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FAILING, GEORGE H.           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-24-450
FAILING, JOHN                ANTWERP                       NY-23-28-561
FAILING, JOHN D.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-39-177
FAIRBANKS, ALBERT A.         ANTWERP                       NY-23-27-529
FAIRBANKS, ALICE M.          ANTWERP                       NY-23-25-351
FAIRBANKS, JASON             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-16-62
FAIRBANKS, JONATHAN          ANTWERP                       NY-23-3-36
FAIRBANKS, MARY M.           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-22-532
FAIRE, THOMAS                CLAYTON                       NY-23-30-473
FAIRMAN, GEORGE W.           LERAY                         NY-23-24-10
FALKNER, ELIZA               LYME                          NY-23-27-549
FAR, STEPHEN                 CLAYTON                       NY-23-15-550
FAREWELL, ADDISON M.         WATERTOWN                     NY-23-34-537
FARGO, SETH P.               WILNA                         NY-23-18-405
FARLEY, ELIZA                WILNA                         NY-23-30-577
FARMAN, LOUISA M.            HENDERSON                     NY-23-35-265
FARMAN, SAMUEL               ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-9-255
FARMER, DENNIS               BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-2-307
FARMER, FRANKLIN J.          LORRAINE                      NY-23-30-41
FARMER, TERRENCE             HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-22-512
FARMING, ELIZA A.            ANTWERP                       NY-23-39-521
FARNHAM, GEORGE              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-6-185
FARR, CELIA M.               ADAMS                         NY-23-24-288
FARR, CHARLOTT               WILNA                         NY-23-28-173
FARR, EDWARD R.              CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-18-37
FARRELL, ANNIE               ANTWERP                       NY-23-28-601
FARRELL, PATRICK             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-37-373
FARWELL, ELI                 WATERTOWN                     NY-23-11-70
FARWELL, MARY J.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-18-285
FASSETT, BENJAMIN            ADAMS                         NY-23-28-61
FASSETT, JOHN                RODMAN                        NY-23-29-557
FAVRET, CLAUDE               CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-23-389
FAY, JOHN                    WATERTOWN                     NY-23-23-519
FAY, MICHAEL                 WATERTOWN                     NY-23-35-291
FAY, REBECCA                 LYME                          NY-23-9-155
FEATHERSTONE, MALVINA L.     HENDERSON                     NY-23-19-673
FEBBS, THEODORE H.           BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-28-69
FECKER, MARY                 CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-38-446
FECKER, WILLIAM              CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-32-493
FEE, JANE                    LORRAINE                      NY-23-16-178
FEE, JOHN                    LORRAINE                      NY-23-20-21
FEISTEL, FRANZ               WILNA                         NY-23-11-194
FELT, HENRY                  ADAMS                         NY-23-14-74
FELT, JOHN                   RUTLAND                       NY-23-12-703
FENNER, DANIEL               ANTWERP                       NY-23-28-397
FENNER, ESTHER M.            LERAY                         NY-23-26-113
FENNER, LUCY P.              ANTWERP                       NY-23-21-161
FENNER, ROBERT               LERAY                         NY-23-32-517
FENNER, THOMAS H.            ANTWERP                       NY-23-12-233
FERGUSON, DEODATUS           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-28-745
FERGUSON, MARY               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-27-273
FERRIN, ALMINA J.            ADAMS                         NY-23-34-605
FERRIN, JOSEPH M.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-18-565
FETHERO, HARRIET             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-20-501
FETTERLY, PETER              PAMELIA                       NY-23-14-38
FETTERLY, PETER              CLAYTON                       NY-23-4-355
FETTERLY, THOMAS             CLAYTON                       NY-23-1-277
FEYEL, JOHN                  ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-B-140
FIELD, HEZEKIAH              HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-31-375
FIELD, HEZEKIAH              HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-D-1
FIELD, KETURAH               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-6-7
FIELD, LEBBEUS               HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-19-649
FIELD, LEBBEUS               CHAMPION                      NY-23-4-292
FIELD, MARY A.               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-27-169
