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LACKEY, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-27-449
LACY, ERASTUS                           NY-23-4-160
LACY, HENRY                             NY-23-38-498
LADD, OULEY M.                          NY-23-39-109
LAFARMER, PETER                         NY-23-21-109
LAFLEUR, CHARLES                        NY-23-39-653
LAFLEUR, OLIVER                         NY-23-15-598
LAFLIN, MARY                            NY-23-34-145
LAFLIN, SHELDON                         NY-23-38-182
LAGRAVES, MARIETTA                      NY-23-38-738
LAIDLAW, MARGARET                       NY-23-29-285
LAIDLOW, ANDREW                         NY-23-18-265
LAILLET, EXAVIER                        NY-23-32-193
LAIRD, JOHN                             NY-23-26-117
LAKE, NATHAN                            NY-23-4-368
LALLEMAND, AUGUSTE                      NY-23-39-693
LALONDE, LEVI                           NY-23-37-505
LAMB, WILSON                            NY-23-32-257
LAMBIE, WILLIAM M.                      NY-23-38-638
LAMON, ESTHER                           NY-23-38-794
LAMON, FRANCIS                          NY-23-9-383
LAMON, FRANCIS R.                       NY-23-29-457
LAMPSON, WILLIAM                        NY-23-8-103
LAMSON, CHAUNCEY G.                     NY-23-16-22
LAMSON, JUDE                            NY-23-13-313
LANCE, ANSON                            NY-23-13-217
LANCE, PETER                            NY-23-34-13
LANDERS, SOLOMON                        NY-23-10-71
LANE, JULIA B.                          NY-23-25-536
LANE, KATHARINE                         NY-23-15-478
LANE, MARY                              NY-23-2-80
LANE, THOMAS                            NY-23-27-41
LANE, THOMAS                            NY-23-8-505
LANIGER, GEORGE                         NY-23-39-137
LANSING, CORNELIA                       NY-23-26-89
LANSING, ROBERT                         NY-23-17-250
LaPERCHE, ESTHER                        NY-23-C-322
LAPHAM, MOLLY                           NY-23-D-289
LAPONTENIA, FRANK                       NY-23-38-314
LARABEE, CAROLINE S.                    NY-23-37-457
LARK, ALMEDA                            NY-23-20-1
LARKINS, ORNALDO D.                     NY-23-38-474
LARMAN, WILLIAM                         NY-23-29-269
LARMOUTH, ANN M.                        NY-23-30-433
LARRIBEE, WILLIAM R.                    NY-23-28-217
LASCELL, GEORGE W.                      NY-23-36-72
LASHER, MORTIMER C.                     NY-23-31-97
LASSELL, MARY P.                        NY-23-31-141
LATHROP, ALFRED                         NY-23-9-431
LATHROP, HENRIETTA                      NY-23-19-147
LAUPHEAR, FANNY                         NY-23-18-241
LAUPHEAR, HIRAM                         NY-23-12-281
LAUPHEAR, JEREMIAH                      NY-23-9-59
LAUPHEAR, SOLOMON P.                    NY-23-37-365
LAURENCE, DAVID                         NY-23-26-329
LAURENCE, JOSIAH                        NY-23-24-650
LAWRENCE, AUGEVINE                      NY-23-25-277
LAWRENCE, BETSEY                        NY-23-4-119
LAWRENCE, ELECTA A.                     NY-23-39-229
LAWRENCE, JOSEPH                        NY-23-2-373
LAWRENCE, JULIA                         NY-23-33-205
LAWRENCE, LEANDER                       NY-23-32-393
LAWRENCE, RICHARD                       NY-23-33-653
LAWRENCE, TIMOTHY                       NY-23-B-1
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM                       NY-23-1-436
LAWSON, ISAAC P.                        NY-23-36-211
LAWTON, ALICE                           NY-23-29-145
LAWTON, BETSEY                          NY-23-24-246
LAWTON, ELECTA M.                       NY-23-30-605
LAWYER, LARRY                           NY-23-15-174
LAWYER, WILLIAM                         NY-23-24-550
LEACH, EBENEZER                         NY-23-7-314
LEAVETT, JAMES                          NY-23-38-666
LEAVITT, JUSTUS B.                      NY-23-37-489
LECKIS, MARGARET                        NY-23-11-378
LEE, BENJAMIN T.                        NY-23-16-416
LEE, GEORGE                             NY-23-10-531
LEE, JOHN S.                            NY-23-19-33
LEE, JOSEPH                             NY-23-26-601
LEE, MELINA B.                          NY-23-15-586
LEE, MORRIS                             NY-23-29-257
LEE, THOMAS                             NY-23-34-569
LEE, WILLIAM A.                         NY-23-25-77
LEE, WILLIAM B.                         NY-23-12-181
LEECH, WILLIAM                          NY-23-21-295
LEEPY, NICHOLAS                         NY-23-28-229
LEFEVRE, WILLIAM C.                     NY-23-14-613
LEFFER, JACOB C.                        NY-23-28-667
LEGROSS, DANIEL                         NY-23-10-211
LEGROSS, DERALVA                        NY-23-24-526
LEITERMAN, GEORGE P.                    NY-23-37-237
LEONARD, GEORGE E.                      NY-23-33-241
LEONARD, ISAAC                          NY-23-15-214
LEONARD, ISAAC                          NY-23-9-109
