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INGALLS, AMANDA E.                MAYFIELD                      NY-18-26-92
INGERSOLL, ALEXANDER              OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-13-549
INGERSOLL, JOHN                   OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-10-80
INGERSOLL, MARGARET               OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-14-85
INGERSOLL, PHOEBE A.              OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-20-27
INGHAM, SARAH                     OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-8-537
IRELAND, DAVID                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-26
IRELAND, LUCETTE                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-61
IRELAND, STUART H.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-25-251
IRVING, JEMIMA                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-114
IRVING, JOHN                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-297
JACKSON, BENJAMIN RUSH            JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-281
JACKSON, CALVIN R.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-143
JACKSON, GEORGE                   PERTH                         NY-18-7-417
JACKSON, JACOB                    MAYFIELD                      NY-18-2-27
JACKSON, LYDIA L.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-197
JACKSON, MARIA                    MAYFIELD                      NY-18-16-213
JACKSON, MARY E.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-85
JACKSON, ROBERT                   MAYFIELD                      NY-18-4-223
JACKSON, STEPHEN                  MAYFIELD                      NY-18-3-400
JACOBS, HARVEY L.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-13-237
JACOBSON, HENRY                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-211
JAMES, EMMET E.                   PERTH                         NY-18-16-193
JAMES, MARGARET                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-225
JAMISON, TRUREY                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-17
JARVIS, STEPHEN                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-14-205
JEFFERS, ADDIE M.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-103
JEFFERS, BETSEY                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-293
JEFFERS, ELISHA D.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-102
JEFFERS, GEORGE W.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-7-340
JEFFERS, JOHN                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-365
JEFFERS, PHEBE JANE               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-209
JEFFERS, ROBERT L.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-69
JEFFERS, SOLOMON                  EPHRATAH                      NY-18-3-307
JEFFERS, SOLOMON S.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-165
JENGER, JOHN                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-19-83
JENNINGS, EPHRAIM                 STRATFORD                     NY-18-5-236
JENNINGS, WILLIAM F.              BROADALBIN                    NY-18-24-276
JENZER, CAROLINE                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-62
JOHNSON, CATHARINE M.             GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-259
JOHNSON, CHARLES                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-161
JOHNSON, CHARLES W.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-61
JOHNSON, CYRENA                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-7-509
JOHNSON, DAVID B.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-273
JOHNSON, EDWARD                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-19-20
JOHNSON, EMERTHUR                 OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-10-49
JOHNSON, FRANCES                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-129
JOHNSON, GEORGE H.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-56
JOHNSON, HANNIBAL                 MAYFIELD                      NY-18-6-3
JOHNSON, JAMES P.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-17-17
JOHNSON, JAMES W.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-1
JOHNSON, JEPHTHAH                 DANNEMORA, CLINTON, NY        NY-18-24-59
JOHNSON, JOHN                     OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-1-443
JOHNSON, LOUISA                   BROADALBIN                    NY-18-24-7
JOHNSON, LUCINDA J.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-157
JOHNSON, LYDIA M.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-215
JOHNSON, MARY                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-301
JOHNSON, MARY C.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-44
JOHNSON, NATHAN                   NORTHVILLE                    NY-18-22-33
JOHNSON, SARAH M.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-17-285
JOHNSON, WILLIAM L.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-187
JOHNSON, WINNEFRED E.             JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-89
JOHNSTON, EDA M.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-300
JOHNSTON, ELLEN                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-14-377
JOHNSTON, ROBERT                  BENSON, HAMILTON, NY          NY-18-26-175
JOHNSTON, STELLA                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-66
JONES, FRANK W.                   GLOVERSVILL                   NY-18-13-37
JONES, FREEMAN                    BROADALBIN                    NY-18-6-357
JONES, HANNAH                     BROADALBIN                    NY-18-22-262
JONES, LUCY M.                    NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-13-597
JONROWE, JEANETTE S.              GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-215
JORDAN, HIRAM                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-557
JOSLYN, SARAH A.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-252
JOYCE, JOHN                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-7-248
JUDSON, DANIEL B.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-19-76
JUDSON, ALANSON                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-10-114
JUDSON, BLANCHE C.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-229
JUDSON, CAROLINE C.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-134
JUDSON, DANIEL B. JR.             GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-67
JUDSON, EDWARD W.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-265
JUDSON, ELISHA                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-494
JUDSON, JOHN B.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-189
JUDSON, JOHN B.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-249
KAISER, ANTHONY                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-157
KAISER, EVA                       GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-169
KAISER, FRANCIS X.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-64
KALF, HENRY                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-16-141
KALIL, SOLOMON                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-141
KANE, JOHN                        MAYFIELD                      NY-18-2-197
KARG, FRANCES H.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-170
KARG, HENRY                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-10-56
KARG, IDA                         GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-262
KARG, JENNIE                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-19-52
KARG, JOHN A.                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-25-135
KARKER, EARL                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-149
KARKER, JACOB H.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-249
