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PACKER, GREEN                ADAMS                         NY-23-14-58
PACKER, JEREMY               **                            NY-23-E-10
PACKER, ROBERT ASA           SAGER, BRADFORD, PA           NY-23-22-548
PADDOCK, FOSTER              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-1-18
PADDOCK, JESSE               WILNA                         NY-23-12-97
PADDOCK, OSCAR               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-17-509
PAGE, AMOS B.                CHAMPION                      NY-23-9-17
PAGE, JAMES P.               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-20-177
PAGE, LUNA                   PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-5-262
PALMER, AMANDA M.            ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-33-529
PALMER, ELIZABETH D.         WATERTOWN                     NY-23-16-54
PALMER, JOSEPH B.            ADAMS                         NY-23-10-151
PANCHON, PETER               LERAY                         NY-23-29-45
PARDEE, ALFRED               WILNA                         NY-23-15-158
PARDEE, KATE S.              HAZLETON, LUZERNE, PA         NY-23-36-51
PARENT, DAVID                BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-8-511
PARISH, CHESTER              ANTWERP                       NY-23-18-45
PARISH, GILBERT R.           CLAYTON                       NY-23-32-701
PARISH, JOHN                 THERESA                       NY-23-1-271
PARISH, NATHAN               HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-A-193
PARK, ELIZA G.               ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-29-585
PARKER, ABEL                 RODMAN                        NY-23-8-457
PARKER, ALBERT               BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-32-149
PARKER, ALEXANDER            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-13-177
PARKER, ALVIN                THERESA                       NY-23-37-293
PARKER, ANNIE                ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-18-193
PARKER, CYRUS                THERESA                       NY-23-3-398
PARKER, DANIEL               ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-16-594
PARKER, DAVID                ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-26-205
PARKER, EMELINE F.           RUTLAND                       NY-23-37-5
PARKER, FRANKLIN             THERESA                       NY-23-39-61
PARKER, GILES                ADAMS                         NY-23-33-297
PARKER, HENRY                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-31-261
PARKER, HENRY A.             ORLEANS                       NY-23-38-642
PARKER, JANE                 THERESA                       NY-23-18-113
PARKER, JEREMIAH             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-14-210
PARKER, JOHN                 HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-37-421
PARKER, KATE L.              BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-29-699
PARKER, MARGARET             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-39-213
PARKER, MARY                 THERESA                       NY-23-20-453
PARKER, OLIVE                ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-29-97
PARKER, SARAH J.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-20-745
PARKHURST, SARAH ANN         THERESA                       NY-23-29-49
PARKINSON, WILLIAM           RUTLAND                       NY-23-D-122
PARKS, RUFUS                 ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-10-207
PARMENTER, CHARLES           RODMAN                        NY-23-7-115
PARMENTER, GARRETT V.        RODMAN                        NY-23-28-53
PARMENTER, MAGDALENA         RODMAN                        NY-23-8-601
PARMER, WILLIAM              LORRAINE                      NY-23-8-187
PARRISH, JOHN                CLAYTON                       NY-23-23-467
PARSONS, ALBERT              RUTLAND                       NY-23-26-683
PARSONS, ELIJAH              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-18-437
PARSONS, MARY A.             RUTLAND                       NY-23-37-655
PASSINO, GILBERT             WILNA                         NY-23-18-261
PATCHIN, LONSON K.           CLAYTON                       NY-23-18-145
PATCHIN, WILLIAM G.          ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-33-185
PATRICK, CHARLES             HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-31-413
PATRICK, EBENEZER R.         ADAMS                         NY-23-A-261
PATRICK, SHERMAN M.          ADAMS                         NY-23-32-279
PATRIDGE, WINSLOW            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-9-407
PATTERSON, EMILY M.          WILNA                         NY-23-26-525
PATTERSON, EUNICE            ORLEANS                       NY-23-7-148
PATTERSON, FRANKLIN          ORLEANS                       NY-23-35-149
PATTERSON, JOHN              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-34-221
PATTERSON, POLLY M.          ORLEANS                       NY-23-18-349
PATTERSON, SARAH             LYME                          NY-23-38-750
PATTERSON, WILLIAM           WORTH                         NY-23-24-110
PATTRIDGE, LEVINA            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-23-451
PAYER, JULES R.              LERAY                         NY-23-9-21
