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ABBEY, JANE                            NY-13-F-471
ABBOTT, PITSON J.                      NY-13-I-17
ABEL, ELIAS B.                         NY-13-D-271
ABELL, BETTY                           NY-13-D-100
ABELL, EMORY S.                        NY-13-K-370
ABELL, RUTH M.                         NY-13-K-365
ABELL, SALLY E.                        NY-13-N-232
ABRAMS, FRANK D.                       NY-13-Y-53
ACKERLY, JEREMIAH B.                   NY-13-L-321
ADAIR, JAMES                           NY-13-G-304
ADAIR, JAMES                           NY-13-27-163
ADAIR, WILLIAM                         NY-13-R-117
ADAMS, AXEL SMEDBERG                   NY-13-U-114
ADAMS, BARNEY                          NY-13-M-249
ADAMS, DINGEE                          NY-13-D-124
ADAMS, EFFIE                           NY-13-O-25
ADAMS, GEORGE                          NY-13-O-45
ADAMS, JAMES R.                        NY-13-28-105
ADAMS, MARY                            NY-13-L-92
ADAMS, SUSAN A.                        NY-13-U-1
ADEE, JAMES S.                         NY-13-R-149
ADEE, JONATHAN                         NY-13-S-609
ADEE, JOSHUA                           NY-13-D-202
ADEE, NETTIE A.                        NY-13-N-198
ADEE, STEPHEN B.                       NY-13-G-499
AILEE, SAMUEL                          NY-13-C2-250
AINES, MARY A.                         NY-13-N-175
AINSLIE, JOHN                          NY-13-M-132
AINSLIE, MARION                        NY-13-W-277
AITKEN, AGNES                          NY-13-M-113
AITKEN, AGNES                          NY-13-W-169
AITKEN, ARABELLA E.                    NY-13-29-86
AITKEN, HANNAH N.                      NY-13-29-99
AITKEN, WILLIAM                        NY-13-N-221
AITKIN, JOHN A.                        NY-13-L-43
AKERLEY, BENJAMIN                      NY-13-B-327
AKERLEY, DEMIRIUS                      NY-13-29-142
AKIN, GILBERT H.                       NY-13-L-65
AKINS, ABIGAIL                         NY-13-Z-102
ALBERTI, LANAH                         NY-13-Z-27
ALCOTT, JENNIE E.                      NY-13-27-153
ALDEN, SOPHIA L.                       NY-13-F-118
ALEXANDER, ALBERT                      NY-13-O-189
ALEXANDER, JOHN W.                     NY-13-N-268
ALEXANDER, JULIA A.                    NY-13-29-45
ALEXANDER, SILAS                       NY-13-V-13
ALLABEN, ORSON M.                      NY-13-N-98
ALLABEN, WILLIAM N.                    NY-13-Q-469
ALLEN, ALEXANDER C.                    NY-13-T-201
ALLEN, DAVID                           NY-13-E-131
ALLEN, ELEAZAR                         NY-13-E-49
ALLEN, GEORGE AMENZO                   NY-13-W-9
ALLEN, GEORGE R.                       NY-13-R-597
ALLEN, JOHN                            NY-13-F-215
ALLEN, LEONARD                         NY-13-H-80
ALLEN, OLIVE                           NY-13-I-4
ALLEN, PHILIP                          NY-13-L-273
ALLISON, JEFFERSON T.                  NY-13-M-301
ALLISON, LEONARD H.                    NY-13-F-528
ALLISON, MARGARET                      NY-13-29-39
ALLISON, SERENA L.                     NY-13-R-249
ALLISON, WILLIAM H.                    NY-13-L-281
ALTON, ALFRED                          NY-13-O-181
ALTON, WILLIAM                         NY-13-Y-361
ALVERSON, PHEBE JANE                   NY-13-M-348
AMOS, WALTER                           NY-13-S-577
AMOS, WILLIAM                          NY-13-H-447
ANDERSON, ALLEN                        NY-13-R-49
ANDERSON, BERTHA                       NY-13-N-88
ANDERSON, JAMES                        NY-13-W-345
ANDERSON, ORRIN B.                     NY-13-N-118
ANDERSON, RICHARD                      NY-13-Z-9
ANDERSON, ROBERT                       NY-13-28-54
ANDERSON, THOMAS                       NY-13-M-328
ANDERSON, THOMAS                       NY-13-K-94
ANDERSON, WARREN                       NY-13-Y-659
ANDREWS, ANDREW J.                     NY-13-29-133
ANDREWS, CHARLES                       NY-13-B-174
ANDREWS, CHARLOTTE S.                  NY-13-29-114
ANDREWS, FAIRMAN                       NY-13-H-282
ANDREWS, HARRIET                       NY-13-W-575
ANDREWS, JAMES                         NY-13-E-41
ANDREWS, JOHN J.                       NY-13-Z-19
ANDREWS, JOSEPH                        NY-13-D-213
ANDREWS, MARY                          NY-13-28-8
ANDREWS, MARY ANN                      NY-13-I-272
ANDREWS, PHILO                         NY-13-E-353
ANDREWS, SAMUEL                        NY-13-D-27
ANDREWS, WILLIAM                       NY-13-K-561
ANDRUS, FRANK M.                       NY-13-27-101
ANDRUS, KATE N.                        NY-13-Y-73
ANDRUS, SAMUEL                         NY-13-D-252
ANGELL, GEORGE W.                      NY-13-Q-209
ANGLE, EDWARD F.                       NY-13-27-24
ANGLE, ELLA                            NY-13-X-65
ANGLE, FREDERICK                       NY-13-G-207
