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NARE, ALMIRA                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-161
NARE, EZRA                        JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-25-83
NAYLOR, CATHARINE                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-201
NAYLOR, HARRIET                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-19-80
NEAHR, MAY                        GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-26
NEAR, ABRAM                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-13
NEAR, MARIA                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-182
NELLIS, ADAM A.                   OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-1-460
NELLIS, CHRISTIAN                 PALATINE                      NY-18-1-106
NELLIS, GEORGE                    OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-22-210
NELLIS, JOHN W.                   OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-2-303
NELLIS, JOSEPH                    OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-2-99
NELLIS, PETER                     OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-1-333
NELLIS, PETER J.                  OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-1-252
NELLIS, WILLIAM J.                OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-2-125
NELLIS, WILLIAM J.                OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-2-244
NEPHER, JOHN                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-431
NESBURG, PAUL                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-238
NEVIN, MARY JOSEPHA               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-117
NEWMAN, BENJAMIN W.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-1
NEWMAN, JENNIE C.                 OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-24-147
NEWTON, EDWIN C.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-23-25
NEWTON, ELIAS P.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-12-281
NEWTON, FRANCES C.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-417
NEWTON, GEORGE J.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-7-124
NEWTON, JOSEPH                    NTL                           NY-18-1-161
NEWTON, MARGARET J.               NORTHVILLE                    NY-18-24-192
NEWTON, NANNIE                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-185
NICHOLS, THERESA                  MAYFIELD                      NY-18-9-229
NICKERSON, JAMES                  OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-16-418
NICKLOY, CORNELIA                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-15-332
NICKLOY, GEORGE W.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-15-296
NIVER, ABRAHAM                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-205
NIXON, HELEN                      EPHRATAH                      NY-18-14-25
NOLAN, EDWARD                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-85
NOLAN, MALACHI                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-25
NOONAN, DAVID                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-294
NORCOTT, ALFRED                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-433
NORRIS, CHAUNCEY                  BROADALBIN                    NY-18-11-357
NORTHRUP, CANDACE B.              GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-168
NORTHRUP, JAMES L.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-149
NORTHRUP, JOHN C.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-305
NORTHRUP, LIZZIE                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-135
NORTHRUP, M. BRADFORD             JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-18-498
NORTHRUP, MAJOR D.                GALWAY, SARATOGA, NY          NY-18-7-568
NORTHRUP, WILLIAM C.              OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-11-185
NORTHUP, HARRIET K.               OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-7-500
NORTHUP, M. SEXTON                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-57
NORTON, ALFRED D.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-18-589
NOYES, A. LOUISA                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-275
NOYES, DE ETTA L.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-119
NOYES, FALKNER E.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-290
NOYES, LOUISA H.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-14-441
NUKERCK, CHARLES                  PALATINE                      NY-18-1-357
NURE, DANIEL                      PERTH                         NY-18-26-12
OAKSFORD, ALBERT H.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-57
OAKSFORD, MARY L.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-250
OATHOUT, NATHAN                   CAROGA                        NY-18-15-344
OATHOUT, WILLIAM                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-17
OATHOUT, WILLIAM E.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-297
OBRIEN, JOHN                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-153
OBRIEN, MARY                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-185
OCONNOR, RICHARD                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-256
OGDEN, MARY ELIZA                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-271
OHART, SMITH T.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-112
OLIVER, AARON W.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-225
OLIVER, FRANK D.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-226
OLMSTEAD, ALEXANDER               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-31
OLMSTEAD, JONATHAN                BROADALBIN                    NY-18-2-75
OLMSTEAD, LOTTIE E.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-206
OLMSTEAD, ORMOND B.               NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-5-32
OLMSTEAD, SAMUEL                  NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-5-29
OLMSTEAD, SAMUEL L.               NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-4-295
OLMSTEAD, SEYMOUR                 BROADALBIN                    NY-18-26-259
OLMSTED, ELIZA                    NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-8-505