KARL, NICHOLAS                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-55
KARL, THERESA                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-179
KASSON, ALEXANDER J.              GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-10-235
KASSON, ALVIN                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-11-157
KASSON, AUSTIN                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-29
KASSON, EPHRAIM G.                BROADALBIN                    NY-18-14-573
KASSON, HARVEY                    BROADALBIN                    NY-18-2-265
KASSON, HARVEY Z.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-10-131
KASSON, JAMES                     BROADALBIN                    NY-18-11-337
KASSON, JANE                      BROADALBIN                    NY-18-13-285
KASSON, LYDIA                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-91
KASSON, MARY                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-75
KASSON, MARY C.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-405
KASSON, MORTON D.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-131
KASSON, WILLIAM A.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-15-473
KATH, AUGUST                      BROADALBIN                    NY-18-24-154
KAVANAGH, CATHERINE               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-67
KAVANAUGH, MICHAEL J.             GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-232
KEAN, JOHN F.                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-136
KECK, GEORGE H.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-211
KECK, PETER J.                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-159
KECK, VIRGINIA                    MAYFIELD                      NY-18-25-261
KEEGAN, JOHN                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-287
KEGG, WILLIAM                     NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-14-289
KEIDEL, GEORGE H.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-31
KEILY, DENIS                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-193
KEINER, EDWARD A.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-207
KEITH, JANE                       JOHSNTOWN                     NY-18-20-63
KELLOGG, SUPPLINA                 PERTH                         NY-18-3-579
KELLY, ELIZABETH                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-359
KELLY, JAMES E.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-181
KELLY, ROBERT                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-135
KELLY, SAMUEL                     EPHRATAH                      NY-18-6-543
KEMP, ANN                         JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-113
KENENDY, JAMES C.                 WASHINGTON, D.C.              NY-18-8-21
KENNEDY, ANN S.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-60
KENNEDY, ELIZA                    BROADALBIN                    NY-18-9-165
KENNEDY,MICHAEL J.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-83
KENNEDY, JAMES                    BROADALBIN                    NY-18-1-350
KENNEDY, JAMES JR.                BROADALBIN                    NY-18-1-123
KENNEDY, JENNET                   MAYFIELD                      NY-18-9-401
KENNEDY, JOHN                     NTL                           NY-18-2-196
KENNEDY, JOHN M.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-367
KENNEDY, JULIA M.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-406
KENNEDY, MARTIN                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-18-97
KENNEDY, MARY                     MAYFIELD                      NY-18-9-397
KENNEDY, MARY C.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-589
KENNEDY, MICHAEL                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-377
KENNEDY, PALMER                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-221
KENNEDY, ROBERT                   MAYFIELD                      NY-18-5-4
KENNEDY, ROBERT                   BROADALBIN                    NY-18-9-497
KENNEDY, SAMUEL                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-3-227
KENNEDY, SIMON                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-381
KENNEDY, THOMAS                   BROADALBIN                    NY-18-2-174
KENNEDY, WILLIAM                  BROADALBIN                    NY-18-13-161
KENNICUTT, EMMA G.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-199
KENNY, ANN                        JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-117
KENNY, ANNIE                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-17-219
KENNY, PATRICK                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-109
KENSLEY, MARY A.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-139
KENT, CHARLES F.                  MAYFIELD                      NY-18-16-334
KENT, JAMES                       GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-10-141
KENYON, WANTON                    EPHRATAH                      NY-18-3-448
KETCHUM, SIDNEY                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-287
KEYSER, HENRY                     PALATINE                      NY-18-1-341
KIBBE, ARTHUR D.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-171
KIBBE, ELEANOR                    SALISBURY, HERKIMER, NY       NY-18-26-123
KIBBE, JOHN                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-17-265
KIFFNEY, ELLEN                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-293
KILMER, ANNA W.                   STURYVEANT, COLUMBIA, NY      NY-18-22-55
KILMER, HARVEY                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-88
KING, CHARLES M.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-54
KING, ELIZA A.                    NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-26-209
KING, FRANK B.                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-50
KING, FRANK R.                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-150
KING, HENRY                       NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-1-373
KING, JOHN W.                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-117
KING, MARY A.                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-18-314
KING, RACHEL                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-189
KING, WILLIAM                     DOLGEVILLE, MONTGOMERY, NY    NY-18-26-226
KING, WILLIAM F.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-209
KINNEY, HORACE                    NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-12-417
KINNEY, THEODORE                  NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-12-413
KINNICUT, EDWARD                  MAYFIELD                      NY-18-2-77
KINNICUTT, ALLEN                  MAYFIELD                      NY-18-8-245
KINNICUTT, ALLEN F.               EDINBURGH, SARATOGA, NY       NY-18-26-14
KINNICUTT, IDA M.                 NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-25-101
KINYON, JOHN                      BROADALBIN                    NY-18-2-47
KIPP, HARRIET                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-37
KIRBY, JOHN                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-461
KIRCHEN, JOHN H.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-197
KLEIN, MORRIS                     GLOVERVSILLE                  NY-18-19-78
KLEIN, NINA                       GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-17
KLINE, WILLIAM                    AMSTERDAM, MONTGOMERY, NY     NY-18-1-211
KLOCK, JACOB                      PALATINE                      NY-18-1-40
KLOCK, JACOB J.                   OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-1-450
KLOCK, JOHANNES H.                OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-1-259