FIELD, SAFFORD E.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-37-561
FIELDS, JOHN                 HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-29-209
FIELDS, LAURA                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-32-345
FILLMORE, FERRY              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-19-103
FILLMORE, LERIAS             ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-25-58
FILLMORE, LUCY A.            ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-27-421
FINCH, HORACE                LERAY                         NY-23-A-316
FINDLAY, FRANCES A.          ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-38-98
FINERMAN, LAWRENCE L.        LERAY                         NY-23-37-145
FINNCAN, MICHAEL             BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-18-389
FISH, BETSEY                 ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-18-449
FISH, CALVIN                 ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-D-63
FISH, FURMAN                 BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-29-533
FISH, JOHN                   ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-9-55
FISH, JONATHAN               ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-2-58
FISH, JONATHAN               ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-B-209
FISH, LORENZO                ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-10-499
FISH, LUTHER M.              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-26-501
FISH, NORMAN B.              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-10-415
FISH, THOMAS A.              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-27-205
FISHER, CHARLOTTE E.         LYME                          NY-23-31-121
FISHER, DIANTHA              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-30-381
FISHER, JULIA M.             ADAMS                         NY-23-39-181
FISK, ANN                    WATERTOWN                     NY-23-32-81
FISK, BETSEY                 ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-9-39
FISK, CHARLES M.             THERESA                       NY-23-26-213
FISK, IRA                    WATERTOWN                     NY-23-14-50
FISK, ISAAC H.               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-18-61
FISK, JANE A.                HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-38-522
FISK, MARY C.                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-38-222
FISK, SOPHIA E.              LERAY                         NY-23-39-541
FISK, WILLIAM                BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-20-217
FITZGERALD, JAMES            HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-30-505
FITZGERALD, JOHN E.          CLAYTON                       NY-23-38-490
FITZGERALD, WILLIAM          LORRAINE                      NY-23-24-554
FITZSIMMONS, JOHN            ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-9-28
FITZSIMMONS, MARY            WILNA                         NY-23-34-149
FLANDER, CHRISTOPHER         CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-24-330
FLANDER, JEREMIAH            LYME                          NY-23-24-626
FLANDERS, ADDIE J.           LYME                          NY-23-39-85
FLANDERS, GIDEON             RODMAN                        NY-23-31-643
FLATTE, GEORGE               ALEXANDER                     NY-23-38-438
FLATTE, PAUL                 ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-15-270
FLETCHER, SOPHIA             CHAMPION                      NY-23-30-477
FLINT, ANNA L.               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-24-170
FLINT, LENA B.               RUTLAND                       NY-23-30-189
FLINT, MAURICE K.            ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-9-455
FLINT, WILLIAM A.            RODMAN                        NY-23-B-152
FLOWER, ROSWELL P.           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-37-613
FLYNT, AMELIA A.             MONSON, HAMPDEN, MA           NY-23-17-148
FLYNT, JONATHAN R.           HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-7-422
FLYNT, MALINDA               RODMAN                        NY-23-4-51
FOE, DANIEL                  ADAMS                         NY-23-20-577
FOLEY, ANN JANE              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-31-205
FOLEY, PETER                 WILNA                         NY-23-31-279
FOLGER, CHARLES P.           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-28-533
FOLGER, P. ADELIA            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-28-97
FOLLICE, HENRY               CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-18-173
FOLSOM, NATHANIEL B.         WATERTOWN                     NY-23-32-369
FOLTS, JANE                  ORLEANS                       NY-23-28-13
FOLTS, JOHN                  PAMELIA                       NY-23-8-109
