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FAHEY, JAMES                      NY-7-12-139
FAIRBANK, HARVEY L.               NY-7-9-129
FAIRBANK, MANDANA E.              NY-7-7-611
FAIRBANKS, JOSEPH P.              NY-7-10-250
FAIRBANKS, LORENZO J.             NY-7-7-603
FAIRCHILD, CAROLINE               NY-7-4-254
FAIRCHILD, STEPHEN                NY-7-10-413
FALCONER, PATRICK                 NY-7-8-585
FALCONER, ROBERT                  NY-7-2-181
FARDINK, HENRY JOHN               NY-7-12-116
FARDINK, JOHN                     NY-7-5-449
FARGO, CHARLES B.                 NY-7-4-459
FARGO, MARY L.                    NY-7-11-75
FARMAN, FIDELIA                   NY-7-12-96
FARMAN, RICHARD G.                NY-7-7-144
FARNHAM, AMELIA                   NY-7-11-510
FARNHAM, DANIEL                   NY-7-2-92
FARNHAM, EDWARD                   NY-7-9-354
FARNHAM, FRY                      NY-7-9-292
FARNHAM, HORATIO N.               NY-7-8-114
FARNHAM, JARED                    NY-7-4-38
FARNSWORTH, JOHN                  NY-7-1-145
FARNSWORTH, TITUS B.              NY-7-6-576
FARRAN, STEPHEN                   NY-7-8-51
FARRAR, JOHN                      NY-7-12-485
FARRINGTON, DANIEL M.             NY-7-7-284
FARRINGTON, EDWIN W.              NY-7-3-101
FARRINGTON, MATTHEW               NY-7-3-70
FARWELL, FANNY                    NY-7-9-490
FARWELL, OMAR                     NY-7-5-290
FAY, CHARLES                      NY-7-11-149
FAY, CLINTON SNOW                 NY-7-6-562
FAY, ELIJAH                       NY-7-3-183
FAY, ELISHA                       NY-7-7-237
FAY, LEVI                         NY-7-2-74
FAY, LIVENER                      NY-7-12-318
FAY, NATHANIEL                    NY-7-2-246
FAY, SOPHRONA                     NY-7-12-135
FAY, TIMOTHY                      NY-7-2-63
FELLOWS, HANNAH LOUISA            NY-7-5-296
FELLOWS, JOHN                     NY-7-5-326
FELLOWS, JULIA B.                 NY-7-10-276
FELLOWS, RICHARD S.               NY-7-8-275
FELLOWS, ROSWELL D.               NY-7-7-507
FELT, HOSEA                       NY-7-3-123
FELTON, EZRA                      NY-7-6-407
FENNER, JAMES R.                  NY-7-3-275
FENNER, JOHN A.                   NY-7-6-476
FENNER, PRUDENCE                  NY-7-3-400
FENNER, RESOLVED W.               NY-7-2-142
FENTON, BICKNEL D.                NY-7-9-373
FENTON, BICKNEL D.                NY-7-11-100
FENTON, EDWARD F.                 NY-7-10-560
FENTON, EMMA J.                   NY-7-11-496
FENTON, GEORGE W.                 NY-7-11-202
FENTON, MARY ANN L.               NY-7-7-557
FENTON, REUBEN E.                 NY-7-8-353
FENTON, REUBEN EARL               NY-7-11-194
FENTON, ROSWELL O.                NY-7-2-143
FENTON, SOPHRONIA K.              NY-7-7-553
FENTON, WILLIAM H. H.             NY-7-9-9
FERGUSON, CARRIE F.               NY-7-9-583
FERGUSON, MELVILLE A.             NY-7-7-360
FERRIN, MATTHEW                   NY-7-7-275
FERRIN, MOSES                     NY-7-8-486
FERRY, JOHN                       NY-7-11-478
FERRY, JULIEN A.                  NY-7-11-480
FERRY, POLLY A.                   NY-7-6-419
FERRY, SILAS K.                   NY-7-4-302
FERRY, WILLIAM B.                 NY-7-12-155
FETCH, JESSE                      NY-7-11-257
FIELD, BARNDARD                   NY-7-8-163
FIELD, MARTHA                     NY-7-6-425
FIELD, WELTHY A.                  NY-7-10-83
FIELDS, HENRY                     NY-7-6-376
FIELDS, JOHN                      NY-7-2-316
FIELDS, WILLIAM P.                NY-7-10-490
FINCK, HENRY                      NY-7-11-300
FINDLEY, ALEXANDER                NY-7-1-42
FINDLEY, CARSON                   NY-7-10-602
FINDLEY, HUGH B.                  NY-7-2-160
FISCHER, JOHN A.                  NY-7-11-191
FISH, HIRAM                       NY-7-6-198
FISH, LUCY                        NY-7-9-100
FISHER, ANDREW B.                 NY-7-3-262
FISHER, LILLIE ELIZA              NY-7-11-346
FISHER, LYDIA                     NY-7-5-392
FISHER, MALINDA                   NY-7-4-139
FISHER, SIDNEY B.                 NY-7-12-431
FISHER, SPENCER                   NY-7-3-117
FISHER, VANRENSLEAR               NY-7-4-83
FISK, AARON                       NY-7-4-132
FISK, BELVA                       NY-7-2-134
FISK, DAVID                       NY-7-7-160
FISK, FRIEND L.                   NY-7-4-186
FISK, JAMES                       NY-7-8-14
FITCH, CLEVELAND                  NY-7-12-306
FITCH, DANIEL                     NY-7-3-234
FITCH, GEORGE A.                  NY-7-8-123
FITCH, RUFUS                      NY-7-9-527
