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SABIN, DAVID                      NY-7-12-41
SABIN, DAVID                      NY-7-8-635
SABIN, DAVID                      NY-7-11-627
SABINS, LUCIAN B.                 NY-7-5-347
SACKETT, CATHARINE T.             NY-7-8-620
SACKETT, GEORGE HENRY             NY-7-3-46
SACKETT, HARRIET N.               NY-7-11-38
SACKETT, JOSEPH                   NY-7-2-141
SACKETT, WILSON                   NY-7-12-162
SADLER, HAMILTON M.               NY-7-6-204
SADLER, NARCISSA A.               NY-7-7-311
SAGE, AMOS                        NY-7-7-602
SAGE, CAROLINE                    NY-7-5-378
SAGE, CATHARINE                   NY-7-5-378
SAGE, DAVID C.                    NY-7-10-230
SAGE, ELEANOR                     NY-7-4-29
SAGE, JULIA                       NY-7-8-428
SAGE, LINUS                       NY-7-10-119
SALISBURY, GRATIA                 NY-7-9-437
SALISBURY, JULIA A.               NY-7-7-149
SALISBURY, NEWTON                 NY-7-7-278
SALISBURY, VICTOR P.              NY-7-10-316
SAMPLE, EVA L.                    NY-7-10-92
SAMPSON, JAMES C.                 NY-7-11-614
SANDERS, LAURA                    NY-7-2-312
SANDERSON, ERI M.                 NY-7-6-457
SANFORD, CHARLES W.               NY-7-11-425
SANFORD, MARGARET A.              NY-7-8-283
SAUNDERS, CAROLINE                NY-7-9-102
SAUNDERS, DANIEL                  NY-7-9-105
SAUNDERS, PAMELIA                 NY-7-9-48
SAUNDERS, WILLIAM                 NY-7-7-212
SAWIN, GEORGE                     NY-7-3-179
SAWIN, W. ORLANDO                 NY-7-12-368
SAXTON, CHARLES                   NY-7-6-63
SAXTON, FAITHY                    NY-7-10-466
SAXTON, ISAAC                     NY-7-1-313
SAXTON, SEYMOUR                   NY-7-8-481
SCANLAN, MARY                     NY-7-11-316
SCARRITT, ALONZO                  NY-7-5-592
SCHAFFER, VALENTINE               NY-7-9-218
SCHELLING, JOHN                   NY-7-10-48
SCHILDMACHER, BARBARA             NY-7-8-480
SCHLIKER, DANIEL                  NY-7-8-413
SCHMIDT, JOSEPH                   NY-7-11-270
SCHNEIDER, ANDREW                 NY-7-11-610
SCHNEIDER, JOHN                   NY-7-9-25
SCHOOLEY, AMANTHA                 NY-7-6-342
SCHRENS, GERRIT                   NY-7-11-603
SCHRENS, JOHN                     NY-7-12-605
SCHRODER, LOUISA                  NY-7-11-125
SCHUTT, BARBARA                   NY-7-10-419
SCHWARZ, GEORGE                   NY-7-5-469
SCOFIELD, ALANSON                 NY-7-8-529
SCOFIELD, CORNELIA A.             NY-7-11-398
SCOFIELD, ELIZA                   NY-7-10-217
SCOFIELD, MARY JANE               NY-7-2-234
SCOFIELD, PLATT W.                NY-7-9-390
SCOFIELD, SEELY                   NY-7-11-420
SCOFIELD, SETH                    NY-7-9-133
SCOFIELD, SHADRACK                NY-7-3-107
SCOFIELD, SMITH                   NY-7-7-389
SCOFIELD, SMITH W.                NY-7-8-611
SCOFIELD, SOPHIA S.               NY-7-9-346
SCOFIELD, STEWARD S.              NY-7-7-219
SCOFIELD, WILLIAM H.              NY-7-7-187
SCOFIELD, WILLIAM S.              NY-7-5-157
SCOTT, CHANDLER                   NY-7-3-62
SCOTT, GEORGE M.                  NY-7-5-158
SCOTT, HARRIET                    NY-7-10-165
SCOTT, JOHN                       NY-7-3-232