PAYNE, HARRIET W.            HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-16-684
PAYNE, HENRY W.              HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-10-147
PAYNE, HORACE                HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-14-248
PAYNE, MARIETTA J.           ANTWERP                       NY-23-33-593
PAYNE, ROSSEEL               ANTWERP                       NY-23-35-327
PAYNE, WILLIAM               ORLEANS                       NY-23-38-390
PAYNE, WILLIAM               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-26-257
PAYNE, WILLIAM L.            HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-3-130
PAYNE, WORDEN                HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-E-227
PEACOCK, EMILY               ORLEANS                       NY-23-19-45
PEARCE, ELIZA                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, STEPHEN              ADAMS                         NY-23-13-572
PEARCE, TILTON               PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-4-195
PEARSON, ROBERT              LORRAINE                      NY-23-13-121
PEARSON, WILLIAM             CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-10-559
PECK, AARON                  LERAY                         NY-23-34-375
PECK, ALEXANDER D.           ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-30-339
PECK, ALMENA                 PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-35-137
PECK, CLYMENE M.             LERAY                         NY-23-35-457
PECK, CORNELIA T.            THERESA                       NY-23-38-570
PECK, JAMES                  ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-32-465
PECK, JOHN                   CHAMPION                      NY-23-23-93
PECK, JOHN S.                PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-10-399
PECK, JONATHAN               ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-12-269
PECK, JOSEPH                 CHAMPION                      NY-23-D-279
PECK, MARY E.                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-21-209
PECK, NATHANIEL              CHAMPION                      NY-23-34-65
PECK, NOAH                   ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-32-557
PECK, ORANGE                 BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-21-41
PECK, SETH                   WATERTOWN                     NY-23-C-113
PECKHAM, JOB                 PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-2-412
PEELER, ALMIRA               CHAMPION                      NY-23-18-381
PELO, JOSEPH                 WATERTOWN                     NY-23-37-217
PELO, JOSEPYH                ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-29-573
PELOW, SUSAN                 CLAYTON                       NY-23-19-199
PENNEY, GEORGE               ADAMS                         NY-23-20-403
PENNEY, MARY T.              HENDERSON                     NY-23-39-461
PENNINGTON, JOHN M.          WILNA                         NY-23-19-637
PENNINGTON, RUTH             WILNA                         NY-23-6-123
PENNOCK, PHILANDER           CLAYTON                       NY-23-26-61
PENNY, BURTON                HENDERSON                     NY-23-38-242
PENNY, GEORGE B.             LORRAINE                      NY-23-27-17
PENNY, JARVIS                HENDERSON                     NY-23-20-137
PENNY, JOHN                  LORRAINE                      NY-23-15-202
PENNY, POLLY                 HENDERSON                     NY-23-16-150
PENNY, REBBECCA              HENDERSON                     NY-23-26-689
PEO, JULIAN                  CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-27-357
PEOPLES, JAMES               ORLEANS                       NY-23-10-235
PERKINS, CHARLES             THERESA                       NY-23-39-481
PERKINS, EMORY A.            WORTH                         NY-23-39-613
PERKINS, SOLOMON             CHAMPION                      NY-23-A-15
PERRY, DAVID                 RUTLAND                       NY-23-9-13
PERRY, EZRA                  ADAMS                         NY-23-A-59
PERRY, HENRY                 BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-12-473
PERRY, JOSEPH H.             BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-37-565
PERRY, JUSTUS                ADAMS                         NY-23-9-497
PERSONS, ELAM                ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-32-13
PERSONS, HOSEA B.            ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-13-345
PETIT, JOSEPH                CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-28-703
PETRIC, JOSEPH               ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-24-194
PETRIC, SOLOMON              LERAY                         NY-23-24-514
PETRIE, CATHARINE            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-29-69
PETRIE, GEORGE               LERAY                         NY-23-38-14
PETRIE, JONAS                LERAY                         NY-23-38-342
PETRIE, RUFUS                ADAMS                         NY-23-39-429
PETTIT, MARCUS               CLAYTON                       NY-23-30-37
PETTIT, WILLIAM S.           HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-16-282
PETTY, JOHN                  PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-8-157
PETZOLDT, HERMAN F.          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-32-161