KLOCK, JOHN J.                    OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-1-134
KLOCK, JOSEPH                     OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-1-189
KLOHEK, WILLIAM                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-260
KNAPP, AMOS S.                    MAYFIELD                      NY-18-26-119
KNAPP, BENJAMIN S.                MAYFIELD                      NY-18-11-237
KNAPP, DAVID                      MAYFIELD                      NY-18-3-280
KNAPP, HARRIET                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-205
KNAPP, HARVEY O.                  MAYFIELD                      NY-18-17-151
KNAPP, JAMES H.                   MAYFIELD                      NY-18-11-281
KNAPP, SOLOMON                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-4-44
KNAPP, SOLOMON J.                 MAYFIELD                      NY-18-5-396
KNOBLAUCH, GEORGE                 BLEECKER                      NY-18-17-131
KNODELL, MARY L.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-237
KNOFF, HERMAN                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-89
KNOFF, ROSINA                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-149
KNOX, CHARLES B.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-61
KNOX, CHARLES MARKWARD            JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-18-329
KNOX, MARY ELIZABETH              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-17
KNOX, PETER                       BROADALBIN                    NY-18-2-273
KNOX, PETER                       BROADALBIN                    NY-18-2-232
KORN, ADELINE                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-16-221
KRAUS, FERDINAND                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-197
KRAUS, JULIUS                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-151
KRAUSE, HENRY E.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-386
KREMP, MINNIE J.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-115
KRING, ASENATH                    LASSELLSVILLE                 NY-18-20-275
KRING, CATHARINE                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-227
KRING, HENRY                      OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-7-382
KRING, JOHN JR.                   OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-1-229
KRING, JOSEPH                     OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-2-255
KUHN, WILLIAM                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-143
LADEW, DELIA                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-577
LADEW, JOHN C.                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-19-24
LADUE, NETUS                      STRATFORD                     NY-18-11-601
LAIR, BERNHARD                    MAYFIELD                      NY-18-16-57
LAIR, CHARLES E.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-272
LAIR, WILLIAM H.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-255
LAIRD, JOHN                       MAYFIELD                      NY-18-21-175
LAIRD, SARAH A.                   MAYFIELD                      NY-18-14-233
LAKE, NORMAN D.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-12-365
LAKE, REBECCA M.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-430
LAKEMAN, ERASTUS K.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-5
LAMB, ELIZABETH A.                BROADALBIN                    NY-18-19-21
LANDERS, GARRET V.                BROADALBIN                    NY-18-11-521
LANDERS, NANCY                    BROADALBIN                    NY-18-17-85
LANGFORD, FRED A. CORT            GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-31
LANKTON, MARCUS                   OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-14-237
LANKTON, RHOMA                    OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-6-206
LANSING, ABRAHAM J.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-65
LANSING, CATHERINE M.             GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-65
LANSING, MAGDALEN B.              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-9
LANSING, RICHARD                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-73
LANSING, STEWART                  MAYFIELD                      NY-18-23-235
LANSING, WILLIAM E.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-47
LARKINS, BRIDGET                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-19-38
LARKINS, MARY AYERS               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-11-133
LARUE, FRANCES                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-105
LASHER, BARINTHA                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-93
LASHER, CATHARINE                 NTL                           NY-18-5-39
LASHER, CATHARINE                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-310
LASHER, ELIZABETH                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-4-211
LASHER, JACOB                     MAYFIELD                      NY-18-6-558
LASHER, JOHN S.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-2-294
LASHER, NELSON                    MAYFIELD                      NY-18-20-175
LASHER, PHILIP                    BROADALBIN                    NY-18-5-228
LASHER, SAMUEL                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-7-225
LASHER, SARAH JANE                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-213
LASHER, SUSAN                     CLIFTON PARK, SARATOGA, NY    NY-18-7-352
LASSELL, DANIEL                   EPHRATAH                      NY-18-9-517
LASSELL, ELIZABETH                EPHRATAH                      NY-18-14-201
LASSELL, JANE ANN                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-369
LASSELL, NANCEY                   EPHRATAH                      NY-18-20-37
LASSELLE, CAROLINE                EPHRATAH                      NY-18-15-562
LATTERIDGE, ROBERT JR.            JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-440
LAUGHEINRICH, CAROLINE            GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-318
LAVENWORTH, TREAT M.              WEST GALWAY                   NY-18-8-373
LAWLOR, MILES                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-1
LAWRENCE, GIDEON                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-191
LAWRENCE, MARY M.                 NORTHVILLE                    NY-18-23-292
LAWTON, CHARLES B.                NORTHVILLE                    NY-18-24-292
LAWYER, NICHOLAS                  MINDEN                        NY-18-1-144
LEACH, LENA                       GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-265
LEACH, PHINEAS                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-129
LEAVENSWORTH, JAMES               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-83
LEAVENWORTH, ELI                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-52
LEBARE, JOSEPH                    NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-3-23
LEBENHEIM, AARON J.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-49
LEE, ADELINE                      BROADALBIN                    NY-18-22-196
LEE, BARNARD R.                   PERTH                         NY-18-5-472
LEE, GEORGE                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-77
LEE, GEORGE W.                    MAYFIELD                      NY-18-20-289
LEE, KATE                         EAGLE BRIDGE, RENSSELAER, NY  NY-18-23-117
LEE, SUSAN                        EPHRATAH                      NY-18-9-357
LEEK, DEWITT C.                   EPHRATAH                      NY-18-26-24
LEFFLER, AUGUSTUS J.              GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-47
LEFLER, CHARLES M.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-103
