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CABLE, ASBURY                          NY-13-T-313
CABLE, AUGUSTA D.                      NY-13-S-653
CABLE, BRADLEY                         NY-13-F-542
CABLE, EDWIN B.                        NY-13-W-431
CABLE, J. TURNEY                       NY-13-Y-37
CABLE, JOHN                            NY-13-Y-599
CABLE, JOSEPH                          NY-13-C3-72
CABLE, JOSEPH                          NY-13-Y-33
CABLE, MARY                            NY-13-V-329
CABLE, PRUCILLA                        NY-13-P-661
CABLE, SALLY                           NY-13-H-470
CAGWIN, HIRAM                          NY-13-P-485
CAIRNS, ELIZABETH                      NY-13-V-133
CAIRNS, JOHN S.                        NY-13-L-300
CALEB, ELIJAH                          NY-13-F-270
CALHOUN, JANE                          NY-13-Z-85
CALHOUN, JOHN                          NY-13-L-301
CALHOUN, MALCOLM                       NY-13-X-669
CALHOUN, PETER                         NY-13-L-154
CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD                    NY-13-Q-169
CAMPBELL, COLIN                        NY-13-G-104
CAMPBELL, DAVID                        NY-13-C3-57
CAMPBELL, HARRIET                      NY-13-V-541
CAMPBELL, JAMES                        NY-13-D-388
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         NY-13-Y-407
CAMPBELL, NANCY T.                     NY-13-27-60
CAMPBELL, ROBERT                       NY-13-N-91
CAMPBELL, SAMUEL                       NY-13-G-42
CAMPBELL, ULYSSES S.                   NY-13-R-317
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                      NY-13-H-217
CANFIELD, CLARK C.                     NY-13-27-147
CANFIELD, ELIJAH                       NY-13-L-13
CANFIELD, KATE                         NY-13-Y-689
CANFIELD, POLLY                        NY-13-I-6
CANFIELD, REBECA                       NY-13-K-53
CANT, ANNA                             NY-13-29-42
CAREY, LUKE                            NY-13-27-91
CARLEY, CLARISSA                       NY-13-M-10
CARLEY, GEORGE                         NY-13-K-131
CARLEY, IRA                            NY-13-I-177
CARLEY, JEFFERSON                      NY-13-V-273
CARMACK, ELIZABETH                     NY-13-T-407
CARMAN, GEORGE                         NY-13-27-43
CARMAN, HULDAH GRANT                   NY-13-29-128
CARMAN, WILLIAM H.                     NY-13-G-333
CARMEN, GABRIEL                        NY-13-E-107
CARPENTER, ABRAM                       NY-13-S-277
CARPENTER, ALBERT P.                   NY-13-27-93
CARPENTER, ALIDA                       NY-13-Q-513
CARPENTER, JOSEPH B.                   NY-13-N-315
CARPENTER, PHOEBE A.                   NY-13-M-255
CARRINGTON, IRA                        NY-13-L-185
CARRINGTON, JEREMIAH                   NY-13-I-249
CARRINGTON, WILLIAM R.                 NY-13-V-361
CARROL, ENOS                           NY-13-H-607
CARROLL, ANNA                          NY-13-N-261
CARROLL, PATRICK                       NY-13-L-114
CARTER, LYMAN                          NY-13-C2-76
CARTWRIGHT, ALMERIN                    NY-13-N-312
CARTWRIGHT, LORENA E.                  NY-13-Y-485
CARTWRIGHT, SILAS S.                   NY-13-Z-26
CARVER, GEORGE                         NY-13-G-444
CARVER, JANE                           NY-13-I-165
CASE, NOAH O.                          NY-13-F-3
CASE, PHINEHAS                         NY-13-C2-110
CATHELS, NANCY                         NY-13-M-241
CATOR, HIRAM                           NY-13-M-161
CATOR, LIBERTY P.                      NY-13-N-292
CAUGHLIN, CHARLES S.                   NY-13-N-47
CAUGHLIN, WILLIAM                      NY-13-N-111
CAVERS, JOHN                           NY-13-C2-125
CAVIN, ABEL                            NY-13-L-131
CAVIN, ADDISON                         NY-13-O-515
CAVIN, JAMES                           NY-13-H-556
CEAS, STEPHEN                          NY-13-V-433
CHACE, AUGUSTUS B.                     NY-13-G-693
CHACE, GREEN                           NY-13-S-393
CHACE, LEVI S.                         NY-13-Q-609
CHACE, WALTER                          NY-13-E-243
CHAMBERLAIN, CALVIN                    NY-13-E-294
