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AARNUNK, JOHN                     NY-7-11-146
ABBEY, CHAUNCEY                   NY-7-11-31
ABBEY, DAVID                      NY-7-6-36
ABBOT, STEPHEN                    NY-7-7-415
ABBOTT, ALMON                     NY-7-8-309
ABBOTT, HARVEY                    NY-7-3-233
ABBOTT, LUCY B. F.                NY-7-10-600
ABBOTT, MARY                      NY-7-9-370
ABBOTT, XAVIER                    NY-7-4-21
ABELL, EBER                       NY-7-9-508
ABELL, FANNA C.                   NY-7-7-218
ABELL, MARY H.                    NY-7-11-599
ACKELS, LUANIA CARDOT             NY-7-12-364
ADAMS, ALMON L.                   NY-7-11-613
ADAMS, CLARISSA                   NY-7-7-380
ADAMS, DANIEL                     NY-7-6-128
ADAMS, ELIZA ANN                  NY-7-10-139
ADAMS, ELLEN A.                   NY-7-8-6
ADAMS, ELSIE M.                   NY-7-8-50
ADAMS, FRANCIS G.                 NY-7-10-541
ADAMS, HENRY                      NY-7-8-44
ADAMS, HIRAM                      NY-7-11-314
ADAMS, HORACE                     NY-7-12-528
ADAMS, JACOB                      NY-7-5-574
ADAMS, LEONARD                    NY-7-9-506
ADAMS, MOSES                      NY-7-2-334
ADAMS, THOMAS                     NY-7-8-56
ADKINS, JOHN D.                   NY-7-10-86
ADSIT, MARY A.                    NY-7-10-70
AHLGREN, ANDREW P.                NY-7-12-202
AHRENS, JOHN C.                   NY-7-6-289
AINHOUSEN, CHARLES                NY-7-10-124
AINHOUSEN, MARY                   NY-7-10-79
AKAM, ANN S.                      NY-7-7-127
AKAM, MALISSA                     NY-7-8-595
AKIN, EDWARD                      NY-7-10-294
AKIN, LAURA                       NY-7-8-94
AKINS, CHARLES E.                 NY-7-12-347
ALBERT, CHARLOTTE                 NY-7-4-180
ALDEN, DANIEL                     NY-7-10-595
ALDEN, WILLARD                    NY-7-7-482
ALEXANDER, DANIEL                 NY-7-8-541
ALEXANDER, IDA M.                 NY-7-12-350
ALEXANDER, MARY A.                NY-7-12-308
ALEXANDER, NATHAN A.              NY-7-5-249
ALEXANDER, SIMON                  NY-7-9-334
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM S.             NY-7-12-107
ALFORD, MARTIN                    NY-7-8-12
ALLEN, ALFRED D.                  NY-7-6-258
ALLEN, CALEB J.                   NY-7-6-427
ALLEN, CHARLES C.                 NY-7-10-383
ALLEN, CHARLES G.                 NY-7-10-136
ALLEN, DANA H.                    NY-7-6-14
ALLEN, DASCUM                     NY-7-5-197
ALLEN, ELLEN E.                   NY-7-11-589
ALLEN, GEORGE S.                  NY-7-3-135
ALLEN, HORACE                     NY-7-3-302
ALLEN, ICHABOD                    NY-7-5-361
ALLEN, JAMES P.                   NY-7-9-540
ALLEN, JOHN                       NY-7-3-292
ALLEN, MARGARET C.                NY-7-8-359
ALLEN, MARGARET C.                NY-7-8-355
ALLEN, MINERVA C.                 NY-7-12-631
ALLEN, MOSES                      NY-7-2-53
ALLEN, OLIVA                      NY-7-2-364
ALLEN, SPENCER                    NY-7-8-280
ALLEN, SUMNER                     NY-7-7-554
ALLEN, SUSAN W.                   NY-7-8-418
ALLEN, VINTON                     NY-7-8-517
ALLEN, WILLIAM N.                 NY-7-8-466
ALMY, JAMES H.                    NY-7-4-111
AMES, EDITH MAY                   NY-7-10-8
AMES, EMMA LOUISE                 NY-7-5-15
AMES, LYDIA L.                    NY-7-10-168
AMES, SAMUEL                      NY-7-5-432
AMES, WILBUR                      NY-7-3-325
AMIDON, SARAH                     NY-7-12-203
ANDERSON, HARRIET                 NY-7-9-80
ANDERSON, JAMES R.                NY-7-6-344
ANDERSON, JOHN                    NY-7-10-512
ANDERSON, JOHN M.                 NY-7-12-607
ANDERSON, PHOEBE                  NY-7-7-556
ANDERSON, POLLY                   NY-7-1-237
ANDERSON, SAMUEL                  NY-7-1-177
ANDERSON, SWAN P.                 NY-7-11-254
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                 NY-7-4-261
ANDREWS, ALBERT J.                NY-7-9-297
ANDREWS, ASAHEL                   NY-7-3-300
ANDREWS, GEORGE                   NY-7-12-9
ANDREWS, HARRIET B.               NY-7-6-115