LEFLER, JEHIEL                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-170
LEFLER, LAURA S.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-537
LEHMAN, JACOB                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-159
LEHMAN, JOHN                      ROOT, MONTGOMERY, NY          NY-18-22-279
LEIPPERT, FREDERICK               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-355
LENGFELD, AMELIA                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-17
LENGFELD, EDWARD H.               BROADALBIN                    NY-18-21-49
LENGFELD, OSCAR                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-115
LENGFELD, WILLIAM                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-18-9-325
LENT, AARON                       OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-24-272
LENT, RACHEL                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-309
LEONARD, ABNER                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-220
LEONARD, IDA A.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-107
LEONARD, JOHN                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-235
LEONARD, JOSIAH                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-269
LEONARD, MARIETTA C.              GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-14-217
LEONARD, SUSAN                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-185
LEPKEE, FREDERICK                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-176
LETTERHOF, WILLIAM                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-458
LETTICE, ABRAM                    MAYFIELD                      NY-18-14-325
LETTICE, AMY ANN                  MAYFIELD                      NY-18-14-309
LEVERSEE, CORNELIUS               MAYFIELD                      NY-18-2-226
LEVERSEE, MARY                    BROADALBIN                    NY-18-8-65
LEVERSEE, MATTHEW V.              BROADALBIN                    NY-18-21-11
LEVERSEE, PETER                   MAYFIELD                      NY-18-4-284
LEVERSEE, RICHARD F.              MAYFIELD                      NY-18-22-222
LEVISEE, ALIDA                    BROADALBIN                    NY-18-7-218
LEWIS, HENRY                      PERTH                         NY-18-8-561
LEWIS, JANE                       PERTH                         NY-18-13-65
LEWIS, MORGAN                     NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-9-381
LIDDLE, A. McDERMID               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-23-157
LIGHTHART, BARNEY                 OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-5-449
LINDGREN, AGNES                   MAYFIELD                      NY-18-21-13
LINDSLEY, EPHRAIM                 BLEECKER                      NY-18-4-34
LINDSLEY, POLLY                   BLEECKER                      NY-18-4-157
LINGENFELTER, ABRAM               PERTH                         NY-18-11-145
LINGENFELTER, ELIZABETH           JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-134
LINGENFELTER, MICHAEL             JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-274
LINGENFELTER, MICHAEL             PERTH                         NY-18-9-105
LINGENFELTER, WILLIAM H.          JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-25
LIPPERT, AUGUST                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-205
LIPPERT, EMILIE                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-67
LITTAUER, FLORA                   NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-18-505
LITTELL, EUGENE                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-242
LITTLE, ALFRED J.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-113
LIVINGSTON, DANIEL C.             JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-201
LIVINGSTON, JANE M.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-53
LIVINGSTON, MARY C.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-87
LIVINGSTON, RENSSELAER            JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-285
LOBDELL, DANIEL G.                NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-18-7-136
LOBDELL, HANNAH D.                NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-5-413
LOBDELL, JACOB E.                 NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-4-1
LOBDELL, LULU                     NORTHVILLE                    NY-18-22-9
LOBDELL, MARY E.                  NORTHVILLE                    NY-18-18-36
LOBDELL, NATHAN B.                NORTHVILLE                    NY-18-7-329
LOCKSINGER, CASPAR                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-70
LOCKSINGER, FRANCES               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-1
LOCKSINGER, FREDERICK             GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-19-91
LOCKWOOD, MARY E.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-18-256
LOGAN, WILLIAM                    BROADALBIN                    NY-18-7-553
LONG, ARIS J.                     NORTHVILLE                    NY-18-26-173
LONGFRITY, JOHN                   BLEECKER                      NY-18-14-89
LONT, JAMES                       MAYFIELD                      NY-18-14-133
LONT, JOHN R.                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-109
LORD, ADDISON                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-473
LORD, MARTIN P.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-13-265
LORD, NELLIE                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-185
LOTRIDGE, ROBERT                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-7-436
LOUCKS, KATE                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-261
LOVEJOY, ALMIRA C.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-139
LOVETT, JOSEPHUS                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-313
LOVEYS, HARRY J.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-292
LOWRY, WILLIAM J.                 OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-20-25
LUNKENHEIMER, NICHOLAS            GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-293
LUTHER, CATHARINE                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-10-19
LUTTENBERGER, JOSEPH              NTL                           NY-18-7-257
LYKER, ALMER A.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-139
LKYER, CHARLES                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-273
LYNAUGH, KATE                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-45
LYNAUGH, MARY ANN                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-8
LYNAUGH, MICHAEL                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-155
LYNAUGH, PATRICK                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-17-29
LYON, JAOCB                       NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-1-284
LYON, JOHN O.                     NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-13-41
MABON, JAMES                      PERTH                         NY-18-5-213
MACDERMID, ELIZABETH VAIL         MAYFIELD                      NY-18-22-164
MACDONALD, BELLE                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-195
MACKIN, THOMAS                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-13-477
MACNAUGHTON, ANGUS                BROADALBIN                    NY-18-1-127
MAIL, WILLIAM                     PERTH                         NY-18-7-298
MAIN, ELIZABETH                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-184
MAJOR, JANE                       PERTH                         NY-18-7-118
MAJOR, JOSEPH K.                  PERTH                         NY-18-17-81
MALLETT, MARGARET                 EPHRATAH                      NY-18-16-117
MALONE, JOANNA                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-13-321
