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TALBOT, FRANK                GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-26-54
TALLHAMMER, ANDREW           MAYFIELD                     NY-18-1-263
TANNER, CLARK F.             BROADALBIN                   NY-18-10-53
TANNER, MARIA                BROADALBIN                   NY-18-13-481
TANNER, SOLOMON              BROADALBIN                   NY-18-1-174
TARR, ABIGAIL L.             GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-12-575
TARR, DANIEL S.              GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-12-69
TATE, LEWIS A.               GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-26-146
TAYLOR, ABRAM                JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-16-77
TAYLOR, CAROLINE A.          GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-7-532
TAYLOR, CLARISSA             NORTHVILLE                   NY-18-22-183
TAYLOR, EDWARD E.            GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-19-25
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH            JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-13-449
TAYLOR, MARY P.              GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-18-596
TEETZ, JOHANNA               JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-24-250
TEFFT, PHOEBE E.             GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-17-99
TELLAPAUGH, MARY J.          GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-25-193
TEMPLETON, ANNA              GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-23-133
TEMPLETON, ELIZABETH         MAYFIELD                     NY-18-25-231
TEMPLETON, PAMELIA           GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-16-233
THAYER, HELEN M.             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-24-39
THAYER, JACOB                BROADALBIN                   NY-18-5-338
THAYER, LOUISE EDWARDS       GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-16-510
THAYER, REUBEN               BROADALBIN                   NY-18-5-306
THEOBALD, ALTHEA V.          GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-14-401
THEURER, JOSEPHA             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-26-275
THOMAS, HENRY C.             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-12-221
THOMPSON, JAMES M.           JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-5-262
THOMPSON, MARIETTA           GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-22-107
THOMSON, JOHN                BROADALBIN                   NY-18-1-306
THORNE, HARRY C.             GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-22-110
THORNE, JOHN K.              GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-26-227
THORP, ANN MARIA             PERTH                        NY-18-9-61
THRALL, AGNES M.             GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-23-79
THRALL, ISAAC                JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-1-204
THROOP, JOHN                 MAYFIELD                     NY-18-1-209
THUMB, ADAM                  OPPENHEIM                    NY-18-4-275
TIEDEMAN, JOHN               GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-21-239
TIETZ, LOTTIE                GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-7-564
TINGUE, ZELPHA R.            GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-26-268
TIRONI, ROCCO                SEE: ROCCO, TIRONI           NY-18-26-128
TITCOMB, ANNA E. (HANNAH)    GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-24-6
TITCOMB, ANNA E.             MAYFIELD                     NY-18-24-285
TITCOMB, ELIZABETH M.        MAYFIELD                     NY-18-23-105
TOMLIN, DAVID P.             BROADALBIN                   NY-18-14-37
TOMLINSON, JEMIMA P.         BROADALBIN                   NY-18-22-159
TOMLINSON, WILLIAM           BROADALBIN                   NY-18-8-313
TOMPKINS, MARIA              STRATFORD                    NY-18-15-241
TOOKER, ANNA                 MAYFIELD                     NY-18-5-21
TOOKER, MARY S.              MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, NY      NY-18-25-119
TOPP, ALMINA                 JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-23-123
TOPP, WILLIAM                JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-17-269
TORRENS, SCOTT               GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-22-84
TORREY, FRANK E.             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-26-165
TORREY, FREDERICK S.         JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-26-145
TOURGE, ANNA M.              JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-13-381
TRAGER, GEORGE               GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-24-239
TRAVIS, SIMON                NORTHAMPTON                  NY-18-9-269
TREVITT, HENRY L.            GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-26-33
TRING, PLUMA                 NORTHAMPTON                  NY-18-19-54
TRING, WILLIAM               CRANBERRY CREEK              NY-18-14-525
TRUMBULL, ALONZO D.          EPHRATAH                     NY-18-12-61
TRUMBULL, EDWARD L.          LASSELSVILLE                 NY-18-20-79
TRUMBULL, HORATIO            EPHRATAH                     NY-18-16-286
TRUMBULL, MORT W.            GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-26-181
TUCKERMAN, JEROME B.         GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-16-217
TURNER, SALLY                OPPENHEIM                    NY-18-15-109
TURNEY, ALANSON              JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-9-533