FITZGERALD, BRIDGET               NY-7-6-412
FITZGERALD, ELLEN                 NY-7-7-383
FITZGIBBON, GERALD                NY-7-12-143
FLAG, ANGELINE                    NY-7-5-381
FLAHAVEN, MARY                    NY-7-12-261
FLANAGAN, CATHARINE               NY-7-8-389
FLANDERS, SALLIE G.               NY-7-11-479
FLANDERS, THOMAS                  NY-7-10-83
FLANDERS, THOMAS                  NY-7-2-21
FLESCH, JOHN                      NY-7-8-212
FLESHER, HARRIET                  NY-7-11-70
FLETCHER, ADOLPHUS                NY-7-4-41
FLETCHER, CAROLINE E.             NY-7-9-407
FLETCHER, CLINTON A.              NY-7-9-561
FLETCHER, OTIS                    NY-7-2-239
FLETCHER, SILAS                   NY-7-2-98
FLINK, LOUISE                     NY-7-9-497
FLINT, JOHN J.                    NY-7-4-284
FLISCHER, MARY F.                 NY-7-9-303
FLUCK, CHARLES                    NY-7-7-638
FLUKER, JOHN                      NY-7-4-78
FOLEY, BENJAMIN                   NY-7-5-13
FOLLER, SUSANNA                   NY-7-7-470
FOLLS, JOHN                       NY-7-12-120
FOOT, CALISTA E.                  NY-7-10-440
FOOT, GERRIE                      NY-7-7-121
FOOTE, ELIAL T.                   NY-7-6-358
FORBES, EMILY L.                  NY-7-10-206
FORBES, FRANCIS                   NY-7-5-494
FORBES, ISAAC                     NY-7-6-107
FORBES, LEVI                      NY-7-1-297
FORBES, SARAH A.                  NY-7-10-91
FORBES, STEPHEN                   NY-7-11-108
FORBUSH, CORRYDON J.              NY-7-10-320
FORBUSH, MABEL                    NY-7-7-252
FORD, STEPHEN                     NY-7-5-506
FORD, THOMAS                      NY-7-1-395
FOSDICK, JOHN S.                  NY-7-10-225
FOSTER, JESSE                     NY-7-5-155
FOSTER, LUCY J.                   NY-7-12-427
FOX, AGNES                        NY-7-12-60
FOX, ALBERT                       NY-7-11-384
FOX, BRIDGET                      NY-7-11-69
FOX, BRIDGET                      NY-7-11-59
FOX, DANIEL K.                    NY-7-11-219
FOX, OSCAR                        NY-7-12-2
FOX, SANFORD N.                   NY-7-11-68
FOX, WILLIAM H.                   NY-7-9-544
FOX, ZENAS KINGSLEY               NY-7-6-99
FRANCIS, ROSWELL                  NY-7-12-104
FRANK, ABRAM                      NY-7-11-109
FRANK, HORACE                     NY-7-12-53
FRANK, JOHN                       NY-7-4-82
FRANK, JOHN                       NY-7-12-566
FRANK, LEWIS                      NY-7-2-168
FRANK, MERCY E.                   NY-7-9-623
FRANK, WILLIAM                    NY-7-4-168
FRAZELL, EMILY U.                 NY-7-9-528
FRAZINE, HERBERT N.               NY-7-11-227
FRAZINE, IRENE CARTER             NY-7-10-280
FREDERICKSON, ALFRED              NY-7-11-315
FREEMAN, CALEB                    NY-7-2-215
FREEMAN, EMILY A.                 NY-7-7-370
FREEMAN, GEORGE                   NY-7-9-93
FREEMAN, HULL                     NY-7-8-115
FREEMAN, JONATHAN                 NY-7-2-303
FRENCH, FRANCIS                   NY-7-11-331
FRENCH, HARLOW                    NY-7-12-204
FRENCH, JULIET FRENCH             NY-7-10-449
FRENCH, SUSAN B.                  NY-7-4-221
FREW, JOHN                        NY-7-4-61
FREW, JOHN H.                     NY-7-7-248
FRINK, HENRY ALLYN                NY-7-12-331
FRISBEE, HENRY O.                 NY-7-5-448
FRISBEE, JAMES                    NY-7-7-238
FRISBEE, LAVANTIA                 NY-7-5-608
FRITTS, DANIEL                    NY-7-10-330
FROHM, JOHN                       NY-7-10-89
FROST, BENJAMIN                   NY-7-3-69
FROST, ZERVIAH                    NY-7-9-433
FULLAGAR, LANGLEY                 NY-7-10-301
FULLER, ARAD                      NY-7-8-583
FULLER, BENJAMIN                  NY-7-9-204
FULLER, ELVIRA A.                 NY-7-10-376
FULLER, ESTHER A.                 NY-7-5-377
FULLER, EZRA                      NY-7-8-202
FULLER, GEORGE A.                 NY-7-10-508
FULLER, JOHN                      NY-7-4-402
FULLER, JOHN W.                   NY-7-9-405
FULLER, MALVINA                   NY-7-11-176
FULLER, MARY                      NY-7-9-374
FULLER, NATHANIEL                 NY-7-8-505
FULLER, WILLIAM                   NY-7-6-55
FULLER, WILLIAM C.                NY-7-12-301
FURLOW, JAMES                     NY-7-8-219
FURLOW, LORETTA                   NY-7-7-372
FURLOW, LUTHER J.                 NY-7-12-399
GADDIS, WILLIAM H.                NY-7-9-299
GAGE, CHARLES B.                  NY-7-12-593
GAGE, GEORGE W.                   NY-7-8-297
GAGE, ISAAC B.                    NY-7-3-128
GAGE, JOHN                        NY-7-3-54
