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SACKRIDER, HENRY W.                    NY-13-G-172
SACKRIDER, JAMES A.                    NY-13-L-303
SACKRIDER, MARY                        NY-13-F-578
SACKRIDER, SOLOMON M.                  NY-13-C-141
SACKRIDER, TIMOTHY                     NY-13-F-224
SALSIBURY, AMANDA M.                   NY-13-O-633
SALTON, ELLEN                          NY-13-28-129
SALTON, GEORGE W.                      NY-13-29-25
SALTON, JOHN                           NY-13-D-155
SALTON, ROBERT E.                      NY-13-Y-173
SAMPSON, HENRY                         NY-13-X-153
SAND, ABIGAL E.                        NY-13-K-242
SANDERSON, JAMES                       NY-13-I-149
SANDERSON, PATRICK R.                  NY-13-V-141
SANDERSON, RICHARD C.                  NY-13-27-137
SANDERSON, ROBERT G.                   NY-13-N-310
SANDS, ALBERT                          NY-13-29-82
SANDS, CLINTON D.                      NY-13-27-77
SANDS, RICHARD B.                      NY-13-E-229
SANDS, ROSE A.                         NY-13-29-83
SANDS, SAMUEL E.                       NY-13-Q-521
SANFORD, CHARLEY D.                    NY-13-Z-35
SANFORD, CHARLS C.                     NY-13-I-142
SANFORD, CLARISSA                      NY-13-H-489
SANFORD, CORNELIUS D.                  NY-13-W-357
SANFORD, HARRIET                       NY-13-N-139
SANFORD, HENRY H.                      NY-13-Z-88
SANFORD, JOHN                          NY-13-G-160
SANFORD, MENDELSON C.                  NY-13-S-53
SANFORD, SARAH M.                      NY-13-T-193
SANFORD, WILLIAM                       NY-13-B-268
SANFORD, WILLIAM                       NY-13-K-37
SANFORD, WILLIAM R.                    NY-13-P-193
SANFORD, ZIBA                          NY-13-K-266
SAULY, MARGARET                        NY-13-S-49
SAUNDERS, ABEL H.                      NY-13-R-405
SAUNDERS, LAROY                        NY-13-Y-265
SAUNDERS, REUBEN                       NY-13-I-227
SAUNDERS, SARAH M. BEDIENT             NY-13-28-22
SAWYER, GABRIEL S.                     NY-13-M-286
SAWYER, JOSHUA                         NY-13-N-59
SAWYER, WILLIAM H.                     NY-13-X-305
SCHALLER, SIGMUND                      NY-13-U-164
SCHARNIKOW, EDWARD                     NY-13-N-274
SCHENCK, JOHN                          NY-13-N-212
SCHENK, LUDWINE                        NY-13-N-78
SCHERMERHORN, ABRAM                    NY-13-N-19
SCHERMERHORN, CHARLES B.               NY-13-X-461
SCHERMERHORN, PETER                    NY-13-S-489
SCHMIDT, MARY                          NY-13-29-93
SCHNEIDER, GEORGE                      NY-13-28-100
SCHOONMAKER, EMMA                      NY-13-28-23
SCHRYBER, PHILLIP W.                   NY-13-T-21
SCHULTZ, DAVID                         NY-13-L-35
SCHUTT, JACOB                          NY-13-K-236
SCHUTZ, SYDNEY                         NY-13-Y-305
SCHWARTZ, ADAM                         NY-13-Y-261
SCHWILLE, GEORGE FREDRICK              NY-13-S-545
SCOFIELD, ANGELINE N.                  NY-13-M-308
SCOFIELD, ELNATHAN                     NY-13-C2-155
SCOFIELD, EZRA                         NY-13-H-610
SCOTT, ABIGAIL R.                      NY-13-H-117
SCOTT, ADAM                            NY-13-U-159
SCOTT, ADAM                            NY-13-C3-81
SCOTT, AGNES                           NY-13-I-190
SCOTT, ANDREW                          NY-13-H-26
SCOTT, CORNELIUS E.                    NY-13-U-407
SCOTT,  DAVID C.                       NY-13-E-153
SCOTT, DAVID R.                        NY-13-Y-473
SCOTT, ELIZABETH                       NY-13-K-290
SCOTT, ELLEN                           NY-13-R-185
SCOTT, GEORGE E.                       NY-13-S-301
SCOTT, GEORGE L.                       NY-13-G-171
SCOTT, GRACE (THOMPSON)                NY-13-M-242
SCOTT, HAMILTON                        NY-13-28-170
SCOTT, HENRY A.                        NY-13-P-177
