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DAILEY, JOSEPH                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-30
DAILEY, LAWRENCE J.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-167
DAILEY, WILLIAM H.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-65
DANFORTH, JOSIAH H.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-260
DANFORTH, JOSIAH M.               MAYFIELD                      NY-18-19-16
DANIELS, HENRY                    BLEECKER                      NY-18-14-137
DANIELS, JACOB                    BLEECKER                      NY-18-5-405
DARBY, JOHN P.                    EPHRATAH                      NY-18-12-37
DARLING, ERASTUS                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-225
DART, FRANKLIN W.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-225
DAVENPORT, LEVI                   MAYFIELD                      NY-18-19-28
DAVIDSON, GEORGE                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-151
DAVIES, ELIZA J.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-19-29
DAVIES, JOHN                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-197
DAVIES, THOMAS                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-107
DAVIS, AMANDA                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-162
DAVIS, DEBA A.                    STRATFORD                     NY-18-11-81
DAVIS, GEORGE W.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-202
DAVIS, HOSEA                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-385
DAVIS, ORVILLE G.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-505
DAVOIS, JOSEPH B.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-228
DAY, CHARLOTTE M.                 WINDOM, PAYNE, OK             NY-18-13-457
DAY, JULIUS B.                    MAYFIELD                      NY-18-26-83
DAY, MARY                         MAYFIELD                      NY-18-18-183
DAY, RANDOLPH W.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-261
DAYS, ISAAC                       FECKENHAM, WORCESTER, ENGLAND NY-18-3-543
DEAN, MOSES                       MAYFIELD                      NY-18-1-449
DEAN, SAGIE J.                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-14-333
DECKENBECK, CHARLES               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-253
DECKER, ABRAM N.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-234
DECKER, ANSON                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-13-325
DECKER, CHARLES                   MAYFIELD                      NY-18-26-81
DECKER, GEORGE S.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-217
DECKER, MARIA                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-13-565
DECKER, MARIA E.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-10-194
DEFOREST, MARY A.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-189
DEFOUCLAIR, ACHSAH                NTL                           NY-18-2-21
DEGNAN, MARY                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-5
DELANEY, JOHN                     MAYFIELD                      NY-18-26-251
DELANO, ESTHER                    BROADALBIN                    NY-18-15-417
DELLENBACK, RACHEL JANE           JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-23-233
DELLENBECK, WILLIAM B.            JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-165
DEMAREST, ABRAHAM                 BROADALBIN                    NY-18-2-72
DEMAREST, ABRAHAM P.              BROADALBIN                    NY-18-3-482
DEMAREST, CATHARINE               PERTH                         NY-18-6-94
DEMAREST, DAVID D.                BROADALBIN                    NY-18-3-425
DEMAREST, DAVID L.                BROADALBIN                    NY-18-6-256
DEMAREST, JACOB D.                FUNDA'S BUSH                  NY-18-1-270
DEMAREST, JOHN P.                 BROADALBIN                    NY-18-4-37
DEMAREST, MARIAH J.               BROADALBIN                    NY-18-14-409
DEMAREST, PETER                   BROADALBIN                    NY-18-2-85
DEMAREST, PETER D.                BROADALBIN                    NY-18-5-53
DEMAREST, RICHARD                 MAYFIELD                      NY-18-20-213
DEMAREST, SAMUEL D.               BROADALBIN                    NY-18-12-249
DEMAREST, SAMUEL P.               BROADALBIN                    NY-18-5-364
DEMAREST, SARAH                   MAYFIELD                      NY-18-20-231
DEMING, HIRAM                     BLEECKER                      NY-18-11-149
DEMING, JOHN W.                   PERTH                         NY-18-4-181
DEMING, MALISA                    MAYFIELD                      NY-18-24-243
DEMIRE, ANNA MARGARET             MAYFIELD                      NY-18-20-163
DEMIRE, PETER D.                  OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-6-169
DEMPSTER, ARMENIA                 LASSELLSVILLE                 NY-18-21-91
DEMPSTER, DAVID S.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-285
DEMPSTER, JAMES                   EPHRATAH                      NY-18-7-541
DEMPSTER, JAMES W.                EPHRATAH                      NY-18-6-278
DEMPSTER, JANE A.                 EPHRATAH                      NY-18-13-245
DEMPSTER, JAOCB S.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-25-93
DENHAM, EDWIN T.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-73
DENMARK, MARY                     COLLINGWOOD, SIMCOE, ONTARIO  NY-18-20-3
DENMARK, WILLIAM H.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-23-29
DENNE, BARENT                     MAYFIELD                      NY-18-1-63
DENNE, HENRY                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-170
DENNE, JACOB                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-364
DENNIE, CHARLES W.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-73
DENNIE, DENNIS                    MAYFIELD                      NY-18-24-201
DENNIE, EDWIN                     MAYFIELD                      NY-18-22-115
DENNIE, JACOB                     MAYFIELD                      NY-18-6-316
DENNIE, RACHEL A.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-153
DENNIS, MARGARET E.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-12-357
DENNIS, MICHAEL                   MAYFIELD                      NY-18-5-63
DENNISON, SAMUEL                  MAYFIELD                      NY-18-2-37
DENNISON, SAMUEL                  MAYFIELD                      NY-18-2-50
DENNISON, THOMAS                  MAYFIELD                      NY-18-1-280
DENTON, ALBERT                    NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-7-310
DERONDE, CATHARINE E.             MAYFIELD                      NY-18-11-325
DERONDE, LAMBERTUS                MAYFIELD                      NY-18-4-104
DERONDE, WILLIAM E.               MAYFIELD                      NY-18-17-1
DEROSE, CHRISTY ANN               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-148
DEUCE, AGNES S.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-32
DEVINE, BENJAMIN F.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-578
DEVOE, AUSTIN                     OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-16-482
DEWARS, MARY                      NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-12-177
DEWEY, AMOS B.                    CANAJOHARIE, MONTGOMERY, NY   NY-18-22-89
DEWEY, EDWARD S.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-18
DEWEY, MARY SMITH                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-337
DEWEY, SMITH                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-16-89
DEWITT, NANCY                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-4-130
DEXTER, CARRIE D.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-185
DEZUR, CHARLES H.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-10
DICKENBECK, MARGARET              GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-19-30
DICKINSON, GEORGE O.              BROADALBIN                    NY-18-12-429
DIDIER, CATHARINE                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-143
DIEHL, SOPHIA                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-15-79
DILLENBACH, HENDRICK              STONE ARABIA                  NY-18-1-30
DILLENBACK, JOHN M.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-45
DILLENBECK, CATHERINE S.          JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-191
DILLENBECK, SARAH                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-247
DIXON, ELIZABETH URSULA           GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-177
DIXON, HELEN L.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-3
DIXON, WALTER                     MAYFIELD                      NY-18-2-39
DIXON, WILLIAM R.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-121
DIXON, WILLIAM W.                 MAYFIELD                      NY-18-17-123
DOBINSON, KATE ASHBY              GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-287
DOCKSTADER, ADELLA                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-186
DOCKSTADER, ALVIN                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-28
DOCKSTADER, FREDERICK             JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-217
DOCKSTADER, HATTIE B.             JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-23-201
DOCKSTADER, PETER                 EPHRATAH                      NY-18-26-27
DODGE, ELIZABETH                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-466
DODGE, FRANCIS M.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-17-57