CHAMBERLAIN, RUFUS                     NY-13-Y-61
CHAMBERLIN, AARON                      NY-13-C2-32
CHAMBERLIN, ALBERT S.                  NY-13-S-437
CHAMBERLIN, AUGUSTUS J.                NY-13-F-425
CHAMBERLIN, CLARK                      NY-13-L-8
CHAMBERLIN, DANIEL                     NY-13-K-329
CHAMBERLIN, DANIEL T.                  NY-13-K-411
CHAMBERLIN, ELIJAH B.                  NY-13-M-313
CHAMBERLIN, NELLIE                     NY-13-L-275
CHAMBERS, JAMES                        NY-13-N-316
CHAMPION, SIMON B.                     NY-13-T-229
CHAMPLIN, EMELINE D.                   NY-13-S-561
CHAMPLIN, JEFFREY H.                   NY-13-I-331
CHAMPLIN, WILLIAM B.                   NY-13-H-247
CHAPMAN, AMANDA                        NY-13-T-599
CHAPMAN, ELIZABETH                     NY-13-G-686
CHAPMAN, ORRIN S.                      NY-13-H-252
CHASE, NATHAN                          NY-13-M-41
CHASE, NATHAN                          NY-13-C3-195
CHASE, NATHAN                          NY-13-C4-40
CHASE, WILLIAM                         NY-13-K-652
CHISHOLM, ANDREW                       NY-13-F-171
CHISHOLM, JAMES                        NY-13-F-167
CHISHOLM, JANE                         NY-13-W-659
CHISHOLM, KENATH                       NY-13-A-199
CHISHOLM, MARGARET                     NY-13-U-134
CHRISPELL, PETER                       NY-13-L-201
CHRISTIAN, PATIENCE                    NY-13-N-93
CHUBB, ABRAM SR.                       NY-13-G-152
CHURCH, HULDAH A.                      NY-13-M-254
CHURCH, JOHN D.                        NY-13-N-199
CHURCHILL, ANDREW L.                   NY-13-W-401
CHURCHILL, ELIJAH                      NY-13-L-270
CHURCHILL, JACOB                       NY-13-I-25
CHURCHILL, JOSEPH                      NY-13-G-337
CHURCHILL, SARAH A.                    NY-13-U-145
CHURCHILL, STEPHEN E.                  NY-13-Y-545
CLAPPER, SYLVESTER L.                  NY-13-29-137
CLAPPERTON, DAVID A.                   NY-13-N-180
CLAPPERTON, JAMES B.                   NY-13-U-239
CLAPPERTON, JAMES R.                   NY-13-S-105
CLARK, AMASA                           NY-13-K-649
CLARK, ANN                             NY-13-L-253
CLARK, CLARRISSA                       NY-13-K-424
CLARK, DAN                             NY-13-C4-27
CLARK, EZRA                            NY-13-F-138
CLARK, FRANCES                         NY-13-V-685
CLARK, FRANCIS                         NY-13-C2-184
CLARK, HELLEN                          NY-13-K-55
CLARK, HENRY W.                        NY-13-29-144
CLARK, HIRAM                           NY-13-P-213
CLARK, HUGH                            NY-13-D-71
CLARK, JAMES                           NY-13-E-274
CLARK, JOHN                            NY-13-D-1
CLARK, JOHN                            NY-13-M-95
CLARK, JOHN A.                         NY-13-X-197
CLARK, JOHN R.                         NY-13-L-16
CLARK, JOSIAH                          NY-13-C3-207
CLARK, MAY                             NY-13-F-516
CLARK, NATHAN                          NY-13-M-88
CLARK, RUTH                            NY-13-H-380
CLARK, SARAH O.                        NY-13-V-277
CLARK, THOMAS M.                       NY-13-E-364
CLARK, URIAH                           NY-13-C-150
CLARK, WILLIAM  J.                     NY-13-O-455
CLAUSON, WAYNE                         NY-13-E-511
CLAWSON, HENRY B.                      NY-13-F-535
CLAYTON, JOHN B.                       NY-13-Q-133
CLAYTON, MAIRA R.                      NY-13-Q-225
CLAYTON, MARY J.                       NY-13-M-311
CLEARWATER, LYDIA                      NY-13-G-641
CLEAVELAND, SALLY                      NY-13-I-310
CLEAVER, AMASA J.                      NY-13-U-357
CLEAVER, JOHN                          NY-13-F-670
CLEMENT, JOHN T.                       NY-13-27-161
CLEMENT, WILLIAM                       NY-13-I-307
CLEVELAND, ALTHEA M.                   NY-13-V-105
CLEVELAND, JOSIAH D.                   NY-13-E-218
CLEVELAND, RUTH ANN                    NY-13-27-97
CLEVER, MARY                           NY-13-P-141
CLEVER, WALTER                         NY-13-M-187
CLOSE, LAURA A.                        NY-13-X-13
CLUM, GEORGE                           NY-13-D-507