TURNEY, BENJAMIN             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-7-190
TURNEY, SARAH                JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-17-187
TYGART, ALEXANDER            BROADALBIN                   NY-18-24-287
TYGART, MARY NEUGEN          BROADALBIN                   NY-18-22-274
TYMERSON, MARTIN W.          BROADALBIN                   NY-18-11-421
TYRNESON, ARTHUR A.          JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-25-99
TYRRELL, MINNIE J.           MAYFIELD                     NY-18-24-255
UEBNER, GEORGE               GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-22-212
UNDERHILL, EDWIN             GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-23-280
UNDERHILL, FRANCES ADELIA    OPPENHEIM                    NY-18-19-43
UNDERWOOD, ISRAEL            EPHRATAH                     NY-18-20-243
VAIL, AARON 2ND              BROADALBIN                   NY-18-24-178
VAIL, MARY E.                MAYFIELD                     NY-18-19-64
VAIL, WILLIAM                MAYFIELD                     NY-18-20-21
VALK, GEORGE                 GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-26-82
VALK, GILBERT                GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-25-229
VANAERNAM, CLARENCE W. R.    JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-26-142
VANALEN, ADAM E.             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-1-104
VANALLEN, ANN                MAYFIELD                     NY-18-11-541
VANALLEN, HARRIET            STRATFORD                    NY-18-19-45
VANALLEN, LAWRENCE E.        PERTH                        NY-18-8-485
VANALLEN, LIBBIE             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-24-210
VANALLEN, MARY               JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-26-116
VANALLEN, PETER J.           OPPENHEIM                    NY-18-13-1
VANALSTINE, BARNEY           JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-14-161
VANALSTYNE, JENNIE           JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-22-22
VANALSTYNE, JULIA A.         PERTH                        NY-18-24-223
VANANTWERP, HIRAM            GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-23-3
VANARNAM, ABRAHAM            MAYFIELD                     NY-18-2-145
VANARNAM, EMILY              NORTHAMPTON                  NY-18-19-7
VANARNAM, HIRAM              BROADALBIN                   NY-18-8-141
VANARNAM, PHEBE A.           NORTHVILLE                   NY-18-26-48
VANARNAM, WILLIAM R.         NORTHAMPTON                  NY-18-17-171
VANAUKEN, DELBERT            GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-16-161
VANAUKEN, MARY A.            GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-14-109
VANBENSHOTEN, WILLIAM B.     EPHRATAH                     NY-18-9-89
VANBROCKLIN, GILBERT         GLOVERSVILL                  NY-18-8-297
VANBROCKLIN, GRISBERT        JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-1-267
VANBROKLIN, MARGARET         JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-16-346
VANBUREN, EVELINE            BROADALBIN                   NY-18-13-97
VANBUREN, FRANCIS H.         GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-21-223
VANBUREN, HARMAN             MAYFIELD                     NY-18-1-298
VANBUREN, HARMAN             MAYFIELD                     NY-18-6-25
VANBUREN, HARMAN F.          MAYFIELD                     NY-18-5-168
VANBUSKIRK, MARY             MAYFIELD                     NY-18-26-5
VANDENBURGH, BENJAMIN B.     MAYFIELD                     NY-18-21-219
VANDENBURGH, CHRISTINA       BLEECKER                     NY-18-26-223
VANDENBURGH, HIRAM           BLEECKER                     NY-18-22-34
VANDENBURGH, MARTHA          MAYFIELD                     NY-18-6-336
VANDENBURGH, OLIVE           GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-21-185
VANDENVERKER, JOHN R.        BROADALBIN                   NY-18-1-448
VANDERBELT, DOUWE            MAYFIELD                     NY-18-1-38
VANDERBERCK, MATTHEW         MAYFIELD                     NY-18-2-66
VANDERBOGART, JAMES          MAYFIELD                     NY-18-2-290
VANDERPOOL, EDGAR            JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-26-60
VANDERVEER, NORMAN           JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-23-177
VANDERWERKEN, JOHN H.        JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-24-184
VANDEUSEN, JAMES H.          JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-9-585
VANDEUSEN, JOSEPH            GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-17-125
VANDEWERKER, MARGARET        JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-19-66
VANDRESSER, DELANEY          GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-16-438
VANDRIESEN, MARY             OPPENHEIM                    NY-18-6-10
VANDUESEN, ARTHUR            GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-24-123
VANDUESEN, GILBERT           JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-2-63
VANHEUSEN, CHESTER           GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-26-267
VANHEUSEN, DAVID H.          JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-53
VANHOESEN, JAMES             GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-22-56
VANLONE, JOHN                JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-6-528
VANLOVE, DANIEL              GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-25-91
VANNEST, CATHARINE           JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-5-374
VANNEST, CATHARINE M.        JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-26-248