SCOTT, JOHN                       NY-7-5-407
SCOTT, LORING                     NY-7-2-154
SCOTT, LUCY                       NY-7-10-15
SCOTT, MARY L.                    NY-7-9-145
SCOTT, RUFUS                      NY-7-1-113
SCOTT, WALTER                     NY-7-12-375
SCOTT, WILLIAM                    NY-7-4-10
SCOVILLE, CZARINA                 NY-7-11-451
SCOVILLE, SETH                    NY-7-8-174
SCOWDEN, CAROLINE C.              NY-7-12-137
SCOWDEN, EDWARD W.                NY-7-10-296
SCRIBNER, DAVID                   NY-7-5-594
SEABURY, WILLIAM                  NY-7-3-392
SEARES, RANEY                     NY-7-1-4
SEARS, EUNICE                     NY-7-7-596
SEEKINS, BETSEY                   NY-7-3-455
SEELEY, JOHN                      NY-7-8-601
SEELEY, WILLIAM                   NY-7-7-345
SEGERDAHL, BERTHA M.              NY-7-11-144
SELLECK, JAMES L.                 NY-7-12-553
SELLECK, LAURA C.                 NY-7-3-250
SELLEW, JENNIE R.                 NY-7-11-163
SELLICK, LEVI                     NY-7-3-56
SELLY, JOHN WILLIAM               NY-7-6-32
SESSIONS, HOPY                    NY-7-5-346
SESSIONS, JULIA R. B.             NY-7-12-47
SESSIONS, MANLEY M.               NY-7-7-283
SESSIONS, WALTER L.               NY-7-11-389
SESSIONS, WALTER V.               NY-7-9-213
SEXTON, LUCY                      NY-7-2-295
SEXTON, SOPHIA                    NY-7-5-594
SEYMOUR, JOHN                     NY-7-6-102
SEYMOUR, LUCY S.                  NY-7-6-56
SEYMOUR, MARY E.                  NY-7-10-41
SEYMOUR, SMITH                    NY-7-4-64
SEYMOUR, WARREN P.                NY-7-8-161
SHALLUCK, LAWRENCE E.             NY-7-9-491
SHANNON, WILLIAM                  NY-7-11-536
SHARP, ADDIE GENEVA               NY-7-11-338
SHARP, ANDREW J.                  NY-7-12-173
SHARP, PETER                      NY-7-4-364
SHARP, ROBERT                     NY-7-10-402
SHATTUCK, LOREN                   NY-7-3-352
SHATTUCK, NELLIE                  NY-7-10-328
SHATTUCK, PHEBE A.                NY-7-7-272
SHATTUCK, SERVEL                  NY-7-5-253
SHATTUCK, T. BENNETT              NY-7-11-622
SHAVER, CHARLOTTE                 NY-7-12-34
SHAVER, FLORETTE LEWIS            NY-7-8-186
SHAVER, HENRY W.                  NY-7-9-432
SHAVER, JSOEPH                    NY-7-5-485
SHAW, ALMIRA R.                   NY-7-9-499
SHAW, DANIEL                      NY-7-3-331
SHAW, DAVID                       NY-7-7-198
SHAW, ELIZA N.                    NY-7-7-341
SHAW, ISAAC                       NY-7-4-49
SHAW, JOHN                        NY-7-8-162
SHAW, JOHN FRANK                  NY-7-10-367
SHAW, MARTHA                      NY-7-12-329
SHAW, MERCY                       NY-7-7-324
SHAW, MICHAEL                     NY-7-10-345
SHAW, SOPHIA                      NY-7-7-273
SHAW, THOMAS                      NY-7-7-626
SHAW, WILLIAM                     NY-7-7-194
SHEAR, SARAH E.                   NY-7-8-68
SHEARER, HANNAH W.                NY-7-8-324
SHEARER, JANE T.                  NY-7-12-544
SHEARER, JOHN                     NY-7-3-152
SHEARER, JOHN                     NY-7-11-253
SHEARER, MASON A.                 NY-7-10-425
SHEARMAN, ABRAHAM                 NY-7-2-201
SHEARMAN, ELIZABETH               NY-7-3-256
SHEARMAN, JSOEPH B.               NY-7-7-123