CLUTE, ERASTUS W.                      NY-13-27-56
COBBE, WILLIAM                         NY-13-W-527
COBINE, GEORGE                         NY-13-E-395
COBINE, JOHN                           NY-13-K-619
COBINE, MAGGIE                         NY-13-27-155
COCHRAN, JOHN                          NY-13-K-291
COCHRAN, OLIVER                        NY-13-K-259
COE, BETSEY A.                         NY-13-V-285
COE, CHARLES W.                        NY-13-N-85
COE, CHAUNCEY                          NY-13-O-621
COE, ELIHU                             NY-13-F-33
COE, SAXTON                            NY-13-K-4
COE, WILLIAM                           NY-13-L-258
COLBURN, GEORGE E.                     NY-13-27-40
COLE, ALICE L.                         NY-13-R-537
COLE, ALMIRA J.                        NY-13-29-57
COLE, JOHN                             NY-13-Z-104
COLE, JOHN S.                          NY-13-N-305
COLE, SOLOMON                          NY-13-L-157
COLE, WILLIAM S.                       NY-13-S-29
COLGAN, ELEANOR                        NY-13-27-73
COLGAN, JAMES                          NY-13-L-307
COLGROVE, ANDREW M.                    NY-13-S-505
COLLETT, HENRY H.                      NY-13-R-205
COLLIER, GEORGE H.                     NY-13-Q-357
COLTON, ABIGAL M.                      NY-13-M-153
COLVIN, ALBERT                         NY-13-29-71
COMBES, EDMUND J.                      NY-13-S-285
COMBES, ESTHER H.                      NY-13-P-521
COMBS, MARY A.                         NY-13-V-321
CONERTY, FRANK                         NY-13-28-77
CONKLIN, HANNAH L.                     NY-13-Q-433
CONKLIN, ISAAC                         NY-13-C-328
CONNELLY, CONTINE                      NY-13-F-672
CONNELLY, EDWIN                        NY-13-V-561
CONNER, HELENA J.                      NY-13-V-645
CONNERTY, ANNA                         NY-13-29-50
CONROW, SARAH J.                       NY-13-R-465
CONSTABLE, ABRAM                       NY-13-I-160
CONSTABLE, HULDAH                      NY-13-N-176
COOK, ANN A.                           NY-13-Q-581
COOK, BENJAMIN TRUMBELL                NY-13-K-436
COOK, DANIEL                           NY-13-L-168
COOK, EDWARD                           NY-13-E-82
COOK, ELIZABETH                        NY-13-27-38
COOK, FRANCES A.                       NY-13-Q-429
COOK, LOTT                             NY-13-E-43
COOK, POLLY D.                         NY-13-N-146
COOK, SAMUEL C.                        NY-13-P-337
COOK, SEYMOUR                          NY-13-G-588
COOK, WILLIAM W.                       NY-13-V-225
COON, ALVIRA A.                        NY-13-N-297
COON, ISAAC                            NY-13-K-17
COON, JOHN H.                          NY-13-X-301
COON, PETER                            NY-13-G-37
COPLEY, ENOCH                          NY-13-C2-162
COPLEY, HEMAN                          NY-13-G-389
COPLEY, JOHN W.                        NY-13-T-455
CORBIN, ANDREW J.                      NY-13-X-193
CORBIN, ANDREW N.                      NY-13-28-47
CORBIN, CATHARINE                      NY-13-P-105
CORBIN, DANIEL                         NY-13-D-290
CORBIN, DAVID                          NY-13-L-297
CORBIN, PHILETUS                       NY-13-N-238
CORBIN, RHODA                          NY-13-K-635
CORBIN, SAMUEL T.                      NY-13-H-317
CORBIN, TIMOTHY                        NY-13-E-484
CORDUKES, IDA M.                       NY-13-X-225
CORGILL, ISAAC W.                      NY-13-Z-130
CORNELL, MARIAH                        NY-13-29-175
CORNWELL, JAMES                        NY-13-D-31
CORNWELL, WILLIAM                      NY-13-K-530
CORR, JOHN                             NY-13-M-209
CORS, MICHAEL                          NY-13-27-7
CORWIN, SETH                           NY-13-G-452
COSGROVE, CARSON R.                    NY-13-X-57
COTTRELL, ELLEN                        NY-13-L-206
COTTRELL, LEARNED                      NY-13-K-295
COTTRELL, TRACY M.                     NY-13-N-53
COULTER, DAVID                         NY-13-I-295
COULTER, DIXON E.                      NY-13-28-45
COULTER, FRANCIS J.                    NY-13-W-313
COULTER, FRANK R.                      NY-13-S-593