SCOTT, ISABELLA                        NY-13-H-274
SCOTT, ISABELLA                        NY-13-X-537
SCOTT, JAMES                           NY-13-H-527
SCOTT, JAMES                           NY-13-D-459
SCOTT, JAMES                           NY-13-U-44
SCOTT, JAMES                           NY-13-X-565
SCOTT, JAMES H.                        NY-13-L-196
SCOTT, JAMES W.                        NY-13-G-462
SCOTT, JANE                            NY-13-E-445
SCOTT, JANET                           NY-13-C4-31
SCOTT, JANET                           NY-13-C3-186
SCOTT, JEREMIAH                        NY-13-V-353
SCOTT, JOHN                            NY-13-O-625
SCOTT, JOHN A.                         NY-13-N-116
SCOTT, LYDIA E.                        NY-13-Y-491
SCOTT, ROBERT                          NY-13-L-141
SCOTT, ROBERT                          NY-13-D-20
SCOTT, ROBERT                          NY-13-P-561
SCOTT, ROBERT                          NY-13-E-257
SCOTT, ROBERT R.                       NY-13-X-681
SCOTT, ROBERT T.                       NY-13-Y-165
SCOTT, ROBERT W.                       NY-13-W-521
SCOTT, SAMANTHA A.                     NY-13-P-605
SCOTT, THOMAS                          NY-13-L-174
SCOTT, WALTER                          NY-13-D-68
SCOTT, WILLIAM                         NY-13-Y-325
SCOTT, WILLIAM                         NY-13-K-7
SCOUTEN, ABRAHAM                       NY-13-C3-76
SCOUTON, ABRAHAM                       NY-13-C-121
SCOUTON, JACOB                         NY-13-C-229
SCOVILL, ELI                           NY-13-C3-122
SCOVILL, SAMUEL ORLANDO                NY-13-Z-15
SCRAMBLING, HENRY P.                   NY-13-F-243
SCRAMBLING, MARY                       NY-13-29-65
SCUDDER, HARRIET H.                    NY-13-27-148
SCUDDER, JAMES G.                      NY-13-28-138
SCUDDER, JULIA A.                      NY-13-M-247
SCUDDER, WILLIAM SMITH                 NY-13-A-215
SCULLY, MARY A.                        NY-13-L-211
SCUTT, JANE                            NY-13-F-25
SCUTT, MILO                            NY-13-V-421
SCUTT, WILLIAM S.                      NY-13-H-388
SEACORD, ANN ELIZA                     NY-13-W-341
SEACORD, STEPHEN A.                    NY-13-O-467
SEACORD, WILLIAM                       NY-13-G-433
SEAL, JAMES C.                         NY-13-C3-126
SEAMAN, AMASA M.                       NY-13-Q-9
SEAMAN, HARVEY M.                      NY-13-X-397
SEARLE, MARY L.                        NY-13-X-585
SEARLES, PORTER D.                     NY-13-V-637
SEATH, JAMES                           NY-13-H-525
SEATH, JAMES G.                        NY-13-29-113
SECREST, JACOB                         NY-13-W-229
SEELEY, CARRIE A.                      NY-13-T-245
SEELEY, CHARLES H.                     NY-13-28-140
SEELEY, CHARLES S.                     NY-13-28-24
SEELEY, JOSIAH                         NY-13-C-104
SEELEY, LINUS                          NY-13-T-233
SEELEY, SAMUEL                         NY-13-G-549
SEELEY, STERLING                       NY-13-D-278
SEELY, HENRY B.                        NY-13-S-125
SEELY, SOPHIA                          NY-13-G-121
SEELY, SUSAN                           NY-13-P-269
SEELY, WILLIAM R.                      NY-13-G-36
SELEY, TRUMAN B.                       NY-13-K-670
SELLECK, LEVI                          NY-13-Z-20
SELLIMAN, ELI T.                       NY-13-Q-153
SELSZ, MARGARETHA                      NY-13-Y-557
SESSELBERG, MARTHA FITCH               NY-13-V-221
SEWARD, ANSON                          NY-13-D-36
SEXSMITH, JANET                        NY-13-N-108
SEXSMITH, MARY A.                      NY-13-M-143
SEXSMITH, MICHAEL                      NY-13-Q-201
SEYMOUR, CAROLINE                      NY-13-N-211
SEYMOUR, CHARLES D.                    NY-13-N-337
SEYMOUR, GILBERT                       NY-13-P-645
SHACKELTON, JAMES R.                   NY-13-O-21
SHAFER, DANIEL B.                      NY-13-Q-689
