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TABER, PELEG                           NY-13-H-6
TACY, CATHARINE                        NY-13-O-149
TAIT, JAMES                            NY-13-M-115
TAIT, JOSEPH                           NY-13-F-327
TAIT, SAMUEL                           NY-13-E-195
TALCOTT, GRISWOLD H.                   NY-13-N-214
TALCOTT, HENRY                         NY-13-U-205
TALCOTT, SALLIE A.                     NY-13-W-389
TAMSETT, HARRIET                       NY-13-N-195
TAMSETT, JAMES T.                      NY-13-N-144
TANSLEY, GEORGE                        NY-13-K-201
TARBELL, JOHN F.                       NY-13-V-549
TARBOX, DAVID                          NY-13-F-390
TATE, ANDREW                           NY-13-L-320
TATE, ELIZABETH                        NY-13-M-23
TATE, HARRIETT                         NY-13-Z-150
TATE, ISABEL R.                        NY-13-27-1
TATE, JOSEPH                           NY-13-W-5
TATE, MICHAEL                          NY-13-M-76
TAYLOR, ANDREW                         NY-13-Q-105
TAYLOR, CHRISTINE                      NY-13-Z-166
TAYLOR, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-13-G-209
TAYLOR, CLEMENTINE                     NY-13-H-136
TAYLOR, DAVID                          NY-13-M-158
TAYLOR, DAVID                          NY-13-L-119
TAYLOR, DAVID                          NY-13-P-233
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH D.                   NY-13-Y-117
TAYLOR, ELLIS L.                       NY-13-R-377
TAYLOR, EUNICE M.                      NY-13-L-178
TAYLOR, GEORGE N.                      NY-13-K-655
TAYLOR, HARRY                          NY-13-I-175
TAYLOR, J. WHEELER                     NY-13-Q-321
TAYLOR, LEODRICK                       NY-13-H-78
TAYLOR, POLLY                          NY-13-G-183
TAYLOR, SARAH H.                       NY-13-G-497
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                        NY-13-F-396
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                        NY-13-R-477
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                        NY-13-L-42
TAYLOR, ZALMON                         NY-13-D-50
TEED, ALDEN                            NY-13-29-78
TEED, CHARLES W.                       NY-13-Y-605
TEED, ISAAC                            NY-13-O-419
TEED, JOHN                             NY-13-D-376
TEED, WILLIAM                          NY-13-M-164
TEED, ZEPHENIAH                        NY-13-H-254
TELFORD, HANNAH ELIZABETH              NY-13-T-185
TELFORD, ISABELLA                      NY-13-P-249
TELFORD, JOHN                          NY-13-29-68
TELFORD, MARY E.                       NY-13-G-571
TELFORD, THOMAS                        NY-13-Z-111
TENBROCK, WILLIAM A.                   NY-13-T-145
TENEYCK, NANCY                         NY-13-I-215
TENEYCK, SETH G.                       NY-13-Q-525
TENNANT, GEORGE W.                     NY-13-V-357
TENNING, PETER                         NY-13-C-117
TERPENNING, JACOB                      NY-13-M-55
TERRY, BETSEY                          NY-13-D-275
TERRY, FERRIS                          NY-13-W-437
TERRY, HARRISON                        NY-13-P-221
TERRY, HULDAH                          NY-13-V-445
TERRY, LORENZO D.                      NY-13-I-261
TERRY, MARIETT                         NY-13-V-501
TERRY, SAMUEL                          NY-13-Z-10
TERRY, URBANA                          NY-13-D-134
TERRY, VIOLETTA M.                     NY-13-U-226
TERRY, WALTER L.                       NY-13-28-142
TERWILLIGER, ANGELINE                  NY-13-O-185
THATCHER, JOSIAH                       NY-13-E-126
THOMAS, AARON                          NY-13-D-286
THOMAS, ABRAHAM                        NY-13-E-47
THOMAS, AGNES BLAKELY                  NY-13-29-118
THOMAS, BENJAMIN                       NY-13-K-78
THOMAS, JOHN B.                        NY-13-G-536
THOMAS, SARAH G.                       NY-13-N-252
THOMAS, WILLIAM G.                     NY-13-W-157
THOMPSON, ALFRED                       NY-13-U-120
THOMPSON, CATHERINE                    NY-13-H-272
THOMPSON, EZEKIEL N.                   NY-13-P-393
THOMPSON, FOSTER W.                    NY-13-P-305
THOMPSON, JAMES M.                     NY-13-M-40
