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CABLE, MARY A.                    NY-7-12-214
CADY, JULIA A.                    NY-7-5-382
CADY, SHELDON                     NY-7-8-225
CAIN, CELERICA                    NY-7-4-338
CALE, HARRY                       NY-7-11-301
CALE, JAMES                       NY-7-12-479
CALLAGHAN, MARY                   NY-7-9-287
CAMERON, LOUISA MARIA             NY-7-5-56
CAMP, ABNER W.                    NY-7-3-351
CAMPAIGN, CATHARINE               NY-7-6-45
CAMPBELL, HEMAN                   NY-7-4-470
CAMPBELL, PETER                   NY-7-11-161
CAMPBELL, PHEBE B.                NY-7-9-54
CAMPBELL, THOMAS B.               NY-7-8-245
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                 NY-7-12-152
CANFIELD, HANNAH                  NY-7-6-208
CANFIELD, LEWIS                   NY-7-7-604
CANNON, MARY                      NY-7-3-113
CAPWELL, JOHN G.                  NY-7-8-372
CAPWELL, MARY JANE                NY-7-11-408
CARD, TIMOTHY                     NY-7-3-407
CARDOT, AUGUST                    NY-7-5-345
CARDOT, CHARLES W.                NY-7-10-12
CARDOT, CLARISSA                  NY-7-6-530
CARDOTT, JOHN B.                  NY-7-5-4
CAREY, JAMES                      NY-7-9-154
CAREY, MARTIN                     NY-7-9-520
CAREY, MARY                       NY-7-9-608
CARL, DARWIN L.                   NY-7-12-223
CARLE, URIAH                      NY-7-2-179
CARLER, MARTHA                    NY-7-11-611
CARLIN, ELEANOR                   NY-7-4-45
CARLIN, JAMES                     NY-7-4-393
CARLIN, RICHARD                   NY-7-3-411
CARLSON, ANNA LENA                NY-7-9-270
CARLSON, AUGUST                   NY-7-11-130
CARLSON, SAMUEL S.                NY-7-10-290
CARPENTER, BENJAMIN I.            NY-7-2-159
CARPENTER, CATHARINE              NY-7-4-369
CARPENTER, COMFORT                NY-7-2-233
CARPENTER, DERRICK                NY-7-12-239
CARPENTER, ELIHU                  NY-7-4-106
CARPENTER, ELIHU                  NY-7-10-186
CARPENTER, ELIJAH                 NY-7-3-402
CARPENTER, HARRIET M.             NY-7-11-299
CARPENTER, ISRAEL                 NY-7-5-232
CARPENTER, JAMES                  NY-7-2-78
CARPENTER, JULIA A.               NY-7-10-567
CARPENTER, KINGSLEY               NY-7-12-84
CARPENTER, OLIVER                 NY-7-3-146
CARPENTER, PRUDENCE               NY-7-7-317
CARPENTER, TIMOTHY                NY-7-6-390
CARPENTER, WILLIAM                NY-7-2-142
CARR, AMOS S.                     NY-7-10-496
CARR, JOHN M.                     NY-7-11-228
CARR, LUCINDA W.                  NY-7-11-426
CARRIER, SUSAN ANN                NY-7-11-392
CARROLL, ELLEN                    NY-7-6-59
CARTER, ALEXANDER                 NY-7-10-271
CARTWILL, NATHANIEL J.            NY-7-10-20
CARVER, WILLIAM                   NY-7-12-185
CARY, RACHEL                      NY-7-1-19
CASE, ADALINE                     NY-7-7-413
CASE, ELIPHALET                   NY-7-2-133
CASE, HEZEKIAH B.                 NY-7-6-206
CASE, JESSE W.                    NY-7-4-486
CASE, JOHN H.                     NY-7-9-516
CASEY, MARGARET                   NY-7-6-387
CASS, JONATHAN                    NY-7-3-384
CASS, JUDD W.                     NY-7-10-607
CASS, SOPHY H.                    NY-7-5-342
CASSAC, MARTHA                    NY-7-3-287
CASSALMAN, PETER                  NY-7-4-288
CASSELMAN, VIOLA A.               NY-7-8-200
CASSELMAN, WILLIAM H.             NY-7-11-271
CATLIN, DEBORAH                   NY-7-9-419
CATLIN, DEBORAH                   NY-7-9-420
CAUTY, JOHANA                     NY-7-10-304
CAYAN, MARY                       NY-7-10-255
CEAS, STEPHEN                     NY-7-8-45
CHACE, JOHN H.                    NY-7-5-159
CHAFFEE, A. E.                    NY-7-4-453
CHAMBERLAIN, ANSON                NY-7-6-297
CHAMBERLAIN, ELI                  NY-7-1-182
CHAMBERLAIN, NATHAN               NY-7-2-187
CHAMBERLIN, HENRY E.              NY-7-10-5
CHAMBERLIN, JOHN                  NY-7-8-293
CHAMBERS, EDWARD                  NY-7-2-149