ANGLE, LOUISE A.                       NY-13-X-209
APPLEBEE, SARAH                        NY-13-X-21
APPLEY, LAWRENCE                       NY-13-L-54
ARBUCKLE, DANIEL SR.                   NY-13-G-422
ARBUCKLE, DANIEL T.                    NY-13-N-335
ARBUCKLE, ELIZABETH J.                 NY-13-Q-565
ARBUCKLE, JANE A.                      NY-13-O-121
ARBUCKLE, NATHANIEL                    NY-13-K-270
ARCHER, JOHN                           NY-13-L-299
ARCHER, JOHN C.                        NY-13-P-289
ARCHER, MARY A.                        NY-13-S-409
ARCHER, RUFUS L.                       NY-13-29-125
ARCHER, WILLIAM                        NY-13-Z-106
ARCHES, THOMAS                         NY-13-N-265
ARCHIBALD, ANDREW                      NY-13-L-130
ARCHIBALD, ELIZABETH E.                NY-13-Z-144
ARCHIBALD, ELIZABETH E.                NY-13-Z-149
ARCHIBALD, JAMES                       NY-13-P-85
ARCHIBALD, ROBERT                      NY-13-L-326
ARCHIBALD, ROBERT H.                   NY-13-U-490
ARCHIBALD, WILLIAM                     NY-13-L-210
ARENS, EDWARD P.                       NY-13-27-139
ARMS, GILBERT S.                       NY-13-28-41
ARMSTRONG, ARCHIBALD H.                NY-13-T-13
ARMSTRONG, DOLLY                       NY-13-C2-212
ARMSTRONG, ELIZA                       NY-13-O-85
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                       NY-13-X-261
ARMSTRONG, JAMES G.                    NY-13-N-311
ARMSTRONG, JANE                        NY-13-N-262
ARMSTRONG, JENNET                      NY-13-X-605
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                        NY-13-G-7
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                        NY-13-K-684
ARMSTRONG, MONIMEY                     NY-13-Z-39
ARMSTRONG, ROBERT                      NY-13-R-361
ARMSTRONG, WALTER T.                   NY-13-V-641
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM P.                  NY-13-T-321
ARNOLD, MORTIMER C.                    NY-13-M-282
ASHBY, ROBERT                          NY-13-H-21
ASHBY, ZEBULAN                         NY-13-H-498
ATKIN, ELIZA A.                        NY-13-Q-237
ATKIN, ELIZABETH J.                    NY-13-28-108
ATKIN, JOHN W.                         NY-13-M-232
ATTKEN, JOHN M.                        NY-13-K-1
AULD, PETER                            NY-13-W-349
AUSTIN, ALEXANDER                      NY-13-F-321
AUSTIN, ALFORD L.                      NY-13-L-31
AUSTIN, DEBORAH                        NY-13-L-30
AUSTIN, HENRY M.                       NY-13-T-587
AUSTIN, HULDAH                         NY-13-Y-249
AUSTIN, JOSEPH MERTON                  NY-13-L-209
AUSTIN, THEOPHILUS G.                  NY-13-O-527
AUSTIN, WILLIAM                        NY-13-T-241
AVERY, HANNAH                          NY-13-I-11
AVERY, JOHN                            NY-13-C3-267
AVERY, JOHN                            NY-13-C4-90
AXTELL, BARBARA                        NY-13-L-228
AXTELL, BETSEY A.                      NY-13-29-70
AXTELL, JOHN                           NY-13-L-153
AXTELL, WILLIAM L.                     NY-13-N-5
BABCOCK, AMELIA N.                     NY-13-R-509
BABCOCK, JOHN                          NY-13-P-301
BABCOCK, SAMUEL                        NY-13-S-449
BACON, DAVID                           NY-13-F-226
BAGLEY, EDWARD                         NY-13-S-317
BAGLEY, MARCUS L.                      NY-13-27-11
BAILEE, WILLIAM                        NY-13-G-532
BAILEY, EDWARD                         NY-13-G-654
BAILEY, ESTELLA L.                     NY-13-Y-671
BAILEY, FREDERICK E.                   NY-13-Q-41
BAILEY, HANNAH JANE                    NY-13-29-64
BAILEY, HARRIET                        NY-13-O-539
BAILEY, JACOB                          NY-13-V-209
BAILEY, LEBBEUS                        NY-13-27-22
BAINS, WILLIAM                         NY-13-Z-151
BAIR, EMMALINE A. L.                   NY-13-S-389
BAIRNS, ANNA S.                        NY-13-27-100
BAKER, ALFRED                          NY-13-F-91
BAKER, DAVID M.                        NY-13-28-1
BAKER, EPHRAIM                         NY-13-C2-260
BAKER, FREDERICK                       NY-13-E-398
BAKER, HORACE                          NY-13-O-157
BAKER, MARTHA                          NY-13-O-153
BAKER, MARY                            NY-13-L-88
BALCOM, DEBORAH K.                     NY-13-N-149
BALCOM, JOHN H.                        NY-13-G-132
BALDWIN, ELIJAH                        NY-13-D-187
BALDWIN, FREDUS                        NY-13-F-35
BALDWIN, HARRIET                       NY-13-F-540
BALDWIN, MARION W.                     NY-13-G-584
BALDWIN, MARY A.                       NY-13-V-81
BALDWIN RANSFORD                       NY-13-E-425
BALDWIN, THOMAS W.                     NY-13-W-407
BALLANTINE, DAVID                      NY-13-U-347
BALLANTINE, DUNCAN                     NY-13-K-488