OLMSTED, LEWIS                    NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-1-187
OLSMTEAD, CARRIE B.               BROADALBIN                    NY-18-26-138
ONEIL, CATHARINE                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-7-595
ONEILL, CATHERINE A.              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-95
ONEILL, JOHN JR.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-87
ONEILL, LOUISA C.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-80
ORLUP, CYNTHIA E.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-106
OSBORN, CHARLES H.                NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-25-283
OSHAUGHNESSEY, ANNE E.            PERTH                         NY-18-16-402
OSHAUGHNESSY, NANNIE L.           JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-77
OSTLER, JAMES                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-16-314
OSTRANDER, HARMON F.              NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-6-44
OSTROM, NANCY                     EPHRATAH                      NY-18-10-101
OTT, ALBERT                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-284
OTTEN, CHARLES                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-51
PAGE, BENJAMIN                    BROADALBIN                    NY-18-16-65
PAGE, MARGARET A.                 BROADALBIN                    NY-18-14-193
PAINTER, JOHN M.                  MAYFIELD                      NY-18-25-271
PALMATEER, ANNIE                  TAPPAN, ROCKLAND, NY          NY-18-26-147
PALMATEER, JOSEPH                 PERTH                         NY-18-8-169
PALMATEER, MICHAEL                PERTH                         NY-18-3-291
PALMATEER, PETER P.               EPHRATAH                      NY-18-5-209
PALMATEER, WILLIAM M.             PERTH                         NY-18-24-221
PALMER, A. LINCOLN                NORTHVILLE                    NY-18-26-281
PALMER, NICHOLAS                  BROADALBIN                    NY-18-5-266
PALMER, ROEBRT                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-49
PALMER, SUSAN A.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-257
PALMER, SYLVANUS                  BROADALBIN                    NY-18-3-505
PALMER, THORNTON K.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-9-365
PARIS, ISAAC                      NTL                           NY-18-1-9
PARIS, JOHN I.                    PERTH                         NY-18-15-163
PARKE, FREDERICK S.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-12-503
PARKER, THOMAS                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-23-55
PARKER, WILLIAM A.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-154
PARKHURST, JOB                    BROADALBIN                    NY-18-6-222
PARKHURST, LUCINDA S.             NTL                           NY-18-15-302
PARKS, ISABELLA                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-101
PARMENTER, ELIZABETH              NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-25-17
PARMENTER, JOSEPH B.              NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-21-17
PARMENTER, SAMUEL                 NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-6-213
PARMENTER, WILLIAM                NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-4-287
PARSONS, ANN                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-141
PARSONS, GURDON                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-4-16
PARSONS, HELEN D.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-399
PARSONS, JAMES O.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-217
PARSONS, JOHN                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-57
PARSONS, RICHARD B.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-147
PARTRIDGE, AURILA                 NORTHVILLE                    NY-18-20-257
PARTRIDGE, PERMELIA               NORTHVILLE                    NY-18-22-29
PARTRIDGE, SEYMOUR A.             NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-22-182
PARTRIDGE, TRUMAN                 NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-19-34
PATRICK, JOHN W.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-79
PATRIDGE, ARNOLD P.               NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-8-85
PATTERSON, ELIZABETH              GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-72
PATTERSON, JAMES H.               PERTH                         NY-18-6-374
PAUL, EMMA F.                     DAY, SARATOGA, NY             NY-18-26-126
PAUL, JOHN J.                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-224
PAUL, PERMELIA F.                 BROADALBIN                    NY-18-9-261
PAULEY, FRANK                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-46
PAULEY, GEORGE                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-200
PAULEY,E LIZABETH                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-82
PAULEY, PETER                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-289
PAULING, HENRY                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-434
PAULY, ROSETTA                    STRATFORD                     NY-18-24-193
PAWLING, ELISABETH                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-430
PEASLEY, ELMER E.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-153
PECK, ALBERT T.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-18-229
PECK, CHARLES A.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-93
PECK, FRANK L.                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-73
PECK,BETSEY S.                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-57
PECK, WILLIAM E.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-214
PECKHAM, IRENA                    CAROGA                        NY-18-9-281
PEDDIE, ELLEN                     BROADALBIN                    NY-18-16-518
PEDDIE, WILLIAM                   BROADALBIN                    NY-18-5-260
PEDRICK, CLARENCE M.              GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-283
PEGG, CATHARINE ANN               NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-5-326
PELCHER, HONORA C.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-17-83