ANDREWS, SARAH ANN                NY-7-11-391
ANDRUS, ALBERT W.                 NY-7-9-562
ANDRUS, CYRUS                     NY-7-12-89
ANDRUS, SYLVESTER                 NY-7-8-17
ANDRUS, WILSON S.                 NY-7-10-292
ANGELL, ETHAN                     NY-7-5-11
ANGELL, LUCINA A.                 NY-7-6-308
ANGEVINE, NELSON                  NY-7-8-120
ANGLINE, JEREMIAH                 NY-7-7-231
APPLEBEE, DAVID                   NY-7-12-172
APPLEBY, DAVID                    NY-7-12-176
APTHORP, SARAH                    NY-7-11-251
ARCHIBALD, THOMAS                 NY-7-4-277
ARMITAGE, JOHN                    NY-7-6-429
ARMITAGE, WALTER B.               NY-7-9-153
ARMSTOW, GARRET                   NY-7-12-200
ARMSTRONG, JOHN W.                NY-7-6-434
ARNCHIEN, JOSEPH                  NY-7-5-165
ARNOLD, ALONZO W.                 NY-7-8-94
ARNOLD, ANDREW                    NY-7-3-438
ARNOLD, BETTIE                    NY-7-9-518
ARNOLD, DAVID                     NY-7-3-315
ARNOLD, DAVID A.                  NY-7-6-61
ARNOLD, ELI                       NY-7-3-434
ARNOLD, ELIZABETH                 NY-7-11-512
ARNOLD, ELIZABETH F.              NY-7-4-482
ARNOLD, HENRY C.                  NY-7-4-1
ARNOLD, JOSEPH                    NY-7-2-191
ARNOLD, MARTHA                    NY-7-9-199
ARNOLD, MARTHA                    NY-7-6-484
ARNOLD, MARY S.                   NY-7-12-637
ARNOLD, MIRANDA                   NY-7-7-393
ARNOLD, PHEBE M.                  NY-7-8-365
ARNOLD, ROXEY L.                  NY-7-9-570
ARNOLD, SAMUEL SR.                NY-7-10-451
ARNOLD, SARAH R.                  NY-7-11-60
ARNOLD, WARREN                    NY-7-8-55
ARNOLD, WILLIAM F.                NY-7-11-229
ARNOLD, WILLIAM H.                NY-7-10-395
ARQUIT, FREEMAN J.                NY-7-5-178
ASPDEN, MICHAEL                   NY-7-12-316
ATKINS, ALMON                     NY-7-6-420
ATWOOD, DANIEL                    NY-7-5-66
ATWOOD, LEROY                     NY-7-9-58
AULER, JUANA                      NY-7-6-64
AUSTIN, ALFRED                    NY-7-12-396
AUSTIN, ANNA                      NY-7-11-373
AUSTIN, EBENEZER                  NY-7-5-609
AUSTIN, JONATHAN                  NY-7-2-307
AVERILL, LYDIA                    NY-7-4-122
AVERILL, LYDIA W.                 NY-7-11-3
AVERY, ABAGAIL                    NY-7-2-149
AVERY, CALVIN F.                  NY-7-8-28
AVERY, LUCINDA                    NY-7-7-243
AVERY, NATHANIEL F.               NY-7-9-247
AXTELL, IRENE                     NY-7-6-110
AXTELL, LUCIEN V.                 NY-7-3-328
AYERS, JONAS                      NY-7-9-91
BABBIT, SAMUEL                    NY-7-6-259
BABBITT, AMOS                     NY-7-2-358
BABBITT, EMELINE                  NY-7-11-206
BABBITT, HENRY                    NY-7-10-80
BABBITT, ISAAC                    NY-7-3-114
BABCOCK, ALPHEUS                  NY-7-6-467
BABCOCK, ASAHEL                   NY-7-3-327
BABCOCK, DELOSS                   NY-7-12-372
BABCOCK, EZRA                     NY-7-2-200
BABCOCK, HARRIET                  NY-7-3-334
BABCOCK, HARRY                    NY-7-6-14
BABCOCK, HENRY M.                 NY-7-11-159
BABCOCK, JONATHAN C.              NY-7-9-13
BABCOCK, JOSHUA R.                NY-7-5-564
BABCOCK, JOSHUA R.                NY-7-7-1
BABCOCK, MAGDALENA                NY-7-5-564
BABCOCK, NORMAN                   NY-7-8-64
BACON, ANN                        NY-7-9-595
BACON, ANNA                       NY-7-3-358
BADGLEY, JOHN                     NY-7-7-249
BAGG, HIRAM                       NY-7-8-243
BAGLEY, MARY J.                   NY-7-7-229
BAILEY, CORNELIA                  NY-7-11-490
BAILEY, EMILY CORDELIA            NY-7-8-377
BAILEY, GEORGE C.                 NY-7-4-285
BAILEY, HARLIN T.                 NY-7-9-426
BAILEY, HIRAM                     NY-7-5-201
BAILEY, JAMES                     NY-7-12-437
BAILEY, JAMES                     NY-7-4-110
BAILEY, VICTORY K.                NY-7-7-268
BAIN, ADAM C.                     NY-7-3-136
BAIN, WILLIAM                     NY-7-1-91
BAIRD, BENJAMIN F.                NY-7-5-491
BAIRD, CHARLES W.                 NY-7-9-12
BAIRD, PAULINE S.                 NY-7-9-32