CHAMBERS, JOSEPH                  NY-7-4-479
CHAMBERS, WILLIAM H.              NY-7-5-488
CHAMPLIN, JESSE B.                NY-7-8-311
CHANDLER, DAVID H.                NY-7-9-61
CHANDLER, JOHN                    NY-7-6-490
CHANDLER, JOHN                    NY-7-6-463
CHANDLER, POLLY C.                NY-7-10-141
CHANDLER, WOODLEY W.              NY-7-2-268
CHAPEL, LAMBERT                   NY-7-4-34
CHAPIN, AUSTIN                    NY-7-4-14
CHAPIN, CALISTA A.                NY-7-11-164
CHAPIN, CHARLES B.                NY-7-5-531
CHAPIN, JAMES E.                  NY-7-10-499
CHAPIN, LORING                    NY-7-5-530
CHAPIN, LOUISA                    NY-7-12-281
CHAPIN, RODERICK                  NY-7-3-63
CHAPMAN, CHARLES W.               NY-7-9-122
CHAPMAN, DANIEL                   NY-7-3-217
CHAPMAN, ELIZABETH                NY-7-9-364
CHAPMAN, EMELINE V.               NY-7-9-641
CHAPMAN, PETER                    NY-7-7-425
CHASE, ANNA H.                    NY-7-7-232
CHASE, BARBARA                    NY-7-6-116
CHASE, EMILY                      NY-7-9-635
CHASE, HANNAH PHILENA             NY-7-11-29
CHASE, MASON                      NY-7-2-211
CHASE, NELSON                     NY-7-10-13
CHASE, NICHOLS                    NY-7-5-560
CHASE, OBED T.                    NY-7-8-149
CHASE, SALLY                      NY-7-8-605
CHASE, STEPHEN                    NY-7-3-278
CHASE, SUSAN E.                   NY-7-6-635
CHATSEY, FREEMAN C.               NY-7-3-55
CHENEY, ALBIGENCE                 NY-7-1-362
CHENEY, ANDREW                    NY-7-12-386
CHENEY, CYNTHIA                   NY-7-9-226
CHENEY, DANIEL                    NY-7-4-397
CHENEY, NATHAN                    NY-7-7599
CHENEY, SPENCER                   NY-7-10-360
CHESBRO, GURDON B.                NY-7-4-69
CHESLEY, JONATHAN                 NY-7-2-102
CHILDS, SUSSANNAH                 NY-7-5-294
CHIPMAN, SILAS M.                 NY-7-7-183
CHRISTMAN, GEORGE                 NY-7-4-258
CHRISTY, CORNELIA                 NY-7-6-496
CHRISTY, FREDERICK R.             NY-7-5-376
CHRISTY, GIDEON H.                NY-7-7-509
CHROWE, ESTHER A.                 NY-7-11-313
CHURCHILL, DANEY                  NY-7-3-54
CHURCHILL, MARY JANE              NY-7-3-89
CHURCHILL, MINERVA                NY-7-8-471
CLACKNER, LUCIUS                  NY-7-8-351
CLAPP, AARON W.                   NY-7-9-277
CLARK, ABIGAIL                    NY-7-11-353
CLARK, ABIJAH                     NY-7-5-553
CLARK, ABNER N.                   NY-7-3-323
CLARK, BETSEY                     NY-7-7-475
CLARK, BYRON S.                   NY-7-11-605
CLARK, CALVIN W.                  NY-7-6-30
CLARK, CARY D.                    NY-7-12-69
CLARK, EMILY                      NY-7-12-188
CLARK, GEORGE                     NY-7-3-111
CLARK, GILBERT                    NY-7-2-172
CLARK, HARVEY F.                  NY-7-5-404
CLARK, HIRAM C.                   NY-7-10-122
CLARK, JEFFEOSN D.                NY-7-9-96
CLARK, JOHN ROSS                  NY-7-8-574
CLARK, JOSEPH                     NY-7-2-163
CLARK, LAFAYETTE                  NY-7-10-4
CLARK, LUCY                       NY-7-12-189
CLARK, MARY J.                    NY-7-10-433
CLARK, MYRTLE J.                  NY-7-6-634
CLARK, NANCY S.                   NY-7-12-19
CLARK, PRINCE                     NY-7-7-348
CLARK, SAMUEL                     NY-7-2-79
CLARK, SAMUEL                     NY-7-6-69
CLARK, THEODORE S.                NY-7-6-127
CLARK, WARREN M.                  NY-7-12-26
CLARK, WHITMAN                    NY-7-12-273
CLARK, WILLIAM                    NY-7-9-507
CLARK, WILLIAM                    NY-7-5-176
CLARK,HARMANUS C.                 NY-7-7-305
CLAUS, JOHN                       NY-7-3-290
CLECKNER, IRA                     NY-7-9-82
CLEES, HENRY                      NY-7-11-609
CLEGG, SARAH                      NY-7-11-466
CLELAND, DRUZILLA                 NY-7-9-14
CLELAND, JOHN                     NY-7-6-241
CLELAND, JOHN                     NY-7-6-243
CLELAND, KATE                     NY-7-10-405
CLELAND, NANCY                    NY-7-8-85