PELTON, JENNETT C.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-169
PERKINS, ALTA SHIPMAN             GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-256
PERKINS, FRANK E.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-269
PERKINS, MARY ANN                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-27
PERKINS, WILBUR C.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-195
PERRY, CLARA                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-29
PERRY, DELANO                     MENDON, RUTLAND, VT           NY-18-22-126
PERRY, MARGARET                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-229
PERRY, MARY H.                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-17-297
PERSELL, JACOB                    MAYFIELD                      NY-18-2-151
PERSONS, JAMES                    NTL                           NY-18-1-120
PERSSE, MARY ANN                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-425
PERSSE, THEOPHILUS B.             JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-7-465
PETERS, AMY ANN                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-13-525
PETERS, JAMES                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-4-83
PETERS, JOHN M.                   BLEECKER                      NY-18-20-19
PETERS, SAMUEL                    EPHRATAH                      NY-18-12-217
PETERSON, CHARLES C.              GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-233
PETTET, JABEZ                     PALATINE                      NY-18-1-177
PETTIT, MARY A. SMITH             GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-266
PHAIR, MATILDA                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-49
PHELPS, CHARLES A.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-15-490
PHELPS, ELI                       MAYFIELD                      NY-18-6-157
PHELPS, ELIZABETH                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-205
PHELPS, JOAB                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-2-12
PHELPS, JOAB                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-363
PHELPS, JULIA ANN                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-10-265
PHELPS, JULIA E.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-421
PHELPS, MELINDA                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-12-289
PHELPS, NATHAN D.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-325
PHILIPS, WILLIAM                  BROADALBIN                    NY-18-1-456
PHILLIPS, CHARLES                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-77
PHILLIPS, HELEN MARIA             GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-37
PHILLIPS, IRA G.                  EPHRATAH                      NY-18-12-485
PHILLIPS, JOHN A.                 EPHRATAH                      NY-18-6-108
PHILLIPS, MARIA                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-47
PHILLIPS, REUBEN                  BROADALBIN                    NY-18-20-295
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM H.              GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-11
PHILPOT, SPENCER                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-87
PHIPPS, ELMER C.                  OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-12-169
PIEPER, CELIA                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-209
PIERCE, ABRAHAM                   NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-4-85
PIERCE, ALMA                      NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-24-89
PIERCE, EMILY C.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-257
PIERSON, CHARLES                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-89
PIERSON, CHARLES                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-5
PIERSON, ELI                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-157
PIERSON, JAMES                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-17
PIERSON, JAMES H.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-189
PINCKNEY, ABRAM D.                OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-12-101
PINCKNEY, ELIZA                   MAYFIELD                      NY-18-13-413
PIXLEY, JAMES M.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-67
PLACE, ALMA LOUISA                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-217
PLACE, CHARLES L.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-149
PLACE, EDWARD                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-263
PLACE, ISAAC V.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-12-533
PLACE, JOHN W.                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-59
PLACE, NANCY C.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-43
PLACE, SARAH B.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-10-281
PLACE, URIAH M.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-7-157
PLACE, WILLIAM H.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-64
PLACE, WILLIAM L.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-135
PLANCK, HARRISON                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-143
PLANK, ADAM                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-234
PLANK, ADAM J.                    NTL                           NY-18-1-393
PLANK, CHRISTIAN                  MAYFIELD                      NY-18-3-268
PLANK, ELIZABETH                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-189
PLANK, FREDERICK                  NTL                           NY-18-4-147
PLANTY, GARRET S.                 MOHAWK, MONTGOMERY, NY        NY-18-447
PLANTY, JOHN                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-15-385
PLATHE, MARGARET                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-13-125
PLATT, GEORGE                     MAYFIELD                      NY-18-24-169
PODVIN, JOSEPH                    HARTFORD, WASHINGTON, NY      NY-18-20-169
POLLAK, ANNA                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-38
POLLAK, HIRAM                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-62
POLMATEER, MICHAEL C.             JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-13-561
POLMATEER, WILLIAM A.             JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-385
