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HADCOCK, STILLMAN                      NY-13-Q-361
HADDOW, MARY                           NY-13-G-19
HAGER, LARRY                           NY-13-N-8
HAGER, LEWIS                           NY-13-R-365
HAGER, OLIVER                          NY-13-S-313
HAGER, RYNOR V. N.                     NY-13-G-530
HAGER, SARAH M.                        NY-13-Q-561
HAGES, ASA L.                          NY-13-R-225
HAIGHT, SALLY ANN                      NY-13-M-297
HAIGHT, WILLIS T.                      NY-13-K-93
HAINER, JACOB                          NY-13-G-244
HAIT, BETSY M.                         NY-13-N-255
HAIT, EZRA                             NY-13-E-75
HAIT, STEPHEN                          NY-13-G-375
HALBERT, FRANK W.                      NY-13-Z-30
HALE, REUBIN                           NY-13-C2-204
HALE, WILLIAM                          NY-13-H-399
HALL, BENJAMIN                         NY-13-B-71
HALL, DANIEL J.                        NY-13-A-140
HALL, DEBORAH ANN                      NY-13-Z-22
HALL, EMMA                             NY-13-R-253
HALL, JOHN B.                          NY-13-A-268
HALL, LYDIA M.                         NY-13-V-5
HALL, SAMUEL S.                        NY-13-E-520
HALL, STERLING                         NY-13-V-485
HALL, WILLIAM                          NY-13-L-150
HALL, WILLIAM                          NY-13-M-32
HALLAGAN, EDWIN D.                     NY-13-R-41
HALLECK, JENNETT                       NY-13-29-122
HALLENBECK, JOSEPH S.                  NY-13-S-517
HALLOCK, BENJAMIN                      NY-13-F-606
HALLOCK, CARRIE E.                     NY-13-S-361
HALLOCK, CHARLES H.                    NY-13-M-111
HALLOCK, WILLIAM                       NY-13-T-491
HALSEY, AARON E.                       NY-13-H-74
HALSEY, BARBARA                        NY-13-N-242
HALSEY, JAMES .                        NY-13-F-634
HALSTEAD, GEORGE                       NY-13-T-273
HALSTEAD, JOHN                         NY-13-L-104
HALSTEAD, RACHEL                       NY-13-S-297
HAMBLET, ELISHA W.                     NY-13-P-117
HAMILTON, ANDREW B.                    NY-13-F-456
HAMILTON, BETSY C.                     NY-13-T-419
HAMILTON, BETY                         NY-13-K-271
HAMILTON, ELIZABETH A.                 NY-13-29-74
HAMILTON, FORREST M.                   NY-13-T-209
HAMILTON, HOMER W.                     NY-13-G-474
HAMILTON, HYMAN A.                     NY-13-L-217
HAMILTON, JANE                         NY-13-D-541
HAMILTON, MARTHA                       NY-13-N-264
HAMILTON, MARY                         NY-13-K-445
HAMILTON, NOAH B.                      NY-13-L-302
HAMILTON, OLIVER***                    NY-13-D-334
HAMILTON, PATIENCE                     NY-13-L-290
HAMILTON, ROBERT                       NY-13-K-606
HAMILTON, TALMON                       NY-13-D-53
HAMILTON, THOMAS                       NY-13-Q-257
HAMILTON, THOMAS                       NY-13-E-344
HAMILTON, WALTER                       NY-13-Z-75
HAMM, BERNARD                          NY-13-K-231
HAMMA, RUDOLPH                         NY-13-M-119
HAMMELL, WILLIAM                       NY-13-29-159
HAMMON, LEWIS                          NY-13-H-355
HAMMOND, BIRCH                         NY-13-R-301
HAMMOND, ELIZABETH                     NY-13-X-45
HAMMOND, FRANK                         NY-13-L-231
HAMMOND, LORIN                         NY-13-E-360
HAMMOND, OBEDIAH                       NY-13-L-220
HAMMOND, WILLIAM                       NY-13-R-577
HANANH, THOMAS                         NY-13-L-165
HANFORD, ATOSSA                        NY-13-G-522
HANFORD, CAROLINE O.                   NY-13-K-61
HANFORD, CHARLES                       NY-13-I-354
HANFORD, DAVID J.                      NY-13-Q-677
HANFORD, EUNICE G.                     NY-13-K-442
HANFORD, EUNICE V.                     NY-13-N-29
HANFORD, HORACE                        NY-13-X-9
HANFORD, HULDAH                        NY-13-F-409
HANFORD, JOHN G.                       NY-13-T-89
HANFORD, JOSIAH                        NY-13-F-60
HANFORD, LEVI                          NY-13-E-456
HANFORD, LEVI                          NY-13-M-204
HANFORD, LUCIA F.                      NY-13-Q-573
HANFORD, LUTHER B.                     NY-13-G-106
HANFORD, MARIA                         NY-13-G-372
HANFORD, MATIDLA B.                    NY-13-W-397
HANFORD, MATTHEW S.                    NY-13-O-245
HANFORD, ORRIN                         NY-13-N-172
HANFORD, SALLY M.                      NY-13-G-24
HANFORD, STEPHEN                       NY-13-F-335