VANNEST, HARRIET             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-22-16
VANNEST, MYNDERT             PERTH                        NY-18-8-301
VANNESTE, HENRY G.           NTL                          NY-18-6-466
VANNESTE, JOHN               NTL                          NY-18-1-1
VANNORT, HANNAH R.           GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-17-213
VANNOSTRAND, NANCY J.        MAYFIELD                     NY-18-14-65
VANNOSTRAND, PHILIP C.       NORTHVILLE                   NY-18-20-103
VANNOSTRAND, WILLIAM H.      MAYFIELD                     NY-18-24-241
VANOSTRAND, MARGARET         JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-16-229
VANSICKLER, EMILY            JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-17-205
VANSICKLER, GILBERT          JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-7-561
VANSICKLER, SUSAN C.         JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-13-541
VANSLYKE, GEORGE             NORTHAMPTON                  NY-18-6-287
VANTUYL, JOHN                GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-13-269
VANVALKENBURGH, HENRY F.     MAYFIELD                     NY-18-1-202
VANVALKENBURGH, NEWELL       GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-26-255
VANVECGHTEN, LYDIA C.        WAVERLY, BREWER, IA          NY-18-17-105
VANVECHTEN, DOUW             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-2-121
VANVECHTEN, DOUW             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-10-96
VANVLECK, JENNIE             NORTHAMPTON                  NY-18-15-199
VANVOAST, CATHARINE          GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-17-119
VANVOAST, CATHARINE A.       JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-12-261
VANVOAST, JANE               JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-14-113
VANVOOST, MARY ANN           EPHRATAH                     NY-18-7-543
VANVRANKEN, CHARLOTTE M.     JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-9-213
VANVRANKEN, GARET            MAYFIELD                     NY-18-3-43
VANVRANKEN, MARY A.          GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-22-195
VANVRANKEN, PETER            BROADALBIN                   NY-18-5-87
VANVRANKEN, RUDOLPH          BROADALBIN                   NY-18-11-265
VANVRANKEN, SARAH E.         BROADALBIN                   NY-18-20-71
VANWORMER, MARY              GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-22-174
VEDDER, DAVID                BROADALBIN                   NY-18-11-233
VEDDER, ETHALINDA            BROADALBIN                   NY-18-24-14
VEDDER, JOHN                 OPPENHEIM                    NY-18-4-273
VEDDER, JOHN                 OPPENHEIM                    NY-18-9-341
VEEDER, ANN                  BROADALBIN                   NY-18-6-243
VEEDER, ANNA                 JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-17-283
VEEDER, ASENATH              BETHEL, FAIRFIELD, CT        NY-18-22-251
VEEDER, DEBORAH A.           JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-23-129
VEEDER, IDA E.               JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-22-42
VEEDER, JAMES L.             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-12-233
VEEDER, JOHN                 JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-9-305
VEEDER, SARAH P.             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-15-248
VEEDER, VOLKERT              JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-1-194
VEGHTE, CHRISTIANA           JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-19-39
VEGHTE, HENRY W.             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-17-227
VEGHTE, JOHN                 JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-5-127
VEGHTE, LEWIS                JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-15-465
VELISKY, PAUL                JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-24-13
VIELE, HELEN K.              BROADALBIN                   NY-18-22-217
VOORHEES, ADDISON            OPPENHEIM                    NY-18-23-127
VOORHEES, ADEN               OPPENHEIM                    NY-18-9-569
VOORHEES, JAMES              JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-2-124
VOSBURGH, ABRAHAM B.         JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-1-416
VOSBURGH, ALICE M.           JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-26-196
VOSBURGH, BARNEY             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-12-405
VOSBURGH, CATHARINE          JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-14-389
VOSBURGH, ELIZABETH          JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-7-366
VOSBURGH, MYNDERT            JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-1-368
VOSBURGH, MYNDERT            JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-12-341
VOSBURGH, MYNDERT            JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-2-131
VOSBURGH, MYNDERT A.         JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-7-164
VOSBURGH, PETER              JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-4-81
VOSBURGH, PETER              PERTH                        NY-18-9-449
VOSBURGH, WILLIAM            GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-24-63
VROOMAN, EVELINE             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-22-141
VUUK, ADELIA                 CHARLESTON, MONTGOMERY,NY    NY-18-26-228
WADDOMS, ICHABOD             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-1-59
WADE, FANNY R.               GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-13-389