POOL, ABRAHAM                     NTL                           NY-18-4-213
POOL, ELIZA                       GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-257
POOL, JOHN B.                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-111
POOL, JULIA                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-229
PORT, WILLIAM                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-494
PORTER, ALMOND                    NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-17-127
PORTER, AMANDA                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-1
PORTER, ANN E.                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-19-89
PORTER, AUSTIN E.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-9-113
PORTER, ELIZABETH                 NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-11-277
PORTER, MARIA                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-15-433
PORTER, MERVIN C.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-206
POSSON, KATE                      NORTHVILLE                    NY-18-12-497
POTTER, AMELIA                    NTL                           NY-18-5-333
POTTER, ANNA                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-103
POTTER, CARRIE M.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-283
POTTER, CHARITY A.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-290
POTTER, DANIEL                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-2-236
POTTER, DANIEL                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-14-145
POTTER, JOHN L.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-220
POTTER, JOSEPH E.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-130
POTTER, LUCIUS F.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-193
POTTER, MARY H.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-157
POTTER, MATTHEW                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-15-37
POTTER, OTIS E.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-29
POTTER, PATIENCE                  MAYFIELD                      NY-18-12-105
POTTER, WILLIAM                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-106
POTTER, WILLIAM W.                DOLGEVILLE                    NY-18-17-121
POUGH, JOHN D.                    BROADALBIN                    NY-18-16-249
POWELL, CHARLES F.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-7-98
POWELL, CLARISSA J.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-100
PRAIM, JOHN                       OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-7-269
PRATT, DARIUS                     STRATFORD                     NY-18-1-276
PRATT, HENRY A.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-14-553
PRATT, JOHN B.                    MAYFIELD                      NY-18-16-322
PRATT, SARAH                      MAYFIELD                      NY-18-14-485
PRAWE, MARY                       OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-24-180
PRENTICE, RUSSEL                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-4-282
PRICE, MARY                       GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-191
PRIEST, ELECTA                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-17-179
PRINDLE, ELIAS                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-4-161
PRINDLE, ELIJAH W.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-10-85
PRING, JACOB                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-489
PROPER, HENRY                     NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-7-62
PROPER, MARTHA J.                 NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-24-222
PROSSER, PETER                    NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-1-285
PULLING, HENRY D.                 NORTHVILLE                    NY-18-11-593
PULVER, LEE J.                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-206
PULVER, MARGARET L.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-23-241
PURSELL, FREDERICK D.             GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-166
PURSELL, THOMAS                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-216
PUTMAN, AARON                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-15-326
PUTMAN, AARON M.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-23-205
PUTMAN, AARON V.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-40
PUTMAN, AGNES                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-192
PUTMAN, ARCHIBALD                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-145
PUTMAN, CORNELIUS                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-21
PUTMAN, EBENEZER G.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-16-514
PUTMAN, HENRIETTA                 EPHRATAH                      NY-18-20-149
PUTMAN, JAMES                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-15-481
PUTMAN, JAMES B.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-101
PUTMAN, JANE                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-11-309
PUTMAN, JOHN L.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-151
PUTMAN, JOHN P.                   EPHRATAH                      NY-18-13-69
PUTMAN, JOSEPH                    EPHRATAH                      NY-18-4-196
PUTMAN, MARVIN                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-25-293
PUTMAN, MICHAEL                   PERTH                         NY-18-8-249
PUTMAN, RICHARD S.                MAYFIELD                      NY-18-14-169
PUTMAN, SARAH J.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-12-587
PUTMAN, T. STEWART                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-175
PYE, HARRIET M.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-205
PYNE, CHARLES H.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-7-292
QUACKENBUSH, ALVAN V.             GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-39
QUACKENBUSH, DAVID A.             GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-153
QUACKENBUSH, JULIUS A.            GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-277
QUACKENBUSH, MARY E.              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-15
