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SADLEN, RICHARD W.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-219
SAINTJOHN, ALEXANDER              NORTHAMTPON                   NY-18-1-399
SALISBURY, SAMUEL J.              SAN JOSE, SANTA CLARA, CA     NY-18-9-45
SALTSMAN, BENJAMIN                EPHRATAH                      NY-18-20-123
SALTSMAN, CHARLOTTE E.            EPHRATAH                      NY-18-8-557
SALTSMAN, GEORGE                  PALATINE                      NY-18-2-292
SALTSMAN, JANE ELIZABETH          EPHRATAH                      NY-18-24-3
SALYE, ALBERT A.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-53
SAMMONS, ALTHENA M.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-164
SAMMONS, MARTHA                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-114
SAMMONS, SAMPSON                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-41
SANDER, HERMANN H.                BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY           NY-18-20-259
SASNDNER, ANNIE C.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-243
SATTERLEE, AMY                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-141
SATTERLEE, CHARLES G.             GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-86
SATTERLEE, LOUISE                 BROADALBIN                    NY-18-9-573
SATTERLEE, SARAH                  BROADALBIN                    NY-18-22-265
SATTERLEE, WILLIAM                BROADALBIN                    NY-18-22-277
SATTERLEE, ZADOC                  BROADALBIN                    NY-18-22-264
SATTERLY, PARIS G.                MAYFIELD                      NY-18-5-201
SAUER, HENRIETTA                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-199
SCHENCK, BELLE EVERETT            JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-23-187
SCHERMERHORN, JAMES F.            GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-271
SCHMITT, LOUIS                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-533
SCHOENFELDT, EDWARD               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-17-147
SCHOONMAKER, JOHN I.              GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-20
SCHREYVOGEL, FLORIAN              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-90
SCHRIVER, MARY                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-45
SCHROEDER, MARTHA                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-13-461
SCHROEDER, NICHOLAS               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-249
SCHUSER, WILLIAM H.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-19-67
SCHUTZ, JULIA                     CAROGA                        NY-18-16-526
SCHUYLER, ANGELINE                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-145
SCHUYLER, ANNA                    OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-20-283
SCHUYLER, DOUW W.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-25-25
SCHUYLER, HORATIO H.              OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-6-238
SCHUYLER, JACOB R.                SAMMONSVILLE                  NY-18-10-170
SCHUYLER, JAY                     SAMMONSVILLE                  NY-18-18-234
SCHUYLER, LUCY A.                 NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-11-585
SCIDMORE, DAVID                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-53
SCOTT, ALONZO M.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-223
SCOTT, CAROLINE PAUL              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-189
SCOTT, EMILY                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-57
SCOTT, JANE                       PERTH                         NY-18-5-369
SCOTT, JOHN                       PERTH                         NY-18-3-408
SCOVILL, JOHN                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-350
SCOVILLE, ELIZABETH               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-23-43
SCOVILLE, GEORGE B.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-43
SCRIBNER, HIRAM                   NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-13-121
SCRIBNER, HIRAM M.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-289
SCRINGER, RACHEL                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-11-393
SEARLES, HENRY P.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-27
SEARS, IRA C.                     BROADALBIN                    NY-18-5-234
SEATON, WILLIAM C.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-532
SEAVEY, JOHN                      PORTER, OXFORD, ME            NY-18-22-117
SEEBERGER, CHARLES                BLEECKER                      NY-18-8-213
SEELEY, ALVA O.                   MAYFIELD                      NY-18-20-183
SEELEY, MARTHA                    DOLGEVILLE, HERKIMER, NY      NY-18-26-137
SEELEY, NEHEMIAH                  NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-7-177
SELMSER, BALTUS                   PERTH                         NY-18-6-14
SELMSER, MARTIN                   PERTH                         NY-18-3-548
SENDELRING, JACOB Z.              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-473
SERVISS, A. MARGARET              GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-103
SERVISS, HELEN                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-87
SERVISS, ROSE                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-19
SERVISS, WILLIAM                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-97
SEXTON, ALICE L.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-278
SEXTON, RALPH                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-77
SEXTON, SEYMOUR                   GLOVERSIVLLE                  NY-18-20-117
SEYMOUR, ANNA                     NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-3-361