WAFLE, JOHN                  PALATINE                     NY-18-1-292
WAGER, PETER                 BROADALBIN                   NY-18-1-32
WAGGONER, PETER              PALATINE                     NY-18-1-427
WAGGOONER, GEORGE            PALATINE                     NY-18-1-407
WAGNER, AUGUST               JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-12-1
WAINMAN, CORNELIA            JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-7-495
WAIT, ABIGAIL                NORTHAMPTON                  NY-18-12-345
WAIT, ELMINA                 JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-15-25
WAIT, JENNIE M.              PERTH                        NY-18-14-349
WAIT, JOSEPH                 BROADALBIN                   NY-18-1-459
WAIT, JOSEPH C.              BROADALBIN                   NY-18-12-273
WAIT, PELEG                  BROADALBIN                   NY-18-7-385
WAIT, STEPHEN                MAYFIELD                     NY-18-4-171
WAIT, WILLIAM                JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-7-459
WAIT, WILLIAM K.             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-24-157
WAITE, JULIA E.              GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-24-115
WAITE, SARAH E.              NORTHVILLE                   NY-18-20-195
WAITE, SARAH JANE            MAYFIELD                     NY-18-23-165
WAKEMAN, THOMAS H.           ROCKWOOD                     NY-18-17-271
WALDORF, HATTIE E.           JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-14-493
WALKER, ALEXANDER            JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-5-125
WALKER, ANNA                 JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-6-490
WALKER, CYNTYHA D.           JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-14-29
WALKER, DAVID                JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-3-55
WALKER, ELIZABETH            NTL                          NY-18-4-216
WALKER, ELIZABETH            JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-13-397
WALKER, FLORENCE E.          GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-12-165
WALKER, GEORGE               JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-8-433
WALKER, ISABELA              BROADALBIN                   NY-18-15-211
WALKER, JOHN                 JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-5-408
WALKER, JOHN D.              JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-4-112
WALKER, RINALDO              JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-22-199
WALKER, SARAH A.             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-13-517
WALLACE, JAMES W.            MAYFIELD                     NY-18-11-313
WALRADT, HENRY               MINDEN                       NY-18-1-330
WALRATH, ADAM A.             OPPENHEIM                    NY-18-1-346
WALRATH, ELLEN B.            JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-23-69
WALRATH, HENRY A.            OPPENHEIM                    NY-18-5-206
WALRATH, JENNIE A.           JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-22-118
WALRATH, MATHEW              OPPENHEIM                    NY-18-11-341
WALRATH, SOLOMON             OPPENHEIM                    NY-18-22-123
WALRATH, WARNER              GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-24-295
WALSH, BRIDGET               JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-22-133
WALTER, GEORGE H.            JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-24-268
WALTER, MARY J.              JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-26-143
WALTERS, GEORGE              JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-3-502
WALTHART, ABBY J.            JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-16-530
WALTHART, CHRISTOPHER        JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-14-549
WANDS, ABRAHAM H.            MAYFIELD                     NY-18-6-38
WANDS, LEONARD W.            GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-19-72
WANDS, LILLIS                GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-16-29
WARD, CATHARINE PEAK         GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-13-81
WARD, CLARISSA               GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-12-113
WARD, ELIAS G.               JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-6-105
WARD, ELIZABETH              GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-22-219
WARD, FRANKLIN               JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-6-83
WARD, HIRAM L.               JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-9-233
WARD, ISABEL H.              GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-10-28
WARD, JOHN                   JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-1-243
WARD, JULIA                  GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-23-193
WARD, MARTIN                 JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-21-67
WARD, MATILDA J.             GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-23-139
WARD, SARAH E.               GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-22-119
WARD, WILLIAM                JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-1-165
WARNER, ELEAZER GAYLORD      JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-9-41
WARNER, GEORGE R.            MAYFIELD                     NY-18-26-286
WARNER, JOHN                 MAYFIELD                     NY-18-11-189
WARNER, JULIA L.             GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-24-66
WARNER, MARTILLO             NORTHAMPTON                  NY-18-2-137