QUACKENBUSH, MARY J.              GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-251
QUACKENBUSH, REUBEN               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-15-425
QUACKENBUSH, VROOMAN              GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-11-85
QUENSTEDT, ADELAID                ROCKWOOD                      NY-18-19-68
QUIGLEY, MARGARET                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-19-33
QUILHOT, ELIZA                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-13-281
QUILHOT, HENRY                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-2-113
QUILHOT, HENRY H.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-441
QUILHOT, JOHN                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-242
QUILHOT, STEPHEN H.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-23-203
QUILHOT, STEPHEN LANSING          JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-7-143
QUINBY, MARGARET A.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-93
QUINBY, THOMAS S.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-47
RADFORD, JAMES                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-18-424
RADFORD, JANNETTE D.              GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-240
RADLEY, MARY K.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-15-514
RANDALL, FRANCIS P.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-73
RANDALL, ROSETTA JANE             BROADALBIN                    NY-18-24-43
RANKIN, ANNA BURT                 LONACONING, ALLEGANY, MD      NY-18-7-56
RAPON, MARVIN                     BROADALBIN                    NY-18-5-309
RASBACK, CORNELIUS                OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-22-299
RASMUSSEN, SEVERIN                GLOVERSILLE                   NY-18-20-281
RAYMOND, WILLIAM H.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-437
REA, ROBERT                       GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-299
REDDISH, ANN                      BROADALBIN                    NY-18-7-403
REDDISH, THOMAS                   BROADALBIN                    NY-18-6-96
REDSHAW, JAMES F.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-6-564
REED, HARRIET M.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-429
REED, JOHN H.                     NORTHVILLE                    NY-18-24-130
REESE, ADDISON G.                 PERTH                         NY-18-22-122
REESE, GIDEON                     OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-7-374
REESE, LEVI                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-177
REESE, STEPHEN                    OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-16-410
REINHART, MARY                    BLEECKER                      NY-18-12-445
RELYEA, CHARLOTTE A.              GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-14-229
RELYEA, IDA N.                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-48
REMORE, EZRA S.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-49
REMORE, JAMES A.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-468
REMORIUS, NICOLO "LOVEY"  GLOVERSVILLE                NY-18-25-299
RENSSELAER, JACOB                 BLEECKER                      NY-18-7-198
REPEGUIE, DANIEL                  NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-1-384
RESSEGUIE, AUGUSTA P.             NORTHVILLE                    NY-18-22-288
RESSEQUIE, ELIZABETH              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-211
RESSEQUIE, EUNICE                 NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-6-299
RESSIGUIE, CHARLES B.             NORTHVILLE                    NY-18-25-213
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM                 PERTH                         NY-18-8-241
RHATIGAN, MATTHEW A. REV.         DOLGEVILLE                    NY-18-22-166
RHODES, DANIEL                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-18-31
RHODES, LAURA A.                  BROADALBIN                    NY-18-10-88
RICE, ALPHEUS                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-329
RICE, AMOS ELTON                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-236
RICE, CHARLOTTE M.                NORTHVILLE                    NY-18-24-86
RICE, ELIZA M.                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-509
RICE, HARVEY P.                   MAYFIELD                      NY-18-25-221
RICE, LEWIS                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-25-171
RICE, LUCINDA M.                  NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-17-211
RICE, WILLIAM T.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-177
RICH, CLARK J.                    EDINBURGH, SARATOGA, NY       NY-18-21-137
RICHARDS,M ARY J.                 BROADALBIN                    NY-18-20-61
RICHARDS, EUGENE H.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-23-264
RICHARDS, JOHN                    BROADALBIN                    NY-18-20-1
RICHARDS, MARY E.                 CAROGA                        NY-18-26-238
RICHARDS, RICHARD                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-11-77
RICHARDS, WILLIAM N.              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-529
RICHARDSON, DANIEL A.             GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-19-69
RICHARDSON, JOHN H.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-574
RICHARDSON, LILLIAN A.            GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-104
RICHHEIMER, NATHAN                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-94
RICHTER, TRAUGOTT F.              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-25-207
RICKETTS, JONATHAN                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-10-347
RICKETTS, KATE                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-23-5
RIDDLE, ABIGAIL                   MAYFIELD                      NY-18-21-215
RIDDLE, JANE E.                   NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-16-37
RIDDLE, SAMUEL                    MAYFIELD                      NY-18-1-389
RIETSER, PHILIP                   EPHRATAH                      NY-18-4-77
RINEHART, JACOB                   BLEECKER                      NY-18-25-167