SHAFFER, ANDREW N.                OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-8-109
SHAFFER, ESTHER                   MAYFIELD                      NY-18-20-17
SHAFFER, HANNAH                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-145
SHAFFER, HENRY G.                 MAYFIELD                      NY-18-13-353
SHAFFER, JOSEPH                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-17-21
SHAFFER, MARTIN L.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-203
SHANKLAND, WILLIAM                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-19-14
SHARP, ELEANOR                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-11-49
SHAUL, BETSEY S.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-18-109
SHAUL, DAVID T.                   STARK                         NY-18-7-306
SHAUL, ELIZA                      EPHRATAH                      NY-18-16-574
SHAUL, WALLACE                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-190
SHAVER, BARTHOLOMEW               PALATINE                      NY-18-1-261
SHAVER, BENJAMIN                  EPHRATAH                      NY-18-8-553
SHAVER, JOHN                      EPHRATAH                      NY-18-5-224
SHAVER, JOSEPH                    OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-2-168
SHAVER, NICHOLAS                  OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-2-191
SHAW, DAVID                       BROADALBIN                    NY-18-13-105
SHAW, EDITH                       BROADALBIN                    NY-18-21-79
SHAW, JOHN M.                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-51
SHAW, MARY                        GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-190
SHAW, WILLIAM                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-415
SHAW, WILLIAM H.                  PROVIDENCE, SARATOGA, NY      NY-18-6-165
SHEAR, JOHN                       GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-187
SHEARER, MARY                     OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-4-117
SHEARER, WILLIAM                  OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-3-516
SHELDON, AARON                    BROADALBIN                    NY-18-9-57
SHELDON, JOSEPH                   BROADALBIN                    NY-18-3-406
SHELDON, THOMAS                   MAYFIELD                      NY-18-13-537
SHERMAN, ALMA E.                  NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-14-153
SHERWOOD, DANIEL A.               OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-12-129
SHERWOOD, DAVID                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-200
SHERWOOD, ELIZABETH               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-19-42
SHEW, GODFREY                     NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-1-74
SHEW, PHILENA C.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-113
SHIEL, JAMES P.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-211
SHIEL, PATRICK                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-80
SHIPMAN, HENRY                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-83
SHOTTENKIRK, GEORGE HAMILTON      NTL                           NY-18-6-210
SHOTWELL, EDWARD C.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-74
SHOTWELL, JANE E.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-37
SHOTWELL, SAMUEL H.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-147
SHUBERT, MINNA                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-238
SHULL, JOHN W.                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-16-450
SHULTES, FREDERICK                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-3-321
SHULTS, FREDERICK D.              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-10-224
SHULTS, REBECCA W.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-17-273
SHULTZ, JOHN H.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-7-173
SHUTTER, ELIZA J.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-72
SHUTTS, HARLAN P.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-72
SHUTTS, JACOB N.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-211
SHUTTS, LEWIS JR.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-77
SHUTTS, ROYAL                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-353
SICE, GEORGE                      EPHRATAH                      NY-18-26-217
SILLENBECK, MARY                  SEWARD, SCHOHARIE, NY         NY-18-15-506
SILMSER, HENRY                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-2-285
SILVERNAIL, CHARLES H.            GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-41
SIMMONS, AARON A.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-21
SIMMONS, BARBARA MATHES           GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-131
SIMMONS, FANNY R.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-445
SIMMONS, GEORGE                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-3-155
SIMMONS, JAMES                    BROADALBIN                    NY-18-6-90
SIMMONS, LUCY ANN                 BROADALBIN                    NY-18-8-457
SIMMONS, PETER R.                 ROCKWOOD                      NY-18-9-185
SIMMONS, THOMAS                   MAYFIELD                      NY-18-8-101
SIMPSON, GEORGE H.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-260
SINCLAIRE, FRANK MARVIN           NORTHVILLE                    NY-18-18-513
SINCLAIRE, LUCY J.                BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY           NY-18-18-478
SIZER, MARY E.                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-270
SKAINE, JEREMIAH                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-14-473
SKERRITT, CAROLINE                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-546