SHEARMAN, MYRON C.                NY-7-11-105
SHEDD, HIRAM                      NY-7-10-236
SHEDD, JAMES P.                   NY-7-9-421
SHEDD, LOLL N.                    NY-7-7-145
SHEDD, MARTHA W.                  NY-7-10-422
SHEEHAN, JOHN                     NY-7-9-642
SHEFFIELD, AARON                  NY-7-10-514
SHELDON, ALEXANDER                NY-7-4-6
SHELDON, CHAUNCEY L.              NY-7-10-614
SHELDON, DAVID                    NY-7-11-595
SHELDON, JOHN                     NY-7-10-578
SHELDON, SELINA E.                NY-7-8-404
SHELDON, WILLIAM                  NY-7-12-4
SHELLER, JOHN L.                  NY-7-12-322
SHEPARD, ALVIN H.                 NY-7-8-458
SHEPARD, DARWIN L.                NY-7-12-264
SHEPARD, LUANA A.                 NY-7-9-331
SHEPARD, MATTHIAS                 NY-7-6-492
SHEPARD, SAMUEL                   NY-7-3-277
SHEPARD, WASHINGTON               NY-7-9-208
SHEPARDSON, PLINY                 NY-7-5-126
SHEPHARD, HARRY                   NY-7-9-516
SHEPHARD, MADISON E.              NY-7-7-138
SHERMAN, ASA                      NY-7-3-189
SHERMAN, EDWARD P.                NY-7-12-401
SHERMAN, JOHN G.                  NY-7-2-306
SHERMAN, LEONARD                  NY-7-4-350
SHERMAN, NICHOLAS                 NY-7-3-413
SHERMAN, RICHARD D.               NY-7-9-177
SHERMAN, SANFORD                  NY-7-6-519
SHERMAN, SOPHRONIA H.             NY-7-9-273
SHERMAN, WILLIAM                  NY-7-2-323
SHERWIN, LEVI                     NY-7-1-25
SHERWOOD, GEORGE                  NY-7-2-120
SHIELDS, SAMUEL                   NY-7-12-15
SHOEMAKER, ELIZABETH              NY-7-7-381
SHORE, JACOB                      NY-7-8-204
SHUBARGA, JOHN                    NY-7-11-20
SHUMAKE, CARL                     NY-7-7-555
SIEDE, CHRISTOPHER                NY-7-10-47
SIGGINS, JOHN                     NY-7-5-446
SIGGINS, NANCY B.                 NY-7-10-459
SILVER, SOLOMON                   NY-7-8-443
SIMMONS, FRANKLIN                 NY-7-11-190
SIMMONS, ORSON                    NY-7-2-192
SIMMONS, WALTER                   NY-7-3-32
SIMMONS, ZIBA                     NY-7-12-86
SIMPSON, GEORGE H.                NY-7-10-622
SIMPSON, SUSAN S.                 NY-7-12-616
SIPPEL, GEORGE P.                 NY-7-6-473
SIPPELL, LAURA                    NY-7-6-587
SISSON, ZERA                      NY-7-9-140
SISSON, ZERAH JR.                 NY-7-9-250
SKELLIE, EBENEZER                 NY-7-12-426
SKELLIE, EDWARD                   NY-7-8-153
SKELLIE, JENNET                   NY-7-6-298
SKELLIE, WILLIAM                  NY-7-11-351
SKIDMORE, MARION H.               NY-7-11-185
SKIDMORE, POLLY ANN               NY-7-5-73
SKIDMORE, ZERAH                   NY-7-5-31
SKINNER, ARETAS                   NY-7-5-226
SKINNER, CHARLES P.               NY-7-12-615
SKINNER, EBENEZER                 NY-7-7-557
SKINNER, ELIZA                    NY-7-6-553
SKINNER, JOSEPH                   NY-7-3-266
SKINNER, JULIA G.                 NY-7-9-128
SKINNER, JULIA G.                 NY-7-9-457
SKINNER, LAURA A.                 NY-7-11-431
SKINNER, LEVI A.                  NY-7-6-39
SKINNER, OTIS                     NY-7-5-259
SKINNER, RALPH                    NY-7-5-359
SKRITT, ALLEN J.                  NY-7-11-299