HANFORD, STEPHEN BRUNDAGE              NY-13-D-228
HANFORD, WALTER                        NY-13-M-128
HANFORD, WILLIAM B.                    NY-13-Q-493
HANFORD, WILLIAM S.                    NY-13-G-107
HANLEY, JOHN C.                        NY-13-M-240
HANLY, JAMES                           NY-13-G-398
HANNAH, WILLIAM                        NY-13-D-105
HANOR, BENJAMIN                        NY-13-R-229
HANSON, JONAS                          NY-13-S-141
HAPERN, ALBERT A.                      NY-13-U-247
HARDENBERGH, JOHN                      NY-13-C3-161
HARDENBURGH, JOHN                      NY-13-C4-22
HARDER, BENJAMIN                       NY-13-N-45
HARDER, CATHARINE                      NY-13-L-102
HARDER, ETTA MAY                       NY-13-Y-563
HARDER, HENRY                          NY-13-N-349
HARDER, JOHN A.                        NY-13-X-489
HARDER, JOSEPH H.                      NY-13-Y-373
HARDER, MICHAEL B.                     NY-13-H-434
HARDER, WILLIAM                        NY-13-O-77
HARKNESS, THOMAS                       NY-13-D-22
HARKNESS, THOMAS                       NY-13-E-185
HARLEY, THOMAS                         NY-13-B-311
HARLOW, WILLIAM J.                     NY-13-28-117
HARMINGS, OTTO L. A.                   NY-13-Q-509
HARPER, HARRIET E.                     NY-13-S-497
HARPER, HENRY                          NY-13-D-433
HARPER, HENRY                          NY-13-C2-168
HARPER, JOHN                           NY-13-P-149
HARPER, JOHN                           NY-13-G-111
HARPER, LYDIA H.                       NY-13-K-285
HARPER, MARY                           NY-13-S-537
HARPER, OSCAR F.                       NY-13-Q-229
HARPER, RACHEL C.                      NY-13-P-689
HARPER, SAMUEL                         NY-13-D-310
HARRINGOTN, WILLIAM H.                 NY-13-U-58
HARRIS, HARRIET R.                     NY-13-N-231
HARRIS, JOHN                           NY-13-L-80
HARRIS, MARGARET                       NY-13-N-241
HART, JOHN LEWIS                       NY-13-L-197
HARTMAN, HENRY                         NY-13-N-285
HARTMAN, MICHAEL                       NY-13-H-172
HASBROUCK, BENJAMIN L.                 NY-13-28-95
HASTINGS, JAMES B.                     NY-13-U-584
HASTINGS, JAMES M.                     NY-13-O-165
HATFIELD, CHRISTINA                    NY-13-V-21
HATHAWAY, BENJAMIN                     NY-13-R-357
HATHAWAY, BENJAMIN                     NY-13-K-546
HATHAWAY, CHARLES                      NY-13-I-35
HATHAWAY, JACOB                        NY-13-N-110
HATHAWAY, MARIA A.                     NY-13-F-208
HATHAWAY, NATHANIEL                    NY-13-H-76
HAWK, DANIEL                           NY-13-K-176
HAWKINS, AZUBAH                        NY-13-F-196
HAWKINS, JOHN R.                       NY-13-R-61
HAWKINS, MATILDA M.                    NY-13-V-245
HAWKS, IRENA                           NY-13-Q-553
HAWKS, JEREMIAH                        NY-13-I-221
HAWLEY, ALPHIA                         NY-13-F-581
HAWLEY, HORACE B.                      NY-13-M-173
HAYNES, GEORGE                         NY-13-K-152
HAYNES, LUTHER                         NY-13-Q-317
HAYNES, OSCAR C.                       NY-13-27-50
HAZLETT, WILLIAM                       NY-13-S-597
HEAD, HENRY                            NY-13-S-557
HEARNS, GEORGE                         NY-13-O-329
HEATH, MILO                            NY-13-D-420
HEATH, WILLIAM E.                      NY-13-29-164
HEBBARD, HORACE                        NY-13-L-243
HEBBARD, RODNEY L.                     NY-13-W-97
HEFFERMAN, MARIE                       NY-13-X-601
HEIMER, FRANCIS                        NY-13-Y-281
HENDERSON, ADAM P.                     NY-13-M-278
HENDERSON, DANIEL                      NY-13-E-389
HENDERSON, HALSEY B.                   NY-13-Z-96
HENDERSON, JAMES                       NY-13-L-37
HENDERSON, JAMES                       NY-13-N-49
HENDERSON, JAMES                       NY-13-P-345
HENDERSON, JANE                        NY-13-G-678
HENDERSON, JANE K.                     NY-13-L-22
HENDERSON, JOHN                        NY-13-M-70
HENDERSON, JOHN                        NY-13-H-529
HENDERSON, JOHN H.                     NY-13-V-589
HENDERSON, NANCY                       NY-13-S-189
HENDERSON, ORPHA                       NY-13-27-129
HENDERSON, ROBERT                      NY-13-H-305
HENDERSON, ROBERT                      NY-13-I-219
HENDERSON, SAAH AUGUSTA                NY-13-L-215
HENDERSON, SHERMAN                     NY-13-27-118
HENDRICK, WILLIAM                      NY-13-W-265
HENDRICKSON, DARIUS J.                 NY-13-N-254
HENDRICKSON, WILLIAM T.                NY-13-29-96