BAIRD, SARAH M.                   NY-7-10-627
BAKER, ALMON W.                   NY-7-12-509
BAKER, CHARLES A.                 NY-7-4-485
BAKER, CHARLES S.                 NY-7-11-285
BAKER, ELIAS                      NY-7-8-239
BAKER, ELLAETTA                   NY-7-9-387
BAKER, ELMER C.                   NY-7-12-46
BAKER, FLIRNA T.                  NY-7-10-210
BAKER, HARRIETT S.                NY-7-9-326
BAKER, HENRY                      NY-7-3-338
BAKER, JAMES T.                   NY-7-8-75
BAKER, JEREMIAH                   NY-7-5-124
BAKER, JOHN                       NY-7-6-214
BAKER, JOHN B.                    NY-7-11-145
BAKER, LEVERETT                   NY-7-2-96
BAKER, MALVINA F.                 NY-7-12-312
BAKER, NELLIE VAN BUREN           NY-7-10-390
BAKER, PAMELIA                    NY-7-4-32
BAKER, WARREN                     NY-7-1-392
BAKER, WILLIS                     NY-7-3-31
BALCOM, VILLEROY                  NY-7-10-317
BALDRIGE, EDWARD                  NY-7-10-442
BALDWIN, ASA                      NY-7-5-53
BALDWIN, DANIEL                   NY-7-1-80
BALDWIN, HANNAH                   NY-7-5-470
BALDWIN, HARVEY                   NY-7-6-248
BALDWIN, ISAAC N.                 NY-7-5-162
BALDWIN, JEREMIAH                 NY-7-2-170
BALDWIN, JOSEPH A.                NY-7-12-43
BALDWIN, LEVI                     NY-7-6-98
BALDWIN, PARNA                    NY-7-12-421
BALL, CLINTON M.                  NY-7-10-433
BALL, ETHAN C.                    NY-7-5-587
BALL, HATTIE B.                   NY-7-12-30
BALL, LEWIS M.                    NY-7-8-179
BALL, STEPHEN M.                  NY-7-10-327
BALL, THOMAS W.                   NY-7-9-201
BALL, WILLIAM W.                  NY-7-12-217
BALLARD, SUSAN ANN                NY-7-3-431
BALT, OLIVER                      NY-7-6-528
BAMBRICK, THOMAS K.               NY-7-11-316
BANDALL, CATHARINE R.             NY-7-12-609
BANDELLE, TIRZEH                  NY-7-3-131
BANJEAN, CHARLES P.               NY-7-6-413
BANJEAN, MICHAEL M.               NY-7-6-253
BANNISTER, LUCRETIA J.            NY-7-12-387
BARBER, ALMON                     NY-7-8-244
BARBER, AMANDA C.                 NY-7-12-51
BARBER, ANNA                      NY-7-5-393
BARBER, ELIZA J.                  NY-7-11-56
BARBER, ELLERY M.                 NY-7-9-578
BARBER, EMILY E.                  NY-7-9-298
BARBER, FLORA A.                  NY-7-9-178
BARBER, HANNAH A.                 NY-7-8-328
BARBER, HEMAN                     NY-7-4-263
BARBER, JEREMIAH B.               NY-7-8-158
BARBER, JOHN J.                   NY-7-7-580
BARBER, JULIA A.                  NY-7-12-560
BARBER, LUNA M.                   NY-7-11-13
BARBER, THOMAS N.                 NY-7-10-223
BARCLAY, SARAH M.                 NY-7-7-288
BARDEN, THOMAS                    NY-7-6-535
BARDEN, WILLIAM A.                NY-7-5-36
BARGAR, EMERY O.                  NY-7-8-307
BARGAR, LOWEREE D.                NY-7-4-56
BARGER, JOHN D.                   NY-7-9-400
BARGER, NATHANIEL C.              NY-7-3-119
BARKER, CORRINGTON                NY-7-10-176
BARKER, DARWIN R.                 NY-7-8-345
BARKER, GEORGE W.                 NY-7-11-175
BARKER, WILFORD                   NY-7-4-183
BARKER, WILLIAM                   NY-7-3-112
BARLOW, BETSEY C.                 NY-7-8-305
BARLOW, GIDEON                    NY-7-10-410
BARMON, LEWIS                     NY-7-3-212
BARMORE, ALLEN                    NY-7-4-334
BARMORE, AMOS                     NY-7-7-343
BARMORE, DIANA                    NY-7-10-132
BARMORE, JOHN                     NY-7-3-194
BARMORE, LYMAN                    NY-7-11-267
BARNABY, JAMES                    NY-7-2-29
BARNES, ALONZO                    NY-7-1-346
BARNES, ALPHA                     NY-7-11-207
BARNES, CALVIN W.                 NY-7-11-212
BARNES, CHARLES H.                NY-7-7-225
BARNES, DEXTER                    NY-7-3-160
BARNES, EMELINE U.                NY-7-10-51
BARNES, HIRAM D.                  NY-7-3-165
BARNES, HIRAM D.                  NY-7-10-161
BARNES, HORATIO N.                NY-7-2-313
BARNES, JAMES                     NY-7-5-62
BARNES, RODNEY P.                 NY-7-2-310
BARNES,AMANDA                     NY-7-8-137