WARNER, MELVIN               MAYFIELD                     NY-18-26-133
WARNER, SAMUEL B.            MAYFIELD                     NY-18-14-357
WARNER, SEYMOUR              JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-6-292
WARREN, JOB                  JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-4-137
WARREN, JOHN                 JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-8-185
WARREN, JOHN J.              MAYFIELD                     NY-18-12-229
WARREN, JOSHUA J.            JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-20-249
WARREN, WILLIAM              GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-18-492
WARREN, WILLIAM              JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-12-81
WASHBURN, BENJAMIN F.        GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-13-317
WASHBURN, LORENZO C.         GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-14-405
WASHBURN, LYDIA M.           GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-13-405
WASHBURN, RUFUS              GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-12-545
WASHBURN, SUSAN              GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-14-369
WASHBURN, WILLIAM R.         GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-21-25
WASHBURNE, LIONEL W.         GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-8-509
WASHTEL, LOUIS               GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-24-246
WATERS, CATHERINE            BROADALBIN                   NY-18-22-180
WATROUS, SAMUEL              EPHRATAH                     NY-18-3-412
WATSON, JANE CAROLINE        JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-11-329
WATSON, JUDE                 OPPENHEIM                    NY-18-7-411
WEARE, CHARLES               JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-14-61
WEAVER, ADAM                 OPPENHEIM                    NY-18-17-75
WEAVER, ADAM                 JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-8-137
WEAVER, AMELIA               GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-19-17
WEAVER, ANDREW               EPHRATAH                     NY-18-14-425
WEAVER, DANIEL               OPPENHEIM                    NY-18-1-277
WEAVER, MARGARET             OPPENHEIM                    NY-18-17-163
WEAVER, MARY                 STRATFORD                    NY-18-22-32
WEAVER, MARY                 OPPENHEIM                    NY-18-16-69
WEAVER, MARY                 EPHRATAH                     NY-18-11-449
WEAVER, NICHOLAS N.          EPHRATAH                     NY-18-19-40
WEAVER, NICHOLAS P.          JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-1-387
WEAVER, SARAH                CAROGA                       NY-18-19-37
WEAVER, STERRY A.            EPHRATAH                     NY-18-5-59
WEBB, JOHN MARTIN            JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-24-57
WEBER, ELIZABETH             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-24-48
WEBER, EUNICE                EPHRATAH                     NY-18-13-337
WEBER, FREDERICK             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-20-53
WEBER, JOHN                  JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-15-278
WEBER, MARGARET McINTYRE T.  JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-11-513
WEBSTER, ROSELTHA            JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-26-215
WEGNER, EDWARD               GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-13-229
WEINTZ, JOHN                 MAYFIELD                     NY-18-24-52
WEISS, FRANK H.              NTL, SCHENECTADY, NY         NY-18-26-162
WELCH, EMILY                 GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-15-13
WELCH, JAMES                 JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-16-13
WELCH, MARTIN                JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-22-241
WELCH, NATHANIEL W.          GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-13-489
WELLS, ALIDA G.              JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-176
WELLS, DAVID                 AMSTERDAM, MONTGOMERY, NY    NY-18-1-89
WELLS, DELMONT A.            GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-24-127
WELLS, EDWARD A.             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-22-87
WELLS, ELEAZER               JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-5-286
WELLS, ELEAZER M.            JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-24-263
WELLS, GEORGE                CAUGHNAWAGA                  NY-18-1-50
WELLS, JAMES                 JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-8-501
WELLS, JAMES                 JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-1-149
WELLS, JAMES CONGDON         JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-25-247
WELLS, JOHN                  JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-7-187
WELLS, JOHN A.               MAYFIELD                     NY-18-11-105
WELLS, JOHN E.               JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-10-187
WELLS, MARGARET              NTL                          NY-18-6-195
WELLS, MARGARET              JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-12-17
WELLS, MARGARET E.           JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-71
WELLS, MARY                  BROADALBIN                   NY-18-13-45
WELLS, NATHAN F.             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-26-198
WELLS, NATHAN J.             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-6-197
WELLS, NATHAN P.             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-3-329