SLADE, ALBERT P.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-218
SLADE, ALFRED                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-141
SLADE, EUGENE                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-259
SLATTERY, ANDREW                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-100
SLATTERY, ELIZABETH               BROADALBIN                    NY-18-17-69
SLATTERY, JOHN                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-93
SLINGERLAND, CELESTIA             JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-469
SLOAN, ELEANOR                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-13-433
SLOAN, FRED W.                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-61
SLOAN, JOHN                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-530
SLOAN, SAMUEL                     NTL                           NY-18-3-365
SLOCOMB, EDWIN A.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-5
SLOCUM, CALEB W.                  NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-5-436
SLOCUM, REUBEN                    NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-5-416
SLOCUMB, ELEZER                   NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-1-420
SMITH, ANN                        BROADALBIN                    NY-18-13-181
SMITH, ANNA L.                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-18-1
SMITH, ARCHIBALD                  EPHRATAH                      NY-18-22-98
SMITH, ARTHUR                     BROADALBIN                    NY-18-16-414
SMITH, ARTHUR SR.                 BROADALBIN                    NY-18-9-553
SMITH, BETSEY ANN                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-163
SMITH, BETSY ANN                  EPHRATAH                      NY-18-15-290
SMITH, CECELIA D.                 NORTHAMTPON                   NY-18-14-129
SMITH, CHARLES                    EPHRATAH                      NY-18-20-165
SMITH, CHARLES S.                 EAST ORANGE, ESSEX, NJ        NY-18-13-185
SMITH, CHAUNCY I.                 MAYFIELD                      NY-18-9-453
SMITH, DENTON M.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-11-93
SMITH, DEWITT                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-18-9
SMITH, DUDLEY P.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-274
SMITH, EDWARD H.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-160
SMITH, ELIZABETH                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-65
SMITH, EMILY B.                   NORTHVILLE                    NY-18-8-413
SMITH, EMMA                       GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-76
SMITH, ENOS M.                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-53
SMITH, FREDERICK                  KINGSBOROUGH                  NY-18-1-79
SMITH, GARNER A.                  BLEECKER                      NY-18-22-121
SMITH, GEORGE A.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-9-529
SMITH, GEORGE R.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-245
SMITH, GERLETTA B.                EPHRATAH                      NY-18-16-462
SMITH, HARRY E.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-254
SMITH, HARVEY W.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-47
SMITH, HENDRICK                   NEW DILLENBURGH               NY-18-1-66
SMITH, HENRY B.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-150
SMITH, HIRAM B.                   BROADALBIN                    NY-18-8-449
SMITH, HIRAM D.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-12-269
SMITH, HORACE E.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-19-50
SMITH, HUMPHREY M.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-267
SMITH, JACOB                      OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-9-257
SMITH, JAMES                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-16-201
SMITH, JAMES H.                   ROCKWOOD                      NY-18-20-81
SMITH, JASON A. M.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-83
SMITH, JESSE                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-208
SMITH, JOHN                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-3-430
SMITH, JOHN                       GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-366
SMITH, JOHN HENRY                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-248
SMITH, JONAS                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-133
SMITH, JOSEPH                     OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-9-557
SMITH, JOSEPH                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-2-275
SMITH, LUNA                       GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-6-492
SMITH, MARGARET                   EPHRATAH                      NY-18-10-1
SMITH, MARTHA A.                  BROADALBIN                    NY-18-21-59
SMITH, MARY HANDY                 EPHRATAH                      NY-18-15-338
SMITH, MARY JANE                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-95
SMITH, MATILDA                    NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-11-177
SMITH, MATILDA                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-261
SMITH, NAOMI                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-25-129
SMITH, NICHOLAS                   EPHRATAH                      NY-18-5-294
SMITH, NICHOLAS                   EPHRATAH                      NY-18-13-373
SMITH, PETER                      OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-6-366
SMITH, PETER                      OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-2-56
SMITH, PETER M.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-127
SMITH, PHOEBE C.                  BROADALBIN                    NY-18-25-61