BARNHART, PETER SR.               NY-7-1-128
BARNUM, MARY                      NY-7-1-143
BARNUM, SOPHIA                    NY-7-6-475
BARRETT, BETSEY                   NY-7-6-579
BARRETT, CHARLES                  NY-7-4-16
BARRETT, DAVID                    NY-7-6-361
BARRETT, DAVID                    NY-7-9-123
BARRETT, DAVID                    NY-7-2-150
BARRETT, HENRY                    NY-7-1-106
BARRETT, JONATHAN                 NY-7-4-193
BARRETT, PATRICK                  NY-7-4-12
BARRETT, SAMUEL                   NY-7-5-245
BARRINGER, JACOB P.               NY-7-2-207
BARRINGER, JOHN                   NY-7-6-474
BARROWS, ABNER                    NY-7-8-125
BARROWS, ANTOINETTE               NY-7-7-439
BARROWS, EPHRAIM                  NY-7-8-538
BARROWS, HENRY R.                 NY-7-12-1
BARROWS, SARAH E.                 NY-7-12-309
BARRUS, ORRIN                     NY-7-9-422
BARRY, HORACE D.                  NY-7-9-459
BARRY, HORACE D.                  NY-7-8-165
BARRY, JOHN                       NY-7-3-151
BARRY, JOHN L.                    NY-7-8-496
BARRY, PHEBE                      NY-7-4-478
BARTHOLOMEW, ALFRED               NY-7-6-42
BARTHOLOMEW, JOSEPH               NY-7-6-324
BARTHOLOMEW, KAZIAH C.            NY-7-12-165
BARTLETT, DANIEL                  NY-7-1-221
BARTON, ALBERT R.                 NY-7-6-585
BARTON, ASHER                     NY-7-8-261
BARTON, ELIZABETH                 NY-7-10-450
BARTON, JAMES E.                  NY-7-6-339
BARTON, KNIGHTA G.                NY-7-7-574
BARTRAM, BARNBAS                  NY-7-7-220
BARTRAM, SYBIL                    NY-7-7-568
BATCHELLER, JOSEPH C.             NY-7-9-236
BATCHELLER, JOSEPH E.             NY-7-9-194
BATCHELLER, TOWER                 NY-7-12-410
BATELY, THOMAS                    NY-7-8-600
BATES, CORYDON                    NY-7-11-345
BATES, JAMES                      NY-7-10-468
BATES, JOHN D.                    NY-7-2-140
BATES, JOSEPH C.                  NY-7-3-339
BATES, PHILANDER                  NY-7-8-542
BATES, RENSSELAER J.              NY-7-3-421
BATTLES, JAMES                    NY-7-8-467
BATTLES, RENY                     NY-7-12-75
BAUDELL, FREDERICK                NY-7-5-467
BAUDELLE, TIMOTHY                 NY-7-6-303
BAUER, CHARLES L.                 NY-7-3-190
BAUGHER, MICHAEL                  NY-7-1-367
BAXTER, JOHN P.                   NY-7-5-252
BAY, MARY P.                      NY-7-12-537
BEACH, POLLY K.                   NY-7-5-453
BEACH, SYLVSTER H.                NY-7-5-412
BEATY, DAVID                      NY-7-9-467
BEAUJEAN, LEMUEL B.               NY-7-12-293
BEAUJEAN, MARYETTE A.             NY-7-12-95
BECK, BUCKINGHAM                  NY-7-9-372
BECKER, ABRAM                     NY-7-4-472
BECKER, JAMES                     NY-7-11-166
BECKER, MINNIE                    NY-7-11-386
BEDENT, FRANKLIN T.               NY-7-8-151
BEEBE, ADDISON                    NY-7-10-503
BEEBE, SARAH                      NY-7-3-204
BEECHER, MOSES                    NY-7-4-181
BEECKER, DORA                     NY-7-10-133
BEGGS, CHARLES                    NY-7-2-162
BEGGS, JOHN S.                    NY-7-9-301
BEHEN, JOHANNA                    NY-7-9-581
BEHRENS, JOHN                     NY-7-8-599
BELDEN, PATRICK                   NY-7-12-305
BELDING, MITCHELL                 NY-7-2-204
BELKNAP, EPHRAIM                  NY-7-8-442
BELL, JOHN W.                     NY-7-5-322
BELL, JOSEPH S.                   NY-7-4-5
BELL, MATTIE F.                   NY-7-10-474
BELL, WILLIAM H.                  NY-7-6-203
BELLOWS, J. P.                    NY-7-7-539
BELLOWS, MERRITT J.               NY-7-4-304
BELLOWS, SAMANTHA A.              NY-7-6-609
BEMENT, TITUS                     NY-7-2-300
BEMENT, WILLIAM H.                NY-7-6-516
BEMIS, ALMIRA L.                  NY-7-8-107
BEMIS, HARVEY                     NY-7-11-213
BEMIS, JACKSON D.                 NY-7-11-205
BEMONT, MARY JULIA                NY-7-9-547
BEMUS, RALPH S.                   NY-7-7-629
BENEDICT, ALVINCA                 NY-7-8-103
BENEDICT, ELLEN J.                NY-7-12-77
BENEDICT, JOHN                    NY-7-9-427