FOLTS, SIMON                 ORLEANS                       NY-23-25-521
FONDA, JULIA A.              HENDERSON                     NY-23-10-419
FONDA, MELINDA B.            HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-19-323
FORBES, ADAM                 LERAY                         NY-23-26-29
FORBES, CHARLES              CLAYTON                       NY-23-9-291
FORBES, FRANCIS              LYME                          NY-23-31-149
FORD, JOHN S.                RUTLAND                       NY-23-23-171
FORD, PHILIP                 WILNA                         NY-23-31-521
FORD, PHILIP                 WILNA                         NY-23-1-246
FORMAN, DANIEL W.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-1-336
FORSYTH, SAMUEL              CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-12-853
FORT, ADAM                   ORLEANS                       NY-23-39-709
FORT, AMOS                   ORLEANS                       NY-23-33-481
FORWARD, HUDSON S.           HENDERSON                     NY-23-38-450
FOSTER, EDWARD               ANTWERP                       NY-23-10-79
FOSTER, JOHN                 RODMAN                        NY-23-2-515
FOSTER, LAURA P.             ANTWERP                       NY-23-11-322
FOSTER, NATHAN               ADAMS                         NY-23-1-11
FOSTER, PERSIS D.            ANTWERP                       NY-23-25-249
FOWLER, SARAH E.             HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-34-25
FOX, ALMIRA                  WATERTOWN                     NY-23-19-535
FOX, AMY                     ADAMS                         NY-23-35-53
FOX, BENJAMIN                ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-21-77
FOX, CALVIN                  ADAMS                         NY-23-11-146
FOX, CHARLES A.              RODMAN                        NY-23-13-45
FOX, CHRISTOPHER             LYME                          NY-23-12-823
FOX, DANIEL                  CLAYTON                       NY-23-32-41
FOX, DANIEL                  PAMELIA                       NY-23-26-169
FOX, DANIEL                  ADAMS                         NY-23-15-102
FOX, ELIJAH                  LORRAINE                      NY-23-9-51
FOX, ELIJAH R.               LORRAINE                      NY-23-16-26
FOX, ELIZA J.                THERESA                       NY-23-34-545
FOX, JACOB                   LYME                          NY-23-38-698
FOX, JOHN C.                 ADAMS                         NY-23-14-62
FOX, JOHN C.                 WATERTOWN                     NY-23-12-713
FOX, LEVI                    ADAMS                         NY-23-14-90
FOX, LUELLA D.               ADAMS                         NY-23-27-281
FOX, MYRON                   CLAYTON                       NY-23-10-87
FOX, ROBERT                  LYME                          NY-23-15-382
FOX, RUTH A.                 PAMELIA                       NY-23-39-133
FOX, WALTER                  PAMELIA                       NY-23-16-90
FRALEY, JACOB                CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-19-359
FRAME, LULU E.               CLAYTON                       NY-23-21-505
FRAME, MARTHA J.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-29-1
FRAME, SAMUEL                LERAY                         NY-23-16-672
FRANCIS, JASON P.            CHAMPION                      NY-23-13-25
FRANCIS, NATHAN              CHAMPION                      NY-23-34-279
FRANCIS, NICOLAS             LYME                          NY-23-38-502
FRANCIS, THOMAS F.           RUTLAND                       NY-23-5-31
FRANCIS, THOMAS P.           CHAMPION                      NY-23-7-76
FRANCIS, WILLIAM             HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-17-275
FRANCISCO, OLIVE             ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-12-341
FRANK, PETER                 ORLEANS                       NY-23-25-331
FRARY, RUSSELL               CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-5-35
FRASIER, CALVIN              WILNA                         NY-23-12-121
FRASIER, CINDERILLA R.       ADAMS                         NY-23-29-509
FRASIER, GEORGE              ADAMS                         NY-23-34-653
FRASIER, SOPHIA R.           ADAMS                         NY-23-15-422
FRAZIER, MATILDA             LERAY                         NY-23-29-25
FRAZIER, OZA P.              LERAY                         NY-23-15-358
FREDENBURGH, MARY J.         HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-21-697
FREDERICK, CARLOS L.         WILNA                         NY-23-39-641
FREDERICK, ELIZABETH E.      WATERTOWN                     NY-23-33-9
FREEMAN, EBTSEY              ADAMS                         NY-23-13-101
FREEMAN, EDWARD              BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-4-209
FREEMAN, JARED               RODMAN                        NY-23-14-474
FREEMAN, MARGARET            LYME                          NY-23-34-457
