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ABBEY, DORPHUS               PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-A-286
ABBOTT, FRISBY               HENDERSON                     NY-23-26-177
ABBOTT, NELSON               ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-8-319
ABELL, IRA H.                ANTWERP                       NY-23-32-265
ACKERMAN, ASA C.             BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-10-323
ACKERMAN, JAMES B.           BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-23-33
ACKERMAN, LYMAN              BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-28-679
ACKERT, CYRUS H.             CLAYTON                       NY-23-18-329
ACKLEY, ALBERT A.            ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-15-378
ACKLEY, OLIVER               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-1-181
ADAMS, ALICE C.              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-37-101
ADAMS, ARTEMUS L.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-39-469
ADAMS, ELIZABETH             ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-38-486
ADAMS, HORACE H.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-28-1
ADAMS, JOHN                  ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-24-402
ADAMS, JOHN                  BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-28-553
ADAMS, JOHN                  WATERTOWN                     NY-23-A-323
ADAMS, JOHN D.               RODMAN                        NY-23-8-553
ADAMS, JOHN W.               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-21-553
ADAMS, JOSEPH                CLAYTON                       NY-23-A-348
ADAMS, JULIA ANN             CHAMPION                      NY-23-32-577
ADAMS, LAURA A.              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-27-387
ADAMS, MARY J.               ADAMS                         NY-23-35-351
ADAMS, MAYNARD               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-2-282
ADAMS, MINERVA J.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-26-33
ADAMS, SAMUEL                PLESSIS                       NY-23-4-68
ADAMS, SEPTIMUS E.           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-11-246
ADAMS, SEPTIMUS E.           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-6-373
ADAMS, VILANDER              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-23-595
ADAMS, WILLIAM               BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-18-409
ADAMS, ZILPHA                ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-12-193
ADDERLEY, WILLIAM P.         ANTWERP                       NY-23-12-93
ADKINS, MAY                  HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-24-354
ADKINS, MILLIE E.            HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-24-632
ADSIT, HENRY L.              WORTH                         NY-23-21-413
AGER, JESSE                  ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-14-412
AINSWORTH, WILLARD           CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-10-507
ALBRO, HARRIET E.            ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-19-375
ALBRO, LYMAN H.              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-21-617
ALDRICH, BENJAMIN            RUTLAND                       NY-23-8-211
ALDRICH, JONATHAN            CHAMPION                      NY-23-25-451
ALDRICH, LEONARD             PUTNAM                        NY-23-A-21
ALDRICH, LOUISA              RUTLAND                       NY-23-32-105
ALDRICH, MARY                RUTLAND                       NY-23-19-419
ALEXANDER, CLARISSA          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-29-81
ALEXANDER, DAVID M.          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-15-370
ALEXANDER, HENRY C.          BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-19-495
ALEXANDER, JOHN              HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-16-376
ALLARD, ALMON                ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-13-189
ALLEN, ABIGAIL               HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-10-91
ALLEN, ALFRED A.             ANTWERP                       NY-23-37-569
ALLEN, BERIAH                BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-13-321
ALLEN, BETSEY                BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-27-375
ALLEN, CALEB                 BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-27-173
ALLEN, CHARLES               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-16-702
ALLEN, CLARK                 LORRAINE                      NY-23-31-339
ALLEN, COOK                  THERESA                       NY-23-37-25
ALLEN, CYRUS                 LYME                          NY-23-19-307
ALLEN, ELISHA                LORRAINE                      NY-23-1-122
ALLEN, FRANK H.              BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-20-473
ALLEN, GIDEON H.             LERAY                         NY-23-14-82
ALLEN, HARVEY J.             LYME                          NY-23-13-221
ALLEN, HIRAM                 ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-31-553
ALLEN, JAMES                 HENDERSON                     NY-23-10-363
ALLEN, JAMES                 HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-4-254
ALLEN, JAMES B.              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-32-189
ALLEN, JANE H.               ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-38-578
ALLEN, JOHN                  LYME                          NY-23-30-1
ALLEN, JOHN                  THERESA                       NY-23-12-405
ALLEN, JOHN P.               PAMELIA                       NY-23-18-301
ALLEN, JOSIAH                WILNA                         NY-23-10-471
ALLEN, LABAN                 ADAMS                         NY-23-20-673
ALLEN, LEVI                  BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-30-461
ALLEN, LUTHER R.             PAMELIA                       NY-23-6-62
ALLEN, NANCY M.              CHAMPION                      NY-23-37-537
ALLEN, REUBEN                LERAY                         NY-23-29-461
ALLEN, SALLY                 ADAMS                         NY-23-18-397
ALLEN, SUSAN                 CLAYTON                       NY-23-26-635
ALLEN, WARREN                RUTLAND                       NY-23-26-565
ALLEN, WILLIAM               HENDERSON                     NY-23-11-366
ALLEY, JOHN                  HAMILTON, ONTARIO             NY-23-E-133
ALLEY, MARY                  PAMELIA                       NY-23-3-313
ALLIS, LUCY                  PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-24-30
ALLIS, THOMAS                ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-4-74
ALLISON, EBINEZER            BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-13-257