SLAWSON, EBENEZER                 NY-7-6-325
SLAWSON, ISAAC                    NY-7-2-174
SLAYTON, CHARLES D.               NY-7-5-426
SLAYTON, HULDAH J.                NY-7-12-636
SLEEPER, MOSES                    NY-7-1-393
SLIKENER, FREDERICK               NY-7-8-598
SLINEY, EDWARD                    NY-7-10-313
SLITER, ENOCH G.                  NY-7-11-153
SLITER, PETER M.                  NY-7-7-293
SLOAN, ALONZO                     NY-7-2-210
SLOAN, ANDREW                     NY-7-9-49
SLOAN, DEVILBO                    NY-7-11-237
SLOAN, GEORGE W.                  NY-7-5-403
SLOAN, JAMES                      NY-7-6-117
SLOAN, JAY                        NY-7-2-304
SLOAN, JONATHAN                   NY-7-1-396
SMALE, HENRY                      NY-7-5-250
SMALLWOOD, JOHN                   NY-7-8-104
SMILEY, ANN MARA                  NY-7-10-205
SMILEY, ASEL                      NY-7-5-434
SMILEY, DWIGHT                    NY-7-12-27
SMILEY, JACOB WALLACE             NY-7-4-41
SMILEY, JAMES                     NY-7-7-573
SMILEY, JOHN                      NY-7-10-366
SMILEY, SAMUEL                    NY-7-5-40
SMILLIE, WILLIAM B.               NY-7-3-380
SMITH, AARON                      NY-7-7-185
SMITH, AARON W.                   NY-7-8-263
SMITH, ABEL                       NY-7-1-66
SMITH, ABIGAH                     NY-7-7-462
SMITH, ABRAHAM                    NY-7-3-58
SMITH, ABRAHAM B.                 DNY-7-11-475
SMITH, ADELINE M.                 NY-7-7-290
SMITH, ALBERT S.                  NY-7-10-582
SMITH, ALICE D.                   NY-7-9-151
SMITH, ALSINA                     NY-7-6-472
SMITH, ANN ADELIA                 NY-7-5-520
SMITH, ANNA D.                    NY-7-10-43
SMITH, BENJAMIN                   NY-7-10-486
SMITH, CAROLINA                   NY-7-9-444
SMITH, CATHARINE E. M.            NY-7-7-636
SMITH, CHARLES                    NY-7-9-79
SMITH, CHARLES                    NY-7-3-199
SMITH, CLINTON N.                 NY-7-11-424
SMITH, DANIEL C.                  NY-7-11-608
SMITH, DENNIS                     NY-7-8-371
SMITH, DORATHA H.                 NY-7-11-19
SMITH, DOW C.                     NY-7-5-12
SMITH, EDGAR                      NY-7-6-73
SMITH, ELEANOR                    NY-7-8-59
SMITH, ELEANOR M.                 NY-7-8-99
SMITH, ELEAZER JR.                NY-7-2-12
SMITH, ELIPHAZ H.                 NY-7-10-317
SMITH, ELIZABETH                  NY-7-7-546
SMITH, ELIZABETH L.               NY-7-7-335
SMITH, ELLIOTT B.                 NY-7-4-22
SMITH, EMILY JANE                 NY-7-10-587
SMITH, EMMANUEL                   NY-7-6-570
SMITH, HARLOW W.                  NY-7-6-470
SMITH, HARRIET M.                 NY-7-4-133
SMITH, HENRY                      NY-7-3-210
SMITH, HENRY A.                   NY-7-12-250
SMITH, HENRY A.                   NY-7-6-452
SMITH, HENRY DELOS                NY-7-11-147
SMITH, JAMES                      NY-7-6-302
SMITH, JAMES                      NY-7-12-42
SMITH, JASON                      NY-7-10-326
SMITH, JEREMIAH P.                NY-7-5-560
SMITH, JESSE                      NY-7-6-565
SMITH, JESSE B.                   NY-7-9-483
SMITH, JOHN                       NY-7-9-3
SMITH, JOHN                       NY-7-9-63
SMITH, JOHN H.                    NY-7-8-318