GAGE, MYRON                       NY-7-5-47
GAGE, SIBYL                       NY-7-3-341
GAGE, SULLIVAN                    NY-7-8-374
GALBRAITH, CAMPBELL               NY-7-6-330
GALE, LARNED                      NY-7-3-362
GALE, N. C.                       NY-7-12-486
GALES, ROLLIN C.                  NY-7-8-479
GALLAGHER, WILLIAM                NY-7-12-515
GALLAGHER, WILLIAM                NY-7-12-506
GALLIGAN, JOHN                    NY-7-9-488
GALLOWAY, JOHN                    NY-7-4-107
GALVIN, MARGARET                  NY-7-10-434
GALVIN, PATRICK                   NY-7-10-78
GANEY, BRIDGET                    NY-7-11-224
GARDNER, BENJAMIN                 NY-7-5-542
GARDNER, ELIZABETH                NY-7-2-141
GARDNER, WILLIAM J.               NY-7-3-356
GARFIELD, JOSEPH                  NY-7-8-378
GARFIELD, MARY ANN                NY-7-5-430
GAST, MORRIS                      NY-7-8-559
GATES, BEZALEEL                   NY-7-3-279
GATES, ELIZA ANN                  NY-7-10-606
GATES, EMELINE                    NY-7-9-526
GATES, HANNAH B.                  NY-7-3-303
GATES, HENRY D.                   NY-7-9-534
GATES, HENRY W.                   NY-7-9-336
GATES, IRA                        NY-7-3-156
GATES, LIZZIE M.                  NY-7-11-73
GATES, RICHARD W.                 NY-7-3-59
GATES, WILLIAM                    NY-7-2-209
GAUSTON, AUGUST                   NY-7-11-557
GAUTCHER, E. JANE                 NY-7-7-436
GAY, HENRY R.                     NY-7-10-308
GAY, WILLIAM J.                   NY-7-9-288
GEER, EMERSON F.                  NY-7-11-155
GEER, ESTHER                      NY-7-5-590
GEER, FRANCIS                     NY-7-9-338
GEER, SAMUEL                      NY-7-3-110
GELM, ANDREW P.                   NY-7-10-377
GEORGE, CAROLINE C.               NY-7-6-494
GEORGE, CLARA                     NY-7-12-345
GERRANS, JAMES                    NY-7-9-160
GIBBS, FREDERICK                  NY-7-10-632
GIBBS, HARVEY                     NY-7-3-316
GIBBS, JOHN T.                    NY-7-3-268
GIBBS, LILLIAN C.                 NY-7-12-407
GIBBS, NANCY                      NY-7-10-420
GIBBS, ORESTIS C.                 NY-7-5-108
GIBSON, CAROLINE W.               NY-7-9-62
GIBSON, JAMES                     NY-7-3-374
GIBSON, JAMES W.                  NY-7-10-173
GIDDINGS, JAMES                   NY-7-5-451
GIDLER, CHARLES                   NY-7-6-283
GIFFORD, BENJAMIN                 NY-7-7-581
GIFFORD, C. MARIA                 NY-7-7-124
GIFFORD, ELIHU                    NY-7-6-488
GIFFORD, ELIZABETH                NY-7-8-86
GIFFORD, GIDEON                   NY-7-3-34
GIFFORD, HENRY                    NY-7-8-582
GIFFORD, JOSEPH C.                NY-7-11-453
GIFFORD, OLIVER P.                NY-7-2-197
GIFFORD, PELEG                    NY-7-8-220
GIFFORD, PHEBE                    NY-7-9-390
GILBERT, ALEXANDER                NY-7-10-163
GILBERT, JOHN C.                  NY-7-12-636
GILBERT, ORONSO S.                NY-7-9-162
GILBERT, RUSEL                    NY-7-3-76
GILBERT, SUSAN H.                 NY-7-10-275
GILES, CHARLES                    NY-7-8-558
GILLETT, ELIZABETH                NY-7-6-368
GILLETT, JOHN                     NY-7-2-135
GILLETT, PERRY                    NY-7-7-462
GILLETTE, HENRY T.                NY-7-9-378
GILLIS, ESTHER M.                 NY-7-302
GITTINS, SAMUEL                   NY-7-9-598
GLAZIER, SALLY                    NY-7-7-122
GLEASON, DAVID L.                 NY-7-2-326
GLEASON, HENRY                    NY-7-12-330
GLEASON, HIRAM N.                 NY-7-5-235
GLEASON, MARK N.                  NY-7-5-368
GLEASON, WILLIAM                  NY-7-5-58
GLENDON, MICHAEL                  NY-7-6-212
GLIDDEN, DANIEL C.                NY-7-5-569
GLIDDEN, HORACE H.                NY-7-12-148
GLOSSER, GOTTHILF                 NY-7-9-298
GLOWSKI, ROSA                     NY-7-11-173
GOBEEN, JOHN                      NY-7-11-362
GODARD, ANSON H.                  NY-7-6-540
GODARD, HANNAH J.                 NY-7-8-271
GODORICH, SUSAN B.                NY-7-2-177
GOELTZ, GEORGE J.                 NY-7-8-11
GOFF, GEORGE M.                   NY-7-4-35
GOGGIN, RICHARD                   NY-7-11-210
GOGGIN, RICHARD                   NY-7-8-459
GOKEY, NOAH W.                    NY-7-12-24
GOLDING, ISAIAH                   NY-7-8-504
GOLDING, MARGARET A.              NY-7-12-310
GONNELLY, JOHN                    NY-7-11-377
GOODRICH, AARON                   NY-7-2-77
GOODRICH, ALFORD                  NY-7-4-230
GOODRICH, AUSTIN                  NY-7-5-107
GOODRICH, BURRELL T.              NY-7-4-59