FRENCH, HENRY                ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-38-686
FRINK, CHARLES G.            ADAMS                         NY-23-15-2
FRINK, ELIAS                 HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-10-299
FRINK, FREEMAN               RUTLAND                       NY-23-32-101
FRINK, FRUSTRIM              RUTLAND                       NY-23-10-535
FRINK, JAMES H.              PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-4-150
FRISBIE, LOUISE T.           CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-35-101
FROST, ORRY                  ORLEANS                       NY-23-20-209
FRY, ADAM                    CLAYTON                       NY-23-21-655
FRY, HARMON                  LYME                          NY-23-39-625
FRY, ISAAC                   RODMAN                        NY-23-19-475
FUERST, JOHN                 ORLEANS                       NY-23-24-306
FULLER, ABNER                RODMAN                        NY-23-A-299
FULLER, AMOS                 ADAMS                         NY-23-19-589
FULLER, AUSTIN               RODMAN                        NY-23-16-364
FULLER, DANIEL               RODMAN                        NY-23-16-326
FULLER, DARWIN               ADAMS                         NY-23-16-512
FULLER, GRACIA E.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-21-197
FULLER, JACOB                RUTLAND                       NY-23-7-223
FULLER, JACOB                PAMELIA                       NY-23-9-139
FULLER, JEROME               ADAMS                         NY-23-16-396
FULLER, LOVINA               BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-24-394
FULLER, MALACHI              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-21-9
FULLER, MARTHA               ADAMS                         NY-23-23-133
FULLER, MERRITT P.           ADAMS                         NY-23-34-189
FULLER, REUBEN C.            ADAMS                         NY-23-39-473
FULLER, ROYAL                ADAMS                         NY-23-34-621
FULLER, SAMUEL               ADAMS                         NY-23-5-321
FULLER, SARAH W.             ADAMS                         NY-23-39-669
FULLER, WALTER               ADAMS                         NY-23-38-362
FULLER, WARREN               ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-19-211
FULLER, WILLIAM              ADAMS                         NY-23-24-94
FULTON, CALEB                WILNA                         NY-23-10-83
FULTON, DAVID                ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-4-272
FULTON, ELEANOR              RUTLAND                       NY-23-39-577
FULTON, ELIJAH               ANTWERP                       NY-23-34-645
FULTON, HIRAM                CHAMPION                      NY-23-18-209
FULTON, LAVINA A.            ANTWERP                       NY-23-26-173
FULTON, LUCY A.              CHAMPION                      NY-23-19-187
FULTON, MARY                 CHAMPION                      NY-23-21-425
FULTON, RICHARD              RUTLAND                       NY-23-13-73
FULTON, SAMUEL               CHAMPION                      NY-23-20-625
FULTON, SIMEON               WILNA                         NY-23-32-693
FULTS, DAVID                 ORLEANS                       NY-23-26-287
FULTS, JOSEPH                ORLEANS                       NY-23-25-170
FURGUSON, JOHN               RUTLAND                       NY-23-14-430
FURT, CLARA                  WATERTOWN                     NY-23-24-66
GAIGE, LAWRENCE              LYME                          NY-23-18-117
GAIGE, PHILIP P.             LYME                          NY-23-9-473
GALE, ELIJAH S.              BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-18-249
GALE, SIMEON E.              BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-8-91
GALE, SOLOMON O.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-33-629
GALLAGHER, RICHARD           WILNA                         NY-23-29-297
GALLOWAY, HARRY              HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-30-261
GALLY, PARISMUS              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-6-355
GAMBLE, JOHN W.              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-12-589
GAMBLE, ROBERT               HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-9-215
GANES, JAMES                 RUTLAND                       NY-23-16-504
GARDNER, AMOS                LERAY                         NY-23-33-717
GARDNER, CHALKLEY            LERAY                         NY-23-16-174
GARDNER, DAVID               LERAY                         NY-23-14-492
GARDNER, EMMOR K.            LERAY                         NY-23-19-661
GARDNER, EZEKIEL M.          LORRAINE                      NY-23-1-169
GARDNER, GEORGE              ANTWERP                       NY-23-11-234
GARDNER, GREEN               RODMAN                        NY-23-15-230
GARDNER, HENRY M.            ANTWERP                       NY-23-8-181