CLELAND, ORRIN W.                 NY-7-9-184
CLELAND, SAMUEL                   NY-7-6-599
CLEVELAND, GARDINER H.            NY-7-11-152
CLIFFORD, WILLIAM                 NY-7-8-602
CLINTON, HONORA                   NY-7-11-432
CLINTON, SIMEON                   NY-7-3-105
CLOUGH, LEVI                      NY-7-5-101
CLOUGH, MIRANDA ARNOLD            NY-7-7-393
CLUTE, JACOB                      NY-7-5-462
CLUTE, JACOB J.                   NY-7-3-211
COATES, LEROY P.                  NY-7-10-392
COATS, HARRIET P.                 NY-7-11-535
COBLER, AMELIA                    NY-7-11-133
COBURN, ENOCH                     NY-7-5-419
COCHRAN, ALEXANDER                NY-7-3-45
COCHRAN, ALEXANDER                NY-7-4-73
COCHRAN, ALEXANDER                NY-7-2-261
COCHRAN, HUGH                     NY-7-3-167
COCHRAN, HUGH                     NY-7-2-260
COCHRAN, JOHN                     NY-7-1-110
COCHRAN, ROBERT                   NY-7-5-324
COCHRANE, JULIA B.                NY-7-9-108
COCHRANE, WILLIAM W.              NY-7-10-58
CODDINGTON, DANIEL                NY-7-2-213
CODDINGTON, LEWIS O.              NY-7-11-2
COE, CORDELIA B.                  NY-7-11-457
COE, MILES                        NY-7-11-375
COE, NORMAN                       NY-7-409
COE, SUSAN R.                     NY-7-11-422
COE, WARREN J.                    NY-7-3-71
COHRANE, ALEXANDER C.             NY-7-8-2
COLBURN, ALVA                     NY-7-9-414
COLBURN, DAVID L.                 NY-7-8-295
COLBURN, ERASTUS                  NY-7-9-198
COLBURN, LORENZO                  NY-7-5-585
COLBURN, LORIN                    NY-7-7-362
COLBURN, PAULINA EATON            NY-7-10-558
COLBURN, ZENUS                    NY-7-5-550
COLE, AMOS                        NY-7-4-79
COLE, ANNETTE L.                  NY-7-10-511
COLE, BELLE J.                    NY-7-11-418
COLE, EDMUND                      NY-7-2-83
COLE, ELISHA                      NY-7-3-436
COLE, ERASTUS                     NY-7-4-477
COLE, HARRIET B.                  NY-7-11-405
COLE, JOHN W. S.                  NY-7-6-573
COLE, MILTON                      NY-7-12-87
COLE, TIMOTHY                     NY-7-6-124
COLEMAN, EBEN S.                  NY-7-7-276
COLLIER, GEORGE                   NY-7-2-297
COLLINS, GAMALIEL                 NY-7-10-426
COLLINS, MARGARET                 NY-7-12-197
COLLINS, MICHAEL                  NY-7-5-335
COLLINS, SIMEON                   NY-7-7-632
COLMAN, FREEMAN R.                NY-7-8-166
COLMAN, HARLAN                    NY-7-6-288
COLMAN, SOPHIA C.                 NY-7-11-6
COLTON, PALMER                    NY-7-10-55
COLVILLE, WILLIAM                 NY-7-2-17
COLVIN, JOEL                      NY-7-7-251
COLVIN, LYMAN                     NY-7-5-447
COMAN, RICHARD A.                 NY-7-2-327
COMBS, PETER                      NY-7-3-283
COMSTOCK, SAMUEL                  NY-7-2-175
COMSTOCK, WILLIAM                 NY-7-6-343
CONANT, CHARLES                   NY-7-3-412
CONANT, HARRIET                   NY-7-11-618
CONANT, JOHN                      NY-7-4-476
CONANT, SYLVESTER F.              NY-7-12-489
CONDIN, JOHN B.                   NY-7-9-252
CONENT, GEORGE                    NY-7-2-258
CONET, EMILY                      NY-7-11-399
CONET, JOSEPH J.                  NY-7-10-583
CONETT, JOHN P.                   NY-7-4-326
CONGDON, LEWIS                    NY-7-9-291
CONKLIN, LAWRENCE P.              NY-7-11-277
CONLEY, MARY JANE                 NY-7-7-217
CONLEY, WILLIAM W.                NY-7-8-262
CONNER, CAROLINE                  NY-7-8-177
CONNER, HENRY                     NY-7-4-94
CONNERS, MATTHEW                  NY-7-6-114
CONNOLLY, HENRY S.                NY-7-5-587
CONNOLLY, MARY                    NY-7-11-369
CONNORS, STEPHEN                  NY-7-7-384
CONWAY, THOMAS                    NY-7-10-521
COOK, ALONZO                      NY-7-11-28
COOK, AMOS                        NY-7-10-104
COOK, BUSHNELL                    NY-7-12-56
COOK, EBENEZER G.                 NY-7-6-446
COOK, ESTHER                      NY-7-10-105