DODGE, RICHARD                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-2-68
DODS, JACOB                       MAYFIELD                      NY-18-1-150
DOLAN, JOHN W.                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-95
DOMBURGH, DAVID E.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-277
DONALD, JAMES                     STRATFORD                     NY-18-9-273
DONE, DELILAH                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-148
DONE, ELI J.                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-167
DONNAN, GEORGE                    PERTH                         NY-18-13-145
DONNELLY, OWEN                    OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-26-158
DONOHUE, MARGARET                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-561
DORAN, ANNA                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-23-219
DORMAN, MARY G.                   BETHEL, FAIRFIELD, CT         NY-18-457
DORN, FRANCIS O.                  ROCKWOOD                      NY-18-17-5
DORN, HANNAH                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-285
DORN, HANNAH C.                   EPHRATAH                      NY-18-17-31
DORN, JEREMIAH                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-3-509
DORN, NICHOLAS                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-15-55
DORN, WILLIAM                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-16-442
DOUW, CORNELIUS                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-302
DOW, JAMES                        MAYFIELD                      NY-18-3-172
DOW, VOLKERT C.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-435
DOWLER, WILLIAM N.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-268
DOXTADER, JOHN                    OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-9-565
DRAKE, DAISON D.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-95
DRAKE, ESTHER                     MAYFIELD                      NY-18-26-202
DRAKE, JOHN                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-329
DRAKE, JOHN S.                    MAYFIELD                      NY-18-9-421
DRAKE, MARY W.                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-235
DRAKE, RACHEL J.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-25
DRUMM, CLIFFORD H.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-15-145
DRUMM, EDWIN H.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-1
DRURY, JOHN                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-557
DRURY, M. FRANCIS                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-105
DUAL, NATHAN C.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-129
DUDEY, HARWOOD                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-111
DUDLEY, EDGAR S.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-18-218
DUDLEY, JAMES M.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-569
DUDLEY, MARY S.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-41
DUEL, REUBEN                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-4-203
DUELL, RAYMOND                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-36
DUESLER, DANIEL W.                EPHRATAH                      NY-18-24-280
DUESLER, DAVID                    OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-21-257
DUESLER, ELIZABETH                EPHRATAH                      NY-18-26-98
DUESLER, FRANCIS H.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-300
DUESLER, JACOB                    EPHRATAH                      NY-18-12-257
DUESLER, JONAS                    OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-9-5
DUESLER, MARGARET                 OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-8-453
DUESLER, MARIA                    OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-16-61
DUESLER, PETER                    EPHRATAH                      NY-18-6-503
DUESLER, SIMEON J.                EPHRATAH                      NY-18-13-409
DUESLER, STEPHEN                  EPHRATAH                      NY-18-20-233
DUESLER, STEPHEN J.               OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-22-181
DUESLER, WILLIAM W.               EPHRATAH                      NY-18-13-437
DUMON, JANE                       GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-19
DUNCAN, ANNA S.                   NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-8-193
DUNK, JOHN                        JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-373
DUNKEL, FRANK                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-16-97
DUNNING, ABEL                     PERTH                         NY-18-3-178
DUNNING, SARAH ANN                MAYFIELD                      NY-18-6-192
DURFEE, ABRAHAM                   EPHRATAH                      NY-18-4-187
DURFEE, BETSEY ANN                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-11
DURKEE, EDGAR L.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-111
DUSLER, ISAAC                     OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-6-268
DUSLER, JACOB                     EPHRATAH                      NY-18-3-197
DUSLER, JOSEPH                    OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-6-126
DUSLER, MARCUS                    OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-4-102
DUTCHER, NELSON E.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-217
DUTCHER, ROBERT                   MAYFIELD                      NY-18-5-496
DUTCHER, SQUIRE W.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-222
DUTCHER, THOMAS                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-257
DYE, ALFRED K.                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-265
DYE, ANGELINE                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-263
DYE, CHARLES H.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-196
DYE, ELIZABETH M.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-11-333
DYE, EMMA JANE                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-8-349
DYE, LOUISA                       GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-49
DYE, ORRIN L.                     EPHRATAH                      NY-18-8-389
DYE, WILLIAM H.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-156
DYER, ELISE M.                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-101
DYGERT, EMELINE                   OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-21-65
DYGERT, GEORGE                    OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-11-45
EACKER, GEORGE H.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-248
EARL, PHILIP N.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-287
EASTERLY, FARAND                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-393
EASTERLY, FRANK L.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-207
EASTERLY, MARIA                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-321
EASTERLY, WILLIAM                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-4-14
EASTMAN, ORNAM                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-269
EATON, EDGAR                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-14-321
ECKER, EDWARD                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-231
ECKER, WILLIAM H.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-178
EDICK, CHRISTIAN                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-413
EDICK, PHILIP                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-110
EDMUNDS, CHARLES C.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-16-133
EDMUNDS, MARGARET                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-28
EDWARDS, CHARLES                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-152
EDWARDS, DANIEL                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-13-49
EDWARDS, EVA A.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-590
EDWARDS, HOLSEY                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-345
EDWARDS, JOHN                     EPHRATAH                      NY-18-4-107
EDWARDS, JOHN                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-254
EDWARDS, L. FRANCES               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-197
EDWARDS, LEMAN                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-101
EDWARDS, MARIA A.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-209
EDWARDS, PETER C.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-239
EGGANS, CATHARINE                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-18-64
EHRHART, BARBARA                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-585
EHRHART, FRANCIS X.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-106
EHRHART, LOUISE                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-19-49
EISENBREY, JANE C.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-75
ELDERT, ANN ELIZA                 BROADALBIN                    NY-18-5-173
ELDRIDGE, MARY A.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-171
ELLDRED, ELIZA D.                 DOLGEVILLE                    NY-18-19-71
ELLEGATE, CARRIE B.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-120
ELLIS, MARY C.                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-39
ELLITHORP, GEORGE S.              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-25-149