HENDRY, DAVID B.                       NY-13-I-327
HENDRY, MARIA A.                       NY-13-U-88
HENDRY, THOMAS                         NY-13-E-292
HENDRY, WILLIAM O.                     NY-13-M-306
HENNER, MARGARET O.                    NY-13-O-65
HERON, THOMAS F.                       NY-13-Y-509
HERRICK, ELIZA ANN                     NY-13-29-10
HERRICK, HYLAN                         NY-13-29-11
HERRICK, N. SMITH                      NY-13-V-425
HERRON, CORA J.                        NY-13-T-157
HESS, JOHN                             NY-13-G-492
HEWETT, LOUISA M.                      NY-13-29-90
HEWIT, RUSSEL                          NY-13-F-616
HEWITT, CHARLES F.                     NY-13-29-143
HEWITT, CORNELIA H.                    NY-13-29-2
HEWITT, ELIJAH                         NY-13-N-342
HEWITT, ERONEY                         NY-13-O-509
HEWITT, GEORGE W.                      NY-13-Q-373
HEWITT, ISAAC                          NY-13-N-127
HEWITT, JULIA M.                       NY-13-O-609
HEWITT, MARY A.                        NY-13-Q-641
HEWITT, MARY M.                        NY-13-O-41
HEWITT, ORRIN                          NY-13-H-481
HEWITT, REBECCA                        NY-13-G-378
HEWITT, URSULA                         NY-13-29-54
HEWITT, WHEELER                        NY-13-Q-185
HEWITT, WILLIAM M.                     NY-13-R-53
HICKCOX, DANIEL                        NY-13-C-277
HICKS, CHARLES L.                      NY-13-S-669
HICKS, CHARLES L.                      NY-13-S-661
HIGBIE, CHARLES B.                     NY-13-M-178
HIGBIE, SARAH E.                       NY-13-X-625
HIGBIE, THOMAS C.                      NY-13-L-334
HIGGINS, ELLEN J.                      NY-13-N-17
HILL, ALDEN A.                         NY-13-O-461
HILL, ANGELINE C.                      NY-13-S-565
HILL, ARNOLD                           NY-13-N-86
HILL, MYRON                            NY-13-P-205
HILL, THOMAS F.                        NY-13-X-593
HILLIS, ADAM                           NY-13-I-9
HILLIS, ADAM C.                        NY-13-L-238
HILLIS, GEORGE M.                      NY-13-W-581
HILLIS, JOSEPH                         NY-13-V-149
HILLIS, MARGARET D.                    NY-13-R-269
HILSINGER, CLARA                       NY-13-S-289
HILSON, JOHN                           NY-13-P-537
HILTON, MARGARETT T.                   NY-13-K-164
HILTON, NATHAN                         NY-13-C3-307
HILTON, NATHAN                         NY-13-C4-131
HILTON, SILAS D.                       NY-13-O-473
HINCKLEY, ABEL                         NY-13-K-379
HINCKLEY, EMILY E.                     NY-13-W-695
HINCKLEY, EPHRAIM B.                   NY-13-M-267
HINE, LYMAN M.                         NY-13-Q-405
HINE, MARTHA C.                        NY-13-Q-69
HINE, MARY M.                          NY-13-L-9
HINE, MILES                            NY-13-O-521
HINE, RILEY                            NY-13-M-126
HINES, STEPHEN                         NY-13-H-564
HINKLEY, EDWARD D.                     NY-13-Z-98
HINKLEY, NATHAN                        NY-13-M-58
HINMAN, ALFRED                         NY-13-N-300
HINMAN, JOHN                           NY-13-I-162
HINMAN, ORRIN T.                       NY-13-L-110
HINMAN, TITUS                          NY-13-D-365
HISCOX, MARY M.                        NY-13-X-361
HITCHCOCK, HARRIET                     NY-13-Q-137
HITCHCOCK, JOHN                        NY-13-M-84
HITCHCOCK, MATTHEW                     NY-13-N-319
HITCHCOCK, MILES                       NY-13-E-394
HITCHCOCK, PHEBE E.                    NY-13-M-83
HITT, ALBERT                           NY-13-28-7
HITT, CHARLES E.                       NY-13-X-269
HITT, ELIZABETH                        NY-13-O-215
HOAG, CYRUS                            NY-13-Y-157
HOAG, EPHRAIM W.                       NY-13-N-287
HOAG, GEORGE L.                        NY-13-M-201
HOAG, PAULINA                          NY-13-N-154
HOBBIE, EBENEZER                       NY-13-L-262
HOBBIE, EMMA                           NY-13-M-56
HOBBIE, EZRA H.                        NY-13-L-251
HOBBIE, JOHN S.                        NY-13-N-38
HODGE, WILLIAM                         NY-13-V-569
HODGES, BENJAMIN                       NY-13-C2-35
HODGES, GURDON                         NY-13-27-17
HODGES, HARPER                         NY-13-V-101
HODGES, JAMES                          NY-13-I-134
HODGES, JEMIMA                         NY-13-V-385
HODGES, THOMAS                         NY-13-27-99
HOFFMAN, ANN S.                        NY-13-S-413
HOFFMAN, LIBBIE D.                     NY-13-28-5