BENJAMIN, HENRY B.                NY-7-8-508
BENNETT, ALMIRA                   NY-7-8-592
BENNETT, AMELIA ALMIRA            NY-7-11-373
BENNETT, ANDREW                   NY-7-3-441
BENNETT, AZARIAH T.               NY-7-8-434
BENNETT, DAVID W.                 NY-7-11-574
BENNETT, JAMES                    NY-7-10-47
BENNETT, JAMES P.                 NY-7-12-303
BENNETT, JAMES W.                 NY-7-130
BENNETT, MARCUS                   NY-7-2-297
BENNETT, SAMUEL S.                NY-7-6-410
BENNETT, SARAH A.                 NY-7-12-565
BENNETT, WESLEY C.                NY-7-12-572
BENSON, CORNELIUS                 NY-7-6-422
BENSON, EUNICE M.                 NY-7-12-299
BENSON, JOHN                      NY-7-8-265
BENSON, SOPHIA P.                 NY-7-6-326
BENTLEY, ALEXANDE                 NY-7-10-487
BENTLEY, ALICE G.                 NY-7-10-477
BENTLEY, BENJAMINE                NY-7-12-618
BENTLEY, DRUSILLA                 NY-7-7-408
BENTLEY, GEORGE W.                NY-7-4-286
BENTLEY, GUSTAVUS A.              NY-7-10-3
BENTLEY, JEROME                   NY-7-12-132
BENTLEY, REUBEN                   NY-7-3-409
BENTLEY, SIMEON G.                NY-7-7-202
BENTLEY, STEPHEN                  NY-7-1-209
BENTLEY, STEPHEN                  NY-7-1-350
BENTLY, AMY                       NY-7-1-152
BENTLY, ELDRED                    NY-7-2-4
BENTLY, GARDNER                   NY-7-1-103
BENTON, ABIGAIL F.                NY-7-3-137
BENTON, ADELAIDE F.               NY-7-3-137
BENTON, CHARLES E.                NY-7-6-207
BERG, MATILDA JOHANNA             NY-7-12-235
BERGQUIST, PETER J.               NY-7-12-175
BERRY, EDWARD G.                  NY-7-12-567
BERRY, POLLY                      NY-7-5-138
BERRY, POLLY M.                   NY-7-7-365
BERRY, SHERMAN O.                 NY-7-6-262
BERRY, THOMAS                     NY-7-7-486
BESTER, LYDIA S.                  NY-7-5-598
BETTIS, CHARLOTTE                 NY-7-10-518
BETTS, HANNAH J.                  NY-7-10-637
BEVERLEY, DAVID                   NY-7-12-541
BEVERLY, JAMES                    NY-7-12-221
BIALASZWESKI, THOMAS              NY-7-8-370
BICKFORD, WADE                    NY-7-7-147
BIGELOW, THOMAS                   NY-7-5-61
BIGLER, JULIA E.                  NY-7-3-196
BILLINGS, ALVAN                   NY-7-12-36
BILLINGS, AUGUSTUS L.             NY-7-9-254
BILLINGS, JAMES                   NY-7-6-327
BILSBORROW, JAMES                 NY-7-6-43
BINGHAM, AARON                    NY-7-10-28
BIRCH, MARIETTA                   NY-7-2-214
BIRCH, MELISSA                    NY-7-2-5
BIRCH, SYBIL                      NY-7-2-8
BIRCHARD, CLARISSA                NY-7-3-449
BIRD, IRA R.                      NY-7-1-341
BIRD, SABINA C.                   NY-7-7-536
BIRDSALL, SARAH J.                NY-7-11-332
BISHOP, COLEMAN E.                NY-7-11-498
BISHOP, HARRIETT B.               NY-7-7-416
BISSEL, OBED                      NY-7-4-9
BISSELL, JOSEPH                   NY-7-3-444
BIXBY, HORACE S.                  NY-7-11-169
BJURSTROM, NELS J.                NY-7-11-222
BLACK, CHARLOTTE O.               NY-7-9-110
BLACK, CHARLOTTE O.               NY-7-9-484
BLACK, CHARLOTTE, O.              NY-7-12-328
BLACK, JAMES                      NY-7-7-161
BLACKMAN, NATHANIEL               NY-7-8-229
BLAIR, LESTER                     NY-7-11-427
BLAKENEY, THEOPHILUS              NY-7-7-140
BLANCHARD, ETTA S.                NY-7-12-271
BLANCHARD, HENRY C.               NY-7-7-308
BLANCHARD, MARY                   NY-7-8-152
BLANDING, CALISTA                 NY-7-8-606
BLANDING, CHRISTOPHER C.          NY-7-8-346
BLIGH, ELIZA D.                   NY-7-9-150
BLISS, ARPE                       NY-7-5-490
BLISS, ELAM C.                    NY-7-8-451
BLISS, HENRY                      NY-7-3-331
BLISS, LORENZO                    NY-7-9-52
BLISS, OLIVER B.                  NY-7-5-482
BLODGET, ARBA                     NY-7-1-186
BLODGET, SUSAN                    NY-7-7-320
BLODGETT, AARON B.                NY-7-11-49
BLODGETT, ABRAM                   NY-7-6-329
BLODGETT, CORNELIA H.             NY-7-9-251
BLODGETT, ESTHER A.               NY-7-6-493
BLODGETT, INCREASE S.             NY-7-7-222