SMITH, ROBERT                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-17-65
SMITH, SETH                       EPHRATAH                      NY-18-6-128
SMITH, SOLOMON                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-401
SMITH, STEPHEN                    EPHRATAH                      NY-18-8-525
SMITH, SUSAN                      EPHRATAH                      NY-18-11-413
SMITH, WILLIAM                    EPHRATAH                      NY-18-4-184
SMITH, WILLIAM D.                 NORTHVILLE                    NY-18-26-93
SMITH, WILLIAM F.                 EPHRATAH                      NY-18-22-228
SMULLENS, AMELIA B.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-256
SNELL, BENJAMIN                   EPHRATAH                      NY-18-5-24
SNELL, CHARLES                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-597
SNELL, CHAUNCEY                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-345
SNELL, GEORGE                     PALATINE                      NY-18-1-11
SNELL, HELEN                      EPHRATAH                      NY-18-22-99
SNELL, JOHN JACOB                 EPHRATAH                      NY-18-6-201
SNELL, JOHN N.                    EPHRATAH                      NY-18-6-180
SNELL,A LICE                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-127
SNELL, NICHOLAS                   EPHRATAH                      NY-18-2-88
SNELL, PHEBE                      EPHRATAH                      NY-18-9-393
SNELL, PHOEBE                     EPHRATAH                      NY-18-6-505
SNELL, SANFORD F.                 EPHRATAH                      NY-18-25-233
SNELL, WILLARD                    EPHRATAH                      NY-18-24-227
SNOK, CLARA L.                    BROADALBIN                    NY-18-14-209
SNOOK, FREDERICK                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-262
SNOW, JOSEPH T.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-239
SNYDER, CHALRES M.                MAYFIELD                      NY-18-22-90
SNYDER, ELIZABETH                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-245
SNYDER, GEORGE                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-285
SNYDER, HENRY R.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-489
SNYDER, JAMES                     MAYFIELD                      NY-18-2-177
SNYDER, OCTAVIA                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-191
SNYDER, SUSAN                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-513
SNYDER, WILLIAM S.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-17-63
SOLOMON, LOUIS                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-63
SOUCY, SIFROID                    TROY, RENSSELAER, NY          NY-18-24-20
SOWLE, JAMES                      BROADALBIN                    NY-18-9-169
SPENCER, ELIZA H.                 BROADALBIN                    NY-18-11-477
SPENCER, FRANCES H.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-276
SPENCER, FRANK B.                 BROADALBIN                    NY-18-24-195
SPENCER, HENRY W.                 BROADALBIN                    NY-18-11-509
SPENCER, REBECCA                  BROADALBIN                    NY-18-24-213
SPERBER, SOPHIA                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-15-193
SPIER, JOSEPH F.                  NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-13-569
SPIER, WILLIAM E.                 NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-11-173
SPOAR, LEVI                       EPHRATAH                      NY-18-15-205
SPONABLE, ANN ELIZABETH           EPHRATAH                      NY-18-9-525
SPONABLE, JOHN J.                 EPHRATAH                      NY-18-5-112
SPONABLE, MARY                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-269
SPONENBERG, GEORGE H.             MOHAWK, MONTGOMERY, NY        NY-18-26-6
SPONNABLE, JOHN                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-139
SPONNOBLE, JOHN B.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-185
SPORBORG, WILLIAM L.              GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-434
SPRACKER, GEORGE                  PALATINE                      NY-18-1-354
SPRAGUE, HORACE                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-232
SPRAGUE, JOHN S.                  NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-4-195
SPRAGUE, NANCY M.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-446
STAIRS, JAMES                     PERTH                         NY-18-22-257
STALEE, HENRY                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-157
STALER, CATHARINE ANN             JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-81
STALER, JACOB                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-5
STALEY, ABRAHAM                   AURORA, KANE, IL              NY-18-6-16
STALL, JOHN                       EPHRATAH                      NY-18-6-35
STANTON, ALBERT E.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-273
STANTON, HATTIE B.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-203
STARIS, JOHN                      PERTH                         NY-18-8-201
STARK, JAMES                      PERTH                         NY-18-17-73
STARK, WILLIAM M.                 NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-24-247
STARK, WILSON H.                  BROADALBIN                    NY-18-22-179
STARR, ZADOCK B.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-119
STARRS, ANN                       OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-20-297
STEARNS, SAMUEL                   CAROGA                        NY-18-24-68
STEARNS, WILLIAM C.               PERTH                         NY-18-12-205
STECKELMEYER, MARGARET            JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-342