COULTER, HERMAN J.                     NY-13-28-144
COULTER, JAMES                         NY-13-Q-605
COULTER, JAMES W.                      NY-13-Y-515
COULTER, MARGARET E.                   NY-13-29-163
COUSE, CORNELIUS                       NY-13-L-194
COUSE, ELIZABETH                       NY-13-T-373
COUSE, ERASTUS D.                      NY-13-N-25
COUSE, MARY M.                         NY-13-O-395
COUSE, WATSON                          NY-13-N-226
COVEL, ELBERT O.                       NY-13-T-33
COVERT, ABRAM                          NY-13-L-82
COVERT, UNDERHILL                      NY-13-K-308
COVEY, ALBERT S.                       NY-13-R-589
COWA, ADAM L.                          NY-13-I-338
COWAN, ANDREW                          NY-13-C4-99
COWAN, HECTOR                          NY-13-D-368
COWAN, JOHN                            NY-13-L-292
COWAN, ROBERT F.                       NY-13-U-260
COWER, FREDERICK                       NY-13-N-250
COWLES, JESSE F.                       NY-13-F-398
COWLEY, LEDGER                         NY-13-E-223
COWLEY, ST. LEDGER                     NY-13-A-1
COWLEY, WILLIAM A.                     NY-13-T-269
CRAFT, ANDREW J.                       NY-13-X-685
CRAIG, JAMES                           NY-13-C2-207
CRAIG, JOHN                            NY-13-V-205
CRAIG, ROBERT                          NY-13-H-8
CRAMER, POLLY M.                       NY-13-R-593
CRAMER, WILLIAM                        NY-13-H-502
CRANDALL, EDWIN                        NY-13-Y-185
CRANDALL, HARLOW                       NY-13-Q-301
CRANE, DAVID B.                        NY-13-E-369
CRANSTON, IRMA ROSANNA                 NY-13-T-659
CRANSTON, JOHN                         NY-13-N-328
CRANSTON, SAMUEL                       NY-13-D-160
CRARY, ARCHIBALD                       NY-13-I-246
CRARY, ARCHIBALD D.                    NY-13-Q-501
CRARY, MOSES P.                        NY-13-P-549
CRAWFORD, CHRISTOPHER                  NY-13-H-290
CRAWFORD, DEBORAH H.                   NY-13-T-77
CRAWFORD, DONALD                       NY-13-G-454
CRAWFORD, JAMES                        NY-13-Q-269
CRAWFORD, JOSEPH                       NY-13-C2-263
CRAWFORD, LOUISA                       NY-13-U-520
CRAWFORD, OLIVE                        NY-13-H-215
CRAWFORD, PETER                        NY-13-E-87
CRAWLEY, ANN ELIZA                     NY-13-P-629
CRAWLEY, ELIZA ANN                     NY-13-M-257
CRESMAN, REBECCA J.                    NY-13-X-517
CREVELING, JACOB                       NY-13-29-152
CRIPPEN, JOSEPH G.                     NY-13-Z-21
CRISPELL, MARY G.                      NY-13-27-171
CRONK, ELIZABETH                       NY-13-L-336
CROOK, HENRY                           NY-13-F-242
CROSBY, ABRAM C.                       NY-13-R-141
CROSBY, CALVIN                         NY-13-T-485
CROSBY, CHARLES C.                     NY-13-T-437
CROSBY, ORACE                          NY-13-H-622
CROSBY, THOMAS                         NY-13-C3-97
CROWELL, CHENEY A.                     NY-13-R-93
CROYSE, MANVILLE S.                    NY-13-Y-593
CULVER, FLORENCE E.                    NY-13-N-197
CULVER, SCAR P.                        NY-13-T-37
CULVER, SHUBEL                         NY-13-L-60
CUMMING, BARBARA                       NY-13-T-689
CUMMINGS, WILLIAM                      NY-13-E-9
CUNNINGHAM, ADAM                       NY-13-F-203
CURRIE, HELEN                          NY-13-S-513
CURTIS, WILLIAM A. (REV.)              NY-13-F-479
CUTLER, ELIHU D.                       NY-13-M-21
CUTLER, JAMES M.                       NY-13-T-329
CUYLE, CAROLINE E.                     NY-13-28-19
DALES, ELECTA K.                       NY-13-N-279
DALES, ELLEN G.                        NY-13-M-93
DALES, GEORGE                          NY-13-L-51
DAN, EBENEZER                          NY-13-H-181
DAN, MATTHEW                           NY-13-L-218
DANIELS, VALSON                        NY-13-L-169
DANIELS, WILLIAM                       NY-13-L-100
DANN, ANDREW J.                        NY-13-W-89
DANN, DARIUS                           NY-13-N-185
DARDONVILLE, JULIA                     NY-13-Y-125
DARLING, DAVID                         NY-13-F-376