LEONARD, MARY                           NY-23-32-205
LEONARD, ROSE                           NY-23-23-347
LEONARD, THOMAS                         NY-23-34-241
LEPPER, JOHN F.                         NY-23-35-61
LESTER, ELSIE M.                        NY-23-37-349
LESTER, MILO                            NY-23-B-18
LESTER, WARREN S.                       NY-23-24-312
LETORD, JOSEPH                          NY-23-18-321
LEVIS, WILLIAM D.                       NY-23-16-10
LEWIS, ABEL P.                          NY-23-27-345
LEWIS, ALICE                            NY-23-27-253
LEWIS, ASHER                            NY-23-7-300
LEWIS, DANIEL                           NY-23-38-358
LEWIS, DEMARQUIS L.                     NY-23-35-69
LEWIS, EDWARD                           NY-23-29-465
LEWIS, ELBRIDGE                         NY-23-31-93
LEWIS, EMMA K.                          NY-23-37-249
LEWIS, FOSTER                           NY-23-3-220
LEWIS, GEORGE                           NY-23-21-561
LEWIS, JEREMIAH                         NY-23-14-194
LEWIS, JOHN S.                          NY-23-29-485
LEWIS, MORTIMER C.                      NY-23-27-429
LEWIS, NANCY M.                         NY-23-19-523
LEWIS, OLIVE R.                         NY-23-11-18
LEWIS, PHEBE                            NY-23-2-522
LEWIS, RICHARD                          NY-23-2-1
LEWIS, STEPHEN                          NY-23-3-285
LEWIS, SYLVESTER J.                     NY-23-25-259
LEWIS, WAITSTILL                        NY-23-12-21
LEWIS, WILLIAM J.                       NY-23-36-122
LIEB, CASPER J.                         NY-23-D-144
LIMBECK, JULIA                          NY-23-23-153
LINDSEY, JOHN                           NY-23-35-387
LINGENFELTER, RUFUS S.                  NY-23-20-69
LINGERFELTER, JOHN                      NY-23-32-505
LINNAGER, JOHN                          NY-23-23-575
LINNELL, CHARLES A.                     NY-23-34-261
LINNELL, SILAS H.                       NY-23-39-465
LITTLEFIELD, AMBROSE                    NY-23-15-454
LITTLEFIELD, CYRUS                      NY-23-16-496
LITTLEFIELD, JOEL                       NY-23-A-303
LITTLEFIELD, JOHN                       NY-23-19-467
LITTLEFIELD, JOTHAM                     NY-23-12-245
LITTLEFIELD, JOTHAM W.                  NY-23-31-351
LITTLEFIELD, PHILANA                    NY-23-1-149
LITTLEFIELD, POLLY S.                   NY-23-26-731
LITTLEFIELD, WILLARD                    NY-23-C-42
LITTLEFIELD, WILLIAM                    NY-23-23-515
LIVERMORE, LEVI                         NY-23-B-11
LIVERMORE, SOLOMON                      NY-23-1-156
LLOYD, JAMES W.                         NY-23-34-257
LOADWICK, DELIA                         NY-23-1-346
LOAR, JACOB                             NY-23-15-366
LOCKLIN, ISAAC JR                       NY-23-C-243
LOCKWOOD, DANIEL B.                     NY-23-32-661
LODA, LEZIUM                            NY-23-12-53
LOEHR, JOHN NIKOLAUS                    NY-23-5-452
LONG, NELSON                            NY-23-29-189
LONSDALE, LUCY H.                       NY-23-21-177
LOOMIS, ALPHONS                         NY-23-16-400
LOOMIS, CHARLES                         NY-23-D-366
LOOMIS, EBER                            NY-23-38-262
LOOMIS, ELLEN L.                        NY-23-16-86
LOOMIS, HORACE                          NY-23-20-61
LOOMIS, JOHN                            NY-23-12-1
LOOMIS, LEONARD H.                      NY-23-39-81
LOOMIS, OTIS                            NY-23-12-297
LOOMIS, PHILENA                         NY-23-35-73
LOOMIS, SALLY                           NY-23-29-157
LOOMIS, SALLY                           NY-23-16-238
LOOMIS, THOMAS                          NY-23-4-165
LOOMIS, WARREN                          NY-23-E-256
LOOMIS, WILLIAM                         NY-23-13-213
LOPER, SCHUYLER H.                      NY-23-21-545
LORD, JUDAH                             NY-23-16-392
LORD, LUCINA H.                         NY-23-35-245
LORD, WILLIAM                           NY-23-25-29
LORD, WILLIAM                           NY-23-19-553
LOSEE, JOHN                             NY-23-A-254
LOSEE, LAURA M.                         NY-23-33-449
LOUCKS, CHESTER                         NY-23-37-409
LOUCKS, HARRIET                         NY-23-29-237
LOUCKS, HARRIET J.                      NY-23-39-277
LOUCKS, LEVI                            NY-23-24-348
LOUCKS, SARAH                           NY-23-30-711
LOUCKS, ZENAS A.                        NY-23-32-197
LOVELAND, AUSTIN                        NY-23-12-785
LOVELAND, DAVID                         NY-23-25-271
LOVELAND, HIRAM                         NY-23-23-431
LOVELAND, LINUS                         NY-23-34-113
LOVELAND, LUMAN                         NY-23-20-751
LOVERIDGE, JOEL                         NY-23-18-365
LOVEY, PAUL                             NY-23-39-385
LOW, ABEL F.                            NY-23-8-343
LOWE, BETSEY ANN                        NY-23-32-525
LOWE, CLIMENA                           NY-23-20-85
LOWE, ISAAC                             NY-23-19-423