GOODRICH, CHAUNCEY                NY-7-10-368
GOODRICH, DANIEL                  NY-7-2-220
GOODRICH, FREDERICK               NY-7-2-257
GOODRICH, GEORGE                  NY-7-5-536
GOODRICH, GIDEON                  NY-7-1-379
GOODRICH, HULDAH D.               NY-7-11-582
GOODRICH, MILTON P.               NY-7-7-262
GOODRICH, MINNIA                  NY-7-9-182
GOODWIN, BUSHROD W.               NY-7-10-603
GOODWIN, SARAH                    NY-7-2-252
GOODYEAR, ENOS                    NY-7-2-363
GORDANIER, JOHN                   NY-7-12-327
GOSSITT, BENJAMIN F.              NY-7-5-64
GOULD, DANIEL G.                  NY-7-2-205
GOULD, FRANK G.                   NY-7-12-126
GOULD, JENNETTE                   NY-7-8-455
GOULD, JULIUS                     NY-7-7-473
GOULD, MATILDA A.                 NY-7-12-73
GOULD, NEWELL                     NY-7-598
GOULD, SYLVESTER W.               NY-7-10-270
GOULDING, AURILLA M.              NY-7-6-341
GOULDING, JASPER                  NY-7-7-228
GOULDING, LOUISA FOSTER           NY-7-10-638
GOULDING, TIMOTHY                 NY-7-5-475
GOWER, ROBERT P.                  NY-7-11-342
GRADUP, JOHN                      NY-7-12-266
GRADY, JEREMIAH                   NY-7-11-282
GRAHAM, WILLIAM C.                NY-7-6-575
GRANDER, KATE                     NY-7-11-471
GRANDIN, DANIEL H.                NY-7-10-462
GRANGER, DAVID                    NY-7-10-72
GRANGER, JOHN M.                  NY-7-4-43
GRANGER, MARTHA                   NY-7-3-293
GRANT, BENJAMIN W.                NY-7-6-336
GRANT, LEWIS B.                   NY-7-8-117
GRANT, MALINDA S.                 NY-7-12-522
GRANTIER, JOHN                    NY-7-2-188
GRAVES, ABRAM                     NY-7-9-631
GRAVES, REUBEN                    NY-7-5-389
GRAW, WILLIAM                     NY-7-7-400
GRAY, ALVINA                      NY-7-7-533
GRAY, HARRIET                     NY-7-6-255
GRAY, JOHN                        NY-7-2-99
GRAY, JOHN W.                     NY-7-5-366
GRAY, MARY ANN                    NY-7-8-230
GRAY, MATILDA                     NY-7-8-124
GRAY, NATHANIEL                   NY-7-5-211
GRAY, RILEY                       NY-7-6-371
GREELEY, ERZA H.                  NY-7-8-540
GREEN, AMY A.                     NY-7-12-284
GREEN, ANDERSON                   NY-7-12-240
GREEN, BELINUS                    NY-7-5-495
GREEN, BENJAMIN T.                NY-7-12-98
GREEN, EBENEZER                   NY-7-2-181
GREEN, ELEAZER                    NY-7-8-175
GREEN, ELIJAH                     NY-7-7-221
GREEN, GEORGE W.                  NY-7-6-428
GREEN, HARRIET E.                 NY-7-4-8
GREEN, HAWLEY                     NY-7-8-258
GREEN, HORATIO W.                 NY-7-11-225
GREEN, JAMES                      NY-7-3-451
GREEN, JEROME                     NY-7-11-378
GREEN, JOSEPH H.                  NY-7-3-197
GREEN, LEHILA                     NY-7-4-7
GREEN, LUCINA D.                  NY-7-3-349
GREEN, MINNIE C.                  NY-7-11-607
GREEN, STEPHEN J.                 NY-7-5-395
GREEN, THEODORE                   NY-7-2-328
GREEN, THOMAS                     NY-7-4-81
GREEN, WILLIAM H.                 NY-7-8-562
GREEN, WILLIAM R.                 NY-7-10-305
GREENE, BENJAMIN F.               NY-7-3-191
GREENE, GEORGE A.                 NY-7-5-444
GREENE, ROSELLE                   NY-7-3-128
GREENMAN, CHARLES                 NY-7-3-100
GREENMAN, CHARLES F.              NY-7-10-579
GREENSBURY, JULIA                 NY-7-11-543
GREENWALD, CATHERINA              NY-7-9-409
GREGG, JOHN N.                    NY-7-3-422
GREVINK, WILLIAM                  NY-7-10-515
GRIFFITH, ANSEL                   NY-7-10-253
GRIFFITH, JEREMIAH                NY-7-7-127
GRIFFITH, MARTHA                  NY-7-7-634
GRIFFITH, NANCY S.                NY-7-10-386
GRIFFITH, POLLY                   NY-7-3-168
GRIFFITH, SAMUEL                  NY-7-10-400
GRIFFITH, SETH                    NY-7-3-162
GRIFFITH, THOMAS                  NY-7-6-578
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM B.              NY-7-6-499
GRISWOLD, ABEL                    NY-7-1-74
GRISWOLD, JOHN E.                 NY-7-4-253
GRISWOLD, LAURA A.                NY-7-8-482
GRISWOLD, PERMELIA M.             NY-7-9-337
GRISWOLD, SUSAN D.                NY-7-4-116
GRISWOLD, WILLIAM                 NY-7-10-436
GRISWOLD, WILLIAM                 NY-7-5-371
GROSVENOR, DELIA R.               NY-7-9-509
GROTENHOUSE, JOHN D.              NY-7-5-41
GROUT, MARTIN C.                  NY-7-5-8
GROVER, LEVANLIA B.               NY-7-11-319