BALLANTINE, JAMES                      NY-13-X-233
BALLANTINE, JAMES                      NY-13-P-405
BALLANTINE, NANCY E.                   NY-13-Y-13
BALLARD, ALONZO                        NY-13-Z-32
BALLARD, ASA                           NY-13-L-148
BALLARD, ELIZABETH                     NY-13-N-138
BALLARD, IRA HARRIS                    NY-13-N-256
BALLARD, JAMES G.                      NY-13-Y-141
BALLARD, JOHN T.                       NY-13-R-33
BALLARD, JONATHAN                      NY-13-N-275
BALLARD, LOUISA                        NY-13-M-208
BALLARD, NANCY                         NY-13-L-342
BALLARD, WILLIAM                       NY-13-V-477
BALLENTINE, ROBERT                     NY-13-T-249
BALLENTYNE, THOMAS                     NY-13-X-661
BALLOU, PHOEBE                         NY-13-L-45
BANAGAN, JOHN J.                       NY-13-V-185
BANKER, JAMES M.                       NY-13-K-632
BANKS, HENRY D.                        NY-13-S-117
BANKS, MARIA S.                        NY-13-R-529
BANNER, DAVID J.                       NY-13-E-287
BANNER, JACOB                          NY-13-E-336
BARBER, CHARRY                         NY-13-L-239
BARBER, MARY E.                        NY-13-29-92
BARBER, PENELOPE                       NY-13-E-280
BARBER, SARAH                          NY-13-E-277
BARD, ELLEN                            NY-13-Z-91
BARDLEY, DARWIN B.                     NY-13-D-466
BARFUS, OSCAR E.                       NY-13-N-220
BARKER, JOHN                           NY-13-G-449
BARLOW, BURR                           NY-13-N-137
BARLOW, CYNTHIA                        NY-13-Z-93
BARLOW, DAVID                          NY-13-D-82
BARLOW, HARRIET A.                     NY-13-P-585
BARLOW, JABEZ                          NY-13-G-109
BARLOW, JOSEPH                         NY-13-A-135
BARLOW, JOSEPH                         NY-13-H-232
BARLOW, LOUISE H.                      NY-13-28-135
BARLOW, SAMUEL                         NY-13-C4-80
BARLOW, SAMUEL B.                      NY-13-D-490
BARLWO, DANIEL                         NY-13-M-34
BARMAN, CHARLES                        NY-13-Z-61
BARMAN, ROBERT C.                      NY-13-29-95
BARNES, ABIJAH                         NY-13-N-20
BARNES, ALFRED E.                      NY-13-Q-549
BARNES, ALICE E.                       NY-13-S-217
BARNES, AMASA T.                       NY-13-29-127
BARNES, AMOS                           NY-13-G-239
BARNES, ANGELINE                       NY-13-O-365
BARNES, CAROLINE M.                    NY-13-P-197
BARNES, ELIHU                          NY-13-C3-242
BARNES, GEORGE W.                      NY-13-T-53
BARNES, HOFFMAN                        NY-13-F-11
BARNES, LETTICE JANE                   NY-13-N-277
BARNES, LOIS                           NY-13-M-332
BARNES, MARRIA A.                      NY-13-R-337
BARNES, MARTHA JANE                    NY-13-K-28
BARNES, NELSON                         NY-13-F-590
BARNES, THOMAS                         NY-13-G-360
BARNES, WILLIAM A.                     NY-13-G-70
BARNETT, ELEANOR                       NY-13-K-257
BARNETT, JOHN                          NY-13-F-525
BARNHART, ALFRED                       NY-13-27-124
BARNHART, DEBORAH ANN                  NY-13-K-659
BARNHART, PHILIP                       NY-13-H-262
BARNHART, THOMAS G.                    NY-13-29-162
BARNHART, WILLIAM                      NY-13-E-26
BARNHART, WILLIAM I.                   NY-13-28-2
BARNUM, AMOS                           NY-13-Z-69
BARNUM, AMOS                           NY-13-E-145
BARNUM, JOSEPH                         NY-13-C4-124
BARNUM, JOSEPH                         NY-13-C3-300
BARR, MARGARET                         NY-13-E-234
BARRETT, JOHN                          NY-13-W-551
BARRINGER, WILLIAM H.                  NY-13-29-63
BARTLETT, CHANDLER                     NY-13-G-691
BARTLETT, DWIGHT                       NY-13-N-314
BARTLETT, FRANCIS W.                   NY-13-V-305
BARTLETT, FREDERICK                    NY-13-H-108
BARTLETT, HENRY                        NY-13-K-128
BARTLETT, ICHABOD                      NY-13-F-417
BARTLETT, LEMUEL                       NY-13-M-194
BARTLETT, LYDIA H.                     NY-13-Y-401
BARTLETT, MILTON                       NY-13-F-282
BARTLETT, MYRA J.                      NY-13-28-120
BARTLETT, SARAH                        NY-13-X-53
BARTLETT, SLUMAN                       NY-13-D-358
BARTLETT, THOMAS                       NY-13-N-63
BARTLETT, THOMAS A.                    NY-13-V-609
BARTLETT, WILLIAM H.                   NY-13-M-329
BARTRAM, JAMES E.                      NY-13-M-317
BARTRAM, URIAH P.                      NY-13-P-389
BASSETT, ARCHIBALD                     NY-13-F-169
BASSETT, CHARLES B.                    NY-13-X-429
BASSETT, ELIZABETH                     NY-13-L-12
BASSETT, JOSHUA                        NY-13-M-177