MALONE, JOHN                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-247
MALONEY, JAMES                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-221
MALONEY, KATHERINE                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-230
MALONEY, SARAH J.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-61
MALONEY, STEPHEN                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-220
MANCHESTER, ABRAHAM               BROADALBIN                    NY-18-5-340
MANION, JULIA                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-23-272
MANION, PATRICK                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-19-56
MANN, JOHN                        GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-131
MANN, STEPHEN                     BROADALBIN                    NY-18-6-85
MANNING, DANIEL                   BROADALBIN                    NY-18-9-485
MANNING, ELLA C.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-21
MANNING, LOUISA                   NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-13-301
MANUEL, JOHN                      NTL                           NY-18-2-130
MANY, MICHAEL                     BROADALBIN                    NY-18-16-522
MARCH, ELIZABETH M.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-291
MARCH, THERESA A.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-14-9
MARK, MEYER                       GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-139
MARKEL, ELIZABETH                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-9
MARKELL, HENRY                    OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-2-251
MARKELL, HENRY                    OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-2-10
MARLEY, JOHN C.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-243
MARLEY, JOSEPH D.                 MAYFIELD                      NY-18-7-502
MARLEY, MARGARET                  MAYFIELD                      NY-18-9-321
MARPLE, ALICE A.                  BROADALBIN                    NY-18-26-125
MARPLE, GEORGE                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-166
MARSH, MARIA                      BROADALBIN                    NY-18-11-485
MARSHALL, CAROLINE S.             GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-42
MARSHALL, LYDIA                   BROADALBIN                    NY-18-22-51
MARTIN, ELIZABETH                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-16-374
MARTIN, EMILY A.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-241
MARTIN, GEORGE                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-18-319
MARTIN, HENRY                     SAMMONSVILLE                  NY-18-20-59
MARTIN, JOHN                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-18-371
MARTIN, LAURA                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-137
MARTIN, PHILIP                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-409
MARTIN, PHILIP                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-10-326
MARTIN, PHILIP P.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-293
MARTIN, VINCENT                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-278
MARTIN, WILLIAM                   NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-12-25
MARVIN, LANGDON J.                NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-6-177
MARVIN, LAURA B.                  NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-17-251
MASON, DAN                        SEE: MASON, DORR              NY-18-26-29
MASON, DORR                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-29
MASON, JAMES FRASER               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-19-84
MASON, JEREMIAH                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-121
MASON, LILLIS                     NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-5-301
MASTIN, MARY                      BROADALBIN                    NY-18-13-189
MATHERSON, MARGARET               EPHRATAH                      NY-18-20-23
MATHES, ANTHONY B.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-14-117
MATHES, BARBARA                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-195
MATHEWS, CAROLINE                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-281
MATHEWS, CATHARINE MARY           JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-429
MATHEWS, ELIZABETH                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-249
MATHEWS, EVELINE                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-249
MATHEWS, HENRY                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-173
MATHEWS, JOHN B.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-13-29
MATTESON, ELIZABETH ANN           NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-14-361
MATTHEWS, BARNET                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-239
MATTHEWS, BARNET                  NTL                           NY-18-1-118
MATTHEWS, CLAY                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-70
MATTHEWS, HANNAH                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-155
MATTHEWS, HENRY                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-69
MATTHEWS, JOHN                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-44
MATTHEWS, JOHN                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-452
MATTHEWS, PETER                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-38
MATTHEWS, SALLY E.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-16-173
MAXFIELD, GEORGE C.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-61
MAXWELL, SAMUEL                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-402
MAXWELL, SARAH                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-57
MAXWELL, WILLIAM                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-59
MAYCOCK, EMMA                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-13-153
MAYCOCK, JAMES                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-11-425
MAYLANDER, ELIZABETH E.           JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-110
MAYLENDER, MAX                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-429
MCALLISTER, MARY ANN              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-16-586
MCALLISTER, RICHARD               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-15-449
MCARTHUR, DANIEL                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-153
MCARTHUR, DUNCAN                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-2-259
MCARTHUR, DUNCAN I.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-315
MCARTHUR, JOHN                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-2-111
MCARTHUR, JOHN A.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-228
MCAULEY, AULEY                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-153
MCAULEY, CATHARINE                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-9-17
MCBAIN, MARY                      NTL                           NY-18-4-122
MCBANE, ANGUS                     NTL                           NY-18-1-437
MCBRARTY, JOHN                    STRATFORD                     NY-18-26-97
MCCALL, ALEXANDER                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-2-35
MCCALL, HUGH                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-96
MCCARTHY, JOHN                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-7-240
MCCLELLAN, DAVID M.               PERTH                         NY-18-22-261
MCCOLL, DANIEL                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-155
MCCOLL, HUGH SR.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-85
MCCONKEY, MARY C.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-261