ELLSWORTH, FRANCIS                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-297
ELLSWORTH, MARYETT                BROADALBIN                    NY-18-12-563
ELLSWORTH, SALLY M.               NORTHVILLE                    NY-18-24-218
ELLSWORTH, SARAH A.               MAYFIELD                      NY-18-13-521
ELMER, SAMUEL                     BUCKLAND, FRANKLIN, MA        NY-18-19-9
ELPHEE, HANNAH                    MAYFIELD                      NY-18-26-99
ELWOOD, CORNELIUS                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-265
ELY, JANE                         JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-157
ELY, MARY                         JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-3-34
EMBIE, PHILIP                     PALATINE                      NY-18-1-172
EMBLING, LUCY A.                  MAYFIELD                      NY-18-26-8
EMERSON, ANNA F.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-241
EMPIE, AARON                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-7-315
EMPIE, DAVID                      EPHRATAH                      NY-18-5-147
EMPIE, HANNAH                     EPHRATAH                      NY-18-5-141
EMPIE, JOHN F.                    EPRATAH                       NY-18-5-151
EMPIE, JOHN F.                    EPHRATAH                      NY-18-24-274
EMPIE, ROSE                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-23-284
EMPIE, SARAH C.                   EPHRATAH                      NY-18-26-40
EMPIE, ZACHRIAH                   CAROGA                        NY-18-13-297
ENDERS, JACOB SR.                 FLORIDA                       NY-18-1-101
ENGELS, HENRY                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-2
ENOS, ABIJAH                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-185
ENOS, EARL S.                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-73
ENOS, ELIHU                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-183
ENOS, HENRY G.                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-329
ENOS, SARAH A.                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-409
EPPLER, BIBIANA                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-18-23
EPPLER, JOSEPH                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-14-241
ERCENBRACK, JACOB                 NTL                           NY-18-2-82
ERCUMBRACK, JULIA                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-545
ERKENBRACK, MARTIN                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-33
ERNST, AUGUST                     BLEECKER                      NY-18-22-23
ERNST, FRANK                      BLEECKER                      NY-18-26-288
ETIG, CHRISTIAN                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-214
EUTSELLER, HARRIET W.             BROADALBIN                    NY-18-17-173
EVANS, CAROLINE M.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-582
EVANS, RICHARD                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-4
EVEREST, NELSON                   ROCKWOOD                      NY-18-26-56
EVEREST, PHILIP F.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-469
EVERSON, ADAM                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-23-191
EWING, OLIVER H.                  NTL, HUNTERDON, NJ            NY-18-6-585
FAILING, JACOB J.                 OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-3-348
FAILING, PETER J.                 OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-2-283
FAIRBANKS, STATIRA                MAYFIELD                      NY-18-26-13
FAIRBANKS, WILLIAM                AMSTERDSAM                    NY-18-1-454
FALLIS, CATHEIRNE                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-75
FANAHER, HARRIET                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-191
FANCHER, NICHOLAS                 EPHRATAH                      NY-18-20-133
FARMER, REMEMBER                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-270
FARMER, REMEMBER                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-7-133
FARMIN, JEMIMA                    NTL                           NY-18-2-87
FAUCHER, ABILENA N.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-14-277
FAY, ALFRED B.                    NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-5-278
FAY, ASA                          BROADALBIN                    NY-18-1-132
FAY, CHARLES H.                   NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-21-129
FAY, CYRUS                        NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-4-98
FAY, ELECTA A.                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-15-272
FAY, GEORGE W.                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-11-9
FAY, JOHN                         NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-5-67
FAY, MARTIN O.                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-17-245
FAY, WILLIAM O.                   NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-5-330
FEIX, OTTO F.                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-67
FELLING, HENDRICK                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-18-1-28
FELTS, PETER                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-65
FENNEL, ALFRED                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-297
FENTON, EUNICE                    BROADALBIN                    NY-18-8-397
FERGUSON, ABRAHAM                 BROADALBIN                    NY-18-5-483
FERGUSON, AMANDA L.               MAYFIELD                      NY-18-16-177
FERGUSON, CHRISTA                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-15
FERGUSON, CORNELIUS               BROADALBIN                    NY-18-16-165
FERGUSON, ELLEN                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-15-115
FERGUSON, HARVEY D.               PERTH                         NY-18-6-245
FERGUSON, HENRY                   BROADALBIN                    NY-18-11-549
FERGUSON, ISAAC                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-11-273
FERGUSON, JAMES                   BROADALBIN                    NY-18-12-479
FERGUSON, JAMES JR.               BROADALBIN                    NY-18-11-25
FERGUSON, MARGARET                NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-17-279
FERGUSON, MARY ANN                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-201
FERGUSON, MARYE LIZA              BROADALBIN                    NY-18-24-253
FERGUSON, SILAS                   MAYFIELD                      NY-18-16-169
FERGUSON, SYLVESTER               MAYFIELD                      NY-18-24-194
FERGUSSON, LOUISA                 NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-6-552
FERRES, ANNA                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-266
FERRES, JENNIE C.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-298
FICAL, ABRAM                      EPHRATAH                      NY-18-11-241
FICAL, CHARLES                    EPHRATAH                      NY-18-7-319
FICAL, JOHN                       EPHRATAH                      NY-18-3-416
FICAL, JOHN                       LASSELLSVILLE                 NY-18-22-278
FICAL, LAWRENCE                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-23-83
FICKER, JOHN                      BUFFALO, ERIE, NY             NY-18-6-282
FIDOE, JOHN                       GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-111
FIE, ALEXANDER                    PERTH                         NY-18-11-389
FILMER, JOHN                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-41
FILMER, JOHN H.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-53
FILMER, MARGARET M.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-151
FIMZIO, FRANK                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-280
FINCH, ANNA                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-209
FINCH, PAMELIA                    BROADALBIN                    NY-18-19-13
FINCH, REBECA                     BROADALBIN                    NY-18-8-125
FINCH, SAMUEL R.                  BROADALBIN                    NY-18-15-127
FINCK, ANDREW                     STONE ARABIA                  NY-18-1-20
FINKELSTEIN, MAGGIE M.            GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-27
FINKLE, CARRIE E.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-204
FINN, GEORGE                      MAYFIELD                      NY-18-9-369
FISH, HERBERT T.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-300
FISH, HOWLAND                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-181
FISHER, ELIZA                     BROADALBIN                    NY-18-7-194
FISHER, HARMON F.                 NORTHVILLE                    NY-18-20-151
FISHER, WILLIAM                   BROADALBIN                    NY-18-5-257
FISK, EDMUND F.                   , MILWAUKEE, WI               NY-18-432
FISKE, EDWARD W.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-94
FITZPATRICK, PATRICK              EPHRATAH                      NY-18-9-149
FLANDER, AARON                    OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-7-389
FLANDER, CHRISTOPHER              OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-1-413
FLANDER, CHRISTOPHER              OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-7-589