ALVERSON, WILLARD            ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-21-17
AMADEN, CHARLES E.           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-18-253
AMANS, PAUL                  BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-26-97
AMYSBURY, MARIA              ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-8-499
ANDREWS, EDWIN               LORRAINE                      NY-23-20-145
ANDREWS, NEHEMIAH            RUTLAND                       NY-23-12-417
ANDREWS, OLIVE M.            RUTLAND                       NY-23-23-255
ANDRUS, ANGELICA F.          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-35-549
ANDRUS, EZEKIAL              RUTLAND                       NY-23-19-583
ANDRUS, MARGARET F.          RUTLAND                       NY-23-21-337
ANDRUS, MERRITT              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-30-357
ANGEL, MARY A.               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-28-277
ANGEL, ROBERT G.             CLAYTON                       NY-23-32-437
ANGEL, TRUMAN S.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-25-348
ANNAND, WILLIAM              SULLIVAN, HANCOCK, ME         NY-23-25-305
ANTHONY, CORNELIA F.         CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-33-269
ANTHONY, DARIUS R.           CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-26-281
ANTHONY, MARK                CHAMPTION                     NY-23-8-241
ANTHONY, OLIVER              LERAY                         NY-23-29-169
ANTHONY, PAUL                LERAY                         NY-23-B-341
ARCHER, ABRAM                RUTLAND                       NY-23-18-169
ARCHER, CORNELIA M.          RUTLAND                       NY-23-34-269
ARCHER, HANNAH W.            RUTLAND                       NY-23-24-276
ARCHER, LAURA L.             RUTLAND                       NY-23-34-117
ARMITAGE, WILLIAM P.         ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-11-310
ARMS, HIRAM                  ADAMS                         NY-23-14-486
ARMS, JOHN Q.                ADAMS                         NY-23-29-21
ARMS, LUMAN                  ADAMS                         NY-23-23-717
ARMS, OLIVE                  ADAMS                         NY-23-31-363
ARMS, WILLIAM D.             ADAMS                         NY-23-37-133
ARMSBURY, COLLINS F.         ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-33-557
ARMSBURY, GEORGE             ADAMS                         NY-23-7-427
ARMSTRONG, ALEXANDER         CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-27-593
ARMSTRONG, CHRISTOPHER W.    WATERTOWN                     NY-23-38-354
ARMSTRONG, ELIZA             WILNA                         NY-23-33-25
ARMSTRONG, ELIZABETH H.      WATERTOWN                     NY-23-16-114
ARMSTRONG, HANNAH            PAMELIA                       NY-23-30-269
ARMSTRONG, JANE A.           LYME                          NY-23-37-253
ARMSTRONG, JOB H.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-18-41
ARMSTRONG, MARTIN            LERAY                         NY-23-34-565
ARMSTRONG, RUSSELL           LYME                          NY-23-B-83
ARMSTRONG, STILLMAN          WILNA                         NY-23-28-505
ARNOLD, CLARK H.             HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-31-209
ARNOLD, DANIEL               HENDERSON                     NY-23-20-229
ARNOLD, MARY A.              HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-29-723
ARTHUR, JOHN W.              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-24-134
ASHBY, WILLIAM               SALEM, ESSEX, MA              NY-23-1-571
ASPINWALL, SALMON            HENDERSON                     NY-23-5-398
ATWELL, JOSEPH               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-31-177
ATWOOD, ISAAC T.             CLAYTON                       NY-23-30-249
AUBERTEN, AUGUSTUS           CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-29-333
AUBERTINE, EUCHER            CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-34-421
AUSTED, ANDREW               WORTH                         NY-23-19-455
AUSTED, DAVID                LERAY                         NY-23-37-449
AUSTIN, GEORGE H.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-30-29
AUSTIN, GEORGE W.            CLAYTON                       NY-23-28-41
AUSTIN, KING                 ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-20-213
AUSTIN, SYBIL                ANTWERP                       NY-23-21-397
AVERILL, HENRY C.            ADAMS                         NY-23-30-197
AVERY, ALFRED A.             ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-27-177
AVERY, EMILY C.              WILNA                         NY-23-25-488
AVERY, MATTHEW W.            THERESA                       NY-23-33-429
AYERS, DAVID                 ADAMS                         NY-23-11-62
BABCOCK, CHARLES H.          ADAMS                         NY-23-33-413
BABCOCK, CHRISTOPHER         CHAMPION                      NY-23-12-385
BABCOCK, DANIEL              ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-16-444
BABCOCK, ELIAS               CHAMPION                      NY-23-7-280
BABCOCK, JANETTE             CHAMPION                      NY-23-12-453
BABCOCK, JEREMIAH            CHAMPION                      NY-23-D-357
BABCOCK, JEREMIAH            CHAMPION                      NY-23-26-157
BABCOCK, JOSEPH H.           ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-14-462
BABCOCK, MELISSA             ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-24-214
BABCOCK, ORRIN               CLAYTON                       NY-23-21-703
BABCOCK, ROSA                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-29-549
BABCOCK, SAMUEL L.           ADAMS                         NY-23-14-130
BABCOCK, WILLIAM G.          ADAMS                         NY-23-26-233
BABCOCK, WILLIAM P.          CHAMPION                      NY-23-16-636
BACHMAN, LEWIS F.            WILNA                         NY-23-28-29
BACON, ELIZA                 HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-30-457
BACON, HENRY C.              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-9-43
BACON, REUBEN E.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-10-179
BAILEY, ALBERT J.            ANTWERP                       NY-23-1-534
BAILEY, ARTAMISHA            ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-16-720
BAILEY, ASA C.               LORRAINE                      NY-23-1-82
BAILEY, CHARLOTTE            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-C-286
BAILEY, GEORGE H.            HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-29-445
BAILEY, HARVEY               ADAMS                         NY-23-30-25
BAILEY, HENRY                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-19-571
BAILEY, HENRY                ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-21-225