DARLING, JOHN                          NY-13-D-390
DARLING, JUBAL T.                      NY-13-28-71
DART, DAVID M.                         NY-13-L-225
DART, JEREMIAH                         NY-13-C4-19
DART, JEREMIAH                         NY-13-C3-157
DART, MARY                             NY-13-R-321
DART, NORMAN M.                        NY-13-V-469
DART, SMITH                            NY-13-F-122
DAUER, MARY B.                         NY-13-M-243
DAUN, ANN ELIZA                        NY-13-I-230
DAUN, CALISTA                          NY-13-L-167
DAVENPORT, ERASTUS                     NY-13-F-41
DAVENPORT, NOAH                        NY-13-D-92
DAVENPORT, PERMELIA                    NY-13-G-695
DAVENPORT, SARAH A.                    NY-13-S-245
DAVIDSON, GEORGE                       NY-13-M-174
DAVIDSON, HARVEY F.                    NY-13-P-329
DAVIDSON, JOHN M.                      NY-13-27-3
DAVIDSON, MARY A.                      NY-13-W-209
DAVIE, JAMES H.                        NY-13-U-200
DAVIE, MARION T.                       NY-13-N-117
DAVIE, WILLIAM                         NY-13-L-317
DAVIS, ABRAM A.                        NY-13-U-84
DAVIS, AMOS R.                         NY-13-K-646
DAVIS, ASA                             NY-13-F-624
DAVIS, CHARLIE E.                      NY-13-N-217
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                       NY-13-M-184
DAVIS, EMILY A.                        NY-13-27-106
DAVIS, EMMA                            NY-13-28-166
DAVIS, FERRIS                          NY-13-N-163
DAVIS, GEORGE F.                       NY-13-H-194
DAVIS, GEORGE F.                       NY-13-Z-123
DAVIS, GERSHOM                         NY-13-E-91
DAVIS, HARVEY                          NY-13-F-437
DAVIS, HENRIETTA                       NY-13-N-70
DAVIS, HENRY                           NY-13-R-573
DAVIS, HENRY                           NY-13-X-521
DAVIS, HULL                            NY-13-K-247
DAVIS, JAMES E.                        NY-13-29-72
DAVIS, JAMES H.                        NY-13-X-365
DAVIS, JOHN                            NY-13-M-3
DAVIS, JOHN                            NY-13-Z-155
DAVIS, JOSEPH                          NY-13-B-85
DAVIS, MARGARET A.                     NY-13-S-5
DAVIS, MARY                            NY-13-Z-146
DAVIS, NEHEMIAH                        NY-13-C3-169
DAVIS, PETER                           NY-13-G-364
DAVIS, POLLY ANN                       NY-13-N-338
DAVIS, RICHARD E.                      NY-13-T-349
DAVIS, SAMUEL                          NY-13-G-446
DAVIS, SAMUEL                          NY-13-D-500
DAVIS, SAMUEL F.                       NY-13-K-157
DAVIS, SEYMOUR A.                      NY-13-27-37
DAVIS, SOLOMON                         NY-13-P-137
DAVIS, STAFFORD                        NY-13-N-333
DAVIS, STEPHEN                         NY-13-N-97
DAVIS, WILLIAM                         NY-13-S-33
DAVIS, WILLIAM H.                      NY-13-L-143
DAVIS, WILLIAM H.                      NY-13-G-274
DAVIS, WILLIAM MERRITT                 NY-13-Z-136
DAY, MARIA                             NY-13-X-477
DAYTON, ABEL                           NY-13-F-16
DAYTON, ALLEN M.                       NY-13-D-512
DAYTON, MATHEW D.                      NY-13-F-659
DAYTON, MICHAEL                        NY-13-K-166
DAYTON, NORMAN P.                      NY-13-P-433
DEAN, ALEXANDER                        NY-13-G-352
DEAN, HARMON L.                        NY-13-X-245
DEAN, JAMES P.                         NY-13-M-125
DEAN, JANE                             NY-13-N-64
DEAN, JOHN                             NY-13-F-300
DEAN, MILTON P.                        NY-13-X-141
DEAN, NATHANIEL                        NY-13-L-192
DEAN, PORTER                           NY-13-28-37
DEAN, SAMUEL J.                        NY-13-G-293
DEAN, WILLIAM                          NY-13-G-545
DEANE, WILLIAM                         NY-13-L-347
DECKER, CATHARINE C.                   NY-13-R-245
DECKER, FANNY                          NY-13-F-290
DECKER, GEORGE G.                      NY-13-T-109
DECKER, HOMER E.                       NY-13-K-189
DECKER, OZIAS S.                       NY-13-O-239