BASSETT, MARY L.                       NY-13-L-159
BASSETT, PHILIP                        NY-13-G-113
BASSETT, REUBEN                        NY-13-E-112
BATCHELLER, DEBORAH                    NY-13-I-163
BATES, ANNETT                          NY-13-M-145
BATHRICK, FREDERICK                    NY-13-C3-42
BATHRICK, MARY JANE                    NY-13-27-132
BATHRICK, NOAH S.                      NY-13-T-29
BATTERSHALL, CHARLES H.                NY-13-O-141
BATTERSHALL, WILLIAM H.                NY-13-P-65
BAUER, LOUISE                          NY-13-U-401
BAXTER, CYRUS R.                       NY-13-28-174
BAXTER, JOHN                           NY-13-T-443
BAXTER, JOHN                           NY-13-L-70
BAXTER, JOHN  C.                       NY-13-G-95
BAXTER, MARY J.                        NY-13-L-171
BEACH, AUGUSTUS                        NY-13-G-44
BEACH, BETSEY                          NY-13-G-615
BEACH, DANIEL                          NY-13-D-24A
BEACH, GEORGE W.                       NY-13-K-64
BEACH, HARRIET KEELER                  NY-13-X-673
BEACH, IRA                             NY-13-V-177
BEACH, JEHIAL                          NY-13-K-91
BEACH, LOIS                            NY-13-F-469
BEACH, MARY A.                         NY-13-N-324
BEACH, SARAH                           NY-13-V-29
BEADLE, BRIDGET                        NY-13-H-364
BEAGLE, MARGARET                       NY-13-P-533
BEAGLE, MARY A.                        NY-13-T-357
BEAGLE, MARY J.                        NY-13-Y-101
BEAL, JAMES T.                         NY-13-O-89
BEARD, ABIJAH                          NY-13-D-218
BEARDSLEE, ALMON                       NY-13-M-168
BEARDSLEE, JOHN                        NY-13-K-375
BEARDSLEE, JUDSON                      NY-13-G-520
BEARDSLEE, MARTIN                      NY-13-M-116
BEARDSLEE, MILES                       NY-13-M-223
BEARDSLEE, NELSON                      NY-13-Z-24
BEARDSLEY, DAVID                       NY-13-Y-177
BEARDSLEY, GAYLORD                     NY-13-D-215
BEARDSLEY, GIDEON                      NY-13-B-59
BEARDSLEY, PARICK                      NY-13-G-30
BEARE, EMMALINE A. L.                  NY-13-S-389
BEASTER, SELINA W.                     NY-13-U-74
BECHANAN, ALEXANDER D.                 NY-13-Q-33
BECKER, CORNELIUS                      NY-13-K-22
BECKER, DAVID                          NY-13-N-317
BECKER, HARLEY                         NY-13-Z-11
BECKWITH, SALLY ANN                    NY-13-H-404
BEDFORD, JONATHAN                      NY-13-F-265
BEERS, AARON                           NY-13-M-195
BEERS, BURTON B.                       NY-13-F-347
BEERS, EDWIN H.                        NY-13-27-133
BEERS, EPHRAIM                         NY-13-C-175
BEERS, EZRA                            NY-13-I-315
BEERS, IRA                             NY-13-P-597
BEERS, JULIUS                          NY-13-P-281
BEERS, S. NEWTON                       NY-13-N-109
BEERS, SHERMAN                         NY-13-U-91
BEERS, WILL J.                         NY-13-Y-233
BEGGAI, ROBERT                         NY-13-S-233
BEILBY, JOSEPH                         NY-13-I-335
BEILE, PHILLIP                         NY-13-D-380
BELFRAGE, ROBERT M.                    NY-13-M-256
BELKNAP, HENRY A.                      NY-13-28-55
BELL, CALVIN H.                        NY-13-N-30
BELL, CHARLES                          NY-13-N-181
BELL, EDMOND                           NY-13-F-477
BELL, EDWARD                           NY-13-N-75
BELL, HARVEY                           NY-13-N-210
BELL, JAMES                            NY-13-C3-27
BELL, JAMES                            NY-13-N-347
BELL, JOHN                             NY-13-Y-431
BELL, JOSEPH W.                        NY-13-E-23
BELL, MARGARET WILSON                  NY-13-Y-273
BELL, MARY C.                          NY-13-S-21
BELL, SAMUEL                           NY-13-C2-219
BELL, SAMUEL A.                        NY-13-N-28
BELL, SARAH                            NY-13-H-157
BELLOWS, ASA                           NY-13-L-226
BELLOWS, MERRICK A.                    NY-13-28-80
BENEDICT, CALEB S.                     NY-13-F-532
BENEDICT, E. ALVIRA                    NY-13-N-278
BENEDICT, GEORGE                       NY-13-X-309
BENEDICT, HENRY                        NY-13-M-193
BENEDICT, JAMES                        NY-13-E-156
BENEDICT, JOHN                         NY-13-L-14
BENEDICT, JONATHAN                     NY-13-O-359
BENEDICT, LINUS                        NY-13-L-323
BENEDICT, MARCUS W.                    NY-13-28-68
BENEDICT, MARTIN G.                    NY-13-I-237
BENEDICT, MATTHEW                      NY-13-29-124
BENEDICT, MATTHEW H.                   NY-13-Z-55
BENEDICT, SEVILLA                      NY-13-I-274
BENEDICT, SUSAN                        NY-13-27-159
BENHAM, J. AUGUSTA                     NY-13-X-241
BENJAMIN, PELEG                        NY-13-C-40