BLODGETT, WILLIAM O.              NY-7-4-29
BLOMQUIST, JONAS P.               NY-7-12-66
BLOOD, ASA                        NY-7-9-528
BLOOMER, BENJAMIN                 NY-7-4-343
BLOOMER, MARTHA A.                NY-7-8-47
BLOOMFIELD, SALLENA H.            NY-7-6-30
BLUM, CATHARINE                   NY-7-10-138
BLY, ANGELINE                     NY-7-11-366
BLY, GEORGE H.                    NY-7-7-571
BLY, HARVEY                       NY-7-6-548
BLY, HENRY HARRISON               NY-7-9-622
BLY, JAMES M.                     NY-7-9-304
BLY, MARVIN H.                    NY-7-7-624
BLY, THERON                       NY-7-2-165
BOCK, ANNA MARIA                  NY-7-12-211
BOLDS, JAMES                      NY-7-4-337
BOLSFORD, HATTIE E.               NY-7-8-436
BOLT, PETER                       NY-7-11-514
BOLT, SAMANTHA                    NY-7-11-379
BOND, CHARLOTTE                   NY-7-12-118
BOOMER, JOHN                      NY-7-8-379
BOOMER, MANLEY                    NY-7-6-209
BOORMAN, EDWIN                    NY-7-10-507
BOORMAN, MARY                     NY-7-11-566
BOOTEY, JOHN                      NY-7-9-348
BOOTEY, SIMON                     NY-7-5-636
BOOTEZ, EDWARD                    NY-7-4-232
BOOTH, THOMAS                     NY-7-7-119
BORGESON, JOHN                    NY-7-12-514
BOURNE, THOMAS                    NY-7-1-227
BOURNE, WILLIAM                   NY-7-4-392
BOURQUIN, JOHN B.                 NY-7-12-22
BOURUIN, JOSEPH                   NY-7-11-387
BOUTWELL, HANNAH                  NY-7-9-428
BOUTWELL, JESSE                   NY-7-5-546
BOUTWELL, ROXEY                   NY-7-8-476
BOWEN, CHARLES A.                 NY-7-10-60
BOWEN, ELIZABETH                  NY-7-5-515
BOWEN, JENNINGS                   NY-7-10-293
BOWEN, JOHN J.                    NY-7-12-105
BOWEN, MATILDA                    NY-7-10-311
BOWEN, THOMAS                     NY-7-11-91
BOWYER, HULDAH A.                 NY-7-9-7
BOYCE, CHARLES S.                 NY-7-11-158
BOYCE, SARAH                      NY-7-12-314
BOYD, DAVID                       NY-7-2-235
BOYD, DAVID                       NY-7-1-148
BOYDEN, DENNIS                    NY-7-6-449
BRADLEY, CAROLINE                 NY-7-7-583
BRADLEY, EZRA C.                  NY-7-7-319
BRADLEY, HENRY                    NY-7-9-515
BRADLEY, JANE A.                  NY-7-12-296
BRADLEY, LAURA H.                 NY-7-8-524
BRADLEY, MARY                     NY-7-6-348
BRADLEY, OGDEN                    NY-7-8-544
BRADLEY, ROSWELL                  NY-7-1-376
BRADLEY, SARAH                    NY-7-4-15
BRADLEY, WILLIAM H.               NY-7-11-574
BRADSHAW, CORRIE J.               NY-7-11-400
BRADSHAW, MARY                    NY-7-10-399
BRAGG, CALVIN                     NY-7-10-239
BRAGG, JAMES                      NY-7-5-576
BRAGG, JOHN F.                    NY-7-7-232
BRAGG, JOSEPH L.                  NY-7-7-143
BRAGG, SARAH JANE                 NY-7-9-350
BRAINARD, MARY ANN                NY-7-2-307
BRAINARD, ORIN                    NY-7-11-364
BRALEY, ELIJAH                    NY-7-3-394
BRALEY, LEMUEL F.                 NY-7-4-291
BRALEY, PERRY                     NY-7-5-388
BRAMBLEE, GEORGE                  NY-7-9-235
BRAND, AMES                       NY-7-3-39
BRAND, TIMOTHY B.                 NY-7-11-23
BRATT, DANIEL                     NY-7-3-276
BRATT, MARY L.                    NY-7-5-25
BREADS, WILLIAM SR.               NY-7-5-136
BREED, DEWITT C.                  NY-7-11-452
BREED, JOHN C.                    NY-7-8-521
BREED, NANCY                      NY-7-7-338
BREED, WILLIAM                    NY-7-8-15
BREMER, CHARLES                   NY-7-10-64
BREWER, KATE                      NY-7-9-548
BRIGGS, CHARLES                   NY-7-12-54
BRIGGS, EBENEZER                  NY-7-5-87
BRIGGS, GEORGE W.                 NY-7-8-516
BRIGGS, HARTWELL R.               NY-7-6-437
BRIGGS, JAMES                     NY-7-2-168
BRIGGS, RUSSELL                   NY-7-2-12
BRIGGS, WILLIAM HENRY             NY-7-4-331
BRIGHAM, EDWARD                   NY-7-6-129
BRIGHAM, ELVIRA A.                NY-7-12-278
BRIGHAM, HAVEN                    NY-7-4-197
BRIGHTMAN, JOSEPH                 NY-7-7-242