DECKER, RICHARD                        NY-13-R-261
DECKER, SAMUEL                         NY-13-Q-569
DELAMETER, ABRAM                       NY-13-M-216
DELAMETER, LANA A.                     NY-13-K-219
DELAMETER, LEWIS                       NY-13-P-633
DELAMETER, MARY A.                     NY-13-Q-417
DELAMETER, WESLEY W.                   NY-13-N-153
DELANEY, THOMAS                        NY-13-P-101
DELANY, ELIZA C.                       NY-13-M-124
DEMAREST, ANNIE S.                     NY-13-Z-108
DEMONEY, DAVID L.                      NY-13-U-390
DEMONEY, DUANE                         NY-13-Q-393
DEMOTT, MARY E.                        NY-13-P-173
DENERD, WILLIAM                        NY-13-G-147
DENIO, JOSEPH                          NY-13-A-207
DENNIS, ADALINE R.                     NY-13-P-377
DENNIS, MARY                           NY-13-H-499
DENNIS, WILLIAM                        NY-13-N-218
DENNIS, ZERNAH                         NY-13-I-184
DENNY, GILBERT R.                      NY-13-P-341
DENNY, JAMES H.                        NY-13-Q-65
DENNY, SALLY ANN                       NY-13-P-113
DENT, THOMAS H.                        NY-13-L-73
DENTON, HULDAH H.                      NY-13-H-206
DEO, RICHARD                           NY-13-K-667
DERVEY, JAMES HERBERT                  NY-13-M-141
DESILVA, JOSEPHINE                     NY-13-R-97
DESILVA, WILLIAM J.                    NY-13-M-252
DEWEY, AARON                           NY-13-C-285
DEWEY, BENJAMIN                        NY-13-G-57
DEWEY, EDWARD F.                       NY-13-Z-105
DEWEY, HERMAN                          NY-13-L-47
DEWEY, JOHN                            NY-13-E-188
DEWEY, JOHN                            NY-13-C2-54
DEWITT, FULLER                         NY-13-X-273
DEXTER, SAMUEL F.                      NY-13-Q-157
DEYO, ADRIAL                           NY-13-K-501
DEYO, ALVIN                            NY-13-28-164
DEYO, SIMEON                           NY-13-N-60
DEYO, TAMSON                           NY-13-K-501
DEYOE, CHRISTOPHER E.                  NY-13-L-304
DEZELL, GEORGE M.                      NY-13-Q-597
DIBBELL, HENRY W.                      NY-13-O-269
DIBBELL, JAMES M.                      NY-13-P-161
DIBBELL, SARAH J.                      NY-13-V-661
DIBBLE, CORNELIUS                      NY-13-F-451
DIBBLE, ELEANOR M.                     NY-13-M-25
DIBBLE, HARRIET D.                     NY-13-27-122
DIBBLE, HENRY                          NY-13-M-322
DIBBLE, MARY E. H.                     NY-13-W-491
DIBBLE, NOAH                           NY-13-H-176
DIBBLE, NOAH                           NY-13-F-665
DIBOL, AARON                           NY-13-F-594
DICKENSON, HARRIETT                    NY-13-G-59
DICKINSON, EPHRAIM                     NY-13-E-474
DICKS, ERNEST E.                       NY-13-29-53
DICKSON, ANNA S.                       NY-13-U-97
DICKSON, JACOB T.                      NY-13-F-629
DICKSON, JOHN                          NY-13-W-105
DICKSON, MARIA                         NY-13-L-286
DICKSON, OLIVE C.                      NY-13-28-81
DICKSON, OLIVER                        NY-13-X-201
DICKSON, PHILIP B.                     NY-13-K-221
DICKSON, THEODORE J.                   NY-13-P-1
DICKSON, WILLIAM H.                    NY-13-X-117
DIKE, ADA A.                           NY-13-Q-485
DILLON, ABIGAL                         NY-13-K-199
DIMMICK, NOAH (COL.)                   NY-13-F-411
DIMMICK, PERRY                         NY-13-29-59
DINGEE, OLIVE                          NY-13-I-247
DISBROW, HORACE S.                     NY-13-Q-313
DOIG, ANDREW                           NY-13-G-93
DOIG, ANDREW T.                        NY-13-U-485
DOIG, JAMES                            NY-13-K-42
DOIG, PATRICK S.                       NY-13-29-136
DOIG, WILLIAM                          NY-13-H-99
DONALDSON, HIRAM                       NY-13-G-480
DONALDSON, JAMES                       NY-13-F-569
DONNELLY, THOMAS                       NY-13-L-346
DOOLITTLE, DELILAH C.                  NY-13-O-81
DOOLITTLE, ERASTUS D.                  NY-13-27-48
DORG, WILLIAM S.                       NY-13-P-493
DOUGAL, ANDREW                         NY-13-L-33