THOMPSON, JAMES SR.                    NY-13-G-200
THOMPSON, JOHN B.                      NY-13-F-429
THOMPSON, JOHN H.                      NY-13-Q-121
THOMPSON, NATHANIEL R.                 NY-13-G-180
THOMPSON, THOMAS                       NY-13-C3-117
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                      NY-13-F-420
THOMSON, ALEXANDER                     NY-13-29-15
THOMSON, ANDREW B.                     NY-13-T-161
THOMSON, ANDREW JR.                    NY-13-D-259
THOMSON, ANDREW Y.                     NY-13-O-299
THOMSON, CHRISTINA                     NY-13-Q-577
THOMSON, ELIZABETH                     NY-13-27-150
THOMSON, ELIZABETH S.                  NY-13-M-33
THOMSON, ISABELLA L.                   NY-13-X-441
THOMSON, JAMES H.                      NY-13-V-1
THOMSON, JAMES SR.                     NY-13-H-178
THOMSON, JANNETT                       NY-13-I-140
THOMSON, JOHN D.                       NY-13-K-476
THOMSON, JOHN R.                       NY-13-N-233
THOMSON, MARGARET                      NY-13-T-285
THOMSON, MILLARD H.                    NY-13-27-105
THOMSON, THOMAS                        NY-13-T-221
THOMSON, WILLIAM                       NY-13-M-160
THOMSON, WILLIAM D.                    NY-13-S-353
THORP, ABBIE ANN                       NY-13-Z-45
THORP, CHRISTOPHER M.                  NY-13-M-339
THORP, EZRA                            NY-13-C4-67
THORP, HELEN L.                        NY-13-W-297
THORP, NELSON L.                       NY-13-L-335
THRISTER, ROBERT                       NY-13-Z-79
THURBER, EMILY C.                      NY-13-I-356
THURSTON, CHARLES T.                   NY-13-29-40
TIERNAN, LUCY M.                       NY-13-27-29
TIERNAN, ROBERT P.                     NY-13-27-128
TIFFANY, BENJAMIN S.                   NY-13-R-329
TIFFANY, LUCINDA                       NY-13-M-259
TIFFANY, MARGARET                      NY-13-T-93
TIFFANY, PETER                         NY-13-Z-83
TIFFANY, THEODOLIA                     NY-13-X-149
TIFFANY, WILLIAM                       NY-13-P-265
TINKER, SAMUEL                         NY-13-F-56
TITTAMER, HELEN MARIA                  NY-13-P-457
TITTAMORE, HENRY                       NY-13-Q-249
TITUS, ALONZO                          NY-13-N-9
TITUS, EDWARD R.                       NY-13-T-569
TITUS, LEWIS T.                        NY-13-F-583
TODD, BURR                             NY-13-M-19
TODD, DUDLEY                           NY-13-P-45
TODD, ISAAC                            NY-13-L-28
TODD, JAMES                            NY-13-Q-253
TODD, WALTER                           NY-13-K-642
TOMPKINS, FRANK H.                     NY-13-Y-209
TOMPKINS, GEORGE                       NY-13-Q-81
TOMPKINS, JOHN U.                      NY-13-G-623
TOMPKINS, LEMUEL J.                    NY-13-W-213
TOMPKINS, MARY A.                      NY-13-P-637
TONKLIN, SETH W.                       NY-13-27-13
TOOMANN, ANDREW                        NY-13-28-27
TOOMER, HERBERT                        NY-13-N-121
TOPLIFF, WILLARD                       NY-13-S-209
TORMAY, MICHAEL                        NY-13-R-89
TOWERS, LYMAN                          NY-13-H-307
TOWLES, EDWARD F.                      NY-13-X-497
TOWLES, HORACE M.                      NY-13-X-453
TOWNSEND, ALFRED                       NY-13-L-310
TOWNSEND, ISAAC                        NY-13-C3-248
TOWNSEND, ISAAC                        NY-13-R-37
TOWNSEND, ISAAC                        NY-13-C4-83
TOWNSEND, ISAAC J.                     NY-13-N-119
TOWNSEND, PLATT                        NY-13-B-368
TOWNSEND, SARAH H.                     NY-13-V-189
TOWNSEND, WILLIAM                      NY-13-E-120
TRACY, JEDEDIAH                        NY-13-E-6
TRAVIS, ELIZABETH B.                   NY-13-27-25
TRAVIS, ETHIEL                         NY-13-G-136
TRAVIS, GILBERT W.                     NY-13-H-256
TRAVIS, HARVEY J.                      NY-13-K-336
TREADWELL, AGNES A. C.                 NY-13-S-621
TREADWELL, ANDREW T.                   NY-13-L-120
TREADWELL, ASAHEL L.                   NY-13-K-570
TREADWELL, ELEAZER                     NY-13-F-373
TREADWELL, HARTSON S.                  NY-13-R-453
TREADWELL, HUMPHREY                    NY-13-C-109