COOK, FRANKLIN W.                 NY-7-12-99
COOK, FREDERICK W.                NY-7-8-31
COOK, JAMES                       NY-7-6-502
COOK, JAMES S.                    NY-7-6-82
COOK, JEMIMA                      NY-7-6-299
COOK, JOSEPH C.                   NY-7-4-136
COOK, MARIA E.                    NY-7-8-426
COOK, MERRITT                     NY-7-2-94
COOK, MERRITT                     NY-7-9-156
COOK, ORSELL                      NY-7-11-198
COOK, SALLY                       NY-7-10-106
COOK, STEPHEN                     NY-7-10-616
COOK, STEPHEN                     NY-7-2-182
COOK, SUSAN                       NY-7-11-115
COOK, WARNHAM K.                  NY-7-7-177
COOK, WASHBURN                    NY-7-10-143
COOKE, MARY                       NY-7-2-254
COOKSON, JOHN                     NY-7-1-374
COOLEY, OLIVER B.                 NY-7-4-53
COOLEY, ROXANNA                   NY-7-12-417
COON, MARY ANN                    NY-7-5-423
COOPER, JUDE                      NY-7-2-139
COOPER, MARY E.                   NY-7-11-39
COPELAND, ABIAL                   NY-7-5-595
CORBETT, ROBERT                   NY-7-5-285
CORBIN, EZRA                      NY-7-3-192
CORCORAN, MICHAEL                 NY-7-12-231
CORF, JOHN                        NY-7-7-150
CORKINE, WILLIAM                  NY-7-9-243
CORL, JOHN B.                     NY-7-2-255
CORNELL, HIRAM                    NY-7-3-432
CORNING, MARY E.                  NY-7-12-55
CORNISH, JOEL D.                  NY-7-2-302
CORNISH, JOEL O.                  NY-7-12-507
CORNWALL, BENJAMIN JR.            NY-7-9-498
CORWIN, ALONZO                    NY-7-11-624
CORWIN, STEPHEN                   NY-7-4-401
COSTEN, ANTHONY                   NY-7-7-411
COTTON, BENJAMIN W.               NY-7-7-600
COTTON, REBECCA L.                NY-7-6-424
COTTON, SARAH                     NY-7-7-309
COTTRELL, FRANCIS A.              NY-7-11-155
COUCH, ABIGAIL                    NY-7-9-554
COUCH, JOHN                       NY-7-2-265
COUCH, LILLIE E.                  NY-7-7-605
COUCH, MARTHA L.                  NY-7-5-580
COUCHMAN, GEORGE                  NY-7-9-272
COVEY, HARMON                     NY-7-8-438
COVEY, ISAAC                      NY-7-2-333
COVEY, WILLARD                    NY-7-5-497
COVIL, CYRUS                      NY-7-4-135
COVILL, DAVID                     NY-7-6-334
COVILL, JAMES                     NY-7-2-22
COWAN, E. M.                      NY-7-10-18
COWAN, ELSIE F.                   NY-7-10-212
COWAN, ESTHER L.                  NY-7-8-425
COWAN, J. MARVIN                  NY-7-8-320
COWAN, MARY JANE                  NY-7-6-267
COWAN, ROBERT                     NY-7-5-445
COWDEN, FRANK                     NY-7-10-334
COWDEN, MARY M.                   NY-7-10-146
COWDREY, ELIZABETH                NY-7-12-378
COWEN, FRANCES CAMP               NY-7-9-392
COWING, JAMES R.                  NY-7-10-454
COWING, JOHN T.                   NY-7-12-556
COWING, THOMPSON                  NY-7-3-239
COWLES, JOHN                      NY-7-10-199
COWLES, OSCAR S.                  NY-7-7-544
COX, ELLINOR                      NY-7-6-585
COY, ALVAH W.                     NY-7-11-285
CRACKER, LUTHER                   NY-7-4-70
CRAMER, THEODORE SMITH            NY-7-7-457
CRANDALL, GARDNER                 NY-7-5-150
CRANDALL, HARRY                   NY-7-12-216
CRANDALL, HOSEA BALLOU            NY-7-10-618
CRANDALL, MARY J.                 NY-7-11-296
CRANDALL, NATHANIEL C.            NY-7-4-129
CRANDALL, RUTH E.                 NY-7-10-605
CRANDALL, WILLIAM                 NY-7-11-365
CRANDALL, WILLIAM A.              NY-7-10-623
CRANDALL, WILLIAM P. H.           NY-7-2-231
CRANE, ELIZABETH                  NY-7-2-108
CRANE, HENRY                      NY-7-3-93
CRANE, LESTER                     NY-7-7-483
CRAWFORD, CHARLES                 NY-7-4-332
CRAWFORD, MELENTHA                NY-7-5-464
CREAL, JOHN W.                    NY-7-12-346
CRENEY, RHODA ANN                 NY-7-10-32
CRISSEY, CYNTHIA R.               NY-7-11-383
CRISSEY, JASON                    NY-7-5-582
CRISSEY, ORIGIN R.                NY-7-3-150