PEUGNET, HYACINTHE           CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-10-395
PEUQUET, ARMAND              ST LOUIS, ST LOUIS, MO        NY-23-36-107
PHELAN, MARY E.              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-16-630
PHELPS, ANDREW L.            HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-A-237
PHELPS, CYNTHIA              BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-29-481
PHELPS, ELI                  RODMAN                        NY-23-19-175
PHELPS, FANNY                HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-11-274
PHELPS, GEORGE B.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-30-687
PHELPS, GEORGE W.            LYME                          NY-23-12-61
PHELPS, HENRY B.             HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-34-245
PHELPS, JASON                HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-20-569
PHELPS, JOHN M.              HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-15-210
PHELPS, JOHN W.              HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-37-21
PHELPS, JONATHAN E.          LYME                          NY-23-26-437
PHELPS, LAURA                PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-21-285
PHELPS, RANSOM               PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-12-65
PHELPS, RANSOM               HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-9-99
PHELPS, RILEY W.             ADAMS                         NY-23-16-572
PHELPS, SIMEON               BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-15-118
PHILBROOK, JAMES             RUTLAND                       NY-23-4-107
PHILLIPS, ALONZO             BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-21-5
PHILLIPS, AUGUSTUS J.        WATERTOWN                     NY-23-39-345
PHILLIPS, BENJAMIN           CLAYTON                       NY-23-16-432
PHILLIPS, CHANCEY            CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-37-181
PHILLIPS, CHARLOTT           ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-20-605
PHILLIPS, ELLEN              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-19-715
PHILLIPS, GEORGE M.          THERESA                       NY-23-34-693
PHILLIPS, HULDAH R.          HENDERSON                     NY-23-16-154
PHILLIPS, JOHN P.            LYME                          NY-23-4-259
PHILLIPS, JONATHAN           HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-5-287
PHILLIPS, LEANDER            CLAYTON                       NY-23-37-549
PHILLIPS, MARY               RUTLAND                       NY-23-13-301
PHILLIPS, MARY A.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-39-333
PHILLIPS, POLLY              CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-20-601
PHILLIPS, THEODORE           ADAMS                         NY-23-11-282
PHINNEY, MARGARET            WILNA                         NY-23-37-241
PHIPPEN, CHESTER             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-20-509
PHIPPEN, MARY                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-32-77
PHYFERS, STEPHEN             HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-1-516
PICKARD, MENZO               LERAY                         NY-23-12-349
PICKARD, PHEBE               PAMELIA                       NY-23-32-677
PICKET, TIMOTHY              LERAY                         NY-23-1-221
PIDDOCK, LOUIS A.            LORRAINE                      NY-23-27-585
PIERCE, CHARLES              WILNA                         NY-23-35-573
PIERCE, JAMES                RUTLAND                       NY-23-E-21
PIERCE, JAMES A.             LERAY                         NY-23-12-863
PIERCE, JANE                 ADAMS                         NY-23-28-101
PIERCE, LINEL                THERESA                       NY-23-15-106
PIERCE, NATHANIEL            RUTLAND                       NY-23-E-30
PIERCE, OLNEY                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-A-296
PIERCE, PRESERVED            CHAMPION                      NY-23-26-489
PIERCE, WILLIAM G.           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-38-734
PIERREPONT, WILLIAM C.       ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-24-602
PINNEY, HENRY                MERCED, MERCED, CA            NY-23-36-7
PITCHER, EDWARD              PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-15-450
PITTOCK, WILLIAM             WILNA                         NY-23-29-113
PLANCK, ASHLEY S.            WILNA                         NY-23-27-245
PLANK, WILLIAM               RODMAN                        NY-23-8-229
PLIMPTON, ELLEN B.           ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-38-434
PLIMPTON, HORACE             ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-23-705
PLUCHE, ISADORE C.           LYME                          NY-23-28-697
PLUCHE, LOUIS C.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-23-571
PLUMB, CHARLES P.            BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-32-169
PLUMB, GEORGE C.             BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-28-733
PLUMB, SARAH A.              BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-39-561
POFF, FREDERICK              CLAYTON                       NY-23-3-301
POHNATEEN, ABRAM             CLAYTON                       NY-23-12-285
POLEY, CATHARINE             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-18-631