HOGABOOM, ELIZABETH                    NY-13-P-217
HOGABOOM, HORACE C.                    NY-13-27-145
HOGG, ROBERT                           NY-13-K-74
HOLDEN, CHARLOTTE S.                   NY-13-P-201
HOLLENBECK, HELEN L.                   NY-13-R-273
HOLLEY, JAMES                          NY-13-T-149
HOLLINGSWORTH, MINNIE E.               NY-13-X-445
HOLLISTER, DAVID                       NY-13-E-448
HOLLISTER, LAWSON G.                   NY-13-X-653
HOLLISTER, MARIA                       NY-13-G-547
HOLLOWAY, SAAH J.                      NY-13-N-192
HOLMES, ELKANAH                        NY-13-Q-445
HOLMES, JOHN A.                        NY-13-G-48
HOLTON, ELIZABETH                      NY-13-W-225
HONEYWELL, ALFRED                      NY-13-G-191
HONEYWELL, CATHERINE M.                NY-13-28-28
HONEYWELL, LEGRAND                     NY-13-N-326
HOOD, JOSHUA KENNEDY                   NY-13-X-481
HOOLIHAN, LUCRETIA B.                  NY-13-Q-461
HOPKINS, EGBERT                        NY-13-K-82
HOPKINS, JANE E.                       NY-13-K-90
HOPKINS, REUBEN                        NY-13-N-237
HORNBECK, JOHN                         NY-13-29-79
HORTON, CELIA E.                       NY-13-X-341
HORTON, DAVID                          NY-13-L-32
HOTALING, CHARLES                      NY-13-W-69
HOTCHKISS, HENRY A.                    NY-13-X-645
HOTCHKISS, JENNETTE                    NY-13-W-689
HOTCHKISS, LUCRETIA                    NY-13-N-246
HOTCHKISS, SARAH                       NY-13-G-663
HOTCHKISS, SOLOMON                     NY-13-Q-345
HOUCK, ELKANAH                         NY-13-O-205
HOUCK, JERUSHA                         NY-13-P-481
HOUCK, MAIAH                           NY-13-Z-110
HOUCK, PHEBE                           NY-13-K-33
HOUCK, RUFUS                           NY-13-Z-152
HOUCK, RUFUS                           NY-13-K-203
HOUCK, WILLIAM                         NY-13-F-210
HOUGHTALING, CHARITY                   NY-13-K-225
HOUGHTALING, DAVID                     NY-13-R-277
HOUGHTALING, JOHN                      NY-13-D-361
HOUGHTALING, WILLIAM                   NY-13-P-545
HOWARD, ANN ELIZA                      NY-13-V-697
HOWARD, BETSEY                         NY-13-P-181
HOWARD, JOHN                           NY-13-F-564
HOWARD, LEANDER E.                     NY-13-T-551
HOWE, ELI P.                           NY-13-X-49
HOWE, MARY E.                          NY-13-W-317
HOWELL, EDWARD                         NY-13-B-74
HOWES, SUSAN J.                        NY-13-X-509
HOWLAND, ELIAS P.                      NY-13-W-185
HOWLAND, ELIZABETH                     NY-13-Q-37
HOWLAND, HAMISTAL                      NY-13-Z-64
HOWLAND, LOUISA ROBINSON               NY-13-X-173
HOWLAND, MILTON                        NY-13-Z-3
HOWLAND, RAY                           NY-13-28-38
HOWLAND, SHELDON P.                    NY-13-29-106
HOWLAND, SHELDON P.                    NY-13-29-102
HOWLAND, SMITH C.                      NY-13-28-121
HOWLAND, SMITH W.                      NY-13-28-101
HOWLAND, WILLIAM M.                    NY-13-X-457
HOY, ALEXANDER                         NY-13-W-149
HOY, JAMES K.                          NY-13-27-160
HOY, JOHN R.                           NY-13-S-237
HOY, NANCY                             NY-13-L-199
HOYE, MARGARET E.                      NY-13-W-245
HOYE, SARAH                            NY-13-X-121
HOYT, AMASA                            NY-13-H-113
HOYT, EDWARD                           NY-13-Q-585
HOYT, EMILY L.                         NY-13-X-345
HOYT, FREDERICK                        NY-13-R-401
HOYT, GABRIEL A.                       NY-13-L-200
HOYT, REUBEN                           NY-13-M-269
HOYT, THADDEUS S.                      NY-13-V-453
HUBBARD, DAVIS                         NY-13-K-187
HUBBARD, JOEL                          NY-13-C4-48
HUBBARD, JOEL                          NY-13-C3-209
HUBBARD, JOSEPH                        NY-13-K-526
HUBBARD, MICHAEL                       NY-13-D-384
HUBBARD, SETH W.                       NY-13-M-13
HUBBEL, D. WILLARD                     NY-13-W-269
HUBBELL, GEORGE W.                     NY-13-G-144
HUBBELL, INEZ R.                       NY-13-27-57
HUBBELL, MARTHA                        NY-13-G-235
HUBBELL, ORSON E.                      NY-13-28-61
HUBBELL, PATRICK F.                    NY-13-L-144
HUBBELL, SUSAN M.                      NY-13-X-421
HUBER, CHARLES L.                      NY-13-Y-419
HUBER, THERESIA                        NY-13-N-276
HUGHES, ABRAM                          NY-13-T-575
HUGHES, IRA J.                         NY-13-Y-29