CRISSEY, SAMUEL                   NY-7-8-79
CRISSEY, SILVANUS                 NY-7-3-129
CRISSEY, WILSON H.                NY-7-3-330
CROCKER, EBENEZER                 NY-7-2-299
CROCKER, HELEN M.                 NY-7-7-89
CROCKER, JENNIE M.                NY-7-10-501
CRONEY, ELIZABETH TE              NY-7-11-28
CRONIN, JOHN                      NY-7-9-512
CRONK, DELLANSEE A.               NY-7-6-456
CROSBY, FREEMAN H.                NY-7-11-82
CROSBY, LUCYELLE                  NY-7-8-444
CROSBY, MORTON                    NY-7-3-180
CROSBY, PEARSON                   NY-7-1-1
CROSGROVE, JAMES                  NY-7-4-103
CROSHAW, MARY H.                  NY-7-5-534
CROSS, ANN                        NY-7-11-45
CROSS, EBENEZER                   NY-7-1-290
CROSS, EBER                       NY-7-11-556
CROSS, HARVEY                     NY-7-10-439
CROSS, JANE E.                    NY-7-12-196
CROSSGROVE, HUGH                  NY-7-6-520
CROSSGROVE, JAMES                 NY-7-10-181
CROSSGROVE, JOHN                  NY-7-10-30
CROSSMAN, ALPHEUS F.              NY-7-10-297
CROUCH, HORACE                    NY-7-1-357
CROUCH, ITHAMER                   NY-7-3-268
CROUCH, JOHN S.                   NY-7-5-88
CROUCH, MARIA                     NY-7-6-257
CROUCH, WILLIAM H.                NY-7-10-148
CROWE, PATRICK                    NY-7-11-504
CROWELL, DAVID                    NY-7-3-158
CROWELL, DAVIS S.                 NY-7-3-407
CROWELL, EDMUND W.                NY-7-10-417
CROWELL, FREBORN                  NY-7-7-300
CROWELL, LOUISA                   NY-7-9-245
CROWELL, SAMUEL                   NY-7-3-257
CROWLEY, JOHANNAH                 NY-7-8-175
CRUMB, DELOSS P.                  NY-7-12-91
CRUMB, JOSIAH                     NY-7-3-457
CRUMB, WAITSTILL                  NY-7-2-9
CULLIGAN, SIMON                   NY-7-9-55
CULLING, JONAH E.                 NY-7-11-538
CULLING, MILA B.                  NY-7-11-538
CULVER, HARMON                    NY-7-4-113
CUMMINGS, AVLAH                   NY-7-2-213
CUMMINGS, CLARK                   NY-7-8-147
CUMMINGS, HENRY                   NY-7-10-142
CUMMINGS, SUSAN                   NY-7-8-450
CURD, JULIA J.                    NY-7-12-150
CURTIN, NORA                      NY-7-9-148
CURTIS, ALFRED                    NY-7-6-471
CURTIS, DAVID H.                  NY-7-8-555
CURTIS, ELI                       NY-7-12-38
CURTIS, H. W.                     NY-7-5-99
CURTIS, HELEN M.                  NY-7-10-484
CURTIS, JEREMIAH T.               NY-7-12-559
CURTIS, JOHN                      NY-7-4-137
CURTIS, ORRING J.                 NY-7-10-272
CURTISS, EBEN B.                  NY-7-1-224
CURTISS, FLAVIUS J.               NY-7-9-585
CUSHING, ELLEN D. G.              NY-7-12-389
CUSHING, FRANK                    NY-7-3-117
CUSHING, HARDY                    NY-7-5-50
CUSHING, JOHN                     NY-7-3-96
CUSHING, MILTON B.                NY-7-10-404
CUSHING, MINERVA RISLEY           NY-7-11-541
CUSTIS, SAMUEL                    NY-7-8-201
CUTTING, ZIBE                     NY-7-3-174
DAHLGREEN, NELS                   NY-7-12-508
DAILEY, ANGELINE                  NY-7-11-106
DAILY, CURTIS E.                  NY-7-10-8
DAILY, ORLANDO                    NY-7-8-232
DAIVS, CALVIN B.                  NY-7-10-232
DALEE, AUSTIS                     NY-7-2-161
DALES, DAVID                      NY-7-2-354
DALEY, JAMES                      NY-7-9-533
DALRYMPLE, LOREN                  NY-7-5-471
DAMKOT, GERRIT H.                 NY-7-12-349
DANFORTH, ELIJAH H.               NY-7-11-26
DANFORTH, JAMES                   NY-7-3-130
DANFORTH, THEODORE T.             NY-7-10-50
DANIELS, ELEAZER                  NY-7-7-132
DANIELS, GEORGE B.                NY-7-5-508
DANIELS, JOSEPH W.                NY-7-12-151
DANIELS, WILLIAM                  NY-7-10-85
DANIELSON, LOVISA                 NY-7-11-594
DARBY, WILLIAM                    NY-7-8-228
DARROW, GEORGE                    NY-7-5-554
DASCOMB, LOIS                     NY-7-5-589
DAUTEL, EDWARD W.                 NY-7-10-549