POLK, EVA                    CLAYTON                       NY-23-19-123
POLK, EVA                    ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-19-723
POLLOCK, ALMIRA              WILNA                         NY-23-39-397
POMEROY, HIRAM S.            NTL, BUREAU, IL               NY-23-25-140
POOL, BENJAMIN               ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-4-62
POOL, CHARLES                RUTLAND                       NY-23-28-643
POOL, DAVID                  ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-14-518
POOL, FANNY                  WATERTOWN                     NY-23-37-727
POOL, HARVEY                 THERESA                       NY-23-18-121
POOL, ISAH                   ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-4-36
POOL, JOHN                   WILNA                         NY-23-8-547
POOL, LAFAYETTE              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-24-710
POOL, MARIA L.               ADAMS                         NY-23-32-589
POOL, OLIVE                  ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-D-91
POOL, SILVANUS               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-21-745
POOL, WILLIAM L.             ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-3-407
POOL, ZALMON                 THERESA                       NY-23-29-405
POOL, ZALMON                 THERESA                       NY-23-11-374
POOR, CHRISTOPHER            LERAY                         NY-23-3-60
POOR, CHRISTOPHER S.         WILNA                         NY-23-27-669
POOR, MARIAH C.              WILNA                         NY-23-39-1
POOR, MATHEW                 LERAY                         NY-23-34-477
PORTER, AARON W.             RUTLAND                       NY-23-D-223
PORTER, ASA E.               CLAYTON                       NY-23-21-613
PORTER, CAROLINE A.          HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-28-185
PORTER, EVALINE A.           ANTWERP                       NY-23-25-117
PORTER, FRANCIS              LERAY                         NY-23-9-479
PORTER, LAVISA T.            CLAYTON                       NY-23-39-125
PORTER, LEONARD S.           THERESA                       NY-23-24-34
PORTER, MARY C.              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-35-273
PORTER, ROBERT               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-5-365
PORTER, SALLY                LERAY                         NY-23-15-374
PORTER, SAMUEL S.            LERAY                         NY-23-38-114
PORTER, WILLIAM              HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-39-589
PORTER, WILLIS H.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-37-65
POST, BETSEY BELINDA         HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-1-115
POST, JAMES                  RUTLAND                       NY-23-8-463
POST, THOMAS                 HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-D-127
POTTER, ABEL                 ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-D-175
POTTER, AMBROSE              ADAMS                         NY-23-8-385
POTTER, AMOS                 LERAY                         NY-23-16-246
POTTER, AUGUSTUS             CLAYTON                       NY-23-35-417
POTTER, CALESTIA             CLAYTON                       NY-23-39-273
POTTER, CHARLES              ADAMS                         NY-23-21-449
POTTER, CORREL D.            ADAMS                         NY-23-25-589
POTTER, DANIEL               WILNA                         NY-23-16-588
POTTER,. ELISH               LERAY                         NY-23-10-307
POTTER, EPHRAIM              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-A-1
POTTER, HENRY G.             CHAMPION                      NY-23-21-221
POTTER, JOHN                 PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-3-411
POTTER, LAURA U.             ADAMS                         NY-23-29-153
POTTER, LYDIA E.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-11-66
POTTER, SAMUEL               CHAMPION                      NY-23-1-492
POTTER, SAMUEL M.            ADAMS                         NY-23-19-601
POTTER, SYLVIA               WILNA                         NY-23-3-92
POTTER, WILLIAM E.           CLAYTON                       NY-23-28-501
POTTER, WILLIAM S.           LERAY                         NY-23-10-171
POWELL, ELIAS F.             CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-30-621
POWELL, HIRAM                PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-38-370
POWELL, MILTON C.            CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-34-339
POWELL, WILLIAM              PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-19-411
POWERS, ABRAHAM              HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-A-63
POWERS, ALLEN                CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-4-363
POWERS, MARY                 HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-30-445
POWERS, RICHARD              HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-16-484
POWERS, THOMAS               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-34-303
POWERS, WALTER               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-35-221
PRATT, JOSIAH W.             ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-7-195
PRATT, PETER                 ORLEANS                       NY-23-2-352