HUGHES, JAMES SR.                      NY-13-N-291
HUGHES, JANE                           NY-13-R-193
HUGHES, LUCY E.                        NY-13-28-94
HUGHES, THOMAS F.                      NY-13-T-1
HUGHSTON, JAMES                        NY-13-D-538
HULBERT, ALSTON W.                     NY-13-T-261
HULCE, JOHN W.                         NY-13-F-458
HULCE, SAMUEL                          NY-13-E-453
HULL, DAVID                            NY-13-M-327
HULL, ESTHER                           NY-13-K-451
HULL, JOHN                             NY-13-N-160
HULL, LAVINA                           NY-13-O-353
HULL, SARAH ANN                        NY-13-F-337
HULL, SARAH C.                         NY-13-W-221
HULL, WILLIAM                          NY-13-D-198
HULL, WILLIAM A.                       NY-13-Z-127
HUME, ELIZABETH A.                     NY-13-Y-153
HUME, JANE                             NY-13-L-328
HUME, MARY                             NY-13-V-601
HUME, ROBERT T.                        NY-13-N-239
HUMISTON, AUSTIN                       NY-13-K-534
HUMMEL, BETSY                          NY-13-F-193
HUMMISTON, SAMUEL M.                   NY-13-G-396
HUMPHREY, BENJAMIN                     NY-13-D-144
HUMPHREY, EDWIN G.                     NY-13-28-102
HUMPHREY, LYDIA                        NY-13-V-61
HUMPHREY, ROBERT                       NY-13-Q-381
HUMPHREY, WILLIAM T.                   NY-13-S-373
HUNGERFORD, LYDIA                      NY-13-Z-38
HUNT, AARON                            NY-13-N-81
HUNT, AMBROSE                          NY-13-D-397
HUNT, BENJAMIN                         NY-13-A-228
HUNT, CHRISTINA                        NY-13-27-65
HUNT, ESTHER N.                        NY-13-X-649
HUNT, HIRAM P.                         NY-13-M-345
HUNT, J. HARRIS                        NY-13-K-155
HUNT, JONATHAN B.                      NY-13-X-181
HUNT, JOSIAH N. SR.                    NY-13-P-261
HUNT, NANCY M.                         NY-13-Q-517
HUNT, SARAH C.                         NY-13-N-36
HUNT, WILLIAM M.                       NY-13-27-109
HUNTER, IDA                            NY-13-X-657
HUNTING, EPHRAIM B.                    NY-13-L-38
HUNTING, JANE E.                       NY-13-L-145
HUNTLEY, HENRIETTA                     NY-13-M-215
HURD, AMELIA                           NY-13-H-142
HURLBUTT, DOCIA                        NY-13-N-39
HUSTED, GRIFFIN                        NY-13-M-36
HUSTED, HANNAH                         NY-13-S-525
HUTCHINSON, ANN MARIA                  NY-13-K-277
HUTSON, JOHN                           NY-13-L-176
HUTSON, JOHN                           NY-13-L-36
HUTSON, MARGARET D.                    NY-13-28-86
HUTSON, MARTHA                         NY-13-N-299
HUTSON, ROBERT                         NY-13-M-192
HUTSON, WALTER                         NY-13-L-234
HUYCK, CORNELIUS                       NY-13-C3-136
HUYCK, ISAAC                           NY-13-C3-154
HUYCK, JOHN                            NY-13-D-519
HUYCK, JOHN N.                         NY-13-28-67
HUYCK, NELLIE E.                       NY-13-T-265
HUYCK, PETER                           NY-13-H-213
HUYCK, REBEKAH                         NY-13-W-125
HYATT, CATHARINE J.                    NY-13-S-65
HYATT, FRANK W.                        NY-13-29-148
HYATT, NELSON G.                       NY-13-P-577
HYDE, ALISON H.                        NY-13-M-80
HYDE, ELIZABETH                        NY-13-F-79
HYDE, EZEL                             NY-13-C2-223
HYER, MARY J.                          NY-13-S-405
HYMERS, ELIZABETH                      NY-13-L-66
HYMERS, MARGARET ANN                   NY-13-Z-139
HYSHAM, ETTA O.                        NY-13-U-5
HYZER, DAVID                           NY-13-M-336
HYZER, SARAH                           NY-13-N-66
IMRIE, JOHN                            NY-13-G-665
INGALLS, RALPH W.                      NY-13-Z-148
INGALSBE, GEORGE                       NY-13-N-258
INGLE, SARAH                           NY-13-Z-168
INGLES, ROBERT                         NY-13-L-155
INGLIS, CHRISTINA                      NY-13-M-344
INGRAHAM, JESSE                        NY-13-G-516
IREDALE, MARY                          NY-13-R-615
IRVINE, JANNET                         NY-13-U-321
ISHAM, ELIZA                           NY-13-U-283
ISHAM, HENRY L.                        NY-13-Y-133
ISHAM, JIRAH                           NY-13-T-389
ISHAM, LYDIA D.                        NY-13-T-69
ISHAM, NEWELL C.                       NY-13-T-117
IVES, CHARLES H.                       NY-13-Q-73
IVES, RUFUS S.                         NY-13-X-109
JACKSON, AMBROSE E.                    NY-13-28-11