DAVENPORT, EPHRAIM                NY-7-10-69
DAVENPORT, ZACHEUS                NY-7-5-358
DAVEY, NANCY C.                   NY-7-7-623
DAVIS, ABIGAIL                    NY-7-11-47
DAVIS, ALVA                       NY-7-3-388
DAVIS, CHARLES F.                 NY-7-11-142
DAVIS, DAVID                      NY-7-6-534
DAVIS, EBENEZER                   NY-7-2-79
DAVIS, HARRIET M.                 NY-7-11-427
DAVIS, HIRAM                      NY-7-10-422
DAVIS, JANE A.                    NY-7-7-564
DAVIS, JOHN                       NY-7-3-452
DAVIS, JOSHUA                     NY-7-2-308
DAVIS, LORENZO                    NY-7-8-520
DAVIS, LOUISA                     NY-7-9-572
DAVIS, MARY ANN                   NY-7-12-316
DAVIS, MARY E.                    NY-7-6-427
DAVIS, SIMEON H.                  NY-7-5-530
DAVIS, STEPHEN                    NY-7-9-224
DAVISON, JOHN                     NY-7-5-540
DAWSON, ISAAC U.                  NY-7-8-503
DAWSON, JAMES F.                  NY-7-5-49
DAWSON, JOHN W.                   NY-7-9-589
DAWSON, JOSEPH H.                 NY-7-4-464
DAY, ANNA                         NY-7-5-570
DAY, ANSON R.                     NY-7-6-313
DAY, EDMUND                       NY-7-6-372
DAY, GEORGE W.                    NY-7-3-417
DAY, JOHN                         NY-7-1-132
DAY, JOSEPH                       NY-7-2-272
DAY, PERLINA                      NY-7-11-552
DAY, RALPH B.                     NY-7-12-262
DAY, WILLIAM                      NY-7-10-56
DEALING, GEORGE W.                NY-7-7-404
DEAN, DANIEL W.                   NY-7-5-154
DEAN, ELIZABETH                   NY-7-10-411
DEAN, JAMES HENRY                 NY-7-2-358
DEAN, JESSIE H.                   NY-7-9-537
DEAN, KYLER                       NY-7-2-175
DEAN, LEANDER                     NY-7-10-268
DEAN, SAMUEL H.                   NY-7-6-20
DEAN, SARAH                       NY-7-5-170
DEAN, SARAH JANE                  NY-7-11-336
DEAN, THOMAS                      NY-7-3-414
DEARING, DAVID                    NY-7-3-337
DEBELL, CURTIS                    NY-7-12-184
DECAMP, JOSEPH L.                 NY-7-8-607
DECK, ABRAM                       NY-7-12-59
DECK, DANIEL                      NY-7-10-374
DECKER, CATHARINE J.              NY-7-10-199
DEELOW, CELISTA                   NY-7-9-161
DEITER, ISAAC                     NY-7-5-578
DEJANE, MANLEY                    NY-7-12-186
DELAND, ELIJAH                    NY-7-2-122
DeLEE, SARAH D.                   NY-7-4-252
DELHAUTY, EDWARD                  NY-7-10-393
DEMING, SARAH                     NY-7-3-255
DEMOTT, ELMIRA                    NY-7-8-178
DEMOTT, JOHN                      NY-7-1-28
DENISON, ASA                      NY-7-2-319
DENISON, CURTIS C.                NY-7-9-587
DENISON, ELLEN M.                 NY-7-8-431
DENISON, POLLY                    NY-7-4-303
DENNY, ALANSON                    NY-7-7-331
DENTON, EGBERT                    NY-7-10-446
DENTON, FOWLER                    NY-7-5-483
DERBY, BLANCHARD                  NY-7-9-514
DERBY, JOHN K.                    NY-7-11-298
DERRY, WILLIAM                    NY-7-11-58
DETTMER, CHARLES                  NY-7-6-293
DEVERAUX, ELISHA                  NY-7-3-87
DEVINE, ELIJAH                    NY-7-2-13
DEVOE, AMANDA                     NY-7-9-143
DEVOE, DAVID J.                   NY-7-3-77
DEVOE, JOHN                       NY-7-4-275
DEWEY, GEORGE P.                  NY-7-4-362
DEWEY, JOHANNA                    NY-7-9-60
DEWEY, JOHN                       NY-7-12-122
DEWEY, JOHN                       NY-7-5-592
DEWEY, LESTER R.                  NY-7-5-329
DEWEY, MARIA                      NY-7-7-166
DEWHURST, HARRIET                 NY-7-7-106
DEWORTHY, EDWIN                   NY-7-7-169
DIBBLE, HARRISON                  NY-7-10-459
DIBBLE, JAMES R.                  NY-7-10-40
DIBBLE, JANE F.                   NY-7-9-319
DIBBLE, JOHN C.                   NY-7-9-4
DIBBLE, REBECCA                   NY-7-4-341
DICK, MORRIS                      NY-7-9-279
DICKERSON, ELLEN S.               NY-7-10-435
DICKINSON, EDWARD F.              NY-7-12-110