SMITH, JONATHAN                   NY-7-2-61
SMITH, JOSIAH                     NY-7-6-90
SMITH, LAURA                      NY-7-12-392
SMITH, LUCY A.                    NY-7-11-36
SMITH, MARCUS                     NY-7-5-215
SMITH, MARIA C.                   NY-7-11-18
SMITH, MARY ANN                   NY-7-10-306
SMITH, PAUL W.                    NY-7-4-194
SMITH, POMILLA S.                 NY-7-8-108
SMITH, PRUDENCE                   NY-7-7-258
SMITH, QUARTUS                    NY-7-6-485
SMITH, REBECCA E.                 NY-7-4-280
SMITH, RODNEY B.                  NY-7-5-406
SMITH, ROYAL D.                   NY-7-11-421
SMITH, RUSSELL BARKER             NY-7-11-515
SMITH, SAMUEL B.                  NY-7-8-464
SMITH, SAMUEL J.                  NY-7-7-412
SMITH, SAMUEL M.                  NY-7-9-344
SMITH, SARAH A.                   NY-7-9-23
SMITH, SARAH C.                   NY-7-12-383
SMITH, SETH S.                    NY-7-8-180
SMITH, SHELDON                    NY-7-5-231
SMITH, SUSANNAH                   NY-7-4-491
SMITH, THANKFUL                   NY-7-6-612
SMITH, THOMAS                     NY-7-5-106
SMITH, THOMAS                     NY-7-4-101
SMITH, WILLIAM                    NY-7-2-115
SMITH, WILLIAM                    NY-7-4-140
SMITH, WILLIAM                    NY-7-6-22
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                 NY-7-12-405
SNEDEKER, JULIA ANN               NY-7-6-566
SNOW, ALANSON                     NY-7-6-332
SNOW, ALICE E.                    NY-7-4-335
SNOW, NETTIE SYKES                NY-7-8-182
SNOW, NOAH D.                     NY-7-3-118
SNOW, SETH                        NY-7-1-335
SNOWBLE, JOHN FREDERICK           NY-7-8-216
SODERQUIST, LARS                  NY-7-8-487
SOUTHWORTH, NATHANIEL C.          NY-7-12-97
SPARKS, SAMANTHA D.               NY-7-12-178
SPAULDING, ANDREW                 NY-7-9-416
SPAULDING, DANA                   NY-7-5-180
SPAULDING, JAMES                  NY-7-9-248
SPAULDING, SEWELL                 NY-7-9-20
SPEAR, ELIZA JANE                 NY-7-12-533
SPEARMAN, GIDEON A.               NY-7-10-320
SPENCER, ARDEN                    NY-7-5-503
SPENCER, CLARINDA C.              NY-7-7-471
SPENCER, COLVILL                  NY-7-7-476
SPENCER, JOHN                     NY-7-7-359
SPENCER, ORLEN W.                 NY-7-8-483
SPENCER, SETH                     NY-7-1-36
SPERRY, HENRY W.                  NY-7-8-222
SPERRY, NEHEMIAH                  NY-7-3-173
SPINK, ITHAMER F.                 NY-7-12-291
SPINK, NORMAN                     NY-7-5-456
SPOONER, WING                     NY-7-10-144
SPRAGUE, BENJAMIN E.              NY-7-9-222
SPRAGUE, JAMES L.                 NY-7-4-260
SPRAGUE, JONATHAN                 NY-7-3-78
SPRAGUE, JOSIAH                   NY-7-7-334
SPRAGUE, MARY M.                  NY-7-9-81
SPRINGSTEAD, JOHN                 NY-7-9-126
SQUIER, JAMES W.                  NY-7-10-457
SQUIER, LOUISA L.                 NY-7-12-154
SQUIRES, JOSEPH                   NY-7-3-416
STACY, CLARA M.                   NY-7-10-230
STAFFORD, JOHN                    NY-7-2-356
STAFFORD, LOVINA T.               NY-7-12-243
STANLEY, ANDREW                   NY-7-3-116
STANLEY, FIDELIA E.               NY-7-10-141
STANLEY, HELEN L.                 NY-7-4-308