JACKSON, AUGUSTUS L.                   NY-13-W-509
JACKSON, ESTHER S.                     NY-13-Z-101
JACKSON, JOHN T.                       NY-13-S-349
JACKSON, LUTHER D.                     NY-13-K-349
JACKSON, LYSANDER H.                   NY-13-Y-345
JACKSON, MARTIN V. B.                  NY-13-R-581
JACKSON, MARY                          NY-13-O-637
JACKSON, MEDAD                         NY-13-D-331
JACKSON, RICHARD                       NY-13-K-303
JACKSON, SALMON                        NY-13-I-269
JACKSON, SARAH A.                      NY-13-M-155
JACKSON, SIMON                         NY-13-W-13
JACKSON, THOMAS                        NY-13-L-91
JACKSON, WALTER                        NY-13-N-234
JACKSON, WALTER C.                     NY-13-Y-317
JACKSON, WILLIAM                       NY-13-G-631
JACKSON, WILLIAM B.                    NY-13-28-21
JACOBS, AUSTIN J.                      NY-13-Z-60
JACOBS, FERRIS                         NY-13-M-253
JACOBS, JAMES M.                       NY-13-R-173
JACOBS, JULIA                          NY-13-V-365
JACOBS, WILLIAM H.                     NY-13-Q-45
JAMES, MARY A.                         NY-13-Y-437
JAQUISH, DANIEL H.                     NY-13-L-284
JAQUISH, JOHN                          NY-13-D-474
JAQUISH, JOSEPH                        NY-13-S-529
JAQUISH, NATHAN B.                     NY-13-C3-310
JARDINE, GILBERT                       NY-13-N-309
JARDINE, ROBERT B.                     NY-13-Z-154
JAYCOX, ZINA J.                        NY-13-27-6
JENKINS, C. WESLEY                     NY-13-28-4
JENKINS, CLARINDA                      NY-13-X-617
JENKINS, JAMES H.                      NY-13-Y-289
JENKINS, LEVI                          NY-13-M-92
JENKINS, LLEWELLEN                     NY-13-D-185
JENKINS, MARIA                         NY-13-N-114
JENKINS, NATHAN                        NY-13-W-373
JENKINS, POLLY                         NY-13-Y-205
JENKINS, SAMUEL                        NY-13-X-613
JENKINS, WILLIAM                       NY-13-27-15
JENKS, ELECTA                          NY-13-Z-78
JENNING, EBEN                          NY-13-F-250
JENNING, MATILDA                       NY-13-K-217
JENNINGS, AMELIA A.                    NY-13-U-427
JENNINGS, ELMORE                       NY-13-H-357
JENNINGS, GEORGE                       NY-13-M-217
JENNINGS, MARY M.                      NY-13-29-33
JENNINGS, PETER                        NY-13-B-20
JENNINGS, POLLY ANN                    NY-13-P-277
JENNINGS, SALLY                        NY-13-F-596
JENNINGS, SARAH N.                     NY-13-X-337
JESTER, ADELBERT                       NY-13-28-155
JESTER, ELY G.                         NY-13-28-58
JESTER, G. HOMER                       NY-13-27-112
JESTER, JOHN A.                        NY-13-X-513
JESTER, RICHARD                        NY-13-L-132
JESTER, WILLIAM                        NY-13-P-121
JOHNSON, ANTOINETTE                    NY-13-28-69
JOHNSON, DELIA                         NY-13-T-305
JOHNSON, ELIAS                         NY-13-G-534
JOHNSON, ELIZA                         NY-13-S-213
JOHNSON, ELIZABETH                     NY-13-Y-587
JOHNSON, EZEKIEL                       NY-13-B-22
JOHNSON, FANNIE A.                     NY-13-28-46
JOHNSON, FRANCES A.                    NY-13-R-265
JOHNSON, JOHN                          NY-13-H-595
JOHNSON, MARSHALL L.                   NY-13-V-565
JOHNSON, MARY                          NY-13-X-373
JOHNSON, MARY E.                       NY-13-27-63
JOHNSON, MINERVA R.                    NY-13-G-154
JOHNSON, PHILO                         NY-13-I-287
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                        NY-13-C2-62
JOHNSON, SAMUEL C.                     NY-13-I-319
JOHNSON, VASHTI                        NY-13-H-220
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                       NY-13-E-190
JOHNSTON, ALEXANDER H.                 NY-13-X-689
JOHNSTON, CARRIE E.                    NY-13-V-193
JOHNSTON, HUGH                         NY-13-C3-289
JOHNSTON, JENNETTE E.                  NY-13-28-123
JOHNSTON, MARY                         NY-13-X-321
JONES, ALEXIS                          NY-13-O-548
JONES, GEORGE G.                       NY-13-K-169
JONES, GEORGE W.                       NY-13-X-77
JONES, ISABELLA                        NY-13-N-70
JONES, KATIE E.                        NY-13-S-185
JONES, MARGARET                        NY-13-F-548
JONES, OLIVER                          NY-13-P-573
JONES, PHEBE                           NY-13-M-203
JONES, PHILANDER                       NY-13-D-529