WELLS, RUSSELL               MAYFIELD                     NY-18-3-1
WELLS, SARAH M.              JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-440
WELLS, WILLIAM               MAYFIELD                     NY-18-1-497
WEMPLE, ABIGAIL              JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-20-189
WEMPLE, ABIGAIL              JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-15-61
WEMPLE, BARBARA ANN          NTL                          NY-18-5-299
WEMPLE, BARNET I.            JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-1-142
WEMPLE, BARNEY C.            JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-5-117
WEMPLE, BENJAMIN I.          JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-9-181
WEMPLE, CHARLES SHERMAN      JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-17-215
WEMPLE, CORNELIUS B.         JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-3-514
WEMPLE, CORNELIUS J.         JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-9-237
WEMPLE, GEORGE H.            GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-6-31
WEMPLE, HENRY                JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-22-246
WEMPLE, JENNIE               GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-24-24
WEMPLE, JOHN B.              NORTHAMPTON                  NY-18-17-209
WEMPLE, MARY ANN             GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-14-501
WEMPLE, MYNDERT R.           BROADALBIN                   NY-18-8-345
WEMPLE, SARAH M.             GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-21-233
WEMPLE, STERLING             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-26-186
WENDT, CHARLES               GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-21-107
WERNER, HERMAN               NORTHVILLE                   NY-18-25-105
WERT, DANIEL                 JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-8-437
WERT, JOHN C.                JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-8-225
WERT, JOHN D.                JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-10-162
WERT, MARY C.                JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-16-486
WERTZBERGER, GEORGE          JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-15-266
WESCOT, ELISABETH            NORTHAMPTON                  NY-18-5-130
WESCOT, NATHANIEL            NORTHAMPTON                  NY-18-4-100
WESER, FREDERICK             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-1-422
WEST, CHRISTIAN              JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-3-524
WEST, JOHN M.                JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-6-117
WEST, PHEBE                  JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-18-346
WEST, WILLIAM                JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-17-293
WESTON, MARCELLUS            BROADALBIN                   NY-18-6-120
WETHERBEE, CHARLES J.        BROADALBIN                   NY-18-11-37
WETHERBEE, DAVID             BROADALBIN                   NY-18-1-425
WETHERBEE, EPHRAIM           BROADALBIN                   NY-18-8-289
WETHERBEE, EUNICE E.         MAYFIELD                     NY-18-16-554
WETHERBEE, FANNY             BROADALBIN                   NY-18-8-25
WETHERBEE, ISAAC             BROADALBIN                   NY-18-11-33
WETHERBEE, RUBY              BROADALBIN                   NY-18-14-577
WETHERBEE, THOMAS            MAYFIELD                     NY-18-7-400
WHALEN, JOHN                 JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-1-403
WHEATON, CYRUS               JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-7-432
WHEATON, SALMON              JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-3-363
WHEATON, SARAH M.            JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-11-517
WHEELER, HARRIET S.          PERTH                        NY-18-22-24
WHITAKER, EDWIN V.           JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-22-158
WHITE, BRIDGET               GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-24-142
WHITE, JAMES                 GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-18-137
WHITE, MARY                  MAYFIELD                     NY-18-17-3
WHITE, MICHAEL               JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-19-46
WHITLOCK, JOHN P.            EPHRATAH                     NY-18-24-78
WHITLOCK, MARY               EPHRATAH                     NY-18-9-173
WHITLOCK, SIMON              BROADALBIN                   NY-18-5-215
WHITMAN, JOHN                FAIRFIELD                    NY-18-3-492
WHITMAN, LYDIA L.            NORTHAMPTON                  NY-18-11-573
WHITMAN, MELISSA C.          NORTHVILLE                   NY-18-19-11
WHITMAN, NELSON              NORTHVILLE                   NY-18-17-247
WHITMORE, PETER              JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-1-440
WHITNEY, ASAHEL              JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-6-229
WICKS, GEORGE                JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-26-2
WIEDER, JOHN G.              BLEECKER                     NY-18-12-321
WIETING, MARY                MINDEN, MONTGOMERY, NY       NY-18-20-239
WILCOX, EMMA                 GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-25-263
WILDE, ALBERT J.             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-25-205
WILDE, MARY E.               JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-25-55
WILES, EVELINE               GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-14-185