GARDNER, HENRY T.            LORRAINE                      NY-23-1-89
GARDNER, ISAAC L.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-24-620
GARDNER, ISAAC L.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-13-1
GARDNER, JOB                 RODMAN                        NY-23-18-583
GARDNER, JULIA A.            ADAMS                         NY-23-39-357
GARDNER, LYDIA M.            LERAY                         NY-23-38-210
GARDNER, PELEG W.            ADAMS                         NY-23-30-17
GARDNER, PRESERVED           ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-2-367
GARDNER, SAMUEL              CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-5-303
GARDNER, SARAH               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-9-207
GARDNER, SARAH G.            THERESA                       NY-23-32-621
GARDNER, WILLIAM             PICKNEY, LEWIS, NY            NY-23-7-231
GARDNER, ZELIA               RODMAN                        NY-23-39-369
GARLAND, WILLIAM             CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-13-261
GARLOCK, GEORGE P.           CLAYTON                       NY-23-39-717
GARLOCK, HORACE              LYME                          NY-23-27-249
GARNSEY, AVERY               RUTLAND                       NY-23-19-103
GARNSEY, AVERY               ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-19-203
GARNSEY, EMILY A.            CLAYTON                       NY-23-32-473
GARNSEY, JOHN                CLAYTON                       NY-23-14-42
GARNSEY, MOSES               CLAYTON                       NY-23-32-173
GARNSEY, OTHNIEL             CLAYTON                       NY-23-24-572
GARVEN, JOHN                 ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-35-161
GARVIN, THOMAS               ANTWERP                       NY-23-30-57
GATES, GEORGE A.             RODMAN                        NY-23-24-454
GATES, JONATHAN              ANTWERP                       NY-23-21-727
GATES, ROSWELL               PAMELIA                       NY-23-3-161
GATES, WILLIAM R.            ANTWERP                       NY-23-19-443
GAUGINE, ANTOINE             CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-38-174
GAYER, CATHARINE M.          BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-34-5
GAYLORD, HENRY A.            ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-28-757
GAZIN, CHARLOTT E.           WILNA                         NY-23-28-409
GEBLER, GEORGE               PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-38-30
GEGG, ROBERT                 RODMAN                        NY-23-14-354
GELLICK, JOHN                ORLEANS                       NY-23-31-233
GENNET, WASHINGTON           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-11-266
GEO, WILLIAM                 CHAMPION                      NY-23-21-65
GEORGE, FREDERICK            BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-20-89
GEORGE, GILMAN               ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-2-548
GEORGE, JOHN                 THERESA                       NY-23-4-336
GEORGE, MARTHA               ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-33-133
GEORGE, MINNIE               LYME                          NY-23-23-89
GEORGE, PAGE                 ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-8-199
GETMAN, DANIEL               LYME                          NY-23-21-433
GETMAN, JACOB C.             ORLEANS                       NY-23-16-576
GETTINGS, ANTHONY            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-39-77
GIBBENS, SAMUEL              ORLEANS                       NY-23-15-314
GIBBINS, THOMAS              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-30-465
GIBBONS, DERRICK             BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-12-489
GIBBS, AZUBA                 WORTH                         NY-23-20-609
GIBBS, BENJAMIN              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-19-517
GIBBS, JINET                 WATERTOWN                     NY-23-35-49
GIBBS, SHEREBIAH             WILNA                         NY-23-3-332
GIDDINGS, JOSEPH             ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-12-293
GIEGERICH, BARBARA           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-38-334
GIFFORD, CYNTHIA M.          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-32-529
GIFFORD, JAMES               LORRAINE                      NY-23-20-97
GIFFORD, REBECCA             LORRAINE                      NY-23-20-505
GIFFORD, STEPHEN             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-10-455
GILBERT, ALBERT B.           ADAMS                         NY-23-26-725
GILBERT, CHARLES             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-31-117
GILBERT, LOVICY              WILNA                         NY-23-29-637
GILBERT, MARINUS W.          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-A-304
GILBERT, MARY E.             CHAMPION                      NY-23-39-153