LOWE, JOHN                              NY-23-16-606
LOWREY, LORENZO                         NY-23-29-77
LOWREY, MICHAEL                         NY-23-30-429
LOWREY, PHILO                           NY-23-9-315
LOWRY, DANIEL                           NY-23-A-195
LUCAS, ANDREW JACKSON                   NY-23-39-681
LUCAS, CALISTA (HUNT)                   NY-23-21-233
LUCAS, ELNATHAN                         NY-23-23-341
LULL, NATHANIEL W.                      NY-23-25-82
LUM, AUGUSTUS                           NY-23-12-365
LUM, CALVIN                             NY-23-16-660
LUM, EUNICE                             NY-23-5-83
LUT, JOSIAH                             NY-23-1-393
LUTHER, ISAAC                           NY-23-14-436
LUTHER, JOHN                            NY-23-10-111
LUTHER, STEPHEN                         NY-23-14-14
LUTTEN, MARGARET                        NY-23-23-223
LYMAN, ELAM                             NY-23-16-290
LYMAN, GARRETT                          NY-23-32-501
LYMAN, ISAAC                            NY-23-5-178
LYMAN, JOSEPH M.                        NY-23-27-369
LYNCH, GEORGE                           NY-23-38-202
LYNCH, MARTIN                           NY-23-38-466
LYNCH, MICHAEL                          NY-23-27-517
LYNDE, AARON B.                         NY-23-35-757
LYNDE, LINCOLN D.                       NY-23-26-425
LYNHAM, PETER                           NY-23-27-53
LYON, HENRY                             NY-23-3-226
LYON, HENRY                             NY-23-2-65
LYON, JAMES B.                          NY-23-29-545
LYSTER, WILLIAM J.                      NY-23-34-481
LYTTLE, DEBORAH                         NY-23-4-306
LYTTLE, SHUBAEL                         NY-23-8-1
LYTTLE, WILLIAM A.                      NY-23-32-213
MACGREGOR, JOHN M.                      NY-23-16-278
MACK, CHABRIS                           NY-23-24-704
MACK, CHARMIS                           NY-23-11-170
MACK, ELIZABETH                         NY-23-37-581
MACK, JOHN H.                           NY-23-12-145
MACK, OLIVER W.                         NY-23-23-69
MACK, RALPH                             NY-23-A-209
MACK, SAMUEL A.                         NY-23-10-9
MACOMBER, ELIZA                         NY-23-31-513
MACOMBER, JOHN                          NY-23-9-175
MACOMBER, SUSANNAH                      NY-23-16-428
MACUMBER, KNAPP                         NY-23-7-156
MADDEN, ROSE                            NY-23-15-406
MADE, GEORGE                            NY-23-21-641
MAHAN, JAMES                            NY-23-15-114
MAHAN, JOHN                             NY-23-38-606
MAHAR, EDWARD                           NY-23-31-253
MAHER, GREGORY                          NY-23-9-135
MAHER, MICHAEL                          NY-23-14-298
MAHONY, JEREMIAH H.                     NY-23-37-405
MAIN, BETSY                             NY-23-30-105
MAKEPEACE, ELLIOTT                      NY-23-21-145
MAKEPEACE, SOLOMON                      NY-23-12-301
MALDOON, FRANCIS                        NY-23-32-461
MALDOON, JANE                           NY-23-32-541
MALLERY, AMOS                           NY-23-9-443
MALLITT, MARY                           NY-23-24-386
MALLORY, AMOS                           NY-23-A-125
MALONEY, BRIDGET                        NY-23-39-113
MALONEY, PATRICK                        NY-23-10-243
MALTBY, ALMIRA                          NY-23-33-433
MALTBY, CHAUNCY                         NY-23-11-134
MALTBY, JOSEPH                          NY-23-D-252
MANIGOLD, ELIZABETH                     NY-23-30-629
MANIGOLD, LURY ANN                      NY-23-39-105
MANIGOLD, PETER                         NY-23-12-345
MANION, JOHN                            NY-23-24-182
MANN, CURTIS                            NY-23-C-145
MANN, REBECCA B.                        NY-23-15-330
MANNING, LYDIA E.                       NY-23-15-322
MANNING, SUSAN A.                       NY-23-33-303
MANTLE, DOROTHY                         NY-23-11-46
MANTZ, FELIX                            NY-23-20-449
MARCEAU, FRANCOIS                       NY-23-28-137
MARCEAU, JEANNETTE                      NY-23-30-723
MARCH, MARY A.                          NY-23-35-105
MARCHAND, FRANCOIS                      NY-23-28-613
MARKHAM, ELIZABETH                      NY-23-27-505
MARKWICK, HENRIETTA L.                  NY-23-39-17
MARKWICK, SAMUEL                        NY-23-30-521
MARSH, SARAH                            NY-23-10-583
MARSH, WILLIAM                          NY-23-16-30
MARSHALL, JOHN                          NY-23-27-121
MARTIN, ABIGAIL                         NY-23-10-427
MARTIN, ALBERT D.                       NY-23-37-525
MARTIN, BENJAMIN                        NY-23-26-641
MARTIN, BENJAMIN                        NY-23-11-346
MARTIN, BETSY H.                        NY-23-23-191
MARTIN, ELIZA                           NY-23-39-617
MARTIN, HERNY                           NY-23-24-462
MARTIN, JAMES                           NY-23-20-109
MARTIN, JAMES                           NY-23-16-38