WILEY, ISAAC                 JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-5-418
WILKINS, JAMES N.            MAYFIELD                     NY-18-8-177
WILKINS, JOHN J.             MAYFIELD                     NY-18-16-390
WILLARD, GEORGE R.           JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-23-296
WILLARD, JENNIE A.           NORTHVILLE                   NY-18-25-157
WILLARD, REUBEN              NORTHVILLE                   NY-18-338
WILLIAMS, ALFRED             GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-26-115
WILLIAMS, HATTIE L.          GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-26-169
WILLIAMSON, ALFRED P.        GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-22-144
WILLIAMSON, JAMES A.         JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-25-97
WILLOUGHBY, ANNA M.          GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-19-59
WILLOUGHBY, ETTA BELLE       GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-25-113
WILLS, JAMES                 GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-22-71
WILMARTH, ALFRED             GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-12-157
WILMARTH, NANCY C.           GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-19-82
WILMS, EMMA                  JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-24-112
WILMS, JOHN                  JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-13-333
WILSON, ELECTA               MAYFIELD                     NY-18-14-305
WILSON, JAMES                JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-4-80
WILSON, JAMES B.             NORTHVILLE                   NY-18-22-145
WILSON, JAMES D.             GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-22-286
WILSON, JOHN                 BROADALBIN                   NY-18-5-37
WILSON, JOHN T.              JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-8-541
WILSON, MARIAH J.            JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-24-162
WINDOES, ANNIE S.            GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-23-253
WINDOES, JOSHUA              JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-6-264
WINDSOR, RICHARD             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-17-275
WINNE, FRANCIS               PERTH                        NY-18-7-573
WISNOR, BENJAMIN B.          BOSTON                       NY-18-2-150
WITTENBERG, DANIEL (DAVID)   GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-26-109
WOLCOTT, FRANK H.            CAMDEN, , NY                 NY-18-20-197
WOLFARTH, AUGUST             GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-25-123
WOOD, ABRAHAM                MAYFIELD                     NY-18-2-294
WOOD, ANTIONETTE             GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-26-7
WOOD, ARNOLD                 NORTHAMPTON                  NY-18-6-110
WOOD, CATHARINE HELEN        MAYFIELD                     NY-18-21-29
WOOD, EDDY                   STRATFORD                    NY-18-13-213
WOOD, ELIZABETH              JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-26-89
WOOD, JAMES E.               MAYFIELD                     NY-18-25-235
WOOD, JEREMIAH               MAYFIELD                     NY-18-8-341
WOOD, JULIA A.               GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-21-217
WOOD, LEVI                   STRATFORD                    NY-18-16-566
WOOD,E LIZA                  STRATFORD                    NY-18-19-73
WOOD, ROSALIE C.             GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-17-289
WOOD, SALLY                  OPPENHEIM                    NY-18-19-51
WOOD, WESLEY A.              NORTHAMPTON                  NY-18-19-4
WOOD, WILLIAM W.             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-22-165
WOODBURY, MARTHA M.          GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-21-259
WOODCOCK, ASEL               BROADALBIN                   NY-18-22-139
WOODCOCK, MARY E.            BROADALBIN                   NY-18-20-129
WOODWORTH, CHARLOTTE         MAYFIELD                     NY-18-4-269
WOODWORTH, DAVID L.          MAYFIELD                     NY-18-16-594
WOODWORTH, EBENEZER          MAYFIELD                     NY-18-5-77
WOODWORTH, LUKE              MAYFIELD                     NY-18-4-173
WOODWORTH, SELAH             MAYFIELD                     NY-18-1-366
WOODWORTH, WALTER D.         MAYFIELD                     NY-18-9-137
WOODWORTH, WILLAM S.         MAYFIELD                     NY-18-1-255
WOOLLETT, WILLIAM            BROADALBIN                   NY-18-21-193
WOOLLETT, WILLIAM JR.        GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-26-183
WOOLRICH, HENRY              JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-19-90
WOOSTER, EMELINE             GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-10-91
WOOSTER, IRA L.              GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-26-102
WOOSTER, REUBEN W.           ALBANY, ALBANY, NY           NY-18-6-325
WOOSTER, WILLIAM E.          JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-18-57
WORMUTH, STEPHEN             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-22-50
WORTMAN, WILLIAM S.          BETHEL, FAIRFIELD, CT        NY-18-18-240
WRIGHT, EMELINE              BROADALBIN                   NY-18-9-521
WRIGHT, JAMES W.             GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-24-98
WRIGHT, JOHN A.              JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-25-7
WRIGHT, SOPHRONIA E.         JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-25-187
WRIGHT, WILLIAM              BROADALBIN                   NY-18-10-6