BENJAMIN, SARAH A.                     NY-13-29-34
BENNETT, ABIJAH                        NY-13-G-78
BENNETT, ASHAEL G.                     NY-13-X-609
BENNETT, CORNELIUS                     NY-13-M-43
BENNETT, EBENEZER                      NY-13-D-327
BENNETT, EMERSON S.                    NY-13-28-163
BENNETT, EMILY A.                      NY-13-H-166
BENNETT, GEORGE W.                     NY-13-O-401
BENNETT, ISAAC                         NY-13-F-647
BENNETT, JOHN N.                       NY-13-L-309
BENNETT, ORRIN M.                      NY-13-27-144
BENNETT, RHODA NORTHWAY                NY-13-P-613
BENNETT, SARAH D.                      NY-13-M-107
BENNETT, SARAH J.                      NY-13-O-653
BENNETT, SELINA W.                     NY-13-27-108
BENSON, SALLY M.                       NY-13-N-340
BERGMAN, WILHELMINA                    NY-13-28-131
BERRAY, MARTHA O.                      NY-13-Z-116
BERRAY, SEYMOUR A.                     NY-13-T-165
BERRAY, STEPHEN                        NY-13-V-437
BERRAY, STEPHEN                        NY-13-H-523
BETTS, DANIEL B.                       NY-13-Y-337
BETTS, JESSE                           NY-13-L-97
BETTS, THEODOCIA                       NY-13-R-73
BICHLER, ASENATH                       NY-13-X-125
BICHLER, JOHAN GEORGE                  NY-13-Y-109
BICKNELL, JOSEPH                       NY-13-C-12
BIDDLE, THOMAS                         NY-13-W-467
BIDWELL, SIMEON                        NY-13-M-225
BIEHLER, JACOB                         NY-13-Y-575
BIGGAM, GEORGE W.                      NY-13-L-283
BIGGAR, WALTER                         NY-13-G-618
BIGGARS, ROBERT                        NY-13-G-242
BILL, DAVID                            NY-13-P-185
BIRDSALL, ELEMUEL                      NY-13-D-24
BIRDSALL, IRA S.                       NY-13-F-560
BIRDSALL, JEREMIAH                     NY-13-P-93
BIRDSALL, OLIVE P.                     NY-13-V-57
BIRDSALL, OLIVER                       NY-13-L-222
BIRDSALL, OLIVER                       NY-13-Q-305
BIRDSALL, RICHARD S.                   NY-13-W-121
BIRDSALL, RUBY                         NY-13-K-339
BIRDSALL, WILLIAM                      NY-13-N-10
BIRDSALL, WILLIAM I.                   NY-13-V-333
BIRE, JOSHUA                           NY-13-S-605
BISBEE, JONATHAN C.                    NY-13-H-260
BISBEE, SHERMAN                        NY-13-V-313
BISSELL, GEORGE                        NY-13-N-179
BISSELL, JOSEPH                        NY-13-T-473
BISSELL, PHEBE                         NY-13-M-272
BIXBY, JOHN                            NY-13-U-166
BIXBY, SAMUEL                          NY-13-G-40
BIXBY, WILLIAM                         NY-13-K-498
BLACK, MARY JANE                       NY-13-M-273
BLACKLEY, JOHN                         NY-13-C-79
BLACKMAN, ARCHIBALD H.                 NY-13-28-162
BLACKMAN, FRANCES S.                   NY-13-29-104
BLAIR, ELIZABETH R.                    NY-13-W-677
BLAIR, JAMES J.                        NY-13-G-326
BLAIR, PETER                           NY-13-F-651
BLAKE, FRANCES E.                      NY-13-Y-81
BLAKELY, GOLDSBOROUGH B.               NY-13-L-105
BLAKELY, JAMES G.                      NY-13-L-126
BLAKELY, SARAH M.                      NY-13-L-242
BLAKELY, SUSAN M.                      NY-13-R-281
BLAKELY, WILLIAM                       NY-13-E-464
BLAKELY, WILLIAM H.                    NY-13-O-536
BLANCHARD, CHARLES                     NY-13-Q-57
BLANCHARD, CLARA A.                    NY-13-R-513
BLANCHARD, HOMER                       NY-13-28-91
BLANCHARD, JOHN                        NY-13-H-126
BLEAKIE, GEORGE                        NY-13-I-26
BLEAKIE, ROBERT                        NY-13-N-61
BLENCOE, JOHN S.                       NY-13-28-159
BLISH, JAMES                           NY-13-L-2
BLISH, JOHN M.                         NY-13-W-217
BLISH, JOSHUA W.                       NY-13-27-9
BLISH, MARIETTA                        NY-13-K-616
BLISH, NOVATUS M.                      NY-13-V-229
BLOSSOM, LUCY A.                       NY-13-X-665
BLOWERS, ABRAM                         NY-13-F-182
BLOWERS, JOSEPH P.                     NY-13-M-211
BLOWERS, JULANY                        NY-13-E-245
BLUK, ESTHER                           NY-13-Z-114
BOGARDUS, WILLIAM                      NY-13-O-287
BOGART, ANGELETTA                      NY-13-Q-29
BOGART, GILBERT                        NY-13-W-45
BOGART, LUCINDA                        NY-13-M-166
BOGART, PETER                          NY-13-M-140
BOGGS, GEORGE A.                       NY-13-29-26
BOGGS, JAMES                           NY-13-F-74
BOGGS, LUCY M.                         NY-13-U-94
BOHLMAN, JOHN C.                       NY-13-N-159
BOICE, JACOB                           NY-13-M-68
BOICE, LEETA S.                        NY-13-27-74
BOICE, MARY W.                         NY-13-N-62
BOLLES, ALEXANDER                      NY-13-F-447