MARTIN, MARY                            NY-23-35-629
MARTIN, NANCY                           NY-23-38-58
MARTIN, SALLY                           NY-23-29-265
MARTIN, WILLIAM                         NY-23-7-53
MARTIN, WILLIAM J.                      NY-23-16-714
MARVIN, DANIEL S.                       NY-23-36-186
MASON, ABIGAIL A.                       NY-23-32-89
MASON, ASA                              NY-23-20-45
MASON, HATTIE M.                        NY-23-36-205
MASSEY, ADELINE A.                      NY-23-29-393
MASSEY, ALBERT P.                       NY-23-38-122
MASSEY, BAKER ***                       NY-23-6-270
MASSEY, EDWARD S.                       NY-23-16-160
MASSEY, EDWARD S.                       NY-23-16-560
MASSEY, HART                            NY-23-2-404
MASSEY, J. EDWARD                       NY-23-38-94
MASSEY, STILLMAN                        NY-23-21-97
MATHER, ANSEL                           NY-23-16-334
MATHER, EUSLEY                          NY-23-39-621
MATHER, HANNAH G.                       NY-23-38-302
MATHER, JEHOIADA                        NY-23-1-175
MATHER, MILO S.                         NY-23-33-49
MATHEWS, ETHER                          NY-23-13-265
MATHEWS, NORMAN Z.                      NY-23-5-201
MATTESON, ELISHA A.                     NY-23-27-651
MATTESON, HANNAH                        NY-23-35-593
MATTESON, LUCINDA                       NY-23-27-37
MATTHEWS, JOEL                          NY-23-37-161
MATTHEWS, JOSEPH                        NY-23-26-369
MATTHEWS, LEONARD                       NY-23-30-469
MATTHEWS, NANCY                         NY-23-20-485
MATTHEWS, SAMUEL G.                     NY-23-23-9
MATTHEWS, THOMAS                        NY-23-28-429
MATTISON, POLLY                         NY-23-21-493
MAXEN, ABIGAIL                          NY-23-32-613
MAXON, HARVEY                           NY-23-12-5
MAXON, LYMAN H.                         NY-23-13-556
MAXON, PAUL C.                          NY-23-31-173
MAXON, SUSAN M.                         NY-23-38-562
MAXON, THOMAS V.                        NY-23-37-337
MAXSON, DAVID                           NY-23-10-375
MAXSON, HANNAH T.                       NY-23-30-421
MAYHEW, ANNA C.                         NY-23-16-110
MAYHEW, ELLA M.                         NY-23-33-637
MAYHEW, THOMPSON                        NY-23-31-381
MAYNARD, LEWIS                          NY-23-38-50
MAYNE, EBER                             NY-23-23-29
MAYO, ASENATH                           NY-23-29-505
MAYO, CHARLES                           NY-23-25-518
MAYO, JOSEPH                            NY-23-3-444
MCALEESE, CATHARINE F.                  NY-23-33-93
MCALLASTER, WILLIAM                     NY-23-12-613
MCCABE, SIMON                           NY-23-34-381
MCCABE, MARY ANN                        NY-23-34-81
MCCARLIN, JOHN C.                       NY-23-30-157
MCCARN, EMELINE                         NY-23-32-249
MCCARTY, LEWIS                          NY-23-21-129
MCCLELLEN, JAMES                        NY-23-23-109
MCCOMBER, GEORGE                        NY-23-39-389
MCCOMBER, GEORGE W.                     NY-23-6-315
MCCOMBS, ALZADA B.                      NY-23-32-405
MCCOMBS, ANDREW                         NY-23-27-93
MCCOMBS, GEORGE                         NY-23-12-141
MCCONE, ALICE                           NY-23-21-421
MCCONNELL, JANE                         NY-23-28-521
MCCORMICK, ALICE                        NY-23-27-425
MCCORMICK, DANIEL                       NY-23-19-721
MCCORMICK, FRANCIS                      NY-23-12-13
MCCORMICK, HELEN S.                     NY-23-20-637
MCCORMICK, JEREMIAH                     NY-23-32-57
MCCORMICK, JOSEPH                       NY-23-19-247
MCCORMICK, THOMAS                       NY-23-15-18
MCCOY, CORNELIUS                        NY-23-35-565
MCCOY, MARY                             NY-23-35-561
MCCREA, ISAAC                           NY-23-10-63
MCCUE, WILLIAM T.                       NY-23-37-261
MCCUE, HARRIET                          NY-23-15-302
MCCUMBER, HELEN M.                      NY-23-21-45
MCCUMBER, JAMES                         NY-23-E-59
MCCUNIFF, JAMES                         NY-23-4-433
MCDERMOTT, DENNIS J.                    NY-23-39-409
MCDERMOTT, DAVID                        NY-23-15-362
MCDONELL, THOMAS                        NY-23-23-511
MCGHAN, BRIDGET                         NY-23-33-125
MCGILLIS, JAMES                         NY-23-20-125
MCGILLIS, THOMAS                        NY-23-19-275
MCGINNIS, WILLIAM                       NY-23-20-349
MCGRATH, MARGARET                       NY-23-15-604
MCGREGOR, JANE                          NY-23-33-685
MCGUIN, GEORGE W.                       NY-23-6-306
MCHAINS, SAMUEL                         NY-23-A-285
MCHENRY, JOHN                           NY-23-18-17
MCINTYRE, WILLIAM                       NY-23-28-577
MCKEE, ALVIN                            NY-23-20-13
MCKEE, AMANDA M. M.                     NY-23-18-293
MCKEE, APPELTON                         NY-23-A-50