TREADWELL, MARIA                       NY-13-T-353
TREADWELL, MARTHA R.                   NY-13-S-341
TREADWELL, MINOR                       NY-13-F-514
TREPPER, ELIJAH                        NY-13-F-97
TRIPPET, MARGARET                      NY-13-K-133
TROTTER, WILLIAM                       NY-13-E-409
TRUAX, ANSEL B.                        NY-13-R-17
TRUESDELL, ABBEY M.                    NY-13-L-17
TRUESELL, ALBERT                       NY-13-H-278
TRUMAN, THADDEUS F.                    NY-13-N-271
TURNBULL, ANDREW                       NY-13-E-237
TURNBULL, JOHN                         NY-13-L-288
TURNER, ALEX                           NY-13-29-29
TURNER, JOH                            NY-13-E-282
TURNER, PAUL                           NY-13-C3-12
TUTTLE, ANDREW                         NY-13-W-65
TUTTLE, ARCHIBALD B.                   NY-13-N-188
TUTTLE, BENJAMIN                       NY-13-N-52
TUTTLE, GARWOOD S.                     NY-13-O-317
TUTTLE, RUAMY                          NY-13-K-194
TUTTLE, WILLIAM                        NY-13-F-676
TWADDELL, ALFRED T.                    NY-13-N-143
TWADDELL, AMBROSE S.                   NY-13-K-144
TWADDELL, ANN                          NY-13-T-413
TWADDELL, BERNARD G.                   NY-13-Y-253
TWADDELL, ERASTUS R.                   NY-13-M-189
TWADDELL, GEORGE C.                    NY-13-L-44
TWADDELL, JAMES M.                     NY-13-F-307
TWEEDIE, JOHN B.                       NY-13-K-593
TWEEDIE, WILLIAM                       NY-13-V-657
TWITCHELL, CHARLES                     NY-13-L-235
TYLER, ALVAH H.                        NY-13-M-96
TYLER, IRVIN H.                        NY-13-W-557
TYLER, JULIA A.                        NY-13-K-395
TYLER, POLLY                           NY-13-M-263
TYLER, ULYSSES S.                      NY-13-N-55
UDELL, WILLIAM                         NY-13-X-433
UNDERWOOD, ALVIRA                      NY-13-V-249
UNDERWOOD, BUSHROD W.                  NY-13-H-18
UNDERWOOD, DANIEL F.                   NY-13-Q-409
UNDERWOOD, LAURA M.                    NY-13-Q-657
UNDERWOOD, MARY M.                     NY-13-M-285
UNDERWOOD, OLIVER                      NY-13-E-30
UPHAM, CALEB                           NY-13-I-29
UPSON, EZEKIEL                         NY-13-C3-272
UPSON, EZEKIEL                         NY-13-C4-98
UTTER, CATHARINE                       NY-13-H-401
UTTER, GEORGE H.                       NY-13-M-337
UTTER, JOHN                            NY-13-E-148
VAIL, JAMES W.                         NY-13-L-40
VAIL, NATHANIEL                        NY-13-C2-142
VALENTINE, ELIZABETH A.                NY-13-R-501
VALENTINE, MILO                        NY-13-N-157
VANAKEN, HARRIET                       NY-13-S-689
VANAKEN, JEREMIAH A.                   NY-13-U-220
VANAKIN, CATHARINE                     NY-13-G-237
VANAKIN, GEORGE D.                     NY-13-X-621
VANAKIN, HARRIET                       NY-13-S-225
VANAKIN, JONATHAN                      NY-13-29-81
VANAKIN, WILLIAM                       NY-13-M-78
VANALSTINE, HARRIET                    NY-13-27-83
VANALSTINE, HENRY                      NY-13-27-4
VANALSTINE, MARTIN                     NY-13-Q-145
VANALTINE, MARY L.                     NY-13-27-123
VANAMBURGH, EBER                       NY-13-X-485
VANAMBURGH, LOUISA                     NY-13-V-257
VANAMBURGH, PETER                      NY-13-V-77
VANBENSCHOTEN, HENRY                   NY-13-U-366
VANBENSCHOTER, WILLIAM                 NY-13-29-98
VANBUREN, ABRAM H.                     NY-13-F-599
VANBUREN, EMILY L.                     NY-13-28-64
VANBUSKIRK, AMEY L.                    NY-13-O-169
VANBUSKIRK, HARRIET                    NY-13-O-109
VANCISE, BETHENA                       NY-13-M-167
VANCISE, HARRIET                       NY-13-R-421
VANCISE, JOHN                          NY-13-H-264
VANDEBOGART, ELIZABETH                 NY-13-C2-6
VANDENBURGH, EZEKIEL                   NY-13-D-55
VANDERBOGART, ELIZABETH                NY-13-C-212
VANDERVORT, JOHN                       NY-13-29-156
VANDERWARK, JOHN                       NY-13-L-63
VANDEUSEN, LOTTIE A.                   NY-13-X-597
VANDUSEN, ABRAM                        NY-13-M-15
VANDUSEN, DAVID                        NY-13-S-641
VANDUSEN, EMILY                        NY-13-N-187