BRIMHALL, ELECTA A.               NY-7-10-114
BRININSTOOL, JOSEPH               NY-7-3-132
BRINNELL, HARRRY E.               NY-7-7-346
BRISTOL, IRA CLINTON              NY-7-6-500
BRISTOL, JACKSON P.               NY-7-8-587
BRISTOL, JOSIAH W.                NY-7-3-427
BRISTOL, WILLIAM A.               NY-7-7-504
BRITTON, LYDIA A.                 NY-7-10-245
BRJURSTROM, HADA                  NY-7-9-625
BROADHEAD, JAMES                  NY-7-4-351
BROADHEAD, MARY                   NY-7-8-6
BROADHEAD, WHITWORTH              NY-7-3-430
BROCK, CHARITY                    NY-7-9-180
BROCK, RICHARD C.                 NY-7-6-285
BROCKER, LUCIA F.                 NY-7-9-240
BROCKMAN, ANDREW                  NY-7-6-418
BROCKWAY, CAROLINE                NY-7-4-201
BROCKWAY, GEORGE                  NY-7-8-586
BROCKWAY, MARY A.                 NY-7-10-284
BROGREN, HANNAH B.                NY-7-10-581
BRONSON, ALVIN J.                 NY-7-9-86
BRONSON, GERTRUDE A.              NY-7-10-615
BROOKS, DANIEL                    NY-7-6-548
BROOKS, ESTHER IDA                NY-7-8-539
BROOKS, HORATIO G.                NY-7-8-597
BROOKS, JEHIEL                    NY-7-11-303
BROOKS, JULIA A.                  NY-7-11-444
BROWN, A. N.                      NY-7-3-365
BROWN, ANDREW                     NY-7-11-388
BROWN, CAROLINE                   NY-7-5-425
BROWN, CAROLINE E.                NY-7-12-127
BROWN, CATHEIRNE N.               NY-7-10-464
BROWN, CHARLES                    NY-7-5-210
BROWN, CHARLOTTE                  NY-7-12-62
BROWN, CHESTER                    NY-7-6-423
BROWN, CLARISSA S.                NY-7-8-140
BROWN, DUFFY L.                   NY-7-8-22
BROWN, ELI N.                     NY-7-3-443
BROWN, ELIZA                      NY-7-5-429
BROWN, ELLEN E.                   NY-7-8-123
BROWN, FLORINDA M.                NY-7-10-371
BROWN, FRANCIS B.                 NY-7-10-282
BROWN, FREDERICK B.               NY-7-8-360
BROWN, GEORGE W.                  NY-7-8-284
BROWN, ISAAC C.                   NY-7-7-637
BROWN, JAMES R.                   NY-7-7-537
BROWN, JAMES S.                   NY-7-5-243
BROWN, JONATHAN                   NY-7-3-59
BROWN, KERASMUS T.                NY-7-2-247
BROWN, LEVANT B.                  NY-7-5-619
BROWN, LYMAN                      NY-7-3-232
BROWN, LYMAN                      NY-7-5-363
BROWN, MARGARET E.                NY-7-5-24
BROWN, MARY                       NY-7-10-108
BROWN, MARY                       NY-7-6-274
BROWN, MARY A.                    NY-7-11-172
BROWN, N. W.                      NY-7-6-598
BROWN, NATHAN                     NY-7-6-577
BROWN, NATHAN                     NY-7-11-11
BROWN, ORSELL C.                  NY-7-7-323
BROWN, REUBEN C.                  NY-7-10-517
BROWN, SAMUEL                     NY-7-6-113
BROWN, SAMUEL                     NY-7-6-132
BROWN, SAMUEL A.                  NY-7-3-342
BROWN, SUSAN HALL                 NY-7-12-442
BROWN, SYLVESTER                  NY-7-11-235
BROWN, WILLIAM                    NY-7-3-442
BROWN, WILLIAM T.                 NY-7-2-82
BROWNELL, ARMENA M.               NY-7-8-40
BROWNELL, DAVID                   NY-7-6-339
BROWNELL, JACOB R.                NY-7-5-143
BROWNELL, JOSEPH                  NY-7-2-53
BROWNELL, JOSEPH L.               NY-7-10-613
BROWNELL, MARY                    NY-7-9-229
BROWNELL, PHEBE                   NY-7-4-469
BROWNELL, SABIN C.                NY-7-5-632
BROWNELL, STEPHEN                 NY-7-9-260
BRUNSON, LORENZO                  NY-7-7-294
BUCK, EDWIN                       NY-7-5-75
BUCK, MARIETTA                    NY-7-10-617
BUCKINGHAM, ALANSON               NY-7-7-358
BUCKLEY, JOHN                     NY-7-7-375
BUCKLIN, ELVIRA                   NY-7-12-20
BUDLONG, JAMES J.                 NY-7-6-426
BUDLONG, JUDIAH E.                NY-7-2-263
BUDLONG, LOUISA H.                NY-7-9-408
BUEL, JOHN B.                     NY-7-6-386
BUGBEE, ABIGAL                    NY-7-2-315
BUGBEE, JONATHAN                  NY-7-1-17
BULL, ABRAHAM                     NY-7-12-206
BULL, PETER W.                    NY-7-11-494
BULLOCK, JONATHAN                 NY-7-2-325