SHAFER, PETER                          NY-13-C3-34
SHAFER, WILLIAM B.                     NY-13-N-22
SHAFFER, OSCAR E.                      NY-13-28-98
SHAFFER, ZELIETTE                      NY-13-L-71
SHAKELTON, CHRISTINA                   NY-13-T-97
SHAKELTON, EDWIN E.                    NY-13-S-589
SHAKLETON, JOHN                        NY-13-N-196
SHAULY, JOHN                           NY-13-P-273
SHAVER, AMASA J.                       NY-13-28-16
SHAVER, ELLEN Y.                       NY-13-L-128
SHAVER, FREEMAN                        NY-13-M-5
SHAVER, JACOB                          NY-13-C-156
SHAVER, JACOB                          NY-13-K-174
SHAVER, JAMES M.                       NY-13-W-533
SHAVER, JOHN                           NY-13-D-394
SHAVER, JOHN                           NY-13-G-667
SHAVER, LUCAS                          NY-13-L-57
SHAVER, PETER                          NY-13-G-89
SHAVER, PHILIP P.                      NY-13-H-310
SHAVER, WILLIAM R.                     NY-13-L-246
SHAVN, FERIA A.                        NY-13-28-17
SHAW, ALEX                             NY-13-Q-401
SHAW, ALEXANDER                        NY-13-L-118
SHAW, ALEXANDER                        NY-13-K-463
SHAW, ANNA                             NY-13-C4-25
SHAW, AUGUSTA                          NY-13-G-334
SHAW, CHRISTINA                        NY-13-K-557
SHAW, DANIEL                           NY-13-L-58
SHAW, DONALD                           NY-13-B-315
SHAW, GEORGE N.                        NY-13-29-101
SHAW, HARVEY A.                        NY-13-28-111
SHAW, JAMES H.                         NY-13-M-268
SHAW, JOHN                             NY-13-G-339
SHAW, JULIAETTE                        NY-13-28-141
SHAW, MARGARET                         NY-13-M-261
SHAW, MARY                             NY-13-F-109
SHAW, SAMUEL                           NY-13-I-188
SHAW, WILLIAM                          NY-13-G-429
SHAW, WILLIAM P.                       NY-13-K-647
SHEFLIN, WILLIAM                       NY-13-Q-617
SHELDEN, ELISHA                        NY-13-C3-68
SHELDON, EDWARD C.                     NY-13-L-295
SHELDON, EDWIN B.                      NY-13-U-412
SHELDON, EDWIN H.                      NY-13-K-511
SHELDON, JONATHAN                      NY-13-C-194
SHELDON, WILIAM C.                     NY-13-O-413
SHELLEY, ERNEST S.                     NY-13-P-253
SHELLMAN, COONROD                      NY-13-27-154
SHELLMAN, PETER                        NY-13-F-630
SHELLMAN, SYLVESER                     NY-13-H-229
SHELMAN, MARGARET                      NY-13-G-468
SHELTER, MARIAH                        NY-13-H-582
SHEPARD, ELIZABETH                     NY-13-R-121
SHEPARD, JULIETTE                      NY-13-Q-629
SHEPARD, MARY                          NY-13-T-361
SHEPARD, SYLVANUS                      NY-13-N-103
SHEPARD, WILLIAM A.                    NY-13-28-76
SHEPHERD, CATHERINE                    NY-13-O-377
SHEPHERD, MARY ELIZABETH               NY-13-O-383
SHERMAN, ELBRIDGE F.                   NY-13-T-113
SHERMAN, EPHRAIM                       NY-13-L-149
SHERMAN, HANNAH                        NY-13-L-187
SHERMAN, IRA                           NY-13-D-232
SHERMAN, IRA E.                        NY-13-P-425
SHERMAN, ISABELLA                      NY-13-N-343
SHERMAN, JEANIE ROGERS                 NY-13-V-201
SHERMAN, JOB                           NY-13-F-368
SHERMAN, JOHN                          NY-13-F-154
SHERMAN, S. AMELIA                     NY-13-R-189
SHERRILL, CLARISSA                     NY-13-N-13
SHERWOOD, JAMES                        NY-13-K-651
SHERWOOD, JOHN                         NY-13-O-275
SHERWOOD, LUCY A.                      NY-13-28-132
SHERWOOD, PETER J.                     NY-13-K-398
SHERWOOD, SAMUEL                       NY-13-T-605
SHERWOOD, SQUIRE                       NY-13-H-604
SHIEL, MARGARET                        NY-13-N-7