VANDUSEN, EVA M.                       NY-13-S-25
VANDUSEN, JAMES                        NY-13-F-81
VANDUSEN, MARTIN                       NY-13-E-506
VANDUSEN, ROBERT J.                    NY-13-N-313
VANDUSEN, SARAH E.                     NY-13-Z-81
VANDUSEN, SARAH J.                     NY-13-P-525
VANDYKE, EDWARD                        NY-13-O-407
VANDYKE, MARY                          NY-13-V-669
VANDYKE, PATRICK L.                    NY-13-Q-101
VANDYKE, RICHARD                       NY-13-X-289
VANDYKE, RICHARD W.                    NY-13-G-10
VANHOESEN, ASYRIAN A.                  NY-13-W-21
VANHOESEN, DAVID                       NY-13-27-115
VANKEUREN, MATTHEW                     NY-13-D-423
VANKURSEN, ELLA                        NY-13-X-493
VANLEUVAN, CATHERINE                   NY-13-27-104
VANLOAN, TOBIAS                        NY-13-27-138
VANPATTEN, MELVIN                      NY-13-P-209
VANPATTEN, REBECCA                     NY-13-Z-128
VANSCHAICK, ROBERT M.                  NY-13-H-276
VANSCHOYK, CORNELIUS                   NY-13-28-171
VANSCHOYK, NANCY                       NY-13-I-13
VANSCOYK, STPEHEN S.                   NY-13-F-553
VANSTEENBURG, ULYSSES                  NY-13-S-541
VANVALKENBURG, GEORGE                  NY-13-Y-41
VANVALKENBURG, JOHN                    NY-13-M-38
VANVALKENBURGH, ABRAM                  NY-13-F-163
VANVALKENBURGH, HEZEKIAH               NY-13-O-497
VANVALKENBURGH, ISAAC                  NY-13-E-423
VANVALKENBURGH, ISAAC                  NY-13-29-62
VANVALKENBURGH, MARY                   NY-13-N-321
VANVLAKENBURG, PETER J.                NY-13-W-671
VANVOLKINBURG, WILLIAM                 NY-13-P-697
VANWAGONER, NELSON                     NY-13-H-35
VANZANDT, SARAH L.                     NY-13-N-341
VAUGHN, JOHN                           NY-13-C4-106
VAUGHN, JOHN                           NY-13-C3-278
VERGESON, MARY C.                      NY-13-R-433
VERMILYA, EDWARD                       NY-13-N-323
VERMILYA, MARY E.                      NY-13-Z-8
VERMILYA, NOAH D.                      NY-13-Q-413
VERMILYA, ORVILLE                      NY-13-N-273
VROMAN, CHARLES L.                     NY-13-S-573
WADE, CHARLES B.                       NY-13-H-244
WADE, ELIZA                            NY-13-M-221
WADE, EMMA J.                          NY-13-Y-611
WADE, JOSEPH                           NY-13-28-158
WAGER, NANCY B.                        NY-13-O-389
WAINWRIGHT, JOHN                       NY-13-D-118
WAKEFIELD, ELEANOR J.                  NY-13-R-289
WAKELEY, HARRIET                       NY-13-L-24
WAKEMAN, ASAHEL                        NY-13-Z-12
WAKEMAN, CATHARINE S.                  NY-13-P-129
WAKEMAN, DAVID C.                      NY-13-R-353
WAKEMAN, ELIPHALET                     NY-13-G-415
WAKEMAN, ELIPHALET                     NY-13-L-56
WAKEMAN, ELIZA                         NY-13-K-237
WAKEMAN, FIDELIA M.                    NY-13-M-226
WAKEMAN, GAYLORD B.                    NY-13-Z-6
WAKEMAN, JULIA                         NY-13-L-219
WAKEMAN, MARY BOICE                    NY-13-U-340
WAKEMAN, MOSES                         NY-13-I-267
WAKEMAN, SABRIE M.                     NY-13-Y-161
WAKEMAN, SALLIE B.                     NY-13-N-209
WAKEMAN, SMITH                         NY-13-M-227
WAKEMAN, SUSAN P.                      NY-13-V-69
WAKEMAN, VERMILYEA H.                  NY-13-P-293
WAKEMAN, WARREN                        NY-13-H-140
WALDRON, ORLANDO                       NY-13-27-82
WALEY, MARY A.                         NY-13-M-69
WALKER, HARRIET A.                     NY-13-M-321
WALL, MICHAEL                          NY-13-L-46
WALLEY, ELMIRA                         NY-13-28-165
WALROD, HIRAM                          NY-13-Z-71
WALWORTH, GILBERT                      NY-13-B-351
WALZ, JOHN H.                          NY-13-27-46
WAMSLEY, CHRISTOPHER                   NY-13-C3-213
WAMSLEY, PERRY                         NY-13-Q-233
WANNEMACHER, JACOB                     NY-13-P-97
WAPLE, ALEXANDER                       NY-13-Z-147
WARD, FANNIE                           NY-13-O-69
WARD, JANET                            NY-13-V-197
WARD, JEREMIAH                         NY-13-H-163
WARD, JEREMIAH                         NY-13-F-609