MCKEE, OLIVER                           NY-23-27-433
MCKEE, OSCAR R.                         NY-23-39-265
MCKENNA, EDWARD F.                      NY-23-10-387
MCKENNA, JOHN                           NY-23-29-433
MCKINDLEY, WILLIAM                      NY-23-2-17
MCKINLEY, ARTHUR                        NY-23-29-193
MCKINLEY, MARY                          NY-23-38-714
MCLAUGHLIN, ANTHONY                     NY-23-38-2
MCLAUGHLIN, TERRENCE                    NY-23-19-403
MCLEAN, CHESTER                         NY-23-16-98
MCMAHON, JOHN H.                        NY-23-21-153
MCMAHON, THOMAS                         NY-23-38-286
MCMANUS, MARY                           NY-23-18-333
MCMANUS, MICHAEL                        NY-23-27-445
MCMANUS, PAUL                           NY-23-C-198
MCMINN, JAMES                           NY-23-26-65
MCMULLEN, JOHN                          NY-23-22-480
MCMULLIN, ANN J.                        NY-23-39-285
MCNEIL, ANSEL                           NY-23-B-179
MCNEIL, DAVID                           NY-23-33-61
MCNEIL, DAVID                           NY-23-23-211
MCNEIL, SUSAN E.                        NY-23-34-233
MCNIEL, DANIEL                          NY-23-1-134
MCNIEL, WILLIAM                         NY-23-D-264
MCNITT, ANDREW                          NY-23-3-126
MCNITT, SAMUEL                          NY-23-23-621
MCPHERSON, ROBERT                       NY-23-12-277
MCPHERSON, SALLY                        NY-23-10-143
MCPHERSON, WILLIAM                      NY-23-23-423
MCQUILLEN, MARY                         NY-23-16-210
MCQUILLIAN, PETER                       NY-23-38-118
MCWAYNE, ANGELINE                       NY-23-21-269
MCWAYNE, DELONZO                        NY-23-19-29
MCWAYNE, DELOSS                         NY-23-21-441
MCWAYNE, HELEN C.                       NY-23-35-173
MCWAYNE, JUSTUS                         NY-23-11-182
MEAD, HANNAH                            NY-23-4-311
MEAD, LETTIE M.                         NY-23-30-137
MEAD, TRACY K.                          NY-23-27-577
MELLEN, ALBERT                          NY-23-39-505
MELLEN, WALTER                          NY-23-13-209
MEMBERY, AMOS                           NY-23-4-17
MENETRIER, BARBE G.                     NY-23-16-182
MERCHANT, GLOAD                         NY-23-30-129
MEREDITH, LUCINDA                       NY-23-28-655
MERRELL, HIRAM                          NY-23-8-31
MERRELL, MOSES C.                       NY-23-A-297
MERRICK, ANN                            NY-23-30-165
MERRICK, JASON                          NY-23-D-375
MERRICK, JASON                          NY-23-E-196
MERRICK, ROBERT                         NY-23-8-223
MERRILL, ALLEN                          NY-23-20-241
MERRILL, HARRIET                        NY-23-20-433
MERRILL, OSCAR H.                       NY-23-25-361
MERRIMAN, JAMES L.                      NY-23-5-21
MERRIMAN, MANDANA A.                    NY-23-39-489
MERRIMAN, WILLIAM A.                    NY-23-29-133
MERRITT, HENRY D.                       NY-23-31-185
MERRY, ELLEN                            NY-23-34-425
MERWIN, JESSE                           NY-23-9-1
MERWIN, TALCOTT                         NY-23-26-557
METCALF, HELEN                          NY-23-37-429
METCALF, HENRY                          NY-23-12-413
METCALF, JAMES                          NY-23-19-331
METCALF, JOHN                           NY-23-29-109
MEUTNER, JACQU3ES                       NY-23-14-580
MICK, EPHRAIM                           NY-23-2-491
MICK, MICHAEL                           NY-23-A-7
MIDDLETON, ANDREW                       NY-23-A-180
MIDDLETON, CHRISTOPHER                  NY-23-31-629
MIDDLETON, DORCAS H.                    NY-23-37-625
MIDDLETON, EMILY F.                     NY-23-28-631
MIDDLETON, JOHN                         NY-23-11-334
MIDDLETON, ROBERT                       NY-23-12-501
MIDDLETON, ROBERT                       NY-23-E-75
MIDDLETON, SAMUEL                       NY-23-15-472
MIDDLETON, SERAPH                       NY-23-23-543
MIDDLETON, WILLIAMD .                   NY-23-26-617
MIKILBY, SARAH                          NY-23-20-517
MILES, ANDREW B.                        NY-23-32-749
MILES, HENRY                            NY-23-11-162
MILES, JONATHAN                         NY-23-11-10
MILES, SAMUEL D.                        NY-23-14-588
MILLARD, DIANA                          NY-23-30-675
MILLARD, HENRY                          NY-23-5-49
MILLARD, HENRY D.                       NY-23-30-525
MILLER, AMBROSE                         NY-23-16-206
MILLER, AMORY                           NY-23-21-13
MILLER, ELIJAH                          NY-23-29-229
MILLER, J. GRANT                        NY-23-38-594
MILLER, JANE                            NY-23-21-445
MILLER, JOEL                            NY-23-2-568
MILLER, JOHN C.                         NY-23-8-253
MILLER, KATY                            NY-23-21-21
MILLER, LEVI                            NY-23-28-457
MILLER, LEWIS                           NY-23-21-85
MILLER, MARY                            NY-23-32-297