JONES, RICHARD M.                      NY-13-L-319
JONES, ROBERT                          NY-13-H-559
JONES, SARAH B.                        NY-13-Q-545
JONES, WILLIAM                         NY-13-D-307
JORDAN, NATHAN                         NY-13-W-569
JOSCELYN, WILLIAM H.                   NY-13-M-231
JUCKETT, MELISSA                       NY-13-N-164
JUDD, ALONZO B.                        NY-13-I-276
JUDD, AUGUSTUS G.                      NY-13-Y-145
JUDD, JOTHAM B.                        NY-13-Z-133
JUDD, JUSTUS                           NY-13-H-378
JUDD, JUSTUS                           NY-13-X-405
JUDD, LOUISA L.                        NY-13-T-281
JUDD, NANCY J.                         NY-13-X-633
JUDSON, CHARLES L.                     NY-13-M-170
JUDSON, EDWARD Z. C.                   NY-13-M-91
JUDSON, JOHN B.                        NY-13-C2-283
JUDSON, SAMUEL                         NY-13-E-114
JUDSON, SAMUEL                         NY-13-G-563
JUDSON, SAMUEL L.                      NY-13-E-28
JUDSON, WILLIAM                        NY-13-L-163
JUMP, DANIEL C.                        NY-13-F-27
JUMP, EDWARD                           NY-13-F-403
KANE, PATRICK                          NY-13-T-173
KAUFMAN, GEORGE P.                     NY-13-L-229
KEALOR, GEORGE W.                      NY-13-Z-163
KEALOR, SAMUEL R.                      NY-13-Y-293
KEATON, JOSEPH                         NY-13-C-20
KEATOR, CHARLES G.                     NY-13-X-253
KEATOR, JACOB C.                       NY-13-M-200
KEATOR, JANE A.                        NY-13-28-31
KEATOR, JOHN                           NY-13-C2-70
KEATOR, ROSE M.                        NY-13-X-641
KEATOR, THOMAS B.                      NY-13-T-641
KEELER, ELIZABETH L.                   NY-13-M-251
KEELER, ESTHER A.                      NY-13-P-33
KEELER, HELEN A.                       NY-13-29-55
KEELER, IRA B.                         NY-13-O-29
KEELER, MARTIN                         NY-13-F-220
KEELER, PATIENCE                       NY-13-I-144
KEENE, FRANK M.                        NY-13-Z-77
KEERY, ABRAM                           NY-13-M-315
KEITH, SARAH M.                        NY-13-T-125
KELLETT, EDWARD S.                     NY-13-Y-617
KELLEY, DEWITT B.                      NY-13-R-81
KELLEY, MARY J.                        NY-13-Q-61
KELLOGG, ANN ELIZA                     NY-13-29-149
KELLOGG, BENJAMIN                      NY-13-G-32
KELLOGG, NATHAN F.                     NY-13-C-317
KELLOGG, SALLY                         NY-13-K-69
KELLOGG, WORDEN E.                     NY-13-G-155
KELLY, EDWARD                          NY-13-O-161
KELLY, GEORGE                          NY-13-M-94
KELLY, GRACE                           NY-13-O-227
KELLY, JAMES                           NY-13-L-89
KELLY, JOHN O.                         NY-13-G-412
KELLY, JOHN O.                         NY-13-H-486
KELLY, JOHN W.                         NY-13-N-1
KELLY, JUDAH                           NY-13-L-203
KELLY, KELSEY                          NY-13-S-201
KELLY, MARTIN                          NY-13-F-638
KELLY, MARY A.                         NY-13-L-268
KELLY, NAOMI                           NY-13-K-191
KELLY, NORMAN                          NY-13-N-331
KELLY, REUBEN                          NY-13-G-214
KELLY, SAMUEL                          NY-13-L-133
KELLY, SNIFFIN                         NY-13-G-675
KELLY, SYLVANUS                        NY-13-L-68
KELLY, THOMAS                          NY-13-G-506
KELSEY, JOHN B.                        NY-13-27-136
KELSEY, MICHAEL B.                     NY-13-R-611
KELSEY, ROSWELL                        NY-13-G-650
KELSO, ANN                             NY-13-H-630
KELSO, JAMES W.                        NY-13-W-145
KELSO, ROBERT                          NY-13-E-93
KELSO, SETH                            NY-13-H-191
KEMP, DAVID                            NY-13-L-123
KEMP, ELEANOR                          NY-13-V-89
KEMP, HELEN                            NY-13-E-407
KEMP, PETER                            NY-13-N-183
KENDALL, SARAH E.                      NY-13-Z-100
KENMOUTH, JOHN ALEXANDER               NY-13-S-149
KENT, HENRY                            NY-13-M-235
KENTFIELD, JANE C. DAVIS               NY-13-W-57
KENTFIELD, ORRIN F.                    NY-13-28-92
KERR, ISABEL                           NY-13-N-283
KERR, JAMES S.                         NY-13-V-37
KERR, JANE                             NY-13-H-550
KERR, JOSEPH                           NY-13-G-437
KERR, MARY                             NY-13-27-116
KERR, MARY E.                          NY-13-N-136
KERR, ROBERT                           NY-13-G-356