FLANDER, NORMAN                   OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-13-137
FLANDER, PHILIP                   OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-6-224
FLANNER, DAVID                    OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-5-434
FLIEGEL, LENA                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-181
FLIEGEL, PHILIP J.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-229
FONDA, ADAM                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-115
FONDA, AZUBAH E.                  SYRACUSE, ONEIDA, NY          NY-18-23-87
FONDA, CATHERINE                  PERTH                         NY-18-16-237
FONDA, CORNELIUS                  MAYFIELD                      NY-18-1-482
FONDA, CORNELIUS                  MAYFIELD                      NY-18-1-484
FONDA, EMELINE                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-141
FONDA, EMILY F.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-108
FONDA, JAMES G.                   MAYFIELD                      NY-18-9-465
FONDA, JERUSHA                    BROADALBIN                    NY-18-26-19
FONDA, JOHN                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-180
FONDA, JOHN J.                    MAYFIELD                      NY-18-11-217
FONDA, LYDIA                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-14-517
FONDA, PETER                      MAYFIELD                      NY-18-3-344
FONDA, SUSAN C.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-16
FOOT, AARON                       NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-3-288
FOOT, ELIZABETH                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-3-420
FOOT, JENNET                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-153
FOOT, JESSE                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-3-238
FOOTE, JAMES H.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-19-44
FOOTE, JESSE F.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-163
FOOTE, LYDIA B.                   NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-9-13
FOOTE, ROBERT                     MAYFIELD                      NY-18-8-465
FOOTE, RUTH H.                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-131
FORBES, PETER                     BROADALBIN                    NY-18-12-209
FORBES, WILLIAM H.                BROADALBIN                    NY-18-24-279
FORD, AMY J.                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-277
FORD, CATHARINE                   PERTH                         NY-18-6-231
FORGETTE, LOUIS                   MAYFIELD                      NY-18-22-41
FORREST, MARIA                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-498
FORT, CHARITY                     MAYFIELD                      NY-18-13-209
FORT, ELIZABETH B.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-73
FORT, ISAAC                       MAYFIELD                      NY-18-12-515
FOSMIRE, CHRISTOPHER              MAYFIELD                      NY-18-2-282
FOSMIRE, HENRY                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-19-23
FOSTER, BENJAMIN                  MAYFIELD                      NY-18-1-207
FOSTER, FRANK L.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-290
FOSTER, MARIA                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-293
FOSTER, THOMAS G.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-15-409
FOX, ALICE                        GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-19-41
FOX, CATHARINE M.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-361
FOX, CHAUNCY                      BROADALBIN                    NY-18-6-141
FOX, CHRISTOPHER                  OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-2-298
FOX, CYNTHIA A.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-42
FOX, DAVID                        JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-292
FOX, ELI G.                       BROADALBIN                    NY-18-8-425
FOX, LIZZIE                       GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-14-397
FOX, NORMAN R.                    BROADALBIN                    NY-18-21-51
FOX, PETER                        PERTH                         NY-18-13-309
FOX, REUBEN B.                    BROADALBIN                    NY-18-9-221
FOX, RICHARD J.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-142
FOX, ROLIF B.                     BROADALBIN                    NY-18-7-221
FOX, WILLARD L.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-124
FOX, WILLIAM                      MAYFIELD                      NY-18-1-34
FRANCISCO, JOHN                   CAROGA                        NY-18-8-49
FRANCISCO, NANCY                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-280
FRANK, ABRAHAM L.                 MAYFIELD                      NY-18-19-57
FRANK, ANN                        GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-291
FRANK, DAVID                      MAYFIELD                      NY-18-17-149
FRANK, ELIZABETH A.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-30
FRANK, EUNICE                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-7
FRANK, HELEN E.                   MAYFIELD                      NY-18-23-197
FRANK, JANE ANN                   MAYFIELD                      NY-18-22-250
FRANK, JOHN A.                    MAYFIELD                      NY-18-14-213
FRANK, JOHN J.                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-291
FRANK, KATHERINE M.               MAYFIELD                      NY-18-17-91
FRANK, NICHOLAS                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-217
FRASER, GEORGE                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-7-394
FRASER, McINTYRE                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-15-393
FRATZ, JOHN C.                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-221
FRAZER, JAMES                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-4-134
FREADEL, CHARLES                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-10-58
FREDEL, CAROLINE                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-570
FREDERICK, ABRAM                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-18-405
FREDERICK, ALICE CARY             GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-22
FREDERICK, CARRIE M.              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-58
FREDERICK, GEORGE                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-382
FREDERICK, JACOB                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-315
FREDERICK, JACOB L.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-287
FREDERICK, JACOB P.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-240
FREDERICK, LYDIA C.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-54
FREDERICK, MARGARET               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-166
FREDERICK, PETER                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-13-377
FREDERICK, PHYLINDA               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-85
FREDERICK, PHYLINDA               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-93
FREEMAN, CHARLES F.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-25-165
FREMMER, CHARLES H.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-81
FREMMER, MARY                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-14-329
FRENCH, EMILY W.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-201
FRENCH, ENOS                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-63
FRERES, NICHOLAS                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-10-24
FRICK, FREDERIKA                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-15-578
FRICKE, JULIA                     MAYFIELD                      NY-18-24-299
FRINK, CATHERINE A.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-151
FRITCHER, ADAM                    NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-11-137
FRITCHER, LOWELL D.               NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-22-37
FROST, OTIS                       MAYFIELD                      NY-18-14-365
FULLEM, PATRICK                   OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-11-533
FULLER, ELI                       BROADALBIN                    NY-18-8-333
FULLER, HELEN C.                  BROADALBIN                    NY-18-21-213
FULMER, JOHN                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-281
FUNDA, DOUW                       MOHAWK DISTRICT               NY-18-1-17
FURBECK, PETER R.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-18-8
GAGE, ELIZA                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-16-302
GAGE, ERVIN                       GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-15-139
GAGE, LEONARD                     PERTH                         NY-18-9-581
GAGE, MARVIN                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-19-65
GAGE, MELISSA                     CAROGA                        NY-18-378
GAGE, SOLOMON                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-41
GALE, HENRY S.                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-155
GALLAGHER, MARGARET               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-16-330
GALLUP, EMELINE                   NORTHVILLE                    NY-18-22-120