WRIGLEY, JAMES C.            GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-6-153
WYMAN, GEORGE                JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-20-271
YALE, AMELIA L.              GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-24-163
YALE, ELISHA                 JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-4-205
YALE, TIRZAH                 JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-5-420
YANCEY, DANIEL               EPHRATAH                     NY-18-21-31
YANNEY, CHARLES              EPHRATAH                     NY-18-24-220
YANNEY, HENRY                JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-1-492
YANNEY, HIRAM                JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-3-555
YANNEY, LILIAS               GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-22-20
YANNEY, LUCINDA              EPHRATAH                     NY-18-25-121
YATES, ANNA H.               GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-15-368
YATES, CHRISTOPHER P.        CANAJOHARIE                  NY-18-1-256
YATES, LUCINDA               BROADALBIN                   NY-18-8-481
YATES, TRUMAN                JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-23-199
YONKER, JACOB                OPPENHEIM                    NY-18-4-93
YONKER, JOHN                 OPPENHEIM                    NY-18-2-44
YOST,CHRISTINA               MAYFIELD                     NY-18-19-61
YOST, AGNES                  JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-24-183
YOST, CARRIE E.              JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-22-172
YOST, ELIZA C.               JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-17-107
YOST, HENRY S.               JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-15-362
YOST, JACOB                  JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-5-122
YOST, JANE                   JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-21-127
YOST, JOHN B.                JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-6-582
YOST, JOHN J.                JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-18-210
YOST, PETER                  JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-1-136
YOST, PETER J.               JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-23-59
YOST, WILLIAM J.             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-12-41
YOUKER, CHARLES J.           OPPENHEIM                    NY-18-25-277
YOUKER, DANIEL               OPPENHEIM                    NY-18-7-251
YOUKER, EMMA                 INGHAM MILLS                 NY-18-22-296
YOUKER, ISRAEL               STRATFORD                    NY-18-8-61
YOUKER, PHILANDER            OPPENHEIM                    NY-18-20-127
YOUKER, WROBERT              OPPENHEIM                    NY-18-12-49
YOUNEY, LEVI                 EPHRATAH                     NY-18-20-153
YOUNG, ALDEN M.              BRANFORD, NEW HAVEN, CT      NY-18-380
YOUNG, ALICE                 JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-11-193
YOUNG, ANTHA                 GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-15-356
YOUNG, CHARLES J.            JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-22-178
YOUNG, ESTHER K.             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-21-133
YOUNG, FREDERICK M.          GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-23-31
YOUNG, HELEN SCOTT           JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-24-244
YOUNG, HENRY S.              JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-23-282
YOUNG, HERBERT S.            EPHRATAH                     NY-18-26-26
YOUNG, JAMES K.              JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-25-23
YOUNG, JAMES O.              JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-9-509
YOUNG, JOSEPH                GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-13-89
YOUNG, LUCIEN B.             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-21-85
YOUNG, MARY A.               JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-19-88
YOUNG, MARY M.               GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-22-14
YOUNG, OLIVER                STRATFORD                    NY-18-22-169
YOUNG, PELEG                 EPHRATAH                     NY-18-11-605
YOUNG, SARAH JANE            JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-11-381
YOUNG, WILLIAM F.            GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-25-215
YOUNGER, GERTRUDE            BLEECKER                     NY-18-12-265
YOUNGLOVE, ISAIAH            JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-3-338
YOUNGLOVE, JAMES             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-20-269
YOURON, JOHN                 OPPENHEIM                    NY-18-6-497
ZEHLEIN, ADOLPHENIA          GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-26-190
ZICKERMAN, NILS              JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-26-219
ZIMERMAN, HENRY J.           OPPENHEIM                    NY-18-1-485
ZIMMER, EMELINE              GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-25-31
ZIMMER, FRANK P.             GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-20-9
ZIMMER, NANCY C.             JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-13-197
ZIMMER, WILLIAM N.           GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-25-177
ZIMMERMAN, BARBARA           JOHNSTOWN                    NY-18-11-473
ZIMMERMAN, LENA              GLOVERSVILLE                 NY-18-24-108

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