BAILEY, ISAIAH               ANTWERP                       NY-23-9-35
BAILEY, JOSEPH               LORRAINE                      NY-23-A-189
BAILEY, LAURA A.             ADAMS                         NY-23-38-306
BAILEY, LYMAN                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-18-177
BAILEY, MARVIL               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-32-381
BAILEY, WILLIAM              ANTWERP                       NY-23-27-589
BAIRD, KATHARINE             CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-33-5
BAIRD, ROEBRT C.             LYME                          NY-23-33-149
BAKER, ABNER                 WATERTOWN                     NY-23-14-336
BAKER, ABNER W.              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-30-573
BAKER, DAVID                 BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-19-291
BAKER, ENOS                  PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-3-307
BAKER, ESTHER                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-33-141
BAKER, FRANK L.              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-34-73
BAKER, GARDNER               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-18-541
BAKER, HARVEY A.             THERESA                       NY-23-15-342
BAKER, ISAAC                 ADAMS                         NY-23-C-262
BAKER, JOHN L.               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-23-185
BAKER, LOUISA O.             LERAY                         NY-23-10-355
BAKER, PERRY                 PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-18-559
BAKER, REYNOLDS              PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-9-271
BAKER, SABIN                 ADAMS                         NY-23-20-185
BAKER, SIMON D.              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-30-89
BAKER, STEPHEN               LERAY                         NY-23-6-239
BAKER, WILLIAM C.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-29-141
BALCH, CATHARINE E.          ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-19-259
BALDWIN, HORACE J.           CLAYTON                       NY-23-35-749
BALDWIN, JONAS               THERESA                       NY-23-20-529
BALDWIN, MALVINA L.          CLAYTON                       NY-23-28-661
BALDWIN, ZEBULON             ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-14-86
BALL, CAROLINE M.            BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-32-333
BALL, CHARLES                THERESA                       NY-23-26-225
BALL, EGBERT                 THERESA                       NY-23-33-53
BALL, ELEAZER                BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-B-476
BALL, ELIHU                  WATERTOWN                     NY-23-13-157
BALL, FARLIN                 WATERTOWN                     NY-23-39-169
BALL, JOHN B.                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-35-369
BALL, SINECY                 THERESA                       NY-23-20-549
BALL, THOMAS                 WATERTOWN                     NY-23-31-193
BALLARD, HIRAM               CLAYTON                       NY-23-27-553
BALLARD, THOMAS              CLAYTON                       NY-23-B-65
BALLARD, VOLNEY              CLAYTON                       NY-23-1-61
BALTUFF, PETER               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-23-633
BALTZ, AGNES                 ORLEANS                       NY-23-32-241
BALTZ, ANDREW                ORLEANS                       NY-23-30-85
BALTZ, ELIZABETH             ORLEANS                       NY-23-24-42
BALTZ, GEORGE                ORLEANS                       NY-23-18-217
BAMILLER, JASPER             LERAY                         NY-23-33-549
BANISTER, GILES              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-24-38
BANISTER, MARINDA Z.         WATERTOWN                     NY-23-38-766
BANISTER, MARTHA M.          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-38-102
BANISTER, MORIS              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-29-65
BANISTER, OSMUND             PAMELIA                       NY-23-8-559
BANISTER, SARAH              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-19-697
BANISTER, WAYNE              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-35-701
BANTER, NELSON               ORLEANS                       NY-23-34-93
BARBER, AMASA                LERAY                         NY-23-A-88
BARBER, ELIZABETH            LYME                          NY-23-21-281
BARBER, LAURA A.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-23-235
BARBER, ROBERT N.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-24-742
BARBER, ROSWELL              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-5-186
BARBER, ROSWELL              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-5-168
BARBUR, DORCAS               PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-9-553
BARBUR, WILLIAM              LERAY                         NY-23-E-207
BARDOL, FRANCIS M.           CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-29-17
BARKER, ANGELINE C.          LYME                          NY-23-11-58
BARLOW, WILLIAM              ORLEANS                       NY-23-E-236
BARNAM, HARMON               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-23-495
BARNES, BENJAMIN             ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-4-283
BARNES, ENOCH                HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-18-125
BARNES, MARY                 THERESA                       NY-23-10-41
BARNEY, ALMIRA               HENDERSON                     NY-23-A-310
BARNEY, AMELIA               ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-38-630
BARNEY, EDWARD               ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-A-153
BARNEY, EDWARD               ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-A-163
BARNEY, JOHN B.              ADAMS                         NY-23-37-221
BARNEY, LAURA                HENDERSON                     NY-23-21-57
BARNEY, LOWRY                HENDERSON                     NY-23-24-732
BARNEY, MARY J.              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-20-73
BARNEY, SALLY S.             ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-24-608
BARNEY, SARAH                ADAMS                         NY-23-A-272
BARNUM, ELIPHALET            WILNA                         NY-23-34-717
BARNUM, SAMUEL               CHAMPION                      NY-23-34-21
BARNUM, SQUARE               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-26-513
BARON, CATHARINE J.          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-26-713
BARR, ELISHA                 CHAMPION                      NY-23-10-347
BARR, HORACE                 CHAMPION                      NY-23-10-383
BARR, JAMES                  PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-23-599