BULLOCK, MARIETTA                 NY-7-12-254
BULLOCK, REUBEN A.                NY-7-5-195
BULLOCK, WILLIAM C.               NY-7-10-482
BUMP, ELIZA J.                    NY-7-4-257
BUMPPUS, LYMAN                    NY-7-6-333
BUMPUS, JASON                     NY-7-3-376
BUMPUS, JOSEPH E.                 NY-7-8-93
BUMPUS, JOSHUA                    NY-7-5-440
BUNNELL, HANNAH                   NY-7-11-35
BURBANK, JOHN                     NY-7-6-82
BURBANK, RELIEF                   NY-7-6-296
BURBEE, MARY MADISON              NY-7-12-439
BURCH, CATHARINE L.               NY-7-11-459
BURCH, HIRAM W.                   NY-7-7-630
BURCH, JONATHAN                   NY-7-1-206
BURCH, JOSHUA                     NY-7-2-92
BURCH, OLIVER W.                  NY-7-8-66
BURCH, SUSANNA                    NY-7-8-368
BURCHARD, CHARLES L. H.           NY-7-6-16
BURCHARD, DANIEL E.               NY-7-9-130
BURCHARD, WALTER S.               NY-7-8-207
BURCHLINE, AUGUSTUS               NY-7-8-332
BURDEN, EDWARD                    NY-7-10-106
BURDEN, MANOAH                    NY-7-3-317
BURGE, ALBURT                     NY-7-6-5
BURGESS, MILLIE S.                NY-7-165
BURGESS, WALTER S.                NY-7-5-633
BURKE, LORINDA                    NY-7-7-129
BURKE, WILLIAM                    NY-7-8-36
BURMEISTER, CHRIST                NY-7-12-269
BURNELL, ELECTA                   NY-7-6-305
BURNELL, JOEL                     NY-7-4-207
BURNETT, JOHN                     NY-7-3-289
BURNHAM, JAMES RILEY              NY-7-5-35
BURNHAM, SIDNEY                   NY-7-5-179
BURNHAM, THOMAS G.                NY-7-12-153
BURNS, CHLOE S.                   NY-7-9-144
BURNS, DEXTER H.                  NY-7-10-198
BURNS, FRANCIS                    NY-7-7-136
BURNS, JOHN                       NY-7-5-502
BURNS, JOHN                       NY-7-12-218
BURNS, MARY                       NY-7-11-385
BURNS, PARNELL                    NY-7-7-310
BURNSON, ABEL                     NY-7-3-229
BURR, HOLLIS J.                   NY-7-9-563
BURR, LLOYD                       NY-7-468
BURR, MARY A.                     NY-7-8-35
BURROUGHS, EVA J.                 NY-7-10-42
BURROUGHS, HULDAH A.              NY-7-11-129
BURROW, JOSEPH                    NY-7-11-100
BURROWS, ALEXANDER                NY-7-10-543
BURROWS, ANSON                    NY-7-6-307
BURROWS, ASENETH                  NY-7-5-380
BURROWS, EZRA                     NY-7-3-284
BURROWS, HIRAM                    NY-7-8-49
BURROWS, LUCY C.                  NY-7-12-192
BURTCH, CHAUNCEY C.               NY-7-4-484
BURTIS, JOSEPH F.                 NY-7-6-374
BURTIS, MARY A.                   NY-7-10-514
BURTON, SALMON                    NY-7-10-557
BUSCHER, JOHN                     NY-7-12-294
BUSH, ALBERT                      NY-7-7-609
BUSH, DATUS E.                    NY-7-10-180
BUSH, JOHN ROSE                   NY-7-2-329
BUSH, MILTON                      NY-7-6-551
BUSH, PETER H.                    NY-7-4-475
BUSH, RICHARD G.                  NY-7-6-68
BUSH, SOLON                       NY-7-6-547
BUSHEE, CHARLES H.                NY-7-3-355
BUSS, GEORGE                      NY-7-12-444
BUSS, JAMES                       NY-7-8-33
BUSSING, ISAAC                    NY-7-7-368
BUSSING, NICHOLAS                 NY-7-4-282
BUSTI, JEREMIAH                   NY-7-2-267
BUSWELL, ELZAPHAN                 NY-7-10-430
BUTCHER, DAVID                    NY-7-3-147
BUTCHER, HENRY                    NY-7-10-445
BUTCHER, WILLIAM                  NY-7-9-159
BUTLER, ABEL M.                   NY-7-5-337
BUTLER, GEORGE J.                 NY-7-5-500
BUTLER, HANNAH                    NY-7-12-326
BUTLER, JAMES                     NY-7-11-326
BUTLER, SAMUEL                    NY-7-5-554
BUTTLES, EMILY                    NY-7-7-480
BUTTON, ALONZO P.                 NY-7-12-413
BUTTON, ALVIN                     NY-7-8-421
BUTTON, FRANCIS                   NY-7-8-38
BUTTON, GEORGE W.                 NY-7-12-465
BUTTON, JOEPH F.                  NY-7-9-330
BUTTON, LUCIUS                    NY-7-12-71
BUTTON, RUFUS                     NY-7-4-266
BUTTS, PARDON                     NY-7-2-221

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