GILBERT, SUEARL              WILNA                         NY-23-23-239
GILBERT, WILLIAM             RODMAN                        NY-23-18-441
GILBERT, WILLIAM A.          ADAMS                         NY-23-16-134
GILL, JAMES                  ANTWERP                       NY-23-39-749
GILL, JOHN E.                ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-10-247
GILL, LUCIUS                 WATERTOWN                     NY-23-16-568
GILL, THOMAS                 LYME                          NY-23-8-481
GILL, WILLIAM                ANTWERP                       NY-23-4-405
GILLET, FREERICK A.          CLAYTON                       NY-23-19-57
GILLETT, DAVID               WORTH                         NY-23-21-53
GILLETT, JUSTUS              ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-20-597
GILLETT, MARCUS M.           ANTWERP                       NY-23-28-381
GILLETT, MERCIA              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-30-321
GILLETT, SHELDON P.          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-34-213
GILLETT, SOLAN               CLAYTON                       NY-23-24-238
GILLIDE, PATRICK             ORLEANS                       NY-23-28-73
GILLIGAN, TERRENCE           WILNA                         NY-23-28-425
GILLINGHAM, JENKS            BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-13-377
GILLINGHAM, JOSEPH B.        BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-3-85
GILMAN, JULIUS               ADAMS                         NY-23-21-241
GILMAN, SALMON               ADAMS                         NY-23-16-532
GILMORE, FRANK               HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-21-667
GILMORE, JAMES E.            HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-23-85
GIPSON, LUCY A.              RUTLAND                       NY-23-33-589
GITLICK, PHILIP              ORLEANS                       NY-23-15-526
GLASIER, CAROLINE            RODMAN                        NY-23-27-657
GLASIER, WALTER              ADAMS                         NY-23-24-458
GLASS, ELIAS W.              CLAYTON                       NY-23-20-133
GLASS, JAMES                 WATERTOWN                     NY-23-D-519
GLASS, JAMES JR              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-A-133
GLAZIER, JAMES K.            CHAMPION                      NY-23-38-150
GLAZIER, LYMAN               RODMAN                        NY-23-12-153
GLEASON, GEORGE W.           HENDERSON                     NY-23-16-202
GLEASON, JOHN                ANTWERP                       NY-23-14-568
GLEASON, L. VICTORIA         LYME                          NY-23-38-690
GLOAD, DAVID                 HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-10-123
GLOYD, JAMES D.              CLAYTON                       NY-23-28-545
GODDARD, DANIEL              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-1-1
GOELTZ, CONRAD               ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-29-409
GOLBY, ELIZABETH             THERESA                       NY-23-30-589
GOLDSMID, JOHN L.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-2-561
GOODALE, BETSEY              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-27-477
GOODALE, ISABELLA            WILNA                         NY-23-30-509
GOODALE, JOSEPH              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-8-55
GOODALE, LEVI                WILNA                         NY-23-8-73
GOODELL, HITTY               ADAMS                         NY-23-4-265
GOODENOUGH, CHARLES          ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-12-551
GOODENOUGH, JOHN B.          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-9-449
GOODNOW, LEWIS A.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-14-198
GOODRICH, ELIZUR             HARTFORD, HARTFORD, CT        NY-23-11-521
GOODRICH, MAGER H.           BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-31-285
GOODWIN, WILLIAM W.          BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-27-125
GORDINIER, HENRY             ADAMS                         NY-23-35-93
GORDINIER, ORVILLE M.        RODMAN                        NY-23-32-237
GORERO, AGNES                LYME                          NY-23-15-262
GORGE, JOHN                  LORRAINE                      NY-23-A-72
GORMLEY, MARGARET            ANTWERP                       NY-23-21-581
GOSIER, ELIZABETH M.         CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-37-453
GOSS, OLIVER                 ADAMS                         NY-23-21-265
GOTHAM, CAROLINE             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-35-409
GOTHAM, HENRY                CLAYTON                       NY-23-7-17
GOTHAM, JENNY T.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-21-679
GOTHAM, NANCY                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-2-379
GOULD, ALFRED D.             PAMELIA                       NY-23-14-530