GROVER, SETH                      NY-7-3-60
GROVER, WARREN                    NY-7-10-455
GROVES, LYDIA JANE                NY-7-5-60
GROW, ANNA                        NY-7-11-266
GROW, JOHN                        NY-7-10-60
GUEST, PAULINA A.                 NY-7-11-475
GUILD, ANSON C.                   NY-7-4-112
GULICK, CLARA                     NY-7-12-403
GULICK, CORNELIUS                 NY-7-4-367
GULICK, GEORGE C.                 NY-7-12-403
GULICK, MARY PRISCILLA            NY-7-10-220
GUNN, PHILA A.                    NY-7-9-592
GUNTEN, NANNETTE VON              NY-7-8-453
GUNTHER, GEORGE J.                NY-7-12-164
GUNTHER, JANE ANN                 NY-7-6-638
GUNTON, HANNAH                    NY-7-8-300
GURNSEY, E. B.                    NY-7-2-147
GURTON, ESTHER                    NY-7-9-101
GURTON, THOMAS                    NY-7-9-19
GUSSELL, CHRISTIAN                NY-7-12-61
GUSTAFSON, JOHN                   NY-7-5-627
HACKETT, ALZINA                   NY-7-5-83
HACKETT, PHEBE B.                 NY-7-11-273
HACKETT, WARREN                   NY-7-4-318
HADDEN, DEBORAH                   NY-7-4-23
HADLEY, ALMANSON                  NY-7-4-321
HADLEY, NILES                     NY-7-5-2
HAHN, JULIUS                      NY-7-12-140
HAIGHT, JAMES                     NY-7-12-241
HAIGHT, LUKE                      NY-7-6-242
HAIGHT, MARK                      NY-7-12-93
HAIGHT, MARVIN                    NY-7-5-45
HAIGHT, SARAH F.                  NY-7-5-338
HAINES, NATHAN T. C.              NY-7-9-498
HAKANSON, ANDERS                  NY-7-8-126
HAL, HENRI                        NY-7-7-291
HALE, ELVIRA C.                   NY-7-12-377
HALE, EMELINE                     NY-7-11-111
HALE, HARVEY                      NY-7-6-193
HALE, HENRY                       NY-7-6-78
HALE, HIRAM                       NY-7-5-411
HALE, HORACE                      NY-7-2-223
HALE, LEVI                        NY-7-3-141
HALE, NATHAN                      NY-7-2-3
HALE, ORRIN                       NY-7-6-40
HALL, AARON                       NY-7-1-189
HALL, ABRAM                       NY-7-5-405
HALL, ALICE                       NY-7-2-146
HALL, ANNA CHRISTINE              NY-7-10-563
HALL, ASA                         NY-7-4-217
HALL, DAVID                       NY-7-1-8
HALL, DAVID                       NY-7-7-357
HALL, DAVID                       NY-7-2-160
HALL, ELIZA                       NY-7-10-324
HALL, ERIE L.                     NY-7-12-263
HALL, GEORGE A.                   NY-7-3-382
HALL, HENRY P.                    NY-7-11-186
HALL, HERVEY                      NY-7-12-549
HALL, ISABEL C.                   NY-7-3-393
HALL, JACOB                       NY-7-3-137
HALL, JAMES                       NY-7-7-519
HALL, JAMES A.                    NY-7-4-115
HALL, JOHN                        NY-7-1-53
HALL, JOHN A.                     NY-7-8-385
HALL, JOHN E.                     NY-7-9-546
HALL, JOSEPH B.                   NY-7-8-579
HALL, JOSIAH                      NY-7-5-452
HALL, JULIA                       NY-7-9-97
HALL, MARIA                       NY-7-9-424
HALL, NELLIE                      NY-7-12-64
HALL, PERRY                       NY-7-3-149
HALL, ROSINA F.                   NY-7-11-193
HALL, SALLY                       NY-7-7-126
HALL, SAMUEL                      NY-7-2-264
HALL, SAMUEL V.                   NY-7-12-171
HALL, WILLIAM G.                  NY-7-5-152
HALLADAY, AMOS H.                 NY-7-6-205
HALLENBECK, DANIEL                NY-7-8-199
HALLENBECK, THOMAS                NY-7-12-161
HALLOCK, LEAVITT                  NY-7-6-1
HALSEY, HARRIET R.                NY-7-11-469
HALSTEAD, IRA                     NY-7-12-545
HAMBLETON, MATILDA                NY-7-5-134
HAMBLIN, JOHN                     NY-7-2-255
HAMERLY, LEWIS C.                 NY-7-10-111
HAMILTON, EUNICE                  NY-7-12-530
HAMILTON, JOHN                    NY-7-6-321
HAMILTON, JOHN JR.                NY-7-12-554
HAMILTON, JOHN M.                 NY-7-2-306
HAMILTON, SETH M.                 NY-7-9-492
HAMLIN, MARVIN                    NY-7-6-8
HAMMARSTROM, CHARLES              NY-7-10-456
HAMMICK, ISIAH                    NY-7-7-93
HAMMOND, EPHRAIM                  NY-7-4-455
HANDY, HARLEY H.                  NY-7-11-511
HANDY, HARRIET                    NY-7-11-511
HANDY, JOY                        NY-7-1-214
HANER, EZRA                       NY-7-9-216
HANFORD, PHILANDER                NY-7-6-292
HANFORD, PHILO                    NY-7-2-89
HANFORD, POLLY                    NY-7-8-145
HANLEY, THIMOTHY T.               NY-7-9-76