BARR, PRUDENCE               PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-39-445
BARRACLOUGH, THOMAS          CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-8-19
BARRELL, ABRAM               ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-18-137
BARRETT, ALMIRA B.           BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-37-225
BARRETT, ARCHIBALD           ADAMS                         NY-23-29-605
BARRETT, CHARLES             ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-A-160
BARRETT, DELIA F.            THERESA                       NY-23-30-77
BARRETT, EDGAR E.            LERAY                         NY-23-24-686
BARRETT, ISAAC               PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-5-245
BARRETT, KENDRICK            CLAYTON                       NY-23-26-45
BARRETT, LUCINDA             ADAMS                         NY-23-30-229
BARRETT, LUCIUS              BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-12-289
BARRETT, MOSES               CLAYTON                       NY-23-10-495
BARRETT, ORINDA              THERESA                       NY-23-21-379
BARRETT, RILEY E.            BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-35-169
BARRON, CAROLINE             PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-37-361
BARROWS, MILES               HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-33-509
BARROWS, OREN D.             ORLEANS                       NY-23-12-481
BARROWS, RUTH E.             HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-35-117
BARRY, THOMAS F.             WILNA                         NY-23-16-194
BARSTOW, CATHARINE J.        WATERTOWN                     NY-23-37-325
BARTHOLOMEW, OLIVER          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-1-313
BARTLETT, CHAUNCEY L.        LORRAINE                      NY-23-27-229
BARTLETT, JONAS H.           LYME                          NY-23-E-357
BARTLETT, SMITH              CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-12-57
BARTLETT, SUSAN M.           ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-26-509
BASINGER, JACOB B.           LYME                          NY-23-33-393
BASS, IRENE                  HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-12-833
BASS, JOHN M.                CLAYTON                       NY-23-29-441
BASSET, ELECTA               ADAMS                         NY-23-20-541
BASSETT, ABEL                ADAMS                         NY-23-B-335
BASSETT, BETSEY J.           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-34-29
BASSETT, CORRINNA L.         WILNA                         NY-23-21-367
BASSETT, HANNAH              ADAMS                         NY-23-19-459
BATEMAN, ISAIAH              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-8-43
BATEMAN, MARTHA L.           ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-32-521
BATEMAN, SMITH C.            ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-37-593
BATEMAN, STEPHEN W.          ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-23-675
BATES, AUSTIN                PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-C-337
BATES, BARBARA               ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-21-589
BATES, CAROLINE              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-16-298
BATES, ELIZA A.              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-33-169
BATES, EMILY                 THERESA                       NY-23-32-229
BATES, JAMES K.              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-14-170
BATES, LIBERTY               ANTWERP                       NY-23-2-386
BATES, SAMUEL                CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-15-622
BATES, SAMUEL F.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-8-193
BATES, SERENA L.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-28-583
BATTS, AARON                 WILNA                         NY-23-10-443
BAUDER, GEORGE M.            LYME                          NY-23-12-815
BAUDER, JEREMIAH             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-35-441
BAUM, ABSALOM                LERAY                         NY-23-17-375
BAUM, CATHERINE              LERAY                         NY-23-20-121
BAUM, JACOB                  PAMELIA                       NY-23-3-318
BAUM, SOLOMON                PAMELIA                       NY-23-18-153
BAUMERT, CHRISTINE           LERAY                         NY-23-35-709
BAUTER, FREDERICK            ORLEANS                       NY-23-9-267
BAUTER, MARY                 WILNA                         NY-23-19-127
BAXTER, HENRY                LERAY                         NY-23-3-20
BAXTER, JAMES                ORLEANS                       NY-23-D-184
BAXTER, POLLY A.             CLAYTON                       NY-23-23-279
BAYDEN, POLLY K.             ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-14-122
BEACH, SAMUEL H.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-34-157
BEADLE, MARY ANN             CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-33-13
BEALLS, CATHARINE            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-16-600
BEALS, ELIZA                 ADAMS                         NY-23-19-13
BEAMAN, DAVID                ANTWERP                       NY-23-21-391
BEARD, JOSEPH                ADAMS                         NY-23-12-125
BEARLE, JACOB                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-26-57
BEATTIE, SUSAN               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-26-105
BEAUFORT, MARIE M.           CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-37-589
BECKER, ABRAHAM              LYME                          NY-23-B-496
BECKER, CONRAD J.            WILNA                         NY-23-20-197
BECKER, CORNELIUS            LYME                          NY-23-1-67
BECKER, HENRY                THERESA                       NY-23-7-388
BECKER, HIRAM                WILNA                         NY-23-12-461
BECKER, JULIA A.             LYME                          NY-23-23-1
BECKER, MARIA                WILNA                         NY-23-37-437
BECKER, WILLIAM C.           WILNA                         NY-23-24-102
BECKWITH, ELIJAH             ORLEANS                       NY-23-29-717
BECKWITH, RICHARD            LERAY                         NY-23-A-105
BECKWITH, WILLIAM W.         WATERTOWN                     NY-23-16-516
BEDELL, LUCINDA              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-34-77
BEEBE, MARY L.               THERESA                       NY-23-27-105
BEEBEE, L. SOPHRONIA         WATERTOWN                     NY-23-10-539
BEEBEE, MYRON                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-35-453
BEECHER, IRA B.              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-5-72