KERR, ROBERT                           NY-13-29-120
KERR, ROBERT B.                        NY-13-W-41
KERR, SHERMAN D.                       NY-13-N-135
KERR, WILLIAM                          NY-13-K-454
KERR, WILLIAM                          NY-13-G-88
KETCHUM, JOB C.                        NY-13-W-293
KETCHUM, JONAHAN                       NY-13-H-312
KETCHUM, PHEBE                         NY-13-M-199
KETCHUM, SAMUEL                        NY-13-D-149
KETTLE, WILLIAM                        NY-13-P-17
KEURY, THOMAS                          NY-13-Z-70
KEY, ARTHUR                            NY-13-H-202
KIERSTED, ALEXANDER                    NY-13-M-331
KIFF, ANDREW                           NY-13-C2-122
KIFF, BENJAMIN B.                      NY-13-N-32
KIFF, CALISTA                          NY-13-W-273
KIFF, CLARISSA                         NY-13-G-407
KIFF, ELIZABETH K.                     NY-13-P-109
KIFF, JAMES D.                         NY-13-M-54
KILBURN, WALTER                        NY-13-M-224
KILLPATRICK, DAVID                     NY-13-A-30
KILLPATRICK, RICHARD                   NY-13-C3-255
KILLPATRICK, RICHARD                   NY-13-C4-86
KILPATRICK, ELIZA M.                   NY-13-Y-5
KILPATRICK, GEORGE                     NY-13-N-304
KILPATRICK, GEORGE                     NY-13-E-204
KILPATRICK, HANNAH                     NY-13-F-19
KILPATRICK, MARY ANN                   NY-13-N-303
KILPATRICK, MOSES H.                   NY-13-G-295
KILPATRICK, RICHARD                    NY-13-S-93
KILPATRICK, SARAH B.                   NY-13-M-335
KIMBALL, DWIGHT H.                     NY-13-Z-90
KIMBALL, WILLIAM                       NY-13-F-317
KINCH, NATHAN J.                       NY-13-Y-449
KINCH, TOWNSEND                        NY-13-V-25
KING, ADAM G.                          NY-13-28-112
KING, ISABELLE H.                      NY-13-U-272
KING, JEREMIAH                         NY-13-H-87
KING, JOHN                             NY-13-Z-72
KING, URI                              NY-13-H-600
KINGSBURY, ELISHA                      NY-13-E-37
KINGSLEY, BRADFORD                     NY-13-I-329
KINGSLEY, MARY A.                      NY-13-N-222
KINGSLEY, SANDEY                       NY-13-S-465
KINGSLEY, SARAH M.                     NY-13-R-557
KINMOUTH, ISABELLA                     NY-13-K-196
KINSEY, SARAH B.                       NY-13-L-121
KINYON, SAMUEL                         NY-13-H-96
KIPP, JANE D.                          NY-13-27-157
KIPP, JOHN D.                          NY-13-K-141
KIPP, LUNA C.                          NY-13-U-12
KIRK, ROBERT H.                        NY-13-V-553
KIRK, SUSAN                            NY-13-M-144
KIRK, WILLIAM G.                       NY-13-27-70
KIRKE, CHARLES H.                      NY-13-V-497
KIRKNER, ANNA E.                       NY-13-U-168
KITTLE, CHARLES                        NY-13-R-213
KITTLE, ELIZA A.                       NY-13-V-613
KLINE, ELIZABETH                       NY-13-28-72
KNAPP, ALICE S.                        NY-13-S-617
KNAPP, CHARLES                         NY-13-L-11
KNAPP, ESTHER                          NY-13-F-29
KNAPP, ESTHER M.                       NY-13-28-172
KNAPP, FREDERICK L.                    NY-13-R-45
KNAPP, GEORGE W.                       NY-13-29-121
KNAPP, HAYWOOD                         NY-13-28-133
KNAPP, HENRIETTA E.                    NY-13-Y-581
KNAPP, HENRY M.                        NY-13-Q-449
KNAPP, JOHN D.                         NY-13-T-365
KNAPP, JOHN E.                         NY-13-29-174
KNAPP, JONATHAN                        NY-13-K-101
KNAPP, LUCIUS E.                       NY-13-29-67
KNAPP, SEYMOUR                         NY-13-V-585
KNAPP, SILAS                           NY-13-C3-177
KNAPP, SILAS E.                        NY-13-P-541
KNEELAND, BENJAMIN                     NY-13-E-19
KNEELAND, BETSEY                       NY-13-H-138
KNEELAND, DANIEL                       NY-13-D-248
KNEELAND, SILAS                        NY-13-M-300
KNICKERBOCKER, HIRAM                   NY-13-L-221
KNIGHT, ELIZABETH P.                   NY-13-L-124
KNIGHT, ESTHER G.                      NY-13-G-138
KNIGHT, MARY E.                        NY-13-R-397
KNIGHT, THANKFUL M.                    NY-13-28-48
KNIGHT, WILLIAM                        NY-13-G-637
KNORR, JOHN                            NY-13-G-439
KRUM, CATHARINE                        NY-13-28-116
KUHBACK, JOHN                          NY-13-U-124
KURITZKY, DAVIS                        NY-13-U-538
KURY, JOSEPH                           NY-13-R-549

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