HANNAN, MARGARET                  NY-7-8-42
HANSEN, PETER                     NY-7-10-222
HANSON, ERICK                     NY-7-11-143
HAPGOOD, JOEL                     NY-7-8-73
HARDENBURG, VOLKERK               NY-7-11-214
HARDENBURG, VOLKERT               NY-7-10-195
HARMAN, SAMUEL                    NY-7-11-583
HARMON, CHAUNCEY                  NY-7-2-355
HARMON, OREN S.                   NY-7-12-474
HARPER, BLYTHE                    NY-7-8-185
HARPER, BLYTHE                    NY-7-11-499
HARPER, ELLEN J.                  NY-7-8-578
HARRINGTON, EPHRAIM               NY-7-9-478
HARRINGTON, HENRY                 NY-7-6-416
HARRINGTON, JASPER                NY-7-6-62
HARRINGTON, JOEL                  NY-7-1-308
HARRINGTON, JOHN C.               NY-7-9-349
HARRIS, ALMON W.                  NY-7-11-220
HARRIS, CHARLES H.                NY-7-10-152
HARRIS, EBENEZER                  NY-7-5-551
HARRIS, ELIJAH                    NY-7-10-175
HARRIS, FRANCIS E.                NY-7-9-575
HARRIS, HENRY                     NY-7-9-555
HARRIS, JEMIMA                    NY-7-6-531
HARRIS, JOHN L.                   NY-7-10-120
HARRIS, JOSEPH                    NY-7-7-402
HARRIS, JOSEPH ELLICOTT           NY-7-9-329
HARRIS, OTIS                      NY-7-8-72
HARRIS, SARAH A.                  NY-7-10-178
HARRIS, WILLIAM D.                NY-7-11-134
HARRISON, CHARLES                 NY-7-6-550
HARRISON, CLARA A.                NY-7-3-420
HARRISON, GEORGE M.               NY-7-9-38
HARRISON, GEORGE S.               NY-7-7-261
HARRISON, JAMES                   NY-7-3-96
HARRISON, JAMES JR.               NY-7-4-263
HARRISON, LORENZO                 NY-7-9-342
HARRISON, MARTINETTE H.           NY-7-11-480
HARSTENBERG, ELIZA P.             NY-7-9-158
HARSTON, WILLIAM                  NY-7-10-149
HART, ELIZA ANN                   NY-7-6-93
HART, JAMES                       NY-7-11-596
HART, JULIA CRAMPTON              NY-7-8-257
HART, LAURA A.                    NY-7-6-580
HART, LOMHANNAH                   NY-7-9-181
HART, SALMON                      NY-7-3-306
HART, THOMAS                      NY-7-4-489
HARTMAN, ABEL S.                  NY-7-11-419
HARTMAN, ANNA                     NY-7-6-438
HARTMAN, BARBARA                  NY-7-11-190
HARTMAN, BONIFAZIUS               NY-7-11-349
HARTSON, HORACE                   NY-7-6-455
HARVEY, AMORILUS                  NY-7-6-454
HARVEY, EUNICE M.                 NY-7-11-197
HASKINS, HIRAM                    NY-7-9-438
HASTINGS, ASA L.                  NY-7-11-615
HASTINGS, HEZEKIAH H.             NY-7-3-373
HASTINGS, MINERVA B.              NY-7-10-610
HATCH, DAVID                      NY-7-3-176
HATCH, HANNAH                     NY-7-11-301
HATCH, JOHN B.                    NY-7-9-505
HATCH, RUTH M.                    NY-7-10-160
HATCH, SALLY P.                   NY-7-8-445
HAWKINS, HENRY H.                 NY-7-7-585
HAWLEY, BETSEY                    NY-7-9-353
HAWLEY, CHARLES                   NY-7-2-26
HAWLEY, JANE D.                   NY-7-7-171
HAYES, CHAUNCEY                   NY-7-7-142
HAYES, GEORGE                     NY-7-6-51
HAYES, THOMAS N.                  NY-7-6-87
HAYNES, LEWIS                     NY-7-6-126
HAYNES, WILLIAM H.                NY-7-8-80
HAYS, HENRIETTA L.                NY-7-10-268
HAYWARD, CHARLES H.               NY-7-5-536
HAYWOOD, ALBERT                   NY-7-10-592
HAYWOOD, FRANCIS E.               NY-7-11-598
HAYWOOD, JAMES                    NY-7-4-494
HAYWOOD, JULIA A.                 NY-7-12-320
HAYWOOD, RUFUS                    NY-7-10-57
HAZARD, BETSY                     NY-7-10-372
HAZARD, HENRY                     NY-7-9-395
HAZELTINE, ABNER                  NY-7-6-626
HAZELTINE, DANIEL                 NY-7-4-144
HAZELTINE, LABAN                  NY-7-2-198
HAZELTINE, MEHITABLE              NY-7-9-599
HAZELTINE, PARDON                 NY-7-2-11
HAZELTINE, PHOEBE S.              NY-7-7-172
HAZELTINE, WILILAM B.             NY-7-9-531
HAZELTON, BENJAMIN F.             NY-7-12-499
HAZEN, DANIEL A.                  NY-7-8-613
HAZZARD, ANN                      NY-7-11-169
HAZZARD, ROBERSON                 NY-7-7-418
HEALD, SARAH P.                   NY-7-9-11
HEALON, SARAH ANN                 NY-7-12-10
HEATH, ARTEMISIA                  NY-7-9-16
HEATH, AUSTIN                     NY-7-8-526
HEATH, ISAAC                      NY-7-6-251
HEATH, MORGAN L.                  NY-7-12-141
HEATH, SARAH J.                   NY-7-9-375
HEATH, STEPHEN                    NY-7-9-522
HEATON, GROW L.                   NY-7-9-597
HEDGES, CHARLES W.                NY-7-11-320