BOLLES, EPAPHAS                        NY-13-H-632
BOLLES, J. HARVEY                      NY-13-U-558
BOLLES, JOHN A.                        NY-13-K-98
BOLLES, SAMUEL T.                      NY-13-Q-177
BOLLES, SARAH                          NY-13-K-51
BOLT, AMBROSE                          NY-13-N-42
BOLT, CHARLOTTE                        NY-13-R-373
BOLT, HORACE H.                        NY-13-Z-49
BOLT, JOHN                             NY-13-O-485
BOLTON, LOUISA M.                      NY-13-X-437
BOLTON, OLIVER                         NY-13-E-371
BONE, WILLIAM H.                       NY-13-X-389
BONNER, JAMES                          NY-13-Y-297
BOOKHOUT, ISAAC C.                     NY-13-Z-14
BOOKHOUT, JOHN                         NY-13-E-418
BOOMHOUR, JACOB                        NY-13-C4-36
BOOMHOWER, JACOB                       NY-13-C3-192
BOOMHOWER, PARK                        NY-13-S-113
BOONSON, ELMINA S.                     NY-13-W-539
BOOTH, ESTELLA G.                      NY-13-M-129
BOOTH, LEVI                            NY-13-H-3
BOOTH, MEDAD SANDESON                  NY-13-E-74
BOOTH, WILLIAM S.                      NY-13-G-560
BORDEN, ELIZABETH W.                   NY-13-28-34
BORST, MICHAEL                         NY-13-D-208
BORTHWICK, JAMES                       NY-13-S-153
BOSTWICK, ADELIA F.                    NY-13-29-123
BOSTWICK, AMMON                        NY-13-C4-59
BOSTWICK, AMMON                        NY-13-C3-231
BOSTWICK, CHARLES A.                   NY-13-L-255
BOSTWICK, CORNELIA C.                  NY-13-M-236
BOSTWICK, DAVID B.                     NY-13-H-16
BOSTWICK, JABEZZ                       NY-13-F-8
BOSTWICK, MILTON                       NY-13-R-21
BOSTWICK, SYLVESTER                    NY-13-F-333
BOUGHTON, CATHARINE                    NY-13-V-653
BOUGHTON, RICHARD M.                   NY-13-W-369
BOURNE, ISRAEL C.                      NY-13-O-335
BOUTON, BETSEY M.                      NY-13-W-563
BOUTON, CORBIN T.                      NY-13-M-49
BOUTON, DAVID A.                       NY-13-Q-385
BOUTON, DEBORAH E.                     NY-13-K-268
BOUTON, ELIZABETH                      NY-13-L-161
BOUTON, ELLA M.                        NY-13-M-47
BOUTON, GOULD M.                       NY-13-M-340
BOUTON, JANE                           NY-13-L-329
BOUTON, JEREMIAH G.                    NY-13-K-159
BOUTON, JOHN T.                        NY-13-M-86
BOUTON, ROGERS                         NY-13-C2-58
BOUTON, SHERMAN S.                     NY-13-T-189
BOWER, BERIAH                          NY-13-G-3
BOWERS, AZEL                           NY-13-D-535
BOWERS, BERIAH L.                      NY-13-K-401
BOWERS, GRACIA A.                      NY-13-T-581
BOWERS, JOHN A.                        NY-13-H-419
BOWERS, MINERVA N.                     NY-13-L-195
BOWMAN, JAMES R.                       NY-13-W-599
BOWTON, WILLIAM                        NY-13-Y-269
BOYCE, WILLIAM M.                      NY-13-G-354
BOYD, CANFIELD                         NY-13-P-409
BOYD, ELISHA                           NY-13-I-348
BOYD, HENRY                            NY-13-M-233
BOYD, JAMES D.                         NY-13-29-80
BOYLE, JAMES                           NY-13-K-580
BOYLE, JOHN                            NY-13-Y-385
BOYLE, MARY ANN                        NY-13-V-261
BOYLES, JAMES                          NY-13-I-344
BOYNTON, FAYETTE A.                    NY-13-X-353
BRACH, MYRON                           NY-13-Q-353
BRADFORD, CHARLES S.                   NY-13-I-152
BRADLEY, EASTER                        NY-13-G-261
BRADLEY, GERSHAM H.                    NY-13-F-461
BRADLEY, HENRY C.                      NY-13-D-517
BRADLEY, NEHEMIAH                      NY-13-E-80
BRADLEY, RUSSELL K.                    NY-13-27-98
BRADLEY, SARAH                         NY-13-P-257
BRADLEY, SILAS                         NY-13-F-592
BRADLEY, STEPHEN W.                    NY-13-M-207
BRADLEY, SYLVIA                        NY-13-H-453
BRAINARD, AMASA G.                     NY-13-G-306
BRAINARD, JOHN                         NY-13-E-451
BRAINARD, MARY                         NY-13-I-146
BRAINERD, HANNAH MARIA                 NY-13-T-467
BRAMLEE, JAMES                         NY-13-F-319
BRAMLEY, CHRISTINA A.                  NY-13-M-16
BRAMLEY, ELIZABETH H.                  NY-13-29-173
BRAMLEY, JENNIE E.                     NY-13-Y-551
BRAMLEY, JOHN W.                       NY-13-R-145
BRAMLEY, MARY S.                       NY-13-Y-1
BRAMLEY, WILLIAM                       NY-13-H-466
BRANCH, WALTER                         NY-13-A-19
BRANDT, HENRY WILLIAM C.J.             NY-13-K-483
BRANNING, MICHAEL                      NY-13-29-171
BRANT, NORTHRUP P.                     NY-13-P-333
BRANT, ROSWELL M.                      NY-13-H-637
BRANT, URSULA                          NY-13-W-261
BRAUN, MARY A.                         NY-13-V-217