MCCONOGHAY, ANN                   COOPERSTOWN, OTSEGO, NY       NY-18-20-157
MCCOY, HARRIET                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-59
MCCREARY, MARY S.                 NTL                           NY-18-7-105
MCCULLOCH, CHARLES                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-422
MCDEARMID, JOSEPH                 MAYFIELD                      NY-18-3-356
MCDEARMID, MARY                   NTL                           NY-18-3-263
MCDERMID, JANE                    MAYFIELD                      NY-18-5-186
MCDERMID, M. JANE                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-225
MCDERMID, SARAH ELEANOR           JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-19-5
MCDERMIND, ELIZABETH A.           JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-19-74
MCDONALD, ISAAC                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-6-271
MCDONALD, JAMES                   NTL                           NY-18-1-184
MCDONOUGH, FRANK                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-163
MCDONOUGH, MICHAEL                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-27
MCDOUGAL, ELISABETH               NTL                           NY-18-4-38
MCDOUGALL, ALEXANDER              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-3-521
MCDOUGALL, JOHN                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-19-86
MCDOWELL, MILES                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-13-277
MCDOWELL, BRIDGET                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-18
MCELROY, SAMUEL                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-2-104
MCEWEN, DANIEL SR.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-225
MCEWEN, JOHN                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-4-149
MCEWEN, JOHN                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-3-208
MCEWEN, PETER                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-7-301
MCFARLAN, ARCHIBALD               MAYFIELD                      NY-18-2-269
MCFARLAN, ARCHIBALD               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-135
MCFARLAN, DANIEL                  AMSTERDAM, MONTGOMERY, NY     NY-18-2-289
MCFARLAN, DORCAS                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-217
MCFARLAN, DUNCAN                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-7-51
MCFARLAN, ELIZABETH               BROADALBIN                    NY-18-8-445
MCFARLAN, GRACE                   BROADALBIN                    NY-18-9-317
MCFARLAN, JENET                   PERTH                         NY-18-3-478
MCFARLAN, PATRICK                 PERTH                         NY-18-11-121
MCFENLAN, ALEXANDER D.            NTL                           NY-18-3-117
MCGANN, THOMAS                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-173
MCGLASHEN, PETER                  MAYFIELD                      NY-18-13-345
MCGLYNN, JAMES                    NTL                           NY-18-16-338
MCGRAW, JULIETTA D.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-132
MCGRAW, WILLIAM                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-290
MCGREGOR, DUNCAN                  NTL                           NY-18-3-166
MCGREGOR, DUNCAN                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-85
MCGREGOR, ISABELLA                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-131
MCGREGOR, JAMES                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-500
MCGREGOR, MARGARET                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-209
MCGUIRE, MARY                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-199
MCINTOSH, GEORGIANA               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-25
MCINTYRE, ANN                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-77
MCINTYRE, ANN                     MOHAWK                        NY-18-17-23
MCINTYRE, ARCHIBALD               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-2-115
MCINTYRE, DANIEL                  BROADALBIN                    NY-18-1-272
MCINTYRE, ELLEN                   PERTH                         NY-18-6-511
MCINTYRE, JAMES                   BROADALBIN                    NY-18-2-154
MCINTYRE, JAMES                   MOHAWK                        NY-18-5-392
MCINTYRE, MARGARET                PERTH                         NY-18-7-545
MCINTYRE, PETER                   BROADALBIN                    NY-18-1-438
MCINTYRE, PETER                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-376
MCKAY, CHARLES                    AMSTERDAM, MONTGOMERY, NY     NY-18-2-278
MCKERCHER, JOHN                   BROADALBIN                    NY-18-2-1
MCKIE, WILLIAM                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-25-197
MCKINLAY, ELIZABETH G.            GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-89
MCKINLAY, JOHN                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-163
MCKINLAY, PETER                   MAYFIELD                      NY-18-4-10
MCKINLAY, PETER                   MAYFIELD                      NY-18-9-157
MCKINLEY, KATHARINE               MAYFIELD                      NY-18-9-437
MCLAREN, ARCHIBALD                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-4-201
MCLAREN, CATHARINE                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-10-309
MCLAREN, DANIEL                   PERTH                         NY-18-15-522
MCLAREN, DUNCAN                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-110
MCLAREN, ELEANOR                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-15-284
MCLAREN, JAMES                    COLUMBUS, MUSCOGEE, GA        NY-18-3-368
MCLAREN, JANE                     PERTH                         NY-18-17-111
MCLAREN, JOHN                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-397
MCLAREN, MARY                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-557
MCLAREN, PETER                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-463
MCLAREN, ROBERT                   PERTH                         NY-18-5-109
MCLAREN, RUTH B.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-255
MCLAUGHLIN, EDWIN                 EPHRATAH                      NY-18-24-232
MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-101
MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-145
MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN F.               EPHRATAH                      NY-18-13-85
MCLAUGHLIN, MARY                  EPHRATAH                      NY-18-17-115
MCLEAN, ANN ELIZA                 JACKSON, WASHINGTON, NY       NY-18-23-251
MCLEAN, JOHN C.                   STRATFORD                     NY-18-15-49
MCLEIN, CHARLES M.                BROADALBIN                    NY-18-3-100
MCLEISH, DAVID                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-16
MCLEISH, ISABELLA                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-349
MCLEISH, JENNET                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-297
MCLEISH, MARY E.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-3
MCMARTIN, CATHARINE               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-73
MCMARTIN, CHARLES ARCHIBALD       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-156
MCMARTIN, CHRISTIANA              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-15-31
MCMARTIN, DUNCAN                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-264
MCMARTIN, DUNCAN JR.              BROADALBIN                    NY-18-2-280
MCMARTIN, ELI P.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-527
MCMARTIN, ESTHER                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-15-235
MCMARTIN, FINLAY                  AMSTERDAM, MONTGOMERY, NY     NY-18-1-396