HEINE, JOHN GOTTFRIED             NY-7-12-81
HEMINWAY, POLLY E.                NY-7-9-532
HEMPSTEAD, LUCY                   NY-7-5-68
HEMSTREET, HARTWELL               NY-7-9-539
HENDERSON, WILLIAM                NY-7-6-277
HENNE, ANN                        NY-7-2-248
HENNESSEY, ANN                    NY-7-9-460
HENRY, JOHN                       NY-7-8-433
HEQUEMBOURG, EMILIA S.            NY-7-7-477
HERMANSON, ANDREW FRED            NY-7-7-560
HERRICK, ALFRED N.                NY-7-2-111
HERRICK, ROYAL                    NY-7-5-104
HERRING, LUDWICK                  NY-7-2-114
HESLINK, GARRET WILLIAM           NY-7-4-131
HESS, DANIEL                      NY-7-6-450
HESSELINK, G. J.                  NY-7-8-105
HESSLINK, HERMAN JOHN             NY-7-9-94
HEWES, EDWARD                     NY-7-6-54
HEWITT, EPHRAIM                   NY-7-9-37
HICKS, BENJAMIN                   NY-7-7-610
HIKE, EVI B.                      NY-7-8-419
HILL, BENJAMIN B.                 NY-7-10-463
HILL, CHARLOTTE S.                NY-7-10-527
HILL, DELIA                       NY-7-10-523
HILL, JOHN                        NY-7-8-485
HILL, WILLIAM                     NY-7-5-612
HILL, WILLIAM                     NY-7-4-483
HILLEBERT, JAMES M.               NY-7-7-472
HILLER, ALVIN W.                  NY-7-3-136
HILLER, ISAAC H.                  NY-7-11-600
HILTON, WILLIAM                   NY-7-9-61
HINCKLEY, JOHN G.                 NY-7-4-319
HINDS, LYDIA                      NY-7-6-539
HINES, ARTHUR                     NY-7-3-448
HINSON, ENOCK B.                  NY-7-4-1
HIRCHERT, JOHN                    NY-7-8-429
HITCHCOCK, ALFRED A.              NY-7-11-22
HITCHCOCK, DAVID A.               NY-7-11-118
HITCHCOCK, HIRAM                  NY-7-11-1
HITCHCOCK, JAMES                  NY-7-7-582
HITCHCOCK, LOUISA                 NY-7-8-192
HITCHCOCK, LYDIA                  NY-7-6-440
HITCHCOCK, MARIETTE T.            NY-7-9-417
HITCHCOCK, SAMUEL                 NY-7-9-521
HITCHCOCK, URBANE                 NY-7-7-314
HITCHCOCK, ZELOTUS M.             NY-7-6-630
HOAG, ALMIRA                      NY-7-11-223
HOAG, ISAAC                       NY-7-7-267
HOAG, NANCY C.                    NY-7-11-34
HOAG, WARREN                      NY-7-10-187
HOBART, LESTER                    NY-7-12-101
HOBART, LORIN                     NY-7-4-293
HOCH, JOHN                        NY-7-12-136
HODGES, WILLIAM S.                NY-7-6-421
HOFFMAN, JOHN                     NY-7-4-283
HOFFSTELLER, JACOB                NY-7-11-355
HOITINK, TUNIS                    NY-7-5-450
HOLBROOK, BENJAMIN F.             NY-7-8-321
HOLBROOK, BENJAMIN T.             NY-7-5-367
HOLBROOK, CLARISA                 NY-7-9-436
HOLBROOK, JONAS C.                NY-7-1-166
HOLDEN, CHARLES                   NY-7-3-72
HOLDRIDGE, ALEXANDER D.           NY-7-9-627
HOLDRIDGE, RANDALL T.             NY-7-9-99
HOLDRIDGE, THOMAS                 NY-7-3-214
HOLLAND, ABRAHAM                  NY-7-5-515
HOLLAND, ISAAC                    NY-7-9-551
HOLLENBECK, EDWARD                NY-7-7-189
HOLLERAN, MICHAEL                 NY-7-10-574
HOLLERAN, PATRICK                 NY-7-6-379
HOLLEY, GITTIN                    NY-7-10-93
HOLMES, ADELINE                   NY-7-440
HOLMES, CALVIN                    NY-7-5-30
HOLMES, DOLLEY F.                 NY-7-5-33
HOLMES, MICHAEL                   NY-7-11-537
HOLMES, PRISCILLA                 NY-7-7-281
HOMER, HARRY                      NY-7-4-51
HOOKS, JAMES                      NY-7-11-407
HOOP, WILLIAM                     NY-7-10-62
HOOPER, BETSEY                    NY-7-10-31
HOOPER, MARYELLE                  NY-7-11-336
HOPKINS, JOHN                     NY-7-5-362
HOPKINS, JOSEPH G.                NY-7-6-85
HOPKINS, KIRK W.                  NY-7-11-615
HOPKINS, SILAS                    NY-7-2-80
HOPKINS, WAITY                    NY-7-7-561
HOPKINS,ORIN                      NY-7-10-123
HOPPER, HELEON                    NY-7-5-295
HOPPER, NATHANIEL                 NY-7-10-15
HOPSON, JOHN                      NY-7-12-166
HOPSON, LINUS                     NY-7-5-379
HOPSON, LYMAN                     NY-7-2-251
HOPSON, NANCY                     NY-7-3-121
HOPSON, STEPHEN                   NY-7-2-270
HORRIGAN, ELLEN ENRIGHT           NY-7-10-418
HORTON, EZRA                      NY-7-5-504
HORTON, JESSE                     NY-7-5-514
HORTON, JOHN                      NY-7-9-212
HORTON, NAOMI                     NY-7-11-573
HORTON, NATHAN                    NY-7-1-326
HORTON, NEHEMIAH                  NY-7-5-21
HORTON, URIAH                     NY-7-12-529