BRAZEE, ERASTUS                        NY-13-Z-173
BREESE, CLARK F.                       NY-13-29-46
BRESACK, WILLIAM A.                    NY-13-H-617
BRESEE, MARTIN                         NY-13-I-265
BRESEE, SILAS                          NY-13-G-169
BREWER, ELIAS                          NY-13-B-130
BREWER, MARGUERITE C.                  NY-13-28-154
BREWER, PETER                          NY-13-H-431
BRICE, EDWARD                          NY-13-G-459
BRIGGS, JONATHAN T.                    NY-13-Q-205
BRIGGS, LUCINA                         NY-13-O-551
BRIGGS, MARY LEE                       NY-13-L-127
BRIGHT, JAMES                          NY-13-28-89
BRINDLEY, ELIZABETH                    NY-13-H-626
BRINKMAN, DEDRICK                      NY-13-L-72
BRINKMAN, WILLIAM                      NY-13-U-372
BRISACK, JOHN A.                       NY-13-W-165
BRISACK, SYLVESTER                     NY-13-K-44
BRISTOL, CANDACE                       NY-13-C4-74
BRISTOL, CANDACE                       NY-13-C3-239
BRISTOL, DANIEL S.                     NY-13-27-164
BRISTOL, RICHARD                       NY-13-C-298
BROAD, AARON G.                        NY-13-G-258
BROAD, DIANTHA                         NY-13-L-269
BROCK, DONALD                          NY-13-N-205
BROGAN, PATRICK                        NY-13-L-146
BRONSON, MARIA                         NY-13-M-229
BRONSON, WILLIAM C.                    NY-13-G-39
BROOK, MARY                            NY-13-U-77
BROOKS, ABBIE AUGUSTA                  NY-13-T-521
BROUGHTON, NATHAN                      NY-13-S-533
BROWN, ABIJAH                          NY-13-P-9
BROWN, ALEXANDER                       NY-13-R-569
BROWN, ANDREW                          NY-13-O-545
BROWN, ANTHONY                         NY-13-Z-171
BROWN, CHARLES                         NY-13-S-249
BROWN, COLLINS                         NY-13-M-26
BROWN, EDWIN R.                        NY-13-F-378
BROWN, JOHN C.                         NY-13-L-41
BROWN, JULIA A.                        NY-13-L-274
BROWN, LYMAN                           NY-13-S-109
BROWN, MARTHA                          NY-13-H-468
BROWN, MARY                            NY-13-28-32
BROWN, MARY H.                         NY-13-H-302
BROWN, PETER D.                        NY-13-C2-214
BROWN, ROBERT                          NY-13-L-139
BROWN, SARAH                           NY-13-V-625
BROWN, SARAH J.                        NY-13-Z-34
BROWN, SYLVESTER                       NY-13-Q-17
BROWN, WILLIAM E.                      NY-13-Z-63
BROWN, WILLIAM H.                      NY-13-W-177
BROWNE, THOMAS W.                      NY-13-M-180
BROWNELL, ABBEY ANGELINE               NY-13-N-57
BROWNELL, ISAAC                        NY-13-I-33
BROWNELL, ISAAC                        NY-13-29-41
BROWNELL, ISAAC                        NY-13-F-415
BROWNELL, LAURA                        NY-13-N-44
BROWNELL, LOUISE H.                    NY-13-S-177
BROWNELL, WILLIAM C.                   NY-13-L-26
BROWNSON, HERMON                       NY-13-S-69
BROWNSON, ITHIEL                       NY-13-H-154
BROWNSON, SAMANTHA                     NY-13-H-104
BRUACK, RACHEL A.                      NY-13-S-265
BRUCE, MARY                            NY-13-K-301
BRUN, JAMES                            NY-13-28-12
BRUNDAGE, LEVI                         NY-13-O-554
BRUNDAGE, PHEBE                        NY-13-F-349
BRUNDYDGE, STEPHEN R.                  NY-13-F-54
BRUNINER, ABIGAIL                      NY-13-I-205
BRUSH, ALEXANDER                       NY-13-D-236
BRUSH, SARAH                           NY-13-H-429
BRYAN, ALEXANDER                       NY-13-M-185
BRYAN, HARRIET                         NY-13-W-305
BRYAN, MARY THOMPSON                   NY-13-U-30
BRYAN, ZACHARIAH                       NY-13-C3-113
BRYANT, ASAHEL                         NY-13-S-397
BRYANT, EDWARD                         NY-13-L-52
BRYANT, ELIZABETH                      NY-13-F-101
BRYANT, EMILY M.                       NY-13-K-138
BRYANT, WHITMAN                        NY-13-C-114
BRYANT, WHITMAN J.                     NY-13-V-481
BRYCE, WILLIAM                         NY-13-S-81
BRYDEN, JAMES                          NY-13-G-543
BRYDEN, JANE E.                        NY-13-29-100
BRYDEN, JOHN                           NY-13-O-629
BUCK, ALANSON P.                       NY-13-H-189
BUCKBEE, ELECTA                        NY-13-N-200
BUCKBEE, GILBERT W.                    NY-13-M-218
BUCKHAM, ANDREW                        NY-13-Q-613
BUCKHAM, MARGARET                      NY-13-Y-365
BUCKHOUT, PETER                        NY-13-C-127
BUCKLEY, BENJAMIN P.                   NY-13-N-147
BUCKLEY, JENNIE T.                     NY-13-P-509
BUDINE, ASA                            NY-13-Y-425
BUDINE, MARY J.                        NY-13-M-292
BUEL, ABEL                             NY-13-E-137