STANLEY, NANCY                    NY-7-5-496
STANLEY, SHELDON                  NY-7-1-258
STANTON, HIRAM                    NY-7-4-27
STAPLES, LANEY                    NY-7-7-406
STARK, LYDIA                      NY-7-9-519
STARR, JULIUS M.                  NY-7-10-131
STARR, OLIVER L.                  NY-7-3-172
STARR, PAUL                       NY-7-5-461
STEARNS, BENJAMIN                 NY-7-4-66
STEARNS, ELECTA                   NY-7-10-256
STEARNS, SYLVESTER                NY-7-7-640
STEBBINS, ALVIN T.                NY-7-8-501
STEBBINS, CHARLES                 NY-7-12-298
STEBBINS, HASACHIAH               NY-7-1-85
STEBBINS, LOREN                   NY-7-9-388
STEBBINS, LOURIN                  NY-7-7-296
STEBBINS, MARCUS                  NY-7-8-518
STEBBINS, MOSES                   NY-7-8-449
STEDMAN, LEVI                     NY-7-1-93
STEEL, LEVI                       NY-7-3-238
STEELE, WOLCOTT                   NY-7-6-447
STEMBURG, JACOB                   NY-7-6-12
STEPHENS, HARRY C.                NY-7-4-105
STEPHENS, JEANETTE                NY-7-12-260
STEPHENS, JOHN                    NY-7-3-371
STEPHENS, JUNE C.                 NY-7-6-76
STERLING, JOHN M.                 NY-7-8-530
STERNS, CHARLES                   NY-7-7-458
STETSON, BETSEY                   NY-7-7-399
STETSON, CHARLES                  NY-7-10-179
STETSON, OLIVER                   NY-7-1-273
STETSON, OLIVER                   NY-7-12-274
STETSON, THOMAS                   NY-7-5-533
STEVENS, ADAM A.                  NY-7-10-509
STEVENS, CATHARINE P.             NY-7-9-74
STEVENS, MARY A.                  NY-7-12-392
STEVENS, PHINEAS                  NY-7-9-456
STEVENS, POLLY                    NY-7-4-490
STEVENS, ROLLIN                   NY-7-10-6
STEVENSON, SOPHRONIA              NY-7-12-49
STEVES, ISAAC L.                  NY-7-1-202
STEVES, JEREMIAH                  NY-7-7-328
STEWARD, DANIEL                   NY-7-2-324
STEWARD, SARDINS                  NY-7-11-97
STEWART, AMELIA NANCY             NY-7-12-463
STEWART, DAVID                    NY-7-5-112
STEWART, JAMES                    NY-7-11-307
STEWART, MARIA                    NY-7-12-248
STILLMAN, MARY ANN A.             NY-7-11-231
STILLMAN, OTIS                    NY-7-9-237
STILLMAN, PETER A.                NY-7-7-136
STILSON, CATHARINE S.             NY-7-11-495
STILSON, DANIEL                   NY-7-7-639
STILWELL, BETSEY                  NY-7-6-610
STILWELL, JOHN                    NY-7-3-450
STITSON, HANNAH                   NY-7-6-466
STOCKTON, DAVID BRICE             NY-7-12-18
STODDARD, CHAUNCEY                NY-7-9-522
STODDARD, HENRY                   NY-7-10-623
STONE, ANNIE E.                   NY-7-8-381
STONE, DEWITT C.                  NY-7-9-26
STONE, HARRIET                    NY-7-7-313
STONE, SALLY M.                   NY-7-9-594
STONEFOOT, FRED                   NY-7-11-24
STONEMAN, BYRON                   NY-7-10-265
STORNG, LOIS                      NY-7-4-468
STORY, WILLETT                    NY-7-11-491
STOW, ELMER                       NY-7-12-63
STOW, EUSEBA                      NY-7-9-439
STOWE, ABRAHAM                    NY-7-5-438
STOWELL, CALEB                    NY-7-10-172
STOWELL, NATHAN F.                NY-7-7-280
STOWELL, WILLIAM                  NY-7-5-161