SHIELDS, HUGH F.                       NY-13-28-169
SHILAND, MARY                          NY-13-V-85
SHILAND, THOMAS                        NY-13-G-391
SHOUT, HENRY                           NY-13-F-597
SHOUT, PHEBE JANE                      NY-13-Q-13
SHRAVES, HELEN M.                      NY-13-P-369
SHUE, JOHN                             NY-13-E-124
SHULTZ, LORENZO E.                     NY-13-K-11
SHUMAN, LOUIS                          NY-13-N-128
SHUTTS, ABIGAIL                        NY-13-M-239
SHUTTS, CORNELIA                       NY-13-M-238
SHUTTS, JANE E.                        NY-13-27-174
SHUTTS, POLLY                          NY-13-P-225
SHUTTS, ROZINAH                        NY-13-M-237
SIGNOR, AUGUSTUS L.                    NY-13-29-167
SIGNOR, MARGARET J.                    NY-13-P-505
SIGNOR, THEODORUS                      NY-13-L-339
SIKES, NATHANIEL                       NY-13-C4-121
SIKES, NATHANIEL                       NY-13-C3-296
SILLIMAN, BURR                         NY-13-H-335
SILLIMAN, CAROLINE                     NY-13-N-129
SILLIMAN, ELIZA                        NY-13-M-246
SILLIMAN, ISAAC                        NY-13-F-527
SILLIMAN, WILLIAM G.                   NY-13-W-33
SILVERNAIL, HENRY                      NY-13-T-425
SILVERNAIL, LOWINA                     NY-13-27-166
SIMMONS, CAROLINE                      NY-13-X-529
SIMMONS, FREDERICK                     NY-13-V-521
SIMMONS, GEORGE W.                     NY-13-P-477
SIMMONS, MARVIN                        NY-13-H-226
SIMMONS, NELSON B.                     NY-13-29-84
SIMMONS, PRUDENCE                      NY-13-E-468
SIMMONS, SALLY ANN                     NY-13-Z-52
SIMONS, ABIGAIL D.                     NY-13-O-479
SIMONS, ALBERT J.                      NY-13-T-277
SIMONS, EMMA A.                        NY-13-X-285
SIMONS, HENRY                          NY-13-F-21
SIMONSON, JAMES                        NY-13-E-109
SIMONSON, JOHN P.                      NY-13-L-348
SIMONSON, KATE                         NY-13-Y-57
SIMONSON, LUMAN E.                     NY-13-N-306
SIMONSON, TUNIS R.                     NY-13-G-128
SIMPSON, ALBERT H.                     NY-13-29-85
SIMPSON, AUGUSA H.                     NY-13-R-627
SIMPSON, DANIEL                        NY-13-M-11
SIMPSON, EMELINE E.                    NY-13-K-239
SIMPSON, HUGH                          NY-13-D-448
SIMPSON, SELENA                        NY-13-T-677
SIMPSON, WILLIAM                       NY-13-I-263
SINCLAIR, DUNCAN                       NY-13-G-45
SINCLAIR, EMMA K.                      NY-13-Y-85
SINCLAIR, JANETTE                      NY-13-Z-132
SINCLAIR, JENNIE                       NY-13-U-360
SINES, LEMUEL                          NY-13-P-125
SISSON, JABEZ                          NY-13-D-521
SISSON, WITSEL H.                      NY-13-V-545
SIVER, ROBERT                          NY-13-Z-73
SIXBEE, NICHOLAS                       NY-13-C-131
SIXSMITH, EDWARD                       NY-13-K-183
SIXSMITH, WILLIAM                      NY-13-H-641
SIXSMITH, WILLIAM                      NY-13-C4-102
SIXSMITH, WILLIAM                      NY-13-C3-275
SKELLINGUR, SILAS                      NY-13-B-27
SKUTT, WILLIAM S.                      NY-13-H-388
SLACK, RICHARD                         NY-13-X-413
SLANSON, HARMON                        NY-13-O-177
SLAUSENBURG, ANTHONY                   NY-13-X-161
SLAUSON, EZRA                          NY-13-X-69
SLAWSON, ELLEN                         NY-13-29-73
SLOAN, NANCY                           NY-13-L-349
SLOAN, ROBERT H.                       NY-13-Z-58
SLOAT, DAVID R.                        NY-13-F-302
SLOAT, JOANNA                          NY-13-M-75
SLOAT, ROBERT D.                       NY-13-M-106
SLOAT, WILLIAM                         NY-13-H-644
SLOOT, CLARK                           NY-13-E-140
SLOVER, DANIEL                         NY-13-27-146