DICKSON, ELIZABETH                NY-7-3-163
DICKSON, ORLANDO                  NY-7-6-369
DIETSHE, WILLIAM                  NY-7-12-573
DILL, JOHN                        NY-7-9-302
DILLINGHAM, MARY A.               NY-7-10-208
DINSMORE, ANICE BLISS             NY-7-11-168
DINSMORE, JOHN B.                 NY-7-5-122
DINSMORE, ROBERT W.               NY-7-10-159
DIX, EDWIN C.                     NY-7-5-97
DIXON, ABRAM                      NY-7-5-584
DIXON, CAROLINE P.                NY-7-12-543
DODGE, JOHN                       NY-7-1-71
DODGE, WEALTHY                    NY-7-11-412
DOHERTY, MARGARET                 NY-7-12-244
DOLE, JOHN A.                     NY-7-4-403
DOLLERWEICH, SUSANNA              NY-7-8-156
DOLLERWICH, GEORGE                NY-7-8-134
DONEL, JAMES                      NY-7-11-533
DONNELLY, ARTHUR                  NY-7-8-21
DONOGHUE, CORNELIUS               NY-7-5-247
DONOVAN, JOHN                     NY-7-9-45
DOOLITTLE, DARWIN D.              NY-7-3-158
DOOLITTLE, ORRIN                  NY-7-8-578
DORAN, GEORGE A.                  NY-7-9-410
DORAN, PATRICK                    NY-7-7-549
DORLER, PETER                     NY-7-11-286
DORMAN, DEARING                   NY-7-8-577
DORMER, URIAH                     NY-7-376
DORN, ANDREW                      NY-7-8-187
DOTY, MARY ANN                    NY-7-9-196
DOUGLASS, ARNOLD                  NY-7-1-229
DOUGLASS, CAROLINE                NY-7-5-78
DOUGLASS, CATHERINE E.            NY-7-10-428
DOUGLASS, NANCY                   NY-7-2-28
DOUGLASS, PELEG                   NY-7-2-298
DOUGLASS, RICHARD                 NY-7-2-30
DOW, PHEBE ANN                    NY-7-10-189
DOWD, MARGARET                    NY-7-6-47
DOWD, SATIE A.                    NY-7-6-123
DOWLER, ARTHUR                    NY-7-3-199
DOWNER, EDWIN U.                  NY-7-12-251
DOWNS, MARY                       NY-7-7-534
DOYLE, JULIA                      NY-7-12-634
DRAKE, WILLIAM                    NY-7-1-14
DRAVES, JOHN                      NY-7-10-174
DREAGER, JOHN G.                  NY-7-8-465
DRIGGS, FREDERICK F.              NY-7-6-388
DRIGGS, HIRAM                     NY-7-4-188
DRIGGS, LOVISA                    NY-7-11-159
DROEGART, CHARLES                 NY-7-12-191
DROEGE, CARL                      NY-7-12-115
DROTZ, ADOLF                      NY-7-12-79
DSCHIEDER, JOHN SR.               NY-7-11-37
DUGGAN, WILLIAM                   NY-7-8-417
DUINK, JOHN D.                    NY-7-10-10
DULLON, OLIVER                    NY-7-7-560
DUNHAM, ALFRED                    NY-7-9-401
DUNHAM, ANNA                      NY-7-10-532
DUNHAM, WILLIAM                   NY-7-1-251
DUNN, DENIS                       NY-7-7-545
DUNN, GEORGE WASHINGTON           NY-7-1-332
DUNN, JAMES                       NY-7-1-243
DUNN, JAMES A.                    NY-7-10-397
DUNTON, EBENEZER                  NY-7-5-538
DUPEE, SARAH F.                   NY-7-12-456
DURAND, NANCY                     NY-7-9-511
DURDICK, SMAUEL S.                NY-7-2-165
DURFEE, BARZILLA                  NY-7-7-146
DURFEE, CHARLES H.                NY-7-8-141
DURFEE, DAVID                     NY-7-4-28
DURFEE, WALTE W.                  NY-7-10-346
DURING, FREDERICK                 NY-7-4-255
DURKEE, ABIRAM                    NY-7-3-221
DUTCHER, DWIGHT L.                NY-7-10-210
DUTCHER, REGINA M.                NY-7-11-217
DWIGHT, SARAH                     NY-7-6-354
DYE, ABEL                         NY-7-9-480
DYE, ANDREW J.                    NY-7-10-544
DYE, CLARISA                      NY-7-12-170
DYE, EARL                         NY-7-5-360
DYE, EMILY                        NY-7-12-158
DYE, HULDAH                       NY-7-9-188
DYE, JOHN                         NY-7-2-55
DYE, LEWIS L.                     NY-7-10-150
DYE, MALVINA C.                   NY-7-10-437
DYE, PERCILLAH                    NY-7-5-334
DYE, PHILENDA                     NY-7-10-295
DYE, THOMAS R.                    NY-7-7-186
EASON, DAVID                      NY-7-2-243
EASTMAN, CLARA                    NY-7-12-225
