADAMS                         NY-23-16-258
TALCOTT, SALLY               ADAMS                         NY-23-10-463
TALLCOTT, NATHAN             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-18-547
TALLETT, GEORGE H.           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-35-557
TALLETT, KATE C.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-34-505
TANNER, ASHLEY               ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-11-258
TANNER, EDWIN H.             ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-2-455
TANNER, JULIUS               ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-32-413
TARBEL, ISAAC                HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-B-185
TARBELL, THOMAS              CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-18-505
TARBLE, ASA                  ADAMS                         NY-23-11-288
TARBLE, HANNAH J.            ADAMS                         NY-23-12-733
TASKETT, H. ADELINA          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-32-513
TASKETT, ISRAEL              ANTWERP                       NY-23-11-481
TASSEY, LUCY                 WATERTOWN                     NY-23-30-279
TAYLOR, ANDREW               BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-37-637
TAYLOR, CLARISSA             CHAMPION                      NY-23-5-10
TAYLOR, CYRUS                ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-4-389
TAYLOR, CYRUS W.             LERAY                         NY-23-34-525
TAYLOR, HIRAM                ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-13-353
TAYLOR, JOSEPH               ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-39-101
TAYLOR, LUCY M.              RUTLAND                       NY-23-33-29
TAYLOR, MARCUS               HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-38-558
TAYLOR, NANCY                PAMELIA                       NY-23-10-563
TAYLOR, RHODA                PAMELIA                       NY-23-8-523
TEALL, SARAH                 ANTWERP                       NY-23-38-542
TEDAMS, ELIZABETH            ADAMS                         NY-23-35-81
TEEL, PHILANDER              ANTWERP                       NY-23-35-261
TENCYCK, EGBERT              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-C-205
TENEYCK, EGBERT              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-18-353
TENEYCK, ROBERT              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-15-508
TERPENING, VALENTINE         ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-15-610
TERPNING, PETER              RUTLAND                       NY-23-35-109
TERRY, GERSHOM C.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-13-53
THAYER, BENJAMIN             WILNA                         NY-23-15-170
THAYER, JAMES                ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-8-427
THEOBALD, JOSEPH             ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-30-545
THIBAULT, JEANNE AIMEE       PARIS, FRANCE                 NY-23-13-538
THOMAS, ABBY S.              ADAMS                         NY-23-33-333
THOMAS, ANN                  ADAMS                         NY-23-14-146
THOMAS, CLINTON              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-21-625
THOMAS, ELIHU                ADAMS                         NY-23-20-391
THOMAS, EZRA                 ADAMS                         NY-23-9-303
THOMAS, JAMES                ADAMS                         NY-23-12-737
THOMAS, JOEL 2ND             ADAMS                         NY-23-8-139
THOMAS, JOHN                 HENDERSON                     NY-23-E-348
THOMAS, JULIUS M.            HENDERSON                     NY-23-8-151
THOMAS, NEWTON               ADAMS                         NY-23-28-673
THOMAS, ROBERT G.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-27-157
THOMAS, WESSON               ADAMS                         NY-23-A-132
THOMAS, WESSON               ADAMS                         NY-23-A-138
THOMAS, WILLIAM              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-14-10
THOMPSON, ALLEN              ANTWERP                       NY-23-12-665
THOMPSON, ALMIRA J.          ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-20-429
THOMPSON, DIANA              ORLEANS                       NY-23-31-129
THOMPSON, HARRIET C.         CHAMPION                      NY-23-38-158
THOMPSON, HORACE C.          CHAMPION                      NY-23-35-253
THOMPSON, JAMES C.           HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-12-517
THOMPSON, JOSEPH M.          ADAMS                         NY-23-12-137
THOMPSON, LUCY               ADAMS                         NY-23-D-22
THOMPSON, POLLY              ADAMS                         NY-23-34-733
THOMPSON, SALLY              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-38-582
THOMPSON, SAMUEL E.          HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-10-29
THOMPSON, WILLIAM            LOWVILLE, LEWIS, NY           NY-23-2-148
THOMPSON, WILLIAM C.         WATERTOWN                     NY-23-16-372
THOMSON, ELIAS               ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-A-314
THOMSON, MARTHA H.           CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-27-747
THOMSON, MARY G.             ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-16-14
THOMSON, WILLIAM M.          ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-38-598
THORNTON, ROSELL             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-27-413
THORPE, LIZZIE               CLAYTON                       NY-23-39-665
THRASHER, STEPHEN            ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-4-46
THURN, AMANDA M.             HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-15-38
THURSTON, LUCY A.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-12-477
TIFFANT, MARY                CLAYTON                       NY-23-37-763
TIFFANY, LUCY                HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-31-169
TIFFT, JAMES                 LORRAINE                      NY-23-7-8
TILLOTSON, NATHANIEL         CHAMPION                      NY-23-10-411
TIMERMAN, ALBERT             LERAY                         NY-23-33-253
TIMERMAN, ELIJAH             PAMELIA                       NY-23-12-485
TIMERMAN, EPHRAIM            ORLEANS                       NY-23-20-17
TIMERMAN, GEORGE H.          ORLEANS                       NY-23-16-412
TIMERMAN, JOHN C.            PAMELIA                       NY-23-1-101
TIMERMAN, RICHARD            LERAY                         NY-23-11-422
TIMERMAN, WILLIAM            ORLEANS                       NY-23-19-287
TIMMERMAN, AARON             LERAY                         NY-23-29-621
TIMMERMAN, ABEL              LERAY                         NY-23-37-485