GOULD, ALFRED J.             ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-31-161
GOULD, JAMES                 LERAY                         NY-23-21-585
GOULD, JOHN                  PAMELIA                       NY-23-24-252
GOULD, JOHN                  PAMELIA                       NY-23-B-429
GOULD, SMITH                 LERAY                         NY-23-27-33
GOULD, STEPHEN               PAMELIA                       NY-23-2-529
GOULDING, AMOS               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-30-541
GOULDING, GEORGE             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-19-363
GOULDING, RUSSEL             PAMELIA                       NY-23-11-14
GOULDING, WILLIAM W.         WATERTOWN                     NY-23-6-389
GOUNDRIL, ARTHUR             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-32-53
GOUNDRILL, WILLIAM           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-31-659
GOUZIER, CHARLES A.          CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-35-733
GOWDY, ALFRED                RUTLAND                       NY-23-19-487
GOWING, SAMUEL E.            CHAMPION                      NY-23-16-122
GRAGG, AMBY H.               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-23-37
GRAGG, DAVID                 WATERTOWN                     NY-23-20-521
GRAGG, SARAH                 WORTH                         NY-23-12-441
GRAHAM, DAVID                WILNA                         NY-23-16-294
GRAHAM, ELIZA                HENDERSON                     NY-23-26-581
GRAHAM, GOVERNEUR M.         HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-16-226
GRAHAM, JAMES                HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-31-345
GRAHAM, JOHN                 ORLEANS                       NY-23-5-60
GRAHAM, JOSEPH               WILNA                         NY-23-B-25
GRAHAM, SAMUEL               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-34-17
GRAHAM, SARAH H.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-34-97
GRAHAM, WILLIAM              WILNA                         NY-23-6-143
GRANDJEAN, FREDERICK         CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-32-217
GRANDJEAN, JOHN C.           CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-24-126
GRANGER, WILLIAM H.          LERAY                         NY-23-14-142
GRANNIS, LURANCY             CARTHAGE                      NY-23-6-363
GRANT, CLARISSA              ADAMS                         NY-23-29-291
GRANT, DARIUS                HENDERSON                     NY-23-1-233
GRANT, ELIJAH                ANTWERP                       NY-23-2-288
GRANT, HARRIET               RODMAN                        NY-23-31-501
GRANT, HENRY                 CLAYTON                       NY-23-D-309
GRANT, JANE M.               CLAYTON                       NY-23-16-448
GRANT, JOHN                  WORTH                         NY-23-15-414
GRANT, MARY                  RUTLAND                       NY-23-19-435
GRANT, WAREHAM               RODMAN                        NY-23-16-314
GRAPOTTE, JOHN B.            CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-38-410
GRAVELLE, JOHN               CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-39-329
GRAVES, ADA D.               CHAMPION                      NY-23-39-401
GRAVES, ANNA M.              RUTLAND                       NY-23-17-460
GRAVES, JOSEPH               RUTLAND                       NY-23-16-340
GRAVES, JULIA                HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-27-265
GRAVES, MARGARET R.          CLAYTON                       NY-23-32-177
GRAVES, MARTIN L.            RUTLAND                       NY-23-28-709
GRAVES, MARY J.              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-37-89
GRAVES, SIMON                ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-B-375
GRAVES, STERLING             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-21-715
GRAVES, STERLING             RUTLAND                       NY-23-7-93
GRAY, ADAM A.                CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-4-125
GRAY, LYDIA L.               ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-19-9
GRAY, NANCY                  WATERTOWN                     NY-23-34-161
GRAY, RACHEL                 ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-26-593
GREEN, ALMIRA                ADAMS                         NY-23-38-546
GREEN, ALMIRA                ADAMS                         NY-23-38-42
GREEN, ALONSON J.            ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-31-13
GREEN, ALVA G.               ADAMS                         NY-23-24-418
GREEN, CALEB                 ADAMS                         NY-23-14-30
GREEN, CHARLES E.            HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-27-193
GREEN, CLEANTHA              WILNA                         NY-23-28-177
GREEN, COLLINS B.            ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-32-445