PRATT, SOLOMON               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-6-220
PRENTICE, LORENZO W.         WATERTOWN                     NY-23-23-105
PRESLER, MATTHEW             ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-A-320
PRIEST, ASHLEY               RODMAN                        NY-23-39-149
PRIEST, HANNAH               RODMAN                        NY-23-16-74
PRIEST, HERBERT B.           ORLEANS                       NY-23-32-709
PRIEST, JAMES                WORTH                         NY-23-20-189
PRIEST, JOB K.               RODMAN                        NY-23-9-379
PRIEST, JONATHAN             ORLEANS                       NY-23-5-194
PRIEST, MARTIN C.            ORLEANS                       NY-23-8-421
PRIEST, SAMUEL D.            ORLEANS                       NY-23-15-198
PRIOR, BENJAMIN              BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-D-37
PRIOR, JOHN                  BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-26-365
PRIOR, LAURA J.              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-26-9
PRIOR, THOMAS                BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-A-218
PTENNEY, JAMES               WILNA                         NY-23-31-541
PUFFER, WILLIAM              ADAMS                         NY-23-27-401
PULLMAN, MARTHA              LYME                          NY-23-2-28
PURDY, HARRISON              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-C-328
PUTMAN, JANE                 WATERTOWN                     NY-23-30-245
PUTMAN, JOHN A.              ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-33-193
PUTMAN, MARIETTA             ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-21-253
PUTMAN, PETER J.             WILNA                         NY-23-31-417
PUTMAN, SQUIRE A.            ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-39-657
PUTNAM, ALFRED O.            CLAYTON                       NY-23-12-9
PUTNAM, AMASA S.             CLAYTON                       NY-23-37-77
PUTNAM, ELLA P.              PAMELIA                       NY-23-13-229
PUTNAM, IRA N.               ADAMS                         NY-23-16-408
PUTNAM, ISRAEL               NTL                           NY-23-A-23
PUTNAM, JACOB                CLAYTON                       NY-23-39-545
PUTNAM, LOIS                 ADAMS                         NY-23-12-73
QUIBELL, WILLIAM C.          ADAMS                         NY-23-25-73
QUINCER, JACOB               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-31-613
QUINCER, JOHN GEORGE         WATERTOWN                     NY-23-31-213
QUINNELL, CLARISSA C.        RODMAN                        NY-23-30-409
RACINE, PIERRE               CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-34-613
RALPH, MARCUS D.             RODMAN                        NY-23-31-241
RALPH, MILES                 RODMAN                        NY-23-1-201
RAMSDELL, ABNER L.           ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-14-286
RAMSDILL, MARIA              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-24-6
RAMSEY, EBEN M.              LORRAINE                      NY-23-34-327
RAMSEY, MARY A.              HENDERSON                     NY-23-37-185
RANDALL, LUCENA              LORRAINE                      NY-23-28-283
RANDALL, LUCRETIA            CLAYTON                       NY-23-24-590
RANDALL, REUEL               RUTLAND                       NY-23-12-685
RANDALL, RUSSELL             LORRAINE                      NY-23-D-494
RANDALL, SAMUEL              ANTWERP                       NY-23-A-45
RANDLES, JOSEPH              RUTLAND                       NY-23-23-149
RANDOLPH, SARAH              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-38-38
RANNEY, LESTER               ADAMS                         NY-23-27-729
RAPHOLZ, FALTIN              CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-16-404
RAPPERTY, ANN                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-37-201
RAPPOLE, DANIEL              ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-19-87
RARICK, HENRY                LERAY                         NY-23-38-510
RASBACK, JOHN                ORLEANS                       NY-23-13-369
RASBACK, JOSEPH              ORLEANS                       NY-23-13-361
RASBACK, SAMUEL              CLAYTON                       NY-23-28-133
RATCHFORD, PATRICK           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-27-197
RATLERY, CECELIA A.          BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-34-249
RAWSON, EDMUND               WILNA                         NY-23-9-195
READ, ASAHEL                 WATERTOWN                     NY-23-26-419
READ, FANNY M.               HENDERSON                     NY-23-34-133
READ, JUDITH                 HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-10-127
READ, MARY                   BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-31-33
READ, ORVIN                  ADAMS                         NY-23-28-637
READ, SARAH A.               HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-32-417
READ, SIMON                  HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-12-241
READE, RACHEL                CLAYTON                       NY-23-21-673
READE, THOMAS M.             CLAYTON                       NY-23-10-263
READER, JOHN H.              HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-31-21