TIMMERMAN, HENRY F.          ORLEANS                       NY-23-37-517
TIMMERMAN, LAURENCE          LERAY                         NY-23-23-125
TIMMERMAN, LAWRENCE          LERAY                         NY-23-1-486
TIMMERMAN, MARY              ORLEANS                       NY-23-14-150
TINNEY, AMOS                 WATERTOWN                     NY-23-29-261
TISDALE, GEORGE L.           SACKETS HARBOR                NY-23-A-271
TODD, ENOCH L.               RODMAN                        NY-23-27-723
TOLLES, SAMUEL H.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-23-299
TOLMAN, CHARLOTTE            ADAMS                         NY-23-16-42
TOLMAN, WILLIAM              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-31-291
TOM, CHARITY                 ORLEANS                       NY-23-38-250
TOMLINSON, DEWITT C.         WATERTOWN                     NY-23-30-209
TOMLINSON, JANE E.           WATERTON                      NY-23-34-173
TOMPSON, ICHABOD             ADAMS                         NY-23-10-319
TOMSON, ELIZABETH            ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-11-30
TONALEY, GIDEON T.           ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-28-125
TOOLY, BROOKS L.             WILNA                         NY-23-30-9
TORRY, DELIA G.              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-34-61
TOTMAN, CALVIN R.            ADAMS                         NY-23-11-430
TOUNSLEY, JAMES R.           ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-21-691
TOWER, SARAH A.              BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-6-55
TOWN, OZIAS                  LERAY                         NY-23-9-91
TOWNE, DORCAS E.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-26-719
TOWNE, GARDNER               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-19-255
TOWNSEND, GEORGE W.          ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-39-513
TOWNSEND, JONATHAN           PAMELIA                       NY-23-3-190
TOWNSEND, LUCY               ANTWERP                       NY-23-34-685
TOWNSEND, LYMAN              PAMELIA                       NY-23-15-430
TOWNSEND, TRUMAN B.          PAMELIA                       NY-23-27-417
TOZER, MINERVA A.            ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-39-225
TOZER, ROBERT H.             ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-3-429
TRAINOR, THOMAS              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-37-13
TREADWAY, JONATHAN           RUTLAND                       NY-23-4-230
TREADWELL, JOHN H.           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-21-469
TREMAINE, MERCY ANN          ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-15-146
TREMPER, JOHN M.             LYME                          NY-23-15-30
TROWBRIDGE, ADONIS           ADAMS                         NY-23-20-201
TRUAX, SARAH W.              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-38-54
TUBBS, ALANSON               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-15-234
TUBBS, EMMA A.               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-33-605
TUCKER, AMARIAH              CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-18-499
TUCKER, AMARIAH              RUTLAND                       NY-23-C-104
TUCKER, GEORGE E.            PHILADEPHIA                   NY-23-31-667
TUCKER, GEORGE W.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-34-413
TUCKER, GREEN                ORLEANS                       NY-23-19-335
TUCKER, HANNAH               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-10-279
TUCKER, MANFRED M.           ADAMS                         NY-23-6-461
TURNBULL, ANDREW F.          ANTWERP                       NY-23-39-585
TURNBULL, MICHAEL            ANTWERP                       NY-23-19-691
TURNER, CATHARINE            ORLEANS                       NY-23-26-445
TURNER, GUSTAVUS A.          ORLEANS                       NY-23-24-166
TURNER, JOHN                 ORLEANS                       NY-23-18-345
TURNER, LOUISA G.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-7-214
TURNER, SAMUEL               ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-18-463
TUSAN, FRANCIS SR.           ORLEANS                       NY-23-24-466
TUTTLE, HIRAM W.             RUTLAND                       NY-23-11-206
TUTTLE, JEREMIAH             ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-14-324
TUTTLE, MARY                 WATERTOWN                     NY-23-2-425
TUTTLE, PERMILA              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-30-217
TUTTLE, SOLOMON              RUTLAND                       NY-23-A-11
TUTTLE, THEODORE             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-23-723
TUTTLE, ZIBA                 ANTWERP                       NY-23-C-269
TWINING, ALFRED M.           CHAMPION                      NY-23-39-477
TWINING, JOSEPH              CHAMPION                      NY-23-8-13
TYLER, ALANSON               ADAMS                         NY-23-14-66
TYLER, DAVID                 RUTLAND                       NY-23-4-80
TYLER, ELIZABETH             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-24-118
TYLER, FRANCES C.            HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-34-45
TYLER, HORACE                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-19-171
TYLER, MARY                  ANTWERP                       NY-23-10-107
TYLER, WILLIAM E.            HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-29-181
ULLMAN, AMELIA               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-37-245
UNDERWOOD, BENJAMIN          RUTLAND                       NY-23-A-295
UNDERWOOD, JOSEPH            BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-C-1
UPHAM, SAMUEL B.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-30-501
USHER, WILLIAM               BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-15-616
UTLEY, ALVAH                 RODMAN                        NY-23-19-387
UTLEY, CATHARINE J.          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-23-287
UTLEY, JOB F.                RODMAN                        NY-23-23-275
UTLEY, JOHN                  RODMAN                        NY-23-3-342
UTLEY, NATHANIEL             RODMAN                        NY-23-10-587
UTLEY, ORRIN C.              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-4-130
UTLEY, RUTH A.               RODMAN                        NY-23-27-77
UTLEY, SOPHIA A.             RODMAN                        NY-23-24-198
UTTER, ANN C.                ADAMS                         NY-23-39-645
UTTER, JOHN                  ADAMS                         NY-23-14-154

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