WARD, LESTER                           NY-13-H-160
WARD, NELLIE                           NY-13-27-78
WARD, SUSAN                            NY-13-Q-621
WARD, THOMAS                           NY-13-M-277
WARDELL, ALMER                         NY-13-F-558
WARDELL, MORTIMER H. C.                NY-13-Q-165
WARDWELL, JANE Z.                      NY-13-N-131
WARFIELD, CHARLES T.                   NY-13-29-129
WARING, HIRAM                          NY-13-G-555
WARNE, FREDERICK                       NY-13-N-318
WARNER, CHARLES                        NY-13-27-94
WARNER, CYNTHA                         NY-13-L-332
WARNER, ELIAS                          NY-13-G-18
WARNER, FRANCIS                        NY-13-29-105
WARNER, JACOB                          NY-13-S-381
WARNER, JOHN A.                        NY-13-P-153
WARNER, MARTHA E.                      NY-13-X-101
WARNER, RHODA                          NY-13-V-417
WARNER, SAMUEL D.                      NY-13-S-129
WARREN, EBENEZER                       NY-13-O-263
WARREN, GEORGE A.                      NY-13-27-69
WARREN, ISAAC                          NY-13-G-193
WARREN, JOSEPH                         NY-13-G-53
WARREN, PETER                          NY-13-G-83
WASHBURN, ALICE L.                     NY-13-V-169
WASHBURN, EBENEZER B.                  NY-13-D-255
WASHBURN, JAMES                        NY-13-27-19
WASHBURN, MARY E.                      NY-13-27-130
WASHBURN, SILAS                        NY-13-E-504
WATER, ERASTUS                         NY-13-E-488
WATERBURY, LUCY A.                     NY-13-Y-647
WATERMAN, ANNA                         NY-13-M-212
WATERMAN, JOHN M.                      NY-13-27-23
WATERS, FRANCES P.                     NY-13-F-636
WATERS, JOSEPH                         NY-13-F-623
WATERS, MARY E.                        NY-13-P-53
WATSON, JOHN                           NY-13-H-634
WATTLES, SLUMAN L.                     NY-13-O-503
WATTLES, WALTER                        NY-13-W-629
WATTLES, WEALTHY A.                    NY-13-R-461
WAY, NANCY M.                          NY-13-S-13
WEBB, ABIGAIL                          NY-13-K-228
WEBB, GEORGE W.                        NY-13-V-349
WEBB, HENRY M.                         NY-13-N-329
WEBB, JANE A.                          NY-13-N-6
WEBB, JOSEPH W.                        NY-13-H-352
WEBB, MARY R.                          NY-13-L-76
WEBB, WILLIAM H.                       NY-13-Q-89
WEBSTER, DANIEL H.                     NY-13-28-147
WEBSTER, GROVE                         NY-13-H-575
WEBSTER, JOHN                          NY-13-T-257
WEBSTER, JOHN                          NY-13-C3-120
WEBSTER, JOHN G.                       NY-13-N-167
WEBSTER, LENINA                        NY-13-L-39
WEBSTER, STEPHEN A.                    NY-13-V-381
WEE, DANIEL S.                         NY-13-H-111
WEED, ADELIA M.                        NY-13-Y-129
WEED, DANIEL                           NY-13-G-28
WEED, EBENEZER                         NY-13-L-175
WEED, ELIZA A.                         NY-13-S-221
WEED, HANNAH JANE                      NY-13-Q-1
WEED, JAMES                            NY-13-C-44
WEED, JONATHAN                         NY-13-C3-347
WEED, LINUS                            NY-13-H-492
WEED, NELLIE                           NY-13-R-105
WEEKS, GEORGE                          NY-13-R-201
WEEKS, SARAH                           NY-13-R-369
WEISMER, GEORGE                        NY-13-G-551
WELCH, SUSANNAH                        NY-13-H-196
WELDEN, ASAHEL                         NY-13-X-33
WELLER, HIRAM C.                       NY-13-S-553
WELLER, MARTHA H.                      NY-13-29-14
WELLS, ANNIS                           NY-13-M-279
WELLS, BENJAMIN J.                     NY-13-H-371
WELLS, HENRY F.                        NY-13-I-217
WELLS, JOSIAH D.                       NY-13-F-31
WELLS, NANCY A.                        NY-13-L-189
WELSH, MATTHEW                         NY-13-L-223
WELTON, SAMUEL                         NY-13-G-538
WESTCOTT, EMMET R.                     NY-13-28-146
WESTCOTT, JOSEPH B.                    NY-13-Y-241
WESTOVER, THEOPHILUS                   NY-13-F-238
WETMORE, ELISHA                        NY-13-F-467
WETMORE, JAMES                         NY-13-G-218