REBSCHER, GEORGE             ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-14-254
REBSCHER, GEORGE P.          ANTWERP                       NY-23-27-569
REDFIELD, THEOPHILUS         WATERTOWN                     NY-23-3-238
REDINGTON, FRANKLIN          THERESA                       NY-23-10-295
REDMOND, JAMES               BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-30-363
REDWAY, ALBERT G.            ADAMS                         NY-23-12-527
REDWAY, CHAUNCEY H.          ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-4-56
REDWAY, DAVID J.             LORRAINE                      NY-23-16-540
REDWAY, PRESERVED            ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-A-227
REED, ABNER                  LYME                          NY-23-31-1
REED, ALONZO                 DETROIT, WAYNE MI             NY-23-15-635
REED, ANGELINE               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-37-389
REED, CHARLES A.             WILNA                         NY-23-32-145
REED, ELIZA                  LORRAINE                      NY-23-18-161
REED, EPHRAIM                LERAY                         NY-23-D-168
REED, GILBERT                RUTLAND                       NY-23-14-190
REED, HUBBARD W.             CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-21-721
REED, JAMES                  LYME                          NY-23-20-65
REED, JAMES H.               ADAMS                         NY-23-11-114
REED, JANE                   WATERTOWN                     NY-23-38-198
REED, JOHN                   RODMAN                        NY-23-5-123
REED, JOHN                   LYME                          NY-23-6-340
REED, LEWIS                  WATERTOWN                     NY-23-24-542
REED, MARY E.                CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-32-653
REED, MILTON M.              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-29-577
REED, ROGERS                 ADAMS                         NY-23-A-54
REES, DAVID S.               CLAYTON                       NY-23-35-473
REEVES, ABNER                BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-15-282
REEVES, JAMES A.             HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-38-278
REEVES, JOHN                 WATERTOWN                     NY-23-37-573
REEVES, THOMAS H.            HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-34-757
REEVES, WILLIAM G.           BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-12-775
REFF, MICHAEL                CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-29-425
REFF, PETER                  CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-11-130
RELYEA, THOMAS               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-33-669
REMER, FREDERICK             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-29-473
REMINGTON, ALLEN             ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-28-193
RENIFF, ALVIRA M.            CHAMPION                      NY-23-26-129
RENIFF, GEORGE W.            CHAMPION                      NY-23-23-335
RESCH, PHILLIP               ORLEANS                       NY-23-30-185
RESSEGINE, DANIEL            HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-29-213
REXFORD, WILLIAM             ANTWERP                       NY-23-27-573
REYNOLDS, ELIZABETH          CLAYTON                       NY-23-33-733
REYNOLDS, JOHN M.            CLAYTON                       NY-23-28-571
RHODES, JOSEPH               CLAYTON                       NY-23-11-230
RICE, ALBERT                 ADAMS                         NY-23-13-305
RICE, CLARKE                 WATERTOWN                     NY-23-11-154
RICE, DANIEL                 CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-7-33
RICE, EBTSEY                 WATERTOWN                     NY-23-19-295
RICE, FRANKLIN A.            ADAMS                         NY-23-28-17
RICE, JAMES B.               HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-29-241
RICE, JANE                   WATERTOWN                     NY-23-16-440
RICE, JASON                  WATERTOWN                     NY-23-9-251
RICE, JOHN                   WILNA                         NY-23-E-366
RICE, JOSHUA L.              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-15-394
RICE, LORENZO                ADAMS                         NY-23-18-49
RICE, MERRIT M.              HENDERSON                     NY-23-39-317
RICE, PHILURA                CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-29-521
RICE, RANDALL D.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-11-82
RICE, SAMUEL PORTER          CHAMPION                      NY-23-11-54
RICE, SAMUEL W.              CHAMPION                      NY-23-A-185
RICE, WESLEY T.              ADAMS                         NY-23-10-567
RICH, ALVIRA G.              WILNA                         NY-23-16-18
RICH, ELIJAH                 HENDERSON                     NY-23-8-589
RICH, HORACE                 PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-9-331
RICH, WILLIAM H.             HENDERSON                     NY-23-9-413
RICHARDS, DAVID              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-21-205
RICHARDSON, CHARLES          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-38-282
RICHARDSON, DANIEL           ORLEANS                       NY-23-9-191
RICHARDSON, JOHN             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-20-727