GALTZLEIGHTER, NICHOLAS           MAYFIELD                      NY-18-22-270
GANT, WILLIAM E.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-284
GARDINER, EDWIN                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-77
GARDINER, JOSEPHINE               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-294
GARDINIER, SARAH J.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-15-187
GARDNER, CAROLINE D.              GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-11-589
GARDNER, ELEANOR                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-33
GARDNER, FRANCIS                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-249
GARDNER, JUSTUS                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-14-33
GARDNER, KATHRINE                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-230
GARNEY, MARCIA L.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-562
GARNSEY, WILIAM SMITH             GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-243
GARRETT, JAMES                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-91
GAYLORD, CATALINA                 MAYFIELD                      NY-18-3-62
GAYLORD, ELEAZER                  MAYFIELD                      NY-18-1-81
GAYLORD, ELEAZER B.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-96
GAYLORD, ELEAZOR                  MAYFIELD                      NY-18-1-61
GEARY, LOUISA                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-153
GEHRMAN, JOSEPH                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-75
GENTER, JOHN H.                   SPRINGFIELD, OTSEGO, NY       NY-18-18-170
GENTER, LOUIS M.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-57
GEORGE, JAMES C.                  MAYFIELD                      NY-18-6-133
GEORGE, JOHN                      MAYFIELD                      NY-18-8-529
GEORGE, WILLIAM J.                MAYFIELD                      NY-18-22-185
GERRETSON, JOHN                   NTL                           NY-18-6-227
GETMAN, ADAM                      EPHRATAH                      NY-18-5-455
GETMAN, ADELIA                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-255
GETMAN, ALIDA                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-189
GETMAN, ANDREW                    EPHRATAH                      NY-18-6-27
GETMAN, BENJAMIN                  EPHRATAH                      NY-18-9-21
GETMAN, BENJAMIN L.               EPHRATAH                      NY-18-15-103
GETMAN, CHRISTIAN                 PALATINE                      NY-18-1-316
GETMAN, DAVID                     MAYFIELD                      NY-18-12-385
GETMAN, DAVID                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-18-305
GETMAN, DELIA                     EPHRATAH                      NY-18-8-69
GETMAN, ELIZABETH                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-16-550
GETMAN, EMELINE                   EPHRATAH                      NY-18-17-95
GETMAN, FREDERIC                  MANHEIM                       NY-18-1-159
GETMAN, GEORGE                    STONE ARABIA                  NY-18-1-4
GETMAN, GEORGE                    PALATINE                      NY-18-1-467
GETMAN, GEORGE G.                 PALATINE                      NY-18-1-304
GETMAN, JAMES                     EPHRATAH                      NY-18-12-313
GETMAN, JOSHUA A.                 EPHRATAH                      NY-18-12-125
GETMAN, LEANDER                   EPHRATAH                      NY-18-23-268
GETMAN, MARY                      EPHRATAH                      NY-18-14-529
GETMAN, MARY                      EPHRATAH                      NY-18-24-231
GETMAN, NANCY                     EPHRATAH                      NY-18-13-393
GETMAN, NANCY CATHARINE           EPHRATAH                      NY-18-8-81
GETMAN, OLIVER                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-261
GETMAN, RACHEL J.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-253
GETMAN, THOMAS                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-23-63
GHOST, ANTHONY                    EPHRATAH                      NY-18-16-490
GIBBS, JABEZ                      NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-1-412
GIBBS, LUCRETIA                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-140
GIFFORD, AARON                    NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-13-157
GIFFORD, EARL M.                  MAYFIELD                      NY-18-24-37
GIFFORD, EBENEZER                 NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-1-92
GIFFORD, LEVI                     MAYFIELD                      NY-18-24-34
GIFFORD, MARY J.                  NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-9-65
GIFFORD, NANCY C.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-93
GIFFORD, TIMOTHY                  NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-1-378
GILBERT, GERTRUDE M.              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-457
GILBERT, MARCELLUS                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-235
GILBERT, MARTHA A.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-13-421
GILBERT, ROLAND                   NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-25-13
GILBERT, SAMUEL A.                MAYFIELD                      NY-18-3-567
GILBERT, SARAH A.                 NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-11-301
GILBET, LUCY                      NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-26-9
GILCHRIST, ELIZABETH              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-17-193
GILCHRIST, SAMUEL                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-6-468
GILEBRT, MYRON A.                 NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-23-99
GILES, JENNISON                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-115
GILGORE, WILLIAM                  BROADALBIN                    NY-18-13-553
GILGORE, WILLIAM                  BROADALBIN                    NY-18-14-265
GILLESPIE, FANNIE                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-457
GILLESPIE, FRANCES M.             JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-55
GILLETTE, SOPHIA C.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-7-443
GIMWODDA, WILHELMINA              GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-270
GODFREY, GEORGE THOMAS            NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-25-269
GOFF, MINERVA                     CHARLESTOWN, SUFFOLK, MA      NY-18-13-253
GOLDER, CAROLINE                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-131
GOLDER, DERRICK G.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-221
GOLDER, ELIZA                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-5
GOLDER, MARGARET C.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-14-421
GOODALE, STEPHEN                  OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-3-403
GOODEMOOT, FREDERICK              MAYFIELD                      NY-18-2-286
GOODEMOTE, BALTUS                 BROADALBIN                    NY-18-12-449
GOODEMOTE, MARGARET               MAYFIELD                      NY-18-24-71
GOODMOOT, ELIZABETH               MAYFIELD                      NY-18-11-465
GORMAN, JANE                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-477
GORMAN, WILLAIM                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-33
GORTHY, JAMES                     BROADALBIN                    NY-18-14-541
GORTHY, PETER                     BROADALBIN                    NY-18-11-545
GORTLEY, LOIS E.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-131
GOUTARD, HUGO                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-122
GRACE, JANE                       GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-11-497
GRADY, ANN                        JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-16-137
GRAFF, JENNIE                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-169
GRAFF, JULIA V.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-17-255
GRAHAM, ADDIE                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-15-546
GRAHAM, CHARLES C.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-10-243
GRAMPS, HENRY                     STONE ARABIA                  NY-18-2-305
GRANGER, JAMES                    BROADALBIN                    NY-18-21-179
GRANT, JAMES B.                   HAMILTON, MADISON, NY         NY-18-25-281
GRANT, WILLIAM                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-352
GRATER, BRIDGET                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-16-241
GRAY, AARON                       EPRATAH                       NY-18-19-26
GRAY, DANIEL                      EPHRATAH                      NY-18-6-71
GRAY, EDWARD                      OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-24-91
GRAY, HIRAM                       EPHRATAH                      NY-18-6-80
GRAY, JOHN R.                     EPHRATAH                      NY-18-5-93
GRAY, MARY                        EPHRATAH                      NY-18-6-296
GRAY, MARY                        EPHRATAH                      NY-18-8-409
GRAY, PHILANDER N.                MAYFIELD                      NY-18-21-295
GRAY, SAMUEL                      PALATINE                      NY-18-2-59
GRAY, SOLOMON                     EPHRATAH                      NY-18-21-267
GRAY, SUSAN M.                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-159