WETMORE, JOHN K.                       NY-13-Q-685
WETMORE, REBECCA ANN                   NY-13-T-503
WETMORE, SOLOMON S. D.                 NY-13-S-37
WETMORE, THOMAS H.                     NY-13-I-241
WHALEN, MARY                           NY-13-27-2
WHALEN, MICHAEL                        NY-13-W-61
WHEAT, ALMIRON G.                      NY-13-Z-175
WHEAT, CYRUS                           NY-13-U-23
WHEAT, FRANCES M.                      NY-13-29-7
WHEAT, LEMIRA F.                       NY-13-X-1
WHEAT, MARY P.                         NY-13-29-103
WHEAT, SYLVESTER                       NY-13-M-159
WHEAT, WILLIAM B.                      NY-13-27-89
WHEATON, PALMER R.                     NY-13-Z-54
WHEELER, BETSEY                        NY-13-T-449
WHEELER, CHARLES A.                    NY-13-W-81
WHEELER, DELANAH T.                    NY-13-G-133
WHEELER, EDWARD W.                     NY-13-T-41
WHEELER, ELSIE K.                      NY-13-W-623
WHEELER, EMILY E.                      NY-13-L-212
WHEELER, EVELINE E.                    NY-13-29-13
WHEELER, FREDERICK M.                  NY-13-L-227
WHEELER, GEORGE D.                     NY-13-T-617
WHEELER, JAMES                         NY-13-F-23
WHEELER, RUTH E.                       NY-13-V-73
WHEELER, SAMUEL                        NY-13-A-315
WHEELER, TRUMAN                        NY-13-M-280
WHEELER, WALTER D.                     NY-13-P-517
WHEELER, WILLIAM                       NY-13-E-158
WHIPPLE, DANIEL                        NY-13-M-319
WHIPPLE, HENRY                         NY-13-P-25
WHIPPLE, LURICA                        NY-13-N-90
WHIPPLE, WARREN                        NY-13-29-75
WHITAKER, HULDAH                       NY-13-F-195
WHITAKER, LUCRETIA                     NY-13-R-553
WHITCOMB, GEORGE                       NY-13-M-131
WHITCOMB, ISABELLA                     NY-13-V-517
WHITCOMB, MARCUS                       NY-13-Z-117
WHITE, ALEXANDER                       NY-13-E-72
WHITE, AMELIA L.                       NY-13-X-293
WHITE, ANNA B.                         NY-13-V-53
WHITE, ANSON                           NY-13-H-84
WHITE, BENJAMIN                        NY-13-F-214
WHITE, DOMENICK                        NY-13-M-59
WHITE, DOMINICK                        NY-13-29-112
WHITE, HANNAH                          NY-13-V-125
WHITE, HANNAH E.                       NY-13-U-296
WHITE, HENRY                           NY-13-G-117
WHITE, ICHABOD                         NY-13-N-236
WHITE, JAMES R.                        NY-13-H-415
WHITE, JAMES W.                        NY-13-N-332
WHITE, JOHN                            NY-13-D-444
WHITE, JOHN                            NY-13-I-169
WHITE, JOHN C.                         NY-13-N-295
WHITE, JOHN R.                         NY-13-R-169
WHITE, JOHN Y.                         NY-13-F-268
WHITE, LUCY R.                         NY-13-27-119
WHITE, MARIA NORTH                     NY-13-29-155
WHITE, MARIETTA                        NY-13-Z-50
WHITE, MARY E.                         NY-13-28-50
WHITE, MARY M.                         NY-13-W-683
WHITE, NANCY                           NY-13-28-88
WHITE, NANCY                           NY-13-H-396
WHITE, PETER                           NY-13-V-317
WHITE, RICHARD L.                      NY-13-F-574
WHITE, ROBERT                          NY-13-G-442
WHITE, SAMUEL J.                       NY-13-28-29
WHITE, WILLIAM                         NY-13-N-235
WHITE, WILLIAM                         NY-13-E-298
WHITE, WILLIAM A.                      NY-13-R-541
WHITMAN, JAMES F.                      NY-13-L-180
WHITNEY, SHERMAN                       NY-13-N-166
WHITNEY, WILLIAM                       NY-13-X-297
WHITSON, HELEN                         NY-13-E-301
WHITSON, JAMES                         NY-13-R-341
WHITSON, JOHN                          NY-13-H-592
WHITTLE, JOSEPH                        NY-13-O-649
WHYTE, JANE B.                         NY-13-N-240
WICKHAM, ALLEN S.                      NY-13-E-59
WIDGER, EBENEZER                       NY-13-I-240
WIESMER, GERGE                         NY-13-D-317
WIGHT, BETSEY                          NY-13-Y-503
WIGHT, ELIZABETH                       NY-13-L-21
WIGHT, GEORGE                          NY-13-H-568
WIGHT, JOHN L.                         NY-13-P-489