SMEALLIE, JAMES M.                     NY-13-G-385
SMEALLIE, LYDIA A.                     NY-13-H-426
SMITH, ADA H.                          NY-13-U-543
SMITH, ADALINE S.                      NY-13-M-260
SMITH, ADRIAN G.                       NY-13-29-158
SMITH, ALEXANDER                       NY-13-B-237
SMITH, ALEXANDER                       NY-13-W-381
SMITH, ANDREW                          NY-13-F-183
SMITH, ANNA                            NY-13-M-57
SMITH, ANNA FRISBEE                    NY-13-28-70
SMITH, BENJAMIN E.                     NY-13-M-14
SMITH, CALEB                           NY-13-E-428
SMITH, CATHARINE                       NY-13-K-9
SMITH, CATHARINE R.                    NY-13-W-205
SMITH, CHARITY A.                      NY-13-N-158
SMITH, CHARLES E.                      NY-13-28-63
SMITH, CHARLES R.                      NY-13-P-685
SMITH, CHARLOTTE E.                    NY-13-S-157
SMITH, CLARINDA L.                     NY-13-H-71
SMITH, CORNELIUS                       NY-13-C3-102
SMITH, D. ORCUTT                       NY-13-Z-66
SMITH, DANIEL                          NY-13-28-6
SMITH, DANIEL                          NY-13-L-311
SMITH, DANIEL S.                       NY-13-G-370
SMITH, DAVID                           NY-13-F-288
SMITH, DIANTHA A.                      NY-13-Q-285
SMITH, ELIZABETH C.                    NY-13-V-129
SMITH, ETTA                            NY-13-Y-189
SMITH, FERINA                          NY-13-M-6
SMITH, FRANK H.                        NY-13-Y-455
SMITH, FRANK W.                        NY-13-29-88
SMITH, GEORGE A.                       NY-13-I-19
SMITH, GEORGE A.                       NY-13-L-271
SMITH, GILBERT A.                      NY-13-V-665
SMITH, HARMAN                          NY-13-T-137
SMITH, HARRIET E. M.                   NY-13-S-697
SMITH, HARVEY                          NY-13-S-57
SMITH, HEMON                           NY-13-H-224
SMITH, HENRY P.                        NY-13-B-69
SMITH, HERMAN E.                       NY-13-G-119
SMITH, HERMANCE                        NY-13-I-350
SMITH, HORACE W.                       NY-13-N-228
SMITH, HUBBARD                         NY-13-C-166
SMITH, IRA                             NY-13-G-472
SMITH, J. HANDY                        NY-13-M-320
SMITH, JAMES                           NY-13-F-341
SMITH, JAMES H.                        NY-13-M-118
SMITH, JAMES M.                        NY-13-X-401
SMITH, JANNETTE                        NY-13-X-393
SMITH, JENNETTE                        NY-13-L-112
SMITH, JEREMIAH                        NY-13-M-190
SMITH, JERRY B.                        NY-13-X-573
SMITH, JOHN                            NY-13-C3-227
SMITH, JOHN                            NY-13-C4-56
SMITH, JOHN                            NY-13-O-145
SMITH, JOHN                            NY-13-C4-64
SMITH, JOHN D.                         NY-13-G-278
SMITH, JOHN H.                         NY-13-M-213
SMITH, JOHN L.                         NY-13-N-178
SMITH, JOHN M.                         NY-13-F-279
SMITH, JOHN S.                         NY-13-L-306
SMITH, JOHN W.                         NY-13-L-160
SMITH, JOSEPH                          NY-13-C2-234
SMITH, JOSIAH D.                       NY-13-Q-453
SMITH, LYMAN A.                        NY-13-M-326
SMITH, MALISSA W.                      NY-13-N-182
SMITH, MARIA                           NY-13-G-280
SMITH, MARIA M.                        NY-13-X-93
SMITH, MARY                            NY-13-P-469
SMITH, MARY                            NY-13-V-153
SMITH, NATHAN                          NY-13-D-77
SMITH, NELSON                          NY-13-T-479
SMITH, ORRIN W.                        NY-13-S-17
SMITH, PATTY D.                        NY-13-I-207
SMITH, PETER                           NY-13-Q-125
SMITH, PETER                           NY-13-D-182
SMITH, PETER P.                        NY-13-C3-263
SMITH, PETER T.                        NY-13-I-222