GRAYDON, MARY J.                  BENSON, HAMILTON, NY          NY-18-23-125
GREEN, FRANCES A.                 MAYFIELD                      NY-18-21-183
GREEN, GIDEON G. W.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-7-583
GREEN, JAMES                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-2-267
GREEN, JAMES P.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-15-169
GREEN, JAMES W.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-18-418
GREEN, JOHN                       MAYFIELD                      NY-18-12-141
GREEN, MARY E.                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-18-399
GREEN, MELVIN                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-15-260
GREEN, WILLIAM                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-221
GREENMAN, JOHN M.                 NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-5-137
GREENSLATE, GEORGE W.             BROADALBIN                    NY-18-23-276
GREES, MAGDALENA                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-213
GREGORY, WILLIAM D.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-152
GREWEN, KATHARINE                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-94
GRIFFIS, FRANCES M.               BROADALBIN                    NY-18-25-3
GRIMES, GEORGE                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-13-469
GRIMSHAW, JOHN                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-44
GRISWOLD, JOHN                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-283
GROESBECK, ABRAM                  NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-3-138
GROESBECK, ISAAC                  NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-3-374
GROOM, WILLIAM                    NTL                           NY-18-7-90
GROSE, HENRY                      NTL                           NY-18-2-13
GROSE, HENRY                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-470
GROSS, ELIZABETH                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-113
GROSS, HENRY                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-445
GROSS, HENRY H.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-15-85
GROSS, JOHN                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-3-441
GUIBERT, EUGENE A.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-88
GUILE, JOHN W.                    OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-16-73
GUIWODDA, GODFREY                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-93
GULICK, ANN SARAH                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-297
GULICK, ELIZABETH                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-481
GULICK, JOACHIM                   BROADALBIN                    NY-18-3-76
GULICK, JOHN                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-161
GULICK, JOHN V.                   BROADALBIN                    NY-18-14-317
GULICK, PETER S.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-151
GULPIN, GEORGE                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-276
GUNSALUS, MARY MAGDALEN           PERTH                         NY-18-4-27
GUNSAUL, SEBASTIAN                PERTH                         NY-18-5-273
GUNSAUL, SEBASTIAN                PERTH                         NY-18-5-362
GUNSOLES, JOHN                    BROADALBIN                    NY-18-1-55
GUNSOLUS, HANNAH                  PERTH                         NY-18-3-112
GUNSOLUS, SEBATIAN                BROADALBIN                    NY-18-3-251
GURNEA, CATHARINE M.              GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-11-321
GURNEA, FRANCIS                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-9-29
GURR, THOMAS                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-12-509
GUSTIN, CATHARINE M.              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-89
GUTHA, CARL                       BLEECKER                      NY-18-14-381
GWILLAM, RICHARD H.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-45
HAAG, JACOB                       GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-153
HAAG, MARION H.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-96
HAAG, WILLIAM                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-88
HAARMANN, AMALIE                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-241
HABELT, MARIE                     DOLGEVILLE                    NY-18-25-155
HACKNEY, CHRISTIANA               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-365
HACKNEY, WILLIAM C.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-25-241
HAGADONE, ADELIA M.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-161
HAGADONE, ALICE A.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-193
HAGADORN, JAMES L.                BROADALBIN                    NY-18-11-349
HAGGART, DANIEL                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-72
HAGGART, EMMA                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-71
HAGGART, GILBERT D.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-77
HAGGART, JOHN D.                  COLOMA, EL DORADO, CA         NY-18-7-208
HAGGART, NATHAN W.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-16-474
HAGGERTY, BENJAMIN                BROADALBIN                    NY-18-13-133
HAGLE, ADAM                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-568
HALE, JAMES E.                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-156
HALE, WILLIAM                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-16-582
HALL, ALONZO A.                   MAYFIELD                      NY-18-14-57
HALL, ANNIE                       MAYFIELD                      NY-18-12-457
HALL, CHRISTIANA                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-297
HALL, ELIZABETH                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-17-233
HALL, HANNAH M.                   MAYFIELD                      NY-18-23-163
HALL, HENRY                       MAYFIELD                      NY-18-8-385
HALL, SAMUEL H.                   ROCHESTER, MONROE, NY         NY-18-22-69
HALLADAY, WILLIAM E.              BROADALBIN                    NY-18-14-373
HALLENBECK, ANTHONY               NTL                           NY-18-2-3
HALLENBECK, EMMA                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-207
HALLENBECK, FRANK B.              GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-282
HALLENBECK, JOHN                  MAYFIELD                      NY-18-5-144
HALLENBECK, JOHN                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-23-81
HALLENBECK, MICHAEL               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-4-73
HALLSOCKER, FREDERICK             BLEEKER                       NY-18-5-487
HALSTEAD, JOHN                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-247
HAMBRIDGE, FLORENCE A.            JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-16-41
HAMILTON, GEORGE                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-224
HAMILTON, JAMES                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-12-333
HAMILTON, MARTHA S.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-125
HAMILTON, MARY A.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-19-77
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                 NTL                           NY-18-1-258
HAMLEN, ISAAC A.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-14-537
HAMMOND, MARY                     MAYFIELD                      NY-18-22-232
HAMMOND, WILLIAM                  NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-1-328
HAMSWORTH, STANHOPE               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-213
HANDY, MARGARET A.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-84
HANLEY, MARTIN                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-43
HANLEY, PATRICK M.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-143
HANLIN, DANIEL O.                 PERTH                         NY-18-11-161
HANSON, ELIZA R.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-138
HANSON, EVELINE                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-17-267
HANSON, JAMES A.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-18-204
HANSON, JOHN D.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-350
HANSON, MINERVA C.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-283
HANSON, NANCY JANE                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-15-175
HARBACH, JOHN                     BROADALBIN                    NY-18-3-203
HARDEN, EDMUND                    EPHRATAH                      NY-18-6-345
HARDEN, WILLIAM                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-15-441
HARDING, CHARLOTTE                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-236
HARE, NANCY                       GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-14-565
HARING, MARGARET S.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-41
HARING, MARY                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-13-593
HARP, ELIZA                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-101
HARRIS, ELEANOR A.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-469
HARRIS, WILLIAM M.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-79
HARRISON, ABRAHAM                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-18-390