MILLER, MORRIS S.                       NY-23-23-167
MILLER, MOSES                           NY-23-2-441
MILLER, SAMUEL                          NY-23-D-317
MILLINGTON, DAVID                       NY-23-18-189
MILLINGTON, LAURA                       NY-23-22-503
MILLS, ANDREW                           NY-23-29-233
MILLS, ANDREW                           NY-23-19-135
MILLS, ANSEL                            NY-23-11-126
MILLS, DAVID                            NY-23-7-184
MILLS, ELIZABETH                        NY-23-12-847
MILLS, HARVEY                           NY-23-3-249
MILLS, JAMES                            NY-23-18-9
MILLS, JOHN                             NY-23-19-577
MILLS, JOHN D.                          NY-23-24-178
MILLS, LUCY E.                          NY-23-33-1
MILLS, RILEY                            NY-23-3-155
MILLS, SARAH                            NY-23-23-539
MINER, ABRAM                            NY-23-37-109
MINER, JOHN                             NY-23-35-433
MINOR, MARY R.                          NY-23-34-273
MINTHORN, DANIEL                        NY-23-35-393
MINTHORN, HARMON M.                     NY-23-23-283
MINTHORN, MINERVA N.                    NY-23-33-561
MISER, EMILY P.                         NY-23-32-225
MISER, JOSEPH                           NY-23-14-18
MISHEAN, FRANCIS                        NY-23-37-113
MITCHELL, ISAAC                         NY-23-31-369
MITCHELL, MINOTT                        NY-23-31-197
MITCHELL, WILIAM                        NY-23-12-505
MIX, JAMES                              NY-23-26-517
MIX, JOEL                               NY-23-33-153
MIX, JOHN G.                            NY-23-14-442
MIX, SILVESTER                          NY-23-19-115
MIX, STEPHEEN                           NY-23-7-134
MIX, SYLVESTER T.                       NY-23-19-415
MIXER, GRANT                            NY-23-10-231
MIXER, MARY                             NY-23-15-410
MOFFATT, SALLY                          NY-23-5-16
MONAHAN, THOMAS                         NY-23-12-205
MONROE, ARUNAH                          NY-23-30-553
MONROE, MARENDA C.                      NY-23-28-549
MONROE, NANCY                           NY-23-33-497
MONROE, PETER Y.                        NY-23-29-149
MONROE, PLINY                           NY-23-23-669
MONROE, WILLIAM                         NY-23-24-300
MONTAGUE, EMILY A.                      NY-23-26-81
MONTAGUE, JOSEPH A.                     NY-23-11-242
MONTANEY, WILLIAM H.                    NY-23-37-397
MONTENDO, MARY                          NY-23-26-133
MOOAR, JASON                            NY-23-12-37
MOODY, BENJAMIN W.                      NY-23-22-519
MOODY, JANE                             NY-23-13-193
MOODY, ORRIN E.                         NY-23-20-237
MOONEY, JOHN                            NY-23-28-289
MOOORE, JOSHUA JR.                      NY-23-3-74
MOORE, AMBROSE                          NY-23-2-85
MOORE, AMOS                             NY-23-15-390
MOORE, DEMARIS E.                       NY-23-24-502
MOORE, HARRIET                          NY-23-26-241
MOORE, HIRAM P.                         NY-23-34-409
MOORE, IDA C.                           NY-23-23-263
MOORE, JOEL                             NY-23-12-421
MOORE, JOHN                             NY-23-24-324
MOORE, MARY R.                          NY-23-38-774
MOORE, NANCY                            NY-23-1-510
MOORE, VARANUS JR.                      NY-23-D-194
MORAN, MICHAEL                          NY-23-24-366
MORGAN, CATHARINE L.                    NY-23-37-45
MORGAN, CHAUNCEY D.                     NY-23-14-204
MORGAN, CYRUS B.                        NY-23-12-85
MORGAN, ELISHA                          NY-23-25-220
MORGAN, HARRIET R.                      NY-23-18-475
MORGAN, JUDSON P.                       NY-23-28-619
MORGAN, LOTHARIO D.                     NY-23-23-145
MORGAN, MARIETTA                        NY-23-17-347
MORGAN, MARY                            NY-23-31-421
MORGAN, SARAH A.                        NY-23-19-111
MORISON, MARTIN                         NY-23-2-485
MORRIN, MARGARET                        NY-23-27-57
MORRIS, CHARLES V.                      NY-23-26-659
MORRIS, ELIZA M.                        NY-23-18-601
MORRIS, JOHN                            NY-23-C-315
MORRIS, JOSEPH K.                       NY-23-29-345
MORROW, ALEXANDER                       NY-23-24-360
MORROW, ELLEN                           NY-23-35-121
MORSE, JOHN D.                          NY-23-33-177
MORSE, PITT                             NY-23-7-369
MORSE, SAMUEL D.                        NY-23-23-427
MORSE, WILLIAM                          NY-23-C-90
MORSEMAN, EPHRAIM P.                    NY-23-37-607
MORTIMER, JOHN                          NY-23-D-114
MORTIMER, SARAH                         NY-23-5-109
MORTON, CHARLES                         NY-23-B-508
MORTON, DOLSON                          NY-23-3-31
MORTS, ALEXANDER                        NY-23-34-585
MOSHER, ALANSON                         NY-23-A-75