STEELE, AGNES E.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-185
STEELE, FREDERICK                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-4-55
STEELE, GEORGE H.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-209
STEELE, JAMES G.                  KINGSBORO                     NY-18-7-345
STEELE, JOSEPH                    MIDDLEBURY, ADDISON, VT       NY-18-6-574
STEELE, JOSEPH                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-247
STEELE, JUSTUS                    BROADALBIN                    NY-18-1-232
STEELE, WILLIAM F.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-14-49
STEENBURGH, BENJAMIN              MAYFIELD                      NY-18-9-337
STEENBURGH, CHRISTINA E.          EPHRATAH                      NY-18-9-297
STEENBURGH, CURTIS                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-279
STEENBURGH, JOHN R.               EPHRATAH                      NY-18-8-521
STEENBURGH, MARY M.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-274
STEFIK, GEORGE                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-198
STEMBURG, BENJAMIN                MAYFIELD                      NY-18-17-207
STEMPFLE, ELIZABETH               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-200
STEMPFLE, RUDOLPH                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-14-149
STEPHENSON, ELIZABETH             JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-69
STEPHENSON, LEVI                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-15-570
STEPHENSON,MARTHA R.              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-97
STERLING, JOHN                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-3-539
STERLING, THOMAS                  CAROGA                        NY-18-11-461
STERNBERG, CHARLES A.             GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-107
STEVENS, IRA                      MAYFIELD                      NY-18-2-23
STEVENS, IRA                      MAYFIELD                      NY-18-2-254
STEVENS, JUSTUS S.                NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-12-421
STEVES, SARAH                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-545
STEWART, ALEXANDER                BROADALBIN                    NY-18-3-106
STEWART, ALEXANDER                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-97
STEWART, ALEXANDER                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-135
STEWART, CATHARINE D.             BROADALBIN                    NY-18-14-225
STEWART, CHRISTY                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-7-130
STEWART, CYRUS                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-349
STEWART, DANIEL                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-372
STEWART, DANIEL                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-137
STEWART, DANIEL A.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-313
STEWART, DUNCAN                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-310
STEWART, DUNCAN                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-15-43
STEWART, EUGENIA D.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-53
STEWART, GENETT                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-302
STEWART, GRACE                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-285
STEWART, HARRIET R.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-19-8
STEWART, JAMES                    MAYFIELD                      NY-18-6-167
STEWART, JANE                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-497
STEWART, JENNIE E.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-149
STEWART, JOHN                     PERTH                         NY-18-5-428
STEWART, JOHN                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-2-216
STEWART, JOHN                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-3-9
STEWART, JOHN A.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-3-133
STEWART, JOHN B.                  STRATFORD                     NY-18-10-22
STEWART, JOHN W.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-377
STEWART, JOHN W.                  MAYFIELD                      NY-18-4-280
STEWART, LUCINDA                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-167
STEWART, MARIA                    BROADALBIN                    NY-18-11-61
STEWART, MARY                     PERTH                         NY-18-6-159
STEWART, MARY M.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-258
STEWART, MILDRED L.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-184
STEWART, PETER                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-4-189
STEWART, ROBERT                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-2-276
STEWART, ROBERT S.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-241
STEWART, SARAH H.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-13
STEWART, THOMAS                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-409
STEWART, WILLIAM                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-369
STEWART, WILLIAM                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-13
STEWART, WILLIAM D.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-181
STEWART, WILLIAM S.               OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-10-63
STICKLAND, THOMAS J.              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-25-133
STILL, DAVID V.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-23-288
STILWELL, HENRY S.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-59
STOCK, CATHARINE                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-7
STOCK, CHARLES                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-247