MCMARTIN, JAMES I.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-10-206
MCMARTIN, JOHN                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-3-377
MCMARTIN, MARGARET W.             JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-16-398
MCMARTIN, PETER                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-326
MCMURRAY, ALBERT                  BROADALBIN                    NY-18-25-145
MCNAB, JOHN                       GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-223
MCNAMARA, PATRICK                 BROADALBIN                    NY-18-13-485
MCNAUGHTON, DUNCAN P.             NTL                           NY-18-5-238
MCNAUGHTON, PETER                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-210
MCPHERSON, CATHARINE              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-383
MCPHERSON, MARGARET               BROADALBIN                    NY-18-3-353
MCPHERSON, PETER                  BROADALBIN                    NY-18-3-141
MCPHERSON, PETER                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-13
MCQUADE, MARGARET                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-263
MCQUEEN, ARCHIBALD                PERTH                         NY-18-4-51
MCQUEEN, DANIEL                   PERTH                         NY-18-4-178
MCQUEEN, HELEN R.                 BROADALBIN                    NY-18-14-341
MCQUEEN, JOHN                     PERTH                         NY-18-5-149
MCQUEEN, NETTIE S.                PERTH                         NY-18-24-214
MCQUEEN, THOMAS                   PERTH                         NY-18-11-29
MCQUEEN, WILLIAM J.               PERTH                         NY-18-19-53
MCSWINEY, JAMES                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-35
MCVEAN, CHARLES                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-23-161
MCVEAN, DANIEL D.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-3-434
MCVEAN, DANIEL SR.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-216
MCVEAN, DUNCAN                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-471
MCVEAN, ISABELLA                  BROADALBIN                    NY-18-5-466
MCVEAN, JAMES I.                  MAYFIELD                      NY-18-11-165
MCVEAN, JOHN                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-3-94
MCVEAN, JOHN D.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-205
MCVEAN, JOHN J.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-265
MEAD, EMILEY                      MAYFIELD                      NY-18-21-289
MEAD, GEORGE                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-33
MEAD, JOSEPH STEPHEN              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-18-283
MEAD, NATHANIEL                   NTL                           NY-18-6-562
MEAD, NEHEMIAH                    MAYFIELD                      NY-18-2-41
MEANEY, FRANK                     BROADALBIN                    NY-18-24-242
MEECH, CATHARINE                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-33
MEEKER, DANIEL                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-2-32
MEEKER, DANIEL                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-476
MENGES, EDWARD E.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-246
MERCER, GEORGE E.                 MAYFIELD                      NY-18-26-271
MERCHANT, MANVILLE                MAYFIELD                      NY-18-17-47
MERRIAM, DANIEL R.                BROADALBIN                    NY-18-8-405
MERRIHEW, ELMIRA J.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-31
MERRILL, ALEXANDER                MAYFIELD                      NY-18-19-62
METCALF, CHARLES F.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-370
MEYER, DORES                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-170
MEYER, FREDERICK                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-243
MEYER, JESSE                      GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-103
MICHAEL, EMMA                     OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-17-153
MICHAEL, JOHN                     OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-18-4-7
MICHALE, ABBIE                    OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-24-176
MICHALLET, LOUIS M.               JOHNSTONW                     NY-18-13-129
MICHEAL, PHILIP                   EPHRATAH                      NY-18-19-6
MICHEL, MARY J.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-262
MICKEL, CELIA J.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-545
MICKEL, ELIZABETH                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-105
MICKEL, GEORGE E.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-235
MIDA, JOSEPH                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-96
MIERS, JENNIE A.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-177
MILES, DAVID                      EPHRATAH                      NY-18-11-537
MILLARD, EUGENE M.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-10-13
MILLER, CATHARINE                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-17
MILLER, CATHERINE                 MAYFIELD                      NY-18-17-145
MILLER, CLARISSA A.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-138
MILLER, DAVID                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-268
MILLER, EDITH H.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-161
MILLER, ELEAZER                   NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-5-115
MILLER, ELI                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-16-542
MILLER, FRANK                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-288
MILLER, JACOB                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-112
MILLER, JAMES D.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-16-269
MILLER, JAMES W.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-48
MILLER, JANE                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-225
MILLER, JASON A.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-506
MILLER, JENNETTE                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-329
MILLER, JOHN M.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-248
MILLER, JOHN W.                   EDINBURGH, SARATOGA, NY       NY-18-24-8
MILLER, JOSEPH H.                 NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-8-317
MILLER, JULIUS                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-147
MILLER, MARTIN                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-85
MILLER, MARY C.                   BROADALBIN                    NY-18-15-229
MILLER, RACHAEL                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-23-179
MILLER, ROBERT                    BROADALBIN                    NY-18-2-181
MILLER, ROBERT                    BROADALBIN                    NY-18-13-401
MILLER, SARAH                     NTL                           NY-18-6-162
MILLER, SARAH E.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-133
MILLER, WARREN                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-128
MILLER, WILLIAM S.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-17-113
MILLS, ANDALUSIA E.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-8-189
MILLS, ANNA POTTER                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-149
MILLS, CHARLES O.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-53
MILLS, CLARA FOX                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-291
MILLS, FRANK H.                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-185
MILLS, FREDERICK S.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-136
MILLS, MARIA                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-12-329