BEECHER, JOHN W.             RUTLAND                       NY-23-32-129
BEEMAN, JAMES M.             LYME                          NY-23-16-330
BEEMIS, SAMUEL               ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-A-253
BEERS, NANCY                 CHAMPION                      NY-23-16-234
BELCHER, CHARLES H.          ADAMS                         NY-23-21-319
BELL, BETSEY                 BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-37-229
BELL, ELIAS                  ANTWERP                       NY-23-E-338
BELL, GEORGE                 BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-B-370
BELL, JENNET J.              HENDERSON                     NY-23-1-283
BELL, WILLIAM                BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-37-73
BELLINGER, DAVID             LYME                          NY-23-17-39
BELLINGER, ELIJAH            LORRAINE                      NY-23-38-214
BELLINGER, GEORGE F.         WORTH                         NY-23-27-699
BELLINGER, MARIA             CHAMPION                      NY-23-31-81
BELLINGER, POLLY             LYME                          NY-23-16-564
BEMIS, HANNAH                ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-32-201
BEMIS, JOHN                  WILNA                         NY-23-18-493
BEMIS, MAGGIE                ADAMS                         NY-23-32-357
BEMIS, MORILLA               ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-23-77
BEMIS, NATHANIEL O.          ADAMS                         NY-23-23-81
BEMIS, SAMUEL                ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-23-101
BENDER, FREDERICK            WILNA                         NY-23-38-618
BENJAMIN, LAMENTA            CLAYTON                       NY-23-20-757
BENJAMIN, SALLY R.           HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-10-135
BENJAMIN, SILVESTER          HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-26-153
BENJAMIN, WILLIAM            HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-11-250
BENMAN, ELIAS                LERAY                         NY-23-21-201
BENNETT, FRANCES L.          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-35-113
BENNEY, CLOTAEL              CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-23-475
BENOIT, JOSEPH               HENDERSON                     NY-23-35-141
BENSON, MARY A.              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-28-149
BENT, BETSEY                 ANTWERP                       NY-23-32-469
BENTLEY, WILLIAM             ANTWERP                       NY-23-1-318
BENTLY, JAMES E.             ANTWERP                       NY-23-23-383
BENWAY, CAROLINE             CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-20-169
BENWAY, JOSEPH               ANTWERP                       NY-23-26-161
BERDEAN, DIANTHA M.          PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-37-273
BERTRAND, ELLEN              CLAYTON                       NY-23-20-337
BESAW, JOHN                  CHAMPION                      NY-23-20-493
BESSAN, ALEXANDER            CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-10-511
BETTINGEN, LYDIA             ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-28-367
BETTINGER, GEORGE            ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-30-97
BETTINGER, GEORGE            ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-1-227
BETTINGER, PETER             ELLIISBURGH                   NY-23-10-191
BETTS, GEORGE B.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-16-106
BETZ, JOHN G.                ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-20-437
BEYERLE, JACOB D.            ADAMS                         NY-23-26-497
BIBBINS, CHARLES             RODMAN                        NY-23-24-546
BIBBINS, HARRIET             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-38-386
BICE, JOHN                   WORTH                         NY-23-19-139
BICHET, FRANCOIS             LERAY                         NY-23-6-297
BICHET, JOHN B.              LERAY                         NY-23-24-534
BICKEL, PHILLIP              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-33-229
BICKELHAUPT, PETER           ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-37-521
BICKFORD, ABEL               HENDERSON                     NY-23-37-321
BICKFORD, MARCUS             WILNA                         NY-23-18-233
BIDDECOM, FRANCES            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-34-41
BIDDLECOME, CLARK            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-2-165
BIDDLECORN, LINUS            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-29-315
BIDDLECORN, RUSSEL B.        WATERTOWN                     NY-23-32-327
BIDDLECUM, CHRISTOPHER       WATERTOWN                     NY-23-E-114
BIDWELL, JANE S.             CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-34-205
BIGELOW, JOTHAM              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-8-97
BIGELOW, L. J.               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-12-465
BIGELOW, LYMAN E.            ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-17-490
BIGELOW, MATILDA             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-26-347
BIGGARS, JOHN                THERESA                       NY-23-16-612
BINGHAM, EDWIN               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-39-765
BINGHAM, LUCRETIA D.         WATERTOWN                     NY-23-18-205
BINSSE, ANNA M.              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-34-629
BIRTRAND, JOHN               CLAYTON                       NY-23-12-429
BISHOP, SYLVESTER            CLAYTON                       NY-23-8-361
BISSELL, ROBERT L.           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-17-220
BIXBY, JOSEPH                ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-A-39
BLACK, BETSY                 LYME                          NY-23-38-270
BLACKSTONE, RUFUS            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-16-520
BLADES, JOHN                 LERAY                         NY-23-7-307
BLAIR, ADAM S.               RODMAN                        NY-23-34-461
BLAISDELL, ACHSAH E.         WILNA                         NY-23-29-565
BLAKE, JOHN                  WATERTOWN                     NY-23-15-66
BLANCHARD, STEPHEN           HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-1-128
BLANNING, GEORGE             McNUTT, LEFLORE, MS           NY-23-21-593
BLIN, JAMES S.               HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-19-625
BLIN, LUCY S.                HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-37-1
BLODGET, AARON               HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-D-45
BLODGET, AMOS                BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-D-272
BLODGET, CALEB T.            HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-34-53