SMITH, PHINEAS W.                      NY-13-I-317
SMITH, ROBERT                          NY-13-H-183
SMITH, ROSWELL                         NY-13-28-65
SMITH, ROY                             NY-13-G-646
SMITH, RUTH B.                         NY-13-V-337
SMITH, SAMUEL                          NY-13-K-46
SMITH, SAMUEL H.                       NY-13-H-91
SMITH, SAMUEL S.                       NY-13-G-358
SMITH, SARAH P.                        NY-13-29-140
SMITH, SHERRILL E.                     NY-13-28-110
SMITH, SILAS                           NY-13-K-96
SMITH, SILAS G.                        NY-13-N-325
SMITH, SIMON P.                        NY-13-V-681
SMITH, SOPHIA E.                       NY-13-S-509
SMITH, THEODORE                        NY-13-Q-441
SMITH, THOMAS G.                       NY-13-29-110
SMITH, WILLIAM                         NY-13-I-297
SMITH, WILLIAM P.                      NY-13-N-269
SMITH, ZERAH H.                        NY-13-L-183
SNELL, POLLY M.                        NY-13-27-110
SNELL, SUSAN M.                        NY-13-W-201
SNOW, DANIEL                           NY-13-I-289
SNYDER, ADA BRYAN                      NY-13-U-172
SNYDER, GARRET                         NY-13-F-544
SNYDER, GEORGE                         NY-13-M-296
SOLLIMAN, BETTIE                       NY-13-V-537
SOMERVILLE, JAMES                      NY-13-S-89
SOMERVILLE, THOMAS                     NY-13-27-151
SOMMES, LUDWIG                         NY-13-U-61
SOPER, NELSON                          NY-13-H-55
SOWLES, ELMA J.                        NY-13-N-308
SOWLES, ORRIN M.                       NY-13-N-99
SPAULDING, ALLEN D.                    NY-13-U-499
SPEARS, LILLIAS                        NY-13-K-663
SPENCE, NANCY                          NY-13-N-155
SPENCER, HERMAN                        NY-13-S-453
SPENCER, THERESA A.                    NY-13-U-243
SPICKERMAN, HENRY                      NY-13-H-332
SPIERS, ALEXANDER                      NY-13-V-213
SPOONER, CHARLES                       NY-13-G-478
SPRAGUE, ABEL                          NY-13-G-580
SPRAGUE, ABRAM                         NY-13-E-472
SPRAGUE, DUANE P.                      NY-13-Y-569
SPRAGUE, EBENEZER W.                   NY-13-Q-341
SPRAGUE, ERASTUS                       NY-13-X-145
SPRAGUE, FRANK L.                      NY-13-N-34
SPRAGUE, HIRAM                         NY-13-N-244
SPRAGUE, PARKER H.                     NY-13-R-585
SPRAGUE, PHILO F.                      NY-13-28-20
SQUIRE, ABEL                           NY-13-D-561
SQUIRE, ABRAHAM                        NY-13-F-5
SQUIRE, DAVID                          NY-13-G-410
SQUIRE, ISAAC J.                       NY-13-P-501
SQUIRE, JOHN W.                        NY-13-M-120
SQUIRE, MATILDA                        NY-13-F-50
SQUIRES, DAVID                         NY-13-F-85
SQUIRES, WILLIAM                       NY-13-D-567
STADEL, JOHN                           NY-13-N-151
STADEL, JOHN B.                        NY-13-28-18
STAFFORD, EDGAR G.                     NY-13-T-121
STALKER, ACHSAH                        NY-13-E-358
STANDLEY, HAZLE V.                     NY-13-U-253
STANLEY, LURA M.                       NY-13-27-84
STANLEY, NATHAN                        NY-13-G-344
STARKEY, CYRUS A.                      NY-13-N-288
STARKWEATHER, BENJAMIN                 NY-13-K-215
STARTLEY, ANDREW                       NY-13-R-69
STEEL, THOMAS H.                       NY-13-U-102
STEELE, ASAEL                          NY-13-F-173
STEELE, WILLIAM H.                     NY-13-L-5
STEINERT, BARBARA                      NY-13-P-449
STEIWERT, MARGARET                     NY-13-L-48
STERNBERG, LAMBERT                     NY-13-L-64
STERNBERG, OLIVE                       NY-13-L-204
STERNBURGH, GEORGE                     NY-13-D-485
STETSON, NATHAN                        NY-13-C2-82
STEVENS, ALVIRA A.                     NY-13-F-284