GREEN, DE ELBERT             , COOK, IL                    NY-23-36-38
GREEN, DELOSS B.             ADAMS                         NY-23-23-681
GREEN, ETHAN                 HENDERSON                     NY-23-6-132
GREEN, FRANKLIN J.           ADAMS                         NY-23-37-129
GREEN, HENRY                 HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-3-403
GREEN, HENRY                 ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-11-142
GREEN, HORACE C.             ADAMS                         NY-23-31-709
GREEN, JOHN R.               ADAMS                         NY-23-38-10
GREEN, JOSEPH                ADAMS                         NY-23-10-25
GREEN, MARY                  ADAMS                         NY-23-38-470
GREEN, PAUL                  WATERTOWN                     NY-23-12-727
GREEN, REBECCA               ORLEANS                       NY-23-38-430
GREEN, SPICER                ADAMS                         NY-23-27-1
GREEN, WILLIAM               HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-20-425
GREEN, WILLIAM B.            HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-26-695
GREEN, WILLIAM T.            PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-2-345
GREENE, DELIA O.             ADAMS                         NY-23-33-757
GREENE, ELLEN K.             TOLEDO, LUCAS, OH             NY-23-36-55
GREENE, MARY L.              ADAMS                         NY-23-28-265
GREENE, MELISSA              ADAMS                         NY-23-39-205
GREENE, PAUL                 ADAMS                         NY-23-33-725
GREENE, REBECCA P.           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-25-310
GREENE, THOMAS R.            ADAMS                         NY-23-15-86
GREENFIELD, ELIJAH           RUTLAND                       NY-23-10-21
GREENFIELD, ESTHER M.        CHAMPION                      NY-23-35-65
GREENLEAF, SAMUEL F.         WATERTOWN                     NY-23-2-509
GREENLEY, SOLOMON K.         RODMAN                        NY-23-18-77
GREENLEY, TIMOTHY            RODMAN                        NY-23-2-40
GREGOR, ALFRED G.            CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-26-505
GREGORY, CHRISTOPHER         WATERTOWN                     NY-23-32-717
GREGORY, FRANCIS H.          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-8-205
GREGORY, SAMUEL              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-28-45
GRENELL, EMMA R.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-39-165
GRENELL, HEMAN               ADAMS                         NY-23-21-29
GRENTY, ROBERT               RODMAN                        NY-23-9-79
GREVELL, BENJAMIN P.         ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-10-379
GRIFFIN, DANIEL G.           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-37-61
GRIFFIN, ELIZA               LYME                          NY-23-15-238
GRIFFIN, HARRIET             HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-21-437
GRIFFIN, MARIA J.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-16-286
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-7-141
GRIGGS, SAMUEL               HENDERSON                     NY-23-24-498
GRISWOLD, JOSEPH             CLAYTON                       NY-23-15-46
GRISWOLD, WILLIAM            RUTLAND                       NY-23-26-245
GROAT, WILLIAM               BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-3-457
GROAT, WILLIAM P.            BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-13-13
GROMMON, CEMANTHA            ADAMS                         NY-23-17-501
GROMMON, DAVID               ADAMS                         NY-23-19-227
GROUNDRILL, SARAH E.         WATERTOWN                     NY-23-30-121
GROVES, PELEG K.             ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-23-129
GROVES, ROYAL                LORRAINE                      NY-23-39-73
GROW, ADELAIDE A.            HENDERSON                     NY-23-34-109
GROW, ALVAH                  HENDERSON                     NY-23-4-225
GROW, JOHN B.                HENDERSON                     NY-23-33-441
GROW, OLIVER                 HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-8-391
GROW, OLIVER W.              LORRAINE                      NY-23-26-189
GUEST, MILES                 WATERTOWN                     NY-23-39-5
GUILE, GEORGE H.             LYME                          NY-23-38-478
GUILE, RICHARD               LYME                          NY-23-D-327
GUNN, JOHN N.                CLAYTON                       NY-23-1-544
GURLEY, DAVID L.             ADAMS                         NY-23-14-292
GURNEE, LYDIA                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-12-337
GURNEE, RALPH                ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-23-323
GUTHRIE, SAMUEL              HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-E-155
GUYOTT, MARIA                WILNA                         NY-23-23-657

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