HARRISON, ELIZABETH               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-176
HART, CORA M.                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-18-568
HART, JAMES A.                    PERTH                         NY-18-16-458
HART, SIMMONS                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-7-84
HARTLEY, ISAAC                    PERTH                         NY-18-4-271
HARTLEY, ISAAC                    PERTH                         NY-18-9-81
HARTLEY, MARTHA F.                NTL                           NY-18-6-371
HARTSHORN, JACOB                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-2-258
HARVEY, RACHEL                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-297
HARVEY, THOMAS                    NTL                           NY-18-1-290
HASE, JOHN                        OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-5-222
HASE, POLLY                       OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-6-69
HATHAWAY, JONAS                   BROADALBIN                    NY-18-3-318
HAVENS, FOSTER H.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-135
HAWLEY, JAMES M.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-19-70
HAYES, BENJAMIN                   OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-21-293
HAYES, CHARLES                    EPHRATAH                      NY-18-22-75
HAYES, ELIAS                      OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-9-125
HAYES, HENRY J.                   OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-9-265
HAYES, JAMES                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-266
HAYES, MARY C.                    OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-17-103
HAYES, ROSE E.                    MAYFIELD                      NY-18-22-74
HAYES, SIMON P.                   OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-16-423
HAYNES, CLARINDA C.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-11-437
HAYS, DANIEL                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-17
HAYS, DAVID                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-7-427
HAYS, HANNAH                      MAYFIELD                      NY-18-14-437
HAYS, HENRY W.                    PERTH                         NY-18-3-341
HAYS, ISAAC                       OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-8-117
HAYS, JOHN M.                     BROADALBIN                    NY-18-14-253
HAYS, KENTON F.                   GLOVERVILLE                   NY-18-5-45
HAYS, MARGARET                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-13-305
HAYWARD, ADA                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-103
HAYWARD, JOHN                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-177
HAZEN, FRANCES M.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-502
HEACOCK, JANET A.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-239
HEACOCK, LEMUEL                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-70
HEACOCK, WILLARD J.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-219
HEAGH, MICHAEL                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-203
HEAGLE, ELISABETH                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-37
HEAGLE, JACOB                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-13-513
HEAGLE, MICHAEL B.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-66
HEALY, EBENEZER                   OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-8-1
HEANS, MICHAEL                    BLEECKER                      NY-18-6-349
HEBERT, MADOR D.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-109
HEDDEN, MARY M.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-17
HELLER, HANDY                     STRATFORD                     NY-18-26-242
HELLING, CHRISTINA                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-15
HELLING, TIMOTHY                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-561
HELLWIG, MELCHIOR                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-17-169
HELLWIG, RACHEL W.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-39
HELMER, LEONARD                   PALATINE                      NY-18-1-14
HELTERLINE, DAVID                 STRATFORD                     NY-18-20-193
HELTERLINE, NICHOLAS              STRATFORD                     NY-18-25-69
HEMSTREET, HENRIETTA              GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-224
HEMSTREET, JESSE A.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-15-594
HEMSTREET, MARTHA                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-83
HENBACH, CHRISTINA                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-21
HENRY, ALDEN L.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-44
HENRY, ELIZABETH V.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-286
HENRY,A GNES                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-259
HENRY, MARY                       GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-193
HERSEY, WILLIAM A. JR.            JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-174
HERTZ, ADOLPH                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-25-33
HERTZ, ALBERT                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-243
HERTZ, HENRY                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-109
HESS, ELEANOR                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-6-351
HEWETT, ESTELLA                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-23-135
HEWIT, RICHARD                    NTL                           NY-18-1-197
HEWITT, SUSAN                     NORTHVILLE                    NY-18-17-175
HICKEY, ETTA                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-149
HIERTZ, ALMIRA                    KINGSBORO                     NY-18-6-485
HIERTZ, MARY E.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-253
HIERTZ, MATHIAS                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-171
HILDEBRANDT, ELIZA                DETROIT, WAYNE, MI            NY-18-16-157
HILDRETH, ANN                     NTL                           NY-18-1-320
HILDRETH, CHARLES N.              CAMDEN, ONEIDA, NY            NY-18-26-1
HILDRETH, JAMES                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-287
HILDRETH, LAURA M.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-237
HILDRETH, LUCY                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-9-133
HILDRETH, LUNARUS G.              KINGSBORO                     NY-18-5-276
HILDRETH, MATHIAS B.              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-168
HILL,M ARY FRANCES                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-210
HILL, JAMES                       NTL                           NY-18-4-23
HILL, JANE C.                     BROADALBIN                    NY-18-21-23
HILL, JOHN J.                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-15-67
HILL, LEMUEL G.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-337
HILL, LEONARD                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-477
HILL, LEWIS                       BROADALBIN                    NY-18-8-281
HILL, NANCY A.                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-558
HILL, PETER V.                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-16-306
HILL, PRISCILLA                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-18-104
HILL, ROBERT ALEXANDER            NORTHVILLE                    NY-18-18-41
HILL, SARAH ISABELLE              GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-223
HILL, SARAH MARIA                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-257
HILL, SILAS W.                    MAYFIELD                      NY-18-4-300
HILLABRANDT, CATHARINE            JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-293
HILLABRANDT, JOSEPH               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-539
HILLABRANT, NICHOLAS              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-237
HILLEBRANT, JACOB                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-344
HILLEGAS, JOHN E.                 NTL                           NY-18-16-454
HILLMAN, BETSY                    BROADALBIN                    NY-18-7-167
HILLMAN, HENRY                    BROADALBIN                    NY-18-4-124
HILLMAN, MARGARET A.              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-229
HILLMAN, SAMUEL                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-7-512
HILLOCK, EDWARD                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-189
HILLOCK, JOHN C.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-526
HILLOCK, SARAH FRANCES            JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-473
HILTS, ALVIRA                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-264
HILTS, ELMAN                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-202
HILTS, MYRON                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-121
HINCKLEY, MARY E.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-501
HINDS, JAMES R.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-129
HINDS, SARAH                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-151
HINE, ANDREW                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-19-36