BLODGET, JAMES               LYME                          NY-23-18-273
BLODGET, LEWIS               LYME                          NY-23-2-542
BLODGET, WINFIELD S.         LYME                          NY-23-28-389
BLODGETT, AMANDA             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-19-709
BLODGETT, WILLIAM J.         LYME                          NY-23-20-343
BLOOD, ANNIE M.              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-35-693
BLOOD, ELIZABETH A.          HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-27-69
BLOOD, JOEL                  WATERTOWN                     NY-23-27-393
BLOOD, MELZY W.              HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-35-279
BLOOD, SUEL                  HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-20-157
BLOUNT, LOVINA               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-16-508
BOALT, GEORGE A.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-21-331
BOALT, MARY S.               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-31-37
BOBBITT, GEORGE              HENDERSON                     NY-23-26-529
BODMAN, SYLVESTER            THERESA                       NY-23-9-211
BOHALL, WILLIAM              CHAMPION                      NY-23-19-395
BOLTON, JAMES                ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-18-1
BOND, SAMUEL N.              ADAMS                         NY-23-30-21
BONES, LYLE                  WILNA                         NY-23-12-45
BONKER, MARVIN G.            BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-18-421
BONNELL, STEPHEN             WILNA                         NY-23-13-249
BONNEY, JEDEDIAH             ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-28-485
BONNEY, WILLIAM              ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-8-535
BONNY, FANNY                 BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-15-442
BOOM, LOIS E.                BELOIT, ROCK, WI              NY-23-8-451
BOOM, WILLIAM                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-12-101
BOOMER, EDWARD               ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-13-85
BOOMER, LEONARD              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-30-557
BOOMER, NELSON               ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-32-477
BOON, STEPHEN                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-31-303
BORDEN, HOLLIS P.            LORRAINE                      NY-23-19-631
BORDWELL, DIADEMA            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-35-741
BORDWELL, SALMASIUS T.       WATERTOWN                     NY-23-38-318
BORT, CORNELIUS              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-34-637
BORTALS, EMERY A.            LYME                          NY-23-15-294
BOSSNOT, GEORGE              CHAMPION                      NY-23-14-26
BOSSNOT, WINFIELD H.         CHAMPION                      NY-23-30-221
BOSWELL, ELEANOR             CLAYTON                       NY-23-19-263
BOSWORTH, ALFRED             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-14-138
BOSWORTH, ANNA R.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-23-243
BOSWORTH, NEWTON O.          ADAMS                         NY-23-10-55
BOTT, FREDERICK              ORLEANS                       NY-23-18-453
BOULTER, HENRY               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-26-73
BOULTER, MARGARET            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-38-238
BOULTON, HENRY               HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-12-157
BOURCY, FRANK S.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-38-770
BOURCY, JEAN FRANCIS         CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-6-13
BOUREY, FRANCIS              CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-33-505
BOVEE, GARRET                ADAMS                         NY-23-19-195
BOWERS, CHARLES B.           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-39-549
BOWLES, BETSEY               ANTWERP                       NY-23-29-57
BOWLES, JOHN                 ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-14-374
BOWLSBY, THOMAS              BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-1-498
BOWMAN, ABRAHAM              PAMELIA                       NY-23-20-565
BOWMAN, MARY J.              RUTLAND                       NY-23-31-441
BOWMAN, PETER                LERAY                         NY-23-1-450
BOYCE, BIRDSALL              HENDERSON                     NY-23-35-421
BOYD, CATHARINE CRAIG        THERESA                       NY-23-34-37
BOYD, MARY                   HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-37-9
BOYD, PATRICK                WILNA                         NY-23-20-589
BOYD, RICHARD                HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-13-21
BOYINGTON, JERUSHA           ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-5-223
BOYNTON, DARIUS M.           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-10-17
BOYNTON, ELONZO D.           ADAMS                         NY-23-30-297
BOYNTON, GEORGE V.           RUTLAND                       NY-23-11-6
BRACOT, HENRY                BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-28-449
BRADFORD, ALMIRA I.          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-32-399
BRADFORD, GILBERT H.         WATERTOWN                     NY-23-24-82
BRADLEY, ANDREW              WILNA                         NY-23-A-122
BRADLEY, GURDON              PAMELIA                       NY-23-12-695
BRADLEY, GURDON C.           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-29-117
BRADLEY, JOHN                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-12-655
BRADY, CHARLES H.            ANTWERP                       NY-23-24-506
BRADY, TERENCE               WORTH                         NY-23-28-777
BRAINARD, CARLOS             RUTLAND                       NY-23-29-711
BRAINARD, ENOS               ANTWERP                       NY-23-14-228
BRAINARD, LUCY M.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-21-649
BRAINARD, MARTIN V.          ANTWERP                       NY-23-33-445
BRAINARD, MARY S.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-33-57
BRAINARD, SAMUEL             ADAMS                         NY-23-10-491
BRANAUGH, DIANIA             WILNA                         NY-23-28-105
BRANAUGH, SAMUEL             WILNA                         NY-23-33-387
BRANCHE, SIMEON              CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-31-727
BRAND, SARAH                 LYME                          NY-23-27-141
BRAUCHE, LEWIS E.            CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-39-253
BRAYTON, MARCIA F.           WATERTONW                     NY-23-23-271
BRENNAN, CATHARINE           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-26-13