STRAIGHT, ALANSON C.              NY-7-8-323
STRAIGHT, HIRAM                   NY-7-2-314
STRAIGHT, WILLIAM                 NY-7-6-433
STRAIN, ISAAC                     NY-7-8-472
STRAIN, JOHN                      NY-7-3-83
STRAIN, WILLIAM                   NY-7-9-571
STRAND, AUGUSTA                   NY-7-9-200
STRANG, SALLYETT                  NY-7-12-163
STRONG, DAVID                     NY-7-5-547
STRONG, E. DARWIN                 NY-7-8-274
STRONG, ELISHA DAVID              NY-7-5-370
STRONG, ORREN E.                  NY-7-9-127
STRONG, PHILO                     NY-7-7-179
STRONG, WILLIAM                   NY-7-3-378
STRONG, WILLIAM O.                NY-7-10-171
STRUNK, CHARLES R.                NY-7-8-129
STRUNK, FRANCIS H.                NY-7-3-320
STRUNK, HENRY                     NY-7-2-274
STRUNK, HENRY                     NY-7-6-270
STRUNK, JEMIMA                    NY-7-10-73
STRUNK, LUELLA WEAVER             NY-7-10-378
STRUNK, MARSHALL P.               NY-7-9-238
STRUNK, WALTER                    NY-7-11-135
STRUNK, WILLIAM H.                NY-7-6-398
STRUNK, WILLIS C.                 NY-7-10-289
STUMM, ROMULUS                    NY-7-6-80
STUMM, SISTAMUS PETER             NY-7-5-517
STUNTZ, STEPHEN S.                NY-7-5-96
STURGIS, WILLIAM                  NY-7-7-260
STUTSMAN, MARY                    NY-7-10-404
SUDERQUIST, GUSTAF E.             NY-7-11-287
SULLIVAN, BRIDGET                 NY-7-12-242
SULLIVAN, DENNIS                  NY-7-10-307
SULLIVAN, MARY                    NY-7-12-540
SULLIVAN, MILTON E.               NY-7-3-461
SUMMERS, JANE O.                  NY-7-9-233
SUMMERS, LANGFORD                 NY-7-6-380
SUMNER, JANE                      NY-7-8-448
SUMNER, WILLIAM M.                NY-7-7-348
SUNDERLIN, ELVIRA                 NY-7-11-132
SUTCLIFFE, JONAS                  NY-7-7-325
SUTHERLAND, ANSON                 NY-7-10-246
SUTTER, MARY ELIZA                NY-7-8-260
SUTTON, JAMES RILEY               NY-7-10-109
SUTTON, LOTTIE E.                 NY-7-11-428
SWANSON, ANNA S.                  NY-7-12-412
SWANSON, CARRIE                   NY-7-12-199
SWEATLAND, PALTA                  NY-7-4-87
SWEET, ANN                        NY-7-4-471
SWEET, BENNAJAH                   NY-7-7-488
SWEET, BETSEY J.                  NY-7-8-535
SWEET, HARRIET                    NY-7-6-397
SWEET, ISAAC                      NY-7-2-19
SWEET, ISAAC M.                   NY-7-11-502
SWEET, JAMES H.                   NY-7-10-388
SWEET, JESSE                      NY-7-1-156
SWEET, JOSEPH U.                  NY-7-8-235
SWEET, MABEL                      NY-7-10-45
SWEET, RUMINA M.                  NY-7-9-29
SWEET, SIBBELL                    NY-7-9-132
SWEET, STEPHEN B.                 NY-7-5-52
SWEET, SYLVESTER                  NY-7-7-558
SWEETLAND, JACOB                  NY-7-5-114
SWEEZEY, JOHN                     NY-7-9-179
SWESEY, ELLIS                     NY-7-8-196
SWETLAND, EDMUND R.               NY-7-11-209
SWETLAND, MARIA N.                NY-7-7-109
SWETLAND, SANFORD                 NY-7-8-139
SWETT, ALMIRA                     NY-7-10-375
SWIFT, CLARK C.                   NY-7-11-410
SWIFT, HANNAH M.                  NY-7-10-29

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