STEVENS, MILTON                        NY-13-L-314
STEVENS, MORRIS L.                     NY-13-L-95
STEVENS, NATHAN                        NY-13-A-236
STEVENS, SAMUEL H.                     NY-13-M-30
STEVENS, STODDARD                      NY-13-H-60
STEWART, DUNCAN                        NY-13-Z-143
STEWART, ELIZA W.                      NY-13-29-6
STEWART, ELUNA                         NY-13-M-262
STEWART, FRANCIS                       NY-13-M-228
STEWART, GEORGE                        NY-13-K-583
STEWART, HOMER                         NY-13-O-37
STEWART, JAMES                         NY-13-F-310
STEWART, JAMES                         NY-13-E-498
STEWART, JENNIE                        NY-13-K-29
STEWART, MARGARET                      NY-13-W-17
STEWART, MARTHA L.                     NY-13-V-45
STEWART, MARY A.                       NY-13-U-553
STEWART, MARY H.                       NY-13-M-333
STEWART, NATHANIEL                     NY-13-E-50
STEWART, NATHANIEL                     NY-13-C3-4
STEWART, WILLIAM                       NY-13-E-516
STEWART, WILLIAM A.                    NY-13-E-351
STICKLE, NICHOLAS N.                   NY-13-H-440
STILES, SAMUEL                         NY-13-D-150
STILLSON, TRUMAN                       NY-13-C2-225
STILSON, ANNA J.                       NY-13-28-36
STILSON, EGBERT                        NY-13-Y-397
STILSON, GRACE                         NY-13-Q-497
STILSON, HIRAM B.                      NY-13-N-67
STILSON, LOUISA J.                     NY-13-S-493
STILSON, LYMAN                         NY-13-L-191
STILSON, MADISON                       NY-13-I-322
STILSON, MARGARET E.                   NY-13-27-165
STILSON, MARIA                         NY-13-L-247
STILSON, MARY ETTE                     NY-13-N-298
STILSON, MINOR                         NY-13-O-347
STILSON, NATHAN                        NY-13-F-94
STILSON, PHILO C.                      NY-13-L-90
STILSON, SOPHIA                        NY-13-F-453
STILSON, WARREN                        NY-13-I-283
STILSON, WILLIAM A.                    NY-13-G-586
STIMPSON, ALANSON B.                   NY-13-I-281
STIMPSON, EBENEZER                     NY-13-E-101
STIMPSON, GEORGE W.                    NY-13-L-158
STIMSON, ANN ELIZA                     NY-13-K-628
STJOHN, AGNES                          NY-13-W-253
STJOHN, ARTHUR H.                      NY-13-V-237
STJOHN, COOK                           NY-13-K-47
STJOHN, GEORGE                         NY-13-K-588
STJOHN, GEORGE S.                      NY-13-S-473
STJOHN, JOHN A.                        NY-13-29-51
STJOHN, LEWIS S.                       NY-13-X-553
STJOHN, MARY S.                        NY-13-R-293
STJOHN, PERMELIA G.                    NY-13-W-117
STJOHN, PETER                          NY-13-C-323
STJOHN, SAMUEL HENRY                   NY-13-K-612
STJOHN, THOMAS                         NY-13-B-195
STJOHN, WILLIAM                        NY-13-W-113
STJOHNS, JOHN T.                       NY-13-E-118
STOCKBY, RICHARD                       NY-13-E-45
STOCKLEY, THOMAS P.                    NY-13-R-545
STOCKTON, CHARLES W.                   NY-13-C-226
STODDARD, JAMES                        NY-13-C3-48
STODDARD, SALMON                       NY-13-L-308
STODDARD, WILLIAM                      NY-13-F-643
STODDART, ELVIRA M.                    NY-13-O-437
STODDART, JAMES S.                     NY-13-K-507
STODDART, JAMES SR.                    NY-13-E-433
STODDART, JOHN C.                      NY-13-E-501
STONE, CAROLINE                        NY-13-K-83
STONE, HIRAM                           NY-13-C3-85
STONE, JOHN M.                         NY-13-O-117
STONE, WILLIAM                         NY-13-E-414
STOOPS, MARY JANE                      NY-13-M-281
STORIE, ESTHER                         NY-13-T-225
STORIE, MARY                           NY-13-H-412
STORRIE, JAMES                         NY-13-C-68
STOTT, GEORGE                          NY-13-I-235