RICHARDSON, JOHN             RODMAN                        NY-23-12-569
RICHARDSON, JOHN A.          LERAY                         NY-23-24-336
RICHARDSON, STEPHEN          ORLEANS                       NY-23-2-398
RICHARDSON, STEPHEN          HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-13-9
RICHARDSON, TILLEY           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-2-8
RICHEY, HARRIET A.           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-34-357
RICHEY, JOHN                 HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-D-84
RICHEY, THOMAS               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-31-621
RICHEY, WILLIAM              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-27-363
RICKERSON, THOMAS            ADAMS                         NY-23-35-589
RIDDLE, JOHN                 CLAYTON                       NY-23-16-388
RIDER, JACOB S.              BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-8-259
RIDER, JOHN B.               RODMAN                        NY-23-30-205
RIDER, SAMUEL                PAMELIA                       NY-23-4-471
RIENBECK, ELIZABETH COUGH    WATERTOWN                     NY-23-38-374
RIGGS, EDWIN S.              BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-30-517
RIGGS, JAMES                 BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-4-301
RILEY, WILLIAM               WILNA                         NY-23-20-129
RIPLEY, RUFUS                ADAMS                         NY-23-21-633
RIPLEY, WILLIAM              ADAMS                         NY-23-21-537
RISING, SARAH M.             HENDERSON                     NY-23-14-668
RISING, SARAH M.             HENDERSON                     NY-23-11-515
RIVET, JOSEPH                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-18-433
ROACH, WILLIAM               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-21-173
ROBBINS, OLIVER              HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-9-467
ROBBINS, WILLIS              NEWARK TWP, LICKING, OH       NY-23-36-61
ROBERTS, HARRIET M.          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-28-145
ROBERTS, JOHN                WILNA                         NY-23-9-171
ROBERTS, MOSES C.            RUTLAND                       NY-23-34-453
ROBERTS, THOMAS S.           WILNA                         NY-23-38-754
ROBERTSON, SARAH J.          THERESA                       NY-23-35-303
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM J.        BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-32-363
ROBINSON, JAMES C.           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-17-332
ROBINSON, JOHN               ANTWERP                       NY-23-9-461
ROBINSON, JOHN C.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-30-441
ROBINSON, PHILOMON           WILNA                         NY-23-18-305
ROBINSON, RICHARD            ANTWERP                       NY-23-16-556
ROBINSON, WILLIAM H.         BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-13-241
ROBISON, ELIZABETH           ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-35-257
ROCKWOOD, LEWIS M.           BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-21-403
ROCKWOOD, ROSWELL            CHAMPION                      NY-23-B-519
ROCKWOOD, WILLIAM            CHAMPION                      NY-23-9-425
RODGERS, ELISHA              PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-39-185
RODGERS, MARGARET            PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-39-185
ROGERS, ALANSON P.           CLAYTON                       NY-23-34-285
ROGERS, ANNIS C.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-34-121
ROGERS, ASEL                 PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-23-699
ROGERS, AUSTIN               CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-32-141
ROGERS, ELISHA               ADAMS                         NY-23-23-305
ROGERS, ERASTUS              HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-14-550
ROGERS, GEORGE               HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-10-339
ROGERS, HIRAM                LERAY                         NY-23-7-239
ROGERS, ISAAC                BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-28-761
ROGERS, JAMES                ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-19-303
ROGERS, JEREMY               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-6-177
ROGERS, JOHN                 ANTWERP                       NY-23-13-5
ROGERS, JOSEPH               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-13-89
ROGERS, LEWIS                CLAYTON                       NY-23-13-37
ROGERS, LORENZO              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-39-597
ROGERS, ORLO                 PAMELIA                       NY-23-37-269
ROGERS, RALPH                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-16-262
ROGERS, RICHARD              ORLEANS                       NY-23-D-244
ROGERS, SAMUEL               PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-23-627
ROGERS, SARAH                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-16-266
ROGERS, SUSAN M.             ORLEANS                       NY-23-39-553
ROGERS, WARREN               THERESA                       NY-23-32-137
ROGERS, WILLIAM              PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-34-589