WIGHT, SARAH                           NY-13-O-257
WIGHT, THOMAS                          NY-13-F-46
WILBER, OLIVER                         NY-13-C3-330
WILBUR, DANIEL H.                      NY-13-H-1
WILBUR, ELIJAH                         NY-13-W-647
WILBUR, HANNAH                         NY-13-R-233
WILBUR, WILLIAM B.                     NY-13-E-21
WILCOX, ANDREW T.                      NY-13-N-148
WILCOX, ANN ELIZA                      NY-13-S-337
WILCOX, CALVIN                         NY-13-M-338
WILCOX, ELIZABETH E.                   NY-13-W-593
WILCOX, EMMA J.                        NY-13-L-172
WILCOX, MYRON                          NY-13-T-683
WILCOX, ORRIN                          NY-13-N-259
WILCOX, SAMUEL                         NY-13-H-146
WILCOX, WILLIAM R.                     NY-13-N-191
WILES, WILLIAM                         NY-13-N-282
WILKINS, ALBERT J.                     NY-13-V-173
WILKINS, MORRIS J.                     NY-13-P-145
WILLCOX, SAMUEL                        NY-13-C3-37
WILLES, FRANK E.                       NY-13-27-158
WILLIAMS, ALONZO                       NY-13-K-179
WILLIAMS, AMANDA L.                    NY-13-M-264
WILLIAMS, AMAZIAH                      NY-13-W-181
WILLIAMS, BETSEY C.                    NY-13-V-309
WILLIAMS, CHARLES L.                   NY-13-28-145
WILLIAMS, EDWIN B.                     NY-13-W-289
WILLIAMS, ESTHER H.                    NY-13-X-545
WILLIAMS, HARVEY A.                    NY-13-29-165
WILLIAMS, HENRY J.                     NY-13-Y-521
WILLIAMS, JAY R.                       NY-13-27-31
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         NY-13-D-110
WILLIAMS, JULIA                        NY-13-O-125
WILLIAMS, MAGGIE                       NY-13-28-107
WILLIAMS, NATHAN W.                    NY-13-I-333
WILLIAMS, SALLY                        NY-13-M-112
WILLIAMS, STEARNS A.                   NY-13-27-114
WILLIAMS, THOMAS P.                    NY-13-L-3
WILLIAMSON, DAVID                      NY-13-S-305
WILLIAMSON, DAVID                      NY-13-H-534
WILLIAMSON, ELIZA                      NY-13-V-369
WILLIAMSON, ELIZABETH                  NY-13-27-71
WILLIAMSON, JAMES                      NY-13-H-174
WILLIAMSON, JOHN                       NY-13-H-390
WILLIAMSON, THOMAS                     NY-13-S-85
WILLIS, AZARIAH                        NY-13-B-79
WILLIS, WARREN G.                      NY-13-Q-161
WILLIS, WEARAM                         NY-13-F-260
WILLS, GEORGE HART                     NY-13-Z-37
WILLSON, ROSE ANN                      NY-13-L-338
WILSEY, EDGAR J.                       NY-13-28-127
WILSON, ABRAM                          NY-13-X-205
WILSON, CAROLINE                       NY-13-R-77
WILSON, CHARLES J.                     NY-13-N-227
WILSON, EDWIN T.                       NY-13-27-95
WILSON, ELMIRA                         NY-13-S-633
WILSON, GEORGE S.                      NY-13-27-67
WILSON, HANNAH                         NY-13-X-37
WILSON, HIRAM D.                       NY-13-W-325
WILSON, ISAAC                          NY-13-L-296
WILSON, JAMES C.                       NY-13-H-40
WILSON, JAMES R.                       NY-13-R-417
WILSON, JOHN                           NY-13-F-185
WILSON, JOHN                           NY-13-H-29
WILSON, LETTY G.                       NY-13-Q-273
WILSON, ORLANOD                        NY-13-27-175
WILSON, PHEBE                          NY-13-P-601
WILSON, SAMUEL M.                      NY-13-F-641
WILSON, SILVIA A.                      NY-13-M-4
WILSON, THOMAS                         NY-13-L-79
WILSON, WILLIAM                        NY-13-F-520
WILTSIE, WILLIAM                       NY-13-M-151
WINANS, CYRUS                          NY-13-V-241
WINANS, HENRY H.                       NY-13-Q-665
WINANS, ISAAC                          NY-13-S-197
WINANS, RHOBEY H.                      NY-13-X-425
WINANS, WILLIAM H.                     NY-13-X-213
WINN, JOHN                             NY-13-B-191
WINNIE, JOHN V. E.                     NY-13-29-23
WINSLOW, ELIZA                         NY-13-K-244
WINTER, JEANNETTE A.                   NY-13-U-396
WINTER, RICHARD                        NY-13-G-380
WINTER, THOMAS                         NY-13-29-58