MOSHER, ELIZABETH R.                    NY-23-33-89
MOSHER, ENNIS                           NY-23-14-304
MOSHER, LEONARD                         NY-23-25-200
MOSHER, MARTHA                          NY-23-27-405
MOTHERSELL, MARY                        NY-23-31-585
MOTT, BENJAMIN                          NY-23-27-565
MOTT, WILLIAM                           NY-23-38-338
MOTT, WILLIAM                           NY-23-7-353
MOULTON, MARY A.                        NY-23-10-47
MOUNT, WILSON                           NY-23-31-9
MULDOON, CHARLES J.                     NY-23-37-305
MULLIN, ANN                             NY-23-39-89
MULLIN, JOSEPH                          NY-23-37-257
MULLIN, JOSEPH                          NY-23-17-434
MUMMERY, THOMAS                         NY-23-6-251
MUNDY, MARIA D.                         NY-23-13-129
MUNGER, EDWARD                          NY-23-10-523
MUNSON, CATHARINE M.                    NY-23-34-677
MUNSON, CORNELIA                        NY-23-37-501
MUNSON, ISAAC                           NY-23-24-510
MURDOCH, MARY W.                        NY-23-37-469
MURPHY, BARNARD                         NY-23-39-781
MURPHY, HENRY                           NY-23-27-65
MURPHY, PERMELIA J.                     NY-23-34-229
MURRAY, LEONARD R.                      NY-23-39-557
MURRAY, ROSWELL D.                      NY-23-18-197
MYERS, CHARLOTTE                        NY-23-26-623
MYERS, FREDERICK F.                     NY-23-8-577
MYERS, HENRY J. H.                      NY-23-5-230
MYERS, JOHN F.                          NY-23-18-5
MYRICK, AUSTIN R.                       NY-23-21-601
MYRICK, CLARINDA F.                     NY-23-34-449
MYRICK, SOLOMON                         NY-23-10-51
NASH, ASA M.                            NY-23-15-222
NASH, EBENEZER                          NY-23-E-392
NASH, JOHN                              NY-23-A-207
NASH, JONATHAN                          NY-23-21-49
NASH, JOSIAH L.                         NY-23-20-581
NASH, MARY J.                           NY-23-30-141
NASH, ORRILLA                           NY-23-24-538
NASH, SAMUEL                            NY-23-5-115
NEARY, FARRELL                          NY-23-21-751
NELLIS, HENRY C.                        NY-23-34-101
NELLIS, JOHN P.                         NY-23-2-91
NELLIS, NANCY                           NY-23-12-69
NELLIS, ORLANDO                         NY-23-6-115
NELLIS, PETER                           NY-23-30-273
NELLIS, SOLOMON                         NY-23-13-105
NEMIRS, ANNA R.                         NY-23-18-373
NETH, JACOB J.                          NY-23-38-626
NETH, JOHN JACOB                        NY-23-27-97
NEUTZE, JOHN H.                         NY-23-37-533
NEW, ALMIRA                             NY-23-33-109
NEWETT, ANDREW                          NY-23-7-343
NEWMAN, MARY                            NY-23-21-261
NEWMAN, SALLY A.                        NY-23-39-685
NEWTON, ANN                             NY-23-32-569
NEWTON, ELIZAJ .                        NY-23-20-319
NEWTON, JAMES L.                        NY-23-39-421
NEWTON, MARY                            NY-23-28-725
NEWTON, ORA K. ***                      NY-23-17-544
NEWTON, PLINY                           NY-23-32-37
NEWTON, RICHARD M.                      NY-23-15-310
NEWTON, SAMUEL                          NY-23-8-271
NEWTON, SAMUEL P.                       NY-23-23-747
NEWTON, SARAH A.                        NY-23-30-405
NIBLOCK, MERCY N.                       NY-23-32-5
NIBLOCK, SAMUEL                         NY-23-29-173
NICHOLS, DAVID                          NY-23-17-260
NICHOLS, LOIS                           NY-23-20-645
NICHOLS, ORLANDO F.                     NY-23-32-489
NICHOLS, SYRLINE                        NY-23-16-270
NICKLES, ELIZA                          NY-23-26-477
NICOLSON, MARTHA H.                     NY-23-11-26
NILAND, JAMES                           NY-23-34-437
NILES, SARAH                            NY-23-31-537
NILES, WILLIAM                          NY-23-9-47
NIMOCKS, WALTER                         NY-23-11-118
NIMS, C. D.                             NY-23-39-565
NIXON, GEORGE                           NY-23-24-390
NIXON, RICHARD                          NY-23-17-384
NOLAN, MARY                             NY-23-19-219
NOLAN, MARY H.                          NY-23-37-57
NORRIS, ANNIE                           NY-23-32-253
NORRIS, ELIZA J.                        NY-23-39-337
NORTH, EDEN J.                          NY-23-19-355
NORTH, HORACE L.                        NY-23-35-449
NORTH, NANCY M.                         NY-23-27-257
NORTHROP, ELAM                          NY-23-39-309
NORTHROUP, DORA A.                      NY-23-33-129
NORTHRUP, JOHN W.                       NY-23-31-399
NORTHUP, HIRAM B.                       NY-23-13-289
NORTHUP, JOHN                           NY-23-3-244
NORTHUP, JOSEPH                         NY-23-1-54
NORTHUP, NANCY J.                       NY-23-23-65
NORTON, ELIZA                           NY-23-34-741