ROGERS, WILLIAM              ORLEANS                       NY-23-32-1
ROGERS, WILLIAM              LERAY                         NY-23-16-142
ROMANG, ANNA M.              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-26-269
RONA, THOMAS                 WATERTOWN                     NY-23-33-533
ROOD, HARRIET A.             ORLEANS                       NY-23-31-17
ROOD, LEWELLYN W.            ORLEANS                       NY-23-37-125
ROOD, STILLMAN F.            ORLEANS                       NY-23-23-759
ROOF, SARAH A.               THERESA                       NY-23-35-477
ROOT, AARON                  LERAY                         NY-23-B-49
ROOT, DANIEL C.              PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-34-105
ROOT, MARY F.                WILNA                         NY-23-26-125
ROOT, MERCY M.               WILNA                         NY-23-20-553
ROOT, WILLIAM                SACKETS HARBOR                NY-23-A-294
ROSA, CORNELIA E.            WASHINGTON, D.C.              NY-23-36-45
ROSA, M. V. V.               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-13-133
ROSA, WILLIAM V. V.          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-17-440
ROSE, ALANSING               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-30-453
ROSE, ARTEMITIA              ADAMS                         NY-23-38-442
ROSE, GEORGE S.              HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-16-708
ROSE, JOHN                   HENDERSON                     NY-23-D-30
ROSE, WILLIAM G.             CLEVELAND, CUYAHOGA, OH       NY-23-36-13
ROSEBOOM, ISAAC L.           BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-13-273
ROSEBOOM, JOHN H.            CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-18-511
ROSEBOOM, SUSAN              BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-19-95
ROSENTHAL, LOUIS P.          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-37-193
ROSS, ELI                    RODMAN                        NY-23-27-9
ROSS, LYDIA                  CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-23-267
ROSS, WILLIAM                LYME                          NY-23-38-382
ROTTIERS, JOHN N.            ORLEANS                       NY-23-15-74
ROTTIERS, RUTH A.            BIRCH RUN, SAGINAW, MI        NY-23-36-155
ROUNDS, ALSON C.             HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-39-129
ROUNDS, CHLOE A.             ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-23-141
ROUNDS, DANIEL               ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-18-613
ROUNDS, GEORGE               BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-9-295
ROURKE, ABIGAIL B.           BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-26-149
ROUSE, DANIEL C.             ORLEANS                       NY-23-4-314
ROUSE, HANNAH                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-32-565
ROUSS, JOHN B.               CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-33-165
ROYCE, LUANNA C.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-17-314
RUDD, ALDEN R.               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-21-453
RUDD, FLORA                  CHAMPION                      NY-23-15-138
RUDD, NATHANIEL              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-11-190
RUGERS, WILLIAM              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-C-65
RUGG, ELECTA H.              WILNA                         NY-23-35-621
RUGG, ELIZA M.               WILNA                         NY-23-34-345
RUGG, ELLA L.                WILNA                         NY-23-23-353
RUGG, SILAS                  WILNA                         NY-23-29-465
RUGGS, ABIGAIL K.            ANTWERP                       NY-23-3-215
RULISON, MARY A.             WILNA                         NY-23-32-669
RULISON, NELSON              CHAMPION                      NY-23-16-654
RULISON, PARKER              LERAY                         NY-23-14-456
RUNDELL, ELMIRA              ADAMS                         NY-23-28-337
RURY, JOHN                   ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-3-108
RURY, SARAH                  ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-3-114
RURY, WILLIAM                ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-19-703
RUSHO, TRUMAN G.             CLAYTON                       NY-23-26-541
RUSSELL, ELIAS               ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-39-689
RUST, LAURA                  DETROIT, WAYNE, MI            NY-23-25-377
RUTAN, MAGGIE A.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-32-585
RUTHERFORD, JOHN             ANTWERP                       NY-23-20-417
RYAN, EDWARD                 CLAYTON                       NY-23-10-259
RYAN, WILLIAM                LERAY                         NY-23-15-166
RYDER, BENJAMIN              BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-15-54
RYDER, ELLIS H.              LYME                          NY-23-13-297
RYDER, JOSEPH                LYME                          NY-23-21-213
RYDER, JULIA E.              LYME                          NY-23-28-295
RYTHER, CHARLES P.           WILNA                         NY-23-37-369
RYTHER, CLARISSA H.          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-28-793
RYTHER, JAMES H.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-13-65

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