WINTERS, ALPHONZO                      NY-13-Z-74
WINTERS, JOSEPH C.                     NY-13-L-55
WISWALL, DANIELB.                      NY-13-T-545
WISWALL, GEORGE S.                     NY-13-V-345
WISWALL, HANNAH V.                     NY-13-X-137
WISWALL, PARKER                        NY-13-L-98
WITBECK, SARAH                         NY-13-L-261
WITTAKER, BENJAMIN                     NY-13-F-652
WOLCOTT, ALVIN J.                      NY-13-M-312
WOLCOTT, FRANCIS                       NY-13-L-315
WOLCOTT, LINUS                         NY-13-O-133
WOLCOTT, MARY ANN                      NY-13-M-276
WOLCOTT, REBECCA                       NY-13-P-321
WOLCOTT, THOMAS                        NY-13-D-131
WOLCOTT, WILLIAM                       NY-13-M-133
WOLF, JACOB                            NY-13-C-87
WOOD, AGNES BRISTOL                    NY-13-28-15
WOOD, BETSEY L.                        NY-13-M-299
WOOD, CATHARINE                        NY-13-L-122
WOOD, CHARLES A.                       NY-13-Y-137
WOOD, CHARLES O.                       NY-13-X-73
WOOD, DANIEL                           NY-13-D-297
WOOD, EBENEZER                         NY-13-S-161
WOOD, EDWARD                           NY-13-27-36
WOOD, EFFIE L.                         NY-13-Y-653
WOOD, ELISHA                           NY-13-G-257
WOOD, HANNAH B.                        NY-13-Q-93
WOOD, STEPHEN                          NY-13-E-290
WOODBECK, WALTER G.                    NY-13-N-133
WOODEN, HENRY                          NY-13-D-293
WOODIN, JOHN H.                        NY-13-L-230
WOODRUFF, JOHN W.                      NY-13-W-545
WOODRUFF, LODISA                       NY-13-Y-69
WOODS, WALTER                          NY-13-H-650
WOODWORTH, WILLIAM W.                  NY-13-I-158
WOOL, ROBERT                           NY-13-C3-45
WOOLERTON, ELIZABETH                   NY-13-K-278
WOOLERTON, WILLIAM                     NY-13-O-605
WORDEN, IRA                            NY-13-G-404
WORMOUTH, ALFRED D.                    NY-13-27-80
WRABLE, VIOLET                         NY-13-Y-309
WRAY, CHESTER B.                       NY-13-S-685
WRIGHT, ANN                            NY-13-Q-149
WRIGHT, CAROLINE A.                    NY-13-F-58
WRIGHT, DAVID                          NY-13-F-212
WRIGHT, FANNIE H.                      NY-13-X-105
WRIGHT, JANE H.                        NY-13-K-537
WRIGHT, MALCOLM                        NY-13-H-457
WRIGHT, MARGARET                       NY-13-N-23
WRIGHT, MARIA G.                       NY-13-T-61
WRIGHT, REBECCA                        NY-13-X-473
WRIGHT, ROSWELL                        NY-13-C3-23
WYCKOFF, MARY                          NY-13-N-56
WYCKOFF, MARY E.                       NY-13-Z-157
WYNN, ABIGAIL                          NY-13-R-137
YANSON, JANE                           NY-13-29-30
YAPLE, CHRISTIAN                       NY-13-E-480
YAPLE, CORNELIUS B.                    NY-13-L-276
YAPLE, FRANCES L.                      NY-13-L-250
YAPLE, JOHN NICHOLAS                   NY-13-D-497
YAPLE, PHILLIP                         NY-13-D-509
YAPLES, ABRAHAM                        NY-13-K-88
YENDES, GEORGE                         NY-13-F-473
YENDES, JOHN B.                        NY-13-O-97
YENDES, JOHN BARTHOLOMEW               NY-13-C2-11
YENDES, JOSEPH F.                      NY-13-R-217
YENDES, MARIA N.                       NY-13-T-539
YENDES, SAMANTHA J.                    NY-13-N-100
YEOMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-13-F-89
YEOMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-13-W-109
YOUMANS, ANNA E.                       NY-13-28-26
YOUMANS, SOLOMON L.                    NY-13-X-357
YOUNG, DANIEL                          NY-13-H-612
YOUNG, DEBORAH E.                      NY-13-H-445
YOUNG, HUGH                            NY-13-F-111
YOUNG, MARY E.                         NY-13-27-102
YOUNG, MARY J.                         NY-13-K-543
YOUNG, ROBERT                          NY-13-N-190
YOUNG, SAMUEL M.                       NY-13-29-119
YOUNG, THOMAS                          NY-13-M-61
YOUNG, WILLIAM J.                      NY-13-L-193
YOUNGS, ALICE E.                       NY-13-28-83
YOUNGS, ENOCH                          NY-13-S-101

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