HOSIER, ARVILLA                   NY-7-11-302
HOTCHKISS, FORDYCE                NY-7-5-105
HOTCHKISS, JEREMIAH               NY-7-4-229
HOTCHKISS, JEREMIAH               NY-7-10-476
HOUCK, ANDRUS M.                  NY-7-8-406
HOUGH, OLIVE                      NY-7-12-11
HOUGHTALING, JOHN                 NY-7-11-310
HOUGHTON, JACOB                   NY-7-3-335
HOUSE, HANNAH                     NY-7-6-202
HOUSE, HENRY                      NY-7-7-542
HOUSE, JOHN                       NY-7-12-481
HOUSE, JOHN                       NY-7-1-198
HOUSTON, JAMES                    NY-7-2-121
HOUX, JENNIE                      NY-7-11-162
HOVEY, EDWARD                     NY-7-5-532
HOWARD, ALONZO                    NY-7-7-241
HOWARD, AMARIAH                   NY-7-5-474
HOWARD, ANNA                      NY-7-3-206
HOWARD, FREDREKA                  NY-7-12-512
HOWARD, JOHN                      NY-7-4-262
HOWARD, LEWIS S.                  NY-7-5-548
HOWARD, LUCY B.                   NY-7-5-137
HOWARD, LUTHER                    NY-7-2-78
HOWARD, OLIVE                     NY-7-3-182
HOWARD, PHILIP                    NY-7-6-211
HOWARD, WILLIAM H.                NY-7-8-622
HOWARD, ZEPHANIAH                 NY-7-2-86
HOWE, ADNAH                       NY-7-3-210
HOWE, ALBERT                      NY-7-4-307
HOWE, CORNELIA E.                 NY-7-9-493
HOWE, JOSIAH M.                   NY-7-8-407
HOWE, LUCINDA                     NY-7-9-447
HOWELL, MATILDA E.                NY-7-9-339
HOWELL, WILLIAM T.                NY-7-5-332
HOWES, SIMEON                     NY-7-10-153
HOWLAND, BENJAMIN                 NY-7-9-163
HOYT, CHARLES                     NY-7-8-217
HOYT, HIRAM                       NY-7-8-475
HOYT, JOSEPH                      NY-7-11-350
HOYT, LEWIS                       NY-7-11-117
HOYT, MERIOT                      NY-7-4-55
HOYT, NASON                       NY-7-5-424
HOYT, PERRY                       NY-7-11-374
HUBBARD, ADELIA C.                NY-7-11-638
HUBBARD, CHAUNCEY P.              NY-7-10-629
HUBBARD, DELIA H.                 NY-7-8-344
HUBBARD, HIRAM BLIVEN             NY-7-12-520
HUBBARD, LUCIUS E.                NY-7-7-141
HUBBARD, NORMAN B.                NY-7-6-38
HUBBARD, SARAH J.                 NY-7-8-575
HUDSON, JOHN                      NY-7-5-486
HUEY, JOHN M.                     NY-7-6-334
HULBURT, ALMEDA H.                NY-7-8-412
HULBURT, JAMES H.                 NY-7-8-83
HULBURT, LYDIA                    NY-7-8-205
HULET, DANIEL J.                  NY-7-8-301
HULET, URIAH                      NY-7-4-142
HULL, AARON                       NY-7-1-125
HULL, GEORGE                      NY-7-8-96
HUNGERFORD, MARIA P.              NY-7-11-288
HUNGERFORD, SEXTUS H.             NY-7-4-117
HUNNASON, J. J.                   NY-7-6-78
HUNT, ABIGAIL                     NY-7-7-103
HUNT, ALVA N.                     NY-7-9-481
HUNT, AUGUSTA M.                  NY-7-12-14
HUNT, CLARA E.                    NY-7-6-569
HUNT, GEORGE                      NY-7-10-352
HUNT, HARRIET A.                  NY-7-12-245
HUNT, HENRY N.                    NY-7-11-226
HUNT, JAMES M.                    NY-7-8-62
HUNT, JENNIE A.                   NY-7-6-50
HUNT, MARGARET                    NY-7-10-44
HUNT, MARY S.                     NY-7-9-88
HUNT, STEPHEN P.                  NY-7-3-133
HUNT, WILLIAM                     NY-7-3-288
HUNT, WILLIAM                     NY-7-4-399
HUNT, WILLIAM                     NY-7-12-227
HUNTLEY, STEPHEN                  NY-7-5-142
HURBUT, ELIZABETH                 NY-7-5-570
HURD, NOAH                        NY-7-5-629
HURLBUT, EDSON                    NY-7-12-519
HURLBUT, HOSEA                    NY-7-11-77
HURLBUT, JUDSON                   NY-7-4-173
HURLBUT, NATHANIEL                NY-7-5-413
HURLEY, SAMUEL                    NY-7-5-251
HUSBAND, ANDREW F.                NY-7-10-634
HUSE, NATHANIEL                   NY-7-3-391
HUSSELMAN, FRED                   NY-7-12-103
HUSSEY, LUCRETIA G.               NY-7-8-384
HUSTON, ROBERT                    NY-7-3-332
HUTCHINSON, CALVIN                NY-7-6-594
HUTCHINSON, GEORGE                NY-7-12-428
HUTCHINSON, STEPHEN T.            NY-7-7-575
HUTSON, MARGARET                  NY-7-8-191
HUTTON, ANNA M.                   NY-7-10-136
HUYCK, JANE L.                    NY-7-11-380
HYDE, LEE L.                      NY-7-7-479
HYDE, MARY P.                     NY-7-11-322
HYKE, EVELINE                     NY-7-11-283
HYNES, WILLIAM T.                 NY-7-12-58

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