BUEL, EMILY                            NY-13-M-134
BUELL, HARVEY                          NY-13-E-470
BUELL, ISAAC                           NY-13-L-259
BUELL, ORANGE                          NY-13-D-38
BUELL, SARAH                           NY-13-K-136
BULL, NORRIS C.                        NY-13-K-564
BULLOCK, CHARLES                       NY-13-M-17
BUNDY, BENJAMIN                        NY-13-C3-145
BUNDY, EBENEZER                        NY-13-Z-47
BUNDY, EMMA                            NY-13-27-47
BUNDY, MARGARET S.                     NY-13-X-41
BUNDY, MARY W.                         NY-13-P-313
BUNKER, TALLMAN C.                     NY-13-X-25
BURAY, EDWARD P.                       NY-13-T-105
BURDICK, ABRAHAM                       NY-13-H-66
BURDICK, ABRAM                         NY-13-Z-120
BURDICK, ALDEN                         NY-13-L-267
BURDICK, ALVA LYMAN                    NY-13-T-49
BURDICK, JOHN                          NY-13-F-343
BURDICK, JONATHAN                      NY-13-O-431
BURDICK, LUTHER                        NY-13-M-98
BURDICK, ROXA                          NY-13-P-589
BURDICK, SARAH A.                      NY-13-Y-197
BURDICK, TRUMAN                        NY-13-L-113
BURGES, ARCHIBALD                      NY-13-B-275
BURGIN, BRYAN H.                       NY-13-N-296
BURGIN, GEORGE M.                      NY-13-Z-62
BURGIN, HOMER C.                       NY-13-O-449
BURGIN, MARY S.                        NY-13-L-198
BURHANS, DUBOIS                        NY-13-D-404
BURHANS, JOHN E.                       NY-13-D-16
BURHAUS, EDWARD J.                     NY-13-L-179
BURHAUS, FRANCIS B.                    NY-13-Q-369
BURLISON, THOMAS                       NY-13-N-21
BURLOW, ANDREW P.                      NY-13-X-169
BURNHAM, JOHN                          NY-13-28-152
BURNS, ALEXANDER                       NY-13-G-198
BURNS, ANDREW                          NY-13-M-202
BURNS, ELIZABETH A.                    NY-13-Z-25
BURNS, JOHN                            NY-13-M-248
BURNS, JOHN                            NY-13-P-373
BURNS, MOSES                           NY-13-B-147
BURNSIDE, JOHN                         NY-13-C-233
BURNSIDE, MARY                         NY-13-M-284
BURNSIDE, OLIVIA C.                    NY-13-27-16
BURNSIDE, WILLIAM                      NY-13-N-260
BURRHUS, JAMES                         NY-13-G-185
BURRHUS, LAURA                         NY-13-27-140
BURRHUS, POLLY                         NY-13-K-72
BURRIT, PHILIP                         NY-13-A-212
BURROUGHS, ANN ELIZA                   NY-13-X-697
BURROUGHS, CHARLES E.                  NY-13-29-135
BURROUGHS, DANIEL                      NY-13-E-57
BURROUGHS, DAVID                       NY-13-M-82
BURROUGHS, EDEN                        NY-13-D-192
BURROUGHS, HIRAM J.                    NY-13-O-323
BURROUGHS, JOHN                        NY-13-N-267
BURROWS, ANTOINETTE                    NY-13-T-133
BURROWS, CHARLES A.                    NY-13-27-79
BURROWS, DANIEL A.                     NY-13-L-29
BURROWS, JOHN B.                       NY-13-F-131
BURTCH, NATHANIEL E.                   NY-13-G-576
BURTCH, SNEL W.                        NY-13-M-103
BURTON, HENRY                          NY-13-H-161
BUSH, HENRIETTA C.                     NY-13-S-501
BUSH, HENRIETTA R.                     NY-13-Q-25
BUSH, JAMES C.                         NY-13-Y-369
BUSH, JOHN E.                          NY-13-Q-541
BUSH, SARAH A.                         NY-13-P-297
BUSKIRK, ALANGDON M.                   NY-13-W-449
BUSS, GEORGE W.                        NY-13-Q-557
BUSSEY, HIRAM                          NY-13-P-241
BUSSY, LEWIS                           NY-13-G-211
BUTLER, CHARLES                        NY-13-G-139
BUTLER, DANIEL                         NY-13-S-377
BUTLER, DANIEL                         NY-13-D-179
BUTLER, DAVID                          NY-13-R-497
BUTLER, EVERETTE                       NY-13-29-27
BUTLER, HENRY F.                       NY-13-Q-173
BUTLER, IRVIN                          NY-13-29-3
BUTLER, JAMES H.                       NY-13-M-210
BUTLER, JOHN                           NY-13-D-14
BUTLER, JOHN S.                        NY-13-N-345
BUTLER, KATE                           NY-13-29-168
BUTLER, LOUISA                         NY-13-W-635
BUTLER, MARY JANE                      NY-13-N-322
BUTLER, SAMUEL P.                      NY-13-O-1
BUTLER, SARAH M.                       NY-13-N-168
BUTS, IRA E.                           NY-13-X-549
BUTT, ABRAHAM                          NY-13-F-304
BUTT, OLIVER                           NY-13-G-27
BUTTS, ISAAC                           NY-13-K-135
BUTTS, JEREMIAH                        NY-13-L-99
BUTTS, JOHN                            NY-13-P-77
BUTTS, OLIVER P.                       NY-13-N-229
BUTTS, S. MARIA                        NY-13-V-513

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