HINE, ANDREW                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-189
HINE, EMMA                        GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-285
HINE, JOHN                        CAROGA                        NY-18-24-10
HINKLE, CONRAD                    PERTH                         NY-18-17-185
HINN, LEWIS                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-17-229
HIO, ADALINE                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-13-313
HIRSCHBERG, CAECELIA              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-23-115
HOBBS, GEORGE                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-55
HOBELT, LEO                       DOLGEVILLE                    NY-18-24-104
HODDER, ALFRED                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-255
HODDER, CAROLINE                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-254
HODDER, WILLIAM                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-32
HODGSON, JOHN                     COHOES, ALBANY, NY            NY-18-5-424
HOECKEL, KATIE                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-174
HOES, CHRISTINA                   BROADALBIN                    NY-18-5-217
HOES, JULIA ANN                   PERTH                         NY-18-6-355
HOES, PETER J.                    PERTH                         NY-18-8-53
HOES, STEPHEN H.                  BROADALBIN                    NY-18-5-389
HOFFMAN, SARAH                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-203
HOGAN, CHARLES H.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-71
HOGEBOOM, PETER                   NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-3-235
HOLLAND, JOHN                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-27
HOLLAND, MICHAEL                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-13-169
HOLLENBECK, DAVID H.              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-23-237
HOLLENBECK, MILLARD F.            JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-245
HOLLENBECK, PHILIP                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-491
HOLLENBECK, SELAH W.              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-401
HOLLETT, HARRIET A.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-326
HOLLETT, JAMES T.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-253
HOLLETT, JENNIE M.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-277
HOLLETT, JOHN                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-282
HOLLETT, MARY S.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-18-141
HOLLOWAY, BENJAMIN                EPHRATAH                      NY-18-5-159
HONE, ALFRED C.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-9
HONEYWELL, JESSE N.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-224
HONEYWELL, SAMUEL                 BROADALBIN                    NY-18-3-50
HONEYWELL, SARAH E.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-353
HOPGOOD, LEAH ANN                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-17-241
HOPGOOD, SAMUEL                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-521
HORNING, CYNTHIA C.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-16-378
HORNING, EDWARD                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-208
HORNING, JACOB                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-79
HORTON, EUGENE                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-13-141
HORTON, SUSAN                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-15-554
HORWITZ, WOLF                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-289
HOSACK, SIMON                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-2-93
HOSE, HENRY                       OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-6-12
HOSKINS, ELIZABETH                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-68
HOSMER, BELDEN                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-3-445
HOSMER, JAMES S.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-15-7
HOSMER, MARGARET                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-11-433
HOSMER, MARY A.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-252
HOTALING, HARRIET A.              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-17-287
HOUCK, ANNA M.                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-25
HOUCK, ELIZA                      EPHRATAH                      NY-18-11-317
HOUCK, GEORGE                     EPHRATAH                      NY-18-14-105
HOUCK, JACOB H.                   EPHRATAH                      NY-18-13-109
HOUGH, JOHN G.                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-199
HOUGHTALING, JOHN H.              GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-113
HOURING, DEDRICK                  CANAJOHARIE                   NY-18-2-5
HOUSE, DANIEL                     OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-22-285
HOUSE, HENRY                      OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-6-7
HOUSE, JOHN J.                    OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-6-540
HOUSE, JOHN J.                    OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-6-540
HOUSE, PETER                      EPHRATAH                      NY-18-9-121
HOUSEMAN, ABRAM                   NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-4-220
HOUSEMAN, ABRAM                   BROADALBIN                    NY-18-11-361
HOUSEMAN, MELISSA                 NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-11-581
HOUSMAN, JOHN                     NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-8-261
HOWARD, LUCINDA M.                EPHRATAH                      NY-18-14-273
HOWARD, MARY M.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-281
HOWARD, SARAH A.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-19-63
HOWKEY, ELLA                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-64
HOWLAND, CATHARINE M.             MAYFIELD                      NY-18-24-117
HOWLAND, DAVID                    MAYFIELD                      NY-18-1-206
HOWLAND, FROST P.                 NTL                           NY-18-6-346
HOWLAND, JOHN                     MAYFIELD                      NY-18-21-71
HOWLAND, MARGARET                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-74
HOWLIN, MICHAEL                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-417
HOYT, ELLEN F.                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-296
HOYT, SARAH W.                    KINGSBORO                     NY-18-7-67
HUARTSON, ALSINA J.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-14-101
HUCKANS, HENRY C.                 BROADALBIN                    NY-18-22-216
HUCKANS, ROSE ELLEN               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-78
HUCKAUS, MINNIE A.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-140
HUDSON, JOHN P.                   BROADALBIN                    NY-18-24-171
HUDSON, NANCY C.                  ROCKWOOD                      NY-18-17-109
HUDSON, THOMAS                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-14-481
HUGHES, GEORGE W.                 GALWAY, SARATOGA, NY          NY-18-24-87
HULBERT, POLLY                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-12-521
HULETT, DANIEL W.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-12-581
HULETT, DEBORAH                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-15-151
HULETT, HORACE                    KINGSBORO                     NY-18-5-502
HULETT, SARAH M.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-77
HULETT, SIMON                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-33
HULL, JAMES                       GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-223
HULL, MARY EMILY                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-15-380
HUMPHREY, AUSTIN S.               MAYFIELD                      NY-18-25-175
HUMPHREY, JAMES W.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-15-254
HUMPHREY, MARY A.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-11
HUMPHREY, MATILDA                 MAYFIELD                      NY-18-24-143
HUMPHREY, OSCAR T.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-17-39
HUMPHREY, ROBERT                  NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-18-45
HUNT, ENOCH                       GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-11-453
HUNT, WILLIAM B.                  PERTH                         NY-18-24-233
HUNT, ZIBA                        GALWAY, SARATOGA, NY          NY-18-5-264
HURD, JOHN H.                     PERTH                         NY-18-11-417
HUSTED, REUBEN F.                 MAYFIELD                      NY-18-17-67
HUSTED, SAMUEL H.                 BROADALBIN                    NY-18-7-109
HUTCHINSON, ELLEN M.              GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-15
HUTCHINSON, JOHN L.               EPHRATAH                      NY-18-9-245
HUTCHINSON, KATE E.               CAROGA                        NY-18-26-77
HUTCHINSON, ROBERT S.             GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-275
HUTCHINSON, SARAH                 EPHRATAH                      NY-18-11-181
HYDE, ELIZA                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-337

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