NORTON, ELSEY                           NY-23-7-127
NORTON, GEORGE A.                       NY-23-29-629
NORTON, ISAAC                           NY-23-24-522
NORTON, JAMES W.                        NY-23-30-153
NORTON, JOHN                            NY-23-30-315
NORTON, JOHN                            NY-23-12-189
NORTON, JOHN                            NY-23-C-179
NORTON, JOHN W.                         NY-23-B-482
NORTON, MARY J.                         NY-23-27-327
NORTON, MINERVA                         NY-23-21-709
NORTON, SILAS G.                        NY-23-29-253
NOTT, BERIAH                            NY-23-B-32
NUGENT, MARTIN                          NY-23-19-471
NUGENT, MARY                            NY-23-27-217
NUTTING, ABEL M.                        NY-23-12-593
NUTTING, ANGLINE J.                     NY-23-38-426
NUTTING, CHARLES C.                     NY-23-32-17
NUTTING, EZRA                           NY-23-9-123
NUTTING, HIRAM T.                       NY-23-33-461
NUTTING, JOSEPH                         NY-23-13-97
NUTTING, STEPHEN                        NY-23-7-176
NUTTING, STEPHEN                        NY-23-9-263
NUTTING, WILLIAM 1ST                    NY-23-10-503
OAKES, MYRA C.                          NY-23-27-279
OAKES, PHILINDA A.                      NY-23-10-551
OAKS, JOHN                              NY-23-24-98
OAKS, SIMEON                            NY-23-9-103
OATMAN, WALTER                          NY-23-19-327
OBRIEN, MICHAEL                         NY-23-31-257
OCONNELL, PATRICK                       NY-23-11-270
OCONNER, TIMOTHY                        NY-23-2-125
OCONNER, WILLIAM                        NY-23-12-389
OCONNOR, ELIZABETH M.                   NY-23-24-406
OCONNOR, JAMES                          NY-23-33-469
OCONNOR, PATRICK                        NY-23-35-129
ODBERT, ROBERT                          NY-23-18-13
ODELL, JAMES N.                         NY-23-13-33
ODELL, JENNIE N.                        NY-23-37-385
ODERKIRK, JANE                          NY-23-35-37
ODONNELL, MARY                          NY-23-30-49
OGSBURY, ABRAHAM                        NY-23-4-278
OGSBURY, DANIEL                         NY-23-26-305
OGSBURY, DAVID                          NY-23-4-1
OGSBURY, MOSES                          NY-23-34-69
OGSBURY, NICHOLAS                       NY-23-A-360
OGSBURY, WILLIAM                        NY-23-2-104
OHUSMAN, CHARLES                        NY-23-30-549
OLDS, JOHN                              NY-23-A-31
OLDS, THADEUS L.                        NY-23-14-34
OLEARY, GEORGE                          NY-23-34-141
OLNEY, ADALINE E.                       NY-23-26-41
OLNEY, DAVIS                            NY-23-12-253
ONEIL, HUGH                             NY-23-A-231
ONEIL, JOHN                             NY-23-39-497
ORCHARD, BENJAMIN                       NY-23-29-327
ORILEY, CORNELIUS                       NY-23-34-529
ORILEY, EDWARD                          NY-23-34-153
ORMISTON, ADAM                          NY-23-27-693
ORMISTON, JAMES N.                      NY-23-27-201
ORMISTON, MAMRE                         NY-23-27-645
ORMISTON, ROBERT                        NY-23-3-347
ORMISTON, WILLIAM H.                    NY-23-38-310
ORMSBY, BAILEY                          NY-23-E-275
ORMSBY, JAY W.                          NY-23-23-443
ORTON, FREDERICK                        NY-23-9-95
OSBORN, JONATHAN                        NY-23-5-1
OSBORN, JOSEPH                          NY-23-12-209
OSBORN, LYDIA                           NY-23-16-254
OSBORN, PHINEAS A.                      NY-23-20-557
OSBORN, SAMUEL                          NY-23-9-131
OSBORN, WILLIAM ROEMAIN                 NY-23-6-169
OSGOOD, LUCRETIA                        NY-23-18-25
OSTERHOUT, ANN A.                       NY-23-17-210
OSTRANDER, IRA                          NY-23-9-343
OSTRANDER, JOHN J.                      NY-23-38-246
OSTRANDER, LORINA                       NY-23-29-387
OSTRANDER, WILLIAM                      NY-23-1-406
OSTRANDER, WILLIE                       NY-23-24-142
OTIS, ALFRED                            NY-23-12-781
OTIS, AMOS                              NY-23-24-26
OTIS, ARUNAH                            NY-23-A-311
OTIS, HIRAM J.                          NY-23-38-670
OTIS, HORACE                            NY-23-26-249
OTIS, LEVI                              NY-23-15-6
OUTMAN, ELIAS                           NY-23-23-471
OVERTON, BETSEY                         NY-23-21-101
OVERTON, DANIEL                         NY-23-E-416
OVERTON, ELISHA                         NY-23-18-201
OVERTON, JAMES                          NY-23-1-48
OVERTON, MARTIN H.                      NY-23-19-81
OVERTON, NATHANIEL B.                   NY-23-15-154
OVERTON, SARAH L.                       NY-23-39-341
OWEN, DAVID                             NY-23-14-70
OWEN, JONATHAN                          NY-23-3-357
OWEN, MERIT                             NY-23-29-581
OWENS, WILLIAM                          NY-23-11-166

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