MILLS, MARIAN D.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-137
MILLS, SAMUEL                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-10-148
MILLS, SIDNEY S.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-3-221
MILLS, WILLIAM B.                 BLEECKER                      NY-18-24-106
MILLS, WILLIAM C.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-462
MILLS, WILLIAM C.                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-12-277
MILLS, WILLIAM T.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-1-308
MILLS, WILLIAM T.                 NTL                           NY-18-7-325
MILROY, ELECTA E.                 BROADALBIN                    NY-18-24-235
MIMMICK, CAROLINE                 BROADALBIN                    NY-18-11-377
MIMMICK, JOHN W.                  BROADALBIN                    NY-18-11-373
MITCHELL, ELIZABETH               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-237
MITCHELL, JAMES                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-2-6
MITCHELL, JOHNR .                 NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-4-292
MOAK, MARGARET                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-21-123
MOATS, MARY                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-25-191
MOLD, JAMES H.                    NORTHAMPTON                   NY-18-23-111
MOLZ, IDA                         JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-97
MONAGLEAN, CATHERINE              WESTBUSH                      NY-18-25-73
MONAHAN, MAGGIE                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-245
MONAHAN, MARY                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-145
MONROE, CATHARINE                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-6-517
MONROE, WILLIAM H.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-7-473
MONTANYE, JULIA A.                GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-158
MONTIETH, WILLIAM                 BROADALBIN                    NY-18-1-310
MOON, JOHN                        STRATFORD                     NY-18-25-39
MOORE, ANNA                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-417
MOORE, DANIEL                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-7-515
MOORE, DAVID                      NTL                           NY-18-1-496
MOORE, EVERETT H.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-191
MOORE, FREDERICK                  NTL                           NY-18-1-110
MOORE, FREDERICK                  MOHAWK                        NY-18-2-263
MOORE, FREDERICK J.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-445
MOORE, GODFREY                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-343
MOORE, HELEN                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-5-451
MOORE, HELENA                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-78
MOORE, HENRY                      NTL                           NY-18-4-58
MOORE, JOHN                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-4-70
MOORE, LUCY M.                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-58
MOORE, MARY C.                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-10-254
MOORE, MICHAEL                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-2-249
MOORE, MICHAEL                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-2-19
MOORE, SARAH                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-15-308
MOREY, MARY A.                    CAROGA                        NY-18-24-225
MOREY, NANCY                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-9-69
MORGAN, EUNICE C.                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-266
MORGAN, SARAH T.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-17-243
MORRIS, HARRIET                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-16-125
MORRIS, ISAAC                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-229
MORRIS, LUCY A.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-227
MORSE, JANE E.                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-23
MORTIMER, JAMES                   GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-12-393
MOSHER, BARNABAS W.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-15-91
MOSHER, CLARK W.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-20-279
MOSHER, DAVID A.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-17-167
MOSHER, JANE L.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-21-109
MOSHER, JOHNATHAN H.              PERTH                         NY-18-7-281
MOSHER, LEONARD                   OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-10-217
MOSHER, NATHAN                    OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-22-260
MOSHER, PETER                     OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-1-322
MOSHER, SUSAN M.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-145
MOSHER, WILSON                    PERTH                         NY-18-24-146
MOTT, ABEL                        MAYFIELD                      NY-18-1-157
MOUL, HENRY S.                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-25-219
MOUNT, JOHN                       JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-16-33
MOWER, EDA                        GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-23-13
MOWER, JOHN S.                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-18-300
MOWERS, NANCY                     GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-22-108
MOWREY, ELIZA                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-13-425
MOYER, LYDIA K.                   JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-23-71
MULCAHY, DAVID                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-20-51
MULLEN, MARY                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-26-35
MULLEN, THOMAS                    JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-69
MUNOSN, EBENEZER BEACH            MAYFIELD                      NY-18-12-253
MUNRO, ANDREW                     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-3-469
MUNRO, SAMUEL H.                  MAYFIELD                      NY-18-1-386
MUNSION, LEWIS                    GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-12-473
MUNSON, MIRRIAM D.                BROADALBIN                    NY-18-8-517
MUNYAN, JAMES                     NTL                           NY-18-1-289
MURPHY, JOHN                      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-22-3
MURPHY, JULIA E.                  GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-92
MURRAY, ELIZA S.                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-14-53
MURRAY, JAMES                     EPHRATAH                      NY-18-5-100
MURRAY, MARGARET                  EPHRATAH                      NY-18-15-530
MURRAY, MICHAEL D.                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-24-118
MURRAY, OLIVER                    EPHRATAH                      NY-18-9-33
MURRY, ELIZABETH                  EPHRATAH                      NY-18-6-534
MURRY, PATRICK                    OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-8-513
MUSGRAVE, ELIZABETH               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-11-405
MUSGRAVE, GEORGE                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-18-10-15
MUSGRAVE, JENNIE E.               GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-24-47
MUSGRAVE, MATTHEW                 GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-14-245
MUSGRAVE, WILLIAM B.              GLOVERSVILLE                  NY-18-26-234
MYERS, JACOB                      OPPENHEIM                     NY-18-2-25

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