EASTMAN, NANCY                    NY-7-9-557
EASTMAN, RHOBA                    NY-7-5-609
EATON, ABBIE                      NY-7-5-181
EATON, ADELIA                     NY-7-10-263
EATON, ALFRED                     NY-7-9-558
EATON, DAVID                      NY-7-5-323
EATON, REBECCA                    NY-7-1-385
EATON, RINALDO                    NY-7-12-378
EATON, SARAH A.                   NY-7-8-64
EATON, STEPHEN                    NY-7-4-191
EATON, VEARON                     NY-7-7-336
ECK, GEORGE                       NY-7-11-474
EDDY, ALBERT H.                   NY-7-5-539
EDDY, ISAAC                       NY-7-5-626
EDDY, ISAAC                       NY-7-1-55
EDDY, JOANN                       NY-7-9-215
EDDY, JOB                         NY-7-4-39
EDDY, JOHN                        NY-7-7-182
EDDY, LEWIS                       NY-7-3-314
EDGERTON, EDWIN                   NY-7-4-210
EDMONDS, GEORGE W.                NY-7-3-462
EDMUNDS, EZRA                     NY-7-4-259
EDMUNDS, SALEM                    NY-7-11-130
EDSALL, MARY W.                   NY-7-9-621
EDSON, SILAS H.                   NY-7-11-535
EDWARDS, AMORIAH                  NY-7-5-436
EDWARDS, ELI                      NY-7-3-269
EDWARDS, HORACE A.                NY-7-3-383
EDWARDS, JULIETTE                 NY-7-11-461
EDWARDS, MARTIN                   NY-7-10-414
EDWARDS, WILLIAM S.               NY-7-10-235
EGAN, JOHN                        NY-7-10-164
EININK, H. J.                     NY-7-8-157
EKHOLM, FRANK E.                  NY-7-10-564
EKLUND, GUST WILLIAM              NY-7-10-473
EKLUND, GUST WILLIAM              NY-7-10-471
ELDRIDGE, FRANCIS B.              NY-7-8-326
ELDRIDGE, JAMES M.                NY-7-7-614
ELDRIDGE, SYLVESTER W.            NY-7-5-67
ELKINS, MARY JANE                 NY-7-11-548
ELLEN, WORTHY                     NY-7-3-105
ELLENER, JAMES                    NY-7-12-3
ELLIOTT, JOSEPH                   NY-7-12-287
ELLIS, ASA                        NY-7-3-94
ELLIS, BARZILLA                   NY-7-3-113
ELLIS, EDMUND                     NY-7-5-529
ELLIS, FREEMAN                    NY-7-1-351
ELLIS, SOPHIA                     NY-7-11-620
ELLIS, THOMAS G.                  NY-7-7-543
ELLISON, WILLIAM                  NY-7-7-174
ELLSWORTH, WILLIAM G.             NY-7-9-280
ELMER, PARLYMA                    NY-7-11-464
ELMORE, ANN E.                    NY-7-9-550
ELWELL, JOSIAH                    NY-7-9-434
ELY, BREMER D.                    NY-7-3-433
ELY, CLARISSA A.                  NY-7-6-312
ELY, ELIZA A.                     NY-7-7-134
ELY, EZRA S.                      NY-7-12-282
ELY, LORENZO                      NY-7-6-439
ELY, LYMAN                        NY-7-8-273
ELY, MORTIMER                     NY-7-12-45
ELY, SETH                         NY-7-2-116
ELY, SETH E.                      NY-7-8-250
EMERY, NATHAN                     NY-7-9-239
EMMONS, HARRISON                  NY-7-4-488
EMMONS, WILLIAM                   NY-7-11-258
ENNIS, ISAIAH L.                  NY-7-4-330
ENOS, NORMAN G.                   NY-7-11-148
ENSIGN, CLARA                     NY-7-6-320
ENSIGN, GIDEON J.                 NY-7-5-484
ENSIGN, OTIS                      NY-7-9-191
ENSIGN, ROBERT                    NY-7-6-310
ENSIGN, SEYMOUR                   NY-7-7-303
ENSIGN, WILLIAM                   NY-7-2-258
ERBES, HENRY                      NY-7-12-411
ERDLE, PETER                      NY-7-11-290
ERVE, CHARLES                     NY-7-7-162
ERVIN, JOHN                       NY-7-3-410
ERWIN (IRWIN), JARED              NY-7-3-376
ERWIN, THOMAS                     NY-7-4-301
ESSEX, BENJAMIN                   NY-7-3-83
ESSEX, JOHN                       NY-7-4-309
EVANS, ANN                        NY-7-7-316
EVANS, LEWIS                      NY-7-1-50
EVELETH, JOSEPH                   NY-7-3-446
EVERHART, JACOB                   NY-7-4-73
EVERTS, MARGARET                  NY-7-8-446
EWELL, CARLOS                     NY-7-9-64
EWING, JOHN                       NY-7-3-159

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