RINNEY, GEORGE D.                 NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-5-357
RIPPLE, ANNA                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-14-509
RIPPLE, HELENA                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-93
RITON, CHARLES J.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-199
RITON, EUGENE                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-118
ROACH, ELLA                       BROADALBIN                    NY-18-8-89
ROBB, DANIEL                      PERTH                         NY-18-4-168
ROBB, MARTHA A.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-501
ROBB, PATRICK                     PERTH                         NY-18-4-41
ROBBINS, ALVAN                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-130
ROBBINS, CHARLES S.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-25-127
ROBBINS, THOMAS                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-444
ROBERTS, JAMES H.                 MAYFIELD                      NY-18-22-266
ROBERTSON, ANN M.                 BROADALBIN                    NY-18-13-581
ROBERTSON, ANNIE                  BROADALBIN                    NY-18-24-187
ROBERTSON, DANIEL                 BROADALBIN                    NY-18-5-303
ROBERTSON, JAMES                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-117
ROBERTSON, JOHN                   NTL                           NY-18-3-88
ROBERTSON, JOHN                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-61
ROBERTSON, ROBERT                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-4-110
ROBERTSON, ROBERT                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-405
ROBINSON, ABIJAH P.               MAYFIELD                      NY-18-7-112
ROBINSON, CAROLINE                NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-8-97
ROBINSON, CATHERINE               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-15-19
ROBINSON, COLLIE J.               NORTHVILLE                    NY-18-25-201
ROBINSON, CYNTHIA JANE            GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-12-121
ROBINSON, HILAM                   OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-13-205
ROBINSON, MARY P.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-240
ROCCO, TIRONI                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-128
RODGERS, JAMES                    PERTH                         NY-18-9-549
ROGERS, LUTHER H.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-169
ROGERS, NANCY                     OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-12-161
ROGERS, SARAH ELIZABETH           GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-109
ROGERS, WELLS                     OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-24-27
ROHR, KARL FREDERICK AUGUST       GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-150
ROHR, LOUISE                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-211
ROHRBACH, MARY                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-361
ROMEYN, THOMAS                    CAGHNAWAGO                    NY-18-1-36
RONDE, LAMBERTUS DE               MAYFIELD                      NY-18-4-104
ROPETER, JACOB H.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-229
ROSA, ELIJAH A.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-353
ROSA, HENRY P.                    MAYFIELD                      NY-18-1-468
ROSA, PHEBE ANN                   BROADALBIN                    NY-18-10-37
ROSA, RICHARD                     MAYFIELD                      NY-18-1-113
ROSA, RICHARD H.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-13-33
ROSE, CHARLES                     NTL                           NY-18-1-499
ROSE, CHARLES                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-571
ROSE, ZERNIAH H.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-132
ROSEMAN, REUBEN                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-295
ROSSELLE, AMY ELIZABETH           NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-15-181
ROUCOULES, EMILE                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-135
ROW, WILLARD                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-87
ROWE, GEORGE                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-291
ROWE, RACHEL                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-119
ROWELL, CORNELIUS M.              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-235
ROWELL, JANE A.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-18-465
ROWLAND, CLINTON V.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-45
ROWLAND, GEORGE B.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-249
ROWLAND, LEWIS                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-124
ROWLAND, STEPHEN                  MAYFIELD                      NY-18-6-217
ROWLEY, MELINDA                   BROADALBIN                    NY-18-15-97
RUFFIN, ELIZABETH                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-441
RUMMINGS, SAMUEL                  BROADALBIN                    NY-18-11-397
RUNELS, BENJAMIN                  MAYFIELD                      NY-18-1-221
RUPART, WILLIAM J.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-19-81
RUPERT, DAVID                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-297
RUPERT, ELIZABETH                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-261
RUPERT, FRANCIS                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-7-78
RUPERT, HULDAH                    MAYFIELD                      NY-18-17-155
RUPERT, LIZZIE                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-18-486
RUPERT, WILLIAM H.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-49
RUSS, MARY ANN                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-16-478
RUSS, WILLIAM                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-16-189
RUSSELL, GEORGE B.                BROADALBIN                    NY-18-15-217
RUSSELL, LOVINA M.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-90
RUSSELL, MARY                     BROADALBIN                    NY-18-16-534
RUTT, PETER                       OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-9-577

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