STOTT, MARY                            NY-13-Z-141
STOTT, WALTER                          NY-13-H-393
STOUT, DAVID                           NY-13-C-243
STOUTENBURG, FRED B.                   NY-13-29-1
STOUTENBURG, S. HELEN                  NY-13-O-101
STOUTENBURG, WILLIAM G.                NY-13-27-111
STOUTENBURGH, ANN ELIZA                NY-13-29-61
STOUTENBURGH, LYDIA S.                 NY-13-G-620
STOUTENBURGH, WILLIAM                  NY-13-R-533
STRAIT, ALICE M.                       NY-13-N-281
STRANAGHN, JOHN                        NY-13-K-80
STRANGEWAY, CHRISTOPHER                NY-13-M-341
STRANGEWAY, WILLIAM                    NY-13-V-373
STRANGEWAY, WILLIAM T.                 NY-13-R-521
STRATFORD, ROBERT J.                   NY-13-R-57
STRATTON, ALANSON W.                   NY-13-S-665
STRATTON, ELIZABETH A.                 NY-13-W-37
STRATTON, JANE A.                      NY-13-V-533
STRATTON, JESSE                        NY-13-D-33
STRATTON, MILTON D.                    NY-13-R-13
STRATTON, PHINEAS                      NY-13-G-502
STRATTON, RUTH                         NY-13-Q-437
STRATTON, SALLY                        NY-13-E-440
STRAW, ALFRED A.                       NY-13-27-42
STRAW, ARCHIBALD                       NY-13-S-477
STRAW, CHARLES W.                      NY-13-X-277
STRAW, HECTOR                          NY-13-S-417
STRAW, JANET                           NY-13-P-441
STREET, HANNAH M.                      NY-13-V-293
STREET, LUCY MARIAH                    NY-13-P-317
STREETER, JAMES T.                     NY-13-L-263
STREETER, SARAH                        NY-13-M-288
STREETS, SHERMAN S.                    NY-13-Q-77
STRICKLAND, EMORY                      NY-13-L-316
STRODLEY, RANSOM                       NY-13-Z-7
STRONG, ALANSON                        NY-13-P-673
STRONG, ALFRED                         NY-13-G-130
STRONG, HARRIET M.                     NY-13-Z-162
STRONG, JOSIAH                         NY-13-C4-15
STRONG, JOSIAH                         NY-13-C3-150
STRONG, LEMUEL                         NY-13-K-261
STRONG, LEWIS B.                       NY-13-27-127
STRONG, MARIA                          NY-13-Y-201
STRONG, MARY                           NY-13-R-481
STRONG, WILLIAM                        NY-13-I-156
STRONOGHOUS, MOSES                     NY-13-H-577
STRUM, FRANK                           NY-13-Y-329
STUART, JOHN B.                        NY-13-T-397
STUART, SAMUEL                         NY-13-H-646
STUART, WILLIAM                        NY-13-G-269
STURGES, DAVID M.                      NY-13-Y-169
STURGES, ELIZA                         NY-13-N-289
STURGES, GEORGE                        NY-13-H-144
STURGES, HENRY B.                      NY-13-C3-143
STURGES, MARY A.                       NY-13-Z-82
STURGES, WILLIAM H.                    NY-13-N-106
STYLES, EDWARD B.                      NY-13-27-20
STYLES, JOHN W.                        NY-13-M-270
SULLARD, ALBERT E.                     NY-13-O-491
SUMMERVILLE, THOMAS                    NY-13-G-271
SUTHERLAND, ADAM                       NY-13-R-101
SUTLIFF, HARRIET L.                    NY-13-X-165
SUTTON, ORISON P.                      NY-13-V-673
SUTTON, SARAH A.                       NY-13-W-77
SWAN, SARAH M.                         NY-13-N-71
SWART, CHRISTIAN D.                    NY-13-27-62
SWART, HAMILTON B.                     NY-13-28-25
SWART, HARRIET L.                      NY-13-N-76
SWART, PETER                           NY-13-G-457
SWART, PETER P.                        NY-13-L-257
SWART, WILLIAM                         NY-13-H-350
SWEET, CHESTER                         NY-13-G-149
SWEET, JULIA E.                        NY-13-R-601
SYKES, THOMAS M.                       NY-13-V-301
SYMINGTON, ISABELLA                    NY-13-M-37
SYSMITH, JOHN K.                       NY-13-X-525

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