DOUGHERTY, JAMES                       NY-13-F-422
DOUGLAS, AMOS                          NY-13-F-116
DOUGLAS, AMOS                          NY-13-M-149
DOUGLAS, ANNA CATHARINE                NY-13-F-383
DOUGLAS, JAMES                         NY-13-B-37
DOUGLAS, JAMES                         NY-13-P-453
DOUGLAS, MARY                          NY-13-K-420
DOUGLASS, ELIZA                        NY-13-Y-635
DOUGLASS, ISABELLE                     NY-13-U-524
DOUGLASS, MARY                         NY-13-P-133
DOUGLASS, WILLIAM                      NY-13-H-204
DOWIE, ALEXANDER S.                    NY-13-K-67
DOWNS, ABEL                            NY-13-C-304
DOWNS, GEORGE W.                       NY-13-F-294
DOWNS, JANE C.                         NY-13-I-45
DOWNS, SARAH                           NY-13-G-511
DOX, ABRAM                             NY-13-L-188
DOYL, EDWARD                           NY-13-C3-236
DOYL, EDWARD                           NY-13-C4-70
DOYLE, JOHN                            NY-13-G-299
DOYLE, SAMUEL                          NY-13-M-181
DRAKE, ABIAL                           NY-13-F-604
DRAKE, FRANCIS                         NY-13-S-461
DRAKE, JACOB B.                        NY-13-N-130
DRAKE, JOHN E.                         NY-13-N-24
DRISCOLL, JERRY JR.                    NY-13-S-425
DUIG, ANTONE                           NY-13-S-649
DUMOND, ABAM O.                        NY-13-Z-29
DUMOND, ADALINE                        NY-13-N-33
DUMOND, CATHERINE                      NY-13-F-252
DUMOND, EDWARD                         NY-13-P-13
DUMOND, EGADORE                        NY-13-L-111
DUMOND, HANNAH                         NY-13-S-485
DUMOND, HANNAH                         NY-13-X-325
DUMOND, HENRY                          NY-13-H-406
DUMOND, JAMES W.                       NY-13-N-249
DUMOND, SYLVIA                         NY-13-L-34
DUMOND, WILLIAM                        NY-13-E-513
DUNDORE, ABIGAIL                       NY-13-27-126
DUNDORE, ISAAC G.                      NY-13-H-69
DUNHAM, RODNEY                         NY-13-L-345
DUNN, ELIZABETH                        NY-13-F-381
DUNN, JOHN B.                          NY-13-F-401
DUNN, MICHAEL                          NY-13-Q-53
DUNNE, HENRY                           NY-13-Z-67
DURFEE, HENRY                          NY-13-27-5
DURFEE, MARGARET S.                    NY-13-N-213
DURFEY, LORENZO                        NY-13-M-346
DURRAND, MARY C.                       NY-13-W-49
DUTCHER, HARETT FRAYER                 NY-13-27-51
DUTTON, STREET                         NY-13-G-73
DYCKMAN, PETER R.                      NY-13-28-124
EADIE, THOMAS                          NY-13-N-189
EAGAN, PATRICK                         NY-13-L-207
EARL, DRUCILLA                         NY-13-Q-97
EARL, NATHAN P.                        NY-13-T-381
EARL, ORVILLE                          NY-13-G-65
EARLL, MALINDA                         NY-13-W-377
EARLY, GILBERT                         NY-13-C3-316
EASSON, HENRY                          NY-13-N-219
EASTON, ALEXANDER                      NY-13-G-464
ECKSON, JOHN                           NY-13-F-614
EDARDS, JONATHAN                       NY-13-F-14
EDELHAUSER, JOHN B.                    NY-13-N-122
EDGEROTN, GARDEN H.                    NY-13-F-233
EDGERTON, ADELINE A.                   NY-13-H-134
EDGERTON, APOLLOS C.                   NY-13-L-135
EDGERTON, EDWARD                       NY-13-R-469
EDGERTON, ERASTUS                      NY-13-C3-303
EDGERTON, ERASTUS                      NY-13-C4-127
EDGERTON, LUCY                         NY-13-V-253
EDGERTON, MARY HODGES                  NY-13-Z-76
EDGERTON, SALLY                        NY-13-G-321
EDSALL, WILLIAM                        NY-13-P-73
EDSON, DARWIN N.                       NY-13-L-289
EDWARDS, ANN                           NY-13-V-605
EDWARDS, D. C.                         NY-13-V-289
EDWARDS, DANIEL                        NY-13-C4-109
EDWARDS, ELIZA A.                      NY-13-28-44
EDWARDS, EUNICE A.                     NY-13-Q-265
EDWARDS, HENRY                         NY-13-L-205
EDWARDS, HENRY S.                      NY-13-O-251
EDWARDS, JULIA                         NY-13-28-90