BRENNAN, THOMAS              CLAYTON                       NY-23-3-175
BRENON, ALFRED               CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-39-529
BRETCH, ADAM                 CLAYTON                       NY-23-30-73
BRETSCH, PHILLIP             ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-33-201
BREWER, THEODOCIUS M.        WILNA                         NY-23-10-167
BREWSTER, EPHRAIM            ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-20-5
BREWSTER, JACOB W.           HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-C-150
BREWSTER, OLIVER             THERESA                       NY-23-2-503
BREWSTER, TIMOTHY            ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-1-190
BRIANT, LOUIS                LERAY                         NY-23-6-88
BRIANT, MELVIN               LERAY                         NY-23-38-518
BRIGGS, DARIUS K.            CHAMPION                      NY-23-35-237
BRIGGS, JOHN                 ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-12-221
BRIGHAM, ALMENA              CLAYTON                       NY-23-27-481
BRIGHAM, CYRUS V.            ADAMS                         NY-23-A-29
BRIMMER, JACOB               ADAMS                         NY-23-26-377
BRIMMER, SAMUEL R.           HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-5-419
BRIMMER, WILLIAM             ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-11-90
BRINTNALL, CORDELIA          LYME                          NY-23-37-213
BRINTNALL, ELIZABETH         WATERTOWN                     NY-23-21-185
BRINTNALL, ISAAC             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-34-125
BRINTNALL, JAMES             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-27-741
BRINTNALL, JAMES             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-17-396
BRINTNALL, JAMES S.          CLAYTON                       NY-23-34-581
BRINTNALL, WILLIAM E.        CLAYTON                       NY-23-18-109
BRISTOL, ABNER               HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-16-344
BRISTOL, BETSEY              RUTLAND                       NY-23-27-711
BRISTOL, WILLIAM             RUTLAND                       NY-23-27-497
BRITTAN, ANCEL N.            THERESA                       NY-23-27-441
BRITTAN, ATWELL C.           THERESA                       NY-23-27-615
BRITTAN, ELLEN               THERESA                       NY-23-27-109
BROCKWAY, BEMAN              WATERTOWN                     NY-23-31-315
BROCKWAY, SARAH W.           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-30-117
BRODIE, CHRISTIA A.          HENDERSON                     NY-23-18-245
BRODIE, JAMES                ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-23-371
BROOKER, ALBERT              CLAYTON                       NY-23-28-517
BROOKER, SARAH               ORLEANS                       NY-23-18-425
BROOKS, CHARLES E.           RUTLAND                       NY-23-14-348
BROOKS, CURTIS A.            RUTLAND                       NY-23-A-239
BROOKS, JOEL                 RODMAN                        NY-23-12-133
BROOKS, NELSON               CHAMPION                      NY-23-16-250
BROOKS, THADDEUS             ANTWERP                       NY-23-10-351
BROPHY, THOMAS               HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-E-443
BROTHERS, SALLY              BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-27-165
BROTHERTON, OTHENIEL         WATERTOWN                     NY-23-C-74
BROUGHAM, MARY               LYME                          NY-23-31-65
BROWELL, LYMAN               HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-27-493
BROWER, EDGAR                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-34-701
BROWER, MARY                 WATERTOWN                     NY-23-35-217
BROWN, AARON                 LORRAINE                      NY-23-12-623
BROWN, ADALIA M.             CLAYTON                       NY-23-24-674
BROWN, ALEXANDER             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-38-70
BROWN, ALEXANDER             WILNA                         NY-23-15-242
BROWN, ALLEN                 ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-11-294
BROWN, ALPHEUS               ADAMS                         NY-23-14-500
BROWN, AMASA                 HENDERSON                     NY-23-9-203
BROWN, ANNIS                 ANTWERP                       NY-23-27-25
BROWN, ARTHUR J.             ADAMS                         NY-23-20-245
BROWN, BRADLEY               CHAMPION                      NY-23-D-74
BROWN, CATHERINE             CHAMPION                      NY-23-28-213
BROWN, CLARK                 CLAYTON                       NY-23-15-306
BROWN, CLINTON T.            PAMELIA                       NY-23-1-330
BROWN, DANIEL                ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-19-167
BROWN, EBENEZER              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-10-219
BROWN, ELEANOR               CLAYTON                       NY-23-30-241
BROWN, ELIZA ANN             ADAMS                         NY-23-39-725
BROWN, FLORELLA              ADAMS                         NY-23-19-151
BROWN, FRANCIS V.            LORRAINE                      NY-23-32-441
BROWN, GEORGE G.             ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-18-93
BROWN, GEORGE M.             WILNA                         NY-23-12-77
BROWN, HENRY                 PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-23-651
BROWN, HENRY                 ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-3-98
BROWN, HORACE                ADAMS                         NY-23-29-165
BROWN, HUBBARD T.            WORTH                         NY-23-7-61
BROWN, IRA                   ANTWERP                       NY-23-31-45
BROWN, ISAAC                 ADAMS                         NY-23-12-149
BROWN, ISRAEL                BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-5-391
BROWN, JAMES S.              ADAMS                         NY-23-33-213
BROWN, JAMES W.              RODMAN                        NY-23-3-337
BROWN, JANE                  WATERTOWN                     NY-23-20-481
BROWN, JOHN                  CLAYTON                       NY-23-B-78
BROWN, LOREN                 HENDERSON                     NY-23-12-353
BROWN, LOVISA                RUTLAND                       NY-23-26-37
BROWN, LUCRETIA R.           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-29-201
BROWN, LUTHER                CLAYTON                       NY-23-30-613
BROWN, MARIA                 ADAMS                         NY-23-16-348
BROWN, MARTHA                ORLEANS                       NY-23-20-733
BROWN, MERRICK               ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-21-1
BROWN, NANCY                 WILNA                         NY-23-28-205
BROWN, NANCY C.              LORRAINE                      NY-23-38-18