STOCK, KATIE                      CAROGA                        NY-18-22-40
STOCK, LOUIS                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-5
STOCKAMORE, BARTHOLOMEW           BLEECKER                      NY-18-3-533
STOCKAMORE, JACOB                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-125
STOCKAMORE, SAMUEL Y.             GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-107
STOCKER, HERMAN M.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-227
STODDARD, ROBERT                  BROADALBIN                    NY-18-12-425
STOLLER, JANE M.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-194
STOLLER, MAGDELEN                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-161
STOLLER, MAGGIE WEMPLE            JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-164
STOLLER, MICHAEL J.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-385
STONE, DARIUS L.                  BROADALBIN                    NY-18-6-323
STONE, ELISHA                     MAYFIELD                      NY-18-5-292
STONE, ELLA                       EPHRATAH                      NY-18-24-45
STONE, ESTELLA A.                 OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-22-12
STONE, GEORGE W.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-11-489
STONE, ROENA C.                   BROADALBIN                    NY-18-23-113
STONER, JOHN H.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-429
STOUTNER, ANDREW                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-109
STRANCHEN, FREDERICK D.           GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-215
STREETER, CATHERINE L.            GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-35
STREETER, ELIZABETH               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-216
STREETER, FRANCES E.              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-23-213
STREETER, HANNAH G.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-204
STREETER, JAMES M.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-261
STREETER, LUCIUS L.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-23-258
STREETER, MARIA                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-181
STREVER, IRVIN A.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-51
STROBECK, JOHN                    OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-11-253
STROBECK, PHILIP                  OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-12-213
STROMEC, JOSEF                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-86
STUART, PHEOBE                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-15
STURM, MICHAEL                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-93
STYER, JOHN                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-269
SUITS, JAMES                      PERTH                         NY-18-9-241
SUITS, MARGARET                   PERTH                         NY-18-9-537
SULLIVAN, WILLIAM H.              GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-6-214
SUMMER, PHEBE                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-35
SUNDERLIN, CHARLES D.             JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-16-578
SUNDERLIN, HARRIET C.             JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-309
SUNDERLIN, HARRIET C.             JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-461
SUNDERLIN, LORAIN                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-3-529
SUNDERLIN, MARIA                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-12-433
SUTLIFF, EZRA A.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-219
SUTLIFF, HUGH M.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-208
SUTLIFF, JAMES H.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-244
SUTLIFF, JANE A. R.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-23-147
SUTLIFF, JANE M.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-177
SUTLIFF, JENNETT                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-99
SUTLIFF, LEWIS W.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-95
SUTLIFF, OLIN                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-284
SUTLIFF, SAMUEL                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-153
SUTLIFF, SAMUEL M.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-13-165
SUTLIFF, SHERMAN                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-105
SWART, ARTHUR T.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-254
SWART, JEREMIAH                   MAYFIELD                      NY-18-5-461
SWART, JEREMIAH                   BROADALBIN                    NY-18-3-371
SWARTWOUT, JOHN P.                OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-21-125
SWARTWOUT, SAMUEL                 OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-5-481
SWARTZ, ABRAM                     EPHRATAH                      NY-18-22-134
SWEENEY, CARRIE                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-179
SWEET, ELLA A.                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-121
SWEET, JOHN K.                    NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-8-149
SWEET, LEVI                       NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-11-13
SWEET, SAMUEL T.                  EPHRATAH                      NY-18-3-386
SWEITZER, JACOB                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-13-369
SWOBE, GODFREY                    PERTH                         NY-18-8-257
SWOBE, JANE A.                    PERTH                         NY-18-21-279
SWOBE, JOHN H.                    PERTH                         NY-18-12-245
SWOBE, JOHN M.                    PERTH                         NY-18-5-387
SWOBE, MICHAEL                    NTL                           NY-18-3-212