EDWARDS, JULIUS E.                     NY-13-N-4
EDWARDS, MARY                          NY-13-28-74
EDWARDS, THOMAS                        NY-13-Z-126
EDWARDS, URIAH J.                      NY-13-29-97
EELLS, FREDERICK                       NY-13-H-300
EELLS, HENRY                           NY-13-K-205
EELLS, JOHN M.                         NY-13-28-84
EELLS, MARY M.                         NY-13-Q-633
EELS, HETTY W.                         NY-13-U-548
EGBERTSON, RICHARD C.                  NY-13-E-248
EGELSTON, GEORGE L.                    NY-13-29-131
ELDERKIN, HELEN M.                     NY-13-S-333
ELDERKIN, ISAAC                        NY-13-M-302
ELDERKIN, JAMES                        NY-13-L-245
ELDERKIN, NELSON                       NY-13-G-15
ELDERKIN, NELSON J.                    NY-13-28-175
ELDERKIN, ROYAL J.                     NY-13-29-17
ELDERKIN, WARREN                       NY-13-X-533
ELFREY, CHARLES                        NY-13-28-85
ELLIOT, MAGDALEN                       NY-13-F-427
ELLIOT, MARY                           NY-13-M-347
ELLIOT, RACHEL                         NY-13-C2-157
ELLIOT, WALTER                         NY-13-L-280
ELLIOTT, ARCHIBALD                     NY-13-K-12
ELLIOTT, ELIZA                         NY-13-R-389
ELLIOTT, ELIZABETH                     NY-13-V-389
ELLIOTT, FRANCIS                       NY-13-R-153
ELLIOTT, JOHN                          NY-13-K-162
ELLIOTT, NETTIE E.                     NY-13-29-32
ELLIOTT, THOMAS E.                     NY-13-S-205
ELLIOTT, THOMAS S.                     NY-13-O-641
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM A.                    NY-13-X-577
ELLIS, LEWIS                           NY-13-D-88
ELLIS, LOUISA                          NY-13-Q-505
ELLIS, NOAH                            NY-13-E-69
ELLISON, AMOS                          NY-13-L-208
ELLISON, ASENATH                       NY-13-H-154
ELLS, ORSON J.                         NY-13-R-349
ELLSWORTH, CHARLES A.                  NY-13-S-61
ELLSWORTH, GEORGE W.                   NY-13-29-4
ELMER, ELECTA                          NY-13-C4-112
ELMER, ELECTA                          NY-13-C3-281
ELPLINK, MARTHA R.                     NY-13-W-129
ELWELL, WILLIAM N.                     NY-13-M-163
ELWOOD, ANN E.                         NY-13-W-353
ELWOOD, FRANCIS MARION                 NY-13-28-40
ELWOOD, GRITMAN                        NY-13-G-346
ELWOOD, HEZEKIAH                       NY-13-F-312
ELWOOD, JAMES                          NY-13-G-400
ELWOOD, JEMIMA C.                      NY-13-G-349
ELWOOD, JOHN H.                        NY-13-D-244
ELWOOD, MARY C.                        NY-13-29-138
ELWOOD, PHEBE                          NY-13-W-605
ELWOOD, WALTER L.                      NY-13-X-409
EMERSON, MARY E.                       NY-13-29-108
ENDERLIN, GEORGE                       NY-13-Z-4
ENDERLIN, JOSEPH                       NY-13-L-129
ENGLAND, HENRY                         NY-13-K-687
EPPS, HENRY N.                         NY-13-N-14
ERNST, MARIA                           NY-13-29-130
ERSKINE, MARY                          NY-13-C3-94
ERWIN, JAMES D.                        NY-13-D-414
EVA NS, HENRY                          NY-13-M-102
EVANS, AMANDA N.                       NY-13-O-17
EVANS, BETSEY                          NY-13-M-222
EVANS, CHARLES L.                      NY-13-29-126
EVANS, JENETTE                         NY-13-29-43
EVANS, JOSIAH B.                       NY-13-U-157
EVERETT, RICHARD                       NY-13-K-460
EVERETT, SARAH M.                      NY-13-29-18
EVERTS, CATHARINE                      NY-13-M-283
EVERY, ALVA                            NY-13-Y-229
EVERY, ARIAM                           NY-13-29-134
EVERY, BISHOP                          NY-13-29-157
EVERY, GRIFFIN C.                      NY-13-L-248
EVERY, HENRY                           NY-13-29-154
EVERY, HIRAM                           NY-13-O-425
EVERY, JENNIE E.                       NY-13-Z-134
EVERY, JOHN                            NY-13-F-442
EVERY, NANCY                           NY-13-T-337
EVERY, NEHEMIAH                        NY-13-29-166

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