BROWN, ORVILLE               RUTLAND                       NY-23-21-557
BROWN, PARLEY                PHILADELPHIA                  NY-23-13-141
BROWN, PHEBE                 CLAYTON                       NY-23-26-141
BROWN, PHIDELIA              RODMAN                        NY-23-31-105
BROWN, PHILANA               WILNA                         NY-23-38-26
BROWN, REBECCA A.            WORTH                         NY-23-14-574
BROWN, RUTH                  RODMAN                        NY-23-31-679
BROWN, SALLY M.              WALTHAM, MIDDLESEX, MA        NY-23-16-733
BROWN, SAMUEL                RODMAN                        NY-23-18-165
BROWN, SPENCER KELLOGG       HENDERSON                     NY-23-9-401
BROWN, THOMAS                PAMELIA                       NY-23-16-729
BROWN, WALTER                LORRAINE                      NY-23-17-79
BROWN, WARREN                CHAMPION                      NY-23-15-250
BROWN, WATERMAN              ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-19-131
BROWN, WILLIAM               CLAYTON                       NY-23-16-472
BROWN, ZIBA                  LORRAINE                      NY-23-9-119
BROWNELL, ANNA               CHAMPION                      NY-23-21-193
BROWNELL, JAMES P.           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-34-561
BRUCE, ROBERT A.             CLAYTON                       NY-23-16-536
BRUNDIDGE, ALMANSON A.       ADAMS                         NY-23-38-266
BRUNETTE, JOSEPH             CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-4-378
BRUNOT, JOHN F.              CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-32-291
BRYANT, MARIA J.             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-31-497
BUCHANAN, LAURA H.           ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-34-209
BUCK, VINCENT                WILNA                         NY-23-39-9
BUCKLEY, EMELINE             WORTH                         NY-23-21-89
BUCKLEY, JOHN                CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-34-549
BUCKLEY, LYMAN               ADAMS                         NY-23-19-547
BUCKLEY, WILLIAM B.          CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-38-494
BUCKLY, JAMES                CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-18-105
BUCKMINSTER, RICHARD         BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-21-645
BUDLONG, GIDEON              ORLEANS                       NY-23-21-343
BUEL, N. WOTKYUS             ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-14-316
BUELL, ALMON                 ANTWERP                       NY-23-19-379
BUELL, FILINDA               ADAMS                         NY-23-34-85
BUELL, HIRAM                 ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-37-667
BUELL, JANE E.               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-24-446
BUELL, MILTON                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-7-322
BUELL, ZEB                   RODMAN                        NY-23-28-209
BULL, ABRAM                  RUTLAND                       NY-23-21-457
BULLARD, PERCIVAL D.         THERESA                       NY-23-39-649
BULLOCK, LEONARD             WORTH                         NY-23-27-753
BUNCE, HARRIET E.            ADAMS                         NY-23-37-497
BUNNEL, GEORGE               HENDERSON                     NY-23-32-157
BUNNEL, MOSES A.             HENDERSON                     NY-23-2-137
BUNS, HONESA                 ORLEANS                       NY-23-18-221
BURCHARD, JEDEDIAH           ADAMS                         NY-23-10-251
BURCHARD, PELEG              CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-1-399
BURCHELL, EDWARD             CLAYTON                       NY-23-11-386
BURCHELL, EDWARD             CLAYTON                       NY-23-12-791
BURDICK, MARGARET            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-39-325
BURGE, MARTIN V.             ANTWERP                       NY-23-34-333
BURGESS, ROBERT              CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-34-473
BURHAN, DAVID                LERAY                         NY-23-A-92
BURHAUS, JAMES M.            CHAMPION                      NY-23-11-138
BURNAM, CALEB                WATERTOWN                     NY-23-2-554
BURNAM, STEPHEN              RUTLAND                       NY-23-15-568
BURNETT, DAVID               CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-16-190
BURNS, CATHARINE             WATERTOWN                     NY-23-24-434
BURNS, JAMES                 ORLEANS                       NY-23-32-497
BURNS, LUKE                  WILNA                         NY-23-19-451
BURNS, MARY                  WATERTOWN                     NY-23-39-569
BURNS, THOMAS                WILNA                         NY-23-21-569
BURNUP, THOMAS               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-39-433
BURR, ORRIS                  ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-14-310
BURT, ABBIE W.               WATERTOWN                     NY-23-37-393
BURTCH, DARIUS               ANTWERP                       NY-23-26-433
BURTCH, FRANCES E.           ANTWERP                       NY-23-21-189
BURTLEY, WILLIAM             ELLISBURGH                    NY-23-15-150
BURTON, ISAIAH T.            WATERTOWN                     NY-23-34-363
BURTON, JOHN                 FALLS TWP, BUCKS, PA          NY-23-15-644
BURTON, OLIVER E.            HOUNSFIELD                    NY-23-15-134
BURTON, SALLY                RODMAN                        NY-23-21-461
BUSHNELL, BELINDA            ORLEANS                       NY-23-37-341
BUSHNELL, HANDLY W.          CAPE VINCENT                  NY-23-11-254
BUSHNELL, HEZAKIAH           LORRAINE                      NY-23-1-564
BUSHNELL, LOREN              ADAMS                         NY-23-24-74
BUSLER, NANCY                LERAY                         NY-23-33-399
BUSLER, PETER                PAMELIA                       NY-23-31-733
BUTLER, JOHN                 PAMELIA                       NY-23-3-146
BUTLER, LUCY                 BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-30-417
BUTLER, THOAMS               BROWNVILLE                    NY-23-10-451
BUTTERFIELD, AMELIA M.       THERESA                       NY-23-31-309
BUTTERFIELD, CYRUS           WATERTOWN                     NY-23-1-294
BUTTERFIELD, ELIZABETH       WATERTOWN                     NY-23-33-327
BUTTERFIELD, JOSEPH          ALEXANDRIA                    NY-23-3-258
BUTTERFIELD, LEVI            LERAY                         NY-23-A-259
BUTTERFIELD, MAGGIE          WATERTOWN                     NY-23-29-37
BUTTERWORTH, ELIZABETH C.    WATERTOWN                     NY-23-28-421
BUTTS, DANFORD N.            HENDERSON                     NY-23-29-351
BYRNE, JOHN                  WILNA                         NY-23-10-303

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